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Hyundai Department Store, Golden Week yen transformed into a theme park

And transformed into [financial newspaper gimeunji Korea News] shopping space in modern department store 'theme park' form during the May Golden Week period. Hyundai Department Store is that progress comes a massive promotion with the theme of 'Picnic' at 15 department stores across the country, including the head office in Apgujeong, Trade center point from the 9th to the 28th of next month said 23 days.

In Pangyo point to come on the 27th of next month, open 7 days from the 'Life shop' in the 10-story Topaz Hall. The visitors from more than 20 furnished studio photo shoot with a professional lighting ceremony and props, such as during a photo shoot can direct cameras and mobile phones. From the 1st until the 5th of next month it should also continue Abby Choo and Robocar poly character parades Golden Mirror Man, musical band parade on the 5th floor family garden.

The D-Cube City come 'MR in the five-story annex from the 29th to the 9th of next month. Happy little family operates the train. Operational targets Hyundai Department Store cardholders and the admission fee is 1,000 won.

Trade Center that the goes together with professional vocal training classes, dance instructor in the Children's Day 'SM Town' in the cultural center right. Acceptance comes from the 28th and recruit first-come, first-served basis (100 people) filing fee is 20,000 won.

Further advances in Apgujeong headquarters music party, Carrie and friends toys, musical crew original music children's musical "Carrie aensong" culture created in the four-story Topaz Park Hall on the 7th of next month.

In Mokdong to perform the musical "Beauty and the Beast" at the 7th floor culture hall at the 5th month and 11 a.m. to 2 pm Come first-come, first-served basis, and accepted from 28th filing fee is 1,000 won.

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Lotte traders, gold holiday continue Lotte Play Festival '

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Yes the Golden Week leading up to 12 days from the 28th distribution subsidiary of the Lotte Group to come forward and Lotte Play Festival. The Lotte Play Festival 'was planned as two shots of the shopping festival ∙ followed by' Grand Festival 'held in March.

Lotte is a forward Lotte Pestana Grand ''s first integrated three days to participate in the 14 affiliates bars since March 30. According to the company, it found the effect of boosting the sales distributors around 4% through simultaneous events.

Accordingly, the Lotte Department Store in April at every point from 28 to 9 May "Golden Week, to find the real gold" goes the Sweepstakes. And in a way that you apply in the event gratitude to El Lotte Card or loyalty cards determine win on the spot, to 12 people, including one presented goldeundyu 10 goldeuba money. Also presented to the 120 people jeonggwanjang ginseng gold tone, mask pack to 1200 persons.

Lotte goes even "one day" promotional content varies each day during the holiday period. 28, opened the event off at the famous catering brands ipjeom the department store restaurants. When visiting four people grassy poles Korean buffet offers a free one person benefits, and seasonal dining table provides additional tablets to beef menu when two people dining.

29 days shall be discounted to Metro City, binchiseu, reobeukaet including handbags 10 brand products 10%, and 30 April, the discount brand watches such as Citizen Mont Rose 10% to 20%. The May 5 days, wear, etc., Comfort Tue May 8 out of gift items and also special discount sales a day.

Lotte Mart beolinda toy discounts, exclusive product sales, such as rich Events in Toy jeoreoseu coming days aimed at children from 27 days to seven days next month. Famous toy brand Goku, youngsileop, Bandai, Mattel, purchase discount of 5% of the toys purchase orders over $ 75 a baboon, and Lotte, Shinhan Bank, over $ 50 through the card discount, such as KB citizens can receive 5,000 won gift certificates.

Toy jeoreoseu also showcase exclusive toy products. Turning Menu Card W teurem Special Limited carrier set for 7 to 19,000 won, catch a chagoji special set to 99,900 won, the kongkongyi bath amusement washing machine Toy jeoreoseu 41 stores, including 49,900 won Jamsil, Gimpo Airport Branch on sell. In addition to selling popular toys Benz passenger cars to electric GLA45 198,000 won, for children SOLAR scooter 29,900 won.

Lotte Mart also discounts targeted to outdoor outing customer food goods. Jumbo Octopus chicken and smoked duck 800g consisting of one chicken and octopus 250g each 9,900 won, and four cans of imported beer sold in 9400 won.

Following the showcase El Point all items watermelon Customers in the 20% discount. From May 3rd to the 5th presented the 'M offers "el-point applications or use allowance for Mother's Day bags to customers 40,000 people and sells products such as filial piety Brahms chair-type massage machine in an online mall.

Lotte Super, open the "Crazy Day", which proceeds from 460 directly operated stores where every weekend throughout the year, including the largest and sell picnic, Children's Day gift items at discounted prices. The Super Flea Market Event 1, 3, beolinda flat fee of 5,000 won for goods while at night time event sells 1,000 kinds of refrigerated food, frozen food after 20:00 up to half.

Lotte dot-com April 28 May '12 day shopping trip to nine days 'pay per ID Free shipping Chapter 10 of the theme, and from 28 April until 30 days 15% and 20% "Unbeatable Offers' to be issued. Invincible coupons can receive the maximum discount up to 30 thousand won only once per ID.

Hi-Mart will continue the "family love gift sangpumjeon 'in-store and Hi-Mart Store from May 3 to 21. Serves to bring together popular consumer electronics such as massage chair, laptop, kids phone, from the 28th until the 30th opens its 20,000 won back-lucky event. From May 3rd until the 28th and discount popular products such as Hello Cabot Storm Penta sold through Toys exhibition and exhibition drones.

Health & Beauty Store Rob seuneun through May 1 "Come with Rob Su picnic 'event from between ten presents a portable mat made of two ethnic Rob Swarovski delivery on orders over 40,000 won collaborations.

Lotte Cinema on May 9 to participate in the presidential elections will be selling to customers presenting a suite combo confirmation vote in 5000 won. Seven-Eleven is over the moon Special family discounts until the end of May, over 40 items, such as health food, toys, wine.

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FSS, see Hands-point agreement merchant credit card companies 'gapjil'

Sets out in the financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] FSS is far improved merchant credit card company points contractual 'gapjil' have been during practice. In the meantime check Higo clearly point to the merchant agreement had not been properly guided renewal chair, merchant point-related commission is also expected to change to make sense.

FSS should improve the 23rd irrational practices "3rd national experience 20 financial reform practices" as part of the related points merchants said sales 23.

The point merchant has an agreement with the current credit card companies to make payments if the cardholder, and contracts with credit card companies in a way that costs post to earn points to its members as a burden in their stores. Credit card companies to proceed with the current point merchant agreement are KB Kookmin Card (KB Lee Point), BC Card (TOP points), Shinhan Card (My Shinhan points), Samsung Card, NH NH card, one card. Just one card can not proceed with the contract sales to new franchisees.

Points merchants in addition to the merchant fees (0.8 ~ 2.5%) and pay an additional fee of 0-5% points of payment products. Credit card companies is a way to provide interest-free installments, website promotion, including benefits to merchants point to the contract payment.

Meanwhile, the merchant point agreement did not clearly describe the benefits that credit card companies have to offer. Some credit card companies have to content that is prohibited by the terms of such payment period shortening service

The FSS is expected to improve the credit card companies to cut off an incomplete sales elements to be described in detail the benefits provided under point when recruiting affiliates that describes the details in the contract.

Points merchant agreement is also strengthened update doctor verification.

If the credit card company will not display this franchise after notification to separate unilaterally terminate the doctor via text, email, and no merchant doctor checking procedures for contract renewal has maintained contractual relationships in a way that automatically renew each year.

Wired future, when it is updated written agreement shall be subject to agreement with Main, 1 or more methods of SMS.

Agreement also provides expanded information to determine a reasonable price merchants during updates.

Credit card companies has been minimal guidance, including contract renewal commission points during commission, commission merchants and total commission. The merchant's standpoint, was not enough to know the information they need not have such a franchise point the burden of the contract period to earn commissions, members of Point Trail used by the merchant is not guided in determining whether a contract extension.

In the future it can be improved so that credit card companies are listed in the points, including points and fees total renewal notices to merchants Merchants can clearly see the issues before deciding whether to update.

Fee Guide also points should be clarified.

Current merchant and credit card company website geuyung Merchants Association sales transaction information can check the charge history through the integrated inquiry system, but the Internet connection is hard to older operators traditional market traders, etc. has paid the fee he was unable to confirm the charge history correctly.

Merchants shares shall be to verify facilitate this difficult franchisees share commissions breakdown computerized access complement the merchant sales transaction information integrated query system to be checked by the mobile to make clear the charge details and the desired merchants to add descriptions to SMS, email, etc. .

Also pushing to reduce the burden Point Merchants Merchants highest commission rate cuts.

Currently, some credit card companies got a commission if the points reach ultra-high 5% of the product had a payment if any merchant to feel the burden.

The FSS plans to encourage voluntary reduction of up to 5% commission by up to 2 percent. If it exceeds 2 points for the merchants to pay fees that credit card companies to inform the commission Average points it should be noted for confirmation that you agree or disagree with the charge commissions in excess of 2%.

The point of one point five years has elapsed to disappear and earn points to earn the fee shall be refunded or return to the merchant benefits.

Meanwhile, the commission was extinguished points in most cases, credit card companies, which are attributable to the credit card companies to profit nakjeon income.

Later on plans to prevent the extinction process points to the credit card companies profits and use them to refund to the merchant or division, managed by a separate merchant account to the point marketing.

In April, the cards will be performed bereavement points franchising contract amendments and terms of preparation after bereavement card for six months audits improvements.

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[Obituary] Oh Seongyeop (vice president of Lotte Management Innovation Office Communications Team), who buchinsang

▲ Oh Heungjun's death, Gil Youngok nampyeonsang, seungtak (United States), seongyeop (Lotte Management Innovation Office Communications Team Vice President) Mr. buchinsang, Oh Mihye, reservations okssi pm on = two shepherds hospital mortuary (22 days special one room, the 23rd Special 3 Room ) balin April 24 9:00 am. 02-2650-2741 (especially one room), 2743 (especially 3 room)

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KT, Brooklyn 5G Summit document '5G know-how' share

Had discussed the [South Korea financial newspaper ohahreum reporter] KT is cooperation for global 5G leaders and 5G commercialization and technology development in the last 19 days 3 days (Brooklyn 5G Summit) 'Brooklyn 5G Summit' held in New York City Marriott 23 days He said.

Brooklyn 5G Summit is organized as a global event providers, research institutions and government agencies are involved in the field of wireless communications to share research on next-generation mobile communications and discussions with Nokia Wireless Institute (NYU WIRELESS research center), New York University.

The Brooklyn at 5G Summit KT is how the business part and 5G infrastructure should be cooperation development between at the time of preparing NTT DoCoMo, Qualcomm, global ICT providers and 4th Industrial Revolution and 5G commercialization, including Verizon (Verizon) building it might not had time to discuss that.

KT is representing the Republic of Korea was the keynote speaker in the "showcase at the 2018 Pyeongchang 5G trial 'subjects. KT is "Pyeongchang 5G standards" was the explanation, a 5G test network structures and test results for global operators who participated in the Summit building Pyeongchang in Gangwon Province and Seoul Gwanghwamun, and sharing about the manufacturers.

In particular, KT plans to push the 2019 5G commercialization based on the 5G trial successfully presented at this position 5G commercialization strategy has received a rating higher is feasible as long as the two March 5G Commercialization proposal in 2019 by the 3GPP Assembly progressed passed KT said.

KT Convergence Technology Infrastructure Institute jeonhongbeom managing director "is a variety of business and cooperation needed to 5G commercialization" and "in collaboration with advanced 5G technology with a variety of carriers, KT building a network effectively, I will showcase a 5G service in early "he said.

Meanwhile, KT to discuss future cooperation for the development and deployment of intelligent network (Intelligent Network) technology for Bell Laboratories (Bell Labs) and 5G commercialization. Bell Labs is the institution that leads the communication and network technology innovation has produced eight Nobel Prize winners.

The next two companies will improve service quality while increasing network reliability, and promised to cooperate in a variety of technologies that enable ultra-low latency 5G service.

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LGU +, Kohler Nobita and the first domestic launch IoT Bidet

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] has more than 700,000 people went home IoT subscribers and the leading IoT market and LG U + has teamed up with smart and convenient, and Novita ㈜ Kohler bathroom environment, implemented.

LG U + has said, 23 days IoT showcase the nation's first toilet with bidet domestic home appliances company specialized ㈜ Kohler Novita.

㈜ Kohler Novita is the first time the cumulative six bidet retail market share in companies that have surpassed one million produced in 2017 in the country since 2006, 12 consecutive years won the "Republic of Korea First Brand" target, was recognized as the technology and quality to its customers.

IoT comes bidet can be purchased from May in major markets such as online and offline stores nationwide caller Novita 11th Street, Auction, G Market is available to the prices at LG U + online direct drive 'IoT Shop'.

IoT bidet, LG U + Home IoT platform to 'IoT @ home' app IoT that can be used in conjunction to the specific bathroom products, the user premises via WiFi (WiFi) personalized bidet nozzle cleaning, water, century, such as through a connection It can be set to experience.

IoT apps and bidet are linked in real time tells when to replace the filter directly analyze the pattern bidet users to actually use big data. Accordingly, the user was not necessary to change the obligatory bidet filters on a fixed period.

For example, the way in which when the filter replacement, the nozzle for cleaning and clean service time (Clean Service) push notification is sent from the app. Clean the filter purchase and service requests can be accessed directly from the app screen, LG U + online direct drive 'IoT Shop'.

As well as, IoT is bidets helps the user to sit on the toilet for a long time to search, such as mobile phones after finishing the toilet after a certain period of time the signal is 'Rise' to maintain a healthy anal sent by the app push notifications.

LG U + is planning to include a ventilator to help this IoT bidet released in conjunction with each other outlets, switches, plugs, intrusion sensors, the existing 36 kinds of IoT devices to a real smart home can be implemented.

For example, when you turn on the switch, the toilet is a toilet seat bidet functions of IoT turns on automatically, and you sit on the toilet, LG U + will be interlocked with the fan on the IoT platforms, operate automatically.

To this end, Cine de Chef had a LG U + anseongjun IoT Division, Ryu Changsu IoT partnership Senior Vice President and ㈜ Kohler Novita yihaneung, gimjongmun Out of the 30 people in executive and officials attended 'IoT bidet contract signing ceremony "in Apgujeong.

LG U + anseongjun IoT Division said, "sinks, fans, etc. Bathroom IoT products as well as continue to introduce plans for IoT services that can give life value and convenience to our customers," "to expand the IoT product until year 50 kinds of domestic home IoT market we will further solidify our position as number one in the business, "he said.

㈜ Kohler Novita yihaneung president to become the Household specialized in providing "user self-management without the help of plans to expand the IoT lineup that can be sanitized for IoT bidet to start," said "more hygienic solution will, "he said.

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"Holrida Samsung QLED TV quantum dot technology in Europe."

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper News] Samsung Electronics on Monday (September 21) held a 'QLED Forum, featuring a Samsung QLED TV technology in Frankfurt, Germany.

This Day has had a high concern for quality professionals and Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Europe in four countries specializing in technology media to attend en masse Samsung QLED TV technology.

The 'QLED forum "is a place to introduce the core technology of QLED TV technology to the European media, and share such debate away from the direction of development of quality lifestyle TV that changes in market trends and TV.

Samsung has also demonstrated a direct color volume test that measures the quality standards more stringent than the existing TV picture quality through the QLED TV.

Conventional quality evaluation method is not to be found when evaluating the quality of the TV based on specific brightness of dark screen brighter or that the color expression falling. Color volume is a new standard for measuring the image quality to vary according to the brightness of the screen.

QLED TV, Samsung is the world's first TV to represent the color 100% volume with the most up-to-date display materials of metal quantum dot semiconductors.

"The offer is such a variety of demonstration in perfect time was very mean gipeot good lease Tony 'car (Risto niska) of Finland the only tech review whether and monthly 40 Technicolor Khan million copies scale Mile Village (Tekniikan Maailma) attended the event was an opportunity to get a lot of information, "he said.

Weekly Top 55 Tech Sweden Anders Lund bug in the media M3 / IDG, which holds more than 20,000 visitors (Anders Lundberg) editor said, "particularly deep impression in the HDR demonstration."

Quality experts Marcel Oregon Scarborough (Marcel Gonska) said, "the color volume will be one of the year the most important quality in the display industry's only standards", and "the QLED TV pulled the TV Picture Quality in a two-dimensional to three-dimensional" popular did.

Samsung Electronics said, "to increase the understanding of QLED TV technology was held this forum to inform widely for its excellence," he said "through the core technology professional media demonstrated the superiority of Samsung QLED TV and in this foothold even the European market will continue to strengthen, "he said.

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LG portable speakers, January 10 thousand people "tastes sniper '

Is increasingly popular [South Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] portable speakers from LG Electronics.

LG Electronics' LG Portable Speakers "said the 23 days in the country this year, monthly sales exceeded 10,000. Last year, often about 2.5 times higher than the average monthly sales.

LG Electronics will clinch the fastest growing marketing △ to collaborate with a store display artist △ △ product strategies that reflect consumer needs in detail so that consumers can report directly feel the use of the product, increase the product awareness.

'LG portable speakers "has some excellent portability, modern design, and high outdoor usage for each product. Let's reflect the specific needs of every consumer product sales have increased dramatically.

Particularly high popularity from smart phones, laptops, etc. twenty to thirty customers connect IT equipment and speakers to enjoy music, games, camping, biking, etc.

'Mood (Model: PH1)' has become popular in weight and simple design of only 190g. This product is back on the market in July last year, it turned the volume 4000 in a month. Were subjected to monthly sales soar to more than 7,000 for the year have led to increased sales of LG portable speakers.

'Candle (Model: PH3)' is gaining followers in the interior design is not inferior. Sales have steadily increased after the launch last November, it has sold over January 1500. Imperious pyramid-shaped design is one of rounded corners. The top of the product, creating a subtle atmosphere of applying the LED lighting candles motif.

Store display changes also contributed to the sales increase. LG Electronics showcases a portable speaker, along with smartphones, laptops, mini-Beam TV. Consumers are mainly used to connect the two products and portable speakers. Let's show the actual use environment, consumers have increased the practice of buying visited the store to buy these products even with portable speakers. LG Electronics is also provided speakers John've put together a speaker products has enabled customers to compare products.

LG Electronics has focused nowhere to increase brand awareness. Last year, attracted worldwide Graffiti (Graffiti) artists 'jonwon (JonOne)', it launched the popular portable speaker with personality such as "jonwon art series, '' Weiss tree speaker", along with the popular girl group "root Weiss.

LG Electronics expects sales to increase by even more portable speaker specializing in outdoor activities right spring outing iron. 'Active (Model: PH4)' is the best equipped in the rich sounds camping, picnics and outdoor activities. That the rich bass was equipped with two passive radiators. Gatchwotgo life waterproof, can be used up to 10 hours.

"Cookie (model: PH2) 'is a product specifically for outdoor activities such as sports and leisure sports. Weight is only about a towel Chapter 1 167g. There are straps it can be easily fixed clothes, backpacks, bicycles and so on. It can be used in splashing or there is life waterproof rain water situation. LED lighting products along the border makes the prevention of accidents during night exercises.

LG Electronics, Korea sales office is responsible for HE marketing FD touching emphasized that "consumers will continue targeting the portable speaker market with products that implement the desired functionality."

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- April 04 NOTE savings bank deposit prime rate up to 2.34%

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] April 4 weeks Savings Bank deposit appeared to be the same as the highest prime rate to 2.34% last week. Subscribe via its non-facing apps 'SB toktok' or savings banks, savings banks have deposit is also possible to join the non-face-to-face product increases with increasing. Do not go directly to the savings banks to join the smartphone or the Internet it is expected to become a "rate shopping" customers easily.

23 days FSS financial products integrate comparative disclosures according to the Financial Instruments glance ', 243 savings banks deposit product best prime rate is the highest of the product three kinds of savings banks that preferential interest rates to 2.34%, non-face-to-face time deposits' It was the (welfare).

Three kinds of savings banks' non-face-to-face time deposits (welfare) is not a separate prime rate conditions smartphone subscribers only product.

Kiwoom savings banks 'e-plus time deposits (welfare) and three kinds of savings banks' non-face-to-face time deposits (isolation), true savings banks 'deposit' (welfare) This was followed by 2.32%.

Kiwoom savings banks' e-plus time deposits (welfare) can be joined to the Internet or a smartphone and there is no special preferential conditions. After expiration is priced at 0.5% annual interest rate.

Three kinds of savings banks' non-face-to-face time deposits (isolation) is not the only smartphone subscribers goods and preferential terms.

True savings banks 'deposit' (welfare) is capable of smart phones, the Internet, store subscription. Internet banking, smart banking gives preferential accession annual 0.1%.

Top high prime rate to 2.3% in the third Kiwoom savings banks' e-plus term deposits "(isolation), true savings banks' deposit '(isolation) has provided them. Both products are available to join the non-face-to-face.

Pepper savings banks' rotation deposit (non-face-to-face) "(welfare), to provide the highest prime rate to 2.27%, the rotation of deposit (Internet, mobile) (welfare) was followed. Both products are no preferential terms to join the non-face-to-face product. The prime rate up to 2.25% of the same product that pays interest to the isolation of the Savings Bank Pepper is the highest prime rate higher next.

The sixth highest in the highest prime rate is the most common product that 2.22%.

Hungkuk savings banks' E- deposit (compounding) and 'S- deposit (compounding), KB Savings Banks' KB e-plus time deposits (welfare), Korea Investment & Savings Banks' e-PLAN Internet time deposits' (welfare), collecting savings banks' e- collect deposit (compounding), Incheon savings banks' time deposits than e- '(welfare), three kinds of savings banks' e- deposit (compounding), JT Dear savings banks' non-face-to-face time deposits (welfare), for example, Garam savings bank 'e- term deposits (welfare), hits oil savings banks' e- deposit (compounding), etc. we gave preferential interest rates to 2.22%.

There is no special preferential conditions except that both the basic product and the same as the highest prime rate, and for example, Garam Savings Bank.

Korea Investment & Savings Banks need to sign up on the Internet and there is no special preferential conditions. Incheon savings banks 'time deposits than e-' (welfare) should sign up over the Internet, smart phones, Internet banking, private goods. Savings banks are not collected goods preferential conditions is a non-face-only subscription. Oil hits savings banks nor the special preferential conditions must subscribe to the Internet.

More products with interest rates, preferential interest rate conditions can be found at the Financial Supervisory Service financial products and integrated comparative disclosures for each Savings Bank Main Financial Instruments glance.

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[Brief Hotel - Highlands Kensington Hotel New York in New York specialty courses' 外

Eland Kensington Hotel, New York, NY Specialty Course

Eland Kensington Hotel Yoido is a showcase for "New York New York Special Course for the customer to prepare a proposal. Anniversary Special course menus are available and by the end of the year, the price is for 2 persons 239,000 won (including VAT). Provides a 20% discount on hanhaeseoneun Kensington Rewards members by the end of this month. Meals are provided with the house wine in the Tenderloin Steak & Lav emitter gratin main dish here. After lunch it provides a piece of cake and coffee specialties made at the party, tea. Customers who booked the anniversary course menu may dine in a private room decorated with a picture frame and flower decor, candles, etc.

Ibis Ambassador Myeong-style 'World Food Festival'

The ibis Styles Ambassador Seoul Myeongdong Le style restaurant comes showcase the 'World Food Festival "dinner promotions until June 30th from 28th. Is provided such as the Greek island of Crete homemade salad of Cretan salad, spicy Mexican chili con carne, fried rice, served with typical dishes of fish and chips, Japan garlic sauce in the UK chicken teriyaki, French vegetable stew in Ratatouille, the taste, the a variety of other hot dishes and appetizers, salad and dessert buffet is prepared in the corner. Here is a person deohaejyeo benefits of a glass of house wine you can enjoy a hearty dinner. The price is 43,000 won per person (including VAT).

Seoul Westin Chosun Hotel 'Playground' package

The Westin Chosun Seoul unveiled a 'playground' room package from the next month on the 2nd to 6th. It consisted of Deluxe and Executive, Suite 3 types, the price depending on the duration and type of packages starting at 250,000 won (tax service charge). The package includes the 30th anniversary of Pixar Animation exhibition three tickets, Inn My Kids Play Zone 3 ticket held in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). Fitness and provided free access to my gym and pool clubs, can also receive a 10% discount when using the on-site restaurant. In particular, 5th and 6th that amount can be added to the "Kid Zone pastry program. For children of ages 5 'Kids Zone Pastry' is a cooking class together with the Chosun Deli, Pastry.

Grand Intercontinental Parnas' 2017 first birthday Fair

Proceed to Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas is coming on the 30th 'birthday party Fair 2017'. In this fair you can meet a variety of needs in product and dolsang photo gallery styling, table decorations, baby clothes, hanbok, such as first birthday of the various concepts. In addition, one of the professional planner: can through the first consultation to prepare a personalized birthday party from small birthday party to ohbuthan birthday party at the exclusive banquet hall The fair will be held at the hotel 5th floor of a new ballroom am to 11 am to 5 pm, this position is subject to advance reservation possible. Lottery (12) of the customers attending the fair will offer 12 people to win prizes such as Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas Mountain Club Suite passes, Inspiron full-body massage ticket, Samsonite Black Label.

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- April 04 NOTE savings bank time deposits up to the prime rate of 4.6%

[Reporter lower cervical Korea before the financial newspaper - April 4 weeks savings bank time deposits were the highest prime rate to 4.6%. It decreased 0.2 percentage points the previous week were down As customer product range. Since low interest rates expected to continue if the customer is planning to join the Savings Bank Savings advised to hurry to join.

According to a financial instrument at a glance "23 days FSS Financial Instruments Disclosure integrated comparison, the best product was the highest prime rate of 155 savings banks regularly cracked product yields the OK Savings Banks' OK VIP time deposits, was 4.6%. April 3 weeks while this was fair savings banks 'Giving Savings "offers the highest prime rate to 4.8%, the highest prime rate fell 0.2 percentage points OK Savings Banks' OK VIP time deposits, the savings to provide the most preferential interest rate It has emerged as a commodity.

OK Savings Banks' OK VIP time deposits "This was followed by 4.6%. These items are products available to subscription customers bancassurance. The default rate is 2.2% and is larger in February paid amount less the right rate significantly. March paid the amount over $ 25 less than 200,000 won will be more than 2.4% and less than 200,000 won 300,000 won 1.5 percent, or more than 300,000 won 500,000 won customers provide preferential interest rates to 0.9%.

Very savings banks' savings made with three thousand three hundred fifty-five "which is up 4.5 percent preferential interest rates was followed. Very savings banks, the default rate is higher than the OK Savings Bank, Savings made with three thousand three hundred fifty-five 'basic interest rate to 3%.

To receive the highest prime rate with five people should join simultaneously. Very Savings Bank operates a community co-buying cafe to find a common subscriber for customer convenience. When you sign up for a joint purchase cafes, so you can easily find a subscriber is not fussy conditions than other products.

Equity Savings Bank, Savings Giving 'is the highest prime rate fell 0.3 percentage points to 2.3 to 2.6% default rate and at the same time also 0.2 percentage points lower.

To receive the highest prime rate shall be issued a card from KB branches. The preferential interest rate is issued in accordance with KB Kookmin Card using performance received.

Ceram savings banks' savings I design "provides the prime rate to 3.2%.

Expiration re-deposit, time deposits Customers, long-term trade customers, first Savings Up, Savings Automatically Post Office, debit card use, dajanyeo family, over the age of 60, the disabled welfare card, workers, monthly payment amount over 50 million yuan, heonhyeoljeung possession, It helps provide pregnant women and 24 contract period, more than 36 months, from 0.1 to 0.5% a year according to the prime rate applicable number of two or more associated subscription, donation pledges. If ttajyeobogo preferential interest rate conditions, there are many details that you will join a visit to the branch. Ceram savings banks can join in a minute headquarters, where two thousand points.

Must savings bank three days 'time deposits plus' gotta apply the preferential interest rate of 0.3% a year if the deposit due to the termination of the gold deposit can enjoy the preferential interest rate benefits for up to 3%.

The next highest preferential interest rates are higher by 2.9%. Its products include smart savings banks' e- peaceful time deposits' and 'e- regularly Gold', for savings banks' time deposits', oriental savings banks' time deposits "corresponds to this.

Smart savings banks 'e- peaceful regularly Gold' is a smartphone subscription-only items and 'e- regularly Gold' can be joined on the Internet, smart phones two places.

Savings Bank of the Eastern Savings Bank can join in the branches and the Internet. On the other hand for savings banks are no preferential terms Eastern Savings Bank 0.1% interest rate is preferred when you sign up for more than six months as Internet banking.

Eastern Savings Banks' time deposits, provides 2.85% and was followed. Eastern Savings Bank products can be joined to the branches, the Internet in two ways. When you sign up for Internet banking deposits opened automatically when you pay 0.05%, the Bank paid a total of more than average Recurrence in deposit accounts 3.2 provides a preferential interest rate up to 0.1% a year.

Instead, savings banks 'time deposits smart', considering savings banks 'periodic ssiit gold', etc. The highest prime rate was higher by 2.8% next.

Instead, savings bank product does not have to visit a branch to the smartphone-only product.

More products with preferential interest rate conditions can be found at the Financial Supervisory Service financial products compared to integrate Disclosures on Financial Instruments at a glance.

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Starbucks, for promoting domestic consumption of milk, milk Latte Love 'campaign

It advances the [financial newspaper sinmijin Korea News] Starbucks Coffee Korea milk jajogeum management from 24 to 19 June the Commission '2017 Milk Latte Love "campaign. The campaign was prepared to put into effect invigorate the dairy farmers that increased crude oil production and consumption is reduced suffering disproportionately milk inventory buildup.

Starbucks is the case every Monday from 24 days to order a 'cafe latte' at 1,010 stores across the country a total of nine times, and provides a one size upgrade benefits. The plan is also to deliver a message to promote the use of domestic milk to adhere to the "love milk stickers" drink created for the campaign. However, some US troops and stores operating season are excluded.

In addition, the funds will be credited to the sale of the remnants cafe latte 50 won every Monday donated up to 50 million won in the 'K-MILK milk Send this movement of love and related organizations for the underprivileged.

Cafe Latte drinks were sold over 2000 manjan annual consumption of milk as a drink that most of the Starbucks menu. Starbucks expects to be consumed through this campaign by adding milk of about 20 million.

Yiseokgu Starbucks Coffee Korea CEO said, "to promote interest in this domestic milk more customers fresh and safe milk for domestic consumption through the promotion campaign and hope to elicit a positive change in the community."

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May Bogeumjari rate freeze

[Sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter Korea - Korea Housing Finance Corporation (HF, President gimjaecheon) said that on the 21st of May freeze interest rates on long-term fixed-rate, amortizing mortgages is "Bogeumjari.

Bogeumjari current annual interest rate is 2.80% with the lowest (10 years) ~3.15% (30 years), it is available when combined annual income less than 70 million won a couple. In addition, the couple combined annual income of less than 6,000 vulnerable won (single parents, the disabled, multicultural, dajanyeo families) can receive additional benefits, preferential interest rates 0.4 percentage points respectively,

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Kwangju Bank, Mobile, ssolssolhan bank loans' release

Announced [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporters - Kwangju Bank (CEO Kim Han) have upgraded the last one 'ssolssolhan personal credit "products launched in January sold as' ssolssolhan bank loans, April 21.

"Ssolssolhan bank loans' is a convenient product that you can view and apply for a loan amount directly through the Kwangju Bank Smart Phone banking without visiting a bank branch or submit additional documents. Customers who viewed April 19, the current limit after the release amounted to 15,000 people, the number of runs is also 700 cases of popular malls such as being mainly the businessmen visiting the bank is difficult to exceed.

The Kwangju Bank to repay the support of customers and raise the maximum limit of 2,000 yuan, the lowest interest rates four embarked on full-scale sales and cuts in the May 21 basis 5.73% to 3.75%.

On the other hand, too 'ssolssolhan My Cool deposits, savings' products were sold from January 23 to mobile-only, but all of the existing limit of 30 billion won spent to extend sales to respond to customer support, to increase the limit to 100 billion by the end of June Kwangju bank and recently has secured his position out strong in mobile banking.

Kwangju Bank seonggiyun Future Banking Department is moving to mobile will "suddenly the bank's competitive environment, including the recently launched internet banking professional. The Kwangju Bank and to strengthen its competitiveness by upgrading the mobile goods, we will try our best to offer more customer-friendly service and convenient Saints continued to improve, "he said.

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Shinhan Bank, a month 愛 bank 'Plus Points offers "

Product upgrade [Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] Shinhan Bank (Bank wiseongho) will gather scraps amount from time to time to get back with interest, non-face-to-face private deposits, one month 愛 bank 'Every one month, as well as cash Mai Shinhan points also to enable the payment and announced that the 23rd conduct 'events plus point' that adds points to deposit one point.

"One month 愛 bank" is the amount of monthly customers have savings (one up to three million, Mon balance to 30 million) to the designated account and the date provided for annual 4% interest rate and customer-specified per one month through the swing (Swing) Services a non-face-only product that automatically deposit with reserves. Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Financial Group, said if the integration Rewards service, Shinhan FAN Club membership enables Ido My Shinhan points in 1 point increments, as well as cash deposits through this upgrade.

In addition, it proceeds from the event, which is also the end of June plus point redeposited 10% of Shinhan points credited to my target customers value entry to the event through the Shinhan FAN Club up to 50,000 points per person.

Shinhan Bank, said, "With this product upgrades and events became Cuts points can be managed as a valuable asset for our customers," said, "We will strive to provide a variety of services to help our customers," he said.

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Daelim Group employees 13 years Namsan cleanup

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] Daelim Group employees and their families to find the Seoul Namsan went to the Rose of Sharon outdoors and around the road cleaning activities. Targeting children found with the acid, also open painting competition was also the sense of belonging.

22 Daelim Industrial Construction Division and give the Petrochemical Division, Daelim Corporation Daelim C & S employees and their families are more than 500 trees in the manure Find Namsan Outdoor Botanical Garden Sharon announced only 23 days had to clean the Nanshan Road around every corner.

Daelim Group started in 2005 and proceeded to clean-up activities to find 13 years Namsan year. Every year various activities were carried out in spring, summer, autumn and winter season once every four times to find exotic plants and shrubs to remove the acid, topdressing, cleaning, etc.

In addition to the head office is underway in the field of personnel throughout the country Daelim also spread the mountains and rivers, find the street clean-up activities nearby, one mountain ∙ 1 ∙ 1 1000 Distance Extravaganza "campaign.

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Spring outing together with the NH Agricultural Bank, Industrial Customers

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] NH Agricultural Bank (Bank Lee Gyeongseop) has conducted a rural experience event invited 74 people, including 21 days in family businesses Customers Employees jachae mill town, located in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province daewolmyeon.

Proceed with the Agricultural Bank and the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation of Urban Cooperative Institute The event is a specialized Appreciation event, only agricultural cooperatives, it has been prepared for customers who live in the city as part of the "Urban empathy courses visit" to inform the rural areas and the value of our agricultural products.

In particular, in this rural experience events ▷ harvest strawberry picking experience, as well as agricultural products such as rice, steamed bread making ▷ ▷ Make Natural Toothpaste such time to make healthy food with our agricultural products may have a higher response of the participants.

Daewoo Information System Co. Seo Gyeongmi Director participated in the event, "pains became involved gamyeo write a chance to LA on vacation to escape the city experiences a beautiful rural areas with their families," said while "agriculture and was also able to feel the preciousness of rural It was the deep meaning of time, "said a comment.

NH Agricultural Bank corporate customers unit gimyanggon manager "offers a chance to their customers without much chance to usual experience the rural experience Nongshim (農 心) and farm income for even these events that can contribute to increase in the future continue to lead out in will, "he said.

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[Weeks · SK Securities recommended stocks] keyimaek, Woori Bank, Daewoo, POSCO

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ keyimaek (043290)

- expectations would be the primary beneficiary of the fourth industrial revolution.

- market benefits from views of the OLED investment cycle.

- Four mask process only company in the thin film measurement equipment.

◇ Woori Bank (000030)

- The first-half net profit is expected to exceed 1 trillion won expect the biggest gains momentum among banks.

- View a positive impact on the NIM rebound performance in market interest rates rise.

- Daewoo, but recent price declines in shipbuilding-related concerns, expected losses Accumulation rate is not a significant burden amounted to 50%.

◇ Daewoo, POSCO (047050)

- expectations for increased gas assets in accordance with the fourth quarter of the gas discovery.

- Global corporate earnings to normalize in the restructuring of the coal price rise for two years.

- expectations for the second quarter after rising oil prices.

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[Weekly securities like stocks · KB] SK Hynix, Doosan, Bobcat NCsoft

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] ◇ SK Hynix

-1 quarterly DRAM becomes a strong market rebound after such price increase expectations.

◇ Doosan Bobcat

- Valuation merit a high contrast and stable performance Peer Group.

- Check the direction of policy, Trump took office after such naseoryeo and the wait-and-see sentiment improved somewhat on the purchase of new equipment.

◇ NCsoft

- Lineage 2: Revolution ',' Lineage RK ', the mobile game market seated in accordance with the subsequent success of' Final blades.

- expectations for the second quarter of this year NetMarble Games IPO and Lineage M 'release effect.

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[Weekly recommended stocks, Shinhan Investment Corp.] LG Chemical, a tour-tested

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ LG Chemical (051910)

-1 Sales and operating profit beat the consensus in each of 6.4867 trillion won (33.1% YoY), 7969 billion won (74.1% YoY).

- basic materials to improve profitability by improving the spread of the seasonal and regional regular maintenance season launch.

- non-chemical sectors (electronics and battery information) turnaround. Increased demand ahead with a Chinese factory capacity, utilization rates.

◇ single stages (039 130)

Eliminating obstacles from -2 quarter rally in downtown Duty reduction begins.

- Travel core business earnings surprise is expected, but duty-free combined consolidated earnings are expected to improve from the third quarter.

- Duty collapsed after the 2018 normalized net earnings that are 54.6 billion won (280% YoY) expected.

◇ Test (095610)

-3D NAND big investment cycle due to Samsung Electronics expects to benefit.

- possible medium to long term investment in SK 3D NAND benefit of Hynix latecomers.

-17 years based on PER 10.0 times the semiconductor front-Peer average 13 times undervalued.

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[Weekly events, like a financial investment - Lotte Chemical Co. and Hyundai Construction, Innowireless

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ Lotte Chemical (011170.KS)

-1 largest quarterly operating profit on foreign buying inflow expectations.

-3 quarters subsidiary Titan will be highlighted by attractive valuations, including IPO.

◇ Hyundai Engineering & Construction (000720.KS)

- domestic housing sector improved margins. Switch overseas plant construction, expansion in new orders.

- Connection target Hyundai Engineering worth highlighting. Orders, sales growth expectations.

◇ Innovative Wireless (073490.KQ)

Sales likely emerge as -5G early introduction.

- India wireless network optimization equipment sales growth, Japan, Europe, small cell supply negotiations positively.

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Mobilization development, Samsong secondary Wonheung Station mobilize Royal Duke Vista box office success

The [financial newspaper gimdohyeon Korea News] Development mobilized 'Samsong secondary Wonheung Station mobilize Royal Vista Duke "was a box office success.

After opening the sample houses just the last 21 days is the third day Moline 21,000 people over a crowd. It said second yeoksegwon just that the composition Wonheung Station nearby Subway Line 3, attracted the attention of the consumer's point of massive are behind the demand for secure land.

That is the only residential complex in the basement three floors above ground 35 stories, three east, only 84㎡ apartment of 312 households and one underground floor - 3 floors above ground and three copper, total floor area of ​​10,000 7631㎡ scale commercial blends. Enhancement Samsong receiving attention as an emerging residential housing development in the belt is the composition earth block M2.

Scheduled to open this year, Star Field kitty "and" cat IKEA points, added a three Premium Mall. Consumers are expected to play a greater role in driving the ease of living increases and higher prices. Just next to the kindergarten and lower the risk of accidents such as hagyotgil etc. Samsong seconds of cats, kitty dongsango located in walking distance. Samsong is the library, etc. Agricultural University, close to the excellent equipped learning environment.

The accessibility of Seoul and Ilsan considered as an advantage. Wonheung reverse drive desing, Sangam, Hongdae is possible in and out, and 30 minutes to reach Yeouido, Gangnam and the like may contact with the about 50 minutes. Elected status is connected to Gangnam also extended routes and doors opening. If the future extension of New Bundang and GTX A route is opened traffic conditions will be further improved.

Car pre-sale seunghak Director explained, "There is one group in Ilsan New City Goyang Samsong aging as a land development area emerged as one the emerging residential and commercial belt to absorb the demand in and out of San Jose".

A subscription schedule to start coming to the 26th Special supply goes to the 27th rank 1, 28 2 ranking. Winner announcement next month on the 10th, just three days total contract shall be concluded by next month 15 to 17.

Sample houses were provided in the match Deogyang-gu, Goyang wonheungdong 633-7 Street. Occupancy is expected in April 2020.

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[Obituary] singiyong (formerly Hanwha PR Team), who impressed the

[Korea financial newspaper gimdohyeon reporter] ▲ singiyong (formerly Hanwha PR Team), who this impression, imyoungrae (Gangnam Community Health Center injection) Mr spouse phase, sinsunjae Mr. Brothers Award, imseongheon (Hanwha Chemical HCT Executive) Mr every injury = 23 PM 3 at 50 minutes, 12 per room, balin the 25th 7:30 PM, Seoul National University hospital, funeral, burial, Guangzhou ohpoeup per game Sky Castle. 031-787-1512

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"Virtual currency legal tender and will co-exist."

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - such as Bitcoin virtual currency came the prospect rea is activated, even if not able to fully replace the lawful currency issued by the Central Bank.

The Bank of Korea Park Gyeonghun micro-institutions Lab Research Fellow and Professor of Hongik University Hong Gihun, yujongmin 23 days, there is a virtual currency can replace the lawful currency "thus predicted in the report.

The report was then assumed that the economy using the legal currency and virtual currency two types of calls individuals to set up a model to compare the costs and effectiveness in a relatively select and analyze.

Bitcoin virtual currency such as the benefits were mentioned, such as the convenience of a quick settlement, cross-border transactions using digital information technology.

While the legal currency is relatively great benefits, etc. Personal information security, anonymity.

The report predicts that "the virtual currency model analysis results are not necessarily superior to the legal tender in terms of convenience of the users 'saying' virtual currency showed a great potential to be used with the two currencies does not replace the legal tender.

An explanation will be determined the legal currency and virtual currency rate depending on relative importance of some benefit. The report analyzed that "increasing the international financial payment needs, increasing the frequency of use of information and communication technology use virtual currencies have jumped higher emphasis on personal information security or trade anonymity Rating legal currency is also used increased.

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[April 04 NOTES bank term deposits up to an annual interest rate of 1.9%

[South Korea's Choice Financial News Reporter] April 4 parking banks (excluding Savings Banks) deposit yields showed that Kwangju Bank deals with the highest annual 1.90%.

23 days, according to the Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrate comparative disclosures site "at a glance Financial Instruments ', I compared the bank deposit average interest rate rose above yields Rank 1 in Kwangju Bank ssolssolhan My Cool deposits' annual 1.90% (before tax) .

Pre-tax interest rate is the base rate does not reflect the preferential conditions.

Second place Jeonbuk Bank 'JB direct deposit account (maturity messages feed)' annual 1.80%, third place is the Korea Development Bank 'KDB Hi deposit, and Jeju Bank' cyber preferential term deposits (maturity payment formula) 'annual 1.75 It appeared as a percentage.

Fourth it was counted as two items (1.70% a year), the fifth largest bank Bank K 'K Music deposit (1.68% a year), Busan Bank' MY SUM deposit.

FSS 'because the product-specific terms and conditions, including interest rates of finance companies can often be delayed disclosure gotta change before transactions must contact the financial institution' he said.

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[April 04 NOTES bank time deposits up to an annual interest rate of 2.0%

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters (excluding savings banks) April 4 Parking bank time deposits yield the highest product it showed that Kwangju Bank to open 2.00%.

23 days, according to the Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrate comparative disclosures site "at a glance Financial Instruments, bank time deposits (1 year, isolated, cum earned) I compare the average interest Kwangju Bank ssolssolhan My Cool Savings' annual 2.00% ( pre-tax) was recorded in the rate of return ranked first place.

Pre-tax interest rate is the base rate does not reflect the preferential conditions.

2nd Guangzhou banks 'time deposits smart collection Dream "and Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Health Savings Plus' This was an annual 1.70%. Third place was the three products recorded an annual 1.65% Busan Bank 'BNK harmony savings.

4 above was compiled by five items (1.60% a year), and 5 above, Jeonbuk Bank Mutual Smart installments (annual 1.55%), Busan Bank 2030 Busan Savings Expo registration.

FSS 'because the product-specific terms and conditions, including interest rates of finance companies can often be delayed disclosure gotta change before transactions must contact the financial institution' he said.

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Lotte Chairman Shin Dongbin prohibits departure off ... Management, parallel trial

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] prosecution of the travel ban for the Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dongbin foot was tied to the country was lifted recently.

23 days, according to the legal and business community of Justice recently released a departure ban that was down to the new president. Choesunsil will together under a parliamentary investigation nongdan fact permit after the knot was built investigative special prosecutor indicted without detention on the new headquarters departure chairman key.

Accordingly, new chairman is expected to deal with the management issues in earnest splits his time between Japan and China operations.

Whilst Lotte has complained that the suffering tied to the president of the new group chief feet managerial difficulties. New president did not respond to external factors such as Saad retaliation due to depart prohibited.

Sade grounds provided after experiencing the difficulties that many local Lotte Mart China has beaten the sales stopped, plunged even sales of Chinese tourists was high dependence Lotte Duty Free. As Sadd followed by reprisals in China Lotte retail sector are estimated to record more than 1 trillion won in lost revenue the first half.

In addition to other stranded gap of the new president sindongju brother, former Japanese vice chairman of Lotte Holdings (SDJ Corporation Vice President) This went back and lit a takeover dispute.

Shin former vice president has a July 21 interview with Japanese Nihon Keizai Shimbun said, "We will propose their own agenda moved back from 6 Lotte Holdings shareholders' meeting scheduled for late May."

New sacked former vice president at the Lotte Holdings Vice President in January 2015. But after his father naesewo Executive Chairman Shin Kyuk-ho July 2015 assumed the agenda dismissed the new president of the Japanese Lotte Holdings directors it has failed the bar.

New president is a situation in which the two countries to come off yawning directly in shareholders' pyosim catch. But deda already been tried for corruption in the management of Lotte position overlaps family until this indictment without detention is likely to be less of a constraint.

New President gotta indicted without detention in October last year to embezzlement, breach of trust charges are currently receiving first trial. Following the last 17 days was charged with additional nights ago on charges of offering a bribe to the president of 7,000,000,000 won re-acquisition of patents related to Lotte World Tower Duty point. During the year the situation is that the 3-4 days per week should be devoted to the preparation and trial attendance.

The first trial preparation date of the alleged bribery case of the new president will take place on the 2nd of next month, the trial of corruption case management is being held next month on the 15th.

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Electric bicycles, mileage up to 1.9 times the difference by product

[Sinmijin financial newspaper reporter Korea] survey that after the one-time charge of electric bikes sold in the market, I mileage up to 1.9 times vary by brand.

23 days Korea Consumer Agency said the test appeared as a result of evaluating the quality of such major mileage, driving comfort and safety, battery electric bicycle safety targets of seven popular product.

Target brand Samchuly △ △ △ gate Alton Sports Vision △ △ Belo Star Am Tech IP △ electronic procurement of six researchers and the products were evaluated by selected seven.

Findings pedal assist mode between the traveling distance after charging product once the electric bike about 1.9 times and 1.6 times the maximum throttle approach was different.

Auxiliary pedal system mileage "Am IP Tech (APOLLO MARS M3), the product is 111㎞," gate-definition (YUNBIKE C1), the product showed the greatest difference in 60㎞.

If the throttle mode "Alton Sports (CITY) 'product dwaeteumyeo to investigate the longest mileage driving the 42㎞' gate Vision (YUNBIKE C1) 'product was found to be the shortest up to about 1.6 times the difference between products with 27㎞.

Along with the advanced product quality inspection was found to problems of products that do not meet the electric bicycle safety standards.

According to the safety standards for electric bicycles in front of the left brake handle, rear brakes one should be located on the right side "Bello star (Folding Star S) 'product survey to be mounted in reverse. "Gate-definition (YUNBIKE C1) ',' Bello star (Folding Star S) ',' Am IP Tech (APOLLO MARS M) 'products, is not indicated a safety check or safety certificate number and year of manufacture May, the seller name, model It showed not.

Korea Consumer Agency said, "the problem is found that companies are planning to improve the brake position and the product key labeling" and "in price and performance between products rather it is a meticulous comparison at the time of purchase is required as long as the difference," he said.

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