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[Weekly Featured Company, Daishin Securities] KAL · SK Hynix, both tour

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter]

◇ Korean Air (003490)

- Financial structure is expected to be stable compared to 2016 related to Hanjin Shipping remove losses, capital increase commitment.

- Net income is expected to hikja transition in five years, on March 28 haraksi opportunity to buy shares in the rights offering volume traded.

◇ SK Hynix (000660)

- according to Toshiba's stake in the competition it lowered the likelihood of Taiwan and Chinese companies increases the likelihood of the company is acquired again.

- a 2D-NAND shortage because the company is likely to achieve their increased operating profit of around 1 trillion won annually in the NAND sector.

◇ All tours (080160)

- and we expect brisk business days 2017 package, is likely to improve the company's profitability exceeds the expected peak in May.

- also we expect the structural deficit core earnings of subsidiaries was a free tour in 2014. Free tours are that 1) volume growth 2) The cost ratio improved 3) The booming market 4) significantly reduced fixed costs to cover losses in the second half of '16.

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Hyundai 'solar Lee Limousine Seoul Motor Show stand public

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - Hyundai has announced the 26th public naeoegwan design "Solar Tee limousine 'and open the vehicle from the' 2017 Seoul Motor Show 'held in KINTEX, Ilsan.

Solar Tea limo ▲ premium leather seat ▲ state-of-the-art convenience features designed into a classy interior ▲ ergonomic in design, the finest materials ▲ separated completely "integrated controller" ▲ driver and passenger seats for optimal indoor environment with easy operation that smart the glass gives maximum comfort to the "high-end, such as configuration.

Built-in design of solar Tea limousine was complemented on the basis of a sober furnished modern beige color, the wood used for the floor added a classy luxury yacht been applied to the floor. Sheets made from the finest leather has got an electric reclining features and leg-rest adjustable up to 65 degrees and brings the best of comfort and comfort for passengers.

Sheets 2, mounted on the three rows of the arm rest, integrated controller, was able to use only the most convenient functions such as indoors smart glass, interior lighting, air-conditioning / heating, monitor, sound of a button including the seat heated and airflow control . Solar a "smart glass" mounted between the driver and the passenger of tea Limousine is it that a completely separate space created a private space in the passenger seat, of course, communication between the driver and the passenger as necessary can be adjusted freely whether to transparency and open this has to be smooth.

In addition, ▲ 32 inchi possible smartphone mirroring and sharing LED monitor ▲ HDMI input terminal ▲ smartphone wireless charging cradle ▲ was maximize the mobile device utilizing the like to the underlying mounting, such as a USB charging port, foldable folding table also mounted to the go convenient provide a work environment. ▲ ▲ Infinity speakers applying for an excellent sound system, including Hermann 740D amplifier grandeur and feel like a movie theater so I can listen to the sound.

The exterior add only decals and emblems, and limo has implemented a robust and sophisticated image to apply the two-tone aluminum wheel of a sporty sensibility, and equip eeodaem extensions and side skirts also added style grandeur and dignity than the base model.

Hyundai Motor official said, "Solar Tee limousine distinctive design and state-of-the-art typical domestic luxury limousine to meet a reasonable price Vann said, '' Moving the VIP lounge 'that breaks with dignity for as long as passengers will be referred to space and smart work space gotta it has said that it would be a national representative limousine van.

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[Weekly securities like stocks · KB] LG Display · SK Hynix, SFA

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ LG Display (034220)

-1 934 400 000 000 Operating profit levels forecast earnings surprises, the third quarter operating profit jeungik trend forecast.

- expected earnings growth due to inventory accumulation trend of global TV set makers are expected supply shortage lasting for large TV panels.

◇ SK Hynix (000660)

- In view continued low inventory levels in the semiconductor memory capacity per expansion unit, lack of supply in the second half of conservative investment.

Undervalued -2017 year estimated PBR 1.1 times global competitors, price revaluation forecast quarterly earnings, leading to the second half of the year.

◇ SFA Engineering (056190)

-2017-year forecast to achieve unprecedented performance with OLED display manufacturers of domestic and foreign investment.

- SFA semiconductor subsidiary earnings growth also noted, worldwide logistics automation investments are also expected to benefit proceeds.

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SC First Bank, and special interest events for SMEs

Out came the banking products to support SMEs that [South Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] companies are facing a difficult economic environment is worsening the situation.

The past 10 of March, leading a chaotic domestic situation in earnest from the US presidential election candidate Donald Trump, a US interest rate hike global financial markets and the domestic economy is highly likely that the era of high uncertainty for the time being does not see the exit to continue.

This provides an unstable financial environment and special rates for May 31 withdrawal passbook maximum annual 1.2% (the pre-tax) from the game business operations due to the recession are difficult to domestic and international situation, targeting the first trading SME corporate customers of SC First Bank event to be carried out. SME corporate customers can be ensured liquidity and stable interest income at the same time, it is worth pay attention.

This special interest rates if the event SME corporate customers for the first time trading with SC First Bank of the period opened damoah business bank account and keep at least 10 million won daily balance, three months a year 1.2% of corporate free withdrawals account as the financial sector the highest level from gaeseolil receive offers of interest rates.

Damoah business bank account is of high interest rates benefits in addition to exempt various fees, including cashier's checks Fees and SC First Bank in transfer fees, corporate internet banking transfer fees, hours of operation, other automatic device (CD / ATM) cash withdrawals and transfers (SC First Bank in) fees to provide the benefits without any condition.

Gimyongnam SC First Bank received product team director, has prepared "in the uncertainty of investing in a chronic recession and interest rate hikes in the United States increased situation, this special interest events in order to support the effective free funds than in the SME customers "he said.

You can also get an unsecured net credit "emergency loan" from a variety of lending it products are provided for the guaranteed loans of low interest rates SME customers with additional working capital loan counseling for self-employed persons and small corporations require emergency funding in SC First Bank .

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Hyundai Capital and Hyundai-Kia up to 29% discount

[Korea financial newspaper reporter before lower cervical Hyundai Capital offers a special discount of up to 29% of Hyundai and Kia. Hyundai Capital will continue the Spring Car Program Special Promotions.

Hyundai Capital Car Program is a product tied to one car services and financial benefits that customers chaenggyeoya themselves.

This promotion is conducted by a popular model of i30, Tucson, Sonata, K5, K7, Sportage, Sorento, Carnival, Hyundai-Kia Motors, is expected to further lower the car borne by consumers as a rental fee of the lowest level.

For example, when using charyangga i30 of 19.1 million won to 48 months (30% down payment), the past, the monthly fee was 360,000 won level. If through this special discount promotion can save the cost of a monthly 100,000 won to 260,000 won January. To 29% compared to conventional low monthly fee, and count 48 months to save 480 million yuan. If charyangga 23,200,000 won the Kia Sportage also through this promotion it is available to approximately 17% discount to 29 yuan. Between 60,000 won per month 48 months can save the cost of a total of 288 million yuan.

In addition to i30 and Sportage Sonata HMC is 29 million won (save 15%), Tucson is capable of use on 31 million won (save 12%). In the case of Kia is available on a K5 28 won (save 16%), 34 May Sorrento won (save 14%), 37 May K7 won (save 12%), carnival May 37 won (save 10%). Configuring a discount car lineup popular models broadened center to the width of the customer's choice. This promotion will run until March with a total of 340 limited quantity fixed for each vehicle type it may be sold out early.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Capital Car Program is a new method used vehicle customers are receiving a lot of attention since, reasonable cost and differentiated service launched in November last year. My car selling service, car fee to be tailored to the car course customized discounts, premium vehicle delivery, driver's insurance free subscription, visit preventive inspection, vehicle care discounts, upgrades total of seven benefits only the monthly fee without the added burden of a vehicle replacement service You may experience only.

Hyundai Capital official said, " 'Car Program is available only vehicles using easy monthly fees" and "cheaper than a monthly fee installment also many inquiries from existing customers installments." Another "and the transfers of the contact existing customers increased use of long term car rental can be discounted up fees in accordance with the safe driving history and mileage choice," he said, "are expected to increase future guests."

Customers who are interested in the car program may be kindly consult with a professional counselor when car program of Hyundai Capital application via a dedicated website and ARS. In particular, the website also provides a dedicated and professional counselors ARS and March when my contract, the black box and the front Tinted worth a total of 380,000 won after consultation with benefits.

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Community credit cooperatives, 20 years Dori little exercise lasting love

There are still ongoing social contribution activities that inherited the traditional spirit of the [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Community Credit.

In 1998 some of the exercises Street Community Credit love starting at the time that the purpose of the IMF cold pain in Ulu to receive live well with neighbors making love hearts with a veritable community safe to take the lead have resulted in 20 years this year.

Dori little exercise is exercise a motif taken from the traditional spirit of the old sipsiilban helped us gathered just laid out on the stove relieve pre-sulssik rice when cooked in a traditional society to build others.

Dori little more exercise conducted early in the process over the years, mainly rice continued to raise its scale and quantitative and qualitative growth in content and now has established itself as a leading brand of Community Credit Social Responsibility projects.

Also present ideology and practice of community credit of "participation and cooperation to create a rich community life.

Dori little movement of love, 2016 was held three months from November 1, 2016, the slogan "Love is sharing happiness is added. Gathering of love rice, a little Dori bank fill supporter before, was spread the geogukjeok a fundraising adding information to the bazaar, such as raising the donation on February 28 to get ri rice ceremony, dipping Kimchi of Love, free meals, in addition to volunteering, etc. Briquettes are members of more than 76,000 people nationwide were willing to participate in community credit 'love is sharing happiness is added.

Some Dori movement of love 2016 Year mogeumaek posted a 66 billion won (rice hwanga money included) in cash 43 billion won of rice and 1,050 tons a safe members and employees, the voluntary participation of local residents through 1,321 community credit cooperatives nationwide. Mogeumaek was supported by the homeless elderly, underprivileged children, welfare, etc. subjects of our difficult surroundings underprivileged and soup kitchens, disabled facilities, warm love sharing in child care, elderly welfare facilities such groups before and after the holidays and New Year.

The little Street movement has been promoted in cooperation with the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs and local governments in conjunction with home repair business of MG Hope Sharing love. Home repair business of love is a project for a warm winter smoking in low-income and second-level hierarchy, and the nationwide participation of 100 community credit cooperatives Regional Council supports about 300 million won of me mogeumaek Street. Repair work has been played by more than 750 volunteers, including employees and members of Community Credit, through the insulation, Insulation, etc. supported the warm winter smoking dog 120 households.

Some of the lasting love 20 years Dori exercise in small hospitality and the warm participation of 219 thousand community credit cooperatives members and local residents 809 billion won (cash 49.3 billion won, rice, 13,909 tons, articles 13 billion won) and record the raised one point six is. Stacked mogeumaek are being written for the livelihood of underprivileged neighborhoods.

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[Weeks · SK Securities recommended stocks] Duzon bijeuon, Patron, East Eltek

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ Duzon bijeuon

- Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) expectations ASP (average selling price) rise in the introduction. Effect of ERP services prices.

- dividend policy (dividend payout ratio of 30% retained views) expectations.

◇ Patron

- expectations for growth diagnostic sensors for automotive camera module and health care. Galaxy S8 benefit stocks of camera specification upgrade.

- expect to continue to benefit from this in the sense that consumers are most easily perceived performance camera pixels.

◇ Dong Eltek

- Turnaround and expectations for the growth outlook in earnest this year's subsidiaries (Sunic System).

- possibility of increasing sales OLED test equipment according to the organic light emitting diode (OLED) investment of domestic and Greater China display quality.

- the expected adoption of OLED panels North American smartphone makers this year.

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Peace of Nongshim (農 心) (安心), Agricultural Disaster Insurance

When it is busy [Korea financial newspaper] soon, a spring is in the air in April in rural areas start planting. While the start of the planting of rice farmers would Hopefully I dont origin natural disasters (天災 地 變) in order to avoid a bountiful harvest in the fall. It is because of farming jeahmuri farmer if I enter a typhoon or heavy rain storms or droughts are driven once jieodo with all sincerity literally become "one year sober sandfish farming.

Like any other industry, agriculture started on the risk management. However, there is a risk that a significant difference maven affected by the natural elements. The quantity and quality of the products is extremely varied, depending on natural conditions and other weather factors. So farmers are then set up a number of measures to develop agricultural technology to overcome the uncertainty of natural conditions. Clean up the land so that the rice fields submerged in heavy rain and repair or install a rain forest plant irrigation drainage. He also tried to plant resistant varieties to choose a disaster or pests. However, it is realistic, despite these efforts, a major natural disaster comes along inevitable that the enormous damage caused.

We use a system of insurance to protect against the risks faced while engaged in everyday life. Risk management in agriculture also see that you can prepare most effectively through insurance. This is because it is right "crop disaster insurance".

Crop disaster insurance is insurance for introducing and operating institutionally by law for a typical insurance policy s one of the Castle, Castle insurance policy is the policy objectives of the government for the farmers. The government support such as support for the government insurance policyholders, business support expenses for insurance providers, national reinsurers provide for the huge disaster in their properties.

Crop disaster insurance was introduced, starting in 2001, apple, pear products according to crop disaster insurance by compensating for the economic loss of crop damage caused by natural disasters, such as to improve the stability of farmers' income and agricultural productivity. Current insurance coverage possible items were included almost 53 pieces main crop, and continually expand the target item to.

Disaster insurance is being compensated by the hurricane (winds), hail, torrential rain to the statue, cold weather, and natural disasters such as tidal year only fire. Guarantee scheme is to ensure a comprehensive approach to risk and specific risk assistants and all manner of natural disasters that guarantees only a few disasters that damage crops only, by the fire. Most of the crop to join in a comprehensive manner, but some risks, such as fruit and ginseng sense of apple, pear, persimmon, astringent and can subscribe to specific dangerous manner.

In the case that such a damage due to natural disasters or not the harvest is not decreasing arable crops payments it occurs and the inability to cultivate and harvest reduced insurance claims. Also agricultural facilities and the facilities such as glass greenhouses, greenhouses for growing crops, as well as the crop can be restored after the damage claims in its structure and cladding.

If the risk of the guarantee to the extent that farmers can ease the worry of large natural disasters itgetda be quite as strong insurance. Furthermore, to ease the burden of farmers insurance state support to 50% of the premium, and local governments have to support about 25% farmers are inside, only the remaining premiums.

Do natural disasters it is another one major concern of farmers is the price fluctuations of agricultural products. Not a natural disaster but a good harvest harvest when the prices of agricultural products to changing market conditions is also a big risk. Even before this, controlling the export shipments and to prevent respond perfectly to the changing market conditions farmers is difficult. To prepare for these risks, such as price changes are also introduced 'guaranteed income agricultural insurance. "

Agricultural income guarantee insurance guarantees a reduced income due to falling prices of harvesters to cope with price fluctuations are a big source of farm income fluctuations. Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food and Agricultural Insurance was started in 2015 as a pilot project targets the grapes, beans, onions item. In 2016 it was added to the garlic has plans to introduce the potatoes and sweet potatoes this year.

The deal was insufficient, the market price risk of serious instability of agricultural management eoteuna existing crop disaster insurance and to secure losses due to reduced production substantially. Thus, up to and including the uncertainty of agricultural income guaranteed market prices by introducing the insurance would cost to build a comprehensive safety net that guarantees a reduction in farmers' income. The government and insurance companies will also continue to go to work with the efforts to improve the system and products while constantly expanding the target crop of agricultural income guarantee insurance.

While current and former increased volatility in global climate and frequent natural disasters and also the boundary of the area and the season becomes ambiguous, unlike the past. Korea also coming before the summer comes the storm was also a cold and heavy snow caused the island. And even earthquakes can appear as reality. Thus, there is a risk of damage caused by an unexpected natural disaster situation is being further increased.

On the other hand, the domestic is not a large natural disaster occurs, such as the last four years hurricane awareness of the need for insurance of farmers is much lower status. Farmers may be economically difficult reluctant to insured fails to realize the effectiveness of insurance expenditure not a big disaster. But as disaster preparedness natural disasters that are repeated periodically in such extreme weather events will need to be aware that the area of ​​the autonomous responsibility of the person himself must take.

Natural disasters origin prefer to eagerly come, but we know that once a major disaster occurs on the period of the rule of thumb. Natural disasters can not overcome the human itself. If it does not provide a substantial effort and post-recovery measures to minimize the damage caused by disasters that damage is intact farmers no choice but to himself tteoan. It can only pray in heaven when planting as farmers must join the agricultural accident insurance can prepare themselves for natural disasters, the government and the insurance carriers also continue to promote the need to join the agricultural insurance and disaster induced to join up. Disaster Preparedness of the equation fix to lose more cattle stables is difficult. God helps those who help themselves.

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Lotte Insurance premiums lower guaranteed stodgy Lotte Howe Murchison direct driver insurance

There is also increasing customer to subscribe to the Internet while [Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporters Growth in recent large Direct Auto Insurance Market breadth driver's insurance. Driver insurance is to be referred to the necessities of the drivers auto insurance, but is the obligation Unlike insurance, compensation for criminal liability due to car accidents (criminal settlement, attorneys fees), administrative responsibility (a fine driver's car accident) and other expenses damages can.

Direct drivers insurance premiums affordable insurance to sign up directly to the Internet is the primary, and is available anytime, anywhere to join this insurance to the PC and mobile.

Lotte Howe Murchison direct drivers insurance 'is equipped with all the benefits of these direct drivers insurance.

Its offline product compared to premium Internet subscription is the evaluation of about 10% cheaper, but real Home Essentials drivers insurance guarantees full. Home Essentials accession injury deaths 30 million won, it can be guaranteed in accordance with the collateral Up to 20 million won fines accident, car accident lawyer costs 5,000,000 won, traffic accident processing grants 30 million won.

Lotte Howe Much Car Insurance Customers to give the initial insurance premium discount of 5%, you can get a discount of 1% in the case of the previous three years accident-free drivers car insurance monthly payment premiums. The long-term nature of Lotte Howe Murchison direct drivers insurance industry to provide the best save money. Insurance period is to choose a 3,5,10,15,20-year maturity and Home Essentials premium is 6,450 won per month when you sign up 20 years maturity 40-year-old male standards.

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Samsung pay specific Samsung page Samsung Card taptap '

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] Samsung Card has provided a specific benefit for payments to pay and Samsung launched the Samsung page Samsung Card taptap 'to provide a useful and practical discounts on everyday life in March of this year.

Samsung page Samsung Card taptap 'provides a Samsung-specific pay related benefits. Choose one month if the credit card usage amount is over 300,000 won on and offline to provide a 10% discount on the settlement date until the payment in October 5000 won the Samsung pay. Through the app, choose where Samsung Card taptap discount of online and offline according to your lifestyle can be changed monthly.

If you pay with a regular credit card, and last month offered the use amount, the default limit of 0.3% of all merchants, regardless of payment discounts.

Samsung page Samsung Card taptap 'also provides practical benefits essential to everyday life. Month if the credit card usage amount is 300,000 won Lee Sangil to provide a mobile communication charges automatic payment 10% payment discount (May 5000 won limit) benefits. CGV, movie ticket payment over $ 25 at the Lotte Cinema payment discount 5,000 won even once a month, provides 12 times a year. Annual membership fee is 10,000 won can apply for the card, etc. Samsung homepage Samsung apps page.

Samsung Card said, "Samsung depending on the pay spread has launched a product that provides the necessary practical service on Samsung pay specific benefits and everyday life," said, "We strive for practical goods and services going to lead the digital card market for mobile-based I will, "he said.

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The returned modern life, full insurance 'Modern Life VIP health insurance temporary refundable "

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Modern Life is being sold 'Modern Life VIP health insurance temporary refundable' guarantee getting the full return of premiums paid one according to insurance reimbursement when, after rebate up to 100 years.

◇ premiums received 100% return of principal without loss of diseases and disasters are guaranteed until maturity at (100 years), "Modern Life VIP health insurance temporary refundable"

"Modern Life VIP health insurance temporary refundable 'insurance premiums are paid for when signing up at a time, and after seven years receive 100% return the premiums paid by the principal without loss of time, depending on customer choice. Even if the premiums paid return 100% guarantee it is maintained up to 100 years.

This product is beneficial to consumers to reliably manage without loss for a lump sum child support funds or life after retirement funds. If you choose a time and receiving back the premiums paid 10 years after joining, hwangeupryul is a 117.6% (40-year-old man with severe dementia proof, '10 refund, applicable interest rate is 2.75% fixed interest rate based on type). Cancer, accidents, I can select the required type of guarantee frequent illnesses, disasters such as severe dementia in old age, is a product that can be prepared in advance in the aging society.

Cancer-proof cancer up to 30 million won (subscription amount of 15 million won basis) at the time of diagnosis, disaster-proof is 100,000,000 disaster deaths (subscription amount of 50 million won based), and severe dementia guaranteed every month 20 Life fund with 10 million won when diagnosed with severe dementia final payment by 10 years won (15 million won based on subscription amount) are guaranteed, respectively. Products with ilsinap insurance period is up to 100 years old, the premium refund period can select from 7 to 10 years, 15 years. Cancer-proof is available to join from age 0 to 60 years, disaster-proof with severe dementia is guaranteed from age 15 to 60 years old.

◇ representative of Taiwan to overcome the aging society ahead of Woori Financial Group, combining know-how of life pubon

This product launch background has been reflected in the current modern lifestyle strategic alliance with Taiwan's parties represent a group of financial know-how pubon life. That year benchmark 'stars return to embellish premiums again paybacks (payback) goods' restructured according to the circumstances domestic insurance already 10 years ago, the domestic insurance market geodun the buzzword of the pubon life success in Taiwan faced with low interest rates and aging.

Modern life is now being taught to product and sales channel development strategy and asset management expertise of pubon life, pubon life has continued to Win-Win partnership between the two companies into a successful investment opportunities in overseas markets. Modern Life Life official said, "We will continue to innovate to provide the necessary goods and services from the customer's perspective."

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Prudential Life Insurance, designers jeongchakryul No. 1

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong News] Finance According to the Supervisory life jeongchakryul analysis of insurance companies 25 companies material basis of life last June actuary jeongchakryul (10,001 years) are among the Prudential Life Insurance agents jeongchakryul the best in the industry with 61.1% recorded an average 40.4% It was higher. Hanwha Life (50.9%), Samsung Life Insurance (50.5%), followed Kyobo life (44.2%) followed.

13 monthly planner is jeongchakryul actuary is a measure that reflects human competitiveness of insurers indicates the ratio of personnel engaged in insurance activities to raise more than one year after the new registration ongoing.

Prudential Life followed in 2015 (54.1%) was recorded by the architect jeongchakryul first place for the second year in a row. This higher jeongchakryul agents of Prudential Life Insurance has selected an architect, because the company has a rigorous recruitment process and to support professional training courses. Actual Prudential Life Insurance has selected an architect through three times, intensive interviews twice a briefing and 1, since the point: it advances the 'Expert Course' yirwojin a total of 7 courses in one personalized training, headquarters discharge financial expert, Life Planner .

Through this systematic education Prudential Life has won first place in both the indicators to judge the superiority of the actuary. Longevity Three years later, the contract retention rate, completely sold if such comprehensive assessment Life Insurance Association to grant certification Excellence certified agents' rate of 37.3% (in May 2016 a monthly basis) in three of the industry average of 12.6% over fold higher in level.

Also found that 30% (96 people) of the total number of Korea 'MDRT Life Member "of the insurance salesman called to Hall of Fame (320 people, 8 August 2016 basis) of Prudential Life Insurance Life Planner. Choegyusang Prudential Life Insurance Sales General Manager is "Prudential Life Insurance Life Planner are no third-party insurance sales experience, the royalty is high because starting a talent suitable for the company," and "people keep the intrinsic value of life insurance that the center has the pride because one seems indication of excellence agents are high, "he said.

"Life Planner Prudential Life Insurance is a group of experts first introduced in the Korea market in 1991. The majority of the time, part-time insurance salesman who was the domestic sales market, Prudential Life Insurance has introduced a life insurance professional full-time planner system.

In addition, Prudential Life Insurance has received the evaluation was successful architect differentiation strategy by managing the life planner life planner that it holds the trademark to another one of the brand.

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Lowered Mirae Asset Life Insurance, premiums widened ensure wide

The broadened to ensure the [financial newspaper gimmingyeong Korea News] Mirae Asset Life fetus, as well as mothers' children Mirae Asset Life Insurance Great Birth "he was recently released. This product is characterized by strengthening the indemnity coverage for mothers during pregnancy and the introduction of low-refundable termination structure in juboheom lower the premiums paid. Also it provided a total of 24 various riders can be custom designed to fit the customer's situation.

◇ child mothers, as well as ensuring enhanced, up to the age of 47 years

This product, reflecting the increased childbearing age has enhanced security for women during pregnancy. Pregnancy disease if indemnity hospital's newly established medical rider that receives the inheritance, childbirth and the mountain late edema, proteinuria and hypertensive disorders, acid Latter-related complications treated women were hospitalized due to pregnancy disorders (excluding normal delivery) can undergo inpatient medical care a guarantee indemnity.

We are 35 years of age Pregnancy distribution reflects the social conditions beyond the age of Up to 30% also allow a wider audience to increase up to 47-year-old women are able to benefit.

◇ premiums paid by low-refundable termination structure reduces

In addition to introducing a low reimbursement termination structure of the 100-year-old due to lower insurance helps pay for long-term maintenance. If you want to terminate within that termination refundable payment period is selected while providing the same guarantee to lower the cancellation refund of 30% of the standard premium is lowered up to 28%. We maintain insurance end configuration more and more in favor of maintaining long-term customer leads, animated nature of the children's life insurance that design.

◇ can escape from the package ensures a custom designed 24 riders

This product is designed for the situation it is possible to free a total of 24 riders in addition to the various guarantees of the host contract cancer. Prime contractor is required to join a guarantee to cancer and ensure jindanbi to 50 million won, the other guarantees can we escape from the conventional package consists of a special agreement to be reasonably designed to fit the situation and the price.

Five silver Mirae Asset Life Insurance product development general manager, "and the product is guaranteed both 0 years old fetus, as well as to mothers with low premiums in as a birth age aging requires a guarantee of a mother exposed to diseases related risk situations" and "This product the great joy of the birth of our precious children through affordable premiums and guarantee personalized I hope that all customers enjoy, "he said.

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It rose fault presidential apartment pre-sale 'poems'

As confirmed this [financial newspaper gimdohyeon Korea News] President's impeachment was ssolrige the interest of the people was accelerated in May, early presidential elections ". The rescheduling of the apartment pre-sale market is expected to be inevitable. Usually from April to May is the peak season but the pre-sale market, construction companies are postponing certain trend since the election.

According to the last 19 days Real estate information company Information was compiled from April to May to pre-sale volume is reduced while the beginning of the year 54,635 planned 6 (holding 6,401) 11,036 than 10.5%. In particular, 31.6% hold 25808-4 Mon pre-sale volume is 37,732, while 11,924 dropped. By region, while in 8405 five of the pre-sale Metropolitan Planning volume is 10159 is 1754, the metropolitan area, including Seoul and Gyeonggi was reduced respectively 2,604 while 27,799 to 30,403. 5 except for the metropolitan region is reduced while the 2043 18431-20474.

◇ put off altogether after another pre-sale April eopgido

Daewoo is considering the election is reviewing the plan in April to delay the pre-sale orders. Although plans for pre-sale in late April Incheon Nonhyeon (754 households) in the existing, early May to consider the election and holiday schedule was postponed to mid-future. In addition, in late May were expected to Pohang Wall chimchon Earth (1500 households) is a pre-sale policy postponed since June.

Daelim Industrial was supposed to be a pre-sale 5 districts mandeok Busan (2120 households) and geoyeo 2-2 zone (1,199 households) in the initial two months, the schedule was postponed in April combining convenience. April was a pre-sale will Busan daylight district 3 blocks (913 households) pre-sale schedule was delayed in May.

POSCO E & C had planned to pre-sale for colorectal cancer Uijeongbu District 4 (677 households) in April, the redevelopment schedule was postponed As late as the pre-sale after the presidential election. Peninsula is also built four state all the pre-sale was scheduled to Wonju City Peninsula company yubora on May 2-2 blocks, 1-2 blocks (794 households, 548 households) smoke.

GS E & C, April is not planned shipments, pre-sale in May was expected to Gimpo geolpo (2,964 households), Busan daylight 5, 6 (774 units) volume is planned supply since mid-May presidential election ends. There is no pre-sale orders in the modern industrial development also in April, May and pre-sale of the Laurel area 2 (792 households) reconstruction project.

◇ pushed floating in the presidential chiyigo the long holidays

The main reason for builders to abandon the pre-sale spring season is because it is difficult to expect proper publicity. When the seongeocheol difficult to obtain a promotional freight cars, the focus becomes a slight increase only as a publicity costs while SOLiD effect to the presidential election issue. Especially in provinces where the mouth of the pre-sale scene surrounding area an important factor in determining whether the pre-sale success is likely to face the direct hit of the presidential election.

Have long holidays in early May was also causing the disruption in the pre-sale events. Attributable became the presidential election as confirmed to May 9 to May holidays stepping stones leading to one day starting on Labor Day Buddha's Birthday (3rd), Children's Day (5) The inevitable long-term spaces. Here's two interest rate hikes in the United States watched the aftermath of the real estate policy direction for the next regime on the market has also affected the market sentiment quintuplets pre-sale schedule postponed decisions.

Whether contractors are seeking an opportunity to slow down it said pre-sale schedule a ride, but after the real estate market updrafts June outlook is uncertain. According to the KFTC just a closed subscription in the last 57 only 1 rank of the supply for up to 14 days, while only 47% to 27 places.

Last year, it fell more than 8% during the same period. In particular, a situation that comes up that analysis last month while only six are under-subscription of up to 60% of the pre-sale only 10 and a full-fledged pre-sale market slump.

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Smartphone War Kingdoms first half of the opening

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporters - the first half of the smartphone war, Samsung, LG, Apple has finally climbed the film. The initiative opened fire on LG unveiled a limited edition iPhone, Apple naseoneun to fight back amid the G6 looks exceptionally brisk sales. Samsung is coming on the 30th toss a long-awaited Galaxy S8 Chu Shi Biao.

◇ G6, even abroad tonghalkka

Sexual until now LG Electronics was the first to launch a new product is good. It surpassed the 40,000 in just four days if the last six days, start booking sales heralded the beginning of a blast box office.

LG G6 was recognized last month on the 26th gotta public in Barcelona, ​​Spain Full-Vision (FullVision) display for ease of use and outstanding design. In the MWC after having won the industry's most popular of the 31 awards the IT professional media yieojija higher expectations.

In particular, on February 15 LG G6 pre cheheomdan application event progressed up to 24 days, the applicant molrimyeo are more than a total of 200,000 people 1000: 1 competition rate was also recorded. The momentum, LG Electronics is pushing the US market for smartphones in early April G6 strategy. Even among domestic domestic economy it is also difficult to extend pavement sikigetda the momentum caused the blast in the global arena.

LG Electronics plans to launch the G6 in US market next month shipment arriving on the 6th or 10, which is about one month slower than the domestic market. The world's largest premium phone market, LG Electronics North America is expected to have a place that looks a toxic strong third place behind Samsung, Apple's market share, become the G6's success by the reaction of North American consumers in fact right and left.

In particular, the market interest in the confrontation between the G6 and Galaxy S8. The LG Electronics G-Series is the first to be released than the Samsung Galaxy S series, then this is the first time Samsung has announced that the keenly watching the swift pace of the G6. In addition to this, the research suggests that the first week of release G6 is accounted for first place in the domestic smartphone market. According to market research firm Atlas Research in March second week (9-15 days), best-selling smartphone in the domestic smartphone market was the opening of G6 at LG U +.

Separately, Atlas Research said dwaetdago counted as the second week of March maker by market share, 56.3 percent, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics 23.3%, 18.3%, including Apple.

Last week, compared with a 60% market share, Samsung naejwotgo lines fell by 6.6% points, LG Electronics rose 8.7% points surpassed the 20% level in 17 weeks. Apple was up 0.1 percentage points this big change. Industry insiders were evaluated and said, "it was released early results of G6 hand pretty good." "For a month or so hit the first release strategy than Samsung Galaxy S8".

◇ iPhone 10th anniversary red color ... Apple responded jaksim

January 9, Apple was only launched new products also naenwatda Red Limited Edition iPhone 7 in Few Snow. Galaxy wihaeseoda to counterbalance the displacement phenomenon in S8 and G6.

Apple has sold 24 days, starting from 40 countries, including the United States, China, Australia, France, Germany and South Korea. Specifications are the same as the iPhone 7 series released in September last year, it comes this observation is loyal to Apple would be able to defend its market share as high. IPhone 7 128GB is 106 won, the iPhone 7 plus red 128GB is 123 won.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 was sold in five colors, including Jet Black, black, silver, gold and rose gold. 10 years AIDS prevention and research support foundation's official announcement of Apple to release the iPhone to assist the Red (RED) that has supported over, but by the second half of the new products come out an analysis of the industry's called intention to check the competitors. 7 Red iPhone is a product which was already expected to be released last year. In the foreign media it was also some pictures public. Meanwhile, Apple whenever you need a crisis or turning point stood for 'Color Marketing' to launch a new color products.

Apple introduced the pink 'rose gold' last in 2015 when the first iPhone 6s release. In the meantime, such as black, white, Apple seemed to mostly muted colors broke the line of smartphones colors frame. Apple Now and then the color pink offensive to Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics also began to release a pink smartphone.

◇ Relay Victory Chu Shi Biao Galaxy S8

Half strategy of Samsung smartphones Galaxy S8 is released on the 18th of next month. Official release date of the product is 21 April, set a policy to ship the products under reservation until 7 to 17 days from 18 days. Even one day be released as soon as the product on the market interpreted as a containment strategy to competitors such as LG Electronics. A carrier official said, "The current was known to the Galaxy next month, 18 days S8 gaetongil such dealer" and "The SEC plunge in sales in only ten days after the event on the 29th unpack a fairly aggressive schedule," he said.

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy S8 early teaser TV commercial than in previous years. Even throwing the second teaser ads for the Galaxy S8 is guided so that the interest in ending the Galaxy S8. The teaser to the open door of a smartphone screen appearance with a stunning image of what the universe was served out the phrase "complete and a new beginning, heralded a breakthrough innovation in the Galaxy S8.

Samsung has also conducted at the same time, older phones in the Galaxy S7 marketing. Galaxy S8 will have a space before the release dugetda one filled with older phones. In the US market, the Galaxy S7 lowered prices up to 40 million won.

Meanwhile, unpack the Galaxy S8 event is scheduled take place simultaneously in 29 (Reuters) - East (Here East) coherent in London, New York's Lincoln Center and the United Kingdom. Galaxy S8 5.8 inch Super AMOLED QHD display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (US) or Exynos 8895 (Asia and Europe), rear 12 million, over 8 million pixel camera, 3000㎃h battery, 4GB of RAM, 64 · 128GB memory , the iris recognition sensors, such as artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant Bixby is mounted. Galaxy Plus S8 is equipped with a 6.2 inches Super AMOLED QHD display, etc., 3500㎃h battery.

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MINI, driving force typical 'very popular' on youth, women

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] MINI brand is beloved in designs that appeal to young people. Of MINI cars are highly sophisticated design simple configuration, followers of the youth and women. Among the vehicles of the MINI such as 'New MINI Clubman' is representative of a premium model. The car was built on the highest platform of the compact-class vehicles.

"Split Door" particularly attached to the trunk is the biggest feature. Trunk open in both directions has broadened the horizons of the driver than the existing. By taking advantage of the Comfort Access function without having a car key can also automatically open the door just by moving your feet down the trunk.

Another aerodynamic feature is further strengthening was possible a more efficient and safer driving. The air curtains, air breather so that less air resistance of front wheel reduces turbulence inside the display to induce a flow of air stand and wheel arches were mounted.

Additionally, the new premium option first introduced in the MINI hatchback models have also been applied en masse. LED head a number of features of the MINI driving mode and smartphones and connected cars Check the status of the vehicle and infotainment, which offers a light and a variety of driving modes, such as a more comfortable driving a MINI Head-Up Display, Green mode, sports mode to help, including fog lights intuitive and was also applied as a federated MINI Connected can be controlled comfortably.

MINI is a unique blend of the central instrument cluster New MINI Clubman's unique atmosphere and well. The center of the instrument panel LED ring design gotta 6.5 inches or 8.8 inches color display mounted in accordance with specifications and is responsible for the display capabilities of the basic vehicle information, infotainment, phone and navigation. All functions can be conveniently operated by MINI Controller on the center console.

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Fiat, '32 gorgeous won re-emergence comeback swept the Gulf

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] 'Fiat 500' flagship vehicle of Italy's largest automobile brand Fiat (Fiat) holds a design that becomes melted Italian sensibility. This was only revived in 1975 after discontinued 32 years (re-released in 2007) won the car award up to 60 worldwide, including the 2008 European Car of the Year.

Fiat 500 is simple but the Italian sensibility inherited the classic design of the original 500, and boasts a trendy style, timeless, by combining the advanced technology of Fiat. 500 was born from the Fiat Style Center (Centrico Stile Fiat) is evident everywhere in succession 500 million, including a large DNA classic rear-view mirror with a short projection, bonnet well the identity of Fiat.

Also equipped with full-length 3550mm, width 1640mm and height superior operation performance and ease of parking in complex urban space in a compact size of 1555mm. To the convenience of W-off functionality in a wide door Caro Daily use of everyday usage added commuting, shopping, and sex is very high. It may access the trunk. The rear spoiler is an aerodynamic design because not only increases stability during travel with airy design high hatch door. As widen the space between the wheels and the wheel base remained stable stance than it is possible to ensure a pleasant and comfortable interior space.

2 of the current Fiat 500 lineup sale in Korea, light green, light blue, upper trim 500 Color Plus (500 Color Plus), light green, light blue, basic trim of 500 colors (500 Color) white color of espresso color It was composed of two trim. 500 color and color, plus give more emphasis to the bouncing of 500 pleasant emotions through clear and specific external color not found in other brands.

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Renault Samsung, shorts, warm, dynamic styling stands out

[Standing Korea's financial newspaper hyomun News] September last year, appeared on the domestic market and QM6 of Renault Samsung Motors to form a medium-sized SUV Kingdoms with modern cars Santa Fe, Kia Sorento is a 'simple, sensuous, warm, put the three philosophies Nancy is the design.

Renault Samsung explained that QM6 has the styling of "powerful and dynamic and robust. The front of the grill has to maximize the proportion of heavy SUV proud and at the same time giving a bold and impactful. Broad shoulders and short front overhang, long hood and vertical windshield is implementing a state that is strong and powerful. PURE VISION LED headlamps is directed in front of the image C-shaped DRL reveal the presence of a (daytime running lights), refined to apply LED Low & High Beam module of the slim type sense. Automatic high beam automatically depending on ambient lighting conditions (AHL) will help to improve the visibility at night driving safer. Rear deumjik is relaxed. 3D type LED rear combination lamps has completed more luxurious image.

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Kia, all santteutham apseun New Morning 'young Emotion'

Morning naejun the light vehicle sales in the first place 10,009 years to [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea; last year, Chevrolet Spark has released in the last 13 three models with the design sensibilities of young apseun month 'All New Morning'. The morning of the design concept is "urban minicar with a progressive image dangdanghae show. 3G model of the 'All New Morning "design put emphasis on saving as much as possible the design strength of the second-generation Morning. Was added to the upbeat image with stylish faceted, dynamic volume here jinige to have different impression and traditional morning.

Kia Motors, said: "This year I was trying to complete a more dynamic style, but focused on optimizing the New Morning in the minicar standard" and "at the same time reducing the distance of the front overhang from the front wheel center to the bumper, the distance between the front wheels and the rear wheels the wheelbase has widened stable explained yet born again as a dynamic style "deumjik.

The focus on the front portion stately impression. Robust, yet sleek to look radiator grille, and fog lamps equipped with applied molding helmet.

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Chevrolet, how quickly grow stronger typhoon

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] 'all-new cruise (the cruise), Chevrolet resumed customers in India this month, was applied to the design trends of the' all-new Malibu, "caused the blast in the last mid-size car market.

Cruise up to the equivalent of the body length (4665mm) is the height to produce a stable and sleek designing a dramatic biryegam 10mm lower than the previous model. Thus equipped with a sensational string of sports three styles, such as Malibu.

Clear and captivating impression that such front is smooth and long stretches of projection headlamps with signature LED daytime running may produce an intense dual-port grille design that symbolizes the Chevrolet family look. This can be found than the grandeur and the front side depicts dynamically through.

Including the front bumper and hood, wrap the body style, three-dimensional strings levels serves high quality and sophistication, it also creates a sporty exterior design but intense cruises mingle with chrome molding applied to the shoulder line and the front belt line.

The rear is the rear lamp design with wide LED auxiliary brake light is located separately on the top of the rear window configure the three-dimensional design. This helps enhance the safe operation of the trailing vehicle visibility on.

Chevrolet including the applied extensively if the said "interior" all-new cruise interior of the new cruise combines a variety of advanced technology and extensive interior space provides an elegant and comfortable space for both driver and passengers, "leather trim, soft touch finish material is explained, and "complete the luxurious interior beyond the surrounding chageup passengers comfortably with bucket-type seat.

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Jeep, '75 lineup hamchukmi dwells on the first compact model

'Renegade' Jeep (Jeep), launched in the domestic market last year [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] is the first compact SUV Jeep history of 75 years. The vehicle completed the line-up of more famous as a 4X4 Jeep brand performance is authentic small SUV that connects the first model of the Jeep, Willis MB 'and the ultimate off-roader' Wrangler '.

Renegade is a strong trendy exterior design of the Wrangler Willis MB in the womb and has a modern style. Rebellious, while maintaining the Jeep unique box design does not conform to the customs and energetic appearance. Solar Yellow, and combinations of Omaha Orange, Alpine White, Blue Sierra, a variety of internal and external color bezel color that contrasts him up to nine kinds, including Colorado Red reflect the needs of young customers who value individuality and diversity intact. As a result, more especially the Renegade anywhere in the city and outdoors adds to the emotional feel.

Seven distinctive front part of the Jeep - divided into upper and lower bumper grille at the bottom of the slot was designed to improve the aerodynamic high-speed driving stability reduces outside noise. In the top of the bumper and apply a black body, the color, the lower bumper also increased in design perfection. Side will introduce a strong presence in the short overhangs, trapezoidal wheel arches, lower door that gives you the feeling of an angle piece, such as a combination of short sleek lines reminiscent of the sculpture.

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Volvo, on and off the vertical and horizontal Wujin unstoppable breakout Care

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] Volvo introduced the last 21 days, The New Cross Country (the cross-country), is the flagship model of the last completed 90 clusters. This vehicle is a model cross-over to the new segment of the Volvo combines the advantages of the sedan and SUV only "Swedish life stylus (Swedish Lifestyler)" concept. Based on the Volvo V90 height and increases the ground clearance of driving comfort of a sedan, as well as equipped with all the performance and availability of four-wheel-drive SUV can enjoy the lifestyle dynamics across the online and off-road Volvo to become a strong alternative to the SUV is and expectations.

In particular, cross-country assessment of the design is a cluster of 90 peaks lineup. Robust appearance and warm and comfortable interior is hand Volvo CEO Hakan Samuel about design in harmony with the dynamic has emphasized, "it was completed with bold styling and elegance."

The appearance was met with elegant grace and dynamism, such as applying a wheel arch extensions for the larger tire diameter to 42mm on the iconic design of the new Volvo T-shaped grille and vertical headlamps simultaneously. Inside, he completed a true Scandinavian design, plus an ergonomic sheet warmth and comfort of walnut wood trim, only Volvo and utilizing the natural wood grain.

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Ssangyong Motor. Grandeur, lightness, dynamism consumer touch aspiration

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea - In a very special car Ssangyong Tivoli is the last appearance in 2015. Dominated the compact SUV market since the launch last year, Ssangyong, and because one is to achieve a "turnaround" a driving force in nine years. The design of Tivoli has three characteristics. Grandeur (Dignified), dynamic (Dynamic), lightness (Rhythmical) is the motif. Ssangyong is called is called 'Nature-Born 3 Motion' design philosophy it makes it a Ssangyong.

Exterior design has a lightness tones. SUV will not only inherent dynamism a modern and complete the urban dynamic SUV style captures the urban image. The front section was wide and the connection is connected to a slim grille headlamp line. That obtained the grille inspired by the image of a new emergency Spread your wings called "shoulder wing grille, side Ssangyong explains. Shoulder wing grille has been applied to all cars Ssangyong Motor is showcasing after Tivoli.

Side leads to the rear fender expresses an intense feeling of image-rich volume. Here was a combination of 16-inch and 18-inch alloy wheels and diamond cutting wheels of 18 inches and dynamic design. Wide C-pillar is one of the symbolic elements of the Ssangyong design represents the strength and toughness of an SUV unique.

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Hyundai Motor racing Feeling sluggish refreshing escape seonbongjang

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] 'Rise Sonata New Hyundai Motor unveiled last eight days rather strong new car feeling. Sonata Facelift (partial change) succeeded in transforming so the fact that the model will not believe it.

The interior maturity higher than the previous Sonata (LF), a smart modern sense, one-touch air cleaning mode, my car stands out like location sharing services, such as convenience and safety specifications substantially strengthened. Innovation is the most noticeable effect exterior design. From the front design it is unusual. Following the IG Grandeur launched in November last year was equipped with a wide cascading grill. Power produced volumes and aggressive in shaping this basis, was reborn as a sporty style than previous models.

Hyundai Motor official said, "Sonata New Rise front is nestled into a new identity of Hyundai cascading grill." Following "The lower the sleek hood, hem to give the impression 20mm got off the visual intensity itdaeeo the bottom of the bumper grille with chrome garnishes down, such as daytime running vertical type was placed in front of both in conjunction with veils," said Design It explained.

The rear has also combine the luxury and sporty through the unconventional layout changes in the bumper, rear lamps, license plate. FIG plate was transferred to the lower end of the bumper.

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Junggonara "opportunity for used car service dealer."

He said, "This convergence will be the opportunity for used car dealers in strong real skills" for the [financial newspaper stand hyomun Korea News] queue Dili on Junggonara (hereinafter Junggonara) has recently launched used car dealers offer.

Used countries are being recruited and used car dealers come up to 31 days. A D to prepare a 'used-car services' to the next month embodiment. Whereas traditional used car trading platform that emphasizes convenience only trade performance, Junggonara are talking about motivation cater to primarily focus on fraud selling off the source.

Junggonara officials to "expensive property in the consumer entry into the house and then the car, but the used car market, real estate market, unlike it is not a certified" suppliers "such as realtor" and "gave to recommend where reliable broker dealership lets face, I think that the negative was also brought new consumers to the used car example, "he said.

He added "In the past, the real estate market is also only were many consumer complaints about bait for sale, a start-up system, such as rectangular, coffee shop can market and Seon Sunhwan spread false Commercial prevention efforts" and "Used countries of the used car market played a role like this I will try to create a virtuous circle, "he said.

With aspirations were also built specific fraud prevention systems. Used countries have built a 'Q5 (Quality 5 step)' verification process next month ahead of a used car of service.

Junggonara officials signed a "Q5 verification process through the establishment certified used car dealer should proceed to site inspections that through a demanding certification process go a fraud selling" and "dealership specializing in start-conglomerates, high-owner 'and the MOU is high owner have to take advantage of the numerous vehicles and suppliers of DB analysis and inspection system, "he said.

He added "used car services will now make every effort to stabilize enough just getting started," said "to create a business model that everyone can be satisfied by the consumers and dealers and ongoing communication, it will lead the recognized changes in the used car market." he added.

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Low on the BMW, sporty design kkalrineun Alacrity

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] last month officially launched BMW 'New 5 series' stand out is the powerful and sporty design. 7th generation model, the vehicle was applied to the basic M Sport package, the entire lineup released only for domestic customers.

The biggest feature of the new 5 Series design is on the front. BMW kidney with a grill and a circular twin headlight disposed at both the front portion gives emphasis on the wider width. Thus receive the feeling crushed low on the road.

Side emphasizes the sporty appearance with short overhangs, the newly added swage lines As ever getting back high completes the dynamic impression. Through an air breather to smooth the airflow around the wheel it was also improving efficiency and reducing the air resistance together. Rear design look wider and deeper stretches the width rear light inside gives ear to visually smooth the sides and back of the body.

Not only are all the new 5 Series, which launched Korea adorn the formal offer, more sporty design and stability are basic M Sport package.

Large air intake, the front portion, side skirt trim, two rectangular consisting tailpipe M aerodynamic package and M lettering door chamber, lowered M sports suspension and M sports brake (except 520d), 18 inchi (520d) and 19-inch (530i, 530d) 2 M light-alloy wheels were fitted.

The same design was recognized in the last 21 days' iF Design Award 2017 ". New 5 Series has won the automotive products sector up to traders 'gold' in the iF design award 2017. BMW said, "have received high praise for a balance between short and sporty design, inside and outside offices revealed the brand image, emotion and vision."

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KB Capital, pursued digitized and used car market

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical reporter] KB Capital launched the 'KB Cha Cha "last used car price lookup services this year plans hagetdaneun leading automotive markets, led by digitization.

KB Capital has issued a profit last year, up to the spirit. Last year, KB Capital consolidated basis, operating profit grew 54.48% YoY to 127.4 billion won. Sales of 27.15% to 473.4 billion won in net profit was achieved KB Capital largest profit increased 53.28 percent to 96.7 billion won. Net interest income also increased 28.6% from last year to 246.7 billion won. KB Capital affiliates have emerged as a superior within the KB Financial Group with record earnings last year.

According to KB Financial Group earnings in 2016, KB Capital ROA is 1.5%, ROE was 14.3%. KB Capital and ROE was higher in the KB Financial Group, KB Asset Management (43.32%), KB Real Estate Trust (16.42%) of the companies. The industry has been rated as one the fastest growing, especially since the KB Capital representative office Park Jiwoo 2015. Park Jiwoo representatives dwaeteumyeo again recommended as CEO acknowledged the merit of this year, the reappointment was confirmed in the last 23 days the General Shareholders' Meeting. For the night represented Recommended reason "Since taking office greatly improve the operating assets greatly elongated and maximum net visions, such as growth and profitability," he said "the group number, etc. My synergies and overseas auto financing market, management continuity for new growth projects considering the general terms of the recommended Park Jiwoo current CEO, "he said.

The center Park Jiwoo representative was able to profit last year, up to a platform offering used car quotes' KB Cha Cha. 'KB Cha Cha' is collected in the meantime which was a problem with incorrect information provided, such as fraud selling the used car market provides a fair market price information agent.

Park Jiwoo representatives thanks to the 'KB Cha Cha' success this year, plans to strengthen the digital sales channels, including mobile. To this end, KB Capital has established a Digital Business Division conducted a reorganization late last year. Digital Division was composed of Digital Business, Life Banking, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) unit, marketing, public relations department four departments. In particular, the digital division is promoting an online and mobile businesses of KB Capital focuses. A digitization strategy of Park Jiwoo representatives around the Cha Cha Cha This year KB has been interested in the collection if I could make a profit after the previous year.

◇ enhanced mobile convenience ... Digitization focused

KB Capital kkopneunda the "digital" this year, management direction. Improve the ease of mobile services non-face-to-face hagetdaneun plans to strengthen its sales channels ensuring customers. The center has a KB Cha Cha. Park Jiwoo KB Capital representative plans of creating a KB Cha Cha as a possible platform from Cicero to provide financial support.

KB Capital, said, "Currently KB Cha app within After the price inquiry KB Capital manner in which you want to division, including connections to limit the query site," and "to develop as you can get from the price lookup in a further apps here after right up to the financial platform Now, "he said. Used car quotes and trading platform KB Cha got the customer's response to the offer price last year is correct. Service initiation 1,000,000 people visited the second month in March surpassed the 10 million visits.

Meanwhile, used cars did not provide adequate information to customers. There the information is focused only used cars and used car maemaesang any of these conditions was the price varies widely. If car and the actual state of the other items listed on the used car sale site is also common. If a customer sale does not exist when the film went to buy only the sale it was also bujigisu.

KB Cha Cha was to provide correct and prevent these problems in the used car market price in advance. For this purpose a dedicated internal organization and used car experts are analyzing the used car trade in the domestic Big Data, and derive the price offered algorithm.

False items also were also constructed to filter system. Operating a marketing firm to raise in the Commercial KB Cha Cha's pre-screening agent members, and operates accept dues. Dues are kept in an escrow account, if the result is false for sale and use by the customer compensation. The heotgeoleum Compensation is it. The KB Capital is confident that contribute to healthy ecosystems form the used car market after KB Cha Cha.

KB Capital said, "Get used car sale site can earn some marketing firms all items receive only fees" and "Cha Cha KB satisfaction is high it features a selection of institutional arrangements for the company," he said.

Used car market competition is becoming fierce. Shinhan Card has announced the sale of used cars O2O platform, Shinhan Card tucha car, with a used car for sale online and offline connection service operators tucha car. BNK BNK Capital and operating lonesome car. Capital Capital bought a very, JB our capital, including also a situation that strengthen higher used car profitability. At the turn of the new car market plateaus often you see a dark car finance outlook.

KB Capital sees that the used car market is rather the point, the used car market slowdown width to obtain a stable income in the new car that is less than that in proportion as the new car market growth, growth. KB Capital, said, "For example, if the new car average growth slowing width 20% of used cars are relatively small with about 5%" and "When new cars are growing used car market has grown more sharply and there have also continuously rising demand for profitability this is good, "he said. According to the Ministry of Transportation, the used car market has been constantly growing in size, as against 3,284,429 in 2012, 3,377,084 in 2013, 3,468,286 in 2014 for, 3674 3,662,015 years. Year old car registration number is recorded 3,780,116.

KB Capital are also envisioned KB Cha Cha and possible linkages and partnerships car manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers, service companies, including automotive companies recruiting methods.

For the digitization of Cha Cha KB KB Capital it has developed a possible agreement in the contract system in the mobile car finance in general. UI (User Interface: Users that contains instructions or techniques that work for cell phones, computers, digital devices, the environment) also improved and is also working to increase customer convenience.

Cha Cha Cha as well as KB and progress in digitization and asset management. KB Capital Asset Management has also developed operating system for the rental car. KB Capital said, "is to build and operate a system that automatically manages the remaining period, maintenance period, etc. for the rental car," he said.

◇ building digital processes, risk management focus

This year KB Capital is planning to focus on building internal digital processes and risk management than top-line growth. This year as last year put the biggest gains achieved asset growth is a policy that focuses on the chopper boudoir. Last year, KB Capital is achieved largely by the sales growth to more than 2 trillion won to 5.5876 trillion won in assets in 2015 to 7.4528 trillion won.

We recently announced the establishment of four additional capital provision in the financial regulation authorities, and strengthen asset quality classification criteria are becoming important risk management.

Capital must earn 30% this year to buy additional allowances for high-risk lending interest rates over 20%. Capital's financing asset quality classification is also reinforced by the Bank level. Capital four installments or-less bond asset quality segment is less than the current 3 months past due to the normal, less than 3-6 months is critical, for more than 6 months or less are classified as stationary. In the future overdue 1 under normal, less than 1-3 months months is critical, for more than 3 months is enhanced in-below. KB Capital official said, "Oh discussion if less than 20% interest rate provisioning burden is only a few restrictions have been enhanced will focus on risk management."

KB Capital has extended its contract with GM Korea affiliated bank and signed an exclusive contract also extends financial institutions and Jaguar Land Rover Korea. Tesla installment sales also started. KB Capital last year's profit of imported cars in the background, the greater the impact brisk. KB Capital has established a dedicated Ssangyong Motor Co. affiliate sign SY Capital Auto Capital in a joint venture with Ssangyong Motor. Last year, Tivoli, etc. Ssangyong has acted as a drag thanks to popular KB Capital.

According to Ssangyong, Ssangyong Motors has surpassed quarterly sales of 1 trillion won in the first quarter of last year. Sales surpassed one trillion won for the reason Ssangyong Motor said large bar thanks to Tivoli. Tivoli explained that last year's sales volume increased by 34.7% YoY as 85,821 led Ssangyong sales growth. SY Auto Capital, founded also to all KB Capital and Ssangyong Motor 'win-win' served as.

Ssangyong is "November 2015, was able to further expand sales provide one-stop services, including bundled sales and financial services to support the financing of the establishment, the quality of capital dedicated SY auto financing company," he said.

Hosiljeok imported cars were also a factor the KB Capital to breakthrough. Land Rover has achieved an annual sales topped 10,000 units in the domestic expansion unusual 16 years in 2011. GM Korea also recorded a year annual earnings. Sparks grew 32.3% compared to about 58,978 in 2015 78,035 last year, Malibu sales increased 123.8% year to 36,658 last year. As this year extended the contract as Jaguar Land Rover, GM Korea it is expected to lead to stable earnings in the imported car sector.

Jaguar Land Rover Korea is dragging a popular premium brand of imported cars to domestic consumers rose an average growth rate of 50%. KB Capital, also thanks to the growth of Jaguar Land Rover and strengthen the domestic financial market, imported cars M / S 1 above. KB Capital has a positive outlook about the extension of the agreement with Korea GM. KB Capital, said: "GM Korea will likely spark was selected as a light vehicle sales record and a # 1 in Malibu and the new Trax models' safe car of the year to expand the domestic market, domestic sales." GM Korea has launched a three year junjunghyeong full model change new 'cruise', environmentally friendly vehicles 'Bolt'.

Considered as the future electric car sales began. Tesla can be sold only online. Currently, KB Home Capital may limit the Tesla queries and can be purchased in installments, leasing.

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Just unfolding right Ron, annual themed social contribution activities

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical journalist] just credit loan (the straight right colon) in order to practice the philosophy that every year donated more than 1% of the net profit, 'future', 'natural', 'Neighbor', 'love' into four theme is engaged in various social contribution activities.

Ron was just right and the name 'love sharing activities, through donations every year, the second half of social welfare organizations contribute to community development. It also supports the academic commitment, but one semester tuition fees to the selected college students in low-income households.

The selected students "were given to me to choose a leave of absence due to fees paid for the time that you can concentrate on learning" and "thank you for the hope that you can dream of the future, tired point, in reality," said a comment. Ron is just very actively engaged in volunteer activities in-house. Including the Head Office employees in Daegu, Busan, Guangzhou Branch gathered in 'Love Sharing Corps' continues to volunteer in each region on a quarterly basis. Volunteers will expand the variety of service activities such as baking chicken soup for serving food distribution, low-income households for the elderly, as well as to deliver briquettes to consist of employees by various departments and gathered early in the morning on weekends jjokbangchon.

The social contribution activities and highly consumers receive financial contributions, such as winning the 'consumer credit target 2016' awards from Korea to Loan Finance Association, and kept the honor of a continuous target four years. It has also received receive an audit certificate, etc. gwangbokhoe and Community Chest recognition. This year also announced that Ron right away based on the theme of 'future', 'natural', 'Neighbor', 'love', expand the "love sharing activities' to improve the environment of low-income households. In addition, it plans to expand its social contribution activities in addition to existing support for education, rehabilitation and further development of the social contribution activities.

Gimchungho "I think social contribution of the company is the most reliable investment for sustainable growth" just right Ron, CEO said "what the future brand of the implementation and the good social corporate social responsibility through a variety of social contribution activities I will try to be showed "the commitment.

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Welcome Ron, contributed profit certain percentage

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] is described under the theme of Welcome Credit Line Loan ㈜ (hereinafter welcome Ron) social contribution activities, the greater sharing more places' of.

To welcome Ron dividing management scholarship funding, local children's centers and volunteer talent base and the Wellcome Financial Group Volunteers for employees linked to the part and the part of the employee's salary each year the company net profit in the financing of which started with the establishment of the end of 2002 the company it is underway.

Welcome Ron outreach began in 2003, it has steadily progress to organize a 'welcome Ron Corps' with green umbrellas Children's Foundation in 2009.

Hope to help a neighbor, he came out and brought a self-supporting community projects, such as annual support and donations gibucheo scale, constantly coming into the practice 'sharing activities, including through the talents of our employees donate in conjunction with local children's centers across the country on a quarterly basis.

Last February 18th 11:00 a.m., held a "welcome the 13th Financial Group Bang Jeong-hwan Scholarship Award Ceremony 'at the entrance to Tiffany pereom tower. Welcomes seven years' Welcome Financial Group Bang Jeong-hwan Scholarship "has been supporting student per year interim targets for 2011 and of customers using the welcome Ron to the scholarship ceremony began with a welcome Ron and South Korea Bang Jeong-hwan Scholarship Foundation, and university student children . In particular, the savings banks also welcome the participants and scholarship support greatly expanded in size by joining Beginning September 13, 2015 based groups are not cumulative scholarship amounting to 1,200.

In addition to welcome Ron it is constantly engaged in various social contribution activities across the country, including experience events that make low-income families with children study room, dining room catering assistants, people with disabilities.

In addition, the coming year could also continue regular sponsorship to welcome Ron Nestled Guro fruits and vegetables across the country boys and girls assist the Central Association of various social welfare organizations.

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Electrolytic love the mountains and loans, blood cancer children

[Lower cervical financial newspaper reporter Korea-wide mountain loan heonhyeoljeung donated 10 million won and collected through donations from around the area one 70 points including one month in Korea Leukemia Children Foundation headquarters April 23 February 2017.

Sanwa loan donation has plunged the population to participate in solving social problems are bigger problems in the blood supply, and has continued to conduct a three-year period from 2014 to aid children's leukemia. Heonhyeoljeung the past three years, employees have donated amounted to approximately 1000 cross-dressing.

Meanwhile, the mountains and the loan has become a lively place unknown to the outside by a voluntary social contribution activities of employees every quarter by point basis, it has continued a steady CSR activities with financial institutions loans and lenders. Last year's third quarter, the mountains and the loan has passed the 10 million won in the Eastern Social Welfare Society.

Last year, the donated tighten credit loans, 15 members and utilize the 'Seoul branch of the Red Cross' welfare for the elderly living alone find in Seoul gu dalramyeo Winter Quilt 800 including eyiwon loan capital. Donations were delivered to households where 800 seniors living in Jongno-gu, Dongjak, Yangcheon.

Last February 28, Korea Loan Finance Association and the mountains and loans, tightening credit loans, eyiwon loan capital, including 12 members are helping the survivors' experiences over the past 27 days Independence veterans and their survivors' organization, difficulties in living in 'gwangbokhoe "Now 30 million won the donated. Gwangbokhoe was to make contributions to the independence of low-income veterans bereaved 100 people selected from across the country branch may be paid a living subsidy. Korea Loan Finance Association and member companies support bar donations of gwangbokhoe 20 million won last year.

Choesangmin "I supposed that one culture to participate in the blood donation campaign to share the joy of donating" mountain loan CEO said "We place continues the campaign continued to be a doeum to cancer children need a helping hand support community We perform the said contributions will do our corporate social responsibility. "

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Rush and cache, and support dreams of college

Gave the [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] helping hand to a variety of students in this year 'OK Savings Bank and rush together and cache 5th Happiness Sharing scholarships.

"Happiness Sharing Scholarship" is the only scholarship program to support the starting semester tuition fees for university students only economically difficult person recommended.

At the time the program started in 2012, an unusual way of starting a passion for dreams, regardless of the specification and grades produced a great response among many university students are worried tuition. Which was first started in the beginning of 500 people in 2012 starters increasing the target 100 by one year each year supports scholarships to 1,000 students.

The fifth happy sharing scholarship was received about 6000 letters of recommendation to start recruitment in October 2016 received a double benefit for the final selection of 1000 student scholarships. Last February 15 Cache OK and savings banks rush in baegudan of Ansan Evergreen gym home stadium is "OK Savings Bank and rush together and cache 5th Happiness Sharing Certificate Ceremony" was held.

Day ceremony was attended by 400 people, the happiness of sharing and scholarship allocation Scholarship Foundation officers and employees, including Afro-service group except for scholars residing in the province, after the end of the ceremony volleyball OK Savings Bank and Samsung Fire Gyeonggi were watching together. Also for the convenience of students, local resident students were invited to proceed with the ceremony separately for each local branch of appearances enterprises.

The certificate presentation ceremony was held Wednesday with esophageal donate to donate 30 billion allocated Scholarship Foundation businessmen appeared in Afro-service group assignment Scholarship Foundation. Afro-service group has donated a scholarship by 3 billion won annually pay 130 billion won scholarships to approximately 5,000 scholarship to date. Happy started as a tall man giving to those in need around the warm concern and loving heart, dividing scholars had already welcomed five years.

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Shinhan savings banks, loans can go home after the consultation

And it operates the [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Shinhan Savings Bank after work, at night loan counseling until 10 pm from the last two days for customers who want to use the savings bank at a later time. Through consultation overnight loans was able to deliver a wide range of financial products populace of Shinhan Bank savings to more customers.

Shinhan Savings Bank sunny and sait Ron Stone holds two loans in addition to a representative of junggeumri loans hug Ron, fresh loans. In particular, the 'innovative coordination "system that quickly and easily guide you through the best products to the customer as a strength of the various products.

With the innovative Cody Night loan counseling that began two days is the industry disagree. The precedent was operating at night in the savings bank industry consultation followed, given the cost of the consultation will be called Night In terms of profitability ineffective.

Shinhan Savings Bank has the right loan product descriptions to customers rather than efficiency is the idea hagetdaneun faithfully serve as an ordinary financial institution.

Shinhan Savings Bank is giving through innovative coordination system which deals directly haejugo guide how profitable right out the limit of the total interest rate products. For example, together the theory if income less than 30 million won customers more sunshine goods cheaper rates when accessing goods loans sunshine Ron simply advertising, without looking at first, even though this product is because of the lower interest rates given the high interest rate loans.

Shinhan Savings Bank official said, "the way ordinary people as best practices of financial institutions, business and financial plans to expand also further warm overnight lending practices and transfer non-face-to-face loan."

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KB Savings Bank, "olbi 'to open in 10 minutes

And the popularity from [South Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical reporter] KB Savings Bank is a frequent withdrawals of deposit products KB good mobile account "olbi 'jaetekeu the family needed workers and short-term funds launched in October last year.

KB good mobile account "olbi 'is applied to the basic annual interest rate of 1.3% trusted with only one day, without any additional conditions, such as salary transfers to 50 million won. Existing high-interest savings account, such as commercial banks are opposed to offering preferential rates at around 2 million won limit upon achieving certain conditions, such as salary transfers, communication fee billing, using credit cards.

In particular, KB good mobile account "olbi Customer If you are anyone exempted mobile banking transfer fees, the benefits are exempt until withdrawn upon withdrawal fee fifth month in ATM 6 manyeodae commercial banks in the country, such as the nearest post office with a cash card a popular secret of this product.

KB good mobile account "olbi 'is a simple non-face-to-face mobile-only product available in the account opening blindness verification of identity, including shooting, download the KB savings banks' Good Banking KB' applications without visiting branches. The country can join from anywhere in 10 minutes. This product is available through a transaction only if more than 19 years of age to depositors protected deposits per account.

Internet banking is also easy to sign up. Customers with OTP can sign up right after "olbi 'opened, and the customer is not an OTP can subscribe to receive the KB savings bank security card in the mail.

In May of this year it is expected to be more convenient to use can be very even customers who do not subscribe to the OTP Internet banking.

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Welcome Savings Bank, Love office workers welcome up to 3% Savings

Turning their attention in the financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] savings bank counter deposit and time deposits only looking for customers savings bank deposits and withdrawals at any time in the product. Various fees or if you meet certain conditions iteoseoda spotlight as can all of the savings banks offer a much higher interest rate and receive a preferential interest rate and rebates in accordance with the check card usage 'net' deposit products. Among the welcome savings account deposits and withdrawals at any time in "Welcome worker loves ordinary deposits, the bank has emerged as the House Acorns among workers with high interest rates and ease of use.

'Welcome worker loves Savings' is applied up to a maximum of 3.0% of such deposits and withdrawals at any time accounts, though the basic interest rate of 1.0% a year, when more than 1 million won salary transfers 1.0% prime rate. Nationwide more than 25,000 are exempt from the fee for cash withdrawals at an ATM convenience stores and subway up there and provide cash back into cash up to 1% of mobile banking or Internet banking transaction fees waived upon check card usage. Universal certificate issued free of charge, there is also differentiated benefits of the transaction, such as OTP devices offering free it is getting a lot of attention.

Point to join, as well as welcome the savings bank's capital used to open an account a non-face-to-face via the digital branch apps, and 10000 opened its 3000 account in just over 4 months since its launch in December last year, the balance increased to a monthly average of 100 billion won and.

Welcome Savings Bank official, "Compared to commercial banks interest rates, and superior, there is also a big hassle to take advantage of the real world by using mobile banking or ATM" and "release later, workers love usually pay your bank accounts, including savings accounts, or the House account there is increasing steadily as customers take advantage of, "he said.

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