Saturday, April 8, 2017

'Duty-free preferential doubts' over President Shin Dongbin 20 hours after irradiation ears

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Park Geunhye Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dongbin related to the bribery allegations against former president returned home after a high-intensity irradiation of 20 hours and 30 minutes.

New president came back out of the prosecutor's office had four prosecutors to attend an identity 15 minutes NOTE 9:00 am the day before completing the investigation eight days at 5 hours 45 minutes.

Prosecutors Special Investigation Headquarters was reportedly questioned whether the proceeds of a new president focused dokdae night before the contents of the K Sports Foundation President and added contributions.

Lotte in November 2015 and lost the patent for Lotte Duty Free World Tower Branch. But last March, shortly after new president and former president of the night dokdae government has announced plans to add a duty-free shop in Seoul.

Lotte has appeared a total of 45 billion in Mir · K Sports Foundation, the defense silse choesunsil said in January last year, receiving laugh Co. suspicion. Since March the President of dokdae new president and the night before, in May it led to the additional contributions K Sports Foundation Group-wide.

Choi associated with January of last year after the establishment of "The Blue K ', and built a complex sports facilities, with the support of large facilities operating to intervene in two related businesses of K Sports Foundation dominate the personnel and operating rights It planned to take on a more blue Kay profit business.

Last year, demanded the end of May, Choi sides Hanam sports facilities erected a nominal add K Sports Foundation Lotte contributions 7,000,000,000 won, 7 billion won received from Lotte was returned to the Lotte Group management corruption investigation just before that prosecution last June.

Lotte was 70 million in additional contributions K Sports Foundation has reacquired the towers of the World Duty Free last December to add selected operators of government patents.

New president reportedly denied all the allegations in the investigation. But if you judge the contribution to bribe prosecutors have status of new president can change as a suspect in chamgoin.

Prosecutors are bar last month on the 19th Jang Seonuk has summoned the representatives of Lotte Duty Free last two days examining summoned sojinse Lotte Group, CSR chairman to investigate allegations of Lotte duty free preferential trade. The prosecution plans to determine whether the bribery charges apply for Lotte from next week.

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[Brief Hotel - Oakwood Premier Coex "Healing wideumi 'package 外

Oakwood Premier Coex "Healing wideumi 'package

Showcase the 'Healing wideumi' package beauty is Oakwood Premier Coex Center concept. Premier package offers studio rooms and Rush boxes, Hoegaarden Brewery 750ml 1 bottle of rosé. Rush box contains the famous night ttingkeu pink bath, body soap and Maple Steady as a rock star of the Rush-selling products. Healing staying with me on weekdays guests can check-out time is 2 pm gotta extended leisurely relax. Room rates from 19 Yuan, a tax and service charge.

The Kensington Hotel Yoido "Bridal Shower Party 'package

Kensington hotel Eland operating Yeouido is for the bride ahead of the wedding has launched the 'Bridal Shower Party' package. Product package is configured for 3 people, so the bride before the wedding dajimyeo can leave your memories with friends and friendship. Package 1 night and de Voice semi Prosecco sparkling wine bottle in the room decorated with pink helium balloons, handmade margherita pizza one plate, bouquet of flower bracelets, flower props and photo printer free rental including the Corolla offered room service (Chapter 10 provides the film) a service. The package is available until December 31, and the price is coming from Deluxe 23 million, and the Executive Suite (extra tax) 310,000 won, 590,000 won, respectively.

Aloft Myeongdong Seoul 'Live at Aloft empty'

Aloft not Myeongdong in Seoul Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm every week goes to "empty Live at Aloft. In the case of live entertainment performances unfold as the singer songwriter 'Jude', Kyung Hee University Club of 'Magnolia'. You can enjoy a snack on the 17,000 won, assorted sausages 11,000 won, 3,000 won per skewer sausage dogs and chicken per person with unlimited cloud when ordering beer is 10,000 won, 20,000 won is added to the Asahi. When used as a glass (400ml) Cloud 5000 W, manufactured by Asahi 8000 is a circle. Live at Aloft blank period is until August 31 because it shows that progress can be canceled when the outdoor rain.

Ibis Ambassador Myeong-style "private birthday party 'package

The ibis Styles Ambassador Seoul Myeongdong showcase a private birthday party packages until December 31 to come. The package will be held on the private space "la mode" it is possible to simply select one of the six basic manwon premium of 4 man 5000 circle of 3 per 5000 man won in accordance with the meal configuration. Also dolsang is selectable among 550,000 won 500,000 won traditional style and modern style, can be directly prepared in accordance with the desired style. Packages are available for up to three hours and provide you with complimentary benefits such as a beam projector and a microphone and stage phase. The minimum warranty staff is 50 people.

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SK Planet 11th Street, a half backpacking in Europe 'expedition recruitment

Recruits to come on the 16th for 'backpacking expedition' to provide a 'half backpacking in Europe' chance with [South Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] SK Open Market 11th Street, one tour of the Planet.

This promotion through selected a total of 10 people can come and buy the product 6-7 (258 million) coming visited the 13-day to three European countries (Italy, France and Switzerland) backpacking with a friend May half.

It presents 35 species of 15 million won, including travel goods bags for your trip, multi-adapter.

Travel information session one after the selection method exhibitions My trip after booking (free of charge) the Prize Draw the five people posted to capture the events page of 11th Street on his Instagram and exhibitions within the travel arrangements (free) Tours (28) will be selected to attend if you add the remaining five people in the session scene.

Exhibition where you can prepare it cheaper to travel abroad also held together. And to all customers traveling abroad, as well as providing domestic travel and local accommodations, discount hotel on the day before travel products 5% discount coupon (up to 10 million) that is applied to.

Coupon 2.38 million won on the 15th calendar organization backpacker goods valued when applying (Czech Republic - Austria - Hungary - Croatia) was 228 million yuan, 3.32 million won backpack-old seven European countries and certain organizations 21 days goods can be purchased for 3.22 million won.

11th Street has also established exhibition can be purchased inexpensively at home and abroad tours. And to all customers, providing travel products around 5% discount coupon (up to 10 million).

It will also provide substantial benefits to our customers, such as college students who followed the 'backpacker half Promotions' forward' college half the project "to sell at half price for food stamps in some universities of April.

Gimmunung SK Planet business general manager said, "20 Customers are the core customer base to lead the growth of e-commerce industry," he said, "I'll Young customers to provide what they need to actively promote the SNS marketing can go emotionally closer to them." said.

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"Household debt to strengthen microeconomic data analysis" as long as the original MPC

[South Korea's Choice Financial News Reporter] The Bank of Korea Monetary Policy Committee opinion that the need to ever take advantage of a variety of micro-data for detailed analysis of household debt was raised.

According to the March MPC meeting minutes by the Bank of Korea released the last 7 days A MPC source and utilize other microeconomic data in addition to household financial well-being survey to "to understand the mechanisms that the household debt a key issue in the current financial stability increased in more detail it takes effort to analyze 'he said.

A MPC source said "it is the case of our country in the past financial instability merchant banks, investment trust companies, was mainly resulted from the credit card companies, such as non-banking financial sector in recent years, but is concerned households increased loans to the non-banking sector still related information infrastructure is relatively insufficient to ' He emphasized that quickly identify the information on the non-banking financial sector and will have to strengthen the analysis of whether this kind of thing occurs.

B MPC won even when default rates and default on household loans, which are "financial institution can be attributed to valuation of credit risk for a loan when you enlarge your household loans is calculated risk-weighted assets," said "financial institutions applying loss Recheck was also suggested that it is necessary, and so on.

It came cadastral associated financial risk management oversight.

C MPC circle 'banks have exposure even to reduce the risk-weighted assets, while expanding the (exposure amount), preferably in an individual bank level, the whole financial system level may act as a risk-Zoom', saying 'this phenomenon is only the micro-supervisory aspects and if it was due to the emphasis it is necessary to propose measures to mitigate the risks related to the supervisory authorities in terms of macro-prudential 'the jipeot.

Household loans also came impact concerns over the housing market cooled. D MPC circle 'housing market in the pre-sale and can be completed houses gradually neuleonaneunde whereas housing real demand may not be enough, said "future house price declines, while household loans closely the possibility of insolvency is also as difficult to exclude financial stability situation It said it would need to be analyzed.

Meanwhile, the day after the Bank of Korea reported for December, checking the financial situation stable situation in the MPC.

The Bank of Korea (BOK) 'risk in the financial system and market interest rates linger among the switch to rise geupjeungse sustainability of household credit, the potential risks of vulnerable sector enterprises was slightly increased, and I' ve 'and maintain the country's financial system is substantially stable state It is rated as "he said.

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