Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Last year, the bank holding a 20% increase in net profit to increase lending

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] last year, the bank holding company, net income increased 20% over the previous year.

According to the 12th FSS seven bank holding company (consolidated) net profit in 2016 it totaled increased by more than 1.2301 trillion won (19.6%), 7.5019 trillion won by the end of 2015 (6.2718 trillion won).

FSS is analyzed as "interest income due to a 1.3 trillion won increase deda 6000 was also reduced credit costs one hundred million won, depending on the increase in assets under management, including loans.

Net income per share of banking sector is highest with 62.9%, and was followed by non-banking (22.6%), insurance (7.8%) and order.

In each holding company, Shinhan Financial net income is the most common to 2.7748 trillion won. Following KB (2 1 trillion 1437 billion), one (1.3305 trillion won), etc. followed.

In the KB and increase or decrease the width of a single profit fell 445.4 billion won (26.2%), 420.7 billion won (46.2%), the Agricultural Finance (20.2%), while 81.3 billion impressions, shipbuilding and shipping industry vulnerable to loan provisions rose significantly.

Late last year, Standard Bank shares capital, basic capital and total capital ratios of both the holding company rose to 11.92% from the end of last year, respectively, 12.50%, 14.33%. The total capital adequacy ratio of the bank holding company is to meet the business situation assessment Grade 1 standards for more than 10% and kept a good level.

FSS explained that " 'Cause the bad debt reserve deda recognized as a common vision of the capital exceed net income, including capital growth in risk-weighted assets growth in' In each holding company KB (15.27%) is the highest, followed by the Shinhan (15.00%), and one (14.33%), National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (13.49%), net.

It was also improved asset quality. NPL ratio fell to 0.97%, 0.38% points compared to the end of 2015 (1.35%).

Loan represents the loss-absorbing capacity of the bad debt provision Accumulation rate also rose to 169.12% compared to 36.44% horse (132.68%) last year.

FSS is an analysis of "the NPL reduced bad debt etc. (3.4 trillion won, -23.7%) deda a total increase yeosindo (65.2 trillion won, 6.2%) according to one having". Shinhan Bank (0.74%). By holding companies is lowest, were counted KB (0.85%), one (0.91 percent).

Meanwhile, net of non-bank holding company of Meritz Group (insurance), it is thanks to the 'earnings, including loss of sales due to reduced insurance Meritz' increased 48.9 billion won (24.0%) showed a 252.7 billion won.

Korea Investment Holdings has (financial investments), net income decreased 279.7 billion won to 44.6 billion won (13.8%) compared to the previous year, including sales and administrative expenses increased litigation-related losses "of.

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KB Kookmin Bank, principal and interest repayments three times annual income within the limit

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] were to introduce a limited total debt repayment ratio (DSR) are KB Kookmin Bank loan assessment indicators determined.

According to the 12th banking, KB Kookmin Bank plans to restrict future later than three times the annual income of the principal of all loans to customers who have a loan (principal, interest total) give you a new loan.

For example, salaries can not get another loan if the workers will receive 50 million won to 400 million won mortgage (20 years equal principal amortization, annual 4.0%), credit 120 million won (annual 5.0%). State mortgage principal and credit interest, and usually face a one-year pay the principal amount of credit a total annual principal repayments (155 million won) because it exceeds three times the annual salary.

DSR is a numerical value obtained by dividing the borrowers mortgage loans, the annual principal and interest payments in total loans, including credit received from all financial companies with an annual income. The current debt-to-income ratio in the ability to repay debt (DTI) to credit card payments, car payments, minus passbook loan did not come in the regulatory scope of the evaluation.

Household financial authorities have accumulated while in the bar one ever utilize the DSR this year banks to voluntarily refer indicators. KB Kookmin Bank official explained that "to be able to apply different tolerances depending on the collateral value, credit ratings.

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Seoul, reconstruction, redevelopment union elections after rigorous management

Strengthen public support for the [financial newspaper gimdohyeon Korea News] Seoul reduce conflicts maintenance business electoral process. Urban law Public support is a system that supports the project implementation process as prescribed by the regulations even when, in order to increase the transparency and efficiency of the maintenance business.

Seoul has said reconstruction redevelopment, such as specifying the procedures and methods for the election of officers of the maintenance business election law enacted in 2015 to adjust the 'maintenance business standards Election Regulations announced on Tuesday.

That provision is established, it was spread to prevent the conflict in accordance with such projects stagnant inhabitants maintenance business combination unfair electoral officers surrounding the election, the ruling organs. This is the main purpose to help the residents themselves to the democratic election of officers.

That election, including NEC and configured to reduce the first meeting convened, residents conflicted maintenance business processes to strengthen public support for new applicants and strengthen the public role such authoritative interpretation is the main gist.

Adjust matters greatly gajida 4. First Election Commission for the election process (hereinafter NEC) if the senior is hard when you request more than one-tenth of the population is able to act on behalf of the mayor NEC configuration process as public applicants. I go two members of the union executive consists of the general local population, in many cases to get off halfway. To prevent scatters the continuity of the maintenance business was so that the mayor can take the agent role.

Second, the standard authoritative interpretation of the applicable regulations of the elections was to ask the mayor can be judged by the Zoning Status, constitution and approval proceedings, etc. This was the thorough supervision of elections, including the standard rules apply for the proper implementation of maintenance work performed.

Third it was also established regulations for exploitation by the dominant position of deacon prevent cases of stagnation of business, such as to avoid a new election of officers procedure.

Finally, the procedure for proving whether or not the candidate disqualified and combined executive instead of a candidate submits a certificate criminal offenses directly to the fact Views agreements and policies to replace a pledge to eliminate the concern and controversy about the crimes certificate information leakage.

Jenny Sun Seoul Urban Regeneration Division is "conflict-free maintenance projects will be started from the process of electing a fair representative," said, "I most film business stagnation and increased costs, such as negative factors caused by the unfair elections through improved public support schemes "he said firmly.

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Apr. life insurer Samsung Life No. 1 brand reputation

[Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporters - two months domestic life insurers brand reputation survey, Samsung Life was ranked first, it showed that Hanwha life and life Hungkuk followed suit.

Korea Corporate Reputation Institute has calculated the 18 domestic life insurers' participation in the brand consumers to analyze big data 8292150 Dog and media, communication, community, social Big analyzing life data insurer by Brand Reputation Index until the last 11 days from last month to 10 days. When compared to last March dog insurance brand Big Data 13398995 declined 38.11%.

Brand Reputation Index is an index extracted from a big brand data and classified with the participation value, communicating value, and media values, social values, community values ​​and consumer behavior analysis, and a couple of weights. Who for the brand through brand reputation analysis, where, how, you can find out how much, why, and stories. The domestic insurance brand reputation analysis to brand reputation index was analyzed with the participation value and media value, communicate values, community values ​​and social values.

KB Kookmin Card, KT and 'clip (CLiP)' push-based marketing

Signed the [South Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] KB Kookmin Card and KT's mobile e-wallet service, "the clip (CLiP) 'based on co-marketing promotion business partnership.

KB Kookmin Card will promote mutual cooperation for joint marketing and point exchange service promotion △ 'time' based on customized product development and personalized recommendation product introduction △ synergy new business excavations such as that utilized △ 'clips' by KT and business alliance said that 12 days.

In particular, the 'Clips' customers provides an introduction to KB Kookmin Card products are mounted using the time that merchants benefit from loyalty cards and coupons analysis and use of location-based information contained in KT Internet relay real-time coupons, event information you want to use do.

KB Kookmin Card said, "There is this business alliance KB Kookmin Card held by big data analysis and KT of information and communication technology, marketing know-how, led by the e-wallet services (ICT) significant in that it combines the capabilities," said " the competencies mobilized through with both companies expect to see a variety of financial and marketing activities and communication services to customers fusion line, "he said.

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Signed P2P financial Prophet, Noble Holdings and real estate NPL MOU

[Reporter lower cervical Korea before the financial newspaper] P2P financial Prophet had signed a Noble Holdings and real estate non-performing loans (NPL) business agreement.

Prophet said that 12 days to try the real estate wealth management firm Noble Holdings and joint business agreement for signing, NPL and purchase of future real estate development and sale of goods brokerage.

Prophet by the partnership has been able to target a variety of NPL receivables Noble Holdings, which specializes in real estate investment and the NPL bonds can be sold to new investors.

Prophet said, "Prophet has selected about real estate NPL receivables want arguments directly to the collateral value very superior, based on over 20 years of banking work experience focused" and "should invest in a professional review NPL stability to payback there can not be guaranteed, "he said.

Prophet is a P2P financial products brokerage platform company started operating on the same back in December, established in April 2016. Real estate-related low risk and high return of NPL center (15-18%) as the company focused on product development, more than 50% of all employees, including Lee Seungyong representative domestic foreign and local banks retirees who are not composed of other IT and Ph.D. Features to be.

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Eugene Investment & Securities reverse point, 14 'Real-time trend trading strategy seminar

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] Eugene Investment & Securities reverse point is coming will hold a 14-day free for the third "real-time trend of the New Paradigm Strategic Marketing 'seminar. Seminar 11 am at Eugene Investment & Securities reverse point, it proceeds on two occasions 7:00 PM.

This seminar will introduce the theory Soongsil Continuing Education Forex expert as a lecturer and then professor gwonohjin direct devised PST (Period ∙ trengt ∙ rend) of the process. PST theory is to utilize PST indicator refers to the effective marketing methods to do in liquidation entry point and pushed the peak in the trend. In addition, more easily flow into the global economy and foreign exchange rates, and introduce ways to understand exactly jaetekeu success.

Anyone interested in stocks, futures and options, etc. · ETF jaetekeu and anyone can participate, Registration and inquiry is when a reverse point.

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Detached multi-family houses by registering allowed Rooms for Rent

[Gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter Korea] has prepared the way for the multifamily housing tenants Ministry of Transportation (the land portion) can be protected, such as the rent increase limitations, lease return.

Land unit providing the Decree of the private rental housing project for activating the revised January 17, "Special Act on private rental housing, and implement some rules and amendments, the legislation notice from the 12th of this month.

The main content of this amendment is as follows:

First of multifamily rental housing silbyeol registration is enabled. Existing rental providers to protect vulnerable were excluded obligation that could not register the house where you live in rental housing, apply. Through this revision has strengthened protection for tenants.

The report was prepared following the recruitment procedure for tenants in private rental housing. Private rental housing has been difficult to recruit tenants, to receive approval as an obligation to identify local chapters in advance. To compensate for this, operators have to lease the filing of such tenant recruitment proposal to the competent local chapter if you want to offer tenants the first time in more than 30 calls after the rental housing registration.

Those amendments are expected to be negotiated through the relevant institutions, such as fear Legislation review and implement in the coming July.

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Shilla Stay "Spring Memories" package launched

[Reporter Korea gimeunji financial newspaper] announced on the 12th that launched the "Spring Memories" package with Shilla Stay outing to explore the attractions of spring flowers.

Shilla Stay Gwanghwamun and Mapo, Seodaemun has prepared a hanbok rental benefits that you can create special memories at Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Deoksugung Palace located nearby. In particular, Gyeongbokgung and Changgyeonggung coming will plunge at night, open from 16th to 27th.

Products include a standard room per night with Costume Rental Italy Luxury Coffee Tumbler available in COVA, and 2 cups of coffee, outdoors.

Shilla Stay Dongtan also unveiled a package including the Korea Folk Village Course. Product has included Korea Folk Village 2 free pass hawk.

Shilla Stay Ulsan, Ulsan offers a tour bus pass two can comfortably tour the Ulsan city. Representatives outing course there is a car in the hotel one hour away racing Originals only.

Stay Shilla Jeju offers a useful SK 1 10 thousand won gift certificates fueling the rental use of our customers. Tour to have a cherry blossom street from the hotel 10 minutes away by car in KPL.

The package will showcase 31 May.

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Last year, Korea Investment Holdings net profit 280 000 000 000 ... Yoy 13.8% ↓ 'SG & A, litigation impacts'

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] last year, net profit of Korea Investment Holdings fell 13.8% compared to the previous year to 279.7 billion won. This appeared to be due to increased SG & A expenses and court costs.

According to the 12th FSS 2016 based on assets of Korea Investment Holdings (consolidated) grew 5.8 trillion won (18.4% ↑) 31.5 trillion won a year earlier compared with 37.3 trillion won.

Last year, net profit of Korea Investment Holdings (consolidated, based on loan loss reserves transference ago) was 324.3 billion won a year earlier decreased 44.6 billion won (13.8%) compared with 279.7 billion won.

This is because the suit losses (371 million), an increase in SG (172 billion).

FSS official said the risk of potential sectors, such as "has the domestic and external uncertainties such as interest rate further increases, domestic corporate restructuring in the United States scattered the Year" and "financial holding companies to promote growth in boudoir than excessive top-line growth and household debt for said it would encourage them to strengthen risk management at group level. "

In addition he stressed it would seek to tilt the director based in a thorough internal control to financial consumers and the protection of customer information.

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Union Bank Chairman, Peroni Yerba Nasu University Scholarship MOU

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] hayounggu Bankers Association chapters followed by Myanmar and Cambodia as part of securing the future growth of the domestic banks to promote being a global exchange and cooperation for mutual growth with Asian countries work to third countries, Indonesia visit.

During the same visit duration signed an agreement to support the scholarship of 100 million won worth the (Perbanas Institute) Jakarta Peroni Yerba Nasu University and held a financial cooperation forums to share development experiences of the two banking industry Meanwhile, the financial web drama "The Thing MONEY? "the plans to finance educational materials to be used as a youth in Indonesia provided free of charge by the Indonesian Association of banks and Bankers Association and Indonesia also signed an MOU to establish cooperation channels in the private sector.

In addition, by holding national finance company representatives invited to meetings entered the local advance when difficulties such discussion, and Indonesia, a local banker invited to meetings and Indonesia for the Korean financial companies through a visit FSA meeting to explore the exchanges and cooperation of the two banks .

The visit has jeongeunbo Finance Committee vice chairman for including contrast Finance Training Institute, Lee Gyeongjun daily intelligence representatives, the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), four won banks, Institute of Finance and credit sources · KCB · NICE Average, Indonesia 26 agencies 42 people together and Korea Enterprise Data representative visit.

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Korean Air Cargo robust performance continued ... Goal ↑ - Shinhan Investment Corp.

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Investment has to continue, saying that air cargo robust for the air for 12 days had raised the target price to BUY with 36,000 won.

1Q11 earnings of airline revenue 2.9 trillion won, and operating profit was in line with market expectations, with 210.1 billion won net profit was also assessed that the expected turnaround 623.7 billion won.

Bakgwangrae Shinhan Investment Research to "Cargo is expected to record sales of 612.7 billion won, up 9% compared to the same period last year," said that "with the increased demand is expected to reduce the supply will increase 8.7% in freight ton kilometers (FTK)" projected did.

Park researchers predicted that "will affect air cargo demand and oil prices continue to freight earnings improvement by the end of the year."

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50000 Support Orion, floods Choco Pie in Peru

It announced on the 12th that [South Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Orion Group supports the recent torrential rains in Peru Choco Pie 50,000 victims in.

10 (AP) - Vice President of Orion Lee Gyuhong direct visit to Peru, Laos, Peru, the Vice President met with Mercedes Oh convey the meaning of the up and delivered the goods.

Peru Since early March, heavy rains poured As the effects of climate change suffered a lot of damage, such as the sun floods and landslides killed more than 100 people.

Orion Group is the bar at the time of the last 2008 Sichuan earthquake and the 2013 Typhoon hayiyen 'flood of the Philippines also offers a chocolate pie, such as a spiral in international aid relief.

Orion said, "due to natural disasters has decided to support up to the Peruvian people suffered a lot of damage," he said. "We will continue to continued humanitarian assistance activities at home and abroad."

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Amore Pacific, Saad retaliatory aftermath Earnings uncertainty ... ↓ -KB goal Securities

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] KB Securities was down from 35 to 12 days due to Amore Pacific Saad retaliation for the aftermath Earnings uncertainty boindamyeo to continue for the time being Recommendation HOLD (Maintain) TP ten thousand won to 310,000 won.

KB securities side first quarter consolidated sales of Amore Pacific's predicted it would fall short of expectations, saying to record a 5% increase from 1.5584 trillion won, operating profit of 334.2 billion won during the same period decreased 1% compared to the previous year.

Park Sinae KB Securities Research Institute is "duty-free sales of 373.4 billion won is expected to be while decreasing 5% compared to the same period the domestic duty-free year overseas duty-free shops will grow 50%", and "I'm the number of arrivals of Chinese plummeted since March, the situation is not easy, domestic duty free shops "he said.

The outlook for domestic consumption and other channels were also not good diagnostic performance would seem sluggish due to weak consumer sentiment, competition, etc.

Park researchers and he said, "The Sad retaliation second quarter consolidated sales decreased 4% YoY and operating profit will be reduced by 13%." "The duty-free sales show to decline 32% YoY second half also earnings visibility is very low." It predicts.

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A financial investment point dogok station, "domestic investment strategy derived free seminar

Announced on the 12th that held the domestic derivatives investment strategy free seminar 'in the Korea Financial Newspaper nine Seo Hye Rin News] one financial investment comes on the 16th Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 dogok station point (Gangnam Dogok Daelim ahkeurotel C East 4th Floor) .

This seminar is a seminar prepared by a financial investment point dogok station targeted at investors interested in the domestic derivatives.

Instructors with yangtaeseon representatives, the seminar of the IBEX Asset Management is planning to introduce a plan to invest into investment strategies and take advantage of this exemption KOSPI 200 KOSPI 200 futures and options.

Registration and contact us if you are in a financial investment point dogok station.

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Hyundai Motor Company, except if the Chinese market can be improved -SK Securities

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] SK Securities if the 12th for Hyundai, except for China, saying the industry can improve the BUY target price was proposed to 175,000 won.

Gwonsunwoo SK Securities researcher "When you are being discovered factors indicating improved automotive industry are one, except for China, sluggish due to Saad" and "just in China sluggish, given the impact on the component companies, now the corresponding CBU center is preferred "I decided.

Issues Researcher "but the relationship of the parts Sawa is directly proportional to the profitability of automakers never been part saga good time difficult to automobile performance," said, "This can be found under Mobis and automakers in China Corporate profitability and the situation that concerns raised against earnings in the price was diagnosed as can not but be negative. "

2-3 In order to compare the vendors market capitalization and modern Kia Chinese factory of automobile and sluggish share price is greater opinion is the same planet.

He added, "automakers within recommended the approach of Hyundai's center, and in China the situation is relatively good as, and because improved profitability through product mix expectations," said, "but look at all Hyundai and Kia increased the SUV ratio, high profitability D + E ratio of segments is explained that Hyundai is in good condition. "

In particular, the recent case of the Grandeur and Genesis released, said nopahjyeotdago the share in global shipments up 3% and 2%, respectively.

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Oil hits Securities, Tea radar Investment Academy "rehabilitation project"

To be carried out 'Tea radar Investment Academy "for all the investors, who are experiencing difficulties in three days between the equity investment from April 27 this coming [Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper News] Oil hits securities up to 29 days.

'Rebirth (更生) project, which goes under the theme of this Investment academy was established as a customized lesson for investors experiencing difficulties viewing or frequent losses in equity investments in the stock selection and timing understand marketing.

Oil hits Securities Tea radar instructor and Kim pupil researcher analyzed the reasons why stock investing is difficult through the major financial failures, useful content to determine through a patented artificial intelligence HTS 'Tee Raider sports selection and sale point including combat trafficking and it talks about the how to best use them.

Gimseokhwan Global Investment Research Information Center will also introduce ways to make it easier to access foreign equity theme is "Global Equity Strategy Using the Macro indicators.

Oil hits Securities Jeon Jinho Online Strategy Director "This investment Academy essential lesson for all investors who feel too difficult for equity investment," said, "a simple recommendation sport and many have failed experience as a marketing relies on subjective judgments or shares the price of long-term investment that you do not want to drop the cost to investors will be more profitable place that can come close to the success investment, "he said.

Investment Academy 4:00 9 pm on July 27, four with the same information, whether at 28th 13:30 3:30, from 29 April 10:00 a.m. until 12 proceeds from Tiffany Yu hits Securities headquarters third floor ganguijang .

Registration can apply for free does not have to be all organic hits Securities customers, and are first-come, first-served basis finishing every car allowance 50. Applications and inquiries are as if oil hits the securities, the national branch or customer support center.

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Hyundai Mobis, Chinese influence lackluster first half performance ... Investment objective ↓ -HMC

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] HMC Investment Securities in 12 days for Hyundai Mobis doendamyeo sluggish first half earnings to Chinese influence BUY target price was lowered to 300,000 won.

Lee Myeonghun HMC Investment Securities researcher "1Q11 to an abrupt slump in modern Kia's China sales are the consensus below is expected," said "are share China's share of Hyundai Mobis module business revenues maintained the inside and outside levels all the way to 35 percent since 2009, the last two years declined slightly, "it was flat.

The researchers said, "If you want to prolong the Chinese poor ones the Chinese partner of Hyundai Kia Motors Corp. Maxime also damage their suppliers, and local to fold the April-May because it will affect the recovery aspects peaked employment." "But two struggles to quarter, was diagnosed with non-visible damage situation. "

He also expected the share price that "China issue is eventually expected to be solved A / Stable profit of S project and will be the continued expansion within the group key role in the future automotive trends," said "for the time being linked to modern Kia's China sales but both earnings and share price forecasts would be formed in the second quarter of bottoming out. "

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Kiwoom, Samsung Electronics and Apple conspiracy linked ELS

Announced on the 12th that [South Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Kiwoom the IPO share price-linked securities (ELS) to Samsung Electronics and Apple in the underlying asset.

The underlying assets of the '76th Global 100 trillion club ELS' is Samsung and Apple both common stocks. Seeking yield of 12.3% a year before tax and the maturity is three years.

If at least every six months from the date of issue given the early redemption opportunities are two underlying assets for early repayment evaluate all be 90% of the initial reference price (6, 12, 18 months), 85% (24, 30, 36 months) up to 36.9 % (annual rate of return of 12.3% before tax) is repaid by revenue.

If one of the underlying assets during the investment period had fallen to less than 60% of the initial reference price it could result in loss of principal.

16 offer deadline coming 14 days Cedar. For more information, contact us if you are a website or Kiwoom Kiwoom financial center.

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84㎡ apartment peak of popularity ... Hanwha and Hyundai Engineering, pre-sale only glance

There is only interested in the new out of the pre-sale ssolrigo that while accounting for 47% In [South Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporters - national equilibrium as called "private 84㎡ 'all the way to climb to the top in terms of share trading Ownership offer competitive itgo a popular march .

12 days, according to Real Today was eight or charge of the analysis of the typing area apartment offer competitive pre-sale in the country last year, a KFTC aggregate, only 84㎡ type highest jutaekhyeong 10 places.

Ownership in trading volume showed an overwhelming number. Last year, according to Ministry of Land Ownership actual transaction data, only the 84㎡ apartment was traded a total of 74,923 cases. This is much closer to the total volume of Ownership half of 159,525 cases last year.

The popularity of small apartments that are represented by only 59㎡ in the recent pre-sale market higher, but did not jump to the popularity of private 84㎡.

1-2 of households also be a priority. This is about half of the entire household furniture only 3-4 84㎡ they are recognized as the most livable area situated by the type consisting of growth.

Among the first half of this pre-sale orders only include private 84㎡ eye-catching.

Hyosung proceeds the number one subscription receipt of the "aqueous Hyosung Harrington Place" build on the Middle East 541-2 Suseong-gu Daegu one won 12. Complex is the basement - the ground layer 29 of seven copper and only 84 ~ 167㎡, total 745 Composition of furniture size, and 90% (680 units) of a private households 84㎡.

Mobilizing development is ahead of the pre-sale of 'Samsong secondary Wonheung Station mobilize Royal Duke Vista' games this month Goyang Samsong land development district M2 blocks. It consists of a three-layer underground above ground layer 35, three copper, 312 households, only a single plane 84㎡.

Hanwha is the pre-sale, the new Pearl Green yeoksegwon dream this month Jinju Gyeongnam New Pearl yeoksegwon urban development business district E3 blocks. In the second basement floor to the ground floor 37-38, size 4 buildings, apartment only 84 ~ 103㎡ 424 furniture, and office building only 50 82㎡ configuration chamber. Except for the private area 103㎡ penthouse 4 are all furniture made up of only an area below 84㎡.

HEC plans to pre-sale for "Hill State Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province Gimhae two months in Kanto 247-47 Street East one. B2F above ground layer 23, only 59 ~ 84㎡, showcase 80 from a total of 630 household furnishings by the general pre-sale. A 62.5% (50 units) of the general pre-sale orders is only 84㎡.

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Lotte Cinema, the Royal Opera House performances screened live alone

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Lotte Cinema and the unique presentation of live performances, the Royal Opera House in May. Lotte Cinema has announced the 12th dwaetdago the domestic first screened footage of the world's top brand, Royal Opera House, 2017, opera, cinema, and works with importers, distributors of corn tensyop.

One of the world's three opera house and the Royal Opera House in London can be as a source of Performing Arts was the opera house, representing the UK after dwaetgo erected in 1731 in London's Covent Garden.

It works to meet the 2017 opera, the first national audience of Cinema Series is the work of re-birth as the immortal "Norma" in Bellini, 29 years from Covent Garden.

The second work "Così fan tutte" is a traditional opera of the story and the music for the couple raised two pairs of binding to the test Mozart.

The following works are "Hoffman Story" movie "Midnight Cowboy" by John Schlesinger, which won the Academy Award for Best Directing directed. The fourth is the 'Sleeping Beauty'. The Royal Ballet in World War II after the work debuted in Covent Garden, the typical repertoire of the Royal Ballet.

One fifth of the new releases 'Madame Butterfly' is the most popular opera to the masses, the global Sopranos 'El Monella.All yay' is played a leading role in the solemn and sad opera of Puccini.

Works that are playing this season is the last tragedy of Verdi 'Otello'. Singers plays a jealous contained in a tragedy of Shakespeare Verdi reproduce, deception and murder.

'2017 opera, cinema, Lotte World Tower Cinema, Konkuk University entrance, Gimpo Airport, Pyeongchon, Daejeon and Busan headquarters, are regularly screened on May 10 every Wednesday and Sunday from 19:00 Centum City.

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Wadi's 'musical Cats' largest ever 300000000 Crowdfunding Success

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Wadi's Musical 'Cats' is reported that the 11th Korea Musical crowdfunding success, unprecedented amount of investment 300 million bid. Also he said hayeotdago also added to increase 200 million, reflecting the popularity of hot investors.

Wadi's started a crowdfunding investment-type musical Cats from the last six days. Cat has an unusual box-office records without even a single one failed after Korea premiere. The cold performances can be composed with the best cast ever gone through five months of auditions in the US, UK, Australia, South Africa, check the worthiness of Cat's perfect. Thus, many investors from around the Wadi's reservation before investors were able to start flocking to predict the box office.

Investment crowdfunding type of musical Cats is conducted in such a manner as to issue bonds to investors. Investors and can range from a minimum of 10 million yuan, the audience can get the revenue. The Irrawaddy's only through those who participate in funding R seats invitation, 50% special discount advance tickets, etc. is provided.

Wadi's business chamber Yun Seonguk director of "recent movies and games, as well as to the Cats can be said Blockbuster's musical success's Wadi in the cultural contents industry as a successful crowdfunding funding is becoming the mainstream" and "Wadi's a low interest rate era, the right enjoying the favorite areas for investors who find the investment will be hoping to reap even recognized as a new alternative investment revenue, "he said.

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One card, speakers called 'half' discount offers

Announced on the 12th that [South Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporters - a card that offers discounts to proceed with the tuition of 50% when paying the tuition English as a native speaker phone cards to June.

One more card to take when applying for long-term benefits other half Korean △ 3 months upon enrollment 50% discount vouchers △ 6 months and 1 month free course presents an additional two months free vouchers to provide even greater benefits.

Teaching methods and can proceed once the 10 minutes five days a week, Monday to Friday, providing lessons recorded file contents again. Customers to create a diary in English and essays can be improved separately cheomsak listening to the instruction, speaking, writing.

This year the event raffle for one month free vouchers 30 people through a single card or Main Draw of customers paying for your tuition back into one card entry in 1Q Pay app for the period is expected to receive a mobile CGV movie tickets for two.

In addition, a phone card also provides English tuition payment 2-3 months interest-free installment benefits.

For more information on this event it can be found through a Card website.

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Shinhan Investment, DB-type pension returns in 2016 1 "2.1%"

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan investment and pension returns recorded in 2016 (DB type) of 2.1% over the securities industry olratdago 1 said 12 days.

Shinhan Investment Corp. is a defined benefit (DB) retirement pension returns in operation in 2016, according to the Korea Financial Investment Association published data, this was disclosed by 2.1%. This is the highest rate of return of more than 100 billion won in the securities industry pension funds business. Non-guaranteed principal and interest of DB plans is 2.44%, guaranteed principal and interest showed a 2.09% yield. Principal guaranteed rate of return over the same period private retirement pensions (IRP) also represents a 2.04%, recorded the highest rate of return on the securities industry.

Latest from 2010 to Shinhan Investment in pension cumulative return seven years in 2016 is not too bad. The DB plans yield seven years and ranked first with 4.49% (non-guaranteed principal and interest), it was also excellent long-term returns.

Shinhan Investment has increased the operational funds of 386.9 billion won during the last year. This is a high rate of 35%, and raised the accumulated balance at once to 1.5 trillion level.

Shinhan Investment Tak Seongho pension plan manager said "further advisory products of innovative rebalancing pension fund development and provide" results on trying to vary and supply competitive products, including IB and linked structured products for yield enhancement of retirement pension. " and the various attempts also for yield management and improvement of DC subscribers, "he explained.

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[Financiers Talk] 2 banking financial institutions, industry okjoe will prevent legislation chongryeok

Devoting [South Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] election he rose to over one month chongryeok var is a non-banking sector financial institutions are throwing Parliament pour the financial commitments related to presidential candidates President. Especially in the previous presidential election from card merchant fee cuts, the highest interest rate cut initiatives, such as the financial sector legislation it has made association As a busy state to represent the industry.

According to the 10th industry, the Credit Finance Association, the Korea Financial loan associations, credit association is dedicated to express their visit, the industry enters the parliamentary chamber was initiated with industry legislation.

Korea Loan Finance Association did not put aside the President dedicated staff are hired in December parliamentary aide to former President in charge last year. Concerning the lenders around the neck lawmakers are daebueopbeop the amendment containing the information to the highest interest rate cuts from the current 27.9% to 20% in July last year initiative, currently pending status. Presidential candidate Moon Jae-in is also drawing up a legal commitment to cut the top rate from 27.9% to 20% has increased the top rate cut possibility.

Loan Finance Association said, "you can respond immediately to the National Assembly after the adoption the President and dedicated staff is there to help you quickly deliver the industry's position," he said.

Credit Card Industry and Finance Association took the emergency phase to the turn of the presidential pouring card fee reduction commitments. Has put forward a candidate Moon Jae-card merchant fee cuts, small merchants based on 300 million won 500 million won raised, 500 million won less than 1% cut in the small merchant fee at a 1.3 percent annual sales commitments. Presidential candidate of the National Party candidate Ahn Cheolsu also said it would cut its merchant fees when card payments. And even candidate Sim Sang-jung saying it would cut fees for debit cards to 0%. Park Jumin lawmakers are already in the last year, including a bar-footed a bill of more than a taxi card information, the card merchant fees Pay at 10,000 won.

Credit Finance Association also adopted gimdeoksu President took office immediately after the former parliamentary secretary for former President responsible team leaders, the bar placed in foreign Cooperation.

Credit Finance Association, said, "We are continuing to reside in the National Assembly, such as the recent card merchant fees cut commitments expressed the industry's position," he said.

Credit Information Association responsible for debt collection, etc. has also appealed to the visit of the industry challenges around the neck uiwonsil last year. 12 The war around the neck lawmakers last year, the 'legislation on consumer credit protection "to expand the debtor agent system was implemented only for lenders to full credit was initiated last December. Debtors Debtors directly rather than through a representative system is the system that the debtor to the debt restructuring through a designated representative. When consumers elect representatives to meet the debt collection business including credit shall not communicate directly to consumers.

Credit Information Association official said, "The first clinics around the neck when the foot a bill passed retract all the industry projects," said "to visit more than 20 times last year, but not easy to express an opinion," he said.

The current system was assumed in March jeongmuwi.

Jeongmuwi about this bill "is to expand the debtor representative institutions of credit consumers overall preferred to discuss with the debt collection law enactment and debtors agent system considering that the side effects, such as the debtor's moral hazard, expanding coverage requires careful the admission that, "he said.

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Korea Investment & Securities, and 14 days in Jeongeup (flatulence) Regional Investment Conference held shares

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Korea Investment Holdings subsidiary Korea Investment & Securities that are held in the coming 'equity for Jeongeup (flatulence) local investor briefing' from flatulence Cotton wedding hall during the 14th 4:00 pm two hours said Tuesday.

This session will be conducted under the theme of "market prospects and picks together with the Korea Securities. Part 1 The Jeong Hunseok Research Fellow two, and lecture on 'market and picks', Part 2 on the stock securities broadcasting choeyonghwa will be experts teach the investment expertise of the only person with the theme 'equity specialist trading scheme' .

Park Wonok WM strategy general manager saying "good large-cap stocks and quaternary industry expected to continue for the tech rally associated with the revolution." "I hope marketing skills of the whole stark professionals with the investment strategy for the market atmosphere eotgil the opportunity to learn," he said .

If you are interested in equity investment anyone can join for free and you will be presented to all participants also given gift. Registration is possible via the website or Korea Investment & Securities Jeongeup point.

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Moon Jae peers in unison decline in communication costs reduction commitments

Showing the [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] naohmyeonseo cut the communication costs of the presidential candidates pledge mobile 3's share price is weak in unison.

10:11 am on the 12th in the securities market, LG U + is trading at 13,850 won, down 2.46% from the previous day. SK Telecom (-0.61%) and KT (-1.42%) also showed a downward trend.

In addition to the day before the Democratic presidential candidate Moon Jae announced a commitment to cut communication costs, such as the content of the communication base rate repealed, the Chinese assistance, early abolition of the terminal funding separate disclosure contained. If this commitment is passing a situation that concerns the revenue of the operator.

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New World Duty Free, right Songkran Thai tourists rush

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper News] New World Duty Free's right up to the Thai festival of Songkran in Thailand in hand with Citi Cards will spur the Thai tourists. "Songkran" festival is a representative of the family to meet the New Year 15 days from April 13 of each year, or one year in Thailand and the 'water' theme in Thailand.

New World has partnered with Citi Cards Thailand held a rally last April 3 to 100 won mobilization of advertising channels, including SNS such as Facebook homepage, Thailand messenger line up to announcing the New World Duty Free.

Citi Cards Thailand plans to provide content to customers and differentiated tourism Korea, Shinsegae is expanding the sales force to secure a win-win each other in a variety of foreign tourists.

New World has a variety of shopping and sightseeing benefits, such as when the amount saeungwon, N Seoul Tower which includes tickets, Palace Hanbok Experience ticket Seoul tour packages, the Songkran holds Citi Cards in ceremony Thais starting from 13 twelve months visiting myeongdongjeom to provide.

Also unfolds with a variety of events such as the addition to the destination of Thailand visited Citi card through the company signed a partnership with the New World, Thailand Wi-Fi vendors 'Wi-bank customers' futures advanced Thursday cushion of Korea designer brand yuksimwon.

New World Duty Free has started to attract tourists as a starting point for authentic Thai Songkran this year appreciated the potential of the Thai market.

According to the announcement of the Korea Tourism Organization, Thailand is the annual winter visitors in 2016 was ranked first in seven roneun premise cold country up to 470,000 people, "the highest national recognition of Korea as a tourist destination.

Also look at the number of arrivals last month was also in April also 51 000 people as good as this in the most molryeotgo, Songkran 52,000 people in December to enjoy the winter snow can not be seen in Thailand it pushed.

This year Songkran is expected to sharply increase from a year earlier visit to the Thai holiday of five days including a weekend.

Son Youngsik New World Dieppe representative of "New World Duty Free The addition of Thailand Citi Cards brand awareness through an agreement with various companies such as SC bank, AirAsia, has been working for international tourists," he "will continue with various foreign companies through the partnership will take the lead in attracting foreign tourists, "he said.

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Bohae, 日 plum plum products through focused business and technology transfer

[Sinmijin financial newspaper reporter Korea] it discussed the famous Nakata food and technology transfer measures bohae is a Japanese plum processing and products.

12 days bohae said it plans to review the increase of the value added produced in ways plum plum orchards Haenam through this industrial inspection. To this end, food Nakata officials agreed to visit South Korea to discuss the transfer of technology.

Nakata food is a representative company that sells products processed plum pickled plum and plum with such tradition 120 years and lead my plum industry in Japan.

Current bohae has produced 140,000 pyong in Haenam, I plum orchards with plum plum 'maechwisun' and plum extracts and so on.

Most processed foods plum bohae brewing production, while occupying a pickled Japanese Nakata products are focused on plum pickled with salt. Pickled plums are pickled with salt, pickled for more than a year for long-term storage is possible, but pickled with sugar is a description of something bohae storage period is relatively short, distribution and sales difficult.

Imjiseon bohae representative "Japan kiwotneunde greatly developed plum market itself plum pickles Korea has stopped the pickled" and "unearthing a way that a product with a high quality plum This gives us a chance to sell at home and abroad It said it will continue. "

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Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Chairman, GS Retail, and new growth industry co-investment agreement

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] Mirae Asset Financial Group has signed a joint venture agreement Mirae -GS Retail new growth industry 'GS Retail, and 11 days. This agreement is laid dwaeteumyeo to discuss future co-operation plan for investment in new growth industries, companies are officials attended, including Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Group Chairman and CEO of GS Retail heoyeonsu.

Park Hyeon Joo President "GS Retail and MAS may feel overwhelming emotion at the thought had opened the first step to enliven the Republic of Korea economy gotta jam together holding hands" and "expertise, know-how for the industry with GS Retail has If the combination of financial and investment expertise with MAS, will be able to bring forth good fruit, "he said.

GS Retail heoyeonsu CEO "to form a new growth fund with the largest investments of specialized financial group, Mirae and to strive to ensure the expertise for new growth business opportunities," he said. "This agreement is a simple fund between GS Retail and Mirae Asset as well as over the integrity led the development of each company, I hope the future is the first step to a win-win each other in various fields, "he said.

Meanwhile, MAS and GS Retail has completed hanba billion in 1000, Mirae Asset -GS Retail New Growth Investment Fund No. 1 formed on April 29. There currently under active review for promising new growth investments. To focus investment sector will focus a company engaged in new growth industries such as O2O services, online business, advanced logistics, a new growth engines to drive the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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AIA Group Limited acquired, and Internet sites Safety Mark (i-Safe) Certification

It won - South Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] AIA Life's first domestic life insurance company of the Privacy Association for five consecutive years 'website Safety Mark (i-Safe)' certification from (Online Privacy Association).

i-Safe certification after Privacy Association is based on the "Privacy Act" and "Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and laws regarding privacy" to a comprehensive evaluation of the system security, consumer protection and the internal management system of the website the safety mark granted to the companies and organizations meet certain criteria.

Part of the AIA Group Limited received a re-certification where appropriate to their website and i-Safe certification of insurers with online customer counter for 5 consecutive years, reportedly the only AIA Group Limited.

Privacy chief of gimdaeil of AIA Group Limited operating headquarters general manager, AIA Group Limited is engaged in various activities to improve the quality of customer happiness and life to celebrate the Korea entered the 30th anniversary of "saying," This certification is more customers peace of mind geotyieoseo the efforts to create a cyber-service environment that can be received externally accredited by a more meaningful 'he said.

Gimdaeil general manager followed added, saying "five consecutive years, acquired i-Safe certification is the result of hard work raising awareness of the information security of all our employees, '' We plan samgo as a business priority the protection of customer information to focus the capabilities of the company ' .

AIA Life has built a unique identification information (Social Security number) encryption, personal credit information system, separate storage building, internet, etc. separate systematic personal information security system for a thorough and reliable privacy protection.

Also regular privacy training and checking and privacy continue to campaign for the protection and awareness also continued to strengthen, including employees and their personal data processing tasks entrusted companies subject privacy practices to conduct phishing prevention training.

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Gorilla cards, cards World Cup semi final confrontation

4 of QF [Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter Credit Card Portal Card "credit card 2017 World Cup hosted by gorillas was confirmed.

Card gorillas in the past three Hyundai Card ZERO 'at the end of a fierce attack on the 32 cards in the World Cup, starting from the day, Shinhan Card B.Big (beep) "," Shinhan Card Mr.Life', 'Samsung Card taptap O' 4 dwaetdago matbutge in the river said on Tuesday.

Hyundai Card ZERO 'first hit the "Samsung card 4' in the quarterfinals, Shinhan Card B.Big (beep)" has advanced to the semifinals after defeating 'Driving Pass Card "Lotte Card. Click the "Shinhan Card Mr.Life 'and' gutdeyi cards' and 'cards as toktok youth' of the 'Samsung Card taptap O' the KB Kookmin Card, each was confirmed the semifinals.

Goseunghun cards Gorilla Representative "four credit cards posted to the semi-finals are all items that gained popularity beyond favorably to win," he said, "it is expected that both match unfolded a difficult film and tuck battle to predict the outcome." he said.

Credit cards are given at the World Cup Finals for two days on 17 and 18 days after the semi-finals from 13 to 14 Friday. Voting is possible from card Homepage gorilla, is scheduled to present a Starbucks Gifticon through a lottery among those who participated in the voting.

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P2P finance rendit, 2652 Articles cumulative loan data analysis released

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical reporter] P2P finance rendit announced the 2652 s cumulative lending data analysis.

Rendit said appeared over 112 days re-aged loans accounted for 47.6% as a result, loan purpose of analyzing the data suggest cumulative loan 2652. Shop loans, deposit loans, wedding expenses, car purchase, medical funds was followed.

In the re-aged loans stars eopgwon rate if change cars at the most common card loans, savings banks and 20.8% to 52.4%, capital was 18.7%, 6.9%, lenders, insurance and 1.2%. The average interest rate was re-aged loans customers will pay before the great tribulation while there were customers who pay the high interest rates of over 30% to 20.4%. After receiving the re-aged loans rendit was found to have decreased by 9.3% points in the average interest rate paid to 11.1%.

Comparing the eopgwon by re-aged before and after the average interest rate lenders are re-aged before and after the great tribulation at 29.9% showed the greatest difference to 18.7% P is reduced to 11.2% of the savings banks 16.5% P, card loans 6.7% P, Capital, 4.8% P, Insurance was 2.3% P net.

Suppose we look at in terms of the actual interest expense paid a two-year contract, principal and interest equal repayment method, the total re-aged loans customers a total of 3.57 billion won between interest expenses had to be paid two years before the great tribulation. But after the great tribulation through rendit is included in interest expense is 1,940,000,000 won two years, we were able to save the interest of the total 1.63 billion won.

And credit of the CB 1 ~ 3 grade one who took advantage of the rendit.

The result analysis of the distribution of credit rating borrowers rendit, CB 1 ~ 3 grade credit and who accounted for 41.8%. Rendit said that the High-users are reasons to use P2P lending is interpreted to be due to it as quickly and conveniently provide online non-face-to-face service, be provided with a reasonable interest rate than a savings bank or card loans.

Kim Seongjun rendit representative "rendit ever showed the fact that the enforcement of the loan to the analysis of all loan data execution result, re-aged loans, as well as comparison with other eopgwon in loans to non-catastrophic disaster objectives significantly lower interest rate" and "future more sophisticated and will go further improve the qualitative improvement of household debt junggeumri provide affordable loans, "he said.

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3 Communications Inc. continued weakness ... "文 fulfill commitments during youngeopik 198 billion won per year reduction"

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper News] Moon Jae, a presidential candidate Ahn Cheolsu apdatueo are naenotja household saving communication costs 3 Communications Inc. shares continued commitment is weak. Experts recommend that determine whether explores the possibility of implementation of investment commitments.

12 days 11 a.m. today, LG U + in the securities market is trading at 13,900 won, down 2.11% compared to prior trading day (300 W) and lasts three days in a row weakness. Same is true KT and SK Telecom. KT is trading at 31,100 won, down 1.58% (300 W) from the previous trading day, SK Telecom is under the deal fell 0.82% 243,000 won (2,000 won).

Democratic presidential candidate Moon Jae-in addition yesterday announced a seven households cuts communication costs. 7 basic fee abolition policies, such as mobile communication, handset subsidy ceiling premature abolition of separate disclosure the terminal price, auction when communication costs reduction plan proposed mandate, Korea-China-Japan trilateral abolished roaming plan is appropriate.

In particular, statements candidacy would have completely abolished the basic fee of 11,000 won about communication corresponding to the basic fee for a standard plan. The communication of voice and data plan,

It plans to integrate a standard plan, based on the basic fee and the amount used in flat and consist of a prepaid plan that has basic fee.

Eugene Investment & Securities gimjunseop researchers' standard plan when you compare the voice and data usage, integration plans, integration plans for 4G has estimated that no includes a basic fee, said only intended for "standard plan and a prepaid plan basic fee When pushing the cuts, he explained standard plan subscribers since the 3.5% of the total subscribers to 1.5 million people that cut 11,000 won per month for these reduced annual 198 billion won during the home.

Thus, Kim researchers added that "it is necessary to pay attention to the feasibility of the election promises of candidates presented, if not unrealistic commitments are expected to be difficult to fulfill their commitments, said," When you focus on the reality and the volatility of commitment.

Meanwhile reportedly reviewing the household saving communication costs more to build this commitment on the part of national presidential candidate Ahn Cheolsu is also the 12th 100 000 public Wi-Fi and a national party. It will soon announce the commitments related to the gist them.

Daewoo Mirae Asset Master of free researchers "is performed, even if the actual impact on the operating profit is nothing more than a 10% reduction level" and kept a number of comments on peers.

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Release "arm-in-one insurance" that Samsung Life Insurance, the cost of living

Today announced the sale of "all-in-one cancer insurance" that pays up to five years [Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper News] Samsung Life every month from the 12th jageumwa diagnosed with cancer when living expenses.

This item is paid monthly living expenses and added new products Comprehensive Cancer ensure health care services, such as herbal ensure existing cancer insurance.

According to statistics of the Ministry of Health and Welfare last year showed that nearly 70 percent five-year survival rate of cancer patients recently. Accordingly, a product conceived as a cancer patient that they need a long period of time compared to the initial diagnosis as well as treatment and care, resulting in loss of income.

New Samsung Life Insurance arm-in-one 'is sold to △ separated by a temporary payment type and △ persons die in accordance with the insurance payment.

Customers are suspended payment type you want at the time of diagnosis of cancer diagnosis funding expensive as existing, and if the needs of the largest customers select the persons living mold.

△ Healthcare △ Oriental and ensure newly introduced also a feature of the new product.

For customers who subscribe to a certain guaranteed amount or more to provide "health care" five years after the cancer diagnosis.

The customer received a diagnosis of cancer can be helped by such treatment if accompanied by a dedicated nurse, input and discharge procedures, post-treatment reservation request for health care services. Common services such as health advice or appointments are also available.

You may receive a "cancer herbal health guarantees riders" up to 100 million won (3rd line) even if the cheopyak prescription clinic after diagnosis join the case of herbal and acupuncture physiotherapy up to 10 million won (limit five times each).

In addition, through various sized Danam riders as well as cerebral hemorrhage, it broadened the range of guarantees, such as acute myocardial infarction, acute cerebral infarction.

After you join an existing cancer care and cancer Rider Samsung Life, but has passed five years, was also developed its new "Add ensure accident-free customer riders' to customers that did not join the various insurance while.

When you subscribe to this rider it becomes no restrictions such as cancer, typically after △ applied to join the insurance within 90 days of onset non-guaranteed, △ 1 years, Cancer Diagnosis Benefit 50% reduction payments.

Samsung Life official said, the saying "dweller mold one thing various owing to join, as well as products designed to ensure to the cost of living after cancer diagnosis," "Especially the newly introduced health care services are a great help in finding their emotional stability cancer will be, "he said.

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MPC meeting tomorrow, the Bank of Korea ... Attention growth forecast

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - gathers interest to the Bank of Korea Monetary Policy Committee came up with tomorrow (13). In addition to whether or not the base rate adjusted down to 2% in the middle of the year is scheduled the announcement gross domestic product (GDP) growth forecast for modification.

8 months freeze that is based on an annual interest rate of 1.25% is the weight carried on sustainability. According to the Korea Financial Investment Association, 129 agency debt related workers 200 people targeted survey respondents predicted a 99% interest rate freeze as long as two months on the basis of such "household debt, strong increases in size and speed, and US economic indicators.

Sindongsu Eugene Investment & Securities bond analyst also analyze and 'bodily indicators such as exports improve and dwaetgo uncertainties of growing inflation mitigation atda even exceed 2% again, saying, "April unanimous MPC base rate freeze is expected.

Interest is gathering mood of whether growth forecast modifications. The Bank of Korea announced in January growth forecast to 2.5% to 0.3% is a point or a down-bar than 2.8% announced in October last year.

Recently, etc. export, consumption, albeit somewhat coming out this analysis the current economic recovery appears. In the government last 11 days Green Book (Recent economic trends) announced that "recently, our economy is export five months as the continuous increase in the improved flow of production and investment spree also rebounded consumption was sluggish whilst and recovery state signs appear Diagnostics did.

According to the Green Book, March exports showed a double-digit rise three months increased by 13.7% than the same month last year, thanks to items such as petroleum semiconductors. Another record was minus 2 Retail sales rebounded 3.2% more ohreumyeo delivered to the increase in passenger and cosmetics in February.

10 One International Finance Center aggregate overseas investment banking (IB) also raised the GDP this year, Korea's economic growth forecast to 2.5% in March from 2.4% in February. In the private Korea Economic Research Institute it took the high points this year and 0.4% economic growth forecast from 2.1% to 2.5%.

However, internal and high voices outside circumstances, but it never nokrok is not. United States Trump administration of trade protectionism, Saad (THAAD) batch of China-related economic reprisals, here recently peninsula geopolitical risks also there are exposed to considerable uncertainty factors anahseoda.

This year, the Bank of Korea maintained a growth forecast of 2.5% to the existing, or even raise it silrigo force on the day slightly rea views.

Gimjiman HMC Investment Securities bond analyst 'significant adjustments in the existing growth rate of the central bank expects no "saying," Despite Saad retaliation and sluggish domestic demand in China and exports showed a strong, technically a preliminary figure of national accounts and recent in the same home due to a difference due to the preliminary year growth rate has the effect increased about 0.045% points' he explained.

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'CU raw bytes death' hongseokjo President condemned without apology Province

Showing [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] apology without sincerity about the death of the BGF Retail operating a convenience store CU died two drunks weapon wielded convenience of working part-time and life has been a social criticism. The families and friends, such as Alba union said the victim is a citizen daechaekwi configuration and open a press conference to denounce the perfidious an apple in front of the 13th President of the hongseokjo am located in the Gangnam BGF headquarters.

BGF retail side of the murder happened four months maneya announced a safety measure. BGF Retail intellectual as it came whilst ignoring the events at issue in this case, such as Alba union consecutive one protest and press conference went on probation to avoid It followed public opinion.

Citizens are daechaekwi but BGF Retail past four days post the entry door to the pop-up window with the relevant CU CU homepage and Jingshan part-time life murder, which reported that diffuse the incident, rather than just an apple and a position for avoiding responsibility.

Two days ahead of getting the 30 raw bytes, Mr. A was working the night shift at a CU merchants in the year December 14, stabbed to death at dawn Jingshan guests weapon wielded occurred. This event drunks have a glimpse behind the weapon suite squabble with Mr. A value of 20 because the plastic bags occurs wanted to find a convenience store, coming back. A convenience store cashier who suffered an injury in the dwaetjiman rushed to the hospital lost their lives ended.

Alba has since accused the union, such as the "100 days did not take any action at headquarters," said BGF Retail Head Office in front of one of the part-time status of a convenience store raw exposure to violence and crime, such as opening a protest.

BGF retail side of the killings happened was four months in the past four days to announce official position regarding the murder of part-time production. Wednesday BGF Retail publish its position statement on the homepage as CEO Park Jaegu people and said, "unsavory things tilt chongryeok not make the store safe working environment to prevent recurrences's neck."

BGF Retail "Nationwide conducted on a regular basis" accident prevention "checks on all merchants and incomplete information are constantly improving nagagetda in consultation with the merchant week," said "outside agencies, professionals and merchants State Council and cooperation for this purpose and I will try to "prevent accidents stores' development," he added.

Another "rest and shelter, etc. to facilitate in consultation with the merchant week will introduce a 'confidence counter', such as working stages friendly facility" and "effective support with merchants State Council in preparation for the accident of the store workers ever iteuljido know plans I will establish a "he said.

Citizens daechaekwi the "BGF retail side was while ignoring the needs of the congregation for settlement to getdamyeo create a" safety Convenience 'in the media attempt to was unilaterally announced measures to families touched simultaneously, "he said" Safety Convenience plans were already in the existing it is only a half-measure that avoids the fundamental problem could be that new rehash that, "he condemned.

Another "CU head office in hongseokjo president and Park Jaegu CEO of BGF Retail has more than two events occurs 100 days for Jingshan CU convenience store Alba worker killings took place on December 14 last year, did not tell family members and even contact expressed reward and regret also had no "he said.

Followed by "15 March the families, friends of the victims, Alba union means the collection bonaeteuna mandates requiring measures apology and compensation, headquartered side Merchants attention to instead of its headquarters responsibilities and obligations are saying reply sent on March 23, refused a request by the official, "he said.

Daechaekwi citizens are required to have hongseokjo Park Jaegu President and Representative acknowledged the responsibility directly to the bereaved families after the incident, apologize publicly. Daechaekwi the "CU is released apples are filled with ambiguous sentences for liability avoidance, it is only a means to an incident go away and hiding," said hongseokjo president, including BGF motivation stakeholders yieoga the authentic one protest until the apples a stance.

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Placenta white jade, injections, including illegal drug distributors 20 people caught

Was caught in the financial newspaper sinmijin Korea News] one person scanning Cinderella, a distributor 20 illegal sale of pharmaceuticals, such as cosmetic injections and fake impotence drug called white jade injections were health authorities.

KFDA said that on the 12th we caught 10 people, including 98 who have prescription drug distributors yunmo 56 illegal to sell items for violating the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law songchi the prosecution.

Sikyak destination survey revealed that Yoon is a shop selling prescription drugs last year 2 before the fake erectile dysfunction drugs worth about 600 million won that received illegally since January and current nursing assistants, caregivers, housewives and so on.

Yoon illegal sale of drugs in recent years beauty, pirohoe △ Rai nekju used to replicate (placenta injections) △ by Wenzhou (white jade injection) △ new Delaware State (Cinderella injection) △ bibieseu injection (garlic injection) △ Nutri hex week (Nutrition It was included in the scan).

Sikyak wife had to yet booked a 10 brightness Pharmaceutical Affairs Law violation seeds' TROJAN money injections, including 900 one drug selling drugs of items illegally wholesale hanmo (49) and his bristles (53) is used as a pain reliever such as songchi prosecutors .

Sikyak destination survey revealed that Han was accused of illegally selling prescription drugs to nine people, including the Kang received supplies from pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers from February last year. Kang is suspected of illegal distribution of about 2.2 billion won a prescription drug clinics, pharmacies, public and so on.

Han turned out to be a disguised employment sikigido nine people, including the relevant documents have created a false one, as the top selling drugs, Kang as a pharmaceutical wholesaler which their employees operate.

Sikyak treatment officials advised that "mujagyeokja is special attention is required, including the use under the guidance of a healthcare professional such as a doctor, because it might have serious side effects and risks of prescription drugs to treat and supervision."

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Signed Korea Investment Trust Management, Japan, Mizuho Securities and the business agreement

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Korea Investment Trust Management (CEO Cho Hongrae, less operational Korea) has signed a Milbon Mizuho Securities and the business agreement (MOU). Alternative investment services through a forward exchange plans to strengthen the relevant capacities.

12 days Korea Management announced that it has signed a 'MOU on alternative investment business exchanges and support', one of Japan's Mizuho Securities (Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd) and the top five securities firms in Japan in the 15th floor conference room headquarters in Yeouido, Seoul.

MOU signed Wednesday include ▲ real estate, transportation, aircraft, ▲ investment requirements for business exchanges and mutual support on a variety of investments in other types of investment ▲ infrastructure investment, alternative investments such as project financing.

Cho Hongrae Korea Management President, said, "Japan's Mizuho Securities is through the experience of an aging society earlier than us and work agreements to introduce an alternative investment products for the domestic investment environment and the diverse needs of investors that we will experience in the future."

Japan's Mizuho Securities has seen sexual picked as Japan's Mizuho Financial Group subsidiary established in July 1917, jungyimyeo retain 274 basis points late last year, especially in areas such as IB bonds and equity underwriting and M & A business organized.

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Public Housing Apartments decline ... · GS Daewoo construction including pre-sale only eye

A [financial newspaper gimdohyeon Korea News] View larger the leaning naseoneun interested only in the pre-sale of the second quarter it showed the public residential apartment pre-sale orders of the national decline.

According to Dr. apartments this year's second quarter (April-June), New City, Innovation City, housing development districts and other public land 33 apartment complexes in 26,326 households is pre-sale. This will decrease by 8.0% compared to last year (28,635 units).

Second quarter pre-sale volume ratio of occupying public land was slightly higher than the 28.0% in last year's second quarter to 32.4%.

Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi metropolitan area, including 22 only in public land, and 17,607 households are pre-sale. In Seoul it plans to be a pre-sale three hamstrings etc. Songpa district, Gulou District Hang Dong.

In gyeonggigwon including hot kitty kitty axis earth interests of offeree Samsong district, Seongnam High School District, New Town prolific Now Earth, Earth, uplift hyangdong 17 comes pouring the 13,575 households in the area.

The local public land just 12, the 8719 households are supplied. Busan is pre-sale, etc. Daylight District, Cheongju, South East District, Hoam Chungju District, Gimhae yulha District 2, New yeoksegwon Pearl District.

Since launch two new ssolrinda the public eye only in the pre-sale residential quarter.

Seoul City Housing Corporation (SH Corporation) is a public pre-sale condominium building in just two popliteal popliteal Ogeum-dong, Songpa District B2 block in June.

Busan City Corporation and GS Engineering & Construction and Daewoo E & C ∙ pre-sale of public condominium daylight Xi Prugio building in Busan Gijang County District ilgwangmyeon daylight block B6 June.

Daewoo will build on pre-sale for cats axis Prugio Deogyang-gu, Goyang jichukdong axis earth blocks B4 June.

Pre-sale model is a prolific new urban park to build the first model Gainesville Namyangju Dasan jigeumdong earth blocks B3 now June.

Lakeside Construction is a pre-sale high Lakeside bereudium Seongnam Seongnam build the Crystal Ball High School District godeungdong S2 block in May. 84㎡ 768 households.

Busan City Corporation and GS Engineering & Construction and Daewoo E & C ∙ pre-sale of public condominium daylight Xi Prugio building in Busan Gijang County District ilgwangmyeon daylight block B6 June.

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KG Inicis, L.POINT then provide payment services complex

It discloses the [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] The KG Inicis L.POINT complex payment services.

KG Inicis is developing plans to enter into a partnership agreement with 12 days Lotte Members, in July this year to the 'L.POINT' credit card payments accepted from the composite KG Inicis Merchant he said on Tuesday.

With this partnership L.POINT Members can use the 'L.POINT' of the Lotte Group, integrated membership points when you pay merchants directly from KG Inicis is expected to be an instrument that can be expanded in the future points combined payment market.

'L.POINT payment' may be freely selected point in the payment window using organic / obligations as to payment as' L.POINT "limits the amount of payments from customers with online payment window services.

KG Inicis plans to examine a variety of business models that can be on the future, deploy offline comprehensively expanding business partnership with Lotte Members with this 'L.POINT' complex billing enabled.

KG Inicis is to provide affiliate, KG Mobilians, is expected to be linked to 'L.POINT' service as soon as the target of 200,000 merchants with KG olaet 6 also simple payment service that '' Lotte Group May I agreed.

KG Inicis said, "this over the Lotte member's affiliate company merchant customers raised more accessibility to enable the various complex billing services," he said, "We expected to be a differentiated service according to maximize convenience and efficiency of the customer."

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KEB visit a bank, foreign workers, home support Gratitude ceremony

Today announced the implementation of [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] KEB, Hana Bank (Bank hamyoungju) The 'easy-one foreign currency remittance services, product launches, visit commemorate the 10th anniversary of migrant workers home support Gratitude ceremony.

'Easy-one foreign currency remittance services "of KEB, Hana Bank has approximately 670 million in deposit you'll receive a transfer payment to the foreign currency transfer only accounts made automatically transfer to a foreign payee service until March of this year, since the launch in April 2007, 17.1 billion US dollars It has helped in the past 10 years as the cumulative remittances to record the performance of many foreign guests safe and convenient repatriation.

KEB, Hana Bank will conduct Appreciation event to thank the guests for foreign workers with 'easy-one foreign currency remittance services "over the past decade. In particular, it wishes to visit a home for a while, albeit working with financial marginalized in many Considering that migrant workers in South Korea provides an opportunity to recharge a good time with the family was to prepare this event.

Selection of the guests 15 minutes transfer until the end of the existing foreign workers clients through the 'easy-one foreign currency remittance services, lottery, and the newly registered on the service transfer cases most foreign workers and 0 guests until December 31, the selection provides a round-trip ticket to visit the home. It is also expected to select five people in addition of the existing service customers using foreign workers to provide iPad mini.

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Progress Hanwha Resort Spring Event

And the [South Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporters - Hanwha Resort proceed with a variety of events mark the spring.

Sorak saw Llano in effect only a week 'photo printing services' and the Hanwha Resort as a background on the 1st first 200 people. Saturday has put into the room fruits and amenities, rooms Events lucky 'also goes by the end of this month.

Estimation of Lake Annecy, sell assorted BBQ set menu. Menu was composed of 4 inset (10 million won), 6 inset (14 million won) in combination. There are only two months in Annecy Guests can experience the ATV, the Hantan rafting starting next month at a discount of up to 25%.

The Jade Garden Arboretum proceeds to "Spring Photo Contest to create couples, families, friends, and fun memories to June 18th. Send an email Jade Garden to take a picture in the background will automatically apply to.

Hanwha Resort is scheduled to pay a two-day gifts such as travel vouchers and Aqua Planet integrated ticket, Jade Garden invitation only winner.

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Citi Cards catering industry up to 10% discount or free menu

Conduct [Korea Financial News - Citibank Korea (CEO bakjinhoe) provides up to 10% discount and a free menus allow the reasonable consumption when the Citi card customers eating out right in the spring to eat out increases with spring outing events It announced.

Citibank Korea's cloth / the restaurants in Shinchon one pulled over 20 locations Premium Dining Blue Zone "in the selection and, if Citi Card customers visit after reservation to the work area and pay on the spot with Citi Cards up to 10% discounts, or conduct an event that provides free menu until the end of June. Karma included in the Premium Dining Blue Zone 'is Mapo area restaurants are chicken feet ate shrimp (Hongdae), Evansville, true kitchen house, Oh Tara, Sashimi ate salmon, Ganges hongdaejeom, daily round hongdaejeom, Emilio, Gandhi restaurant, smiling Hot dogs & about.I'm giblets, Delhi, India, and tom-tom ohhyang including pork feet, Shinchon one emitter chicken Restaurants Chris 1,2 shop, eat shrimp chicken feet (Sinchon), tuna Hey, ahgeon, Opus, upper house marinated ribs, yippa Cinema grill, Indian a gate including Hyundai department Sinchon, Athens.

In partnership with carefully selected premium dining restaurant offers a Citi card payment up to 10% discount or a free site menu benefits by the end of June. Bistro Seoul, in the case of Sichuan House Present Print out the coupon from the website are provided free menu, saboten, On The Border, the key disappears, Xing Kai, Bulgogi Brothers, rubbing, Seoul Westin Chosun Hotel, Imperial Palace Restaurant, Conrad Seoul you can receive discounts in hotels and restaurants.

The coming of April until the spring included in the new menu Dawley Lilia six horses karma main menu 2 orders over Caesar salad (11,900 won worth) provided free of charge. (Tables and one per line, one-time) Additional information and specific conditions can be downloaded via a coupon that the coupon can be checked and, 'NEW Citi Mobile "app from Citi Cards Website

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Peripera, Shop open 9 stores in China alone

[Reporter Korea sinmijin financial newspaper] announced on the 12th of Clio peripera beauty brand that has opened a "IKEA times chwijeom 'the exclusive shops 9 shop in Beijing, China.

This is only the first store in June 2004, Shanghai Branch miraseong 'refurbished about 10 months if the count opened one store in one month.

Opened last month, IKEA times chwijeom 'is located in a large shopping center in Beijing and a description of the company's easy to ensure that the floating population, with demand gotta have a dense residential complexes.

Peripera said, "peripera that target young women of 18-23 years are getting great response from Chinese customers with excellent product quality and trendy design" and "Beijing, as well as in Qingdao, China sacheong a major area of ​​more than 50 year plans to open additional stores, "he added.

The peripera gotta ipjeom in more than 100 stores in China 'Club Clio, Clio a brand shop and being sold in an online mall such as thymol fastball, mice mate.

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KB Kookmin Bank, 'Korea Top Brand Award' 6 consecutive years the target

He said [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] KB Kookmin Bank (Bank Yun Jonggyu) has won the 12 days the open '2017 Korea Top Brand Award' 'KB gutjap (KB Goodjob)' social contributions brand category for six consecutive years the target in the ceremony.

Dividing the Korea Journalists Association and the Society for Marketing services worth the '2017 Korea Top Brand Award', which is co-sponsored by brands seeking to year 10 awards to selected areas and the best brand in the Republic of Korea.

KB Kookmin Bank 'KB gutjap (KB Goodjob)' representative social contribution projects is an ambitious project was launched in jobs connected to the employment activation and elimination of small and medium-sized enterprises guinnan of young job seekers.

Since launching in 2011, KB has been gutjap offer job information apart from running the site, and successfully held a job fair over 11 times the country's largest contribution to job creation and job atmosphere spread. Also, it strives to characterize suffering, college students, and global (plan) to operate a variety of employment support programs such as "KB gutjap Employment Academy ',' High Five KB gutjap Jobs Schools' targets such as troops reinforced employment capacity of young job seekers.

The KB is achieved big results, including through the 'KB gutjap (KB Goodjob)' has provided a job information in three cheonyeogeon 50,000 by the end of March this year, connecting the 10,000 jobs in 3,000.

Meanwhile, KB Kookmin Bank has come to hold a '2017 KB gutjap excellent company job fair "in Ilsan Kintex yangilgan 22 to 23 June. This fair is the excellent enterprise involved 250 will support focused on the successful employment of job seekers involved in operating the recruitment presentations, career seminars, career consulting, on-site interviews with various employment support programs.

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SK · · GS Lotte Construction, Daelim Industrial, May-June daedanji pre-sale botmul

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter - you always put off if the apartment is supplied with a pre-sale back to the presidential election of 1000 furniture daedanji apartments over 16 thousand households only after the presidential election.

The official election campaign period to 22 days before election day, presidential elections coming next month, 8 Is Jeddah from 17th. Since that period, comply with the restrictions on the publicity banners, etc., or shear, is coordinating the pre-sale period was inevitable in order to digest the daedanji apartment.

According to the Real Estate Information next month after nine days, coming more than 1,000 households to be supplied in the metropolitan area until June daedanji apartments totaled 12 as of the total area 20 924 households. Among the 16,538 household members except the general pre-sale volume quantities. Etc. By region, Seoul, June 3585 where furniture, game five 10,723 households, Incheon 1 where 2,230 households are pre-sale.

In Seoul, SK E & C in May to showcase the 'Boramae SK VIEW' 1546 Furniture private area of ​​59 ~ 136㎡ 743 households in 5 districts Singil-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Singil.

Lotte is to rebuild the critical path Godeok sangil-dong, Gangdong-gu and just 7 pre-sale for "Godeok Lotte Castle Veneto Luce 'in May. Total 1859 is the only area 59 ~ 122㎡ 867 furniture general pre-sale volume of the furniture.

Coming in June, it plans to supply the Lotte two Eunpyeong Susaek-dong area dedicated search 4 39~114㎡ 455 households from a total of 1,192 households in the redevelopment area.

The GS E & C is a pre-sale "Han Xi Metro" from 5-6 May to a maximum of only pre-sale orders Gimpo, Gyeonggi geolpodong geolpo three districts. 1-3 only up to a 44 layer 33 is copper shot 4229 furniture. The 1, 2 and pre-sale just before the 3798 households in May.

Followed by GS E & C is expected to be in the pre-sale Sadong Sangnok-gu, Ansan Gojan New Town 90 block 'Grand City Zai second, also in May. A total of 3370 households double apartment is 59 ~ 140㎡ 2,872 private area furniture, office building area is only 27 ~ 84㎡ 498 dinda configuration Shiloh.

Daelim Industrial is a pre-sale 'e comfortable world Winter Park 2 cars' build on Uijeongbu singokdong in May. The only area 59~140㎡ 1773 households.

Gwonil Property Information Leader explained, "because the large builders Main Apartments orders poured a fierce competition among construction companies is expected," said "the consumer's entry into the wide variety of benefits and wide selection, it can be an opportunity for my home prepared" .

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