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Mutual financial cooperatives 'new Spring street campaign'

[Sinyuncheol journalists Korea financial newspaper] and Agricultural Mutual Finance (CEO Lee Daehun) over the past four days the game played on the 'New Spring street campaign, handing the pots and flower seeds, etc. to convey the heart of the commitment and appreciation of customer satisfaction in Taean, NH He said.

Lee Daehun, CEO and Taean cooperatives (union president Kim Seje) gives employees the day handing out early in the morning in front of me Byeongjeom Station Branch pots and flower seeds, soy milk, etc. handed the Spring greetings to customers.

Customers were delighted and "I think the upcoming spring seolraet the warmer weather suddenly received an unexpected gift on the way to work can be more comfortable." Lee Daehun, CEO, "We want to wish full of good hunhunhago also the home of the customer days with warm spring is awaited for a long winter," he said. "The NACF is trying to give the impression to the customer through the" More fingering services, CS 3.0 'year I will continue to expand, "he said.

The campaign is engaged wholeheartedly with the NACF customers happy and grateful origin unfolded until April 7 coming in progress at the national regional agriculture and Livestock from February 13.

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Without innovation, industry, health care reform empty phrases

New indemnity insurance - financial newspaper gimmingyeong Korea News] The product structure has significantly changed was launched earlier this month.

As a result the financial authorities have prepared an ambitious since the end of last year, the issue of improving the existing indemnity insurance indemnity contained the main cause of the ambitious commitment that some consumers japgetda of 'moral hazard' of the premium increase.

However, unknown new indemnity insurance to hold a stable position on the market jeongjak "the smiling" is that someone. Financial authorities have advised me to apply to the insurance industry, "Good indemnity insurance 'name that an average of 20% over last year, lower rates can be slashed premiums down. Insurers have raised a voice that cuts excessive.

In particular, according to the Insurance Business Supervision Regulations enforcement regulations new insurance products can not adjust the premiums until the cumulative five-year contract statistics. Eventually the first time the rate prescribed count the next five years, which is the price of indemnity insurance. However, the premium is reduced dwaeteumedo despite jeongjak consumer experience is less expected. Because the self-pay ratio is a group of riders increased from 20% to 30%. Guaranteed amount and the number of riders is also set. The reform yinyaneun question for someone is bound to come.

It is because you have not improved at all hanchuk of key issues thus stopping to indemnity insurance reform is "half-solutions.

Loss ratio of insurance premiums increased towing indemnity is due in the majority of uninsured medical degree yirwojin mainly treated in small hospitals with high consumer accessibility. Uninsured medical expenses is essential that the problem of uninsured medical expenses indemnity insurance should not ultimately control does not apply to a number of health insurance is that it takes more than two-thirds of insurance claims paid.

Introduced the world healthcare aspiring future of the insurance industry is also blocked by the 'ego' of the healthcare industry. Various medical care goes in their institutions thanks to the development of information and communication technologies have become permanent trend of home care services available.

Especially noteworthy is the popularization of smart devices and IT platform became gotta expand the association and insurance services easily. Domestic insurers are in the spotlight after another basing health care as a new growth engine of the saturated insurance markets and help the health care program for customers.

But much like without clear criteria for medical and non-medical care in the country difficult to regulate insurers to respond quickly to the higher voices of discontent. Major international insurance company trend already riding the wave of the 4th naseoneun industry and other industries to actively expand health care services through active collaboration.

Nevertheless, the medical industry is doendamyeo health services in conflict with the expansion of the insurance company medical law still holding half.

It is argued that should the 'medical care' that can only be a simple medical practitioner About insurers beyond the services or health care services, including primary services provided to customers naseoneun a leading health care.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare from being conscious of these tasks overlap controversy last year, but he would come up with a non-medical health care guidelines, 'Hit the fierce opposition is still in a standstill.

The beginning of the year the insurance industry has cited 'qualitative growth' and 'innovation' such as a buzzword of the year. However, only the insurance industry reform goes without cooperation of the Department of Health and Human Services and the medical industry is just lame. Among the busy figure, only the voices together is the future of the insurance industry is bleak.

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[Weekly market funds - Eastern, Mirae Asset, health care fund for two consecutive weeks yields solid

It won the [South Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] first week of April, health care and biosimilars theme Eastern Asset Management and Mirae Asset Global Health Care Fund for the second consecutive week, depending on the quality yields show strong.

According to the fund rating agency epeuaen Guide 7 days week domestic equity returns are recorded BM yield (KOSPI TR, -0.56%) to 0.49% -0.07% higher than one point and switched to negative returns in four weeks.

Active fund returns (0.17%) was higher than contrast index funds (-0.44%). Details type as the active stocks sector (3.36%) had the highest scores, followed an active small and medium-sized stocks is 1.51%. KOSPI 200 index stocks showed a larger decline to -0.76%.

One week, while small caps composed proportion rises high medical sector (+ 3.72%) rose sharply, while active equity sector and small and medium-sized stocks active types greatly, Samsung Electronics (-0,33%), SK Hynix (-2.95%), Hyundai Motor (-6.62 percent), while the share price decline of large stocks index funds recorded a weak performance.

AUM (excluding ETF) domestic equity funds more than 10 billion won "East Bio Health Care Securities Investment Trust 1 [equity] ClassC-E 'active equity sector Weekly types yield (3.36%) to 1.20% pt higher than yields of 4.86% of one the recorded. Followed by 'Mirae Asset Korea Healthcare Equity Fund 1 (CO) Type C2', 'Mirae Asset value stocks focus on pension savings bonds conversion hyeongja Investment Trust 1 (CO) Type C' is recorded for each performance of 3.98%, 3.47%. Funds that invest in the health sector Health care sector as one week rising 3.72% to hit a good return.

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Debt collection business market advanced tasks

[Korea Financial News] NPL marketing, public debt collection permit required

Salpyeoya debtor agent system expansion side effects

The term 'collection' is used in several ways, but "on the Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, the feature stringent requirements means the work to take place of someone else's money for a fee in return receive permission from the FSC credit We can set up a company.

Therefore, the loan to buy a bond or a contractor and has totally different credit information companies can not do debt collection work of the above mentioned means.

The current domestic has 24 credit information company operating into after the 1995 Credit Information Act was enacted jyeoteuna the quantitative growth of the credit information company made in the wake of the financial crisis in 1997 the scope of work, unlike credit information companies in developed countries such as the US and Japan, There is too much restriction is necessary to improve it.

Priority should allow the sale of non-performing loans. In order to lenders who buy the bad loans that are established only by local governments or the Financial Services Commission registered should have more than 300 million won capital, but credit companies will be established should have strict conditions, including more than 3 billion won in capital and human and material facilities, and non-performing loans there is a long history and know-how relating to the number of complaints can be prevented by a legitimate debt collection and efficiently perform the task.

Of financial consumers if non-performing loans is through the sale process of several introduced to the unlisted lender or loan shark Given the high risk of illegal collection and your credit information companies have to buy the bad debt arising in the blind spot of directors It will be able to significantly reduce the damage.

In addition, the improvement is an urgent need for such a delinquent tax, local taxes, national debt so that your credit information companies can take collection consignment. For automotive environment improvement charges levied a 236.6 billion won last year, trillion, but the US sunapaek came to 686.3 billion won jingsuyul is only 40.4%.

In addition to the environmental improvements it is deductible in many countries debt is in arrears, and tax deficits are disposed of each year about 8 trillion won.

If you commit these national debt and recovery operations of the public debt arrears, including tax receivables to credit information companies inequalities and the majority of the people that securing the lack of tax revenue to increase the efficiency of the state administration, as well as faithfully pay can also be eliminated .

Whereas the necessary NPL sale permit, public debt collection entrusted to the debt collection market advancement recent expansion of the debtor applies to the agent system, which is being promoted greater concerns arise not only get the intended results side-effects.

Debtor agent system or credit the consumer representative institutions is an integral contact behavior of the debtor if a lawyer, appointed a legal entity such as agents and creditors notice of the fact that the creditor is able to contact only those agents and borrowers who visits, mail, phone, etc. He says the system can not be.

About the debtor agents Islands' laws on fair collection of debt (debt collection law) Amendments to the Act on Consumer Credit Protection "there (Consumer Credit Protection Act) are enactments The initiative of this system, which is applicable only to the current lender it is the main content of the legislation that applies to all financial institutions.

Debtor agent system can be exploited as a means to the debtor deliberately avoiding debt, financial institutions lending for such moral concerns hazards to avoid credit and will be considering the delinquency rate rises to raise interest rates further common people and jeosinyongja the it will be avoided.

Eventually ordinary debtors to be protected by a debtor representative institutions rather most of the risk of illegal debt collection liquidate dosarineun financial institutional outside of unregistered lenders and sincere debt is rushes in to illegal loan shark financial consumers will eventually suffer damage do.

Also, if you restrict the rights of the legitimate creditors in order to protect the debtor's privacy has to comply with the proportionality principle they should have a legitimate purpose, suitable means, rights violations minimized, and the legal interests balancing creditors guaranteed by Article 23 of the Constitution the property is also the unconstitutional in that it is too limited.

Currently, Korea is a private recovery, insolvency, indemnity, individual workout, National Happiness fund various public debt restructuring scheme that has been well-run, regulation of the financial supervision authorities to prevent illegal collection, debt collection business guide to the debtor protection line ', TF operations, if the supervisory authorities, financial institutions through such self-regulation of the industry, credit information companies consider that focuses on the debtor protection in a variety of ways mass victims of goodwill and the economy for financing 5 daeak combat expansion of the debtor agent system that can confuse needs a careful review.

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[SK Telecom President Park Jeongho] "represents the 4th Industrial Revolution ICT companies leap."

[Ohahreum journalists Korea financial newspaper] put it, saying "everything is connected and the fourth round of the Industrial Revolution era of convergence is sweeping the global competition without boundaries and regions Era," "beyond the existing competitive paradigm innovative new business models, yirwonael global growth It can help to build a new 'edition'. "

Park Jeongho, SK Telecom President this year are more keen to emphasize. Park, president and strengthen the corporate culture and one devoted to one of de bagum the company to pursue first-class service, product and technology.

Night President △ mobile communications area (MNO) redefining the competitive point of view, such a thorough offer differentiated services, goods to the customer perspective, △ total mobilization of SK C & C, SK Hynix group, all my ICT skills in the IoT area to Connecticut says teuka energy management solution should accelerate innovative services, products and excavation, B2B B2C, etc. grow beyond the smart home. △ Media / Home in bold investments and through partnerships with various operators ensure through content in global and must discover new business models, such as 'Total Home Solution', △ Platform The T-map, T competitiveness phone, anyone, etc. Focusing on the business model, the company - stressed go together the competencies of its subsidiaries made the Top Class Platform through overseas markets.

In addition to night, president of the 4th Industrial Revolution era, and stressed that mutual openness and cooperation era, "artificial intelligence, autonomous navigation, robotics, quantum technologies present a preemptive and innovation agenda in the new ICT areas, the domestic industry and venture / start-ups with emphasis that will make the ICT elder brother role such as to advance to the global ".

In addition, Park, president of the "real one, such as is the customer and should be imposing to the mayor recognized," he said "are beyond recognized competing shoulder to shoulder in the global market company for domestic and arduous chest of SK Telecom receives loved from the people respected dream leads the merged party members said further "reminded sinbaram force everyone to realize.

◇ run 'platform · M & A'

Chairman Chey Tae-won of SK C & C has led what is one reason why the Park Jeongho appointed as the new head of the president of SK Telecom.

Challenges of the night President observed through SK Telecom's reorganization is faster growth engines over the last 2009-2010 tenure was jeongmanwon president of mergers and acquisitions (M & A) to return the seeds to pick the fruits of the sown platform business, Jang Donghyeon President childhood inaction since to secure. President Tong Park your typical M & A professionals and SK Group, SK Telecom suggests these challenges Platforms division in the organization and Science Data (Data Science) Promotion Team is a new problem. To reform the system, any organization as CEO immediate decision is yes viscosity so faster than before.

President Park is a CEO with a lot of experience to promote new business through mergers and acquisitions (M & A). It is packed look at the M & A practice he joined SK Telecom, Korea Telecom, New Century Communications, Hynix Semiconductor Inc. (Hynix SK), such as "cash cows" (stable revenue-generating sources).

Night President SK㈜ C & C CEO days, Australia car sales dot com and joint venture (JV) to produce had led the advance a global automotive markets accelerated SK Enka, such as by acquiring ISDT contribute to a semiconductor module business entering the global market in Competency the has presented.

Prior to the official inauguration of the President of nights hence In securities it is about to be 'SK Telecom M & A drive to "raise the possibility.

◇ Future Food Industry attack in earnest ... 3 years 11 trillion won investment

The first night, President naedineotda management to aggressive investments for future food. SK Telecom plans to invest a total of three years, including six trillion won to 11 trillion won to 5 trillion won, including the future network, 5G for the ecosystem and foster the New ICT industry, such as artificial intelligence, autonomous, Internet of Things (IoT). President Park revealed clearly what you wish oriented SK Telecom through aggressive investment decision together after discussing the mutual cooperation with selected rows 'CES 2017' in the first official schedule after his inauguration, the global ICT industry. SK Telecom to expand the domestic ICT ecosystem New ICT ecosystem through 'artificial intelligence and big data, IoT, etc. are a fusion of various technologies and services to full open system that create new value, defined as, and investment support to develop together It plans to create a virtuous circle.

In particular, SK Telecom plans to focus on IoT ecosystem areas for artificial intelligence and autonomous, Connected car, smart home and energy efficiency management. For this venture and start-up global operators and, of course, also it plans to open the front doors of cooperation rivals.

Gaps only SK Telecom is a subsidiary of SK Corporation receives the C & C, SK help of Hynix. A subsidiary of investment support and expand cooperation with the group of affiliated companies within the ICT competencies mobilized also be promoted. Specifically, SK Telecom has selected "IoT open house" as a plan for the IoT ecosystem expansion. To 'IoT Open House' is a developer and IoT planning education and services to start-ups that have ideas, hardware development, network interworking tests, such as product development, commercialization services from a program that provides total support services.

Infrastructure sectors are also established support facility for venture development. SK Telecom plans to cultivate dig, Facebook and Nokia, in collaboration with Intel, such as the promotion being 'TIP (Telco Infra Project)' level through the Venture Development Center area of ​​telecommunications infrastructure domestic start-up and support global expansion.

SK Telecom also expanded developer support channels 'T developers' currently operational. SK Telecom will increase the sharing of scope 'T developers' through expanding technology infrastructure support and security, location-based services, such as development tools (API), plans to enable cross-community developer. SK Telecom also sets out strong ecosystem in conjunction with the university. New ICT college students internships industry, academia cooperation model to lead excavations, develop human resources continue to create an ecosystem is also planned.

SK Telecom official said, "Once the planned investment of 5 trillion won in New ICT ecosystem as progress leads to new growth opportunities for front and rear related industries will result in an employment inducement worth of production inducement effect and the 60,000 people of about 9 trillion won." .

Future network businesses that are 3 years 6 trillion won this investment strategy is to maintain the quality advantage through networks 5G networks and 2.6GHz.

SK Telecom is expected in the wireless mobile communication sector, which advanced quality through investments 2.6GHz Meanwhile, Wired telecommunications group and expand the coverage of the Internet and the development of UHD streaming distribution technologies for media services.

In the field 5G network it plans to be prepared to be pursuing this year pilot service through a global leading technology standardization and technology development investment, and the commercialization of 5G service in line with 2020.

Park said "was found in the CES2017 that the 4th wave of the industrial revolution out already quite widespread" for the investment decision and "While economic conditions are uncertain at home and abroad investment for building New ICT ecosystems are put off anymore can not challenge for SK Telecom, "he said. Following "SK must build a true New ICT ecosystem through open cooperation and not the power of Telecom alone," he said, "and hope the next New ICT ecosystem, a new economic power, and his five liras regain global ICT initiative through it," he he added.

◇ 'AI Agency' new

Night after the president in January was shuffled back to the last date of the reorganization. Former President emphasized the platform sector being dismantled was a Park Jeongho 'AI (Artificial Intelligence) Agency "and" customer-centric management room "as president is the immediate establishment. SK Telecom has implemented a reorganization to strengthen the AI ​​such as the future core business and technology research organization to lead the fourth round of the Industrial Revolution and New ICT ecosystem spread.

First, SK Telecom has established the 'AI Agency, the CEO's direct reports bring together an AI related skills of a warrior. AI project team is equipped for self-completed structure to oversee all the AI-related areas such as' secure technology-services planning and development of business expansion "is described. President Park is showing affection to AI services 'Who' of SK Telecom, launched in September last year before taking office. In this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 devoted themselves to serving the 'who' speak English in combination with robots.

Current 'who' has secured about 7 million subscribers, is also being prepared to be introduced, such as large sales in the future smart home apartment complex. SK Telecom plans to rapidly and efficiently promote and expand the business even in this area in conjunction autonomous cars, such as the AI ​​AI assistant business through this reorganization. AI Agency chapter Lee Sang-ho SK Planet Takes the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The new general manager is one Bar researching AI at Naver and cacao.

AI AI technology corporation that is established under Division 1 and Division 2. AI technology is Division 1 bakmyeongsun future technical director, AI technology is Division 2 elected yihyeonah SK Planet Conversational Commerce Division. In addition to the Advanced Institute of Technology it was established under the "Media Technology" in order to secure the next generation of media technology. Media Director technology is an adjunct choejinseong a comprehensive technical director.

In addition, this technology has been elected capacity building and technology to explore the synergies with affiliates established a 'general ICT skills, "Park President responsible for ICT skills and focused breathing from the previous Lee Hosu SK C & C DT responsible for ICT in general. By the new general manager is former work, after Chapter Samsung's Media Solution Center, Prime Minister's Office Information and Communication Strategy Committee, 2015 SK Telecom ICT skills grow Promotion Team leader in the United States, IBM Watson Research Center from 1085 to 2005, AI · Software (SW ) it was known as an expert.

In addition, SK Telecom will strengthen customer management activities in terms champion footing to the "customer-centric management room, the CEO direct. Responsible for T phones will be 'Comm. Platform Division, to maximize synergies with the mobile's footing in the service sector and affiliated business expansion also launch customer contact services.

< Education >

Korea University Bachelor of Business Administration

- GA Washington University Master of Business Administration

< career >

- diameter incident in 1989 (currently SK Networks)

- 2004 SK CR Support Team

- 2009 SK Telecom's business development implementation

- 2012 SK Telecom's Business Development Division

- 2013 SK C & C Enterprise Development (Corporate Development) business

- January 1, 2015, SK C & C CEO

- August 2015, SK Corporation CEO

- 2017 SK Telecom president

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AI smart home one such brand competition heating

An aspect that [gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter Korea] smart home competition sparked a residential living revolution escalation AI was one such brand competition combined with (AI). In the smartphone level was remotely using some network appliances and apartments with applications in the future is because "smarter than the AI ​​butler who" live with the times is imminent.

That preceded the AI ​​secretary KT and SK Telecom are, respectively, groups Genie 'and' who 'is accelerating the construction of each and hapjong yeonhoeng forces expanded.

Who are expected to affect Apartments brand, depending on smarter and led to widespread residential living revolution. Occupancy standards collects the 'Yeongdo-gu, Busan Lotte Castle "expect Lotte Engineering & Construction built occupancy scheduled for the second half. KT supports a home network service to install the air conditioning control, the elevator call, the vehicle enters the notification including a group Genie from house to house. And to advance pre-sale experience in the field and try to boom-up.

Hanwha has come to apply a group of KT Ginny Green Gwanggyo the Convention dream to pre-sale May. The state-of-the-art speech recognition, artificial intelligence Home IoT services are used. Analysis of the life pattern of the tenant to provide personalized living environment. The secretary will receive the impression that managing your life.

Daelim thereby also introducing the group to Ginny 'Acropolis Seoul Forest, a pre-sale May. "I'll go out," turn off the house lights in a nutshell, the boiler varies by mode the elevator is automatically called out. Gotta linked to the calendar, play music, ordering the search would only imagine that the scene was realized. Modern industrial development has entered into a partnership agreement with SK Telecom, and introduced into the I'Park pre-sale to the 'who' in the future.

With this collaboration was able to manipulate the internal light of children parks, heating, gas circuit breakers, door open sensor, a voice. Also offers a dedicated smart home application services to ensure that visitors and unattended delivery. Real estate development company in Asia Developers also create a voice recognition 1226 2021 Seongnam Pangyo Baekhyeon-dong in three sizes Smart home Apartments with SK Telecom.

LH 16 construction projects and major places also bear an alliance with SK Telecom said last year, is preparing a smart home charging will continue.

LG U + has not yet released an AI assistant, an IoT systems will be built apartments and office building. The best construction and Sino Construction, signed a contract to build systems such as the East construction industry. Last year Daewoo construction and general construction taerim being promoted collaboration signed a partnership early. Following the construction of the first 'Best Pyeongtaek punggyeongchae', Sino construction 'Kimpo Han Sky Town', the installation of smart home systems such as the Oriental Construction Industry 'Godeok Paragon.

According to the Korea Association of Smart Home Smart Home Industry market is expected to reach one hundred million won from 8,000,000,005,677 years 2014 size 18 trillion won in 2018. Construction companies and three companies communicate in pairs move into the smart home market competition will notice.

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Hyundai Grandeur, Sonata extreme dependence

Emerging concerns are mixed with sight seeing of the sales of domestic automobile manufacturers first quarter of this year [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] announced at the Hyundai-Kia Motors. It comes from the overseas sales plunged by up to 7% YoY. In the domestic market, Grandeur, Sonata, except no cars visible.

Accordingly, a situation that Hyundai Kia also pointed out the internal combustion engine (High Performance Center) and Future Car (autonomous, environmentally friendly car) performs two-track strategy centered more radical to be made.

◇ Hyundai, Kia, first quarter international sales 1,470,000

Hyundai Kia's overseas sales of the first quarter of this year was recorded 1,465,489. HMC 927944, Kia sold 537,545. This is a value plunged previous year (152 man 3834 units) compared to 3.83% (58 345). In particular, Kia reduced the previous year (577 034) than (39 489) of 7%. HMC was reduced to 2% (18 856) compared to the time (946 800) of the previous year.

The reason sales of Hyundai Kia Motors overseas is declining significantly considered in three ways. Russia and Brazil markets such as sales slump due to the economic slowdown in emerging markets, mainly passenger car line-up, China, competition in the US domestic market, that is. Choi Jaeho NICE rating Enterprises Evaluation Division senior researcher "Externally, Russia and the vehicle demand contraction due to the economic slowdown in emerging markets such as Brazil declined overseas sales of Hyundai, Kia," he said "Unlike the trend here, rising global RV vehicle preferences it was due to the aging of such products competitive passenger car lineup centered, focused model of stagnation, "he said.

He added, "Currently, high-altitude missile defense systems (THAAD: Saad)" decrease the competitiveness of the Chinese market, according to such placement and purchase three cuts out, the Chinese markets also increased competition causes reduced foreign sales, "said" the executive Donald Trump's in the US market uncertainty has increased in the future to strengthen trade protectionism, "he said. And rapidly changing paradigm in R & D investment, the lack of a global automotive industry also pointed out that the calls came the poor performance of the Hyundai Kia. But it continued to increase the relevant investment is very small compared to the situation of the German manufacturer's market leader.

Last year, Hyundai Kia R & D (research and development) costs were the largest ever of 3.9986 trillion won. Hyundai 2.3522 trillion won, Kia Article 1 was 646.4 billion won. This is the size increased 8.2% year-on-year (3.6959 trillion won). Yihanggu industry researcher, senior researcher at the "Autonomous · R & D investment in the center, which is being introduced onto the market specific outcomes for future cars eco-friendly cars Hyundai, Kia is very small" and "Audi, Mercedes-Benz Germany automobile manufacturers have to 50 trillion won and to compare it to swell pour R & D expenses, 5% of these also should not scale, "he said.

He added, "Amid expected to decrease gradually the proportion of the internal combustion engine Hyundai, Kia to increase dramatically in the R & D costs than it is now," said, "If the middle game of the emerging markets was focused revenue investment compared to other competitors, lacking not recover modern Kia poor performance will lead, "he added.

◇ domestic market, Grandeur, Sonata no other

The domestic market, "Granger IG (hereinafter Granger), which showed a record sales streak in New effects in the factors that could seek a future rebound in the outer 'Sonata New Rise (the Sonata), introduced last month, face lift (changed part) model hard to find.

Grandeur and Sonata, Elantra was sold for the first quarter of this year, respectively 34,857, 16,015, 19,417, accounting for 43.39% total (70,289) of (161978). With the exception of November, Grandeur, Sonata Elantra comes theories introduced changes (Sonata New Sunrise) released last month, the change part model, part of a new car model launched is noted that there is no model that can be contributed to the sales of Hyundai Motor.

In fact, the first quarter of this year, Hyundai Motor's passenger car sales contribution of these three models is overwhelming appearance. Hyundai passenger car sales in the first quarter of 5150 was 70,000-to-multipoint. Grandeur, Sonata, Elantra's total sales has seen an overwhelming proportion of 93.53% in 70289. Industry insiders if from the Elantra comes theories "Granger may cause the monthly 10,000 or more record sales and box office blast, Sonata is the model thereof is not noticeable better eye yirwotjiman a rally last month," and "partial change models launched this year ' he said to be due to "new car effect noryeobol a rebound in domestic market sales."

He added, "Unfortunately, this means that there is no choice but to overcome the sluggish sales of" new car effect "other modern Kia" and "it is eventually required a differentiated product development through R & D costs expanded," he said.

◇ high-performance, differentiated strategies should establish autonomous

To survive in the global auto industry in transition and future internal combustion engine car, it emerges pointed out that the need to bring two different strategies. In fact, "new car effect" unless a clear growth strategy should be pointed out that the car performs the future strategy of the internal combustion engine, such as electric vehicles, strategic and autonomous center of luxury in the absence of time.

And Taebong HI Investment & Securities director - said "Kia has not announced a luxury brand launches, led by Stinger at the '2017 Seoul Motor Show was the closing last week, mass intentions motivation to take the luxury sales strategy at the same time." "Eventually the internal combustion engine He pointed out that high performance is not a core prices and new model launches. "

He added he said, "even in the current situation is insufficient kids ohnik euroman future car", "should come to the complement of related strategies expected to emerge the electric car with a mileage above 500km 2025 years." Yihanggu Industry Institute Senior Research Fellow also. "It is R & D investment is small, it indicates that hard after all to survive in a transitional period," he said "when the through-related investments take a differentiated strategy for future cars and internal combustion locomotives," he said .

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Banks outside directors and officials who still bullish

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] is the closing shareholders' meeting season, was also completed, a new board of directors. The wind was not too big of a change in financial standing directors and outside directors. Such as water, financial experts and former officials were still a strong university.

According to the 10th of each financial framework it was completed with a new board of directors for each division, including the shareholders' meeting in March and ends the banking, securities and insurance. In dissent shareholders' meeting agenda it did eopjin. For SFG Outside Directors and directors' remuneration ceiling approved, if approved remuneration of directors of KB Financial Group, Woori Bank suggests that opposition to outside directors, the audit committee elected. HFG has also come out inside directors appointed neutral. But also it ended up with a mug in the breeze of a weak institutional capacity than the largest shareholder equity.

SFG meet the new President Joe mercenary system was a newly appointed Senior Advisor in Japan and Park Ansun Daesung Group Chairman Kim & Chang jujaeseong outside directors. The Bank of Korea has served as an outside director and former jujaeseong our Institute of Finance and representatives of think tanks, the role of our bank after the former FSB deputy director for two years.

But the Government Employees Pension Corporation has also bet on the appoint opposition jujaeseong, Philippe Avril, Hirakawa Yuki three outside directors. State Director and Director Avril was the reason that correspond to related parties. State Director of Shinhan and Kim & Chang is senior advisor signed a consulting contract, Avril director is alleged conflict of interest can occur because Shinhan BNP Paribas is holding two belong to BNP Paribas Securities Japan representative.

Yun Jonggyu president led KB Financial Group six existing outside directors had such choeyounghwi former Shinhan Financial President, yuseokryeol Samsung torture, Lee Byeongnam former LG Management Development SOURCES OF IGNITION President, bakjaeha Korea Institute of Finance, Senior Researcher, Kim Eunice Kyung Ewha Womans University professor, Han Jongsu Ewha Womans University Professor It has extended the term of one year. KB Kookmin Yi Hong management support that perform non-executive director two years as a representative Bank Group representatives also rested re-election.

Stuart Solomon, former MetLife Life Insurance was elected as the new chairman of the term outside directors for two years. KB Financial Group has equipped a total of nine systems, including one person seven outside directors names and Executive Director (Yun Jonggyu Chairman), non-executive directors. Last year, a senior gimokchan KB Financial Group president did not join the board of directors.

Pension officials are expected to janggiseong unclear standards and methods of homozygous stock-based compensation granted to directors remuneration approved by the shareholders' meeting agenda in KB Financial Group were also betting the opposite opinion.

President Kim Jeongtae led HFG also Jongno-gu, Seoul Grand held the 12th regular shareholders' meeting in Seoul Tower, and rested the election hamyoungju current gimbyeongho Bank and Hana Financial Vice-house directors.

Except for the last three outside directors hongeunju term that expires January and were also passed along reappointment of Yun Jongnam, Park Mungyu, songgijin, Kim Inbae, Yun Seongbok outside directors. Hong directors elected successor Cha Eunyoung Ewha Womans University professor and former FSC Financial Development Review Committee as a new outside director. Tea is served as professor of the past year, the longest period of Samsung Card's outside directors until March 2011 were recruited from competitors.

NH Agricultural finance is decided whether or not an outside director jaesinim Son Sangho Korea Institute of Finance, Senior Research Fellow term expiring at the shareholders' meeting last month. NH Agricultural Finance has extended the tenure of the former outside directors Dean, Seoul National University, Jeon Hong-Ryeol Kim & Chang Min Sang-gi torture in the temporary shareholders' meeting in February. 28 days comes the second term is whether the interests which the president gimyonghwan term expires.

Our banks are open for general shareholders' meeting on the 24th last month, yigwanggu confirmed the reappointment of our bankers. 400 won the dividend, last week approved the financial statements and consolidated financial statements, some changes bylaws, corporate Directors, Audit Committee, senior director remuneration approved such cases were approved according to the original bill.

Standing inside directors and audit committee, the former Citibank Oh Jeongsik buhaengjang dwaetgo senior director remuneration was frozen to 32 billion.

This is haengjang "can be deemed to be performing permitting interim dividend," he said "this year is expected to be achieved and sustained performance improvements in its management stability in the first year of privatization," he said.

◇ securities, seek more stable changes

Securities CEO goes to most of reappointment, and the pursuit of stability rather than change.

Mirae Daewoo President jounggi In the last 24 days the shareholders' meeting is held, while a senior in-house director madeukrak president of the incident which took place withdrawn. In such a proposal before the Council is flipped it came out. In-house director jounggi president, respectively, were elected gwontaegyun Yulchon torture outside directors were newly elected Hong Seongil outside directors, audit committee members.

Doeja able to resignation of some outside directors do not meet the requirements of a majority of outside directors Governance Act, it decided that after discussions between each director Matt president resigned in-house director candidates qualifications. As Chairman of the Board is Hwang Geonho

Senior vice president Wednesday choehyeonman CEO, said, "Mirae Asset treatment is going to have a sustainable and long-term investments in total client assets of 213 trillion won, a leading company in the capital 6.7 trillion won and upgrading Korea's financial industry, the 4th of industries."

NH Investment & Securities has approved the re-elected President in the general shareholders' meeting agenda for gimwongyu. In the shareholders' meeting it took place the day also elected as directors and the audit committee approved the financial statements. Director of History, was elected the President has said Jeong Yonggeun gimwongyu President, choehanmuk Audit Committee on internal directors, non-executive directors. Outside Directors, the senior was also passed yijangyoung audit committee, byeonchanwoo Audit Committee, the Audit Committee Lee Jeongjae. In addition, Mr. Kim Seongyu, Kim's group also raised the name of the outside directors. Lee Jeongjae members are from former Financial Supervisory Commission chairman.

KB Securities has appointed a new hongeunju professor at Hanyang Cyber ​​56th Shareholders Assembly held last 23 days. Professor Hong iMBC served as CEO and outside directors, including a financial one, born in 1958. Education is the final PhD Ohio State University School of Economics.

This is an outside director of KB securities to five external directors elected ratio was 62.5%. In addition, KB Securities was resolved according to the original bill for the day, including the financial statements and consolidated financial statements approved, the amended articles of association, directors remuneration approved.

Samsung Securities' Kim Gyeongsu KDB also rested innovation election committee chairman to innovate outside directors. Samsung Securities, Samsung Securities jaehun four newly elected Head of Asset Management in-house director at the 35th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held in the last 24 AM Gangnam SC Convention Center and was approved according to the original bill. Jaehun term of four inside directors is three years.

Independent Director and Audit Committee, the Board of Innovation Innovation Kim Gyeongsu KDB chairman, Lee Seung-woo former Deposit Insurance Corporation president, Kim Seongjin of Seoul National University Economic Faculty of the election rested adjunct professor. Kim Seongjin Kim Gyeongsu term of outside directors and outside directors are each 2 years, the term of Lee Seungwoo outside director is one year.

Oil hits Securities rested Seo Myeongseok the election, Huang Wei Cheng, CEO. The term of office is three years. Chen chichang passed emergency non-elected directors, Hwang Wonchun Outside Directors, gwonseongcheol, Park Woogyu sinjinyoung, including the audit committee of outside directors, senior director remuneration approved dryness that.

Daishin Securities Kowloon instead rested after re-election as President of the Financial Group's outside directors term of two years. Independent Director and Audit Committee Member of Park Chansu, gimchangbong, not won outside directors and Jeong Sangmyeong, sinjaeguk outside directors also rested re-election. Kiwoom is rested Song Jong-ho before the election Presidential Secretariat Secretary SMEs outside directors. Kyobo Securities also elected Oh Changsu ordinary professor at Hanyang University, Seoul Metro Line 9 sinyusam part-time audit by the audit committee of outside directors to be.

◇ boheomgwon goalkeeper and CEO upsets

Samsung Life Insurance and Samsung Fire and open the Mirae Asset Life last month, the 24th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders voted the chief executive officer (CEO) second term agenda. Hanwha Life Insurance, Hanwha, Hyundai, opened Meritz Fire & Hungkuk also the day the shareholders' meeting. Kim Changsu, president of Samsung Life Insurance in a suicide crisis came up next to floating interest geochwi succeeded in reappointed. President Kim Changsu was also reappointed Unfortunately, this can not be in accordance with the censure alert action on the same day held FSS sanctioned suicide Insurance Committee of the Board of Directors reappointed dwaeteuna determined in the initial month.

Samsung Life has appointed a new Vice Strategy and Finance ago Heo Gyeonguk a part-time Audit Committee, Outside Director. Gimducheol existing audit committee of outside directors and outside directors yunyongro also rested re-election.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Park Daedong rested before re-elected the Senator and Professor Per saenuri Park Semin consideration as a new Independent Director, Audit Committee.

Hanwha Life gimgyeonghan Shin representing lawyers and Park Taejun Deposit Insurance Corporation rested a number of re-election as general manager of outside directors, the audit committee. Also elected jogyuha KGC adviser as the new outside directors and audit committee.

Hanwha General Insurance was Lee Sangyong elected former General Insurance Association and former Health and Welfare Minister Kim Seongho, former yijonghak Hanwha Chemical representative to the outside directors, audit committee members.

Card industry, as determined yuguhyeon our card was reappointed President of finishing all eight credit card company CEO edge. Samsung Card, Woori card, one card existing wongichan, yuguhyeon, dwaeteumyeo Jeong Sujin president of Shinhan Card was reappointed to head the President imyoungjin wiseongho while the former president took office as CEO.

BC Card has climbed the Chae Jongjin vice president reappointed as a representative of my Seo Junhui the resignation default realization dwaeteuna two euros intimate as the new representative. Lotte Card chaejeongbyeong representatives yeoteuna the original term until March 2018 came as a successor to the person gimchanggwon accredited representative, displaying the company. Wongichan Samsung Card President reappointed to a term until March 2020 yuguhyeon, Jeong Sujin, president reappointed one year was decided. Yun Ungwon KB Kookmin Card, president of tenure becomes the end of this year, Hyundai Card Jeong Taeyoung vice Delgada fourteen weeks.

One industry expert has described as "financial institutions were still employed by officials who" said "Due to the nature of financial institutions regulated industry is not immune from one of the senior officials who, because the position of the position."

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30th anniversary of Korea Carolina Life Settlement market 'successful'

[Gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter Korea] was the first foreign insurance companies entered the Carolina Life in Korea market this year celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Take over the Cigna know-how which boasts 220 years of history and tradition successfully anchakhan Carolina Life in Korea market in 1987 is the industry's first TM-channel marketing introduction, the first free diagnosis and Unexamined insurance and dental insurance market, such as company-wide marketing and product launch pace It has continued to.

Founded repeated annual double-digit growth over the past decade from the early through a protection-type insurance business for the whole liner life is the product mainly to earn substantial and has some of the industry's stable financial structure ensuring the highest level of RBC is evaluated. Carolina Biological Based on this "success story" has established a goal to mark the 30th anniversary of strengthening support for the senior hierarchy. The establishment of a 'liner 50+ Awards' as part of the 50+ helps improve the quality of life for generations to hung a prize of 500 million won.

◇ protection-type insurance, 99.8% financial soundness 'Excellent'

Carolina Biological has a corporate mission is to help customers' health and well-being, and stability. Accordingly, emphasis on the nature of the Carolina Life Insurance and the overwhelming proportion was high from the early founding of protection-type insurance has been able to fly from one foot wide of liability duration nightmare with other life insurers are experiencing.

Preparation for the 2021 introduction IFRS17 life insurers made to secure financial stability are urgently needed to reduce significantly the high interest savings insurance share was sold in the past focused mainly embarked on protection-type insurance sales. Endowment insurance is the main item was referred to the contribution of insurers petite meantime.

But when IFRS17 introduced assess liability (insurance payable) to the market than the current cost to classify the savings-type insurance contracts margin services to non-profit debt. According to the Financial Supervisory Service, the domestic insurance companies insurance products to 16 where 76.88% of the total sales of protection-type end of the year, showed a savings account for 23.12%. But if the life of the liner protection-type insurance is 99.84%, a stable financial structure is equipped savings insurance accounted for 0.16% receive less affected by external factors is evaluated.

Indeed hongbongseong Carolina Life Korea branch president of the 4th open liner life 30 years at a press conference "Linus life regarding IFRS17 no effect," he said, "because the financial condition was treated in the top and the product characteristics and savings rather than protection-type products mainly." Hongbongseong president after "The RBC ratio also expects a rather better when IFRS17 introduced, such as maintaining the industry's highest level," he added.

◇ TM channel liner life insurance business paradigm of the imported

Carolina starts life insurance sales through channels TM in 1995 for the first time in Korea and presented a new paradigm in the insurance business in Korea. Insurance market of traditional country scored a face-to-face selling shares. But Linus Life has selected the new channels planting. TM channel does not sufficiently explain the complex structure of insurance products, because a non-face-to-face channel that does not directly face the customer favorite, while less expense if the item description different from the actual distorted, exaggerated large room for incomplete sales.

Carolina Biological has strengthened monitoring to strictly adhere to the five principles, including Deputy recording, any offer, deliberate omission, four calls, customer-oriented information disclosure in the sense of a complete sale. As a result, despite the focus passageway TM channels and caught in civil cases and incomplete record of the industry's lowest-selling true "two rabbits" it is evaluated.

In fact, late last year, the proportion of incomplete sales channels TM liner life appeared to be lower than the industry average of 0.38% to 0.37%. According to the Financial Consumer Federation of insurance contracts 100,000 The average number of complaints per liner life after the 3.59 cases NACF Life (3.41 s) less the second time. It presented a new operating paradigm of the Korean life insurance market Linus went pioneered new areas of insurance marketing starts after the credit card company affiliated with various partnerships, such as banks, retailers, manufacturers. In addition, the model was extended to the inbound TM serves DRTV advertising in 2006 to start an insurance sales through December 2003 home shopping channel for channel diversification. In 2010, while looking for ways to showcase the internet insurance customers can easily subscribe with affordable premiums while opening a direct channel last year embarked on a new sales channel attack.

Carolina Biological officials "through the TM sales and solidify its position above the TM industry-first into an existing planner has expanded the target to the customer base can not reach in the channel continue with technology and efficiency seeking advancement in" and "accumulated operating know-how and it technology development in accordance with, tendency to the increase in applied TM share "he said.

◇ first, first, first ... Niche markets 'successful'

Carolina Life chose to actively naseoneun strategy on niche sales to grab a place in the country insurance market in central architects. 2006 Carolina Life Insurance has launched the country's first free diagnosis of Unexamined insurance '(no) OK Silver Insurance. Actor "is also Allway without asking" for Lee Sunjae insurance products shot to prominence with ads that are sikimyeo expand the meantime, join the age limit or health is difficult to insurance customers insurance reasons evaluation that established itself as a product that represents the liner life the getting.

Carolina Life Insurance said explained, "was the customer market for basic under insurance eliminate blind spots that provide the necessary coverage at an affordable price." "We have a company helps customers in the health and well-being and stability mission."

Then in 2008, we launched the product (free) dental insurance love 'for the first time in Korea has contributed to the popularization of dental insurance. Then do not have health insurance coverage for dental implant-related disease, dentures, bridges aimed at greater consumer pay for expensive prosthetic received the attention of the insurance market in one body. Carolina Biological parties are steadily becoming popular saying "dental insurance, long-life products in the liner until now" so that ordinary day subscribers 1,500 people, "he said. Dental insurance market so far has been occupied nearly half liner life.

These 'non-mainstream' will aimed to not attack liner life is a niche market to focus on insurance products too, but the parent company of American Cigna Group of Carolina Biological interested in the changes in the world market group played an ever-localization efforts according to each country situation Because.

That on the 4th Liner Life David nose attend Cigna Group Chairman visit to Korea branch celebrates its 30th anniversary was "We make extraordinary efforts to deliver grasp the needs of South Korea clients," he said "are continued growth you are holding a contract of 6000000 to feel proud, "he said.

◇ health care market, 'opportunity' to Carolina Life

30 anniversary liner life is paying attention to the senior generation. Carolina Life has established a "liner heyday Foundation in 2013. We settled into a stable market in South Korea is the effect that he would contribute to enabling the continued growth our customers and the community.

Carolina Life Insurance said, "I will practice the value of enabling more systematic and creative sizes in the wake of the foundation established in sharing." Carolina prime foundation for a healthy and vibrant life two films of the lives of seniors supporting seniors in a variety of areas such as health, leisure, social participation, and promote business for promoting health and well-being of vulnerable groups. Carolina Life Insurance today announced the establishment of 'liner 50+ Awards' recently organized by the Carolina Foundation heyday. Will be to help the lives of seniors find award a total prize of 500 million won of people and organizations to try and healthy social value creation.

Recently attended the press conference, I attend President David Ko said the liner would have spared the lives continue to support the group-wide to grow with our customers in Korea.

"The future will grow a healthy industry that combines medical, biotechnology, insurance and worldwide expect the cooperation and integration between industry achieved actively," he said "South Korea is also a great writer of this flow is started and the health care services open When the liner life betrayed the confidence saying there will be more competitive "than others. Cigna Group has advocated a global health services company with strengths in health care in the United States and has a reputation of the insurance company later. In the US, Cigna Group has structured a population divided into four groups, including the situation with chronic disease conditions such as diabetes, asthma, acute health care needs, health status, but that is a risk, a healthy situation. Thereby providing coaching, counseling and other services to understand each special needs.

David nose attend said: "The biggest opportunity is healthy, but groups that risk," said "can help our customers as another candidate as a health care professional to coaching in a variety of ways, such as lifestyle changes advisers," he said.

South Korea "to receive health care services in each country based on the regulations and systems," "non-medical health care services' for sanctions that are blocking the leap in healthcare market said," I think Sanya lessons for other countries will be available in Korea. " he said.

Nose attend the president's ear, "Korea market was also the healthcare needs emerging as an aging population, chronic diseases due to lifestyle changes, such as" he "even before proceeding to these services Cigna group with expertise if the Korea Customer Needs Korea customers may provide a service in line with, "said proposal.

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Hite Jinro, expand consumer groups in Oriental Brewery "I share"

Becoming [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] I'm in the growing home they enjoy the 'soul suljok' or 'home party' drinking alone drink willingly shares popular.

Last year, according to The KFDA said they have experienced alcohol intake of 20 to 40 of the 2,000 people nationwide survey results 66.1% of honsul Status subjects (1028 people men, women 972 people) is honsul experience. Honsul place in the home accounted for the overwhelming first place with 85.2%, tavern pub (7.2%), restaurants, cafes (5.2 percent).

Honsul is increased than in the past, among these respondents was 25.5%. Looking at actual sales of alcohol by supermarkets case of imported beer, honsul Home suljok their favorite fourth quarter sales jumped only as high as 40.8%.

Alcohol 3 Hite Jinro also share carbonate, dew toktok '; is turned on sales of about 34 million bottles in 10 months, I went to the market the main products sold first place (last year). This is the same as that sold 1.4 bottles per second. Dew toktok was identified as a fruit wine containing a peach liqueur, 40% have gained popularity, especially in the 'Horn suljok "sold in convenience stores.

Hite Jinro reap the low-frequency and peach flavors imported popular among female consumers that the 'dew toktok balgeure make-up party ", etc. hold the event, and good that after the dew success dew toktok in 2015 Grapefruit one targeting the youth and We have analyzed that affect.

Hite Jinro said, "I will be dew toktok and propaganda in the only entertainment market shares of carbon," he said. Oriental Brewery has strengthened its lineup by introducing the third degree. I can of beer, Hoegaarden Brewery Rosetta '750ml capacity popular add 250ml kkeulja minibyeong products and beer.

Launched in 2015, Hoegaarden Brewery Rosetta '750ml took the word to jegyeok mainstream in the' home party 'like champagne and shapes. Among women with low frequency and pretty packaging design dragging a sensational popular bar it has brewed a shortage shortly after launch. Oriental Brewery said, "was to launch a try on 'Hoegaarden Brewery Rosetta' mini bottle of beer force on the popularity of the existing 750ml capacity" and "may increase the beer distributors around the area to find a lot of young people, such as Gangnam and Itaewon, tree-lined street," he said .

It even whiskey wind is blowing strongly two weeks. It is a description of the industry's motivation to increase the customer base as a popular image. I actually whiskey sales showed a 48.5% growth compared to the same period last year basis in September.

Whiskey Blue Golden domestic companies released a number of whiskey 'Phantom D. Original "I'm 35 degrees last year and is actively targeting the 20-30 floors. Golden Blue is 36.5 years old 2009 also serves whiskeys I first domestic industry rose last year to second place. A Scottish mountain by using only 100% juice blend "di original Phantom" is a whiskey tonic water, ginger ale and 'highball' style drink mix a variety of carbonated water.

Golden blue official said, "has steadily released to capture a new generation of whiskey, I prefer to enjoy the drinking culture rather than taking" and "will also launch a new product targeted at the Horn suljok and home suljok female customers." Golden Blue is I will continue to enhance the suite of whiskey on the occasion of 'phantom di original' release.

In particular, it plans to expand to new consumer groups launched the 2030 level of 'phantom' enemy targeting three product lineup.

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Heo Huisu "a comprehensive catering company SPC, baking beyond."

After the second son of the Vice President Heo Huisu [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] heoyoungin SPC Group Chairman appeared in front of business is catching up the speed on the outer extension of the SPC group. Ln the popular SPC group in the forefront of last year's sensational 'baking', led by the rope shake swek Lilia, sustainable catering stores such as pigs and expand the Gardens will spiral.

Her vice president on the spot, which opened a shake swek first store in as Gangnam in July last year to strengthen the saying "shake swek the SPC is baking a professional beyond turning point in the growing global Culinary corporate enterprises", "SPC catering business in 2025 will achieve sales of 200 billion won from the restaurant business year "he has said that.

SPC Group plans to actively expand and shake swek Dawley Lilia such fine mostly young favorite commercial core and casual stores catering grown into a comprehensive company leading the food culture beyond the confectionery company.

Shake swek has recorded sales of more than 120 of the world's No. 1 shake swek store if you shake swek first landed in Gangnam Shop by brand allowed the Vice President directly brought into the country. For the shakes after swek Gangnam Open daily average burger sales amounted to 3,000. When considering that the representatives of the menu swek burger price of 6,900 won, Gangnam day sales are estimated to have recorded 20 million won.

SPC Group is reported to have been a fine casual concept to shake swek seek to shake success of swek fruition. "Fine Casual, combined with fine dining and casual dining is a means for a reasonable price from the finest restaurants and enjoy fine food.

First shake swek was towing a sensational popularity as a food material such as Major Angus non-use of antibiotics and hormones beef. Following easier to brand based on fine dining and waves combined the advantages of a vibrant, fast-casual "concept was to establish a" fine casual "concept. Thanks to the success of the concept of casual fine shake swek second store in Cheongdam point opened the doors in December last year opened a store in the past six days 3 Dongdaemun two RBIs.

SPC Group is presented first to the last six days, two runs, the Dongdaemun Duta premium burger brand shakes swek 'on the first floor of the domestic third store in the Gangbuk area.

It was decorated with configured overlooking the vibrant Dongdaemun street outdoor terraces and canopies, flower pots, etc. 'downtown in a seating area, and external space, strings install the bistro one trillion people shake swek first store in New York City Madison Square so you can make the atmosphere of the Park Branch did.

Shake swek two RBI will introduce a special dessert menu of three kinds of sales representatives in addition to the menu, including burgers swek, swek Stack, Smoke swek, Burger syurum only two RBIs, including Dongdaemun rainbow, green light, swek carriage Saturday.

Come May, further to expand the store through the distribution channels of the company SPC-valent laws Ae Group. Her vice president and married the eldest daughter of Lena's no second Chae Eunjeong Ae Ae Ahn Yongchan Industry Group Vice President and Vice Chairman of jangyoungsin Ae.

SPC Group is a state decided to shake swek 4 Branch of the economic Seohyeon-dong Bundang AK Plaza've hit a temporary their screening. 4 Shop Open seems to be made in May. SPC Group is planning to opening 25 stores in the future to shake swek 2025.

Another SPC Group is taking the brand to grow the core of the Pine Dawley Lilia with a shake swek casual restaurant business.

Ln Lilia is a casual Italian restaurant SPC group debuted in 2008. Last Since launching in 2008 Yangjae, Gwanghwamun points, SPC Square point, Itaewon points, including Shindorim D-Cube City Point, Eunpyeong Lotte moljeom, merit points, and operates a total of seven opened to sell wine and beer in the Gangnam SPC Square and IIA ' bar (bar) 'form of' bistro bar Dawley Lilia "has opened three operations. SPC side is that the continued expansion of the store when Dawley Lilia good commercial experience plan.

Another SPC Group has launched a "pig in a better garden" salad brand in Yeouido, Seoul over the past three days. "Pigs In The Garden 'menu are all fine salad casual restaurant where you can enjoy a high quality of salads at reasonable prices is to use fresh fruits and vegetables supplied by local farmers and direct deals.

Pig In The Garden is a brand name representing the 'healthy fullness' that can be eaten as a meal fed delicious pear salad metaphorically, you can enjoy high-quality salads at reasonable prices. The plate constituting the salad bowl is made at the same time as orders pick a grill menu and the menu features salad scoop.

In addition, it has a German-style meat products Dealer Greek Schweinfurt This has opened six stores until last year, "hayimyeon Udon 'is also open 10 stores this year plans yeoksegwon mainly of the same company in the SPC Samlip.

The vice president is allowed to shake swek Bar was promoted to Vice President in recognition of the success that the ball swek Sheikh last November seated. Shake swek is a premium burger brand that began in New York in 2001 being operated stores in 13 major countries including the UK, Japan, UAE. Korea, and the SPC Group operate stores signed an exclusive operating agreement.

Her vice president began a management class to the incident in Paris Croissant in 2007 was promoted to managing director at executive managing director of two years ago, the BR Korea SPC subsidiaries collectively.

Paris Croissant charge of the operation of the shake swek is a holding company prices the company SPC owner's family held a 100% stake, stake 11.44% of Hur, vice president of Paris Croissant equity of 12.7% and the Group's only listed the SPC Samlip (Samlip food) of It holds.

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KEB find one, the risk-weighted assets yield place

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] KEB Hana Bank showed an increase profitability, reduce risk compared to the risk-weighted assets (RWA) growth in net profit. Risk management in the banking sector tends to reduce corporate loans to increase the losses borne down and soundness concerns are also becoming prominent.

◇ banks, such as turning on monitoring non-performing assets

Risk-weighted assets yield (RoRWA: Return on Risk Weighted Assets) are indicators with a view to gauge the profitability risk compared. Each exposure risk weighted assets reflects a substantial risk by applying a risk weight to the (exposure amount) (RWA) as the denominator, you can get if you put the equation with the controlling shareholder net income in the molecule.

9 days four major banks (Shinhan · KB Kookmin · We · KEB one) business performance, according to the results of calculations based on the published data, KEB Hana Bank in December last year the end of risk-weighted assets, profit margin (RoRWA) the end of 2015 It showed a more than 3-fold improvement.

KEB, Hana Bank in the last reference in 2015 was estimated to be considerably lower three major banks (Kookmin, Shinhan · KB · us) than the margin of risk-weighted assets (RoRWA). KEB Hana Bank went on working to improve the capital adequacy ratio to risk-weighted assets management.

Large loan collapse is regarded as a typical margin of risk-weighted assets (RoRWA) management plan.

On the other hand, if one of the KEB Bank total loans increased 1.4559 trillion won last year eotneunde than 2015 dual corporate loans was 6.0031 trillion won decrease, rather than the household sector loans jumped one hundred million won 7000000004590. Increase in net income was also one molecule of shares. Last year, the controlling shareholder of KEB, Hana Bank net profit surged over 1 trillion 372.7 billion won in 2015 (421 billion won).

KEB, Hana Bank official said, "Integration synergies will translate into sales activities took place a qualitative improvement in the key interest rates were increased deposits, SME loans and household loans, while the loan portfolio also increased (P / F)".

It was changed for a loan breakdown only strategy the bank is not the only one KEB. Our banks, while corporate loans increased in total loans of 5.7698 trillion won in 2016 was 4.5605 trillion won decrease, household goddess earned a 10.3303 trillion won lanky neulmyeo health.

Bo was the Shinhan Bank increased total loans in the same period of 7.4157 trillion won, 5.54 trillion won the double accounted household goddess. KB 12 national banks one trillion 79.4 billion won share of loans Consumer loans Increase the reached 7.9205 trillion won.

In the banking sector the atmosphere to increase the interest in risk-weighted assets internally. Such as industry, company restructuring, US interest rates in a variety of internal and external variables 'risk management' is a situation emerged as a buzzword of the year.

Shinhan Bank official explained that "creating a risk-weighted asset index and check it monthly unaudited internal data on a quarterly basis and has to care."

Our bankers also pointed to "continual fear bad asset reductions and improved superior quality of assets through asset overweight, low utilization limit unused surplus reduction," the risk-weighted asset management plan.

◇ 'quantity than quality' capital requirements compared Strategy

Risk-weighted assets yield (RoRWA) is a favorable indicator the higher the share of profits in value compared to risk-weighted assets. High profitability compared to the risk, because it is also good means of capital allocation efficiency.

Banking industry officials emphasized that "it is necessary that the business strategy to focus on loan portfolio Operating margin adjusted for enhanced risk-weighted assets (RoRWA) strengthen the high-risk, low profitability loans and unused limit management."

Even as prudential capital ratios considered positive side management. Bank for International Settlements (BIS) In the calculation of capital adequacy ratio (numerator) / risk weighted assets (the denominator). Financial industry officials explained that "BIS ratio will also consider how to manage the ratio of regulatory capital increase because such methods are difficult to face the denominator of risk-weighted assets, capital improvements."

In overseas it should be classified as a building connected to the business performance indicators. Kim Suhyeon Shinhan Investment analyst "about the European global banks (IB) are extremely Shin Junghi and none of the risk-weighted assets yield (RoRWA) of the evaluation indicators of management transactions to increase the risk-weighted assets" and "This is the assigned sales targets to simply the volume (size) just off the behaviors to increase sales because jyeotgi explained that the most important to properly manage the risk compared to profitability in line with global capital regulations are gradually strengthening. "

In terms of international regulations to be prepared for situations in which a side expanding risk-weighted assets. Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), because they promote the new regulations introduced this year for the purpose of mitigating the problem of excessive deviation between countries and banks in risk-weighted assets calculated for the BIS ratio denominator. Prohibit the current internal model used for the main exposure (exposure amount) of such Act massive and fortified than the risk weight is content to mandate the use of the standard model.

However, banking industry officials said that "regarding the discussed calculation method changed, but the lasting impact analysis conducted to discuss countermeasures at the present time it is determined to change the way the foreign banks delayed by opposition a difficult situation."

Lim Hyeongseok, Senior Research Fellow of the Korea Institute of Finance (KIF) is in the "Risk Management characteristics and implications of domestic banks' reports," domestic banks, the global financial crisis sikimyeo overall reduction in the total assets risk-weighted assets ratio economic systolic include safe haven, a diastolic There is a possibility to expand the total assets risk-weighted assets ratio when introducing each picked by increasing assets this year, the domestic outlook game gotta estimated to have entered a contraction phase will have upside potential high "and added," but the new regulations mainly risk-weighted assets since it is necessary to further strengthen the risk management, "he predicted.

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[Weekly market funds - Mirae · IBK, 'Modi nomikseu' expectations rising for the second consecutive week India Fund

It won the [South Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] April first week, India Modi Indian People's Party belongs to the Prime Minister gotta have 'Modi nomikseu' policy resilient expectations reflected geoduja the legislative election victory in major areas where Indian Fund for the second consecutive week high yields.

International Equity weeks to one week yields 0.91%, exceeding the yield BM (World-MSCI-AC WORLD INDEX FREE (KRW Unhedged), 0.22%) 0.69% points and kept two consecutive weeks plus a rate of return.

More By region, India recorded a 2.79% rise, and drew the largest followed by Russia and 2.50%, respectively, emerging Europe, showed excellent flow at yield of 2.00%. India Fund looks to stocks, bonds, currency appreciation is accompanied by a 'Modi nomikseu' expectations for policy Resilience to win legislative elections recorded a high rate of return.

While Japan, the Middle East, Africa, North America showed a decline of respectively -2.48%, -0.63%, -0.27%. Especially the US - ahead of the summit, while Japan's stock market decline of the yen as a safe asset preference Possession sentiment led to poor yields of local funds.

Overseas equity private funds 'securities shares BlackRock World Mining Fund (equity - ingenuity foldable) (UH) (A)' recorded a return of 4.74% and showed good flow. Following "Mirae Asset India's infrastructure sector Securities Fund 1 (CO) Type A ', - recording the return of' JP Morgan Brazil Equity Fund (CO ingenuity foldable) A 'respectively 4.43%, 4.32% and won the top .

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Park Jinsu-Joon, group life and death cases R & D competition

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] Park Jinsu LG Chem Vice Chairman (left) and Kim Joon SK Innovation was declared the Executive Vice President (right) is a vital investment cases R & D (Research & Development) of the group.

In addition to the night and vice-battery business has highlighted a new generation of technology investments such as energy, water, bio, President Kim announced the development of electric vehicle battery technology and production capacity.

The commitment is LG Chem, SK Innovation is becoming the key to the future food security of business LG and SK groups. Park Jinsu LG Chem Vice Chairman announced the largest investment ever in the 1 trillion won this year, R & D (Research & Development) sector. LG Chem plans to scale neulryeogal 10% per year starting this year investment.

Especially excavations focused on the core, next generation core technologies, etc. Materials sectors, including energy, water, bio-term in perspective. Only short-term R & D for my product to be commercialized, but it promised a bold investment in the future business.

Sets out the business sector to innovate aggressively on the battery, fuel cell materials, auto gyeongryeong angry and highly functional materials development in the energy sector. In the water sector next-generation water treatment technology applied to the ceramic membrane material, in biotechnology and gene technology, focusing on research, innovation, new drugs entering the field.

This night is a vice that achieved 16.3 trillion won in 2020 new sales plan comes through. Related sales target this year, LG Chem (8.5 trillion won) compared to the approximately two-fold higher. Park vice president, "provide differentiated value to customers and to make the necessary skills to make freely allegory of human life, LG Chemical R & D orientation of" adding "R & D 2025 coming years through investment sales 'Global Top 5' Chemical Co. explained, it would become a " SK Innovation will increase investment in the development of electric vehicle batteries.

SK Innovation announced the investment of 3 trillion won this year like second battery business has launched a battery production facility 5,6 aerobic production facility built from the 6th month.

5,6 Unit is currently under construction if the total hollow 2GWh scale SK Innovation will ensure the battery capacity of total 3.9Gwh.

It is equipped with the same large battery capacity and Samsung SDI to scale operations to produce 140,000 electric vehicles.

Joon SK Innovation's Executive Vice President is "SK Innovation's battery business has continued to grow each year based on the trust of global car manufacturers for superior technology and stable supply capacity" and "strengthen the domestic electric vehicle battery market, the future global Top 3 batteries It said it will become the enterprise. "

In addition to expanding production facilities kkoehanda the performance up. SK Innovation sets out in the coming electric vehicle battery development which can run for 500km on a single charge mileage 2020. Current, SK Innovation is a state of securing the electric vehicle battery technology goes a mileage of 350km on a single charge.

SK Innovation Lee Yongwoo B & I (EV battery and electronic materials business) "will improve ever possible to travel 500km 2020 coming years continue to carry out electric car battery-related technology development," said Zhang Management Planning Office said.

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4th Industrial Revolution market 'shakes' the election issue

There ssolrigo interested in the commitment of each of the candidates because of the [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] rose upcoming presidential election coming month. In addition to the Democratic Party's representative on the Moon Jae ago, people were confirmed before the Ahn Cheolsu represented by each candidate. The two candidates and present the 4th Industrial Revolution of the Economic Policy as a core keywords which reveals the presence of certain issues in the presidential election.

According to the 10th financial investment industry is also reflected in the recent share price expectations for the fourth round of industrial revolution emerged in the presidential election issue. For the past seven days Naver maintain our target price of 830,000 won, but on Naver of 13 major securities firms have exceeded the average of 1.02 million won.

If the candidate Moon Jae said it would be introducing a negative regulation in the new industrial area. Following high-speed internet access things such as road building, smart 21st-century New Deal implemented, it hung a presidential pledge of things, such as high-speed Internet network to build smart roads, such as the New Deal futuristic, smart factory support.

Ahn Cheolsu was also a candidate in relation to the 4th Industrial Revolution presented a blueprint for educational programs and vocational training systems. Artificial Intelligence (AI) · the training was conducted for applicants for employment such as Internet of Things (IOT) advocated linking employment and pragmatic approach. Lee Jaemyeong Seongnam market position is also hagetdaneun joseonghae the investment of up to 100 trillion won create a leading investment banking corporation. The government also announced last year, 3.0 Manufacturing Innovation Strategy ', and is under force.

Securities are also showing a busy look to a vigorous capital market Seon Sunhwan associated with the 4th Industrial Revolution. Last month, Daewoo, Mirae Asset has entered into a strategic partnership based on KT and artificial intelligence. The Best Investment was also signed an agreement to build a cloud-KT and financial investment into the joint development of robots such as chat and consultation solutions (AIBOT).

July 30, Mirae Asset Daewoo lectures at Gwanghwamun Four Seasons hotel as a national sales offices chabujanggeup targets 200, 4th Industrial Revolution and future prospects "was the theme and the resistance of our people.

Korea Securities Depository has launched an 'innovation committee to respond to the fourth round of industrial revolution in the last four days. The Commission checks the contents of the entire back office, and also configure the 'expert advisory committee for IT · Business. Koscom and Capital Market Institute will also present the capital market comes Strategy of Industrial Revolution on the 18th 4th. One opens a financial investment semiconductor, autonomous cars, 4th Industrial Revolution Investment Conference to proceed to a variety of themes, such as 5G communications sector.

◇ the business requires careful investment

Recently it was also shakes venture capital (VC) shares. If the DSC VC investment is investing to find related ventures 4th Industrial Revolution. To invest in growth stocks with election issues based on technology (ICT) companies will receive attention. TS, etc. In addition the investment, our investment in technology, SBI Investment Co., Ltd. has received attention.

Securities regarding going to the 4th Industrial Revolution advises that a prudent investment needs. Also the direct exchange traded fund (ETF) that can bring a portfolio of different investments than stocks was also suggested that properly opinion.

Mirae Asset Global Investments is preparing a 'TIGER Global Technology ETF' in relation to the 4th Industrial Revolution. The ETF applies the index developed in collaboration with the Global Fund Morningstar rating agency.

Mirae Asset official explained that "in the Morningstar Index has been developed to complete," he said "and the Korea Exchange and coordination will be released in the first half."

As a global technology fund of funds related to the Fidelity Asset Management Net Assets month also exceeded the 100 billion won. Based on last year's rate of return exceeds 30% and has recorded high profits. To fund the parent Company is an active fund that invested in Apple, Google, Intel, Samsung Electronics, the world's technology companies such as Baidu contained.

Also showing is also sensitive to movements among investors in bringing all the political temaju rampant. Sigida that prudent investment demand for stocks that are classified as Moon Jae Ahn Cheolsu temaju theme weeks. Also in relation to the 4th Industrial Revolution must be careful because it can increase the differentiation rather than developing all the related stocks rose.

Jeongyeonwoo Daishin Securities Research Institute, "the future becomes a handful of surviving in a competitive pronounced the winner-take-all compose gained most of the loot businesses do not survive the competition they will be left behind," said "eventually changes due to the 4th Industrial Revolution is an opportunity also, but threatened can also act as a factor "was diagnosed.

Kim Yoon-seo said KTB Investment & Securities researcher considered a "unique that can occur as a result of external sales in the enterprise risk is high," adding, "effective to leverage the global ETF itgie four domestic car market is lagging behind the industrial revolution compared to developed countries."

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Shinsegae and Hyundai, Lotte, distributors Big Three outlet openings fierce competition

Is keen to [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] long-term domestic demand and the distribution among the Big Three, which is facing a crisis Shopping malls offline demand expansion (Lotte, Shinsegae and Hyundai) will hold "Mall ringjok 'naeseun outlet competition.

The last six days has opened two outlets in suburban New World Shiheung premium outlets in the metropolitan area southwest of the largest (business area 13,000 square meters).

8.5㎞ away from the New World Shiheung Premium Outlets is located dot Modern Premium Outlets Songdo Lotte is also ahead of the opening of the Premium Outlets in Uiwang the area next year.

Since this is inevitable and Incheon, Bucheon battle of light, Ansan, Siheung, 1200 and elsewhere in Uiwang million potential customers yuchieul distribution around the Big Three on the outskirts of Siheung Premium Outlets.

Background big three retail outlets continues to expand openings is because outlets are emerging as alternatives to overcome the stagnation of distribution channels, including department stores.

In the past five days, it announced in February this year, the National Statistical Office Shopping Trends Shopping turnover increased by 22.9%, mobile shopping turnover of 37.8% to 3.3984 trillion won compared to the same month last year to 5.8577 trillion won. Because the retail industry was challenged to find a differentiation strategy naeseun strengths offline just to get moved to offline for mobile shopping needs. Beyond the living room in February cheaper goods will need to focus on the capacity to stay even longer for our customers.

Sales outlets in the domestic market last year, the industry is estimated to have 9.2 trillion won. In particular, for the outing, it showed a growth of 12% YoY in suburban outlets which customers visit, which was a 48% level of the sales department. Outlet openings aspect because the growth of distribution channels, such as department stores in contrast seen the low-growth vessel to 2 to 3% is the actual circumstances that are taken to a new food distribution industry.

Distribution industry ventured to enlarge the opening of the types of outlets that provide a fun experience with our customers not only to simply exhibit and sell products to overcome the sluggish sales of existing department stores at the same time.

New World First Shiheung Premium Outlets composition was in the form of a shopping complex resort made 'exotic scenery, enhanced recreation and experiential content of Spain to the' Entertainment Shop 'concept.

Shinsegae said, "the Shiheung Premium Outlets in European style shopping center has reproduced the northeastern coastal town 'tricky switch to' What town in Spain," said, "This year, only existing inventory escape simply cheap image of who sold outlets weary day a city that is the philosophy of making it capable of healing space in the near suburbs, "he explained.

Shinsegae Shiheung Premium Outlet shopping, culture and entertainment are combined to beyond the pleasure of shopping to improve the quality of life to enjoy has advocated a "shopping complex Resort" to walk with canine companion pet parks, family picnics that healing equipped with the Sky Garden, futsal arenas, stadiums, such as children.

Big retail outlets open in three plans for the time being continue to lead. Hyundai Department Store which opened last year, Songdo is the outlets will open one after another outlet after the 2019 war and Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province Dongtan in urban outlets open next month in Seoul Jamsil Garden Five.

Lotte will open a new outlet in the second half of this year and plans to match wonheung the opening to form a complex with the IKEA building. Only acceptable after year and Kunsan, and ahead of the opening of outlets in three locations, including Uiwang area. Especially entering the wonheung Premium Outlets is reportedly the experience factor, unlike traditional outlets Lotte will be provided en masse.

In the case of the New World Shiheung Yeoju Premium Outlets start of 2007, followed by the opening of This is the fourth store in Paju and Busan.

Associated with becoming the outlet opening competition of the industry's fierce aspect Shinsegae said, "Since 2007, for 10 years outlet market wateuna grown at an average annual rate of 29 percent recently Outlet stores leads to greater visibility last elongation was recorded single digit" and "in the future sales growth plans to focus on building a profitable tomorrow, "he said.

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[Council] Shinhan Capital (5)

[Korea Financial News] Shinhan Capital (5) The Board list

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[Council] IBK Capital (7)

[Korea Financial News] IBK Capital (7) Council list

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[Council] BNK Capital (5)

[Korea Financial News] BNK Capital (5) The Board list

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[Council] KDB Capital (5)

[Korea Financial News] KDB Capital (5) The Board list

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[One day like stocks, financial investment Samsung Electronics · LS · Province Finetec

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter]

◇ Samsung Electronics (005930.KS)

- strong demand for semiconductors and grow top-line growth in demand for mobile OLED panel resumes

- Galaxy S8, the second half of the high-end flagship model enlarged share around 25% from 2Q Release

◇ LS (006260.KS)

- Infrastructure investment policies benefiting expected to push the US government

- Driven by strong copper prices and wires sector recovery prospects appear earnings improvement

◇ Province Finetec (033500.KQ)

- up to six years, this year in South Korea, India Shipyard amount 36. The main turning point of the price of LNG carriers is linked to the amount India

- As more and more LNG carriers expect a dry bonaengjae increased sales performance

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