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"Suicide claims' white flag in surrender Samsung Life Financial Supervisory ... Discuss additional payments

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporters] to get the look and feel of one year of unpaid jungjinggye suicide Samsung Life Insurance Financial Supervisory eventually surrendered.

According to Samsung Life Insurance Industry on the 28th to open soon, the Council reportedly to discuss ways to pay additional insurance suicide.

Samsung Life has been open for the last 23 days, including jungjinggye FSS CEO warning censure and 3 months suspended some operations in the sanctions Committee. Accordingly, also re-elected president it was ahead of next month's Kim, Chang - Su Samsung Life became opaque. CEO received a warning censure because they can not be re-elected.

Kyobo Life Insurance, will pay the entire unpaid claims suicide cases' ceremony to sanction spirited opened just a few days ago and it changed its position. Sinchangjae President unpaid three companies (Samsung, Hanwha, Kyobo), if possible reappointment of the CEO as the sole owner haeseoda be concerned about how serious blow to the stable management.

As a result sinchangjae Kyobo Life President it was able to keep the chairwoman receive a warning rather than a liberal censure warning from the Financial Supervisory Service.

Samsung Life Insurance is also one suddenly turning this position seems not unrelated. In the insurance industry, even if the latest Lee Jae Yong Kim, Chang - Soo leave the place behind Samsung Electronics vice president came on the prospect of redemption could fall into serious reigns spaces.

Yippun as Samsung Life receives some sales suspension will not be able to three years new businesses that require the approval of the financial authorities. In this situation already receiving financial charges, including Lee Jae-yong favors the holding companies established in the process of preparing a vice around the holding company of Samsung Life course transition is expected to be happen to see a lot of notice of the financial authorities. The departure of the actuary (FC) can not sell life insurance products such as life insurance companies are also expected to focus on possible situations.

Samsung Life Insurance has announced that it will pay in January September 2014 the Financial Supervisory Service, based on the recommendations made payment for accrued unpaid claims suicides from 2012 until 2014, suicide claims to customers. Also it starring agreed to fund the Foundation for Suicide Prevention outstanding cases from January 24, 2011 made possible sanctions such as fines for the violation of the Terms of Insurance Business until September 05, 2012.

For the previous claims cases January 24, 2011 held to the position that you can not pay the insurance money. The Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) 'basic documents (agreement) compliance violation' Regulations enacted in the wake of this Act violations in a timely manner, because there is no basis for making an FSS sanctioned in previous claims cases.

If Kyobo 's insurance payments before suicide' Samsung Life also along the strands of life catch is expected to be more lenient than the level which was originally sanctions resolution.

Kyobo Life also soon to change the attitude that life Hanwha Samsung Life maintained a 'part payment' position as the industry predicts surrender.

Hanwha Life official said, "there is a possibility that the reaction in the inside out according to the movement of Samsung Life side.

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Handsome, SK Networks signed a final agreement to acquire 300 billion won in the fashion sector

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Hyundai Department Store Group based fashion firm Handsome finalize the acquisition of the fashion division of SK Networks jobs and sets out a full-scale operation.

Handsome has signed a final purchase agreement for the entire April 28, SK Networks said fashion business day. The final acquisition price is 3000 billion. Handsome signed a sales agreement is also positive for the full year, SK Networks fashion division, after recently conducted a due diligence process to.

Handsome said, "it has signed a contract with SK Networks fashion sector imported brands The sales positive also in the contract process" and "especially transitions contract period long-term and secured improve royalty payment terms for business stability and profitability," he said.

Handsome The final acquisition agreement entered into by its subsidiary, Handsome global and SK Networks Fashion businesses held by imported brands Tommy Hilfiger · DKNY · CK · Club Monaco, throwing away how, American Eagle, the domestic brands objects, Oz Second through modern Jian F. corporation Second floor Lounge · · · Luz and were 12 such SJYP · operate the yoni Steve J & P.

Handsome as SK Networks has acquired fashion sector finalizing plans to get into a full-fledged brand rebuilding 'work.

First, objects, launches Oz Second, Second floor, including redevelopment of the SK Networks brand of women's fashion sector. · SJSJ systems such as Lee Myung-jin casual business manager in charge of women's casual brand (Managing Director) and Handsome global womenswear responsible for it was appointed as creative director (CD). The part to re-establish the brand identity and strengthen the sangpumryeok.

By another for more than 10 years, SK Networks recruited led jojunhaeng representative of the fashion business, Tommy Hilfiger · DKNY · CK, such as secured her popularity and diversify the distribution channels of imported brand, expand product lines differentiated value by brands the initiative reassuring customers.

In addition, Hyundai Department Store Group is planning to invest over the next five years, SK Networks MD competitiveness and infrastructure, including 200 billion won over the fashion business in the fashion sector to raise the fashion industry as a key growth driver for the group.

Hyundai Department Store Group official said, "The SK Networks to enhance its competitiveness through its own fashion brand large investments over a long period of time based on the fashion business-related resources and capabilities of the group, also it plans to maximize synergies and Handsome fashion business."

The proceeds of Handsome Handsome subsidiary of the global and modern Jian F. promotions targeted at the fashion division of SK Networks SK Networks 12 Fashion up to 5 days before coming to celebrate the brand acquired two brands. 10% discount to customers who purchase the product in 12 brand stores during the promotion period, they provide 10% additional mileage.

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Will Samsung Life 'Kim, Chang - Su save the president' fruition

Beotideon Samsung Life continues even jungjinggye measures [Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Financial Supervisory Service eventually decided to pay a suicide claims in full. If you fail to Kim, Chang - Soo, president reappointed seems Fearing management space that can occur.

April 28, according to the latest Samsung Life Insurance industry is reportedly promised verbally committed suicide claims paid in full to the Financial Supervisory Service.

Samsung Life is soon expected to vote on the Board of Directors to open such content.

In the meantime changed 'part payment' stance gosuhae carefully Samsung Life suddenly seems not to blame for admission ohdeon jungjinggye issued a high water level than expected.

FSS Sanctions Committee CEO is three months censure and warnings to halt sales of Samsung Life last month, some 23 days, the decision was up to 890 million won in fines.

The same day, the morning of Samsung Life held a Board of Directors made a resolution to raise the March shareholders' meeting agenda that the president re-elected Kim, Chang - Soo. Samsung Life Insurance sanctions thus a high strength seems unexpected at all. When you receive the warning censure CEO because they can not be re-elected for three years, as well as finance officer. Samsung Life nor conceal his embarrassment immediately after the sanctions announcement said, "was an unexpected decision jungjinggye've been trying to solve a gentle '.

In response, the industry predicted that "the remaining 30 days will determine the president Kim, Chang - Su shelter. One case has been confirmed to be re-elected because the remaining term of office to defend.

FSS has reportedly submitted a plan to the inner circumference of the decision made in a Sanctions Committee Finance Committee. The FSC plenary meeting scheduled on March 8th and 22nd there seems to be no later than 22 yen ilkke disciplinary action has been confirmed. Samsung Life Insurance is that the Board of Directors finalizes the re-election of President Kim, Chang - Soo is 24 days.

Kyobo Life Insurance, will pay the entire thing suicide claims payable "on the day the appeal and changed the position.

Reflecting such information, Kyobo Life has received a relatively low discipline. Unlike received more than what chanamgyu Kim, Chang - Soo, president of Samsung, Hanwha Life 'censure warning' sinchangjae Kyobo Life President was able to keep the chairwoman accept the 'liberal alert.

Of course, Samsung Life has suddenly turning stance is based not give the FSS sanctioned immediately by lowering the water level. However, President Kim, Chang - Su Samsung Life sees 28 days jimyeonseo reportedly visited the FSS directly ahead as the industry "will talk about some kind of ohgateul.

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Samsung rooms dismantling the US side effects weight concerns

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper News] Samsung Group control tower future strategy room (not all rooms) Let dismantle the Sudan was gushing voice concerns about transitional spaces and confusion.

Such concerns are one days is expected in two months, Samsung continues to lead the April 28 was announced even before it was seolwangseolrae swaesinan rooms, including the US dismantled favorite authentic sphere of influence, according to financial stakeholders.

Samsung 28 days last month explained that "according to the US affiliates of Samsung rooms are dismantled will be an autonomous management in the future." The subsidiary chief executive officer (CEO) and the board is going to talk to Hannah's sole management, autonomous judgments and decisions.

But it is pointed out that cross-shareholding relationship affiliates weigh look at the reality that linked the control tower lost In the state can increase risk management into.

Samsung has announced that the main point swaesinan demand the abolition council presidents, President demolition work organization, such as riding association president resigned four and Future Strategy Department dismantled.

Samsung has officially declared the rooms while dismantling the US through its affiliates are swaesinan announced the switch body and a autonomic management accountability around the CEO and Board of Directors. Dunn encompass the entire group to dismantle the US all rooms feature control tower was lost. The employees 250 people, including the vice president Choi Gee-sung take on the future implementation strategy will also be converted into each placed both companies.

In addition to year-end demand for the abolition of council presidents chief executive officer (CEO) seminars, dinners new officers, new recruits bonds showed a strong commitment and training, including group-wide naegetdaneun while eliminating completely erase the shadow of all the Group's business activities.

But there is also growing concern voiced about the disappearance of the control tower at the situation affiliates stars autonomous management system is not fully established.

Remind future because of the reason that affiliate managers are not familiar with the horizontal order and facilitate the management yirwojilji by the companies they do not know if I can skillfully engage in organic collaboration with other companies.

And here there is a notable characteristic ways. Samsung's decision on this is that due to wrong themselves exposed at the gate choesunsil fact-finding process, not selected for future development doeja receive social criticism and a variety of fears and concerns in that it took place in the opposite class nature charm about it derived.

Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Vice is quite a few time to express a congressional hearing when regret or sadness about what you shuffled virtually dismantled by the US extension with the answers he would dismantle the rooms "shame" or "ahninya to a hasty jeukdap" Dunn reaction came out not.

A number of financial officials pointed out by the affiliates of the Samsung effort to establish self-management system would be ideal to follow this direction, albeit more realistic difficulty.

For a large number of various Samsung affiliates field, and adjust the work was expected to require no forced organizations responsible for distributing the time being, it is more difficult dakchige.

A core group of affiliates is an official "quick market response and adaptability counted as one of the competitiveness of Samsung was one of fact, the US should look sungineung of rooms," he said.

Quick judgment and execution, Samsung will conduct an orderly fashion thanks to this system, there was a side that can engage in one step faster response than its competitors in the global market.

Vice President Lee Jae-yong braking is caught in the reorganization of the business group ohdeon actively pursue after virtually took over the management.

Defense industry, the sale of non-chemical groups such as (非) core power and was envisioned that the "selection and focus" mainly the core business can lose power without control towers Group.

Food of the future long-term perspective, now low, income is also necessary investment in core competencies such as the limits of professional managers with no choice but to focus on short-term earnings.

Group B one official said, "increase the global market share in the sales strategy to increase your affiliate constantly in collaboration synergies with new technology and products in response to the industrial revolution, the fourth control tower is rather more important role is larger raise." After he was worried that "matters or will there be different this association affiliated groups in accordance with the issue affiliates by planning and strategy part is greater inefficiencies If you need to continue dividing the communication and sympathy for each separate move matters in horizontal order."

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[March advertising model Brand Reputation] share above 1, No. 2 Kim Go-Eun, No. 3 Park Bo-young

[Korea yichangseon financial newspaper reporters] were analyzed in March 2017 monthly advertising model, brand reputation survey results, 3rd Park Bo-young Kim Go-Eun shared second place one above.

Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation analyzes of 20 brands of dog 30,207,652 big advertising model data from January 2017 to February 2017 27 days 28 days to measure the traffic of brand engagement with consumers. In January, the big brand advertising model data decreased 44.26% compared 54.19726 million dogs.

Brand Reputation Index is an index extracted from the data, and the big brand consumer behavior analysis classified the participation value, communicating value and media value, social value and place the weights. The advertising model Brand Reputation Index analyzes the participation and consumer consumers affect the brand reputation index to analyze the communication factor affecting consumers.

New World Duty Free busanjeom expansion, toktok effect before ... "57% revenue rise '

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper News] New World Duty Free is offline busanjeom was based on 57% revenue growth in 11 months after a previous extension in March last year, Centum City Mall. Are believed shopping environment and accessibility, MD, infrastructure mad a big impact on sales as existing and differentiation.

New World Duty Free has a total area of ​​10,000 busanjeom to 1901㎡ (3600 square meters), it was about 27% wider than the existing store was located on Paradise Hotel. Of course, the store has widened gap between the store can be much more comfortable shopping. In addition, the station is directly connected to Metro Line 2 Centum City is convenient to use a group of tourists is good accessibility, to 3914 units equipped with large parking facilities.

New World Duty Free is busanjeom also features a diverse and differentiated MD. Equipped with luxury, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics and around 400 brands, and 80 new brands were first neighbor of Busan Duty Free.

Chloe this year, Zegna, etc. is expected to take further capture the attention of tourists to the various brands are expected to open further. In addition to the features that you can also enjoy shopping, gourmet infrastructure linked with the world's largest fashion and lifestyle mall Centum City Department Store Centum City Mall.

New World Duty Free busanjeom said, "As previously existing Paradise Hotel Centum City Mall gotta improve tourist accessibility Busan attractions and cruise tourism has increased the visitors greatly" and "especially domestic tourism show in Busan, including the International Film Festival" Busan " It was a lot higher up the boom Busan interest to foreign tourists, "he said.

Meanwhile, according to the announcement, Busan, Busan, locate the 2016 foreign tourists achieved the highest ever recorded increased 41.9% YoY to 2.966 million people.

This can be seen in figures over the total domestic foreign tourists by 30.3% yoy to score soared to visit Busan preferences of tourists compared to other regions. Among them, Chinese tourists recorded 94 million, showed a 70.1% increase compared to the previous year figures.

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LG Electronics builds a washing machine factory in Tennessee

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG Electronics builds a washing machine factory in Tennessee.

Giving LG Electronics TN 28 (local time) to Bill in Nashville, Tennessee materials Provincial Government Slam Governor, LG Electronics songdaehyeon H & A business division build a washing machine factory in Clarksville middle of the (President), juhyeonghwan industry generally and Energy Minister to attend It signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for.

LG Electronics has completed the land contract, design the production line until the first half of this year, plans to construction year.

The total investment is 250 million US dollars (about 282.5 billion won), until the first half of 2019 after the plant construction plans will soon go into production and sales.

This plant in the washing machine, washing machine Bin.Hello to create more than one million per year, LG Electronics is expecting.

From 2010 to review the candidates on LG Electronics plant workforce, infrastructure, cost competitiveness, such as tax benefits and decided to make a plant in Clarksville consider various incentives.

LG Electronics is 7000㎡ factory to build scale, only seven total floor area of ​​buildings on a land area of ​​1.25 million ㎡.

The new plant will contribute to local economic development through labor employment, local parts industry associations spread through the procurement, tax payments, etc. If after completion of the course, creating jobs in the construction period operations.

LG Electronics factories in the United States because jieumyeon ease the local burden tariffs to reduce logistics costs and transportation time even considering investment costs, including labor costs are expected to maintain the current level of cost competitiveness.

Further research and development, design, sales, production localization services gotta until after the entire business sector expects to raise consumer business capabilities in the United States.

So far, South Korea, LG Electronics on selling a washing machine in the United States produced in Asia is seen expects to strengthen the initiative of the US premium washing machine market through local production "major strategic markets of the US infrastructure, including local production for sustainable growth in I investment, as well as differentiated products and marketing investments create one such brand that customers envy, "said.

Meanwhile, Korean companies after it has entered the new government of the United States entered the process to build a factory in the US This is the first time. Samsung Electronics reported a situation that build electronics factory in the United States have already shown subsequently noted that the US investment company itttareul of Korea.

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[February issuer brand reputation - No. 1 Samsung Card, Shinhan Card No. 2, No. 3 KB Kookmin Card

[Korea yichangseon financial newspaper reporter] In February 2017 the domestic credit card company brand reputation survey results were analyzed by Samsung Card No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 KB Kookmin Card, Shinhan Card.

Korea Institute analyzes the company's reputation 9 27,447,975 domestic card brand big data to work from January 21, 2017 February 22, 2017 measured the participation and communication, and social capacity of consumers. Compared to January credit card company brand Big Data dogs had 22,142,441 23.96% increase. May 2 credit card company brand reputation analysis included newly NH cooperatives cards.

Brand Reputation Index is an index created by finding that the habits of online consumers have a significant impact on consumer brand, brand through big data analysis. Brand big data analysis can be measured geung negative assessment, the community spread, response and popularity of the content of the sources and interest, attention and traffic, consumer issues in the media about the brand. With the new media, including the February index card company brand reputation analysis was the change in reputation analysis algorithms.

'Catch bapjok soul!' CU convenience store convenient all-Food Marketing

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] CU (CU) is actively sets out to capture the soul bapjok that is emerging as a new power consumption. CU has launched a massive variety of food and deploying new products aimed at two months bapjok Horn focused promotional ganpyeonsik enhanced customer benefits.

CU is expected to increase by more than 50% higher than in March one months lunches, rice balls, launch new products expand the category of simple foods such as sandwiches circuit Note 2 in the existing weekly and daily goods can also be released.

First, in March, which accounts for 25% of all new product Easy food lunch is focused to young and old customers to differentiate than the main menu, depending on the variety amongst each target. In addition to product quality, expansion and upgrade and expand the ganpyeonsik promotion of various concepts.

CU customers who apply for a lunch, Sushi, hamburgers, etc. Simple food and HERYOO, Giant jeukseoksik total receipts lucky number output targets more than 200 kinds of products of more than 3,000 won to purchase auto CU homepage or membership app (my own and hold) target continues to contest.

Prize is 1 million won gift certificates Ikea furniture (10), Xie US Air Purifiers (50), it passes honbap ₩ 10,000 (1000 patients). Customers also purchased Bento 10 million people, the Red Knights presents the Lineage game items on a first come, first served basis.

CU is a simple food Sale Time Event "CU 3 meals, and also go to annual events. If a BC · Hyundai Card, National sandwich for breakfast, lunch, buy a food product prescribed by such simple dinner time porridge combo presents a drink.

The reason is that CU and focused marketing year points to the soul bapjok is because one of the last people to enjoy a meal by yourself quickly and easily around furniture neuleonamyeo easy convenience food sales have increased significantly each year.

Looking at the year-CU easy food preparation sales growth over the last three years, 13.4% in 2014 from 22.5% in 2015, the last year has seen a big leap ttwimyeo growth to 56.7%. Earlier this year, sales growth was also close to a 30% increase over the previous year.

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Watsons, the first this year Routine Sale ... Up to 50% discount

And the [South Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] GS Retail Health & Beauty Watsons store specializing in progress up to half off the first event in the year to come.

The first one to be held in two months Watsons stores nationwide and online shopping discounts up to 7 days from the event is scheduled three days for the large-scale, such as spring seasonal skincare products representative brand of skin care Masks, color makeup and fragrance brand engagement.

The sale period for the best-selling "Dr. Brightening not line up, '' Mamonde rose water ',' bio-oil ',' nine months moisture barrier gel cream, a showcase project of 1 + 1 set.

In addition, eodik Painted Pink Edition Shadow Palette ', sells a variety of discounted makeup products such as' Clio Nudism water cushion grip.

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Sejong Hotel, takeaway lunch renewal launched

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Sejong Hotel lounge & dining Verdi to showcase renewed takeout lunch menu of culinary masters, Republic of Korea Sejong Hotel executive chef bakhyonam from six days to come.

Sejong Hotel lunch menu gotta released according to law enforcement gimyoungran last year, sales were booming with the hot reaction than expected. Appreciation for it as it was released a new menu tailored to customer needs.

Sejong Hotel takeaway lunch can enjoy the convenience anytime, anywhere to enjoy the menu at the hotel restaurant, with an extensive menu, the main menu can be utilized, such as special fried rice and salad, dessert and affordable has received a lot of love.

This time, a new lunch menu that launch △ grill money BBQ lunch ₩ 10,000 △ chicken steak lunch ₩ 15,000 △ smoked duck lunch ₩ 20,000 △ small BBQ lunch ₩ 22,000 △ tenderloin steak & shrimp grilled lunch ₩ 29,000 △ anchangsal steak a six species, including lunch ₩ 33,000.

All lunch menus and comes with bread and a bottle of mineral water.

Packed order must be at least 1 day, and provides a benefit at the same menu 10 + 1 10 or more orders. Also, the hotel staff offer free shipping directly during more than 30 year in Seoul collective order.

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Able C & C Misha, up to 50% discounts on 'Spring Season Sale "

Missha brand of [South Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Able C & C should rush in Seir spring season. Able C & C said that one days conducted in the spring seasonal sale selling products of Mischa up to 50% discount.

In five days from the day of the sale proceeds that day, 1,400 kinds of products are sold at up to 50% discount.

The Style Lucid Nail Polish First, no real style Gel Nail, Nail Polish Gela tick four days before such products are 50% off. Misha modern shadow Some items, such as shadow and signature triple Lips, Lips, some products were also prepared at half the price.

Good mask sheet pack and seasonal skin care products are also sold at half the price. Pure Source Sheet Mask cell, hub, naked sheet mask, oil fits masks and Pure Source Sheet Mask Packs are pocket packs were included.

3-month and three purple ample popular base makeup de Liege selling next-generation original tension being released in the fact becomes cheaper by 30%. Leaving the prism shadow a la carte is also a popular discount of 30%.

Promotional gift in commemoration of new product launches are also in progress at the same time. Misha can get a set consisting of four kinds of miniature city fluids, emulsions, essences, creams, etc. buy a flowing mass whitening whitening series launched in herbal products.

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Agricultural - signed Hibiscus trusts, mortgage trusts MOU

Signed a "business agreement for Agriculture and Livestock mortgage trusts activate" [Korea Financial News Lee, Dong - Kyu News] National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (Chairman gimbyeongwon) and (Note) Hibiscus Trust (Chairman Using only) in the past 28 days, Jung-gu, Seoul NACF fuse Meeting and it has pledged to cooperate for Agriculture and Livestock urban and rural mutual financial costs and said one day.

Business signing ceremony was held among the two organizations more than 60 employees, including Lee Dae-hoon Agricultural Mutual Credit CEO and (fourth in the picture left) Co., Mugunghwa Trust Oh Chang-seok Vice attended, and the Lee Dae-hoon representatives and Choi, Byoung - Gil Rose of Sharon Trust CEO signed the agreement .

This earn a portion of the NACF is actively pursuing Hibiscus Trust Trust bosuryo education and publicity for Agriculture and Livestock mortgage trusts activated via the MOU as rural loved funds to to support agriculture and rural development and urban-rural cooperation movement did.

Lee Dae-hoon CEO "The current mortgage is saving efforts costs are greater leverage collateral trust enabled spent on debt maintenance is needed," he said. "Through this MOU costs as well as funds credited geodum savings as' farmers expects to achieve 50 million won income 'to be able to contribute with both companies, "he said.

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Galleria Department Store, the first weekend in March Watches & Jewelry wedding shopping event

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Galleria Department Store will greet customers with a colorful pop-up store in February and the first weekend in March, ahead of the event that started in the spring outing

The Luxury Goods unveiled March 1, consisting of a variety of brand watches Editing Shop 'Happ Store, which boasts 14 days, normal, Harriet Boyd, Daniel Wellington such a simple and modern design for two weeks from the date.

In addition, the wedding season right high jewelery brand De Beers will open a pop-up to open the High Jewelry Boucheron 160 years of tradition wealth renewal.

In addition, customers will want to attract the attention of the luxury brand Geneva with Harman Kardon speakers using an open, outdoor outing during Bluetooth speaker with pop-up store.

The Galleria Department Store in Daejeon Time World March 1st classified in the amount of five days progress greet the Spring Fair Cosmetics, branded giveaways from up to five days, and 20 gift vouchers over 5% ₩ 400,000 Galleria to proceed with the purchase of events.

Proceeds along the right store revamp the Year season SS 2017, ST, French pop Avenue, unveiled nine steps such as including a new outdoor brand, including a new brand targeted at young people, a total of 20 new brands.

In located in Cheonan Galleria department store in Center City progress one day a week 'Golf Fair from up to eight days, presents first-come, first-served basis ball over ₩ 150,000 Golf product line during the event period, orders bolbik vivid color and popular brand Daks Golf, Callaway, Jack Nicklaus Golf including advances up to 20% discounts through the brand's Day event.

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[Financiers Talk] as long as 'financial stability' earnest study

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters] and the Bank of Korea accelerated in-depth study of the field of financial stability.

1 days, according to the Bank of Korea, Bank of Korea has come within 10 side to the recent topics related to financial stability issues, macro-prudential policy across the public offering research services to 17. Less than 10 million won per episode and support yongyeokbi study period is about 6 months.

Competition challenges △ macro-prudential policy and macro-financial linkages The △ △ financial institutions, behavior analysis and model development index △ △ finance financial industry regulation 5 range areas.

Macroprudential policy and macro-financial linkages were included in the case, including the impact of the new US administration economic policies, progress Breck sheets (of the UK EU withdrawal), the interest rate normalization factors, such as the US Federal Reserve (Fed) on the financial stability.

Behavior analysis is the impact of the financial institution, insurance company, etc., it geumtu systemic risk spillover path of non-bank financial institutions such as increased competition in the loan market junggeumri financial institutions management quality.

The impact on household debt insolvency early warning indicators development (the development model and index), pin-tech spreading financial industry (banking industry) was also included. Also the Basel III regulations, the risk weighted calculation method also impacts (financial regulation) project on SME loans.

The Bank of Korea held meetings four times a year to check the situation macro-financial stability as monetary policy this year validity Improvement. Monthly monetary policy meeting to determine the direction of the base rate was adjusted at annual 12th annual circuit 8.

The Bank of Korea official said it "will promote the clock to secure adequate monetary policy decisions, checking and strengthening of the financial stability situation.

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8th Hana Financial Group Smart Ambassadors conducted haedansik

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] Hana Financial Group (Chairman: Kim, Jeong - Tai) had the last one on February 28 afternoon 8th KEB Bank headquarters after returning from one of China's smart service activities Hana Financial Group haedansik ambassador.

A group Article 8 of this year, starting in 2012 opposite Financial Group Smart Group hongbodae buying activity during the period to recruit college students volunteer to promote the brand, and perform a variety of missions and a variety of social contribution activities.

Nov. selected the 50 ambassadors college students are one through three months SNS Financial Group Public Relations, find a neighbor a helping hand needed to elicit the attention and support of employees' of ten thousand won happiness, living in one to promote financial group which it was carried out various missions such as 'Smart Movie Travel'.

Also, the opportunity to participate in Kim, Jeong - Tai include a dialogue with the finance chairman, former affiliates and new financial products proposed was in progress on the 'affiliates visits' program to visit the CEO, through the' Ideas League mission to offer new financial ideas It could enjoy.

In particular, the idea League mission in new ideas from the 'Youth Marketing', financial services and improved global tech pin for the elderly and disabled college students were presented in a distinctive visual novel variety.

The past two ambassadors to promote visited a Korean-Chinese Junior High School, located in China's Jilin province, students Hana Happy Class installation with computer training facilities, auditoriums my mural painting, facility maintenance, Korea traditional ride making and folk games for school sanitation to 27 days from May 22, the training was conducted outreach through the introduction.

"We appreciate the sincere, tries Told the authenticity commonly give participated in the activities of a banking group as ambassador." In this day haedansik hamyoungju KEB one banker has said "official activities are over, but leads consistently beautiful relationship with Hana Financial Group I hope to go, "he said.

Mr. Head Park Ji-won won the destination (Myongji University Public Administration and fourth grade) is "one banking group experienced a variety of activities for Smart Ambassadors and was able to further grow more passion-filled seem unable memories spent with friends will not forget," said impression He said.

Today haedansik 8th Hana Financial Group official activities of the Smart ambassador has been finished, they convey actively various news groups through the SNS in the future, Ambassador OB members and various public interest groups with events and Homecoming Day Inn It will continue its activities continue to participate in the "smart Hong Day.

On the other hand, the rating firms hongbodae excellent day for team activities will be made available in the future Hana Financial Group interns and bond selection when preferential benefit.

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KB Kookmin Bank, Spring Exchange Event

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] KB Kookmin Bank (Bank yunjonggyu) announced that it carried out this March in the exchange target customers from 1st until the end of May, the new Spring KB exchange event together with the people. "

This event provides the benefits of a preferential rate up to 80% for private customers to buy foreign currency in cash KB network using an exchange service (including foreign currency Gifticon KB) and foreign currency ATM.

In addition, customers who wish to live among customers over the US $ 500 or equivalent foreign currency cash from branches provide travel insurance benefits for FREE. Travel insurance gives compensation for harm such as trip cancellation, trip duration reduction, travel delays, including up to 30 million won sequela - related disability death, medical expenses abroad up to $ 2,000.

Sweepstakes and events conducted by the duration of the event exchange customers. Automatically apply to the prizes when $ 500 more than equivalent fire exchange, first prize (one) rib mate Point Lee 50 out of 2, etc. (5) ribs mate Point Lee 10 scale, 3, (20) the ribs mate Point Lee out of 5, 4, etc. (100) will provide a mobile coffee vouchers 5 cheonwongwon.

Rib-mate Lee Point can be used as financial instruments upon accession by all KB Financial Group subsidiaries through the cash market Mate app rib May 11 last year, it is also available online content purchase various goods or payment of jehyucheo.

KB Kookmin Bank said, "prepare for this event for giving it to customers in preparing for international travel right spring the benefits" was, "We will live up to your expectations using the KB Kookmin Bank with customized currency exchange services and events." he said.

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Cash payment instead of the card, smartphone ... 376 trillion won last year's daily average

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters - credit cards, showed that significantly increasing the use of non-cash means of payment such as smartphones.

According to the Bank of Korea announced one day 'Payment of the 2016 settlement trends "material payments due to non-payment methods of cash last year increased by 8.1 percent to 376.1 trillion won per day than in 2015 (347.8 trillion won).

The Bank of Korea analyzed that "large sums of money transfers using factors such as enlargement and card payments as long as the universalization of financial institutions through the financial network."

Card using earnings 2.104 trillion won (per day) increased significantly by 11.8% year-on-year.

Especially credit card earnings (excluding cash) is one trillion rose 10.9 percent to 677 billion won. Utilization of credit card mobile smartphones has surged 51.7% or 460 billion.

Check card income, higher deduction rate has increased by 15.2% to 424 billion won. On the other hand, prepaid cards fell 3.5 percent to 22 billion.

Full results from the use of payment cards credit cards were the overwhelming proportion to 79.7%.

Yiyongaek day average personal credit card at a convenience store last year jumped 32.8 percent to 150 billion won. Supermarket (9.5%), airlines (16.2%), duty-free shops (10.7%), transportation (9.3%), health care (10.0%) is also higher growth rates.

In the case of payment per check card, but to give 3.5% ₩ 24,342 more than in 2015, credit cards were only increased by 0.1% in 4564 won four.

The Bank of Korea was evaluated as' that will replace the card with cash at convenience stores, supermarkets, public transport continued tendency of small yiyongaek.

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[Obituary] Sungho Kang (Korea Financial Investment Association Audit Office) Mr. buchinsang

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] ▲ gangyunsu's death. Gangseongman-Sung (Korea Financial Investment Association Audit Office) · · seonguk seongtaek Mr. buchinsang, when the ancient Anam Hospital, Room 202 funeral, the hearse pulled 8:00 am on March 3, the middle finger Seoul National Cemetery. 02-923-4442

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27 days ban short selling day trading stocks from overheating

If [South Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] 27 days from the event overheating, short selling is prohibited in specified trading day.

Korea Exchange announced the introduction of a one day "short selling stocks specified system overheating. In revising the securities market, KOSDAQ, Conex business regulations and enforcement regulations, including through the development of systems and securities firms in conjunction with test plans implemented in March. It was approved last February 8 work-related securities market regulations from the Financial Services Commission Amendment.

Short selling ventilation investor attention focused on the sport and the event for the extraction requirements consider short sales, growth, share price in order to respond in a timely manner.

△ securities market short sales ratio over 20%, KOSDAQ, Conex market, 15% more than stocks △ short selling ratio in this case correspond to the requirements of such decline 5% or more stocks just before the 40 trading day average more than doubled increase in stocks △ closing price compared to short selling It is designated as overheated stocks.

Overheating, short selling stocks to specified categories consistent with the requirements of more than one days is banned short-selling transactions. However, hedging transactions for the liquidity of the stock market, derivatives, liquidity and market some of the joseongho, ELW · ETF · ETN's call, hedging transactions for the composition of the market, derivatives market allows for short selling a call with a call exceptional.

In addition, since the introduction of Single autumn sale price for 13 days or more in securities, stocks soared KOSDAQ market, Conex. If the market surveillance committee requested a signed sales methods change in order to mitigate the soaring share price surge more than categories such as temaju the event will be changed to Single autumn sale period of 3 days 30 minutes.

Even after the price may be applied in addition to Single autumn sale period of 30 minutes for 10 or more days if you continue to skyrocket. In addition, the abnormal surge in exceptional circumstances after the sale Single autumn, the change does not mitigate the additional price jehanpok, that only can be applied, including the necessary market management measures.

Since the two days except for the purpose acquisition company (SPAC) on the market for sale Single autumn target ultra low liquidity stocks on the KOSDAQ. Considering the characteristics of the SPAC increase in merger transactions in the Single autumn marketing system that is activated and implemented for the current liquidity transactions for sale at extremely low stocks fall sports destination 10 minutes Single autumn period. The SPAC listed on the Kosdaq market is excluded from the policy hagetdan liquidity evaluated for designation ultra low liquidity stocks.

In addition is the introduction of foreign integrated accounts from June to April, there will be conducted a private account system division friendship arbitrage trading.

Part exchange securities market headquarters stock market anilchan said, "Short selling is to provide information about the focused event draws the attention of investors will ease the short selling related to asymmetric information," he said "through the short-selling ban to prevent the acceleration of share prices It is expected that, "he said.

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Pine financial portal users surpassed 1.38 million people ... "Sleeping find my money 'Popular

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Financial Consumer information portal of the Financial Supervisory Service 'Fine (FINE, Financial Information NEtwork)' showed that users are using the 'Find my sleeping money "Corners most.

According to the FSS on the first day of the users of the financial portal Fine topped 1.38 million people in the last month, 27 days basis only opened six months.

FSS opened early while you reap the lack of awareness Although many users have with such content after Dec. reinforcement and promotion efforts, some users have reported that soaring performance. The average user is one the last three months was the yen last November even an average user up to 3141 people rose 1 12 285 myeongro.

The past six months, searching most often pine User Corner "Sleeping my money finding (38.5%) and Financial Instruments In the eyes (10.4%), integrated pensions portals (7.1%), bank account Integrated Management (6.6%), integrated card point lookup (5.8%) it was of the order, etc.

Financial instruments are mainly users search for 'Financial Instruments snow on Financial Instruments viewed through a number of menus based on time deposits (34.3%) and savings (28.0%) product. Following retirement savings (11.1%), mortgage loans (8.8%), funds (3.0%), insurance (2.6 percent) with the higher utilization.

Yeti times FSS Financial Consumer Protection announced that it will establish a regional center section systems for content that meet the interests and needs of consumers first financial year, reinforcing the fine, and ease of use and enhanced financial consumer demand grasp.

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Last year the number of unfair transactions surged 36.2% 177 Articles ... Use half undisclosed information

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] unfair transactions last year, the number of notified cases increased by 130 177 cases a year compared to 36.2%.

1 According to the Korea Stock Exchange Market Surveillance Committee charges are unfair trade 2016 type is used undisclosed information (88 cases, 49.7%), quotes Controls (57 cases, 32.2%), illegal trade (22 cases, 12.4%), reports breach (5 cases, 2.8%), other (5 cases, 2.8 percent) of the share.

Exchange fluctuations and the management right side last year, has greatly increased use of undisclosed information activities (83.3% YoY), and capitalize on China-related themes also it said increased to one trillion kinds of price significantly. Listed company insider involved, including the largest shareholder (13), the Chinese theme, the new business-related use of false, exaggerated sex-disclosure reported cases (22 cases) were also on the rise.

KOSDAQ (107 cases, 62.2%). By market securities (47 cases, 27.3%), derivatives (12 cases, 7.0%), Conex (6 cases, 3.5%) were in order. 142 cases of alleged events notified 53 cases were unheard of (37.3%) were exposed in the past 16 unfair trade cases were subject to unfair competition repeat at least three times.

Unfair trade stocks scale By small caps 84 companies (59.2%), mid caps 32 companies (22.5%), caps 13, four (9.2%) Price regulation of the companies have been very Sector compared to 19 times or more difference to the small caps are unfair It was the main target.

Type scale undisclosed charges listed shares 49.3 million shares, 33.4 million shares fraudulent transactions, quotes one trillion kinds were 19.6 million shares net.

Alleged unfair trade last year, the main event was characterized by the largest shareholder involvement, change management control, etc. temaju events. Involved mainly by suspected this (54 cases, 35.1%), the largest shareholder or its related parties showed most, quotes, fraudulent transactions involving cases for undisclosed information available, stake expensive disposal, etc. of the access to information easier was the number .

Frequent change is the largest shareholder, despite the high probability of future act as negative factors, investors were often recognized as a short-term boon. China to attract funding and business expansion in China, including 40 cases, or positives gender information was also discovered using undisclosed information and quotes using one trillion kinds of events.

Exchange Market Surveillance Committee investors are the main features of unfair trade caused stocks have urged caution about stocks that appear to overlap enemies.

Capital stock price percentage change in the number of shares traded small caps of less than 100 billion and more than 200% in volume regulation, or operating loss, net loss incurred businesses should be especially careful. In addition to the frequent need careful management control fluctuations or even businesses that corresponds to the limit now, less than a 10% stake in the largest shareholder, total liabilities more than 10 billion won needed funding.

Exchange Market Surveillance Division psychological part namseungmin leader explained, "it has conducted an intensive monitoring for such stocks surged more than reinforce preventive measures, including monitoring of the high probability event occurs unfair trade, and political temaju".

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Specify the last five years 40% Management Company delisting ... The average spent 275 days

Since about 40 percent specified by the [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] Securities Market Management Company in the last five years dwaeteumyeo delisting period showed that it took an average of 275 days.

1 days Korea Exchange has announced According to the results on the securities market of the Management Company specifies the delisting Analysis for the period from the beginning of January 2012 to December 2016 end of new transfer to manage stocks last five years in the securities market, stocks are 52 was a sport. The Designated Management Company stocks delisting period was spent until after the abolition Management Company is incorporated into the 21 stocks traded around 275 days on average.

It was when incorporated into the securities market over the past five years, apply for regeneration initiation "to manage stocks are the most common with 16 cases (30.7%) (50% erosion of capital), capital erosion, 15 cases (28.8%). It was in order.

After the designation of securities designated 52 new stocks in the past five years managing stocks in the market price of the 36 stocks fell (69.2%), 16 events (30.8%) had no price increases or fluctuations. The Company had recorded a 10% to 20% less than the level of decline most common 21 cases (40.4%), two stocks fell less than 0-10% were 15 cases (25.8%).

Price when compared to the former over the past five years managing stocks as a new designated after the delisting management 21 (weeks of organized trading period) shares of stocks stocks incorporated shares in the securities market, 17 stocks (80.9 percent) fell 4 shares of the Company (19.1%) rose. If the stock price fell 17 stocks 14 (66.7%) compared to the administration of the Company are incorporated into stocks before the price fell by more than 70%.

Singwangseon Exchange Management Support Division said, "and if it needs to manage stocks of events that could lead to the delisting cause share prices sharply because prudent investment," he said.

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Hyundai Merchant Marine · LS March 34 wires companies in Asia, including 140 million shares protected him off

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] will be obliged to release the stock 142.02 million shares of 34 companies this month to protect him in the Korea Securities Depository over a period of time for the average investor protection.

1 days, according to the Depository by the market protected him off duty scale are 6 companies 46.65 million shares on the securities market, KOSDAQ 28 companies 95.37 million shares. 3 year protection obligations woljung him off the stock quantity is increased by 39.2% compared to 102.03 million shares last February 2017, increased by 71.4% compared to the 82.84 million shares in March 2016.

The KOSPI is expected to be 3 days 18 days to start considering the development of Hyundai Merchant Marine, 22 days LS Cable Asia, 29 K tower self-managed real estate investment company, 31st net carbon released by South Korea.

Kosdaq has a total of 28 companies have two months to the day progresses and Future Chem protecting him off the bridge into the ocean begins.

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Wadi's, "This time football 'FC Anyang and crowdfunding support agreements

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] crowdfunding platform Wadi's are 28 days Professional K-League Football Challenge (second division) FC 1 days Anyang and said it has signed a business agreement crowdfunding support.

The day ceremony held at the Anyang Sports Complex was attended, including one appointed new imeunju Anyang FC's general manager and vice president of Wadi jeongtaeyeol.

Day convention at the companies actively utilize crowdfunding to strengthen the viability of the local economy and enable Anyang citizens club agreed to strive for a healthy seating soccer culture.

The football industry is exquisitely met crowdfunding platform that can enable public participation at the time which was around Gangwon FC representative was appointed as Director of imeunju expect revolutionary change in the management team and said attention if there is any future performance.

Wadi's Vice President of Business Planning jeongtaeyeol "I'm a fan club culture is an important civic crowdfunding is expected will play many roles" and "hope and an opportunity to be even more prevalent in the future the crowdfunding sports industry," he said.

Meanwhile, FC Anyang and various crowdfunding projects related to Wadi's are going to be able to meet since March, after the season opener.

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Bureau securities, such as corporate directors re-elected president, jeonpyeong Executive jeonjeongdon

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] securities bureau said that one days jeonpyeong re-elected President and Managing Director jeonjeongdon, gimjiwoo Executive, the Holy lucky Managing Director of the house. Term of office is two years.

Jinbyeonggeon dure Law Firm General Counsel and bakwonho the global non-executive audit was also re-elected respectively President and Member of the Audit Committee Outside Director. Gangbohyeon Yoon & Yang counsel, was elected new president and the audit committee of outside directors.

Rich Securities in Yeouido headquarters on March 24 morning, open the General Shareholders' Meeting will vote on its agenda.

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Jeonbuk Bank fixed deposit limit of 300 billion won exclusives "

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] JB Jeonbuk Bank Financial Group (Bank imyongtaek) to repay the support of the customers from March 2

3 for general corporate private customers (including sole proprietors) and until March 31 to conduct a "customer time deposits thanks exclusives. The term deposits are exclusives were planning to capture a sense of appreciation for the House customers, and CPU limits are exhausted, there will be early shutdown limits total 300 billion won.

Sign up special sales amount of individual deposits within 300 million won more than 300 million yuan, general corporation can sign up within more than 3 million won and 500 million won, period may be up for 12 months. Special sales rate topped gives additional preferential interest rate of 0.01% ~ 0.05% for one year to meet the market interest rates to the notice irregular deposit annual interest rate of 0.50% exclusives, as well as certain requirements. Preferred conditions include Smart Banking normal individual customers or corporate internet banking subscription time top corporate clients, the past month than credit card customers, CIF based on the Bank's first new customer, a regular installment subscription customers, accounts in Jeonbuk Bank in Malta to join the point payment by adding each year by 0.01% preferential entry for the registered customers and it is possible to move goods up at all branches Jeonbuk bank.

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Jeungseonwi, accounting violations, hangnam built together, including five Sanctions

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] FSC Securities and Futures Commission measures over the last 28 days 4 Securities issued for five companies, including violation of accounting standards at the meeting to create the financial statements, disclose the hangnam limit, auditors specify such .

According to the first day jeungseonwi hangnam 10 months, it was the securities issued limitation, the auditor 3 years designated measures to Consolidated Financial Statements errors.

Great Lakes Hitech has received a two-year action eight months to issue securities based sales and purchases a false limitation, the auditor assigned. The industry is one trillion days two auditors designated four months to issue such securities sales and cost of sales accounted for over-year limit, jemaen Company was cheobunreul designated officer to two years limited to four securities pledged not to raise the contents month.

Bild also received four months to gather restrictions listed securities to valuation allowances to be false, disciplinary officer designated two months.

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Forecast, SNS journalists launched

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] Deposit Insurance Corporation has launched the SNS journalists.

It said that the forecast is 1 days 28 days held the 10th SNS journalists to a ceremony at Headquarters Cheonggyecheon, Jung-gu, Seoul.

Geumbeon corps composed of college students and housewives are 20 people in the role messenger to convey the activities of the Deposit Insurance Corporation adds faith to finance for the next six months.

It is also expected to provide depositor protection schemes and the economic and financial information so that people can be healthy and convenient life in the financial forecast of the blog.

Forecasts covering major events and participation is also planning to expand a variety of activities, including UCC, such as online content and social contribution.

Forecast operates a Twitter and Facebook to start a blog Happy KDIC from 2011 to communicate with the public and empathy through SNS channels.

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Pouring cut card fees for early presidential political commitment

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporters] are pouring out the impeachment lay leaving only the final sentence of the early presidential elections scheduled to be getting closer, credit card merchant fee reduction commitments as citizens in the policy as part of each party. Thus, in the card industry it is concerned this commitment will be realized.

According to the first day card industry, former Democratic representative, with Moon Jae he has pledged to drastically cut last February 23 card fee to protect small business owners and self-employed part.

Jeondaepyo statement said it will cut card fees and commissions applying preferential treatment in the payment sector pharmacies, convenience stores, bakeries, etc. songgae. With 300 million won a small merchant basis from 2 billion yuan, small and medium expanding the franchise from 300 million won to 500 million won and annual sales 500 million won less preferential fee is a commitment on the part of the representative's statement before commitment lowered gradually from 1.3% to 1% is applied to medium-sized merchants to be.

Free hangukdang earlier also announced he would push for more cuts are self-employed credit card merchant fees.

Inmyeongjin free hangukdang emergency Chairman briefed the small business industry last February 16 Yeouido-site meetings resulted in the company.

Chairman of enlargement and said it would review additional cuts even lower commission rate of 300,000 cards online retailers a merchant fee of 3 billion won general ~ 5 billion won annual sales. The current cards online retailer commission is around 3.5%.

If a card is added to the fees in the industry inhadoel, it has attracted wear hard make a profit. Especially merchant fee cuts last card industry prices were falling profits.

According to last year results presentation card companies, our cards, KB Kookmin Card YoY net income were 6.4% and 10.7% decrease, respectively.

Shinhan Card and Samsung Card, one card last year, net profit is only 3% more than in 2015, 4.6%, 647% increase eoteuna would offset the costs, fees, cuts in card loans increased, such as real profit cuts dropped the crab industry the assessments.

In fact, Shinhan Card card loans last year, billings increased 11.1% to 8 trillion won the previous year. Samsung Card has generated profits shiny PG olaet four stakes. One card is an analysis that does not reflect the cost of integration and foreign currency card from a low base effect occurs.

Card Industry insiders' profits last year, the credit card companies are difficult to see that there is no fee cuts to benefits in accordance with shiny effect, "he said.

The industry says that if the fee is rather inhadoel card issuers can lead to a direction such as to reduce customer benefits.

Industry insiders' fees if the card issuer inhadoel have no choice but to reduce benefits in cost savings dimensional 'said' merchants must check the effectiveness of the practical benefits also spins "he said.

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KEF '2017 salary adjustment recommendations gyeongyounggye' announced

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] Korea Employers Federation announced one day 'gyeongyounggye 2017 salary adjustment recommendation.

Recommendations day, considering the overall labor market conditions, such as youth unemployment and sluggish domestic demand that is increasingly deepening put the focus on youth job creation and wage eliminated.

First, in 2017 wages were frozen at the previous year level as a rule. Companies are advised not afford higher wages to new hires expand its resources or to improve the working conditions of vulnerable groups. Now a full-time graduate starting salary is 40 million won or more (based on gojeonggeup) has ordered that adjusting the starting salary increase recruitment by that fund. KEF has stressed that the economic uncertainty at home and abroad is expanding this year, suggesting a wage freeze as well as to mitigate social conflict based on youth unemployment and wage expansion are intensifying day by day.

Also reduce the overtime and working hours were reduced so that the recommendations lead to expanded employment. Fourth claim that right for the Industrial Revolution era labor market paradigm it is switched to the direction of managing performance in working hours total now even industrial holding right a wrong practice related to working hours per person requires efforts to reduce excessive working hours total did. In addition, it has reached more than 25 trillion won in annual salary paid now recommended that line worked actively at the individual company level so could lead to job sharing to reduce the overtime.

In addition it recommended the reform of the wage system of seniority-based wage system centered in ‧ and job center. If a full-scale wage system conversion is difficult, in part, it has recommended phased least in line to apply the new wage structure, job performance center.

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Kia Car Rental Customers Traffic Accident Prevention Campaign

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] conducted a Hyundai and hand 'accident prevention' campaign to car rental customers to Kia, Kia Motors group prior to the 1st of traffic accidents.

Kia Motors was planning a campaign to reduce accidents caused by the same guidance on the rental rate of traffic accidents and safe driving executory or bad driving habits of car rental customers to target points to 8.5 times higher than in privately owned vehicles.

First, when the method of safely driving and accidents over the sale of vehicles simply used to target hunger rental customers visit the office and branches nationwide to proceed with the event, including tips on how to inform the process it. Following is scheduled to rental payments, the customer is "Safe Driving Guide 'with the vehicle ripeulritreul time to receive and guide the vehicle ventilation attention to safe driving.

During the rental period the customer to operate a vehicle traffic accident plans to send a text message guide for frequent weather or the season, the type of accidents contributed to traffic accidents Prevention of customers.

In addition, Kia will strive for when there is an accident car rental customers to send "traffic safety guidebook 'to emphasize the importance of safe driving for our customers once again and prevent recurrence of the accident.

Kia Motors said, "Kia customers and beyond mere trade relations continue to communicate and aims to be the companion of life bears a relationship" and "continue Kia's regular customers compared to a traffic accident incidence is 8.5 times more accidents in many rental customers for prevention, he said "accident prevention" campaign as well as will work in a variety of ways. "

Customers want specific information about this program "accident prevention" campaign is when you call the Kia branch or customer service center.

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Section SONATA Model "Sonata New Rise '

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - Hyundai Motor announced that it has finalized the brand name of one days Sonata Facelift (partial change) models scheduled for release earlier this month as "New Sonata Sunrise (Sonata New Rise) '.

Hyundai 'Sonata facelift model' the pet name of "New Rise (New Rise) 'in order to reach new customers as much as a new car makeover levels: I give (pet name pet name that represents well the nature and concept cars).

New Rise (New Rise) is a word for newness 'New' and a compound word of 'Rise', which means 'injury is' driving and handling, including the nature of the car is basically the expectations of our customers through aggressive innovation Equipped least merchantability equipped with the means to have a completely new appearance in front of the customer.

Also announced the start of a new 'Sonata', 'Sonata New Rise' will and customer getdaneun floated around in the midsize market has gotta be changed with the advent of the implied confidence sikigetda satisfaction hopes hoping the new Sonata.

Hyundai has equipped the new technology and new specifications will be some 'Sonata New Rise' is also published. The first semi-intelligent safety technology package Hyundai Hyundai Smart Sense (Hyundai Smart Sense) 'and' rear video display while driving (DRM) 'function applied to large vehicles Granger applies to' Sonata New Rise '.

"Smart modern sense, is to ensure active safety as well as technical specifications, drivers for my traffic accidents to pedestrians and other drivers safe.

The 'modern SmartSense "technology will be installed in" Sonata New Rise' is ▲ using the front camera detects the lane, and to assist to control the steering wheel to maintain a lane, driving the steering assist system (LKAS) '▲ fatigue / neglect If the driving pattern is detected, reckless driving alarm system (DAA) 'to induce relaxation of the driver, ▲ headlamps may include "dynamic bending Light (DBL)' moving along the direction of the steering wheel.

"Driving the rear of the video display (DRM) 'is very useful when it is difficult to determine the situation in the rear view mirror to a vehicle shows the vehicle features a rear monitor situation in the driver's seat while driving, riding backseat personnel or cargo. In particular, just it shows together, not only showing your vehicle back situation along the lateral and back images processed by the graphics on the back so that you can recognize the distance between the vehicle guidelines.

Finally, the 'air cleaning mode "is a function that is applied during the first Hyundai vehicle, the higher the dust concentration spring's coming, it is expected that the response of our customers is very high.

When you run the "New Sonata Rise 'air cleaning mode", a high-performance air conditioning filter dust from entering the vehicle interior improves the car's indoor air quality as well as to adsorb unpleasant odors.

Hyundai Motor official said, "The name 'Sonata New Sunrise' has just gotta be containing only mean that transformed the Sonata, but implies also innovation, commitment and confidence for customers of Hyundai's employees," said unfolded continued, "transformed into a varied customer innovation as the Sonata will continue, "he said.

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President Kim Joon SK Innovation, innovation, ambition orders for new employees

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] Kim Joon SK Innovation's Executive Vice President and "La dreamed of a chief executive" for new recruits ordered ambition for innovation.

Kim, president of SK Innovation held April 28, he said the family of new employees in "interaction with the CEO 'as is met. In the ceremony held at the gwangjang-dong, Seoul Walkerhill was also present executives, including the president gimhyeonggeon SK Global Chemical, SK Lubricants jidongseop president and so on.

New employee introductory training for new employees at the closing ceremony event have announced about like "Suggestions for customer value enhancement" project, "10 years after the growth strategy of SK Innovation 'and prepared the last two months, and borrowed the format of" growing talk of' 1 freedom of inquiry and of the time ∙ executives chatted about the response time. In particular, before proceeding with the preparation for new employees and leading to the appearance as it was siljeonhyeong talent.

Kim said "Innovation begins in fresh water," said he said, "it differs to drive innovation for growth worth 30 trillion over the company achieved".

He added, "Change begins in newness is the enjoy the changing innovation," said "and constantly questions without fear, when accumulated experience that have exceeded the limits growth will break the new approach and the boundary conditions (Boundary Condition) Eventually added that the first button "habit to innovation.

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Samsung, FKI swaesinan like this where

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] the core of Samsung Group's "choesunsil gate 'and the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI below) attracts attention Give me a recent concert swaesinan. Unfortunately, it is changed to change and innovation, but the figure neither of them shouted.

April 28, Samsung Group's first control tower Group today announced the swaesinan content is the main point of dismantling the 'Future Strategy Department. This came out of the Samsung Group swaesinan jimyeonseo poured all at once, the word "New Samsung 'situation is being presented this view will change the behavior of the future management of Samsung Group.

But here the question arises. April 28 swaesinan Samsung announced two new as does the use of the word 'New Samsung? And does that even symptomatic treatment for the problem improved? A question.

The answer is 'No'. Samsung did not offer any new solutions. In 2008, Samsung came out carrying a solution of 'Strategic Planning Office dismantling "of the sale of Samsung Everland CB bargain was dismantled descendants' future Strategy Department's Strategic Planning Office again.

But rather whether dredging the past answers. Better grasp the trend of the fourth industrial revolution commitment Samsung has followed the creation of new food before the answer appeared on the 'smart phones' core business. IoT (Internet of Things), Samsung, etc. page Connected Samsung jumped into the car business was recycled to the battlefield of swaesinan 'Anycall' days.

FKI also no different. FKI 4 while determining the reappointment of Chairman Huh Chang-soo month 24 days to break the cycle of 'canon adhesions, "the think tank said that promoting enhanced.

Let's turn the clock back. 2011 last FKI announced it would "Employers lobby politicians target allocation case 'Let occurs feet Chairman Huh Chang-soo strengthen the' canon adhesion eradicate 'and think-tank role. Gyeolgwaron of talk, but the last six years, the Federation of Korean Industries is a confirmation that the situation came to this canon as adhesion enhancing the combat scenes coalesce ring role.

Last October 25th. Park Geun-hye in 'choesunsil gate "began as president of the business community recognized the clock was stopped for more than three months. Which was recently adopted a key stretch of new employees, starting in situations that are going to fill the Samsung FKI and presented swaesinan not different from the past, shouting for innovation and change.

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Financial Services Commission, last year's fourth quarter of 2.2478 trillion won of public funds recovered 67.8% recovery rate ...

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Financial Services Commission has announced that one days recovering public funds of 2.2478 trillion won in the fourth quarter of last year.

Deposit Insurance Corporation has held a number of 20 billion won to 2.2278 trillion won our stake in the bank, as Mr. Kay anaen loan interest income.

As a result of the financial crisis a total of 168.7 trillion won in public funds were recovered 67.8% amounting to 114.3 trillion won. Recovery is the level rose by 1.3% points compared to the end of September last year.

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Samsung F & M, focusing guaranteed three diseases, easygoing three 'release for

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper News] Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance is focused on the three new products to ensure that the disease "Pacific three" release, a full-fledged sales deuleogandago announced two days.

"Pacific three" dangerous step to guarantee the country a ranking cause of death 1,2,3 brain cancer ∙ ∙ diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, cure, disability, and death.

First, we established the 'acute ischemic jindanbi "Meanwhile, most customers were many requests guarantees up to 2000 yuan. It can minimize the accession encephalopathy guarantee space along with the existing "brain hemorrhage jindanbi 'equity is efficient.

They were also less worried about recurrence, while the second paid jindanbi during acute myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage second diagnosis. However, the pass is one year from the first diagnostic scheduling verifications.

Ten major cancer treatment secured and jindanbi "was also established. To ensure new existing esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, brain cancer, ppyeoam, liver cancer high on five of leukemia, lung cancer, gallbladder cancer, bile duct cancer, a major cancer jindanbi '10 "mortgage add up to 100 million during the major cancer organizations diagnosed with cancer It can be.

In addition to a separate payment for the '10 major cancer chemotherapy drugs ∙ radiation treatment, the treatment also saves costs.

3 is also paid to the fault diagnosis when the disease five years living money each month to help stabilize life. Due to the three diseases receives a brain lesion, heart failure, etc. ∙ Languages ​​1-3 grade set out in the disability determination can take advantage of Monthly Living with Disabilities Act funding for 5 years and payments, ganbyeongbi.

In addition, exemptions from cancer, stroke, acute myocardial infarction diagnosed after payment insurance can alleviate the economic burden.

Joseongjun Samsung Fire & long-term product development pateujang is' easygoing three 'is three diseases can be ensured for the (cancer, cerebrovascular disease, heart disease) as well as prepare to medical expenses, disability diagnosed after' said Samsung fire continued for product innovation It said it would be rewarded with the customer's choice.

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NC not energy, biogas power generation sector growth expected this year - one geumtu

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] was assessed that a full-scale financial investment in the growth of the Year biogas power generation sector expectations about how NCsoft energy per day. Thus BUY rating with a target price of ₩ 13,300 remained.

Hana Financial had expected earnings to invest one hundred million won 1303 Sales (YoY, + 12.4%), operating profit of 14.8 billion won (YoY, + 22.9%) year if the energy of the NC.

Li Zhengji Institute of brokerage is' 2016 standard if NCsoft energy was operating a total of four biogas plants, 2017 will operate an additional plant in 2 locations the first half, said, "increasing the number of biogas plants this year and SMP and REC prices to a two year full-scale biogas power generation sector growth is expected 'he said.

In addition, estimates were used as a basis to improve the product mix improved earnings capacity of the gas turbine generator orders increased.

In addition, the reasons for maintaining the target price of the researchers described as "cheap electricity, high-quality IT infrastructure, according to national geographical and industrial characteristics, because to benefit from increased investment by domestic IDC expects global IT companies.

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