Monday, April 17, 2017

Cooperatives, financial fraud prevention and eradication account artillery campaign

[Sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter Korea] Agricultural Mutual Finance (CEO Lee Daehun) is announced in April to establish a "cannon account zero month" campaign naseotdago the customer for telecommunications fraud prevention and eradication account artillery in the last 11 days.

Lee Daehun, CEO and employees more than 30 people were distributing leaflets for telecommunications fraud prevention and eradication account artillery at the 11th Seoul Station Square and the bus transit center, such as the one won by the target customers and commute travelers.

Finance was supervisor in illicit financial correspondence, including Kim Jaegyeong Deputy colleges police economies this campaign, conducted jointly under the coordination of the criminal system encourage lending to the call and guidance to financial fraud and artillery account transfer, sale never say not respond to a request for payment is to focus on . Lee Daehun representative "Now protect consumers from financial fraud that is increasingly intelligent and leading the cannon account eradicate started to promote," he said. "Agricultural Mutual Financial Group will do my best to continue to avoid damage to the good customer Sanya top priority to consumer protection." he said.

On the other hand, cooperatives are expected to continue through the national agricultural and Livestock of the April "Month of cannon account eradication" constantly developing the fraud prevention and customer account cannons campaign to eradicate.

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Will the Internet banks 'Catfish'

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters: "This should be good professional internet banks."

A "Cheer Comment" with the domestic first Internet bank launched specialized banks Kay news on a secure article. The first half of hot interest to another bank specializing in Internet, cacao banks to start operating.

On the occasion of the Internet specialized bank, "I hope banks will reflect" came out a cadastral tteukkeum. The inconvenience of customers for existing banks is Tomoki might be further glimpse into the complaint.

"The effect of opening", "Products and services that are already in the bank," Oh nonsense is this manjiman out over the Internet and specialized banks is certainly expected.

K Bank collected more than 100,000 subscribers to launch four days. Deposit interest rate plus the product benefits more banks are starting the second round after selling 20 billion won extent wanpan and got a response. Yen for the second half and it will also bring the mortgage loan. Also the foreign exchange business, fund poised to 'pressure' turn, the bank serves.

In fact, the answer is also ahead of the launch throw a question about Internet banking professional skepticism mixed with the "Well" In banking sector would come primarily back. But it deserves even more tense when this point. There are actually capturing the bustling appearance in the early blast In banks.

Apart from mobile-specific product puts the "go without a bank branch" as a catch phrase, a non-face-to-face services and events that make the look just botmul. Also it appeared slightly more than 2% a year for deposit products. Meanwhile, in the so-called customer complaints about the banks' interest business, ie lending rate was raised quickly, the deposit interest rate is multiplied chew look that was to make a base or floating remarkable passage.

If in addition to the second half based on the national cocoa messenger to the bank puts the "foreign currency transfer fee, one-tenth of the banks" do not map to be heating is truly a new competition in the banking sector.

As well as judgments on internet banking professional success is premature. Clearly, the prospect expectation to be able to pay to go to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) blind spot 'new filers' (thin filer) with a "thin information" through a sophisticated credit scoring models based on customers properly have a distinctive yet survive.

A banking industry official said, "microcredit in the market may be lending traders are reacting rather more sensitive to the limits rather than the interest rate," "If you simply lending rate three competition means in the high-yield market is relatively million reactions adverse selection that jeosinyongja (adverse selection) can also cause problems, "he has also stressed the importance of the fundamental banking risk management.

Science fiction (SF) look at the 'Night (Nightfall) of the legendary' fragments of fiction writer Ahyijak Ahsimopeu accept the novelty is to think about the attitude. The sky, the sun's always six people who have never left the night life is caught up in the madness in the floating sky stars come to find once every one thousand years smoked fire leads to self-destruction. Set going disappearing civilization back to the original state is impressive.

This symbiosis is needed. The Korea Institute of Finance (KIF) 'competition in the country Bank assessment and policy implications' Seo Jeongho Senior Research Fellow in the report, "The recent banking industry launch of the Internet specialized bank is timely" and "Internet specialized banks blue chip borrowers Market in all that is needed, "he jipeot that by increasing the incentive to work and compete in existing banks to subprime borrowers than the relative market based on superior cost structure.

It seems there is already close approached "bank (bank) will disappear and banking (banking) but will survive" is expected. I wish the banking industry may be about to face a non wisely accommodate the banking era. Ultimately euron the wind dwaeteumyeon beneficial competition triggered by financial consumers.

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Orpheus household debt, financial people

It voices concern about holding [Korea Financial News] Korean household is not a thing of yesterday, today unceasingly.

Continued to increase since 2000 and are expected to increase 9.8% to about 1,500,000,000,000,000 won by the end of 2017 compared to 2016. However, the severity of household debt is not in itself increase the size of that problem. Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, the Netherlands is high all over 120% GDP compared to household debt ratio did not suffer from the crisis.

The severity of household indebtedness is why individuals and households, rather than a problem of scale was into debt and take a look at the structural aspects of whether you can repay the debt well. Economic growth is a serious situation for the debt Reporting slower debt growth rate is not something that families received loans increased rapidly indebted for growth to pay off the cost of living and many other debts.

National Statistical Office, the Bank of Korea, Financial Supervisory Service, etc. are announced According to the 2016 household financial well-being survey "showed poles of household disposable income households to 165.4% of disposable income compared to the debt ratio in which the self-employed is shown as 214% in the future market If interest rates rise bear riding a repayment of a debt of households is greater.

In addition to the recent household debt Taken together, the research, 60 more than the senior generation of debt before three of the fastest and increasing available of disposal is exacerbated by the rapid financial soundness of the self-employed income, compared to repayment ratio of working families to 30.6% It is more than three times the situation. That is self-employed is that they are using at least 30% to pay off the principal and interest of the debt from the income and expenses that can be consumed freely except non-consumable expenditure. In addition, the ability to repay vulnerable children (1-2 quintile) income was found to increase the income to poor households living expenses and debt repayment for loans. The nature of the household while the problem is serious when the poles Korean household who is in debt and he is seen as a matter of ability to repay. However, the current situation of the household debt burden on the scale that some financial institutions are not evaluated, but the common people and low-income families with debt are not.

Among which real incomes are falling inflation and interest rates rise, people are spending money well is not the money to pay off the debt you lose hope in life.

The best way to solve the household debts is not an easy one, but one that requires long-term planning and execution to increase the one that is sustainable income increase income through the creation of quality jobs. Therefore, it is necessary to allow the assistance of low-income people and to mitigate the impact of long-term debt from ordinary financial institutions and public and private institutions in the debt restructuring. Jugeona forgive the debt to go give hope of life should also target salpyeoya wil be incinerated.

In this way long-term measures are essential if not much of the populace household debt restructuring in the process of household debt reduction can be seen as the inevitable result appears as.

However, ordinary people is difficult to find the way that suits you best among these various institutions. So in the second half of 2016 will be the role of the ordinary financial control tower 'ordinary Finance Agency, was launched in the integrated receive a one-stop financial services.

Microfinance, sunny theory, change deurimron, New Hope spores such similar roles, but in one place, integrating the ordinary Funding scattered in each institution to one under ordinary financial loan counseling can also entrepreneurship, financial education and consulting, consulting jobs so it was. As well as in conjunction with local governments, employment, welfare, plus center it was able to receive the financial assistance and employment assistance and welfare services.

However, people who have applied in our society? And many people does the financial system are indeed made for ordinary people? People who are responsible for counseling and education for the populace is How were equipped with sufficient capacity? For no social consensus for the common people, whether to many products made for people and institutions have for really tough debtors, those who do not hope to end pay us back the debt, such as ordinary financial institutions are being utilized well to throw a more basic question. Means of ordinary people in debt is to be growth and hope. So people should be financial need warm eyes, but the correct mature financial ethics of the people to reduce moral hazard.

Household poles require long-term respiratory naahganeun long and short term solve the difficult economic cooperation as the subject.

The government will go together to solve one force while the action rather than thought through a lot of discussion and a consensus on the political philosophy of household debt, focus on the process rather than the hasty result. Finance companies 'financial inclusion' (financial inclusion) and "financial integrity" and enforce loan services in terms of (financial probity) and hope to do our social responsibilities of financial companies and indebted also to financial consumers want to receive a loan expected or whether debt benefit, it will be judged throwing a reasonable question to yourself.

Korean household debt warning has been announced only recently been investigated also continues for more than 15 years been fundamental data. At least one thing, but one should not only look at the looks of a number.

There are many areas which can not be meaningful life a number of people. How necessary is when Orpheus household debt could grow if ordinary people and hopefully to escape from debts. People will have to finance the Orpheus role of household debt just what we are looking to do so, it is not just the looks you want to see. This practice seeing the invisible Hidden Numbers is to escape from old prejudices and customs jineunga why the debt is necessary.

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Pre-sale apartment brand, regional polarization

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporters - a 20% top income tier and a lower tier of 20% gap between the purchasing power becomes an increasingly over the apartment pre-sale market dual polarization is taking place severe.

After the presidential election will be a pre-sale orders poured construction industry, but officials are not readily look optimistic. Depending on the region, depending on the apartment brand polarization goal is a situation going deepening. 11 · 3 real estate regulatory consolidation, attributable to increased consumer for stability in US interest rates, the early presidential elections and so on.

◇ new wave of displacement region

The regional center in a superb location with convenient transportation, the environment, including pre-sale market displacement phenomena shall be made clearer outlook will prevailed. In terms of regions, and around Seoul and price offer is still weak regulations Busan rising force investors to Molly but the heat of the hot markets in other regions offer an under-subscribed events occur while.

According to the last four days 114 Property released a 'first quarter by region Apartments offer Competition' was the competition of the national 10.59: 1. This as of Seoul (7.37 to 1), game (6.52 to 1), Busan (46.02 to 1) are belonged to the high axial Kyungnam (1.33 to 1), Gyeongsangbuk (0.07 to 1), Jeju (0.6 to 1) unsold record figures were close.

Gyeonggi Pyeongtaek Godeok New City Paragon has averaged Competition 49.38 for 1 Godeok jayeonaen Xi 28.8-to-1 Seoul Bangbae art Chiayi 9.8-to-1, such as 0.06 to 1 is number one competition of the mobile Jeju Erhu Jeju Erhu Alicia than that showed higher offer competitive the regional polarization emerged clearly.

◇ premium brand supernatant why

In each brand, large-scale apartment complex in the center of the offeree feet of brand builders are struggling, while for non-brand builders and small apartment complex regional housing units that follow.

Taekyung comprehensive construction of a pre-sale "saenggeuk Taekyung Eco Green 'at Chungbuk voice did not accept the offer yirwojiji dryness only 1 in 104 households recruited. 2 ranking was also a large number of unsold caused no offeree. A pre-sale last month, Kyungpook Chilgok County, seven Waegwan Dream View 'and jocheoneup Jeju Jeju Jocheon koahru Terrace' was also a pre-sale for all types below.

While in December last year the development of modern industry competition a pre-sale, Cheongju provisionally I'Park 'average subscription in San Francisco, CA gagyeongdong Heungdeok-gu recorded a 13.3-to-1. Hanwha month recorded a pre-sale a three-digit cheongyakryul just Busan rouge green dreams' and also closed one priority. Furthermore, consumers are even modern 'Heel State' Advent 'e- easy life', GS 'Xi' treatment 'Prugio, such as large construction apartment brand is used in all over the country are required to so-called' premium brand '. In each and buy 'D H.' seduce (modern) 'Acropolis' (boreal forest), 'Grand' consumers make luxury brand (GS), 'Summit' (Daewoo). Lotte is also being prepared to develop a premium brand beyond the Lotte Castle.

Daewoo is the best month dwaetjiman naesewo the brand Summit selected as one of Gwacheon jugong just rebuilding contractor had previously critical path near Gwacheon 7-1 only succeeded in orders also require the use of only one and Summit brands such as backlash. The danjeokin example of the need for a luxury brand.

The election is confirmed brackets, real estate-related commitments by each candidate may affect the pre-sale market. After waiting as long as a large amount presidential election landscape is an important topic. Here in this city, including maintenance business, US interest rate fluctuations is expected to be a factor influencing the future of the pre-sale market.

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Galaxy G6 backfire tonghalkka the S8 strong

There poked the [South Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporters - Strategy first half of this year, Galaxy S8 popular sky SEC. This is because an early warning and book sales, including gusts exceed 50 million units in just two days.

Here Galaxy S8 initial amount plus the 128GB model has been exhausted in five days on. On the other hand, LG Electronics has ventured to strengthen the marketing of the G6.

◇ Emergency spiral LG Electronics

LG Electronics MC (mobile communication) kkeokyeotda Our fate rests in one month smartphone 'G6' is released in the division. According to Russ Atlanta Research & Consulting Galaxy S8 immediately after the first week of April the public (March 30-April 5) domestic smartphone sales model No. 1 was the Galaxy-wide 'SEC. Share came in at 22.0%.

Second and third place, respectively, while the selling Apple's iPhone 7 'from SK Telecom and LG U + occupied, G6 is a mere sales rank fourth (3.5 percent share).

In addition, G6 was launched in March second week sales in the first place, recording a 6% market share, but sales in just one week ranked third, the share hanpul kkeokyeotda rise to 4.1%. Since March, the situation that continues to the last week sales ranking 4th in the same dunhwase immediately behind the Galaxy S8 recorded a 4.4% share of the public.

In particular, the average daily volume of G6 has dropped to about 2000-3000 levels. Although initially released bar recorded an average of 10,000, known hangeoteuro plunged around the Galaxy S8 released. Initially G6 is slowing down the Galaxy S8 launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ignition events, the soloist was expected about 40 days G6. However, the market occupancy effects become insignificant amount of marketing and a steady barrage of Galaxy S8.

The LG Electronics has decided to fight the stand the North American market. More than half of revenue, LG Electronics has deulyigo Reap in North America. Share is also higher than in other markets with a CAGR of 15%. North America is the highest point of the global smartphone share premium.

LG Electronics has launched the G6 from the last seven days in the US and Canada, and embarked on full-scale attack. In major US carrier stores and electronics stores, including 25,000 over where to install the G6 Experience Zone, and the G6 sales activities Spreading a variety of marketing.

Holding different specifications G6 and domestic, were aimed at pre-scheduled buyer may offer the "Google Home" of 129 dollars. Google home was equipped with a "Google Assistant" voice assistant, Google. And also actively provide online marketing. Strategy is to focus on the North American market share is lower than in China, the Middle East and Europe.

◇ overseas even intensely popular Galaxy S8

Samsung Electronics fell into a troubled happy enough to have to worry about the Galaxy S8 surpassed the 550,000 volumes supplied for only scheduled start of sales two days.

Booking sales of the Galaxy S8 during the last two days from 8 to 9 days amounted to 550,000. When booking a cumulative number of sales orders unwound at the same speed once 18 days has been observed to come closer to one million. Reservations sold is 2.5 times higher compared to that also the highest ever recorded for the Galaxy Note 7 400 000.

In addition, Samsung has the Galaxy expand S8 Unique marketing in domestic as well as overseas.

Samsung has installed a giant galaxy in the United Kingdom S8 attractions such as St. Ives, Cornwall, London, Stonehenge, Bournemouth. Width 7 m, super galaxy S8 up to 3 m vertical is well endowed with bezel-less design, complete with 'Infinity Display "without the British landscape heterogeneity and attractions.

United Arab Emirates prior to the launch event progressed in the last 11 days in Dubai through the Burj Al Arab (Burj Al Arab) one of the local landmark exterior walls have introduced the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 + (plus).

The trek to the Galaxy S8 annual 60 million sales industry is desperately hoping for a rebound in the Chinese market. Samsung's smartphone sales center in China accounted for a share of 8%, of which only the premium mid-priced phones, except for amounts to 6,000,000. Also the Asia-Pacific market from Samsung smartphone sales share in China is 26%.

The SEC's position is so important to the Chinese market. Once Samsung was the first in the Chinese market in recent years is the increasing share of new China, such as being pushed to the market last year, up 7 datja hit the downhill, Samsung replaced by Chinese subsidiaries wireless business coach and has floated the seungbusu.

Samsung has also replaced the helm of the Chinese subsidiary Wireless Business Unit in early March last in order to strengthen the sales force in China. The new head of China's wireless business is word of mouth, I took gwongyehyeon Samsung Electronics Vice President (53) in the 'overseas through. It fell to regain trust in the Galaxy Note 7 in China is urgently needed. Last October, Samsung Galaxy Note only naseotji the 7,190,984 sold in China to rectify such that the total amount recalls apples and the China Consumers discrimination debate about recall late overlaps suffered a big blow to the image.

Samsung Electronics plans to accelerate the phase-recovery efforts. If you do ahead of the Chinese release of the Galaxy in mid-May S8 install a large experience, John will be invited to prepare Galaxy S8 major public events and media industry executives.

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Chemical Co., Kim Seungyeon 'reliable Go' kkwecha

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea - Hanwha total, followed by the breakthrough performance of Hanwha As established itself as a "trusted man" of the Hanwha Group Chairman Kim Seungyeon. While operating profit recorded a near 10-fold rise in the past three years, it is carried out new revenue streams role within the group.

Last year, total operating income of the Hanwha and Hanwha Chemical posted a 1.4467 trillion won, 779.2 billion won, respectively. Given the tremendous growth in the last one we showed a 100 billion won operating profit in 2014. The two companies have soared over the past year, operating profit more than doubled since 2014.

In the case of Hanwha Total △ it was recorded 1.4467 trillion won in 2014 172.7 billion won △ 2015 in 797.4 billion won △ 2016 years, Hanwha showed operating profit rise of 779.2 billion won △ in 1413 201.4 billion won △ 3370 2015 years, one hundred million won △ 2016 years.

Such growth has resulted in a low dielectric since 2015 due to the keynote. Concerns about Kim Seungyeon last Hanwha Total 2014 Hanwha Group chairman (Samsung Total time) at the time of the takeover market oil price slump environment, what re-entering the refining existed in 15 years. However, a low dielectric keynote was an opportunity to strengthen the cost competitiveness of the petrochemical industry.

Accordingly, Hanwha Chemical and Hanwha Total recorded a noticeable rise in operating profit annually eyes. Hanwha Total explained, "it is the last low dielectric trend that began in 2015 has greatly improved the cost competitiveness of the United States, China Petroleum & Chemical Co. against domestic companies."

Future prospects for Hanwha Corp. and Hanwha Chemical total line up to the top of my incredible group are staggered. In the case of Hanwha Total it approved a total of 539.5 billion won in the last 12 days the size of the 'NCC (Naphtha Cracking Center) side gas cracker' and GTG (Gas Turbine Generator, gas turbine generator) capacity. Through this investment Hanwha Total is reported to be possible to produce additional 310,000 tons, 130,000 tons of ethylene per year of propylene. Total ethylene, propylene yield of the subsequent expansion Hanwha total is expected to reach 140 million tons, 1.06 million tons, respectively.

Choejuuk Korea Ratings Rating 4 Room evaluate professional members "Hanwha Total has a low dielectric has widened the profit scale flagship product greatly depending on the vessel," he said "but decided recently invested, and has the financial ability to sufficiently endure it "he explained.

In contrast to point out that for Hanwha result in additional financial burdens for the affiliates out there. Hanwha Chemical has been involved in the last 10 days subsidiary of Hanwha Galleria capital increase (2000 billion). As expected a deficit of Duty Hanwha Galleria Time World Duty Free, which is engaged in the business of Hanwha Galleria is ongoing concern that can be made for additional support.

Times because of Korea Ratings Rating 4 rooms senior researcher "amount that this capital increase funds flowing into the Hanwha Galleria subsidiary Hanwha Galleria-Time World has been identified as not" "But of that duty free business is constantly falling Hanwha Chemical additional paid-in capital increase is still the possibility of supporting, "he added.

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Automotive industry 'binikbin buikbu' clear

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] is becoming a 'binikbin buikbu phenomenon thickening in the domestic car market. Light vehicles, sales of large vehicles who are looking for relatively stagnant sales in the small / junjunghyeong vehicle on the other hand, the rising situation. The polarization of society in the country appears in the auto market.

◇ 1 quarter passenger car market, it gave the best large car sales

Chageup in the first quarter of this year's best-selling passenger car market is a "quasi-full-size vehicle. That the larger the size of the vehicle appeared the phenomenon is increasing sales situations.

According to the automotive industry, the first quarter's best-selling chageup in the domestic passenger car market was given large. A total of 30,000 66,324 (7 cars) were sold, while sales record close in mid-10000 Granger led the nearly 5,000 sales Genesis, K7, etc. By the look of the vehicle it was Granger has recorded 34,857 units sold overwhelming. Followed by Genesis 14425, K7 1 10 000 vs. 3576, SM7 1687 units, Impala, 1153, K9 450 units, 176 were sold Aslan price.

This is approximately 2-fold higher compared to small / junjunghyeongcha-class sales. 1Q Small / junjunghyeong cars (10 cars) were sold total price 35,527. Avante and is managing the selling more than 5,000 vehicles, except for (19 417) and K3 (6390 units). Avante, followed by K3 Cruz (2382), children ohnik (2186), SM3 (1458 units), Accent (1311), i30 (1114 units), Aveo (509), Belo Harvesters (27), Pride It was counted (733) net. Industry experts said the analysis "buikbu binikbin 'appears in the same place the car sales market. The fact that a relatively surge in sales of large vehicles are expensive given the talk about economic afford the higher proportion of customers purchasing vehicles with a.

Industry insiders said, "It gave the highest sales of large vehicles means that it is happening frequently bought cars of people who can afford economical" and "relative sales model with low light vehicles (3 models) is similar to the small / junjunghyeongcha class to the deceased 30000 recorded the 5231 it shows a high percentage of life forms are selling cars and luxury vehicles, binikbin buikbu 'phenomenon, "he said.

According to this phenomenon carmakers are scrambling to recent high-end strategy. Kia Motors has entered the luxury car line-up, including expanding the sequel K9 with premium sedan scheduled for launch Stinger first half of the year. Genesys also announced the 2017 New York International luxury SUV concept Cain, Genesis GV80 'at the Auto Show.

Another industry official said, "In the internal combustion engine, the global automotive trends, the future car will proceed to tighten carmakers are advanced strategies in a situation," said "are intended loyal japgetda captive market customers high," he said.

◇ SUV, sold most midrange

For a midsize SUV class Our most common. In the first quarter of SUV car sales geupbyeol medium (5 vehicles) was the most common as 44,993. By a vehicle has topped the Sorento as 16,574, it was ranked 2nd in the Santa Fe 14,641. Followed QM6 7300 cars, sports Korando 5869, totaled 609 in Captiva.

Followed by a mid-sized SUV accounted for junjunghyeong SUV (7 dogs vehicles) 1Q11 sales second. Junjunghyeong SUV, sold price 29 607 over the past three months. By car Sportage has recorded the highest number of sales in 9832, the Tucson showed a slight gap in second place in 9587. Following were the order of the records Niro (4482), Korando C (2352 units), Orlando (2220), Carens (595) Soul (539).

Compact SUV emerged as the new battleground price also sold 20,913 in the first quarter. Was run for the overwhelming No. 1 in Tivoli is 13894, the Trax (5198) and QM3 (1821 units) was followed. This market is expected to become the next competition with the advent of the compact SUV 'nose' of securing imports of QM3 the first half of this year, the Hyundai Motor notice my release.

Large SUV (3 different models) were sold price 7109. Mojave was the most sold in 3861, Max Cruz (2266) and Korando Turismo (976) was followed.

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Highlands Kent Hotel 'Lounge Promotions' attention

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] showcase Busan Gwangalli material by Kent Hotel Kensington lounge Promotion 2 species Eland operate. Lounge Promotions' up Spain 'Afternoon Tea' and a two branches, and a view of the Gwanganri views from the 15th floor boasts Members Lounge Kent Hotel was configured to send a fruitful day, day and night.

Afternoon Tea was configured in three trays with sandwiches and muffins, cookies, macaroons, rich desserts and Ro Felt Tee six kinds such as cheesecake.

To 3 persons 10 am to 6 pm, and you can not use the price is 39,000 won (VAT included). Afternoon Tea is available until the end of the year.

7:00 pm to 10 pm where you can enjoy a pleasant climb in Spain Spanish party promotions. Tongsaewoo Gamba Su Bruce geta, etc. can be used as syanggeuriah unlimited beer and soft drinks with Spanish cuisine.

Up Spain will be presented until 31 May comes, the price is adults 15,900 won (VAT included). Children under 13 are restricted position.

Eland official said, saying "Members Lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a Gwanganri it overlooks the Gwangalli Beach and Gwangan Bridge at a glance" "can enjoy a varied dessert and Spanish food at a reasonable price will be higher also customer satisfaction." said.

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It mungchyeoya live ... Food companies marketing collaboration

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporters] are 'classic' food products that have been loved by consumers for a long time it has been reborn, meet new and supermarkets, and convenience stores. Food manufacturers are marketing collaboration to explore and expand the market share of its products to ensure a stable product sales channels are active. Distributors is explained that enjoys toktokhi publicity exclusive collaboration products and products that are exotic.

Earlier this month, Home Plus was launched by size alone eating ice cream in hand with Lotte left the 'jyoseuba' of the Lotte long and "Watermelon bar. New 'Jaws Tong "and" can baktong' has increased more than six-fold, while maintaining the taste and texture of a 474ml pint capacity compared to the existing capacity (75ml).

In addition, Homeplus introduced in turn Seoul F & B · more than 11 times larger than the existing products with Lotte Seoul F & B Family yogurt, and 10 times larger Lotte Giants kkokkal cone.

Dongwon F & B will take advantage of the domestic three convenience stores (Seven Eleven, CU, GS25) and the hand holding the flagship product of tuna launched a collaborative product. In the meantime, if the tuna had the advantage of area gotta limited extent ingredients, utilizing a material rolled in bread it broadened its product range.

This year Seven Eleven 'If mobilized Tuna "alone sold was also ranked first Seven-Eleven cup ramen for the 700,000 palrimyeo seven months to one month. If the mobilization of tuna was developed to target the meantime, if the '+ If the tuna' tuna fashionable among enthusiasts recipe. Dongwon F & B is to collaborate with CU 'Dongwon Tuna Mayo Bread' were introduced, such as "mobilization tuna sandwich 'hand come GS25' Tuna kimchi stew lunch box" was a single released.

Orion has developed an 'Market O brownie dessert raw' and 'Market O dessert cream cheese roll "with Korea Yakult. This is a strategy utilizing the strengths of a door-to-door sales channel, "Yakult lady 'manufacturing technology and the Korea Yakult have with the Orion naendaneun cooperative synergy.

New product has recreated a new premium sales of dessert cafe 'raepoh' Orion 1 and 2 above brownie cake roll up to the flavors and formulations that consumers love. Korea Yakult is sold as a set with last year launched a "Babinski by Cold Brew" Americano, latte.

Last year, maintaining a steady cooperation relationship with the MOU to begin on Orion and Korea Yakult concluded a first fruit to this market. Case 3 or more food manufacturers are also eye-catching collaboration. Crown Confectionery and coffee Jardin manufacturer has launched the 'jyoripong cafe latte' cup of coffee with Seven-Eleven.

It reflects its own recipe of consumers eating longevity products 'jyoripong' of the Crown Confectionery pour the milk like cereal products. Jardins is based on the know-how jyoripong and beans was developed to analyze the optimal mixing ratio of ground coffee. In particular, a change of jyoripong put yourself in a cafe latte jyoripong animated distinctive flavor.

Three companies have also launched a collaboration products, such as "White Haim cafe latte ',' Choco Latte Cafe Heim 'bar last year. Following Jardins has propped up the active collaboration products, including the launch hand come GS25 'meeting with coffee and cookies' fourth product' Peanut Caramel Cone Cafe Latte.

Industry insiders have continued to share ideas for collaborative product "Collaboration Marketing is beyond that was the sector between market share competition, such as within a defined market opportunities for new markets," he said "among food manufacturers to be future-related products will continue to launch it seems, "he said.

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Jeong Yongjin of Johnny Rockets, handmade burger market landscape bakkuna

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Shinsegae Vice Chairman Jeong Yongjin brought the American handmade burger brand 'Johnny Rockets' two went and heralded the cataclysm hamburger market.

Vice President Johnny Chung recently thanks to the growth of the market Handmade Burger announced a full-fledged top-line expansion plans of the rocket. Vice Chairman Chung being built for aggressive store expansion plan since the end of last year opened a retail franchise and at the same time, the main area. Johnny Rockets is the only goal in a store openings this year a total of 10 places.

Last July before the domestic market recorded a homemade burger sexual expectations than enough to get the 'grave' is the qualifier.

However climbed fled New York's famous Burgers' shake swek "This opened the first store in Gangnam July and dragging the explosive popularity at the same time open the hot markets. Etc. 'signature burger "and" buttercups Burgers McDonald's Lotteria enhance ATK and stood enter the competition, thanks to the New World also Johnny SPC to handmade burger craze had sought the revival of the rocket. As many handmade burger company for failure have been seated in the market.

1998 'sucrase Burgers nation's first hearing into the homemade burger franchise led the' Golden Age of homemade burgers, etc. that has more than 100 stores by the mid to late 2000s. Large companies saw the success of the Chrysler kept the burger also was about to knock after another homemade burger market. It has brought a new world that Johnny Rockets in 2011 after HDS burger joint, CJ is a naesewo bipseu homemade burger patties entered the market.

But it sucrase International 2013 led the first burger in Krakow cost ratio worsened, and subsequent investments fail enters the court and its popularity did not last long. Johnny Rockets Gangnam that did surprise was closing with closing the high rent burden early 2014's burger joint and bipseu sintongchi reaction burger.

Japan's famous homemade Burger Mos Burger also did sintongchi. Launched in 2012 at that time received a lot of attention not accomplish the goal of opening 50 stores in the country five years holds a number of stores in the current 10 or so.

Thus Handmade Burger Handmade Burger franchise location in the center of the domestic market, they feel a threat to the survival or do not see light at the market told jjogeura naturally. Also non-dairy every day "Golden Burger Republic", Homeplus 'The Burger' was struggling.

Recently launched in shake swek homemade burger craze is not know which way to give homemade burger franchises are growing again in the country.

Shake swek is the brand brought Headquartered Heo Huisu the vice president of the SPC group spearheaded. It was from the first store opened in Gangnam, Cheongdam points, Dongdaemun two RBIs, next month is expected to be built in that minute AK. According to the industry if the shaker swek first store Domestic sales are the highest in the world shops daily average turnover reaches 50 million won.

Switch on Johnny Chung Vice President also operated only in the face of a barrage of rocket huh vice president of retail franchise and opened the door of the place, including two first store, in the last 24 days Henan wirye points in Ilsan Kintex store last December. Shinsegae Food is from 2011, Shinsegae, E-Mart, etc. Groups Johnny has been operating in the distribution channel to store more than 20 rockets. The end of the year and expects to increase the number of stores to 34.

Johnny Rockets is sets out to showcase the variety, such as' Jeong Yongjin pub, known homemade beer shop "Devil's Door '' Devils Door fried chicken" and "Pale Ale", a popular menu in order to catch the customer's feet with new menu marketing.

Meanwhile, the dong will inevitably confronts defined Vice President and Vice President, huh. Johnny Rockets Cheongdam that had fallen into ipjeom SSG Food Market Earlier this month, Sheikh swek Cheongdam points and more than 600 m.

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[Prophet Lee Seungryong representatives] "will create a zero loss of principal P2P platform."

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical reporter] "P2P is a new concept finance financial guarantee me all the revenue fund investors also haejugo no extra money for people in need of funds to benefit."

Lee Seungryong the P2P financial tenet that represents the idea Prophet. P2P banking is a key haneunge provide services to customers who do not accept the existing financial institutions. Especially in times like now, P2P finance has been the presence of Danielle to financial consumers. Because the loans for the funding loans to households strengthened screening difficult Borrower, and provide a high cycle rates have hardly return to investors continuing low interest rates.

In order to achieve the purpose of the original P2P finance many problems to be solved still represent. Ahead of the P2P lending guidelines implemented on May 29 it will come to retail investors pulled more than now. This is also relevant with enlargement Prophet year extension. He is confident that the Prophet is enough to achieve the goal. If the P2P banking is one attack a 'niche' market customers between banking and non-banking sector it is a chance of his being able jiron.

Lee Seungryong representative said, "P2P finance bank 1.5 that exists between the first and second banking finance" "Meanwhile, P2P financial possibilities are endless than the traditional banking sector," he said.

◇ minimum risk-return certain non-performing loans (NPL) Specialization

The representatives had a lot of twists and turns to build the Prophet. Lee Seungryong representatives around the personal credit loans prepare for P2P banking, and founded a company by the name of "trending Plaza last November. While P2P banking is consistent with the financial one and two original purpose of financing between the 'beachhead' because also had to ensure return on investment. To this end, he chairs to institutional investors such as asset managers with investors both stability and yield increase.

But it ran into difficulties. Is not allowed while the financial cooperatives and P2P platform written not re-aged loans card loans P2P products of NH-30CUT of Connecticut are not allowed to market products by financial authorities, institutional investors participating. Prophet was to ensure the stability and institutional investors were also less likely to pursue a traditional way. P2P implementation and future guidelines matmulrimyeonseo situation was not more nokrokchi.

Breakthrough Lee Seungryong representatives selected to increase the P2P provider was the NPL. Becoming more familiar with your customers mission to inform the company also "Prophet (Pro: fit) 'changed to. The representative of "NPL to Prophet handling makes running the business without a loan holding Ownership as collateral to the collateral," he said "in terms of loss of principal amount of senior investors are less concerned about" he said.

NPL is a side product of the Prophet yield is as high as 18-20%. Looking at the recent bond purchases goods Prophet NPL loans for Gongdeok Mapo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul merit goods market is 18% annual return on investment in 12 months time. Janghanpyeong used cars for sale only in shops are open 12 months a 19% yield, redemption is completed, the auction proceeds collateral NPL Factoring loans are opened 21% return on investment in three months time.

Higher profitability is often a 'high risk high return (High risk, High return)'. Chance to get even higher probability of losing even higher. Lee Seungryong and their representatives shall have to bear the risk of principal loss has investors focused on the 'zero'. Even the name of Prophet enough to mean that "makes the fitting procedure 'contained, confident about the skills.

Once his confidence has a team composed of financial experts. Prophet was composed of the first financial institutions from financial experts. The representative undergone throughout various banks, Citibank, Bank of Jeonbuk and Gyeongnam bank.

KAIST (KAIST) who also got a PhD IT team is a blend of IT and finance professionals. When you join a business partnership with the NPL company specializing in insolvency occurs, it provided that the device can be quickly sold the loans were provided safeguards to protect investors.

He kkopneunda rich network Another advantage of banking origin. Property values, including a qualitative assessment as well as throughout discrimination also viewed reputation, future value with your local bank manager and more. The representative should also carefully check directly in the field. Credit rating models are also differentiated. Prophet has established a credit rating model and the demographic life cycle rating (DLS) proprietary credit scoring system combines the advantage such as being the first financial institution as well as the NICE evaluation model.

Prophet of the credit rating system is rated using the demographic life cycle borrower age, family status, career and salary level of the Borrower, including the existing credit rating system: and by adding (DLS Demographic Lifecycle Score) a credit rating. Them understand the repayment capacity of the borrower through, and is utilized to present appropriate credit limit and interest rate. If you have problems such as the matter blossomed to the Borrower fails to complete the construction plans to bring the NPL Prophet Direct operating licenses.

Lee Seungryong representatives "because the business case is selected only certain product lines and company level can be used as a profit model returns high profits egen investors," he said, "P2P finance investor center bar which is oriented Prophet."

He stressed that return a lot of money the most important core values ​​of P2P to finance investments and minimize your investment risk customers. For this reason, the Prophet will first focus on the mortgage sector and NPL guaranteed safety rather than personal credit. That is promoting a strategy to gradually spread the business sector to analyze the future cyclical factors, to establish a basic infrastructure with a lot of prospects and customers credit secured personal loans plans.

◇ members secured targets 3,000 people this year,

Prophet began the establishment, in December to work in earnest last November. Although not yet one year while the policy is to gradually grow nagagetda. Prophet goal this year is currently 300 Compiling a Master members 10 times 3,000 people in one year. Iteoseoda have enough members to continue to attract investors. In particular, I think of something that is representative enough to see the publicity at minimal cost.

Lee Seungryong representatives "will attract investors through a network to promote their products and jaetekeu cafe," said "are also being rapidly closed by word of mouth product without marketing costs," he said.

A general concept haneunge larger scale increases the cost. The representatives had their own do not generate additional costs, even if technically engaged in building a larger-scale automated system. He said that "the infrastructure so that the whole process can be automated are not technically engaged in the generation costs" and "word of mouth marketing will expand the breadth and quality products."

Based on this policy Prophet pursues a three-step development direction.

The first stage is designed to seek both to stability and Ko Suik to support the gun to inexpensively purchase superior goods. Lee Seungryong representatives "and to discover the NPL that we are willing to be acquired directly by operation," he said.

The second mortgage is activated by utilizing the system. Prophet is equipped with a system that can be automated in all sectors.

The representative was confident that "financial institutions about SI received a favorable reception from the vendor system purchase and maintenance costs do not like separate" and "I'm the continued operation and development of its workforce can survive even in a difficult operating environment."

The last is to develop better credit than the automation system trending club. Add a variable that could not find a financial institution to review a conservative plans to automate the loan review function. We have distributed the overall investment for large-scale investment in automation to enable plans to increase investor convenience.

Various affiliate enlarged one of the development direction of the Prophet. Prophet is a mutual priority of P2P and financial companies. To remind P2P industry is growing idea that the best win-win strategy. Prophet is a partnership, along with Noble Holdings, Eli funds and co-investment plans. Lee Seungryong representative said, "I think we can become a small but strong financial P2P leader through the system."

◇ create a separate financial P2P Proposition

Lee Seungryong representative expressed regret in a position of financial authorities for P2P. P2P banking is the position that the hagieneun obstacles to industrial growth uniformly limited to the existing geumyungeopbeop.

The representative of "when to work as a banker banks a lot of memories of abandonment took to the regulations of the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) every time you try a new approach" and "regulate the 4th Industrial Revolution of P2P finance or pins that are created to suit the new trends Tech gon was unreasonable as it applied to emphasize that. "

Because he expressed that create their own laws, as the position of P2P Korea Finance Association. About what is currently in charge of the Financial Supervisory Service Savings Bank Supervision within the P2P director he emphasized that said corresponding half-industrial and oversight right direction. He "P2P finance are right to be in charge of the electronic banking as a large part goes to the automation system," he said.

Lee Seungryong representatives P2P industry is expected to face the greatest turning point of the year. Major investors are becoming more difficult to attract guidelines enforced because the economy is uncertain. Besides cacao bank, a bank specializing in Internet have become fierce competition for survival, such as the advent of K Bank.

He is also considering introducing a better product the more the crisis, such as this year's plan to take over the difficult P2P companies such as financial difficulties.

He said, "We are fully committed to carefully arrange the investor protection measures for risk management" and "to the P2P companies and the companies that can contribute to even consider, P2P development industry M & A to become."

< Education >

- 1976 sinilgo sol

- 1985 Yonsei University Department of Economics sol

< career >

- 1985 Hanmi Bank iphaeng simsabu simsayeok

- Apgujeong Royal Plaza Branch Manager in 2001

- 2005 Citi Citi Business business manager

2007 - Director of Sales

- 2009 served as Head of Sales

- 2012 Kyungnam Bank Marketing General Manager

- hyejeon 2014 University Planning

- 2016 (Note) Prophet CEO

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Oriental, Allianz Life, the largest shareholder, appearance-oriented "become like

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] 'savings insurance renaissance' that led to the end of last year, attributed mostly life insurers eye protection-type insurance. In addition to the prolonged low interest rates as a negative margin of insurers bigger concern because jyeotgi a faster pace as compared IFRS17 (New International Financial Reporting Standards) introduced in 2021. Insurers are dolryeojwoya put up interest at maturity are invested premiums entrusted by the customer.

Recently, however, as some domestic bond yields declined last for years even hit the floor deongdalah asset investment yield. This came to sell high-interest savings determinate insurance insurers were exposed to the negative margin risk.

IFRS17 2021 ahead of the introduction is also a burden on insurers. When IFRS17 is performed liabilities of the insurer (insurance payable) evaluation methods are as changes to the market in the current cost total, including a type of △ contract services margin △ risk-adjusted △ save △ future cash flows, taking into account the time value of money for future benefits 4 It is broken down into categories.

The interest rate to reflect the time of registering to calculate liabilities under insurance and so increase the burden. Shem finally losing equity accounting is not bound to the debt of the insurer increased dramatically. The fire insurers fell on the foot are the constitutional improved protection-type insurance, reducing the savings ratio kkoehamyeo embarked on fundamental changes. Listed are each one reduced dividends and recapitalization plan in a variety of ways, such as capital increase, subordinated debt or hybrid securities issued.

◇ 'dinosaur insurers' doorstep group savings insurance Station offensive unfolded

But doorstep Group entered the insurance market in Korea were opposed to the actual power savings insurance product offensive it is in full swing at the station. Tong Yang Life Insurance recorded a 11.3 billion won last month, monthly payment and initial premiums rose leap jump up the life insurance industry. 5. The record of the 11.4 billion won ranked 4 NH NH life and also being maengchugyeok reduce the gap.

Angin Allianz Life products last year doorstep Group also joined the high interest savings insurance sales since the beginning of the year. Allianz Life has accentuated this happening to stop selling brew in a day, while the subscriber is rapidly Morley launched the 'Et Bonus up to savings insurance "in January offline-only product. Allianz Life official said "will you stop the channel sales target one month the GA fill in a day," said "for sale to other channels such as online and Banca channels."

Allianz Life is the life insurance industry rose over 8 Reap 7.4 billion won last month, initial premiums monthly payment. Such business strategy is similar to the move the master bedroom Insurance seen in the Chinese market. This argument is to focus on the big savings insurance premiums amount to selling the petite called the initial insurer. Insurance industry officials analyzed that "because of the high proportion of ilsinap savings insurance", "initial premiums are typically savings-type insurance sales increased more sharply," said.

Last month, thanks to the high performance Power Tong Yang Life has confirmed the expected rate of type coupon rate of 2.9% a year to two months for life insurance. The Samsung and Kyobo Life, Hanwha value is higher than the 2.5% rate expected to Mine. The lower the interest rate is expected to be assuming a rate of return that can be operated to achieve the insurance premiums received from customers is expensive. Tong Yang Life Insurance was added to give a coupon rate of 2.9% here. No matter how low interest rates will also jugetdaneun paste the annual 2.9% in the insurance reserves are paid by the customer welfare.

Such a pace of Tong Yang Life Insurance industry has predicted that going after the high-yield fixed interest type sell hagetdaneun take market expansion strategies through high interest deals.

Allianz Life is also re-released as a savings insurance product which stopped selling since September 2015 started to grow adult.

"It gives up bonus savings insurance" for released earlier this year, Allianz Life is the industry's highest level of disclosure to the annual 2.6% rate. Also it found that most of the savings insurance products of the insurer released this year by 2% minimum guaranteed interest rate. Insurance industry officials said the pace of such analysis Tong Yang Life Allianz Life, said, "increases the income and savings insurance premiums will grow is a petite'll benefit from the asset management" that "management style typical of China's insurance doorstep."

◇ 'high-risk' investments Immortal's financial soundness chopping up

The industry is already saturated, and visiting is a Korea insurance market interest rates, the risk of slower growth pace of workable response to the crisis across such a dominant insurance doorstep. The lower asset investment yield due to low interest rates and the financial health reasons.

Last year assets under management of Allianz Life margin declined 4.58% to 3.98% over the previous year. Tong Yang also declined compared to the previous year 4.33% 2.53% last year. Life, particularly the Orient was also view a loss of 266.2 billion won embroiled in the master bedroom underwriting mortgage loans since the end of last year, increasing ODA meat sold assets to savings insurance fraud. In the meantime, the industry is predicted that Dongyang life as a Ko Suik, high-risk venture investment with negative margin due to concerns that has the right to sell insurance and savings unusual 'negative' petite insurance for.

Asset yields can be sustained at no more than 4 percent to a situation without such an aggressive move when the Oriental Life and Allianz Life itneunjineun is unknown. When a customer has paid premiums due to higher interest rates, but to put dolryeojwoya is because difficult to find a suitable investment that can achieve the desired yield a global trend prolonged low interest rates. According to the financial oriental life it is reportedly enlarged the other mortgage products to make up for it. Other loans include mortgage loans, including meat that is the last issue included the aquatic mortgage loans.

According to the insurance industry last October, based on loans and other cases of oriental life appeared to 2.0402 trillion won. This is more money than the Samsung, Hanwha, including Kyobo sum of the big three life insurers (100,003,761 million) in value, accounting for a whopping 20.40% of the total life insurance industry and other loans (10 billion). Delinquency has also exceeded the average score for the domestic life insurance companies 1.09% as of the end of last year, 17.45%.

Other items include a mortgage insurance policy, real estate, credit, loans for meat, seafood loans, personal property loans, such as social overhead capital (SOC), project finance (PF) is available. Other mortgage insurers in that it is a government bond yields have never affects less than 3% of safe assets, mainly investment loans can be an attractive alternative investment. But inevitably it risks even greater as higher interest rates.

However, Tong Yang Life is greatly concerned about this level is not announced. Tong Yang Life Insurance said, "the amount of 200 million of other loans are slightly inflated by the sum of the meat mortgage cases surfaced last year," he said.

Also, "If the garden of mortgage loans are concerned in the corner there is such current timber and fisheries, which account for a low percentage around 5% of total" and "Other is the including project financing (PF) and social overhead capital (SOC) foreign bonds while matching the side and focus on risk hedging, "he said. As part of the risk management Tong Yang Life Insurance it was also recently suspended the recruitment of interim products' CSS policyholders credit. Internally, the reason why it was changing the asset management policy based on the default rate is high.

Depending on despite these efforts, not otherwise have an alternative investment in the industry had expected such a move oriental life not lived. Industry insiders "high-yield products which sell oriental life, and Allianz Life seems aimed at short-term results," predicts a "IFRS17 when introducing these top-line growth strategies will not last long."

Etc. ◇ piggyback "China Money" Only free only

The voices come to dispel the concern that the capital of Eastern Life and Allianz Life Station Offensive 'doorstep after the Chinese group. Master bedroom Insurance Recent 528.3 billion won in Tong Yang Life Insurance, Allianz Life has shuffled a capital increase of 218 billion won. Just a few months after it was put into funds of nearly one trillion won to Korea within two companies.

Tong Yang Life Insurance was able to raise capital, boosting approximately 52.5% p for these 'blood transfusion', thanks to the end of last year, stayed solvency (RBC) ratio 182.0% 234.5% on the doorstep insurance cases largely qualitative.

The Tong Yang Life official said, "capital increase" reflects one-off factors, according to Meat mortgages damage occurred in December last year since its establishment, including the maximum profit achieved a year miruge dwaetjiman a significant increase in protection-type monthly payment initial premium business base has become even harder. " will embark on a new leap forward based on the robust financial structure in accordance with, "he said.

Allianz Life also said that determine the capital increase of 218 billion won scale shareholders in the way the Council last month.

Through this capital increase Allianz Life are expected to increase further attract capital and financial soundness. Allianz Life has grown two hundred million won 170 in the previous year loss of a net loss of 253.3 billion won last year a consolidated basis. Officials predicted that the initial premium is reduced for it to be the biggest cause of the increase in policy reserves of the insurance liability adequacy test. Financial soundness indicators to assess the RBC ratio and also score lower than the life insurance industry average of 297.1% to 196.04% of last year in September criteria.

Through the subsequent rights offering doorstep Group raised the capital and financial soundness of Eastern Life and Allianz Life. At the same time, master bedroom with insurance increased shareholder ownership is expected to be pitching to enhanced responsible management of these insurers.

Financial authorities ahead of the introduction IFRS17 emphasis on ensuring the financial soundness of insurance companies are also showing concern about the appearance of aggressive moves and Allianz Life Insurance doorstep. But officials assess that "it shows confidence in securing financial stability through funding from the master bedroom group plans difficult to regulate," he said, "It is the year of granularity Asset Management Portfolio issue three, which manages the interest rate risk systematically seems." .

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Samsung Life Insurance, Meritz Evolution of cancer insurance '

This year the trend of [gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter Korea] insurance is a cancer insurance policy that guarantees to the cost of living. Because of increased survival rates of cancer patients to the development of medical technology, cancer diagnosis and surgery, as well as the conservation needs for a period of time grown with income loss.

According to the National Statistical Office showed that nearly 28% of all deaths due to cancer of the causes of death in 2015. In addition, five years relative survival rate for cancer patients occurred five years recent survey that more than 70%. Two out of three cancer patients survive more than five years that the talk.

As survival needs surgery to strengthen the insurance industry, jindanbi only guarantees the past was unlike temporary release after another payment type to monthly income or security screening product that pays for the cost of living every year in. In particular, it falls just right is to evaluate the situation for insurers to increase the protection-type insurance products sold in connection with the introduction IFRS17. Insurance industry officials have predicted a "coupled with this trend will be a cancer insurance market to continue living in the future." Naenwatda also expected that "the future will be added to the value-added services, such as cancer insurance products, as well as the cost of living guarantee health care to release more."

Among life insurers, Samsung Life Line of the "all-in-one insurance arm 'of non-life insurance lines attracts a particularly eye-catching, continue to receive monthly insurance arm" of Meritz Fire & Marine. In particular, the product of Meritz's assessment that appeared to have insurance price index 100.2 provides enhanced compared to existing guarantee a reasonable premium. Insurance Price Index is a sense that is lower than this value divided by 100 to see the net premium was calculated considering such a ratio in the Insurance Institute plus the industry average project cost is cheaper than the average.

Samsung Life 'all-in-one cancer insurance "will pay the monthly living expenses for up to five years with funding diagnosed when cancer diagnosis. Is divided into temporary payment type and the persons die according to claims payment scheme, a large customer needs for customers like any existing diagnosis of funds during cancer diagnosis date and payment type are expensive, the cost of living is when you select the persons die. The newly introduced health care and herbal warranty is a feature of this new Samsung Life Insurance.

Customers who subscribe to a certain guaranteed amount for at least provides a "health care" five years after the cancer diagnosis. The customer received a diagnosis of cancer can be helped by such treatment if accompanied by a dedicated nurse, input and discharge procedures, post-treatment reservation request for health care services. Common services such as health advice or appointments are also available.

You may receive a "cancer herbal health guarantees riders" up to 100 million won (3rd line) even if the cheopyak prescription clinic after diagnosis join the case of herbal and acupuncture physiotherapy up to 10 million won (limit five times each).

In addition, through various sized Danam riders as well as cerebral hemorrhage, it broadened the range of guarantees, such as acute myocardial infarction, acute cerebral infarction.

After you join an existing cancer care and cancer Rider Samsung Life, but has passed five years, was also developed its new "Add ensure accident-free customer riders' to customers that did not join the various insurance while. When you subscribe to this rider it becomes no restrictions such as cancer, typically after △ applied to join the insurance within 90 days of onset non-guaranteed, △ 1 years, Cancer Diagnosis Benefit 50% reduction payments.

Samsung Life official said, the saying "dweller mold one thing various owing to join, as well as products designed to ensure to the cost of living after cancer diagnosis," "Especially the newly introduced health care services are a great help in finding their emotional stability cancer will be, "he said.

Of Meritz '(no) Meritz month to continue receiving cancer care, cancer treatment will continue to pay a monthly 100 to 2,000,000 won, until the nation's first cancer occurs, cancer cells can not. Cancer occurs one year after the payment of monthly insurance payments if cancer remains the insurance is extended to one year. It is also characterized by new cancer occurrence could add to, or even recurrence or metastasis receive a monthly payout up to 100 years on a yearly basis until the end of cancer treatment.

Insurance of this product are available from age 0 up to 65 years and can choose when to update your subscription type and non-renewal type. Update type is automatically renewed annually up to 20 100 years. In addition, you can also add a variety of guarantees associated with cancer, surgery, radiation cancer treatment drugs, cancer therapy directly to cancer treatment, such as hospitalization day.

Meritz officials to pay for insurance as a condition for continued treatment of saying, "This product is not a point differentiated from existing products to pay the insurance until the treatment end up even occur several cancers up to 100 years old," "real cancer because of the product rational structure that can substantially reduce the burden of cancer treatment costs, "he said.

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· Is gimhaejun yusangho "The old building syrinx"

Showed that in the old Korea Seo Hye Rin financial newspaper reporter] Korea Investment & Securities yusangho CEO, Kyobo Securities secret of long-term reappointment gimhaejun president's performance. Despite the year-on-year net profit dropped significantly, sales of securities, and last year, Korea Investment succeeded cease prior to the 16.7% decrease in net connections.

Kyobo Securities was sexually not bad except for the fourth quarter recorded a, 40 billion deficit, but the connection net income decreased 21.08% over the previous year. In particular, among the top 10 under the magnetic medium-sized brokerage based in the capital he has proudly ranked first.

Yusangho president was to guard the doorstep of Korea Investment eleven consecutive years since the March shareholders meeting. Gimhaejun president fills a two-year term success, next year will rise in the last four reappointment to the rank CEO 10 years longevity. Each company gave high marks to its CEO in that it raised to the maximum performance of the securities over the long term.

◇ secret iteotne solid track record in the IB

Korea Investment & Securities posted a net connection and an operating profit of 299.9 billion won last year's 237.2 billion won. Respectively 16.7% compared to 2015 levels, down 17.5%, but when compared with the KB Securities, Mirae Asset Daewoo, Samsung Securities recorded a 'earnings shock "to the trading value decreased and bond losses are Shem geodun the good performance of the equity capital 4,000,000,000,000 Club .

For the same period, Kyobo Securities, net 62.3 billion won connecting, operating profit rose to 72.2 billion won. Respectively, compared to 21.08% the previous year, decreased by 25.85%. Kyobo Securities unsatisfactory performance, but also, among small and medium-sized domestic securities purchased under the capital of 300 billion won (end of 2016 a consolidated basis) over 1 trillion won has spearheaded beating effortlessly Eugene Investment & Securities, HMC Investment Securities, KTB Securities.

Korea Investment and Kyobo Securities were all relatively less impact due to sluggish market conditions caused by the financial companies (IB) sector strong. Korea Investment & Securities 4Q08 only earned 20 billion won a commission to arrange overseas real estate acquisition. The IB sector revenues are driven real estate assessment could be offset by a decrease in trading value and bond losses.

Kyobo Securities was offset by losses due to decreased trading value through project financing (PF) and structured finance (SP) related to asset-backed sector acquisitions and financial advisory strong. Only last year, the sector recorded a profit of 400 billion, up 15% compared to the previous year.

Kyobo Securities said, "activate the recession real estate industry and parties continue the ongoing refinancing issuance and Ko Suik structured finance advisory Dill progress and promising company IPO (IPO), etc., and improved performance," he said. "In the past the first half of Magog, the district office development business, Henan Mass was in progress, such as the securitization of land, the second half of the engine's Technology, Inc. listed on the Kosdaq, all tours Ritz succeeded in Kospi traded Sponsor representatives, "he said.

As such Kyobo Securities naeteumyeo the largest net profit of 78.9 billion won last in 2015 with strong IB results, performance has continued to rise steadily until 3Q10. Korea Investment & Securities has a bar too reap a net profit of 284.8 billion won in 2015 to embellish the best performance in eight years.

Last year net profit of 2007 (307.7 billion won) annual profit after a high level after the second in 2015. Solid earnings is not an exaggeration to say that the success of the second term longevity CEO.

◇ 4-quarter earnings fell ... Why juggling bonus

But the record Kyobo Securities and Korea Investment & Securities last year, all net connections and revenues decreased quarter recorded a poor performance may vary.

Operating profit of the domestic securities firms are the most keoteuna decline in the fourth quarter of last year, Korea Investment & Securities in the second quarter decline was the largest. Rather fourth quarter, scored a net profit of 601 billion won. Qoq, but it decreased to 13%, were four times more than the fourth quarter of 2015, 13.4 billion won.

On the other hand, Kyobo Securities 4Q08 dolahseomyeonseo to 4 billion won deficit yieojyeotdeon earnings sharply kkeokyeotda the third quarter. 2015 fourth quarter loss due to conversion naetgi a solid profit of 19.7 billion won in the fourth quarter was more pronounced.

Despite the poor performance the last minute, Kyobo Securities gimhaejun salary was president of vertical rise. Last year, President gimhaejun it received a total of 781.98 million won, which is the amount increased 74% when compared with 450.66 million won receipts in 2015. According to the published data, President Kim appears to have gotta priced at 515 million won bonus to the basic salary received 249 million won. Kyobo Securities side reveals that the calculated "to respond quickly to market conditions, ongoing business capability given the highest points achieved sustained performance in expansion and a management strategy focused on high-growth sectors" to bonuses.

Kyobo Securities of the salary rise is not specific to CEO. Gimhaejun president took office in 2008 exceptionally, the average annual salary of employees was rising steadily. Except to 58.05 million won in 2012, 2011 (59.9 million won) and a slight decrease was rising for seven years. Last year, it showed an increase of 7.6% compared to an average of 1 million received a 1.18 million won, in 2015 (94.06 million won).

Yusangho president last year's receipts (848,800,000 won basic salary, bonus 1,572,780,000 won) ranked fifth in the industry 2,421,580,000 won. Gwonyongwon Kiwoom president had a record year above 29 take 1 billion 5 million won, took the second place yungyeongeun KB Securities president to 2.702 billion won. Besides, choehuimun accounted for Meritz Securities, the third president of the CEO received 2.681 billion won, followed by President securities instead Dragon kept the fourth place with 2.637 billion won.

◇ improve the high incidence of urgent complaints

Yusangho dismay of President receiving the industry's highest level of bonuses based on the solid performance of high civil cases chatter.

In this year's New Year message, President yusangho were presented to employees to challenge the full settlement of the "customer-centric business. He said, "will be created to finance the first year of zero accidents fully settle the business about the customer first" atda night wedge.

The oil boss suggested this target point, because there are many cases of complaints Korea Investment & Securities Compared to other securities. The number of complaints in 2015, Korea Investment & Securities was the most common cases of the 234 major securities firms, 13 securities firms a major proportion of complaints accounted for Korea Investment & Securities Complaints accounted for 21%.

In the fourth quarter of 2016 civil cases Korea Investment & Securities totaled as much as compared to 37 cases Hyundai Securities (10 cases), Daishin Securities (17 cases), and a financial investment (20 cases), NH Investment & Securities (24 cases).

Yusangho president of "securities shall should work with the attitude of all employees' youngeopmaen" of seven soldiers handcuffed where no one has the attitude of 'positive' out loud with the best end of the food chain "is known for its customer priority philosophy. Room of his customers 'priority attention' philosophy should be to achieve in business seems to be yet.

Yusangho president, he majored in business administration at Yonsei University completed a Master of Business Administration from the University of Iowa Rio. After joining Daewoo in 1988 he played an outstanding ability, etc. Since 1992, worked at Daewoo Securities in London local law until 1999, establishing a new record for the sale of 5% of the daily trading volume alone, South Korea.

From 1999 to forgo Meritz Securities managing director receives twice the 2002 gimnamgu Scouts offer of Korea Investment Holdings Vice transferred to the predecessor of Dongwon Securities Korea Investment and Securities. Since Dongwon Securities through wholesale jinaetgo Korea Investment & Securities Head of the Planning and Executive Vice President, President, Vice President were elected to the CEO position in March 2007.

Gimhaejun president was born in South Jeolla Province Jangheung 1957 came the jangheunggo and Chonnam National University Department of Economics. The securities industry had took its first steps through Daewoo Securities, in 2005, Kyobo transferred the seat in securities. Since forgo Corporate Finance Director, Project Finance Director, IB Investment Director was appointed as CEO in June 2008.

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[19 duty-free industry of the crisis] 中 Saad retaliatory aftermath, duty-free sales in March decreased by 19%

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea] Korean high-altitude missile defense systems (THAAD · Sadd) posted sharply reduced domestic duty-free sales in March in retaliation of the Chinese economy due to. Three of the Chinese authorities conducted from mid-July, the Chinese group tourists of Korea Tourism ban 'is greatly affected.

According to the 16th Customs duty-free sales in the domestic industry in March this year was recorded 1.0593 trillion won. Last February a 18.8% (245.7 billion), decreased levels than revenue.

Domestic sales of duty-free industry has seen an increase in 1000000000001 128.8 billion won this year, in February 1.305 trillion won. But last month, reducing the Chinese people visit and was reflected in its aftermath is intact.

Last year, foreign visitors, only 46.8% (806 million) of 1720 patients were available for the Chinese people. Last year, sales of the entire market volume of 12.3 trillion won Duty Chinese tourists is amounted to 8 trillion won 600 billion, which accounted for 70% of total sales.

However, according to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Korea in March, Chinese tourists tourist ban enforcement declined 39.1% compared to last year's sales also fell motive of Duty jjogeura than the previous month.

Duty as they increase the uncertainty of the market duty-free and reduced Chinese tourists has called for measures prepared by the government. Such as a requirement of the duty-free temporary rent reductions and the abolition of the limit on purchases nationals.

The actual reduction in Chinese tourists and a small duty free shop is located in the province hit a direct hit. Recently it ipjeom City in Cheongju Airport Duty 4 has failed to do monthly rent paid in advance on the airport side. Since implementation two months paid leave to employees subject to half, and the employees are being paid only 80% of the salary paid during the vacation.

DF3 section of IIA Terminal 2 (T2) also hit the situation that due to the uncertainty yuchal increase in the duty-free industry. Incheon International Airport Corporation 17 (today) 6:00 batjiman bid application of DF3 area reportedly has not seen the company bid the doctor today.

4 companies such as Lotte Duty Free Shop and Hotel Shilla (Shilla Duty Free Shop), New World Dieppe, Hanwha Galleria Incheon International Airport T2 duty-free within the DF1 (cosmetics), DF2 (alcohol, tobacco and food) only naseotji the zone bidding to sell fashion and accessories bid DF3 areas that may have given up. The industry is a description such as high rents (64.6 billion won), foreign luxury brands to attract and manage hiatus dwaetdaneun bid waiver background.

Duty-free industry has sought to diversify and expand inside the domain, such as the promotion targeting domestic tourists, according to the nationality of a sudden worsening market conditions. However, in the corner of the big voices of these two movements inadequate substitute for the absence of Chinese tourists now.

A duty-free industry official said, "Southeast Asia and Muslim tourists can come up with an alternative to the Chinese tourists, but that their customers costs low is true that compared to Chinese tourists." "It is even shell height of the effort, but hard to avoid sales hit a reality," he explained did.

Another industry official said, "The bus matrix of the Chinese group tourists ohdeon lined up on duty-free and disconnected if old" and "the Chinese group tourists instead of Chinese bundle on their gamyeo purchasing domestic cosmetics mainly large decline in sales than you think, avoid, but the situation very difficult, "he said.

Customs consider the recent worsening market conditions, decided to postpone the starting date of the new duty-free sales operators. It is also planning to extend the allowance to pay patent fees due in accordance with the division of paid duty-free sales decline.

Hyundai Department Store said, "watching the market situation as being worse market conditions will determine the opening delay" is the position. Side of Dieppe New World "will, as we will Shin Junghi determine the relevant issues as the preparation should aim to open this year, and it is certain this one, the opening delay allowed policy," he said.

Among the duty-free industry facing a firestorm Saad Lotte Duty Free and Shilla Duty Free is deulyigo the ball on the overseas markets in order to overcome the crisis.

Deseo in overseas markets, expanding awareness is raising Buying Power, form the economies of scale, such as cost savings through this overseas expansion of duty-free is important. In addition, also to diversify the tourists out deseo concentrated on Chinese tourists overseas expansion of duty-free shops are seen as essential.

July comes first Lotte Duty Free Thailand subsidiary to open a duty-free shop in downtown Bangkok, capital of Thailand. It said last year alone, March 4 months to 1 year after opening a duty-free shop in Tokyo Ginza This Lotte Duty Free is followed by Jakarta city points and the airport points, Tokyo, Ginza and Kansai Airport Branch, Guam airport that operates Bangkok duty-free shops It has been able to.

Lotte side is reported to play a role Bangkok duty-free shops are open also to fruition now jump global duty free industry ranked 3rd Lotte Duty Free is one step. 3rd Global duty-free operator, Lotte Duty Free naejwotda 2 olrimyeo the top spot (worth 4.64 trillion won) in revenue in 2015 based on a total of 3.75 billion euros to the United States narrowly DFS Group. 2015 DFS scored a turnover of 70 million euros 37 million.

Hotel Shilla selected as the recent Hong Kong chep and duty-free operators rakkok International Airport won both my goodwill, followed by cosmetics and perfume Area 3 Asia International Airport in Incheon Airport and Singapore Changi Airport. Chep rakkok the airport business is expected to open the end of the year, you can operate a duty free shop until 2024.

Shilla Duty Free is the last in 2012, Singapore's Changi International Airport duty-free shops, such as the Macau International Airport and operates a foreign duty free shops around the airport duty-free shops there last November opened a duty-free shop in downtown Phuket, Thailand.

In the end of this month to open a Japanese retailer Takashimaya (高 島 屋), All Nippon Airways (ANA) established by All Nippon Airways downtown duty-free firms and joint ventures based in Tokyo, Japan Shinjuku. Hotel Silla is added As reported over 1 trillion or more to achieve annual overseas sales to the existing duty free Hong Kong international airport duty-free shops.

Hotel Silla said, "there is currently generating sales of 500 billion won from overseas duty-free shops, for the Hong Kong International Airport opened the door further expects to raise additional revenue of about 500 billion won," he said.

Meanwhile, the industry pointed out that with the domestic duty-free situation does differ significantly from the so-called "bubble" at the time that the duty-free shops closed down one after another sharp drop in Japanese tourists in the 1990s, holding his head.

Duty Free Korea had started to apply for EPS introduced in 1986, and I have seongeop was lowered barriers to entry go through the Asian Games, the Olympic Games 1988 in 1986. Thanks heaps boom in foreign tourists in 1989 was about the number of duty-free city of the country to reach 29. But compared to the number of duty-free market maneundeda the main customer base of Japanese tourists was so duty-free era did not last long.

1990s and the collapse of the economic bubble in Japan duty free industry is close to the Paradise Duty Free, etc. The Shilla Duty Free Shop, Seoul, Busan door beaten in the 1990 direct hit. After the 10 places in 1996 shut the door standing after the 1997 financial crisis comes along downtown duty free shops was reduced to 11. Since 2003, Hanjin had been returned to duty-free patents, 2010 AK (Ae) also becomes larger the deficit had to return the licenses.

Since chidat was in the early 2010s peak of Hallyu in China it began to fill the space of Chinese tourists are Japanese tourists. In the first half thanks in Seoul geuchyeotdeon Duty 6 in 2015 has increased ahead of the 13 pieces by the end of this year. Downtown Duty Free in Seoul ahead of the opening is a modern duty-free trade center point, the New World Duty Free Central Point City, Tower City, duty-free shops.

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Citibank, what stores radical strategy success

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporters - Citibank Korea (CEO bakjinhoe, less than Citibank)) embarked on this point greatly reduced. Foreign banks, including Citibank, have received generous assessment that the domestic profit reduction in capital outflows through the meantime, high dividend policy. Here the employment generating capacity is reduced to the point where if progress is to be decreased is room to receive criticism that focused on generating short-term profits greater than the long-term corporate management. Foreign banks withdrew Korea market story is a story appearing frequently in the banking industry.

◇ branch greatly reduced, firestorm concerns

It announced the Citibank Consumer Finance Group Branches Management Strategy in late March and the current 126 (branch offices, including consumer banking branches basis) 25 points, leaving only the remainder naenwatda plans of closing. Recent commercial banks is a strategy for closing the most radical branches like Citibank had come to the store customers showing reduced non-face-to-face transactions hwalbalhae point reduction movement. This will also occur if the situation is not even a Citibank branch one place in the local area. Jeju, Changwon and Ulsan, Cheonan, Cheongju is inde situation in gotman a point on an existing process is all closed in this decision. The complaint is the background and financial concerns accidents increases.

In fact, the Financial Supervisory Service to avoid accidents due to financial, human resources point reduction to commercial banks started to strengthen accident prevention activities. FSB opened a "workshop for strengthening internal controls, which last 12 days banking compliance officers and compliance and internal audit department manager in charge of attendance.

You can bank employees in 2016 it was 114,775 people, sales people are more than the previous year in 7103 where branches are 2,248 people, down where the situation 175. Customers will suffer a bank employee confusion not know the facts before the store consolidation, or are not familiar with the staff after the relocation work is held in order to reduce the case that the financial crash. Typically, if there are stores I found a branch went to repay the loan consolidation-related complaints are old and location vary dwaetdaneun the arrears.

Citibank side beyond the 90% non-face-to-face transaction is julyigetda stance is the least side effects on the situation. But this union with Citibank questions are being deployed to produce video content will replace the bank, as they cause discomfort if customers do not have to be directly traveled to find the spot.

◇ Company vs Employee disagreement

Brendan Carney Citibank Consumer credit geurupjang is that "the next generation of consumer finance strategy is a strategy needed in the process of reshaping the financial services industry as a supplier mainly to finance consumer-oriented, the pursuit of harmony and synergy of facing channels and the non-face-to-face channels." This He explained the strategy. In addition, "there is a need to extend financial help consumers to access financial services from anywhere, regardless of location. The Customer Focus Center, Customer Value Center to introduce the same new spirit is out of the financial professionals rather than create a call center from a traditional branch channels extend to the mobile, Internet and digital channels. Workforce reductions in the next generation of consumer financial strategy execution process is not planned at all, "he added.

But this contradicts the position that the company is described in the internal Citibank. It is a policy that critics have called a relative and only rich people are excluded from the services harms the public nature of the banks to which Citibank may well increase the asset management center called non-face-to-face with leading channel. Asset Management Center main goal is to increase revenue from sales to substitute products.

Another is telling employees that provide balanced opportunities for flexible working schedule as work-life local branch staff geotinde get parenting problems due to gyeokji bachelor nonexistent measures for this suspicion the ref will eventually lead to natural retirement It has.

◇ ve new bonds also give existing employees plates

Due to the Citibank branch closure strategy existing staff seemed anxious to employment stability. Citibank union in a statement "the group consumer banking branches operating strategy, the opposition said, and went the wrong way do not think the staff entrance. The union is looking ahead as pre-work for large-scale workforce restructuring against the decision of the management.

According to a Citibank branch union employees missing in store integration it is partially incorporated into certain points the rest argued that go into Customer Value Center (inbound) and Customer Focus Center (outbound). Customer Value Center services are regular customers to a mobile, high net worth customers are guided to WM (Asset Management) Center. Customer Focus Center will work similar to the work of existing handles telemarketing department, where a card loans primarily sold.

The reason for their opposition is that such employees did not consider the issue of the geochwi those areas that it is unfair to give a moving call center work primarily in the context accumulated branch experience. Another perspective is that you can not agree how to enter that ensure reliability through face-to-face dealings with the problem of neglect of local customers needs publicity hinder the bank with yen. The union went on in a manner corresponding to the first point plan to protest in front of our shop.

There are also likely to undermine the strategy of domestic employment. Citibank has not conducted a new bond between the years progress, only small occasional hiring Experienced oriented. Disappeared from the existing situation to the point it goes to the transferred portion of the call center services are good jobs will have been lost to mass-produce a relatively poor job.

Sector to foreign banks contributed to the country's trend that steadily shrinking. Typically there is a social contribution, according to the Bank of Social Contribution Activities Report, which is published annually, the Bank Association of Foreign Banks Social Contribution amounts are steadily declining since 2012. Full rate also two bank accounts in the total related costs of banks have fallen to less than 2.21% until the last in 2015, and three years later showed a 4.84% in the last half of 2012.

◇ grow anxious to respond in the event of accidents Poor

Branches and staff are all reduced to solving existing problems Citibank skills are also in doubt sector. The accident occurred because the deal is insufficient precedents. The thinking is done at the 28 illegal withdrawals from customer accounts, Citibank branches in Thailand over the last 8-9 days to close cases have occurred. Chungho that occurred in March will not cache ATM (Automatic Teller Machine), 60 master criminals use this information gotta been infected with malicious code card information were stolen massive outflow of money over Thailand.

So far eoteuna not a problem only for Citibank and other banks have different ways in the follow-up. FSS is required to identify a malware infection of the fact that ATM beforehand and take action on the 35 banks and credit card companies, including Citibank. However, Citibank did not follow actively the FSS requirements. The remaining financial institutions, except for Citibank are blocked prior to withdrawing the application is coming from overseas ATM and took steps to take to contact the customer to check if you are a person deal. According to the Citibank financial reportedly not deployed to customer interaction guidelines due to hacking incidents on the spot. Precautionary measures and post-treatment were both insufficient. Citibank is a stance because many customers are uncomfortable in size than other bank cards abroad did not take the case being done.

◇ repeated up to three high dividend controversy, reflux that tricks

Citibank was 360 won per share for common stock, preferred stock 410 won per share in March, held a general meeting of shareholders to dividend. Total 1145 dividend is 79,170,570 won billion. But decreased by 1.3% (W 1.6 billion) than 116.2 billion won in the previous year, and subjected to two years in a row above 100 billion won dividend. Last year, net income of Citibank was 6% decrease compared with the previous year to 212.1 billion won. Profit rose further, but the odds line. Dividend payout ratio of Citibank highest among commercial banks to 49.8%. Dividend payout ratio of domestic banks is 20% of the average-to-multipoint.

Citibank has half net transfer abroad with the majority shareholder. Citibank is Citibank's Overseas Investment (COIC) Citigroup's subsidiary holds a 99.9% stake in ordinary shares will not be retained.

Only make money in the country has been pointed out that the first profits abroad is repeated every year. Here are suspected Citibank has raised the dividend further in order to avoid reflux years. Corporate income tax reflux are institutions that do not use more than 80% of a company's profit on investment and wage growth, dividend tax of 10% of the amount below. In the case of financial services such as capital investment with little or no service to write more than 30% of the year's profit, except for investments in wage increases and dividend tax may be avoided. Citibank has received about 16 billion years reflux apply by 2015. It is the only bank jungeseon.

Dividend payout ratio of Citibank were already applied in 2015, it received a three-year reflux. Citibank is the time spent 116.1 billion won 41.6% of consolidated net profit of 279.3 billion won in dividends. Considering that this year's dividend payout ratio increased further to 49.8% Shem is difficult to avoid the more intellectual posted a higher dividend to eventually do pay taxes than to choose investments and wage increases to help the domestic economy.

Citibank is the position even if no piece was then subjected to high dividend issue possess excellent asset quality. Late last year, based on the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) capital adequacy ratio of Citibank is the highest among domestic banks with 18.58%. There are also two own justification Citibank position in respect of the three reflux. Citibank Lotta transactions, foreign banks once the nature of the type derived ttaraseon derivatives trading losses are deducted from net income. However, the income tax base is more likely to receive a derivatives trading losses have not been deducted income tax years applied reflux listed higher compared to commercial banks. Other sonbi recognized in part have adverse side compared to domestic banks.

The banking industry is also the appearance of foreign banks to raise their hands in high dividend controversy. Hayounggu enriched Korea Federation of Banks chapter Year's second entry in the press conference only to banks high dividend foreign shareholders' equity in the "bank for the intellectual advantageous, and high asset quality, if the dividend is that the year one surface provisioning scale even higher How about me again, "he said. And President, saying "the world is the dividend payout ratio in our country is one of the low country." "In particular, the Bank is not a growth stock" and "The shares should have an attractive investment dividends," he explained.

And chairman of the argument is interpreted as a position on the controversial happens only when the dividend season. Dividend policy is at the center of controversy due to concerns about capital outflows, but at the sole discretion of the bank, more than half of the shareholders are foreign investors, the situation for shareholders to maximize profits. President and captured the body for more than 30 years in Citibank as Citibank origin.

Foreign banks, including Citibank now has recorded a lower level than some local banks. Nevertheless, rather than increasing sales capacity in the near future the appearance cling to short-term operating costs and labor costs and earnings expansion. This is why Citibank Korea market withdrawal controversy is repeated.

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