Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Chairman Chey Tae-won 'deep change' earnings hit full swing

"This year management policies [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] is: a 'SKMS practice new value creation through deep changes. The core competitiveness of enterprises can secure sustainable support to investment and employment. In particular, domestic business environment is uncertain, more top executives are creating more social divide and great happiness over this thing actively after securing a competitive edge instead of steady investment and hiring as well. "- SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won in this year's New Year message.

It weighed called Wings choesunsil gate "to the business community because the clock is stopped since the beginning of the year" Deep Change (Deep change) '' Performance Jackpot "SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won is engaged in the aggressive management of the main subsidiaries were shouting. SK Hynix is, SK Innovation's expected to receive an investment of attacking the president on the basis of the next highest resilience 'ever-class performance. "

◇ SK Hynix Q1 'Triple Crown' to achieve

SK Hynix Semiconductor in the first quarter thanks to super-boom hit the 'best ever performance. " All sales, operating profit, net income would have achieved the 'triple crown' establishing a new record.

SK Hynix said 25 days showed a first quarter sales 6.2895 trillion won, operating profit of 2.4676 trillion won. This surging 72.0%, 339.2%, respectively, compared to previous year (3.6557 trillion won, 5618 billion).

The operating margin was a record 39.2% nearly 40%. This is followed by a high level in the second quarter (40%) in 2004 as a former second.

SK Hynix said, "the first quarter is seasonally could, despite a weak period of the memory chip demand and achieve a continued favorable rise to Quarter largest sales and operating profit sharply prices in the market environment since the second half of last year." and "according to the favorable market conditions, high performance is expected this year," he said.

SK Innovation also continued the momentum of last year's record high earnings (operating profit of 3.2286 trillion won). SK Innovation said on the 25th that the first quarter of this year increased 1.0043 trillion won sales by 19% (159.5 billion won) recorded a yoy profit.

This is the power of hosiljeok operating profit growth of non-oil sectors such as chemicals and Yun Hwalyu. Non-oil sector in the first quarter of operating profit accounted for 10 percentage points higher than the 55 percent (549.6 billion won) oil business (45%, 453.9 billion won) to. SK Innovation said, "results from the past few years, increased investment and expansion of the production facilities of high-margin products such as paraxylene scale, profit of the Chemicals business has been upgraded" and "scheduled regional ethylene in the second quarter, the para-xylene this was expected to lead to hosiljeok Given such regular maintenance of the facility. "

SK Telecom announced 26 days ahead of the earnings also expected to record higher earnings. 25 days in the securities industry, we forecast the 1Q11 operating profit of 438.9 billion won from SK Telecom, 562.8 billion won net profit level. Due to the replacement terminal subscriber can reduce the cost and marketing (8% qq estimate).

Gimhongsik Hana Financial Securities Research Institute said, "is expected to lead to cost reductions in the first quarter earnings of SK Telecom in accordance with the management policy change in profitability mainly."

◇ deep change lasts for creating future food

SK flagship subsidiary of 1Q11 thanks to the hit "Deep Change" for creating future value of the chairman Chey Tae-won has been moves attention. Already LG Siltron last January to February (51%, 620 billion won acquisition) and US chemical companies 'Ek reel acrylic business (hereinafter EAA)' Chey successful acquisition of Dow Chemical's spearheaded the memory business part of Toshiba insujeon He commanded to go on the 24th went over to Japan. Indwelling has reportedly meet with relevant stakeholders in corporate America.

SK Group official said, "Over the past 18 days choesunsil, nor be able to solve the meantime misunderstanding due to ...... they drop disposition of gate-related prosecution, Choi was able president directly chaenggil global business," said "the future on the basis of deep change the spirit of Chey Tae-won President SK group will accelerate the pace for the future is not satisfied with the favorable market conditions, despite the current performance, "he said.

He also said, "nagagetda them to continue to companies that can achieve stability and growth in any market changes through."

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Yitong three four hosiljeok savings blame? ... LGU + profit growth dotboyeo

It pointed out that the [financial newspaper gimseunghan Korea News] Yitong but all three companies this year expected to lead to robust performance substantially increases the weigh thou return.

26 days, SK Telecom, KT, LG U + 3 Communications, Inc. Sales and operating profit, according to the communications industry observers foresee a slight rise compared to last year.

On the other hand, analysts and experts have pointed out that "recession-type surplus, with minimal spending without gaining the revenue hosiljeok of the carrier.

According to epeuaen guide, SK Telecom was the first quarter of estimated revenues rose 1.49% over the previous year 4.2285 trillion won to 4.2917 trillion won. Operating profit is 2.26% increase from last year to 402.1 billion won 411.2 billion won. Big gains, but increases sales and operating profit at SK Telecom is due to improved performance of the marketing costs and the subsidiary SK Planet.

On the other hand, SK Telecom official said, but 11 Avenue, SK Planet, "I think this year's operating results will appear somewhat high, the reason is because increase in operating income due to the reduction in marketing expenses" and "subsidiary recorded an annual deficit this year seems somewhat gotta performance improvement towed operating profit growth, "he said.

KT is 1.62% compared to last year, this year is 5,000,000,000,000 expected quarterly revenue 604.2 billion won, operating profit gotta be aggregated to a 401.7 billion won, a 4.31% increase with no aspect SK Telecom and big difference.

On the other hand, LG U + sales and operating profit of the three telecom company had expected an increase of greatest width. Last year's first quarter sales of 2 trillion 103.8 billion won increased 6.39% from 2.8682 trillion won, in the case of operating profit to 187.1 billion won from 170.6 billion won a 9.67% increase in the forecasted increase of close to 10%.

According to industry sources "LG U + the meantime, there is a good performance year to focus on sales strategy," he predicts that "through diversification, such as the IoT will continue to grow steadily."

Actual last year, LG U + has a bar geodun hosiljeok beyond expectations to grow even in wired and wireless applications.

Meanwhile, the three telecom company announced first quarter 2017 earnings will be released into all this week. △ SK Telecom, the 26th △ LG U Plus is the 27th △ KT 28 days net.

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Thai-scale imports surged ... January-February imports 156 manbon

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - has surged Thai imports sale.

According to the tire industry association for the 26th Thai-scale imports has increased by 21.6% compared to last 1-2 May motives record 1,561,000 this, last year. By use as a tire for passenger cars is 1,603,500 this truck tires are 123700 The two were imported.

By the proportion of Chinese-made Thai country it was close to 40%. The last 1-2 May was imported from China Thai-scale 60 manbon. It was followed by Germany (185,300 present), the US (18 manbon), Japan (11 manbon) order.

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KB Kookmin Bank, providing a stepping stone home loan internet application implementation

Today announced the implementation of [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] KB Kookmin Bank (Bank Yun Jonggyu) services to apply for the coming of Housing and Urban Fund provided a stepping stone home loans from 28 days to internet banking.

That person may apply to the Internet is that you can determine the annual income workers with earned income tax withholding receipts or Certificate of Income, including the self-employed.

How to apply for a loan, check eligibility, loan amounts, interest rate, etc. through internet banking and you will visit a branch to submit the relevant documents. If you have an existing visited several banks, but uncomfortable to talk for a long time, once visited the branch to the new service launched this convenience becomes possible loan

Higher. In addition spouse should visit the bank, but not to visit the separate needs becomes possible to confirm via a certificate.

Home loan is provided a stepping stone to a house purchase loans with low interest rates supported through funding from the Government for Housing and Urban stable housing for workers ∙ people, lending targets homeless three weeks, the loan limit is up to 200 million won.

Meanwhile, KB Kookmin Bank has a bar underwent an Internet service loans in the past year crutch charter capital of banks in July the first houses in the city charter fund loans.

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We carried out banks, adding more than 55 years focused voluntary retirement

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - our bank conducted two additional voluntary retirement and accelerate workforce restructuring.

According to the 26th financial institutions, Woori Bank is expected to receive an additional voluntary retirement application targeted at over 55 million employees subject to wage peak. The estimated size is observed by about 300 people.

Our banks have - gaming voluntary retirement under the name of "the former support system. Usually once proceeds through labor negotiations last year, more than 310 employees retirement application in December each year, leaving the bank next month.

Our bank is known to increase the added scale voluntary retirement business normalization implementing arrangements (MOU) severance payment of a termination of the level of the last 12 as Ta succeeded in privatizing January Deposit Insurance Corporation. Our bank has also secured a record first quarter (January-March) net income, earnings surprise, rising nearly 44% YoY to 637.5 billion won afford to pay.

Woori Bank official said, "did not regard the specific allowance determined yet specifically will be consultation between labor and management."

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