Thursday, March 16, 2017

One financial investment, energy investment, a new concept Smart Wrap five days' release

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporters - one financial investment, has launched the 'smart one lap five days' pursuit of revenue through overseas property investment related to energy announced the day before 16 days.

"One smart lab five days' are primarily invested in DR, ETF, ETN related to the shares of energy companies listed on major global exchanges such as the United States and crude oil. Not only to invest in energy-related price changes in the market that is characterized by the cumulative revenue through structured. This product is operated in a manner that reinvested dividends are paid on the other hand, corporate profits and investment in energy generated while building it as a way to reduce the volatility of oil prices to invest using derivatives in both directions.

"One smart lab five days' can join more than 10 million won, and additional deposit is over 100 million. Annual fees are charged 0.7% on a quarterly basis to huchwi preoccupation 0.7%. If you exceed the standard rate of return, the performance fee for excess minutes will separate agreement with the customer.

The initial contract period is one year, automatically extends over the podium, but it can be revoked midway want the customer. The termination fee is generated when terminated midway. Tax follows a taxation system based on equity and dividends abroad. Not a separate hwanheji it is exposed to exchange rate should be considered when investing. The past does not return to the discretionary investment management contracts, managed by the customer's account no guarantee of future loss of principal may occur depending on the operating result.

Byeonjaeyeon a financial investment product strategy Division is "Crude oil is not easy to pursue us, but the investment using the directional familiar staples active, revenue is right difficult rollover costs to predict the direction due to the high volatility," said "one smart five days Lab to complement these shortcomings, noted the energy company that pays high dividends, "he said.

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