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Seong Sehwan BNK financial constraint President ... Bank integration, disruption of emergency management

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - an arrest warrant was charged with allegedly involved in manipulating the stock price in the rights issue process Seong Sehwan BNK Bank Financial Group president and Busan (picture) was arrested on 18 imprisoned date.

Kim Seoksu Busan District Court Chief Judge has issued a warrant dedicated to the day prior to the arrest warrant Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act to "a violation Seong Sehwan BNK BNK Capital Kim Ilsu Financial Group president and CEO. BNK dusk Vice President Financial Group is a warrant was rejected.

The court, there is a possibility that criminal charges be calling and destroy evidence, said the warrants reasons.

BNK Financial Group has been a drag to the purchase price of the shares of BNK financial holding some funds are raised suspicion while loans Busan where more than 10 mid-sized construction companies through the family bank. In this connection the Financial Supervisory Service has commissioned a financial holding BNK investigation to prosecutors in February.

Busan District Prosecutors' Office special unit had raided four offices, including the president's office last month, seven days Seong Sehwan including BNK Financial Group, Pusan ​​Bank. The prosecution charged the three pre-arrest, including President Seong Sehwan on suspicion of involvement in its stock price quotes one trillion kinds of the last 14 days.

The redemption of Seong Sehwan President BNK financial situation is made disruptions to projects promoting the meantime ohdeon inevitable.

BNK Finance has expanded the "source-to-bank processes, integrating the year flagship subsidiary of Pusan ​​Bank and the IT systems of the Gyeongsangnam bank. Tech has been focused in the pin through the 'thumb banks' mobile banking.

Also it has also promoted networking for becoming a global financial group, such as Vietnam, Myanmar.

The effect is inevitable, even flagship subsidiary of Southeast regional economy as a whole performed Busan Bank, SME financing in Gyeongnam bank.

BNK BNK bakjaegyeong Financial Group is a financial holding elected vice president as chairman dated 19 constitute "a group contingency management committee" and went on emergency management systems.

BNK Busan Bank Financial Group is the Gyeongnam bank BNK Capital, including leading financial group with eight subsidiaries up to the end of last year, based on asset size 106.3579 trillion won.

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DGB Financial Group, CEO Forum held a breakfast seminar

[Korea Daegu = bakminhyeon financial newspaper reporter] DGB Financial Group (Chairman Park Ingyu) said Friday held June 18 Hotel Inter-Burgo Daegu '2017 second DGB CEO Forum "breakfast seminar at the Convention Hall.

Wednesday Forum held under the theme of 'learning from three kinds of leadership, there were more than 300 people attended, including Park Ingyu DGB Financial Group President and Chief Justice gimchandon Taegu, gimsangdong Kyungpook National University president, including local authorities and heads of local companies CEO.

DGB Financial Group has held the 'DGB CEO Forum "last year as part of the platform for the local economy and local businesses more competitive, and invites the second forum, Kwangwoon Business School Professor Yi Hong year as an instructor. Professor Yi Hong has conducted lectures on creative competencies necessary for a modern society leaders through creative leadership of King Sejong of the Joseon King 4 under the theme of "leadership, learning from three kinds.

The Professor "to plug in the history of the most creative time of the Korean Peninsula Sejong era, why let a reminder of what had three kinds can leave a lot of creative work, saying," The key is incompetent is learning within the organization to "to get rid of the learned incompetence ' organization of talented people have come up with useful results in missing "is analyzed to lose creativity because.

Park Ingyu president hopes to become a useful opportunity to contribute to the local economy by providing information about the new business environment, "DGB CEO forum for local companies CEO and local officials, the future course promptly provide management information to local need , will continue to provide a service that can help you directly to the company management, he said.

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Shinhan Card -KT, financial platforms and digital technology agreement

Bears - Newspapers around the lower cervical Korea Financial News] Shinhan Card and KT financial platform and digital technology agreements.

KT and Shinhan Card allows financial platform and be entered into a strategic business agreement for Digital technology enabled in the 'Shinhan FAN' at the same time as the payment of various membership services KT CLiP earn and use dwaetdago it said yesterday.

My point switch Shinhan Card, Shinhan point to point agreement signed by KT CLiP to be able to use.

It utilizes location information to take advantage of the network infrastructure and KT holds support O2O marketing year introduced a "geofencing" technology, which provides marketing services to Shinhan FAN 'for the customer's situation in real time to customers financial settlement benefits to be able to offer.

Shinhan Card, Shinhan FAN 'KT is pushing the latest Internet of Things technology (NB-IoT network) combines the safety of a child's IoT-based ∙ will also promote confidence trial.

Shinhan Card imyoungjin president said "KT and partnerships, combined with the domestic leading mobile payment platform based financial Shinhan FAN 'digital technology, the policy continues to grow out of the first digital competitiveness".

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KB Kookmin Card -UMS, joint venture joint venture partnership

Entered into a strategic alliance, etc. [Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] KB Kookmin card 'UMS (United Merchant Services, Inc.)' and the joint venture and joint projects it said yesterday.

UMS will buy up to buy Korean merchant credit target the United States.

Through this partnership both companies △ 'UMS' reserves merchants target the financial services promotion △ equity investments and acquisition synergies new businesses dig through business expansion △ collaboration with local merchants target the big data-driven consulting services △ KB Financial Group subsidiaries through merger promoting joint projects in various fields was agreed to strengthen mutual cooperation.

KB Kookmin Card's established through collaboration with KB Financial Group's major subsidiaries of the 'UMS' in collaboration with the tentative play a global digital innovation strategy known role "(tentative name) KB Digital Lab" Explore a variety of new business opportunities and global linking pin-tech business start-ups and also plans to pursue vigorously.

It is also expected to continue to KB Kookmin Card, such as KB Financial Group holds big data, mobile and digital-based advanced technology and combine financial expertise with local merchants data of UMS to expand and diversify its business in the United States.

KB Kookmin Card said, "This Convention shall KB Kookmin Card is expected to be of great help to continue to secure new revenue base through overseas expansion and new business promotion in samgo year focused strategic tasks," said the center a "KB Kookmin Card by KB financial group plans to organically collaborate with its affiliates to pay a variety trying to catch itself as a successful model for the new global market that combines digital innovation "as said.

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Seoul, Yeouido, Banpo, Seocho, and apartments comprehensive management

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] Transportation Seoul is in three such apartments in Apgujeong Banpo district then △ (2640000 9,071.5㎡) △ Seocho (1490000 1,261.0㎡) △ Yeouido (550,000 734.4㎡) through 'district plan' that promote the comprehensive management of the wide area, such as infrastructure, it announced the commercial area on the 19th.

Seoul is the first of 18 apartments District pursuing the establishment of District Unit Plan for an apartment in Apgujeong district.

If you have an existing managed through just one maintenance business center of the "Development Plan" established for the specific reconstruction, to a more systematic and integrated urban management through the district unit plan.

Banpo, Seocho district, Yeouido apartment is a large apartment complex in Seoul designated representative for the purpose of supplying Apartments activate the '70s.

The district has problems such as the lack of association between neighborhood and spatially disconnected residential function-oriented closed-living area, downtown and the Han River was pointed out.

Over architectural support 30-40 is a situation where an increasing reconstruction needs of the local population in terms of life and convenience are aging, parking problems, traffic problems surrounding areas such as the building continues to occur.

Seoul explained that "it is the district provided a pre-emptive measures to be made more broad-based city management the turn of the reconstruction possible time."

It following emphasized that "reflect the changing lifestyles of citizens and spatial circumstances, and considering the living environment and traffic conditions, in conjunction with infrastructure such as roads, neighborhoods, the time required integrated urban management plans".

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[Savings Bank brand reputation April] 1st SBI savings banks, savings banks 2nd OK, considering the above three savings banks

[Korea yichangseon financial newspaper reporter] 4 February 2017 Savings Bank brand reputation survey, one above the savings bank SBI second analysis was OK considering the savings bank savings banks 3 above.

Korea Corporate Reputation Institute has analyzed the Savings Bank brand consumption patterns of the consumer to analyze big data 5033719 dog Savings Bank brand from 17 March 2017 until 18 April 2017 for the 33 savings banks brands. When compared to last March and dogs 4852356 Savings Bank brand reputation grew 3.74%.

Reputation Index for a brand is to divide the activities of big data on consumer participation in the brand values ​​and communication value, social value, market value, financial value. The Savings Bank brand reputation survey were analyzed with the participation index and the media index, and communication Index, Social Index, a community figure. April Savings Bank brand reputation analysis was that while the granular media indicators and social indicators change in brand reputation algorithm.

Brand Reputation Index is the amount of dialogue in geung negative evaluation, media attention, consumer engagement and traffic, social for the brand by finding that the online habits of the consumer exerts a greater influence on brand consumption created by the brand Big Data analysis indicators It is measured by the community diffusivity.

SK Securities Ansan Branch, 22 days Investment Seminar held

Hold the [South Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] SK Securities Investment Conference in Ansan branch coming from 22 pit one point on Saturday 10 AM.

This session will Ansan Branch Manager gimdongyeop a way to win, then the stock market as an instructor ... Subject to the end of April Strategy ', recent share market circumstances and will lecture on how a wise investment portfolio, including settings for the current period.

If you are attending contact with SK Securities Ansan branch.

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Korea's economic growth forecast this year KDI · IMF also raised

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - and the domestic and international institutions, albeit slight upward revision to Korea's economic growth rate this year.

KDI has raised the 18th announcement, the first half of 2017 the economic outlook "from 0.2 to 2.4 percent proposed last December, the country's gross domestic product (GDP) growth forecast this year to 2.6 percent.

IMF was also slightly modified in the same day (local time), released by the World Economic Outlook (WEO) this year, 2.7% of Korea's economic growth forecast from the original 2.6%.

Also two months ahead of foreign investment banks (IB), the Bank of Korea has raised the bar modest growth forecast for Korea this year.

International Financial Center has raised 0.1 percentage points more than two months ago of 2.4% as a result of 2.5% growth forecast this year to embellish the average of the month 10 overseas IB.

The Bank of Korea also took 0.1 percentage points higher than three months our economic growth forecast this year to 2.6% last week. In particular, it was only three years since it BOK raised the growth forecast for 2014 in the last four months.

In the private Korea Economic Institute in March of this year growth forecast it was raised 0.4 percentage points higher than in December (2.1%) last year to 2.5%, a relatively large width.

Government (Planning and Finance) degree is scheduled rate adjustments in the second half of the economic outlook in June.

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance recently in "April Green Book 'is while exports increase resulted improve the flow of production and investment', saying 'poor form also appears the signs of recovery in the economy, such as rebounding consumer who" called bar released a positive diagnosis is.

But it also comes gyeonggyegam for premature optimism.

Back slightly in the last 13 days have raised the growth rate this year, the Bank of Korea governor Lee Ju-yeol at the press briefing, stressed that "although the economic recovery in the short term, showing the mid- to long-term is still uncertainty.

FTSE KDI also the economic outlook from "the US trade policy, lower, such as China's over-investment problem, the risk factors are expected to constrain the recovery in the world economy, it said" protectionism spread one in particular around the United States with high external dependence He predicted to have a small negative impact is not expected in our economy. "

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Shinsegae, duty-free future core performance parameters - Shinhan Investment Corp.

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Investment has said 19 days is a key variable for future duty-free performance in the New World had raised the target price to BUY to 245,000 won.

1Q11 consolidated operating profit of 68.3 billion won, Shinsegae is expected to rise 9.9% YoY. Total revenue is expected to open in May and December, a duty-free earnings increased 27.9% to open a performance that reflects Daegu last year. Separate criteria Total sales grew 12.2%.

Park Huijin Shinhan Investment Research to "daily average turnover of quarterly average duty-free sector is estimated at about 3 billion won," said "Jan 24 billion, two had achieved a daily average turnover of the month 3.8 billion won, Mar 30 billion in February compared to March the average daily sales decline was due to a diagnosis of a full-fledged political issue since the middle of March. "

Park researchers explained, "Duty-related noise surfaced as a political issue has spread since mid-March," and "April, average daily sales of duty-free sector operating deficit in 2016 to 2.0 billion mid-to-late the level of duty-free sector is about 55.8 billion won." .

Following estimation of the duty-free benefits at the present time was unlikely.

He added, "At this point, duty-free profits is difficult to estimate because of external factors," he said, "but volatility is left open for the future requires a confirmed trend variables".

Also it considered a "good earnings in the operating profit of the duty-free sector and the possibility of improving connections Shinsegae International corporate profits, the department store sector is positive."

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Galaxy S8, Brazil, Latin America's largest market attack

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper News] Samsung sets out to Latin America's largest market, Brazil to capture the Galaxy S8.

Samsung has held the past 17 days (local time), local media, business partners, etc. Among Galaxy S8 Media Day event attended by 800 people from the 'Sala São Paulo (Sala São Paulo)', located in São Paulo, Brazil.

Galaxy S8 will be held this month Reservations are 18 (Reuters) - Brazil is expected to be formally launched on May 12.

Samsung Electronics plans to have the Galaxy S8 media events, etc. sequentially Mexico, Chile, starting with Brazil to make a game in Latin America premium smartphone market.

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11.3 Apartments in cold marketing measures continued warm air flow value

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporters - but uncertainty keojyeotji throughout the real estate market in the measures 11.3, apartments trafficking has welcomed the boom in the real estate market.

19 days after 11.3 Countermeasures According to Real Estate 114, in the last five months were March Nationwide apartment transaction prices rose 0.57% (10,500,000 → 1056 million) per 3.3㎡ up. During the same period the previous rate of 0.5% than 0.07% (998 → 1003 million) is recorded a high value.

National 17 start and look at the province growth area storing a 11.3 measures before higher rate than the national average of nine regions (△ Jeju 6.4% △ 2.16% Busan △ three kinds of 1.83% △ 1.65% △ 1.61% △ Gwangju 0.84% ​​Ulsan, Kangwon △ Incheon to 0.83% △ 0.7% △ 0.7% economic Jeonnam) Jeju has led the nation in growth rate of over 6% 5 months.

While the region recorded a 11.3 measures announced since the high rate than the national average, it was analyzed in six regions (△ 2.2% △ Busan, Jeju 2.03% △ three kinds of 1.61% △ Jeonnam, Gangwon 0.97% △ 0.7% △ 0.6% in Seoul). Rather, the region recorded a higher growth rate than the previous measures 11.3 (Seoul, Daejeon, Chungnam, Jeonbuk) also appear, led price reduced area was also partly relieve sale price rising polarization.

Real choeseongrak Today deputy explained, "it is expected that the real estate market last year, 11.3 measures can generally meet the cooling demand becomes dominant, but the investment seems generally filter out a portion of the sale price was picked rate rise is not different from the boom."

Looking at the April-May pre-sale area, the Sejong City and Hyundai Engineering is a pre-sale "three kinds Hill River State Park" in April Sejong City 3-3 East living area sodam H3 · H4 block. 2 B2F in blocks - is up to the ground layer 48, only 84 ~ 6 buildings 141㎡ scale generation of flats 672 and a private office building 64 of the thread configuration 79㎡.

In Seoul it recorded a higher growth rate since the measure was included in the adjustment target area HEC is under pre-sale for "Hill State lioness' in Amsa-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul 514 Street one won this month. Only has to yirwojyeo only area 59 ~ 84㎡, a total of 460 furniture, and supplies this to the normal 313 of the furniture.

In the pre-sale to Jeju Jeju Hamdeok Hamill Town in April Jeju 3052-1 jocheoneup hamdeokri members are Daechang Construction coming. The complex is convenient public transportation to Jeju International Airport about 16km, the new airport (Planned) about 25km, just before the bus stop.

In the coming Daewoo Incheon will be the pre-sale, Incheon Nonhyeon Prugio 'May Namdong Nonhyun one. B2F above ground layer 29, the composition of seven copper, total 754 family size. All were composed of a small private plane in the area 61㎡ / 70㎡ for household end-users prefer.

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Hyundai Card - Kia New Car Purchase sale proceeds branded card offers

[Korea financial newspaper gimseunghan News] Hyundai Card Kia targeted a car-only card, the customer goes to an event that provides a variety of benefits, and the Kia Red Members Platinum Plus (KIA RED MEMBERS Platinum Plus) 'can take advantage of the whole car life released He said 19 days.

Kia Kia and Hyundai Card is the only card in progress "red Kia Members (KIA RED MEMBERS) 'new vehicle purchase offers by the end of June. When you buy a Kia in this card during the event you can enjoy the M points and cash back benefits equal to 50%, with M base points earned.

Haejimyeon more basic benefits of Kia Red Members' super 1000000 red points are earned depending on the model, purchasing history when buying new cars, customers can purchase more economical cars.

Kia and Hyundai Card is also launched a new product "Red Kia Platinum Plus Members.

This product payment from 0.5 to 2.0% and a primary credited to the M-point, 1.5 of the base and earn points when using more than 1 million won month card, when using more than two million won month card accumulates twice the basic accumulated points.

Here 30% of the M gotta earn points to be credited at the same time as the Red Point, customers can enjoy greater benefits.

The customer may have used as a red points like buying new cars, boating, shopping, dining, M points can be used at merchants nationwide where 37,000 new vehicles, including the buying and shopping.

Hyundai Card official said, "The new Kia cars and a strong service point and the car-specific cards to maximize the benefits of modern products," he said "By taking advantage of this new product with the event will become an economical new car purchase possible."

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Eastern Daewoo Electronics Service "deuryeoyo fix the iPhone, only one day."

And launch the [financial newspaper ohahreum Korea News] Eastern Daewoo Electronics Service "iPhone Express service, strengthen A / S on Apple products.

Apple said that the operating services and products certified eastern Daewoo Electronics Service 19 days operates the iPhone (iPhone) Express service, which can be repaired the same day that the iPhone display.

Product replacement services to previously is that place, but, display, repair is available to customers within three hours to reduce the release takes more than the normal two days the best service in the shortest time on the day.

IPhone Express service is first operated in the eastern Jiangxi Daewoo Electronics Service Center and Guro Digital Center.

Front glass breakage, as well as the internal liquid crystal breakage pixel, touch screen failure such as display quality problems as well as a proximity sensor, a camera, a home button, and symptoms such as poor the serviceable model iPhone 5s, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s / 6s is Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone SE etc.

Service hours of operation are from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm jiyida. When considering the repair takes about 3 hours to 15:00 hours to visit before it can be repaired the same day.

Eastern Daewoo Electronics Service official said, "and the day of repair after a possible iPhone Express service future customers to review the additional services that can be touched." "If the iPhone fails fast accurate A / S is the most important factor," said he said.

Eastern Daewoo Electronics Service ∙ appliances on behalf of A / S of global companies as well as home appliances Services of Eastern Daewoo Electronics Apple, Electrolux, brown, etc. The IT service specialist.

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Lotte Capital, then for active Social Welfare and Social Contribution

Sets out in the financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Lotte Capital, Social Welfare and Social Contribution on.

Lotte Capital, said on the 19th that it plans to proceed with signing the Social Welfare and sister for the past 18 days, employees have continuous service.

Lotte Capital, one day my mom / dad to be, '' Baby Supplies creating "such as hosting regular volunteer activities of our employees are planning to expand the range of social contribution activities to participate in support activities for the donation goods delivery and single mother home. to be.

For Social Welfare was established for the welfare of war orphans in 1954, in principle, to assume the protection of marginalized young lives to social indifference and ignored, professional and Welfare to do a single mom family support projects, adoption business, diversified business such as child welfare the institution.

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KB Kookmin Bank - Credit Guarantee Fund, the fourth round of industrial revolution-related financing services agreement

Announced that it has signed a [South Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] KB Kookmin Bank (Bank Yun Jonggyu) over the past 18 days Credit Guarantee Fund headquarters in Yeouido (Chairman Huang Rock) and the "4th industrial revolution, leading to new growth companies financing business agreement.

This business agreement with both organizations are discovering, such as a small start-up ventures ∙ to play a key role relating to the fourth round of industrial revolution and strengthen the financial support.

Supported target 9 of the "new growth co-reference" by the New Growth Finance Center announced last January, themes, etc. 45 areas, the company and KB selection of the National Bank of unmanned aircraft (drones) manufacturing and parts of the 275 items 10 dog is a promising field of business.

The KB is expanded financial support for loans to these companies supported a total of 6,400 one hundred million won a total of 7,300 one hundred million won supply assurance scale, and a special appearance by the 100 million credit guarantee fund. Reduce SME financing costs within five years businesses will receive a loan supported by the 100% warranty issue and the prime rate, 3,000,000,000 won in appearance money supports 0.2% of the guarantee fees to pay when you receive your company issued a guarantee for three years after start-up support for


KB Kookmin Bank official customer through the "4th new growth businesses leading policy financial institutions quaternary industry destroyer financial support infrastructure in preparation for the revolution, as well as combining artificial intelligence and big data analysis techniques with the Credit Guarantee Fund relating to the industrial revolution doegetda stars provide a personalized service to leading banks in the "4th industrial revolution" financial services leading life financial platform ecosystem, "he said.

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Samsung Asset Management, IFM Australian Infrastructure Fund Investors Su 500000000000

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea - Samsung Asset Management, said that holding the 19th Australian Investors IFM Asset Management (IFM Investors) and hand composition 5000 billion in global infrastructure private equity fund. The fund is invested in products to domestic institutional investors to invest in overseas infrastructure assets.

Samsung Asset Management in the day Jangchung-dong Shilla signed a management contract for the IFM and the "No. 1 Samsung -IFM global infrastructure investment-type senior professional private equity fund, and sets out the full investment. Samsung Asset Management is responsible for overall management and IFM takes on the overseas consignment operation.

IFM Investors seuneun a global asset management company owned by 28 Australian pension. The world's third largest infrastructure management companies to invest across the infrastructure assets in Europe, North America, Australia and all over the world major cities, airports and harbors, gas, transmission and distribution, toll roads and water facilities. Total assets under management amounted to 58 billion US dollars (about 66 billion).

Samsung -IFM Global Infrastructure Senior Fund is a fund that blinds create a fund in one state does not set an investment target, investment, shopping destinations. 4 domestic institutional investors jointly made arrangements for 480 million US dollars (about 544 billion won) investment. This credit rating is at least A- in North America, Western Europe and other developed countries Excellent infrastructure assets is a major investment. PPP (Public Private Partnership, public-private partnership projects), development, and investment in renewable energy, utilities, midstream, including five this demand with minimal risk areas through long-term contracts or subsidies.

Gu Seonghun Samsung Asset Management representative "seems to be the size of the global infrastructure markets grow continually as advanced environmental regulations, strengthen aging infrastructure improvement cycle comes, the infrastructure demand with rapid urbanization and population growth in emerging markets," said "IFM Investors infrastructure that have the expertise in asset and a composition based on a superior investment capabilities of Samsung asset management fund to provide stable returns to domestic institutional investors who diversified investment areas overseas alternative investments at low interest rates, low growth investment environment expect, "he said.

Brett power discard (Brett Himbury) IFM Investors CEO, "The IFM Investors seuneun pension funds to have the infrastructure loan management philosophy suitable for institutional investors with more goals for long-term and stable investment in owned asset management joint" and " I'm happy in the global infrastructure market on the basis of robust and reliable long-term operating performance and investment philosophy brings more than 20 years with Samsung asset management is showcasing its global infrastructure fund for institutional investors in Korea, "he said.

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bhc year sales 232 600 000 000 ... BBQ, beating No. 2 industry

[Sinmijin financial newspaper reporter Korea] The cataclysm occurred in a chicken franchise industry rankings by the explosive growth of bhc.

Last year, revenue Kyochon chicken (Kyochon F. Envy) is the center bhc recorded a 291.1 billion won first place in the second place, BBQ (Genesis BBQ) was a third.

bhc announced that a record 19 days of sales of 232.6 billion won last year's 200 billion won for the first entry in its history. Genesis BBQ records last year, sales of 219.7 billion won and deprived 2nd place in bhc.

bhc explains that thanks to sprinkle Wrinkle taste choking and continuous sales growth and the explosive increase in the number of stores represent product sales growth of 26.4% compared to the previous year.

bhc are continuing double-digit growth for three consecutive years since 2014. 82.7 billion won in sales in 2013 were entered as 100 billion won in 2014, 2015, grew significantly by 69.1% YoY to 184 billion won in sales.

bhc has opened a total of 596 new stores over the past two years, it has been operating for 1378 stores late last year basis.

Article nakbung bhc representatives are "forward bhc will I become a company leading the industry through continuous development of new products and a variety of marketing" and "With plans focused to help spread the various win-win policy to increase the satisfaction of franchise owners," he said .

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IBK corporate banking, e-trade (EDI) using electronic application

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] IBK Industrial Bank (Bank gimdojin) that computerization to be in the e-trade-based operator Korea Trade Network (KTNET, President Han Jinhyeon) and to collaborate banking sector's first online e-Trade (EDI) * Use application 19 days said.

With this electronic corporate banking businesses are now able to use the electronic trading services simply by applying online at the oil trading hub site, run by the bank without KTNET visits and submission.

Previous company until he should apply to the use of electronic trading bring Register and check the basic information and sign up, register your approval documents to KTNET to visit the bank.

Industrial Bank of Korea official said, "We expect the time and cost of trading companies could be reduced," he said, as "plan to increase the convenience of trading companies not to cooperate with the Bank of the non-face-to-face visits KTNET expand the FX trading."

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BNK Financial Group, "emergency management committee operating

[Korea financial newspaper Busan = bakminhyeon reporter] BNK Financial Group (Chairman Seong Sehwan) corresponds to the emergency situation of the group and "group of emergency management committee for the stable management of the group management: they run a (Chairman bakjaegyeong vice president BNK Financial Group) 19 days said.

'Group Emergency Management Committee is promoting a variety of actions and roles for the group, check the overall management issues, management and shareholders, investors, customers, internal and external trust relationship maintained.

'Group of emergency management committee chairperson is responsible for the bakjaegyeong buhaengjang was a part-time general manager of capital markets Busan Kyungnam Bank and the Bank moved to a holding position is Vice President and Emergency Management Committee is composed of the main holding and management of Pusan ​​Bank.

BNK Financial Group official said, "Park Chair" bakjaegyeong Chairman is responsible for the core business, such as loans and strategy at Busan Bank, and long-term vision to establish, a holding company transition Busan Bank, Gyeongnam bank subsidiaries incorporated, such as the head of an army led strategy through "is the group I'm the best management issues identified in the organization, recently he explained that the right person that can dispel the concerns about the domestic and foreign financial groups BNK early and quickly stabilize the organization.

Bakjaegyeong chairman called over the smooth operation of the "group of emergency management committee wisely overcome it out of hand, Southeastern Shipbuilding and marine-related small businesses and ordinary people continue to unfold activate the local economy as the regional representative of the financial companies financial support and social contributions of recent difficulties He said that to the best of the original plan to promote the role without a hitch. "

In particular night was Chairman stressed that "due to internal issues, we will focus all the capabilities of BNK Financial Group so customers are experiencing any discomfort."

BNK Financial Group, said, "banking the highest level of profitability and productivity, excellent credit ratings held, high loyalty, local BNK financial groups' group Emergency Management Committee, which formed a solid relationship of trust with the community of employees crises through operating It said that the group will be overcome quickly stabilize the business wisely.

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Posco 1Q earnings surprise second quarter also continued -KB Securities

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] KB securities are recorded together 19 days after the first quarter earnings surprise for 2Q12 POSCO, saying to continue the good flow in the construction sector base effect had raised the target price to BUY with 32 million.

Said Lee, Jae - Won KB Securities Research Institute, "the first quarter operating profit of POSCO have exceeded market expectations, with 1.365 trillion won increased by 106.9% than the same period last year," he said "The first quarter operating profit improvement in the construction sector the second quarter will see the base effect" He was diagnosed.

The researchers predicted that "even with increased operating margin and return on equity (ROE) rose cash equivalents" and "can also expect to see upward dividend".

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Meritz Investment Bank Securities Dogok financial center, 22 Yeouido standing investment seminar

Will hold an investment seminar with the theme of [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Yang Securities Meritz Financial Center Dogok coming 22 days 2:00 pm "New industrial growth, new growth value stocks are" in Yeouido headquarters auditorium.

Meritz Investment Bank as a financial center Stock Dogok Lee Gwonhui deputy, Korea Economic TV Cho Mingyu specialized committees, including the instructor will then proceed for about two hours. The deputy is also the author of the account to the recovery in equity investment loss of 532 laws.

The seminar may attend anyone who are interested in investing.

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Forecasts last insured deposits 1900000000000000 ...比 147 billion won last year one trillion increase in 8000

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] last insured deposits recorded 1900200000000000 won, showed an increase of 147.8 trillion won last year. With continued low interest rates and market funds immobilized phenomenon is analyzed that the insured deposits increased from the end of last year.

Deposit Insurance Corporation announced the 19th, 2016, and deposit insurance insured financial institution status, "he told reporters.

Whereas banks and financial investment and insurance companies insured deposit growth is slowing, savings banks were insured deposit growth continued to rise procurement increased demand for operating loans such as activated.

Insured bank deposit growth was 7.1%, the financial investment from 9.7% of 4.6 to 38.2%, while the insurance is reduced from 10.4% to 10.1%, savings banks increased the growth rate from 14.4% to 20.6%.

Bank balances, including demand deposits, savings deposits compared to the end of the previous year increased to such atmospheric inflows of the continued low interest rates.

The financial investment industry, but the growth is insured deposit balance at the end of last year compared to the last stock market trading volume decreased to such effect in the second quarter fell continuously insured deposit balance.

Insurance has been shown to persist as long-term financial products demand due to the aging life insurance private insurance, term life insurance products related to insured deposits increased steadily.

Private insurance was increased to 516.6 trillion won from 477.5 trillion won at the end of last year the end of 2015 long-term products has increased to 112.5 trillion won at the end of last year at the end of 99.4 trillion won in 2015.

Savings Bank increased interest rates yejeokgeum products, such as operating loans insured deposits one trillion months, depending on the active ㅘ and has continued the insured deposit balance growth.

Deposit insurance fund has earned 11.8 trillion won last year's standards.

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New World TV shopping, Ole TV 2 Channel Move

The [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] started broadcasting on channel 2 from 20 days New World TV shopping channels coming through the move from Aalesund TV.

The T-commerce companies have entered the single-digit channels in IPTV is the first time this New World Shopping TV.

New World Shopping TV serves a variety of events to commemorate the mobile channel, sets out to inform New World Shopping TV.

First come take advantage of the interactive service from 20 days to 30 days forward on Books for Cattle, detergents and other major commodities.

Events merchandise has prepared various hotels throughout Korea Kimchi, dimples apples and healthy food from the food, electronics, household goods, all genres, including fashion.

Also provided with the same period 10% of reserves (excluding some items), KB · NH card provides a 10% discount claims to provide up to 20% discount.

Gift advances also presented the event. Buy three or more times during the event period, and presents a 'Starbucks Americano mobile voucher' for a 'Port Merion Cereal Set "to customers whose total payment of 20 million yuan, Ole TV viewers of the New World Shopping TV first purchase.

Gimgunseon New World TV shopping representatives, "Shinsegae increase shopping convenience of TV shopping, was to start broadcasting digit channel industry's first IPTV for the differentiated services of T-Commerce Shopping inform better to the consumer," he said "the future of the consumer-oriented announced the benefits of differentiated T-commerce shopping and home shopping through shopping offers convenience, plans to raise the competitiveness of the New World TV shopping, "he said.

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Including nine kinds of conspiracy KB Securities, kite-profit ELS 4.0%

[Goyounghun journalists Korea Financial News] KB Securities is coming up to 21 days, three underlying assets (Nikkei225 · S & P500 · Eurostoxx50) to provide a return of the annual 4.0% (before tax) KB able ELS 93 Issue (3 year, 6 months that the principal non-guaranteed basis including prepayments) equity-linked securities (ELS) 6 species, the principal non-guaranteed derivatives linked securities (DLS) 3 species, such as the IPO a total of nine kinds of products announced yesterday.

Nikkei225 Index and the S & P500 index, euro Starks 50 (Eurostoxx50) Index of KB able ELS as underlying assets 93 Issue (3 Index Lizard Ultra step-down type) is gives an early redemption opportunity to 6 months to 3 years due to the no-stigma structure and provide a return of 4.0% a year (before tax, Lizard prepayments during a year 8.0%).

KOSPI200 index and the Euro Starks Bank (Eurostoxx Banks) KB able ELS 94 on which the Index as underlying assets (2 Index Lizard Ultra step-down type) is gives an early redemption opportunity to 6 months to 3 years due to the no-stigma structure, annual 4.0% provides the (pre-tax, Lizard prepayments during a year 8.0%) of revenue.

Nikkei225 Index and Hong Kong's Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI), S & KB able ELS 95 call for a P500 index as underlying assets (3 Index Ultra step-down type) is gives an early redemption opportunity to 6 months to 3 years due to the no-stigma structure It offers, the highest annual revenues of 5.3% (before tax).

Brent choegeunwol futures and West Texas mountains Intermediate choegeunwol gift, London KB able DLS 49 on which the notification prices, the underlying assets (3 keomeo dt step-down type), early repayment to the Unit 3 months after publication in the six months to a year It gives the opportunity to provide a return of up to 9.60% a year (before tax).

This time public offering commodity may result in loss of principal. When contact details are in KB Securities nationwide branch or customer service center.

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Orion, China Business sluggish decline in 1Q11 -NH Securities

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] NH Investment & Securities is the 19th kept the 1Q11 earnings are expected to decline doendamyeo Rating Target price 710,000 won on neutral sluggish business in China for Orion.

Korea Hee NH Investment & Securities researcher "is estimated to reverse kidney width of the Chinese confectionery business is greater than expected, it appears the Korea brand boycott movement in March," he said "first quarter consolidated sales and operating profit of Orion 573 billion won and 905, respectively billion won was diagnosed to be below the market consensus significantly. "

One researcher said, "sluggish Chinese confectionery business is a major cause of poor performance compared to the previous year early gotta Lunar New Year is the related demand seonbanyoung in the fourth quarter caused sales space" "Since March, China in the first quarter as sales setback of the Korea brand boycott movement He explained that poor performance is also a major cause lasting structural downturn of the Chinese confectionery market. "

He added, "Because of Orion's valuation and share price movements are becoming long-term closely connected with the performance of the business in China to the earnings recovery is necessary confidence in the long-term growth potential of the business in China," said "transient performance related to the Lunar New Year demand and Saad retaliation sluggish analyzed that can be nothing but a short-term issue. "

Also it predicts that Orion is also difficult to find a performance that exceeds the industry average amid the ongoing downturn in the overall Chinese confectionery market.

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Shinhan Card Mr.Life, credit cards Gorilla 2017 World Cup

He said 19 days accounted for [Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporters - about two weeks goes by "2017 Credit Card Cup 'Shinhan Card Mr.Life' win over the credit card portal gorillas from April 3 to 18 days.

Shinhan Card Mr.Life 'defeated' Hyundai Card M Edition2 '△ 8' KB Kookmin Card gutdeyi '△ In the semifinals, Samsung Card taptap O' The River through the Group of 32 qualifiers then the finals River △ 16 did.

9822 Table in the final (50.2%) one vote for Shinhan Card Mr.Life 'won the' Hyundai Card ZERO 'obtained the 9758 mark (49.8%) narrowly won the most popular card spot.

Shinhan Card Mr.Life 'has a feature called Code Nine (Code9) provides a one-person households variety of discounts on specific consumption patterns based on the available online only and only on cards issued in non-face-to-face online. If the debit bills such as electricity charges and city gas 〮 communication fee with this card can receive a 10% discount on the monthly maximum payment amount to 10,000 won. Singgeuljok prefer Ido benefits in convenience stores and laundry, taxis, shopping online is provided.

Propaganda "Hyundai Card ZERO 'won the second place, unfortunately also noticeable. Without complicated card usage conditions, such as last month's performance and the number of discounted, discount limits anywhere 'Hyundai Card ZERO' to provide a discount card that is a leading long gained popularity since launch.

Goseunghun cards Gorilla Representative "In this credit card world cup points card, whereas a weak, relatively was able to realize a high popularity for discount-type card," said "targeting most cards won the top are through Big Data Analytics the customer type, as was the custom discount cards that offer the best benefits is expected to continue for the time being, this type of card market, "he said.

The 2017 World Cup, the credit card was 37,348 people participated, winning the card company, Shinhan Card has a specially designed trophy is awarded to the champion.

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CJ Korea Express International Logistics Exhibition "Standing advanced composite technology convergence showcase

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] CJ Korea Express is showcasing state-of-the-art composite technology convergence will lead the logistics industry.

CJ Korea Express will promote advanced logistics industry to participate in the "2017 International Logistics Exhibition (KOREA MAT 2017) 'held at KINTEX, Ilsan up to 21 days.

CJ Korea Express has been committed to continuous research and development in order to transform the logistics industry that were to respond quickly to the fourth round of industrial revolution through the state-of-the-art convergence ∙ complex technical consulting, engineering, systems & solutions, in particular recognized as 3D industry as a high-tech industry .

CJ Korea Express at the event, including the unmanned delivery and automatic parachute system using the robots and drones transportation, and exhibit intelligent high-speed hybrid recognition system based on the IoT, only express packaging solutions such as Smart Cube.

In particular, demonstrates the intelligent high-speed hybrid system that recognizes up to 500㎏ products can take advantage of the human robot collaboration-based transportation systems and optical technologies that can move at a speed of 1m / s at the same time, we recognize the variety of cargo information at a high speed.

In addition also exhibit cold chain solution cool guardian to manage the temperature and humidity state information of the Lee Donghyeong picking system (W-Navigator) to visually provide the operation information via a smart device, a distribution center and a low temperature vehicle loading area in real time.

In addition to exhibition booths operated by a resident consultant workforce logistics consultancy specializing in the area had to be proceed based on logistics consultation TES (Technology · Engineering · System & Solution), CJ Korea Express hopes to target a consulting company.

International Logistics Exhibition is the only domestic logistics industry exhibition covering logistics services and logistics start-ups, high-tech composite technology convergence with IT and logistics industries. Last year, the event has achieved a great success, including 2,898 people from six foreign countries, including 12,195 names in China, Japan, Europe country.

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Hana Institute of Finance, China Jilin Finance Research Center established

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] Hana Financial Group (Chairman: Kim Jeongtae), a subsidiary of Hana Institute of Finance (Director times vertigo), 18 days in Jilin Bank, in collaboration with Jilin University in China, Jilin, Changchun said that established the Jilin Finance Research Center .

Founded time Jilin Finance Research Center was established in the academic-industrial cooperation with one of China's Jilin Province, representatives of the Bank and the Bank of Jilin University, Jilin Academy Award, Korea's representative Financial Research Institute, Institute of Finance three institutions.

This is expected to be a bridge that can contribute to the development of the banking industry over the next two academic-industrial cooperation between China and South Korea.

Jilin Financial Research Center is expected to be carried forward to the Management Strategy in various fields for the development of a comprehensive Jilin Bank Financial Group serves as a think tank of Jilin Bank.

In addition, the Hana Institute of Finance support came from the preparation process established Center will continue plans to undertake research and consultation, including joint research and share their business expertise.

KEB, Hana Bank is the largest shareholder of the Bank, except for the province of Jilin government has continued to Jilin Bank and the strategic cooperation, Hana Financial Group and Jilin Bank is expected to further strengthen the partnership was co-founded in the wake of this Center maintain

Day Jilin Finance Research Center held an opening ceremony at Jilin University, located in a commemoration of the establishment of one such as Institute of Finance times vertigo, CEO, Director, Jilin Bank Gao Zhuang haengjang, Chapter the Institute of Jilin University Sway Dean attended Changchun .

By Hana Institute of Finance times attended the opening ceremony vertigo director, said, "We expect that the Jilin one financial research center established at this time be many roles for the financial industry of the two countries in the future."

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Decline in eight months Producer Price Index

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - the producer prices in international oil prices affected fell in eight months.

19 days of the preliminary price of PPI products and services that domestic producers in March, according to the Bank of Korea to market appeared in February (102.70) fell 0.1%, 102.59 (2010 = 100) compared.

Producer Price Index fell for the first time in eight months since July last year.

The decline in international oil prices, the won / dollar exchange rate is interpreted as being a factor dropped the producer price.

Specifically, look at a March Industrial Production fell by 0.3% more than delivered. Coal and oil products fell 3.0%.

Agriculture was fell 2.5%, livestock (1.2%) and fisheries (3.9%) rise.

Electricity, gas and water rose 1.0%.

Producer prices in the service sector rose 0.1%.

But overall producer prices fell compared to the previous month, compared with the previous year is higher by 4.2% in March.

Products and domestic supply price index was measured to distinguish between price fluctuations in the machining step of the service had maintained a flat, the total number of artifacts, including ways to exports fell 0.3%, more than delivered.

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Investing in NH Investment & Securities, Wooden Robot Add Account strategy re-balancing capabilities

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] NH Investment & Securities is the 19th announced reorganization of the tree (NAMUH) Lobo account. This re-balancing capabilities that can replace the optimal investment strategy to reflect the changed market situation after the initial design has been added.

Tree Robo accounts is an automatic trading system investment to pay only the online stock trading fees. Customer investment and investment in the first period, setting the target amount and provides investment strategies to achieve the target amount. For example, the Strategy provides a customer to a 5 million won investment for one year if you want to make setting to 550 million yuan, invest in exchange traded funds (ETF), such KODEX200, KODEX200 leverage. If you decline to 1% than initial price automatically add 10% of the principal copies and rose 3% Purchase price automatically to manage the sale revenue.

In this reorganization it was added to the re-balancing capabilities to present a new investment strategy that reflects the situation changed when the market situation has changed to the point than the original design. The price level at which buying in consideration of the changed market conditions, the number of such amount ratio can be changed.

Mobile Securities tree with this reorganization will proceed with the event until May 31. To 100 guests first-come, first-served basis using wood coffee Robo accounts payable vouchers, and gift giveaways such as a robotic vacuum cleaner through a lottery.

Not toughness NH Investment & Securities digital customers general manager "will enable customers to stable revenue management without having to worry about investing in smart algorithm" and "AI is that automatically manages an asset for busy digital generation in the topic of asset management environment I will try to provide a solution, "he said.

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Shinsegae Food Oslo 'Simon Shiheung that "open ... 10 year place additional

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] sets out a premium ice cream shop is expanding the brand 'Oslo' for the summer season food is targeting to operate the New World.

Shinsegae Food has said 19 days recently opened its ninth store in 'Simon Shiheung point' of Oslo. Shinsegae Food is to open an additional 10 stores in Oslo place by the end of this year is expected to expand the sales network. 21 days Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Oslo, dowels Kyobo Book Center Point "will also be open.

Oslo has been operating for the past eight stores in the New World Group distribution channels such as Shinsegae Department Store and E-Mart in 2015.

Shinsegae Food said, "The recent youth who prefer a luxury dessert culture, this seems very interested in premium ice cream last year in Oslo revenues increased 58% year-on-year," said "to establish itself as a brand that leads the domestic advanced desserts market through store expansion I will, "he said.

Meanwhile, Shinsegae Food has launched a new menu 4, etc. "Strawberry Shake", "Mango Shake", "cookie shake, '' Milkshake 'according to Oslo Simon Shiheung that open.

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The Ventures' investment in Vietnam tour Seminar Recruitment

Recruit participants of the 2nd tour in Vietnam Investment Seminar "in the subject [Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] more private investors and government agencies, companies that wish to Corporate Ventures Vietnam Vietnam Investment employees.

The celebrated twice a year after the October seminar tour designed to allow you to visit the Vietnam Highlights ICT companies and start-ups, outsourcing companies, educational institutions, secondary market and direct grasp the business and build a substantial investment into the network.

Koreans invited active lawyer in Vietnam can receive consultation Vietnamese investment laws, and may improve the understanding of the local culture through various cultural experience programs.

Vietnam has been continuously maintain production market and an annual growth rate of 7% to the world's attention and evaluation as a national start-up ecosystem is best formed in the Southeast Asian country. Higher preference for products Korea and South Korea in addition to cultural enterprises and a surge in overseas attempt midsize, small and medium-sized enterprises.

This program will be conducted 43 night and day from May 17 to 20, the application deadline is April 30 fall wonder. For efficient networks and individual counseling, and recruiting participants, only 20 are closed on a first come, first served basis.

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Korea Investment & Securities, foreign stocks trading event until June

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Korea Investment Holdings subsidiary Korea Investment & Securities that are performed in the coming targeted foreign equity trading customers by the end of June, foreign equity trading event, said yesterday.

Prepared to offer a variety of investment opportunities through global diversification as an investment alternative to the low interest rate era, this event goes to '2017 first transaction audit events' and' overseas stock trading event. '2017 first transaction audit events' are presented overseas stock trading in the first application and the first mobile customers a voucher worth 10,000 won during more than three million won to overseas customers unprecedented equity transactions from January to March this year, trading in January. In addition, 'foreign stock trading events' provides mobile vouchers of up to 50,000 won from 10,000 won per month, depending on the transaction amount.

Sinbonggwan marketing manager "I hope batgil also generous giveaways along with a variety of opportunities for revenue generation through diversified investments in foreign stocks trading period" and "the future I will write power for the asset management of the highest return customers," he said.

The event target is Korea Investment & Securities is a private customer branches consignment account, wrap my trading account and Kiss Bang accounts are excluded. For further information, contact us if you are to Korea Investment & Securities website or customer service center.

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Bontu Global Center, the first half of this year, four members selected 53 startup

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] start-up support agency specializing K-ICT bontu sets out a global center to start full-scale global companies develop membership services Kickoff (Kick-Off).

Bontu Global Center said 18 days has selected 53 companies captured the first half of the members through a public offering in March. Support enterprises were competitive in the first four to a total of 212 companies. Bontu Global Center supports more than 100 businesses per year. Additional recruitment is expected to continue in the second half.

A country wishing to results abroad by analyzing the applicant has had the Americas was the highest with 39.05 percent, and base China (20%), Japan (18.57%), Southeast Asia (10%), Europe (9.52%) the survey that preparing a business center and expanded.

Art IoT · Wearable (27.75%), mobile apps, and devices (14.35%), gaming and digital content (8.61%) was higher in the social media and platforms (8.61 percent), pin-tech, big data, enterprise SW , information security, etc. this was followed.

Membership Services Program is a global center bontu introduced to more effectively support the overseas expansion of domestic start-ups. Members will receive a live consultancy which includes annual regular enemies to laws, patents, accounting, marketing, public relations, visa and labor required for overseas expansion, overseas certification. Service is also given to the benefits of global expansion cycle such as capacity building, training programs and to attract domestic and foreign investment and business linkages.

Bontu Global Center has supported the investment of 199.8 billion won bid in conjunction with consultancy 6160 cases, 295 cases overseas contracts, alliances, international patent pending 479 cases so far through the membership program. Representative members are obsessed with this guy Research Institute, bagels Labs, visual camp, ahyipiel, it sends bird, such as Orbitz, Lux Lobo.

In the past 12 days, starting from the newly Pangyo start-up campus members Inc. and experts to play a regular consulting and internal lawyers, attorneys, accountants, consultant have together held a kick-off spot.

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Modern life is incomplete life-selling overwhelming ... Culprit control channel should not GA

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] showed that the percentage of incomplete sales last year, life insurers recorded an average of 0.43%. Looking at the share of each channel GA (independent insurance agency) channels were overwhelming.

Life Insurance Association has published in such an incomplete sales ratio △ △ life insurance critical illness (CI) △ △ Savings Insurance Pension Insurance Child Insurance △ △ △ cancer insurance and other details.

Targeting the 25 life insurers operating in the country where the place in 2016 recorded the highest sales ratio is incomplete, PCA Life 1.11%. PCA Life appeared to be particularly incomplete sales ratio of savings insurance is as high as 1.59%.

The AIA Group Limited recorded a 0.97% followed. AIA life insurance were up 1% compared to other improper sales ratio of 1.63% in the life insurance.

Modern Life Life were incomplete sales ratio to an average 0.96%. In the case of modern life, especially the life insurance arm 0.62%, 1.01% pension insurance, it won the dishonorable record of the highest rates in the life insurance sector much as 1.8%.

Modern Life Life also posted a leader in variable insurance sales incomplete. Variable life insurance contracts 780,000 new recording with a whopping 3.37% in 7989 among 771 cases incomplete sales gun.

Following AIA Group Limited 2.22%, KB Life 1.71%, Hungkuk Life was 1.65%, including a record high variable insurance sales incomplete.

The industry's low gravity for this exclusive agents pointed out that the great results outside sales channels such as bancassurance and GA.

Especially in the case of modern life is incomplete life-GA-channel sales showed a record 2.8 times that of the agents channel 5.69%.

A high percentage of incomplete sales GA because the administration as compared to the channel exclusive agents difficult.

If the GA Department of agents is high, turnover is also the word out about the competition commission severe 'migratory agents. Increasing number of orphans is not responsible for the contract agents can only imperfectly higher sales probability.

Late last year, based on GA planners can membership showed that for the first time exceeded the number of exclusive designers to around 208,000 people.

But the voice that yet, so far, except for some large GA fact, in the blind spot of supervision should strengthen supervision of the financial authorities to GA standards high.

Yiettara recent financial authorities are reportedly considering being ranked published a ranking by the number of complaints generated sales of GA incomplete higher entity.

FSC official said, saying "the insurer's earnings is changing the dominance of insurers fell significantly depending on the state of GA for sale 'complaints considering the high incidence of GA Corporate publicity measures.

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A financial investment point of ISU, International Gifts Free seminar held

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporters - a financial investment that comes ISU point held the international seminar free gift '22 Saturday 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea Social Welfare Center in the sixth floor said yesterday.

The seminar is targeted at investors who are interested in overseas futures free seminar hosted by one of the financial investment ISU point and broadcast real-Stark Securities Co.

Lecturer and author 'financial Warriors' experts' overseas futures investment practice completely conquered, "this will be the first public lecture in the International Encounter Gift maemaebeop lectures and overseas futures trading system automatically signals.

Lectures will allow participants to 200 people apply for an advance, and the participants have provided a lesson kit. Participation inquiries and applications are when a single financial investment ISU point.

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Moon Jae-fund, today (19th) at 9:00 am launch, at an annual interest rate of 3.6 percent,

Launched the "Moon Jae Fund emitter [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter - Democratic presidential candidate side on the 19th from 9:00 am, with Moon Jae and began a fundraising campaign funds.

The annual payment of 3.6% interest rate is applied to the average general credit of 16 commercial banks. The primary goal is preservation after the elections cost the treasury 10 billion won election after exit plus interest on July 19, and repayment of principal to investors. If nationals of the Republic of Korea without restrictions on the amount that anyone can invest.

Doors candidate said dajimdo motivation to achieve regime change as a valuable investment in people through the Moon Jae funds. Five years ago, candidate statements collected 30 billion won to launch the Ivy Funds also 18 at the time of the presidential election.

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Acquisition Bank of Korea, "Personal Information Protection Management System Certification"

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - said Friday the Bank of Korea Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs acquired (Korea Internet & Security Agency), the "personal information protection management system (PIMS) Certification 'for granted.

The PIMS certification granted as long as the website is the official representative certified that the measures relating to the handling of personal information and protection rating meets the "Privacy Act".

The Bank of Korea official said there is "significant in that recent privacy breaches acquisition is frequent and this PIMS authentication in situations that caused by illegal hacking that gave out that the Bank of Korea systematically and securely manage the personal information of citizens "he said.

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Jin Air, Green-based recruiting supporters 19

Recruit [gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea - Jin Air is an 'Green Supporters' 19 until next month two days.

Green supporters are substantial and college students participated marketing program that provides a range of marketing opportunities for students aspiring airline marketing professionals.

To re-engage the target hyuhaksaeng domestic universities or graduate schools, there is no international travel disqualification can all support.

Jin Air will be starting a total of 12 people through the document screening and Interview. Applications will be submitted right after the announcement according to the website in recruiting until May 2nd.

Now that is starting Green 19 supporters group is scheduled to perform a variety of aviation-related marketing activities including four months of operating air marketing planning and execution, online content creation, online and offline promotions for Jean.

In particular, it will participate in the tour program to experience directly visiting the local area and culture of Jin Air airline services to domestic and international destinations.

Jin Air said, "Green Supporters activity will be a good opportunity to experience the practical marketing tasks such as receiving sharing business knowledge from practical marketing personnel," he said.

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Kiwoom, up 37.2 percent pursues Samsung Electronics, Apple released ELS

The complicity of [Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Kiwoom Samsung Electronics and Apple ELS (equity-linked securities) to seek a maximum of 37.2% (pre-tax).

Underlying assets, the 77th Global 100 trillion club ELS 'is Samsung and Apple both common stocks. Seeking yield of 12.4% a year before tax and the maturity is three years. Every six months from the date of issue of early repayment opportunities given becomes both the underlying assets in the early repayment evaluate all be 90% of the initial reference price (6 months, 12 months, 18 months), 85% (24 months, 30 months, 36 months) If there is more than up to 37.2% (annual rate of return of 12.4% before tax) is repaid by revenue. If one of the underlying assets during the investment period had fallen to less than 60% of the initial reference price it could result in loss of principal.

"Kiwoom claim 684 once ELS" will seek to return the soft 5.4% (before tax). The underlying asset is KOSPI200 index and the index Eurostoxx50, HSCEI Index and maturity is 3 years. Every six months from the date of issue early redemption opportunity is given becomes both the underlying assets in the early repayment evaluate all be 92% of the initial reference price (6 months, 12 months), 87% (18 months, 24 months), 82% (30 months , the highest 16.2% (annual rate of return of 5.4% if less than 36 months), pre-tax) income is repaid. Stigma barrier is 50%.

Subscription deadline is 13 o'clock on April 21. For more information, contact us if you are a website or Kiwoom Kiwoom financial center.

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Exchange, promising destination management companies held public meetings

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea - Korea Exchange is invited to a private company executives and brokers IB representatives with an interest in the securities market traded in the last 18 days AM held a public meeting. This place has attended a total of more than 50 leading companies, including unlisted companies 25 officers and seven brokerage firms IB representatives.

Through this conference was to promote the exchange of public policy, public benefits and corporate direction. Explain to the companies interested in the securities market traded a major public institutions, and recent improvements and enhance the convenience of the public company announced that it would support the smooth IPO.

In this meeting Lee Euntae Securities Market Division general manager. "Recently, the government, as a result of the exchange and active IPO enabled the efforts of the industry, despite the real economic contraction and the narrow range rally of the Korea Stock Exchange and won a performance worth the IPO market phenomenal," he said .

Following the continuous growth in the IPO led to this year's forecast will be more than 20 year saga traded only on the securities market.

Exchange is the entrance to helping ensure that through mutual cooperation with the public consultation conducted pre-screening prior to application, such as operating a public review process to market-friendly and publicly traded companies and IB proceed smoothly procedures.

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Oil hits securities, four kinds of conspiracy Early End ELS products such as derivatives

[Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] Oil hits Securities Second, even if no early redemption unless fell by more than 35% during 1 year 1 year bond derivatives such as Early End ELS which is to be repaid to the annual 5.25% rate of return at the time of product 4 the IPO comes a kind of a total of 120 billion until 21 April.

ELB 64 call is a principal payment type product designed for a six-month maturity index as underlying assets KOSPI200 year. KOSPI200 index of 120 of the initial reference price if you have risen by more than 120% (100%) paid 1.3%, and there have risen by more than 120% of the initial expiration assessment price based on the price (100%) until maturity Rating Date % or less is to pay a maximum of 5.3%. In addition, 1.3% will be paid even if the maturity is less than the first assessment price reference price (100%).

ELS 3726 is a call KOSPI200 index as underlying assets in the non-principal-guaranteed products expire three years and six months early repayment periods. If more than 95% of the initial reference price (6, 12, 18 months), 90% (24, 30, 36 months) is due to early repayment or return of 4.20% a year. In addition, even if not early repay the basis for an investment period assets never fell below 60% of the initial reference price is maturity a return of 12.60% (4.20% a year).

ELS 3727 call is to expire three years, with early repayment of the principal non-guaranteed product cycle six months HSI index, the underlying asset Eurostoxx50 index. If more than 90% (6, 12 months) of the initial reference price of 85% (18, 24 months), 80% (30, 36 months) is due to early repayment or return of 5.40% a year. While investing again even if it is not premature repayment period if you have not fallen to less than 50% of all the underlying asset at any one of the underlying asset, the initial reference price is Return to maturity of 16.20% (5.40% a year).

ELS 3728 call is to expire three years, with the principal non-guaranteed products Early End structure of the early redemption period 6 months HSI index, the underlying asset Eurostoxx50 index. 90% of the initial reference price (6, 12 months), 85% (18, 24 months), and not less than 80% (30 months), 65% (36 months) is due to early repayment or return of 3.50% a year. However, even if the second is not early repayment early repayment in the first year of the annual 5.25% rate of return on the point that if you have not fallen to less than 65% at any one of all the underlying assets during the year.

The minimum subscription amount may be subscribed in the oil hits Securities nationwide branches and online home to 10 million won (100,000 won Units).

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FSS, foreign financial companies target business briefing held

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea - Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) on the 19th held a 'FSS SPEAKS 2017', a foreign financial company targets annual business briefing in Seoul Lotte Hotel.

FSS SPEAKS to greet the 9 th year of supervision and inspection is jarida direction of financial regulators share with foreign financial institutions to discuss difficulties such as the management.

The event has had a total of 360 people, including Choi, James (James Choi) US Ambassador to Australia, Marc Snapper (Marc Knapper), including Deputy US Ambassador diplomats and foreign financial companies and employees representing Korea, the International sinpyeongsa officers attended. Also remko above tebeun (Remko Witteveen) ING Bank Asia Division and Helen Wong (Helen Wong) HSBC Greater China Representative was penalized with a seat.

Jin Ungseop FSS chapter amid internal and external economic and financial environment, as represented in his keynote address to the byuka (VUCA) said that South Korea's economy showed a solid economic fundamentals, such as foreign exchange reserves, and 60 consecutive months of current account surplus of the world's top eight.

Here, as current as byuka (VUCA) is volatile (Volatility), uncertainty (Uncertainty), complexity (Complexity), means uncertain future as new words a combination of the initial of ambiguity (Ambiguity).

When after considering the capital soundness of the good domestic banks and foreign currency liquidity, assessed that the crisis response capabilities of Korea's enough. A foreign financial company believes the stability of the financial market, Korea requested a proactive financial exchanges and investment.

In particular, Jin Ungseop President emphasized the director direction of the two kinds of uncertainties era of 'communication' and 'responsibility' was presented in Davos earlier this year, the Banner (旗幟). In other words, be sold and pledged that the "financial stability", "financial consumer protection ',' the banking industry supports sustainable growth 'through the' communication 'of the market, he explained the details of policy for them. Raising the pin-tech ecosystem composition strongly support the vitality of the banking industry and supervisory regulatory framework also said it would improve friendly.

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Pouring fee reduction commitments, jeongjak small merchants 'question mark'

Amid pours a small merchant card fees cut commitments to the [South Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] presidential candidates' livelihood stability "part, jeongjak small merchants out a survey that feel the burden of such a recession, rents, rather than card fees this card fee pledge not this 'rhythm pyopyul commitment' to get a ticket is pointed out. Additional fee cuts in the card industry is resisting, saying not to open.

According to the 19th card industry and politics, current Moon Jae, Ahn Cheolsu, Hong Jun-pyo, BHS, Sim Sang-jung candidate is established within the card merchant fees cut commitments.

Moon Jae candidates to pledge suggesting easing the small merchant card fees from 1.3% to 1.0% of the cuts, preferential fees apply to small merchants based on the annual turnover 300 million won less than 5 million yuan, small merchant criteria in more than 200 million won annual sales below 300 million won my founded.

Hong Jun-pyo also said it would review the candidates 3-500000000 won the merchant fee cuts and cuts annual sales online merchant fees.

Sim Sang-jung candidate insisted that the entire card fee of 1% ceiling on implementation and debit card charges 0% should be cut. Ahn Cheolsu, Ryu candidates respectively hung credit card fee cuts, preferential fee applies to merchant revenue raised in pledges.

The gun presidential candidates naesewooneun card fee reduction commitments are intent Giving ordinary people relieves the difficulties. But the real difficulty was the merchant note that non-card fees.

Credit Finance Association has conducted the "Survey on the operations and sales of small merchants, commissioned a Gallup Korea of ​​500 small merchants target in March one month result, small merchants are struggling to 'recession' to 57.2% most responses were "rent" 15.8%, "the business environment changes, 10.6%, taxes and utility bills, this was followed by 4.2%. The percentage of responses called "merchant fee" was 2.6%.

In particular, small merchants surveyed are in many cases now feel merchant commission is fair.

327 of 500 small merchants merchants were the exact commission merchants and answer 'do not know'. 157 small merchants were aware of the wrong card fee rate of 1.7%.

The commission merchant to merchant 157 misinterpreted a small target to 1.7% after re-examining the descriptions that the merchant fee rate 0.8% satisfaction result, the response rate was more than fair value increased 35.7% points to 43.3% than the former guide.

Card industry official said, small merchants actually feel part of the difficulty is the rent 'said' but this andoeji help at all when the merchant fee cuts will eopeulgeot can do is fundamentally resolve the small merchant main challenges.

Another card industry insider said, 'If you cut the fees credit card companies are losing profit is not only to reduce the existing customer benefit, said "the door to close and talking the same'.

Toro, the industry association and all card industry challenges, but is unlikely to have expressed an opinion.

Small Business Association has recently Moon Jae, Ahn Cheolsu, Sim Sang-jung Presidential candidate target 'small business policy commitments fit' with the survey results, the candidate Moon Jae credit card fees gwanreon cut by more than 30% from the stated policy commitments boyeotdago higher preference than the candidate Ahn Cheolsu. Moon Jae candidate can not rule out the possibility of actively scrambling commitments a reality in terms of a situation where the card merchant fee cuts.

Commissions related to credit card companies strengthen small merchants Collective Bargaining Act is also the proposed conditions.

Democrats are "small card merchant fees negotiated collective bargaining and give small business owners a credit card credit card contractor preferential commission rate applies to professional geumyungeopbeop some legislative amendments that the goddess to be included in the penalties when violations were targeted initiatives in the last 17 days, with gimhaeyoung. During the current Parliament, there is also pending legislation to 10,000 won a taxi than pay fees to the content.

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Jang Donghyeon SK president, field management Spurs

And [South Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] SK Corporation Jang Donghyeon President welcomed two years integrated holding company launched a full-fledged site management.

Chapter June 18 (Reuters) - President was visiting the LSI (Life Science Inc.) SK Bio farm, the US subsidiary located in New Jersey, check the proprietary epilepsy drug (Cenobamate) clinical progress.

LSI was founded in 1993 and specialized personnel with local hires are responsible for the global clinical of the New Testament. EEG recognized the superior efficacy by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) increasing drug safety testing is underway in 17 countries as early as the end of the year led to the LSI enters the New Drug Application.

Chapter President discussed such as SK Bio farm Cho Jeongwoo representatives and local CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) of Borriello Sebastian (Sebastian Borriello), such as marketing executives and met epilepsy drug sales and global market entry plans through this visit.

Chapter president "has entered into our efforts poured in a long time, innovative drug development gradually paid off" in a meeting with US local member said that "let's continued ambition to run in to a vision realized that leap into a global pharmaceutical company." said.

SK Bio farm plans coming 22 to 28 to strengthen local marketing, participating as an official sponsor to be held at the Boston Society of nerve AAN (American Academy of Neurology) in the United States most prestigious.

The epilepsy drug that receives the last and the current clinical drug approved in the United States is the global marketing sales proceeds ∙ around the LSI. It will be the domestic pharmaceutical companies have long realized the goal hagetdaneun led from proprietary technology exports as opposed to the initial clinical marketing to achieve a 'drug sovereignty' in the world market.

SK㈜ said, "epilepsy drug commercialization is expected to be launched this year, the best performance since the SK Corporation, a global pharmaceutical company, will be the starting point of a jump," he said.

Chapter president after recent consolidation holding company launched the first visit SK Materials acquired company, Kyungpook 0 shares roamed the semiconductor specialty gases production sites.

SK Materials is pursuing a total investment of 150 billion expansion to 2,500 tons of NF3 (nitrogen trifluoride) manufacturing plant in North Gyeongsang Province 0 shares and large-scale expansion, such as the establishment of an etching gas plant, the world's largest this year and investment.

Meanwhile, Zhang said "Let's accelerate samgo the year following the global investment vision of specialized holding company in the first year of the 'Deep Change' (fundamental changes) Innovation in stable growth," the 20th through the message right the anniversary sent to members he urged.

He also emphasized, "Let's get out on the basis of the corporate culture of trust increases the competitiveness of existing businesses, laying the foundation for stable growth and unearthing new growth businesses continued to innovate as a professional investment holding company."

SK㈜ has a reputation that also fulfill such promises enhance shareholder value, as well as new business development promised a dividend payout ratio of 30% is also achieved early.

Industry insiders said, "At the time it launched the vision of SK Corporation hagetdaneun become a" global top level of professional investment holding company, and visualization has emerged as a role model for other national holding company ".

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Exchange, acquired the building Pantech HANSSEM promote disclosure requirements related queries

[Goyounghun Korea financial newspaper reporter] asked for an inquiry Disclosure reported that the Korea Exchange Stock Market Division is the 19th HANSSEM the acquisition of Pantech building. Day response deadline is 6:00 pm Jeddah.

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May 9 presidential election, the domestic securities, derivatives, commodity markets Closed

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Korea Exchange said that the 19th presidential election is in accordance with the specified date closed on May 9, the day of the election, such as the stock market.

The target market is like the stock market, commodity market securities (ETF · ETN · ELW), income securities market, warrants, securities market instruments, bonds, market day rest day. The same day, the derivatives market and OTC derivatives clearing business, commodity markets, such as (oil, gold, credits · KSM) also closed on.

December 20, comes to the presidential election which was designated by the term expires, the Public Offices Election Law Article 34 What normally achieved sales transactions.

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1Q11 registered bonds issued Funding 77.8 trillion ... Yy 0.5% ↓

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporters - scale funding through the issuance registration system in Korea Securities Depository first quarter of this year fell 0.5% YoY to about 77.8 trillion won, it showed that the seafood line 4.1% compared to the previous quarter.

According to the 19th Depository first quarter bond issuance had registered a year earlier 72 trillion 800 billion won decrease of 0.3% compared to approximately 72.6 trillion won, 73 trillion the previous quarter decreased 1.8% compared to 900 billion won. Certificates of Deposit (CD) registered issuances has decreased by about 5 trillion 200 billion won a year earlier to 5.4 trillion won 3.7%, the previous quarter fell 27.8% compared 7000000002000 billion.

Type registration issued share of Special bonds 31.3%, financial bonds 25.1%, general corporate bonds 16.5% and 7.4%, derivatives debentures, CD 6.7%, SPC, holding 6.4%, national housing holding 4.1% and municipal bonds 1.3%, was the local bonds 1.2% net . YoY, financial bonds, corporate bonds, but the general increase, bonds and other local, national housing bonds, etc. Special bonds showed a decreased trend.

In the case of municipal bonds it was issued 992.7 billion won gotta decreased by 9.1% yoy, increased by 25.0% from the previous quarter. By maturity registration issued share of municipal bonds is one year or less short-term publication total outstanding amount of 2.0%, 6.4% to 63.4 billion won a year more than three years, more than three years long-term bonds to 200 billion won, accounting for 91.6% to 909.3 billion won .

We gotta be issued for general corporate bond 12.8681 trillion won increase 59.2% YoY, up 84.3% compared to the previous quarter. In the case of derivative-linked bonds issued gotta 5.7197 trillion won it fell 1.7% YoY and declined 47.2% QoQ.

In the case of SPC gotta hold 4 trillion 983.8 billion won issued is similar to the previous year, decreased by 43.2% compared to the previous quarter. In the case of Article 24 Special bonds were issued 327.1 billion won gotta decreased 28.5% year-on-year, decreased by 10.0% compared to the previous quarter.

CD gotta issued 5 trillion 230 billion won fell 3.7% YoY and declined 27.8% QoQ.

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