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Haitai '23g home dumplings' to recapture first place, then frozen dumplings

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Haitai Confectionery and the launch of two new ventured to regain the initiative in the market of frozen dumplings. The domestic market is frozen dumplings to 4000 billion per year, rubbing the king of martyrs CJ CJ is that 30% of the market and established itself as a trend. Haitai Confectionery haeteoteuna occupies the old market buns buns 35g 1st rubbing the naeseun began gradually pushed Since the release of the king martyr.

This new product is ambitious for the recapture of Haitai 1 above frozen dumplings marketplace. Haitai has found a solution in the dumplings weight of 23g. Change the version of 35g is a mainstream market strategy is chatgetda back the initiative. According to the eating habits of the increase in one-person households it can be cooked in five minutes and made an optimum size that fits in the mouth.

23g is the technical description of 30 years, as well as in bite-size fits Haitai damgyeotda. Mandupi moisture content of the 'home gyoza dumplings' have succeeded in developing a thin, yet resilient mandupi hubandae increase to 30%. The strength of this high gotanryeok mandupi moisture content is that the flavor can be in a variety of ways. Because there is little loss manduguk also juicy and cooked to gunmandu not change the taste and form.

Weight as well as in the appearance of dumpling made a new attempt. I cut out the ends of the dumpling is like shape, such as bags. By reducing the folded portion is lowered significantly mandupi percentage of the original animated dumplings taste.

On the other hand, because the stickiness and the ability to fill the empty space without dumplings in dumplings, the traditional way genus stood a Dodge chopped. The plain Bo nokdon meat content is also highest among commercially available products to 25.6%.

March is also formidable, winged martyrs' scheduled for mid-market. The product name also was inspired to spread the starch that melts resemble the wings. Advanced dumplings aka binghwa buns "from which you can taste domestic specialty was first popularized. Raising the bottom of the pan without water and oil gunmandu, the top can enjoy jjinmandu.

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GS Retail, premium snacks banryeogyeon PB products released

This [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] GS Retail has introduced a premium-grade human banryeogyeon four kinds of snacks for pets.

GS own brand products serving the retail holding hands and CJ CJ is 'Yu Earth' Den Baptiste salmon, chicken steak, hwangtae sliced ​​chicken rolls.

In fact, this banryeogyeon snacks four kinds are three components to remove the (coloring, chemical-free, antibiotic-free) and develop products to assist salmon, chicken, skin elasticity using a hwangtae wonmul 100% banryeogyeon, mojil improve muscle development, etc. done.

Especially it produced in haesseop (HACCP · elements to focus on food management standard) certified manufacturing plant to demonstrate food safety in general.

GS Retail to launch a premium product regarding companion animals such thing because this increases to customers with an interest in the health of companion animals, as well as increase together with household pets.

According to the Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food is estimated actual in our country the proportion of households with companion animals has increased by 3.9% P from 17.9% in 2012 to 21.8% in 2015, referring to the number of households of about 4.57 million households (approximately 1,000 people).

In addition, it records the elongation sharply to 20.5% in 2014 compared to the previous year is also pet-related products Sales of GS25, 27.1% in 2015 and 47.3% in 2016.

GS Retail operates a pet shop where you can get a courier banryeogyeon want this shampoo was launched only last September banryeogyeon In addition to snacks, GS25 mobile application 'My Refrigerator "On the payment by mobile.

Jeongyoungmo GS Retail MD is "developing a sustainable future, this banryeogyeon snacks pet related items released the four kinds of starting plans to offer differentiated value to our customers," he said.

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Hanwha 63 restaurant Sweet White Day 'promotion

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Hanwha Hotels & Resorts hotel sector will showcase 63 Seoul 'Sweet White Day "promotion for customers who want jeulgigil a special White Day in a restaurant in the building on March 14, one day.

First '63 Buffet Pavilion ', it offers including, Korean, Chinese and Japanese restaurants, including fine dining menu level of the premium tables with decorations, chocolates, macaroons, such as a variety of live stations. Price is based on 2 people ₩ 180,000.

Romantic Dining & Bar 'Walking On The Cloud' In the world three cooking competition of 'FHA Culinary Challenge in the gold medal for winning Cho Eun-ju, senior chef directly configure special course menu with chocolate, wine, cake, bouquet, such as lunch and dinner products in accordance It is optionally provided. The price is based on 2 guests from 20 million.

In the Japanese restaurant 'Equus Vail' offers wine, cake, room decorations, the Japanese-born chef is directly configured Takashima Chief Yasunori course menu. Price is based on 2 people ₩ 380,000.

"Chinese Thyme" The king of past lives Senior chef serves a product that contains a sweet rosé wine, chocolate, etc. to directly configure a representative course menu utilizing seasonal ingredients, individual room decoration benefits configured to sense the White Day atmosphere is also provided with . 2 people can meet to ₩ 310,000.

Finally, the "Touch the Sky" showcase the products that come with a bouquet, cake, chocolate, etc. Chief gimdeokhwan course menu Chef configured in the individual rooms, decorated with White Day concept. Price is based on 2 people ₩ 630,000. White Day promotions featuring 63 suites in a restaurant reservation is essential.

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Credit card company profits last year, a 10% reduction in the increase in card yiyongaek

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] showed a 10% decline in net profit last year, eight credit card companies and credit card loans, etc. This card yiyongaek neuleonateum. This marketing costs exceed the fees and interest income and increased loan loss provisions due together.

FSS is 8 days 8 announced '2016 credit card sales, "said Joe 1 year full-time credit card companies net profit decreased by 10% year-on-year to 813.4 billion won it said Tuesday.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) in August, card loans interest income was 297.2 billion won, merchant card fees also increased yiyongaek while revenue also increased by 315.6 billion won a year earlier as lower interest rates were cut procurement costs decreased 144.9 billion won.

But the card yiyongaek increasing in proportion to the costs generated Marketing 5194 one hundred million won a year earlier to 281.6 billion won while increasing loan loss reserve provisions have led to the credit card company's net income reduced.

Bereavement card into the net variation In the Shinhan Card and Samsung Card as opposed to 12.5% ​​YoY (-1.7%), KB Kookmin Card (-11.8%), Hyundai Card (-19%), our cards (-21.9%), one card (-99.2%) all fell Lotte card (-34%), BC card (-30.1%). Samsung Card's net profit increase is caused 25.9 billion won last year, dividend income, securities sold 11.2 billion won profit reflects the profit doede.

Late last year, the number of credit cards issued by the end of 2015 as compared to 9564 manmae manmae 9314 increased by 2.7%. Number of issued debit cards showed that 3% yoy to 100 000 848 manmae.

Yiyongaek also increased by 12%. Last year, check your credit card yiyongaek grew 12 percent last year to 746 trillion won (665.9 trillion won). Looking yiyongaek by credit cards is 11.4% over the previous year to 596 trillion won, debit card yiyongaek posted a 14.5% increase 150 trillion won.

While cash advances and card loans increased yiyongaek card companies have increased interest income.

Last year's 97.9 trillion won yiyongaek card loans grew by 3.5% over the previous year 3.3 trillion won. Cash yiyongaek fell slightly 0.3%.

8 credit card companies delinquency rate fell to 0.03% compared to the end of the previous year points to 1.44%. Kadeuchae spreads fell 8bp year-end compared to 36bp 28bp.

The FSS plans to check from time to time, such as the Fed rate hike policy, including strengthening the prudential credit card companies to monitor economic conditions and funding uncertainties and fluctuations kadeuchae spread.

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Samsung Card Auto Direct, Cash-Back event in progress

The [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Samsung Card Direct Auto is an event that offers a cash back progress.

Samsung Card Direct Auto "has announced that eight days cash back offer for up to 12 months a year 1.9%, other 3.3% a year, offering affordable installments including interest of 3.5% a year and 60 months installment up to 2% of customers use the vehicle advances.

If you pay with imported cars and Grandeur IG, SM6, QM6, olnyu Sorrento, carnival vehicle for more than 20 million won five events with a direct auto installment Samsung Card offers cash back benefits of $ 200.

When you apply for the Main Event in PC and mobile Samsung Card to purchase vehicles via the direct auto installment can receive cash back benefits. Benefits can receive cash back as a duplicate and direct auto vehicle installment advance cash back benefits.

Members also buying a new car in installments rather than a lump sum is up to 2.2% cash back depending on the payment amount.

Entry to the event on the PC and the mobile website and Samsung Card and Samsung Card is to pay with cash back after direct application products in Samsung Card Direct Auto.

Samsung Card is an ongoing joint events and Danawa car.

Direct use of the proceeds Auto installment amounts event that provides a 10% cash-back prizes or a first-come, first-served basis until March 10th. Danawa through the car goes up to 31 days that also offers cash back of 1 Month Installment interest to customers using direct auto installment.

Samsung Card official said, will provide services based on digital innovation and benefits that the customer can experience substantially in the future. "

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DGB Financial Group senior executive chairman bakingyu may issue

[Korea financial newspaper Daegu = bakminhyeon reporter] DGB Financial Group bakingyu president also reputable executives in if there are officers who are qualified inappropriate row commonly called Tit in the officers elected, and while also generally nod when you greet each other when you shake hands some officers would be nice to have a relative degree bend your neck just shake mothada an officer is not appropriate intellectual qualities.

On the other hand bakingyu Chairman of young journalists and even holding hands, I'm a to greet waist bent, some officers also why it mothalkka reporter Let's say this to senior executives just anyone nyamyeo * tempted to reply, asked a reputable person ahninyamyeo who as commonly called Tit He placed a story telling will go to the executive.

According to retired officials while serving as officer, director qualifications and if the qualifications are important, but experience is to go to the main department to see the work of the day quickly can identify work and would be helpful in the development of these days, it did ahswipdago of anonymity and said.

But the main division of IT computing executives also only about 10 years ago, each year has changed as to chicks compared to the old Daegu Bank in computational development level andoendamyeo at least two years shall be an executive to pick characters that have expertise especially CEO, Financial Planning management advised that helps to have experience in management and business strategy.

Even though ago, about 20 years mothaetdamyeo thought came along the other computational of the bank's bank, Daegu Bank jeonsanbu is not card instant issuing the first financial institutions created, cyber branch, card counters issued, cyber bank, e-payment systems ROMS (remote online motoring system), etc. have been developed to sit inside your computer, check management system at a glance. It is the first local bank developed tele-banking, home banking, phone banking, etc. at the time and look at the first press release is common sense.

But these days, in recent years compared to the previous server virtualization in 2013 Technology adapted completed in 2016 within the IT research and development (R & D) IT Division Centre established and operational (pin-tech technologies responsiveness strengthening of sustainable propulsion), 2017 DGB mubangmun mortgage This is carried out such loans and the lack of development compared to the past hagieneun now called computational DGB financial group is a situation lags behind compared to other banks, the development of IT computing.

Another subsidiary, DGB Data Systems also to develop the IT services group haejugo operations developed affiliate system, some external companies and all software, including private taxi union, even although the bar for coming up with IT development if even here at best 1-2 years yet to go do you any development the situation can not likewise geotinde president said subsidiary to the growth and development also put some long while experienced executives from the bank had not only can not do that again pushed to the sludge subsidiary president.

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Korea P2P Banking Association, then bihoewonsa Survey

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] The Korea Association of Financial P2P bihoewonsa Status Survey in addition to 40 members. P2P companies can rapidly and accurately identify the cumulative loans bihoewonsa situation as being much, it is to minimize consumer harm.

According to the P2P industry 8, the association asked for information such as the status bihoewonsa now, the cumulative loans. Current P2P finance companies is estimated to be over 150. P2P Korea Finance Association members are 40 registered dog.

A situation that P2P guidelines ahead of the implementation of the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) in the middle, but I do not know the status bihoewonsa status to determine the enforceability struggling.

Yiseunghaeng Korea P2P banking association president said that "many are also complaints ahead of the P2P guidelines was to make a survey in the industry understand the need bihoewonsa status.

Association members went to the former external auditor starting from the president signed midfield rate over the past six days. External auditors audit is conducted for the first time since the association launched.

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One financial investment yijinguk president, corporate culture, communicate activation meeting

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] One financial investments over the past six days' communication for Yoido headquarters in unison Hall, CEO and enable management and the internal communication culture of the Communication Leader 114 people attended starters in each dotted including executive leaders first meeting It was held.

'Communication leaders' ability to exchange a financial one are an excellent director level or above staff selected on the recommendation of department heads at each dotted investment.

Starting with this first meeting on the relationship between the management and employees liver, employees should perform as the link. Next month to hold a 'communication day' quarterly and 'communication leaders meet regularly "to increase familiarity among employees, and will take the lead in creating a happy workplace through communication enabled.

In the ceremony held one day a communication class leader and chief executives attending more dialogue with management 'has been progress. This is one place in the management and the employees were giving each other feedback on issues and problems faced by in-house communication Activation Plan and the company.

Yijinguk one financial investment, president of "sound management policies and the scene in the wake of communicating leaders meeting will make a vibrant company that is 360 degrees communication," said, "a financial investment beloved guest the company through the communication, the company boasts a staff , doegetda the 'four characters. parts, the company envy of the industry, "he said.

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LG U +, highly likely to pass the annual operating profit of 800 billion won - one geumtu

[Korea nine hyerin financial newspaper reporters - one financial investment is likely eight days, said full-year operating profit of 800 billion won a pass for LG U +. This recommendation is made BUY, TP maintains 15,000 won.

LG U + has over the past years has set a conference call service revenue growth of 3% over 2017, service sales and marketing expenses compared to 21% share, tangible and intangible depreciation rate of 4%. This revealed that the two other operating expenses, including labor costs do not increase.

One financial investment gimhongsik researchers 'yireotdago In 2017, LG U + annual operating profit will likely look conservative to pass the 800 billion won, said,' U / but intangible depreciation increased by up to 100 billion won service revenue increased width to a minimum will reach 300 billion won explained that this is due to increased marketing expenses width will not reach up to 100 billion won.

If LG U Plus Executive of the Year points higher savings willingness and guidance is followed jindago admit, a year that also brought determining the confidence that the high profit growth to continue, LG U +.

In addition, Kim researchers' 5G's early introduction of higher expectations next chapter / short-term earnings expectations rising situation, saying, "foreigners stand In M / S increases, sales growth, and low PER, despite increased operating profit and dividend increases persist and LG u Plus is that PBR record, said Foreign buying should continue to be attractive not only against global carriers.

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Kolmar Korea International Drug Common Technical Document 1 years to build 38 cases

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Kolmar Korea is said to build an international common technical document (CTD) data for a total of 38 drugs during last year announced seven days.

International common technical document (CTD) is a standard form that was created in order for approval of drugs that can be accepted by international drug regulatory harmonization International Committee (ICH).

CTD is mandated in the country was introduced only in the New Testament from 2009, from March 20, 2016 has been expanded to target its submissions drugs and bioequivalence studies specializing in targeted drug.

Pharmaceutical has the advantage that when the building CTD data via the international level of examination can be able to supply high-quality medicines to the people, through the unification of the submitted material without domestic exports nine minutes to enhance the global competitiveness of the domestic generics for drugs .

Kolmar Korea Kim Jung Mi Senior Pharmaceutical Development Division said, "The creation of the new CTD-oriented can be called CTD built mostly for one year, as well as 38 new items to existing items for the domestic situation is a big achievement."

Kolmar Korea plans to try to respond quickly, and enable export of various products in the domestic generic drug development needs of new firms commissioned to prepare an additional CTD data on about 32 items in this year.

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[Financiers Talk] yunjonggyu, to Silicon Valley, the global digital 'move

"The need to create differentiated mobile financial platform and unique milestone in non face-to-face channels, also KB global expansion." [Korea's Choice Financial News Reporter]

The pace of expansion in the global financial and beginning in the digital sinnyeonsa emphasized that the "First Mover (First Mover) 'yunjonggyu KB Financial Group Chairman (photo) and falls bar.

According to the eight days of KB Financial, yunjonggyu president he went on migukhaeng plane about a week schedule with affiliates officers, including the past five days banks, securities. Meet global IT companies in Silicon Valley Silicon Valley Lab, LG Electronics is also scheduled to visit.

Yunjonggyu President ohgido go ahead in February on a business trip in four countries in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. This is where yunjonggyu President attended the opening ceremony Southeast Asian local global business events and discuss business cooperation with local government officials and interviews.

Digital · Global 'walk of such a meeting is being yunjonggyu pool intended spur to enhance the competitiveness of mobile platforms. The competition in the banking group KB Financial Group, LG U + platform, integrated membership 'rib-mate (Liiv Mate)' has been released with classified as hubalju.

KB Financial Group executive chairman earlier this year yunjonggyu at the workshop highlighted the 'financial viability of the strategy in a giant digging in the fourth round of industrial revolution' and said 'Let's raise KB is a market leader in the digitalization of financial discriminatory and competitive. "

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Yigyuseong Chairman, Board of Trustees Chairman koram nose asset returns

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter - former Finance Minister yigyuseong koram nose asset trust company was returned to the Development Council Chairman Chairman of the Board for the first time in three years.

According to real estate finance industry at the 8th koram nose trust assets passed a proposal last month by opening the general meeting of shareholders to elect a president in yigyuseong Chairman of the Board.

The last president resigned in March 2014 to the management office junior yiwoocheol former president. The highest decision-making body of the Chairman of the Board and the President only three years if matahon the Development Council Chairman Parry.

34 for the President and former Minister of Finance and Minister of Finance and Economy 6 was founded in 2001 koram nose trust assets after retirement from office. The folded and public life at the end of the Roh government era Treasury Secretary, Kim served as the 1998 financial crisis the government first finance minister.

Yiwoocheol former president was known to play a front-line management consultant is expected to be operational by jeongyongseon Ritz-trust sector representatives and business sector representatives Kim, Jong - Soo system.

Current koram nose is pursuing a merger between asset management companies and REITs management companies and real estate funds currently waiting for the Finance Committee approval. This is because the end of last year, allowing additional land between REITs and real estate funds gyeomyoung.

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Training March 2017, the brand reputation] Hansol Education No. 1 and 2 above eye level, 3rd Jongno Institute

[Korea yichangseon financial newspaper reporter] in March 2017 education brand reputation survey results were analyzed by one second at eye level above Hansol Education Institute Jongno 3 above.

Among beloved educational brand to Republic of Korea Consumer Hansol Education, at eye level, Jongno Institute, Hanwoori book discussion essay, yituseu 247, Daesung Institute, Avalon Educational Institute, raengkon English, selpa honors classes, ppalganpen master of mathematics, youtube M., CM S Edu , for the solution study rooms, emergency child Witz, manor education, wayijeuman gifted education, Thyssen math Learning Center, Soma thinking Mathematics, Jongno Em School, selpa mathematics classroom, Adam Leeds mathematics, efficiency Junior Lab, yeseusem, New study Education, ssiaeneyi essay It was the brand reputation analysis.

Korea Corporate Reputation Institute is past month Big Data was analyzed reputation, years from February 6 2017 3 years 2017 February analyze 7107438 Dog Training Brand Big Data up to 7 days, the brand consumption habits of consumers for English education brand 25 found out.

Brand reputation index for big data is to share the activities with the participation of the consumer to the brand values ​​and communicating value, social value, market value, financial value. The education franchise brand reputation survey were analyzed to participate Index and Index communication, community index.

CJ Group, the first half of college graduates from 8 public hiring new employees

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] CJ Group to start the first half of newly hired university graduates employed public. Documents can be received Ido application form and submitted to and made possible by the support of CJ Group Careers Home from 8 to 16 pm to 6 am, Mobile homepage.

'Recruiting typical' eligibility is a four-year bachelor's degree holders more than eight years, including 2017 graduates month. CJ Group will offer to remove the 'global (scheduled) screening officers' to target the general In addition to recruiting typical "recruit global talent selection, evaluation around the global language capabilities, including the officer.

In addition, one targeting February 2018 graduates' recruitment intern typical 'and for foreign university graduates and graduates groups' recruiting overseas undergraduate interns typical "skewered also at the same time.

Notification of selected candidates are also expected to take the screening test on April 9 in Seoul and Busan coming, in May, it goes through the process of interviewing staff and executives. Executives continue to conduct interviews in the second half after the last "official tendency survey, asking for their support duties related to the disposition, and the results are utilized after the incident.

Final selection will be announced around June. Interns are selected candidates is determined whether the final pass after the internship during school holidays in July and August.

Positions vary by CJ CJ, CJ E & M 12 major affiliates a total of more than 160 jobs, including. In particular, human resources, finance, marketing and general manufacturing sectors, as well as concerts, attracts a stage director, mobile distribution strategy, big data analytics, a unique eye-catching duties such as fermentation, which could only be viewed CJ Group.

Online job talk 'life work' is also eye-catching. "Life Work" was planned borrowing the concept of tvN talk show 'Life pub, a popular performer and MC are sharing the life stories honest. Hiring plans and job specific mentor staff appeared to provide more information about the Group employed a variety of typical and duties.

"Work Life", taken from "life bar" in the set to the actual talk Yeonnam-dong is 10 pm CJ Group Jobs Facebook and Kakao TV, 8:00 is scheduled to be simulcast via YouTube. In particular, applicants have to ask questions of the Facebook comments broadcast recruiters are expected to provide the desired information to applicants by giving personalized answer in real time.

CJ Group official said, "CJ Group will be preceded worry about the areas that can show your skills in a variety of jobs as job suitability of the applicants is the most important selection criteria increase the possibility of success."

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Hanwha Securities, Hanwha Eagles songgyusu expected to appoint former general manager of outside directors

[Korea nine hyerin financial newspaper reporter] Hanwha Investment & Securities songgyusu (photo) plans to appoint former Hanwha Eagles general manager of outside directors.

According to the financial investment industry, reportedly eight days of Hanwha Group plans to appoint a retired CEO at the shareholders' meeting held 24 days as a major subsidiaries outside directors. In Hanwha Securities is reportedly not afford the Hanwha Eagles songgyusu former leader of outside directors.

Song has served as former leader Hanwha Securities and Hanwha Eagles Deputy Center Director HR, Managing Director from 2003 to 2004 and from 2004 until 2008, he worked as a general manager Hanwha Eagles.

Meanwhile, Hanwha Group Retirement CEO of the appointment "Their enough business expertise and in order to take advantage of the economy," said, "the two people as which are the support personnel passed a five-year leave the pension presented outside directors requirements for what that outside directors right, 'he said.

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NH Agricultural Bank, the highest interest rate 3.43% index linked deposit market

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] NH Agricultural Cooperative Bank (Bank yigyeongseop) has announced the possible sale, indexing Deposit (ELD) 17-2 call "to ensure high profits and low interest rates on the principal age from 8 to 20 March.

This product is "out the type approval 'and' camel fell out type 'available in two of the KOSPI 200 Index as the underlying asset. The acceptance-out type is the first index contrast maturity index from the annual 1.00% if the rise in the range of less than 13.5% or 0% period can earn up to 3.43%, the decline in the first index contrast maturity index less than 0% or 13.5 If you have more than% rate of return it is defined as 1.00% a year earlier.

Decline camel case of out-type is the first index contrast maturity index case fell within the range of less than 13.5% intervals greater than or equal to 0% per annum 1.00% from the highest 3.43% to obtain revenue, and to the first index contrast maturity index rises above 0%, or If you have fallen in excess of the 13.5% rate of return it is fixed at 1.00% a year earlier.

The subscription amount is private and corporate Anyone can join the more than 1 million won and the subscription period is one year ('17. '18 ~ 3.21. 3.21).

Index linked deposit products are suitable for customers who seek stability and profitability at the same time because you can get a higher return than fixed deposit rate of change in accordance with the underlying asset is guaranteed to keep the principal until maturity.

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Price re-inflate urinary incontinence national health insurance hospital confinement ppaedolrin

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] re-inflate the prices urinary incontinence was arrested this hospital ppaedolrin the national health insurance.

Match southern police intelligence CID recently Gynecology operating with the National Health Insurance reimbursement claimed pyeonchwi a 1.4 billion won worth as a technique such as obstetrics and gynecology physicians A seed-specific economy inflated invoice the cost of the synthetic tape for urinary incontinence expensive hospital crime weighted cheobeolbeop and arrested on charges such as (fraud), two patients had booked a false statement and offer rebates such as medical equipment suppliers representing Mr. B detectives.

They are also a one-time inspection instrument (catheter) for abdominal pressure measured by urinary test after re-deceiving, as if using a new product, medical insurance and a female gynecology-related surgery does not apply to payment of costs from patients received in cystitis was pyeonchwi worth 200 million won from the national Health Insurance Corporation, including false claims as been treating bleeding disorders such as women.

Medical equipment distributor Mr. B design turned out to be one of a silicon implant provided free of charge rebate equivalent to a nominal 88 million won to be used for the purpose of Obstetrics and Gynecology angioplasty to suspect Mr. A will continue to deliver the treatment of urinary incontinence materials.

Hospital Mr. A urinary incontinence re-charges during health Insurance Review Agency only document review and abuse that they do not due diligence to Vendors and collusion, announced these false claims act that claimed the highest amount of the finances of the National Health Insurance Corporation which it acts as a crime worse and raise health insurance premiums factors.

A urinary test is particularly Mr. Agency (catheter) is proved also by reusing medical equipment in the health of various diseases such as infections of patients despite being disposable is inserted into the urethra and the anus up to 10 times.

Southern District Police game is expected to be notified hand-exchange action against the wrongful payment of National Health Insurance, which is reported to be more similar cases strengthen the National Insurance Corporation as assistance to continue to crack down.

Also said he would ask them to take the Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, supervision and regulatory measures for the reuse of single-use medical devices to notify the relevant authorities, including Administration.

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NH Investment & Securities, "expect protracted sale of Toshiba NAND sector"

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] NH Investment & Securities is expected to be a protracted sale of Toshiba's NAND division. The signs of the sale is completed by the end of March next year.

Toshiba initially, but to sell a stake of less than 20% after spraying the semiconductor sector, and a bar beonbokhan planned to sell a 50% stake since the financial pressure. In addition, a recent situation in which, while again expanding the sale of 100% stake in pursuing a re-bid process.

NH Investment & Securities yisecheol researchers' current argument participation expected companies to have been mentioned SK Hynix and Western Digital, Micron, Taiwan, Hong Hai, TSMC, Softbank and 'said,' but the acquisition price is conventional 3 trillion (20% of sales ) sold 10 trillion (50%), since grows to 25 trillion won (100% sold) is considered most likely be conducted in the form of a consortium bid, rather than solely "he said.

In this case, it expects the acquisition to be prolonged due to the difference in position between the companies.

Toshiba plans to resolve the injection semiconductor sector by opening the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on March 30, and April 1 injection. Semiconductors and related stake is the preferred bidder will be selected in June, it was announced that it plans to complete the sale by the end of March next year.

In addition, the researchers are expected to be relatively Ram D investment slowed due to strong NAND market. This situation is expected to have a positive impact in the D-RAM market.

The researchers' key semiconductor manufacturers in the early 2000s were concentrated on investments NAND instead of D-RAM, D-RAM market was also subjected to this boom, said, "Recent market trends are similar," he said.

7 days based on NAND spot prices have risen 19% YTD. The NAND spot prices continued rising, unlike the D-RAM SSD is due to increased demand as well as high-capacity mobile NAND demand.

The researchers' SSD is expected to NAND market expansion, replacing the HDD and will HDD is switched to SSD in earnest over the next five years, he said, "After all D-RAM market with NAND invested in accordance with the increase in SSD demand and 3D NAND enlarge explained that is expected to be relatively robust.

NH Investment & Securities NAND market outlook and strong due to limited supply and strong demand, Toshiba NAND sale issues for the semiconductor industry has maintained a "Positive" feedback.

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u- Bogeumjari principal and interest payment deadline extended

This [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] u- Bogeumjari, shower e- Bogeumjari including principal and interest payments on mortgage loans immediate withdrawal time is extended until 11 pm Giro. Another was also delayed debit time to make the principal and interest.

Housing Finance Corporation (HF, President gimjaecheon) is 7 days from the direct construction management u- Bogeumjari, shower e- Bogeumjari customers are smartphone apps (Smart Housing Finance) Ltd website or using such (www.hf.go to through .kr) it said it can not pay the principal and interest at 11 o'clock in the immediate withdrawal method.

Corporation officials, "We will continuously strive to improve the service to help improve customer convenience," "The deadline extension is the one promoted by the government 3.0, one of the core tasks" Getting service and a blind spot eliminating 'part, "said said.

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Solid with the best planning, SG & A stabilized growth prospects -HMC tujeung

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporters - saying HMC Investment Securities forecast solid growth in SG & A expenses for the stabilization Cheil eight days kept the price of ₩ 22,000 goal to BUY.

HMC Investment Securities hwangseongjin researchers formed a consensus on promoting "captive (Captive) market growth and has led, thanks to propaganda fundamental improvement trend in overseas business," said sales and a balanced growth strategy and profitability through the "Group Management Consulting and the situation "was diagnosed with.

Huang researchers "As part of B2B consulting firm PSL (Pricing Solutions Limited) to about M & A (mergers and acquisitions) is promoted was" said "PSL is Canada and London offices to put in pricing consulting company, B2B sales this amounts to 80%, "he said.

He pointed out that after should focus on organic growth as well as the move also led for inorganic growth.

Huang researchers "through the growth and efficiency of SG & A overseas was posted 4Q11 results surpassed expectations," said "first quarter earnings are expected width would be significant," he said.

He continued, "this year's overall growth and substantiality of emphasis Strategy under non-affiliated advertisers dig, digital and Captive alternative marketing enhancement and management will continue the solid growth through efficiency, etc." and "determined that the internal and external uncertainties have already been ildanrak issues gotta we have considered a point "to focus on the essential fundamentals.

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Yihyeonghui SKB president "media saepan to investment"

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] proposed a target of 27 million people yihyeonghui president of SK Broadband subscribers in 2021 to invest one trillion won one copy every year from this year, achieved sales of 4.5 trillion won.

The president said that the aspirations the past 7 am Toegye headquarters in Jung-gu, open the press conference, "We will create a new version of the media industry through an open and collaborative become the industry's leading wired and wireless media platform company."

SK Broadband is the 20th anniversary this year, and pulls both revenue and subscriber CAGR of 1 trillion won invested heavily in the 5 trillion won over the next five years by the media technology sector and infrastructure plans.

Last year, sales of SK Broadband is a consolidated 2.943 trillion won, IPTV service 'Btv' online and mobile video services, "corn", respectively 396 million subscribers, about 10 million (subscribers free wired and integration).

The president said in order to secure "the last amount of approximately about 6000-7000 billion won investment in 2013 but does not scale less than the revenue the quality of investment antakkawotda" "fast service, wide coverage (service coverage area), year 8500 billion, has explained that the plan to increase investment in more than one trillion "next year.

SK Broadband is expected to push forward the composition △ big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technology-based media innovation infrastructure upgrading △ △ home Internet of Things (IoT) including Home Biz expanding business ecosystem △ mutual growth.

Specifically Btv should take advantage of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms provide differentiated service to customers pursuing a global expansion of corn.

Technical part of the HDR (High Dynamic Range), such as high-definition media delivery technology utilized to Btv and corn image quality and dramatically improved and fixed wireless access technology (FWA), powerline communications technology (PLC), including through the customer-to-end service quality difference It plans to avoid.

In addition, SK Broadband preceded the research and development (R & D) and brand competitiveness of the SK Group and advanced speech recognition works in the unit AI 'Who's Btv and SK Telecom. Home monitoring, home security services should be extended.

SK Broadband also plans to naenwatda media industry growth accompanied by all the operators and on the basis of openness and cooperation.

Btv, is expected to have the corn data systems open to broadcasting channels using operators (PP) PP customer affinity support allows you to create high content and expanding advertising sales subscriber base through a partnership with cable TV video-on-demand (VOD).

Since the regulation can not be operated directly operated channels (direct channel) in the IPTV T-commerce services SK Broadband service which is not possible in Btv decided to spray soon.

If the content of the field decided to concentrate on investment for enterprise platform that value.

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NH Agricultural Life Stage 2 commission-house promotional model

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong reporter] NH Agricultural Life was given the opportunity to 6:00 am in Seoul Seodaemun headquarters has a 'second term in-house public relations model' wichoksik to employees and FC of seven can embark directly on promotion to represent the company .

NH is come upon a photo and video shoot for 'The 2nd house promotional model' to promote media over the next one year, ads, invitations, events such as the National Agricultural Cooperative life, large and preferentially participate in internal and external events and social contributions . Will also lead the corporate culture improvement activities even after the front for internal communication.

NH NACF earlier life is targeted at all employees and agents over a period of about ten days in February, he received support and recommendations for internal promotion model. After screening through a vote of the committee and the employees were selected for a total of seven 'second term in-house public relations model.

Secretary Rod NH Agricultural Life President gyeotdeulyimyeon a luncheon with promotional model standing "Congratulations on a face to represent our company and asks the lively and enjoyable activities to promote the model in the future," I had no time for remote communication.

NH Agricultural Life official said, the effect of "variety were selected to promote the model to consider a wide range of customer retention balance the gender and age" and "also inspires loyalty by providing the opportunity to participate directly in the company publicity to all employees and agents He said that of the estimated "that there is.

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SKT 5G roaming technology, adopted by global research council

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] SK Telecom has offered its 5G technology is a next-generation mobile core network roaming Union; dwaetdago announced eight days of final approval to the 2017-year research project (NGMN Next Generation Mobile Networks).

The selection of research projects NGMN are proposed 3GPP standard through the research, development and discussion of global carriers.

SK Telecom last month 26 days open NGMN Board meeting, Deutsche Telekom, British Telecom in, SingTel, Bell Mobility New research in NGMN 2017 a 'national inter-5G infrastructure linked technology, with global carriers, etc. (Canadian carriers) in Barcelona, ​​Spain He offered a challenge.

The technology proposed by SK Telecom receives the most support among candidates proposed more than 20 years as a research project in 2017 was adopted as one of the four final study.

"5G technology infrastructure linkage between countries' is roaming the age of 5G technology that allows you to provide quality customer service network in the country, such as when using 5G in other countries.

SK Telecom is the bar last February 14 Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson and develop the world's first with core 'technology linked inter-operator networks slice' of 'linkage between national infrastructure 5G technology. Accordingly, NGMN is also expected to study the "cross-border infrastructure 5G technology works" around the technology.

Meanwhile, SK Telecom for the early commercialization 5G 5G NGMN testing and trial run to lead the program (5G TTI; 5G Trial and Testing Initiative) equipment in the field of inter-linked activities and research leading operators in.

5G TTI is NGMN is configured with June last year started a program to △ 5G core technologies defined △ technology proven in the laboratory environment △ between devices linked △ commercialization all phases Technology Verification Division Technology as a technology evolution step for commercialization for 5G early commercialization the study.

SK Telecom is essential to standardize 5G standardization and inter-station and the base station to the commercialization, between base stations and the core network, 4G and 5G equipment Cross equipment Cross equipment works in conjunction minutes early standardization has led to 5G.

SK Telecom Network Technology bakjinhyo Director emphasized that the "SK Telecom plans to promote a standard standardization through global partnerships to prevent and 5G 5G technology fragmentation leading to premature standardization."

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Last year, 907 trillion asset management company assets, net 667.4 billion won, the maximum ever '

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] recorded a maximum two ideas assets and net asset manager of the year.

According to the Financial Supervisory eight days in 2016 has increased by 72 asset management companies over the previous year 93 companies to 165 companies. This was a new company of 40 companies are specialized in Private Equity Investment Manager, the remaining 32 companies have switched from investment advisors.

The total staff of 1141 people last year, asset management has increased (21.7%) of 6400 people over the previous year 5259 people. AUM has increased 88 trillion won (10.8%) compared to 819 trillion won last year with 907 trillion won.

Fund AUM has increased 469 trillion won in 2015 to 422 trillion won compared to 48 trillion won (11.3%) and private equity funds (250 trillion won) was overtaken public offering funds (220 trillion) for the first time. Logos discretionary investment contracts increased by 438 years compared to 41 trillion won (10.3%) to 2015 won.

Asset Management net income increased by 667.4 billion won, 495.5 billion won last year against 171.9 billion won (34.7%). 2016 net profit of the asset management company to a record high 667.4 billion won, 171.9 billion won in the French was 34.7% compared to 495.5 billion won last year.

FSS ryugukhyeon asset management director related, "This increase in commission income of 212.5 billion and some due to non-operating revenue growth of large companies due to the increase in assets under management," said "the third quarter 29.53% equity Mirae Asset Capital Mirae Asset Global Investments acquired equity method gains 118.2 billion won a He explained that the bar has occurred. "

165 companies by company 108 companies (65.5%) recorded a surplus of, compared to the previous year (78.5%), 73 of the top 93 firms recorded a surplus profit the company point percentage has dropped 13%.

In the case of private professional Investment Manager it has recorded a total of 91 companies 43 companies (47.3%) of the profit, 48 companies (52.7%) recorded a deficit.

Return on Equity (ROE) last year, asset management company has risen by 1.3% points to 14.5% compared with 13.2% the previous year, since 2013 been continuously improving profitability.

Last year revenue of 1 trillion asset management is 1.7365 trillion won compared to the previous year was an increase of 12.2% 212.5 billion won to 949 billion won. AUM funds and discretionary investment contracts with high fund-related fees increased (1592 billion, 12.2%) and discretionary advisory fees (533 million yuan, 12.3%) had both increased.

Investment securities gains inherent to operating property has decreased slightly compared to the previous year (680 million) to 65.3 billion won, selling and administrative expenses increased 1 trillion 157.3 billion won compared to 1.0157 trillion won the previous year (15.5%) of the 172.9 billion won. This is because staff salaries had been raised (932 million yuan, 16.7%) of the company and number of employees (1141 people) increases.

FSS is "to strengthen the inspection and monitoring of the risks of the asset management market, such as displacement phenomena in certain countries, assets" and "carry out constant monitoring of the financial soundness and internal control adequacy of the revenue base vulnerable companies, including newly established asset management companies I will, "he said.

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Prudential Life, born 20th hematopoietic stem cell donors

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] reported that Prudential Life recently born 20th hematopoietic stem cell donors.

Hero of the 20th hematopoietic stem cell donation is Life Planner ® Prudential Life Insurance Agency Dawon Kahng one (40). Dawon Kahng life planner that patients being contacted matches in February, after the last registration in September 2014 donated to the Red Cross for all men 29 months of this year was May who wish to donate blood sampling method from Seoul National University Bundang Hospital.

Hematopoietic stem cells are being used in conjunction with the word bone marrow can be donated in recent years as a way to collect and process the same blood. Since hematopoietic recovery in a circle and then a few days after it is donated directly available daily. However, the probability of a person who is not a family stem cell match is only 0.005 percent. The greater the number of applicants will increase the likelihood that donation can save someone's life.

Dawon Kahng Life Planner "ahead of 19 Prudential Life Insurance Life Planner and employees could be the 20th donor showed groups that anyone can do," he said "as a lifestyle planner through a stem cell donation means it can extend the value of life insurance deep, "he said.

It came out 20 stem cell donor by companies such as Prudential Life Insurance is known as a very rare case.

Prudential Life amounts to 5 years HSCs were signed with the Red Cross' ceremony to promote stem cell donation "of 2007 for the donation campaign enabled businesses, donations from employees hope registrant total 1233 people (by 2016). Since founded in 2007, the history of hematopoietic stem cells donated one days hopes largest domestic registration has been developed for 10 years, stem cell donation enabled the campaign.

In addition, the Prudential Life Insurance Employees, customers, the public and encourage target social awareness donated hematopoietic stem cells for improving the variety of activities and can progress. In particular, by developing DNB (Donor Needs Benefit) Rider Rider Add to DNB without any additional premium shall be paid during the stem cell donation donate geupyeogeum. Geupyeogeum to donate a total of 214 cases in 2016, it was paid more than 8400 yuan. It also continued efforts to expand stem cell donation registration, such as working on a project for registration donation to encourage good projects through the Prudential competition targeted at university students across the country.

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Tongyang securities, investment recommendations Representatives qualification training support

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] tongyang securities coming April prior to the qualification exam investment recommendations enforcement agencies plan to support a variety of training programs for certification aimed at the pre-investment solicitation agent.

4. Representatives encouraged support the qualification test preparation online course in September and 22nd, respectively is being held securities investment funds and investment solicitation agent and shall also held four lectures offline one days on January testing agency securities investment recommendations.

Certification has to be taken without any additional burden on online education finance, funds, securities, derivatives and investment strategy for the online course applicant further financial investment products after learning success as well as education.

Tongyang securities investment recommendation Representatives after registering to access the training site may apply for the online training courses and lectures, after the applicant has to pay for certain educational acquire the qualifications and tongyang securities investment recommendations entrusted contract Representatives tuition reimbursement and will support the city.

Gimyongtae product planning team leader to conduct a "preliminary investment recommendation Representatives are 3 month course is to equip quickly adapt and superior competence from certification to naedingi the first step as in our investment recommendations Agencies 'master academy' investment recommendations Agencies etc. are scrambling to actively education said, "we expect this certification programs also want practical help to many pre-investment recommendation representative," he said.

In addition, it has implemented various schemes to encourage the early establishment of a new investment agency. Support investment recommendation Representatives of education and 'Sales Manager (Sales Manager)' to the sales support role, education and communication costs, seminar through a scheme rain, and their sales activities to arrange an excellent investment solicitation agent causal of the exchange on a regular basis It has committed to support.

For more details and other certification courses Application and investment recommendations behalf of institutions are you contact the Product Planning Team tongyang securities investment recommendations of agency staff.

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Lotte Confectionery, weak Chinese factory downtime concerns

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Lotte shares the concerns which have been running in the weak Chinese factory stopped operation.

8 days from now 9:50 a.m. securities market are trading Lotte -2.72% (5500 won) ₩ 197,000, down compared to the previous trading day.

Hershey day known US joint venture with Lotte, Lotte Shanghai Foods Corporation, chocolate confectionery factory received the fire inspection of the Chinese authorities. Check under fire after falling sharply before the news became that Lotte Confectionery vivo can be made saengdan stop action.

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KT-NH Agricultural Cooperative life insurance, insurance-based health care co-developed digital

[Korea financial newspaper ohahreum News] MOU with KT NH NACF Life Insurance note 8 days for new service development cooperation, Seoul Chungjeongro excavation and pins goods Agricultural Life Insurance building customized insurance-based personal health data in tech, healthcare (MOU) today announced the.

This MOU is in accordance with the type of insurance coverage that pays the cost trend can take advantage of the latest wearable lead to health of the insured and the savings it returned to the subscriber.

KT is committed IoT, Big Data technology and years of service competencies in health care projects and, NH NACF Life Insurance insurance product development and mobilizing the marketing capabilities to jointly develop new services that can lead the market and the business spread the will to cooperate.

NH NACF Life Insurance event that KT has presented a gift to the participants showed a high performance year to year wearables Neo Fit (NEOFIT) launched in November 2016 monitoring exercise status After you deploy your sales outstanding four won 1000 people nationwide nongchukhyeop point and the progress.

The two companies plan to leverage the 'new insurance products that support the health insurance subscribers' development basis to judge the effectiveness and public service targets the possibility of utilizing the scientific management movement of the NH wearable life insurance cooperatives.

KT future fusion projects implementation yungyeongrim vice president "NH planned in cooperation with the National Agricultural Cooperative life insurance create the next generation of health care service models that can provide improve the health of subscribers to the economic benefits," said that "a KT has for them It said it would support a possible technical and marketing capabilities. "

NH NACF Life Insurance AD ​​rods CEO "Through the joint research and development with KT, digital finance for future growth foundation of the NH Agricultural Life (pin Tech) Here, life insurance companies value the importance of strengthening and life to social change and aging population as said, it will be an opportunity one step further naahganeun "social responsibility.

Meanwhile, neo-fit is if you only wear and give provide data to analyze 24 hours of activity into statistics, and in particular provide a specialized feature that automatically detects the fitness exercise behavior of 100 provides a number of times, accuracy, site-specific exercise information . It is developing a second model to improve current features and design.

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Samsung Electronics, a global top 16 market cap jump ... Increase Facebook, Google set aside

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] Samsung Electronics has secured global market cap over top 16 in market capitalization increase over the previous year, up 23 step 39 according to the stock price. The increase ahead of market cap was found on Facebook, Google.

In eight days 'global market capitalization of the top 100 listed companies into four' this year March 3 based on market capitalization of the top 100 global sum of the Korea Exchange's market cap has increased by 17.9% YoY to $ 17,536,200,000,000.

Top of the top 57 companies by market cap 100, the NASDAQ New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) companies, 57 companies the proportion of market cap amounted to 64.9% of the total. NYSE has a traditional market capitalization traded parent companies gotta number, Nasdaq AI · · Autonomous drones such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution has increased greatly accelerate the market cap of the company.

Samsung has increased over the period covered market cap 6, and comprehensive global record 16 above. This is a high growth market cap than Facebook (Global sixth, seventh increase in market cap) and Google (alphabet, the global No. 2, increased market cap. 8).

The KOSPI market cap SK Hynix is ​​the second largest global third largest market cap Hyundai 440 above, it is appropriate on the global market cap market cap of 496 domestic companies on the Global 500 has earned three names.

All global market cap top 10 are US companies, market cap 1-3 above (Apple, alphabet, Microsoft) and 5th Amazon 6th Facebook on the NASDAQ, market cap 4th Berkshire Hathaway with 7-10 above (Exxon Mobil, Johnson & Johnson · JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo) are respectively gotta listed on the NYSE.

Exchange Management Support singwangseon said, "Top 10 companies global market capitalization has maintained the ranking while only increased year-on-year market cap without significant changes" and "Amazon's top rose step 45, the previous 8th GE has dropped to 11 last year JP Morgan Chase is ranked 15, climbed above 9 new, "he said.

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"Cotyledon doelseong called 'support ... Bank Sports Marketing

[South Korea's Choice Financial newspaper reporter] gather interested in sports marketing one year ahead of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang introducing a social contribution of banks. The rating also does less daunting prospect effect in addition to the brand image enhancement purposes.

Sports sponsorship has been made in the banking sector continued to focus on the so-called unpopular sport. · KEB, KB Kookmin, Shinhan, Hana Bank, we you operate the women's basketball team, KB Kookmin, shooting and supports our short yen · IBK Industrial Bank.

In the case of NH Agricultural Bank it is sponsoring the jeonggutim founded in 1959 by more than half a century.

More recently come KEB, Hana Bank 2020, he joined the domestic K-League professional soccer league contract with title sponsor attracted attention. The domestic K-league professional sports through long-term contracts is four years past the longest flat has secured the foundation for stable growth.

Beyond brand promotion to support financial institutions' doelseong called cotyledons, also get the effect of social contribution levels.

Shinhan of "Shinhan rookie Sponsorship Program received support Gymnastics National Team athletes Yang Hak-Seon won South Korea's first gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics gymnastics chopping stocks last.

Shinhan Financial assistance is focusing on stocks ahead of the snowmobile freestyle mogul skiing choejaewoo prospect of national athletes, cross-country national team, Kim Magnus, snowboard halfpipe national team players such as yigwanggi coming 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

KB Financial Group received the gold medal final of the national team in the 'Golf Empress' inbee park was also sponsored last year's Summer Olympics in Rio, the Republic of Korea has contributed to a bar I climb up a comprehensive eight.

Banking officials, sports marketing is always the lingering possibility of failure 'said' side but that unpopular sport athletes the opportunity and support an environment where they can concentrate on the movements' he said.

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President gangdaeseok "I'm a happy man ... Namgetda capital markets. "

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter: "I feel happy and I want to stay forever in the capital markets."

Shinhan Financial Group Shinhan Investment Personnel announced the reappointment unsuccessful gangdaeseok according to the president said a small meeting in conversation with reporters Tuesday.

President gangdaeseok scheduled in 16 days will be inaugurated in the coming yiimsik advisor at the general shareholders' meeting 17 days. River president said he would contribute to the development of the capital market based on the work and experience accumulated such securities, investment advisory for 30 years. As head of Shinhan Investment river president was successful in the first three had been re-elected again jeomchyeo is likely reappointment.

However, due to the courtesy of the personnel level wiseongho Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Card imyoungjin nominees compete with the president-designate Kim, Hyung - Jin and Shinhan Investment Corp. President-designate were leaving the priesthood.

President Kang operating profit has increased since 2012 inaugurated in the year 1438 from the 679 billion won, respectively. 2015 Sexual love is so last year is somewhat juchumhan side. Shinhan Investment has conducted a rights issue last year and had a very large financial investment to doteum operators.

There were also initiatives and business plans for the various revenue streams in accordance with the 2018 capital market-leading top-tier project. It launched last year with Vietnam and Indonesia subsidiary corporation and proceeded overseas business. Introduced the industry's first system to evaluate employees as customers return has also diversified asset management strategy.

Steel said "The company also has long-term investments to think," he said, "I want to be remembered as the eternal jeunggwonmaen".

River shareholders' meeting since the president is scheduled to perform consultant and management advisory role. Period has not yet been determined.

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Kim, Hyung - Jin, president planned Shinhan Investment, 16th inauguration 'test case management'

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] had last six days SFG Kim, Hyung - Jin is a senior vice president at Shinhan Investment Shinhan President. 4 gangdaeseok possibility of reappointment, but the boss is a banker willing jeomchyeo side of Shinhan Financial Group was reflected from internal affairs to the President-elect. The inauguration is scheduled comes with 16 days of yiimsik river beaches.

According to the financial investment industry, 8 days, President-designate Kim was born in 1958 graduated from the gyeongbukgo and Yeungnam University. Since iphaeng in 1983, Shinhan Bank's personnel director, Value Innovation Division General Manager, Corporate Planning is responsible buhaengjang, he has served the company in charge of financial buhaengjang. Since Shinhan through the data system was responsible for strategic planning and global president, digital business, including in the Shinhan Financial Group.

Kim nominee is known as a person with strong charisma. Due to the experience of the system, etc. Shinhan data emerges also called flat perfect for promoting digital and global strategy Shinhan Investment. The viscosity can easily speak to a PWM (compound store) strategy due to the advantages of building a collaborative model from the bank.

SFG side for the nominee Kim "while performing an upgrade to WM · Group CIB business model has contributed to the competitiveness of Shinhan Investment discriminatory," he evaluated.

President-designate Kim has participated in Shinhan Investment Board as non-executive directors. Because of this high understanding of the financial investment industry than other banks from a bright side to the internal situation of the company. He participated in the capital increase last year working for a very large IB also comments that the proposed strategic direction and drive ability is excellent.

But that Kim're not the nominee is a passage from the securities industry, which can be a burden. Shinhan Investment Corp. President CEO prior to the river were people who do not have experience securities. Yiwoogeun, yidonggeol, including the corresponding yihyuwon president and also samgo this issue Shinhan geumtu unions.

Shinhan geumtu union side out a statement meantime, bankers do not understand the financial investment industry have pointed out that it is a problem that the president of brokerage firms.

Union official said, "If haengjang who are taking the Shinhan Financial Group companies are right to go to a professional CEO system in" and "crude is likely to be the proceedings will is reflected in the mercenary meeting high affiliates to place held in a financial holding level did not have the possibility not to be used, "he said.

Kim is also a prospective long experience in HR and management section of the opinion that it can be a burden. Once the withdrawal side of the goal, but the union affairs, he said the nominee Kim is thought to respond when requested to talk.

The appointee Kim wisely and finish these noises, if the number of newly born Shinhan Investment Corp. is a large well and straighten IB has been focused attention of the capital market participants.

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"Report Center public trading difficulties' emergency installation martial arts

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] Korea International Trade Association said that eight days to install a special emergency sanghwangban of 'public trading difficulties reporting center "for our company in recent years struggling with many economic measures in China.

Gimjeonggwan special sanghwangban to the trade association as vice-principal plans we have received organizations continue to work closely with the corresponding trade association website and call center trade difficulties experienced by the masses in the process of trade.

Trade Association will 'public trading difficulties Complaint Center, "share the difficulties received through the 13 national and three regional headquarters in China Branch (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu) quickly and relevant government departments. ROK FTA among China's professional organization dedicated support desk (customs and trade field consultants, lawyers) have a real-time consultation or visit aimed at companies plan to offer consulting services. In particular, issues that require political support and usually corresponds to the government's policy to embark advantage of the emergency channel suggests strongly to relieve bottlenecks in our industry.

Angeunbae Trade Association Trade Policy Support Division is our difficulties and damage minimization of the companies through a "rapidly identified, we will do our best to resolve bottlenecks through public-private partnerships for import and export of local businesses operational difficulties of our company," said "special sanghwangban is expected to be, "he said

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Lotte, one of China business completely retract

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters - after China within 39 Lotte Mart stores in operation cheohaetda crisis be stopped until the local plant Lotte Confectionery. China's retaliation Saad strength feeding is a situation that is being brought to the center, the withdrawal of the Chinese market stand Lotte.

April 28 Pentagon and Lotte completed the grounds Saad contracts placed and determine the exchange of group owned land lord Lotte golf course and Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do. After China, the feelings of a crush on the grounds provided by Lotte has been heightened.

Shanghai Food Corporation is a joint venture established by Lotte USA Inc. and Hershey Chocolate Factory Lotte received a recent fire inspection of the Chinese authorities. China's business fire inspection is a powerful means of sanctions, as well as penalties and corrective measures can go up to discontinued operations.

Lotte official said, "It is the fire authorities came out to check facts and yet was not until the business suspension notice." "But recently, and my crush atmosphere in China and rising sales to suspend production suspension as long as that continues the local Lotte Mart sees that it can not rule out the possibility that down, "he said.

Lotte Shanghai Foods Corporation annual sales of 80 billion won in size, the chocolate produced here are sold in Southeast Asia, such as China and Malaysia. Is the flagship product such as Hershey's Kisses and Hershey bars. Lotte Shanghai share of the Hershey Foods Corporation and Lotte Confectionery and owns 50%, respectively.

Lotte side got my Anti-Korean sentiment in China has reported that the heightened possibility that sanctions continue to grow in the future for local affiliates.

Before China 'violation of fire codes' nominal sales fell in local Lotte Mart stores has reached where the suspension 39. Considering that in China overall by 99 individuals Lotte Mart stores, and this count at least one of the three currently closed doors.

Lotte China Fire Authority and the Department of Defense issued a disposition operating simultaneously on four political Lotte Mart store up to 4 days from the last 28 days of finishing Saad Land Exchange Agreement. Following six days, this was down to business politics disposal for an additional 19 places to Lotte Mart.

Currently, China only 29 Jiangsu Province Lotte Mart stores up, Zhejiang 4 where, Anhui and Hebei Province, when Liaoning Province Lotte Mart stores in each of two locations are totaled to have been operating political disposition between the nominal one month violates fire codes .

In this regard, the Lotte Group is "correct, but cases where sales suspension is up, the withdrawal China plans no" and "sales stop expansion of Lotte Mart and Lotte Duty Free Shop in the DDOS attack symptoms, such as group-wide're Saad retaliation is expanding has been closely watching whether the damage occurs, details of other businesses, "he said.

July 5, Lotte Group is open to FEMA's hwanggakgyu Innovation mounted (president) presiding, "Saad provides grounds the National Security dont call through diplomatic channels be that just is not a matter to be led by individual entrepreneurs Lotte in accordance with the request," he bar has requested the government of the Republic of Korea.

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The Shilla Jeju, 'Blooming Flower Box' released for lovers

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] The Shilla Jeju is a showcase for lovers gift set right the White Day. The "blooming flower boxes, consisting of a spring filled with the scent of flowers as the main products, it is sold configured as the taste of the customer.

'Blooming Flower Box "is made from various kinds of flowers roses, such as La neonkyul Russ, Jeju Shilla Hotel in Oxford Flower Boutique. Depending on the size of the flower boxes or flower, ask customers to add the configuration you want cookies, macaroons, etc. dacquoise will be ready to be configured by selecting DIY according to customer preference.

'Blooming Flower Box' sales proceeds from the 6th floor lobby lounge until March 14th. Until March 11th can be purchased only in advance booking orders, from March 12 up to 14 days it can be purchased directly at the Lobby Lounge. In particular, the reservation has to choose from a variety of flower each client.

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Financial crisis, "no one ever suggested reviewing the introduction of margin trading system"

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] put the margin trading system to be introduced May 9 followed by the Financial Services Commission explain that the bar had a debt exchange and friction.

Day, all media Financial Committee has delivered its position that there is a need to carefully re-examine whether and how the recent trading margin scheme introduced in Exchange 'he said.

Margin trading scheme is the scheme in preparation for sale securities settlement failure to fulfill the payment is deposited in dambogeum Exchange. Korea Exchange Bar has 21 days last month said it would introduce margin trading system in September.

However, doeja securities margin trading were introduced during the dambogeum paid to company assets estimated to reach 220 billion won in the first trading day average, the industry has poured a complaint. The media has reported on by the financial crisis implies a margin trading system review on this background the exchange.

This financial crisis is said "exchanges after a nearly two years members briefing and consultation process, including the last, he assumed, voted the exchange regulations, amendments to the contents of introducing the stock market trading margin scheme to match the global standards on the financial ',' for the current measures introduced specifically he said it in consultation with the members of the exchange.

In addition, the financial crisis has emphasized that "with regard to whether the introduction of such a scheme to promote the exchange margin trading there is in fact passed the review stand."

In the domestic derivatives market and overseas major markets are operating already introduced a system of margin trading. IMF also recommends the introduction of a bar and pointed out the lack of a system of margin trading markets country by international standards unmet requirements.

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For 'IFRS17 soft landing "financial authorities, the insurance industry united

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] 2021 ahead of the introduction of new international accounting standards (IFRS17) financial authorities and the insurance industry officials were appointed by the introduction of the Preparatory Committee Tuesday.

The financial authorities reportedly plan to arrange a soft landing pursue a step-by-step plan to mitigate the impact of the insurance industry due to the accounting change.

Introduction of the Preparatory Committee was composed of five members, including Finance Committee Standing Committee gimhakgyun won yisuchang Life Insurance Association, General Insurance Association jangnamsik three members, including chairman and co-gwonsunchan FSS buwonjangbo, gimuihyeong accounting ledgers, seongdaegyu Insurance Development Director.

Here the insurance company CEO Advisory Council and academic center industry expert advisory panel consisting of 38 people should also consider improving the institutional direction. 38 insurers Chief Risk Officer (CRO) working party will examine the configuration, system improvement and the Working Group will solicit industry feedback.

Standing gimhakgyun sources predicted that in this day kick-off meeting 'insurance rights issue in the future will be the financial soundness and ready to respond and strengthen enforcement IFRS17'.

IFRS17 is the insurer of liability (insurance payable) When introducing a market assessment. Therefore, to calculate the debt to reflect the time of subscription rates and increase the burden that much insurance as insurers. Eventually losing the accounting capital is bound to increase in the debt significantly.

The financial authorities also reportedly scheduled to be reorganized to meet the new front-GAAP financial soundness of supervised institutions, such as insurance solvency system (RBC). When the IFRS17 GAAP accounting standards and supervision to restructuring at the same time is expected to be significant shock in the insurance industry.

Financial Services Commission said it would announce details arrange a full-fledged plan to meet on May IFRS17 final standards announced final time coming.

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NH Investment & Securities gimwongyu President, reappointed success ... 24 days Shareholders' Meeting Resolutions

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] NH Investment & Securities said it has resolved to re-elect the president in eight days gimwongyu Council.

This was in addition to the internal affairs choehanmuk former Financial Supervisory Inspection Technique Research Institute as its new auditors. South Korea also had affairs with yijangyoung former finance director training, byeonchanwoo lawyer, Seon - Gyoo former president of Home Warranty, Kim ago a group of new outside directors and president of Kyungnam trade.

In addition, we resolved to dividend (dividend payout ratio of 57.2%) to 120.7 billion won in net profit of 211.1 billion won (separate financial statements), the Council common stock is 400 won per share, the dividend for preferred shares is 450 won per share. With this dividend was an increase shareholder value and secure investment funds for the securities industry to compete with larger business capital utilization.

The Board of Directors has confirmed the 50th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders convened to 24 days, in-house directors, outside directors and senior non-executive director candidates, including dividends approved for the gimwongyu president is expected to be decided at the annual shareholders' meeting.

President Kim has played only 32 years in the securities industry since joining in 1985, Lucky Securities. Pohang after taking office in 2009, including through a branch manager, Kim is represented by WM Division was launched by the Premier Blu-absorbing Merrill Lynch PB organization in 2011. In December 2014 he was inaugurated as first president NH Investment & Securities.

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Paseukujji 'strawberry drinks, glasses of a five per sale ... 50 manjan surpassed only by the moon

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] that SPC group paseukujji the cumulative sales surpassed 500,000 in just one cup, strawberry six kinds of drinks, a month to launch a new spring operating said Tuesday. Shem is one of five glasses of sales per second.

Strawberry drink six kinds are △ strawberry cheesecake kokkok shake △ strawberry fondant shake △ raspberry refreshing yogurt △ strawberry Malang latte △ strawberry latte △ into changing the saengttalgi strawberry juice and the whole place a variety of toppings such as cheese cake, jelly cube-shaped tastes, as well as It added a visually interesting.

Paseukujji strawberry drinks recorded sales more than double year-on-year and has achieved the best sales results since its first release in 2008. The product is a high volume of Latter-called 'strawberry drink life' on the SNS as 'strawberry cheesecake shake kokkok' and come up authentication shot caught word of mouth.

In particular paseukujji is being supplied through the strawberry farmers signed MOU with Gyeongsangnam-pearl pearl strawberries are characterized by a high sugar content, the flesh is firm and. Strawberry paseukujji only used by the beverage during the month amounted to about 4 tons.

On the other hand, proceeds paseukujji the event surpassed 50 million glasses sold berries beverage celebrate. Paseukujji it attaches to celebrate the official Facebook comments will be presented to paseukujji strawberry drink vouchers to 50 people through a lottery. For more information, please visit paseukujji Facebook.

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Samsung Pei, the official start shopping ∙ Rewards Service

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper News] Samsung has partnered with various local partners start page Samsung 'shopping' and 'Rewards' services and sets out the mobile payments ecosystem-based online Enlarge said Tuesday.

Samsung pay 'shopping' is the advantage of being able to directly buy domestic products of various famous pages from the Samsung App Store. Register and login to each online store then you can purchase the desired items from the auto-logged into Product Search Samsung account without having to purchase.

Can use the country's largest shopping mall G-market, more modern com, wijeuwideu, Samsung Card Mobile Coupon Mall (coupon box), including the famous sohomol Hello links (24 cafes, shops make-up) is a neighbor picnic mall.

Samsung also upgraded the 'lifestyle' service premium magazine pages with pages of Samsung 'shopping' service launch.

Kyobo Book Centre, Golf Digest, dispatch, motor graph, woman Stock, Kiwi Media Group, Time Out Seoul, AB-ROAD, in addition to the existing lifestyle, fashion, beauty content through partnerships JTBC Plus as a star, Place (restaurants / travel) content in automobiles is provided from the new 9th. Not only you can buy products directly related to the content.

Samsung and earn points depending on the results page used, also started 'Rewards' service offered by a variety of benefits. ∙ On page Samsung can earn points depending on the number and offline payment is credited to the point, the purchase price of a 2% pay Samsung 'shopping' drive. The point is you can use to participate in various events to exchange or take advantage of the available coupon shopping service.

In particular, Samsung has launched Samsung and pay 'Rewards' card affiliate the end of March, and will come in a variety ∙ to use the points in the offline stores.

Samsung's Wireless Business Unit and Managing Director Thomas said, "We plan to develop a service platform as Samsung to pay offline payments reflect the diverse needs of consumers, but provides benefits to living in close contact with the type of users everyday."

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Eland Bears Town Ski season pass sales plunge ... Jeonilgwon 40% discount

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] launched the ski resort town of Fortune bears the 2017-2018 ski season pass deals for Eland primary operating.

Tickets are available for purchase at the primary and Interpark and 11th Street to 17th coming, and interpersonal jeonilgwon 45 million (tops ₩ 750,000), Child ₩ 360,000 (regular price ₩ 600,000).

Jeonilgwon containing the locker season is only appropriate interpersonal, human rights 1 and 2 can be purchased at ₩ 500,000, respectively, 98 million yuan. Locker primary season may only purchase bargain sale period, the single-tower condominium sales-type limited first-come, first-served basis 68, 90 coupled, driving range, including a total of 89 247 pieces.

Bears Town offers winter ski season rooms and lifts, equipment rental, sled 50%, and provide vouchers, especially primary special season pass purchased, golf driving range and public, Cocomong Pool discounts in addition to a customer benefit coming back to cut season ticket do.

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LGU + 'IoT energy meters, electricity savings toktok

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG U Plus utilizing IoT energy meters' energy mission "service appeared to be effective in the most peak time electricity consumption for electricity savings.

LG U + the last seven year, 27 months to March from April its energy management service IoT energy meter results subscribers analysis of peak-time electricity usage of the customers participating in energy mission of the usual same time against research that saves an average of 8.5% done.

In particular, the annual electricity consumption was estimated that during the summer the most reduced electricity usage by up to 20.7%.

LG U + IoT energy meters Up 15 410 households participated twice in the Mission, explained that the success of the mission about 52% of the participants are granted.

Mission Energy Services is rewarded by ahkkin electricity. LG U + IoT energy meter, electricity consumption savings in the Mission once a week to target a specific time to join the family guide to smart phones and text messages, gives customers a discount on a successful mission for the May communication expenses of up to 5000 won.

When a customer receives a text message to a connected smart ponaep 'IoT @ home' participation in the mission and goals Mission usage time is displayed, the current consumption, compensation information at achieving. To date, usage and the success of the mission at a glance, you can see a graph also residual usage information.

LG U + May last year, industry usually the Ministry organized a "citizens DR (Demand Response) demonstration projects" in energy technology development operators to select the IoT to take advantage of the power demand management projects as part of the power grid and market operations agency, the Korea Power Exchange , has been operated pilot energy services with the mission of cored energy meter manufacturer.

In July 2015 the launch IoT energy meters, LG U + only electricity differentiated IoT service usage and the current progressive phase of the course analyzes the usage tells a progressive step in advance, Housing and residential area, family members can, etc. the guidance to reflect the expected monthly fees and rates in real time.

LG U + IoT Division anseongjun Managing Director "With the Energy Mission expansion plans to actively induce electric saving a lot of time during the summer or the electrical consumption of electricity usage spikes," said, "a power outage (blackout) prevention, as well as a progressive step reduction, He said communication fee discounts would also be increased consumer benefits. "

Power Exchange yangminseung Market Division is "a small electric consumer demand for resources, trade opportunities, as well as electronics, telecommunications, banking, etc other industries and power industries to provide to participate in the market through the National DR demonstration projects are complex convergence to create synergies expected to be an opportunity, "he said.

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