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Capital One, and digital-based auto finance financial leap

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporters - one capital to achieve maximum performance ever since its establishment in 2016. Total assets 5.2574 trillion won, 80.6 billion won net assets as compared to the previous year's 785.1 billion won and net profit increased 15.5 billion haetda.

Based on these achievements and there were other auto finance portfolio diversification and efforts to ensure contact with customers through the expansion of e- capabilities and financial center. Integrity also set a pre-emptive risk management is a top priority for the association was able to expand sales performance remarkable one group member's affiliates and joint marketing leverage showed a good indicator. This year, Capital One plans to continue ensuring sustainable growth through innovation, growth. It has engaged in mobile, non-face-to-face channel capacity increase through the advancement of smart channels and a variety of Web-based Customer Retention Program for this purpose. In addition, it is expanding the 'Auto Financial Hub' role by linking sales between group companies.

In particular, getting a good response by developing products and services to meet the diverse needs of this year, GM Korea since it was chosen as the new affiliate financial company 36 months the longest interest-free installments and annual 1.9 ~ 2.9% chojeori installments, including Chevrolet vehicle purchases guests. Based on these market reaction it is planning to continue strengthening the partnership with GM Korea.

In addition, 2015 3 we can expand the branch point Indonesian joint venture of initiating a business, starting with "Sina Le Mas One Finance (Sinarmas Hana Finance) 'from 6 to 16 years to 12 years by 2017, a full-fledged global sales system It plans to expand.

Last 17 one capital yungyuseon CEO of the hand, the core business is auto finance and utilizing active investment and digital banking for creating industry-best 'organic business' development and global network expansion that emphasizes risk management of field-oriented in his inaugural address through betrayed the will getdaneun yirwonae the leap to the new leader in the industry.

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Very Capital, Spring 'very special long-term rental "

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] Capital is a very long-term rental product showcase affordable low initial burden right for spring.

Very Capital Granger said one IG, K7, SM6, Malibu, Santa Fe, Sorento, Carnival, announced the release of the long-term car rental products available at an affordable price target QM6 17. Long term rental is easy to use as my car is low initial burden in the amount not paid and vehicle management, it has attracted attention as a new way to raise arguments or return the vehicle due to ease of benefits at maturity.

With the end of March to 48 months base models and Granger IG K7 is available for ₩ 540,000 per month. In addition, the SM6 Malibu is 48 million yuan, the Santa Fe is 50 million yuan, Carnival and QM6 is available if you pay a monthly rental fee of 56 yuan. Customers who purchase a period of long-term rental provides a black box (Navi 2-channel), such as free Tinted.

Very Capital is providing an accident repairs, roadside assistance, auto regular inspection service to all customers who have long-term rental. △ preventive maintenance visits for customers to choose consumable items △ △ offers a variety of services including options for the balance.

Capital is a very long-term rental vehicle registration from purchasing a car the customer wants to pay insurance, maintenance / incident handling agency, and comprehensive support and managed to keep the vehicle tax, vehicle sold.

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MG Insurance, 'YOLO LIFE' 2030 Insurance popular support

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] MG Insurance last month launched the industry's first online-only '2030 Insurance' is gaining popularity.

This product is covered by insurance that address the needs and concerns of 2030, three at a time, arrange the seven themes that are optimized for lifestyle ensures a comprehensive risk their lives.

2030 is currently enjoying a three-oriented consumer in the same time a lot of work, ahead of the turn of life, such as marriage anxiety and worry generation, hobbies and appearance, health care. MG was applied to derive a fiddling concerns and worries of the three year 2030. Focusing on these characteristics into seven theme of 'learning, JOB, marriage, Beauty, Leisure, Health, drivin' '2030 Insurance'. Were housed ensure the necessary means for each theme to address all the concerns with the 2030 generation as a commodity, it is characterized by a fast and convenient way to be able to subscribe to streamline the process.

'2030 Insurance' is a variety of customer convenience has established a direct channel MG Insurance (CM) representative products. When you add in the KakaoTalk 'Joey Tok "to a friend AI-based counseling services are available to premium calculation and counseling. Cacao also to easily pay premium payments anywhere, anytime, and you can easily sign up as a PC or mobile shopping.

MG Insurance said, "This item insurance containing a sure guarantee required for 2030 generations," said "YOLO (You Only Live Once? Nonce life) life a living on a commodity rather than 2030 households are insured for the 'future' peace was to help itgekkeum be happy to live 'today' "explained the purpose and development.

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"We propose a new small business unit."

[Korea financial newspaper] industry needs for small and medium venture quantum jump (Quantum Jump)

Simple Small Business Administration promoted and not to seek a new large teulseo

Made to continue the high growth era of central enterprises have been decades in the film is now our only hope, concern is getting the recognition that SMEs and innovative ventures consensus.

In fact, the venture industry is a sector that continues to grow almost unique. Last year, venture companies can be increased by approximately 10% increased and new venture investment is also more than 3% over the last year ₩ 2,000,000,001,500 per year to more than 33 000. The venture, which will be rolled into a strong pillar industry role leading the domestic economy. It is now necessary steps to make it harder to play a pivotal role in the domestic economy rather than foster the growth of small shiny ‧ venture industry more actively.

This section Promotion of Small and Medium Business Administration which is responsible for domestic SMEs and venture industries is imperative to do so. Small Business Administration currently lacks the strength to continue to promote legislative initiative between the Ministry of Public Administration Ministry to oecheong Cho Chung-kwon do not have a strong policy concerning small and medium-sized industrial ventures.

Park Geun-hye difference compared to the United States and Britain and other developed countries the government since the Small Business Administration chapter if you assume one Small Business Administration Jurisdiction Act Although baeseok of the State Council on the Cabinet need approval of the Ministry of Industry Minister and this small venture industry-related expertise and differentiation in independent side there is no choice but to day.

There are four primary venture into the heart of the industrial revolution. The axis of the economy, including job creation, which will converge to the venture. This followed the flow of venture one step more important role in the central control tower that can strongly promote small and medium-sized ventures policies in order to leap to higher ground more than anything else. Separated by large and medium-sized venture companies protect and isolate the Ministry of Industry and nurturing roles to be able to make a greater voice than the small part.

In the United States, India, the competent department is separate from the SME industrial policy with ministerial departments and are operating.

India is even lower in the chagwangeup Industrial Policy Ministry. For Germany, the UK and France also granted equal status to each department to place the same importance on general industry and small and medium venture industry empowers each industries. Korea because of the structure of the Small Business Administration is subordinate to the Ministry of oecheong lack of linkages between large center of industrial policy and SME policy and the policy issues are also redundant.

Though they also have a lot of 8.1 one trillion won budget than the 7.6 one trillion won budget and Industry Small Business Administration is a reality that low-phase-in adjustment and alignment, position is difficult to perform the integration of SME policy.

Take the recent wave of early presidential part of the Small Business Administration, based on the consensus that has been formed from the past are being promoted this process, attention focused on the realization that once again. SMEs and responsible major axis of the Venture Industry Venture Capital also expects an enhanced quality thanks to more than a small portion birth phase consists of more vigorous and aggressive.

Venture capital has a key role to lead the SMEs and venture companies with innovative ideas grow. Quantitative and qualitative growth in venture capital, which is now recognized as an independent means of supporting the financial industry, not small venture need attention and support than ever before for a new leap in the field of venture industry. And is the time for a change that can make this possible.

I think it is time that requires wise judgment, not just promotion of Small and Medium Business Administration, through the organic cooperation between the ministries function effectively and adjust to seek opportunities to weave a new framework of industry.

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[Daishin Securities najaecheol representatives] "as a financial product differentiation Myeongdong era Resurrection"

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporters: "We will provide a differentiated financial products to the right customers Myeong a new era."

Instead securities representative said najaecheol thus the ambition to return to their homeland Myeongdong in an interview with reporters.

Or who may refine the pre-sent the old and the new building busy day. Daishin Securities last year because the transcript was somewhat sluggish. Sales of 3.8667 trillion won, operating profit of 25.4 billion won, 30.6 billion won net profit. The decrease compared to the previous year's performance. Or a representative of "the recession and was brokerage fees decreased factor due to operational losses, trading volume decreased due to uncertainty in the global financial environment," said, "but 2016 was a year one could glimpse new opportunities despite the difficulties," said Hei did.

First House gotta reflect the differentiation strategy of securities investment philosophy instead of including the views, etc., financial products and customer service to achieve the desired results in many areas.

"The 'Invest in dollar assets, the interests of customers claimed the house the view is explosive," he said "uncertainty is incorporated dollars so be flexible deal to keep customers' assets, rather than aggressive profit environmental change in a big situation on the equity portfolio urged want, "he said.

As a result, the beginning of the year worth $ 150 million in assets was recorded customer was $ 360 million at the end of the year.

Above all, it is likely to keep the authenticity of securities instead of client assets delivered well to our customers. Also noticeable was evaluated jyeotdago hwalyakdo of subsidiary 100% subsidiary last year.

He holds a strong competitive edge in "instead of savings banks has become a savings bank industry's top 10 by 1.2659 trillion won total assets in the launch of five years has developed into a leader in the industry, encompassing corporate banking and retail banking" and "non-performing loans sector and epeuaen children (F & I), too, instead of trying to evolve one step further in recent years, alternative investments, increasing the revenue share comprehensive real estate developers, "he said.

Instead Asset Management is seeking to transform the passive asset management, Economic Research is spurring a business model transformation through a stewardship code business. Instead of leaving the securities may only be provided Myeongdong in 1985 a new nest in Yeouido Equity 29.9 billion, were 2 590 people in the company who worked affiliates. Now instead of 32 years as a securities returned to the Myeongdong 1 trillion 755 billion won of equity, developed in 1587 as a brokerage working people in the seven companies. If including the subsidiaries is on duty close to 2,000 employees.

◇ Myeongdong instead melted history

Myeongdong and a center of consumption since ancient times, was the financial center. Daishin Securities also began to quicken in San Francisco. Get started in 1962 before moving to Yeouido year 1985 was again a quantum leap while using current headquarters in the Myeong-dong Art Theater spot. Myeong-dong is so unusual means that instead egen group.

Or representatives, "Capital increase, sales network expansion, computerized building, including places that were all the groundwork you make the securities instead of now," he said. "In addition, the securities instead of including the industry's first all-optical sisepan installation, order online system construction, the establishment Economic Research industry all the history that has achieved leading in Myeong-dong "he told the emotion.

Followed by "word" can "all employees are raising the expectations are for a leap second is confidence also feel that in larger" and "100% subsidiary of financial affiliates have gathered to create a distinctive fusion Synergy did not show the past, He emphasized it would. "

Instead, financial groups, including the securities are dreaming of a child epeuaen, savings bank, Asset Management, Economic Research, PE, such as 'second golden age of' best of each sector as through subsidiaries have expertise equip the face of the financial group.

That commitment through collaboration between affiliates offer customers new value plans of the new year instead. This may also result from out of the collaboration. A recent collaboration No. 1 selling Hannam deohil private equity real estate securities is responsible for product sales, asset management was responsible for the fund set up and operational. Epeuaen children were involved in the subordinated investors.

◇ Asset Management essence 'that will be called the customer money. "

With this focus in WM (wealth management) areas. Low growth, recovery is a difficult reality, even if the loss of the asset once the impact of low interest rates sharply occur. Growing life expectancy, as aging progresses rapidly growing number of people falling into poverty in old age. And I threw the representative nature of the topic WM would have called consistently keeping the customer assets.

"In these circumstances the role of WM is growing. Keeping the customer assets, referred to, is one of the most effective ways to avoid old-age refugees is the asset management. In order to serve our customers as a guide for proper asset management will be the 'WM Solution Provider (Troubleshooting provider). "

For this innovative product supply chain, and it will establish targets high net worth individuals personalized asset management services. It offers a wide range of fixed income type products to investors through active attraction of product development and external managers through collaboration with its affiliates, and wrap accounts, the customers through the rebalancing strategy for market conditions to maintain product lineup, including trust a commitment plan effectively operate the assets.

There are also concrete and differentiated products that can penetrate the reinsurance, niche markets through cooperation with various financial assets such as hedge funds, P2P.

He said, "I will monitor the client assets are managed through active communication" "Now the time necessary for life asset management throughout the customer life cycle," said said "high net worth individuals want asset management solutions (tax, inheritance, gift, legal, etc.) It said it would launch ".

The 53 finance doctor and a lawyer, PB managers consisting of accountants, tax professionals, including selected through a competency examination for which they provide financial management services for life. Support for company-wide policies and operations of the branch has also strengthened. Sanya is located in the branches of the old existing commercial focal point of a larger strategy to move to the center promoted to a new (新) has established a commercial HNW (high net worth individuals) John stronghold.

HNW recently created a zone of several concepts in the newly opened branch in Yeouido, such as sales and distribution centers WM and greet customers. It was transformed into a place which was holding a signboard of the existing branches located in free space to serve as ateliers.

◇ receivables acquired wealth creation, leveraging pin-Tech

IB (investment banking) instead of the important objectives of Ganghwa securities. This year IB Agency is preparing a differentiated sourcing deals to take advantage of the capabilities of companies. HNW clients or agencies will offer investors active in the sales department and affiliates prepare various types of products preferred.

He said, "We will focus on providing a variety of solutions for the needs of enterprise requirements through the Advisory Division," "real estate sector is a sector that can synergy based on the expertise of each sector held by affiliates," he said. Studies also find ways to reduce your risk factors which may occur in the financing process, and will continue to perform the holding company conversion, restructuring, led by M & A (mergers and acquisitions) advisory. In recent years, it took part in the financing of the process of building a waste treatment process progress development projects, turning the waste into electric generators. It performs a function involved in the syndicated bonds defaulted argument to new bond issues directly, and improve the efficiency of the bond issuance market.

Instead, Daishin Securities, as well as Financial Group is continuing an aggressive move to Tech use of technology since last year pins. Continue to update relevant online and mobile platforms, developing new systems are focused to enhance the convenience of customers.

Depending on the mobile customer growth was Daishin Securities introduced chaetbot service via mobile anytime anywhere, 24 hours a day, 365 days to answer the questions' Benjamin services. By combining artificial intelligence and financial technology to meet the diverse needs of customers that require the mobile era, and will continue to further evolve by learning not satisfied with the current level.

And through the website and trading system revamp customers can self-manage assets online, utilizing big data and analyze the customer's tendencies and patterns provide customized services to meet the needs of the user. Asset Management Advisors utilizing robotic, such as Bitcoin deposits currently provide various financial services.

Securities took the place of 2017 'providing differentiated customer value "and" secure a new growth engine "as a strategic goal. Or representative has determined that "priority will continue to revolutionize the WM sector to provide differentiated value to customers" and "There is a trend in recent WM ssolrigo the money of investors in the securities of superior financial products rather than sign".

Under conditions of low interest rates it is planning to sourcing financial products in a variety of ways to pursue the cause 4-5% expected rate of return for customers seeking a reliable income. To this end, real estate, alternative investments, is preparing to offer financial products using a variety of underlying assets, such as foreign investment.

"It started from behind a yield of 57 trillion won equity fund balance fund recorded a negative adjacent to the material amounted to 30 trillion won, thought, 'I want a financial services for investors viewing the loss" is the Masters Funds Care Lab Services. "

This product comes with a fund that can damage reported to be a risk rather than securities and beyond. It is focused on building trust with customers.

Finally, he stressed the group would fully prepared to "We will continue to provide a wide range of financial services to obtain the trust of our customers," he said restore confidence.

< Education >

- February 1979 Gwangju High toughness

- In February 1986, Chosun University Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor

- 2007 Korea Foreign Language University Master of Business Administration

< career >

- Stock Yangjaedong manager instead of 1996

- Instead of the 1997 Securities Gangnam branch manager

- Securities instead of Gangseo Regional Director 2004

- Retail Securities Business Division instead of 2008

- Securities vice president instead of 2010

- Wholesale securities business leader instead of 2010

- Securities Corporate Finance Project Leader Instead of 2011

- May 2012 - Securities CEO instead

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Samsung · LG, washing machine dual-end game 'roaring'

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are competitive than ever at this year's TV and washing machine sector.

For the North American market, washing machines, washing machines more than $ 900 premium sector, LG Electronics was able to take first place in the market thanks to the premium introduced in 2015 washing machine, twin wash "of the jackpot. Samsung Electronics ranked first in overall washing machine market when deohaeteul to entry-level products.

However, the current situation is a little too narrowed gap between premium washing machine market. Therefore, if the last nine days, Samsung Electronics announced the release of a premium washing machine, wash flex 'is successful, Samsung is able to take over the No. 1 premium even washing machine market in North America as well as the overall washing machine market.

◇ on - and drum - automatic 'twin wash "

While the textile industry developed a kind of cloth it has become quite diverse. Then Bonnie is getting a lot of laundry if you need to distinguish between the laundry washing goes characteristics different from each other. Jean Kerr capacity washer will happen to frequent washing jyeotneunde split times less laundry. This does reduce the capacity of the quilt laundry himdeuni as consumers had to be worried. This place gave accept these complaints before the LG.

LG Electronics has unveiled the top of the washing machine on, 'twin wash "that combines a fully automatic washing machines (LG outrunner) at the bottom in July 2015. Twin wash is also famous as "Mr. washing machine, LG Electronics vice chairman Cho Sung-jin put the two ideas directly called painstakingly completed the research and development products. You can use one of two Taiwan, washing machines or use two at the same time.

Another mini twin wash in the bottom of the wash can be combined in a washing machine drum (since 2008 sold 15kg ~ 21kg product) was excellent compatibility with existing uses.

LG Electronics has been exporting to about 40 countries, thanks to the popularity of South Korea and the United States to Latin America in 2015 with twin wash China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Asia and Mexico, Colombia, Chile and so on. This year's showcase, in addition to more than 40 countries, including developed countries in Europe, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and nammigwon Brazil, Argentina, the Middle East and Africa, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, UAE · gwonin.

Last year, more than half of the purchase of a washing machine in the domestic consumer, In the United States more than 20kg washing machine buyers opted for two-thirds of twin wash. Twin Wash again led the sales growth of LG drum washing machine in the United States, the foundation was to lead the US market premium washing machine.

LG Electronics is preceded twin wash guarding 10 years of continuous floating above one or more premium market in the United States last year, up from $ 900 in 2007. Last year, sales amounted to 28.9% market share. LG Electronics plans to produce the momentum from the first half of 2019 drove the washing machine drum and outrunner apply only differentiated LG DD motors per year more than 100 new plant in Tennessee.

LG Electronics Vice Chairman Cho Sung-jin at the time, "one such brand that will make the customer through the envy of the main strategies differentiated products and marketing investments around the world in the US market," he has said. Followed by LG Electronics in March 2016 LG washing machine signature: launched the (model F12WHS). It is the top of the washer and bottom of the drum 12kg 2kg Mini Wash the combined twin wash-based high-efficiency, low-noise implementation of 'Centum system (Centum System ™)' technology plus innovation is. "Centum system 'is LG's innovative technologies to apply the suspension (Suspension) technology that is primarily used in the automobile, while increasing the durability and efficiency reducing the noise in order to minimize the vibration when using a dehydration function.

LG Electronics has conducted the industry's first washing machine 20 years warranty on the inverter direct drive motor system for applying the 'Centum system "based on the confidence in motor technology. The LG Washer signature provides another level of convenience, such as a washing machine 2 Taiwan also available and can be used simultaneously to two separate laundry, washing concurrent, space-saving, time-saving. This product has shaped the wonders of the night sky and the moonlight reflected on the lake, such as by applying a serene circular control panel display while the △ luxurious feel superior durability of the enamel material is applied to glass material door △ △ touch of black. The top of the drum washing machine, to the rear of the top of one design is based on a combination of door and the display door 17 also has tilted about allow a user to operate more conveniently. Touching the display control panel at the top of the drum washing machine can also be controlled at the bottom of the mini-wash. This product is automatically added to a suitable amount of detergent after detecting the amount, contamination of the laundry through the sensor, and finds the optimal washing course. "Push open the door, open the tap to the right of the center door, even carrying a full laundry in the washing machine door open with both hands gives convenient.

LG Electronics, LG washing machine signature (model: FH21BBS) has launched a large degree. This product was combined with 21kg washing machine 3.5kg mini-wash at the bottom of the top to apply the increased sense of quality black stainless steel design. When the user using a dedicated remote control can be operated easily at the bottom of the mini-wash. Prices are shipped to 320 million won, 3.9 million won each many-to-many basis.

◇ 'Intelligent Remote Services' Flex Wash

In confronting Samsung Electronics has introduced the "flex-wash 'Following the 2015' Active Wash ', 2016' add wash" to change the flow of the washing machine market.

Samsung Flex Wash 'is January seamlessly worry about separating laundry started in the process of the world's largest electronics exhibition is at' 2017 CES 'first public' Innovation Award 'products avalanche hand washing is possible' Active Wash "off-winning development to solve the "three-in-one door, the washing machine. Has also "is selected as the American professional review, journalist picked the best products (Editors 'review of the medium-de com Choice Award Winners) acclaimed innovative game-changer that (Game Changing Advance)'.

Samsung Flex Wash "is designed to the upper portion of the large 3.5kg automatic washing machine drum washing machines' compact wash 'and lower' add wash" as an integral had completed a three-door system, a new category in existing markets divided Dunn washing machine and automatic drum It was presented. This product has been ergonomically designed to be easy to take out the laundry is put into a small volume users' compact wash "on the top without a lot of back bending both upper and lower body when using it allows to minimize the burden of housework.

In addition, Samsung 'flex-wash' is the integral structure, with the lower one and the same power cord cooling and hot water hoses and one each by one of the existing products, it is convenient to install. It gotta washing machine control panel also configured as one can operate the washing process more easily. Samsung Flex Wash 'had been resolved but also significantly reduce the inconvenience to be divided several times to wash the clothes detailed management of the various materials and colors as clean energy and time required for washing.

"Compact wash" of the upper can be found rapid, sameum, wool, there are various washing courses in lingerie and leisure wear, can often wash a small amount of DROPPING YOUR LAUNDRY such as baby clothes, underwear, wash the entire process directly into the eye.

It can also be collected to clean dust that occurs when you apply a separate laundry diamond dust and lint filter. The lower drum washing machine 'add-wash "is released all possible, and the largest one with capacity of 23kg washing machine to dry laundry from the laundry can be washed thick winter quilt also a leisurely.

In addition, this product can be additionally added to stop the operation during the washing process through the "Ad Window" at any time, and the laundry detergent, fabric softener, etc., located on top of the door. In addition, removing △ detergent contamination of laundry tub with just water and without 'non-detergent bottle washing, sterilizing 99% of the P. aeruginosa △ fine soap bubble, which called enough when ridden pre-absorption between fabrics "bubble and the bubble called" △ powerful rapids the main function of that corner to corner without leaving wash on existing receiving rave reviews from consumers, such as "water super shots '' add wash" that was applied most.

In particular, Samsung's Flex Wash 'is added to the existing one based on artificial intelligence' Smart Controls' ability to control the washing process, including any start-stop monitoring, smartphone remote intelligent services. Applying the 'Intelligent Remote Service "gives the set is available and seasonal products themselves, using simple measures environmental information and analysis, remote sensing and diagnostic optimal washing options remotely.

Samsung will provide 'intelligent remote service, Wi-Fi in the entire family of appliances has been applied from this month. Samsung home appliances business manager seobyeongsam vice president of the "Samsung" flex-wash 'is an innovative product based on understanding and consideration for consumers figured accomplished the evolution of the washing machine to break the existing stereotypes, "said," the future global electronics with constant evolution he said it would make every effort to lead the market themselves. "

Samsung Flex Wash 'is a total of five species 17 · 19 · 21 · 23kg 4 models, 17kg 1 model white color, black color, chulgoga is 229 ~ 1000 10 000 9 269 10 000 9 million.

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Bolt - Tesla electric car subsidies cheonyangjicha

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] had appeared in earnest in the domestic electric vehicle market. The Chevrolet Volt EV (volts or less) and the US electric car manufacturer Tesla has opened the domestic No. 1 stores will be subjected to prior reservation. But the government subsidies for these vehicles is different. Chevrolet Volt EV, but to receive all the funding provided by the government, Tesla is managing the subsidy. As a result, customers will need to purchase this watch for this.

◇ bolt, mid-subsidized 20 million won

Chevrolet began a reservation of a bolt from the last 17 days. Reservations are available at Chevrolet showrooms across the country. Bolt holds a running distance of 383km on a single charge. Bolt adopted a single standard domestic electric vehicle fast charging approach to the selection of DC Combo Charge (National Standards Institute) can be charged up to 80% of full battery charge by rapid one hours. This is a charge that can travel more than 300km.

In particular, the biggest advantage is that the bolt support grants of nearly 3000 yuan. ₩ 47,790,000 is going to release the bolt. Government subsidy drops to 21.79 million won if you get the vehicle going for up to 14 million won, regional subsidies up to 1200 yuan. A Chevrolet dealer said, "Bolt dwaetjiman little cars Price high 4700 million won priced than previous estimate, can be purchased at the price of a compact car levels of government and local government subsidies," he said "is not yippun provide a variety of benefits," he said.

In addition to purchasing a vehicle achieved the most important charging infrastructure installed free of charge. First, if the customer decides to purchase a vehicle to conduct a survey of living conditions in the customer purchase POSCO (Goyang, Gyeonggi basis). The charger and whether the installation is determined through a survey. Installation costs are paid by the authorities.

Another official said, "If Bolt EV vehicle purchase decision and proceed with the installation check the charging infrastructure and living conditions of the purchase of POSCO" and "installation costs in a manner that POSCO is charged in the country, customers pay except charyanggaaek subsidized benefits do not, "he said.

Meanwhile, Chevrolet has come to pre-release the bolts at the International EV Expo is being held at the Jeju to 24 days, comes a new open public events and test-drive event in the opening 31 days' 2017 Seoul Motor Show.

◇ high-end electric car, the Tesla domestic landings

The most popular electric car in the world. Tesla also landed in the country. Tesla has opened a "domestic first store shops' in Henan star field over the past 15 days. The first day the store opened, there were a number of people over several times than any other auto shop crowd felt the high interest of domestic consumers. Tesla conducted under the pre-reservation for the current model S, Model X, Model 3. For the coming Model S is planned to be delivered in June. The price of the Model S was formulated to $ 10 000 2100 6000 ~ 1 billion won.

Tesla said, "is priced Model S car color, if you want to mount a full options such as wheels 100 006 000 won the price for" and "purchase method cash, if the installment, the lease is possible, and installment KB · ORIX Capital to be utilized, "he said. The main advantage is that the recording of the Tesla a mileage per charge over 400km. The smallest car in the entry-level model, three models were also holds a mileage of 373km.

But Tesla did not support the electric car subsidies charyanggaaek In addition, charging infrastructure installation costs, customers must also purchase a burden. Tesla why does not receive subsidies because 'charging time.

Current government regulations and subsidies only once the vehicle is slow charging time of less than 10 hours. Tesla is one of the vehicles 13 hours slow charge time. If the vault is 45 minutes Related charging time it is 9 hours. The burden Customers purchasing this charging infrastructure installation. The bolts and other points that are supported by the government through the POSCO. Tesla said, "Tesla currently does not support the electric car subsidy" and "charging infrastructure and residential customers should also install the purchased burden, the public should use the charger is installed in a place other than the Korea Electric Power and Transportation Ministry," he said.

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Choejongsik President SUV Myeongga solidify preheat

The re-elected (Term 2 years) from the financial newspaper stand hyomun Korea News] choejongsik shareholders held 31 days Ssangyong Motor president this coming General Assembly.

Choi last one inaugurated in March 2015, Ssangyong President preceded the 'Tivoli' has achieved a surplus only nine years. Inaugurated the first phase, the most goals of surplus Choi 2nd term preceded the Korando C · Y400, Tivoli, etc. it seems to promote the 'SUV Myeongga leap forward. "

◇ choejongsik one group, the deficit exceeded tunnel Tivoli

A Choi took office as President March 2015. Ssangyong will launch the 'Tivoli' achievements led Now. Tivoli is palrimyeo costs 10 000 56 935 last year, and 26.46% year-on-year increases (11 914) sold (45 021). As well as competition vehicles in QM3 (10,000 5301 units), Tracks (13 990) sped jechimyeo two years under a strong compact SUV with a large gap. This year, as sales last January-February total of 8652 (January 3851, against February 4801) and the nine high popularity.

Tivoli abroad is a strong pillar of Ssangyong Motor. Ssangyong is committed to spurring on the other hand the Tivoli brand on the European market and then Iran and Egypt and other emerging markets. Middle East accounts for 17.3% of the total exports Ssangyong has emerged as the third export market, followed by Europe (45.7%), Latin America (21.1%). Due to solo like Tivoli, Ssangyong has achieved a surplus only nine years. Last year, Ssangyong posted a sales 3.6285 trillion won, operating profit of 28 billion won, 58.1 billion won net profit. Choejongsik president said, "broke the deficit in the ring, while only regain market share in the Tivoli nine years."

Ssangyong, whilst the exception of 2010 (8.1 billion won net profit recorded) since recorded an operating loss of 200.8 billion won in 7097 has recorded an annual deficit. Tivoli achieve what one would have done who did not even last for about 10 years, who led the Ssangyong Korando, Actyon, Kyron. Korando Kyron, Actyon, but is close to 20 000 at an average annual domestic sales and record number shipped up to about 40 000, an operating loss of Ssangyong led the march.

Ssangyong official said, "Due to the Tivoli Ssangyong was to build a young image more," he said. "Starting this year preceded the Tivoli start building SUV Fantastic Four (Tivoli, Korando · Y400 · Q200), will re-emerge as SUV Myeongga" .

Fantastic 43rd ◇ 'Y400' appeared Seoul Motor Show stand

Choejongsik president through the Tivoli If you have a foothold in the re-bound plans to start jump starting this year. January 42nd Ssangyong SUV's fantastic vehicles in 'New Style Korando C (below Korando C)' showcase of Y400 large premium SUV coming from the ear to the market that is opening from 30 days' 2017 Seoul Motor Show. Ssangyong Motor are currently before the full emergence of the Sun. come forward Y400 30 last job selection, such as car name.

Ssangyong official said, "comes from the 2017 Seoul Motor Show, held 30 days Ssangyong Motor will showcase Y400" said "are struggling with the current and three car name, and the last task launch vehicle," he said.

Y400 becomes active as a vehicle representative of the large SUV market with Tivoli, junjunghyeong Korando C SUV in charge responsible for the compact SUV market. If in addition to Q200 (pick-up SUV) is scheduled for release next year, Ssangyong SUV in the lineup this car geupbyeol attack vehicles, including the former mayor to B ~ E segment vehicles equipped pickup truck market.

Maengjinsu Ssangyong Motors marketing chief last January Korando C Conference on the " 'preceded the Tivoli last one will be reborn as a' Fantastic Four 'as SUV strong typified by May the Korando C and with Y400, Q200 (pickup truck) Released" and " Ssangyong, whilst getting the images that the old configuration was a sleek design starting at Tivoli, young people will also capture simultaneously, "he has said.

In addition to the core of the vehicle 'Shoulder Wing Grill also reconstruction of Ssangyong SUV Myeongga. Unlike a conventional vehicle headlamp front end of the shoulder wing grille rises up was first applied in Tivoli. Ssangyong popular side factors, as well as Tivoli, the vehicle performance evaluation that is responsible for a large share of the shoulder wing grille.

Ssangyong official said, "The disadvantage of the magazine said Ssangyong Tivoli whole development as compared to the old car design competition" and "competing vehicles have got a higher response sleek design targeted at the younger generation," he said.

He continued, "is expected to get a high response aimed at young people and families conscious design", "shoulder wing grille Ssangyong former will apply sustainability to the model to start the Korando C was released in January after Tivoli," said he said.

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Gimpo, Paju Ginseng Agricultural Cooperative, net profit exceeded plans

[South Korea Lee, Dong - Kyu financial newspaper reporter] Gimpo, Paju ginseng cooperatives (union president jojaeyeol) has achieved 1.059 billion won thanks to the members and employees unite as last year, net income increased by 157 million won compared to the business plan. The total balance of deposits in credit business grew by 7.2% compared to the previous year (1148 million) to 123.1 billion won, mutual finance loan balance has posted earnings grew 10.1% over the previous year to 75.5 billion won (685 million).

Growing water business 3 billion, charging processing fees rose 6 billion. Although sales decreased consumption of ginseng business of economic projects of 54 million yuan, processing business posted sales performance was 60 billion. Education support project cost has supported 411 million won to 382 million won including agricultural jidobi.

Kimpo Ginseng NACF end of last year, assets totaled 171.4 billion won, capitalization has increased year-on-year to 150 billion.

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Bucheon livestock cooperatives, deposit ratio 1 nyeonsae 7.6%

[South Korea Lee, Dong - Kyu financial newspaper reporter] Bucheon livestock cooperatives (artisanal union president Chung) said he might clinch the credit business, including a remarkable performance in last year's cleanup overdue receivables. Deposit balances grew 10.02 percent year-on-year was recorded at 563.2 billion earnings of 16 million won, mutual finance loan balance has achieved a 21.17 percent year-on-year performance of the enlarged 466.842 billion won. This is Bucheon Livestock clinch the year-on-year grew 7.63 percent of earnings to deposit ratio 82.89%.

Last year, Bucheon Livestock has also achieved 26.3 billion won increase in low-cost, delinquency rate 1.74%. Card business recorded a 460 million won grown 38.8% over the previous year. Another two pillars environment has improved, enforcement activities to strengthen epidemic prevention disinfection, animal husbandry equipment, including timely supply 1.116 billion won a year earlier to 96 million won increased support of education expenses for disease prevention. Bucheon Livestock has achieved a performance of 3.276 billion won a year before deducting tax at fair value through profit or loss.

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Horizon agricultural cooperatives, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock sub-feat

[Korea Financial News Lee, Dong - Kyu News] horizons cooperatives (union president Chong-Moon Lee) was established under starting with the first prize of the 6th industry competition in 2016 in recognition contributed to the increase in Agricultural development and rural incomes horizons cooperatives in 56 years Chong-Moon Lee deacon the agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry He achieved the feat of winning the award for Food.

Last year horizon NACF to promote lending for the credit business income make up to promote business growth through funds expand mutual credit deposits are dwaetgo compared to 3.6% improvement 125.7 billion the previous year (121.369 billion won) to 43 million won, it decreases as the low interest rates mutual Finance loans grew 15.4% compared to the previous year (98.021 billion won). Another executive said a total of 845 million won last year with the support of education expenses for members of income generation and agricultural competitiveness.

Business conditions in 2016 were the same 1 star rating and the previous year. Allowance for doubtful accounts is a record 3.906 billion won jeokripyul was about 160%.

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Amphibian cooperatives, insurance improved 41% YoY

[South Korea Lee, Dong - Kyu financial newspaper reporter] amphibian cooperatives (union president yeowongu) has achieved a year-end compared to 41.02 percent (4.338 billion won) raised 14.9 billion from last year's earnings of 14 million won premium. Withholdings of credit business has grown to 416.925 billion won 9.46 percent compared to the end of the previous year (36.044 billion won), loans 302.241 billion won 9.57 percent (26.396 billion won) compared to the previous year end improved. Insurance card fees and earnings were up 20 billion last year end of 2015 to 19 million won (1.89 billion won) compared to 129 million won.

Delinquency ratio at the end of 2015 also fell by 4.38% to 2.59% 1.79% points last year. To more than 70 years of senior members were veteran members 880 extra welfare passes also available.

Last year, net profit of 2.7 billion amphibian NACF has increased more than 677 million won in 2015 to 27 million won (2.05 billion won).

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Agricultural noon, brisk sound business credit settlement

[South Korea Lee, Dong - Kyu financial newspaper reporter] noon cooperatives (union president jowonho) focuses on risk management last year, it has achieved a healthy settlement of 2.98 billion won.

Last year, a total of 980 billion won deposit has increased by 8.2% yoy, loan credit business sector achieved a total of 1.7812 trillion won to 801.2 billion won during the same period grew by 12.6%. For the insurance business recorded a 17.1 billion won 0.5% YoY.

In economic sales (distribution) business division has posted ₩ 2.554 billion, 2.871 billion won Mart business performance, including a total of 9.468 billion won.

The fertilizer support program in the education sector, pesticides, agricultural materials, such as support (including business chujinbi) (379 million won) a total of 1.326 billion won, including the executive it said.

In addition noon NACF was discharged a total of 25 female college last year, 3280 people groups, were also operating Gateball senior members of the team for health promotion.

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Agricultural water source, deposits exceeded 2 trillion won

[South Korea Lee, Dong - Kyu financial newspaper reporter] Suwon cooperatives (union president yeomgyujong) announced that it has achieved the first 2 trillion won last year, deposits cooperatives nationwide. Last year, deposits in credit business end of the balance of 2 million increase to one trillion 846 ₩ 7,000,000 compared to 132.776 billion won in 2015 to 105.7% was achieved compared to the business plan. In addition, deposits were also average balance was 1.9879 trillion exceeded the business plan by 31 million won.

Mutual credit loan balances increased 1 trillion 440.801 billion won in 2015 compared to 198.846 billion won to 113.4 percent more to achieve business plans. Loans average balance even 1.3091 trillion to ₩ 85 million was also posted premium business plan performance.

Delinquency rate is also the cornerstone of healthy minced closing below 0.57% has achieved a solid business plan objectives. Mart business has increased 564 billion in economic projects ₩ 9.065 billion YoY to 33 million won.

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North Shiheung cooperatives, mutual loans exceeded 500 billion

[South Korea Lee, Dong - Kyu financial newspaper News] North Shiheung cooperatives (union president ryuseonghyeong) is a non clinch the year 9.76% (45.285 billion won), and significant growth in the business sector credit loan balances 509.28 billion won from. Deposit balances were 583.4 billion last year, compared to 34 million won 3.21 percent (18.129 billion won) growth. In economic projects it showed the mart business is 3.735 billion won last year's earnings increased 10 million won. Buying business has posted organic fertilizers, environmentally friendly pesticides, including 126 million won YoY increase business performance of 3.10604 billion won to increased use.

Last year, net income rose to 2.636 billion won in 2015 than the premium. In addition to the delinquency ratio to achieve a clean bank also 0.69%.

North Shiheung NACF supported the 1.2 billion including 92 million won, 23 million won support projects such as training billion in 6540 to buy agricultural materials needed for the production of specialty agriculture, excellent last year.

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Bucheon agricultural cooperatives, banks eighth consecutive clean fulfilled

[South Korea Lee, Dong - Kyu financial newspaper reporter] NACF Bucheon (choemanja union president) has achieved eight consecutive years to clean bank delinquency rate 0.46% last year.

In last year's credit business sector deposits was 5.02% exceeded the previous year (485 million) reap 1 trillion won to 1.0136 trillion won increase in earnings. Loans increased 766.6 billion won beat the performance of the year compared to 3.79% (280 million) in 2015.

To diversify the income structure Bucheon cooperatives were promoted non-interest income including foreign exchange business card, insurance continuously developed.

Economic division, 982 million won, 917 million won sales business, smart business grew 0.72% YoY to 10.4 billion won in earnings in the geodumyeo purchase business. In agricultural education support division it was 729 million won jidobi enforcement, welfare support costs 501 million won, including a total of 1.41 billion won.

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Neungseo cooperatives, the first half of last year's No. 1 overall achievement rating

[South Korea Lee, Dong - Kyu financial newspaper reporter] neungseo cooperatives (union president Lee, Myoung - Ho) announced that it has achieved the first place in the National Assessment Group in the first half year 2016 overall achievement. Total economic sales of the business performance showed a 9.0% growth YoY to 33.013 billion won (30.281 billion won).

Mutual credit is 98.718 billion won average balance of deposits, mutual funds have posted an average financial loans 76.622 billion won.

Neungseo cooperatives last year, gross profit was recorded at 5.816 billion won, operating profit was 1.536 billion won in net income was 823 million won.

To support educational expenses for agricultural materials fee, student union child support, insurance support farmers 'safety, various farmers' union silik reduction projects such as health screening and support, training delegates neungseo cooperatives were enforcing the 720 million won.

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Nanyang Agricultural credit projects 10% growth

[South Korea Lee, Dong - Kyu financial newspaper reporter] Nanyang Agricultural (hongeunsu union president) said, increased 12.5% ​​than the average mutual loan balance 348.219 billion won in last year's credit business in the previous year (309.493 billion won). The average balance of deposits from credit business increased by 9.7% than 4222 billion 2015, 48 million won (₩ 384,875,000,000).

In economic bought 4.1 billion business it grew by 8.4% in 2015 compared to 47 million won (3.827 billion won) as a business. Agricultural Bank of 600 million revenues also increased 6.9% from last year's 661 million won to 18 million won in 2015.

Hanaro Mart business grew to 28.208 billion won 1.4 percent more than in 2015 (27.809 billion won). Economic sales of the business project is 13.071 billion won, was used as a business is 658 million won. Last year, premiums totaled to 9.814 billion won.

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Agricultural gentleman, achieving one trillion won loan healthy

[South Korea Lee, Dong - Kyu financial newspaper reporter] gentleman cooperatives (union president should anbyeong) won the last September mutual credit loans, loans wholesome achieve top 1 trillion won, followed by achieving one trillion won prize June 2013 deposits. This gentleman cooperatives became the first local mutual credit cooperatives have achieved a deposit and loan healthy one trillion won in loans Siheung, Ansan.

Last year, net profit cooperatives is the gentleman had allocated a total of 2.982 billion won, including 4 million won to achieve 5.4 billion invested dividends ₩ 1.452 billion, 1.53 billion won using high dividend, and dividend shares for 1.626 billion won in the project reserves. Mainly focusing on the promotion of members' welfare, agriculture and rural cooperatives was supported by a gentleman such as hwalryeokhwa 3.801 billion won to support education expenses. Anbyeong union president is not "through a variety of projects for leading financial services and regional development will do my best in the leading role as cooperatives," he said.

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Gimpo cooperatives, less than 1% delinquency rate improved

[South Korea Lee, Dong - Kyu financial newspaper reporter] sf cooperatives (union president gimmyeongseop) is to achieve less than 1% delinquency rate through continuous arrears, bad debt management has greatly improved the quality and profitability.

Mutual credit business of banking deposits year-on-year growth was 16.0% compared with 550.1 billion won balance basis. Mutual credit loans grew 4.9% year-on-year to 378.5 billion won based on average balance scale. Through various welfare projects focused on promoting union silik and welfare and to support a total 1.515 billion won to support educational expenses.

Gimpo NACF in the country until the end of November 2016 a comprehensive performance evaluation 3rd, NH cooperatives nationwide No.1 national life, mutual funds clinch the banking deposits worth 500 billion won achieving such phenomenal performance.

Gimmyeongseop union president said that "in 2017 there will try to power the business profitable growth and established Complex for building permits in December last year received Kimpo Agricultural daegye 100 years."

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Hungkuk life and variable annuity to take advantage of our children education funding

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Hungkuk life naenwatda the (non) life Hungkuk our kids (Start-Up) variable annuity insurance "reflects the mind of the parents special affection for children.

This product is available up to the 15-year-old child from the moment of birth and receive a pension after 45 years. Since the investment divided by equity funds and bond funds available to pursue the stability and profitability, and to maintain the stocks and bonds in the Fund's performance depends upon selection by automatically redistributing a percentage.

To invest some of the paid premium in one or more funds ever possible without the fund change fee fund types and fund transfer rate of investment propensity to insurance year based on year for allocating investment gains depending on operating earnings 12 times personalized assets this was to be allocated.

The biggest feature of this product can be received each year for four years, regardless of the 15% of the premium has already been paid after 20 years in the investment that pays 60% of the total education funding. 90% of the payments if the pension insurance guarantee starting point to add up to 120% of the products you can prepare the education and pension funds at a time.

When the parents paid a premium waiver rider would lose the economic power of the fire was an accident or illness to help keep your child's future until the end.

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MetLife, guaranteed death and living at a time

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] MetLife's economy after the active phase has a guaranteed death, retirement has launched the 'Non - par Variable Universal life insurance today "to ensure that funds life recently.

This product is characterized in that the customer can use to switch after retirement, up to a maximum of 90% of the death benefit to the life funds. Life funding payment period can be selected in 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, 10% of the subscription amount paid after the period end financial life is guaranteed to keep death.

This product when high return on investment Variable Universal products that investment in the Fund may be more successful life and death benefit funds. Even if the investment losses is stable because the minimum living guarantee and death benefit funds.

In addition to this product it is also paid basic life and death guarantee fund is characterized by greatly enhancing the health and health care. Through a variety of medical riders when it takes on cancer and stroke, acute myocardial infarction, such as disease or suffer a disaster you can receive support for diagnosis and treatment.

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Shinhan Life Insurance, guarantee assets Up, Down premiums

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong News] Shinhan Life Insurance after a certain time to meet the customer's lifecycle guarantee assets being doubled retired 'that can get prepaid the death benefit to the life fund used as a retirement living Shinhan good living Plus life insurance 'to announced recently.

This product can have a structure in which the death benefit guarantee delays to increase substantially the value, death benefit and the time is from May to around 10 years at 10% of the seminal jam insurance amount per year. For example, if a 40-year-old man to join a death benefit 50 million won, 45 years from the time of the death benefit and death benefit jams each year five million won to 100 million won has increased by 100% after 55 years.

"Plus the cost of living Shinhan good life insurance" will pay the funds from the customer lives within a 10 to 90 percent of the death benefit from the jam after the selected retirement. The death benefit is available with balanced allocation of assets death and retirement assets according to the customer's life cycle because the reduction in proportion to the duration and application rates. Life Funds from 45 years to 90 years, can apply for payment period from five years up to 100 years old.

In addition, has developed into a low-refundable cancellation reflects the churn rate to calculate premiums in order to reduce the burden of premium customers. This is like when jimyeo cancellation refunds paid during the period but less than traditional whole life insurance Standard form of payment period ends, hwangeupryul has the advantage of increasing up to 30%.

In addition, the main guarantee increases to configure (cancer, stroke, acute myocardial infarction, five disease diagnosis, LTC annuity guarantees) riders in the 100-year-old non-renewed maturities type insurance burden is to eliminate old age security was strengthened.

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Mirae Asset Life Insurance, posted lower premiums hwangeupryul

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] to 'the time value of life insurance Mirae Asset Life' is not borne by Mirae Asset Life Insurance is released while receiving the same assurance and traditional life insurance to provide high hwangeupryul and are very popular.

This product was less the premium paid for death bateumyeonseodo ensure the same level of the existing life insurance premiums than the average 20% lower, after the end of insurance premiums paid hwangeupryul raised further. This provision retirement funds can provide a death benefit annuity death benefits and pension finalized by introducing a prepaid option, regardless of market interest rates.

The biggest feature of this product is cheap insurance. Choose low-refundable upon termination, termination within the payment period to reduce the average rebate of 20% to 50% lower premiums instead of death, while providing the same guarantee and existing customers of life insurance premiums were paid less. Configured to be more advantageous to keep to the end than to terminate the insurance in the middle it led to long-term retention of customers, animated nature of life insurance as a life companion.

Low interest rates, to ensure retirement assets in an aging trend also raised hwangeupryul. Choose low-refundable termination after full payment is hwangeupryul grew up to 24% depending on the insurance period has elapsed. Higher amounts provided by hwangeupryul is capable of receiving a pension through the death benefit pension prepayment options. The termination of refunds applicable insured amount of time to apply for one option or partial reductions going to reduce by 4.5% per year 20 years old can be used as assets to pay the pension. This option provides a fixed death benefit and pension regardless of market interest rates, eliminating the burden of having to sign up separately to pensions, can complement the shortcomings of the existing working capital is difficult to obtain life insurance to retirement.

This product helps to maintain until the end of the contract to provide a range of additional benefits. The prime contractor can receive discounts on insurance premiums upon large contract up to 5% of children provides a premium discount to 2%, when applying for a debit up to an additional 8% discount of 1% if you sign up for the parents.

Also, you can receive protection-type insurance tax credit for 12% of paid premiums to the annual insurance premium one million won, and its rider when signing up, cancer, stroke, or myocardial infarction diagnosis is confirmed or disability payment rate of addition of more than 50% disability status when the premiums paid It makes it exempt.

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Hanwha life, variable life insurance market hybrid interlocking rate +

[Reporter Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper - Hanwha Life recently released a "hybrid Hanwha Life variable annuity insurance, variable annuity and insurance industry equipped with the first rate-linked pension products, plus a special agreement on the stability of profitability.

"Hanwha hybrid variable annuity life insurance" is the most effective product in the pension only to raise funds and take advantage of the benefits of variable interest rate linked as a hybrid vehicle is equipped to maximize the fuel efficiency of gasoline engines and electric motors.

In addition to that you can subscribe to two types of goods can be transferred to the pension reserve riders between the prime contractor and variable interest rate linked to interest rates four times a year and it is possible to adjust the portfolio according to the market situation. The riser interest rates increase the proportion of riders to have previous interest rate-linked reserves of the prime contractor, the stock market boom may be seeking to strengthen the profitability of the variable portion of the host contract.

The host contract is divided into a variable annuity pension second period for receiving a stable pension annuity with a first period and disclosures Smart Up interest rate paid funds. Smart Up pension before launch variable annuity, the interest rate-linked pension can be selected or mixed pension can adjust your portfolio for retirement income. If the customer wants to pursue aggressive revenue can be received all around the annuity start earning revenue as a variable, customers want a reliable pension can be received as interest rate-linked pension. Customers want both stability and profitability is by selecting a hybrid.

"Hanwha Life annuity hybrid 'is mounted to the pension guarantee and Step Up function during the first industry's first variable annuity period, but were maximum reliability. Features that guarantee a minimum pension guarantee is 20 years, regardless of the return on investment for the first pension amount after the commencement of the pension. Step Up is the first pension investment rises by 5% and 105% of the original pension at 10 percent, is the ability to pay a minimum guarantee it 110%.

For example it yieoteuna initial pension is $ 10,000, a 11 million won 110% of the initial amount of the pension is paid for the guarantee period since if the first pension annuity with investment rising second year would be raised to 11.5 million won.

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One life, the cause of death Top3 ensure focus

Of the [financial newspaper gimmingyeong Korea News] One Life to ensure focus on the three diseases' (no) happy knowhow Top3 health insurance (protection-type) "This is getting a great response from our customers.

Both men and women with cancer, the cause of heart disease, cerebrovascular disease mortality is three years, according to the 2013 mortality statistics published by the National Statistical Office in 2014, a trend increase in the number of cancer deaths each year as well. As shown in the family and marginal cancer occurs most cite the fact that the burden to the treatment burden, and announced Having some cases leading to cancer patients guardian of professional status also unemployed or leave 2013 National Cancer Institute data, three treatment vs. disease of course, a situation that requires greater guarantees to preserve the income of the treatment. When this occurs once added to ensure the greatest obstacle geupyeogeum and corrosion jindangeum and disaster causing big losses to the household finances and restoring treatment.

(Free) happy knowhow Top3 plus a comprehensive proof of health insurance (protection-type) were able to choose divided into three types of mold health care, temporary payment type, pure-proof suit your needs. Health managers molds monthly payment premiums during the same period and payment period after the premium payment ends with a form that can receive 100% reimbursement in health care funding, month if you pay 10 years by 1 million won after payment shutdown health care funding to survive the payment date October Returns million won for 10 years. In the case of temporary payment type yen after the premium payment is returned when the surviving 20 years have already elapsed premiums paid (temporary funding) to date.

In particular, after the insurance confirmed the diagnosis of three diseases and serious burns and corrosion, or there is a payment exemption when more than 50% disability, paid-exempt if the reason is generated there to receive the health care fund or a temporary fund for future beneficial to customers Do. Pure proof can be assured of great diagnostic and corrosion funding, disaster and disability geupyeogeum three diseases until the end of the period of insurance at an affordable premium.

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KDB Life Insurance, the industry's highest ensure the lowest premiums cancer

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporters - one about cancer insurance will not necessarily be mandatory as all people need to sign up for insurance exaggeration if most of the economic activity for you and your family.

That it is the average lifetime cancer risk of 36%, is the No. 1 disease mortality figures proves the necessity of cancer insurance.

Internet life insurance general life insurance and other recruitment agents relaying the insurance fees and, because indirect costs such as store rents does not in addition to the premiums, compared with general merchandise average about 30% lower 1 ~ 2 million won a charm that can be guaranteed owing to the occurrence of cancer diseases in the level of premiums has recently been in the spotlight around 30-40 young consumers who are familiar with the Internet and smart phones.

KDB Life sold life insurance industry's first internet insurance has specialized strengths in cancer insurance sales from the start.

Designed with low premiums that take advantage of Internet-only product that minimizes the expense of the core benefits of cancer insurance to guarantee payment has been recognized as the best product from the consumer.

KDB direct insurance is there constantly serves as the advanced type of insurance products and the various attempts to play a leading role, in recent years, 'harmless terrain KDB direct that upgrading from one to cancer care best hits products KDB direct insurance cancer insurance in the Internet insurance market launched the "

Existing direct cancer care through if you allow the perfect guarantee designed for cancer diseases commodity compared to the low premiums by 30%, geumbeon introduced harmless terrain direct cancer insurance existing direct cancer care than 20-30% more from the same guarantee being through enabling the design will ensure an affordable price.

In addition, despite lower premiums and enhanced to ensure the high cancer at one billion and 50 million won general cancer diagnosis, breast cancer, male and female reproductive terminal cancer diagnosis 10 million won, the highest level eopge including 5 million won when a small cancer.

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Kyobo Life Insurance, ensuring lower prices, increase CI insurance

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] in the middle of a contraction in consumer confidence and low interest rates, prolonged low growth, Kyobo Life Insurance, Kyobo Premier CI Insurance 'is a new concept CI insurance is also lowered significantly while increasing security contributions than existing products. "Kyobo Premier CI Insurance 'death is guaranteed, as well as to ensure the cancer, stroke, acute myocardial infarction, such as critical illness (CI, Critical Illness) and severe dementia long-term care (LTC, Long TermCare) state lifetime.

This product is characterized by an enlarged significantly added for CI disease associated with high guaranteed broaden the coverage of the host contract than existing products.

CI was first added to the new four serious diseases such as bacterial meningitis, Lou Gehrig's disease, multiple sclerosis. Also classified as critical for thyroid cancer, thyroid cancer, some are bad prognosis of which was excluded from the guarantee for that were included in the coverage.

Microcredit guarantees to ensure minimal space has also expanded coverage of an existing CI. Depending on stroke, diseases such as cerebral infarction occurred the previous step to the CI or CI severe disease associated with high disease nine species can be guaranteed up to 1000 yuan. Depending on climate change will expand the medical definition and diagnostic criteria for the disease to substantially increase the coverage. CI event of accrual line expanded to 80% (standard) and 100% (guarantee enhanced) and had to receive treatment generous funding.

In particular, ensuring enhanced 100% death after prepaid may receive an additional amount of 10% of the subscription. Despite such guarantees, and expand dwaeteumedo premiums fell rather sharply. This product is lowered about 10% to 20% instead earn a premium interest rate disclosures that are guaranteed by the haejuji scheduled termination rate determined in advance rebate.

The cancellation refunds will have to be guaranteed to get more affordable insurance with a focus on life insurance, but may be somewhat less intrinsic feature coverage than traditional methods. The expected interest rate cut by continued low interest rates and the pool is intended to ease the burden on the consumer situation that can only come up with a variety of premium warranty costs.

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Samsung Life 'premium hikes worry-free' health insurance market

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper News] Samsung Life launched cancer, new products to ensure hemorrhage, three major diseases such as acute myocardial infarction, healthy life insurance "has become sensational popularity.

The biggest feature of the new products 'health insurance life' is that it ensures that no premiums continue to moderate hike of up to 100 years guarantee period.

Although the existing health insurance premiums are largely '10 or '15 updates that type product cycle changes, new product is insurance-type products as non-renewal ensures lasting up to 100 years when the first subscription for the guaranteed juboheom. Guaranteed premiums but can also be relatively inexpensive Home Essentials subscription.

For the Home Essentials premiums paid during the termination of refunds does not happen, there are about 20 to 25 percent premium than the general accession has become a feature of cheaper so-called 'no-refund cancellation type "insurance products.

Juboheom 20 million won, a small cancer Rider (Update type), general cancer to join a guarantee period of 100 years will pay 10 million won standard or cerebral hemorrhage, one copy of each of 10 million won with acute myocardial infarction diagnosis separately. For example, if customers receive the additional diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction or stroke, even after receiving 10 million won for gastric cancer diagnosis can be guaranteed by each of 10 million won to 100 years of age diagnosed funds.

However, breast and cervical pays 300 ~ 500 million won, and prostate cancer, borderline tumors, such as cancers into place are paid 60 to 200 million won through a special agreement.

For the guarantee to 80 years died. Three major cases that died without diagnosis of the disease is to pay 20 million won, and even three major diseases diagnosed after death will be paid 1,000 yuan. New 'Healthy Life insurance' may be added in addition to a wide range of riders such as' ensuring long-term care rider, '' three riders disease diagnosis. Payment of the subscription period of the New Age is from 15 years old to 59-year-old insurance may choose to 20 years, 30 years or 80 years.

Samsung Life Insurance said, " 'Healthy life insurance' are three main guarantees diagnostic claims of disease in the non-renewal without premium hikes up to 100 years," said "If you add the Home Essentials designs that can be guaranteed for the major diseases with low premiums caustic non-good product, "he said.

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Kiwoom investment asset management, credit risk decreased 半 senior loans fund

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Kiwoom Investment Asset Management has focused on stable management after the launch of the "Inflation-linked funds and the interest rate of the Year. Lone senior high proportion of investment fund which was launched in they had the previous high credit risk issues. In Kiwoom Asset Management senior investment loans as well as investment fund products presented at least one year of credit risk in the same proportion to the price-indexed government bonds.

This major investment fund that is the subject of senior loans (primarily bank loans) are the banks and financial institutions gotta less than investment grade corporate issuance in senior secured floating rate loans issued to lend funds to the interest rate on the riser income synergies.

In fact, the funds were flowing at about 400 billion won in bank loans during the fourth quarter of last year there was a conspiracy fund Trump presidential election and the US interest rate hikes, according to the Korea Financial Investment Association.

In addition, the price-indexed government bonds are products which is linked to the consumer price index prices rise or lowering investment principal and interest revenue offset the inflationary risks to preserve the real purchasing power of a bond as a structural rise or fall at the same time. Differentiator of the existing bank loan funds and indexed funds and Kiwoom global interest rates is that the right time to invest in senior loans, as well as price-indexed government bonds. Inflation-linked government bonds are characterized by a very low credit risk government bonds issued by the governments. Therefore, higher reliability compared to a bank loan funds invest primarily in below investment grade loans during simultaneous investment firms.

Kiwoom Investment Asset Management Kim, Seong - Hun Marketing Division is "interest rate and price-indexed fund traditional bonds itself as a leader in investment established by Kiwoom investment asset management this year's ambitious initial public offering funds released," he said, "bond yields rise (bond prices) as an investment destination He said that the struggle will be to investors and can be a good alternative investment products "that.

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Korea Investment Trust Management, the asset retirement fund that smart care management

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Comprehensive Asset Management Korea Investment Trust Management recently launched the "Korea Investment funds take care of TDF series. This product is a clever change management investment funds which take care of the proportion of stocks and bonds based on the retirement of the investor. Sign up early is the way to operate reliably yieoganeun increase the debt ratio is high equity ratio, the retirement nears.

Korea Investment Trust Management has conducted a TDF product development for approximately three years starting in 2014 the Investment Solutions division established last year. After a long development period presented its last two 'care fund Korea Investment TDF Series "May 27, consisting of the total in seven funds.

That the proportion of relatively high domestic stocks is considered as the most important feature of the "Korea Investment funds take care of TDF series. Korea Management is designed to enable the domestic equity investment 10% to 20% level in the "Korea Investment funds take care of TDF Series" reflects its investment preferences of investors phenomenon Korea, to cope with currency risk. The characteristic viscosity of collaborative works with foreign asset management companies.

Korea Management has designed this fund with US TDF is a professional asset management Tyre Price (T. Rowe Price). Tyre Price is putting together a long-TDF operational experience on the strategic and tactical asset allocation strategy, Korea Management is responsible for the decisions and operation of funds transfer assets.

To do this, take care fund Korea Investment TDF Series "made Korean glide path (Glide Path, investment proportion path), reflecting changes in interest rates and inflation in the country, such as the life cycle of Koreans themselves. Depending on the glide path is a risk asset allocation for each age shall operate in such a way made.

Korea Investment Trust Management johongrae said "the core of TDF is the asset allocation and rebalancing for the life of Koreans give" and "to the model validation for more than 10 years in the US TDF professional management company combines a long operational know-how in Korea operate only made 'care fund Korea investment TDF series, said it could be a good investment alternatives to investors to prepare a stable retirement. "

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Mirae Asset Global Investments, Premium Dividend Fund, 3-year yields exceeded 25%

And record [Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Mirae Asset Global Premium Dividend Fund is launched in 2012, such as the excellent performance of hybrid funds that exceed a three-year return of 25%. Premium Dividend Fund is a commodity that adds exceeded revenue by selling a call option at the same time seeking a reliable dividend income by investing in domestic blue chip companies and preferred shares gobaedangju.

Mirae Asset Premium Dividend Fund 1 years 14 days based on zero rate of return 7.99%, and yields excellent long-term vision for a three-year return 25.04% (japeondeu basis). The fund will invest primarily in dividend compared to ordinary shares and preference shares with a high dividend payout that pays a high dividend yield. Preferred stock dividend and investment funds that are comprised of domestic blue chip companies shares.

Preferred stocks are a portfolio transfer to the selected company's fundamentals, market capitalization and trading volume, and consider the selection, the dividend yield based on the cash dividend based on a dividend of data between the three-year high. By selling a call option strategies to ensure revenue also exceeded parallel. A higher price level than the exercise price to sell call options is also possible to exceed revenue from premiums fell upon a gentle rise in the spot price of shares or scenarios sideways.

Dec 19 based on asset management, according to the report, the fund is Samsung's preferred shares 12.19%, Shinhan Financial Group 1.96%, SK Telecom, 1.89%, is investing like POSCO 1.84%, by industry are IT 26.54%, finance 14.35%, consumer goods ( non-necessities), 13.68%, and materials industry diversification in various sectors, such as 12.55%, industry 12.45%. The shares mixed funds that invest in both stocks and bonds, stocks By assets 66.90%, 4.70% bonds, and distributed ETF investing, such as collective investment securities 18.08% and so on.

To reflect the diverse nature of the investment fund clients in addition to Standard can join the pension savings tax that may be payable expression and May to pay monthly distributions benefits.

Mirae Asset Global Retail Marketing Sung, Tae - Kyung Division is switched "Mirae dividend premium funds funds continued to generate stable cash flow through interest income Dividend income and bond stocks," said the "investment in the market to invest in cash flow Investors in the products that reflect the needs of the savings that alternative investment products suitable for dry throat customers to lower market interest rates, "he said.

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Samsung Asset Management, Samsung Electronics share 22%, domestic investments only blue chip

The fund's long-term blue chip [Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper News] Samsung Asset Management, it boasts a stable and interoperability for a three-year rate of return 30.47%. This is a fund set up in 2004 to invest only in domestic large-cap fund industry representatives.

While the large-cap funds on the market to incorporate some of the small and mid-caps is operating, the fund will only invest purely market capitalization within the top 100 stocks. Investment strategy is to focus on the well-known blue chip stocks minority knows well than medium-sized stocks do not pursue profit. Looking at the major holdings, Samsung Electronics, which is renewed every day singoga accounts for 21.97 percent share. In addition, Hynix 6.14% IT large caps SK, promising financials 6.03% of KB Financial Group, there are better included Daggers outgoing events, such as Lotte Chemical 5.44% this year, recommended stocks.

Samsung active asset management seobeomjin said, "industry cycle fluctuations and the global economy and investor demand, such as the large-cap stocks to environmental changes that change is relatively stable," he said "to invest only company with the structural ability to grow in selective growth and stability pursue, "he said. Consumer goods companies with strong brands, such as an explanation of the increased market share when you created the existing business model was not to be shuffled actively investing in companies, the recession changed the rules of the market leading company in the booming sector investment.

Standing said, "This year, inflation, rising interest rates, fiscal expansion is expected to be a key variable in the stock market," said "to low dielectric is, the low interest rate era, the end of the top due to excavation companies financial situation is healthy and improve profit investment and there, "he said.

Also fund performance is stable. Managed funds based on the last six months 13.07% 1 year 10.69%, showing a three-year 30.47% rate of return. A maintenance fund is preoccupied class fee 1%, 1.69% and Annual Report can be no redemption fee. B class can Yearbook 2.29%. The commission of 1% applies upon redemption of less than 90 days.

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Amore Pacific Group, and open the end of the year, the second Longshan era '

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Amore Pacific Group, leaving the end of the year, Jung-gu, Seoul Yongsan Signature Tower will be returned to the original nest. Seogyeongbae Amore Pacific Group President to promote the company's rapid growth shortly before the start to tear down the old building, located in Yongsan 2012 ground floor 22 through a flexible, seven-story underground integrate the new building erected. The construction of the new building, such as Amore Pacific is a move to realize the vision years' company won for 2020 for the group, which includes a total of 520 billion won was invested.

This is in accordance with the judgment of the President of that old building standing in the need for the physical enlargement of the company's growth, as well as the company would have been a long time. Will Amore Pacific to return to the end of the Yongsan caught the goals of this year's management policies, like the first (Back To Basics) 'to establish sales of 12 trillion won with an operating margin of 15% by 2020, overseas sales to 50% is also the same context.

The design of the new building took Amore Pacific is a world-class architect David Chipperfield. Building of the new building is composed of 'c' party structures for the sake of implementing nature and hanging space for the circulation of wind and sunshine effectively, as well as 'window' and 'communication'. This nopahjimyeo accessibility between the work area, is expected to be strengthened communication with affiliates.

Also in the new building stands contains a new art museum that contains the spirit of the founder, chairman seoseonghwan fleet. Amore Pacific's old building and the history of the last 40 focused on health and beauty sector and who have developed a global business companies for years, the new Museum is based on the works of art collected by the AP's president seoseonghwan fleet.

The new building of the Museum of Amore Pacific, and the Pacific in 1979 and the museum in the womb, Pacific Museum changed its name in 2009 by Amore Pacific Museum. Museum currently is working as a research and publishing activities across the Museum of Modern Art and antiques.

The new building within the newly designed Museum of antiquities is on display, as well as a new type of exhibition which consists of a blend of tradition and modern, and expand the variety of spaces seem contemporary art exhibition in Korea and abroad.

As well as small and medium-sized facilities with a large auditorium realize the colorful Museum of Education will also be installed The company explained. Open the 'Museum' is a composition in which the public will be the first basement and driveway Museum has linked the public open space and landscape park.

Company officials "inside the building AmorePacific to pursue a harmonious health and beauty of the exterior appearance, as well as substantial up equipped to be able to perform to the social role to be responsible as a leading cultural enterprises," and "work space only employees It said it would be, as well as community and will be positioned as enrich the space with natural resting breath of life to survive to our customers. "

The goal is to complete the new building is a resident of employees coming in December, and Amore Pacific side ahead of this summer completed.

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