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中 me 'Wan Hui "Korea now no consumer complaints

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper News] Chinese state broadcaster CCTV aired the accusations program 15 days right on the 'Day of Consumers' expectation missed expect the three targeted companies including Lotte Group of Korea. Companies in South Korea showed that the target be broadcasting until shortly before entered the local affiliate of Lotte, Samsung Electronics' 315 Wan Hui "was not mentioned.

CCTV is 15 days for two hours from 8 pm (local time), if the Internet is reliable consumers have no worries' was airing '315 Wan Hui' theme. This program is a program that has been produced with the Chinese government and foreign companies focused CCTV target.

This year, though quite a few high-altitude observation rea companies include Korea in missile defense systems (THAAD · Sadd) Retaliation-dimensional program, it pointed out problems such as Nike in the United States, Japan, non-powdered, Muji, Super Ion. In China, the domestic Internet search engine "biker com" went on the chopping board.

Wanhu day, which pointed to problems such as durability of the products made in Japan and radioactive polluted areas of Nike shoes.

In addition to unqualified medical company illegally collecting personal information and product touted, LED Stand-related damage cases, the feed was added to the rise Kindle Dogs disabled, internet, telephone with voice phishing, etc. case, babysitting brokers credentials issued by controversy, smartphones the risk of iris recognition and face recognition, privacy, hacking using a mobile phone charger risks, uncovered a fraud selling functional foods, such as targeting the elderly.

Climb the target of criticism 'Wan Hui 315 "China continues to fall in confidence, as well as sales plummeted due to the boycott. The foreign companies to Wan Hui is why referred to as' the lion limbo.

Wanhu which mentioned the issue of the quality of last year, South Korea and the United States, Germany, the Thai Children's goods before 2015, charged excessive labor costs of imported vehicles of the Volkswagen and Nissan, which has been treated and vehicle defects.

2014 was a Japanese camera makers Nikon and Australian dairy company OZ milk is the target dwaeteumyeo exchange defective service of the year 2013 Apple problem. McDonald 2012, 2011, Kumho Tires also deulmyeo calls to bar any quality problems can jjogeura is located in China.

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Fed to raise the reference interest rate% 0.75~1.00

[South Korea's Choice Financial newspaper reporter] US federal funds rate has been 0.25 percentage points hike.

US central bank, the Federal Reserve (Fed) monetary policy meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is 0.25 percentage points in the two-day 15 (local time), the regular meeting of the current benchmark interest rate 0.50~0.75 0.75~1.00% to% I decided to raise.

This rate increase has meant tightening the era of low interest rates and after finishing the first one carried out a rate hike last year, three months after the December 10 000 0.25 percentage point hike, and after the global financial crisis, 12, 2015.

Chairman Janet Yellen is summarized as "simple message of this rate hike is that the US economy is right to go well." Following yelreon chairman said "the economy would be appropriate to raise the Fed's benchmark interest rate gradually continue until you reach the ground like a neutral term target of 3% as expected.

According to the Fed committee jeomdopyo day you can see out the future prospect of interest rate hikes (dot plot), two additional times, and goes each year by raising interest rates three times in 2019 the so-called '3-3-3' hike this year It is expected. Day public jeomdopyo is expected, such as those announced in December last year.

Catch the average markup by 0.25 percentage points, depending on the Fed's "gradually raise 'policy during the year was expected to rise to three times the impression 1.25 ~ 1.50% band.

Donald Trump's first rate hike since the new administration, the viscosity, but attracted the attention yelreon Chairman cautious. Yelreon chairman said "changes in fiscal policy can alter the outlook, but it noted that whether the change will affect the economy too early."

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Latest round of SK Networks President, CSIS Pacific Forum to attend the annual Board of Directors

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter - latest round of SK Networks President for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) played an active foreign private attend the annual Pacific Forum under the Board of Directors.

The president attended the latest round Pacific Forum held annually in the United States Council for Hawaii local time 15 to 16 days had a time share for this year, business plans and prospects attended in a heated discussion on security issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

Latest round Chairman of this at the annual Board of Directors "due to the recent nuclear test and missile problems and the ambient situation surrounding the Korean Peninsula rapidly changing," he said "the two-digit region gather the wisdom and power of the people gathered in a future-oriented direction naahgagil want to, "he said.

The latest round has been sponsored by the President of $ 20,000 per year for the development of the Pacific Forum, and especially a lot of attention and support under the Pacific Forum Young Leaders Program (YLP).

Young Leaders Program is a new generation of leadership activities supported by the Pacific Forum CSIS. Of more than 1,000 young leaders from about 60 countries, including the young Korea from 2004 to present their contributions and through direct participation when establishing the Northeast Asian and international policy issues of the Pacific Forum.

In 2015 and 2016 he won the suggestion of recent presidents also held a forum profit more from Seoul Walkerhill Hotel. At the time it was attended only the United States, three countries, Korea, Japan also invited China to profit more was the assessment that paved the way to the expanding base of more commercial forums.

CSIS Pacific Forum has been founded by Lloyd Bash admiral in 1975 with offices in Hawaii, a non-profit, private research institutes to study the foreign policy that operates as the Asia-Pacific branch of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in Washington (CSIS).

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[Pizza franchise brand reputation March 2017 - Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, pizza to order albol

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] March 2017 Pizza brand reputation survey Domino's Pizza restaurant is No. 1, No. 2 Pizza Hut, recorded the third ball of pizza al.

Korea Corporate Reputation Institute has analyzed the 8821 data, only the big 959 from February 14 to 12 days on March 15 pizza franchise brands. Compared with February 3853 10 000 865 brand reputation index rose 10.92%.

March pizza shop brand reputation ranking Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, pizza albol, Mr. Pizza, Pizza School, Papa John's, Pizza Country Chicken Princess, Pizza floor, Pizza Etang, 59 rice, pizza, Mulberry tteurak pizza, Fertility cheese pizza order It was aggregated.

LG Chem, Facebook the new name 'LG Chemie Story

[Korea Financial News] had a refurbished LG Chem official Facebook. LG Chem said it changed its name in Facebook in 16 days' Humans of LG Chem 'as' LG Chemie story.

LG Chem is a result of the public vote conducted through Facebook for naming six nominations, received the support of the majority of 1,000 was selected by LG Chemie story. In the event bakjinsu LG Chem CEO Vice own "LG Chemie story - since I'm cool name. Many people believe that disability shall be joyful together, "Leave Comments were also surprised that gimmicky.

LG Chem is expected to strengthen communication with richer content, starting with the official Facebook naming changes. Existing figures introduction corner of 'Humans of LG Chem' in addition to 'Chemie Code, the trend Castle' Locate Chemie fantasy 'to introduce the content, "Weekly Chemie convey the highlights of LG Chem to introduce life interesting chemical Story including the new operating trends, and also increase the number of published content from twice a week to five times a week.

LG Chem's official said, "we will create a communication channel that can recognize the familiar fun, many are LG Chem with fresh stories."

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Kia Motors '2018 Soul EV' pre-contractual conduct

Said that according to the opening of the [financial newspaper stand hyomun Korea News] International Electric Vehicle Expo held in Jeju Island, Kia Motors is 16 days prior to the start of the contract, the 2018 Soul EV '. 2018 Soul EV is the maximum output 81.4kW, equipped with a high-performance motor and 30kWh battery of high voltage of up to 285Nm torque of the electric car, Kia representatives.

In particular, the cruising range to mount the high-voltage battery 3kWh increased battery capacity than the previous model is characterized by increased approximately 20%. Price is 42.8 million won, receiving the subsidies through public subscription can be purchased 10 000 vehicles in 1680 ~ 2880 million won level. If you buy a 2018 Soul EV receive support from the Jeju local government subsidy 6 million won and 14 million won government subsidies can purchase a vehicle at 22.8 million won.

Kia participate in the 4th International Exhibition for Electric Vehicle Expo in Jeju Soul EV ▲ ▲ ▲ Soul Soul EV autonomous car EV vehicles cut from 17 to 23 days and showcase high technology and marketability of the Soul EV. In addition to customers who visited the venue provides an opportunity to test ride and purchase of consultancy services Soul EV.

Kia Motors said, "2018 Soul EV is substantially equipped for improved range and RV vehicle high product competitiveness based on a unique large indoor space" and "2018 Soul EV is to satisfy the customers with an emphasis on affordability and variety of lifestyles environmentally friendly car market It said it will increase its presence in Kia. "

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MetLife, sets out support agents ... 'GMAP' release

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong News] MetLife is a GA (General Agency, an independent legal representative) of financial planners are MetLife's contract management more efficient as you can so dedicated mobile application, 'GMAP (GA Mobile Application)' the It launched.

Through this application, GA Financial planners are now able to quickly and easily access contract status, easy Sign up design, product library, online training, such as functions required for operating activities dedicated counselors connection MetLife products.

Especially that it can take advantage of convenient services such as contract management of customer contracts lookup smartphone greatly increased user convenience as the most distinctive in the industry. You can view the 'My Contract Status' menu examination of the progress in real time through a new contract, and "full sales status monitoring' menu, it is possible to ensure the necessary complementary information. It also expects to increase it customer satisfaction with more attentive customer care you can easily check the normal maintenance, effective, surrender, cancellation of such contract conditions and specific queries are possible, contract-specific variable income and equity commitment ratio.

Through the "Easy Up Design" menu, you can easily check the insurance premiums and product information for product design in just a few clicks. The assessment identified information, products can pass easily through text messaging or chat apps to customers and added customer convenience.

Damien Green MetLife said "MetLife is by offering differentiated mobile services for the empowerment of agents and customer satisfaction has established itself as a digital leader in the life insurance industry," said "With the systematic and specialized education support provide a high level of mobile customer management through the 'GMAP' by strengthening partnerships with suppliers, and expects to achieve higher customer satisfaction, "he said.

In addition to the 'GMAP' it is going to help the business activities of GA financial planner through a variety of functions. Through the 'variable (funds) Archives "menu offers a variety of return, monthly quarterly guides, reports by Fund Management, relevant news stories, and ensure the right product invitations and terms and conditions can be shared with customers.

"Online education" in the menu offers a variety of business-related training videos and materials are available in professional quality education without regard to time and place. Other activities, such as sales and support for the customer during the meeting that fortune can take advantage of, sent greeting cards can be more convenient.

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Lotte Group, the first half of 1150 people employed interns, new bonds

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Lotte Group shall conduct a public hiring new employees the first half. Food is recruitment sector, tourism, services, distribution, adopted by 39 companies including petrochemical, construction, manufacturing and financial sector personnel is 1150 people, including 400 people in size 750 New Bond summer internship name.

The new bond is from March 21 to April 3, Summer interns are given the support received through the Lotte Careers Home from April 27 to May 11. New bond selection process proceeds to the applications received, document review, L-TAB (in and aptitude tests) and interviews jeonhyeongsun and will announce the final selection at the end of May.

Lotte plans to selected women for about 40% of new bonds personnel in this employ. In addition, the proceeds Interview with autonomous dress to respect the individuality and diversity of applicants in accordance with the affiliates. Along with Lotte global officers and female soldiers, including an officer proceed with the planned national contribution talents special recruitment and disabled special recruitment separately.

In particular, it is planned to proceed with the new bonds' Lotte SPEC tackle Audition to evaluate only the selected job performance of candidates adopted separately in April. Lotte unique recruitment typical of Lotte SPEC tackle Audition adopted the name and contact information, and receives submit only the proposal or proposals related to the job function, company-specific, methods such as theme-related missions carried out or presentations that reflect the job-specific attributes to the job application Details talent through.

Lotte goes to executive recruitment presentations and lectures at 32 universities across the country to provide a variety of information for job seekers. It also plans to run in Seoul and Busan where the two cafes job (Job-Cafe) to Lotte recruiters participated in the March 31. Lotte is expected to be filed prior to hiring managers by Lotte Careers Home Consultation for the convenience of applicants.

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KB Asset Management, a dedicated team established overseas operations ... Pimko affiliated with Vanguard,

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] KB Asset Management This business sets out to strengthen overseas operations. Jojaemin CEO took office after overseas than the first row. Whilst KB Asset Management Except for index funds, while value stocks and growth stocks overseas funds sector embellish the lineup based on significant achievements in the domestic market equity funds it had no apparent results.

KB Asset Management has expanded to two teams in December last year, foreign investments through the Government Employees Pension Corporation 16 days after the signing of a reorganization to gimyoungseong executive who oversees the existing global strategic operational headquarters to three teams.

International Management Team is responsible for the international fund quant-based offshore fund, and the two new teams operating directly, and three teams dedicated fund of funds managers and fund management through international cooperation.

KB Asset Management are current you are operating three trillion 5000 billion of foreign funds, some Chinese funds directly operated from 2015. In addition, management is also being funded institutions such as sovereign wealth funds in recognition of the excellent operability while.

Fund representative in China through KB high dividend fund is currently operational scale 248.5 billion won (NAV) is the largest and one of China dividend funds, the past year yield has shown the most outstanding achievements of China dividend funds as 18.25%.

Unlike traditional Chinese funds and has invested extensively in Hong Kong, mainland China, like the US listed Chinese stocks, the result of focused investments in companies with high dividend appeal. Market dividend yield of the end of last year, Bloomberg statistics based on the enterprise fund has exceeded the average domestic equity fund 1.7% to 4.3%.

KB Asset Management Global Strategic Management Division gimyoungseong managing director explained, "during the first half of this year, TDF (target date funds) will launch a new fund this year as the world No. 1 Vanguard signed a global bond management company specializing in strategic partnership with pimko".

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Lotte Duty Free "Korea Brand Power Industry" 10 consecutive years

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Lotte Duty Free Shop Duty Free sector was ranked first in the "brand power industry in Korea (K-BPI) Survey. Lotte Duty Free recorded a consecutive 10 years won also honors the golden brand.

Korea Management Association Consulting (KMAC) the 'Korea Brand Power survey of industry ", starting with the 1999 19th anniversary this year, is the Republic of Korea leading brand evaluation system to ensure brand awareness and consumer loyalty.

The survey Lotte Duty Free has unearthed a variety of Korean cultural contents have received high praise in the domestic tourism industry is contributing to the domestic as well as enable the highest level of IT infrastructure and integrated logistics center operations.

In particular, since 2006 every year the "Family Festival" conducted a marketing representative Korean Hallyu stars are invited regarded as a major success story attracted a large number of 'Enterprise Tour treatments' for foreign tourists into the country.

Jangseonuk Lotte Duty representative "above for 10 consecutive years K-BPI 1 Awards and Golden Brand The selection is significant that recognized the results our efforts to provide Lotte Duty Free is a satisfactory shopping experience in our country tourism industry and our customers," he said " will do my 'number one domestic, the best to become the "global No. 1" does not settle, "he said.

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KTB group, 30 Thai listed companies, the industry's first IR ... 428 trillion in emerging markets

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] KTB Korea's first financial group to proceed to the IR (Investor Meeting) Thailand subsidiary.

KTB Financial Group subsidiary in Thailand KTBST (KTB Securities Thailand) is Yoido coming 30 days Hotel Conrad in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) together with 'SET Korea Roadshow 2017' to be held 16 days they said.

The event will be participated in eight listed companies, such as Thailand, including the largest retail subsidiary of CP Food Distribution Group CP, real estate development company representative AMATA. Each company executives meet directly with domestic institutional investors have the opportunity to introduce a strong growth potential and prospects of the leading company in Thailand. 8 companies for each small group meetings and one: one way to proceed is, will attend more than 50 domestic institutional investors.

SET has a year to promote the Thai capital market to target the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore and proceed with the roadshow for local investors. Korea was the first to organize a road show in the KTBST Korea.

Day of Dr. SET Santi, Vice President (Senior Executive Vice President) attended the 'An Introduction to Thai Stock Market' in the subject of the overall Thai stock market introduction and growth potential for the lecture is going to be.

Representatives of the win (Win) KTBST is "will Through the SET Roadshow will be a good opportunity to increase understanding of and interest in the Thai Equity Market of Korea institutional investors, to contribute to expanding trading future inter-country bilateral Equity Division expect, "he said.

The KTBST while ensuring 100% of the securities companies in Thailand FES 2010 as a subsidiary of KTB Investment & Securities Thailand Equity has entered into a Korean securities companies in Thailand only. Jungyimyeo 397 people, including locals working CEO, has been focusing on brokerage, as well as private equity and IB business.

Thai stock market has traded the current market capitalization is around 655 companies and 35% of South Korea's KOSPI stock market by market capitalization of about 428 trillion won.

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One financial investment, energy investment, a new concept Smart Wrap five days' release

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporters - one financial investment, has launched the 'smart one lap five days' pursuit of revenue through overseas property investment related to energy announced the day before 16 days.

"One smart lab five days' are primarily invested in DR, ETF, ETN related to the shares of energy companies listed on major global exchanges such as the United States and crude oil. Not only to invest in energy-related price changes in the market that is characterized by the cumulative revenue through structured. This product is operated in a manner that reinvested dividends are paid on the other hand, corporate profits and investment in energy generated while building it as a way to reduce the volatility of oil prices to invest using derivatives in both directions.

"One smart lab five days' can join more than 10 million won, and additional deposit is over 100 million. Annual fees are charged 0.7% on a quarterly basis to huchwi preoccupation 0.7%. If you exceed the standard rate of return, the performance fee for excess minutes will separate agreement with the customer.

The initial contract period is one year, automatically extends over the podium, but it can be revoked midway want the customer. The termination fee is generated when terminated midway. Tax follows a taxation system based on equity and dividends abroad. Not a separate hwanheji it is exposed to exchange rate should be considered when investing. The past does not return to the discretionary investment management contracts, managed by the customer's account no guarantee of future loss of principal may occur depending on the operating result.

Byeonjaeyeon a financial investment product strategy Division is "Crude oil is not easy to pursue us, but the investment using the directional familiar staples active, revenue is right difficult rollover costs to predict the direction due to the high volatility," said "one smart five days Lab to complement these shortcomings, noted the energy company that pays high dividends, "he said.

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Moody's, the credit rating 'A1' granted to IBK Investment & Securities ... IBK score, professionalism

[Reporter Korea goyounghun financial newspaper] was granted a credit rating 'A1' at IBK Investment & Securities International credit rating agency Moody's 16 days.

According to the financial sector in 16 days IBK Investment & Securities has obtained an 'A1' rating from the international credit rating agency Moody's. Moody's appreciates the financial support of its parent company, IBK Industrial Bank, and said the reason given for the rating.

Moody's said that "so the probability of receiving affiliate support from the parent company IBK of IBK Investment & Securities High" and "IBK Investment securities are corporate bank owns 84% ​​of the Bank's overall strategy IBK providing financial and capital market access because it forms part of the core, "he said.

In addition, IBK Investment & Securities was flat and that a securities company that specializes in small business has a strong leadership with respect to the government's policy plans. These factors were analyzed, showing that the passage of the strategic importance of the SME sector IBK Investment & Securities.

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Camcorders, home difficult economic circumstances destination Jeju travel assistance

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] camcorder (Korea Asset Management Corporation, President munchangyong) has received the "Jeju travel with family and camcorder 'Registration target for this trip because of difficult economic conditions Family.

The island family vacation plans to be notified individually to the March 15 April 2 to receive acceptance through Naver Happy Bean, the home environment specified screening a total of 90 families selected and the results through such on April 12 SMS .

"Jeju travel with family and camcorder 'is a typical social contributions of the camcorder operating since 2010, and 657 families have participated over 14 times so far. But so far we are chosen travel destination for families with ordinary camcorders financial support to consumers, to recruit participants for the entire nation starting this year.

It is meant to open the program to the camcorder goes to many people needed based on the 'open, win-win, innovation "business philosophy, president of the camcorder munchangyong support of the camcorder in our society.

The family named the island family trip 1st (April), the second (September), third (11 May) and select the desired Recurrence of let go an island tour, dual 11 cubic trip scheduled for May it is only possible to apply for multicultural families, because the family goes multicultural extravaganza.

For more information and to apply for participation in the "Jeju travel with family and camcorders, can be found through the camcorder homepage and Naver Happy Bean website.

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One Members' Catch the scholarship "One Money GO Events

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] Hana Financial Group (Chairman: Kim, Jeong - Tai) "Take the scholarship!" Through "one money GO 'one of the member's service for college students to embark on a new school year Carried out an event.

Offer this 'One Money GO' events across the country 460 goes over the university campus to April 30, and one member's app installed and registering a total of 30 million won scholarships target students, book vouchers, coffee vouchers, drink vouchers, etc. do.

College Scholarship event is "one money GO '' Graduation Cap" by touching the icon lottery opportunities for the students who issued the application coupon and give it appeared, the event ended May raffle of ten to one per 3 million through one after the scholarship money will be paid into one.

In addition, the coupon provides real-time event and how to participate is the same one coupon icon, touch and are paid at the same time, 10 to 1 to one only the supplied money, book vouchers, vouchers for free coffee, drink coupons for various prizes, including 5000 people every day.

Hanjun castle as KEB Hana Bank's future financial group buhaengjang is "to celebrate the saebom take advantage of our future, as the public events planned in terms of cheering students of the era, augmented reality platform," one money GO "to games like Pokemon GO was able to attend the event, "he said.

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The Shilla Jeju, flower terrace 'open

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] The Shilla Jeju This opens the 'Flower Terrace.

On the 3rd floor outdoor terrace with size of 180 pyeong flower terrace it was decorated with flowers of the famous Everland to 'Tulip Festival' as a concept, the terrace of the British royal family and the mansion every year every spring.

Flower terrace was provided with space to take a rest comfortably throughout the museukari tulips, hyacinth, rape, etc. Cornus officinalis. Customers using Shilla Jeju are not available free admission until 1:00 pm on the terrace of the Flower Garden Flower concept located on the third floor.

The Shilla Jeju has also initiated 'Flower Terrace' 'Afternoon Tea Flower "and" Flower Wine Party "with open for women.

'Flower Terrace' is a room for the afternoon tea that customers use from 5:00 am to 2:00 pm, and is operated with space for robbing terrace wine party at 7 pm.

Flower Afternoon tea was configured so that you can enjoy a relaxing time with sunflower, geumgyeguk, gujeolcho, lazy afternoon sip sweet tea with tea service consisting of aromatic floats menu, such as cockscomb. Price is based on 2 ₩ 68,000.

Rosé wine and flowers where you can meet face wines and 10 kinds of premium wine, flower wine party 'is ₩ 30,000 Guests can meet non-guests at $ 50.

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Won / dollar exchange rate, 13.6 won to plunge departure '美 gradual interest rate hikes'

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters] started to plunge the US Federal Reserve (Fed) based on the future, despite the disappointment he gradually raise interest rates trend appears the won / dollar exchange rate.

Won / dollar exchange rate in the foreign exchange market has plunged 16 days 10:09 a.m. today compared to 16 won previous trading 1131.00 won. The won / dollar exchange rate has fallen won the opening 13.6 1130.0 won.

Dawn day US Federal Reserve (Fed) Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) 0.50 ~ 0.75% of the previous year was based on surprise hike interest rates 0.25 percentage points to 0.75% from 1.00 ~.

Fed members are particularly disappointed in the future while maintaining the Sudan opinion jeomdopyo (dot plot) in the same manner as in December 2017 to 2019 by 3-3-3 in turn raise interest rates represent the interest rate outlook saw out four times to raise the market I gave.

Foreign capital inflow of dollar profit-taking factors Commercial and domestic stock market is observed to limit the won / dollar exchange rate. The last three trading days, the stock market has been our foreign capital inflow of about 1 trillion won.

But that day, that the base rate of the Bank of Japan announced the Bank of Japan (BOJ) and soon also released the 2018 fiscal year budget of the US government Trump may be a variable changes to the environment.

Munbak Choi, Senior Researcher at the "Trump policy and direction of the dollar 'Report of the LG Economic Research Institute predicted that" in the future seems to be the direction of the dollar greatly affected by the viability and sustainability of policy Trump.

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We yigwanggu Bank, Bank of the Philippine Investment ceremony attended

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] that our bank (Bank yigwanggu) the last 15 days Wealth Development Bank held a ceremony in Manila, Philippines investment announced Wednesday.

Our bank of the Philippine medium-sized savings banks, investment is the first case of entering the foreign banks after opening Philippine financial markets through a local savings bank investments, last year the end of October, our bank this day gimjaesin shares (駐) after the acquisition of 51% stake Philippine Ambassador to South Korea, the Philippines central bank governors and local companies such as South Korea advanced domestic and international personalities attending the ceremony was carried out among the investments in attendance.

Our bank has adopted a strategy to enter the Philippine market diversification scheme through investment in consideration of the Philippine Savings Bank financial market characteristics. Wealth Development Bank has reborn as a joint venture with our partner banks and Vicsal group, partner Vicsal Group operates department stores, supermarkets and the large retailers in the global Filipino company with a membership of 100 million. Woori Bank plans to promote the credit card business with Vicsal Group expanded retail sales through more than 130 million members secured until 2020.

Currently 16 private plans to expand the network expanded to 3-4 by the Philippines throughout 2020, and every year new branch is scheduled to large department stores and companies run by the Korea Vicsal group to establish such a number in Makati and Cavite area. The Koreans crowded areas and plans to make available to 'Korea Desk' operating and convenient for travelers to immigrants and 140 million visits per year of about 12 million people. And the 'Global Bank wibi platform by expanding the newly opened non-customer-facing channels introduced in the Philippine market, and is equipped with a current-limiting provide content to the platform it plans to focus on targeting young people more interested in Korea, the Philippines culture.

Yigwanggu our CEO said, "a local partner Vicsal the Group and cooperation utilizing the know-how of our bank, and customers planning trust and continue to grow as easily available to banks will contribute to the Philippine banking industry through it" through the barn .

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Starbucks drive-thru, Shop 100, opening times

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Starbucks Coffee Korea a "drive-through (DT) 'Branch opened 100 times. Starbucks Coffee Korea announced that it opened the 100th national Bucks star 'drive-thru' the store in 16 days Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province. Drive-through store is a store where you can order drinks or food without having to get off the vehicle.

Starbucks has presented its first drive-thru store in Gyeongju about four years ago. Through this opening it was to operate 100 stores in 1009 about 10% of the current stores that are operated by the drive-thru stores.

Starbucks has offered to commemorate the 100 shop tumbler special production, the open day to visit first-come, first-served basis at no charge to the customer 500 people to donate at least 5000 won it. All proceeds are donated will be donated to the Northern Pohang Disabled Welfare Center.

Especially in the case of DT points, Jeju aewol DT, DT Donghae, Gangwon points including the surrounding scenery and harmony alone DT racing Originals stores, the company explained that becoming a new tourist attraction many tourists looking for.

Starbucks yiseokgu CEO, "because of the variety of regional development, such as attractions and new towns composition, a living area using a car is expanding this change more diverse consumption styles are expected along," he said. "The distinctive star service in Starbucks but in the future It said it will continue to expand its sustainable drive-through stores based on. "

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BOK governor, "according to the US will not raise interest rates mechanically"

[South Korea's Choice Financial newspaper reporter] soldiers Tuesday the Bank of Korea governor 16 days' ramping up US interest rates are not the Bank of Korea raised the benchmark interest rate by rote "he said.

Soldiers vice Tuesday morning the day the US Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting with our foreign currency monetary authorities respond with relevant task force chaired the meeting, said after the news of the rate hike as such for.

Vice angry soldiers said that "this rate increase (annual 0.50 ~ 0.75% → 0.75 ~ 1.00%) of the Federal Reserve was predictable enough, said" the domestic financial market is not big or anxious concern that higher volatility.

The Bank of Korea interest rate policy, and in particular the expected path of future Fed also from 2017 to 2019 respectively, the interest rate hike eased concerns of market participants greatly accelerate the speed, and in that same year in December to raise 3-3-3 times and Evaluation is. Falling interest rates in the US financial markets, share prices, the US dollar appears weak developing country bonds that have interest rates and CDS premiums also fell.

A BOK officials attended the meeting day are the 'future domestic financial and foreign exchange markets in addition to additional interest rate hikes the Fed may be increased volatility due to economic policy of China (對 韓) policy, European political situation of the US new administration " opinion that was like.

In this regard, the Bank of Korea is' there is a need to continue to give examples of change and the impact of external conditions when excessive fluctuations in the financial markets we plan takes effect in a timely manner to market stabilization measures in cooperation with the government.

The meeting was attended by angry soldiers, etc. including the governor (principal) buchongjaebo International Affairs, in charge of financial market buchongjaebo. BOK governor Lee Ju-yeol is leaving the state to attend a major 20 countries (G20) Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany.

On the other hand, in the early morning news imparted to the domestic financial market in stocks, bonds, KRW appreciation appears all at once. 16 In Seoul foreign exchange market, the won / dollar exchange rate is trading at 1131.20 won fell 15.80 won compared to the current trading day 35 minutes before 10 am. The KOSPI is showing aerial rally to 2148.66 won rose 15.66 points the previous day.

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Bearing Asset Management, Morningstar Fund daesangseo stocks (large caps), bonds mixed two gold medals

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Bearing Asset Management has won the Grand Prize is a global fund rating agency Morningstar awarded the "2017 Morningstar Fund Awards' in stock (large caps), sector and mixed sector bonds said Wednesday.

Morningstar Investment Research specializes in providing the full information for investors the world such as North America, Europe and Asia has been selected to contest the fund management company and brought the best results to investors annually awards the "Morningstar Funds Awards'.

Bearing Asset Management is reborn as a large comprehensive asset management through integration between September last year, the parent company affiliated asset management companies Mass Mutual Insurance. And more than 300 trillion won asset management around the world, providing a diversified global investment services across such bonds, stocks, real estate, alternative assets.

Bearing Corporation and Korea, is to provide professional related to domestic and foreign investors over 25 years of domestic operations and debt service stocks, the recent management AUM is close to 11.3 trillion won, and has become a truly representative national independent asset managers. Bearing debt management is collusion-type mutual funds in 2000, 2001 IPO stocks mutual funds that invest primarily in high dividend-type stocks were first introduced in the domestic market.

Morning Star will be launched in 2002 with funds from target selection to the target stock (large caps), sector, bearing high dividend equity funds' year, boasts the longest history among the existing dividend funds. The last 14 days cumulative return of 395.31% of the fund based on three-year recorded a 48.33% rate of return 20.93%, and 5 years.

The "retirement bearing pension dividend of 40 bonds mixed funds' selection of bonds mixed Prize is profitable with bonds and to diversify stability in high dividend stocks, such as holding government bonds and monetary stabilization fund assets as a core due to the nature stable operation of the pension aim. According to the fund appraisers zero five years the cumulative rate of return is the highest rate of return yiraneunge side bearing described throughout the hybrid bond funds more than 100 billion won 28.1% of the Month based on fund six days.

Bakjonghak CIO of the bearing is operated "will reward investors with steady return on investment, consistent bearing operating adhere to the principles in the future, and strive to dig through the blue-chip stocks continued strengthening research capability," said the award.

This fund has a risk of loss of principal products dividend earnings, past investment performance is not necessarily a guide to the future.

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DGB DGB, SME, Small Business Tax Education target

Targets such as [South Korea financial newspaper Daegu = bakminhyeon reporter] DGB Financial Group DGB DGB (CEO bakingyu) Enterprise Management Consulting Center, SMEs and self-employed in the last 15 PM experiencing recent difficulties with sluggish sales due to the prolonged recession in the local economy that the tax measures and progress on the basic tax free education said Thursday.

Consisting of 35 people targeted customer referrals each branch of the DGB DGB This training was conducted for about 4 hours free consulting center located in the DGB DGB Superintendent biblical point of the third floor.

Gimhyeonjae MY TAX Tax representatives have informed the basics of tax and tip, then as a lecturer, having had time to participants and answer questions.

Kim, the representative pointed out that the reality is the fact that many operators do not even know exactly what the tax base, etc. do not know exactly the difference between personal, corporate registration business start-up, also Incorporation point not specify details.

In addition it offered a variety of information, such as giving practical help for the May general taxation income tax and tax-related type of report period, type of business tax obligations in good faith report hakin institutions, labor and insurance 4.

This can be misleading in education representatives (massage chair store operations) is' been a great help to more training for such report in good faith and the importance of insurance Employees 4 VAT and income tax ", according to the testimony.

Operating a variety of training programs for local business owners and corporate management consulting center in the DGB is scheduled to conduct training following the SNS marketing year yangilgan 30 to 31.

By showing the success in improving revenue by utilizing Facebook and understand how the SNS can be a marketing tool, it is by to see firsthand and implement a Facebook plans to focus to change the perception of Facebook marketing . DGB DGB trade customers interested in Facebook marketing education can receive education through the process if you contact the limitations of Daegu Bank branch or enterprise management consulting and sales centers without the sector.

Bakingyu Bank's 'doegetda local citizens and clients to trade tax, labor, SNS, ISO, changes in innovation and education is closer to offering a variety of educational services to offer customers greater benefits 100 years banks' he said to leave a comment.

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'LG air purifier Purifying Care 360 ​​"released two kinds of spring colors

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG Electronics has launched an air purifier and a new color right the spring season will be actively targeting the consumer health market.

LG Electronics has introduced two new 16 days applying the 'Romantic Ocean's "Romantic Rose" feeling of luxury and cool and chic in soft, 360 ° Care Purifying air purifier.

If the existing colors including white color of this product is both wider choice of customers was increased to three.

Adopted the 360 ​​° Care Purifying air purifier "is the same color scheme and released earlier this year, dual air conditioning Whisen 'raised to the interior versatility. If you use another than the two products at the same time a separate air-conditioning electricity use is reduced approximately 9%.

The 'clean booster' at the top of the product discharge port is sent out to the fresh air away from the powerful winds to help the circulation of the indoor air is because it increases the efficiency of the air conditioner.

This product, the structure of the suction port and the discharge port is different from the conventional products. 360 suck the polluted air in all directions, and sends out the clean air purified by 360 degrees.

Since the discharge port to separate the product of babies can be concentrated to purify the space of less than 1m mostly life. Compared to the air cleaner with intake and discharge ports facing only one direction, it can purify the indoor air more evenly to every corner where can leave the house.

"Purifying Care 360 ​​° air freshener" was equipped with a filter is a proprietary LG Electronics. This filter allergy causing substances △ △ 0.02㎛ (micrometers; 1㎛ is 1 millionth of 1m) ultra-fine dust to the size of the △ △ smog-causing substances sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide sick house syndrome substances toluene and formaldehyde Eid, life smell It is removed to.

This product has obtained the certification from Korea Asthma Allergy Foundation (KAF) and the British Allergy Foundation (BAF).

Late last year, LG Electronics 'air purifier 360 ° Purifying Care' since the launch of the lift air purifier sales rose more than 30% YoY.

LG Electronics Air Solutions Business Division yigamgyu Vice President stressed that "the color gamihae the air cleaner outstanding features are, of course we will also provided valuable interior" and "I will try to help customers continued to broaden the range of choice."

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Chungjungwon target, "the source table, the world 'new three kinds of market

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Chungjungwon three kinds of new products were launched by the World source table "to reproduce the unique flavors of the world. Chungjungwon is planning to strengthen its position in the market place one source through it.

Target Chungjungwon has recorded a market share close to 30% in the source market of 165.3 billion won Sales By 2016 scale.

This time, new products are introduced, mustard cream sauce (215g) ',' Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce (250g) ',' horse radish sauce steak (205g) 'in three species, both priced at 2900 won.

Marketing Division choehoyeol exaggeration "New World table Source 3 species are introduced to a colorful consider the needs of made of various consumers, put the traditional way of the world-renowned sources as the product," he said. "We can easily enjoy at home a variety of foods in the world so constantly to expand its product line-source policy, "he said.

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HMC Investment Securities, ELS 1 year 6.0% provided kinds of conspiracy

The [Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] HMC Investment Securities is one kinds of conspiracy to March 16th 4:00 pm A total of 50 billion of principal-guaranteed non-ELS products.

'HMC Investment Securities No. ELS 1645' is a three-year non-guaranteed principal product of the Nikkei 225 Index (Nikkei225), Hang Seng Index (HSI) and Euro 50 index Starks (EuroStoxx50) as an underlying asset. Every six months from the date of issue of early repayment opportunity is given to a payment of up to 6.0% a year.

This product can be joined in the conspiracy classified as high risk, and minimum subscription amount is one million won according to separate investment banking products, HMC Investment Securities nationwide each point and homepage.

Investment questions you are smart with HMC Investment Securities financial center.

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Nose Day, New York standing in line-up "collection of modernist 'public

[Korea financial newspaper ohahreum News] Samsung in September last year acquired US luxury kitchen appliances brand's Day nose is a new luxury built-in line-up at 15 (local time) in New York City Samsung NY Marketing Center (SEC 837) 'modernist collection ( It unveiled a Modernist Collection) '.

Also from 16 days to 19 days will showcase the New York Manhattan '92 peer-and-94 (Pier 92 & 94)' lineup participated in the exhibition center "architecture barrels Digest Design Show (Architectural Digest Design Show) 'held at.

Samsung Electronics, the yunbugeun CEO and Day nose key executives of the 'modernist collection, public events conducted among the attending media and industry insiders more than 100 have I played a social actor Alec Baldwin (Alec Baldwin) couple, and kitchen designers architects, etc. this was an introduction to the design and features of the product.

Event participants were divided into small groups forms of social reproduction of the experience, such as home kitchen party in a real home, etc. together through talking about the features of each product to enjoy dinner.

This time the public 'modernist collection' is under evaluation by Kami was a new interpretation of the luxury kitchen with modern design elements in the style of old luxury kitchen appliances.

Here are luxuriously ended a graphite color and consideration for user convenience in stainless steel design and technology, Samsung is deohaejyeo perfectly cooked, of course, carefully finished to give a more advanced kitchen.

Day nose 'modernist collection' is △ wide variety consisting True built-in refrigerator and freezer △ steam function in the oven and cooktop are combined with pro-style ranges △ the intensity of the flame visually represented for healthy cooking to 36 inches from 18 inches 'virtual Frame (virtual flame), induction cooktop △ veneer is applied is crispy and deceived moist oven dish capable of steam features double wash without oven △ corners tight and automatic door opening in conjunction with quick-drying is possible dishwasher △ cooktop automatically lights up when cooking starts, was composed of a hood.

Of the Day nose with the industry's most competitive True Built-In Refrigerators and freezers can be opened easily fridge door with △ small force "pushes open door '△ ice reduces the melting' Cocktail Ice 'function △ internal temperature changes more slowly than conventional foods more long and 'remote-view camera' △ usual, there is hidden is lit when touched, indicating the operating status 'hidden controls' that allows you to check the refrigerator inside the food storage through the calmness technology △ smart phones that keep fresh I gotta be equipped with a new standard of luxury in the refrigerator.

Particularly environment-friendly refrigerant for use luxury consumer brands as the only US Environmental Protection Agency energy use and greenhouse gas emissions reductions in effective techniques for applying the product awarded the "Energy Star high-efficiency, high-tech products Award (Energy Star 2016 Emerging Technology Award) 'suspicious product reduces energy consumption and electricity costs as.

The Day nose is 16 days (local time) Participating to "architecture barrels Digest Design Show is one of the New York Times and USA famous architectural design magazine AD (Architectural Digest) is the US's largest interiors exhibition organized every year about 4 a thousand industry professionals and visitors have visited the interior and interest.

Day nose is provided on display 8 kinds of refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, cooktop, such as luxury built-in kitchen appliances for a total of 18 species of exhibition space to showcase the luxury consumer product quality at the exhibition.

Of the Day nose marketing officer David Nichols (David Nichols) is "day innovative design and technology of luxury built-in appliances '50 tradition and Samsung combined nose and was look completely line of new and innovative products," said "the future kitchen appliances innovation nagagetda lead, "he said.

Samsung's Consumer Electronics Division yunbugeun CEO is to share the philosophy of it to deliver premium value to consumers through the "Samsung's Day nose innovations, this time a new showcase modernist collection is differentiated competitiveness of the companies figured synergy the first fruits "he said," we will strengthen the connectivity and advanced technology, premium design in the kitchen so that the kitchen can be the center of family life, "he said.

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KB Kookmin Card - Hyundai Department Store, launch branded card business agreement

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] KB Kookmin Card bears the Hyundai Department Store and launch branded card business agreement.

KB Kookmin Card signed a business partnership agreement to launch such a partnership card in the last 15 days, Jongno-gu, Seoul KB Kookmin Card headquarters said Thursday.

The partnership with KB Kookmin Card and Hyundai Department has agreed to cooperate in various fields, such as finance and distribution △ benefits associated with affiliate affiliate of Hyundai Department Store cards released △ △ joint marketing target customers using mutual synergy potential new business opportunities.

Partner cards will analyze big data held by the two companies damgil variety of convenient services and contemporary lifestyle department store, Hyundai Home Shopping and Hyundai Department Store and Hyundai outlets affiliates earn special points, as well as interest-free installment benefits, services, service vouchers.

KB Kookmin is planning to expand the card is held by big data in real time based on a variety of customizable marketing system is also co-marketing activities, offering smart 'and utilize the know-how of modern marketing department.

KB Kookmin Card official said, "We expect to look good this partnership with the companies customers to big data base of life service differentiation and financial synergy goods distribution combined" and "build mutual close cooperation in various fields It plans to try to become the success story of cooperation between the banking and retail industries, "as stated.

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Hungkuk life, low-income "Pink Box" passed women youth

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] TK Financial Group subsidiary Hungkuk life has passed in the last 14 days 150 "Pink Box" for underprivileged youth women's collar. Green Umbrella Children's Foundation and the achievements to the netizens 'Pink Box' campaign was conducted with a total of 1500 times Click on the "Like" button.

The campaign 'Life is Sharing': was held in conjunction with the theme of SNS (Subtitle happy Campaign divide added). Hungkuk as the official way of life "like" the "pink box" Facebook posts are to deliver the "pink box" one whenever the cumulative 10 women who are most vulnerable youth were held until the end of last month to 14 days.

Pink Box campaign is to give business to protect the health and welfare of the adolescent female teenagers keen sensitivity, supports the bright and healthy lives of low-income women's economic difficulties as a young woman struggling to buy household goods. "Pink Box" is made up of feminine hygiene products (sanitary napkins), body products, just items needed for women, including adolescents pouch.

Will the campaign participants are more beautiful than the campaign 'help yourself in the sad story of a young woman could do this, albeit While we can truly appreciate the help campaign,' '! Geureogie more widely believe that inform, "" we loved busy even dreamed of a bright future Let created with the environment in which to dream freely to the children, '' as well once I want to hold good, even a few hundred times, 'and the message of warm support with leaving actively participate in the campaign.

'Life is sharing' is a customer engagement campaign induction social contribution activities with the younger generation familiar with the SNS. Hungkuk life, this' pink box SNS campaign to start in May, sharing Relay campaign during the year to come to "warm Habitat Campaign 'for the' coloring book donation campaign, in October, child care facilities children for children patients It plans to proceed.

Hungkuk Life official said, "The first try was surprised at the warm love and care donation campaign participants showed a" he said, "We will strive for a culture of donation to participate easily and happily."

Hungkuk life is yieoohgo various social contribution activities such as child care facilities to support employees directly involved in order to fulfill its role and social responsibility of businesses, home repair services.

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JW Marriott Hotel Seoul, Suite Escape Package Released

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] JW Marriott Hotel Seoul unveiled Suite Escape (Suite Escape) package. Escape Suite is a package that can create memories with your busy life in the family, lovers, friends.

Junior and Executive Lounge is available for 1 night (for 2 persons) in the rooms and suites, is prepared through a bottle of wine JW Marriott signature dessert is one of the Floriade mini cupcakes in Seoul 4 Paper and room service.

The duo will also be provided with a set of check-in, welcome amenities Dick Este brand aesthetic bonus.

Package Customers can use the hotel's indoor pool and fitness center included into the hot water therapy pool for free. The price is from 9000 won 350,000 (tax and service charge).

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Baskin Robbins, cocoa, plus a friend opened the first anniversary promotion

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Baskin Robbins has 16 days to provide five days plus a friend cacao (the parent Cofell) to supply ice cream and coffee coupons from. Baskin Robbins has announced that to celebrate the above can be achieved friend Cofell pro account open first anniversary of the event and the food and beverage sector one goes.

Happy apps and accounts Cofell pro quota When you download a coupon from (10 001 3500 won) ₩ 9,900 to the size, Americano can be purchased at a discounted ₩ 1,000 ₩ 1,500.

Happy earn points to 0.5% of the payment amount will be participating at the event will not be duplicated, such as the application of other events, other coupons, discounts alliance.

Baskin Robbins official said, "the user is registered as Cofell parent of the current Baskin Robbins holds the greatest friend of the food and beverage sector Cofell parent accounts to more than 2.6 million people" and "Baskin Robbins will continue to communicate with customers through a variety of channels and benefits He said that charges will be reborn as a brand. "

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US interest rate hikes, but as long as the change catalyst freeze

[South Korea's Choice Financial newspaper reporter] jimyeonseo the interest rate gap between Korea and the United States narrowed to 16 days Policy rate hike in the US Federal Reserve (Fed) interest converge in the future monetary policy of the Bank of Korea.

Bank of Korea Monetary Policy Committee has maintained the cuts last June after the benchmark interest rate 0.25% 1.25% points 8 months a year.

The biggest burden is dumped household debt exceeds 1,300 trillion. But ahead of central bank cut its benchmark interest rate five times since August 2014 in a sluggish economy, while household debt card interest rate now've now suddenly got a letter in French is difficult to increase the interest burden on borrowers vulnerable.

If the BOK policy rate cuts by the Sudan correspond to a sluggish consumption cliff, leaving foreign investors concerned about the funds due to the reversal in the interest rate tightening in the US are raised.

March Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) since, according to the Federal Commissioner visible jeomdopyo (dot plot) that give the prospect the next rate hike of, goes two times next year and each year interest rates by three times in 2019, an additional year called this impression '3-3-3' is expected. Catch the average markup by 0.25 percentage points, depending on the Fed's "gradually raise 'policy during the year is expected to rise to three times the impression 1.25 ~ 1.50% band.

Jeonbyeongha the best securities debt strategy analysts 'Until now, the Bank of Korea must be to the United States olrindago interest rates wateuna have taken a position that is not for Korea to raise interest rates if current trends are likely to be visible even benchmark interest rate reversal in this year' said predicted that "we expect the future to pay attention to changes in the stance of the Bank of Korea.

In the case of Dong Won Kim SK Securities Fixed Income Strategy Analyst yen 'domestic issues will gradually seem to be reflected in the interest rates in the last few weeks reflect this were delayed, said "the US rate hike rates if you can do it as fast as concerns Bank of Korea's monetary policy is also a bit more flexible the room should be considered to be sufficient, he said.

International Finance Centre is 16 days' March FOMC interest rate hikes recovery confidence "in the report" The rate hike reflects the US economy strong and appeared to be also the same as in December further increases the number of financial markets have reacted with relief rally 'said' analysis would have to be aware of the possibility of expanding the volatility of global capital flows in the process of normalization of US monetary policy in earnest.

Meanwhile, 16 monetary task force as long as the soldiers stylized chaired the meeting vice meeting after journalists and met "The Fed's interest rate hikes (annual 0.50 ~ 0.75% → 0.75 ~ 1.00%) for US interest rates related to our foreign exchange authorities respond It is 'said' enough was foreseen and emphasized US interest rates are not ramping up the bank of Korea raised the benchmark interest rate by rote.

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FSC vice chairman, "two banks household debt check strengthened"

[Korea financial newspaper choice is a reporter] is 16 days' Given the recent dot and the second increased sharply in household loans mainly finance site inspections and risk management for the non-banking sector (second from right) jeongeunbo Finance Committee Vice Chairman to strengthen more thoroughly nagagetda "he said.

Jeongeunbo vice-digit day, told reporters at the residence open "FSC, FSS joint meeting risk checks' from FSC conference room. The meeting was the Deputy Financial Supervisory Service, the International Finance Centre Director, Korea Institute of Finance Research Institute, etc. attended the dawn of day, handed down in accordance with US interest rate hike domestic financial market trends and outlook inspections, recent bond market trends and corresponding directions were discussed.

The financial authorities last December, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) policy rate hike since the market recovered briefly shaken ryeotjiman of dwaetgo explained that the money flows into emerging markets stepping up this year.

However, over the past decade it continues the major monetary policy stance may be the volatility of the financial markets expanded from changes in, point internally, before the presidential election, externally reinforced attention protectionism in the US new government, Saad and China (THAAD ) it was pointed out that there are variables such conflicts.

Jeongeunbo vice chairman said it "will closely review the financial books and foreign currency liquidity impact of the rise in interest rates and implementing measures such as pre-emptive recapitalization, liquidity, acquisition, sale of distressed assets when necessary.

The financial authorities to pursue a policy of corporate bonds, 2.2 trillion won in size through the acquisition policy measures to support financial institutions relatively weak bond issues of small and medium-sized enterprises when interest rates rise. If the bond market crunch is deepening the bond market stabilization fund has also restarted immediately.

Another corporate restructuring, financial authorities are now in April sets out a comprehensive corporate support measures such as the expiration of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering experiencing liquidity problems provided 3 of January market plans relieve anxiety.

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Kibo, to build a one-stop patent information platform

Build a [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Technology Finance is a one-stop patent information platform.

Kibo announced that it has 16 days to build an integrated system to support the company receives a real-time technology assessment based on the patent owner information 16 days.

Patent applicants and owners in many cases the right to change other patent applicants based on information provided by the current system is difficult to use the information directly. The customer has the right to issue and submit directly take issue inexperienced, had to submit such missing customer inconvenience.

Kibo is scheduled to be built in charge patent information services utilization comprehensively assess the patent system has provided assistance to the owner of the patent information services based on real-time by building a pipeline between the Patent Office and the Korea Institute of Patent Information, through it.

In the future, take the notation provides a detailed patent information directly to the owner will proceed with the technical evaluation criteria.

By building links with financial systems such as National Bank to be a financial advantage for excellent patent startups will continue to increase the utilization of patent information.

Kibo official said, "We will contribute to actively promote knowledge creation, job creation through protection and utilization system advanced and patented foundation of the wealth of this collaborative project," said lead to "further SME patent banking convenience enhancing and activating the patent financing Patents I will try to develop a one-stop information platform, "he said.

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Hyundai Motor Group "confident, honest people who want"

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] had opened a new employee recruitment season. Major April 28, Hyundai Motor Group in the LG started · SK · Samsung companies are conducted under the "first half of 2017 bonds for new employees. Among them, from the last 7 days, Hyundai Motor Group to 9, it held a "Jobs Fair" in Seoul, Hyundai Motor studio. This is where the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group said that Talent wants.

HMG is confident and said that they prefer the honest candidate. The talk is that the people who contracted a look at the hiring process should exist to break it. Also there is a tendency to talk a canned answer questions from the interviewer on the basis of past cases say it is more than just positive, showing an honest one.

Hyundai Motor Group official who participated in the adoption briefing session that "when it comes to myeonjeopjang there are the people who look the contraction is not absolute necessary," said "everybody answered them of the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group to the answer the same story seen in the excellent you want are not things like that." It explained.

He also added that "it is good to show that Frank was literally the best in each of the" and "to respond as they have confidence in yourself in the best position interview."

Also questions about the credits can be overcome, he says that there is enough advantages over them. Hyundai Motor Group does not even see the credits, but said they are not absolute rating scale. Build a different experience than that to the best academic commitment, you show the advantages of their own to talk about this is that it is more effective.

Hyundai Motor Group official "Bond volunteers credits if you were addicted to any place of education is low, and if you show whether their experience," said plane beyond the credits indicate that "all means that the necessary human resources to Hyundai to appeal to their own advantage through it He explained that over elements that means. "

Meanwhile, Hyundai is carried out in the last 10 days, including the end of the first half of this year, new recruits bond applications received and core competencies from one job, one days next month injeokseong test, 18 to 25 days next month interview.

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Kumho Asiana "Development Bank, Kumho Tires should stop selling yeoronjeon"

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporters] are scrambling to fierce criticism of the Kumho Asiana Group, the Industrial Bank denied the right number of Kumho Tire's first charged through the consortium in fact. When you submit a financing plan that passed the admission must be adhered to say and principles to permit the consortium to several media, the criticism that expand the double play.

Kumho Asiana Group 16, "Industrial Bank One has notified the definition of the priority number of books on the Kumho Asiana Group over 5-6 times through the media, last September 20 bidding related documents, email, etc. since the start dwaetgo only once even officially no bar notified "and" priority number of rights without shareholder meeting resolutions Park Sam-koo, we know from the articles that are sent to auction the candidate a separate Letter of Commitment or contract that a baksechang private industrial banks alone, which is procedural He said important issues "that may be defective.

Following the "Current Development Bank says that it can not give hayeoseo send an official letter that you submit a financing plan the other hand, the Consortium for bidders configuration and group participation to talk to the media as line allowed through the shareholder meeting resolution impossible allow the consortium there "and" industrial added that banks will have to stop the yiyulbae general yeoronjeon immediately. "

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Hyundai Motors 'electric vehicle 2017 International Expo' participation

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] Hyundai centered the middle child ohnik electric one yigwangguk Domestic Sales Division executive vice president and corporate officials and journalists have attended the "2017 International Electric Vehicle Expo in Yeomiji Botanical Garden is located in Jeju, Seogwipo City 16 days Korea announced the electric vehicle market expansion strategy and a child ohnik electric 'I (Eye) trim' release.

Hyundai has delivered a wide range of information for customers interested in purchasing the vehicles, including that of a customer experiences a child ohnik electric customers through this Expo describes the characteristics of the child ohnik Electric contemplating buying. This time, the newly launched kids ohnik Electric 'I trim' explained that mobility can offer more customers to configure more reasonable compared to trim existing specifications.

Yigwangguk Hyundai "Think significantly to announce the electric vehicle vision with the new I trim in a child ohnik Electric hometown Jeju" Domestic Sales Division Vice President said "HMC is further strengthening its leadership in the global eco-car market for electric vehicles said continuous research and development and will work to expand the supply, "said the eco-car market expanded around the child ohnik plan.

Meanwhile, children ohnik of Hyundai Electric has produced a blast showed the share of domestic electricity after the June 2004 launch of the car market recorded a 63.9% year sales 3749 2016 (total market volume 5858). Since the beginning of the year the electric car collusion took place about a month ago, 72% of sales during the half year period level in 2700 than the contract price.

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Hyundai Mobis '2017 Seoul Motor Show' participation

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] will participate in the "2017 Seoul Motor Show, Hyundai Mobis, which is opening comes 31 days.

MOBIS exhibition focuses on the next generation of autonomous car technology ‧ Connected Car ‧ environmentally friendly car sector through this Motor Show 16 days, and announced plans to consolidate the technological leader in the automotive parts industry image. Hall is 152 pyeong with ▲ Tech Zone (Tech-zone) ▲ Smart Zone (Smart-zone) ▲ Green Zone (Green-zone) ▲ Connect Zone (Connect-zone) ▲ Edu John (Edu-zone), including 5 Zone It is provided to be separated. This is the density level to make available to the public the various components and technologies.

The exhibition is actively introduced the "racing simulator ',' smart cards' and hands-on exhibits and booth design was to maximize the involvement of the audience to apply the outer silhouette of the car in several layers. In the exhibition hall showcasing all technologies and components are delivered more reliable and accurate information and guidance are real researchers.

Hall has around 23 kinds of key components such as smart keys, digital clusters, multimedia, and heads-up displays, lamps are exhibited separately. Visitors can also look at the ability to work directly showed that each of the parts through a kiosk (unattended guidance integrated information system).

Jangyungyeong MOBIS PR implementation, managing director of "Hyundai Mobis exhibited concentrate Hidden advanced technology behind automakers at this Seoul Motor Show to announce a technology leading the global automotive industry," said "MOBIS on Tuesday automotive era, including autonomous and environmentally friendly "he said of the opportunity to experience the technology.

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Hanwha Chemical, hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin business expansion

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter (hydrogenated or less), Hanwha Chemical entered the oil and hydrogenated resins business.

Hanwha Chemical has recently come deuleogatdago Yeosu National Industrial Complex operations within five tons of plant construction in 2019 aims to enter the market said Thursday. Scale investment is 130 billion won.

What would a hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin hydrogenated in the C5 petroleum resin made of a type of oil that is produced from naphtha cracking process. It is colorless and odorless and non-toxic mainly used as raw material for diapers, sanitary napkins, etc. for industrial adhesives and adhesive products. Eastman major foreign producers, such as Exxon Mobil and has a stable growth around 7% annually by about 40 million tons of last year, the world market level. The Asian market is particularly fast growth rate of the hygiene market due to increased population growth and income levels are expected to grow by an annual average over the next 10%. The demand characteristics of the product market faster with a variety of customized product development trend change is essential and needs a high level of skill in the hydrogenation process is stable in the high barriers to entry fluctuations.

Hanwha Chemical has secured the applied technology that can adjust the adhesive according to the various conditions. Another stable raw material supply is available, and a description of it the company that through jariphwa core catalyst technologies of hydrogenation processes to lower production costs by dramatically generic products than doubled over possible high returns through long-term contract with a subsidiary of Yeocheon NCC to be. Meanwhile, Hanwha Chemical has a goal above the hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin 1 global market to strengthen synergies with the existing adhesive resin for business.

Meanwhile, Hanwha Chemical has laid the foundation to diversify its business structure by utilizing advanced to the C5 fraction from the existing center C2 (ethylene) Business Business. Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin business, as well as plans to continue to promote a variety of specialty products business expansion.

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KB Kookmin Bank, 'KB Non stars (飛) Multicultural Understanding Class' conduct

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] KB said that the National Bank (Bank yunjonggyu) In the last 15 days, 'KB Star rain (飛) Multicultural Understanding Class' targets social enterprises ㈜ Makers along with Bucheon gogangdong local children's centers children.

"KB Star rain (飛) Multicultural Understanding Class' are KB Kookmin Bank representative social contribution activities of KB Star rain (飛) dream tuium project as part of, the local children's center children understand the various world cultures to promote and grow into global talents an educational program that can help.

The day class professional instructors from Russia to introduce Russian culture and history, and friends had time to try to understand the cultural experience through colorful activities such as traditional doll making of 'matryoshka doll' traditional food 'Dublin nui' try tasting.

Mr. lecturer God racking Jana has started this job believing that because "has been married Sakhalin Koreans husband came to Korea 10 years ago Wrong lack of understanding and multicultural education is discriminatory in correctly on multicultural raising a child in Korea was, "he said.

This year KB Kookmin Bank plans to proceed with multicultural understanding in the classroom for children of more than 500 children's centers in 22 regions across the country, multicultural training programs to help immigrant women currently also preparing to adapt to Korea.

KB Kookmin Bank said, "but the rapidly increasing multicultural children in our society is a lack of proper awareness education on multiculturalism" and "cultural conflict with South Korea, children, abandoned education in multicultural children's midway due to the negative attention the situation there was going to start this program, "he said.

On the other hand, the KB Star rain (飛) dream tuium project future guidance of youth through customized training programs, mentoring (Mentoring), learning support (Assisting), Career Design (Planning) for low-income and multicultural families, youth (MAP) created is going to work.

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Financial Training Center, opened the financial year of free courses KBI 2017

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] Korea Institute of Finance Training Institute (Director contrast media) are invited domestic and international top experts in the social contribution level to increase understanding through education contributed to the recent financial issues after the last target in the finance company employees and the general public this year the 'KBI finance courses, from February and outlined in the monthly charge.

This year the first half of the economy by expanding the financial issues 'digital currency and the block chain', 'marginal corporate status and restructuring prospects', the theme of 'protectionist policies and the impact of Trump governments' and yisyubyeol lectures and question-and-answer center the progress of the course,

In particular, starting in March, it is expected to contribute to the 'KBI finance courses' the banking company opened in Busan staff and improve the economy and financial sector of the public understanding of Busan.

Last February 23 was a lecture "Global economic reading the financial issues' gimyongdeok 前 the Financial Supervisory Chairman of implementation, despite Thursday night yirwot the turnout and participation were over 100, coming March 23" digital currency and the block chain " courses are showing great interest in such prior application to over 180 people.

The first opened last year 'KBI finance courses' were popular with the financial participation of workers, including two consists of eight courses a total of 654 trainees.

"KBI finance courses' details can be confirmed through the KBI website ( and Registration deadline is on a first come, first served basis through the website.

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LGU +, start-up and venture businesses and eateries future excavations

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG U + has embarked on joint growth with the start-up and venture companies to identify future food.

LG U + has said that the 16 days proceeding the 'ICT camp "for new ideas and technology support future growth areas targeted for start-up and venture companies with Chungbuk National Creative Economy Innovation Center.

'ICT Camp is artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), the Connected Car, pin-tech, healthcare, such as promising startups in the fields spotlighted as a future new growth businesses and a program to unearth the venture.

This program is tailored through the selection team 1 will receive support for training programs in various fields, including one professional mentoring, as well as free support space development and patents, production technology, legal, financial, design and marketing.

In addition, LG U + is planning to try to challenge overseas unearthing the common good as a start-up creation and economic Chungbuk Innovation Center.

If the 'ICT Camp "(within 7 years) start-up and venture companies want to join in coming 17 days from April 16 to submit an application to the business and the creative economy, Chungbuk Innovation Center website to plan. 1st announcement is April 20.

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"Saad firestorm of China, South Korea to ban cruise ships docked ... June seemed to lead

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] China's high-altitude missile defense (THAAD · Saad) was begun among the measures that prohibit retaliation from China to South Korea Cruise Line docked on helix according to the arrangement. According to the cruise shipping industry in China are not operating until the end of June, South Korea gyeongyupyeon coming from the last 15 days.

Italy cruise to South Korea via seonsain stopped from the last 15 days and also the Royal cabinet Adrien Princess Cruises, Costa was also a party to refund canceled. Busan or Jeju through the existing cruise lines heading to Japan, is replaced by the Fukushima and Kagoshima in Japan.

Departure to China by the end of this action brings to their cruise schedule of cruises to South Korea via 182 voyages have been canceled and the state was cut off trying Oh 350,000 cruise tourists away from the Chinese example.

As in earnest in Korea, China Travel sales expected to hit the aviation industry is also inevitable.

The Chinese government has entered the Korea National Tourism Product sales from discontinued over the past 15 days. The move is due to the two days of this month, China issued a national yeoyuguk Korea Tourism prohibited directed through the national agency in retaliation for Saad place.

Currently, only the Chinese Embassy to apply for a separate visa in Korea, such as airline tickets and book their own trip to Korea are available.

As tourists decreased Airways embarked on the realization of China's 79 convenience to flight next month suspended 23 days from 16 days. Asiana also stops the convenience of 90 flights by the end of this month.

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BOK governor "negative US trade protectionism our economy."

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters] are soldiers Tuesday the Bank of Korea governor "may have a negative impact on our economy is the strengthening of the US trade protectionism, he said 16 days.

Soldiers Tue vice attend the day-gu, Seoul Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry as long as the one held jointly '2017 Global Big on about 4 in (US · EU · China and Japan), changes in circumstances and Policy Seminar "Recent global economy the uncertainty of the environment is higher than ever, "he said" as he predicted the realization of the big four risk factors that you can not constrain the recovery in world trade and our exports and rule out the possibility of increased financial and foreign exchange market volatility.

Day morning by the US Federal Reserve (Fed) to raise its policy rate that regard, the soldiers angry vice "The rate hike is uncertainty surrounding the further increases the speed dwaetjiman fully expected remain 'said' If the interest rate hike at a faster rate than expected the volatility of international financial markets were concerned that it could be expanded "if.

In the case of the European Union (EU) it was pointed out as' Breck sheets (European Union to leave the United Kingdom) negotiations, the French presidential election, the Greek obligations, including the uncertainty. China was mentioned that "the structural vulnerability factors such as excessive corporate debt, overcapacity 'and' trade and exchange rate issues between the US and China. Japan was the diagnosis that geodwot 'abenomics under active fiscal policy and unconventional monetary policy effect' but 'will lead to sustainable growth and escape deflation is still uncertain.

Tue vice soldiers' situation our economy is the current account balance, foreign reserves, scale, financial strength and foreign currency borrowing conditions are favorable to domestic and external shocks, such as the extent of financial institutions has been assessed as sufficiently able to withstand "he said.

Followed by soldiers angry vice "Korea is the Asian financial crisis, the global financial crisis is much more difficult than it is now also have came up experience, overcome, said" the government and the Bank of Korea (BOK) has a tension ever financial and foreign exchange markets and the real economy stable and to be prepared to enforce measures to ensure the timely "he said.

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Amore Pacific Mamonde 'creamy color tint Night' released

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporters] to upgrade to the new 3-in-1 'creamy color tint Night' Amore Pacific brand Mamonde lipstick, tint, lip balm containing the best of it released 20 days.

'Creamy color tint Night' release came after 2014 'Velvet Red' color is loved by improving the dry and peokpeok spreadability of existing products are launched as 'light' and 'Intense' line.

The 'creamy color tint Night Lights is packed like a moisturizing lip balm and lip pencil "Night Intense color and creamy tint, lip pencil is packed vivid color and soft velvet feeling like a lipstick. Reflecting the color trends in 2017 broadened the range of choice in a variety of color of a total of 20 branches.

Mamonde said, "complemented by a dry peokpeok spreadability of existing products all hand easy product that can produce a lip makeup, it seemed a positive response from consumers online with the launch line the main color in early March, the second He said that the hope is to be born with red velvet. "

The newly upgraded Mamonde 'creamy color tint Night "is from March 20, 17 can meet the national Aritaum stores and online.

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[美 rate hike] authorities, corporate bonds, 2.2 trillion won sized acquisitions support

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] got out of the card-based financial authorities to arrange for the US benchmark rate domestic bond market stabilized during hikes since last year. First, the authorities decided to pursue a total of 2.2 trillion won of corporate bond issuance scale and arguments supporting measures to support the relatively weak bond issues of interest to small and medium-sized enterprises riser. Support each 1.6 trillion won, 600 billion won on a scale issuance and acquisition.

16 days FSC and FSS jointly held a joint meeting risk inspection, to discuss the policy direction to respond to the US rate hike.

This is where jeongeunbo FSC vice chairman said, "SMEs and allow corporate bonds of medium-sized enterprises is to be actively issuing and distribution in the market operations of corporate acquisitions support programs and operating scale also will expand 6000 billion in planned 500 billion won ' .

Corporate acquisitions support programs Eligibility is BB ~ A rating of small and medium-sized enterprises that are newly issued corporate bonds. The bonds of the argument is that the US banking industry maegakbun spent 500 billion won. Acquisition target is to discuss the selection of the acid, such as credit guarantee funds, brokerage, plans to acquire up to 30% of certain companies issuing corporate bonds.

This mountain is the acquisition of 500 billion won of corporate bonds and small-scale and medium-scale enterprises issued 100 billion won of corporate bonds (BB~BBB rating) devolves established a special purpose entity (SPC). SPC will re-structuring the bonds were transferred back to the senior debt (20%), A senior debt (77%), subordinated debt (3%) of grade AAA.

AAA rated senior poles and securitization in the market targeted at institutional investors, A-grade senior poles sikidoe new album will be issued a Class A backed securities as conditions warrant more than 70% digested in the market, the US maegakbun the mountains, this argument up to 500 billion won It will hold up to maturity. The remaining 3% of the subordinated bonds issued by companies that are re-acquired.

In addition, the Vice-Chairman Chung said, "through the P-CBO SMEs to invest about 1.3 trillion won in the refinancing of bonds issued by the group, will support more than 300 billion won in the new issue.

In the case of difficult to get a small business credit rating, issuing corporate bonds and then bought it in the SPC structured as senior debt (96.5~97%) and subordinated debt (3~4.5%). Senior Releases poles is sold in a 100% guarantee to market and subordinated debt issued by the company and acquired material.

Corporate bonds received the credit rating itself is structured as a senior and mid-upper back, this argument is subordinated to the SPC. But this argument senior poles sold on the market unsold occurs when acids. The acid of the corporate acquisition support program is planned to take unsold arguments supporting capacity (5,000 million). Mid wichae is sold on the market to support the new album is 100% guaranteed. Also subordinated debt (2~3.5%) is a way of re-issuing companies acquired.

FSC officials' existing P-CBO operations are yieoteuna refinancing issue-focused support than the new issue, decided to geumbeon have actively support newly issued more than 300 billion won also in addition to refinancing, said, "the market situation, the transfer assets and grades, etc. consider emphasized the distinction that refinancing issuance, each plan to run a newly issued or to be operated jointly.

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