Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Agricultural Bank of Gangwon Sales Division, Grade 6 new staff issued 11 people imyongjang

[Korea financial newspaper Chuncheon = Lee Donggyu Reporter] NH Agricultural Bank of Gangwon Sales Director (Director Jeong Byeonghun left in the fourth) and Gangwon Provinces union leader (chairman emulsive) has issued imyongjang for sixth grade eleven people new employees in the 4th Sales Division Meeting equation he said opened.

Workplace gotta batch Agricultural Bank branch Gangwon Province and then to join the Agricultural Institute received the basic training of seven weeks in Chungbuk Cheongju with excellent local talent who has passed a new employee who issued the day imyongjang they penetrate the high competition of over 60 1 It enters.

11 geumbeon new hires whom were committed to fulfill the leadership role that the cooperatives vision of the Agricultural Bank as the work of the bank taking the first steps as a community volunteer for the agricultural and rural cooperatives, "Love one such national bank to receive."

Jeong Byeonghun NH Agricultural Bank of Gangwon sales general manager 'will give you set a challenging goal to become a financial top experts as the Agricultural Bank staff samneun to always put customers happy valuable and competitive so will lead to the future with a creative approach' the it urged.

NH Agricultural Bank of Gangwon Sales Division has employed 150 people in the region since the 2012 adoption scheme.

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'Jeong Yongjin Burger "added Johnny Rockets, where 10 stores this year

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Jeong Yongjin Shinsegae Vice ambitious imported handmade burger restaurant, Johnny Rockets' This sets out a full-fledged business expansion.

Shinsegae Food has announced that the 4th US hamburger restaurants authentic Johnny Rockets area of ​​further expansion to 10 stores by the end of the year.

Johnny Rocket was launched in Los Angeles in 1986 being currently operates 400 stores in the world. Shinsegae Food is from 2011, Shinsegae, E-Mart, etc. Groups Johnny has been operating in the distribution channel to store more than 20 rockets.

Shinsegae Food has noted that while the domestic market in succession and open a new menu of traditional hamburger franchise famous foreign brands such as Burger Handmade Burger Shake swek expanding domestic market.

In particular, it is Johnny Rockets hamburger showing a double-digit sales growth last year is interpreted as the background of the expansion.

The Shinsegae Food has opened a new store in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul has followed for the past three days, it opened its first store in the game Hanam-Store on the 24th month. From the New World comes six days Johnny Simon Shiheung the Premium Outlet plans to open three stores in turn the rocket.

Shinsegae Food said, "Johnny come lasted from the end of last year underway merchants and retail stores open in the key regions in accordance with rockets brand expansion plans at the same time" and "brand to lead the domestic homemade burger trend expanded the store 10 locations by the end of the year, and at the same time we'll go cultivate, "he said.

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Hyundai, Kia, March China sales halved ... Saad retaliatory aftermath

It also adversely affects the domestic automobile manufacturers: hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - China "(hereinafter Saad THAAD) missile defense system deployed retaliation altitude. Hyundai Kia Motors sales in China last month, I would have halved YoY.

According to the 4th industry Hyundai Motor has decreased 52.2% YoY to sell 72,032 in China last month. Looking at each company Hyundai Motor sold 44.3 percent to 56,026, Kia Motors has dropped 16,006 to sell for 68%. It is China's monthly sales of Hyundai, Kia recorded by the 100,000 or less for the first time since February 2016 95235. This can be interpreted as placing Saad Saad in China because of the boycott Marketing atmosphere and competitor products in Korea.

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Carolina Life, 30th anniversary, senior support sets out

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter: "created a system of social contribution awards a total of 500 million won prize right to life, the liner 30th anniversary to reward those who helped in the growth of the Korea Society for"

Carolina Biological parent company, United Group Signa David nose attend the 4th president told reporters attending a press conference on the 30th anniversary of the founding liner life.

Carolina Biological establishes a 'liner 50+ Awards, which helps the lives of seniors find award for people and organizations to try and healthy social value creation. In the three sectors selected five winners will be awarded a prize of a total of 500 million won.

Signa Group has expressed willingness three through liner life and the right liner heyday Foundation 30th anniversary this year. A 'liner 50+ Awards "introduced in the effect that the corporate social responsibility is an expression of commitment to the development of the liner with life and community.

Full-time conversion of contract in effect that reward employees who have contributed to the development of life-liner also has already started since last year. A total of 200 contracts are converted into full-time next year. Driven by steady growth has contributed to job creation. The last employee had only 316 people in 2007 increased by 881 people last year.

David nose attend Signa Group Chairman, said that the liner life is not spared continue to support the group-wide to grow with our customers in Korea. It also balhigido the future life of the liner-based healthcare services through this place.

Nose attend President, it will provide services to meet the needs of various customers as well as existing services treating sick people, saying, "Korea has no choice but to increase the social structure characteristic of chronic disease population aging fast-paced, as He said firmly.

Questions nose attend presidents on the future of health care services in the conference is "the future will grow a healthy industry that combines medical, biotechnology, insurance and globally expect made cooperation and integration between the industry active" and " Korea also when the doors of this flow starts and health care services open liner life betrayed the confidence is thought to be competitive compared to other companies, "said.

He added, "We will continue to support research into life with a liner to aid in healthy life customers in Korea."

Signa Group is a global provider of insurance and health care services in 30 countries around the world, as well as the United States.

Foreign insurance companies entering Korea Carolina 1 Sport Life is a reputation that settle successfully in Korea as raised a net profit of 245.9 billion won last year, the number of contract reserves amount to 600 million.

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Basic with Shinhan Card Shinhan FAN 'app LG G6

Was preloaded [Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] The card payment service, Shinhan FAN 'app first financial institution app on LG smartphones G6.

Shinhan Card and LG Electronics with Shinhan FAN app on LG G6 newly launched joint marketing and promotion that said four days.

This LG G6 customers were able to more easily access the Shinhan FAN 'the payment of services and service life combined.

Shinhan FAN 'are Shinhan Card is the industry's first credit card payment service launched as an app to take advantage of the mobile app end of February 2017 cumulative current membership of about 7.9 million people are employed in April 2013. In February 2017 one month payment amount is the total cumulative payments 550 billion won so far is 12.8 trillion won.

The companies will provide the three key advances related events from April 21 to April 30, and a 200,000 won worth of free gifts with LG G6 purchase target at checkout Shinhan FAN '5000 won.

Shinhan Card official said, "the financial industry's first smartphones G6 is Shinhan FAN 'is preloaded been able to promote the collaboration of the future, LG Electronics," he said. "Shinhan Card convenience of customers in the payments environment, and changing in order to promote the consumption value realized that said "First digital (digital First) 'will pursue a strategy proactively."

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Traveled Kumho, Gyeongsangbuk-town schools' Small Concert gifts

Open a small concert with matching drop in the financial newspaper gimdohyeon Korea News] Kumho Asiana Cultural Foundation (Chairman Park Samgu) is a small town school.

Go to "Getting the Love Kumho Art Hall, the Gyeongsangbuk-do area over the last 3 to 4 days of the Kumho Asiana Cultural Foundation, Yeongcheon jacheon expand the concert in Waegwan Chilgok County elementary and middle schools.

Gotta get started on this in 2012, Kumho Art Hall of the visit in love, to welcome the 22 Recurrence performances were decorated by artists from the stage of Geum Hoyoung Keihanna violist viola ensembles led by Kumho Asiana Cultural Foundation. Violist Jang Huijae cow Hyun Jin, unique information such as the four musicians were with Lee had prepared a concert program with the familiar classic songs such as Love of greetings Elgar, Bach's Chaconne.

In jacheon school was watching the concert parents and local residents, with 54 names and the whole school, middle school is going to watch the whole school in Waegwan 307 people this concert.

Yun Dong-ju jacheon Elementary School Principal "All students have increased the interest in music, the beginning of the school orchestra," he smiled laugh and "seems to go one step closer to a true musical performances in this world."

Kumho Art Hall of the visit in love "is a classical music concert, open to the youth of the target area towns lack access to relatively Culture and Arts, conveys up to the beauty of music.

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Daewoo Mirae shepherds central, central Ilsan WM, Investment Seminar held

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] Daewoo Mirae shepherds central WM, WM central Ilsan Investment Conference will be held at each branch.

Mok Central WM 4 pm 4 pm Research Han Sangchun VP me as an instructor on the subject of "Global Economic Outlook", the Ilsan Central WM also from the 5th 15:30 Research Han Sangchun VP me as an instructor, a global investment lectures on the subject of strategy.

Contact for each session you are to shepherd the central WM, Ilsan Central WM.

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Soaring piggyback Sonata "New Sunrise 'sales

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - Hyundai Sonata has topped the 'Sonata New Sunrise' record sales thanks to the launches of a nearly month 7600, the first quarter of 5000 the average monthly sales launched on the 8th month.

According to the 4th industry Sonata has sold 7,578 last month. This is a shame surge month (4440) compared to 70.68% (3138).

Sonata has this year been under intense pursuit of the SM6 and Malibu. Sonata sales in January was only in the 3997 recording, SM6 (3529 units), Malibu (3564) and 400 single gap. This trend has led to far in February. In February, the Sonata showed 540 units and sold 4,440 price difference SM6 (3900 units).

But beolryeotda the gap with the sales after the launch of the 'Sonata New Sunrise "is the 8th month facelift (changing portion) surge model, SM6 · Malibu. SM6 (4848 units), the difference between the selling Malibu (3616) was going up to 3962.

This was in accordance with the first quarter exceeded the average selling highly February 5000. Sonata has sold 5,338 per month during the first quarter. No. 2 SM6 (4092 units) and 1246, Malibu (3484) showed than 1854 units difference.

Hyundai Motor said, "The Sonata month with Granger led the domestic market sales" and "Sonata has overtaken the Elantra in just six months since last September became the second in a selling model Hyundai."

Meanwhile, the Sonata Sonata launched a new rise in sales surged last month has sold a total of 16,015 first quarter. Followed SM6 has recorded 12,277, Malibu 10451, K5 8403 units sold.

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QM6 'RE Trim Plus' launch

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] Renault Samsung Motors is aggressively went to the markets mid-size SUV, such as enhancing the marketability of QM6 into the hand 4WD promotions launched a new trim.

Renault Samsung announced four days they release a mid-sized sport utility plus RE (RE +) to add trim mounted on a typical vehicle (SUV) QM6 enhanced marketability.

QM6 RE Plus trim is applied to the model to replace the existing RE trim, an electronic parking brake (E-PKB) of 40 million won and high-pass system (ETCS) this price in the previous RE trim without while being attached to the base price increases as do. Another Pure Vision LED headlamps and 19-inch widths further widened customer choice by enabling two-tone alloy wheels also can be attached to separate into individual styling option package consisting of.

As the standard of RE trim strengthened in the medium SUV market with the convenience of guests, as well as substantial price cuts, the competitiveness of QM6 is even greater prospects.

Renault Samsung is also actively engaged in marketing for QM6 this month with the launch RE plus. Through the 'ALL MODE 4X4-i special promotions, and special assistance to 500,000 won for every customer to buy QM6 wheel drive models of April. Come being also in progress at the Seoul International Motor Show held from the 9th Renault Samsung booth the event that the visiting counseling, or smart black box of 27 million won for customers to the factory after the test ride in the country sales offices free mounting (or 100,000 won support).

Renault Samsung official said, "RE trim 4WD is the sale spindle models QM6, this RE plus launch and 4WD Promotions was established in terms that allow the benefits go to more customers," said "The standard and enhanced customer convenience We expect a further increase in market competitiveness QM6 much larger 'he said.

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Seoul Motor Show 2017 'section of the learning experience'

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] coming has led a tour of the Middle and High school and college organizations in the '2017 Seoul Motor Show, held from 9th.

Organizing Committee for Seoul Motor Show (gimyonggeun Organizing Committee) said it was going to be this student group tours of about 5,000, with about 12,000 students go to the 4th period of the Motor Show hit the opening five days. In particular, the group tours are gaining a lot of followers as an opportunity for industry convergence on-site training and future career exploration to characterize metropolitan high school and college science and engineering.

Autonomous car-related tech fusion technologies can be found in modern cars and Naver booth as well as Hyundai Mobis, Mando, renewed and parts suppliers. Also it exhibits related technologies at research institutions such as booths Automotive Technology Institute, Korea Electronics Technology Institute.

Eco-friendly car world car industry trends can be identified at a glance. FCEV is Hyundai, Honda At the Lexus booth, electric vehicles are South Korea, GM Renault Samsung, BMW. Power Plaza. In the booth, such as a cam system, hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars, Kia, Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz, at the booth of Toyota, etc. you can meet.

The exhibition hall has two 7 holes concentrated in the "car life Cultural Center 'experience and education programs. The "Green Car Test Drive Event" is from 11am 18:00 and run until 30 minutes' car history corner "," Automotive Safety Experience Corner "," City Car Design Exhibition "," exhibition college birch tea "has been operating. In addition, it also operates each exhibitor booth incision car, engine, transmission, exhibition, related parts, and the experience and demonstration programs.

This experience programs such as the Seoul Motor Show 2017 is beyond the knowledge of learning through the learning level textbooks in the classroom, being the head of a mountain training site directly to confirm the principles and techniques applied state-of-the-art technology and practical applications.

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Daelim Industrial, Uijeongbu forest three apartments next month pre-sale

[Gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter Korea - Daelim is placed within the ecological park in front of the house, forests three 'apartments.

Daelim Industrial said it will pre-sale on the 4th of May, the 'e comfortable world Winter Park 2 cars, Gyeonggi Province Uijeongbu singokdong one.

That just is daedanji apartments in total 1773 households consisting of 4 floors underground and 29 above ground floor, 14 buildings. Only an area of ​​59 ~ 140㎡. Is more than 99% to end-users preferences were often made up of small and medium-sized high plane.

Daelim's gotta have a pre-sale e comfortable world Winter Park in the second half of last year wanpan a week contract, and the subsequent box-office expectations.

This just is promoted to the No. 2 private park business special Uijeongbu. Private parks special projects private companies building apartments in some urban park land undeveloped for a long time, joseonghae the ecological park in the remaining space will be promoted in a way that contributed chaenap. The apartment is available in the park came into 0 won at home in front of the garden.

Uijeongbu, that only deals are attracting attention as a sizeable development boon. First, the extension of the subway line 7 is connected with the Seoul Gangnam area are expected to benefit from the promotion. Here copper - it is also ahead of the opening of the highway between private Fortune 2017.

Winter Park 2 e comfortable world car, the smart home system that allows you to manage your home remotely apply. Residents are through the system using a smartphone or tablet PC check visitors at home in real time and is able to adjust the brightness of the backlight living room, bedroom, control, heating, etc. remotely.

Daelim Industrial and prior to opening the housing official samples to open the pre-sale PR provides pre-counseling services. Uijeongbu howondong 312-9 address HC Helong located Bldg. Houses are scheduled to open in May howondong located in Uijeongbu 313-21 Street. Occupancy is expected the second half of 2020.

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KT, launched plans to support data roaming

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] KT is ahead of the Golden Week to showcase the country's largest mobile data roaming plan benefits to lower customers' data roaming charges burden.

KT announced on the 4th announced the availability of international travel and travel-mobile plan 'LTE data selection 87.8, which provides free access to data roaming for frequent customers.

KT is Korea's first 2015 "Choose Data Plan" launched after the year has continued to enhance the mobile benefits, LTE data plan benefits 87.8 select customers in domestic as well as overseas through strengthening selected LTE data plan benefits 109 with new releases It has been able to enjoy.

KT's newly launched 'LTE data selection 87.8 Plan "is provided for unlimited data (20GB + additional 2G + depleted during 3Mbps speed control for unlimited data per day) and monthly two by one" data roaming all ticket per day (including 11,000 won, VAT) together, for up to 24 days per year it may utilize roaming services for free.

In addition, the existing LTE data plan, select 109 (30GB + 2GB + 5Mbps speed control added daily unlimited data) to be provided additional roaming benefits for up to 60 days per month to 5 sheets per year, the day data roaming ticket.

LTE selected data 87.8, data roaming benefits provided to the plan 109 are each 26 man 4000 circles and corresponds to the local mobile rates roaming benefits manwon 66 is the maximum level.

In addition, when using "all data roaming day 'of KT can use the convenient data service in more than worldwide 170 countries, three telecom company only voice ∙ characters as real-time rates guide and' voice roaming charges notification 'that automatically blocks and of provide 'voice roaming assured block "service for free to customers can safely use the roaming service.

87.8 LTE data plan can choose to sign up through a nationwide KT store and customer center is the "all-day data roaming ticket 'issued every month from next month after joining. Already from May 1, even customers that are using the selected LTE data plan 109 is provided 'all-day data roaming ticket.

"The day data roaming ticket 'monthly offering is the time to stay in long-term foreign and summer to pass a collection without the usual're available through Ole com and roaming us to point at any desired within one year after issuance holiday It can be used at once.

The data roaming benefits 4 is expected to be January when the 3rd Join the selected LTE data 87.8 and 109 plan by the end of September, from providing each 24 sheets, 60 sheets per year, in the case of LTE data Select 109 plan Existing subscription customers also providing a target.

This not only selected LTE data plan, 87.8, and 109 are the benefits of including data roaming, all-day ticket, in addition to providing VIP membership △ △ grades terminal Insurance Free subscription available △ △ olleh TV mobile tablet ∙ wearable rates 50% discount is provided.

KT bakhyeonjin wired and wireless business division is that "in order to increase the customer benefits of using LTE data selection plan, KT was to provide the necessary roaming benefits to the global age" and "We will try to provide a differentiated service benefits to customers." He said.

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Samsung Blue Sky air purifier production line running at full capacity

The [financial newspaper ohahreum Korea News] Samsung's ultra-fine air cleaner air purifier production line in the try, Gwangju sales force gusts of 'blue sky', without weekends and in full operation.

This year's first quarter production of air purifiers Samsung Gwangju plant was doubled compared to last year. This is because the demand for air purifiers concerned about the deteriorating health in the atmospheric environment in the dust, such as increased sharply.

In particular, the popularity of the Blue Sky 6000, a newly launched this year affected the production increase.

This product, while consumers are sure to provide a purifying felt the need for a composition and a humidifying function whilst pleasant indoor environment at the same time, proposed a solution to the humidifier hygiene was a big element of consumer complaints.

Samsung air purifier 'Blue Sky' is a powerful air purifying filters capacity to 99% is introduced first 2014 micro dust and 0.02㎛ size of nanoparticles, then release it continues to sell a blast.

This year, a variety of series and newly launched 'Blue Sky 6000 "and together, large' 7000 ', which can simultaneously purify the living room and kitchen, the" Easy moving wheel, move to employ simple' 5000 ',' 3000 'suitable for nursery the introduction to the breadth of consumer choice widened.

Samsung's official, Samsung to confirm and "the degree hwangsacheol indoor air pollution at a glance" is getting a lot of love from consumers with powerful cleansing ability to clean seconds to micro air freshener Blue Sky has large areas like the living room. "" bonaegil want a healthy and vibrant day with blue sky, "he said.

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NH Agricultural Bank, smart bills' original surpassed 10,000 times

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] NH Agricultural Bank (Bank Lee Gyeongseop) is exceeded subscribers 10,000 people last month launched a 10 million working days' NH Smart bill "announced on the 4th.

App last month, the 15th launched a 'NH Smart bill "is an available service to easily take the various dues updated after registering notices a smartphone PUSH notification immediately pay now, Gyeonggi jeonggibun only treatment possible local taxes (car tax, property tax and residence tax) Do.

To activate the app 'NH smart bills' has also conducted "Catch the Spark' launch event. Event time is registering as until September 30 and Notices (PUSH) it offers generous prizes, including a chance to win in October, targeting customers who apply for light vehicles (1), produce vouchers (5 manwongwon), age old chicken .

Paldal-gu, Suwon and offers such in three days from the 7th to the 9th string bands and rice to target new customers to join the game when tapping 'Cherry Blossom Festival Romantic Walk "event which goes for free. In addition, it will also proceed with raising the circle to take a souvenir picture with the characters ride doll 'NH smart bills' subscription event.

Agricultural Bank official said, "It is the customers more than 10,000 people in a short period of time you install the app and sign up NH as Smart likely due to the sign-up process and notice, payment of bills Easy" and "paper bills convenience increase in customers and municipalities will continue to expand as a national unit to start the Gyeonggi issued for cost reduction, "he said.

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KB Kookmin Bank, 'foreign workers Korea Culture' event

Said it carried out the [South Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] KB Kookmin Bank (Bank Yun Jonggyu) the 'KB Kookmin Bank, Korea Migrant Workers Culture' event with the last two days, Gyeonggi gamgol Salvation Army Christmas Kettle headquarters in the municipal hall. Day event, KB Kookmin Bank Match Central Regional Sales Group was attended by representatives and Jeong Yongtaek of 1,000 foreign workers.

It began in 2015 to meet the third year 'KB Kookmin Bank, Korea Migrant Workers Culture "will be held over a total of four times, starting with Ansan City Hall gamgol citizens over the past two days in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do.

The event is the harmony in Cambodia up to the feast of jjol jjeunam (April 14 to 16) was held greet, traditional food in Korea and traditional cultural experience, Korea, foreigners through traditional dance performing arts workers, everyone can enjoy in unison Zhang unfolded.

KB is time to introduce to Cambodian workers who participated in the events in Cambodia digital bank 'Liiv KB Cambodia' that can be used anytime, anywhere fast and cheap international money transfer services to financial offers convenience and eliminate questions of everyday banking transactions and it was provided with a personalized financial counseling for them.

Lin shallow monk, "through the Korea Culture and hamkkehan KB Kookmin Bank, was deeply split time means the constant living together in peace to enjoy the day as much as the heart," he said with gratitude.

KB Kookmin Bank Jeong Yongtaek game Central Regional Sales Group representatives' wish, if but was living in another country easy to dispel a little bit of anxiety over this time over each other in a unison will and spent the time to haedeuril encouraging, "he said .

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FSB 172 companies accounting year supervision ... Strengthen vulnerable sector supervision

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] and the Financial Supervisory Service conducted the accounting supervision of listed companies this year, 172 companies, said it will strengthen supervision on vulnerable sectors.

The FSS announced that it will conduct four days thanks to the supervision and quality control supervision for 10 accounting firms in the financial statements of 172 companies, including listed companies in 2017 (audit report).

Last year for an increase of 133 companies over 39 companies smooth the financial statements of 172 companies (audit report), presiding FSS plans to proceed with such force expansion and streamlining supervision.

In the case of supervision staff 52 people in 2017, an attempt to gradually expand to up to 66 people in 2018, and also increase efficiency by expanding the theme Supervision, supervision personnel training, such as substantiality hagetdan position.

In addition, it also carried an accounting firm audit quality control supervision. A total of 10, including accounting firms audit quality supervision is the five companies first half Supervision to check whether the external auditor adequacy and audit implementation process properly operate the system from the internal systems established to improve the quality of audit work, five companies half It plans to conduct on accounting firms.

When the test year maintaining the air conditioning systems for the US listed companies Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and the national accounting firm, and the previous year's results, the quality supervision management level should conduct a re supervision for poor accounting firm.

According to the US Financial Accounting Reform Act (Sarbanes-Oxley Act), including the accounting firm registered in three days, Samjung, nystagmus in accounting and auditing for listed companies in the US stock market and the PCAOB, and receive a check regularly.

In particular, the FSS has a new bar on the 'fiscal planning Methodist rooms' dedicated to monitoring and supervision plan for the accounting of such allegations in February vulnerable sectors expected to strengthen accounting oversight for vulnerable sectors this year.

Accounting fraud is the position that building a permanent monitoring system for such high-risk companies, and conduct further review when planning supervision through such important matters alleged discovery.

The FSS said the vulnerable sector means a larger company social event of the wavelength companies, accounting fraud, such as shipbuilding and construction. Providing an organic cooperative system for accounting allegations related information, such as credit rating agencies and relevant organizations to collect information that can be focused, and it plans to focus on the supervision competencies for listed companies expand staffing in stages.

If the theme Methodist zoom previous 50 win in 20 companies, and to improve the supervision efficiency through the Academy, including financial supervision, including personnel training substantiality, improve fraud prediction model shortens jugido listed company supervision.

This year the theme was chosen to preside over the field four accounting issues such as non-marketable assets evaluation △ △ △ disclosure industrial orders returned or exchanged accounting △ derivatives accounting. 2019 is the aim of gradually shortened to 10.2 years.

In addition to induce even accounting fraud and other relevant materials to improve the effectiveness and enhance accounting firm audit quality management systems. Just before quality supervision results, including the consideration of vulnerable sectors central to the quality if the other hand, just before the presiding result that whether adequate improvement of the findings reaffirm and intellectual matters multiple recurrences conduct supervision etc. should strengthen management of the following year re Methodist conducted .

Park Huichun FSS professional review committee is "In recent years, the Orient, STX Offshore & Shipbuilding, Daewoo large accounting fraud investors avoid such Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, as well as hit pinch adversely far the national economy, accounting transparency, improve the enterprise is urgent" and "year control business conduct supervision in accordance with the operating plan without a hitch, and has strengthened the supervision of accounting for such suspicions to exactly measure the vulnerable sectors violations will explain that. "

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[Food & Beverage Short - Orion, Samyang Foods, Seoul Milk, Dunkin 'Donuts 外

The release [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] △ to upgrade the Orion raw dessert cake 'Haute' and increased by 20% with no price fluctuation renewal. Newly released 'haute chocolate' is cocoa mass was increased five times compared to existing, Haute Cheese 'has been upgraded to further heights and mellow flavor into the Danish Camembert cheese. This renewal was planning to target the main tagitcheung the 2030 women's national dessert market passed the 1 trillion won.

△ Samyang Foods emphasizes the premium if the authentic flavor yukgaejang showcase 'Far plenty yukgaejang. New taste is characterized by cool, put the onion in broth with bone product development inspired by the Joseon Dynasty, and spicy cooked books. It also provides a more plain flavor and chewy texture than regular noodle using the 'baked surface, which Samyang Foods has patented. Weight to 130g (1 bar), the price is a big market reference Multipack (bag 4 pieces) is about 5,000 won.

△ Seoul Milk is applied to release the milk product representative characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in Walt Disney package design. Children as well as applying a popular character much loved throughout the ages to the recent attack by "kideolteu group 'emerged as the main consumption, subject to the package design. New Mickey chocolate milk 'and' mini strawberry milk 'can purchase the recommended retail price of 2,000 won (each 270ml), general retailers and convenience stores in the CU.

△ Dunkin Donuts is right for spring outing iron sells "Cold Brew Tea 'three species and two kinds of' Kool-Aid Kula other. Cold Brew Tea is particularly rich, honey grapefruit, lemon honey with three kinds of sun brewed tea for a long time in cold water to reduce soft base astringent flavor of the tea unique animated. 'Kool-Aid' is made using a popular brand of lemonade American Kraft (Kraft). All prices are 3,500 won.

△ health and professional life of the target brand daesangwel release the juice, vegetable lactic acid feature an apple in the morning. "New is characterized by containing a vegetable lactic acid bacteria and a known good apple to eat in the morning to help gut health. Vegetable lactic acid bacteria are used to patented research at the end of a long, jonggajip 'domestic kimchi brands first place. Every morning over the life daesangwel juice one day delivery sell cause "weldi 'and delivered to the office and home price is 2,100 won per 1 bottle (120ml).

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