Sunday, April 23, 2017

[Weeks · SK Securities recommended stocks] keyimaek, Woori Bank, Daewoo, POSCO

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ keyimaek (043290)

- expectations would be the primary beneficiary of the fourth industrial revolution.

- market benefits from views of the OLED investment cycle.

- Four mask process only company in the thin film measurement equipment.

◇ Woori Bank (000030)

- The first-half net profit is expected to exceed 1 trillion won expect the biggest gains momentum among banks.

- View a positive impact on the NIM rebound performance in market interest rates rise.

- Daewoo, but recent price declines in shipbuilding-related concerns, expected losses Accumulation rate is not a significant burden amounted to 50%.

◇ Daewoo, POSCO (047050)

- expectations for increased gas assets in accordance with the fourth quarter of the gas discovery.

- Global corporate earnings to normalize in the restructuring of the coal price rise for two years.

- expectations for the second quarter after rising oil prices.

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