Tuesday, April 11, 2017

[Local Bank 4 May 2017 Brand Reputation] No.1, Busan Bank, Daegu Bank No. 2, No. 3 Kyungnam Bank

[Korea yichangseon financial newspaper reporter] In April 2017, local bank brand reputation survey, one above was analyzed by Busan Bank, Daegu Bank 2nd 3rd Kyungnam Bank.

Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation was the brand reputation analysis about the local bank brands, Busan Bank, Daegu Bank and Kyungnam Bank and Kwangju Bank and Jeonbuk Bank and Jeju Bank is loved in the Republic of Korea. About six local banks to local banking brand brand analysis data 6031645 Big Dog from 9 March 2017 until 10 April 2017 to found a local bank brands pyeongpanreul consumers. When released by a local bank brands compared to dogs and big data 7,692,131 in December 2016 fell 21.59%.

Reputation Index for a brand is to divide the activities of big data on consumer participation in the brand values ​​and communication value, social value, market value, financial value. The local bank brand reputation survey were involved in brand reputation index and the media index, index communication, community index, social index.

Brand Reputation Index finding that the online habits of the consumer exerts a greater influence on brand consumption, an indicator created by the brand Big Data analysis. Brand big data analysis can be measured geung negative assessment, effects of media sources and interest, the community spread of the interest and traffic, issues of consumer reaction to the content and popularity, the Community market share, marketing for the brand.

LG Display, Google invested one trillion won appreciation on a scale news

Showing the [South Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] LG Display is bullish on Google's massive investment facilities and 1Q11 earnings prospects.

Wednesday 9:34 today in the securities market, LG Display is trading at 30,550 won rose 1.5 percent from the previous trading day.

I am one day before the media reported balhyeotdago Google 1 trillion of small and medium-sized organic light emitting diode (OLED) production line equipment investment intentions LG Display. Korea Exchange Stock Market Division has demanded an inquiry regarding disclosure reports that Google will invest 1 trillion won on the eve of LG Display. Kkajida day response deadline is at noon.

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Our card, "Green peulreogeudeu Seoul 2017 'event invitation

Advances the [financial newspaper gimseunghan Korea News] Our cards are 'Green peulreogeudeu Seoul 2017' invitation to the event on the 8th of next month.

Our cards are revealed on the 11th that our card more than 300,000 won a (corporate customers, excluding gift cards) and you apply an event through the website or mobile app draw 100 people to receive a two May 20 concert tickets.

Green peulreogeudeu Seoul 2017 'is a music festival which proceeds eighth since 2010. This year will be held May 20 to 21 at the Nanji Hangang Park, such as Jang Kiha and the Faces, Bad Boys musician, Park Jaebeom will appear.

Event participation and more information is available at our website or mobile app cards.

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Minhyeonggi former constitutional judge Lotte, compliance invited Chairman

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea] Lotte announced 11 days ago that the elected minhyeonggi Constitutional Court as the first chairman of the "Compliance Committee (Compliance Committee · Compliance Management Committee)."

Lotte official said, "We recognize that recent corporate transparency, ethics, employees according to global business expansion left the company survival" and "a new organization, the Compliance Committee has to become a truly global company with a competitive edge," he said.

Compliance committee structure was promoted in accordance with the Management Group, Lotte Group chairman Shin Dongbin swaesinan announced last October. Lotte Group has reorganized Policy Division through Feb. Group executives, personnel and organizational changes this year to the compliance chamber and Innovation Committee.

Compliance Committee shall perform such as risk management and regulatory compliance management supported by legal advice, checking compliance management situation of subsidiaries and operations improvement, compliance, system construction, etc. associated with the group and its affiliates. Through ongoing compliance training for employees and monitoring, system improvements, such as the aim to ensure that all business Lotte can be operated in compliance of the border.

Minhyeonggi new chairman was new to the legal profession and graduated from Seoul National University Law School in the 16th judicial examination. Including the judge lives in the Seoul District Court Southern Support 1976 Seoul High Court Judge, Judicial Research and Training Institute Professor of Court Administration Personnel Management Mount, Seoul High Court senior judge president has served the Seoul District Criminal senior presiding judge of the Constitutional Court from 2006 to 2012 served.

Minhyeonggi new chairman of judges was widely known as the lesser waves judges for reappointment upon the legal principle, it was soft, but the trust from litigants to handle a reasonable basis. Have excellent skills in administration of justice's Court Administration Personnel Management implementation it was flat that provide a fair judicial system personnel during employment.

Lotte said, "I will try to be reborn as a respected enterprise" and "expect that will provide a foundation for compliance management within the civil new chairman this group," he said.

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Spring fine dust polarity ... Orion, gum, candy 'spark'

The [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] gum and candy to help divert Continuing the fine dust in spring can become popular.

Orion is its typical candies, gum, xylitol better, '' Mint shower, "it said appeared to have risen 11 days 'Dr. Minty' by 45% compared to March results last month's combined sales.

Deulmyeo entered in March were fine dust earnest side burija interpreted as a rampant find a product that is refreshing to feel that the company became frustrated consumers will increase.

Orion 'more xylitol, boasts a clean and refreshing but sweet "Mint Shower" is a long time can feel the intense freshness is perfect for distraction when driving and outdoor activities.

Functional Candy 'Dr. Minty, reportedly containing a known good respiratory Bellflower powder.

Orion said, "is due to the recent fine dust, as well as various hygiene and respiratory diseases Drug-related products attracted great interest in food," he said.

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KEB, Hana Bank launches' conspiracy dollar investment fund MSB "

Announced [Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] KEB, Hana Bank (Bank hamyoungju) introduced the one-year, while investment dollars conspiracy MSB Fund lowered the subscription threshold intended for general investors first banknote, comes looking for investors to 13 days.

This time, the newly released "IPO dollar investment MSB Fund is invested in a commodity to invest in the fund to $ non KRW, the investment dollar asset management is to exchange a currency typically safe-haven domestic MSBs with AAA grade bank bonds, and operations. The proceeds of the investment to maturity is paid back in dollars.

In the process, investors can expect a profit vision of the annual premium level of about 1.7 to 1.8% and 0.5% △ 1 years MSB yield plus approximately 1.2% of the interest rate difference between the US dollar and the Korean won is formed on △ FX swap market. This is expected during regular foreign assets to $ 1-year expected rate of return higher than the investment bank to become a new investment vehicle that can be expected with the safety and profitability.

In the FX swap market dollar rate, despite a stable investment strategy is to invest in a close bond in the currency niche investment and risk-free assets, utilizing the present time higher than the interest rate, the trading unit of swaps and bonds relatively demanding a large and contract procedures General Investors it was difficult to enjoy the effect so far.

"Competition dollar investment MSB Fund and Mirae Asset Global Investments is the management and co-sale in KEB, Hana Bank and a financial investment. If the domestic securities investment income Possible investors can subscribe without any upper limit through the KEB, Hana Bank and a former investment banking branch.

KEB, Hana Bank Investment Products Services Division said, "sometimes caused problems captured the interest rate reversal situation in the FX swap market as an investment opportunity is the biggest feature of the fund," he said "Despite investing in safe assets, high expectations, the premium is included We expect to be evaluated as a safe and attractive investment means more dollars from investments by providing money, "he said.

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Woori Bank, "we 名作 (classic) Portfolio Launches

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] our bank (Bank yigwanggu) is configured to fund the portfolio, through a diversified investment risk is further reducing design to improve the customer returns to the stable fund portfolio brands we 名作 (classic) portfolio It released "announced on the 11th.

"We 名作 portfolio" will launch and the three blue-chip fund experts carefully selected according to the customers' investment propensity and investment grade consists of a bundle, by reconfiguring the portfolio every month in view of the fund management and market situation. Previously, customers can expect the risk management and stable returns through easy to fund diversification without major worries, our classic portfolio 'series, but the inconvenience of the new multiple funds, respectively, released today in order to fund diversification .

Depending on the investment propensity of customers and the five types of fund portfolio from Ahn Jeonghyeong to attack invested portfolio by type funds accounted for, △ Ahn Jeonghyeong: 70% of the domestic bond, domestic mixed 30%, △ steady pursuit type: Mixed 60% domestic bond 40 %, △ risk-neutral: a 100% foreign equity: foreign domestic hybrid bond 70% 30%, △ actively invested 70% foreign equity bond 30%, △ attacks invested.

Our bankers are balhimyeo called "risk reduction and stable returns management through diversification key strategic asset management business," said, "the future I will write more strength in client assets managed through various product launches and fund popularization strategy."

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Released under guarantee up to 100 years without Shinhan Life Insurance, renewal Shinhan ahyimam reassuring life insurance biam '

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong News] Shinhan Life Insurance is the 10th cancer treatment in children, as well as care and to treat payments for living expenses so you can focus on parents and everyone that force children (free), Shinhan ahyimam reassuring life biam insurance ' the it launched.

According to the Bureau of Statistics data show that the mortality due to cancer of the causes of death in 2015, accounting for 27.9% of all deaths. In addition, recently a five-year relative survival rate for cancer patients occurred five years 70.3% of them two out of three cancer patients were found to survive longer than five years.

Cancer is a high recurrence rate and survival rate while the main killer treatment is, of course, also acts as a big economic burden of living in accordance with the long-term survival.

If the child is no exception. Population per 100,000 cancer deaths in children have been investigating that most should be compared to the income of the parent space accordingly.

This product was launched Shinhan Life Insurance is a characteristic that is guaranteed from the fetus up to 100 years without renewal to children's cancer insurance can sign up to 15 years.

Once diagnosed during the policy period by a particular 'cancer' insurance gaipaek 10 million won every month based on the cost of living is paid one million won five years in a total of 60 million won. Specific cancer refers to cancers other than breast cancer, prostate cancer and other skin cancers, thyroid cancer, colon mucosa naeam, non-invasive bladder cancer, cancer in place, borderline tumors.

In addition, at the time of diagnosis of breast cancer or prostate cancer, 20 million won, small arms shall be paid a diagnosis geupyeogeum of 2,000,000 won, respectively. Small arms are other skin cancers, thyroid cancer, cancer in place, borderline tumors, colonic mucosa naeam, non-invasive bladder cancer that is.

Shinhan ahyimam reassuring life biam insurance "were configured for insurance forms in three species (pure guarantee, a 50% refund, 100% refundable) broadened the range of choice, makes exempt if the cancer or the sum disability payment rate 50% premium payments .

With this surgery every year to update consists of a hospital emergency room, hospitalization related to the 100-year-old rider maturity Non-renewal-type cycle, eliminating the burden of insurance premiums rise.

For families with disabilities (5%), dajanyeo home (0.5 to 1%), low income (5%) is the prime contractor providing premium discounts.

Jeong Seokjae Shinhan Life Insurance Product Development Team Leader is "not a family member to increase the survival rate of cancer patients Effects Spending on cancer less medical expenses are the cost of living is acting as a burden," said "Customers who sign up for children's insurance on the existing road Shinhan ahyimam reassuring life biam Insurance treatment through 'due to cancer, as well as with a good idea to prepare for the loss of income of parents and children, "he said.

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Lotte, the 50th anniversary of the 'retro' market

Showcase [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Lotte planned products mark the 50th anniversary of the said 11 days.

50 anniversary products △ Gum two kinds (Juicy fresh, spearmint) △ biscuits four kinds (Latest Shop coconut, Lotte sand, kanchyo, magaretteu) △ chocolate three kinds (chocolate Pepero, almond Pepero, Ghana chocolate) △ snack two kinds a total of 11 species (kkokkal cone, Chitose).

These products are high with typical longevity of Lotte Confectionery products, designed for product packaging to 1970, released during the 1980s animated design the meaning of the 50th anniversary of Lotte explained.

Juicy and fresh spearmint was designed within the wrapper wrapped gum dwaeteumyeo the same time, production and release Pepero, etc. Latest Shop coconut so that literally feel the old emotions.

Lotte Confectionery will feel a sense of closeness to stimulate the fragrance of consumer products through this plan and form a consensus between the three is expected to get a good response.

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Kiwoom quaternary understanding of the industrial revolution and Investment Seminar held

Hold the [South Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Kiwoom (CEO gwonyongwon) comes for two hours from 6:30 pm on the 17th, the fourth round of industrial revolution, understanding and investment 'briefing.

This presentation is intended for retail investors is held in Yeouido Kiwoom Finance Building, 2nd floor superintendent. Part 1 The plans to lecture about the former Eddie head of Mirae Asset Management in the '4th understanding and investment in the Industrial Revolution, Part 2 is Hwang Sunyong deputy director of Samsung Asset Management, 4th Industrial Revolution-related fund investment method.

Anyone can participate and Registration 4 can apply through the website and not Kiwoom economic Naver M May 17, 1:00 pm The presentation day of arrival 100 people who receive a 'future (Hong Chunuk me) of the population and investments' book as a souvenir.

River Inn is Kiwoom financial product sales manager is "the last four tea industry a high appearance interest of investors related to the revolution. Learn a new industry investment trend corresponds to said change will be a good opportunity to learn easy to see how the 4th Industrial Revolution-related investments. "

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Samsung Card, Lions Park, Smart Order Services Open

It opened the "Smart Order Services of O2O order service [Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter Samsung Card is home to the Lions in Daegu Lions Park.

Samsung Card Using Smart Order Service announced on the 11th that you can pick up your food order without additional latency mobile food order.

Orders can be done via the Lions, mobile apps, and services are available in six stores in Daegu Lions Park.

In addition, Samsung Card using smart order services in Daegu Lions Park until April 30 to provide a discount of 2,000 won for payments over $ 25.

Samsung Card official said, will continue to expand its mobile-based services were introduced smart order service for customers to improve access through a variety of companies and collaboration.

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Camcorder, onbideu refundable bid deposit transfer fees Bogota

He said that [South Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] camcorder (Korea Asset Management Corp., President munchangyong) is the 11th public auction deposit refund system disposal of the onbideu Customers Ta transfer fee is exempted front.

Banks that issue onbideu bid deposit paid virtual account is the four banks BNK Pusan ​​Bank, Woori Bank, Shinhan Bank, KEB, Hana Bank. Previously, if the bid deposit refundable bid deposit paid upon other virtual accounts, the issuing bank and the bank account refund the customer is registered Ta transfer fee had occurred.

However, camcorders and 4 Following the Bank together exempt from Bogota transfer fee for the first time in June '16 BNK Pusan ​​Bank, the last result of collaboration to improve customer convenience years, come March Woori Bank, Shinhan Bank and KEB one in April until the bank was involved in a fee waiver.

Accordingly onbideu customers were able to use at no cost from bidding to refund yuchal City is expected to receive 100,000 annual benefit through this action.

Camcorder Heo Eunyoung Director said, "We onbideu to strengthen the relevant institutions and cooperation nagagetda people to improve the public assets for customer service continued to be utilized more conveniently through onbideu".

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Kyobo Life Planet, progress prize payment 'to save Spring' event

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Internet life insurer Kyobo Life Planet Life insurance proceeds the "Savings to the spring event, which presented the prizes to customers who sign up for one month 4 Insurance Savings Month.

Life Planet presents the Month (free) e dream Savings Insurance Ⅱ 'New World Mobile Voucher 30,000 won new customers the power to join more than 200,000 won monthly premiums until the end. Certificate of shipment is coming, and sent to the individual mobile phone number you entered when you signed up insurance contracts and only retain customers by July 14, the old savings insurance event participants are exempt.

Planet of Life '(no) e dream Savings Insurance Ⅱ' is characterized by the possible revocation even a month after the subscription and apply the domestic life insurance industry's first interest accrued proportional approach 100% principal guarantee. Product is praying win an exclusive license (3 months) from the Association of innovative life insurance product structure deducting expenses from accrued interest, not principal customers Nancy.

Also recently added a free paid during one month, as well as maintaining a moderate withdrawal functions become more flexible capital management as possible additions. Take advantage of additional payment system it is possible to reduce expenses than to sign up as a new a new savings insurance can increase the termination and expiration hwangeupryul hwangeupryul.

(Free) e dream Savings Insurance Ⅱ 'provides a single high-April, the most 3% disclosure rate.

Bakchangwon Life Planet Marketing Manager is moderate because 'this event was prepared to support our customers to mark the new spring start saving' said Savings Insurance suitable 'objective funding prepare to receive non-taxable benefits must be maintained for at least 10 years When considering if you need to terminate the online products that provide more than 100% is advantageous hwangeupryul "he said.

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Oil hits Securities Huang Wei Zheng, President, China's investment story unfolds vivid lecture

Hold the [South Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] oil comes four hits Securities China Investment Conference, May 20, at 4:00 pm Anyone can participate if investors are interested in investing in China, Seoul Myeongdong Bankers Association.

This session will diagnose you, of 'Sad (THAAD) but more miss China' choehyeonjae global investment theme of the Information Center Zhang frozen then as an instructor relationship and have time to point out the future flows through the international practices, such as Japan. Particularly president Huang Wei Zheng is scheduled to give a vivid told China's investment story of the contents' 2017 Notice Chinese shares golden eggs! "

Oil hits Securities Jeon Jinho Online Strategy Director said, "The Investment Conference is China's economy and stock market, as well as investors interested in investment in China so as to diagnose one-of relations, as well as domestic equities will be beneficial place even investors", "cosmetics, and also the tourism, retail-related industries, such as China, workers expect to see such a great help to explore the future response, "he said.

Investment Conference will be held for about 2 hours at 4 pm on the 20th International Conference KFB second floor, the participants will have to provide a certain gift.

Even if oil hits a securities account Anyone can attend free of charge and is closing 200 people first come, first served basis. Registration and inquiries are as if oil hits the securities, the national branch or customer support center.

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Pushing extension new duty free sales disclosed in "Sadd firestorm '

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Customs should promote the sales of Chinese tourists visit date postponed the ban, such as upcoming new duty-free operators later this year as the increased uncertainty in the duty-free industry due to Saad placed retaliation.

Customs also plans to allow an extension to pay patent fees due and installment payment.

11 days Customs said naeryeotdago such an action, such as a blow to the Chinese tourists decreased by conflict of one, surrounding Saad placed itttareuja.

The challenges ahead for a number of duty-free operators to respond to new market conditions resulting from the sales date has raised the need for a smoke.

KCS "There is a new duty-free shop operators need to be specific planning and management activities prepared for at least 6-8 months before the brand ipjeom, store interiors, staffing, sales preparation, such as purchases," associated with the start of sales of the new duty-free smoke he said.

Accordingly, Customs is planning to assume a duty-free sales initiated extend the agenda in accordance with the relevant provisions if a company request to be flexible to respond to such a new duty-free operators due to the market decline in demand Saad impact on Customs Patent Examination Committee.

"Bonded shop notices Article 10 paragraph 3, stipulates to postpone the start of sales only once if there are unavoidable reasons for patent applicants within 30 days. In addition, if deemed necessary to add an extension contains the content to be considered by the Patent Examination Board.

Customs decided permit payment within the extended delivery and a division range a year of patent fees imposed as a duty-free sales this year are expected to decline in sales situations with it.

Customs officials said that "the future plans to continue monitoring the trends, such as sales of duty-free industry, and seek additional support measures to help prepare for a protracted crisis can be Sad minimize the damage of the duty-free industry."

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IBK Industrial Bank, Best Start-up Investment Seminar held

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] IBK Industrial Bank (Bank gimdojin) is a crowdfunding intermediary company wadi's, Krasnodar Woody excellent start-up at IBK Finance Center located in Jung-gu, Seoul Tiffany 20:00 and 25 pm 7 comes with (CROWDY) investment Seminar held that the introduction of said Friday.

Coming 20 days, the wadi's recommendations corporate △ Next-generation Smart TV set-top box developer, Aladdin Group '△ Personalized Album Production mobile app "Star Fix' △ 3D virtual fitting mobile app" Pardubice Partners' △ real time audience analysis services' ATAM 'that △ IoT introduces an open market advertising platform 'feet, global.

25th Krakow Woody recommended △ Global Craft Beer Company 'Jeju Beer' △ mobile game developers' yen Bros. '△ special paint, paint palm' △ pet supplies delivery service app that transforms your windows into a digital screen "Pet Friends" △ developing creative platform 'fun Company' △ exterior wall paint robots for professional working musicians can meet the "robo print.

Participation is not, spare investors want to participate if you are applying to join the case of 'Wadi jeupyeon "20 to 19 days in the Wadi's coming home, up to 25 days' Chrysler Pt Woody' is the 25th coming from Chrysler Woody website.

Industrial Bank of Korea official said, "The Start-Up Investment Conference is an event conducted by professionals who are interested in crowdfunding investments", he said: "We will support the crowdfunding activated through time to introduce the excellent start-up."

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ELS 1 quarter issuance rising ... International index misses caveat

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] equity-linked securities (ELS) was the first quarter issuance rose sharply compared to the previous quarter. However, caution is required here, 88.2% are concentrated in foreign exponential ELS.

11 days and according to the financial investment industry in Korea Securities Depository (including derivatives four ELB) first quarter ELS issuance amount was recorded as 10.6 percent to 19.8922 trillion won from the previous quarter. ELS payments during the same period were up a whopping 44% compared to the previous quarter to 24.3929 trillion won.

Repayment yuhyeongbyeolneun accounted for early repayment 85.0% of the total repayment amount to 20.7361 trillion won, debt payments and prepayment amounts were 3.0301 trillion won, 626.7 billion won in total redemption amount over each of 12.4% and 2.6% of total with relatively small as. In addition to payments and the growing demand and new demand is also reinvest as much as increasing.

KSD official dwaeteuna "prepayment greatly increase what stocks issued overseas indices such as the 2015 EUROSTOXX 50, Hong Kong's Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI) as underlying assets have early repayment is delayed according to the 2016 Index fell recently these explained that because the repayment to the rise of the index increases. "

Total outstanding amount of the top five securities firms accounted for 67.4% of the total issued amount to 13.4085 trillion won. Size of securities issued during the same period were the most common treatment to Mirae Asset to issue 3.5863 trillion won, it issued NH Investment & Securities and Samsung Securities 3.1652 trillion won and 2.4324 trillion won, respectively. Then was the net Samsung Securities, KB Securities.

But most experts ELS products are flocking to the situation in the foreign indices and requires attention.

Oil hits Securities Lee Jungho researchers "Overseas there is exponential ELS proportion accounted for 88.2% of the total issued" and "de facto gotta issued most of the ELS overseas assets mainly rather than other assets, this level is similar to the published weight of 2015 overheat time "I was diagnosed.

Index jeongjak also be utilized to take advantage of international indices HSI, SX5E, NIKKEI225, S & P500, HSCEI is about the intellectual-wise displacement phenomena underlying asset.

The researchers "present side lack the right alternatives such as domestic indices and stocks, but there is also time to concerns misses in terms of expanding the limited overseas indices underlying assets" and "dwaedo this situation lasts only six months or more past HSCEI index KI (Knock-In) occurs it feared he should "be aware there may be a previous situation.

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Allianz Life, the digital environment, branches' F1 point, expanding open Honam region

[Gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter Korea - Allianz Life recently its main operating base in Hunan region has opened a branch Jeonju and Gwangju two digital environment 'F1 pole (F1 in Jeonju)' and 'F1 Gwangju (F1 in Gwangju)' place.

Allianz Life 'F1 point' is the name of Allianz Life is 'F1 in Yeouido' in January Yeouido headquarters over a branch to introduce a variety of digital sales tools to streamline the space to advance to the insurance company leading the digital age a first opened its doors. 'F1' refers to the keyboard function keys 1 and holds the meaning 'when I will support customers quickly and advisors anywhere.

This time 'F1 points', which opened in Jeonju and Gwangju will use 257 patients Advisor (Allianz Life Insurance Agent) and employees of, and Allianz Life of regional customers. The branches are designed away from traditional fixed office concept to be able to vary the space as needed, such as financial planning, customer interviews, meetings and relaxation. Advisors are moving freely place has its own tablet PC instead of desktop, and you can see the work.

In addition, also it has a VIP room, multi-purpose conference room, small meeting room, an independent telephone booth, private lockers, a cafe business, relaxation lounge and is equipped with state-of-the-art digital gotta sales infrastructure such as digital sales dashboards, and video conferencing systems. Especially 'F1 in Jeonju' and 'F1 in Gwangju' was upgraded like user experience to enhance the soundproofing capabilities of the past 'F1 in Yeouido' users reflect the feedback superintendent and phone booth and add a motion detection feature to mirror TV .

Yoseu Lau eorieo Allianz Life President said, "actuary organization is still our foundation of the insurance industry and will be expanded in the future gradually the 'F1 points" to support actively the business activities of the most important sales channel advisors, "" efficient business processes as customers are being offered the best service advisors are hoping to digital sales and service space which can be the best sales force, "he said.

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Fund supermarkets, fund aims to achieve 5% revenue bonds when switching

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Korea operating funds online fund supermarkets, said that the start of the 11th sales goal conversion-type funds to reduce investment costs if you do not achieve your goals.

The Fund will invest primarily in domestic dividend shares through initial subscription Mirae dividend premium fund. If you seek a target return of 5% and to achieve that goal it is automatically converted to fixed income. In addition, when the US to achieve the target to reduce the six months after the sales fees from the initial inception in half, one year after reducing 50% of additional sales fees and management fees to the redemption date.

We can expect a relatively high return to the center where prolonged low interest rate environment, the investment point that point is reached when the target returns are converted automatically bond less to worry about when fund buying and short covering.

Lee Byeongho if funds online Korea represents the "narrow range rally continues as to support customer investments in an environment that is becoming the investment decisions difficult decided to release the funds" and "unable to achieve the target return on sales company and an operating company He explained that financial products "more introduced to investors mainly in that it reduces the received compensation.

The fund is available only to subscription comes 18 days and you can meet a fund supermarket. If you want to join the fund in the fund supermarket lien sales commission it can not improve the final investment.

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Samsung Securities, online fine dust worry when ELS Up 'banking'

[Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] Samsung Securities (President Yun Yongam) If you purchase the ELS through the online channel to 12 cache coupons to all subscription customers, and pays a bonus coupon on a first come, first served basis, presenting an air cleaner through a lottery It goes online to join ELS event.

The ELS subscription cache coupons to be credited to the customer in cash of 10 million won or more online, but also offer bonuses on a first come, first served basis, depending on the subscription amount. In addition, Samsung presented a Blue Sky air cleaner through a lottery for three of the customers signed up more than 10 million won.

Last week, Samsung Securities IPO ELS sales rank 1, 2 and 3 above were all products of the three indices as underlying assets, low melting, high popularity such as monthly payment formula products.

The recruits such as the dollar and WTI associated DLS conspiracy derivatives 14 kinds of products, a total of 1,485 billion - Samsung Securities is a low melting, monthly payment formula products, one to 12 days.

ELS 15896 of the low-melting structure, once in Europe (EuroStoxx50), Hong Kong (HSCEI), the US (S & P500) 3 Index during the investment period of three years due to the product that the three indices as an underlying asset, both fell below the 35% of the base price If you do not have to be repaid by 5.3% a year before tax.

In addition, it is given the early repayment opportunity every six months, three indexes are all 95% of the base price (December 6 months), 90% (18 months), 85% (24 months), 80% (30 months), 75% ( If more than 36 months) is repaid in annual pre-tax 5.3%.

Meanwhile, Samsung Securities account without a smartphone can join only if all of the best times of low interest rates, investment ELS.

If you install the mobile app, Samsung Securities (mPOP) for smartphones and only my ID card can open an account in 5 minutes, right ELS can also join in the mobile app.

New customers and open an account in a non face-to-face, and when trading financial instruments, payment of the reward of three million won, makes waiver fees for three years when the domestic stock trading in mobile.

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Angel-in-us, 'Youth World Barista Championship "sponsored Convention

Said [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] that Angel-in-us Coffee shop progresses youth barista competition the 3rd 'WYBC (Youth World Barista Championship)' sponsorship signing ceremony 10 days.

This Convention was held in yen and Jerry Nurse Organizers of aekcheu 29 cafés, Sponsor tripartite win-win agreement for monthly coffee entity.

Angel-in-us Coffee plans to provide space for the practice contest participants through this agreement and review its recruitment targets for the next runner-up.

Angel-in-us coffee official said, "We will provide an opportunity for young people to grow as a professional barista WYBC through this competition and more effort on growth and cultural development of the domestic coffee market."

The WYBC proceeds Oct finalists coming through the youth's first Barista Championship in June the national preliminaries in earnest starting in USA, Hong Kong, China, four countries in the world qualifying tournament.

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Seoul -SH, yeoksegwon happy homes offer from 13 days

Announced that 11 [South Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper News] Seoul Seoul City Housing Corporation (hereinafter referred to as SH) is Jongno-gu and Seodaemun-gu, Seongbuk-gu, such as social yeoksegwon four freshman and honeymooners happy to supply the housing 301 to supply three such places.

Now 301 households are supplied Recessed public rental housing to the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Ritz-SH is founded 2 (Built-in Public Rental Ritz) to purchase supplies, mainly to young adults redevelopment area. With 20-40% cheaper than market price to rent lease up to 10 years.

Seoul, the Ritz is a public housing project of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul City Housing Corporation newly introduced REITs way to expand affordable housing for young generations are difficult to afford the high housing costs.

Subscription receipt is coming from the 13th to the 17th, winners will be announced on July 13. Eligibility is located in an area that is happy or social housing rookie or a newlywed couple with the job. For society rookie income shown agains 80% of the average employee income hereinafter Newlyweds should not be more than 100% (double-income less than 120%).

SH officials while "commuting convenient and it is characterized by supplying the happy homes where excellent living environment," explained that "the future plans to supply about 5,000 households to purchase 2020".

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LG Electronics, the sources publicly made 'LG G6'

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG Electronics famous artists to expand the marketing advantage of the exotic sound directly produced by 'LG G6'.

LG Electronics has unveiled two kinds of sound contradictory genres made with 11 days acoustic band bolppalgan adolescence "and hip-hop artists' Crush 'is a high-performance audio technology with the' LG G6 'in' LG G6 sound studio.

"Bolppalgan puberty 'and' Crush 'is coated with a direct voice in' LG G6 'in' hi-fi recording" and "Studio Mode" feature have completed the recording.

'LG G6' in 'hi-fi recording feature supports up to 6.5 times greater 24bit (bits), 192kHz (kilohertz) sound recordings than standard CD quality.

Audio recording feature "Studio mode" in the pre-recorded accompaniment can cause transient own songs and play musical instruments it is possible only in sound production.

"Bolppalgan puberty 'is a unique voices and vocal arranger charming,' Crush 'is being popular personality and intense sound bits Mall. Both artists are talented accounted for directly writing lyrics and composing music top music charts one by one.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics has also released two-part music video of the sound production. The customers appreciate it for up to 24 twelve months and presented a variety of prizes, including a chance to win by leaving your recommendations and comments on artworks 'LG G6', 'LG Watch Style'.

In addition, LG Electronics will also proceed from the 18th to the 15th of next month take advantage of the sound source the customer this public event to create your own song 'LG G6'. We selected a merit award also provides generous gifts such as LG G6, LG grams.

LG Electronics, South Korea Mobile geurupjang Lee Sanggyu executive emphasized that "we will go to the differentiated multimedia features unique G6 developing various marketing activities for consumers to experience."

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Korea Investment & Securities, the 13th such contest Apple ELS linked to ... The maximum loss limit of 20%

That [South Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] Korea Investment Holdings subsidiary Korea Investment & Securities is to come on the 13th, Apple (APPLE), recruits 'TRUE ELS 8586 times rising participation' to Microsoft (Microsoft) in the underlying assets to total 3 billion won Limit 11 days said.

TRUE equity-linked securities (ELS) 8586 times the maximum loss in goods, which is determined in accordance with the revenue share of the underlying assets due to the time of one-year repayment type is limited to 20% of the rise participatory structure that maximum profit is limited.

If the maturity assessment price based on the original criteria of low underlying asset price ratio maturity assessment price at maturity assessment work by more than 100% of the initial reference price, a rising participation rate revenue is achieved in 120% and 80% of the initial reference price or higher If less than 100% is caused by a loss of 100% dropped engagement.

If a maturity based on the first reference price due a lower proportion of assets assessment price based on the evaluation days maturity assessment rates of less than 80% of the initial reference price, even if the maximum loss is limited to the loss of 20%.

Two won DS Division Manager, said, "TRUE ELS 8586 times the rise participating ELS products is to limit losses to 20%, with leverage of 1.2 times the rise in foreign investment to the blue-chip stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange."

ELB 1 species of, ELS 8 species of, DLS 2 species, recruiting a total of 12 kinds of products, including the DLB 1 species, minimum subscription limits in the same period is $ 500. For further information, contact us if you are to Korea Investment & Securities website or customer service center.

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Best investment securities, SNS official channels "Spring Renewal - celebrated event '

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] Best Official SNS Securities has renewed the right channel for the past three days and said saebom progress as the 11th event.

A renovated concept of the completion of the Best Investment blogs and Facebook, where smart financial channels, "the domestic and plans to deliver more fun and easy to overseas markets and other financial and economic issues.

In commemoration of this renewal, bombom 'promotion is underway in two papers official Facebook page. First, to take spring flowers spring "is the 30,000 won Shinsegae voucher is presented to 20 people through the screening if you upload a picture I took Spring Flower.

In addition, the spring plays well to take the spring 'is a you attach to the comments of the three public events associated with the spring to 24th coming one event that projected the highest closing price 28 days compared to the closing price 3 twelve months to 100 people during jeongdapja Cash 30,000 won gift do.

Renewal and promotions related to more information and participation confirmation may be in the best investment securities official Facebook.

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Yun Honggeun Genesis BBQ facilities, food industry association president inaugurated

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Yun Honggeun Genesis BBQ president shall take office on the sixth executive president of Korea Food Service Industry Association.

Korea Food Service Industry Association is elected president in Yun Honggeun in the six executive chairman, the six permanent president, co-president inauguration, held at the aT Center, Seoul Yangjaedong 11 days. Co-President, the President inaugurated the gimhyeonho yibadom.

Yun President has been appointed to lead the foodservice industry associations in the three permanent chairman in 2011 was the former executive chairman until after six.

Yun said, "I feel a sense of responsibility have led to the food service industry and growing development of new growth engines of the Republic of Korea economy as Korea Food Service Industry Association shop gotta grave" through his inaugural address said "every effort to the advancement and globalization of the food industry will do my, "he said.

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NH Investment Securities - Seoul National University, College of Life for a happy old age of 100 years ready

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] NH Investment & Securities, said that the start dates for the 11th event of premium customers' college age 100 years life "10th course for the last 10 days of happy retirement preparation to target a VIP customer support.

"College age 100 years life" is preparing a program for the development after retiring as chief research agency, Seoul National University and NH Investment & Securities in retirement planning sector co-happy life in the second half. "College age 100 years life" is composed by lectures, etc., including Han Gyeonghye professor of Seoul National University, "How sick is the youth," the authors gimnando professor of "Trend Korea.

The era of 100-year-old college life, from the demographic point of view from the river and the Republic of Korea No.1 demographic Cho Youngtae Professor Dr. Dr. yisihyeong of spreading a "culture of serotonin Movement can hear about the future of the Republic of Korea. Also planned are a variety of programs, such as 'Seoul National University campus tour, and a desired Students can receive' one day tax advice.

NH Investment & Securities Kim Jaejun WM Division representative customer value, such as "Age 100 years old Life University will be an opportunity to draw a new vision for a happy life in the second half of our customers," said "NH Investment & Securities 'Life College age of 100 years' will continue to develop the service as a top priority as ever, "he said.

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Financial Investment Association, China's financial investment process outlined

For like [South Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] Korea Financial Investment Association (Chairman hwangyounggi) Financial Investment Education is of increasing interest in global investment by domestic investors in China's stock market, the economy, financial investment products Status, outlook and investment strategy It opened the "Chinese financial investment" set course to strengthen the investment analysis skills by learning from may 23 to receive enrollment until 2 may.

"China's financial investment" is a short-term training courses are PB business and customer service related business presence in the river, such as the target composed of teachers with industry experts workers features.

The course has been configured to enable the learning of general information on China's economic, financial investments and markets, students are expected to be invested to strengthen the solicitation skills and sales skills through the improvement of the investment analysis and portfolio construction capabilities.

Duration goes to night across the screen on Thursday two days in Yoido financial investment institute from May 23 to May 25. Enrollment and other details can be found in the Financial Investment Education Institute.

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Carolina Life Insurance, Cancer Insurance, plus a new ad on the chosen actress Park, Sang - Won

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Carolina Life is airing a new ad produced by the 'Read the cancer insurance "is a new concept to enhance the understanding of customers' goods (non) plus cancer insurance (update type).

Meanwhile, product ads liner life has been dedicated to delivering fun and information to consumers by introducing a variety of ad formats, such as dramas and sitcoms, the discussion at the same time. This product is also advertising and other insurance ad that lists the contents to ensure operated from those put differentiation. As well as the main content of the product to ensure the swift passing information one gamyeo one point out, as if kindly explain the 'judeut read the book, plus a cancer insurance (update type) was so that customers can easily understand.

As "cancer insurance properly read" piece advertising model is an actor 'Park Sangwon' was nakjeom. Images of Park Sangwon by positioning a comfortable image for a long time in the TV picture tube is the evaluation goes well with this ad concept raised the completeness of the ad product. Its existing ads or third-party products that are currently airing ads that are somewhat complex and difficult cancer insurance information, we designed a different way reach to consumers liner life and expectations.

(Free) plus cancer insurance (update type), it ensures a 100 million won general cancer at diagnosis, can guarantee if a large amount of cancer through the rider up to the maximum 50 million won 100 million. In addition to breast and prostate cancer, which is a nominal 20 million won onset, usually it guarantees 10 million won.

Gimsuhwa Carolina Life CMO said, "is expected to form the customers consensus did not feel the need or via this Ad lack understanding of cancer care," said, "We will focus on creating a product advertisement that consumers can more easily understand." he said.

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[HR] Dongbu Securities

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea]

◇ Promotion and telegraph office

△ management support mounting (Vice President) Park Giho

◇ officer Telegram

△ Compliance Officer (VP) Lee Gwangyeol

△ the Center for Risk Management (Business) Yongdae

◇ show

△ Research Center Director (Director) panoramic Boots

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CJ CJ, Turks invited 'halal Korean cooking classes "

It proceeded to Korean cooking classes targeted at housewives jaehan Turks in conjunction with [South Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] CJ CJ Snow dishes won the Turkish Cultural Center in the last 10 days.

Planned to commemorate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Turkey, the two countries this class received the 'halal' certification as being conducted by the Muslims or even the Turks drew gotta classes with ingredients proceed attention focused on that basis.

Halal gotta processed according to Islamic law, says that Muslims can eat grains, vegetables, fruit and vegetable food, fish, seafood such as shellfish, such as food.

In this cooking class introduced the CJ CJ Products of utilizing the received Halal certification Cooked Rice and kimchi, seasoned seaweed, flour Recipe: Korean species. Participants had time to directly create the sampling of food representing Korea and beef bibimbap Kim Chijeon two menus that foreigners are easily accessible, depending on cooking demonstration and guidance baekjiwon researchers.

CJ CJ is coming proceed even cooking classes on the theme of the 17th and 19th Turkish food. 17 days shall pass on CJ CJ to target customers in a kind of Turkish kebab 'Hasan Pasha Kyocera peute' and 'Turkish salad, two kinds, such as how to make a home-cooked turkey.

There are 19 days maryeondwae Turkish food experience classes CJ CJ employees to join together to target the children's study room in Seoul.

CJ CJ said, "The Korean cooking class domestic resident Muslim halal planned lessons we conceived to the point that the restaurant is insufficient to eat Korean food," said "foreigners in the class are going to learn more in Korea through halal Korean Opportunities the hope, "he said.

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NH Agricultural Insurance, 2017 "barn fire prevention campaign developed

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] NH Lee Yunbae Agricultural Insurance CEO recently visited Gangwon pig cooperatives located in Gangneung, Gangwon Province has conducted a barn fire prevention campaign.

The site visit is part of a "barn fire prevention campaign that is conducted every year since launch in 2012. Lee Yunbae CEO visited the site were carried out targeted at Gangwon Agricultural pig livestock farmers with RDA electrical safety inspections and accident cases education.

Also it earned the safety of livestock farms, such as dust, which can remove the dust from the barn electricity eliminator (air compressor) passes the University and 40 fire extinguishers and fire prevention demonstrations using the same.

It will provide a dust remover and a fire extinguisher in the 1200 Agricultural University fiddling livestock farms in the country this year.

Lee Yunbae NH Agricultural Insurance CEO stressed that "barn fires can be avoided through proactive electrical safety inspections, safety management" and "to continue to expand in fire prevention activities together with the RDA will minimize agricultural damage." did.

Agricultural Insurance in the sale Livestock Disaster insurance is insurance compensation for damage caused by the disasters of the 16 kinds of livestock and stalls, including cattle, pigs, horses for production-based protection of livestock farming as well as animal diseases. The 50% of premiums the government, 20% to 25% is additional support depending on the municipality.

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Pension "DSME debt adjustments difficult to accept ... Shareholder decision urging "

Said [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] pension is negative stance can not be accepted for 11 days KDB Daewoo Shipbuilding industry is a presenting bank debt, including adjustments. But if you take the time to discuss further it hinted that the situation is also be altered.

NPS "Daewoo has increased the interest of national pension on whether Shipbuilding & Marine debentures related to equity swap accommodate deepened concern in the market" and "to consider the profitability and stability of the fund management principles to manage and operation of pension funds , "he said.

Pension holds the DSME corporate bonds of about 400 billion won worth half is a trading halt shares. Put a grace period of three years and the other half is about the position that should be changed six years due to corporate bonds.

In addition, pension side "if they do not accept were required to determine that while the moon is not accepted within a period of not being a part of the pre-packaged plan of the court applied" and "Fund headquarters for the usually goes debt restructuring prior consultation is, of course was not even pre-due diligence, "he revealed dissatisfaction.

This hagien assess the financial condition and future regenerative potential of the company presented data KDB side is that the lack of comments. The choice of whether to accept, in fact, the loss of the proposed debt adjustments also added that there is a continuing risk of inappropriate and out does.

NPS "If you accept the debt adjustments in the status quo must endure the loss of public retirement funds to save a particular company," said, "This deviates from the original purpose, which shall manage the funds for the benefit of the 20 million people Pension one, "argued.

Following "is the best choice for a pension has a precise evaluation and time for future regenerative potential, debt restructuring scheme for treating the current state of the Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering for internal and external credit enhancement for the Korean financial investment markets and companies to share awareness outgoing process requires stressed that ".

Therefore it takes the time announced that Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and urged a resolution of the shareholder side so that the agreed measures and stakeholders can be derived.

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Industry, June designated special areas from industrial crisis

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] industry officials to come to carry out the six designated areas densely sector crisis in January as "industrial crisis special areas (special areas), and various supports.

Usually the Ministry of Industry, said that 11 days from 12 days comes the "Special Act on Balanced National Development Decree, specifying the details on the special area designated targets, criteria and specified period, the key support information and designated off Legislative notice.

This notice legislation is interpreted as 'sino save' does not deviate from the global recession. Last October 31, the government has announced a hanba shipbuilding dense local development plan. ' In the field of preparedness and steel with a heightened sense of crisis due to strengthened trade protectionism is also the pool.

Decree comes through procedures such opinions, Legislation and regulatory review, six loans, the State Council decision into effect May 22.

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Chae Changhwan elected Mr. John lightning Group, Global Executive Director

It announced on the 11th that elected [Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] Global Investment Group Ltd. John lightning Israeli-based global digital training venture 'time-to-Know (TIME TO KNOW)' Chae Changhwan former Korea represented at the Global Campus Executive Director John lightning.

The required lightning campus established in Pangyo, Gyeonggi Province and Daegu, Cheonan, called the Korea Techno Valley is a global start-up training institutions to support the start-up process of growth.

He graduated from Seoul National University Department of Business Administration Chae Changhwan a new general manager has acquired a qualified lawyer after the US completed the University of Wisconsin Law School and a MBA courses. Since the initial project team members worked as Samsung image, from 2010 until recently, Korea was a representative of the time-to-Know.

While general director will assume a representative role to promote, create the required lightning-campus investment companies, various programs for entrepreneurship support organizations and start-up development established in Korea.

I called lightning Group Igal Ehrlich said, "the right person is indeed true chutzpah spirit of John lightning campus leader who has challenges with which a wide range of expertise to keep pace with the transformation into a global campus can lovingly guide and lead to Korea startups and confidence, "said a senior background.

While general director said "start-up companies in Korea," not long ago to visit Israel and Indonesia met with dozens of companies and government founded agencies I talked reporting directly to the eye, is open to look forward to close cooperation with the Republic of Korea was hot. " the blend also be able to work with foreigners made a truly global business culture, "he said.

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EV era prelude ... Tesla, GM market cap aside

GM beat the market capitalization of the US representatives maker Tesla has become a full-fledged mass production EV appeared [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea. This makes Tesla was crowned the highest market cap US companies in the US auto industry.

11 days, according to Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal Tesla closed chapter in the last 10 days, up 3.3% compared to the previous day week 312.39 US dollars (about 35 million) on the New York Stock Exchange. This is large-scale 64 million US dollars (approximately 73,126,400,000 won) than GM. Last three days after having a look to overtake the US jechin Ford to GM.

Elan Tesla is interpreted as the end portion of the electric vehicle. Most carmakers were held at the International Motor Show this year have demonstrated the development of electric vehicles, and expand it to charge mileage competition once. Closing the last nine days have participated in the '2017 Seoul Motor Show unveiled the electric car makers.

Industry insiders are getting "Tesla whilst high-end gajyeogamyeo the electric car strategy '' was pointed out that 'their own toys, saying' But the Model 3 seems to be complete the development at about the end of the year to meet the criteria for high-volume electric vehicle, worldwide interest "he said.

Meanwhile, Tesla has opened a local store first store in star field Henan last month, 15 days. And the prior agreement of the current Model S and Model 3, in the case of the Model S is delivered to the customer come in June. Price Model S 1 billion 10 thousand won at least 2100, Model 3 is expected to be about 4,000 won.

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FSS, signed financial education ministry and local business agreement

Said excavating [Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] Financial Supervisory Service and the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, including six institutions on the 11th at 10:30 am Financial disadvantaged across the country by the government in Seoul Government, and signed an agreement to enable the region's financial education .

This place has attended six organizations, including the Financial Supervisory Service, Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, Republic of Korea Governor City Council, people Finance Agency, the National Federation of Banks, Life Insurance Association.

Day gathering agencies have agreed to work together as a recognition of the importance of regional financial education and building a cooperative system to enable financial education for the financial vulnerable.

Ministry and local governments, community credit cooperatives are the resultant demand for training excavation and one four one school financial education. FSS, ordinary banking Agency, the National Federation of Banks, etc. I decided to share, such as support for financial education instructors, textbooks and programs.

FSS is a way to get support tailored financial education about the various community projects (including township enterprises), which is promoted in the region in order to activate the local economy gradually. The excavated financial education needs are plans to carry out faithfully education through cooperation with the pan-banking financial education and financial literacy Regional Cooperation Council.

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FSS "strictly deal with North Korea risks related malicious rumors diffuser"

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] emphasized that the FSS 11 days "will deal strictly against North Korea risk related malicious rumors distributors."

Jin Ungseop chapter FSS day recently to check the situation, held the emergency meeting market check "regarding the Korean Peninsula geopolitical risks and discuss countermeasures. Yesterday some media came out in the press sikyeotdaneun the securities information in North Korea and Kim Jong Un mangmyeongseol attack scenario, the United States contained oozing dampened investor sentiment.

Kospi fell 0.9% yesterday, but the North Korean concerns such as risk, and is today the market showed a stable approximately flat. Currency ended unchanged without significant movement yesterday North Korea risk, foreign net selling stocks such as 7.7 won (+ 0.7%), but the rise has today. NDF exchange rate closed at 1143.0 won to 0.8 won had raised rates compared to the previous day closing price (1142.2 won).

Treasury bonds (3 years) interest rates have showed a 4bp flat, today has but rising US bond yields rise (+ 4bp) effect, foreigners, but net sold the 104800000000-10 won the stock market, the day switched to 38.6 billion won net buyers yesterday did.

The bonds yesterday after a 28.4 billion won net long positions, being net buyers of 24.1 billion won today.

Credit default swap (CDS) is a geopolitical He recorded a slight rise (1.9bp) was 53.4 to 95.8% risks are commercial banks, regulatory ratios (60% work in a special bank 94.8% in March foreign currency liquidity coverage ratio (LCR), special 40%) was significantly exceeded. Foreign currency debt plus average interest rate of domestic banks has continued to stabilize in the short term trend 0.0bp, long-term 65.5bp.

The main and IB are still reported as missing until much later signs in the domestic foreign exchange market and the money market in connection with the North Korean situation, the position was not specifically respond to the moment.

Major domestic securities firms are likely to fall short of the stock market, but can not rule out, in the past the uncertainty caused by the North Korean risks are analyzed did not exceed the normal week. In addition, sustained corporate earnings expectations due in the first quarter earnings season is predicted that further downside is limited.

If you followed the FSS chapters are about unfair trade leads are captured, etc. "We will strictly deal for spreading false rumors in the stock market behavior in order to prevent the generation and expansion of malicious rumors unfounded" and "stocks to skyrocket and some defense contractors quickly will examine measures, "he said.

Also, he said: "We work closely with related agencies such as the Financial Services Commission will strengthen the enforcement activities on illegal activities such as unfair trade practices in connection with the short sales and to monitor future trends by foreign capital investment entity".

In addition it plans hagetdaneun strengthen monitoring on a daily basis for foreign currency borrowings and foreign currency liquidity situation in the domestic banking conditions and under precise conditions of uncertainty is amplified so that investors are not misled by rumors and unverified facts or lead to provide objective information.

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Theta 2 engine failure ... Voluntary recall notice on the HMC

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] was informed that for the 'Theta 2 engine, Hyundai, Kia fault of the government after the voluntary recall. It will lead the Grandeur, Sonata, K7, K5 the Genesis, the Equus also related defects found.

Ministry of Transportation is "Equus, Genesis, including manufacturing defects identified four cases Be recall days for '30 (2011 approximately 68,000 manufacturing) Hyundai to April 28, and was informed ', saying' this time voluntarily recall If yirwojiji announced on the 11th that it plans "to enter the forced recall.

These vehicles were found defective canister. The canister is a device to burn the collected evaporated gas in the fuel tank and sent to the engine with air. If it is defective, it can cause symptoms start off at low speed immediately before the stop driving step or stop.

Haseongyong Automotive Engineers Dr 'Theta 2 engine was a defect issues in earnest last year with Hyundai Motor's flagship vehicle engine, said said "Last November, the situation that is found defective, even after the land portion uncovered recently.

Recent recalls have emerged in the course of whistleblowers Kim Gwangho former Hyundai chief was fired this investigation a suspected 32 cases of defects in the tip section homeland last year. Three Kim is director of the 32 cases filed suspected defects Santa Fe airbag sensor setting error, Theta 2 engine failure, dump trucks, etc. eksi Radiant has already confirmed the recall.

The HMC is subjected to the recall itself next month 22 days about the 17 manyeodae such as last week, the action Granger, Sonata, K7, K5.

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Shinhan Card, donated 100 million won deposited in the Social Welfare Council

[Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Card has donated 100 million won raised through the benefit sharing program for employees' children with rare incurable diseases treatment funds were transferred to the Korea Association of Social Welfare.

Owing sponsored ceremony took place in the 11th Shinhan Card's headquarters.

Shinhan Card was performed to donate an amount less than '1-raising account of love and one thousand won' salaries odd "by donating 10,000 won at the 2,000 employees salaries since 2003.

This dwaetgo total of 15 billion won raised so far, spent a total treatment of 144 rare intractable disease children.

Imyoungjin Shinhan Card, president of the small hospitality of Shinhan Card Employees "For children who through payroll sharing struggling with the disease can give comfort and hope our employees and everyone involved with joy," he said "to carry out a warm finance , it said it will continue to practice and make further efforts to come with great joy to more people. "

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BC Card, Chicago Musical 'tickets 1 + 1 event

Proceeds with [South Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] BC cards Musical "Chicago" for customers to purchase tickets, tickets 1 + 1 ',' happiness ten thousand won 'event.

BC Card is an event that goes for customers to purchase the musical "Chicago" tickets going on in May, Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall during the 28th at 2 pm said Thursday.

'Ticket 1 + 1 "is added to the ticket of the same grade 1 and grade purchased, the happiness of ten thousand won' B provides Wuxi City BC debit card payments to 10,000 won.

The day of the event site will also take place to watch customers Polaroid photo shoot event.

Tickets can be purchased at a 4 to 1 maximum two through May 11 11:00 am BC Card Main Lounge (four pieces) first-come, first-served basis.

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SK Networks, 獨 Continental Mata D'Thai exclusive supply

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] SK Networks has teamed up with Europe's largest tire maker Continental Tire sets out to strengthen distribution portfolio. We are focused on gradually increasing trend of interest for high-performance tires have proven reliability is interpreted as a pitching hagetdaneun expand related businesses.

SK Networks comprehensive fleet management brand Speedmate, said it has signed in the last 10 days Grande Walkerhill Germany Continental tires and Asia's first exclusive supply Mata D'Thai affiliate in Seoul hotel.

Continental tires are one of the former top global tire manufacturers, which holds the world's 24 manufacturing plants, has been recognized as a global technology be the Continental tires on vehicles produced three popular one in Europe.

Actual Continental tire products are pre-installed on a number of imported cars models including Mercedes and BMW, Audi being sold in the country. Also recently, also apply to domestic premium car models such as the Genesis G80, Genesis EQ900 is expanding awareness among domestic consumers.

Through this agreement, Speedmate domestic exclusive supply contract rights have been Mata D'Thai is a global brand strategy of the Continental technology applied. Price to performance has already shown high customer loyalty in Europe, it is expected to be in the limelight even country driving customers to focus on the non-caustic.

Mata D'tires are sold from mid-April through the coming national Speedmate stores. Speedmate proceeds 30% discount to help meet Mata D'tires introductory customers in the domestic tire prices. Another two will be provided free of charge to Speedmate membership card to receive discounts on various maintenance and lubrication to the purchase of more than Thai destination.

SK Networks official said was "based on a global network and distribution capabilities gained through the maintenance of imported cars do our best to provide services that customers can be satisfied also build its position as a future Thai distributor tantanhi".

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Crowdfunding success this year increased by 44% ... funding mammal, Eugene tujeung 'tight'

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] This example showed that crowdfunding success this year, up 43.5% compared to last year. The retail investors portion was drastically expand investment participation of retail investors, such as up to 94% By investor. By intermediaries it has been confirmed that the funding mammal, Eugene Investment & Securities, including the share of funding successful latecomers registered increase since last June.

According to the 11th Finance Commission, the success of this year the average monthly number of crowd-funding appeared to have increased 43.5% compared to last year, 15 cases (10.5 cases). In February, there were 19 cases succeeded in funding a record maximum, 18 cases were successful in March.

By investors, a total of 9,387 people took part in the general investors sipsiilban funding. This personnel is based on the specific gravity reaches to 94% of the total, based on the amount corresponds to 47%.

Funding the participation of retail investors appeared to have increased significantly since the announcement of the crowdfunding development plan financial authorities last November. Successful businesses retail investors in the investor dwaeteuna counted as the end of October last year, 4,124 people, in the end of March totaled to 9,387 people.

On the other hand, the current crowdfunding for business registration company bought a total of 14 companies, including eight full-time traders, brokers gyeomeop six companies.

Among full-time broker's Wadi is pursuing 116 cases of funding, 62 cases were successful. Open trade was scored propulsion, 25 cases of 59 cases of funding, Oh My Company (13 successful), Inc. (eight successful), funding mammal (eight successful), Wi crowdfunding (three successful) except, You Can It was the start (two succeeded) order.

Gyeomeop brokerage IBK Investment & Securities Among the 27 cases stood funding promotion, in 12 cases leading to success, Korea Investment & Securities assets were 14 cases of 31 cases of successful promotion funding. Except it was Eugene Investment & Securities (five successful), KTB Investment & Securities (three successful), Kiwoom (two succeeded), our Investment Bank (one successful) order.

In particular crowdfunding system initially dwaeteuna a crowdfunding intermediary activate some selected business-focused, gradually June 2004 registered latecomers after that increased funding success ratio of (Y crowdfunding, funding mammal, Eugene, Kiwoom, KTB, our Investment Bank) trend. Sikyeoteuna latecomers are registered at the time to close a funding of 7.9% (7 cases), weight, 12 end of the month (14) 12.2% March 31, there have been increasing the number of successful in 14.4% (23 cases) level.

Financial authorities have invested advertising regulations so said, 'This Realtor experience is accumulated, the participation of retail investors enlarged view to funding successes increased steadily in the trend,' 'the future more companies and investors to participate in the funding I will strongly committed to the capital market Act Parliament passed amendments to mitigate "he said.

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KEB, Hana Bank, '1Q Lab' Expert Seminar

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] KEB, Hana Bank (Bank hamyoungju) for the last two one 1Q Lab 4 based pin-Tech Start-up (Start-Up) the company 11 days Lectures Seminars outside experts to target the '1Q Lab launched in January Uni - it said it held a "cone (Unique Conference).

The seminar was held as part of a mentoring program to help four to seven groups of companies '1Q Lab' KEB is one of the Bank's first banknotes pin-tech start-up mentoring center in June 2015.

The 17th day comes to legal seminar begins Patent Seminar, 24 days to help ensure that the start-up companies have a fresh dig the idea of ​​'1Q Lab' We hold the security seminars implemented business model recognized in the market Is expected.

Pin-tech industry Law Seminar in Law Firm tech and inviting gutaeeon lawyer as an instructor, directly coupled to a variety of financial regulation on the topic of 'four primary industry Get rid of the obstacle of the revolutionary innovation of -' con 1Q Lab uni ' It had the characteristics of this and several legal issues and problems and in-depth time for such solutions accordingly.

In addition, after completion of the seminar it was also provided time to find practical solutions through professional counseling on legal issues that arrange an appointment with the individual companies separately faced by each pin-tech start-up companies.

Yiseunghaeng representatives of 1Q Lab 4 group companies 'mid-rate' attended the seminar "Pin-tech areas, including P2P loans that are our business is often a legal issue," he said, "that through this seminar was wondering meantime, is able to be resolved by the experts was very helpful, "he said.

KEB Hana Bank's future financial groups hanjun St. buhaengjang is "like a seminar securing technological competitiveness in the future through the support program for 1Q Lab mentors only of experts in each field start-up are constantly offered to help reliably help expand their business and grow "he said.

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CJ ONE 'movies, shopping, coffee, up to 50% discounts on event

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea] of CJ Group CJ ONE integrated lifestyle membership services said on the 11th that provide up to a 50% discount coupon that can be used for shopping, coffee from the movie.

This event is open until the 30th event goes two times in spring and fall short. This time will be held from 18 CJ TOWN, Jeju CJ TOWN This showcase for the first time. Participation is CJ TOWN - Gangnam, Myeongdong Daehakro, COEX, Seoul, Pyeongtaek, Yeongdeungpo-acid, Gwanggyo, Incheon, Gangwon, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Ulsan, both naked, the 18th place in the munjeong Jeju CJ TOWN.

CJ CJ TOWN If you choose to visit in ONE app or on the web You can download the coupon. When is a price, special discount menu additions such benefits to take advantage of the coupons from various brands in each CJ CJ TOWN.

The event will be with the CGV · Olive Young, A Twosome Place, Tous Les Jours, bipseu · Season Folks, the best myeonso, rubbing, China Factory, The Place · CJ Food World, N Seoul Tower, a total of 12 brands.

Bonus points will be also presented with up to 50% discount coupon. TOWN same brand used in the 1st two points during 2000, presented up to three times in one and the hankuk The Place Dining N Seoul Tower is excluded. Welcome gift vouchers for Olive Young first purchase also available online. Bonus points will be credited on May 11 collectively.

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Newspaper Bang Jaehong Committee Chairman reappointed

[Korea yichangseon financial newspaper reporter] Newspaper Committee held a Board of Directors announced that the 11th is being decided in Bang Jaehong current chairman. Seoul Media Group Chairman of Bang Jaehong Newspaper Committee is responsible for the News Today and reading the newspaper publisher. Chairman of the room is a former professional Korea Newspaper Association Vice Chairman and Korea Internet Newspaper Association vice bars.

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A financial investment, Lizard ELS opportunity, 6% per annum repaid in one year time

[Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] one financial investment does not exceed 35% decline for one year the derivatives products of four species, including 6.00% possible liquidation coupon Lizard ELS in one April 13, Thursday, 1:00 PM 30 that recruitment announced by the minute 11th.

First, recruit, one ELS 7048 times the financial investment "to seek Hong Kong Index (HSCEI), the European Index (EuroSTOXX50), Japan's index of annual coupon of 4.00% (NIKKEI225) as an underlying asset. Maturity redemption is given the opportunity of a total of six times every three years and six months. Repayment terms is at least 90% of the first reference value (primary) / 85% (second) / 80% or more (3-5 J) / 65% (maturity) is not dissolved. It is characterized by two, the price of the underlying asset, prepayment designed for 12 months of Lizard ELS are being liquidated to pay the first year's annual Day Coupon 6.00% that if you have not fallen below 65% of the initial reference price.

In addition, in Hong Kong Index (HSCEI), the European Index (EuroSTOXX50), South Korea Index (KOSPI200) for a performance of 50% of the low-index increasing rate prepayment at time of the year 4.30% and the three underlying assets meet early redemption conditions in the underlying asset recruit a 'one financial investment ELS 7047 times' to pay a higher coupon. Maturity redemption is given the opportunity of a total of six times every three years and six months. Redemption condition is 90% or more (primary) / 85% (2-4 phase) / more than 80% (5th) / 75% (maturity) of the first reference value is 50% is dissolved.

Two kinds of crude oil (WTI / BRENT) as underlying assets to pursue an annual 6.00% and recruit the "one financial investment DLS 1867 times. Maturity redemption is given the opportunity of a total of three times every 1.5 years and six months. Repayment terms is at least 85% of the first reference value (primary) / 80% or more (the second-expiration) is dissolved in 55%.

Finally, it also offers South Korea Index (KOSPI200) 100% of the principal amount retaining an underlying asset, a financial investment ELB 617 times. Expiration is 18 months and seek to return to the engagement rate of 65% between 85% and from 115% of the principal maximum yield of 9.75% (6.5% a year).

Recruitment is a limit of 3 billion won each, product subscriptions can be at least 100 million yuan, subscribed to 1,000,000 won units. This offer is not finalized earnings of each commodity derivatives, upon prepayment of the operating results or at the request of investors can cause a loss of principal.

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Shinhan Investment Corp., Lizard step-down ELS Competition

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] announced on the 11th issued a Lizard step-down 'ELS (equity-linked securities) No. 13685 "to seek the return of 4.50% a year Shinhan Investment (CEO Kim Hyeongjin).

Lizard step-down 'ELS 13685' to be released today calls recently a three-year step-down structure products that constitute the global financial reflect the market situation three kinds of underlying assets (SPXLTBUP / NIKKEI 225 / EUROSTOXX Banks), where SPXLTBUP the S & P500 a low volatility beta target index. If more than the early redemption evaluation days the closing price of the assets of each basic reference price of 85% (6 months, 12 months), 80% (18 months, 24 months), 75% (30 months), 60% (36 months) Up a structure in which proceeds from the principal of 13.50% (4.50% a year) that is redeemable. If the closing price of the underlying asset maturity assessment work less than 60% of the initial reference price could result in loss of principal.

Further down below the Lizard barrier of 'Lizard' that features got 60% (closing prices), even if failure to satisfy the above conditions, all of the underlying assets for up to 12 months in 2nd prepayment point evaluation days after signing the initial reference price If they are paid an annual 6.75% with principal repayments and automatic early enemy.

The minimum subscription amount of this product is 1 million won, and the online channel 'tastes sniper events provided if you subscribe through (HTS, MTS, website) to all customers E / DLS cumulative subscription amount of not less than 10 million won and the like Banyan Tree Hotel Pass it is possible, with the simultaneous participation.

For more information on events and products are available at check points and Shinhan Investment website. The goods are not received and the contract revenue when the underlying asset does not meet the price conditions, because it linked to the price of the underlying asset determines the rate of return of investment products or may result in loss of principal is pre-tax return on all returns indicated.

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Railway Corporation, Daelim staff bribery practices uncovered

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] Korea Rail Network Authority headquarters Chungcheong bribery was caught in the act of Daelim its employees.

Satin seohaeseon - announced on the 11th that if (Hongsung Songshan) double-track train the eighth tool construction contractor in charge of the last seven days of the fact of receiving money or about 100 million won from Daelim Industrial business site owners are its employees in February last year.

The complex is being reviewed and the judicial authorities for prosecution on bribery acts involved, contractors Daelim Industrial action was dismissed its staff.

Cheong headquarters officials while "When the disagreeable behavior of the contractor caught in a business deal with the whole process will Eom Jeonghi" he vowed, "We will strengthen the prevention measures to avoid the recurrence of improper conduct bribery."

Daelim Industrial Company officials explained that "to the employee worked only in the field as a contractor, legal action will be taken," he said "Press information, beaten, the employee is fired into action today."

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KB Securities, 'launched celebrated 100 days, more than 50,000 customers Sweepstakes

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] KB Securities said on the 11th that held the ceremony greet customers sweepstakes launched in 100 days.

The event held in dwaeteumyeo KB Securities inauguration day, 100 days KB Yeouido, Seoul Securities Building, the president was Lottery yungyeongeun events directly winners. This event celebrates the launch of winning customers depending on the progress so that everyone can participate through the online and offline amounted to a total of 50,000 people.

KB Securities has introduced various customer events to celebrate the launch of consolidation since January. First, given the lottery ticket, depending on the subscription amount as the number of simultaneous sales at banks and securities launched four integrated planning products (electronic short-term bonds, exclusives ELS / DLS · Goal conversion-type funds, etc.) target customers. Through a lottery was conducted for "KB Asset Management Securities and leaving tour events, offering a variety of prizes, including chance of winning KB gift card of up to 500 million won.

Also it provides asset management funds 100,000 won gift vouchers and coffee through a lottery chance for customers to create a message of support to the integration KB securities.

In addition, KB Financial Group Mobile Membership platform 'Liiv Mate' After the app installs stocks, funds, and that to a new trading clients check cards, pay-point Li can be conveniently used in KB Financial Group subsidiaries 'Liiv Mate Welcome' events It was in progress.

In addition, it was also even if only to customers who visit the KB branch securities consultation presents a possible 100% winning the lottery, and who presented the cake vouchers able debit card customers who use more than 100,000 won after the issuance of new obtain a response.

Yungyeongeun president "came to a successful launch of the integrated KB Securities, with many customers and showcased a variety of events that you can attend all over offline," said "mark the launch of 100 days KB Securities to become the new starting point that continuing investment partner of the people can will do our best to help, "he said.

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