Friday, February 17, 2017

[Hotel simplex] Intercontinental Parnas Tokyo Discovery Season 2 '外

△ Japanese restaurant specializing in the coming 28 days Hakone, the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas advances the 'City Discovery Season 2 "promotion. Senior chef is characterized Hakone-configured so that you can come back and explore the city's past and experience the taste of Tokyo in Tokyo with food. From fresh sashimi to the freshwater eel you can enjoy a taste of winter in Tokyo Food and crab meat clear soup for an appetizer to start, geumtae maki, sashimi, beef sirloin steak sirloin and crab grilled blowfish steamed, special teams sushi, fresh water eel and natto noodles, cheese 9-course menu mousse, etc. are provided. The price is per person $ 200.

△ Sheraton Incheon Hotel Grand Park Hae Dong will invite writers and voracious splits his time between Germany and Korea have a special exhibition. 2006 jeongheon mecenat jakgasang (Paris, France) Award, 2015 Beautiful Bridge2 (SAC), including his work and active through a number of individual and team assessment Do not allow to be familiar with the people who watch. Pictures are the material elements of the real part of the space and capture the moments of daily life that can be found in the vicinity. Jang Hyuk works of such writers figured capture the spontaneity can meet at the gallery located on the basement floor of the Sheraton, Sheraton Incheon Hotel Grand.

△ Novotel Ambassador Gangnam's buffet restaurant The Square (The Square) right in the graduation and enrollment season showcase dining discounts, promotional offers complimentary meals and cakes. This promotion offers a 50% discount and offer cake, adult eating five or more of the price of the meal more than one third of adults, including graduates and entrants customers one free meal benefits offered meals and cakes. This commemorative graduation and promotion entrants are taking place until March 19, the week is available for lunch and dinner when applying. During the promotional period must bring proof of enrollment and graduation papers for benefits.

△ Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju will showcase the 'Spring Blossom Package' from March 1st to May 31st. It provides a bicycle rental service 2 hours, DIY picnic box so one night, you can enjoy an outdoor picnic with the benefits of using two buffet breakfast in the comfortable rooms. DIY picnic box can be used to select, depending on the desired taste bread or dessert drink offering hotel Boulangerie Margot 3 manwongwon. In the evenings, it offers a cocktail glass in two stars Beach Gardens overlooking the outdoor pool next to a bar or night sea Free glass. Package prices are from 29 yuan.

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Vice President Lee Jae-yong redemption, redemption Samsung first position

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] diminishing the arrest warrant for Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Electronics vice chairman of Samsung Group was faced with a crisis of the largest ever. The Samsung is a total redemption This is the first time since its founding.

Two months ahead of the independent counsel investigation period is expected to expire 28 days pour the remaining capacity on the night President investigating bribery allegations Sanya receive a secure foothold vice chairman recruits.

Park Young - Soo special inspection team 17 days 5 am yesterday arrested a 35 minute vice president. Last month, 19 days after the first arrest warrant it has been dismissed at the end of the reclaimed eventually secured a warrant for Vice President of the recruits. Baksangjin warrants of foreign president charged with was dismissed.

The Vice hanjeongseok the Seoul Central District Court warrant, the judge questioned the dedicated "The reasons and necessity of newly formed criminal allegations and redemption when a comprehensive evidence gathering, such as additional is recognized," said a reason Barbuda.

Just about the night President "is difficult to recognize the reasons and need for redemption when viewed in light of the status and rights of the accused range, substantial role," he explained the reasons for dismissal.

The vice president for applied allegations bribery, the specific economic crime punishment law, embezzlement, property overseas escape, proceeds of crime concealment of regulation and punishment, etc. for violation of the law, Congress in testimony, emotions, etc. of offense (perjury) and five branches.

The vice president of Samsung Equestrian athlete foster the adoption in August 2015, Choi has established German company Korail Sports (bidek sports body) and 21 billion won scale of the consulting contract signed 3.5 billion won about the transfer of having involved charges of the subject .

Samsung has also offered to 1.628 billion won sponsorship form Choi and his nephew jangsiho (38 indictment, detention) Corporation Korea Winter Sports Center Gifted Mr. erected.

Also behind the Mir Choi · K Sports Foundation and has appeared in a maximum of 20.4 billion won of the major conglomerates.

SP was 3.5 billion won, the simple bribery allegations, the foundation, the corporation Mir · K Sports Foundation contribution 1.628 billion won and 20.4 billion won donation sent to the collection center Winter sports are applied to third-party bribery charges, respectively.

In fact, money is the dominant one, Choi crossed the collection and winter sports center, foil and President Vladimir Sports Foundation · K Choi who is deeply involved in establishing and operating a total of 255 billion won. Sin bribery to establish the real money without going across just promise SP was applied to bribery and third-party bribery charges in the entire 43 billion won to Samsung Passing.

SP Executive steed purchase price offered to Mr. La Collection Sport refinery and 3.5 billion won funding has applied the law teukgyeong charges of embezzlement. This time, the act of decorating the funds for the enforcement assistance Choi consulting contracts normally added to the violations reported to the appropriate property and proceeds of crime concealment cheobeolbeop fled abroad.

Vice Chairman Choi family, this side will support the night of the president of the de facto force has spread the claim that 'victims'. As a result, the pool is the day the court that gave the example of a special counsel hand side that the proceeds of between Choi and Park, President of Samsung family support Samsung support succession management control.

Samsung side bar has a warrant reclaimed immediately after backlash as "special counsel is to put a squeeze beolyeoon as the basic framework of the bribery case, the Vice restraint" of military objectives under this investigation. "

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18 million people improve personal credit rating credit rating rises

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] improve the recovery rate and nominal long-term credit rating yeoncheja credit check results (CB) four check the personal credit evaluation model, showed that 18 million people, up credit rating.

FSS is 17 days 'individual credit assessment practices, promoting performance improvements and future plans' presentations, 43 million of the end of last year 7785 people have credit scores that rises 1383 Dual 18 million people said credit rating was raised 17 days.

FSS has run a personal credit rating to raise output and unreasonable practices related to improvements in good faith on the patient credit rating temporary light Details initiatives.

Promotion Details Zero has reduced the financial integrity during the recovery period for a nominal long-term credit rating yeoncheja less than 30 million yuan, more than 90 days to one year from the existing three years. As a result, only seven existing batdeon grade credit rating below 15 ratings 6805 people rose.

Financial smile sunny Ron and multi-borrower, not the faithful who do not repay the arrears were given additional points 5-10 points credit rating. Sincerity give the patient additional points result, 264 727 people have credit ratings rose 1 10 000 768 people credit rating also rose.

Cash limit sojinyul be adversely reflected in credit ratings were removed from credit rating items. This is KCB is estimated that more than 890 000 million of the cash limit of 80% sojinyul 2690 people 5568 people 24 credit ratings have been rising.

Existing financial year 10 002 Reclassification of securities mortgage loans that were classified as bank loans 10 001 6253 people, 3810 people each one credit ratings, credit ratings rose.

FSS led the inspection, insufficient part improve your personal credit evaluation model for the adequacy four CB.

FSS is expected to provide the improvements through private credit ratings T / F consists of some of the top financial irrational aspects found during inspection model in the first half of this year, the Financial Supervisory Service, CB companies, financial institutions, etc.

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Korea Venture Capital Association, the re-elected president availability

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] succeeded in South Korea Venture Capital Association re-elected President of availability.

Korea Venture Capital Association has announced that it has held for the past 16 years Annual General Meeting 2017 Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Samseong-dong, the availability and re-elected President elect new officers 3 17th.

Aura's new executive is a South Gate amyl Investment Representative (Director), bakhuideok Seah TransLink investment representative (director) and yangbonghwan Korea Venture Capital Association full-time vice president.

Availability President 'Venture Capital was established right after the jungheunggi right now "said she said" when a new investment 3 trillion won, and operating assets, 30 trillion times the aim parties as necessary quantum jump'.

To this end, the President cited the excavations agenda to strengthen the research capabilities for policy formulation for expanding business area corresponds to the launch of the next government as an important job.

He proposed a long-term sustainable growth and development direction for the industry established in the eyes of progressive educational programs for creating public relations industry enhancements, manpower supply and demand for industry to present a long-term roadmap to promote important projects.

The General Assembly of the Association, including for example, the settlement, the business plan this year voted for Constitution amendment, etc., paying an annual fee based on association Change.

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SK Hynix, the recent share price over-year decline ... Overweight recommendation - Kiwoom

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] was rated as Kiwoom the recent share price declines due to a D-RAM market concerns about SK Hynix 17 days is excessive. This recommendation is made BUY, TP maintains ₩ 68,000.

SK Hynix shares have slumped 10% in the last six trading days. It seems that due to the demand slowdown in China's smart phone, the won / dollar exchange rate, D DRAM spot prices engages dampen investor sentiment.

Kiwoom bakyuak researchers 'D but closely coming out about the risk factors of RAM Industries, does not identify any change will still switch drop the market up, it said,' but rather 'Chinese smartphone' and 'server' vendors Lunar New Year since resumed and restocking of the D-RAM and D-RAM are also tight supply situation is likely to continue rising until 2H17 'he said.

In addition, Pak Institute 'D-RAM manufacturers inventory is still just because the 7 to 10, very low downside of D Ram price by 1Q17 demand slowing, said, "judging from excessive downside, in 2017 operating profit 9 I recommend to take advantage of the opportunities that are overweight by up to 200 billion won in earnings expectations, he said.

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Orion, 4Q16 operating profit beat consensus profitability management - Kiwoom

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] was assessed that Kiwoom 17 days exceeded last year's fourth quarter, the market consensus estimate of Orion. This recommendation is made BUY, TP maintains 78 million.

4Q11 operating profit of Orion was 85 billion won higher than the market consensus by about 12%.

Kiwoom Park, Sang - June researcher (4Q operating profit) and due to reversal of effect Allowance for doubtful accounts (23 million) due to improved labor costs 16 billion won loss, accounts receivable recoveries in accordance with the China Incentive collapse 'said,' positive part of the administrative costs went into improving profitability, Vietnam and Russia was sustained top-line growth through, he said that domestic sales turned to growth.

On the other hand, the negative part is added that 'China sales growth slow and the recovery is sluggish this point in the gum category continues in the Chinese market. "

On the other hand, the Orion year earnings growth was mainly expected to Vietnam than China and Russia.

Researchers Night "China is difficult to expect the trend of revenue growth beyond new products, lower won / yuan exchange rate is required to taxing the first half of the year

Of 'saying,' he explained in Vietnam and the Russian region continued top-line growth and margin improvement around the pie categories are determined by regions, which can grow in the future growth potential. "

In addition, he "weak China sales growth is somewhat unfortunate part, top-line growth of the tight margin management and the Vietnam / Russia is determined to be a positive part, it said," This year, the, focus on whether a stable profit growth is possible, rather than valuations rise there is a need to adapt 'he said.

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Hanse unemployment expected first quarter slowdown in orders continues, the recovery phase from the third quarter - one geumtu

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporters - one financial investment and sustained slowdown in orders for the first quarter on the 17th century Unemployment was expected to rebound from the turn of the third quarter. This recommendation is made BUY, TP remains 3 million.

Hanse 4Q11 sales and operating profit, respectively 4408 and unemployment is one hundred million won (YoY + 9%), recorded a 14.8 billion won (YoY -62%), underperformed the market consensus (operating profit of 27 billion won) by a large margin.

Hana Financial Investment Lee, Hwa - Young researchers serve as the main factor in the decrease fixed costs burden the profitability of the 'expectations below are the analyzes that result in the OEM sector, said, "Orders pressure selling cuts of the competition (margin squeeze), sluggish sales one that seems' he said. Furthermore, he added that "we believe the crazy subsidiary of C & T VINA some impact on capacity utilization and lower cotton prices also fell profitability (dyeing plant).

One quarter had sales of US $ OEM sector also expects a 4% year on year growth Station.

The researchers predicted that "we expect to be retained also low-margin orders orders due to the deepening fixed-cost burden, competition due to profitability erosion factors of sluggish sales, said," orders the recovery will accelerate in the third quarter of the season. "

He's ahead of the US apparel retail market re-stoking directional center has been strengthened by the sales recovery, because the report likely generate new demand this year, existing buyers, said, "In addition, the new buyers orders shipped secured this year 3 added to explain that because "it is estimated to be from full-fledged branches.

In addition, check whether the earnings recovery rally until power was expected to be weak.

The researchers' are expected to negatively interact with this sentiment Center, Trump, etc. President of the protectionist policy stance to the uncertainty in revenue stagnation and margin squeeze performance of the core business of the OEM division forward weak demand exists, 'said,' Performance confirmed the trend and gradually encouraged to bribe 'he said.

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Mercury, low-interest, long-term development of emerging financial year running

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters - the national bank, the Export-Import Bank of Korea emerging development finance and export finance operating aid in earnest from this year to the middle of nature.

According to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance on the 17th, the day before this year, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance Vice choesangmok open chaired the first joint public-private "infrastructure, overseas orders and Investment Support Council discussed the emerging markets promote economic cooperation funds (development finance) major projects trends.

In this meeting, ahead of a full-fledged operation of financial business development this year was promoted to check this situation by going to Egypt, including two counts of first authorization to apply business and India, and Vietnam suggests six priorities for the review of the business.

The government has introduced the emerging economic cooperation promotion funds (development finance) in new financing means for our companies abroad last year.

Export-Import Bank of the development finance institutions in charge of management is to take advantage of the market borrowing by issuing bonds to fund major financial resources. If supported by the Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) and the interest rate export finance medium level of interest rates is a way that will support the interest rate difference between government revenues and to preserve funding.

Ministry of Strategy and Finance official said, "to compensate for blind spots EDCF and export financing support core economic cooperation between countries and companies to improve the entry conditions.

Export-Import Bank export financing is also in charge of operations, EDCF, preparatory work is underway to unify the integration work to counter the business opportunities that were operating as separate development finance to 'gaecheokdan new markets.

Export-Import Bank of Korea official said, "is expected to be enhanced by the creation of synergies dig new business linkages between financial policy.

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Gimwongyu NH Investment & Securities, President, reappointed side Weight

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] term has expired ssolrigo interested in whether the two terms of President gimwongyu NH Investment & Securities approached to the next month.

According to the financial investment industry executives 17 days of NH Investment & Securities Nomination Committee weight across the reappointment of the current President Kim Seeley opened the meeting proceeded to elect representatives in the last 16 days Nomination work. Early March seems to be the sole candidate to be determined. Shareholders' meeting date is not yet finalized by the end of March is forecast.

NH Investment & Securities, open the cold because Im a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Agricultural Cooperative Group shall determine the next candidate. NH cooperatives, even if a financial holding shareholder called not 100% subsidiary governance structure would not be determined arbitrarily.

Im cold outside directors consisting of three people, including two outside directors name has opened the first meeting in January had a meeting three times until the end of the month. Chairman shall be elected for one out of outside directors by a resolution of the members being cold. Im cold side is a situation that cares about the end of the second term. Im assuming the cold sole candidate for president, president-elect to appoint an end at the shareholders' meeting to be held late next month through 11-2.

Once, Kim has received good ratings in the performance section. Agricultural Financial Group chairman earlier gimyonghwan was also speaking of the need to increase the share of 49.1% NH Investment & Securities that make a favorable assessment on penile performance.

It merged together in 2015 after the first year of record earnings significantly in the following year, in 2016 it was rated in the prior-market slump.

Last year, sales of 8 period, net income increased 26.2% as compared to the previous year has climbed 10.3 percent to 841.5 billion won to 236.2 billion won. Operating profit declined 3.9% YoY to 301.9 billion won.

Net profit of 236 billion won in 2016 the year after leading performance, especially PI investments, corporate credit lines, etc. perform the leverage equity capital business income indicators of return on equity (ROE) the year 2.07% 2014 2007 2015 4.82%, 2016 raised to 5.1%.

President Kim has played only 30 years in the securities industry since joining in 1985, Lucky Securities. Due to the fact that more than 40 years of history NH Investment & Securities inside the former president and first sotalham not bad also accredited to employees. Inaugurated in 1996 as a branch manager Pohang age of 35 to have written even the youngest branch manager. 2009, Kim took office as a representative of WM Division was inaugurated by the Premier Blu-absorbing Merrill Lynch PB organization in 2011. Since December 2014 was appointed as the first president of the NH Investment & Securities.

NH anything that is his competitiveness of cooperatives as a securities specialist within the financial shortage, Kim. Viscosity is a four won the first-born CEO has received a positive evaluation internally. Last April and June, was also a maintenance personnel management system integrated with the union.

In IB division also left money by selling savory oriental magic at the right time. Yeouido Park and also won major projects and cruising.

NH Investment & Securities said, "We expect to be re-elected because they developed various projects within the company In the year," he said.

But Sudan Happy Holidays NH NH Investment & Securities shareholder cooperatives Financial Group can be viewed La variables.

NH Agricultural Financial Group has replaced 80 percent of the Agricultural Bank buhaengjang in December. It also appointed a blitz operations manager yiseonggwon NH NH cooperatives Agricultural Bank funds futures CEO exit also called flat exceptional. NH Agricultural Life representative also stand rod NH buhaengjang the Agricultural Bank was elected. The NACF breath than performance can be variable if the act.

But difficult to modify the original strategy of the company NH Investment & Securities is also expected to emerge dizzy City State. It said it would strengthen the business portfolio of global and overseas division is not expected to change this year, the head easily.

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Doosan, Doosan Heavy ... because OP sluggish share prices over-year - Hanwha

And it pointed out that because [Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Hanwha Investment & Securities 4Q11 earnings slump 17 days for Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, Doosan, share prices were deemed excessive. This recommendation is BUY, target price was reanalyzed to 17 million.

Doosan day stock price fell 3.7%. This is because the operating profit missed the consensus by connecting the fourth quarter of last year. 4Q11 consolidated revenues by 4.6 trillion won (-27.1% YoY, + 26.7% QoQ), but in line with market expectations, operating profit of 165.4 billion won (TTP YoY, -11.8% QoQ) Market It fell short of expectations. This is because the fourth quarter of the major consolidated subsidiaries of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction slump.

Hanwha Securities Lee, Sang - Won the researchers' However, the company's own business posted a solid performance, 'said,' especially electronic BG 3.3 percent operating margin compared to the previous year to expand sales of high value-added products such as high-end CCL and the OLED, such as network equipment he recorded a 8.2% improvement, Mottrol BG also recorded a year-on-year sales turnaround in the Chinese excavator market recovery and customer / sales diversification by region, he said.

This year's performance is expected to grow its own business center.

The researchers 'This year, its business, fuel cell BG attention is' said, "Last year, Song PJT delay, acid plant, etc. consensus to below the operating loss record, but this year, last year the end of 679.2 billion won in the backlog of this earnings growth is expected mainly 'he said.

In addition, he "records the current net asset value (NAV) compared to the discount rate is 46.3% and other operating holding company prepared shows the high level, it said," Just holding company hidden value growth of its business, but shareholder-friendly policies that led to last year Given the (zoom in treasury incineration, 5100 dividends circle in 4550 won), and determines that the price level attractive region "he added.

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Trade Association, expressed concern about the redemption Lee Jae-yong

Korea International Trade Association has expressed concern it would have a negative impact on exports - up financial newspaper hyomun Korea News] Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee Jae-yong as a restraint.

The association 17 days the court vice president on for lorry charges take the inde for "Now our economy is export and domestic demand in trade protectionism spreading and security crisis heightened such great internal and external negative factors on the horizontal blocked it 'said' these bad conditions in the largest company in Korea, Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee Jae-yong redemption is concerned about the negative impact that will have on Korea's economy "said the position.

Ear 'to determine the redemption of the global corporate CEOs in a very difficult time economically representing Korea It has two aspects are concerned that you have thoroughly reviewed the falling negative impact and credibility have on our economy, "said a similar target' future entrepreneurs yirwojigil hope that more careful consideration in the event of cases' he said.

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[Home shopping brand reputation February 2017] GS Home Shopping, Lotte Home Shopping · CJ O Shopping's net

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] In February 2017 GS Home shopping brand reputation survey the 1st, 2nd Lotte Home Shopping, CJ O Shopping accounted for the third. Two months brand reputation survey was targeted at big data aggregation Hyundai Home Shopping, GS Home Shopping, CJ O Shopping, Lotte Home Shopping, shopping homaen, NS Home Shopping.

Korea Corporate Reputation Institute has analyzed the brands of home shopping Dog Big Data 991 10 000 9386 last month of 15 days from 16 days in January 2017 for a six home shopping brand.

February 2017 home shopping brand reputation ranking GS Home Shopping, Lotte Home Shopping, CJ O Shopping, Hyundai Home Shopping, shopping homaen, NS Home Shopping was in order.

SK · · Lotte on "Lee Jae-yong Vice restraint 'CJ choginjang

[Korea financial newspaper gimeunji News] Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Electronics Vice President Park Geun-hye president and defense silse today morning on suspicion of handing a large amount of bribing Mr. choesunsil (17) constrained doeja following which was cited in the investigation target SK and Lotte, CJ, POSCO Group, etc. It can not slow down the tension.

SP to investigate the allegations of the nasogastric President Park noted that the investigation into Samsung Other companies 28 days end of the original investigation period 1st physically impossible. However, it was observed that the predominant message haedalran extending the deadline rather than independent counsel investigation meant that they would not investigate any other company.

But these three days, also no mood overturned. A special counsel was awarded a justification for extending the investigation period, the redemption of the vice state can not rule out the possibility of an investigation on the strength of other companies higher.

A special counsel is planning to pour all the capabilities to prove allegations of President Park based on the personal security of the Vice-President. Day (16) A special counsel has applied to the investigation period to give hwanggyoan acting president for 30 days next month, extending to 30 days.

A special counsel was tweaked by the end of the hilt reclaimed after the arrest warrant for vice president is dismissed and I 19 days last month.

The redemption of the Vice President seems to be the way out to the bribery investigation've struggled with, such as search and seizure of unexploded Mr. Choi Dae and remain silent. Independent counsel investigation will be free to summon him for a period of 20 days confinement vice president.

Issues seem to be a special counsel is a point estimate K · Sports Mir Foundation contributions of Samsung bribes amount to a third party.

Samsung is the sport of Mir Foundation · K regarded as a contribution if all 20.4 billion bribe to avoid the difficult outlook also appeared independent counsel investigating other companies.

This one Vice intervention to transfer the equestrian athletes fostering nominal August 2015 choesunsil Mr. founded by German company Korail Sports (bidek body of the sport) and 21 billion won of scale maeteotgo a consulting contract dual 3.5 billion won charges It is appreciated.

Samsung has provided 1.628 billion won in Korea Corporation Winter Sports Center built the gifted Mr. Choi and Mr. jangsiho nephew in the form of donations. Mr. Choi has appeared in a maximum amount of 20.4 billion real-owned Mir · K Sports Foundation, the major companies.

A special counsel is applied to a third party charged with bribery 3.5 billion has simple bribery charges were applied to the donor, donations Winter Center has 1.628 billion won and 20.4 billion Mir · K Sports Foundation contributions remitted to sports collection.

A special counsel is at the expense of the amount of support to the Choi family, the Samsung Corporation and Cheil merger succession of management rights for the Vice-President reported that took place without a hitch. The NPS damages Samsung Corporation knowing that day by external force - were involved in the merger dwaeteumyeo voted Cheil Industries is a judgment.

According to the internal proceedings, the national pension was concerned that the loss of 300 billion won over when to merge as Samsung has presented. Samsung is that the merger ratio calculated as Cheil Industries, Samsung C & T Corporation shares, such as changing three weeks and the best fit wool shares 1 shares this dwaetdaneun unreasonably applied. NPS is analyzed that the change match two weeks initially and Cheil Industries, Samsung C & T Co., approximately one week.

By Mir, who now appeared on K Sports Foundation, a total of 53 scale where contributions amounts to 77.4 billion won.

The amount appeared in MLR · K Sports Foundation, Samsung has followed most often, followed by 20.4 billion Hyundai's 12.8 billion won, SK 111 billion, LG 78 billion POSCO 4.9 billion, Lotte 4.5 billion, GS 42 billion, Hanwha 2.5 billion, KT 18 billion, CJ 13 billion won, LS 16 billion, Doosan 1.1 billion, 1 billion Hanjin and Kumho Asiana 700 million won, Daelim 600 000 000, 500 000 000 New World, and Amore Pacific net 300 000 000, 300 000 000 Irene.

Dual SK and CJ is suspected, each hoping for a pardon Chairman Chey Tae-won and Lee Jae-hyun President of the proceeds of that appearance.

CJ does unremitting noise surrounding the Group, such as the absence of the gate choesunsil originally pledged in December when regular personnel who should be yirwojilji progress.

SK will look to attack moves, including Chey announced a large-scale investment projects of the year 17, but if the independent counsel investigation aimed at the Chey reportedly concerned that business activities be shrinking.

Lotte has appeared to add 70 billion to K Sports Foundation was returned just before last June, prosecutors investigating corruption in the management. Shin, Dong - Bin chairman last year, was suspected of leniency in the dark hoping to issues such as duty-free business ahninya Thats funding horses Lotte Duty Free Seoul was selected as the provider with Shinsegae and Hyundai Department Store.

Choi POSCO side is getting the two alleged involvement in various personnel and officers also reportedly involved in the future trend of independent counsel investigations.

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Samsung "will reveal the truth in court."

[Korea financial newspaper ohahreum News] Samsung Group, the 17th day of a month the court Park Young - Soo special inspection team is about having a one Lee Jae Yong issued a prior arrest warrant for Samsung Electronics vice chairman claims "will do my best so that revealed the truth forward at trial" short formula said position.

I worked all night, and Seoul Seocho-dong Seocho building warrant from Samsung Group Real Future Strategy Department employees 200 people watched the screening I saw the results of this vice has an immediate emergency meeting announced the court reportedly being considered for future response.

Samsung Group official said, "hoping that one thing never not support the price, merger or claims of special counsel is illegal solicitation was in connection with the management right succession explained enough that in fact this is not," he said "the evidence is there no possibility of destroy or abroad getaway viscosity said.

But the court did not accept this. No charges will prove in the future through the process of investigation and trial, "he said.

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FKI, budgets inevitably decline this year, the Council today, I am ...

The [financial newspaper stand hyomun Korea News] off and crashed into the national phase in such haecheron do Federation of Korean Industries (FKI below), the Council held a private conference at the 11:30 minute FKI Center today. In 3 of the Council for this year come true neude Budget report this week and last withdrawal Budget Group, this year's budget is expected to decline.

◇ Board of Directors, reporting, budget discussions

Today the Council will be held prior to the procedure to vote on the matters raised in the Annual General Meeting convened for 24 days the official election of the president-elect.

FKI official said, "You can discuss the successor to the head '' approximate year business plan and budget around the key issues, said he said.

This year's budget is expected to decline. Because four of the group responsible for most of the budget was three to leave this place. Earlier this month, Samsung started to leave, especially to accelerate the withdrawal of the members of Rush, there are also more likely to be reduced.

Whether or not a mention of a successor Chairman Huh Chang-soo of the attention has been focused. It is known until the Annual General Meeting to be held in the coming 24 days because it must determine the successor to the head. However, the main successor to the head of company presidents chosen in unison, much less is undergoing a hiatus.

◇ 4 large groups complete withdrawal ... Hyundai?

FKI will shrink this year's budget is due to the withdrawal of three of the four group responsible for a large portion of the budget, including Samsung, SK, LG. This is because these dues sharing pas stopped.

Among the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group it has shown an attitude of wait and see now. But hit the withdrawal decision-Navi will not submit a withdrawal circle. Hyundai Motor boss Chung progress has hanba FKI suggested the withdrawal, saying "Would not go along if you leave a lasting and indirect 'for FKI to leave the past seven days.

Citizens' Coalition for Economic Justice official said, "got the power to withdraw a member of the Federation of Korean Industries withdrawal of the Samsung Group, said" The real action when necessary Hyundai non-Ido not yet leave the pipe network.

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Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Electronics fell restraint ... Hotel Shilla right surge

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] 'group total redemption unprecedented crisis of Samsung'

17:00 AM 530 minutes doeja Sir Lee Jae-yong issued the arrest warrant for Vice President, Samsung Electronics, Samsung was in the business community as well as the full impact. Vice President Lee Jae-yong is expected to be imprisoned straight to Seoul Detention Center were waiting, so Samsung realization management spaces have been prearranged.

An unexpected warrant examination results have been reflected in the share price. Since opening day, 9:28 in the current securities market, Samsung Electronics is trading at -0.47% (9000 won) fell 1.892 million won compared to the previous trading day. Decline is determined that gradually increases. Samsung Electronics shares are currently trading -0.92% compared to the previous trading (₩ 14,000), down 1.509 million won.

On the other hand, preferred stock has soared since the Shilla Hotel opened. Hotel Shilla shares are currently just six right 23.40% (₩ 11,700) in 1700 compared to the previous trading day, trading sources.

Hotel Shilla preferred shares surged nearly 13 days is 30% special counsel to Vice President Lee Jae-yong jaesohwan news. Last month, 16 days have also soared this bar special counsel Hotel Shilla crying at the time claimed the arrest warrant for vice president. 18 days has renewed the singoga 52 weeks. However, in the last 19 days it had plunged 19.66% the day after this court dismissed the warrant for Vice President.

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ELS, Samsung Securities lowered recruitment, melted barrier 35%

To [South Korea nine hyerin financial newspaper News] Samsung Securities (President yunyongam) the underlying asset and the three indices, today announced the recruitment dissolved the barrier lowering ELS 15518 times enhanced stability to the extent of 35% to 15 billion won to 22 days.

This item If you have not declined in Europe (EuroStoxx50), Japan (NIKKEI225), the US (S & P500), such as less merchandise to expire three years, the underlying asset both during the investment period 35% of the base price of the developed world indices as underlying assets before taxes opened the payments of 5.4%.

Also, be given an early repayment opportunity to step-down structure every six months, three basic assets are all more than 95% of base price or higher (6, 12 months), 90% or more (18 months), 85% (24 months), 80 If% or more (30 months), more than 75% (36 months) the early repayment by 5.4% a year before tax.

However, underlying assets have fallen to less than one year old, even 35% of the investment period, and does not recover by more than 75% may occur due to loss of time.

On the other hand, during the same period Korea (KOSPI200), Europe (EuroStoxx50), Hong Kong (HSI) three index the underlying asset, and 3-year investment period three indices are all 45% less than a fallen enemy if pre-tax annual 6.00% of revenue recruit together with ELS 15521 times the limit also paid 15 billion won.

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KRW / USD rate rising trade power line 1146

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters - 17 am the won / dollar rate is rising.

The won / dollar exchange rate in the foreign exchange market is trading on 9:39 a.m. current closing price the previous day rose 5.70 won 1146.70 won per dollar. Won / dollar exchange rate was 1141.7 won, up 0.2 won in the open.

Reason is the weak won the day before won / yen exchange rate related to the 'market watch' remarks yuilho Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Strategy and Finance is that the pool is to influence the foreign exchange market.

In another day, paying attention to the foreign stock market trading trends of Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong redemption. When foreigners sell shares is a factor in the rising won / dollar exchange rate dollar purchase is increasing.

9:39 a.m. day denotes the current KOSPI 8.49 points (0.41 percent) compared to the previous day fell 2073.35.

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LGU +, wearable device Disclosure funds raised considerably

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LGLG U + in February increased the funding of disclosure as a gift perfect wearable device that graduation season right entrance a fresh start and support informed 17 days.

First, July 14, LG U + has raised funds in the disclosure Galaxy gear S3 'model in the spotlight even as workers or students of fashion items. If you plan to join the LTE wearable (VAT included January ₩ 11,000) gear Galaxy S3 received support 6000 won only 21 can be purchased at the price of 20 million won.

Galaxy gear S3 is equipped with individually free calls are possible and AOD (Always On Display) function without a smartphone with a smart watch equipped with the built-in speakers and LTE communication module, always animated intrinsic function watch over the watch face is on.

Gear S3 can not miss the information, including phone, LG U + messages through the one-number service that can be used as a watch in the phone number being used.

In addition, LG U + we understand the position of the child was also raised funds for Kids watch 'jyunibeo talkies', which supports both voice characters.

Gotta launch in March last year jyunibeo in Torquay much loved customers can be subscribed to LTE plan, wearable kids (VAT included January 8800 won) and LTE wearable plan. The factory will support the 19 ₩ 5,000 to ₩ 220,000 million to purchase exceptional price has attracted attention as a possible gift for your kids watch children enrolled in kindergarten or elementary school.

The wearable kids LTE plan provides an additional line if the one-net unlimited plan that provides a voice to the talkie jyunibeo 50 minutes, 250 text cases, data 100MB (1 line-net voice / character limit).

If both parents are U + customers can have one if you spend a total of two lines with unlimited voice and text is restricted to eliminating child contact his parents.

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Shinhan Bank, introduced deep learning-based 'detection systems over financial transactions'

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] said 17 days Shinhan Bank has introduced 'financial transactions over detection system, first apply deep learning financial skills.

Shinhan Bank is the last in 2013 by analyzing trading patterns fraud type deal together introduced the "over financial transactions detection system (Fraud Detective System) 'for detecting ∙ proactively block preemptively after financial for the first time deep learning skills' over banking applied to the transaction detection systems, the upgrade was a fraud prevention system.

To process large amounts of data through a neural network similar to the 'deep learning' is the human brain, and a technique for learning a new pattern, the system itself. Through a deep learning it can guard against financial fraud that increasingly intelligent grasp more than a new form of financial transaction is expected to play a big role in the electronic financial accidents. In addition, it can also reduce errors by more than aware of the normal trading transactions is expected to be improved ease trade customers.

This system was introduced in progress with a pin-tech enterprise development program seuraep Future 03 companies 'InfiniBand trees' and the collaboration of the Shinhan Financial. Shinhan Bank, InfiniBand trees ', developed by deep learning based on the "over financial transactions detection solution' is 'GruDEEP' by adding to the existing system in parallel to the existing trading patterns Model and deep learning model" over financial transactions detection system "that It implemented.

Shinhan Bank official said, "showed one of the" over financial transactions Detection Systems' newly introduced pre-test results, existing systems compared to 56% enhanced sophisticated fraud detection hit rates were detected by fraud patterns did not detect the existing system "and" new forms to effectively prevent fraud nagagetda said, "make a secure financial environment that allows customers to believe that changes in trading.

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Eugene Investment & Securities reverse point, the New Paradigm Investment Strategy Seminar

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] Eugene Investment & Securities reverse point is that the coming 21 days held its second 'real-time stock investment strategy of the New Paradigm' seminar said Wednesday. Seminars will be conducted on two occasions not 11 am, 1 pm at Eugene Investment & Securities reverse point, from 7 pm to 9 pm.

The seminar allowed to point out looks and real analysis of the existing PST way through the theory devised by Professor gwonohjin own right as a lecturer, then professor of Soongsil continuing education courses forex experts.

The trend that is forcing them to take advantage of the PST index is expected to introduce the most effective marketing methods to enter at the peak time of liquidation. The method for easily and accurately understand the world economic trends in exchange rates and foreign exchange success stories and also introduces jaetekeu.

Stocks, futures, options, etc. Anyone interested in jaetekeu exchange traded fund (ETF), and anyone can participate, applications and inquiries are you wired.

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Citibank Korea, NEW Citi Mobile app release Memorial event

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter - Citibank Korea (CEO bakjinhoe) NEW Citi Mobile app is released by Citi Cards customer commemorate the target online mall discount coupons and sweepstakes offering a variety of events, such as the progress they said.

Coming from 17 days 3 NEW payments over ₩ 10,000 Easy smart at Citi Mobile app to pay registration and Smart Easy payment by Citi Cards customer to May 31 (Citi BC, corporate, checks, except the check + credit card) lottery in the target through Kyobo it will provide library ₩ 10,000 gift certificate to a total of 855 people, a popular emoticon in KakaoTalk prizes to a total of 1200 people.

In addition, the February 20 offer to March 17 (Saturday, except on Sundays), a total of 20 days of 11th Street 30% discount coupon 5000 people on a first come, first served basis at 10:00 am every day for customers connected as coupons for up since, total 100 000 offers coupons to people during the event. You can see a variety of specialized coupon benefit when connecting As the newly added coupon per customer at a glance, you can conveniently use a coupon.

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Kwangju Bank, "Knowledge sharing contributions Book 'sponsorship

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporters - Kwangju Bank (CEO Kim Han) held a book donation ceremony for people, local youth and the middle of the jeongsunja yimincheol Gwangju, Kwangju Bank buhaengjang out-of-school youth to attend disability support center in Guangzhou Bank headquarters 16 days.

Kwangju Bank has selected 700 passports to share knowledge, including humanities books for reading books and deeply impressed by the students of the house reading books purchased through the relay 2016 was delivered to out-of-school youth support center.

Kwangju Bank has a bar earlier in 2015 donated to the 'Book Sharing Campaign' Bazaar 'a book about 3000 passports through.

In this position, Kwangju Bank jeongsunja buhaengjang is "hoping nagagil dreamed of watching the young people in our area are many books, nagagetda We continue to expand our social contribution Dream Tree project for the children and youth of the region," he said.

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Korea Investment and Securities, Finance, Asia, organized by 'Achievement Awards' Award 3

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Korea Investment & Securities in Hong Kong financial magazine Finance Asia (FinanceAsia) organized by '2016 Achievement Awards' in the 'Best Equity Deal', 'Best IPO' and 'Best Korea Deal' division, including three award It said 17 days.

The Finance Asia 'Achievement Awards' are Awards annually to selected company recorded a good performance in the Asia financial institutions such as China, Singapore and South Korea. In particular, 'Best Equity Deal' and 'Best IPO' Award is given to the most outstanding companies that win a banking company throughout the Asia. Korea Investment & Securities was selected to receive assessment about the Samsung Bio-Logics daepyoju listed on the KOSPI in November 2016 performance.

Korea Investment & Securities said last year's IPO take on such a large scale conspiracy 2.2496 trillion won, Samsung Bio-Logics, of 900.8 billion won, Doosan Bobcat led the IPO market. As the former successive second largest followed by Samsung Life 2010 Samsung Bio-Logics IPO 'corporate valuation (EV / Capacity) based on production capacity, and new IPO expertise, such as Korea Investment & Securities only to apply the calculation method, such as know-how the rating led to a successful IPO.

Yusangho said "I am pleased to be recognized in the global arena excellence of Korea Investment & Securities IB division" and "public company, as well as stocks and bonds, alternative investments, PF, including corporate banking ago strengthen the sector's IB powerhouse, representing Korea I will become a very large investment bank, "said award.

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"Too big to fail Prevention 'eligible investors' need to strengthen"

This argument suggests that [South Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters - a veil (bail-in) the need to strengthen institutional arrangements to enhance the qualifications of investors viability of the system.

It said the Korea Development Institute (KDI) presents a particular bank debt repayment priority, coco bond care standards introduced, including strengthening investor qualifications with these claims from 17 "Veil introduced the direction of drafting for the end too big to fail" report.

Vale of (bail-in) is a system to clean up the troubled banks in such a way that the shareholders and creditors of the bank share the loss. It was introduced to replace the bail (bail-out) to cause the financial crisis, the Bank of moral hazard and state.

However, if a significant number of public creditors, the government is likely to choose a higher intellectual bailout. The recent banking crisis occurred in the Italian case. The government of political pressure on a large number of creditors, creditor banks lost share to locals it will be very big. South Korea is also a large bar analysis suggests that the majority of bank creditors to the general public depositors.

Hwangsun week KDI researcher, there is a need to strengthen investor eligibility requirements for bank bonds and Coco Bond '' the government if there is no non-professional investors in the target creditors political burden is lower when considering whether to invoke the veil measures' said he said.

Naenwatda but also introduced a savings bond reimbursement system first measures to limit the coverage to individuals and small businesses need to make the policy holder care.

The Coco-type bond issuance also jipeot rules. China and the EU up to a maximum of coco bonds issued by local authorities (EU) also hybrid securities Coco-type bonds are issued only by rules and regulations that type. Hwangsun week KDI researcher might consider a hybrid '' below the common capital ratio of the Bank criterion as an alternative to, or the government either of two conditions that specify the bank as insolvent financial institutions is that risk-sharing measures are triggered when the meeting ' there, he was presented.

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Dongbu Securities Gangnam Finance Center, 18, standing in Yeouido Investment Seminar held

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Dongbu Securities Gangnam Finance Center will hold a briefing on the investment from Yeouido Dongbu Securities Headquarters 7th floor 2:00 pm Wednesday.

This presentation is an expert yangsanggyu proceed with the theme of 'practical gift option trading strategies. Seminar participants will apply for contact with you to Dongbu Securities Gangnam Finance Center.

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SK · Lotte · CJ share price weakness in the vice president Lee Jae-yong redemption

The [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] determined as the redemption of Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Electronics held the downtrend shares of SK · CJ · Lotte Group've gotta mention in the meantime independent counsel investigation also accompanied by weakness. The appearance also affects the redemption of another company vice president.

17:00 AM 10 29 minutes from Samsung based on KOSPI are trading ₩ 25,000 (1.32%), down 1.876 million won from the previous day.

SK is currently trading at ₩ 2,000 (0.89%) 22 ₩ 3,500 million, down from the previous trading day. Sindongju former overlapping the block deal news Japan's Lotte, Lotte Shopping Holdings vice president slumped ₩ 16,000 (6.3%). CJ also ₩ 1,000 (0.57%) and 4000 won a record 17 million meters.

Meanwhile, the special counsel to review whether there have been transactions with regard to the slopes of Park Geun-hye President SK Chairman Chey Tae-won. Chey is after four years in prison on charges of embezzlement times a month satdon one years was released in 2013 to target 2015 Liberation Day amnesty. Lotte Chairman Shin, Dong - Bin also suspected of respect and duty-free and independent counsel, CJ has no doubt leave the background I think President Lee Jae-hyun released last year in Jail Breakers.

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Where the Samsung ... Is it possible pinch Lee Boo-Jin Lee Jae-yong

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] As one issued arrest warrants for Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman and 17 dawn is growing interest in the role of president of Hotel Shilla samseongga daughter of Lee Boo-Jin.

Chairman Lee Kun-hee is because last May 2014 pas constrained by the vice-president of indeda continue wabyeong collapsed after an acute myocardial infarction substantially Executive Officer of the Group.

Here's Choi Gee-sung, the need for personnel groups can be the focal point role independent counsel investigation also concluded that the ahnigie for the future implementation strategy room (Vice President) and jangchunggi Future Strategy Department deputy (president) and soybeans.

Samsung side of this scenario is the companies have prepared emergency management professional managers have been responsible for the group discussed a plan to construct a joint consultative body operating Future Strategy Department of the limited-time control tower roles.

However, it is also observed that the dominant boss fill in the gaps of the Vice-President. It is expected to strengthen the arrest warrant would be blood in my position as president of the group came to the vice president.

Shares of Hotel Shilla is showing upward trend thanks to the expectation anticipation of the president of Samsung Group entered the business.

The price of the warrants substantive examination vice yirwojin 16 days of the Shilla Hotel was closed in 5300 won ₩ 50,000 missing previous trading year. 17:00 AM 5 minutes to 10 based on the redemption of the Vice-determined trading is currently trading around the 27% (₩ 13,500) ₩ 63,500 right.

The president and 'Little Lee Kun' La samseongga called three siblings of looks and personality, business sense, so well known that most resembled his father.

The president led a group of hotels and duty-free business since last December 2010 sworn in as president of Hotel Shilla has proven management ability as CEO. Establish a hanok hotel naeteumyeo received permission from the Seoul Metropolitan Government has also attracted luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, the first of the new duty-free shops in downtown Seoul.

Also going after the move, such as forming a surplus of HDC Shilla Duty Free has achieved increasing presence.

Hotel Shilla side groups in the presence of the president, regardless of the redemption of the Vice-President has reported no change. Hotels, explained that it is now imperative to stick to the duty free business.

Some say the president has domat example electrons and that this point is not inexperienced, Samsung shares the same financial affiliates of intellectual daeseron itttareugo unrealistic.

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Mirae Asset treatment, youth target four times a Financial Dream Concert '

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] Daewoo Mirae Asset said coming 23 days 17 days they held the 'Financial Dream Concert' at the Busan Cinema Center, the theater heaven. "

The financial dream concert Special (Special Lecture - Finance), Passion (Passion Lecture mentor), Empathy (Empathy concert - concert talk), Challenge to 'SPEC' character in front of four themes (meeting with lectures challenge -CEO) else that goes with the theme "Feel the specifications (SPEC) '.

Special lectures there and tell the story easy and fun to hanyoseop Mirae Asset Financial treat me as a lecturer, senior researcher youth. The lecture will be followed by a passionate lecture on the subject of Mr. Kim a former short track speed skating national team 'passion'. Lectures will be challenged to talk about the vision they have for the youth Daewoo Mirae CEO madeukrak growth in the future.

Hongseongil a special experience Mirae Daewoo VIP services Youth Division is "to be the time to consider what is the real spec non-English scores and certifications," he said "through this financial Dream Concert will think about the dreams and visions of their own I hope hope, "he said.

Dream Concert financial participation call is coming through you by the 20th MAS treatment and education jeonjijeom donation portal.

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"Salary pay one half of the debt of mortgage loans received last year, house five minutes."

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters] were estimated to be written by the borrower to pay off a debt of half earnings appear to be out of that 20% of new mortgage loans exceeding 50% debt-to-income ratio (DTI).

According to the data the 17 the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) is submitted to the Democratic Kim, Young - Ju Senator addition, loans that exceed the DTI 50% of new mortgage loans last year, banks were aggregated 7.3 trillion won to 18.9% of all new mortgage loans.

DTI has become the current regulatory limit of 60% in the metropolitan apply to income ratio of principal and interest payments.

Note that new loans exceeded the DTI 50% of boldness was 20% (5.3 trillion won) in 2013. Since August 2014 LTV (loan-to-value ratio) · DTI real estate regulation is relaxed and Sudan has cut interest rates this proportion is 20.9% in 2014 (8.5 trillion won) in 21% of 2015 increased steadily (14.4 trillion won) come.

If you buy an apartment at a variable interest rate as low interest rates, a situation inevitably increases the burden and written back to the main mortgage interest rates riser. Also the real estate boom turns off when the income the greater the increase in the so-called standstill 'House Poor' concerns.

Kim, Young - Ju lawmakers said the "larger the interest burden of the middle class, bought an apartment in the metropolitan unreasonable to believe only the government's real estate policy, the common people are feared to be consumer spending is shrinking, said" the government will prepare a soon solution per day.

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Lotte Shopping sindongju block deal ... Management rights disputes end price elasticity Securities -NH

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] NH Investment & Securities said due to sindongju block deal for 17 days Lotte Shopping will catch momentum at the end of the conflict reigns weeks.

1.73 million shares sindongju former vice chairman of Lotte Shopping was being held to promote the deal to block 883 shares (5.5%). The sale price is ₩ 2,000 per share in 2000 10 022 10 000 23 ~ ~ -8.7 -12.6% discount. Proceeds from the sale are expected to 401.6 billion won from 384.3 billion won.

NH Investment & Securities Lee Ji Young researchers "already in January god former Vice President has a bar received a loan can be one hundred billion won as collateral for Lotte Shopping shares of 8%," he said "Together with the sale of shares and the equity shares of 423 10 000 5 883 Note (13.45% ) will be available for the entire stake of former vice sindongju, "he said.

Lotte Shopping shares of Shin, Dong - Bin 10 000 7627 Chairman of the 423-week (13.46%).

The researchers' disposal in the background is known but, reigns conflict termination or stronger disputes for cash secured by expecting to be seen there, "said" Lotte Shopping's position in e If the share price more favorable, but the latter, if any itgie a turnaround in fundamentals are supporting the price of room is not big shake, "he said.

He added, "When interpreted as a management right dispute ends, can be attached elastic on Corporate Governance of Shin, Dong - Bin Chairman and Korea Seven, Lotteria subsidiaries revaluation will increase the expectations," he said "when interpreting that reigns dispute continues, Lotte Shopping shares is out of the core subsidiaries of the competition will regret, but still ahead of the important positions in governance as an intermediate holding company, "forecast said.

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Primary health care, medical companies in Singapore shares acquired on 12 billion won

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Korean stem cell biotech company car car subsidiary Healthcare today announced that it has signed a 17 days Singapore Medical Group (SMG) Corp. stock purchase agreement, which is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Primary health care is to invest SGD 1500 million to buy SMG, SMG buy new shares and 30 million shares of common stock issued in the primary health care. Primary health care rose in four and one minority shareholder holds a 8.8% stake in SMG's.

Through this equity acquisition, the two companies want to promote a number of strategic projects in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Vietnam and bears joint strategic partnership.

Singapore area, and through the expertise and infrastructure of Koreans and Korean plans to establish clinics and gynecology field of CHA groups that provide outpatient and professional healthcare services to the residents and other foreign nanim plan for Reproductive Medicine and health-related services business. In Vietnam is planning to provide strategic operational support to local primary health care centers and living SMG aims to nanim establishment of women's specialty hospitals.

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Financial Investment Association, the bonds established practice process utilizing Excel

[Korea financial newspaper nine hyerin News] Korea Financial Investment Association (Chairman hwangyounggi) Financial Investment Education is an essential bond to the bond investment price, duration, keonbek concertina watching calculate the like directly in Excel can improve the bonds ability to "excel in opening the hands-bonds "from April 03, utilizing the process and said that the trainees recruited until March 13th.

"Encounter bonds utilizing Excel" course is a financial investment company fund managers, analysts, investment strategy over the practitioners, such as the target in the industry working professionals teaching part-government bonds, municipal bonds, Special bonds of bond prices, bond yields, duration a short training after you have configured Excel to calculate the Convexity it contains hands-on training to analyze interest rate sensitivity so that it can be improved bond market analysis capabilities.

This course is related to bonds calculate the Master and bond type undervalued / overvalued judgment has been configured to enable learning, students have the ability to evaluate the bond type bonds to take advantage of the increased efficiency of the work is expected to be.

Training period is April 03, April 24, four days a total of 17 hours from the proceeds invested very Monday night at the Yoido financial institute. Course registration details and other details can be found in the Financial Investment Education Institute.

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Woori Bank, a holding company transition scheduled next month pre-authorized application

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters] to apply for a pre-authorization for a holding company authorized approved the Finance Committee as early as next month, our Bank successfully privatized last 16 years.

According to banking industry 17 days, our bank plans to coordinate the pre-applied application in the next month after the advisory board for the selection of the holding company transition.

Woori Bank official said, as early as next month, a holding company authorized pre-conversion application that goal. "

Our last three days, the bank has established a "Future Strategic stage" 1st ever carried out a private holding company dedicated to the reorganization and transition management in the planning group.

If our banks are authorized to apply for pre-financing the Commission if there is no problem getting through the 60-day review boninga application, and again after 30 days of final approval review.

Our banks have capital adequacy than the banks are expected to rise about 1 percent when converted into a holding company. Reduced financing costs for mergers and acquisitions are also expected.

Our starting with the 2001 Korea's first financial holding company, financial holding, was merged in the privatization process in our bank. Our bank has sold its affiliates, including brokerage firms, insurance companies and local banks for privatization. Today, it remains our cards, our merchant banking subsidiaries.

The re-elected to the private 1st Bank yigwanggu our CEO (pictured) last month, the Privatization new beginning "in the" 2017 Management Strategy Conference "urged the saying 'leap forward to a comprehensive financial group such as finance territorial and 1' to employees .

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Preferred Hotel Shilla, Lee Boo-Jin intraday expectations to surge 30%

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Preferred Hotel Shilla is showing a soaring ceiling price to surge.

17 days hoteol Silla preferred shares have surged 30% compared to the previous trading day at 10:25 a.m. on the basis of securities markets, Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee Jae-yong restraint posts.

11:14 a.m. to Hotel Shilla shares are currently trading at ₩ 65,000 rose 30% (15000 won) compared to the previous trading day. Hotel Shilla also 3.62% (1700 won) right under 40,000 transactions in 8650 won.

On the other hand, it has recorded a total of weakness that Samsung Group. Samsung Electronics, Samsung C & T, Samsung SDS, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Securities and Samsung Card, etc. fell more than 1%.

In the securities industry, the expectation that the vice president Lee Boo-Jin arrest warrant charged to the hotel can increase the group's influence in Silla president has reported that the traction price.

The bar has 16 days last month actually soared independent counsel also claimed by Hotel Shilla crying at the time the arrest warrant for vice president. However, in the last 19 days it had plunged 19.66% the day after this court dismissed the warrant for Vice President.

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KIC, Black Rock and the global investment environment and strategic discussion

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] meeting of foreign investments council of the public sector, foreign investment institutions to open this year's first meeting was to discuss the global investment environment and investment strategies with Black Rock.

Korea Investment Corporation (KIC) said it held the 'public sector foreign investment council (haetu narrow) "in KIC headquarters am 17 days 17 meeting.

The meeting invited the world's largest asset management companies of BlackRock (BlackRock) check the financial year, market outlook and key economic issues and foreign stocks advanced in Black Rock, bonds, had the time to find out about the global asset allocation strategy.

Following public pension, including the Military Mutual Aid Association haetu narrow attended agencies have reviewed the information presented on the basis of the BlackRock investment strategy of each institution and know-how exchange and mutual feedback.

Haetu are narrow and the last in 2014 the domestic public sector, institutional investors are currently 17 participating agencies as a consultative body formed to promote overseas investment efficiency. This year is expected to discuss this more in-depth and lively networking meeting achieved through scale-up, such as to attend additional meetings related to the role of a professional institution subject's right to launch four years.

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The lawmakers around the neck "crowdfunding, institutional improvements needed to enable investment."

The [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter], with the Democratic Party will be held around the neck uiwonsil improvement Securities crowdfunding type Islands National Assembly Hall at 17 pm the eighth meeting room discussion. The ceremony, listening to the suggestions for the development of institutional securities crowdfunding type in the Act on Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets "is discussion around the content Presentation is in progress.

Crowdfunding is a way to raise investment funds by utilizing the medium of the Internet, including social media or means moeundaneun funds from the public. In Korea, after donation, circular, loan type, and it is divided into equity-type investments. There are many forms mainly for projects sponsored by funding from the arts and culture sector content. In the case of P2P, but are classified as finance loan type crowdfunding, gotta it not yet institutionalized in the country. The equity-type gotta required by law, which has been called crowdfunding type securities.

Securities type crowdfunding was implemented last year, from January 25, according to the Capital Market Law Decree. Meanwhile, the 14 brokers took part in an online microfinance investment intermediaries, By the end of 2016 to 115 255 cases of successful cases of attempted funding amount of 17.4 billion won was procured participating companies.

Day forum include The Manual lawyer crowdfunding companies wadi's, panelists include Kang Yoon-Koo lawyers, Korea crowdfunding Business Council and containers President, Inha University School of Law Sung - Hee bow professor gimgihan exaggerated and Dr Korea Consumer Agency yunminseop, Asset Management, Financial Services Commission of incremental and participation, etc. bakimchul executive director of the Korea Securities depository.

The lawmakers "need a system improvement reflects the reality to give you the growth of the securities Type crowdfunding scheme promising SMEs and social enterprises," "current crowdfunding is the initial target amount was a mere half of the 38.8 billion won investment activate the necessary conditions," said he said.

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Prosecutors 'lawyers employed irregularities' gimsuil FSS Deputy summoned

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] was summoned to gimsuil FSS Deputy Prosecutor with regard to the adoption of the Financial Supervisory Attorney corruption allegations.

Seoul Southern District Prosecutors' Office yesterday said the beolyeotdago subpoena the deputy gimsuil 10:00 am (16) status as a suspect. Deputy Kim is reportedly the most relevant deny the charges.

Lawyer Jobs corruption allegations is known to raise the Democrats, with time yihakyoung parliamentary audit in October last year. The lawmakers despite winning no relevant when hiring a lawyer in 2014 and that the FSB had uncovered employed lawyers from law school Mr. A.

A seed is the son of former FSB Chapter choesuhyeon administrative examination and motivation of former parliamentarians. Since FSS has captured the circumstances Sang - Gu is a former chief secretary at the time who was buwonjangbo through internal inspection intervention.

Judicial notice from 106 attorneys said last month accused the former buwonjangbo, prosecutors, etc. Kim as Vice misconduct and obstruction charges.

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Ferrari, Geneva syoseo 'Super Fast 812' premiere

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] Ferrari '2017 Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari history, fastest and most powerful 12-cylinder bay from Lee Netanyahu - said 17 days that the (two-door coupe), the world's first public "812 Super Fast (Superfast)'.

The new ultra-high-performance model equipped with a 12-cylinder Ferrari's terms of innovative features, as well as 70 years ago from now, the brand has one last first appeared after the glorious history constantly followed on a Ferrari V12's latest series in 1947 launched also it has the very special meaning. Super Fast 812 opens a new era in the history of 12-cylinder engine joins the noble lineage of Ferrari 12-cylinder connected to Lee Netanyahu and F12tdf the F12 bay.

Ferrari said that "was created for customers looking for the most powerful and unique Ferrari", "812 is a super-fast sports bar offers a comfortable driving experience, under any circumstances, at the same time boasting exhilarating driving performance across the highway and the tracks," said he said.

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SM6, even led Europe

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] Renault Samsung Motors has developed a model of the twin-led SM6 'Talisman' French D-segment (midsize) occupies the second place in Europe such as automobiles, home of the popular show can receive a good performance.

According to Ai dynamics on the 17th (JATO Dynamics) 'Talisman' it was sold last year 34 344 total consideration in the European market. The initial release of last year's surge in the first quarter of 14 989 to 1 in the fourth quarter of 2687 and sales growth were the most prominent in the European market, D- segment. Last year, the domestic automakers, Hyundai i40 and Kia Optima brand car sales in Europe was respectively 20 253 and for 9515.

In particular, the 'Talisman' is as though the sale price being 15 234 new cars entering the French market with a new model in Europe, topped the D- segment, followed by second place in the Peugeot 508. Market entry barriers are high in absolute sales subsidiaries in France midsize market first year. 2. Back up the line performance is evaluated on a similar wavelength caused a flurry of domestic sales SM6 in Europe.

Talisman domestic before the launch last January, the International Automobile Festival (Festival Automobile International) to select the award vehicles by vote of the worldwide public in "2015 the year of the most beautiful cars" of from the market shortly after enough to win a stylish design eyes of consumers worldwide captivated. Also in November, it had also pulled out a large indoor Denmark and operation of advanced high-tech equipment to get the highest score on the ease of the French brand's first unplug the combined transport operators' business card of the year 2017 "topic.

Hwangeunyoung Renault Samsung PR ∙ Cooperation Division is "Talisman is due to the secret over the country took a hosiljeok in the European market is the difference between developed according to the eye level of domestic consumers Renault Samsung researchers challenging period," said "as a global test market the domestic market and Renault the researchers said that this phase of samseongcha will be higher. "

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One financial investment, China Brass Group won the domestic IPO representatives signed host agreement

[Korea financial newspaper nine hyerin News] One Financial Investment (CEO yijinguk) over the past 13 days the Chinese food company, brass resource group (the brass circles) and KOSDAQ IPO for the market listing (IPO) has signed a representative subjective Agreement 17 She said one.

Brass has won production of food seasoned with soy sauce brands 10 Chinese companies to authenticate the prominent brands (China Famous Trademark, 中国 驰名 商标) of the Chinese government. The original brass established in 1999, is located in Jinjiang City Fujian, China, and is currently gaining market share in excess of 30% in Fujian Province.

Brass circle and producing soy sauce and vinegar products in the natural brewing process. It has obtained the ISO food safety and CQM (China Standard Mark Certification Group) quality, environmental and food safety management system certification, and in the kosher (Kosher) certified in Israel.

One financial investment was selected last May 10, 2016, based on representative domestic listed companies, including overseas experience in a variety of cosmetics ODM company that traded in the United States Englewood Lab ㈜ the KOSDAQ market organized by the company. Crown won by the first half of this year launched a public preparation, it aims to year KOSDAQ listed.

Bakbyeonggi one IPO investment banking chief of 'brass circle and look forward to the opportunity to expand global awareness and ensure growth through the Korea Listed market "said, said," I will strive for a successful IPO in the crown won.

Circularly Fu (Wu Wenfu) won crowns representative said the "continued product research and development and quality management, enhance the brand image through will become a food company that represents the Chinese," she aspirations.

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Last year, the global venture capital funding declined ... AI will increase investment

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] last year, the global venture capital (VC) funding showed a decline. Artificial Intelligence (AI) showed that investments will increase.

According to the Korea Financial Investment Association 17, 2016 global scale venture capital funding has decreased by 23% year-on-year to total $ 100.8 billion, in particular the performance of the US Silicon Valley VC funding Mecca fell 28% year-on-year to $ 24.9 billion.

Silicon Valley still accounts for 25% of global VC funding, with two centers of VC funding twice the size of New York in the United States, which is larger than all of Europe.

The industry is expected to fall in 2016 compared with the foam of the initial VC funding boom from 2014 to 2015 but decreased in size was flat level of concern is not a market downturn.

The US VC investment in the security field the fourth quarter of last year plummeted 51 percent compared to the same quarter of the previous year change in the target sectors for investment. But AI start-up sector has increased by 16%.

In Europe, VC funding in the same period increased by 22% mainly health care, such as mobile trading applications. Experts had forecast that VC funding "will be expanded to automotive, financial services, health care, etc. Among the specific practical field, as well as start-up investment continues to increase year on AI field."

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Economic organizations, "Lee Jae-yong, vice chairman impact restraint concerned."

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporters] are the main economic groups in succession to Vice President Lee Jae-yong restraint news concerned about the wave have on the domestic economy, and said he wants the position to be eliminated doubts over the future judicial process.

Korea Employers Federation 17 days "gyeongyounggye can not forbid the shock and fear" brought out the reaction.

KEF official said, "Samsung is 11.7%, the Republic of Korea representing companies accounting for 30% of the operating income of our country manufacturing industry total sales," he said "uncertainty increases with the international credit rating drop caused by Samsung's management space a global company representing the Republic of Korea is an already challenging us It said it would act as a burden on the economy. "

The official said, "especially such that the impact is very large, that Chairman Lee Kun-hee is the third year in addition to the situation which does not restore health, anxiety, as well as business plans disrupted Samsung Group even the 250,000 employees and contractors, their families weight adding that "

Yet "many doubts and misunderstandings raised regarding Hopefully Samsung will hope quickly resolved through the judicial process in the future," he said.

Korea International Trade Association "express our concern that the court accepted the claims arrest warrant for vice president" brought out the position.

KITA official said, "now our economy is blocked by enormous internal and external negative factors, such as protection in exports and domestic demand trade attention and spread security crisis escalating," said "Korean largest company in this.Well SEC redemption of the Vice-President will have on Korea's economy this negative impact is feared, "he said.

Another added: "The aftermath will be expanded to negative perceptions of our society for the entire company, not just to arrest and damage the corporate image of the company and significant retreat entrepreneurship".

KITA "difficult economic times that you have thoroughly reviewed our negative impact on the economy and decline have credibility in the process of determining the global corporate CEOs redemption Korea's representative to the side there is a concern," he said.

Chamber of Commerce "to express concern and sadness for major domestic companies doende for space management situation in the forefront of global competition" and "hope that the investigation is being conducted quickly and knot as possible," said the position.

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Banks 'beat' raise fines 12 times

The [South Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters - bank deposits, insurance, fund selling fitted to the borrower the impression that the so-called fine up to 12 times the average for the 'beat' behavior.

Financial Services Commission heralded the "Supervisory Regulation amendments' content regulatory changes, including adjusting the standards imposed penalties to beat 17 days.

You gotta set the current regulations In the bank received the first 12 minutes the upper limit of the amount of fines imposed fines actual amount is too low and deal with 3 million won to 80 10 000 had pointed out. The average fine is ₩ 380,000 level.

Because regulations are applicable to beat jeosinyongja SMEs, and most of the Borrower does not have a lot of banks have received money immediately terminate the product subscription to beat.

Financial authorities have the amount you delete a 'one-twelfth of the amount of money the bank received "item and calculated by multiplying the ratio of 5-100% fines imposed on the reference amount to 25 million won in fines imposed. According to the regulations by changing the penalties beat cases are expected to increase by an average 4.4 million won.

In addition, the Bank was initially established as a reliable after sales include sales also start to focus on content management to defer the evaluation until the situation over the three years. The bank was able as early as professional Internet ahead of the launch next month, could cause the relevant benefits.

This year, the foreign currency liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) introduced April are included in liquidity category status evaluation items of management evaluation. Wrongful act of another issue that will issue a certificate of deposit balance is also added to inflate sales abusive behavior.

Financial Services Commission is planning to enforce the rules changed over the 4th of July decision comes after the Financial regulatory review and regulatory changes prior notice.

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LG all-day program, 18 hours without charging animation

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper News] LG Electronics has released a video highlighting the 17 days up to 24 hours of battery performance, all-day 'g enabled for LG.

LG Electronics has challenged the animation to 13.3 inches LG 'All Day' program with five artists name.

LG 'All Day' program was beotyeot the work led for about 18 hours without power, including when the break was on for a total of 24 hours. LG Electronics has unveiled a video that compresses the animation production process, such as YouTube.

Artist uses five alternating one LG 'All Day' program, creating about 200 sheets of pictures, followed paste was produced animations. Work content is a journey the main character walking around all day while using LG 'All Day' program.

Artists have captured a unique fun in the animation process. Without using a professional graphics program, it showed a 'pixel art', wrote back to ppaegok write on the notepad 'text art' to create spaces with a picture of the sign, etc. fun techniques to complete the picture fill the color for each Excel column. In addition, it used a commonly used Powerpoint, basic program such as Windows Paint, reporting and presentation.

LG 'All Day' program is causing the market to sell a blast at the same time as the operating time of more than two times higher than conventional products. LG Electronics LG amounting to 'All Day' sales account for 90% of LG g g notebook sales this year.

LG 'All Day' program is 13.3 inches, 14 inches and 15.6 inches, respectively by up to 24, 23 and 22 hours (Mobile Mark 2007 standard) is possible. Compared with conventional products more than doubled.

13.3-inch standard video can also be played continuously for up to 17 hours. Users watching movies throughout the flight from Incheon to New York, you can work without worrying about charging.

LG Electronics, Korea sales office is responsible for handling them HE marketing FD emphasized that "will continue to cause a blast in the notebook market with LG 'All Day' program used throughout the day as possible."

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Samsung is not total, and rush emergency management system

Doeja [Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] In fact, the total redemption 17 days Vice President Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Group has been performing the role of eventually engulfed the big impact has been certain to switch to emergency management system.

Once Samsung Group officials could consternation and shock and amazement. Group A officials did not conceal his embarrassment said, "In 2008 Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee independent counsel and in 2014 came a bigger crisis than it turned down due to acute myocardial infarction."

Samsung is now the first position due to the redemption situation after the establishment was bitge disrupt normal business activities and leadership space.

Here is the vice-president, who led the business reorganization and restructuring of the New Vision Samsung, of course, and was faced with the situation to be even olseutop daily activities, such as personnel management, recruitment and investment.

Officially, "The truth will do my best to be lit in future trials," released by the vice-restraint even two hours maneya position was all the short comment.

Externally, in keeping with the silence began to seem pains to prepare countermeasures.

The group is offering a tip that expected soon to start the emergency management system professional management of major affiliates center.

Naturally CEOs and HR organizational restructuring, etc. are likely to be grown indefinitely postponed.

The first half of new recruits college graduates is also uncertain whether and when the bond was performed each year in Oregon after March.

Samsung Electronics is expected to lose power holding company that also review the official THOUSANDS of November last year, the Board of Directors. The forces are expected to initially draw a roadmap within six months of the sketch plan yieoteuna out before May comes to the total number of members.

The vice president is likely to be even bigger smoke Future Strategy Department promised to dismantle the hearing in December last year.

The coach in the absence of Vice-President if I have even the future demolition Strategy Department led the group since disappeared.

Samsung decisions until Vice jewelry or released depending on the result of the trial is expected to attract professional managers are responsible way system.

If the matter is urgent, and sizeable This occurs affiliates Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will discuss issues face and head across the Group is forecasting method is rea to be released to go up again through the operating group CEO council.

Chairman Lee Kun-hee, the last time in 2008 jojunung independent counsel is unprecedented for professional managers who operate collective consultation system before returning in 2010 after I retired from the presidency in accordance with the investigation results iteoseoda.

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