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[Short hotel - The Plaza, celebrates Children's Day 'Hi Plum Night "package launched 外

The Plaza 'Hi Plum Hey! The Plaza Hello!

Plaza will mark the Children's Day from April 29 to May 7 The "Hello Plum Hey! The Plaza Hello! It unveiled the package. The rest of the rooms, as well as of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Dancing Scarecrow "and" 2017 Wow! Classical ensembles' concert ticket (3 pieces) are provided according to a schedule. 4-5 days for packages Customers can enjoy a bye should prune add animation screenings, play ground, etc. character. In addition the hotel lobby, decorated in hi photo zone should prune the concept will also be installed. In addition, the all-day dining buffet restaurant Seven Square Breakfast (2 adults, 1 child) with free access to the fitness club and swimming pool, Deoksugung two tickets, 10% discount on restaurant, Marriott Rewards points earned benefits are provided. Prices from 230,000 won to 295,000 won, the taxes and service charges.

Ibis Ambassador Myeong-style 'Spring in my heart'

The ibis Styles Ambassador Seoul Myeongdong proceeds packages to enjoy the Golden Week in May. Serves 'Spring in my mind' package that can be enjoyed with books appropriate for spring to May 31, the package configuration standard room per night, breakfast for two, take out 2 cups of coffee, 20-story open-air sauna free of charge, including use of the do. The here presented the author of "I'll hold you in the heart," Book 1 Kim Jihun on. Takeaway coffee cup 2 is provided in the 21-story Le style restaurant, outdoor saunas are available with free use when booking upon check-in. Price is 114,400 won on weekdays and weekends 125,400 won, a VAT included.

Haevichi Jeju 'Spring Explorer' program

Proceed to "Spring Explorer program, you can enjoy the Spring of Jeju with IE team of leisure professionals to May 31, the Haevichi Hotel & Resort Jeju come. First, forest trails themed story "is a tour course around the gilin spray mulyoungahri uphill road located in Seogwipo sumangri. "Gotjawal Eco-Trek 'is in exploring the ecology to observe the' gyorae Recreational Forest 'is Gotjawal ecological experience only domestic recreational' spring scent ascending Tour 'is' The Moose Ascension' every Sunday (altitude of 475m), on Monday, youngjusan a program to climb (elevation of 326m). Participate through the reservation and can not apply for the day before 8:00 pm. Participants will be provided oleic bag is composed of a light snack, and fruit, such as water, the participation fee is 2 won per program.

Sheraton Grand Incheon, 8 Wedding Anniversary Promotions

Sheraton Incheon Hotel Grand will introduce a promotion only for couples to celebrate the opening eight anniversary of the wedding between the proceeds from the June 24 August 20. First, to the wedding banquet menu, 15% discount and a choice of noodles and offering free, In addition to providing a bottle of wine or a beer and drink two bottles free. In addition to the ceremony goes off costs such as hall rental, flower decoration and wedding directing second unit to 20%. Wedding benefits benefits include easy access to the 20 minutes, only Incheon Airport using the limousine vehicle reservation in advance and enjoy the benefits of the club lounge Evening cocktails with a romantic night in Executive Suite for free, just for the bride and groom it can be used. Vehicles you own while traveling period is free parking.

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'Afternoon Tea Roger BB' package released Shilla Seoul

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] The Shilla Seoul is unveiled 'Afternoon Tea Roger BB' packages 'Roger BB' in collaboration with the French luxury shoe brand until May 31. The three brand shoes maker Roger rubbed the 'is' Roger BB' in 1963 and founded the representative of France, who designed the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II shoes.

Roger rubbed lounge and bar opened in 'The Library' in Seoul, The Shilla Afternoon tea consists of a three tray with coffee, tea category, three trays of black color are like ppeuti dessert, sage forsaken, scones prepared.

The package includes an outdoor swimming pool in "Urban Islands" concept, using the benefits of the island of relaxation in the city. All around the main pool and kids pool lounges were refurbished facility expansion warmer and warmer when installing an additional heater and heater for outdoor places to relax out of the warm water pool so you can keep your body warm.

The water temperature in the main pool and the kids pool is the best 32 to 34 degrees, outdoor Jacuzzi is available in warm weather outdoor swim in May because up to 38 degrees to match.

The Shilla Seoul "Afternoon Tea Roger BB 'package Afternoon Tea Benefits (2) and Auburn Island entry benefits (2) In addition to a business deluxe room per night, fitness and indoor pool Benefits (2), valet parking Goodies It is composed by (once).

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Department stores, Holiday promotions are aimed at online shoppers

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Lotte and Hyundai Department Store sets out the right to hold the 17th regular holidays "online shoppers".

Wednesday, Lotte Department Store, open the "Cyber ​​Monday" event el Internet shopping discount at Lotte showcase a variety of products related to outdoor activities such as outdoor sports.

First, open the "Spring Flower Festival outing look my safety, and sale of products for outdoor and sports brands.

In the event BLACKYAK, tries when such is the hiking boots, trekking shoes, backpack, etc. popular outdoor brands will sell up to 85% off. Nike, Adidas sneakers, etc. even up to 60% discounts on sales of the sports brand, and will also showcase functional T-shirt of one single plan sets won.

It goes even 'young fashion landscape Summer Festival. In this event, polhaem's Weave, reusyap, and sell up to 50% off items in total 20 young fashion brands such as rap. Representative products are the T-shirt 1 polhaem man 5000 W, 3 man 9000 Cost reusyap piece.

Hyundai Department Store and forward "getit Monday, the 17th event in the modern com H Mall and more modern. The event will include the participation by more than 800 brands, including ipjeom spring and summer clothing in the modern department store goods, sandals, sunglasses, swimwear, travel bags.

In modern times the molar H "renoma casual trench" hyetaekga to 117.31 thousand won, unveiled the "North Face-sleeved T-shirt 'hyetaekga 20,000 7200 won" gender Yonex walking shoes, the man hyetaekga 6 9000 won.

More modern com sells "Clary Mia Sonic 2 'hyetaekga to 168,000 won,' Mandarina Duck backpack 'hyetaekga 420,000 in 6400 won the' double-checked jacket at the corner 'to 114,560 won.

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E-Land Retail, PB Integrated Products' E linen collection "seonbwae

Showcase [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] E-Land Retail integration PB products E linen collection, he said Tuesday. The E linen collection has joined the three men's brand datum, alto, Melbourne, including women's 11 brands and ranjji, MI dresses and more.

E-Land Retail lowered costs through consolidation of production 14 brand after purchasing a large quantity of fine linen fabric scraps. Luxury linen fabric purchased at low cost through the integration jikmaeip can wear with a cool refreshing feeling in the summer, is characterized by simple design details are not overly fit.

E linen collection is coming will showcase 223 different styles of products, such as 17 days from which you can meet in the Highlands Mall, 26 Starting the National E-Land Retail of 50 stores from each brand shop shirt blouses, dresses, shorts, jackets to be.

Linen shirt and pants from 29,900 to 39,900 won, blouses and dresses are 39,900 won 9,900 won ~ 50,000-many.

E-Land Retail said, "Eland PB brands brings together the capabilities enhance quality price bubbles are left out," he said, "looked everywhere, suits and casual wear will be high utilization items."

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[Presidential policies - Moon Jae "investing in people than the company ... Growing structural shift "

There are doors candidate economic vision is attracting attention again while formulating solidarity as [South Korea Jeong Huiyun financial newspaper reporter] 'people-oriented economic growth, advocating that the Democratic presidential candidate Moon Jae In addition to the 14 days the national financial industry unions.

Preparation for the fourth round of industrial revolution had professed policy hagetdaneun gamyeo to apply the sunset a new industrial sectors regulated by a negative manner transparent to organize.

But 10 core investment sector specific action plans have not been disclosed concreteness and feasibility seems to need further verification.

Doors candidate said he would replace it with the last 12 days our briefing room in the "Investing in the company is limited to the trickle-down effect that benefits are delivered to the nation has" said it first invested in order to man the economy of saving the company and national competitiveness growing structure.

Multiple organ instead of rejecting the Japanese models that focus on the SOC during the recession, US President Barack Obama is Sanya mechanisms such as "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA 2009) 'is an initiative hagetdaneun nopyeotdeon benchmark performance and job creation.

The current spending rate determined by the place an average of 3.5% per year in the "medium-term fiscal management plan 'explained bogetdago realize up to an average of 7 percent a year.

Doors candidate has also presented 10 key investment areas. △ △ 4 primary industrial revolution is creating jobs △ △ new educational childcare agricultural industrialization 6th National Community Safety △ △ △ Environmental Culture, Sports and Tourism Art △ △ local economy and social services etc.

Funding measures as explained would raise 50 trillion won in tax revenues natural increase over five years to pursue the tax adjustment effective tax rate, redundant and inefficient way to get rid of financial execution.

In addition to the continuation of the policy Democratic election committee has made a lot of common ground on the 14th banking union and national public policies and industrial trade union federation agreement on policy-oriented.

Official statement candidate supported financial union was a declaration △ parachute personnel eradicate △ and annual salary disposal △ 4 primary employment measures in accordance with the Industrial Revolution △ labor relations to prevent the intervention of the government through the management evaluation, budget guidelines △ Jinshan separation principle comply △ household said that while △ support measures provided in that it declared a financial ecosystem diversity through local banks and strengthening the role ordinary financial institutions.

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[Reportage] is healing, and pet outing is expected "Hill State lioness'

[Gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter Korea] is away from the consumer 'Heel State lioness' is bustling modern engineering public housing samples.

Residential area just inside the convenience and copper, as well as the surrounding ecological leisure wear colorful, companion animals and picnic spots suitable noticeable.

Pungnap-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul as soon as the emitter samples caught the public housing in the last 14 days 391-8 Address Many people come to inclement weather the rain, salpigo carefully the exhibition unit 84㎡ A brother and 84㎡ C-type was consulted.

Form A is characterized by a long internal, concentrated on one side of the three rooms with line-type configuration. Form C is a well-ventilated to arranged facing the two balconies, U-shaped kitchen features.

Overall I felt that the use of space more efficiently. The Trail studies to help lead a comfortable life of residents, such as copper, storage space, laundry room was yeokryeok.

Size of this private households is pre-sale △ 59㎡A 72 furniture, △ 59㎡B 71 furniture, △ 84㎡A 172 furniture, △ 84㎡B 97 furniture, △ 84㎡C 48 households.

The complex will be located near subway line 8 Amsa Station. As will the route be extended, circa 2022, it seems to be the transit conditions further improved.

In the case of State Hill lioness available in some high-rise overlooking the Han River and three can be danyeool walk Gwangnaru the Han River Park. Here lioness is equipped with an ecological park, godeoksan, it is also adjacent to Olympic Park and Ecological Park Gil-dong, Gangdong beautiful forests, Amsa-dong Prehistoric ruins comfortable environment.

Renal and elementary school are located just in front of right, etc., sinamjung, the line of thinking just one thousand days in the near equipped to an excellent learning environment.

Here it is also close to amenities such as Gangdong Kyung Hee University Hospital, Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital, medical facilities and Gangdong Civic Center, 2001 Outlets, E-Mart, Hyundai Department Store and Home Plus.

That is just a variety of smart systems are applied. The former three can control home devices from outside using a PC and the smartphone remotely and crime prevention, disaster prevention, the home network system that can be provided to perform functions.

The central control center and each generation, electricity, water, and an advanced metering system that can determine the amount of gas in real time and applies equipped with a standby power blocking systems, batch systems, the extinction ever possible energy savings.

The only parking is designing a wide parking, a residents' inexperienced driver to also avoid the inconvenience of parking.

Pre-sale site said, "As the commercial district is expanding more and apartment prices rose lioness region," he said, "just a marketing seems to be priced in line more than 20 million won per pyeong."

He followed "fortress pre-sale schedule is much milryeotneunde, Hill State lioness is in progress and on schedule since the presidential election," said "The bleak outlook of the property market, but is well outside think," he said.

In particular, he said, "it is just common aneunde place to go except those who are raising children and dogs are lioness playground mattangchi Hill State will save up to such inconvenience."

Hill State lioness occupancy is expected in November 2019.

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Nongshim, and Nexen Heroes' Sharing Love Baseball "event

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Nongshim will be held on the 25th coming from Seoul Nexen Heroes Gocheok Sky Dome a professional baseball team and the 'Nongshim Sharing Love Baseball "event.

The event is to recruit participants in an online plan to invite the first 500 patients baseball fans in the stadium. "Mentos roll" takes place in a manner that exchange three sheets baseball tickets 1, Registration is Nongshim official event from the 14th it is available on the home page.

The winner will be watching the game Nexen Heroes and Doosan Bears held in Gocheok Sky Dome 25 days are available for special eungwonseok.

Nongshim official said, "Sharing Love Baseball event leads come from social contributions in 2012," he said "such a Mentos participants donated products will be donated to local social welfare".

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[Presidential Policy Sim Sang-jung: "I heat with new opportunities compared to the 4th Industrial Revolution."

Announced [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] Sim Sang-jung per definition a presidential candidate on the 16th 4th Industrial Revolution policy commitments. Candidate Sim said, "I will open new opportunities for the economy of the Republic of Korea 'ecological economic highway' as a bold 'social innovation'.

◇ 4 cars Industrial Revolution undeniable reality

Sim candidate "4th industrial revolution can not be denied is already a reality," said "The rapid changes in the industrial structure of the new technological developments and social changes that this brew is already in progress around the world," he said.

Sim candidate pointed out that it is limited to the technical convergence whilst the 4th Industrial Revolution and discuss important feature of the fourth round of industrial revolution had changed the position of the convergence of technology and social change. Sim candidate "society should changed to take advantage of the new technological possibilities and ten minutes, in order to do this, as well as production capacity, should also go to a new dimension in the wants and needs," said limit.

In addition, with the existing Democratic presidential candidate Moon Jae Ahn Cheolsu and 4th National Industrial Revolution of the presidential candidate of the party discussion has pointed out the need for a more mature debate, saying that only the company and society. Sim candidate amounts candidate "Hurry technology development and personnel training to stay in the chase economic ideas held along quickly. In this regard, the government-led 'cause', arguing that 'the private sector would be the first, it is not the' industrial Immigration Ron and essentially differ in the introduction of advanced technologies to increase the efficiency yiruja economic growth showed the critical comments of. "

◇ major commitments

Sim Candidate 4th reconstruct major commitment △ national innovation systems for the industrial revolution △ on "solar-electric filling stations nationwide all compared with its performance in the challenge of installing renewable building energy infrastructure investments △" 4th industrial revolution ' It is established in a wide range of social innovation for sharing.

National Innovation System: the claim that (NIS National Innovation System) reorganization may be made innovative entrepreneurs to challenge overcoming the risk of failure. Pan ministries (multi-agency) establish the level of the control tower interagency coordination role, and for this purpose, to prevent redundant investments, today announced the details rea yirwonael the assessments properly. Also build a central and local government, businesses, universities and civil society openly and cooperation network between said will ensure that the core technology and know-how sharing and mutual spread to society as a whole.

The first two days' ecological economy Expressway energy-naegetdaneun is opening up new opportunities for innovation in the Republic of Korea to the ecological economic commitments.

Sim candidate, said the prospects rea means an "ecological economy highway" that might comparable to the broadband network of the neck highways, Kim Dae-jung government of Park Jeonghui government led by government investment would be incorrectly pierced the highway on the innovative "4 car industry" is to be run. Also it refers to the importance of technology development and promised the investment for research based SMEs.

The last comprehensive social innovation is content to say that this should change in the national policy focused on the future social life changed.

Sim candidate when the fourth round of industrial revolution progressed citizens pointed out that the said increases are likely to change jobs several times during a lifetime increases the threat of unemployment. The argument that the way of life of people cycle as fundamental changes in social policy, education policy, labor policy will be renewed innovation.

Established within the greatly reduced, compared to unemployment, retraining system maintenance labor time for this. In addition to the introduction of a basic income to be offered technical developments linked to improving the quality of people's lives.

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LG Household & Health, Nature Collection No. 100 shops ... Shop 260 year goals

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Beauty Lifestyle Store, LG Household & Health Care The Nature Collection "topped the opening 100 Shop. Last year the two 10,014 months since May, opened the first store in Gwanghwamun.

LG H & H to Gyeonghuigung Jaipur is located in Jongno-gu, Seoul recently that over 2,500 households move opened the Nature collection 100 Shop.

Nature Collection has a store where you can enjoy watching the product directly around the flagship brand of The Face Shop, Beyond, two floors, LG Household & Health Care sells about 16 brands.

Nature collection was created to reflect the needs of any consumer want to compare and purchase a variety of products in one place. It is characterized by a finer breakdown products and stores the configuration in accordance with the shopping center, a residential neighborhood, the store location and the surrounding conditions such as universities.

100th store in Gyeonghuigung party advantage is beauty youtube version is priced items, the 'MD's collection' section items such as MD direct selection for gwichaniseuteu laid aside. Also, put the difference between other stores conducted a "skins curation service, check that the individual skin condition.

LG Household & Health officials said a "Nature collection is expected to expand to 260 stores across the country aimed at the end of this year", "is expected to grow further in the future in accordance Multi Edit Trend Shop."

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Ssangyong union, history, travelogue carried away with family

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - Ssangyong Motor Co. said it has conducted a historical travelogue event, leaving a trade union organized the 16th together with family members.

This took place in the last 15 days mungyeong saejae Provincial Park events Leaving nature Spring outing with the family, of course, it was carried out the significance of establishing a correct view of history, and history in the historical and cultural heritage with doesaegineun travelogue format. Mungyeong saejae Provincial Park is a wide range of courses and historical road walking trail, a popular drama opened the set, Kodo Museum, experiential learning programs such as the maryeondwae family every weekend for a superb boasts a scenic and hiking or stroll enough to be selected for the Korea Tourism 100 where tourists away from never-ending, the family members more than 250 of them hand in hand with each other and explore the places Provincial Park had a good time.

Children with parents who participated in the event, "I want to see other then the rail bike is also directly 'numerous popular dramas and dramas are to that taken place just one wanted to come once very good like that on a spring picnic' said said a comment.

Hong Bongseok Ssangyong labor union chairman, said seuwo members to send a meaningful time to study together the history of the country while the families and spring outdoor activities very satisfied, saying, "I said hang out with my family inspires a sense of belonging and pride in the company and said it will continue to raise the seat to communicate with each other. "

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Hyundai Motor held "2017 Hyundai Elantra Cup Masters Race '

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - Hyundai has held a two-day 15 to 16, 2017 Hyundai Elantra Cup Masters Race (the Elantra Cup Masters) 'opener in Yongin Everland Speedway Circuit a great success said Tuesday.

Avante Masters Cup is expected to have a total of seven coming into the tournament until the end of October started the first leg of the opening day. Runner-up and third place in each tournament will get the championship trophy and every extra points and is cover the winner's summing the scores obtained after the end of Game 7. You only need to apply more Elantra Cup Brno Extreme-only package with a dedicated R racing tune the existing Avante genuine sports car is expected to significantly lower the threshold to participate in the race to contribute to the popularization of motor sports.

Avante Cup Brno Extreme-only packages are including sports suspension △ △ △ 18 inch wheel stabilizer △ △ rear brake hose reinforced dwaetgo consists spoiler, R △ tune the roll cage to ensure the safety of athletes △ 4-point safety belt. Additional tuning to enhance the driving performance characteristic 'one-make race' is strictly limited.

It was also prepared a variety of attractions. Hyundai to watch customers 'Hyundai Motor Kids Zone' for installing the character Experience the history of Hyundai, John Power Battle Watch RC Car Car Experience Zone and roulette also arrange events were presented the modern WRC cars raelrika diecast prizes. Along with plans to supply the Kumho tire / Korea Petroleum and Shell have signed a partnership formula for high-performance tires for sale at a reasonable price for the athletes and racing only Yun Hwalyu free of charge at every competition.

Hyundai Motor official said, "Avante Cup Masters is highway driving and track driving all available Elantra sports the best amateur introductory-type competition where anyone can participate in the competition by 'saying' Hyundai is expanding its domestic motor sport base through various motor sports events He said that we will continue to strive for the correct motor sports culture.

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Mart constitutional improve ... Undeveloped land disposal, sluggish stores closing

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea] sets out the E-Mart to improve profitability through a sieve Lot sold as store cleanup. This corresponds to the competitive environment due to the opaque and discount slowdown, funding will be provided at this time it is committed to future food such as e-commerce and Traders.

Mart announced that key decisions such information from the Management Board held the last 13 days to sell the land in Sosa earn points remaining in Henan Mart site and Pyeongtaek bijeondong of Hanam deokpungdong material.

Mart has bought the site in 2005 was Henan Henan Mart opening points through the first development in 2008.

Mart was planning to use depending on the future development of commercial writing, etc. to expand the Henan Henan Mart remaining land points. But last year the mega shopping complex opens its doors in Henan star field near dropped the remaining land utilization plans.

Accordingly, the rest of the site is decided to sell 560 billion won in building the New World. Shinsegae Engineering & Construction is expected to take the land acquired from Henan Mart in applications such as residential complex product development.

Another is the sale of land in Pyeongtaek was decided Mart is buying it was scheduled to open the second store in Pyeongtaek, due to local licensing delays reduced the efficiency of the business in 2012, and falls are attractive, such as its commercial changes. Prior Mart, which had opened the first store in 2001 in Pyeongtaek.

Also achieved closing of some stores in addition to Henan and sale of land in Pyeongtaek. Mart hakseom Chung Tay News (corporate rental housing) project is scheduled to enter the closing procedure when receiving the final approval of the Ministry of Transportation. When switching to the News table can ensure the monthly rental income.

Chemical resistance that had started with the 2001 Wal-Mart. Since the acquisition of Wal-Mart Korea in 2006 and opened its doors Mart chemical resistance points, but was determined mothamyeo dinji a weak closing. Chemical Properties of point closing is expected to be achieved as early as in September-October.

Following Mart stores sales of the 1st Eunpyeong viscosity to the constitution and improve business efficiency situation goes on renewal. 3-4 layers to 'Fashion Street' renewal and accomplished the task subjected to the electroporation Mart 21 days.

Lee Gapsu Mart president day, if the high growth of saying "Strengthening discount store business boudoir in the physical stockpile level for sustainable growth and profit structure point that needs improvement" "Traders Su e-commerce business plus the discount store sector restructuring becomes business portfolio also robust consumer profit will also help increase and enhance shareholder value, "he said.

Mart (except sleeping Affairs) posted an operating profit and revenue of 13.5642 trillion won last year, consolidated 633.2 billion won. Sales grew by 5.7% and operating profit recent move, the discount store business entered a downward trend showed a decrease of 0.1%. Whereas sales of warehouse Traders Mart, E-Mart Mall online division showed a respective 25.4% and 1.1957 trillion won and 838.6 billion won, up 26.6 percent.

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Chevrolet, cocoa taxis and 'all-new cruise' large customer ride event

[Hyomun news stand Korea Financial News - Chevrolet will hold a large customer test drive experience events of the 'all-new cruise' with cacao taxi.

The free ride experience event is run from time to time in the country, including one month total to 50 new cruise Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Gwangju from 16 days. It provides the opportunity to ride or directly test driving the all-new cruise through a lottery among customers using cacao taxi for free to your destination.

The all-new cruise cacao taxi customer power have plans to introduce the boarding door service, cushion gifts Features of the new cruise offers a variety of convenience and benefits to provide the ultimate ride experience with a ride during the audio information. With customers to upload ride certificates photos on SNS such as Instagram and Facebook through a lottery jeunda also given prizes.

Lee Ilseop GM Korea Marketing Division, Managing Director than through the "Chevrolet's all-new Cruise in mid-March real sales after the start and continues the show go, such as to achieve a solid sales performance, he said" the next one month spreads cacao taxi customers ride between experiential promotions many people experience an all-new cruise and said that will determine the true value of the product.

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[Credit] rapid growth Hanwha Total ... This year is also positive

The positive outlook for the Hanwha Nestled in total revenue of the Hanwha Group with [South Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] last year, Hanwha Chemical has been raised.

Korea Ratings (hereafter Korea Ratings) has raised the credit rating outlook of Hanwha Total last 13 days. Korea Ratings is adjusted from 'AA- / Stable "for Hanwha Total to' AA- / Positive '.

Korea Ratings heard about this adjustment on the basis of such to maintain financial stability in the financial burden of such industry profit product line that is diversified across accordance create strong scale-up and dividend and capex.

Hanwha actually showed a total figure for operating profit surged over the past three years or more - up to seven times. The past after 2014 operating profit transfer to the Hanwha Group soared. △ Hanwha Total recorded an operating profit of 172.7 billion won in 2014 the △ 2015 years △ 7949 billion won showed 1.4467 trillion won in 2016. The past three years, operating profit surged more than 7.3 times.

Of Institute of stomach Korea Ratings Rating 4 rooms senior researcher explained, "Since 2015, while the main raw material of naphtha prices plummeting oil prices impact was overall margin rises" and "thus the profits of scale Hanwha Total has been greatly expanded."

The positive assessment led about 5400 billion investment in recent Hanwha Total determined. Hanwha Total has finally approved the extension to open in the last 12 days the Board NCC (Naphtha Cracking Center) side gas cracker with GTG (Gas Turbine Generator, gas turbine generator). Total investment is targeted to be completed in June 2019 coming to 539.5 billion won.

This investment Hanwha Total is reported to be saengsang add 310,000 tons per year of ethylene, 130,000 tons of propylene. Including them coming Hanwha Total 2019 is to have a production capacity of 1.4 million tons per year of ethylene and propylene 106 tons.

Choejuuk Korea Ratings Rating 4 Room evaluate professional members "since the 2015 creation of surplus cash in the past two years, 1.4 trillion won thanks to the improvement in profitability, and net debt is significantly reduced," said "Based on this, Hanwha a total of dividend and investment enough financial capacity you can afford will not be enough, increase the financial impact of the recent decision to invest, "he said.

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Hyundai 'Crete' January sales first surpassed 20,000

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - the International Strategic Crete compact SUV Hyundai was the first time surpassed the 20,000 global sales since its launch in May. Thanks to the favorable situation of Crete is increasing interest in the 'nose' of the first compact SUV in the first half of this year, HMC serves the domestic market.

According to the 16th Hyundai's overseas sales in Crete in March (factory standards) it recorded 22,194. By region, first it broke the first January sales of 10,000 units in India. March sales in the Indian market was 10,001. Other dwaeteumyeo the 3735 production of the factory price in India exporting to Africa and the Middle East, in Russia and Brazil plant plants were shipped each pay 4940, 3515.

Strong performance of Crete in the global marketplace, and can draw attention to the 'nose' that appeared in the first half of the domestic market. Current compact SUV market in the domestic automobile industry has a competitive Given the high response Tivoli, Trax, QM3. In the first quarter of Tivoli, sold price 13 894, TRAX 5198, QM3 is 1821. If last month imports in the future normalization of sales was introduced QM3 sales in this market is expected to further increase.

Industry insiders, the share of passenger car absolutely was Hyundai in whilst the vehicle lineup of the first half of this year, a small SUV based on the favorable such as in Crete last year, '' has been showcasing the 'Kona said "the current Hyundai liver to match the global trends cars and SUV balance efforts to align said that progress. "

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Korea GM, last year's operating loss of 531.1 billion ...比 10.65% decrease YoY

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - South Korea fell GM recorded an operating loss of 531.1 billion won last year, 10.65% the previous year (633 million) compared to (594.4 billion won deficit).

According to the 2016 audit report, which was submitted to the Financial Supervisory Service, Korea GM Korea GM last 14 days were recorded last year, sales of 12.2342 trillion won and an operating loss of 531.1 billion won in net loss in 6315. Sales were slightly higher than the previous year, operating loss and net loss was made an appearance down.

In particular, sales went huibi intersect the domestic market and overseas market. Domestic sales increased, while international sales are being reduced. Domestic sales of 893.7 billion won last year, GM Korea has increased compared to the previous year (2.5501 trillion won) to 3.4438 trillion won. Conversely, if the decrease in exports in the last 5966 years than the 9.387 trillion won to 201.5 billion won it showed 8.7904 trillion won. GM Korea has recorded a bar selling a total of 180,275 in the last year, the domestic market up to an annual performance since its launch in 2002.

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[April 3 Note] savings bank deposit prime rate up to 2.34%

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] April 2 shares the savings bank deposit interest rate is the highest preferential treatment showed increased 0.02 percentage point to 2.34% the previous week. In particular, is facing a non-subscription product is gradually increased while the prime rate increases with a high degree of non-face-to-face subscription products. Looking at the steady 'SB toktok' or savings banks, its non-facing app you can quickly join a high interest rate deposit products.

16 days FSS financial products integrate comparative disclosures according to the Financial Instruments glance ', 239 Savings Bank deposit three kinds of savings banks' deposit' that the highest prime rate of the product is preferred for the highest product yield up to 2.34% (compounded ), respectively.

Three kinds of savings banks 'deposit' (welfare) is not a separate prime rate conditions smartphone subscribers only product.

Hungkuk savings banks 'E- deposit (compounding) and' S- deposit (compounding), Kiwoom savings banks 'e-plus time deposits (welfare), three kinds of savings banks' non-face-to-face time deposits (isolated) true savings banks 'deposit' (welfare), daebaek savings banks 'deposit' (welfare) were the second highest prime rate is 2.32%.

Daebaek savings banks, so the product can not be non-face-to-face to join should join a visit to the branch. Daebaek Savings Bank has a branch in Daegu Suseonggu beomeodong.

Hungkuk savings banks 'E- deposit (compounding) and is available on the Internet Up,' S- deposit (compounding) is a subscription-only smartphone products.

Kiwoom savings banks is to join all of the Internet, smart phones, two kinds, three kinds of savings banks should subscribe to your smartphone.

True Savings Bank If you subscribe to the Internet Banking, Smart Banking is preferred 0.1% a year. Since the default pre-tax interest is 2.22%, even if the branches close it is advantageous to join the Internet or smartphone.

The next highest prime rate is the highest Hungkuk savings banks' E- term deposits "(isolated) and 'S- deposit (isolation), raise savings banks' e-plus term deposits, 2.3% (isolation), true savings banks 'deposit' (isolation), daebaek savings banks 'deposit' (isolation) that were equivalent.

Pepper savings banks' rotation deposit (non-face-to-face) "(welfare), to provide the highest prime rate to 2.27%, the rotation of deposit (Internet, mobile) (welfare) was followed. Both products are no preferential terms to join the non-face-to-face product. The same product the highest prime rate of interest paid by cleavage of Pepper savings banks was followed by 2.25%.

Korea Investment & Savings Banks' e-PLAN deposit (compounding), collecting savings banks' e- collect deposit (compounding), Incheon savings banks' time deposits than e- '(welfare), three kinds of savings banks' e- Regular deposit (compounding) is offered up to 2.22% prime rate.

All these items have no default interest and the highest prime rate is the same, the special preferential conditions. Korea Investment & Savings Banks need to sign up on the Internet and there is no special preferential conditions. Incheon savings banks 'time deposits than e-' (welfare) should sign up over the Internet, smart phones, Internet banking, private goods. Savings banks are not collected goods preferential conditions is a non-face-only subscription.

More products with interest rates, preferential interest rate conditions can be found at the Financial Supervisory Service financial products and integrated comparative disclosures for each Savings Bank Main Financial Instruments glance.

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Imjongryong "not the best proposal ... rejected during the sachaegwonja Daewoo Shipbuilding & P quick plan"

[Korea financial newspaper Choice reporters] imjongryong Financial Committee (photo) is the 16th of the "Development Bank, the Export-Import Bank, presented a possible way within the Daewoo Shipbuilding extent possible, saying," corporate bonds, commercial paper (CP) Investors Taps urge rational decisions, he said.

Afternoon treat imjongryong Chair in shipbuilding emergency briefing from the government in Seoul Government has "Daewoo Shipbuilding unions, commercial banks agreed was completed, saying," The success of voluntary restructuring, so in fact 17 to 18 decisions in sachaegwonja meetings, including the Korea Development Bank the best convince said of sachaegwonja.

Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank has delivered a shop 'for the implementation of CP and corporate bond repayments Letter of Commitment' 16 am, institutional investors and so on.

Specifically, the following deposit principal and interest in full to repay the repayment date the account (Escrow Account) separately Ask, and Daewoo Shipbuilding Company had liquidation value (6.6%) of corporate bonds and CP in a separate account for each repayment date month end of the remaining debt and a deposit of about 100 billion won in corporate bonds, including information provided as collateral for CP investors. Even if such liquidation in the future, some investors fear generated to ensure the liquidation value of the current over time.

Another possible until the final repayment date of the remaining bonds maintain the deadline of the new funding, and the remaining bonds to repay the unused minutes of new funds. If it comes from the annual survey in 2018 the company confirmed that the ability to repay, and that also promote early repayment details of the shortened grace period and repayment period, including amortization of principal adjustments remaining debt.

Imjongryong chair and what you can do to minimize "Some recent institutional investors, but expressed the view that agree to debt restructuring, still the majority of institutional investors reservations perspective and point of view ', saying' pension is also lost as a manager acid mercury considered that also induce voluntary restructuring to reduce uncertainty, he said.

If held for two days when sachaegwonja once even voted five times during meetings Daewoo Shipbuilding is inevitable rush workout plan and P (Pre-Packaged Plan · Pre-Regenerative Planning System) combines the court.

Daewoo Shipbuilding to quickly resolve the rally sachaegwonja rejected during market turmoil is planning to apply for the P plan as soon as possible. Imjongryong chairman said that "the government will announce a comprehensive plan to respond to the various ministries jointly plan the possible side effects, such as P shipbuilding contract is canceled, the problem of unemployment.

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[April 3 Note] savings bank time deposits up to the prime rate of 4.8%

[Reporter lower cervical Korea before the financial newspaper - April 3 shares savings bank time deposits were the highest prime rate to 4.8%. Even the highest prime rate is high, so if a bone to pick with preferential conditions and demanding better conditions. If the conditions are met, preferential felt how difficult it is preferred that the base rate selecting the highest goods.

FSS is 16 days compared to integrate financial products Disclosure According to the Financial Instruments glance ', 155 savings banks regularly cracked the top products of the highest prime rate products are fair savings banks' Giving savings.

Equity Savings Bank "Giving Savings" is the default rate is 2.6%. To receive the highest prime rate shall be issued a card from KB branches. The preferential interest rate is issued in accordance with KB Kookmin Card using performance received.

OK Savings Banks' OK VIP time deposits "This was followed by 4.6%. These items are products available to subscription customers bancassurance. The default rate is 2.2% and is larger in February paid amount less the right rate significantly. March paid the amount over $ 25 less than 200,000 won will be more than 2.4% and less than 200,000 won 300,000 won 1.5 percent, or more than 300,000 won 500,000 won customers provide preferential interest rates to 0.9%. If you join the bancassurance customers in the OK Savings Bank it is not bad, about one lump sum provided for management.

Very savings banks 'savings made with three thousand three hundred fifty-five' that to 4.5 percent preferential interest rates are higher default rates are fair Savings Bank, Savings Bank base interest rate to 3% more than OK. To receive the highest prime rate with five people should join simultaneously. Very Savings Bank operates a community co-buying cafe to find a common subscriber for customer convenience. When you sign up for a joint purchase cafes, so you can easily find a subscriber is not fussy conditions than other products.

Ceram savings banks' savings I design "provides the prime rate to 3.2%.

Expiration re-deposit, time deposits Customers, long-term trade customers, first Savings Up, Savings Automatically Post Office, debit card use, dajanyeo family, over the age of 60, the disabled welfare card, workers, monthly payment amount over 50 million yuan, heonhyeoljeung possession, pregnant women, 24,36 months contract period allows at least provide 0.1 to 0.5% a year according to the prime rate applicable number of two or more associated subscription, donation pledges. If ttajyeobogo preferential interest rate conditions, there are many details that you will join a visit to the branch. Ceram savings banks can join in a minute headquarters, where two thousand points.

Must savings bank three days 'time deposits plus' gotta apply the preferential interest rate of 0.3% a year if the deposit due to the termination of the gold deposit can enjoy the preferential interest rate benefits for up to 3%.

The next highest preferential interest rates are higher by 2.9%. Its products include smart savings banks' e- peaceful time deposits' and 'e- regularly Gold', for savings banks' time deposits', oriental savings banks' time deposits "corresponds to this.

Smart savings banks 'e- peaceful regularly Gold' is a smartphone subscription-only items and 'e- regularly Gold' can be joined on the Internet, smart phones two places.

Savings Bank of the Eastern Savings Bank can join in the branches and the Internet. On the other hand for savings banks are no preferential terms Eastern Savings Bank 0.1% interest rate is preferred when you sign up for more than six months as Internet banking.

Eastern Savings Banks' time deposits, provides 2.85% and was followed. Eastern Savings Bank products can be joined to the branches, the Internet in two ways. When you sign up for Internet banking deposits opened automatically when you pay 0.05%, the Bank paid a total of more than average Recurrence in deposit accounts 3.2 provides a preferential interest rate up to 0.1% a year.

Equity Savings Banks 'non-face-to-face time deposits', instead of the savings banks 'time deposits smart', considering savings banks 'periodic ssait gold', etc. The highest prime rate was higher by 2.8% next.

Instead, savings bank product does not have to visit a branch to the smartphone-only product.

More products with preferential interest rate conditions can be found at the Financial Supervisory Service financial products compared to integrate Disclosures on Financial Instruments at a glance.

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Operating Shinhan Bank, a pilot bio store

That [South Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] Shinhan Bank comes 24 days from the Safer Bio distributed storage part of the biometric data of the first commercial banks for authentication services to the KFTC safely manage available from hacking and up-modulated risk 16 days He said.

Shinhan Bank in December 2015 (see Chapter veins) in the 2nd Korea's first bio-banking Self-counter 'Shinhan Your Smart Lounge (old Digital Kiosk)' has presented the financial services using the certificates. Bio Certification Services (Chapter vein) provided by Shinhan Bank is a safe biotechnology to extract the Benefits of palm vein authentication information.

Shinhan Bank, the transaction was treated as a bio-certified up to 35 million new debit cards, such as through the 26 single smart lounge for 15 months after the introduction of bio-certification, reissuance, withdrawal, transfer.

Additionally, Shinhan Bank will provide financial services to the bio-channel second half to extend nationwide branch has chosen to pilot bio store digital automation equipment, shop window, bio-authentication services, etc. safety deposit box.

Shinhan Bank is required card transaction pilot and confirmed, as well as a simple card transactions in the automation you to enable services such as the existing chapters in automation vein bio authentication sensor attached to palm query / withdrawals / transfers with no cards in May It can also work processes such as a new / replacement. Customers visit the branch can handle the task alone counter bio-authentication without providing the ID cards, customers using the safe deposit box is changed in a way that only you can access your safe deposit box.

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KB Kookmin Bank Launches 'accumulative fund dollars'

Today announced the release of the 'dollar installment-type funds, which can invest in the Korea Financial newspaper reporter sinyuncheol] KB Kookmin Bank (Bank Yun Jonggyu) coming from the fund to $ 17.

And the funds that invest in US dollar foreign currency as 'offshore fund', the offshore fund was difficult for many to invest more domestic funds to join the pharmaceutical product. In particular, offshore funds, but difficult to join a small minimum subscription amount is increased by 30 times compared to domestic fund in 2500 US dollars investment, this new release of the minimum subscription amount lowered to 200 dollars (about 23 million) small investors also casually through It was able to invest.

Dollar installment fund new product has expired Short prepare for higher interest rates, high yield bond fund ', which can share expect bond prices rise revenue from' convertible bond funds, and inflation that can benefit from the proceeds of a rising inflation linked bond fund 'including a total of three kinds. You can join in the branches and new products as well as existing offshore fund subscription customers can also register your debit.

Meanwhile, KB Kookmin Bank and dollars to fund installment Sign up power customers by the end of June conducted an event to present the prizes, without a separate application events will automatically apply.

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[Presidential policies - Hong Jun-pyo "youth promised jobs New Deal, Fair Work settlement"

[Korea Jeong Huiyun financial newspaper News] Hong Jun-pyo Atlantic Free hangukdang candidate has appealed for support basing the five commitments for the 16th Youth Job Fair three commitments and adopted culture.

Hong candidate side argued that day, "It is petty cash squeeze Lifecycle claims from opposition parties can not be measures to increase the number of civil servants will be followed Greece fell into crisis in foreign debt default."

Since commitments set out in the form of funding or concrete realization strategy is expected to be released through the gongyakjip then it seems I need further verification.

Employment measures as proposed, including the Presidential △ 'ordinary youth Rescue Committee' operation △ 'youth jobs New Deal "to raise up to 1.1 million jobs, generating 10 thousand won △ 1 minimum wage.

Shin Bora Senator in charge of the party Youth Division explained that "motivation policies create 320,000 to 280,000, service industries and approximately 500,000 in innovative Jiangsu corporate employment assistance, technology start-up active" for a day, youth employment New Deal .

Saying "technology start-up if activated will have to increase the foundation platform support to increase the university to entrepreneurship and supporting overseas expansion." "Basically, corporate jobs regulate significantly improve overseas investment instead of policies to increase the company U-turn to domestic investment and hiring and synergies to improve policies, "he said.

In addition, free hangukdang emphasized that "I yiraseo whose son followed, whose daughter, eradicate these illegal unfair to successful employment and to create a fair society in which everyone can succeed if you try."

"Out of behavior that are rigid hereditary aristocracy union employment and recruitment business and we will establish a process for adoption of a special law adopted more money than ppaek meritocracy," he said.

Following played also claims must eradicate the recruitment eradicate corruption in public institutions, unfair hiring new call center, Employment, Youth gapjil unpaid wages.

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"100% natural product, can not believe ... False hype, caught 166 cases

It was caught with [South Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] 'green' products naesewo display a false, exaggerated or unauthorized advertising using the eco-label are heaps. Secretary of Coordination corruption Task Force Team has announced that the 16th caught 166 cases of violation of environment friendly and results check the hype and natural practices to line ministries and the joint to come in January last September.

Type was confirmed as fake gun environmentally friendly, natural cures, 103 cases, 27 cases unauthorized use of environmental labeling, certification criteria under-36. Promotion Team has completed the investigation request (10 cases), and certificate revocation (27 cases), corrective instruction (84 cases), 121 cases, including measures for the uncovered cases and administrative measures underway for 45 cases.

This item is in household goods such as furniture, bathroom, Baby The 63 cases were false hype. Display LED lighting products classified as environmentally friendly in terms of energy savings beneficial to health, as there was also a case of friendly or advertising of plant-derived ingredients are 93% soap as' 100% sunsikmulseong.

For cases concerned products were 25 caught for such substances even though one false advertising 'green' cleaners, detergents, deodorants included. In addition Cosmetics 15 cases by the oil mist containing the synthetic materials advertising the "100% natural ingredients, the administrative penalties are imposed.

Products with the Eco-label certification mark of 27 government-run unauthorized dryness was canceled certificates to the survey.

Even though it is not an environmental label certification for food grinders kitchenware and bedding mattresses for using 'eco-label design "and" eco-label certificate "without permission is a violation of the False advertising is a typical example.

Carcinogenic substance "formaldehyde" is dwaeteuna certification standards exceeded more than 10 times the eco-label attached to the product, Sell wall plasterboard ceiling finishes have also been caught in this survey. Gotta caught three did not meet the 'GR Mark product certification based on product recycling dryness was canceled certificates.

The government has decided to define the concept of 'green' through this check and establish legal guidelines. Defined as improved environmental performance compared to other products with the same purpose of "green" product and 7 categories (△ improve resource circulating △ energy saving △ reduce global pollution △ reducing local pollution △ Reduction of Hazardous Substances △ reduced life environment pollution △ to define the noise and vibration reduction) should specify when the ads in that category.

Also it plans to to state the ingredient and content of the raw materials, if you want to display, such as "natural ‧ natural 'products. In addition decided to increase transparency, such as the case of private eco-label certified products and specifying the certification authority, 'GR Authentication "is selected in the open competition.

Promotion Team sides said that "the future will enhance the level of sanctions, such as by utilizing a special judicial police officers in the ministries and the glycosylated control, exposure of a criminal prosecution, fines imposed."

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It must be approved by an internal committee when raising bank spreads

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] to banks to raise the spreads of mortgage loans from next month to undergo a review of internal committees.

In addition to ever disclose the interest rate to be reorganized so that common criteria can compare consumers accurately than the interbank rate.

Korea Federation of Banks announced that the 16th amendment on the 'best practices for improving the rationality of the system lending rates' and' banking products based on unified disclosure "of such information by the Board of Directors voted in the last 14 days.

Bank lending rate consists of a base rate and lending spreads. Fixed interest rate, such as the nose (COFIX) has little discretion to the bank. But spreads have gotta debate on the possibility of raising arbitrary calculation, because decide to reflect the goals margin, cost of services, such as risk premium by the bank.

Consider including the management objectives of the Bank to devise a single goal margin spreads of items According to the amendments made to devise best practices systematically and rationally.

It also struck a huge bank's internal audit committee when new or adjusted spreads item to go through when adjusting the target margin and acceleration adjusting interest rates (interest rate cuts), such as interest rates rise and orientation goal margin hikes, preferential interest rate reduction.

The bank internal control standards 'verification procedure for the reasonableness of the rate calculation system "and" Check for excessive fluctuations in the spreads procedure' has ever even add checks at any time.

Mortgage interest rates had to disclose even easier to compare than the reorganized. Now that was difficult to compare the customer to look at the interest rates banks having to find 16 published each banking website to check the main interest of good cheer.

KFB has two parallel banks to disclose to calculate the maximum, minimum interest rates, depending on the interest rate calculated based on a common set (credit rating three grades, maturity 30 years and non-deferred amortization scheme, the loan amount 200 million won, etc.).

Note courageous interest rate when compared to the easy 'base rate', 'Spread', to disclose classified as "prime rate", "final rate, and interest rate changes was ever too soon update its disclosures.

In addition, when the prime rate customers not receive preferential interest rates alters the situation batdeon was to add improvements over the announced interest rate fluctuations text messages, rate cuts Claims also sent an email information service for events.

Banks Association of saying 'this system improvements are future market interest rates will be according As is concern that the loan interest paid customers can be unreasonably increased posed by lack of transparency in lending rates calculation process of rise when banks' lending interest rate calculation system It said it intended to strengthen the rationality and enhance customer confidence in the lending rate calculated.

The loan interest rate is expected to improve disclosure methods applied starting this month, reinforcing the rationality of the loan interest rate calculation system is implemented from May to come.

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[April 3 Note] bank term deposits up to an annual interest rate of 1.9%

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - 4 (excluding savings banks), bank deposit rate of return is 03 Parking Kwangju Bank showed a product with the highest annual 1.90%.

Was recorded on the 16th Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrate comparative disclosures site, I compared the bank deposit average interest rates above the rate of return ranked first in Kwangju Bank ssolssolhan My Cool deposits 'annual 1.90% (before tax), according to the Financial Instruments glance' .

Pre-tax interest rate is the base rate does not reflect the preferential conditions.

Second place Jeonbuk Bank 'JB direct deposit account (maturity messages feed)' annual 1.80%, third place Jeju Bank 'cyber preferential term deposits (maturity payment type) "This was an annual 1.75%.

Fourth it was counted as three products (1.70% a year), the fifth largest bank Bank K 'K Music deposit (open 1.68%) and Korea Development Bank' KDB Hi deposit.

FSS 'because the product-specific terms and conditions, including interest rates of finance companies can often be delayed disclosure gotta change before transactions must contact the financial institution' he said.

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[April 3 Note] bank time deposits up to an annual interest rate of 2.0%

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters (excluding savings banks) April 3 Parking bank time deposits yield the highest product it showed that Kwangju Bank to open 2.00%.

According to a financial instrument at a glance "on the 16th Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrate comparative disclosures sites, bank time deposits (1 year, isolated, cum earned) I compare the average interest Kwangju Bank ssolssolhan My Cool Savings' annual 2.00% ( pre-tax) was recorded in the rate of return ranked first place.

Pre-tax interest rate is the base rate does not reflect the preferential conditions.

2nd Guangzhou banks 'time deposits smart collection Dream "and Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Health Savings Plus' This was an annual 1.70%.

No. 3 recorded the three goods' Savings in my hand, Daegu Bank opened 1.65%.

Fourth it was counted as four items (open 1.60%), and 5 above, Jeonbuk Bank Mutual Smart installments (annual 1.55%), including the National Bank 'KB 1 Konomi Smart Savings.

FSS 'because the product-specific terms and conditions, including interest rates of finance companies can often be delayed disclosure gotta change before transactions must contact the financial institution' he said.

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[Weeks · SK Securities recommended stocks] CJ CGV · · LG Electronics Hanmi Semiconductor

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ CJ CGV (079160)

- strong growth expectations matmulrimyeonseo and base effects year led by streaking opening 8 of anger.

- Enhanced performance expectations according to box-office growth in South Korea and Turkey.

- Net debt reduced to one quarter of the reference level of 850 billion won and worsening financial concerns eased.

◇ Hanmi circuit (042 700)

- Order growth outlook for Greater China packaging specialist for vision placement.

- anticipated benefits from the process of investment after the Chinese semiconductor companies.

- EMI Shield equipment and SK Hynix largest earnings contribution to the revenue of the new fragrance.

◇ LG Electronics (066570)

- MC sector since the second quarter expectations improved business structure effect.

- VC sector facing China's auto electrical parts supplier expects deliveries to be earnest.

- expected to maintain a high operating margin in 2Q11 peak season home appliances and TV.

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Social commerce born three major performance, Kupang, Timon deficit snowball ... Only Wemakeprice 'profitable growth'

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] three born of social commerce, such as Kupang and Wemakeprice, Timon Saga sikimyeo growth last year, but sales significantly expand successful appearance has still not reduce the deficit.

Increased sales of Kupang and Timon, but the operating loss has increased compared to last year, only two succeeded in uniquely Wemakeprice profitable growth of the three companies.

The total operating loss of 3's record 787.3 billion won deficit reduction in accordance with the Wemakeprice and showed a slight decrease compared to last year. March 2015's total deficit was 813.1 billion won.

Last year, sales of Wemakeprice is a 70.5% increase was recorded 369.1 billion won more in 2015 (216.5 billion won), operating losses were reduced by 55.3 percent to 63.6 billion won (141.4 billion won) last year.

Kupang showed a 67.59% increase compared to last year sales of 1.9 trillion won in 2015 (1.1337 trillion won). While the operating loss was recorded at 3.3% (547 billion), up 565.3 billion compared to last year.

For Timon showed a 286 billion won of sales increased 46% more than in 2015 (195.9 billion won), and operating loss was 11.7% (141.9 billion) increased by 158.5 billion last year.

Kupang and Timon deficit increase is explained is an investment for future growth affected the loss of close-up.

Kupang has continued to develop the logistics infrastructure and technology investments. We built the logistics infrastructure of size 102 football fields (730,000 m²) until last year, and has expanded its flagship Rocket Ship region to 100% across the country. Also it opened a large distribution center in Incheon, door and deokpyeong States.

For Timon explained that operating losses of about 60 billion loss caused by significant investments in new businesses for future growth, such as Mart and tours.

Timon has conducted a large-scale investment in cold chain and logistics, shipping service for them was expanded refrigerated and frozen perishable foods group to strengthen the competitiveness of the super-Mart last year. This was equipped with a flight ticket reservation services worldwide hotel reservation system holds most of the country and a product such activities.

Wemakeprice free shipping expansion, the cheapest offer shopping experience, fresh food jikbaesong service launches, product assortment expansion, such as intensive customer convenience in part for the increase in investment, and utilizing the specific days of the end of last year, a 'OO Day' way of sale the effect of the event is growing also be re gumaeyul and new buyers of existing customers.

Wemakeprice side said, "has a lift height and turnover sonin improvements are more visible, and special events by date, policies to increase prices increase again gumaeyul of existing customers and new buyers can tow a strong performance."

With last year's sales performance, some companies are basing japyeong that the deficit grows with high-speed profitability does not significantly expanded over the previous strengthened.

Wemakeprice despite failed to achieve a turnaround for this performance, "have built a cost control possible business models," he said Hei was Timon's "actual losses when excluding the cost of new investment 60 billion won is about 90 billion won a "and" I'll switch my profits two years, "etc. naenwatda optimism.

Industry insiders, "three companies all looks keojyeotji just above showed the state does not reduce the deficit in addition mepeu there is a growing concern about the markets," he said "Online deficit compared to the sales growth of the shopping even as the future all companies live far leaving it pointed out that "difficult.

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New installment in the Apostle's credit rating not less

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - when you buy a new car next month also use the financing is not declining credit ratings.

FSS should enforce unreasonable credit ratings of nine banks, which maintained the practice improved (Shinhan, Kookmin, we, SC First, corporations, Busan, Daegu, South Gyeongsang, Jeju) is from May credit rating models for new car financing User 16 days said.

New financing yiyongaek is a growing market in 2013, 9.1 trillion won to 12.8 trillion won last year.

New financing even though users are generally the credit side than a good two financial lenders, some banks have a credit rating equal treatment and the second financial users of new car financing users.

This being the case it is the mountain behind the credit ratings decline for a new car in installments refuse a loan from a bank occurred is customary.

Depending on the model, the improved rating of nine banks are not recognized the new car financing using financial performance in the second one financial (banking), non-performing loans on the credit rating of not more disadvantages.

FSS predicted that "the second half of the approximately 230,000 end-user financing new and existing 4,236 cases (46.1%) when receiving credit loans from banks are expected to qualify for a credit rating higher than the former.

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[Weekly securities like stocks · KB] SK Hynix, Hanwha Chemical, HFG

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ SK Hynix

- market conditions still likely notice robust and March Dirhams fixed prices.

- Q1 memory prices likely notice from Samsung preliminary results.

◇ Hanwha Chemical

- 1Q 2017 operating profit is expected to meet consensus.

- polysilicon, earnings potential expansion of solar wafers business in prices.

- earnings outlook of PVC and caustic soda margins rise.


- Selling and administrative expenses, including cost-effectiveness is greatest prospects improved in width.

- By the end of 2017 Net assets per share ratio (PBR) 0.4 High also doubled attractive valuations.

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[One day like stocks, financial investment] SK Hynix Semiconductor, NCsoft, hyujel

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ SK Hynix (000660)

- Chinese companies in the second quarter of the flagship model launches expected. Increase DRAM content with a dual camera mount.

- Apple 10 years to increase the payload DRAM Dual Camera adoption expand the model.

◇ NCsoftÊs (036570)

- based on the performance of existing games effective stability of earnings. My Lineage M, MxM increased market expectations for the first half of the year.

- Final blades, high-level visibility on the improving fundamentals of the game Lineage Red Knights and launched a rubber level.

◇ hyujel (145020)

- April 13, sikyak will review the results of botul hyujel Rex in a report published in the wrong place, as reported side effects seen plummeting share prices.

- No it has changed in fundamental terms. 1Q11 bar, the current price is estimated to record-high earnings opportunities judge called bottoming of copies.

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[Photo News] "Galaxy S8, popular Marvelous"

[Ohahreum financial newspaper reporter Korea - North Chungcheong Province Cheongju Galaxy S8 great experience John popularity.

Samsung is not pre visitor experience zones of the Galaxy S8 'is being sold pre-booked until 17 days has exceeded 160 million in 15 days.

Samsung Electronics has been operating for 40 to 21 days prior experience zones officially launched allowing customers to view previously experienced the Galaxy S8 '.

In particular, the customer finds the experience zones showed a lot of interest in the "Galaxy S8 '∙' Galaxy S8 + 'A' Infinity Display (Infinity Display) 'maximize the immersive screen with a minimal bezel, bezel-less (Bezel-less) design .

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Hwang Changgyu President "through market-leading innovation."

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] Hwang Changgyu KT president went to Harvard pulpit with the theme of last September, Harvard Memorial holseo network technology, followed by a special lecture to expand again KT.

KT Hwang Changgyu President of lectures 14 (Reuters) - Target the Masters two years more than 120 at the Harvard Business School (HBS), located in Cambridge, Massachusetts City.

Wednesday morning lecture yirwojyeotgo targets 80 people in Aldrich Hall pm The lecture was held among the 40 people who participated in jeuhol allowed.

In addition, this lesson is second only to Harvard University Memorial Hall Special lecture last September. Back to the days of rises Hwang Changgyu Samsung Chairman presented a lecture eight times since 2005, both from Harvard.

Huang President introduces the 'group Topia strategy listed as HBS case. KT is the sixth company listed with HBS case of domestic companies. 'Group Topia strategy is applicable to the ninth to HBS case of domestic companies. Especially the corporate strategy of the domestic network areas listed HBS case this is the first time.

HBS faculty have appreciated the 'group Topia strategy in that it is a communication company being in "growth cliff" overcome the crisis increases the network's original value. Unlike other telecommunications companies are trying to diversify the business to overcome the crisis KT has noted that increasing the value of the network, promote convergence services based on it.

Huang President, I select it, while introducing a change in the three years to HBS students KT technology differentiation "to overcome the crisis, '' was a management philosophy that reflects" the market leader through innovation, he said.

Following Huang President, and foster the five media platforms, such as smart energy 'saying' KT will also become a platform operators' he said. This was to introduce the energy saving solutions 'KT-MEG' and AI TV 'group Genie' in specific cases.

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LG Electronics sponsored the Dead Sea Marathon, 8,600 people ran

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporters - the Dead Sea Marathon which took place in the 14th, LG Electronics sponsored the Jordan Dead Sea (Dead Sea).

This competition fits into the 23 th year in progress dwaeteumyeo divided into four sectors, including 50km, 21km, 10km, 2.7km, has 8600 people of all ages participating from 6 years old children to 70-year-old man.

LG Electronics donates ssikeul tournament participants per $ 5 for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Donations will be used to send hygiene kits, such as refugee camps in Jordan, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, razors.

LG Electronics has decided to conclude a memorandum of understanding to sponsor the Jordan runs (RUN JORDAN) and tournament organizers last month and events sponsored by the Dead Sea Marathon the next five years.

Jordan Dead Sea Marathon was first started in 1993. "At the lowest place in the world Ride (Run at the Lowest Point on Earth) 'as a slogan, held at the lower elevation of -418m than any place in the world marathon held.

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[Weekly Featured Company, Daishin Securities] KAL · SK Hynix, ELK blood

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ Korean Air

- Financial structure is expected to be stable compared with last year, Hanjin Shipping Related remove losses, capital increase commitment.

- Net profit turnaround is expected in five years, shares haraksi opportunity to buy a capital increase volume traded in the 28th month.

◇ SK Hynix

- according to Toshiba's stake in the competition it lowered the likelihood of Taiwan and Chinese companies increases the likelihood of the company is acquired again.

- a 2D NAND (NAND) supply shortage because the company is likely to achieve their increased operating profit of around 1 trillion won annually in the NAND sector.

◇ ELK blood

- determination to remain engaged with the one previously traded investment cycle OLED equipment manufacturers sharply higher sales growth and profitability in the Conex in KOSDAQ.

- reference year price-earnings multiplier (PER) 6 times attractive valuations exist, given the OLED equipment makers PER 10.9 times the average share price upside is that high.

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[Weekly recommended stocks, oil hits Securities] Woori Bank and Hyundai Industry, Jusung Engineering

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ our bank

- year (1.41 trillion won) is also expected to lead to achieve higher earnings growth last year (1.26 trillion won). This modified on equity (ROE) 3 consecutive years, a trend expected to improve 6.8% level.

- The decline in credit costs based on profit growth. Also it holds additional interests zoom factors such as non-interest profit. After successful privatization expecting a further improvement in ROE financial holding company transition.

- in the last week it rose a mere PBR (PBR) of 0.44 times (0.53 times the sector average).

◇ Hyundai

- Last week repeated attractive valuations rising prices.

- Unlike the housing market is in good flow and continued market concerns.

◇ Jusung Engineering

- LG display OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV and transfer performance of the estimated growth plastic OLED investment.

China Musk panel encapsulant (Encap). Equipment orders, including future earnings positive.

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[Weekly recommended stocks, Shinhan Investment Corp.] AP System and civil Angie, Dongbu

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ AP system

- 2017 sales and operating profit, respectively 63.7%, 202.5% growth last year.

- possibility of existing business (ELA · LLO) in high-grip, the new family (Lamination) equipment sales, divided since the increase in value.

- Target PER 12.5 times the criteria are still judged by more than 30%.

◇ min Ange

- High profitability based on the stable growth of subscribers (47 million) of existing services (operating margin of 42%).

- securing new growth engines due to the settling bank acquisitions.

- 2017 sales and operating profit, respectively 74 billion won (82% YoY), 268 billion won (69% YoY) expected.

◇ Dongbu

- 4th 8 inches long lasting boom expected in the Industrial Revolution to increase small quantity batch chip demand.

- record-high earnings forecast by 8 inches favorable market conditions.

- Dongbu eliminate overhang.

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