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· CJ O Shopping, GS Home Shopping reauthorization examination countdown

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] GS Home Shopping and strengthen the basis for re-approval of the government project approval which expires this coming March CJ O Shopping is applied to the TV shopping industry, and a bunch of the nervous look. Creation of Future Science (Future Part) shall be conducted in accordance with the Broadcasting Act reauthorization review every five years of TV shopping.

GS Home Shopping and CJ O Shopping 3 business rights expire May 12, and two companies in September last year after the receipt of the application documents state reauthorization this year, finished second on-site inspection.

In this review, the gwarak 'is higher than ever as the tension being applied first. The existing examination score only one point more than 650 points out of 1,000, but meet the criteria reauthorization this year, the cut line is specified for each item dwaetgo Some items also become stricter than in the past.

Future blowing a position sikindaneun integration and exclusion from re-approval examination scores when you do not meet the criteria for fair trade practices and vendor support-related items, such as examination which was reapproved whilst balancing.

Its background is not unrelated and Lotte Home Shopping corruption surfaced last year.

Future section May 27 last year for Lotte Home Shopping, am coming September 28, sales increased between 6 months to 8-11, make time to stop the work of the 8-11 pm "has made a disposition.

Lotte home shopping business prime time stop was originated in April handeseo final business plans submitted at the time of submission of false data by reducing the crime of criminal penalties to employees who cheated in the future delivery unit 2015.

Lotte Home Shopping, and then if the gwarak in 'fairness' is a big topic Scoring was conditional planning approval for shortened to three years (previously five years). In addition, the context lobbying against officials from relevant departments receiving the re-approval process were also captured.

Lotte Home Shopping last September, six days a suspension injunction application for the disposal prime-time quote and trade stopped and avoided hitting the spot. Citing the court together but are identified as disposable in order to reduce the impact of small and medium suppliers, which together with Lotte Home Shopping, administrative proceedings, the merits proceedings, the results can not be completely relieved by not come out.

In the lawsuit, but the court heard the merits of hand Lotte Home Shopping jundamyeon prime-time operating stop is invalidated, the court reduced when the future wealth hand that was delayed prime-time business suspension is in effect.

Sales of Prime Time 6 time that the number of viewers many high-cost product sales accounted for 50% of sales a day or so. The industry has stopped operating during prime time when Lotte Home Shopping enforcement as planned, and only an estimated deficit of 70 billion won woke the second half of last year.

GS Home Shopping and CJ O Shopping is writing a particular attention to items such as according to the strengthening of negative future reauthorization screening criteria Task Force (TF) and to a thorough screening preparation, including a team-based, public accountability and public service broadcasting reportedly.

The two companies have submitted information to the Future Part it has been included in the gist of the common market expansion of SME products, jikmaeip expansion of SME products, including SME support enhanced content.

CJ O Shopping showed an increase of 3.5% year-on-year to 3.161 trillion won annual billings was recorded at 144.9 billion won last year, an increase of 27% compared to the previous year operating profit, based on the amount actually sold the goods at the shopping. Sales of 1.0959 trillion won recorded and accounted for 1.0652 trillion won recorded in the GS Home Shopping slightly precedes the industry first place.

GS Home Shopping has been estimated that rose 14.4% YoY to 128.6 billion won operating profit a year earlier last year, the annual billings 3.6696 trillion won the previous year by 4.5%. Because there is a growing concern that disallow re-approval of the two companies is eoneul cold water to rise Tan shopping industry.

The two companies currently treading the reauthorization process calmly, unlike the atmosphere of fear. One industry official said, "you can not put right state of tension straps." "But sincerely extended by one business against the reauthorization judging unlikely bunch," he said.

The unit determines the future of reauthorization early next month GS Home Shopping and CJ O Shopping.

For Lotte Home Shopping in May 2018, NS Home Shopping and Hyundai Home Shopping is back in this review due in 2020.

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'Chicken crisis' concerns in the aftermath AI ... Egg prices naerimse

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter - Avian Influenza (AI), but he has entered the phase progress is falling egg and chicken prices are skyrocketing value. Following the restrictions on movement of poultry to be slaughtered by the thousand AI disposition is not off in some areas because the chicks are stocked delay.

It may be pointed out that led to the rise in the price of chicken typical supper burden on ordinary families can also think. Chicken Chicken price value, depending on the outlook for the time being continue to rise Im selling chicken franchise companies are also observations that will rise.

19 days according to the Livestock Evaluation quality broiler price declines that AI is going to spread setdeon to 888 won per kg last year, December 22 is the Lunar New Year holidays over has shown a steep rise. The last 14 days, recorded a price of 2200 won per kg.

AI was a broiler price is 1100 won per kg last year, before November 05, occurs, as compared with the case is a 100 percent surge.

Chicken shrinking demand, which was the age when the AI ​​spread can be interpreted as the height of the background is also a point of AI poultry prices recovered to previous levels occur.

Broiler price of the major supermarkets are in accordance with the ascending bar one last nine days 5-8% price hike for chicken products.

E-Mart and Lotte Mart from September day raised the price of raw chickens sold products in stores around 5-8%. Yiettara rose as the price of raw chickens baeksukyong 5200 ~ 5300-4980 won.

On the other hand it throws egg prices soared in short supply due to the AI ​​is going to find the most recent stable.

Korea Food Agriculture and Fisheries Trade Corporation (aT) 12 days 30 districts this month bout (teukran basis) climbed average retail egg to 9543 won to 1800 won, according to went down in just over a month in 7667 won the 17th. In some areas, the store has also appeared in 6000 won the bout eggs.

According to the Association of Poultry climbed to 206 won per one month 7 egg producer prices (based on chaos) are also in the last 10 days the state fell 22.8% to the current 159 won.

As this situation is reflected Mart also gave the egg consumers. Mart last month was adjusted to 6 days 16 days 30 alchanran 6980 won the ward was sold to raise 7580 won.

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"Farmers successor Scholars' selection welfare support agricultural projects

[South Korea Lee, Dong - Kyu financial newspaper reporter] Agricultural Foundation (Chairman gimbyeongwon) said that the key to 17 days focusing in promoting agricultural and rural welfare projects substantially more efficient for farmers happy.

The Foundation has targeted an agricultural-based rural settlement plan detailing the major college students 'scholarship farmers cultivate successors' 41 this year announced a new name in the last 13 days.

"Farmers cultivate successors scholar 'is a generation of young people entering the system to enliven the agriculture and rural areas. Of farmers and farmers' children after graduating from the University of Agriculture majoring series 2-4 grade students will be selected to receive a recommendation to the Dean of Students plan to target the rural settlers.

They were selected scholars who NACF created agricultural support changnong of (創 農) and agriculture provide industrial training opportunities sixth and the transfer of best practices through linkages with leading farmers to support the development and successful rural settlement in the future agriculture Talent plans.

National Agricultural Cooperative Foundation, was to give substantial benefits to farmers is difficult to improve the existing scholarship as a starter home reflects poorly on the achievement-oriented.

He was selected for the farmers and the farmers' children 159 people in 2017 year university entrants scholarship. A total of 200 college students were selected as this year's scholarship can continue to receive support until they graduate from the actual paid a full tuition in each semester up to less than 300 million yuan, the Foundation, including a scholarship of 2015 201.6 billion won a total of 15 years from 2002 15 413 scholarships to college students has helped 351 million.

In addition, the foundation of the starter student leaders of agriculture and rural areas were selected for a total of 200 people targeted for 2-3 grade students to extend to agriculture-based high school the scope of this year's scholarship programs and per capita support for academic grants of the year ₩ 1,000,000 It plans to allow farmers to grow into the future.

On the other hand, "Rural multicultural families home country visiting support 'was so ahead of schedule by three months support period in January in previous years in April minds relax, Honey on nonghangi, 10 years since 2007, a total of 1,796 home country visiting benefiting 6917 people home gave.

Kim Nam Hee Agricultural Foundation Secretary General, said, "We will focus our resources more benefits to farmers would like to welfare projects in an efficient and open up farm income is 50 million won to make the farmers happy times together agricultural and rural cooperatives foundation."

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Tetralogy of capital markets, Stewardship Code

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] was the attention focused on Samsung C & T shareholders' meeting held July 17th 2015. The foreign hedge fund Elliott opposed the merger of Samsung Corporation and Cheil Industries, and then went to the General Assembly the table showdown. Samsung Samsung C & T was in the lead after the price dwaetjiman merger proposal was passed rather poor. Samsung C & T shareholders will not have good results. Choesunsil situation with respect to the special prosecutor has been investigating the recent progress on the case because of the alleged wrongful exercise of that pension support.

Stewardship Code was first introduced in 2010 by UK voluntary guidelines for actively induced by the exercise of voting rights of pension funds and other major institutional investors and asset managers. The expansion of the dividend to the company or to maximize shareholder value through improved governance a priority.

Under discussion in Congress' economic democratization Commercial Code "also it included numerous policies for shareholders. Caution shareholder activism has been the United States conducted over the last 100 years the wind has blown shut in Korea. Financial authorities and financial investment industry, has introduced a 12-month stewardship code at the end of 2016 years of travail.

However, pension funds and management companies were also involved handamyeonseo are reluctant sympathy, the introduction of intent. Two months that no member organization reflects these realities.

The code is voluntary agreement without coercion Bonnie lacks based organizations should be introduced, taking the responsibility and expense. It is the most important, so that the pension aesthetic hanging introduction of other agencies delayed the dangyeonjisa.

In presenting the financial authorities carrots book and induced the introduction of a code manager. In the last 13 days scheduled to participate in an open Stewardship Code imjongryong financial institutions meeting chairman said he would give incentives for asset managers participating in dozens code stewards. 8 Asset management companies such as Samsung, Mirae Asset, Korea Investment Trust Management, trustee Stone Asset Management participates in addition to the code and the previous director was a changed atmosphere. Code adoption is not independent of the increasing interest in responsible investment (Responsible investing, RI) due to the recent global economic volatility.

What is Responsible Investment environment of effective risk management and non-financial nature to get long-term rate of return (Environmental), social (Social), governance (Governance) concept applied elements. Focused and socially responsible investment (SRI) focus more on long-term rate of return is different from having.

Norway's largest pension funds, sovereign wealth funds around the world were also present investment guidelines based on these ESG. Currently these ESG investment in Japan is scrambling to actively and has shown a positive move in the Stewardship Code also states, such as Taiwan and Hong Kong.

In the last month, 25 days Seminar organized by the Korea Capital Market Institute suggests that if you increase the fairness opinion that foreign investors due to assessment and accountability codes may appear more attention to the domestic capital market.

Korea Investment Trust Management johongrae representatives from the spot said: "The stewards have ten codes should be expanded in the future market down roots in ESG management".

This year, the General Shareholders 'Meeting Shareholders' Meeting herd without fail Moline is a massive aspect in March. December settlement corporation as it may, but it is inevitable if the shareholders' meeting that more than half of the listed companies last Friday rushed goes heck not convincing. Being rushed to the shareholders' meeting date has been pointed out as a problem even the experts. In addition geosugi role of institutional investors it is also not easy because of minority shareholders attending the shareholders' meeting's gotta distributed.

Even industry experts facilitate the exercise of voting rights is due to the introduction of a code sikigie empowerment shareholders in the short term was expected that it would take considerable time.

Instead Economic Research Institute "as if you specify a shareholders' meeting in Taiwan to run inside on a given day, but the mandatory liberalization itgie advanced the view that the system is difficult," he said. Code adoption is expected to increase a bit the utilization of advance voting and electronic voting can make a small watch would be a starting point for corporate governance as a starting point to improve it. The business community was extremely negative on the introduction of the code also it shows the face of the recent piecemeal changes.

July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 succeeded in lunar exploration. Mankind was the first encounter with the unknown that month.

"One person balgeom just a little negative, but one giant leap for mankind."

Says a famous astronaut Neil Armstrong. Like the sound of a human into space balgeom should naedineo a small step to Korea's capital market is also shareholder activism.

Current Financial Investment Association are discussing the possible detailed provisions apply in addition to the existing seven principles with eight managers participating in dozens code stewards. Come to announce the first three, but wolnae code introduced themselves heard Bonnie say is no easy task in relation to issues such as conflicts of interest.

In addition to the original purpose of expanding shareholder Stewardship Code it is coming to a positive evaluation of capital market investment. Pension funds and management companies will be introduced must not hesitate any more code, even if it is trial and error.

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"One-largest investment since the diplomatic relations of the 'oriental life, sweet wings capital increase

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong News] last September 2015 acquisition of oriental life to 1.03 trillion won, a one-doorstep Insurance Group renewed the maximum investment amount since the diplomatic relations of the two recent, such as Tong Yang Life Insurance to promote the capital increase through a rights offering there's wings to grow.

Tong Yang Life Insurance opened a net 200 billion won for the first time since its establishment period recorded an accumulated net profit of 224 billion won from the third quarter. By actively reflect one-off losses suffered damage to December, net profit, but the meat of loans expected to shrink, showing a sharp growth in premium income last year, including a 57.8% year-on-year and rising to 6.6746 trillion won. Based on the life insurance industry premium income stood 5 Rank 8 upwards above.

Tong Yang Life Insurance is expanding its major shareholders were to receive a rotor 600 billion won over the most recent three-party one capital allocation capital increase, capital increase and plans to soon open a Board of Directors confirmed the schedule and size.

The insurance industry is struggling in the economic downturn, but effects such as Tong Yang Life Insurance, said that the increase in the number of employees and agents after major shareholders to change the trend. Employees 44 people has increased by 1013 people in December last year, 969 people from the end of September 2015, all agents have increased 26% by one in 9821 people, including 2370 people in a vision.

Customers of the company (number of contractors) also increased over the end of 2015 213 billion 231 billion 368 billion 18 patients (8.4%) in 9796-9428 people. Group Policy is the master bedroom as much as possible while respecting the culture and laws of Korea supports the ongoing investment commitment for long-term growth of oriental life. While respecting the know-how and brand and product competitiveness of Tong Yang Life synergy by introducing the know-how of the master bedroom, a fusion group has grown into a global financial group is reportedly in the short term to naegetdaneun strategy.

Tong Yang Life's 2017 plans are unfolding year management come and make 'growth, innovation and execution, customer value, such as four innovative projects as the core keyword nagagetda in line with past management strategy in 2016 sent a successful year.

Endowment insurance also said that the expansion of samgo, protection-type products, but gave me a big role in improving the company's growth and profitability is still the center of the business that continues to drive. Yippun not take advantage of a global network of groups doorstep, it is accomplished out of mutual growth policies, such as the size and operating profit to increase the rate of return through active investment.

Tong Yang Life Insurance shall only sell single premium endowment insurance savings in the current life insurance industry, and provide benefits to customers with a high rate of the minimum guaranteed interest rate of 2.1%. Tong Yang Life is getdaneun the other hand, the height of satisfaction to provide the maximum benefits for customers to relieve the burden of pension insurance sold through asset management and risk management.

Tong Yang Life Insurance is expected to take the lead in business model innovation to help promote a variety of business models that can be linked insurance and insurance basing such innovative products to the industry-leading, internet and mobile services to three new revenue streams. Spreading the culture of performance-based maintenance system and a KPI, also sets out the process for the maintenance and strengthening execution to keep pace with the rapidly changing business environment, decision-making system more quickly.

The only major central challenges also come 'customer value top priority. Tong Yang Life Insurance, including reducing the performance is found nearly half the complaints last year. Last year, the cumulative complaints compared to the previous year decreased 48.0%, or a total of 983 cases occurred. The 2017 is planning to challenge the 'civil zero "business philosophy to actively introduce the doorstep samgo group as an important goal of customer service complaints reductions beyond the' zero complaints'.

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Investment, considered from the initial start-up

[Korea financial newspaper] Technical Feasibility be equipped Investment preparation

Crowdfunding after the initial VC standing reinvestment strategy

While entrepreneurship is becoming increasing funding is a big issue. Especially for entrepreneurs with good ideas and technology it is not easy to finance the bank loan scheme. The government is switched 'investment in the loan, the funding for start-ups as well as in view of this a few years ago and also expanding financial technology.

Nevertheless, the financial difficulties of the start-ups are still far. Founders are not seeking a "technology development has had no money to expand the business." "Where to buy is was shown film production fund," "public relations and lack of marketing funds," said a complain "This financing is difficult do not have collateral."

More than 95% of small businesses rely on financing by bank loan or credit guarantee. Investment bank loans to SMEs endures to 576.6 trillion won in 2015, based on the balance is only one level of 100 minutes. Fortunately, the last three years there is an increasing number of technologies and ideas to invest in outstanding companies and the initial investment or the fund size to update the highs.

Last year, the new venture will invest 2 trillion 150 billion won, a new venture fund was recorded at 3.2 trillion won. Last February 13, the investment industry, including Small and Medium Business Administration gathered there were 2.3 trillion won this year, new investments, new fund 3.5 trillion won in the event that promised to achieve. In contrast, the United States and China as a negative growth of venture investment in Korea is continuing to grow.

However, it is equally important investments in the amount of marketable ideas should be based on a good technology and a good start-up investment.

To do this, start-up companies are equipped with the feasibility of the technology should be ready for pre-investment. In addition, from early stage start-ups to visualize the item if you have a good business plan should worry even the 'investment'.

Given that the market size or type of business, money spent, such as finding the right types of investments and investors is needed. Shall define the type of investors in view of the accelerator (or start-up organizer), crowdfunding (online microfinance investment brokerage), angel investors, micro-VC, venture capital funds, etc. varies, the size and time required and the like.

The initial nominal utilizes the 'crowdfunding'. Funding from the small to the large number that began in January 2016 has 13 brokers to invest in online Founder is registered with the Financial Services Commission. His company is equipped with a 500 million capital investment in skills and Co. won over financial, personnel and physical facilities. Professional investors and retail investors 10 million won per company (20 million won per year) may invest 2 million won (5 million annually won) per company. Mainly suited to the amount of around 100 million won from 30 million won. 116 companies (121 cases) over the past year was 18 billion won from this financing 7,000 people.

There is an accelerator for start-ups. From start-up stage by the 'small business Act' establishment of the Small and Medium Business Administration Planning, Investment, a company that promotes growth through the nursery. The system introduced in the March 11, 2016 Capital 100 million won can have a self-2 (non-profit is 50 million won), and professional staff. The four companies were registered in January 2017 for the first time.

They invest more than 50% of your initial investment founder, and provide professional services such as day care for more than three months or consulting advice and training.

Angel investing is suitable for investment of around 3 billion. There is a form of angel investment clubs and individual combinations. The former is more than five members, the latter is composed of private equity investment is less than one in 49 billion won (one account, one million won) over a party registered with the Small Business Administration.

There is also a 'professional angel investors, venture three years or more special investment law ₩ 100 million, 3-year entrepreneurship or corporate employment career, the person is at least two years investment review services. 76 people are registered in the angel investment support. When you receive investment from angel investors it is a professional venture.

'Micro VC' has to be due to Venture Co., Ltd. Special-shaped and private investment combined. Electronics experts if two people and is the capital of 500 million won no established limit per investment. The latter and the investment in 300 million won limit is specialized Angel, a company specializing in technology start-ups, such as accelerators Angel Doll law. Invest small amounts as an intermediate step of angel investors and venture capital company founded in early multiple companies.

Venture Capital is a financial company of SMBA new technology projects competent venture capital companies and financial responsibility of the Commission. Both the professionals in the electronic two people are introduced to the capital of 5 billion won in 1986 and currently has 117 companies established requirements. The latter is 20 billion won in capital investment (jeoneopsa 100 billion) and currently has 24 companies.

It is formed by more than 90% of the venture capital or a combination of Korea Venture Investment Fund, combining new technology, agri-food combinations, material parts specialist investment partnerships, private investment partnerships including funding and investment in specific areas.

Founder in various types of investments it may initially attract tens of millions of won through crowdfunding and successfully re-write strategy to increase investment recipient after hundreds of millions to billions of won from won from venture capitalists and angel again. There are also Investment Limited Industry Finance, insurance, real estate, hotel, restaurant, ballroom, golf courses, ski resorts, casinos, and other personal service activities correspond to this.

Despite investments in low-founder and technology and growth companies it is not easy to get investment. If you do not have enough preparation may also fail to attract investment or to take a long time. Therefore, squeeze the investment strategies of both worlds can get the result of the financing is also recognized even if proactive financial feasibility. Founder of investment should reflect from the creation of a business plan.

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[Kim, Yoon - Young people Finance Agency director] "will be the financial center of the blind spot eliminating"

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter: "This is a place where people struggling with debt can be supported in one place customized financial populace Agency."

Kim, Yoon - Young people Finance Agency director says about the role ordinary Finance Agency. Financial populace Agency was created to provide financial assistance to people effectively. Meanwhile, Ron sunny, deurimron changed, and many people smile financial instruments exist, but each different operating entities had difficulty people are employed. Because I could not compare what products fits their situation was one ilhi find the appropriate authorities. The people gathered populace Finance Agency financial products in one place makes the best fit to support ordinary circumstances. Agency is the reason which will act 'financial 119 people. Just as well as product recommendations and the 'platform' role to help recover the debtor.

Kim, Yoon - Young Director "and to oversee operations to non-financial support, including ordinary financial products, employment assistance, start-up and management consulting" and "funding only and not to economic resurgence, positioned as' ordinary finance a comprehensive portal to assist with self-reliance." he explained.

◇ from funding from job placement 'three-dimensional' citizens support

Kim, Yoon - Young director emphasizes the 'three-dimensional' financial support of the populace Agency. Promotion is simply not just funding. From career counseling and employment linked to welfare centers, plus the debtor's normal economic life of the common people Promotion Agency to support services and achieved both in the debt restructuring counseling sinbokwi. The ages of the populace Finance Agency in terms of "one-stop financial service counter people 'hierarchy are helping the debtor get out of debt trouble.

Mr Kim is "credit recovery committee if debt restructuring 30% of the 1.4 million people that are around are unemployed in the middle or late occurs suddenly danghamyeonseo an accident," it said "provides a comprehensive counseling to people in trouble as inevitable in the debtor's identity and to try to escape, "he said.

Agency paid the populace financial chongryeok to build infrastructure such as launch since the organization, staffing, expanding the network for this purpose for five months since its launch until now. Ron sunshine workers transferred and completed the integration of financial products, including ordinary citizens happy Funding Agency Secretariat installation. In addition, the foundation strives to provide the public loan brokerage companies in South Korea yijiron people to PB financial services integrated into the last 12 of January 23, the private placement of financial products, financial diagnostics, and asset management.

The past eight days, young people, college students make intensive support center in Gangnam populace financial integration support center locations nationwide, a total of 34 people to the increased financial integration support accessibility so that people can get financial counseling across the country.

Kim, Yoon - Young director, said, "three will be expanded to target vulnerable people to receive support and product maintenance and more people will benefit until January."

100 people of whom 99 ◇ debtor repayment willingness sure debtor

People support the policy of the government is difficult to avoid the 'moral hazard' debate. People happy funds belonging to the current financial populace Agency has received criticism that cut production insincere repay the debt write off from the launch time. In the financial sector it pointed the gun haejundago debtor to pay off the debt being granted moral obligation "people support" of its obligations to the flange nominal easily. The debtor is abusing the legal system is also more jilgeora geoseda opinion. Camcorder, Kim, Yoon - Young director from Credit Recovery Committee, the Finance Agency ordinary people gained experience in finance field, says that most are 'bad debtors' abusing the law.

Kim, Yoon - Young Director "people look at the yeoncheja statistics received financial support most delinquent amount, about 10 million won a small but overdue period is six years," he said "did not know or really need a feeding people accept high interest rate loans subject to long periods suffer most repayment commitment who said that. " He said, "I saw just one people who came to reclaim deurimron actually going to receive counseling, but the ability to change the reimbursement fund, even when the people happy," he said.

He defended the populace financial field long emphasized grow most sincere repayment of the debtor country. If you leave these people alone this collection to receive long-term social costs later it explained rather increased.

Kim, Yoon - Young Director "in the age of the debt adjuster 76 years older had some people over to work for eight years visited he would repay the debt," said "the 99 debtors have repaid the chair can not give up because one people abusing the law," he he said.

Public funds or credit recovery happy Commission has carefully analyzed the good repayment capacity so that the borrower can get the populace financial support. Review the debtor's repayment haphazard rather than a debt restructuring, we rely on, including in the process of debt restructuring.

It also supports debt restructuring agreement under the premise of the debtor and creditors to avoid anti-market principles.

He said, "Not bad in that you can get even a little bit as you would a debt restructuring by private creditors admission agreement between the parties," "financial thing that you repay the loan receives normal," said he said.

Emphasized that within the framework of the agreement between the parties and the law is being made, including credit recovery.

Director Kim said, "The Role of Credit Recovery Committee, the Finance Agency all people before going public debt restructuring mandeuneunge in the middle of the structure prior agreement between the parties, leading to a win-win and common people Finance Agency Credit Recovery Committee."

◇ Financial Edition 'three mother-daughter' ordinary financial PR Agency for Prevention chongryeok

The main thing that Kim Ledger eliminate 'dead zones finance. The tragedy of a few years ago, three mother-daughter ", known as the dangers of blind spots welfare shocked the world. As long as the possibility of widening the scope of the underprivileged Unlike in the past, financial blind spots occur it is increasing. In that the debtor is when various spectrum requirements related to eliminating blind spots effort.

Kim, Yoon - Young Director for the common people define "youth, single parent families, can call the various layers such as elderly people" and "people Finance Agency is a personalized service for support and multiple layers for jeosinyong, people on low incomes do not qualify concept provide, "he said. The most vulnerable jimyeonseo diversified financial authorities also expanded the sun Ron support for college students and has also improved system for single parents like children.

He is difficult to get people's support Eligibility criteria according to the credit rating, income was also pointed out two criteria If you do not receive a debt restructuring. Agency's populace financial support that you need to dig a target law does not cover his thoughts.

Kim, Yoon - Young Director "By doing a debt restructuring in the credit recovery committee or national happiness funding while Faithful repayment six years during 8 years debt adjustment period suddenly occurs if the repayment is not yirwojiji" and "If look at the debtor's situation to severe disease often a suddenly jammed or the elderly over 70 years, "he said.

In the National Happiness Commission funds or credit recovery debt of the patient difficult to repay the debt is a matter not pitch in relief haejugo policy.

"The most vulnerable makes decisions for relief through the rice fields of the Commission" and "the law a first step in the present, even if bound to happen realistically keep the dead zone difficult outgoing people find it a blind spot eliminating that are excluded from the framework of the law," said said.

The tragedy of blind spots are often caused by loopholes in the system, but also to appear 'not knowing' the system. Particularly vulnerable groups such as the elderly are often the past do not know if a lot of channels that you can even contact the institutions that receive limited assistance. Financial populace Agency plans to focus on the Agency to inform people so that they can get help from the Agency.

Kim, Yoon - Young Director "We are planning a public relations activities to inform citizens Finance Agency on public transportation addresses, such as bus stop" "will promote the cooperation between local governments, including vulnerable many social workers hierarchy and contacts, community center, apartments for rent," said he said.

He stressed that in order to fundamentally solve the blind spot is also important educational function. A large percentage of college students also receive a high interest rate loan did not clarify the concept of debt, often did not know the recipient well moneylender loans. This is also why people want to Financial Agency in charge of the future is this educational function.

Mr Kim is "If you receive not know look at the students' stories subjected to high interest rates moneylender loans also often" and stressed that "will be reduced if financial authorities is in progress jundamyeon planted the economic ideas from a young age as one company, one school struggling to high interest rates to" did.

Kim, Yoon - Young director says watching the case for economic resurgence over the populace Finance Agency felt the need for active support. Students who are accepted into yijunggo gyeokeumyeo the cost of living and entering the job preparation while contemplating giving up your dreams do support the youth and college students twice here in sunny Ron loans has also succeeded in reducing the cost of living burden employment. Recent youth plans to expand the debtor, such as job placement through the linkage of employment and welfare centers as being large.

Mr Kim was Finance Agency and the populace my role is going to try to establish further 'support system' for people to position itself as a fundamental support organizations.

Kim, Yoon - Young Director populace through, such as holding "ordinary financial provision for research-based and ordinary financial integration DB Construction to proceed with the initial work for," said "ordinary financial seminars financial institutes, while the outgoing and promote partnerships such as the academic community people He said it also plans to issue financial periodic reports ".

< Education >

- 1974. High school games

- 1978 Seoul National University Geology

- Carnegie Mellon University, 1989. MBA

< career >

- 1979.12. Export-Import Bank of Korea joined

- 1994.02. Korea Export-Import Bank of Washington Office deputy director

- 1998.01. Export-Import Bank of Korea Research Institute deputy president and foreign investment josayeok

- 2004.01. Export-Import Bank of Korea International Financial Services Team Leader

- 2005.05. Korea Export-Import Bank of Dubai office director

- 2008.01. Export-Import Bank of Korea Planning Manager

- 2009.12 - 2012.09. Export-Import Bank of Korea buhaengjang

- 2012.09 - 2014.04. Korea Asset Management Corporation Executive Director

- 2014.04 ~ current credit recovery committee

- 2016.09 ~ current financial populace Agency Director

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Johyeonsang 'M & A myosu' strong Hyosung hidden gongsin

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] Hyosung Group is the driving force behind the founding was able to join the 50th anniversary last year, and operating profit all men "trillion club" has great power of johyeonjun Hyosung Group Hyosung Group Chairman and CEO johyeonsang brothers.

Joseokrae rarely refrain of the domestic group of 30 former chairman was enough to be emerging as a leader in the '3-year-old business. " Article 1 johyeonjun club president who faces kkopja first place gongsin to join shag was transformed into a 'Heavy' business with new revenue sources, but also serves as an intellectual who never does johyeonsang president is performed in silence under the lighter sleep.

The figures are not comparable to plugging in a hidden gongsin revival textured surface composition of the Hyosung Group. Johyeonjun leadership led by the President of Hyosung johyeonsang to the president beneath a solid reason behind it.

◇ industrial materials, heavy industry, led fiber and revenue

Johyeonsang president of Hyosung Group spearheaded the conduct in industrial and IT sector. Conducted last 2011 Industrial Materials PG Chapter President and the Executive power served as a full-fledged management division, he was growing into Hyosung 'tire cord' manufacturers in the world.

Joe, president and can be found in operating profit over the last three years. The last in 2014, Hyosung recorded an operating profit of 90.8 billion won in the industrial materials sector △ 2015 △ 147 billion won in 2016 to 218.6 billion won has surged more than 50 percent annually.

Industrial materials in the total operating profit part is responsible for 20% of Hyosung. Last year operating profit by business of Hyosung Top3 won the fibers (30.7%), industrial materials (21.5%), heavy industry (18.6%). Only the rapid development of heavy industry dotboyiji parts, industrial materials also plays a certain role as Hyosung's cash cow.

And especially in the revenues of traditional business, Hyosung Textile part of 1/2 share of the last three years the level of heavy industry and industry amidst a decline in materials, chemicals part is replaced. In other words, the situation is being made in the diversification of the business portfolio. Heavy industrial materials and parts of johyeonjun johyeonsang chairman of the president will start to replace them. Hyosung official said, "took place before even the recent three operating profit growth years of division" and "especially the last in 2014 60% more than had been gradually decreasing dependence on fiber parts, industrial materials, heavy industry, the portfolio was expanded to the chemical." It explained.

◇ strategic M & A opportunities in 2000

The President participated in the first period johyeonsang Hyosung Group Management is 1998. At the time tides have Hyosung Group Chairman tasked an advisory role for the senior, restructuring the president johyeonsang in-house consultants. After joining NTT in Japan, NTT's request, perform NTT wired related strategic projects, such as corporate sales management classes, and was led by the Korea branch office of NTT.

Japan's NTT to leave and re-joining in 2000, Hyosung, a couple from The President bears the industrials and authentic ties. Especially in the tire part of the code, he began to pursue strategic M & A and global companies.

First was the last in November 2002 signed a long term tire cord supply agreement with Virginia tire cord plant acquisition agreement with Michelin in the US total $ 350 million at the same time the world's largest tire maker. Hyosung was feeling at the time the limitation as a production base in the United States failed to build local exporters. Joe says that the president is determined, promoting it as a time to form a close partnership through M & A with Michelin.

Hyosung said, "In 2002 johyeonsang president of the sacraments which Michelin and the contract whilst industry in precedent were not customers and suppliers between strategic M & A," said "The M & A, the world's largest car market was the US market with local production system to build a was an opportunity, "he said.

President Joe after the M & A will continue with Michelin signed a large contract with foreign companies. In 2005, it acquired the steel cord plant in Michelin Michelin is located in a 10-year total of $ 650 million size of the steel cord supply agreement with the US state of Indiana's bug Katz (Scottsburg). In 2006, a $ 3.2 billion global tire maker Goodyear Tire Cord scale of long-term supply agreement with the United States, Europe, Latin America Goodyear tire cord plant has acquired four locations.

In particular, a contract with Goodyear was the agreement despite internal opposition Hyosung Group. 1 year negotiating period geolrimyeonseo President Joe was working to persuade the negotiations with Goodyear and Hyosung inside at the same time. Gyeolgwaron Typically, this was due to the industry's largest long-term supply contracts, Hyosung has solidified the tire reinforcement four locations in the world. Hyosung said, "Good agreement with the lead was the skepticism of management of supply instability that could be caused by deteriorating financial condition at that time Goodyear to contract the size of the maximum time the industry," said the business portfolio, "Joe CEO insights and possibilities for growth of industry was to convince the management to product quality and technology, Hyosung close the M & a "he said.

◇ imported cars entered, including diversification protagonist

President Joe dalrideon success go in the tire part of the code should also actively pursued since the business diversification. Where he turned his eyes was a 'car'. It will kkoehan car parts and production materials imported car market.

First, last August 2011, the world number one provider of airbag fabric of Germany's Global Safety Textiles (the GST) was a successful argument. Joe, president of Hyosung acquired by GST was added to secure the 11 sites in eight countries had the GST, Germany, Poland, Romania, China, South Africa, USA and Mexico. It has served as the cornerstone to successful entry into Europe and North America. In addition, from the airbag fabric and cushions yarn business sector advance, it laid the foundation for the industry's first accomplished can make a powerful synergy of vertical integration.

Hyosung said, "Joe, president of 'Human Safety (safety) & Comfort (comfortable) Solution Provider' was a vision that in order to strengthen its business portfolio in the long term," said the driver is safer and more comfortable by turning the "eyes in the automotive industry Focusing on the development and production of materials for the automotive industry led to the making available materials PG "he said. Imported car market was also johyeonsang decision of the President. The imported car market is projects at strengthening the competitiveness of the domestic market, Hyosung level.

He predicts rapid growth in imported car market in 2003, it has entered in earnest. Arguments over the lease financing company seutariseu in 2008, and has been fostered by expanding financial services in connection with leasing a car Capital Group is also one of the new growth engine. Hyosung said, "Joe, president of high synergy between existing such as Hyosung's industrial fiber core businesses and automotive industries reporting has been enhanced to invest in leading" and "to form a global automotive manufacturers and network with imported car sales for the main business of the group will help to expand explained that according to the judgment. "

He continued "The current import car business, Hyosung based on it has entered into a variety of manufacturers and associations" and "Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Lexus, Ferrari, Maserati, etc. to achieve the annual sales of 1 trillion won equipped with a variety of line-up from the premium line supercar it leads, "he said.

◇ spotlighted as the next generation of leaders

Johyeonsang president led to the growth of Hyosung Group M & A with global companies recently regarded as the next generation of global leaders. Recognizes the key competencies through M & A led by business value, maximize the pursuit of shareholders, stakeholders, including customers, employees received in 2007 were selected as the next generation of global leaders (Young Global Leader, YGL) 'to select the World Economic Forum. As the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council members in 2009 played a leading role in the agenda, such as the World Economic Forum to participate in the selection process. In Davos Forum in Switzerland every year is a frequent guest. Last month, he attended also held '2017 Davos Forum in Switzerland.

Social contribution activities led by Hyosung also johyeonsang president. He stressed that soil provided that community members need help to live along with nagamyeo pioneer dream of the future you want for yourself is important. Businesses and civil society, one based on the close cooperation of the government: to realize the significance of sustainable through the 'CSE (Creating Social Eco-system? Social ecosystem of the window), CSR has been committed.

Especially active write strength in Mecenat activities. Cellist Yo-Yo Ma and global sponsor of the Silk Road Ensemble and orchestra groups and, and trying to foster such as music Dream Tree inviting chamber orchestra yirwojin in love Onnuri including disadvantaged.

- Johyeonsang Hyosung President -

- May 11, 1971 live 26 days

Gyeongbukgo, United States Brown University graduate

1998 Hyosung incident (to 1999)

- 2000 Hyosung re-joining

- 2001 Strategy Division Director, Vice President, Managing Director

- Industrial Materials PG 2011 Chapter President and Managing Director Strategy Headquarters

- 2012 Industrial Materials PG Chapter President and Vice President of Strategy Headquarters

- 2014 PG · Chemical Industrial Materials PG CMO chapter president and vice president of strategy, headquarters

- 2015 Industrial Materials PG Chemical PG CMO Chapter President and CEO President and General Manager Strategy (prefecture)

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Paesyeonga in recession, also sell cosmetics to sell beer

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] can not come from the hair fashion industry downturn in domestic demand due to the recession. And it shows a slight growth in the market was 35 trillion won in 2013, according to the fashion industry this year is expected to record 40 trillion. It is difficult to avoid dwaetdaneun flat growth stagnated.

Fashion industry is spurring new growth engines in accordance with the market slump. What if the recent advance in cosmetic OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer branded production) sector to make beer and ventured out again actively build a shopping complex, including the expansion of business areas.

Shinsegae International, Shinsegae course of the joint venture Inter and Inter courses in Korea has entered a full-scale production this month, 6 days. Inter-Korea Shinsegae course is cosmetics ODM (manufacturers developed production) · OEM (Original Equipment attached to production) company as a joint venture by the end of 2015 Shinsegae International and Italian cosmetics manufacturer Inter courses ownership 50-50.

Inter-Korea Shinsegae course in May last year began manufacturing plants and R & D centers established in Osan, Gyeonggi most industrial parks, and received permission from February 1 cosmetics manufacturers put sikyak after the end of January this year, Ltd. Production plant is equipped with tone and skin care products capacity of about 3300 tons, will be producing about 50 million in number, including.

LF also jumped into the cosmetics business. LF was launched last June in the Netherlands cosmetics brand 'Greenland'. Greenland is the first beauty brand to brand featuring LF has launched an exclusive business rights through its editing shop 'Around the Corner'. LF after starting the import of Beauty Brands disadvantages 1803 "in France and opened a flagship store in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam.

LF are turning to food and beverage sector. LF is January the share of imported liquor distribution company specializing in "deolji of greater than or equal to 50% and was incorporated as a subsidiary argument. Indeol sparkling wine that is very popular among the Bonny in your young consumer groups, a premium tequila page Tron, a global handmade beer, liquor distribution company that specializes in Brewster, including poison income to the national exclusive distribution. LF is an initiative that established a beer distillery plant in Sokcho, Gangwon-do in the second half of 2017 and accelerate to empty small craft supply business.

LF 2007 LF has previously established a food and has expanded its contacts with consumers. If you are running a Japanese restaurant "Jaco's' and Seafood Buffet" Makino Chaya ", and in 2015 acquired the East TV broadcast far and has expanded its business area.

Medium-sized company can put the speed on the fashion map type group business diversification. Jungyimyeo type that built the Art malling 'shopping complex in Busan, Saha is expected to open in early March. Type which plans to deploy a full-scale distribution business around the art and Malling build a second growth engine. Art Malling is advocating a "lifestyle mall" where you can enjoy fashion, living, F & B, and culture.

Fashion industry is pouring power even though the Dodge presence in the local market as well as global diversification. To the domestic market, more growth will continue to increase in global expansion under difficult decision.

Samsung C & T SPA brand "Eight Seconds" in the fashion sector has opened a flagship store in the heart of Shanghai, China in September last year hayiru Horn. In the sales ranking of the world weigh SPA brand of end-2015 and deployed across China, among the top 10 seven stores are located in the Shanghai area.

That can be said of the No. 1 store is China's leading fashion street Foyer de facto enough to hayiru. Eight Seconds was made keeping in mind the Chinese market from the initial brand development. Eight Seconds is "to satisfy the customer within 8 seconds' functioned as an important factor in naming that the number of Chinese people prefer brand philosophy with eight.

Eight Seconds to have targeted the entire process launched in the Asian market, especially for the Chinese market product development, from site selection has been repeated in various angles to the struggling global and operational strategy.

Samsung Ladies 'relief' of the Corporation has entered the fashion sector is also in the same month in New York. Relief is planning to continue to expand the business on and offline editing The main shop in department stores neighbor the United States as well as China, Hong Kong and all over Europe on the New York presence. Followed in December Junji menswear brand has opened a pop-up store in the UK Department of Herod. Junji is the pop-up store serves two months in December last year, in January this year attracted the attention of overseas consumers.

Samsung C & T Fashion sector officials viewed as "will have a positive impact on Herod department stores pop up out of expanding the business world."

LF has entered the Chinese children's wear market in June 2015 through the children's clothing brand "Hedges Family". It signed a license agreement on the Chinese market and China's only children's clothing company, Jia Hedges of kids and walked to the start-up of about 24 trillion of China's children's wear market through the hedges kids.

Handsome fashion brand of the authentic Hyundai Department Store Group has entered the Chinese market through fashion casual brand men and women in January of systems and system Homme. Homme system and the system has entered a department store in Hangzhou saga is one of China's five major department stores are considered a luxury department store in Hangzhou area.

In particular, the average daily floating population of 30 million are located in the Wulin commercial center up to people.

Handsome plans to operate a total of 10 stores only the first half of the Hangzhou area only to open a total of four stores such as system exclusive stores and a composite shop, to open an additional six stores in China representing cities such as Shanghai and Beijing in the second half of the year to be.

Earlier this month, followed by the system and the system Homme was neighbor to the 'Galeries Lafayette' French national department store department store. System and the system of Lafayette Homme is a neighbor to France's largest department store with a proud tradition 120 years, 3000 to find a million shoppers each year a symbol of Parisian fashion, and, where called the "Holy Land of global fashion.

Earlier systems were neighbor in January Lafayette Contemporary Main Edit stores (roeyu to gallery). Of more than 10 brands around the store's neighbor to edit the 'top three revenue (revenue in January), "hot response from local customers is described.

Uniform fashion brands operated by the elite group paper pattern also turned their eyes to China. China's market is uniform in the future market untapped market is estimated to 6 trillion. This is a shame considering that in 2013 China's education statistics reports based on the total number of students in China about 191 million people, and of the average annual number of new students over 55 million people.

China recently established a private school education increased demand due to economic development has increased more than 10% annually. In're growing preference for high-quality school uniforms uniforms China market within 3-5 years it is expected to grow. Elite paper pattern plans to hold a supply faster on their feet and hands Bird Group in China this year underbelly.

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i30 never achieved 'boom' Clio is how do

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] will emerge a strong contender in the 'hatchback' popularity in the domestic market it did not try to blame specific consumer characteristics favor high-end sedan.

Renault Samsung Motors unveiled the hatchback in the first half of this year 'Clio'. Like Clio QM3 in the domestic market it is called "grave hatchback 'attention is whether the power of the market active.

Domestic car hatchback model representing eliminated the boundaries of the back seat and trunk i30 even Indah struggling on the domestic sales in the year 3000 filled. Those that are tightly sprint takes the opposite yeoseo very popular in Europe, Clio is eye-catching not cause saebaram.

◇ European shoop domestic i30 is humble

Hatchback cars are gaining a high response from overseas. In the case of Hyundai i30 is a hatchback, a model popular with the Tucson, Santa Fe. In particular, last September launched the new i30 has received rave reviews from recent performance, design.

i30 won the recent 'European hatchback model comparative assessment' No. 1 in Germany, specializing in the most prestigious car magazine two places. The last 14 days, Outlet Bild that Opel Astra, Mazda 3, Renault Mégane, the target 5 hatchbacks such as the Peugeot 308 car body, power train, driving performance, kenek TV Tea Sustainability · 7 such as convenience, affordability item evaluation It announced. According to the announcement i30 gained a total score of 531 points out of 750 points. Opel Astra (523 points), Mazda 3 (496 points), the Renault Mégane (490 points) and was followed by the Peugeot 308 (486 points). In particular, all the remaining five items except the driving performance and connectivity ranked first.

Hyundai Motor official said, "The new i30, depending on the rating acknowledges its competitiveness in the heart of comprehensive terms of quality design as well as in Germany in the European car market this year was to a green light turns to Europe for sale" and with a "globally competitive even domestic customers, the new i30 It said it will be attractive choices. "

As such acclaimed i30 in Europe, but the sadness strike repeated the poor in the country. Last year, a total of 2441 i30 sales price gotta have formed a group with sales kkolji Bello requester (635), i40 (1291 units) and Aslan (2246). When compared to the best-selling Avante (93 804) is about 42 times less sales records. September last year introduced a new car, but the situation illustrates the October (648) and November except for the (463) and has sales of around 100 for February. Industry insiders, "domestic customer characteristics hatchback sedan models to favor the likes and dislikes galrinda" and "design is also due to such factors as, hatchback emerged as one important element of the vehicle purchase price is dependent," he said.

◇ Renault Samsung, the first half of my 'Clio' release

Unlike Europe, where there is a declared boldly in the domestic market has become a "grave hatchback. Renault Samsung Motors has unveiled the 'Clio' My hatchback cars in the first half of this year. Clio is the best selling nearly 12 million cumulative sales since the start of a compact hatchback model years, Renault has made the 1990 production. In particular, Clio is also the model had already been acknowledged enough nutrients to the only surviving hatchback model, the Volkswagen 'Golf' and European markets in the domestic market. Bakdonghun Clio Renault Samsung CEO says there can be a 'first of 2 QM3'. The compact SUV market is that the past did not exist QM3 this compact SUV was born with the advent of market, Clio can create an atmosphere that is booming in Tivoli, etc.

Night President eopeotjiman a "domestic standing is the hatchback is a lot of hard talk makers in because we did not focus on this market, customers also awkward it," said "In the past, a small SUV market now do reach one hatchback of the most booming car also customers results may vary depending on the ganeunya, "he said.

He added, "Clio hatchback can lead to a revival of the domestic market Like QM3" said added, "It is about how to communicate with customers hatchback and the most important thing is to do marketing."

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Park, Jung - Ho SKT, a global management jaengeoleum

This [financial newspaper ohahreum Korea News] Park, Jung - Ho, president of SK Telecom is introducing a bold global leadership succession. Saturated oil, preceded by 'de communication "in the wireless market will lead the line for creating new ICT ecosystem. Whether you have a reputation as mergers and acquisitions (M & A) and good workmanship in new growth business opportunities he or exert any leadership climbing this year, SK Telecom's chief interest is hot from the beginning of the year.

◇ build up a chapter IoT network in Thailand

SK Telecom was successful IoT build a dedicated network across the country for the first time the world is driving the momentum to advance to the IoT market in Thailand.

SK Telecom is expected to proceed with the IoT demonstration projects in Bangkok and Phuket last five days of April comes bearing a Thai state-owned CAT Telecom operators and 'IoT technologies and dedicated network build agreement on consulting.

CAT Telecom (CAT Telecom Public Company Ltd., Hereafter CAT) telephone, the Internet, mobile communications and international telephone services, including the provision that Thailand first state-owned telecommunications company and, IoT, e-Commerce, Thailand's New ICT industry lead in a typical enterprise.

The last three days in Bangkok, Thailand CAT headquarters held a contract signing ceremony, the SK Telecom tea inhyeok IoT division sentence, the midwives difference huba flies or (Sanpachai Huvanandana) CAT CEO, tawip netni (Thawip Netniyom) CAT Chairman of the Board, including the companies key executives and pichet dyurong by Kaveh (Pichet Durongkaveroj) attended by government key personnel, including Thailand digital economy and Social Affairs Minister expressed the expectation of the companies of IoT demonstration projects. About why CAT Saga selected SK Telecom's first IoT trial partners in Thailand SK Telecom explained that since its building the world's first hybrid IoT private network know-how and CDMA ranging from 4G due to network competitiveness has led the worldwide mobile communications market .

In particular, this project is meant to put raneunde first global performance of a large number of domestic small and medium enterprises and ventures New ICT development strategies to promote ecosystem-cases, create new value through open cooperation and sharing together. With this agreement, SK Telecom and CAT live LoRa establish a dedicated network based on the IoT Thailand's capital Bangkok and the famous resort of Phuket across the country. Coming in April will be offered a variety of IoT services to the Thai people and tourists.

Bangkok is installed on the network LoRa urban area surrounding the palace, visitors will be offered a target IoT location services. In particular, is expected to be a big help in preventing children, the elderly mourners after the disappearance of the significant increase in the palace of King died late last year.

The LoRa network based vehicle tracking service is available in Phuket. IoT install a dedicated terminal on the tour bus tourists it is possible to move real-time vehicle location and route to your smartphone. Especially Phuket is a representative area of ​​the Smart City project promoted by the Thai government, the two companies will expand the service to start the IoT vehicle location services in the future water / electric automatic meter reading and smart street lights and so on.

In addition, SK Telecom explained that this includes exports to simply IoT platforms and devices, but is not limited to building networks of this agreement Inc. CAT. To this end, SK Telecom is working with a venture business such as excellent small Navel Communications (BS / exchange), Spa Xhosa (IoT devices / solutions).

Thailand in particular is just IoT network, SK Telecom Network in Korea and the frequency and output conditions are similar, it is possible to easily change the minimum standards of the Thai export market. So we can expect a full-fledged overseas expansion of domestic small and medium venture companies during the project agreement.

◇ ICT national and international collaboration to face upheaval 'broadband'

Also announced since the beginning of the year to become a leading company driving the future of the ICT paradigm is the aggressive investment plans. SK Telecom has decided to invest a total of 11 trillion won three years, including five trillion won, 5G networks such as 6 trillion in future for New ICT industry ecosystem upbringing.

New investment for New ICT ecosystem upbringing is intensively developed in artificial intelligence and autonomous, IoT applications. It's expected that through the employment inducement effect of about 9 trillion won production inducement effect and six thousand description of the destination side.

The same 'big bucket' investment stems from an active and aggressive in the Park, Jung - Ho, president. President of the 1 night and will make such ecosystems together rather than one of such "alone. Said now happen to enlarge New ICT ecosystem is more important than anything, "emphasized the New ICT composition and development.

In particular, he "SK Telecom in force alone can not build a true New ICT ecosystem. Must go hand in hand with various businesses together, "he betrayed the will of multidisciplinary collaboration for New ICT ecosystem.

SK Telecom plans that fully opened their doors in artificial intelligence and autonomous, Connected car sector, and focus on the ecosystem such as the IoT sector smart home and energy management efficiency, global operators and venture start-ups as well as cooperation even competitors. Future projects and the pace of global operators are catching up even more speed.

SK Telecom recently with Ericsson, the world's largest BMW Group Korea-based 28GHz 5G test succeeded in communicating mangin Yeongjongdo BMW Driving Center Connected cars running at 3.6Gbps speed per hour 170km.

Last November, the company is evaluating whether Connected car works and services following the implementation of a large-scale test network 5G this time, while significantly increasing the communication speed of the connected car running at high speed anticipated Connected Car era. Industry insiders, "Park, Jeong - Ho has a new ICT ecosystem for building a movement led by the president of SK Telecom is accelerating," said "cooperation with partners related to new areas, seems to be expanding more consultation," he said.

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Drag a popular exclusives products, exotic configuration

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] evolution general of the low interest rate era, for example, financial savings products that consumers outside has been going steadily. Zija difficult to attract interest only other financial companies may provide additional goods at a discount through a partnership with industry or old and wearing a different approach, such as a tax refund.

◇ product exclusives benefits abound norimyeon

KEB, Hana Bank (Bank hamyoungju) announced that it carried out a car gyeongjeongbi brand Oasis Auto 'and hatdil Savings' special sale of affiliate's '28 days of social commerce 'Timon', GS series from 13th. The partnership events will be conducted in 28 days from the effective date, only a limited time. Home Timon through the app and then downloaded a preferential interest rate coupons, and events that you can join the regular gold of up to 2.8% a year (2-year) interest rates.

If the person in possession of an interest rate preferential coupons issued by Timon Everyone is possible KEB one up at banks nationwide branches (per account) subscription period is 1 year / 2-year, subscription amount is less than ₩ 150,000 over January ₩ 100,000 to be. This provides savings when signing up, use coupons as cash reserve available in 5000 won Timon and Oasis Auto Engine Oil $ 20 off coupon enclosed vouchers to the first-come, first-served basis 1 million.

Offers also came up with a local bank. BNK Financial Group (Chairman seongsehwan) Busan Bank has paid in the past two temporary additional interest rates without any conditions from May 10 for the two kinds of online-only term deposits. Target product can be joined through the 'e- term deposits Blue Sea' and 'BNK e- smart fixed deposit' as Pusan ​​Bank Internet Banking and Smart Banking, Pusan ​​Bank Customer Center (call center).

'E- term deposits Blue Sea' is 12-23 months 1.6% 1.7% 24-35 months, 36-60 months, depending on the amount of the minimum subscription period of at least 1 million won is paid for exclusives interest rate of 1.8% do.

'BNK e- smart fixed deposit' is more than up to ₩ 100,000 to ₩ 30 million smartphones only goods can be up for one year and pay interest rate of 1.6%.

◇ If the mileage tax as smoking exotic configurations, such as the prime rate

KEB, Hana Bank, a money world savings, time deposits' are popular topped the deposit interest and taxes Hana Financial Group integrated membership one member's 5 manjwa only "one money" 9 After configuring released last six days, which credited to one of the the attracting.

This item is agreed on one Earn Money on deposit interest, and one if you 1Q card issuer (credit check) after the subscription deposits within four months for more than ₩ 100,000 be credited to one money as interest income in the prime rate offered and deposit tax it features a number. Since its launch 50 manjwa savings, time deposit limit under special sales by 1 trillion won.

Woori Bank (Bank yigwanggu) has launched a "hold wibi savings' as soon as possible to register and deposit using the app during practice the new year commitment.

This product is available as a free-Up Savings Bank in the amount within a month wibi up to 30 million yuan, is selectable period of 6 months or 12 months. Interest rate product launch date currently the highest annual 2.2% and (1-year basis, including preferential rates), preferential interest rate △ up for smart simple new service, △ wibi Messenger Notification Service at least once received, △ achieve my goals (6 months the standard provides up to 0.6% p to open when conditions are met, such as debit and earn more than 12 times and hold), △ Invite a friend to join your friends number.

In particular, if you select the My pledge smoking, exercise, diet, such as customers apply for and hold a debit wibi banks 'deposit and hold' the touch of a button it is possible to earn just one feature without typing login or certificate password. My pledge was to help you touch the push (Push) is also sent as a reminder, when you touch a pledge Success 1 million yuan, failed to encourage the practice is committed to transfer 5000 won the savings.

Bank officials said the recent admission of financial products were "becoming a more popular if you turn off the prime rate, as well as through the many benefits of voluntary buzz" about striking the dichroic configuration We said that this trend will continue.

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JB our capital per capita net income up to 120 million won

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporters - local financial holding three signs BNK Financial Group, DGB Financial Group, JB Financial Group showed earnings of the announcement, three subsidiaries of Capital Inc. and hosiljeok toktokhi holding my filial brown. 3 four staff productivity appears to average 100 million won he also showed high efficiency.

According to the three major local financial holding company earnings presentation, BNK Capital increased by 31.5% YoY to 57.2 billion won net profit. DGB Capital increase 161.5% than 2015, it recorded a net profit of 14.1 billion won last year, and profits increased more than twice. We JB Capital increased 14.5% YoY to 70.1 billion won and posted a record-high earnings. We JB Capital gains are higher than Jeonbuk Bank has contributed to holding gains traction. BNK Capital, DGB Capital is highly meaningful in the sense that prior to the regional economy worsened. Each expressed as a holding company would support the non-banking sector, including Capital has actively collected and interest if I can continue to grow this year.

◇ 1 · BNK Capital, our per capita productivity JB · DGB Capital Net Capital

Fat found to be holding the third Capital family of four the highest per capita productivity Capital we live JB Capital.

Last year, local financial holding company Capital 3 results divided by the number of net earnings for each employee in the data presented, JB our capital productivity was highest in the first two billion in 2000 won. BNK Capital was followed by 100 million won to 87 million won was DGB Capital. Each year the number of employees Capital Inc. reports earnings based on our JB Capital 571 people, BNK Capital 553 people (excluding the number of employees at overseas subsidiaries), the DGB Capital 161 people.

Productivity is utilized as an indicator to gauge the value calculated by dividing the net number of employees, financial institutions management efficiency. Said this figure is high, meaning higher efficiency of employees, typically three times the average salary level of the employee see as political.

So far three companies are state employees average salary is not disclosed. 17 days credit based on salary job expected JB our capital 69.25 million won, BNK Capital 4401 is a million won, DGB Capital 58.65 million won. Last year, based on total assets, JB our Capital 6.833 trillion won, BNK Capital 4.6926 trillion won, DGB Capital 1.8511 trillion won by JB Capital is our greatest assets. Credit amount equal to the average salary based on job JB has tripled our capital about 200 million won, BNK Capital is about 130 million won, DGB capital of about 170 million won. The average salary three times higher than productivity BNK Capital Corporation is a Capital.

◇ accomplished by assets and earnings growth fundamentals improve

Three companies were evenly around growth in the financial sector assets. JB our capital, DGB Capital has succeeded in improving earnings tow form a constitution.

Three of the four was the most DGB Capital asset growth keungeon. In each Financial Group 2016 earnings presentation materials, JB our capital, BNK Capital, DGB Capital has increased all financial assets. JB our capital by 12% to 6.3482 trillion won from a year Financial assets 5.6649 trillion won 2015, BNK Capital is a 2016 total financial assets 4.4506 trillion won a year earlier 4 1 trillion 8%, DGB capital than the 119.8 billion won 1 Joe was 798.1 billion won increased 47.34% than the previous year (1.2204 trillion won).

DGB Capital was rated as the most low growth potential of the local family holding company capital. DGB Capital lease was particularly driven machinery while the non-performing loans generated from Duke and industrial machinery leasing to the first quarter of this year had also beaten the crisis. According to the DGB Capital, which was 2.3 billion won in 2014 Doubtful and non-performing loans are estimated loss of 10.4 billion won in the year 2015, the NPL prayed increased 195 billion won from the 85 billion. However, through the constitution DGB Capital improvements could pull a profit.

While the amount of machinery occupied in 2014 had sales financing 76.2 billion won in the third quarter of 2016 decreased 85.17 percent to 11.3 billion won. Whereas durable goods, including cars, appliances, etc. has risen to 16.4 billion won is not handling performance.

Our car was a professional warrior JB Capital also increase the non-automotive sector, and staged a diversified portfolio. According to a 2015 JB Financial Group earnings, JB our Capital said it has increased the variety of products sales and corporate finance, car finance and moneylender loans based on personal credit and other real estate financing. Article 5 overall financial decline slightly from 664.9 billion won in 2016 to 82.4% who are auto-related assets accounted for 82.6% were non-automotive assets related assets increased slightly to 17.6% from 17.4% in 2015. We JB Capital is focused on portfolio diversification kkoehamyeo like running moneylender loans and finance new technology advance.

This is because the food is dwindling car jimyeonseo intensifying financial environment. This year we were down a JB Capital market share in the auto financing market with breakthrough KB Capital. According to JB Financial Group earnings, JB our capital accounted for 8.7% market share in the overall automotive financing markets except commercial sale. This figure is down 2 percentage points compared to 10.7% in April 2015 quarter. Capital increased by 0.7 percentage points, while KB from 9.5% to 10.2% in the fourth quarter of 2015. In domestic new vehicle KB Capital 8.4%, JB our capital was reduced by 8% market share 2.5 percentage points more than in 4Q10 and 10.5% in 2015. The passenger kept his hand against domestic new car market share to 12.2%.

We JB Capital explained that diversifying sources of revenue growth and stable asset is recorded maximum performance factors. JB Financial Group said, "last year's performance key features of △ solid loan growth and core earnings also continue to increase △ aggressive risk-weighted asset management asset quality and stability maintained through the △ active pin Tech correspondence new potential growth business and overseas together momentum ensuring "said.

BNK Capital was expected to lower growth rates. But this profit than last year recorded a higher net profit, while more than 30%. This is because the analysis of the situation after one days BNK World Financial Group was pursuing a management rather than profits. BNK Financial Group in last year's first quarter earnings conference call management "Hold lower BNK Capital assets increased in the wake of one days events will pursue appropriate growth goals," he said. At the time BNK Capital said in a conference call in 2016 was 51 billion won net profit, assets were 4.5 trillion won.

But BNK Capital exceeded the target. Compared to the performance targets, BNK Capital net income of 57.2 billion won higher, 4.0062 trillion won in total assets of 692.6 billion won, respectively, 1926, respectively. BNK Capital has achieved an automotive finance, general loan growth in all except the leasing / installment. General loans 1.3813 trillion won 15.65% YoY, automobile financing increased 11.15 percent to 2.4651 trillion won. Commercial vehicles increased 681.8 billion won in the fourth quarter of 2015 than the 673.6 billion won 8.1 billion won, in the passenger car sector than 2393, 1.5441 trillion won in 2015, respectively. BNK Capital has focused on strengthening auto financing. Only last year opened a used car financing platform 'BNK sseomka. Credit Finance consulting company KFC (KOREA FINANCIAL CONSULTING) signed a service contract with used cars available for sale was built a system to filter out false items in advance. In addition BNK Capital Park and assimilation M. 7: Capital launched an assimilated to equity ratio of 3.

BNK Capital officials "BNK Capital could make money consistently compared to four other Capital portfolio diversification does not affect the game in a well," he said.

Household loans Corporate loans is 73.7 billion won in the general part of the loans increased 137.5 billion won. Leasing / installment was reduced by 17.4% YoY to 602.9 billion won. 147.9 billion won machine tools, medical equipment 161.3 billion won, 595 to each other ₩ 293.7 billion won, 100 million won, 67.4 billion won decreased.

JB We have three major ROA Capital 1.09%, DGB Capital 0.89%, BNK BNK Capital Capital 1.3% in the highest. Our ROE is JB Capital 10%, BNK Capital 10.68%, was the DGB Capital ~%. BNK Capital-below loan ratio was the lowest with 1.53% JB was our Capital 2.23%, DGB Capital 1.61%.

◇ three-year, four car finance major overseas market outlook

This year three companies are expected to continue kkoehal a diversified portfolio with a focus on car financing. BNK Capital has unveiled a used car platform "BNK sseomka 'last year. Sikimyeo Capital also launched a fairy tale and fairy tale with M. Park is expected to focus towards the used car sales.

BNK Capital official said that "side car financing new cars, imported cars, as well as will also strengthen its highly profitable used car sector this year."

JB is also our policy to try to car finance capital expansion by signing a professional car loan capital. The plan also proceed with a portfolio of diversified operations. This year is preparing a mobile TFT operating, service initiation for the automotive mobile channel expansion.

All the three companies operating in foreign states. In the domestic market, no longer remind determine the market expansion difficult. DGB Capital was launched in December last year, the subsidiary in Laos 'DLLC'. Laos There is an increasing demand on the basis of financial income increase due to strong economic growth in emerging markets has emerged. DGB Financial Group in March Koh Lao group signed a strategic business alliance, has developed an auto financing cooperation projects in Laos.

We JB Capital has hired former representative Lee in last year's International Business Division, Standard Chartered Securities equity portion of the ceremony. Myanmar is the current legal situation, waiting for the microfinance business is. Vietnam has conducted a market survey in January last year to install the field offices, in August last year took part in the argument to Phnom Penh Commercial Bank, Jeonbuk Bank, Afro-service group and the consortium.

BNK Capital has a subsidiary in Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. Cambodia was established on March 7, 2014, it began operating in June 2015. Myanmar began operating in December that year it was established on 21 March 2014. Laos has entered a sales since July 2015. Myanmar and Cambodia microfinance corporation, Laos subsidiaries are engaged in the leasing.

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Jung cooperatives, mutual credit received more than 1 trillion won achievements

[Korea Incheon financial newspaper reporter Lee, Dong - Kyu - Jung cooperatives (yugeonho union president) has achieved international airport last year's second passenger terminal building, near Airport Town semiconductor company receiving mutual credit than 1 trillion won to accommodate population growth such inflows.

Mutual funds are a financial credit business deposits 559.063 billion won increased by 19.56% compared to the previous year end, as loan balances totaled 518.223 billion won during the same period grew 32.35%. Yiyongaek card division had grown to 59.292 billion won 16.79 percent compared to the previous year grew late.

To manage overdue receivables overdue ratio fell to 0.92% compared to the end of last year and decreased by 0.19%.

Last year, net profit growth was 7.69% yoy to 1.111 billion won. Agricultural Jung said, "beat the performance of mutual financial year, including overdue debt reduction excellent selection of offices, non-interest income increased excellent selection of office."

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Ongjin cooperatives, members silik priority projects

[Korea Incheon financial newspaper reporter Lee, Dong - Kyu; Ongjin cooperatives (bakchangjun deacon) has committed to increasing the supply and timely silik of the members, including the deployment of manpower to help rural farming materials last year.

To improve the agricultural income of the members got a great response to the high quality pepper crop cultivation education. Visit the island of Sulawesi region through discussion and listening sought a solution to the difficulties members.

Linking Seoul and Incheon cooperatives and 450 cooperatives of women's organizations have made progress also found grape vine wrapping bags serve the farmers of Ongjin shorthanded farmers 40 households. In mutual finance credit business deposits and loans based on the average balance in 7161 each company-wide effort billion, increased by 449 billion won to 11.01% YoY, 4.43%.

Woongjin NACF said, "to own a stable business performance in 2016 was possible because of the participation, advice, encouragement of farmers' union."

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Agricultural growth in Bupyeong, total assets W1.7tn

[Korea Incheon financial newspaper reporter Lee, Dong - Kyu; Bupyeong cooperatives (union president Lee, Sang - Won) has surpassed 900 billion won last year it received loans and 800 billion won recorded a business growth of up to 1 trillion 700 billion won total assets. Deposits received from sector balance recorded a yoy increase of 60.8 billion won 970.5 billion won earnings.

After promoting sound credit plans, including special loans from the sector it has achieved a YoY increase of 837.4 billion won 116.4 billion won earnings.

Only credit card for a fee business expansion in the credit card sector (including debit cards) have focused on promoting the total number of members is yy 1812 people rose 8 only 3321 people, total card number yy 2757 L increase in September 4651 left a total yiyongaek the same period promoting a net 180.5 billion won to 17 billion won has helped to expand the fee-based.

Despite deposit margins and net income posted by 3.116 billion won it was planned financial structure geonsilhwa.

Bupyeong NACF said it will "devote all employees in responsible management and sustainable development".

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Ulcer cooperatives, credit recovery business indicators

[Korea Incheon financial newspaper reporter Lee, Dong - Kyu; ulcer cooperatives (Hwang, In - Ho union president) said that since recovered, such as deposit margins due to the re-deposits, corporate deposits from the release of accrued interest recovered last year, the credit business. Credit business fundamentals and improving loan loss provisions also promote low-cost deposits has been committed. NACF ​​ulcer and education support programs were also conducted in continuous production agricultural guidance and material support to strengthen the competitiveness of production last year members.

In steady economic projects for the bread processing business inventory depletion increases with decreasing rice consumption, and operated the business of direct transactions fresh produce local food jikmaejang.

Year end 2016 total assets of 467.1 billion won ulcer NACF, debt capitalization is 423.1 billion won, capitalization is 43.9 billion won.

Ulcer and NACF "overcame the difficulties members and customers of the concern and love and stable entry into the business normalization steps," "been over a year as bad loans clearance, dike area urban development projects incorporate restitution of land, etc.," he said He said.

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Namincheon cooperatives, credit 1.7145 trillion won to achieve healthy

[Korea Incheon financial newspaper reporter Lee, Dong - Kyu; namincheon cooperatives (union president jeongtaemin) last year, deposits in credit business was 176.6 billion won yoy increase of 1.9709 trillion won, achieving a yoy loan was 1.7145 trillion won a 207.3 billion won net earnings. In the secondary education support purchase of farming materials, health screenings, such as members struggled to improve the promotion of agricultural activities and well-being.

Economic projects showed a 12.8 billion won in earnings yanggo prices and hypermarket sales force and strengthening factors. For the insurance business showed a 39.2 billion won in earnings premiums decrease.

Mutual Finance has achieved total saeopryang the performance of 3.6854 trillion won the previous year grew by 13%. Namincheon NACF "asset value is stable and he actively promoted the cash generating ability is easily one residential mortgage deposit even one year had succeeded in niche markets, such as low-cost funds and corporate funds to attract" and "born of the national best cooperatives trying trying, "he said.

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Incheon savings gardening cooperatives, agricultural support operating costs

[Korea Incheon financial newspaper reporter Lee, Dong - Kyu] Incheon horticultural cooperatives (union president Lee, Ki - Yong) is held in the new agricultural technology dissemination purpose of agricultural education for members of the agricultural and reduce operating costs continued to agricultural fairs, advanced horticultural tours only.

Improving agricultural competitiveness, and perform various welfare projects in order to increase farm income and farming Spreading material support to union members were supportive guidance program. In the business of selling a result of actively inducing gongpanjang we found using the results of 160.9 billion won.

Buying business has propelled the direction in which the low-cost supplier to ensure early fertilizers, pesticides, farm materials, such as seeds rainfall was recorded at 1.487 billion won in earnings.

In the case of credit insurance business deposits balance was 447.4 billion grew 8.49% YoY to 40 million won, mutual funds also finance loans 389 400 000 000 21.75% growth YoY was 2800 yuan. Incheon horticultural cooperatives said it "will complement the deficiencies in the union side."

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Incheon livestock cooperatives, net profit 1.784 billion won

[Korea Incheon financial newspaper reporter Lee, Dong - Kyu] Incheon livestock cooperatives (By Richard Hong union president) said it has achieved a healthy profit or loss settlement last year with 1.784 billion won (pre-tax).

Last year, the credit business was recorded in deposits and mutual finance the loan balance 416.014 billion won, respectively, 333.308 billion won. This is a YoY, respectively ₩ 60.077 billion, 55.632 billion won increase earnings at a time. Last year, the economy of the business is the business of selling 69 million increase was 36 million won to 1.42 billion won the previous year, Mart business also increased 18 billion 284 million won to 26 million won a year earlier. Education Support Project was supported by a total of 648 million won. This material was included, such as livestock and Forklifts fee required for membership of the axes. Incheon livestock cooperatives said that "all employees across the company achieved a result of 10 001 Deposits and loans have greatly neulmyeo and phenomenal efforts to increase deposits and loans" and "After overcoming the members and employees a challenging environment."

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