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The Incheon International Airport Terminal 2, Lotte, Shilla Duty Free operators fact confirmed

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 (T2), Lotte Duty Free and Shilla Duty Free Duty Free ipjeom of this fact was confirmed. Incheon International Airport Corporation announced selected as the 21st T2 Departure Hall auction bid Duty Free primary examination results DF1 Area (perfume and cosmetics) and DF2 zone multiple operators (alcohol, tobacco and food) Lotte and Shilla Duty Free in the respective licenses.

It is impossible to receive a bid at the same time, each company has different zones. Since the count will remain only as a determination of the Area Lotte and Silla take virtually obtain a T2 our shop business rights. Incheon International Airport Corporation in the last 19 days was conducted during a three-day auction T2 duty-free first examination since, project proposal was evaluated compression of 60%, reflecting a 40% rating for rent District 1 and 2 above operators.

The T2 duty-free operator selection proceeds to the Incheon International Airport Corporation and the Korea Customs Service co. Customs plans to open a patent review board later this month for final selection of operators per region.

Customs such as management ability (500 points), patented Bonded management capability (220 points), social Reduction and win-win cooperative effort level (120 points) and social contribution (120 points), tourism infrastructure, including environmental factors (40 points) 1000 points the proceeds of the secondary screening based on the scale. The selection of the final business enterprises shall complete the interior construction, etc. according to the period T2 refurbished 10 months.

The T2 Duty DF1 · DF2 has joined the bidding zones and Shilla, Lotte and Shinsegae Dieppe, Hanwha Galleria. In areas DF1 bid reportedly Nancy note of the many rent to Shilla and Lotte order. In DF2 area behind Lotte, Shinsegae Despite a lot of money down the drinking gobae Lotte, Shilla has passed the first examination.

T2 to the total rent is 160.2 billion won in the duty-free licenses, each zone 1, 2 rentals candidates are ranked sseonaen is a total of 205.3 billion won.

Minimum acceptable amount of DF1 area with six stores, the area 2105㎡ where you can sell perfumes and cosmetics is about 84.7 billion won. Alcohol-8 to sell tobacco, food stores, in the case of DF2 consisting of an area of ​​1407㎡ 554 billion, Fashion, Grocery store 14 pieces of DF3 width of 4489㎡ is 64.6 billion won. Minimum bid price of DF4 ~ DF6 area back to the small and medium-sized Duty Free is a 8.7 billion won from 21 billion won.

The duty-free shops in the T2 zone DF3 bid to deal with fashion goods was twice yuchal. DF3 was originally collected expect a fierce attack on unfolded, enabling sales, and the largest area and luxury goods duty free within T2.

However, four companies, including DF1 and DF2 zones one and Shilla, Lotte, Shinsegae, Hanwha bid did not give the doctor a little before July 17 bidding deadline of DF3 area.

While some DF3 and licenses are yuchal Again, this has concerned the ref to open my left blank while T2's largest duty-free zone. The construction side yuchal the last bid DF3 district plans to lower the rent proceeds to re-bid the near future.

Industry insiders said, "the domestic duty-free to the decline in sales, including internal and external negative factors to indeda situation to attract their luxury brands not easy to rent 64600000000 itself too expensive attractiveness falls due to excessive competition and Saad placement is a stream," said "But construction side Remove the situation in which one company left out a rent reduction cards are ssolrigo the spotlight on whether to re-bid the DF3 areas, "he said.

Shinsegae side on the day examination results announced its position as "an unforeseen situation (whether DF3 areas bids) Future plans are being reviewed."

Meanwhile, in a small primary screening of DF4 ~ DF6 areas targeted for mid-sized city duty-free shops and duty-free shops was selected, each SM duty-free shops, duty free shops and the yen Tasman SM Duty to DF4 and DF5 that can handle all items. DF6 area selling Fashion Accessories, Food has been featured multiple plus the City and SM duty-free shops.

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Koscom, Robo adviser secondary test bed 20 where Application

[Reporter Korea goyounghun financial newspaper] said Koscom adviser in charge of the Robo test bed operation Bureau to apply for 21 days, including four banks, securities firms a total of 20 secondary testbed participation.

According to Koscom month 27 days from Robo adviser secondary test bed to participate in this day requests received results △ △ brokerage four banks 1, where △ △ seven full-time advisor advisory, discretionary unlisted companies (Robo adviser companies) were involved eight.

Of these securities, as a consortium of banks is two places, Koscom officials said dwaetdago received a total of 22 algorithms in 20 companies.

Koscom has been previously opened a "second robotic test bed Adviser presentation, last month 10 days Information NOTICE such as test beds, including the eligibility criteria △ △ △ algorithm criteria introduced △ audit process involved the application process.

Koscom from the actual market for the three portfolios performed one month in writing and specific on-site audit from 24 days for their application algorithms, and by November the pursuit for six months △ stabilized △ risk-neutral △ actively invested of it plans to review the operational requirements and the like.

Bonsimsa is account management capabilities and rebalancing history checks, including portfolio customer delivery of operational audits and Robo Advisor service system stability △ security will continue to review, in November civilian review committee final deliberations for through plans to launch a test Corbett pass algorithm to be.

Operational status of each portfolio is exposed through a test bed Koscom website (http //, it will hold the 27th Final Review Board comes for the first application algorithms bonsimsa ended.

The test bed is being operated robotic advisor Koscom to verify the authenticity and reliability of services in accordance with the robotic advisor advisory services, discretionary promotion policy for asset management services popularization of the Financial Services Commission.

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Shinhan Investment Corp., MSCI Indonesia gifts ETN 2 species of IPO

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Investment Corp. today announced 21 days Shinhan MSCI Indonesia gifts ETN (H) 'IPO and the Shinhan inverse MSCI Indonesia gifts ETN (H)'.

Wednesday IPO that Shinhan MSCI Indonesia gifts ETN (H) '(item code 500025) is a product that follows the first times of the day yield of the MSCI Indonesia Index futures traded on the Singapore Exchange, Shinhan MSCI inverse Indonesia gifts ETN (H ) '(item code 500026) is a product that follows -1 times the daily return of the MSCI Indonesia Index futures.

MSCI Indonesia Index is composed of 31 stocks representing Indonesia, tele Komuro Nika City, central banks in Asia and the high utilization index of Indonesian investment benchmark for global investors.

Shinhan Investment Equity Derivatives unit Yun Chaeseong team leader "has increased interest in the Indonesian investment is being recorded a high growth rate," he said "private investors easily Indonesian market to invest in the rise and fall Shinhan MSCI Indonesia gifts ETN (H) and Shinhan inverse MSCI Indonesia launched a gift ETN (H) "he said.

Shinhan MSCI Indonesia gifts ETN (H) 'and' inverse Shinhan MSCI Indonesia gifts ETN (H) 'is the exchange rate fluctuations hwanhetji product does not affect the yield. There are investment losses may occur depending on the price movements of an underlying asset.

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Releases, entrepreneurship Agency and promising start-up focused training

[Reporter lower cervical Korea before the financial newspaper] Credit Guarantee Fund sets out the founding Agency and promising start-up focused training.

Releases are announced 22 days it has signed a founding Agency and the last 21 days' work agreements for future new industrial development and successful start-up support.

Releases the benefits of this business through agreements support guarantees and investment up to 30 billion to promising start-up companies founded Agency is being fostered and preferential Guarantee percentage (90-100%) and guarantee fees deduction (0.2 ~ 0.4% p) It provides.

Private investment-driven technology start-up (TIPS), smart creative foundation made such rapid financial and non-financial support through 107 branches Releases for the establishment of a support program targets companies Agency.

Releases officials said, "would be to foster more intensive excavations promising start-up incubator through organic cooperation between specialized agencies" "Excellent start-up training is a key element of our economic vitality restored," he emphasized, and.

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MG community credit cooperatives, 8,206,310,000 won support local businesses contributed Hope

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical reporter] was that support 8,206,310,000 won the last six years has contributed Hope Community Credit through local businesses.

Community Credit is followed by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, municipalities and holding hands six years tonghye tailored to regional social contribution activities 9,523 cases of alienation gecheung support activities went said Monday.

Hope Community Credit area of ​​contribution programs are conducted excavations as "local custom" in consultation with municipalities, is the socially disadvantaged and marginalized groups, including mainly students, seniors, women target.

The nationwide community credit and continues its social contribution activities.

5 Community Credit gu, Incheon is writing to donggucheong, configure the local companies as "Eastern Dream Foundation Dream Scholarship" power to local talent unearthed. 2015 and 2016 were delivered to 25 million won for local studies, arts, scholarships to promising talents in various fields such as physical education, respectively.

The 19 Gyeongbuk Gumi Community Credit is from 2011, and scholarships for low-income children 50 million won a year. Cumulative funding is expected to continue amounted to a total of three billion won every year until 2020.

In Gwangju Dong and practice sharing for local seniors. Two community credit said 10 local support banghanhwa required for seniors and the underprivileged for three years from 2014, briquettes, fire extinguishers, etc. Goods and donated a total of 40 million won.

Yeosu in 13 community credit together, has delivered a total of 96 million won on children's centers and women's Workforce Development Center seven years from 2010.

In the area of ​​Community Credit Gangwon Province to collaborate with local authorities to protect this vulnerable victims of crime based on self-reliance, and it is leading to economic assistance.

Sinjongbaek Community Credit Cooperative Federation Chairman "to improve the quality of community, sharing the difficulties of the neighborhood is the social responsibility to practice necessarily cooperative," said said, "We will not spare the social and economic assistance activities under the regional characteristics." .

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Banking card company, Shinhan Card, a robust first quarter results

It was a [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Shinhan Card, KB Kookmin Card, a card, our card first quarter earnings announcement of the Shinhan card and one card is more than 100% compared to the first quarter last year, earnings growth. We also showed the first quarter of banking cards 3 card companies hosiljeok all benefits except the KB Kookmin Card to a 3% increase.

According to the 22nd financial industry, one card is increased by 900% than the first quarter of this year recorded a net profit of 50 billion won, a year earlier. Shinhan Card has been followed by increased 170% year-on-year to 401.8 billion won. Our cards increased by 2.8% than the 28.5 billion won to 29.3 billion won last year's first quarter. In contrast KB Kookmin Card has been reduced by 12.5% ​​than the first quarter of 2016 to the first quarter of 83.3 billion won.

One card is then analyzed to reflect the base effects and integration costs with revenue growth, strong membership, foreign exchange card according to the payment increases.

One card payment card the first quarter of this year has increased by 14.16% than the first quarter of 50 billion won to 40 billion won 14000000002016 years 16. Accordingly, fee income has increased thresholds nature. One card 1Q11 fee income has increased by 14.5% compared to 145.7 billion won to 166.9 billion won last year's first quarter. Card loans also increased by 13.1% over last year to 75.7 billion won.

Since last year powered one is analyzed that also led to the towing member's interest marketing strategy. One card has introduced a series of one member's 1Q credit card from last year. One card 1Q card series has surpassed 200 manjwa in just 14 months available.

Shinhan Card has increased profits by law internal rating applies.

Internal ratings applied this year, the law contains the information that can be stacked differently provision to the customer's credit rating. Existing customers include loans gotta apply the same loss, regardless of the credit rating high credit customers also built the same provisions as jeosinyongja. While keeping the differential allowance rate to your credit rating, Shinhan Card has a 260 billion won (after-tax) provision has been recognized as income.

We were valid membership card is also growing with 2.8% profit growth.

Our cards have increased this year, more than 300,000 people recorded a valid membership 6.3 million people last year, the first quarter of 6 million people. Our cards are focused on changing the effective increase in the number of members using one month once a valid membership criteria since last year. In terms it jyeotdaneun closer to achieving this year's target of 6.5 million people is encouraging the effective members.

KB Kookmin Card will benefit from one year neulrimyeonseo the marketing costs for such securing members from last quarter hit setback. However, it increased than last year fourth quarter. Last year, KB Kookmin Card fourth quarter net income increased 4 was 1.9% compared to the first quarter of this year, half of last year to 81.7 billion won.

1Q11 Earnings banking card companies got an additional fee cut chances and showed a strong looks do nokrokchi this year. Currently leading presidential candidates ahead of the presidential election more than one month has put forward a card-fee reduction commitments.

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