Wednesday, March 22, 2017

LG Household & Health Care, hair loss brand management expert Dr. Groot Launches

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] LG H & H is constantly full hair care products enter the market and grow.

LG H & H launched a hair care professional brand Dr. Groot, which offers personalized prescriptions for various hair and scalp symptoms it had said 22 days.

Dr. Groot was born to put a professional brand LG H & H technology and know-how of 70 years of study at the end of a variety of symptoms and problems that appear in the scalp and hair in Korea.

Sewage, ginseng, mushrooms situation, Houttuynia cordata, including seven kinds of natural ingredients are combined, the route solution, improves horny and itching of the scalp and the gireumjim care and warmth and smell that can cause hair loss.

Dr. Groot, hair loss prevention shampoo 'to care resiliently from a stray hair without When only the afternoon, oily scalp, excessive and estates extracts, oily scalp for "rosemary ingredients Fiji is that by refreshing cleansing of thin strength roots of hair was powerless consists of three such damaged hair ', buseuseu and granting anti-Euro healthy and shiny hair puseokhan of iris extract.

Also showcase with conditioner, a patented ingredient of natural treatments that inhibit enzymes that promote hair and thick hair that passed the 'anti-hair loss, scalp tonic', elasticity and nourishment to the hair from the scalp.

LG Household & Health Care said, "has assured using a sulfate-based surfactants and silicon instead of a natural derived cleansing ingredients and nutritional ingredients that can be irritating to the scalp, sensitive scalp also to be used" and "refreshing herbal scent and tailored to the scalp and hair concerns was formulated to maximize satisfaction during cleansing, "he said.

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