Sunday, March 19, 2017

Parkview Hotel The Shilla Jeju, open the fifth anniversary promotion

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] The Shilla Jeju The buffet restaurant "The Parkview" is conducted customer appreciation promotions fifth anniversary open.

'The Parkview "is coming from March 22 to 28 invited chefs of The Shilla Seoul Myeongga Chinese' Eight Immortals' advanced colorful showcase of Chinese cuisine.

Chinese specialties, truffles fire bath 'and' sea cucumber dishes a la carte ',' Dongpo Pork ', was composed of among' solid surface ', etc. Lunch is needed finest ingredients and know-how of the long chef's menu.

'Heat bath truffles "He was one of the Kami of the three world truffle delicacies," sea cucumber dishes a la carte' is a simmered dish filled with health representatives in the dry ingredients to the minced prawns fried sea cucumber in oyster sauce.

In addition, you can experience the traditional cuisine of Hangzhou Dongpo Pork and colorful Chinese food, such as many superlative ingredients into a solid surface that represents the region of Sichuan.

The more 'Parkview' dinner price is ₩ 105,000 per adult, pediatric per person ₩ 57,000 (tax included).

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Everdigm Hyundai Department Store Group, Southeast Asia Fire Truck delivery market

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] specialized in industrial machinery, specially equipped vehicles Everdigm Hyundai Department Store Group to enter the Southeast Asian authentic special delivery vehicle markets.

Everdigm 19 days, said Vietnam has recently signed a 23.1 billion won and fire department, fire truck scale structure of the car supply contract. Everdigm are coming plans to deliver a total of 81 fire trucks and one car, including refractive structure fire engines, ladder fire truck fire department until February 2018 in Vietnam.

The last incorporation in 2015 as Hyundai Department Store Group is a subsidiary Everdigm specially equipped vehicles, industrial machinery specialized enterprises, domestic enterprises in the first place floating in the concrete pump car, fire truck, tower crane sector. In particular, over 80 countries through a global dealer exporting products to more than 140 worldwide.

The contract amount reached 23.1 billion won of the 47.5% of fire-related equipment sales (486 million) last year, such as fire engines, total exports (1146 won) an amount up to 20%.

The company plans to expand this as a springboard to the Vietnamese government fire truck deliveries in Indonesia, Thailand and the ASEAN (ASEAN) to speed up the emerging markets of Southeast Asia export volume within the next three years the total global export up to 30%. In Southeast Asia, the share of annual export earnings last year, Everdigm was 15%.

Vietnam, Indonesia, and the massive demand for heavy construction equipment as an investment progress in building infrastructure projects jumped from governments. In addition to introducing special vehicles such as fire trucks also rise to frequent earthquakes and fire industry has reported.

Everdigm last year, "Water Tower (unattended fire trucks Fire Suppression) 'and after another succeeded to export more than 1 billion won expensive construction equipment, including a plurality of Southeast Asian countries Indonesia, currently in the process of exporting a variety consultation.

The export contract has been attracting attention in that it joined forces with the government and the company's success. Export-Import Bank of Korea in funding needed for economic building development and infrastructure in developing countries through the Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) business has been requested to assist in fire fighting equipment to replace outdated from the Vietnamese government last in 2014, the domestic specially equipped vehicles production It has worked export projects with companies.

Everdigm official said, "large-scale export contracts such as this without the Export-Import Bank of Korea's Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) project would not have been possible," said "governments of developing countries, economic development and infrastructure support Southeast Asian business finances are not generous and has become a great power in African countries export target, "he said.

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2 more financial risk loan losses Banks

Two banks, etc. - lower cervical Korea before the financial newspaper reporter] future savings bank, card, Mutual Credit Accumulation rate is raised additional provisions for high-risk loans. Is to the US FOMC rate hike is expected to situations such as the domestic market rising interest rates to prevent insolvent borrower limits expanded lack of ability to repay.

The financial authorities announced the "second financial management strengthening prudential measures" containing the content of such additional Accumulation rate raised provisions 19.

Financial authorities have embodied the second target high-risk loans by banks each eopgwon applied in the non-banking sector strengthened prudential supervision level.

Capital savings banks and over 20% were prescribed rate loan with high interest rate credit lending Mutual Financial is categorized in the temporary repayment of mortgage loans credit based on the repayment method or multiple debts. Card has prescribed multiple user card loans loans to high-risk loans.

Savings Bank should expand in the future to earn a 20% interest rate than the additional provisions Accumulation rate on loans from 20% to 50%. Additional provisions were expected to apply from January 1, 2018 is expected to be carried apdanggyeoseo more than six months.

Mutual banks are expanding coverage to high-risk loans and allowances Chua Accumulation rate is raised from 20% to 30%.

Currently, more than 300 million won temporarily repay loans or multiple debtors loan as precautionary below 'is to earn an additional allowance of 20% on the loan, but in the future 200K or greater pause repay loans or multiple debtors loans (over five loans to financial institutions debt holders) There must earn an additional 30% allowance on the 'normal' and 'less critical' loans.

Card companies must also earn 30% additional provisions for multiple debtors using two or more card loans.

Additional living allowance for capital interest of 20% or more receive a 30% higher risk loans earning apply. Asset quality is also enhanced classification of lease receivables, installment, etc. warrior. Normal Less than 3 months 3 to critical than six months, or less than a fixed classification was based on more than 6 months is 1 month normal, precautionary one to less than three months, the change in fixed not less than three months.

Financial circles touching three plans to the notice, mutual savings banks, financial and warrior relevant regulatory provisions change during the month, after the above decision gyugaewi audit and financial plans to apply from the second quarter of this year based on the financial statements.

The FSS plans to conduct site inspections to the finance company for a quick, safe combinations, increasing household lending rates June 30.

The second to relieve financial difficulties such as caused by the financial soundness strengthen management populace, vulnerable expand the low-interest policy populace financial supply capacity to expand 7 trillion won to increase the supply of scale sait stone loan junggeumri loans around 10 percent to 2 trillion won plans.

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Even when only 1% fake news neglect, annual economic loss of 30 trillion won

[Korea jeonghuiyun financial newspaper reporter] fake news story in full, even to gain only 1% of the economic cost to our society, pay the amounts to 30.09 trillion won a year came the results of the analysis.

Dont lose worn by individuals or companies from these estimates were considered only direct damages social damages will be priced on the basis of a court sentence. Considering psychological damage to individuals and corporate brand damage, and social confidence is recovering damages is estimated to be even greater.

In the presidential impeachment process, fake news has left helplessly fingering is also the one who is bold admittedly pointed out that teoda. Come in here again in May when a new presidential election suggests that the fake news to be increased if pay more money.

Hyundai Research Institute 19 days "fake news number that, if assumed to be spread around 1% of the actual article and the result of estimating the economic costs and economic costs due to fake news party damage 22.77 trillion won and social harm 7.32 trillion won and Together with the level corresponding to approximately 30.09 trillion won a year, "he said.

In the case of a fake news because individuals can see the damage to the social and economic activities under the constraints companies have noted that the revenue loss flies. The researchers explained that in the case of social harm Court estimates the amount of damage considering a prison sentence or a fine rate.

Researchers have countermeasures to provide a "fake news (Fake News) economic cost estimates and implications of" ensuring freedom of ▲ expression analysis methods to limit false information distributors such as fake news and activated ▲ fact checking (Fact Checking) system It pointed necessary.

▲ also seek the government, companies and the media to raise information transparency and reliability and comply ▲ freedom has a responsibility added that cultivate citizenship is required.

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Small and medium-sized savings banks, savings banks federation Congress needs to perform proxy materials

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] in the future parliament to be created, small and medium-sized savings banks required data, the FSS always Savings Bank Federation of surveillance data, including unstructured report is able to perform proxy. With this burden small and medium-sized savings banks is expected to be introduced to enable staff to report on the natural services such as credit assessment, surveillance.

Korea Federation of Savings Banks and the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) to ease the reporting burden on small and medium-sized atypical Savings Bank Savings Bank Federation has announced the 'informal reporting burden mitigation measures "that can be done to substitute 19. Available targets are implemented from taking advantage of the savings bank federation integrated financial information system (IFIS) 67 savings banks and small and medium-sized dogs 20 days.

Latest from 2012 until last year has increased the number of informal reports submitted on an ongoing basis. 289 cases in 2012 to submit a report which was atypical cases had increased last year, 313 cases 24 cases.

Use the integrated financial information system and 67 data preparation and submission of small- and medium-sized savings banks that can be done to substitute the Federation of Savings Banks. However, data such as customer information or any material supervisory policies, including maintaining the security required should complete and submit the individual savings banks as direct current manner.

The initial implementation will be carried out to verify the accuracy and speed data request, a simple statistical data driven and implemented to expand to more detailed data, including April 10, by product type from trading.

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[March 3 NOTE savings bank fixed deposit prime rate up to 2.32%

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] March 03 highest weeks time deposit savings banks prime rate was found last week down 0.05 percent compared with 2.32 percent points. As the US FOMC rate hike decision also affects the appearance savings bank deposit interest rate.

19 days FSS Financial Instruments integration compared to disclose according to the Financial Instruments at a glance ', 231 savings banks, term deposits have the highest prime rate highest item of merchandise is indeed the savings banks' term deposits '(welfare) and mobilize the best savings banks' Certificate of deposit (welfare), Nanyang savings banks 'term deposits' (welfare) gaeyeotda 3.

In addition to true Savings Bank branches join the Internet, and everyone can join in the smartphone When you subscribe to Internet Banking, Smart Banking is 0.1% annual preferential treatment. Since the primary interest is 2.22% before tax it is that even though we have branches close to the Internet or smartphone subscription.

Nanyang Savings Bank is also possible to subscribe to the Internet. If you subscribe to the Internet Banking provides a preferential interest rate up to 0.1% a year, 18 months a year maintaining product is isolated by 2.3%, 2.33% annual compound interest. First Savings Bank is mobilizing significant because it should only join the available branches.

The second highest prime rate is high time deposit mobilization, as is indeed the best, Nanyang Savings Bank was a 'fixed deposit' (isolation) prime rate up to 2.3%.

Union Savings Bank's' e- term deposits (welfare), 'non-face-to-face time deposits (welfare),' fixed deposit '(welfare) Three Pepper products and savings banks' rotation deposit (non-face-to-face) "(welfare) the Campaign of deposit (Internet, mobile) '(welfare) is the highest prime rate was 2.27% behind him. That pays interest equal to the isolation of the Union Savings Bank and Savings Bank Pepper products also provide a preferential interest rate up to 2.25%.

Union Savings Bank 'e- term deposits (welfare) and' non-face-to-face time deposits (welfare) has no preferential terms as a commodity to subscribe to the Internet, or smartphone. There is also a non-face-to-face with pepper Savings Bank Products Up preferential conditions.

Other gold coins savings bank '(e) - Certificate of Deposit (welfare), Korea Investment & Savings Banks' e-PLAN term deposits (welfare), collecting savings banks 'e- collect time deposits (welfare), Incheon savings banks' Time deposits than e- '(welfare) this was followed by 2.22%.

Korea Investment & Savings Bank should join the Internet and there is no special preferential conditions. Incheon savings banks 'time deposits than e-' (welfare) should sign up over the Internet, smart phones with Internet-only banking products. Since the savings banks collect items, there are no non-preferential conditions facing private subscription should be noted.

More products with interest rates, preferential interest rates and terms can be found on the homepage of each savings bank 'at a glance Financial Instruments Financial instruments Financial Supervisory Disclosure integrated comparison.

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Ritualistic "one Konomi 'era ... Financial attack '1 Is nine'

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters] # reside mainly in the front and in the studio or studio apartment rents (including anti-charter). Meals are usually tend to solve alone in the house. Cook or use a semi-cooked foods purchased or delivered. When eating out or shopping credit card discount is also actively used.

'1 Konomi' which means one economic and financial injury also appears to expand research and product launches competition for a single household customer segments.

According to the National Statistical Office, based on one-person households in 2015 amounts to 5.2 million households. In particular, households became more common form than the total households (19.111 million households) proportion of households to 27.2% of the two (26.1%), 3-person households (21.5%), four-person households (18.8%).

Heat may also appear one-person households financial instruments rose to the rank products. Last year we launched the Bank 'breeches come, "Shinhan Bank" Health Plus "product has hit the single life customers.

Woori Bank in April last year Alone 'breeches come Savings' is introduced to target the group released 10 months in February, only 30 basis all men broke through the account, 6500, respectively. The resort offers a variety of additional services, such as free night Pension Service, Water Park discounts, free gift books.

If you even more than 10 manbo day walked "Health Plus Savings, Shinhan Bank, for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals logged more than 10 days, achieve health goals such as when recording a sleep pattern more than 10 days ever apply the preferential interest rate it is gaining followers.

KEB, Hana Bank is served with a fun and caring to experience the pleasure to present to you yourself - if you present a 'self-exchanger peuting (Self-Gifting) Savings' and self-development and healing receipts weight management, smoking, shopping, preferential interest rates recipients sold under the 'Secret Savings.

KB Financial Group, KB Financial Group established earlier this year by the Institute of Management Research Center are within one-person households six days this month unveiled its subsidiary bank, securities, insurance and all involved cards, asset management, youth KB Konomi one package.

KB Financial Group Institute of Management has proposed that in February published a "2017 Korea reports first-person households' financial awareness on the need to switch one-person households is expected to continue to increase in 2035 to 7.6 million households.

KB Financial Group Management Institute 'customer base by gender, age, income, customized furniture targeted customer segments 1 according to marital status such financial instruments designed and suggestions are reported to be necessary, said "They are actively accepted by the new digital technology environment tended need to actively take advantage of the mobile channel, "he said.

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CJ Korea Express' three years in a row the Seoul International Marathon logistics operations

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter CJ Korea Express for three consecutive years was carried out "in the Seoul International Marathon 2017 'to a successful logistics.

CJ Korea Express was transporting personal items such as last 19 days more than 120 courier vehicles to open for the marathon, it has invested more than 170 people courier staff, over 38 000 people entrant clothing and footwear. In addition to the tournament participants it was also carried out an official T-shirt and a saddlecloth, work that is delivered by courier to pre-game items such as chips for recording measurements to wear.

CJ Korea Express about a month ago, we were ready to configure the TF team, an excellent starting point workforce in metropolitan areas. Was so thorough pre-training can read the details on the day routing and behavioral skills, with attention, each simulated driving course several times and was moving path by checking that there are no problems.

In the field personnel amounted to 170 million people, such as name and delivery Article 120 support personnel and other management and played together for a tournament total of 200 people seongryo including external support.

Express Marathon TF team officials about CJ's "CJ had two of competition through an international convention logistics operations know-how of the Express straightforward progress been made, particularly with a thorough analysis of all the possibilities that could happen in advance and be prepared countermeasures competition seongryo followed, "he said.

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[March 3 NOTE regular gold savings bank prime rate up to 4.8%

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] March 3 weeks time deposits Savings Bank showed the highest prime rate is the same as two weeks in March to 4.8%. Unlike a regular gold deposit interest rate of 0.05% points down time deposits are less likely to receive a US rate hike impact. Receive a savings bank time deposits issued cards that offer high interest rates to be done to add this product Sign up such should sign up for bancassurance. If you have difficulty registering products Savings Bank is worthwhile to consider the long-term saving, or raise the savings bank time deposits to raise the lump sum plan.

19 days compared to the Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrated disclosure According to the "Financial Instruments at a glance ', 153 savings banks regularly cracked products of the highest prime rate is the highest item' savings, which generously 'Equity Savings Bank.

"Savings gives generously 'Equity Savings Bank will be issued a card from KB branch in order to receive the default rate is 2.6%, the prime rate. The preferential interest rates depending on the cards have been issued KB Kookmin performance.

OK Savings Bank was 'OK VIP gold regularly', followed by a 4.6%. These items are products available to subscription customers bancassurance. However, the larger the amount, the less the interest paid in February Wu greatly. The basic interest rate is 2.2% month over one million less than the amount paid ₩ 200,000 will provide preferential interest rates to 2.4%, less than ₩ 300,000 ₩ 200,000 more than 1.5%, less than ₩ 500,000 ₩ 300,000 customers more than 0.9%. If you are planning to periodic payments amount to less than ₩ 10,000 ₩ 200,000 or more is OK but try to take advantage of the savings bank time deposits.

Very savings banks 'savings made with three thousand three hundred fifty-five' preferential interest rates to 4.5%, which can be up to 4.6% have five concurrent subscription. Very Savings Bank operates a community café where you can find purchase joint co-subscribers for customer convenience. If you subscribe to the joint purchase cafes you can easily find your subscriber is ropji difficult conditions than other products.

Ceram savings banks 'savings I design' provides the prime rate up to 3.2%. Expiration re-deposits, time deposits Customers, long-term trade customers, First Savings Up, Savings automatic Post Office, debit card use, dajanyeo family, over the age of 60, the disabled welfare card, workers, monthly transfer money over 50 million yuan, heonhyeoljeung possession, pregnant women, the contract period of 24,36 months later, accompanied by two or more persons join, makes available a number of preferential treatment applicable annual interest rate of 0.1 ~ 0.5%, depending on the organ donation pledge. Ttajyeobogo preferential interest rates when conditions are applicable to visit the many side branches join. Ceram savings banks can join in a minute head office, where two thousand points.

Must savings bank three days 'time deposits plus' can be applied gotta annual 0.3% prime rate if you deposit a fixed deposit with maturity termination of gold to enjoy the benefits of up to 3% prime rate.

That was followed by the higher prime rate up to 2.9%. Its products are smart savings banks 'e- peaceful regularly Gold'

Eastern Savings Bank provides a 'regular Friday "is 2.85%, and it is possible to join a branch, two way internet. When you sign up for Internet banking deposits with 0.05%, the Bank paid a total of more than usually automatically round of two-thirds pay in a savings account offers a preferential interest rate up to 0.1% a year.

Instead, savings banks 'time deposits smart' provides the highest prime rate to 2.8%. Instead, savings bank product does not have to visit a branch to a smartphone-only products.

More products with preferential interest rate conditions are available on the "at a glance Financial Instruments Financial instruments Financial Supervisory Disclosure integrated comparison.

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[March 3 NOTES bank term deposits up to an annual interest rate of 1.9%

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters - March 3 parking banks (excluding Savings Banks) term deposits yield products Kwangju Bank showed the highest year to 1.90%.

19 days, according to the Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrate comparative disclosures site "at a glance Financial Instruments, Bonnie compare the bank fixed deposit interest rates recorded a return on average 1 ranking in Kwangju Bank deposits ssolssolhan My Cool 'is open 1.90%.

Second place Jeonbuk Bank 'JB direct deposit account (maturity messages meals) "1.80% this year and 3 above, Jeju Bank' Cyber ​​preferential term deposits (maturity payment type), this was an annual 1.75%.

4th Korea Development Bank was counted as' KDB Hi term deposits, including three products (1.70% a year), the fifth largest 'deposit in my hand,' Daegu Bank (1.66% a year).

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[March 3 NOTES bank time deposits up to an annual interest rate of 2.0%

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters - March 3 parking banks (excluding Savings Banks) Kwangju Bank time deposits yield products showed the highest year to 2.00%.

19 days, according to the Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrate comparative disclosures site "at a glance Financial Instruments, bank time deposits (1 year maturity, isolated, cum earned) Bonnie compare the average interest Kwangju Bank ssolssolhan My Cool Savings' in this annual 2.00% hit the # 1 ranking on return.

Second place was in Kwangju Bank 'smart collected regularly Gold Dream' and Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Health Savings Plus' 1.70% this year.

No. 3 recorded the "Savings in my hand, and Woori Bank, Daegu Bank 'breeches come Savings' 1.65% this year.

4 is the Fisheries Bank 'Sh I made savings, including three products (1.60% a year), the fifth largest bank totaled smart cross installment, Jeonbuk (1.55% a year).

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SK Engineering & Construction, 4 trillion is privately funded power plant project participation

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] SK naemyeo construction of combined-cycle gas follow the IPP business rights mulkko blisters on the market in Iran.

SK Engineering & Construction Group UNIT 19, 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey and Iran also announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the shares positive UNIT International Energy Corporation 30% equity stake to secure IPP business rights.

SK construction business that is involved is the largest project ever to build a gas combined cycle power plant of 05 within five regions Iran.

SK E & C is planning to perform the construction in January Sarbanes (Saveh), Zahedan (Zahedan) 2 dogs went back to 1200MW and 880MW in size of the gas combined cycle power plant construction in each area, and the remaining three regions sequentially next year.

Construction period is about 30 months, it aims to come in commercial operation in the second half of 2020.

The sum of all five power plant generating capacity is 5000MW. € 3,400,010,000 total project cost, construction cost to about 4.144 trillion won € 2.5 billion, amounting to about 3.047 trillion won.

The SK E & C business, as well as domestic builders first is the extraordinary sense geotyieoseo to enter the IPP business.

SK E & C will participate in co-operation with UNIT Group with a stake of 70% after completion of the plant construction as well as ateul domat.

UNIT INTERNATIONAL Energy is a special purpose entity established for this group UNIT Turkey. The last one securing gas combined cycle thermal IPP business rights from the Iranian government on May 23 and ended up in a power purchase agreement for electricity production in the state-owned power companies and power plants TPPH Iran.

According to SK Engineering & Construction officials and especially, the power purchase agreement guarantee conditions and the Iranian government to mitigate the possible political risks of the Iranian project included the very high stability of.

Ganghoin accompany the Minister to the way this agreement, explained, "The Iranian CCPP Project, SK E & C is expected to participate in this landmark infrastructure projects in cooperation with the future Iran."

Jae - Hyeon SK Construction Representative "SK E & C is the largest gas combined cycle power secure IPP business rights and were for the first time entered the Iranian market," he said "as business expenses is a very large project over 4 trillion gaebalhyeong of SK Construction utilizing the experience of performing business will strive to build a high-quality plants, "he said.

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The real value growth this year won first place among 27 countries

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters - showed that recorded the first among 27 major countries of South Korea won the real value growth this year.

19 days Bank for International Settlements (BIS) According February, the end of South Korea won the United States, Japan, Germany and other major 27 countries compared to the real effective exchange rate index (2010 = 100) is compared to last year (118.53) to 122.34 3.2% rise It showed. Since May 2015 (123.88) is the highest level in a year and 9 months.

REER is the real value of the currency boyeojwoseo trade partners to reflect price fluctuations is an indicator that gauge the competitiveness of national exports. The monetary value that is higher than 100, than the base year overvalued, it means they've reached the index rises trading partners currency appreciation against the real.

When you zoom in China, Brazil, Russia and emerging markets around the world to 61 countries based on the last year of the end of two real effective exchange rate index rose by 3.0% compared to last year (110.63) to 114.02 South Korea totaled jeolsangryul is a 7th level. Also it hits the top 90,000 global financial crisis was in 2008 after two months (118.75) years.

30 countries, 61 countries in this year's dwaetgo real appreciation of the currency, one country is held, 30 countries were depreciated. South Korea was higher than the national army was jeolsangryul include Brazil (6.1%), Russia (5.2%).

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister yuilho met successively held the key 17 to 18 of 20 countries (G20) Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors attending the meeting Finance Minister Simeon nusin-garde American and Christine called the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and then governor in Baden-Baden, Germany the possibility of specifying a currency manipulator month US Treasury focused in preventing the focus in advance.

Yu Deputy Prime Minister stressed the impact of the exchange rate as derived from Manado nusin minister to "no unilateral intervention by the authorities in the domestic foreign exchange market, the recent current account surpluses are demographic changes in South Korea, structural and economic factors, low dielectric is such as he is minor did. La garde governor who said dont rate, current account evaluation results on the evaluation of the Member States are cautious because the data reference when the US exchange reports.

US Treasury every year in April and October more than $ 200 billion US trade surplus with the exchange report, the current account surplus is more than 3% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP), the direction of the foreign exchange market intervention to prevent their currencies rising specify the country to meet the three requirements such as repeated currency manipulator.

Treasury has given the bar to be interpreted in the exchange rate observed countries report released in October last year, the six countries, including Korea, China, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan currency manipulator in all phases of the assignment.

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SK Chairman Chey Tae-won, ears 13 hours after a high-intensity irradiation

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] under the preferential duty-free and SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won survey solicited pardon suspected in more than 19 days and 13 hours to return home at dawn.

Chey has attended the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office at 2 pm the day before. In November last year, summoned by the Special gotta see the status of the investigation get re-attendance in four months, Chey is being investigated more than 13 hours 30 minutes had ears AM 319 days 30 minutes.

Prosecutors Special Investigation Division is intensively like the day before 2 pm Call for Chey to see the status sikke night before the President and the 'defense silse' choesunsil said one inspector appeared a large sum of 11.1 billion won in the Mir · K Sports Foundation established the initiative It was investigated.

Prosecutors are kaemul whether to have the funding in exchange Chey receives the 2015 Liberation Day amnesty and duty free business rights acquisition, auction preference of SK Telecom, CJ Hello Vision acquisition, foil ex-president of help in various business issues such as mergers reportedly.

July 2015 and February last year that was what was sympathetic of seedlings, the second interview soon after K Sports Foundation 8 billion won additional support needs is a key research also unseat from any background in the subject to meet the interests of both sides in the two interviews It announced.

Chey is also reportedly a no way any cost related to the Foundation, contributions from research for a long time denied the allegations that illegal solicitation also have one.

Prosecutors have 21 days before the scheduled night three days ahead of the presidential face-to-face survey of a blitz is called as the Chey further alleged bribery of former President Park read as tight pitching for chopping.

Statements of Chey is expected to be used as a reference in the investigation of former President Park.

Prosecutors reportedly established a strategy to strengthen the foil around the former president 'proceeds of money transactions' suspicions night as the former president to prove the charges of bribery investigation counted as a highlight of Samsung · SK · Lotte pressure.

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KT, the new brand campaign 'people. Start Technologies "

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] KT KT is a new brand campaign featuring the 5G technology-based innovation and service "people. Technologies, Inc. announced that the 19 days start (PEOPLE. TECHNOLOGY.) '.

The campaign of KT 'warm people think that innovation "as the theme" people. Technology 'was a popular actor Hyun Bin blitz machine with a new brand slogan advertising model. KT has strengthened the image of a compassionate one such innovation companies' aim over the campaign.

Accessible two national TV ad published 18, and actor Hyun Bin appeared in each of the materials 'Korea' and 'people'. "Hangukpyeon" shows the confidence of the Republic of Korea was introduced KT 5G technology innovation and leading the global ICT getdaneun that led to the fourth industrial revolution.

'People side' is the expression that is the KT 5G innovations introduced in the 'hangukpyeon' of skills necessary to warm the person.

Actor Hyun Bin "people. technology.' As the main model for the new campaign of KT and the role of the Evangelist 5G technology-based innovation. Hyun Bin also direct the customer to use the technology of KT in the ad, and also an observer looking at the innovative technology. Also take the ad narration peace of mind with attractive bass voice that conveys a message of authenticity.

KT is preparing a range of advertising material to the people who use innovative technologies and services, and it's KT launched the ad campaign after two convenience.

Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games Pre-event, 5G based on realistic service, "Giga Genie 'convergence artificial intelligence technology, the fourth industrial revolution as a material for the connected car including connecting roads and cars made to' Hello PyeongChang test event" International Convention for the the organizer will present the appearance of KT.

KT Marketing IMC is responsible managing director hongjaesang "The 'people. technology.' Expected to be a platform to inform the public that KT will continue to show in the image of a compassionate innovations one such company, "he said," and the fourth round of industrial revolution 5G-based looming led by the Republic of Korea and KT through campaigns should, "he said.

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Eland, do after sale Tini Wini 'EnC'

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters] are ssolrigo Eland is interested in whether the sale of the sold together EnC followed fashion brand on the fashion company Tini Wini Grass V (V-GRASS) China's overseas businesses.

19 days, according to the fashion industry Eland has been proposed sale of the rights to the brand being deployed EnC China from foreign companies and private equity.

In this regard, E-Land "has, including EnC coming several questions about my entered brand in China" and "Santini in the wake of Winnie the sale of the two phases of the E-Land brand in the Chinese market rises saw the other brands being deployed in China, the interest seems to be increasing on, "he said.

Following "detailed review of the sale, as is known in the market is about not only the coming statement," it said "EnC allow the sale of such proceeds or not the depth brand cases that step" is explained.

It was affiliated women's fashion brand dot-com companies EnC netisyeon while the arguments of the dot-com subsidiaries Eland Eland Fashion World netisyeon was incorporated in 2006 as a brand of Eland series. Current Eland World holds the rights for Korea and China EnC.

Eland has been operating for more than 40 fashion brands throughout China, including EnC. Last year basis as well as New Balance 500 billion has been estimated to grow revenues of KRW 4,000 billion won and 200 billion won each brand Eland, Scofield high growth potential, such as various fashion brands have developed in China.

In the case of the sale Tini Wini serves Chinese characters Winnie the favored had sales of more than 400 billion won per year in China.

Eland and V grass between Tini Wini sale amount was the largest of global mergers and acquisitions of domestic fashion brands, in January of this year dill closing time Eland is "secure disposal gains of 750 billion won over the Tini Wini sale, 300% end of 2016 1 quarter of this year reached the debt ratio has been able to reduce up to 240 percent, "he said.

Korea Investors Service (KIS) has lowered the corporate credit rating one step Eland Eland World gyeokin holding company late last year to BBB- from BBB. KIS is a credit rating downgrade for the "deda heavy financial burden compared to revenues changchulryeok, has received a credit rating is negatively affected due to uncertainties in the implementation of self-rescue plan" is a admission.

E-Land and is the only figure lower the debt ratio to 100 percent by the end of the year. Because the industry is larger the observation that "the non-Tini Wini fashion brand is also likely to focus on selling higher margin improvement." Low-margin fashion brand, is expected to sell or will engage in reorganization, including a merger with an existing brand.

Eland is currently out speed even after the sale of real estate Tini Wini on sale to increase financial stability. The goal this year is listed Eland is a plan to secure a 200 billion won, 500 billion won to accumulate only the first half of the year through the first quarter of real estate cleanup.

Last year, E-Land has secured a 250 billion won through the sale of hongdaeyeok and Hapjeong, Magog commercial grounds. Following this year's E-Land is planning to dispose of the open area located in Busan, written and minrak with the decision of closing NC Pyeongchon points.

Eland Construction is reportedly in promoting the sale of the Seongnam Industrial Park as the Daedeok Techno Valley, plans to sell real estate it is the case of E-Land Retail Incheon Namdong Daegu sinseodong real estate foreclosure, yet the nation's warehouse and factory site and Gangnam Jump Milan.

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LGU +, IoT ecosystem strategy and business plan presented

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG U + has announced the 'Ninth haewooso ICT policy' for the last 17 days IoT market to enable the future creation Sciences, chaired choejaeyu loans held at its office in Yongsan.

This policy haewooso include mobile 3 buy, including LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, LH Corp., including electronics, construction industry and the Korea Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA), including related institutions Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) officials and IoT small and medium venture companies Dagger IoT attended and discussed the public-private partnership projects for the market active.

The three major mobile haewooso IoT business, global certification, IoT security, major issues Following the discussion followed the presentation Implementation Status' civil and diffusion tubes IoT Council in net operating plan.

Domestic home IoT 1 above provider, LG U + is ingested (化) Big service usage patterns of home IoT subscribers, ranging from two-digit to the current 60 million households by that you are closer provides customized specialty services with the analysis, based on new customer value It explained.

As well as the future home CCTV 'mamka', IoT plugs, energy meters, while further enhancing the marketability of existing services, consumer, construction, and this year the domestic IoT currently 35 kinds over the furniture makers and aggressive affiliate products to increase up to 50 kinds added also plans to expand the cumulative subscribers in over 100 million households.

Another home IoT business expansion and at the same time this year, based on the low-power long-range communication technology 'NB-IoT' utility (Utility, gas / water / electricity, public business) sector and industrial IoT even one foot, IoT 1 above operators while before entering the market as do also emphasized that the responsibility for activating composition of the domestic market and related ecosystems.

In particular, said it would promote the activation and related market for IoT ecosystem will expand the domestic and international manufacturers and cooperation chipsets, modules, eSim, IoT key components such as terminal co-sourcing.

In addition, LG U + is supplied sequentially to the business contest, hackers t to proceed after another, etc. On the other hand, NB-IoT chipset in April that the private network commercialization expectations and modules for domestic NB-IoT early diffuse partners and LG U the commercialization of ideas emissions through actively supporting policies and positive lab open competition.

The LG U + IoT Division anseongjun managing major domestic and foreign not just only "this year will focus on The Industrial and expanding public IoT market to further consolidate its position as the No. 1 provider in home IoT market," he said, "expansion IoT partners and win-win is our country so we will of course contribute to secure technology and services leadership abroad IoT markets. "

Choejaeyu Future Part Vice is "IoT is intelligence information society and the fourth is ICT industry to quickly spread the IoT to the core infrastructure of the industrial revolution in all industry sectors, as well as future important also for our society," said "industry and government Let's all work together to create success stories to cooperate, "he said.

In the meeting, the future wealth and Korea Association of Internet of Things and the subject configure a "public-private joint IoT spread Council" around the industry, academia and research experts, it decided to operate.

The Council is △ IoT Convergence (smart home, smart city, smart factories, etc.) △ IoT network / service △ IoT platform / △ IoT standardization and security plans to establish and operate four minutes.

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Lotte Duty Free 檢 jangseonuk summoned representatives ... "Bribery allegations intensive investigation '

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper News] Park Geun-hye, the prosecution, investigation and related enterprises choesunsil gate bribery allegations are followed by SK Group to widen the investigation into stride Lotte Group. Prosecutors Special Investigation Division is investigating summoned to see the status of Lotte Duty Free jangseonuk representing 10 am 19 days.

Prosecutors had earlier summoned to see the identity of two people who are responsible for customs duty-free licensing staff. Prosecutors reportedly one advantage in the first half of last year, SK and Lotte to those accused of such acts is provided duty-free system improvements.

For Lotte has been circumstantial February last year, Lotte Group chairman Shin, Dong - Bin additional support Park Geun-hye has returned to around 7.5 billion won in the K Sports Foundation and dokdae May after the president.

Last year the end of March the government to open economic relations Ministers announced a duty-free regime improvement, at the time of meeting, 'SK Networks Walkerhill Duty Free and Lotte Duty Free World Tower workers laid off and burial costs, social costs are indispensable defect in the points' this was specified. Following April Customs have confirmed that adding four duty-free shops in downtown Seoul.

Prosecutors K Sports Foundation put additional weight on the contribution of Lotte whether bribery may expand the investigation. This contribution is the situation if the president Shin, Dong - Bin revealed that the proceeds of this can not be free from bribery charges.

Mr. choesunsil pointed to the defense of silse Park Geun-hye administration has established "The Blue Kay 'to intervene in the two K relating to the business of operating personnel and secured the rights Sports Foundation. Since the establishment, with the support of large complex sports facilities, the related revenue and business planning, facility operations are more blue bars Kay taking.

Prosecutors also are investigating inspector who also returned 7 billion is handed directly to the beginning of May last year, Lotte K Sports Foundation. At that time, corruption is a full-fledged investigation is time for the prosecution of the total family Lotte Lotte after the reigns of the dispute.

Prosecutors announced after the investigation Lotte key stakeholders to decide whether to summon the new president. However, officials of the boot process and whether the prosecution is planning to be decided collectively after the completion of the investigation of former President Park.

The SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won is being investigated high-strength attending 13 hours to 19 days to the day before the prosecution was home at dawn.

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Shin, Dong - Bin, including Lotte total family court 20 days to start in earnest

The first hearing on the total number of such family - South Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] passed on trial for alleged management corruption Lotte Group chairman Shin, Dong - Bin opens 20 days. 19 days, according to the legal agreement the Seoul Central District Court criminal section 24 opens the first trial for the total family Lotte 2 pm 20 days. Day trial has been interested in whether or not you want to gather as well as the new Executive Chairman Chairman Shin Kyuk-ho, sindongju SDJ Corporation Chairman, former Chairman sinyoungja Lotte Scholarship Foundation, including the total attend family four people at once.

However, the new Executive Chairman elderly are likely to be present in the courtroom instead of visiting research on health issues. Even new general president of the court is expected to attend the trial of a long period of time is difficult. Attendance is also unknown whether the president and general manager of Mr. Shin seomigyeong common-law relationship.

The court hearing last month in preparation date, "says the document will be issued an arrest warrant when bulchulseok the first trial," he warned. In this respect server's lawyers to "stand seed has returned to the court attended by receiving the passport invalid action again may not be able to leave for Japan," said "first trial, the bulchulseok, and there is a suspicion of his books and related trial dont only to attend, "said the requested state.

New president is under suspicion of embezzlement and breach of trust against a 175 billion won. New chairman was accused victimize 480 billion won in the rights offering affiliates in the management process to diffuse the failure of Lotte PSI four. Like Mr stand through affiliates such as Lotte Cinema he has also been accused of pushing Ying gave a sense of 770 billion won.

In addition, under the alleged wrongful receipt of a hefty salary to go up only one position Lotte registered office in Korea and Japan Lotte affiliate name. The prosecution believes that the salary paid by the wrongful worth 50 billion won including 40 billion won, up 10 billion won for his mother and daughter have a new president SDJ Corporation.

New Executive Chairman has received 85.8 billion won worth of tax evasion charges. Executive Chairman Mr. Shin was cleared and the new president standing before a Japanese Lotte Holdings Inc. 6.2% between 2010 car name was retained in 2005, it was inevitable that the gift tax paid with a paper company in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Shin former president was accused of receiving a nominal dwitdon Lotte Duty Free Shop neighbor solicitation to representatives jeongunho ago Nature Republic. God is the former Chairman of the state in January collected additionally received the command of 1.400004 billion with more than ten thousand won sentenced three years imprisonment.

Lotte day total fee in addition to the mounting hwanggakgyu Innovation and Social Responsibility sojinse Chairman, Lotte Card chaejeongbyeong former president and former and current professional managers such as Lotte Home Shopping ganghyeongu president will stand in court.

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[Weekly market funds box ... avoid escape attempts leveraged index funds ↑

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] the third week of March, the leveraged index fund has recorded excellent returns. Let's impeachment after 10 consecutive trading days Foreign net buying continued to report the rally of Samsung Electronics led the KOSPI index was influenced to 2164.58 points, up 3.21% from the right.

According to the fund rating agencies epeuaen Guide 17-day domestic equity returns are recorded weekly return BM (KOSPI TR, 2.85%) 2.33% lower than the 0.52 points and were converted into positive yield in three weeks.

Active fund returns (1.82%) fell short compared to index funds (3.10%). More types as were all other types have followed the stock index rise was the biggest theme active shares (3.32%) to 3.40% of recorded positive returns.

The KOSPI index rebounded in range-bound through the leverage was ranked as the active stocks to invest in high-return type of theme Other index stocks with higher market capitalization geurupju seeking to maximize profits. However, small and medium-sized active-active sector recorded a significant variation in the flow returns to the strong volatility during this transition phase expansion, rising 0.65% and 0.52% respectively and showed a relatively low flow.

AUM 10 billion won or more domestic equity funds (excluding ETF) 'Hanwha 2.2 times leverage index securities investment trust (equity-derivative ingenuity foldable) Category A' middle of the index stocks other day type yield (3.40%) to 3.40% pt higher than the 6.80 recorded% of yield. Followed by 'NH-Amundi Korea twice leveraged securities investment trusts - equity - derivatives] ClassAe', 'a UBS power 1.5 times leverage index securities investment trust - shares - par vivid type] ClassA' is 6.12%, respectively, 4.80% of the recorded performance.

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[Weekly market fund] FOMC benefit fund ... China top Sweeping

[Nine financial newspaper hyerin Korea News] March scored a third week, a good return on funds invested in the Greater China region. It is interpreted as China's recent economic recovery in Hong Kong H index and the FOMC before rising phenomenon is affected.

17-day overseas equity weekly rate of return is a weekly 1.26 percent, according to the fund rating agencies epeuaen guide, BM yields (World-MSCI-AC WORLD INDEX FREE (KRW Unhedged), 1.10%) higher than the 0.16 percent points, plus three weeks It switched to return.

The Greater China region, locally-record 2.43%, and drew the biggest rise. As the National Bureau of Statistics 14 days announced by the private sector fixed asset investment growth rose and infrastructure investment, to increase real estate investment economic recovery is accelerating dwaetgo investor confidence is restored, ahead of US key interest rate decisions Hong Kong H index rose 4.27 percent, and the area funds contributed to the rising rate of return.

On the other hand, Russia and emerging Europe, emerging Asia is -2.15% and -1.02%, it showed a decline of -0.55%. February showed a production increase from Saudi effect of OPEC production cuts have miyakhae large variability with increasing US crude oil inventories as the US rate hike seonbanyoung were funds that invest in emerging weakness in Asia.

International equity funds to the individual 'index in China Mirae Asset Securities Investment Trust 2.0 H leverage (equity-derivative ingenuity foldable) Category A' recorded a return of 7.81% and showed good flow. Following 'IBK gold mining Securities Investment Trust 1 [equity] Type A', 'Macquarie China Bull 1.5 times Securities Investment Trust (equity-derivative) type A' is 6.18%, respectively, it recorded a return of 6.15%, and the top It won.

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[Weekly securities recommended stocks · KB] HFG, Samsung Life · CJ E & M

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter]

◇ Hana Financial Group (086 790)

- Reduce enterprise costs related to credit losses and return to normalized levels, and greatly improved.

- Market interest rates rise, SG & A restructuring costs, earnings, such as a discount factor according to the mitigating capital ratios improved in accordance with.

◇ Samsung Life Insurance (032 830)

- Reflecting sluggish performance of the non-recurring factors seonbanyoung, political uncertainty and mitigating factors eliminated.

- Positive environment in accordance with US bond yields rising interest rate hike and South Korea is expected to serve as a positive factor.

◇ CJ E & M (130960)

- Advertising costs rise in 2017 sales growth outlook due to continued competitive content expansion.

- Leigh, with earnings of consolidated subsidiaries and sales growth of digital content, such as TV broadcasts diamond sector growth prospects.

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Samsung Securities Co., dressed replaced until the end of March events in progress

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] Samsung Securities is a non-face-to-face with the target to open an account customer, dressed replace the shares at Samsung Securities, and when trading online 'transfer to Samsung Securities' paid department store gift certificates progress events until the end of March do.

Samsung securities, POP HTS, mobile apps (mPOP) to over 10 million won or more shares alternate wearing, and 1 million won or more online equity trading customers first 100 to the mobile department store vouchers ₩ 30,000 to 1 200K or greater wearing post 100 the first 30 names that deal with more than million won gift vouchers online for $ 50.

New customers in 2017, adding to the luxury gift sets toothpaste to 10 people through a lottery to customers for the above events.

Online transactions are subject to domestic and foreign stocks and ETF · ETN, etc., should one wear to open an account in a non face-to-face transaction, but the amount is summed they own account transactions.

For more information about the event, transfer to Samsung Securities' will be confirmed on the homepage or family center.

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[Recommended weekly events · SK Securities] LG Chemical and Samsung Heavy Industries · DMS

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter]

◇ LG Chemical (051910)

- Growth expectations sized battery. United sized battery brisk business in accordance with the expected increase in sales.

- The expected turnaround in the cost of materials division.

- Some big businesses mitigate earnings volatility estimated in accordance with the Eastern Hannong farm and LG Life Sciences arguments.

◇ Samsung Heavy Industries (010 140)

As MARCH suggests that interest rates are not as strong stance on the FOMC, the weak dollar and rising commodity prices expected to continue the strong shipbuilding shares.

-LNG But showing the line recovery market, competitors (DSME) is expected to result in a benefit of the company's LNG carrier market recovered most of the problems, such as financial risks.

- The Chinese government is expanding LNG demand for power generation with the cancellation of the coal power plant.

◇ DMS (068790)

Benefit expectations of the investment of flexible OLED display -LG and display manufacturers in China.

- Flagship washing equipment sales increased in view of the essential process used in OLED In addition to LCD.

-1-Quarter earnings are expected to exceed the forecast, expected to be the largest ever recorded in earnings this year and next.

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[Weekly recommended stocks, Shinhan Investment Corp. Samsung Electronics and US-ROK Global · NH Investment & Securities

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter]

◇ Samsung Electronics (005930)

- Balhimyeonseo holding company would proceed without a hitch uncertainties.

- The semiconductor and OLED business brisk. Galaxy S8 momentum released in April this year, operating profit increased 40.9% compared to the previous expectation.

- This year conducted quarterly dividend and treasury stock purchases 9.3 trillion won, incineration decision also positive elements in the share price.

◇ ROK Global (053 690)

- Maintenance business increased by 17% in the market blooming headquarters estimated 122.4 billion won sales in 2017 compared to the previous year.

- 30% increase in estimated 59.1 billion won in 2017 to US infrastructure investment subsidiary OTAK sales compared to the previous year.

-2017 Year, consolidated sales increased 19% YoY to 201.2 billion won, 14.6 billion won operating profit forecast 55 percent increase.

◇ NH Investment & Securities (005940)

- Market forces suffered a turnaround in trading volume recovery expectations.

- Positive annual cost savings of about 18.7 billion won last year, early retirement.

- Existing strengths can be expected which was IB commission income and interest income improved by issuing commercial paper work become available since the second quarter of this year of mega IB.

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This week, Samsung Electronics 1017 companies 'shareholders' super ... 24 days where 924 gathered

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] the fourth week of March will open the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Samsung Electronics and other companies in December 1017 settlement of listed companies.

According to the Korea Securities Depository 19 days of the closing of December 2070, companies listed companies 253 companies including Hyundai Motor completed the regular shareholders' meeting. Also it upheld the regular shareholders' meeting held on March fifth week after the 782 saga.

By stock market securities market, including Samsung 451 companies, including 552 companies Goku KOSDAQ market, Conex has bought 14 such as Zoom Internet. Day, Samsung Electronics is expected to reveal plans for shareholder value, including the holding company formulated a plan last November.

In particular, 24, 416 companies listed companies on the securities market, KOSDAQ listed corporations is expected to have 924 companies, including 498 companies and Conex market listed companies 10 companies hold regular shareholders' meeting.

24 days where shareholders' meeting is held is in the securities market △ Samsung △ our bank △ Meritz Fire & Marine Insurance △ Samyang Holdings △ Yuhan △ CJ Korea Express △ Daelim △ all members Holdings △ Korea Thai World Wide △ Kia △ daeyu plus △ deer Holdings △ Hanwha General Insurance △ crew gangeop △ Daedong industrial △ heating wires △ Hungkuk fire & Marine Insurance △ CS Holdings △ Please shoot-East Holdings △ one thousand and one high-speed △ SK Hynix △ Youngpoong △ LS Networks △ prominent Holdings △ Ewha industrial △ Samsung fire & Marine Insurance △ Gangnam my biscotti △ Hanwha △ bohae △ Union △ front △ Dongbu △ CJ △ for textile △ Eugene investment & Securities △ GS global △ Namkwang Engineering & Construction △ rich Securities △ white point industries △ Taewon Corporation △ for wires △ Hyundai Marine & fire Insurance △ East △ Jovi △ best polishing industry △ target △ SK Networks △ Hanyang Securities △ Samwha capacitor industry △ Samho △ KISCO Holdings △ Cologne △ namyoung Vivian △ gyeongnong △ considered industrial △ Drawing engineering △ Samyang normal △ Korea Export packaging industry △ KISWIRE △ Lotte food the Hanjin Korea Paper △ △ △ △ KCC-German beomyang Kunyoung △ △ △ boss Mars century steelmaking industry △ △ same ssissi oriental Tea borak △ △ △ docks Sam Young Trading industry.

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"Shin Kyuk-ho and de facto 'seomigyeong 20 days Lotte 家 attend trial

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Mr. Shin Kyuk-ho finally reveals the appearance of Lotte Group chairman and general manager seomigyeong common-law relationship. Prosecutors said "stand seed will be present at the Lotte Group's business corruption trial held in Seoul Central District Court 20 days to return at 2 pm today (19th) night."

This book's appearance was laid for the first time after retirement. The book selected for the 1977 Miss Lotte Group, Lotte says it is acting as exclusive model in 1981, suddenly announced retirement. Mr. Shin gave birth after her daughter Yumi years between 1983 and the new Executive Chairman.

Mr stand staying in Japan reportedly accepted to enter the day temporary travel document. Prosecutors deny that bar entry to invalidate the meantime been refractory to summon up his passport examined. Following the prosecution "We will issue an arrest warrant for Mr. bulchulseok during the first trial standing" trial ready date in the last month warned.

Mr stand has received illegal to rent stalls from Lotte Cinema Shin, Dong - Bin President being accused of unjust enrichment chaenggin 770 billion. There is also a Japanese Lotte Holdings for 3.21% stake that is alleged to 297 billion won donation inherited from the 2006 General Chairman Shin Kyuk-ho.

As Mr stand trial in attendance highly likely Lotte total family five people at a time stand on the court. Day trial shall attend the Lotte Group chairman Shin, Dong - Bin, vice sindongju former Japanese Lotte Holdings (SDJ Corporation Chairman), former sinyoungja Lotte Scholarship Foundation. Executive Chairman Shin Kyuk-ho is not clear whether the courts have restricted mobility attendance eda elderly.

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Pulmuone 'healthy cooking classes' for soul progress bapjok

The [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Pulmuone progress bapjok the soul 'honbap healthy cooking classes, healthy meals so that you can easily and conveniently alone with Naver food.

"Honbap healthy cooking classes" opens twice in April and 15th of August, Jongno-gu, Seoul Insadong, Kimchi Museum, liver, and 22 days, Pulmuone held once in full - Geumjeong kitchen in Busan. It can attend, as well as to the applicant and one guest may attend up to 14 per team, up to 28 people.

Cooking Class participants will learn the importance of proper food for cooking professionals, have time to eat a meal made for me directly to the right. In particular, introduce a 'soul bapjok "This alone effortlessly' 211 diet, the number of fiber-rich, so vegetables practice, saturated fat and the cholesterol, low protein, utilize healthy ingredients, such as weeping formula that corrected the balance of the body recipe and You can learn the process of creating yourself.

'211 meals, Pulmuone will consider the Korean diet and nutritional balance of vegetables, protein foods, whole grains 2: a healthy diet devised figured to fit in a ratio of 1: 1.

If the application is for anyone who wants to participate in the "right food meal 211 'Naver page that posts events Pulmuone run for up to 30 days. Upload your own personal blog or post to the applicant honbap recipe with the required tag # honbap recipes, meals, and # 211, the URL and the date you want to attend the event posted on the page, and leave the area in the comments. The announcement can be found at Naver April 3 posts.

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