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Providing home, even if only the well-mortgage the house tech effects

Measures for household debt which is estimated at more than 1,300,000,000,000,002 has emerged as a political issue. Following to the US Federal Reserve will raise the benchmark interest rate, because balhyeotgi a long hike policy. If you raise the domestic interest rate, a situation that is expected to be aggravated difficulties of ordinary people.

Except for special cases, gathered when pretty cheap the loan mortgage loan interest rate of which is sold on the market at home provided the that most of reality is impossible without a mortgage turned against what you just need to know about mortgages I saw.

All great things are required for planning. Like mortgage must have imeneun big day will occupy a large share of household spending. Can you think why less is easy to pay a few years, as many as sipsunyeon loan interest?

To buy a home or to raise funds primarily to put plans in advance if you need a funding decision for mortgage loans is beneficial. Of course, you can predict in advance who apil eopgetjiman know how to use a home equity loan will be given in the future to consider including their income level and environment good to try predict.

But if you are unsure if the plane simply a shorter repayment plan in accordance with the loan repayment period for variable rate long-term repayment plan that is good haedu mind a fixed rate as a priority. If you are planning a short period of time also to be repaid within a certain amount of good to find out even waived fees as a percentage of the prepayment.

Most people will dudeulgil the door to the first film Main Bank when they need a bank loan or a salary passbook savings account for basic use and share thoughts as Main Bank. But actually there are a number if you receive a life more affordable interest rates from banks no deal not once, not when you receive the Main Bank mortgage loans. Finally, it is advantageous to compare with their own terms and loan types, such as the palmyeo balpum. Mortgage should look for the cheapest rate, not the brand of the bank.

Mortgage interest rates will vary depending on the interest rate applicable under the form, you can get a discount preferential interest rate conditions of his choice. Like a little child matchudeut puzzles to find pieces of the same shape of mortgage loans also have to find the shape of the product to fit my criteria.

For example, around two friends to have received a loan from Bank A to the low interest rates that they may not get a loan with interest rates as at that point. Let you decide to get a mortgage, contact your bank, not an acquaintance or a non-expert or to consult an expert.

If you want to ride a few years ago who transfer to lower interest rates compared with the interest rates for loans that are sold in the market today will not be every time to get a loan consultation of several banks. The interest rate that can be used as an index when it is a three Bogeumjari of the Housing Finance Corporation. Mortgage loans of commercial banks has also changed and interrupted and sales and other new products come out. Then I suitable for complaining Bogeumjari the interest of the Housing Finance Corporation to market indicators. If you do not see every time the interest rate on bank loans sometimes go to the Housing Finance Corporation homepage Oko grasp the flow of market interest rates.

In addition, loans may also be due to the loan reducing the burden on households due to pay the amount of 10 to 15% is suitable and should raise interest rates and falling home prices does not exceed the maximum of 20% of monthly income to monthly, etc.

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Hyundai Motor Group, held 30 public hearings related to one GBC

Hyundai Motor Group will hold 30 days and coming Gangnam residents 'Hyundai Motor Special Planning Area Land complex facilities (hereinafter GBC)' construction project environmental impact assessment draft, public hearings [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea.

If more than 30 residents held a public hearing to submit comments will be held in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations need to hold public hearings.

Submitted major opinion ▲ environmental impact assessment draft supplementary and front reconsideration is necessary that the opinions (111 cases) comments that need an alternative and improved methods proposed in accordance with the reduction of ▲ nokryang (16 cases) ▲ noise, dust, vibration and air pollution the problems related opinions (seven) ▲ transportation issues comments (two) and so on.

Hyundai Motor Group was originally planned to hold a hearing, even for the high interest of many local residents also submitted a draft environmental impact assessment report comments relevant hearings held in public unmet need is the number of people listening to the opinions of local residents to reflect on this assessment.

Sinyeonhui Gangnam Commissioner as you are 'GBC developed cooperate proceeding administrative procedures for the early construction sphere by developing the world's best represents the representatives, the Republic of Korea Gangnam revive the national economy, Seoul is also a building permit to be construction in the first half of the year We must do your best: he said.

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Metropolitan development axis Dongjin one ... Gangdong, Hanam, Namyangju developed in earnest

[Gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter Korea] has moved to the east metropolitan development axis. Development of the game was shifted nambugwon starting Gangnam practically reached the limit. On the other hand, I have to point out the strengths, but such a development is relatively deodyeotdeon Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Namyangju Hanam and the game was recently developed in earnest, such as IBD and subway extension is attracting the attention of investors.

A leader in the development dongbugwon is Gangdong. Gangdong various development is pushing so not an exaggeration to say that the development is positive for the region.

First, the most eye catching large business park development. According to the Gangdong-gu Office Godeok-dong Godeok Gangil housing 1 that composition within the Earth Godeok commercial business complex "is a complex shopping center, hotel sales and distribution, only a total area of ​​23 to 4523㎡ scale, convention center, business facilities, R & D centers, 2020 It will be built by the year.

Sangil-dong engineering complex built to address one won 404 plans be built until 2019, including R & D center, plant, technical center, overseas support centers with a total area of ​​70,000 8144㎡. In addition, it is also in full swing development of Godeok critical path, critical path, including about 20,000 dunchon Reconstruction and Godeok of furniture, Gangil public housing district, province, Cheonho promote redevelopment district.

The game Hanam underway to extend Line 5 subway linking Seoul Gangdong-business (Henan line). Step 2018 (Gangil-dong Hanam-deokpungdong) completed, step 2, 2020 has been completed construction is aimed at pushing (Henan deokpungdong ~ Henan changwoodong).

Hanam gambukdong, choyidong and gamil - superhuman wide roads linking sangil-dong, Gangdong-gu, Ltd. is dwaeteumyeo completed 16 years of the end of second period project, it is expected opening May 4, 2018. In addition, there are heightened expectations dongbugwon development as the Metro Line 9 - Mass Gangil period reflects a new one last final examination, the Third Greater Metropolitan Transportation Planning Enforcement May.

Match a line 8 extension project (byeolnaeseon) is in full swing in Namyangju. The route that connects in copper lioness, Namyangju has had over 12 years of construction 2015, it is expected opening in 2022. After completion deda has become possible to arrive at Namyangju 20 squad to Seoul, where fertility coupled with a new city through pre-sale deals are attracting a lot of attention.

Recently one of Premium only accommodate a development impact boon pray exceed 1 billion. Ministry of Transportation has actual transaction last August, a move Seongnae-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Olympic Park, Hanyang sujain 'private area, according to the sale price 59㎡ gotta deal yieoteuna to 459 million won 567 million won in February, caught a premium of 108 million won.

July 9 last year, a move instigated games Hanam 'Mass Riverside Secondary Prugio' private area 101㎡C sale price gotta deal to 548,900,000 won yieoteuna 670,810,000 won in February, took the 121,910,000 won.

Offer competition to enjoy the premium is also fierce. Last July, Raemian Myeongil Station New Solvesso "is a pre-sale from Myeongil-dong, Gangdong-gu 39 1, 'Godeok Grassi help' a pre-sale October came in at 22: 1. Last year in July pre-sale one 'Hanam Misa River City A33 Block Best punggyeongchae "is 82 1, a pre-sale in the same month Namyangju Dasan new town' fertility Jingeon C1 blocks yuseung one within the Golden View 'is 48 to 1 in Henan Mass riverside city It recorded the competition.

The atmosphere is expected to continue to lead this year. Because it piggyback a variety of development such as net positives just noticeable to come forward in the pre-sale.

In Seoul, Gangdong will be pre-sale for "Hill State lioness' in April, Amsa-dong Street 514 members to Hyundai Engineering to come. 3 underground floor - ground floor 26, 5 East, only 59 ~ 84㎡, 313 households from a total of 460 households are supplied to the general public. Gwangnaru Hangang Park is walking distance as are excellent recreational and residential comfort. Some furniture is also expected to river views.

Second only to yeoksegwon of Seoul Subway Line 8 Olympic Amsa Station, it is easy to move to the center of Gangnam, Seoul and adjacent to Riverside North Road hands. Seoul Ring highway, Central Expressway, gyeongchun highway, the second is also easy entry diameter highway (scheduled). Just seconds right in front of renal locations, and comprehensive market lioness, Amsa-dong Community Service Center, Gangdong Kyung Hee University Hospital, E-mart, Homeplus, also close to the modern department store.

The game Hanam munyoung comprehensive development plans to sale in lots of Henan Mass media global business facilities, 5 blocks, "Queen's Park 2nd Mass' studio apartment on seven blocks in the first half. Chamber 567 of the dedicated area 19㎡, 23㎡ 26 thread and the like are shot chamber 593 configuration.

Opening scheduled for next year in the US ministry Subway Line 5 is located on the second yeoksegwon within 3 minutes walk. Sangil IC, through the riverside North Road in the Olympics in the metropolitan area inside and easy to move to the outskirts of the Mass river fluctuations, as Misa river, geochimyeon like Samseong 25 minutes as the Olympic Games, this time to Jamsil Station is just in over 20 minutes it is an advantage.

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NPS, integrates Check-authorized disclosure excellent organization

It said dwaetdago 29 days specified in the [South Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] National Pension Service is excellent disclosed in the '2016 Unified Disclosure Made public institutions inspection "conducted for the accuracy and transparency of public sector management information disclosed in the Ministry of Strategy and Finance Authority.

Authority is a non-penalty organizations in this one check targeting 319 public institutions do not have a false disclosures, including migongsi on key management information honored the excellent organization.

In addition, the Corporation has been improving the management system to manage disclosures disclose the integrity of the operating personnel inspection system can check the Disclosure Schedule yourself, and disclosure of information management and a thorough validation phase continuous monitoring them.

Acting Chairman of Lee Wonhui said: "We are a public corporation accurate management information has lead to increase management transparency of public institutions," he said, "We guarantee the people's right to know, and will do my best to disclose a defect-free," he said.

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Securities focusing on a correct declaration requirement KOSDAQ companies ... Investors should note

Concentrated in the [South Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] majority KOSDAQ-listed companies of the Company's securities report corrections required are required attention from investors.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) listed companies 29 days to submit a securities report showed that more than 49 cases decreased (-9.8%), 502 cases the previous year a total of 453 cases during 2016.

This is because the 52 cases from the previous year is due to the return of debt securities such as economic slowdown and rising interest rates (-21.4%) and had plunged.

Equity securities thing you notice is increased compared to the previous year and the capital increase in accordance with increasing despite reduced IPO like the end of an unstable domestic situation.

38 Missing the essentials of last year received a total of 453 cases of securities return to base or unclear gun and demanded a correction to the (correct ratio requirement of 8.4%). The number of correct requests (38 cases) is the same as the previous one, and needs correction rate is slightly higher than the previous year securities (7.6%) due to the decrease in notification received 8.4%.

Correction required ratio of the KOSDAQ are listed as (25 results of 106 cases) 23.6% much higher than the securities listed (6.6%) and unlisted (1.1%).

Among the general unsecured debentures and correction requirements for the IPO (IPO) showed no, was the focus correction required for the merger (27 cases), rights issue (9). Was the organizing company acquired responsibility not recruited arrangements (18.5%) and direct public offering (13.0%) was higher correction required rate method, corrections required by 38 cases of detail corrections required destination entry is compared to 54.2% 452 year a total of 697 dogs It increased.

Shares, debt securities complaint was concentrated in the financial, governance risks related companies (42.7%), merger-related securities merger notification is required for correct value and the calculation basis (46.4%).

Shares, company received a correction notice is required after the submission of debt securities generally it showed weak financial structure and management stability.

The average debt-to-equity ratio of the companies (total debt / equity) were full-listed companies was higher more than doubled (74.6%) to 161.6%, the business slump due 2015 based on debt, so will not bear the financial biyung OP capacity was vulnerable.

In addition, securities management report were also many companies that unstable state such that the largest shareholder changes before and after six months submission. If you are a privately held saga goes directly to the contest procedures, it was also there to be probable risk factors that may affect the investment decisions were missing in the securities report.

The FSS has advised that investors can be more corrections until cheongyakil Securities report corrected notification in accordance with the requirements of the Financial Supervisory correction, as well as the company return voluntarily corrected also need to ensure that such a meticulously correct information.

Investors audit opinion of the external auditor on the case of the largest shareholders changed the company just before the capital increase, and must ensure that management stability is maintained by the largest shareholder participation during IPO capital increase, "whether continuation of a going concern 'the Boogie It is to be understood itneunjido.

FSS gimdo corporate disclosure Commissioner said "financial structure is weak businesses and enhance the disclosure review of the securities report to submit, analyze and recently caused a major correction required practices that will continue to guide the investors note, etc.".

In addition, it plans to urge securities companies and listed IB so we held the conference site, with legal practitioners is not required due to the correction delay the schedule, such as the planned financing lines faithfully describe the Securities report.

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KB Kookmin Bank, multicultural employment support and technical schools open

The 'KB Star rain (飛) Multicultural technical schools' gaegangsik [Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] KB Kookmin Bank (Bank Yun Jonggyu) for employment support of multicultural youth in the Ansan Multicultural Support Center with the past 28 days, Korea, The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle It said it held.

"KB Star rain (飛) Multicultural Institute of Technology 'is KB Kookmin Bank acquired Promotion representative social contribution programs" KB Star rain (飛) dreams tuium Project' as part, qualifications required for the job to moderate immigration and migrant young people who are is an educational program designed to help self-reliance in Korea in imposing economic entity.

Started in 2016 to support the Second Star to the non KB (飛) Multicultural Multicultural Youth Technical School 20 people and beauty Bakery qualifications acquired through professional courses between 8 months ahead of the employment targets fit into this year. In addition, internships and employment of students obtained a certification in cooperation with the local community will also be linked.

Gaegangsik day Lee Changwoo has Ansan Ansan Multicultural Support Division and gimhoseok law loved by the union president, etc. attended were encouraged students also led Ansan Multicultural Celebration residents participated, including Asian traditional song and dance.

KB Star rain (飛) obtaining a welding certification through the cultural and technical schools and employment far successful night ganggun (25 years, China) group "is an enabling work to be successful in a difficult job in Korea acquired with the help of KB Kookmin Bank Thanks to the certification, "said the reported comment of appreciation.

On the other hand, 'KB Star rain (飛) dreams tuium project' is a customized training program for low-income and multicultural families, youth, mentoring (Mentoring), learning support (Assisting), career designing future guidance of youth through the (Planning) (MAP ) it is going to create a business.

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1Q11 pre-sale apartments and 22% YoY

Were 22% and reduction [Financial News gimdohyeon Korea News] 1Q earnings than last year's pre-sale apartments.

29 days, according to Dr. Apartments, one quarter (January-March) apartment pre-sale pre-sale orders in the country in 2017 was 72 investigations into just 31,730 households. This will decrease and 22.2% YoY (103 places 40 808 households). The figures decreased for two consecutive years.

The pre-sale is the cause of reduced performance measures 11.3 bigger one with enhanced status and priority subscription jeonmaeje one. Here the political situation following the elections loan regulations, the impeachment political balance As breathlessly followed because construction companies chwotgi the late pre-sale period. In particular, measures around 11.3 jojeongjang turned vertical housing market impact was great.

In the first quarter pre-sale performance by region, metropolitan area, including Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi was the 24 pre-sale only 11,815 households. It will be reduced by 18.9% more than last year. The match fell and a mere 6,672 households 40.9% more than last year. Seoul is a mere 33.0% decrease 1,663 households.

I had a great pre-sale volume decreased public land. Henan Mass riverside city, Namyangju Dasan pre-sale is a new city was almost finished. Hwaseong Dongtan New Town 2 are pre-sale orders also declined this year.

Seoul has been selected to offer Areas adjustment target area measures 11.3 As a loan guarantee of maintenance business slowed after the demolition has been delayed general pre-sale period. Meanwhile, just before the deadline in the first equilibrium is one rank (local) in the quarter accounted for 34.7% of 25 to 72 gotjung place. Last year, 32 of the 103 places where one was closed positions.

In the first quarter pre-sale offer competition where the top 10 (average) in just a year, accounting for pre-sale market is hot Busan 1 and 2 above. Busanjin Green offer competition to redevelop the dream rouge rouge 1-2 zone took first place with 228.2 to 1.

Second place was occupied by the Middle East Haeundae Haeundae Lotte Castle District 3 star redevelop the (Urban Environment Improvement Project) (57.9 to 1). In addition, Busan was ranked the top five Jeonpo Yoo - Lim Norwegian Forest (47.8 to 1), 10 top international new city Myongji C2 blocks love with Irene, including all four complexes.

In the metropolitan area the popliteal Songpa District 1 only (public pre-sale), 53.8 was the highest in the competition for one, it was placed over all three. Also the Godeok paragon of Pyeongtaek Godeok International New City in March, started the first pre-sale accounted for the entire fourth with 49.3-to-1. Godeok jayeonaen Xi (public pre-sale) was also ranked 7th with 28.7-to-1.

Dr. apartments Kim Suyeon Research Team is he ", but reduced this year's first quarter pre-sale results May 9 election after maintenance would come pouring into the business center of pre-sale orders," "pre-sale market has provided home to a strengthening jeonmaeje eda interim payment and balance loans regulatory actual demand it is reorganize the market explained, aimed to offer danta should refrain. "

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Apply Agricultural Bank, barcode payment one-Mart / Club zoom

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] NH Agricultural Bank (Bank Lee Gyeongseop) coming that expand the 'emtik barcode payment, you can pay by presenting a barcode via a mobile platform olwon banks from 30 days to one to one and Mart club announced on May 29 .

Emtik barcode payment is a payment service is easy to use with less than 300,000 won per 1 day / partnered with KG Mobilians possible and you do not need a wallet or card at merchants in the present mobile phone barcode payment only.

Seodaemun one month from 10 days of trial conducted in Uiwang Mart and one-Mart plans to extend to the mart / club in one country.

In addition, 30 days will also be conducted for customers using the bank olwon barcode payment by April 30, 1000 people a first-come, first-served basis events that offer mobile coupons.

Also linked with the Agricultural Bank of January Pan was declared a "National Agricultural Cooperative Bank 3.1 'for 農 心 expanded through the Agricultural synergies enhanced aiming good agricultural purchases of mobile agricultural vouchers and A Market For its part,' gopam" service NH Travel olwon by the bank based distribution - plans to build a complex financial Mall.

Agricultural smart financial director of the bank bimodal are "one-Mart / barcode billing performed at the club to start planning to offer distinctive services of cooperatives but," said, "will implement, especially that combines distribution and financial services on the mobile." he said.

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- Asset Management March, 2017 Brand Reputation] Mirae Asset No. 1, No. 2 KB Asset Management, 3rd Korea Investment Trust Management

Was analyzed in [Korea yichangseon financial newspaper reporter] asset management brand reputation survey results, Mirae Asset Global Investments 1st, 2nd 3rd KB Asset Management Korea Investment Trust Management.

Korea Corporate Reputation Institute analyzed the 20 asset management brand Big Data 24230139 until March 29 to come from February 28 to measure the participation of consumers and the media, communication, and community levels. And it was indexed to net assets of the Asset Management Company. In February, compared to dogs and asset management brand Big Data 2313 8295 rose only 4.72%.

Brand Reputation Index finding that the online habits of the consumer exerts a greater influence on brand consumption, the index was created through the brand Big Data analysis. Brand big data analysis can be measured geung negative assessment of sources and media attention, and community spread of the interest and traffic, issues of consumer response and popularity of the content for the brand.

In March 2017 the domestic asset management brand reputation overall ranking results Mirae Asset Management, KB Asset Management, Korea Investment Trust Management and Korea Investment Value Asset Management, Samsung Asset Management, Shinyoung Asset Management, Meritz Asset Management, one of UBS Asset Management, Hanwha asset management and Shinhan BNP Paribas asset management, asset Plus asset management, East spring asset management, Truffle Stone asset management, Kiwoom investment asset management, KTB asset management, NH Ah Mundi asset management, JP Morgan asset management, IBK asset management, Allianz asset management, asset management had net assets Midas.

No. 1, Mirae Asset Global Investments is the brand as an asset index 1,953,270 Participation Index 879 120 499 500 Media Index Communication Index Index 11,286 56,277 community was analyzed under the brand reputation index 3,399,453. In February, compared to 3.31 million 8084 Brand Reputation Index it rose 2.45%.

Second, KB Asset Management is the brand as an asset index 2,277,594 Participation Index 374 220 224 775 Media Index Communication Index 87246 Community Index 9009 were analyzed to brand reputation index 2,972,844. In February, compared to 2.85 million 7608 Brand Reputation Index it rose 4.03%.

3rd Korea Investment Trust Management brand assets 1,887,336 Participation Index Index 370 260 174 825 Index as a media communication Index 69597 Community Index 4422 was analyzed 2500000 Brand Reputation Index 6440. In February, compared to 270,000 Brand Reputation Index 6096 has risen 5.49%.

Korea Corporate Reputation Institute Gu Changhwan director 'KB Asset Management has a rich product lineup and outstanding and reliable operation provided asset management solutions to meet changes in the asset management paradigm,' said, 'KB Asset Management Total sutakaek is 52 trillion as of late last year, amounted to 651.2 billion won, it said.

Korea Corporate Reputation Institute to analyze sales data from big brands that are asset management companies in Korea had identified the brand reputation index. In March 2017 the brand reputation survey Mirae Asset Management, KB Asset Management, Korea Investment Trust Management and Korea Investment Value Asset Management, Samsung Asset Management, Shinyoung Asset Management, Meritz Asset Management, one of UBS Asset Management and Hanwha Investment Manager, Shinhan BNP Paribas asset management, asset Plus asset management, East spring asset management, Truffle Stone asset management, Kiwoom investment asset management, KTB asset management, NH Ah Mundi asset management, JP Morgan asset management, IBK asset management, Allianz asset management, Midas assets It consisted of big data analysis for asset management.

Galleria Duty Free, Yeouido catches' Cherry Blossom Festival Special "

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters] are ahead of the Duty Free Galleria 'Yeouido Spring Flower Festival is raising the expectations of' blossom special '. Galleria Duty Free plans are taking advantage of position to explore the uniquely Cherry Blossom Festival and the Han River in downtown duty free shops attract tourists.

During the festival one will constitute the Yoido has over 1,800 Yoshino cherry trees of 50 years out of receiving the Minister, the festival is a tourist product that boasts the largest number of domestic tourists Spring Festival. This year, proceeds from the next month on the 1st to 9th.

Galleria Duty Free has produced a promotional video for the cherry Korean star Song Seungheon appeared to meet the festival and this goes also linked prepaid gift card promotion.

First you from 1 April until 16 days post the photos on your SNS accounts Yeouido Cherry channels with '# Yeouido Spring Flower Festival "," Duty Free Galleria #' hash tag presents the prepaid cards 10,000 won.

Also it unfolds jaehan also targeting the Chinese marketing for individual tourists activated. Duty Free Galleria April to proceed with only one day Chinese Korea Tourism application "Kayo (KAYO) 'linked with beauty classes. Chinese jaehan 40 people participating in a beauty class shall be issued for the Duty Free Galleria Gold card and a prepaid gift card gratitude 10,000 won and the amount available for purchases over $ 3 1,000,000 won vouchers, hand mirrors and the like.

In addition, it advances the nation's largest Chinese Korea exchange information site "fun helping Korea, and on April 8 Han Strides. Competition there will embark on a 20km walking the participation of leading Chinese jaehan of 1,000 to 63 buildings in Jamsillaru Station. The finishers who presented the Galleria Duty Free Gold cards issued and the amount saeungwon, mask packs, and sweepstakes to provide, such as prepaid cards, T-money transportation card.

In addition, Yeouido Spring Flower Festival June Hanwha Group, according to one banking subsidiary jointly held the 'Life Plus Cherry Picnic Festival 2017'. 4 The festival props, dessert, cafe full of cherry market, consists of a variety of food trucks, cultural performances are Zion.T, Epik High, Roy Kim, Eric M, such as that conducted in May 8, 63 buildings in front of Han River Park the spreading blossom stage and bolppalgan puberty, picnic stay of talented musicians such acoustiCube, timid brother s, two sea miles were prepared.

Galleria Duty Free official said, "we will devote continuous efforts to April around the Galleria Duty Free Cherry Marketing to proceed according to Yeouido Spring Flower Festival so that you can become a tourist destination that represents Korea."

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Senior Vice President JB imjeongtae our capital, new CEO

[Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] JB Capital that we have appointed a vice president as the new CEO said imjeongtae 29.

Imjeongtae accredited representative Born in 1956 and graduated from Mokpo High School, Yonsei University Department of Business Administration.

Since served Hyundai Investment Trust & Securities Planning, Taurus Investment Advisors CEO, Pegasus, private equity, Vice President, JB our Capital vice president and so on.

Lim said the CEO has ambitions: "I lead the JB qualitative growth of our capital and innovation management paradigm across all sectors."

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'Chemical, electronics, automotive, manufacturing sentiment improves

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - it showed that the mainly automotive, electronics industry, such as domestic manufacturers sentiment improved.

The Bank of Korea said in March industry business survey index (BSI) for manufacturing three points higher than February 79 announced on May 29.

Manufacturing industry BSI showed Jan 75, Feb 76, rising and three months continuous rise this year on December 72 last. March Consumer Sentiment Index (CCSI) as long as previously announced in the last 24 days is also interpreted as a positive, albeit limited to 96.7 signal by showing a 2.3 point rise for two months more passed up.

BSI is a company means more than a company that is not looking good for the game is more than 100 reference value as an index showing the economic situation of enterprises recognized.

Two months investigation was intended to last 15 to 22 3,313 Corporate 2,842 companies nationwide have (manufacturing 1738, 1104 Non-manufacturing) replied.

In March, the manufacturing industry by company BSI domestic enterprises it was 6 to 78 points higher than in February. Export business was as delivered to 82.

Large companies rose 2 points in 85 SMEs recorded 71 up 5 points.

By the chemical industry, and of the electronic equipment, video, communication is climbed to 100 by 8 and 93 points, respectively, to four-point rise car 83 is great ohreumpok.

While the oil refining, coke fell by 1 point to 62.

Manufacturers have chosen the most sluggish domestic demand (22.3%) and information management difficulties.

March BSI's non-manufacturing industry, including service industries were aggregated to have risen 3 points to 76.

By industry, the construction went up 5 points, arts, sports and leisure services soared by 14.

On the other hand was a case of 8 points or lodging away than February 57. Saad (THAAD · high-altitude missile defense system) can be arranged in accordance with the aftermath of the economic retaliation that led to the pool to the influence of Chinese tourists decreased.

March economic sentiment index (ESI) was synthesized Consumer Trends Index (CSI) to the BSI was 2.4 points higher than in the delivery 98.0.

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Pension "will determine the final position to be DSME sachaegwonja rally"

Announced that it will determine the [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] Last admission one sachaegwonja to rally public pensions that are scheduled next month, 17 days. I decided the day before the first practice such a policy in a meeting to discuss the DSME debt restructuring not respond.

National Pension Fund headquarters last 23 days announced the treatment plan worth preserving for the investment company of the fund since April 17 in connection with restructuring measures in the financial authorities for Shipbuilding & Marine to be scheduled sachaegwonja meetings with up to 18 days, legal after a careful review of the risks, including it explained that 29 days will decide the final positions.

But we will continue to carefully examine the current post, and request additional materials to reinforce investment company, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and its Development Bank's largest shareholder side, depending on the judgment that the data for the relevant review inadequate, confirming them.

Fund Management Center official said that "We will judge on the basis of objective data in a fund raising benefit perspective for national pension".

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Military Mutual Aid Association, last year achieved a surplus up to 63.8 billion since the global financial crisis

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporters - Military Mutual Aid Association said dwaetdago the 29th selection of the "Choi Woosu organization, in the public sector integrity rating from the largest surplus achieved and Civil Rights Commission last year after the global financial crisis in 2008.

2016 fiscal year-end closing results Military Mutual Aid Association has earned a 294.2 billion won profit in the business, welfare Members (membership and retirement benefits, etc.) to achieve a net profit of 63.8 billion won to 230.4 billion won also paid to.

In December 2016 end of, assets of the Military Mutual Aid Association has had a 360.2 billion won compared to the previous year increased 9.8431 trillion won, capital surplus was 176.2 billion won increase of 83.8 billion won, reserve requirement ratio has become even financial structure is healthy, including maintaining a 102.4% .

This means that the surplus achieved in the Military Mutual Aid Association has said that extraordinary. The economic slowdown in China, Breck sheet only has achieved the difficult business environment, even up to a surplus after the 2008 global financial crisis, but also details side by the operation of the net assets of no special interest, such as the sale of assets by achieving higher investment yield of 5.1% will be.

In the investment type, △ investment yield bonds (7.4%) △ shares (5.0%) △ is an alternative investment (4.6 percent).

This △ members-first policy during the past year △ strength monetization empowerment △ investment value enhancement through affiliated business restructuring and synergy exhibited △ investment enabled through reorganization (investment screening personnel strengthened and overseas investments) by a high managerial innovation and the result of company-wide efforts of all employees, including organizational culture development based on ethics.

President Lee Sangdon Military Mutual Aid Association is to normalize the sluggish business, including large-scale project financing (PF) project catches the ankle of the sustainable management of the Mutual Aid Association was inaugurated at the same time focus on enterprise-wide capabilities. As a result, through the office or business for sale 15 Articles 2 trillion was told that at the time of normalization billion won in 2000 was reinvested collect the seven billion won 6500 until the end of last year.

Low profitability, long-term growth potential businesses without drastically restructuring and future growth potential is big business was further investments and acquisitions. As a result, financial institutions supplier 3 (for land trusts, Korea Capital, M Plus Asset Management) and military-related businesses 3 (gongwoo EnC · M plus F & C · Military Mutual Aid Association C & C) also reorganized as the same time zone business through exhibits synergy between businesses the said diversification. In Year 2016 Civil Rights Commission Public Integrity Assessment Authority was selected as "Choi Woosu organization.

Also carried out a reorganization based on the results of the management consulting outside experts. According to the judgment were traditional CIO there is a limit to oversee the entire investment project has recruited two people finance and construction sector CIO from the outside, fast, accurate decision-making and for responsible investment 'business proposal real name, "external expert pools ( Pool) system expansion such as enhanced revenue-generating capacity.

Lee Sangdon Military Mutual Aid Association president is "not been able to achieve last year's profit think, thanks to full confidence and support of its members," said "the US interest rate hikes, difficult domestic and external economic environment, including domestic real estate downturn it a reality this year, but former Mutual Aid Association the employees must be united, "he said.

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Between Pulmuone Kimchi Museum, opened 2 years 50% discount on admission

Announced 29 days proceeding the [financial newspaper sinmijin Korea News] Kimchi Field Museum, Museum of kimchi between "right this second anniversary of opening admission discounts Inaugural event.

Kimchi Museum between April gives a discount of 50% one month infant, youth admission subjects (36 months to 18 years). However, more than 20 groups of visitors, except a high school student should bring their student ID.

Kimchi Museum also between the proceeds of "kimchi making class" over two days mark the opening Day (April 21) on April 22. Parents and children immersed tongbaechu directly with kimchi can take home. Classes are 11:00 to 12:00, 15:00 to 4:00 AM progress twice a day.

In addition, there maryeondwae the opportunity to take a picture with the "Create your own bookmarks Class' chyugun" the official mart coat with kimchi material. Participants who plan to present the right foods products, Pulmuone.

On the other hand, between the Kimchi Museum, opened in 2017 opposite the second anniversary of Pulmuone it has been selected as the world's 11th largest museum complex type kimchi museum-related experience the American CNN picked.

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Rise in SK Hynix, and earnings expectations for the first quarter

It has shown strong in [the financial newspaper Korea goyounghun reporter] SK Hynix's 1Q11 earnings outlook.

29 days 9:25 a.m., SK Hynix is ​​trading at 51,900 won more than the previous day rose 1,100 won (2.17%).

Kiwoom said that expected to raise the largest first quarter earnings on Wednesday SK Hynix. Raise our target price from 68,000 won to 72,000 won and Investment has maintained the number of copies.

Kiwoom Park Yuak researchers analyzed the first quarter operating profit of 2.4 trillion won of SK Hynix, the second quarter operating profit would be 2.8 trillion won. If you achieve this corresponds to a record-high earnings.

Park researchers predicted that "has remained since the D-RAM and low inventory levels of the NAND flash Tobacco" and "peak second quarter will be accompanied by rising prices and increased shipments entering."

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Seocho-gu, building demolition mandatory prior safety review

[Gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter Korea] was to receive a demolition safety review prior to building demolition construction site to prevent accidents that were left in the Seocho-gu, Seoul, safety management blind spots.

Gu (Mayor Cho Eunhui) announced on the 29th that carried the deliberate targets and a 'building demolition construction site safety management improvement measures "defining details such as how the demolition of the building in order to prevent accidents from building demolition construction next month on the 1st.

That the sphere underwent this measure instruments without gotta building of buildings Demolition work collapsed in Jongno Nagwon-dong in January, properly in most buildings demolished construction sites, such as the four casualties safety measures due to indiscriminate demolition accident it is because they continue.

According to the clause is provided 'measures building demolition construction site safety management improvement', or 5 ground floor (or height 13m), it was to receive a demolition safety review prior to dismantling the underground second floor (or depth 5m) over building. If you submit which includes building demolished during method, order and safety action plan of the demolition work, demolition construction plan, architect, including specialists After confirmation, District Construction Commission to carefully consider the demolition plan and issued a "demolition declaration certificate.

During demolition After demolition experts not to accept the supervision of the made in "dismantling construction plan, and the demolition is to submit a 'Certificate of dismantling construction plan implementation, the experts signed into.

In particular, new construction, expansion and overhaul, including the demolition of buildings that require building permits as well as the relevant provisions were to apply, even if only to demolish the building.

The District plans to encourage the demolition after construction Report in order to enhance the effectiveness of this improvement measures. It is expressly include the construction contractor and the supervisor notification when demolition plans create, view, and demolition of the buildings demolished because it is easy to comply with safety regulations.

In addition, the district improved by this measure since the implementation has visited the construction site to allow demolition experts, including architects plans to check whether whether the transition properly dismantling construction plan compliance and safety measures.

The safety measures laid architecture and anjonghui exaggeration he "took place to protect the precious lives and property to prevent accidents in advance as this demolition construction site safety measures in length." "We'll work harder naganeunde create a safe, Seocho, and He said.

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Financial populace Agency, subject self-employed consulting Enlarge

Magnified [Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] people Finance Agency the microfinance users targeted consulting to full self-employed consulting.

Financial Agency that people underwent four months from targeting the 3rd ordinary users financial measures such as expanding self-employment consulting business know-how provides announced on May 29.

Self consulting support customized consulting funding ago. Since then, business know-how, management, diagnosis, improvement mainly subsistence self-employed poor entrepreneurship and business operations information and preparation time.

Pre-consultation is made available for consultation throughout the year anywhere in the country at the center of the metropolitan area populace financial loan applicants free of charge.

Ordinary banking Agency has established a consultancy post in the country aimed at ordinary users need a financial diagnosis on overall business operations, such as sales slump. To do this, build a regional and industry sector specialist consultants POOL, and has completed the training for consultants and project implementation agency will build a variety of pre and post consultation process applicable computerized system again.

Financial populace Agency said it expects to open about 5,300 per year through the dictionary after consulting people overcome the difficulties of entrepreneurship, management.

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Hyundai Department Store Fashion boutique launched under-rise ... Budding designer brand development

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea Hyundai Department Store sets out the "Fashion boutique business to enhance the fashion business. Outside the traditional department stores, outlet shopping center project to create space for a new type of strategy is to generate new customers. It will be built as early as the Hyundai Department Store rodeusyop 'main commercial areas in the second half of the year in Seoul.

Hyundai Department Store will be launched in the fashion shop "Under Rise 'stores on the 31st of Hyundai Department Store Daegu second basement Young Fashion zone. Store sizes are embroidered with a total 400㎡ (120 square meters) in size, the existing department store clothing store (about 50㎡) combined 8.

In June, it plans to open a commercial rodeusyop in Seoul, such as opening a second store and the third store in each of the Seoul Trade Center Point, Mokdong in September. In particular, opening stores in areas such as Itaewon 20-30 young customers, boulevard driven the goal of generating new customers.

"Under Sunrise" is expected to fill in more than 50 domestic budding young and trendy designer brands. This is typical, including Samcheong popular Ladies 'Stay people', homemade dairy products brand 'seven', women's online shopping mall 'Anais' womenswear brand 'Tang'.

Hyundai Department Store plans to directly pay all expenses associated with store operations including store interior labor costs and sales staff, marketing costs to ensure the smooth ipjeom the budding designer brands. It is also planned to open a public fairs twice a year to broaden the chance ipjeom brand.

Officers net Hyundai Department Store Fashion Business Division (Business) is, "said plans to continue expanding its product line, such as cosmetics, stationery, pensi for sensitive young customers on trend," seeking the traditional department stores MD and differentiation, and the offensive and global SPA brands policies to foster homegrown fashion brands actively losing a snowy place, "he said.

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Rise in LG Display, first quarter operating profit forecast

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] and LG Display recorded a rise in first-quarter earnings expectations.

29 days 9:37 a.m. LG Display are trading at 30,050 won more than the previous day rose 850 won (2.91%).

Eastern Securities estimates 1Q12 operating profit of more than 1 trillion won LG Display beyond the market consensus of 880.3 billion won. Investment is the purchase price target was maintained for 42,000 won.

Dongbu Securities Issues viscosity researchers explained, "the panel's a good situation, prices are kept only doedo there is a large panel prices rising slightly more than 46 inches per month," it "will reveal that the views of the conservative theorists are wrong."

Following Issues researchers added that find recent sales situation and check the display market haebwado gone wrong how such prejudices.

In addition, over the set price and the panel price rate of demand growth △ Large Product exceeding the growth in supply △ △ investment point decrease toward the second half of the price upside potential such as OLED TV presented a loss.

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"From sachaegwonja ..." banks, Daewoo Shipbuilding 'conditional' loss-sharing

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] hung a "conditional agreement" hagetdaneun commercial banks to participate in the debt restructuring support should be successful in sachaegwonja rally in the corporate bond investors Daewoo Shipbuilding.

According to the financial industry, 29, treated the largest shareholder and main creditor bank, Industrial Bank of Korea is coming, so I decided to get involved in the details of the agreement that Daewoo Shipbuilding and debt restructuring from the banks up to 30 days.

Switch-owned commercial banks are the Daewoo Shipbuilding and unsecured debt of 80% of 700 billion won (560 billion won), and the remaining 20% ​​of the state receiving the request to postpone the maturity to five years.

Also banks agreed nowhere Daewoo Shipbuilding stand the advance refund Guarantee (RG) to $ 5 billion when the new order.

Just before the last 27 days held some commercial banks in the creditors meeting it is reportedly also raised the demand that this be additional Potato Development Bank prior to the debt-for-equity swap. KDB is interpreted as, but reportedly rejected the possibility of emphasizing chaekimron to treat major shareholder of Industrial Bank of Korea officially. In particular, the discussions also reportedly include such information in internal meetings in the last 28 days yirwojin pension estimated to have a 43% (190 billion won) for about 21 days in the month due DSME bonds 440 billion won.

With a 360-degree debt restructuring is a prerequisite for DSME further support this analysis emerges that entered the "game of chicken" between the creditors. Banks because they should be sachaegwonja also close the debt restructuring and the entry must agree to follow after the debt restructuring, a national bank to be benefit greatly in size to 2.9 trillion won new funding.

When you eventually fail to debt restructuring are placed under statutory management (corporate recovery procedure) a type of "pre-packaged Plan (P- plan), entered the creditors are forced further adjustment of the Court in the context you need to take a large share of the losses.

In the case of advance payment refund Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of the warranty 2 (RG), respectively trillion won, it holds by 7 trillion won when the plan will go to P- contract cancellations due to the strike of the owners is expected. Export-Import Bank of the government's support is indispensable for the immediate capital soundness.

The government is pressing aspects which said debt restructuring is the best way to lose a minimum. P- plan creditors and sachaegwonja during rush are all put an end to the 7-10% level of recovery of the principal.

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KB Securities Dogok point, the 29th session 2Q12 Investment Strategy

Hold the [South Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] KB Securities Dogok branch (branch manager Kim Jongguk) is the 29th Investment Conference emitter 4 pm.

This presentation is a part gimcheolyoung WM Research Fellow lecture under the theme of 'second quarter market outlook and investment strategy.

Seminars related detailed inquiry if you are a KB Securities Dogok point.

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Easy to target Chungjungwon, ingredients keep kitchen clean standing 'know-kit "launches

He said collecting [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] target Chungjungwon the tools used to archive material from the clean kitchen showcase the 'know-how Chungjungwon kit series 29. Components are a total of four kinds of food, such as play, paper cutting board, pasta weighing surface deposit boxes, food maca.

"Food Play" has a variety of items such as rice, cookies, dessert tray, easy to make, Mini Fork Spoon ‧ so that is embedded in the container. The container can also take advantage of the lunch box pail.

In addition to the products that can increase the efficiency of using the kitchen clean, clean, etc. for cooking, paper cutting board, '' Pasta plane weighing Mail ',' food maca "can write an expiration date, such as a plastic.

Chung Jung Won Kim Yunhui Target Marketing Division Director said that "I hope to know Chungjungwon kit the whole process of cooking become more fun and more convenient want their special experience in cooking."

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Depository, strengthen enterprise capabilities Crowdfunding Success Workshop

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporters South Korea - South Korea will host the Depository's "workshop reinforced the first time in 2017 IR capabilities' on the 29th afternoon, the 12-story office building in Seoul Depository seminar rooms targets such as crowdfunding successful companies represented.

The crowdfunding workshop will discuss the follow-up investment-related topics such as successful start-up companies, such as sustainable growth, know-how writing a business plan, successful investment strategy to support the growth of small and medium enterprises. Seoul IR Kim Taehun, director of 'business plan know-how for successful investment, "songhyeon of Yun Gwansik Director of Investments' successful investment strategy know-how" to share with MAS treated join direct manager is composed of "Conex market listing procedures River.

KSD has been held to allow you to finance the start-up capital, to small and medium-sized growth companies conveniently in the capital markets' crowdfunding funding nationwide tour briefing "to continue from last year. Last year was conducted 7 times 33 times this year so far.

We will continue to help arrange a variety of programs to help grow the capital market such as through crowdfunding to attract subsequent investment in a company subject to successful entry into the capital market.

Also, it is scheduled to hold a 4 '1st excellent growing medium-sized enterprises IR concert for matching linking a network of investors and capital market excellence crowdfunding successful enterprises May 25 at M Pot (Gangnam schoolchildren material).

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Outlook for Korea Investment & Securities Co., presentations, Daegu investors

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Korea Investment & Securities that come hold "equity investment presentations for investors in Daegu, Daegu Chamber of Commerce conference room for 31 days at 4 pm and two hours announced on May 29.

This session will be conducted under the theme of "market prospects and picks together with the Korea Securities. Part 1 The Chu Huiyeop Research Investor Relations Director of the "recent stock market outlook and promising investment categories, and teaching about, Part 2 on the stock securities broadcasting Kim Seonghun leader is" equity investment specialist marketing techniques, only your investment know-how on the subject of the plans to transfer.

Park Wonok WM strategy general manager, "I hope eotgil the opportunity to also acquire marketing skills of the whole stark professionals with the investment strategy for the market," "recently won appreciation ear As it expected to rally in naesuju center," he said, Daegu I asked the attention and participation of local investors.

If you are interested in equity investment anyone can join for free, and will be presented to all participants also given gift. Applications are available through Korea Investment & Securities website or customer service center.

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Support 60 billion this year on Naver, public service, win-win platform

[Ohahreum financial newspaper reporter Korea - Naver has an out of this 'Project Flower' began to speed with the continued growth of the last year, small businesses and creators.

Project Flower 'is a long-term project challenges and the growth of the private entities of the platform containing the will of Naver has offered to help until they can cause a fountain effect on our economy.

Naver is expanding the opportunity to participate in the project Naver flowers in all areas joseonghae the 'Fountain Fund is a separate budget for the project in-house flowers. To do so, create an 35 billion, entrepreneurship and creative support 25 billion, including a total of 60 billion won-scale in-house funds in the business platform division in sectors such as public platforms Happybean.

Happy to join the project, the frequency of public Flowers foundation of Naver. Happy Bean is expected to focus on a more diverse public interest topics through the Fountain Fund may take place in this society. The first started in 'Happy Bean' will start the 'Social Venture Project X flower.

'Social Venture Project X Flowers' plans to provide practical solutions such as online content △ △ goods packing and shipping for growth and self-reliance of Internet social venture business sector. Happy Bean is aiming the foundation that can come about only 20 independent social enterprises.

Also, the "double project 'will be available from May also appeared to add as many of your donation to support small-scale public with reasons such as storytelling, human resources and competencies difficulties in raising organizations.

Connect Foundation to showcase a variety of training programs for SW Education teacher or pre-teacher training program, 'Connect ticheo' and students to strengthen elementary and base of the Middle software training organized as a regular subject in sequence from 2018, Connect School " and the earnest.

Naver last year helped by the 'Projects flowers', founded three months after my shopping 3,000,000 won founders that caused more than 10,000 transactions a daunting 2,000 people and annual sales of 100 million won more than the small-scale business people grow 6200.

Coming year will expand the scope of support of small business through the Fountain Fund to 'success' step in the next phase of challenges and growth. To this end, separate the stage of growth of small businesses into four sections, and establish a support program optimized step by step. In addition, the Nestled 'Square Partners' Offline growing base of small businesses and advertisers will be opened in Busan.

Is Han Seongsuk CEO "For smoking more" flowers "in various fields, and all employees must internalize the value of projects flowers in their area," he said. "60000000000 fountain Fund of the original scale, Naver and public foundation staff everyone has a meaning that opens the opportunity to participate in the project, said the purpose of the flowers, "said fountain fund.

Following "This year Naver expects to raise more personal challenges and to facilitate the successful 'flower impact, through fractional funds" and "hero of the project the flowers are in small businesses and creators, Social Venture, a small public interest groups , tilt a variety of efforts to expand the software to be a field of human's neck, "he said.

Meanwhile, last year's Naver scale investment in the business part of the platform for the project, the flowers this year to about 5.3 billion won its scale has been expanded five times. Infrastructure and labor costs are not included. Contributions referred to in the budget, such as the so-called external platform used in the public interest to 35.4 billion won last year, Naver has, this year at least 35 billion won pursuant thereto are set at fractions funds for the public platform.

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Samsung Securities, cash convertible 'MY cache coupons twice' event

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea - Samsung Securities announced on May 29 that when buying financial products over a certain amount of money to open an online 'MY cache coupons' to pay the coupon cache to be converted into cash. When buying a Samsung Securities Fund recommendation continues until April 14, come to the event, which offers twice the cache.

'MY cache coupon "is when buying funds at a time, or ELS · DLS more than 10 million won, the pension fund has more than 3 million won and earn coupons, the coupon will increase the amount earned each time a subscription number to rise.

1 and 2 times to 5,000 won, 3.4 times by 1 million, the payment cumulatively MY cache coupon of five meet at 2 million. MY cache and a target for prior application to a customer service coupons, and more coupons amounts presented one such until April 14th.

MY cache coupons and payments until the end of the year, the coupon amount is reset every 5 Recurrence. The annual maximum limit is when a financial product online to receive cache circuit 25 coupons of up to 25 million.

In addition, Samsung Securities in connection with non-face-to-face account opening new customer inflow channels and the recent surge, the "second contact Investment Management 'campaign as a model and actor Kim Sohyeon progress since March.

With this subscription provides customers targeted offers and customized mobile asset management services, and progress is also investing in mobile apps (mPOP), infrastructure, etc. "LaCie Samsung Securities 'i'.

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Homeplus, clothing 'F2F' Spring 30% three days

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporters] to sell the home, plus clothing brand 'F2F' cuts coming from the 30 days price 150 species of spring clothing.

Menswear is a one-to-one tisyeocheuryu 15,900 won, Comfort in the band at the waist pants chino pants and a jogger, respectively 15,900 won, denim syeocheuryu unveiled a 19,900 won.

Women's knit cardigan sells for ganjeolgi season ilgyocha large from 12,900 won.

Basic rongti to 7,900 won, Office coordinated look to sell to cut a good pants, respectively 12,900 won and price Spring Clothing an average of 30 percent. In addition, As many outdoor activities, sports clothing also enters three days.

The Homeplus plans to proceed with an adult or even children's innerwear more than 30,000 won 3,000 won gift vouchers for purchases events from the 30th to the 12th next month.

Homeplus official said, "was in full swing preparing for the event they are enjoying outdoor activities price to be reasonable purchase, etc. As always glad rags as well as sportswear, clothes ganjeolgi".

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Gangnam 3 apartment for sale Conversion price rise

0.21% Gangnam put into [financial newspaper sinyuncheol Korea News] Seoul Gangnam is a bargain price rise apartments, or 0.24 percent, Seocho, Songpa 0.12% was examined have risen respectively. Gangnam-gu and Seocho-gu will turned to rise in four months since last November, Songpa-gu has been switched to the March rise in the previous month flat.

March Nationwide apartment transaction price rose 0.02%, while that investigation was switched to the rise in the previous month hybridization (0.00%). Seoul rose 0.10%, and the contrast was extended rise the previous month (0.04%). Metropolitan apartment sale prices and expanding the rise compared to the previous month (0.02%) showed a slight rise 0.06%. While the five metropolitan cities have risen 0.03%, other provinces fell 0.09% and declined for five consecutive months.

KB Kookmin Bank announced the same content through a real estate website through March home sales nationwide and charter market trends survey.

By region. Real estate lending regulations are being strengthened despite the US interest rate hikes and a while investment inflows mainly Gangnam 3 business in a fast paced reconstruction just been analyzed to rise in sale prices. On the other hand, Gangdong-gu (-0.02%) fell for the fourth consecutive month in neighboring Henan Mass and New Town areas within large quantities tenants affected.

The five metropolitan apartments for sale and recorded a sharp rise in the price gamyeo Following the strong pre-sale market compared to other regions of relatively Busan (0.18%). March sales price rise in Busan is the highest among the wide area. In addition, although the charging Gwangju were raised 0.02%, 0.06% cod (-0.13%) and Ulsan (-0.07%) is dropped, and reduces the demand for the sale, such as depression of the moving amount increases and the local industry.

Other provinces in the reduced purchasing demand of relevant employees in North Gyeongsang and South Gyeongsang Province in the recession of the occupancy volume increases and the shipbuilding and steel industries, and each drop of 0.23%, 0.21% and continued to fall.

March national charter price is except the apartment tenants volume compared to local demand, the oversupply of spring migration and related yisacheol demand has risen 0.01%. 5 Seoul and the metropolitan area, metropolitan cities also rose 0.04%, 0.03%, 0.03%, respectively, and continued the upward trend of slight. On the other hand, other local charter apartment prices fell 0.05% from the previous month and was down for the fourth consecutive month. In particular, three kinds of properties on the local demand has been investigated to a limited Out (officials and demand around the inlet), and a new tenant volume increased steadily declined 0.47%.

Meanwhile, in March Nationwide apartment transaction price charter price ratio (charter rate) was recorded for 75.7% similar to the previous month. Seoul was also investigated by 73.2% similar to the previous month. Apartments sale-price ratio charter price in the metropolitan area (76.7%) was higher, while the five metropolitan cities (73.9%) and other provinces (75.4%) than the national average was low compared to the national average.

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BNK Institute of Finance, "Corporate southeastern Indochina entered into 'report released

[Korea Busan = bakminhyeon financial newspaper reporter] BNK Financial Group (Chairman Seong Sehwan) belonging BNK Institute of Finance announced a research report, Indochina and the implications of the entry into southeastern companies' 29.

According to the report, up to 2016 foreign direct investment in the Southeast region businesses accounted for 34.8% of total investment in Indochina. Followed by the higher proportion in Chinese (16.5%), Mexico (9.7%), the US (7.7%), Japan (5.6 percent). Last three years, investment in Indochina, while the US and China showed the fastest growth at a CAGR of 5.8% was posted a decline in investment of around 20%.

India Looking across countries of the peninsula, China accounted for the investment in Vietnam was the highest with 72.7% in 2016. Next it was investigated by Malaysia (8.1%), Thailand (7.6%), Cambodia (5.1%), Myanmar (4.0%), Laos (2.5 percent). Vietnam has Southeast, as well as nationally, and is also the country with the highest investment ratio which is due to low labor costs, political stability, domestic market growth.

Investment sector accounted for and manufacturing the highest status this year, but decreased 71.2% share in 2014 to 62.6% in 2016. This is estimated to increase because the expansion of the wholesale and retail trade, construction, transportation, etc. other sectors of the domestic market, the growth of Indochina. In the case of wholesale and retail trade, Vietnam, Malaysia and distribution markets around the country quickly growing from 6.5% in 2014 significantly increased the proportion to 13.6% in 2016.

Indochina countries has continued to grow and to expand infrastructure investment, increased foreign direct investment despite the global economic slowdown. 2014-2016 GDP growth is higher than the world average (3.3%) in 2017 to 5.8% also forecast for 2019 economic growth amounted to 1.8 times the level of global economic growth (3.2%) to 5.8% CAGR. Therefore, investment in Indochina, which is emerging as 'China Post' is expected to continue.

However, the potential risk to the expansion of the Indochina external uncertainties have emerged need attention. A high proportion of short-term debt compared to foreign currency reserves if the rate hike due to the US economic recovery faster than expected, Malaysia and Laos are likely to suffer as a foreign capital outflow pressure.

Political uncertainty increased attention, such as the withdrawal of US trade protectionism TPP negotiations strengthen the European movement and can adversely affect the high 對 US, 對 EU exports of Cambodia, Vietnam's economy. And it is expected to serve as the US and China trade disputes, China's economic slowdown, China's export dependence 對 risk factors for high Laos and Myanmar.

Thus, in the case of which the investment plan in Indochina company closely for the country's investment environment and the inherent risk factors need to check and monitor the economic and financial situation. To this end, the government or through KOTRA fieldwork, accounting provided by financial institutions, including a thorough review prior to take advantage of investment advisory services, such as law requires.

BNK The Institute of Finance Park Jaehyeon senior researcher hopes for "growth while" The friction between China and the United States trade protectionism moves according to Saad placement As castrate the increased need to improve the trade structure, concentrated in the United States and China. " It is time for companies that require more attention to the big Indochina, "he said.

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Daewoo Mirae janghanpyeong WM · Cheongju Central WM, 30 days Investment Seminar held

Hold the [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] Daewoo Mirae janghanpyeong WM, WM Cheongju central emitter is the 30th Investment Conference at 4:00 pm each branch.

Janghanpyeong WM is a global company Trace gimhaeyoung given senior managers a lecturer on the subject of '2017 global stock market trends and picks like "Cheongju Central WM is given to the Research Center Han Sangchun vice president of instructors and lectures on the subject of' checking the global market" .

Contact for each session you are to janghanpyeong WM, Cheongju Central WM.

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Shinsegae Department Store, Shinsegae Open Edition Alpha Blast AI shopping era

Take advantage of [the financial newspaper gimeunji Korea News] New World is the industry's first artificial intelligence system to read the customer's mind. Shinsegae Department Store from the 30th to the customer's preference 1: showcasing personalized marketing system to one sniper said Wednesday.

Intelligent customer analytics program featuring Shinsegae 'S Mind holds the meaning' read the mind of the customer Shinsegae 'as a synthesis of' Mind ', which means' S' and the mind, which means the New World.

Shinsegae 'DM (Direct Mail)' to break the scheme was passed the same shopping information to all customers through artificial intelligence to operate a customer analysis system customized one was a representative communication means, whilst a department store industry: Department Marketing 3.0 to 1 communications He explained that the open era.

New World is a personalized service developed its own artificial intelligence system 'S Mind' is the way in which customers identify the preferred brand shopping information and pass it to fit through the mobile application.

Targeting Shinsegae customers 500 million people using the recent purchase history and gender, variables such as age of about 100, local produce big data on a daily basis. Them out to calculate the preferred brand in the background, providing shopping information about the brand.

Shinsegae to increase marketing hit through this personalized marketing systems development, and is expected to increase sales effectiveness than 100 billion annually.

In addition, it is also enhanced in-store marketing utilizing the personalization system. Installing the application, the customer is under Shinsegae is also ready to provide services in real time, personalized offers and the benefits of shopping information tailored to the tastes of customers visiting department stores and at the same time.

Meanwhile, the Shinsegae Department developed an artificial intelligence system, customer analysis is significant as Google, IBM and domestic technology to develop its own models rather than collaborate with foreign companies have already tteolchin the popularity of artificial intelligence.

Shinsegae this AI has for the system build, hanging put together four years with System Planning, Sales Strategy, Customer including the more than 30 new world force, such as Planning, Shinsegae I & C, the University of the nation's leading STATISTICS Professor, data analysis firms, system developers .

Park Sunmin Shinsegae Department Store is responsible for sales strategy "intelligent personalization application is launched, the system will be further elaborated in accordance with the increases beginning only and data accumulation," said said, "will launch a sophisticated target marketing based on personalized marketing system."

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"LG G6 purchase receipt also, and watch sports."

Provides rich benefits for customers such as LG G6 purchase presents the latest smartwatch in 1000 [South Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG Electronics April.

LG Electronics will be presented on April 1 'LG Watch Sports' to a total of 1,000 people a month through the lottery of LG G6 customers purchase between 31 days from the date of 450,000 won worth.

Event to give a total of 70 people, including LG Electronics, a popular electronics '55 Type All Red TV 'will continue until the end of March.

LG Watch Sport was equipped with the premium smartwatch equipped with its own LTE communication, the world's first "Android Wear 2.0 (Android Wear 2.0) 'operating system.

City leisure activities such as water depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes at the highest level for normal operation IP68 rated waterproof and dustproof, heart rate sensor, GPS equipped all the useful features.

LG Electronics will continue with free gifts worth up to 200,000 won promotion to the end of April, which is also available for purchase at 5,000 won.

LG G6 purchase is one of the △ 24-bit HD audio codecs have been applied 't plus (HBS-1100)' △ Convenient for mobile life "Raleigh Keyboard 2" and "Beetle Mouse '△' Nescafe Dolce Gusto 'three giveaways to choose it can be purchased at 5,000 won.

When in the "Gift Pack" app installed on the LG G6 easy payments with mobile payment service "Shinhan Card FAN 'and, 4' LG Watch sports' lottery event starting May also participate at the same time.

LG G6 is easy to handle optimal grip and the front was tight filling implementation of a large screen at the same time part 18 on the one hand: 9 aspect ratio was mounted 5.7-inch QHD + (2,880X1,440) 'Full Vision (FullVision)' display. In addition, LG G6 is passed through the 14 items, including transport drop test (Transit Drop Test) among the 'MIL-STD (Military-Standard) -810G' the US Department of Defense military standard was recognized for superior durability.

LG Electronics, South Korea Mobile geurupjang Lee Sanggyu Managing Director said, "will continue to introduce a differentiated promotion that can provide real benefits and fun for LG G6 purchase."

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Snow and Ice, welfare card flyer 'Welfare Club, Alliance

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Korean Snow and Ice dessert cafe to start a welfare card merchant service preferential treatment of 'welfare clubs' services from next month they announced on May 29.

'Welfare Club' services can benefit from a discount on the Government Employees Pension Corporation, Samsung Group, the welfare of the cardholder to provide services, etc. Military Mutual Aid Association in partnership to target, Welfare Club Partners.

The next month 'Welfare Club, the National Snow and Ice welfare card at the store can be provided also claims discount of 3%. As well as a variety of well-known franchises including the current Snow and Ice holds a variety of partners, such as book stores, large companies.

Snow and Ice official said, "We'll write it the power to provide a wide range of benefits to more customers through a variety of partnerships."

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[Obituary] Kim Insu (Korea Securities Depository senior work station) Mr. mochinsang

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun reporter] ▲ gangcheon Lim died, Kim Insu (Korea Securities Depository Security Team chief task Station) Mr. mochinsang = 28, Seoul 103 Konkuk University Hospital mortuary, balin the 30th 5:20 am, burial War Cemetery ( Cheonan memorial Park). 02-2030-7900

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The Shilla Seoul, progress Auburn Islands 'opening party'

We [South Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] The Shilla Seoul next month, the commemoration of the 21 days of the outdoor pool, Auburn Island 'Opening unveiled Opening Celebration Party. Opening Celebration party unfolds the early summer came the theme of "Summer Fiesta" at the poolside stage right.

It is a welcome drink for all in attendance customers in Spain premium beer with Spanish sparkling wines of 'kkaba' Estrela Dame Barcelona "to provide and lottery Jeong Chanyong by the founder of Ferran Adria's molecular cuisine developed a beer, stuffing dit dame 'provides gift packages to prizes.

In addition the party has plans to performances with the distinctive 'Common Ground'. Common Ground is a leading brass band Soul Funk a variety of activities, such as TV shows, movies, music, and festivals such as SNL Korea.

In addition to providing a sense of gratitude the generous gifts such as customer 'stay at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul', 'Shilla Jeju Nights, "" The Parkview buffet vouchers',' enabled dit Dame (Inedit Damm) Gift package "through a lottery.

The Shilla Seoul Auburn Island 'Opening Celebration will be presented to the Standing formats to 8:30 from 6:30 pm on events, live performances will be held from 7:40 to 7 pm.

In addition to providing Auburn Island night package using customer provided with the opening Celebration those with party positions benefit business deluxe rooms, Chicken plate in Auburn Island, the Shilla beach bag and beach towel set, fitness and indoor swimming pool available benefits and the like.

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GS25, hand in hand with our banks 'cash withdrawal services'

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] GS GS25 convenience stores to the retail operations should start within 29 days GS25 stores 'cash withdrawal services' test.

The service, together with our retail banking will be conducted in three stores (GS headquarters, Montparnasse Tower, Parque points or small points) system implementation is completed. GS25 is expected to increase within three months testing the service branches to 29.

Now that GS25 is being tested, cash withdrawal service 'is the cash withdrawal function we check the mount (IC) card, the amount (1 day maximum 100,000 won too) customers want and buy from GS25 to a 10,000 won units It is to withdraw the service.

Customers using the 'cash withdrawal services' are to cash withdrawals are possible at any time and withdraw when customers pay fees of up to 500 won per 800 won lower than the previous generation ATMs 24 hours a day.

If the sales price is to withdraw the 50,000 won, while buying a product it is the way in which a total of 1000 caused 51,800 won 1,000 won, including payments and withdrawals 50,000 won, 800 won fee is deducted from the account.

GS25 is planning to apply only to the merchant wants to introduce in the future based on service reliability was improved bowanjeom Based on the test results conducted in 29 stores.

Plans to expand Jeon Gwangho GS Retail Services product team leader is "GS25 and by buying goods at the counter build a system that can fetch the cash proceeds to the test" and "services to domestic all banks subject to this system construction to start, planning is more committed to providing a variety of services, "he said.

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Hand in hand with the New World Duty Free, Han Some Sevit 'nationals actively targeting'

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea] The New World Duty Free is focused on strengthening domestic marketing to confront the forbidden commands (禁 韓 令) of the Chinese government. New World Duty Free is carried out last year signed an MOU Han Some Sevit and authentic collaboration as a way to attract customers to surge in a river outing Spring.

This promotion will be conducted by the existing members and new members Some Sevit paid membership.

Some Sevit members should show the character Promotions received a visit in the New World Duty Free myeongdongjeom be upgraded to the New World Duty Free Gold Membership is provided prepaid cards 10,000 won vouchers that can be used for purchases over $ 100. Participation period is from April 1 to the end of the year.

The world's first artificial island Some Sevit is a composite cultural space where you can enjoy a unique waterfront Han culture, since its opening in 2014 has recorded a monthly average of visitors to 100,000. Some Sevit is holding a wide range of catering and leisure facilities and an award-back outings and weekend visitors, gastronomic visitors gravitate to the city center in healing space.

New World Duty Free plans to pursue a variety of promotions for both companies, including customers in addition to this cooperation Some Sevit using vouchers, membership annual fee waiver. The addition of the New World Duty Free Korean cultural venues' Boys24 hall (24 jeonyonggwan Boy) "and the person lives minister cultural spaces such as' you can 'also plans to collaborate with the future Some Sevit.

New World Duty Free said, "Looking for Some Sevit tourists are prepared for this promotion, so you can visit in the New World Duty Free shop and enjoy," said, "especially considering that the regular bus King and outdoor performances held in Some Sevit, the future New World Duty Free It plans to expand the cooperation to be said also showcase cultural content. "

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IBK company, the Export-Import Bank, public institutions Customer Satisfaction Rating S

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] had the highest ratings from IBK Industrial Bank and the Export-Import Bank of Korea, Korea Securities Depository public institution customer satisfaction.

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance said on the 29th announced the "2016 year public institutions Customer Satisfaction Survey" survey by telephone, on-site surveys, emails, targeting 117,000 people nationwide.

Target Organs are Choi Woosu grade S 223 altogether is 23, excellent Class A was 88, well 94 Class B, Class C Poor 18 dogs.

IBK Industrial Bank received the S class has gained a good reputation point the introduction of the first financial institutions' branches Customer Service (CS) Coach Islands. The evaluation sikyeotdaneun through branch-specific maps, and close to the CS professional instructors presenting tailored improvement plan to visit a branch to periodically increase customer satisfaction.

The Export-Import Bank also received an S rating in customer service export financing side.

A rating has climbed industries such as banks, the Deposit Insurance Corporation, Kibo Technology Fund, Korea Credit Guarantee Fund, the Small Business Corporation, National Pension Plan.

The government has to ensure that it reflects the findings published through customer satisfaction management performance assessment (2 points) and climb inform citizens can see. In addition, where 18 received a C grade is the result of policy advice to the Ministry to promote the improvement plans submitted, consulting and training.

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[Food & Beverage Short] Lotte Chilsung, Maeil Dairy, Coffee Bean

Laid [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] △ Lotte Chilsung comes a variety of events right to "Cider Day (April 2). 4 goes to the 2nd of May, Lotte Chilsung Mall Comments events, Kakao Talk and linked to gifts 'boxes full of cider Lucky' event, T Map affiliated events including all three events. I like one of the comments to an event entrant is given a 'K-POP STAR final' 2 tickets (37 people).

△ Maeil Dairy is quinoa oatmeal, etc. ‧ ‧ lentil beans containing more than 5 kinds of super-grain cereal with milk, 'Hey! Mr Brown, will launch two or one day next month. Last match the wellness trend, white bean milk, containing less than 30%, was Per was not at all added sugar 'Black Bean Milk' too old black bean milk money. Dwaeteumyeo Both products come in 250ml, prices are 1,200 won.

△ The Coffee Bean Korea announced 29 days starting the traditional "Happy Morning" promotions thanks "Happy Morning Season 2 force. Coffee beans are sold in the past when purchasing any drink on weekdays from 9 am until 20 days old 3,500 won to 1,000 won hot bread increased sales of up to 66.4%. "Happy Morning, Season 2 will continue to expand its existing product items in a total of eight hours of operation, and is also planning to extend Giro 10 am.

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Pin-tech companies can send money overseas from July, banks aftermath

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] remittances from abroad through a pin-tech companies, including non-banks in accordance with the amendments to the Foreign Exchange Transaction up to 20,000 US dollars the second half of the year is possible. Pin-tech industry overseas remittance market entry barriers are more likely activates As will suffer if you do not change as to face the competition if banks.

◇ small amendments overseas remittances up legislation in July

The financial authorities' Foreign Exchange Law revision bill "to be a small registration overseas remittances up to the Ministry of Strategy and equipped with certain requirements do not have to be a finance company heralded implemented in July.

To register a small overseas remittance companies must meet capital more than 20 million, shareholders' equity compared to total liabilities ratio less than 200%. Three times the average daily turnover should also be deposited in the FSS. Per nominal remittances it limits the reporting exemption is raised to $ 3,000 from $ 2,000 existing annual aggregate limit is less than US $ 20,000 per one company.

Current domestic and overseas remittance market is growing trend continued in accordance with the increase in foreign workers. Level was 9.5 billion US dollars in 2014 rose to 10% in the early 2000s, even foreign workers' remittances share until recently 30%. Global Overseas Remittance scale basis in 2015 amounted to 582 billion US dollars, which is a shame grew more than three times since 2000.

◇ now it appears possible be affiliated with banks, reader services Motion

In the current law, only pin-tech companies affiliated with banks able to provide international money transfer service, but it is possible to various start-up companies yihuen July to provide their own services. The current situation is that tech companies build the pin MoneyGram our banks and eopmuhyeop during the Yap maeteotgo keoren cloud and Shinhan Bank, a joint platform.

If the competition is accelerating banks overseas remittance income is expected to decline. July 21, Seoul is a small mobile operators overseas remittance has the final selection of the non-cent, pinsyat, paper gate as being the start of the service compared to traditional banking services, commissions of 40% reduction in the target preparation. Overseas remittance commission in the country is at a lower level than the global average of 5.0%, 7.40%, such as banks compete with each other.

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