Friday, April 7, 2017

Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 Duty Free Zone DF3 yuchal ... Re-bid up to 17 days

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters] are two of the spiral Lotte Duty Free and Shilla Hotel, New World Dieppe, Hanwha Galleria Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 (T2) Duty Free Zone yuchal DF3 bid announced his re-bid.

Receive five days, according to the Incheon International Airport Corporation comes to auction an application of the 17th district DF3 6:00 pm, the bid price plans proceed if the next 18 days from 10 am to 4 pm.

Four companies have all the support zone DF2 bid to handle DF1, alcohol, food and tobacco to sell the perfumes and cosmetics during DF1 ~ DF3 area allocated to large enterprises.

DF3 areas that can sell Fashion Accessories yuchal were no bidders. All include high rents (64.6 billion won), foreign luxury brands to attract a hiatus of four companies are managed as a pool background, including DF3 bid.

There quotient DF4 ~ DF6 area of ​​mid-sized, small businesses were supported by duty-free shops and SM City yen plus Tasman was supported only DF5 area.

IIAC plans to come forward bow 19 days Lotte Duty Free and Shilla Hotel, New World Dieppe, such as Hanwha T2 target for companies participating in the bidding Duty PT. The order reportedly Hanwha and Shilla, Lotte, Shinsegae seasonal.

This review was unlike existing Incheon International Airport Corporation will proceed with the auction alone achieved by the Customs Co.

The primary endpoint is the procedure for selection to the first, second corpus licenses by 60% over the IIA review items of business evaluation of proposals, Ltd., 40% of the rent assessment notice to Customs. After the departure area T2 duty free end operator is selected based on the second evaluation reference of KCS.

Customs such as management ability (500 points), patented Bonded management capability (220 points), social Reduction and win-win cooperative effort level (120 points) and social contribution (120 points), tourism infrastructure, including environmental factors (40 points) 1000 points the final selection will be based out of duty-free operators.

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Gimyonghwan Agricultural Finance Chairman weight on the possibility of reappointment

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] are gimyonghwan silrigo force on the possibility of reappointment Agricultural Financial Holding chairman (photo).

Seven days, according to the financial industry Agricultural Financial Group is open six days a Second Officer Nominating Committee (which is cold) discussed the president-elect elected.

It was the place to determine the final candidates meeting following the first meeting last month on the 15th.

Current Chairman gimyonghwan term kkajida the 28th of this month.

In and around NH Financial Group is carrying the weight of the likely gimyonghwan reappointed as chairman for the first time after the financial cooperatives launched in 2012. Meanwhile, ahead of the cold Lim hamapyeong Dunn yirwoji by senior officials also this time was the center of the atmosphere was calm early election political situation.

Also it gimyonghwan president also won last year's business performance and achieve the shipbuilding and marine reserves also built a large annual basis 320 billion won net profit for the sector non-performing loans.

Just far enough possibilities that did not reappointed case the new candidate even remained still. In the financial industry it has also noted gimbyeongwon Central Chairman of NACF NACF has a financial holding 100% equity.

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Two gyohyeop, regular demand for courses held ... refinery and petrochemical industry outlook

[Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] national Investor Education Council (Chairman hwangyounggi, less investment gyohyeop) is April 12 4:00 pm at the Seoul Yeouido financial investment institute sixth floor Leaders Hall for two hours, "refinery and petrochemical industry outlook." to that topic will hold a regular demand tutorial.

This course will be a financial investment Yun Jaeseong researcher is listed as the instructor explains the low dielectric such as global industry trend of the times, all domestic companies entered a full-fledged forecast earnings cycle, petrochemicals by market conditions and growth strategy.

Courses are free and available to anyone attending the public, and from April 6, and if you apply (limited to 170 people) in a two-gyohyeop website provides presentation materials for participants.

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[Department four years 2017 brand reputation - Lotte, Shinsegae and Hyundai Department Store Net

Above this [financial newspaper sinmijin Korea News] April Shinsegae department store brand reputation survey in 2017 1, was analyzed Lotte Department Store 2nd, Hyundai Department Store to third.

Korea Corporate Reputation Institute analyzed the brand Big Data 5,192,213 from last March 5 to target the six domestic department store on April 6 were analyzed for brand engagement and reputation of consumers. When compared to last March 5181133 Dog and department store brands Big Data decreased 10.65%.

Samsung Q1 youngeopik 9.9 trillion won

Announced [Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporters - Consolidated sales for the Samsung 50 trillion won, operating profit of the first quarter 2017 preliminary results of the 9.9 trillion won.

For the first quarter the previous year's 6.24 percent sales decline, operating profit grew by 7.38%, year-on-year sales growth was 0.44% and an operating profit of 48.2%.

Interim results will be provided in terms of helping the convenience of investors, the result of estimates in accordance with Korea International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the settlement has not yet been terminated.

Samsung in July 2009, provides quarterly earnings forecast first domestic company and to allow the judge investors for more accurate performance prediction and corporate value by providing a basis information on the global standard by applying 先 to IFRS 2010 etc. has been enhanced shareholder value.

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One day, Bank of Yokohama conference next month

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - commercial Bank of Korea and Japan have agreed to discuss financial cooperation in Japan next month.

According to the 7th President of the Union Bank financial market Bank of Japan and South Korea have opened a 'one day bankers conference' in Yokohama, Japan on May 8.

This is the first time the Bank of chief executive officer (CEO) of Korea and Japan gathered to open the conference.

Including the Bank of Korea in the hayounggu Union Chairman (photo), and Yun Jonggyu KB Financial Group President and KB Kookmin Bank, Shinhan Bank wiseongho, one hamyoungju KEB Bank to attend.

In Japan, attendance, etc. Tama Takashi Oya President of the National Union Bank and Mizuho Bank Tetsuo Aunt Lee, Takashi car Makoto Mitsui Bank.

The meeting was arranged to hayounggu President proposed to Oya Tama president. The two bankers are expected to discuss the financial cooperation of the private sector amid a diplomatic infarction.

Meanwhile, the domestic market hayounggu president and CEO will attend the 50th Asian Development Bank (ADB) Annual Meeting held in Yokohama next month, 4-7 days prior to the meeting.

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Property P2P loops funding, lowered the minimum investment amount of 100,000 won

[Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] Real P2P loops funding is the minimum amount of investment criteria from the 3rd revised down to 100,000 won from 500,000 won Existing announced on the 7th.

Funding platform loop is a provider of products movables, real estate collateral type crowdfunding.

According to the data loop, funding amounts to invest more than 1 million won per invested share thing was the small investors increased by 2.3% points from 47.4% in 2016 to 49.7% the first quarter of 2017. While 301 ~ 500 manwon investment ratio is 1.5 percentage points, 501 ~ 1000 manwon 2.6% points, 1001 ~ 3000 manwon 0.8 percent reduction and high investment ratio is reduced aspect.

Loop Funding official "P2P finance started receiving a lot of attention last year, thus increasing the public awareness As seems to be the case that the result is a young rookie investors to invest in small communities increased," he said.

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KEB, Hana Bank, 'KEB pay a Samsung service' implementation

Conducted in partnership with the announced [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] KEB, Hana Bank (Bank hamyoungju) Samsung Electronics' KEB pay a Samsung Service "from the 6th.

'KEB pay a Samsung Service "if only smartphone that Samsung support page without card or bank account is an ATM withdrawal transactions and account history lookup services available through Samsung Apps page.

If you register your account through a process such as fingerprints and transaction password, and sign registration page at Samsung Apps it is available immediately. Available as a free account you opened your bank account at one bank KEB, it is possible to register up to 10.

If after entering the select one of the accounts registered with the Samsung pay app, account and password chulgeumaek (via one of the fingerprint, transaction password authentication) contacting a smart phone to an ATM withdrawal transaction is performed. Withdrawal limit is up to 30 per million yuan, one day cumulative 300,000 won.

KEB, Hana Bank official said, "the Bank is already a mobile banking app (1Q Bank) created a certification number on, has provided a possible 'mobile account services, instant cash withdrawals from an ATM or branch," he said. "One here KEB Samsung pay services will add further improved the ease of use of the guests to, "he said.

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Release P2P Ernest financial funds, 11.19 percent annual return on the portfolio

The release of [Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] P2P finance company Ernest funds estimated revenue 11.19% Portfolio investments No. 15 at 10 am 7 days.

Portfolio of a large number of individual bonds in one P2P products tied to how to invest automatically distributed, and financial products higher yields and lower the risk of delinquency.

Ernest Fund Portfolio No. 15 is comprised of 120 individual cases of credit bonds worth a total of 1.725 billion won. 18 months goes to principal and interest equal repayment method of receiving a regular monthly principal and interest income accordingly. It is also possible to invest in 10,000 won units from a minimum of 100,000 won up to one billion. Expected default risk is the 0.48%.

In order to invest it is when you transfer your investments to your deposit account issued after Ernest received funds Main Register.

There is also provided, and additional tax benefits. Two won gotta unit tax cut of up to 130,000 won investment can get the tax effect of the "tax 0 won. In addition, it proceeds also "acquaintances like event" that can receive up to 100,000 won depending on the investment upon Leeward investment with acquaintances.

Seo Sanghun Ernest Fund representatives' portfolio of products after yield and reliability, the second half of 2015 with two catch all the rabbits product began was to meet the 15 per car per month and steady release until now, he said, "steadily upgraded the credit rating models over the last two years continue to come as it said it will strive to ensure we offer better loan services and investment products.

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Urban areas apartment prices, "Gangnam four inversions, but chasing bunch maeseopda"

Going along steadily [Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter: "The urban area apartment reversing the Gangnam apartment but a bunch. More than 1 billion won deal Gyeonghuigung Xi sadaemun in urban areas is to predict the future price rise apartments. "

Gwonil Real Estate Information Research Team is saying should pay attention to early July this year, the price of apartments in Seoul urban areas were expected Tuesday. Urban areas refers to the seven, nine, etc. gu, Mapo, Seodaemun-gu, Yongsan-gu, Jongno-gu.

As the February start moving in on Gyonam-dong, Jongno-gu, Gyeonghuigung Xi Apartment private area 84㎡ trading in more than 1 billion won exceeded 3000 per 3.3㎡ million. This is a level beyond the average apartment Songpa (over 2,400 million), a level close to the average apartment in Seocho-gu (3,300 million yuan).

In Seoul, the government distinguishes the average sale price per apartment 3.3㎡ of KB Kookmin Bank Borough of higher than average prices in Seoul Gangnam except four urban areas of Seoul and a lot of areas. Among the nine boroughs higher than the average price in Seoul (1904 million) is the fourth opening except Gangnam 4 phrases Yangcheon urban areas. Yongsan-gu in the urban area of ​​24.35 million won a similar level Songpa (2492 households).

According to the Real Estate Information quantities scheduled for pre-sale to urban areas in Seoul from April to the end of the year it was counted a total of 3,657 households. This is a 10.4% increase in level than after the 2013 Furniture 3620 pre-sale levels beyond 3600 households in five years, and last year (3,312 units).

The pre-sale through maintenance projects such as the redevelopment of nature, mainly pre-sale market in Seoul is a lot. Here are the main pre-sale of apartments in Seoul urban areas.

Daelim Seongdong - Gu Ttukseom District Unit Plan Special Plan 3 to 5 pre-sale around the 'arc of Seoul Forest, the area consists of medium and large private and penthouses with up to 49 layers 91 ~ 273㎡, a total of 280 household size in the district. The apartment is a complex composition that together business, sales, cultural meeting facilities.

Hyosung hangangro 3 Yongsan International Building around 4 to 5 zones around the pre-sale only area 92 ~ 237㎡, building a residential complex of apartments total 1140 household size double approximately 700 households (Yongsan District 4).

GS E & Redevelopment Area 3 Yeomni-dong, Mapo-gu, Mapo Grand yeomri to build a private area of ​​Chiayi 42 ~ 114㎡, a total of 1,671 family size. Dual 436 Furniture and 6 pre-sale period.

The HEC Bugahyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, bukahhyeon 1-1 redevelop the area to build a dedicated area bukahhyeon Hill State 37 ~ 119㎡, a total of 1,226 family size. Dual 346 Furniture and 6 pre-sale period.

Samsung C & T Namgajwa-dong, Seodaemun-gu, lobster cry to the redevelopment of Newtown District 5 building a dedicated area of ​​59 ~ 114㎡, a total of 997 households and 513 households double the pre-sale in November.

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Termination of life insurance customers increased in the recession

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporters] found that the size of the rebate cancellation insurance last year recorded a record high. As the recession would prolong it became a household economy Fak increased to a cancellation insurance consumers.

According to the Life Insurance Association of cancellation refunds last year, life insurance companies have paid to customers was found to be up to 20.0117 trillion won.

Revocation refund amount that is returned if the customer terminates the contract prior to the maturity of insurance products. Insurance can usually have longer maturities than any other financial product class households pay for premiums paid.

Cancellation refunds was maintained for 12 trillion has increased dramatically in 17.788 trillion won in 2008. Then repeat the ascending and descending it had exceeded 17.127 trillion won in 2014, 18.465 trillion won in 2015.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service, the principal subscriber losses are wearing the insurance is terminated midway the record 20.2 trillion won in 2015 increased by 32% compared with 2010. Last year, more increases are estimated at about 2.5 trillion won. Premiums than surrender value ratio also hit the highest since the third quarter of 2012 to 19.44 percent last year.

Lee Seokho, senior Korea Institute of Finance researcher, is expected to increase in the insurance contract termination of income to the economic downturn, and intellectual and 'premium payments suspend such effective and maintain realistic agreement than to actively promote existing insurance contracts, maintain institutions while It said it would need to seek additional institutions.

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Shilla Duty Free, "May Golden Week Super Pass until next month on the 7th event

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] is coming on the 29th May 1 Labor Day on Saturday, three days a stepping stone 'Golden Week', leading the date of Buddha's Birthday, 5th child begins.

The Shilla Duty Free in there getting ready to welcome the outbound customers, to prepare the reserve, discount coupons, pre-paid gift card benefits, etc. express said seven days.

Shilla Duty Free presents a free gift with reserve up to 80,000 won through the "Super Golden Week Pass for the event next month 7 days.

23 Golden Week period, on a first come, first served basis 20,000 people limit of the purchase of more than $ 150 until the day (April 24-May 7) 37,000 won reserves and Baskin which can be used for Robbins consisting of ice cream Gifticon 'Express Limited Gold Pack' and the presentation.

When the addition register the ID of acquaintance presented the reserves of each 4,000 won and prepare for when registering a more than $ 400 acquaintances and combined purchase price "and beat the Shopping Golden Bell 'to add receive a 210,000 won culture vouchers every event did.

"Open the golden box" to present the past year reserve up to 5,000 won to the US purchase of an event proceeds.

Targeting customers opt for mobile app push notification is 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 only three hours' Catch the golden time "to get a reserve of up to 30,000 won twice, while the event is in progress.

Along with Shilla Duty Free is the Golden Week will be celebrated with much effort goes beyond the long hours to enjoy unlimited leaves to capture the hearts of our customers 'help dissipate jam' gift vouchers for events in everyday life.

Using the wealth is "squandering jam, eliminating the neologism created by combining the abbreviation 'Jam', which means 'squandered' and fun, a term of the recent young people looking for fun through minor spending.

"Devotes helpful Jam 'coupons can receive duty-free Member Anyone Silla download from the official website and mobile app from the 10th Seoul that the IIA points in 18 days from 6 discount on the monthly 10,000 won purchase of $ 30 up to 7 days can.

Also it comes in Facebook and Instagram, which runs from May 7 to Shilla Duty Free 'help dissipate jam' through a lottery to target customers who share a presentation ceremony Galaxy Coupon S8 (1 person), Joe Malone perfume 100㎖ (2 people), presents the like lipstick Yves Saint Laurent (4 patients).

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KGC Ginseng Corp., acquired Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] had KGC Ginseng has acquired "information security management system (ISMS) 'authentication' jeonggwanjang operating online mall" division announced seven days.

ISMS certification system is that companies systematically establish an information security management procedures and measures to protect key information assets, and it continued to evaluate whether the overall operation and management to certification.

The future creation Sciences and Management and the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) authentication can be undergo an examination on 104 criteria based on information APPLICABLE LAW Network Act. Three years from the effective date of certification and must undergo an annual surveillance audit.

KGC Ginseng official "information could get a protection related a dedicated team conducted a wide range of complementary activities, results ISMS certification" and "the future to be able to receive customers more reliable privacy using the 'jeonggwanjang Online Mall expect, "he said.

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Progress NH Investment & Securities in Yeouido Spring Flower Festival Mia prevention campaign

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] NH Investment & Securities pyeolchindago Mia prevention campaign comes from the 13th Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival is held on the 7th to 9th he said.

The base has an anti-Mia bracelet name and contact details of guardian made of special rubber to help ensure that employees are not lost during the period occurred in the crowded festival filled with children wrist. Including a 5000 bracelet presents a balloon 10,000 and tumbler.

It is famous for the 13th Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival will be driven each year millions of people in the crowds typical range of about 1.7km to the festival from Sogang Bridge to the southern tip of each other behind the Capitol Yeoui to be held in Seoul.

NH Investment & Securities employee volunteers "handing cute characters carved dinosaur bracelets gave was not only the children like and variegated balloons are the children also like adults" and "spring without people enjoying family and Spring Flower Festival Mia buy worries aura We hope to help you enjoy, "he said.

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Samsung Life, "who love Serotonin Drum Club 'contribution through CSR

Out of [Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong News] Samsung Life Insurance and the corporation 'serotonin culture' is the 6th Women and Family Affairs Minister gangeunhui from Samsung Finance Campus is located in Seocho-gu, Seoul, yisihyeong (four), serotonin Cultural Institute, Kim Changsu of Samsung Life president, etc. attended ' 2017 people love serotonin drum club held a "changdansik.

"People love Serotonin Drum Club is a social contribution program began in Samsung Life Insurance purposes to helping the sentiment purify and healthy growth of young people from 2011 through percussion pounding drums. Since the drum club founded in 2011, 42 middle schools and 230 middle schools across the country operating the drum club.

In particular, people love Serotonin Drum Club "is its significance is more extraordinary is evaluated due to the 'Employee Heart Fund to voluntary contributions in mind that rooting your Samsung Life employees in juvenile resources.

Ceremony was newly established by 22 the middle of the principal of the junior high school, parents, 200 people attended, including students △ drum club founded certificate and plaque ceremony, △ shows the battered team to celebrate the founding, △ delivered a donation of Samsung Life employees this year certificate presentation ceremony was decorated with sponsorship and more.

This year was a lot of followers gotta continue with the drum club from college students to seniors 'Interactive Mentor' program share experiences and activities, such as attending a mentor to support the juniors.

In addition, Samsung Life to hold a "Mentor Day ', a variety of events throughout the year including one year' Drum Club Festival gyeonjwo see each other hard, practicing skills while helping the youth club career exploration of the drum and plan activation of the drum club.

It said Kim Changsu 'to Sanya paved the passion and energy felt to knock on the North expect to go young people make a big dream' Samsung Life President through the day, stalls and "We will assist to grow to their youth become leaders of society bright and healthy." He said.

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LGU + website, suspend service for renovation

Suspend [Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] the service temporarily for the renovated official website of LG U +.

LG U + announced on the 7th that the service provided to the official website to increase customer convenience, the 8th from 9 pm 9 am to 9 pm stopped temporarily.

LG U + is expected, showcase a new website to customers as a service to finish restructuring operations within eight days from 9 pm 9 am to 9 pm for 12 hours. Even if the reform delays 10 am to 9 pm and is planning to open a new website.

Even within the home service work it can be used without inconvenience to customers, such as U + Center application (app).

Charges and usage queries, LG U + desired various applications / modify customers can access through U + Customer Center app. Movie Ticketing services are also available, such as membership receive free membership to U + App.

In particular, Samsung's premium smartphone Galaxy S8 'reservation, the application can be connected via a dedicated website. Customers access the website during work hours even if you click the "Galaxy S8 booking sign up shortcut on the main screen will be immediately connected to a dedicated site.

LG U + has said it "plans to continue to improve so that customers can more easily access the website."

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One life, 'Bazaar' employees donated goods to the neighbors sets out practical

[Gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter Korea - one life is donated to recycling social enterprise of 'Beautiful Store' total 700 points in the 'one life together with a beautiful exhibition held in.

The exhibition is held in the beautiful shops of Anguk dwaeteumyeo points including the first store gwonohhun one life representatives, employees were sold cheaply by the books, clothing, small appliances, baby supplies donated. Proceeds from the sale will be used for the emotional support of marginalized children.

Gwonohhun representatives of one of life attended the exhibition, said that "We are pleased to participate in the event, also this sense, following the last year" and "Plan all proceed with the warm social contribution activities continued to make a happy society."

Bakjaein future business with goods contributed the most to the organization's volunteer group in the one planning this event, "plus one" in one life was selected as a "beautiful king donated" by the beautiful shops chapter

Called "seems to have been a good opportunity to see around Through this event," and "environmental protection through recycling of resources, and above all I, I have one item is useful to anyone who donate seems to be significant." said a comment.

"Beautiful Exhibition 'is a beautiful shop and businesses together events to sell the goods by the Products or employees of the company donated to the event to support the activities of public interest in the proceeds. One life was passing additional funding of 3 million won with donated goods.

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DSME further support the inner limb

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] it seems to have a 360-degree debt restructuring Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Add to whether it supports the premise fits an important turning point in the next week.

Seven days, according to the financial industry, Daewoo shareholder and main creditor bank, Korea Development Bank and the scanning side of the Shipbuilding reportedly come to hold the 10th National Pension Service, Korea Post, including institutional investors presentations.

Daewoo pension holding the Korean corporate bonds 30% (390 billion won) did not make a conclusion on whether the July 31, held a twice Investment Board 5 twelve months, but financial, corporate questioned by Daewoo Shipbuilding and structures for such continuity adjustments acceptance.

Prior gotta have the debt restructuring of the stakeholders in the premise, according to additional support presented by the financial authorities last month. The commercial banks, sachaegwonja, and Article 2 should be all three requirements of lexical scanning line trying to meet through the national bank, Industrial Bank and the Export-Import Bank of 900 billion won-scale new funds are committed. Otherwise, it plans to plunge in the 'pre-packaged Plan (P Plan) "combines the court and workout.

Daewoo Shipbuilding union additional return was determined to wage blue-collar and white-collar employees subject to 10%.

Commercial banks will also soon submit a Letter of Commitment for the government support measures to the banking industry. Industrial Bank has decided to lower the interest rate to be permanent while the Export-Import Bank purchases equity in accordance with the requirements of commercial banks from 3% to 1%.

The last two are sachaegwonja such pension. Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering sachaegwonja rally next month, 17 to 18 held five times a two-day total of 1.35 trillion won debt-for-equity swap scale corporate bonds 50%, and the remaining maturity dates of three years extended agenda.

The last six point the sachaegwonja rally ahead about ten days imjongryong Finance Chairman since scheduled an agreement of commercial banks dwaetgo have previously met with reporters Daewoo labor and management agreed shipbuilding in the 16th pin Tech Demo Day to attend the day held in Yeouido, 63 Building the final success or failure is determined and emphasized that "there sachaegwonja, especially institutional investors have.

Imjongryong chairman, and hoping to well finish the autonomous restructuring currently in progress, but not the P plan is inevitable, if not 'saying' Development Bank, Export-Import Bank of Korea, Daewoo ready Shipbuilding If you are preparing a P plan was virtually finished, and said.

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Spun crown confectionery ... 11 days re-listed securities market

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporters] are listed on the Korea Stock Exchange on the 11th of securities markets comes the sovereignty of the new spin-off company, Crown Confectionery.

Crown Confectionery is a new entity to partition the human food manufacturing businesses such as cake, bread and confectionery crowns (divided before the company) a company carrying on other food manufacturers. Common shares (A264900) and preferred shares (A26490K) that will be re-listed, respectively.

Crown is the largest shareholder of the confectionery into the dura food and other six (51.9% including preferred shares) is split from the former Crown Confectionery split into existence the company Haitai Crown Holdings, the new company Crown Confectionery. Placement of shares per share ratio is split Crown Haitai Holdings 1 0.66003, 0.33997 Crown Confectionery is one.

Exchange official "beginning of the Crown sovereignty confectionery is determined by the price that the bid price and the ask price conforms to the call is received between 50 to 200% of the price evaluation of the net asset value of the current re-listed stocks traded date of application" and "The sichoga the prices are based on the applicable price of jehanpok down 30 percent, "he said.

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SK Networks Walker, 2017 National Destination Hotels & Resorts Brand Prize

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] "Walker, who runs the Vista Grande Walkerhill Seoul Walkerhill Seoul was named the 2017 National Destination Hotels & Resorts brand Prize.

Walker has received excellent scores in the online consumer survey on brand awareness and representation, satisfaction, loyalty, and global competitiveness, a comprehensive brand favorability topped.

'Grande Walkerhill Seoul, surrounded by Han River and Acha is a space to relax and banquets, the best service of entertainment, leisure and hotels in nature, the city is supplied with it. Eight Korean to deliver the best taste with a total 551 rooms and distinctive storytelling services, is equipped with Chinese and Western restaurants, a bakery shop.

Spring blossom, recorded in the summer, the autumn leaves, famous as four distinct seasons you can enjoy both the snow of winter, and river views unfolding outdoor pool, River Park and for camping zone, children can enjoy the exotic camping experience It is equipped with various facilities including a kids club.

Newly born-again two months' Vista Walkerhill Seoul is the place to go to create a future in harmony with nature and people. Through the ancient trees in the lobby preaching the nature-friendly atmosphere, and showcase the dramatic spatial harmony and technology, we propose a new lifestyle.

During a frightening SK Networks Walker oversees "This 2017 will try to awareness and enhance the global competitiveness of the Walker newly Sanya springboard for national brands Award celebrated the change," he said, "At the same time convey the Walker inherent natural and impressive services in the nature perfectly I will work hard to become the best resorts in the city, "said a comment.

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[Liquor, food alone], Hite Jinro Lotte Liquor, Pulmuone 外 Dongwon F & B ·

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] △ had Hite Jinro support the 'dew toktok' shooting Makeover and profile photo on the first anniversary released to the right of Seoul Single Parent Family Support Center for Women. The event will raise dwaeteumyeo to encourage participation of women entering self-esteem enhancement and social progress it was a 'feel good balgeure "Concept of the dew toktok. Participants who were passing the pink box that contained the dew including Hite Jinro provided toktok, cosmetics, women supplies.

△ to Lotte Liquor collaboration with the "King Shepherd Pictures' Real Madrid writer for Workers showcase the label sticker events. Label stickers found has put the workers were pleasant episodes experienced in everyday life. Hongdae, Sangam, is conducted by the Bangi-dong dense commercial areas such as office workers, when attached to a bottle of soju can be collections of unique, just like the first time.

△ The Dongwon F & B to release the fatigue beverages' mobilization euratcha car. New is the tea beverage containing a known marker (maca) and the strength of the recovery medicinal extract of mixed bisuri to be helpful in promoting immunity and improve stamina for the first time in Korea. Also known as taurine in the exceptional restoration and liver hangover are contained 2000mg. The capacity is 410ml, the price is 1,800 won.

△ Pulmuone Health unveiled ganpyeonsik 'Bear muesli. New product is a domestic cereal mixed rice, barley, wheat grain and Winnie the shape of the grains, cranberries, plus the pleasure of nutrition. White sugar instead of using "crude sugar, heat is characterized by a sweetness while implementing decrease. Capacity is 300g and the price is 7,750 won.

△ Our Home is recruiting an official university Supporters' Our Home Edition "6 to 19 days. Our Home Edition unfolds promotional activities, and to experience directly creating online content · SNS various issues of Our Home, including new releases and Restaurants new chapter opened. In particular, this 6th Beginning is scheduled to be released through Naver and YouTube channel Our Home TV New Year activities choewoosuja five people who will provide adoption benefits, such as Our Home joining support during document screening immunity.

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Loss limit ETN, an average 40 million georaegeum ... Still a long way away

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] The turnover of the last month on the 27th of securities traded on a loss limit public debt market indices (ETN) showed that less than when first introduced in 2014. I replaced the stock price expectation be linked securities (ELS) goal, but the initial market entry is not easy appearance.

7 According to the Korea Exchange Limited ETN losses after the listing until the last four trading days of July sales will total 27,409, mainly trading volume has achieved a total of 280 million won. By being among the stocks it totaled call-foot spread type of products are mainly deal in the put spread-type products of NH Investment & Securities recorded first place in 130 million won. Spread the foot-shaped structure that is the product price paid haraksi income is the minimum redemption price is 9,800 won. Limited ETN loss is caused even if the market situation variables can be more than 70% of the principal amount.

Has issued a total of 15 events on seven brokerage revenue structure from the current four to seven billion won each scale. 4 Samsung Securities and Mirae Asset is a four treatments, four NH Investment & Securities, Korea Investment & Securities 3 and so on.

The maximum loss is limited to a certain level, while the motto that gives investors expect a higher return than deposit rate stable investment vehicle. When possible intraday real-time marketing whilst ELS OTC midway repurchase expectation was expected to be a new alternative for investors who pay higher fees.

But jeongjak I open the lid flat is less than expected. QV K200 P-SP 1804-01 ETN, Samsung K200 Call 1803-01 ETN, except for Mirae Asset K200 C-SP 1803-02 ETN total turnover 40 million won is also a situation should not. There also should not deal at all events. The brand name comes cadastral unfamiliar and difficult.

Average daily trading volume during 2014 was 110 million won, considering what line to the 1/3 level.

The exchange said that "in a hall of OTC products kinks ELS, suitable for long-term investment," he said, saying "however, transactions compared to sales-type products such as long-term investments will not be large-scale nature of the stock."

Also he explained that "lack of awareness and empathy," said, "I will strengthen the marketing."

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Eau de Perfume Able C & C Love, the new "eau de parfum" released

That is Love [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters - five professional brand of perfume to Able C & C launched a new product "Eau de Parfum" Item 5 says seven days.

Eau de Parfum is a perfume series Love Oh to express the emotion of love fragrance. Yet like a product that is right for release in spring sweet based on flowers and fruit, soft, Wu was composed of a devilish sense of the product. Both the capacity of the new product is 5 30ml, the price is 23,000 won.

Oh, to love is to ipjeom 'byutinet' editorial Shop Able C & C stores with new product launches. Love is the product of five to a total of 10 items can be purchased at byutinet Daehakro first store and Myeong second store, including existing products.

Only 100 people Philharmonic to commemorate the launch of new products recruitment events are also conducted. Oh, you can apply through the website and love for the new Eau de Toilette miniature 5 paper is presented a selection of 100 persons. If you register after using the miniature five to review such website or SNS Love it can be given gift.

Lee Seongmi five to Love Team is "a lot of people to be comfortable and beautiful. Oh made a special flavor of love just like that," he said, "we will continue to strengthen its influence in the perfume market by increasing the product line and distribution channels."

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Samsung Card, Seoul National University concluded, artificial intelligence utilizing industry-academia joint research agreement

Tighten the artificial intelligence utilizing industry-academia joint research agreement with the [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Seoul National University Samsung Card.

Samsung Card has signed an Academic Agreement for 'a pragmatic collaboration artificial intelligence' at Seoul National University said in the last six days seven days. To conclude this agreement, both organizations have agreed to cooperate to mutual advantage for joint research and the results for such personalized marketing model developed utilizing artificial intelligence (AI).

One advantage of the latest artificial intelligence techniques and a vast amount of big data and Seoul National University, which holds Samsung Card holds a model development is the main objective.

Heo Jaeyoung Samsung Card Big Data Institute chapter "big data, when combined with the credit card company recently being actively researched artificial intelligence techniques should expect to be able to provide customized products and services," he said.

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Seoul Milk, the world's largest oil factory "Yangzhou integrate the new plant, the first 13 days shovel

[Reporter Korea sinmijin financial newspaper] it announced that the 7th Seoul Milk progress the groundbreaking ceremony for the 13th expansion, integrating new factory in Yangzhou.

Yangzhou integrate the new plant was to promote the integration of previously existing Yangzhou, Yong factory with a long-awaited project of Seoul milk. It plans to start a groundbreaking ceremony to complete the site development by December 2017 and finishing in September 2020. Completion of May.

New plant stands contains a flexible architecture and office building, Factories, warehouses total floor area of ​​60,000 dong including 2747㎡ a total of 190,000 Lot 4770㎡ Seoul Milk Industrial Complex, located in Yangju, Gyeonggi-do. Construction and equipment investments amounted to about 300 billion won.

The new factory in Yangzhou integrated milk 200ml criteria, and one can produce up to five million dogs and is capable of producing more than 70 items, dairy milk, processed milk, milk powder, butter, etc. within a single plant world's largest comprehensive oil factory.

Seoul Milk is planning to implement eco-friendly plant by introducing a site development and high efficiency facilities considering the harmony with the surrounding natural environment, smart factories to the production and shipping of crude oil combines IT skills by introducing the tray system in the whole process It plans to operate.

Seoul Milk will also be expected to bring about 800 people to the new employment effects contribute to community development in conjunction with the local tourism management program for factory tour and experience facility 6th industries and explained.

Seoul Milk Song Yongheon union president said that "Seoul Milk will be presenting a role model for the top spot will harden the domestic milk market through one integrated Yangzhou new plant further new history of domestic dairy industry and oil plants".

In this there is a ground-breaking ceremony will be conducted among a representative 1,000 people, including Seoul Milk Song Yongheon union president, Lee Seongho liquor market attention.

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MG community credit cooperatives, 03 college journalists ceremony held Blogs

Hold the [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] The 03 university students Reporters Blog ceremony MG community credit.

Korea Federation of Community Credit announced that the 7th place in the last six days, Samseong-dong, Seoul, community credit cooperatives 'MG 03 Blog Community Credit Students Journalists' ceremony in the Central Hall.

The 3rd corps was composed of 20 university students with an interest in finance, economy and planning content. Start the ceremony to participate in various activities such as workshops provided for activities and capacity strengthening journalists to inform the MG community credit so far this year in December. In particular, journalists have become a role to inform the MG community credit through personal blogs and community credit cooperatives MG blog to plan the content contained on a monthly individual, the personality of students in each team.

Gimseongsam credit deduction CEO "is expected jigil Community Credit tell a lot more through the passionate work of the university community credit MG 03 journalists blog and I hope it helps a little bit corps activities for students to experience growth," he said.

MG Community Credit Blog university press corps has been operated since 2015 to inform the MG familiar community credit according to the eye level of young people based on the online channel.

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A financial investment, VIP invitations Spring Asset Management Seminar

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporters - a financial investment by inviting the past six days and PB Financial Group, one of the VIP hall in Yeouido headquarters in unison guests that held the asset management seminars announced seven days.

The Yeouido Spring Flower Festival prepared according to the concept of property management in spring picnic seminar '2017 Spring, Spring plump! It was conducted titled assets plump! "Led a variety of ways to seek profits at low interest rates, low growth era with a description of the foreign currency assets and real estate investments while filled the auditorium with more than 400 guests.

Park Seokhun seminar started with the greeting of a financial investment vice president gimsangman asset analysis of a financial investment research center in the first part the theme of "Introducing the foreign currency assets' implementation and gimdueon Research Fellow, economic and global overseas promising countries and emerging was described in the asset allocation was guided Son Eunjeong a variety of ways to invest in dollar assets, a senior researcher.

In Part 2, we present the 'real estate this year so!' Theme KEB, Hana Bank Real Estate Advisory Center in Lee Donghyeon Center Zhang 2017 real estate market outlook and investment strategy with that. Also it operates a financial investment KEB and Hana Bank's consultation booth joint seminars and round hetda immediately respond to customers inquiries.

KEB, Hana Bank VIP guests of the Gold Club participated in the seminar "were attending a spring picnic in a spiral heart elsewhere were to get a lot of useful information that can not be achieved," he said explained in "More about the overseas investment has become a recent topic to be able to listen to the portfolio was a big help, "he evaluated.

In addition, Zhengzhou right one financial investment marketing general manager. "The event is conducted by KEB, Hana Bank and collaboration, was a good opportunity to show the power of Hana Financial Group VIP wealth management and global investment strategies," he said. "A lot of interest from participants and express our deep appreciation to the enthusiastic response, "he said.

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Hyundai Development Company, donated 82 million won salary employees gathered kkeutjeon

Has contributed to the [South Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] modern industrial development kkeutjeon mogeumaek 8200 W Save the Children (Save The Children) 10,000 won on the day the employee salary right from the World Health announced seven days.

Hyundai Development had collected an amount less than 1 million won last year's monthly salary raise a total of 8,200 million yuan, based on the participation of employees, to respect the autonomous decision-donation parties decide to employees vote for Save the Children in gibucheo donate the full amount did. Kkeutjeon mogeumaek refers to raising the balance of less than 1 million won (up to 9999 W) of the monthly salary silsuryeongaek.

Save the Children will use the donation to abuse victims protection and counseling, treatment support program.

Modern industrial development 'kkeutjeon Sharing Love in Action campaign has been continued since July 2015. Hyundai Development Company is under a group called "The belief in a better life" slogan, it decided the theme of this year's CSR program 'Education and regional coexistence, healthy life "policy to pursue social contribution activities.

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Fort Korea Advisory "chapter IFA institutions to increase interest and weaknesses know."

Port of Korea Investment Advisors that expanding interest in the financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] independent investment advisory (IFA) have demonstrated long-drawback scheme for seven days.

IFA scheme called a hot potato in recent years, the financial investment industry will soon enter into force according to the Act on the Capital Market and Financial Investment Services revised. Held in early March, according to the Korea Financial Investment Association amended Decree 'investment advisory system reform briefing' has driven the interest they showed over 250 participants.

IFA hot enough interest in the existing FA, investment recommendations Representatives and new entrants IFA is also divided opinion about whether to move in any direction.

IFA refers to an expert advisory role for the independent investment financial products investment advisory letter does not belong to a specific financial institution funds, equity-linked securities (ELS). To register for the IFA has the legal form of the Commercial Code should ensure a minimum capital of 100 million won.

Whereas the current statutory capital of not less than 500 million won is possible advice with respect to the stock IFA is limited, but you have to equip the capital, in the form of the Commercial Code the legal minimum of 100 million won can advisory service.

IFA has the disadvantage that you can not receive a commission on income or property from the other hand, the advantage in that it is not bound by the impact of the sales company, sales company.

Finance officials said they would have performed in early May at the latest at the end of April through the best practices converging opinions. But still among the market participants at the time the amendments to Decree no fear increasing number of inquiries about the IFA on a case-by-case basis, such as human and material, provisions.

The port Korea Investment advisory officials "are coming in connection with the IFA, FA is loaded constantly inquiry of such investment recommendation Representatives, insurance agents, peers, it is also very different types of questions" and "IFA inquiries to us there you can get answers contact, "he said.

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檢 'bribery allegations "Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dongbin summoned ... Note the identity

The [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dongbin receiving bribery charges against former President Park Geun-hye was present to prosecutors in the morning on the 7th Note identity.

New president revealed the figure at 15 minutes of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office 9:00 Wednesday morning.

God said, "Are not you the appearance on Mir · K Sports Foundation to restore duty-free patent", " 'cause was related to intimidation and funds appeared in the Blue House" are questions of journalists are not the answer, "I will being faithfully to the survey" he said shortly after went into the irradiation chamber.

The prosecution plans to accuse the brothers've takeover disputes and fraudulent solicitation Duty to new licensing and adding him to resolve the issue of former President Park against the new president.

Prosecutors are focusing on the content of dokdae March night before the president and the new president last year. Lotte Group has contributed a total of 45 billion in Mir · K Sports Foundation, one ahead of defense silse choesunsil Mr. May will receive a laughing Co. suspicion. Since March led dokdae May Lotte has found an additional 70 billion to K Sports Foundation.

Lotte was returned just before the corruption investigation management to 70 billion that was in June last year. The prosecution has been shed on that Lotte returns 70 billion ahead of the investigation suspect the possibility that this amount was for the proceeds of bribery investigation go away.

Also in November 2015, losing a patent for Lotte Duty Free World Tower, but that is getting the 'preferential trading allegations "that were also announced plans to add that the duty-free shops in downtown Seoul after dokdae.

In this regard Prosecutors it is examining Bar summoned to see the status of investigations were called to the identity of the reference month on the 19th Jang Seonuk Lotte Duty representative, two days, two months sojinse Lotte CSR chairman.

Prosecutors reportedly conclude whether we can apply the "bribery allegations" as Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman on the basis of the contents of the new president summoned. Lotte Chairman Shin-side survey of the state in front of his wife and the alleged proceeds of appearances is likely to continue until late at night.

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Shinhan Bank, yojin construction industry and cement Myanmar Business Finance Agreement

It said six days that it has signed a [South Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] Shinhan Bank (Bank wiseongho) is yojin construction industry and Yangon ttilra and (Thilawa) industrial complex financial arrangements for the annual production of one million tons of scale cement plant construction funding.

Shinhan Bank support through financial advisory and perform arrange work and plans to participate in the financing with Shinhan Capital, only Yangon branch operators receive accreditation points established from the Myanmar authorities during domestic banks as a financial underwriter of this project funds and it is scheduled to perform local collateral management activities.

The Yangon cement plant construction project is significant in terms of Land Transportation support received domestic and medium entrepreneurs yojin construction industry is developing on the business as a business model entered accompanied by a sound medium-sized companies and overseas project away from the international accompany advanced models of existing enterprises center It is greater.

Shinhan Bank official said that "recent nagagetda to expand its overseas markets in various models through collaboration with domestic and overseas network utilization of Shinhan Bank as long as competition in the financial markets is deepening and its affiliates."

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Release 5 anniversary Kiwoom split number of funds ... cumulative return 35.2%

[Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] Kiwoom Investment Asset Management is coming on April 8 settings for the fifth anniversary of "Kiwoom Smart Investors split BUY Equity Investment Trust No. 1 [Stocks Mixed - ingenuity foldable], the cumulative rate of return 35.2% said that achieving the (fund based). This is a period of achievements KOSPI 200 index returns, such as achieving a target return of 5% of the total six times greater than about 30%.

Kiwoom Investment Asset Management in the last five years operational period of such funds Korea markets, while one maintain a boring narrow range Kiwoom Smart Investors' steadily outstanding performance said were written this secret of such performance is "a new concept split BUY strategy explained that the "rebalancing strategy."

Kiwoom Smart Investors division number of funds that rather than existing methods accumulative investment to invest me cum like a month investors to split BUY start equity-related assets (primarily KOSPI200 ETF) ratio according to KOSPI200 index changes matgimyeon a lump sum of 20% investing in this way. Easy to tell lowering stocks are more accidents (NAV 3%) shares climb is less to buy (NAV 2%) method. Through such strategic investors as well as the average cost cuts can enjoy the time of purchase dispersion effect.

In addition, the Fund initiates an initial equity-related investment strategies Rebalancing by 20% whenever you are to achieve the target return of 5%. Therefore, investors should have secured funds, as well as a fixed income can be taken care of to get the effect of adjusting the portfolio at the same time.

Among Kiwoom Investment Asset Management officials in fact high net worth Smart Investors division number of strategies are already widely known at affordable repair and sell than the average general equity fund as an investment strategy securities transaction tax is tax-free as it can benefit from tax effects It explained.

Therefore, interest in equity investment, but know when some stocks to buy if being hesitant investors through ETF investments that follow the KOSPI200 index to remove the risk of an individual stock investments to achieve the Fund will automatically split buying and fixed income based on the index changes worth seeing if your interest in the same fund that until rebalancing.

Kiwoom Investment Asset Management Marketing Director Kim Seonghun, Managing Director, also was thicker faith as market achieved initial due to unusual operating strategies suffered in the markets, but a difficult financial environment, despite the steady target revenue now customers' saying '' low growth - low interest rates - avoid boxes "that are struggling to" Medium risk - "highly recommend" the median earnings 'for the inclination of investors' Kiwoom smart Investors fund buying division said.

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Exchange, signed Turkmenistan and the stock market opened Cooperation

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea - Korea Exchange signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to cooperate with the main point in the last six days associated with Harvard Ashdod Stock Exchange (AGB) and the stock market was established in Turkmenistan.

Resource-rich countries of Central Asia, Turkmenistan, but established a Stock Exchange (AGB) in order to promote economic development through the stock market opened in August last year, the US stock market opened state.

The MOU was intended as a 'sixth one-Turkish Joint Economic Committee agenda organized by the Ministry of Industry generally.

In Turkmenistan, Ashdod Harvard (Ashgabat) ansanghwan KRX Business Support Division and the US lats arc is displayed rope (Akmyrat Danatarov) AGB representatives signed the MOU. Thus the two institutions can pursue a variety of business needs such as knowledge sharing workshop for the successful opening of the stock market in Turkmenistan.

Ansanghwan Management Support Division will MOU, the expression "two nations securities beyond the relationship of simple cooperation between market hopes that the future Strategic Partnership (Strategic Partner)" and "Through this MOU, exchanges opened Korea Successful market of Turkmenistan propagation operational experience, and stated that it expects a "financial Wave" spread "in Central Asia to advance to the next building IT infrastructure projects.

Meanwhile, the exchange has expanded the export business, a total of 15 cases in nine countries, including Viet Nam securities market next-generation system rebuild businesses in the export market, global stock markets IT solutions for exchanges led by the United States and Europe.

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Woori Bank, Korea's first "fingerprint smart card 'released

[Sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter Korea] our bank (Bank yigwanggu) is working with the Public Procurement Service said on the 7th announced the release of the 'fingerprint smart card "for the nation's first fingerprint recognition mobile electronic auction.

PPS has been promoting the "Bidding Project Using Fingerprint credit (check) card 'for utilizing mobile electronic bidding service diversification and banknote identification means co. Last March our bank alone participation fingerprint smart card co-development "business signed an agreement, and after finishing the stability and performance tests over a trial run until March, the mobile electronic bidding system of the day, the PPS for through it launched a customer service.

'Fingerprint smart card "is a customer prints and certificate of registered in the IC chip, the card is a means available electronic marketplaces country bid after confirming the identity with a fingerprint sensor in itself. It becomes anytime, anywhere with △ Mobile to 'fingerprint smart card "can e-bid' convenience ', while the increase, △ with additional fingerprint information via OK blindness as a qualified certificate' strengthening identity authentication", △ credentials stored in the IC chip of the card rather than on the server to keep customers directly "enhanced security" should not be exposed to leakage of personal information due to hacking by. And △ credit / debit card capabilities, as well as electronic bidding is now possible to 'one-stop financial services through' such a payment.

Issued to is the corporate and private operators to participate in electronic bidding PPS, visit our bank branches to require bidders electronic identity card and fingerprint registration application after it is issued.

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Coke, Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Torch Relay Tour event

It announced that the 7th [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporters - 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Worldwide Partner Coca-Cola sign the progress of the Olympic Torch Relay Tour.

To experience the pre-Olympic "tour of the Olympic Torch Relay ran with Coca-Cola 'is in progress on weekends and public holidays from Henan Star-bit field and Wangsimni flex until May. Campus tour proceeds to visit the country more than 20 college campuses across the country is scheduled to take place on weekdays from campus.

The 2018 event in Pyeongchang gotta take a picture holding the Winter Olympic Games torch this area of ​​Seoul, Pyeongchang, race, Incheon automatically synthesized in the background can feel like feel like the Torch Relay runners.

Captured photos and video are sent to his mobile phone immediately on the spot "co-equal play" can be entered in the Torch Relay runners through the app. Consumers to share with their social network service (SNS) who should have provided a rich products such as eco-bags, pouches Olympic commemorative pins Coca-Cola production, special event participants.

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December settlement corporation must appoint an external auditor until the end of the month

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] shall report to the December settlement outside the audited entity has elected external auditor until the end of April this year, and thank the contract within two weeks FSC Securities and Futures Commission and the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) after the conclusion of last year.

FSS told reporters the auditors designated doendamyeo If you do not appoint external auditors within the seven days deadline. However, companies need to change the auditors to this Anjin operations are stopped if elected external auditor until the end of May 2017.

If the company does not appoint an external auditor, the external auditor and give jeungseonwi is ex officio, the Company does not enter into a contract audits and auditors are accusing the prosecution.

Jeungseonwi official explained that "senior US company in 2014, 67 companies, 38 companies in 2015 amounted to 96 companies in 2016" and "took steps to specify the auditors on those."

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Financial institutions, overseas Chinese increased percentage ... Diversified needs

Topped with more than 400 overseas branches of [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] last year, domestic financial institutions, and appeared to increase. However, the proportion of China's overseas branch was in need is increasingly diversified.

Seven days, according to the Financial Supervisory Service, overseas branches of domestic financial institutions increased by 11 396 compared to the end of the previous year 407 dogs dogs 44 countries.

Late last year, the current number of overseas stores revealed that the bank has 178 places, 112 places a financial venture, Insurance 81 places, 33 places warrior, three holding companies. Korean financial companies have entered into (280 pieces), 68.8% in Asia, the Americas (70) 17.2% Europe 9.8% (40) Net.

Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, etc.) areas, the bank still mainly for reasons of financial market development demand and auto loans due to the high growth potential, expansion of infrastructure expansion has seen an increase. Recent trends in domestic financial institution was expanding its overseas sales network through the expansion of the branch subsidiaries.

In addition, entry barriers through the establishment of new branches or subsidiaries in Southeast Asia gotta gradually strengthen the overseas markets through local financial institutions mergers and acquisitions (M & A) has been actively conducted. In recent years, a growing number of local subsidiaries entered into two kinds of industries, such as the relatively low barriers to entry, a small business loan from a bank and Southeast Asian countries around the warrior.

FSS official said two kinds of industries, including "domestic financial companies growth potential is high in Vietnam, there is a foray into the emerging Asia is accelerating, such as Myanmar, Indonesia," said "due to the strengthening of new entry barriers local financial institutions mergers and acquisitions, and small loans up were diagnosed with active status "it entered into.

However, foreign assets of China's regional branches accounted for the proportion continues to rise (in 25.9% 2015 → 27.9% 2016 years) have emphasized the need to diversify the overseas regions for China risk dispersion.

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中 Lotte Mart store 6 where the secondary "business operations" Take disposal

A [financial newspaper gimeunji Korea News] expected to stop operating situation of China's local Lotte Mart, according to retribution Saad regulations prolonged China.

7 days Lotte Mart stores in China local sales stopped 99 of 87 dog is home, close the door and forced the inspection of fire-fighting facilities, including the reasons stated dalhandago 74. Double Six, where sales were down a second suspension until the end of this month or early next month.

Be made during the operating period of suspension of one month due to "violation of fire codes', it can be accomplished even if they did not fill a month of the corrective part of the problem when resuming operations. However, the second stop sales of the store where seven on-site inspection in June yirwojin opened except Yanji Ao point was determined.

According to Lotte Mart Yanji secondary business operations of the 6th brunch after permission disposal northeast Jilin Province Yinchuan ingjeom spot checks three, etc. The water shortage and fire electrical system operation delay in two euros from April 7 to May 7 was the action.

Lotte side number of stores closed eoteuna force declined from 75 reported that 74 pieces are a bunch hagieneun interpret this as a positive signal of the resolve future crisis.

July 31 from 6 April local Lotte Mart stores by the first stop operating until the expiration date arrives is opened 48 of 75 grand opening. For the opening of the 41 states that still is not the spot checks achieved.

Lotte Mart officials are helping through the preparation process for said "business resumption permit disposal of the goods supply, inventory management, facility re-inspections to immediately open a difficult situation, even if" "resumed at self-closing state Yanji Ao points can be opened safely plan, "he said to do.

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Public interest heating residential apartments, Hanwha, Lakeside Construction yeoksegwon pre-sale attention

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] among which the growing demand in the apartment pre-sale on public land where the launch of a pre-sale where you are currently two places and two months and subsequently ssolrigo interest.

Public land is that gotta planned to develop infrastructure is equipped with a comfort residential environment is applied, and the sale price ceilings well as to the sale price is also cheaper than private land.

◇ soared offer competitive session crowded

7 days Godeok Pyeongtaek New Town A17 blocks punggyeongchae the best one according to the pre-sale real-Today last five days, while Molly total of 65,003 people rank 1 offeree recorded a one-on-one ranking Competition 84.09. And in February this year based on economic unsold Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do households accounted for 15.9% of the total (2,301 households), if you are still considering that was designated to manage unsold residential area of ​​the city Guarantee Corporation can see the interest in public land.

The construction while consumers are on public land SOLiD pre-sale has also focused on public land. Last month, the 16th match Seongnam dwaeteuna Ducks held in Building Auditorium, 2017 LH Investment Seminar 'is provided with seats for 600 seats, more than 2,000 have achieved a crowded rush.

The value of public land with yeoksegwon is further higher. KTX and SRT yeoksegwon just a game Hwaseong 'pilot woonam peoseuteubil' dwaetneunde is trading at 440 million won in February 2012 that it was considering pre-sale at the time of sale price is 257 million won caught a premium of 183 million won.

◇ yeoksegwon upcoming pre-sale opportunities

It will lead in yeoksegwon public residential apartment pre-sale opportunities.

Hanwha is the pre-sale, the new Pearl Green yeoksegwon dream two months in Jinju, Gyeongnam New Pearl yeoksegwon urban development business district E3 blocks. The complex consists indeed B2F, top ground layer 38 3 buildings only area 84 ~ 103㎡ size of flats 424 furniture and office building 1 building-only area 82㎡ 50.

Mobilizing development is the pre-sale, Samsong secondary Wonheung Station mobilize Royal Duke Vista 'games this month Goyang Samsong land development district M2 block members. The three underground floor - ground floor 35, three copper and exclusive area 84㎡, a total of 312 household size. The "Star Field Enhancement," "the IKEA exalted point, that the five-year moving across the opening Samsong year and land development earth-rich infrastructure three premium Mall can also enjoy.

Lakeside Construction is under a 'Gimpo Hangang New City Lakeside bereudium 5th, the game Gimpo Gimpo Hangang New City Block 21 pre-sale. Only is the composition as B1 ~ 18 ground layer 4 copper, only area 70 ~ 84㎡, 266 family size. To provide interim benefits to reduce the interest burden of the consumer.

Mobilize development-only area 60 in the first half of the block B7 global economic Siheung janghyeon 85㎡, will be pre-sale for "Shiheung janghyeon global mobilization Royal Duke, a total of 447 household size. Sosa - One eye and a planned opening in 2018 and the like can be used seungji seconds, Shiheung neunggokgo walk.

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Homeplus, jyoseuba, bar a pint cups of watermelon Release

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters] to launch the exclusive home plus the 20th anniversary of Lotte Confectionery and right hand holding a watermelon jyoseuba bar pint cups a renewal form "Jaws bucket 'and a' can baktong.

Jaws pain, can baktong product is introduced ice cream 'jyoseuba "and" watermelon Bar' which has been a steady love from the past 30 years, people with a pint cup shape. While maintaining the taste and texture of the original capacity has increased more than six times the previous year.

The price is 2,500 won each, can be purchased in the country Homeplus discount stores and online. Beginning in May and will be sold in express and 365 Plus.

Home plus side "was that it renewed for 30 years, who have always enjoyed a friendly ice planning to offer a new shopping experience to our customers," said, "This item is" unexpected plus' part of the campaign to provide a cost-than-expected quality and service, "said It explained.

Lotte also a viscosity that can reduce the high leverage brand awareness that we seek to share classic On the other hand, the development burden by securing stable sales channels in collaboration with hypermarkets are interpreted as crazy a positive impact on this commodity market.

Stone Ji Homeplus fresh working team Bayer "going after the value inherent in the brand customers who love also underwent a planned course of five months to give a new experience and enjoyment" and "continue browsing difficult quality and caustic ratio in the existing hypermarkets will continue with the continued collaboration for a variety of product development, "he said.

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Kim Seungyeon duty-free shops, department stores territorial aggressive management

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea] Kim Seungyeon is accelerating the distribution of territorial expansion, Hanwha Group Chairman. Hanwha Group after having opened the Duty Free Galleria 63 the end of 2015 will open the "Galleria Gwanggyo point 'in 2019.

Hanwha Group is creating a composite Town Convention in Suwon Gwanggyo committed a total of 2 trillion won, and operating expenses in this place, including a hotel, Aquarium, is also planned be built Galleria Department Store.

The Galleria department store openings Gwanggyo was close to 10 years since the last one opened in 2010 Cheonan City center point.

According to the 2019 side Hanwha Galleria Gwanggyo point opening is scheduled for this year it is the 40th anniversary of whether Hanwha Galleria department store is promoting business. Galleria is expected to plan and chongjipgyeol 40 years expertise in the sales department Gwanggyo samneunda a solid long-term growth momentum, Galleria Gwanggyo point is another one of the new growth in the symbolic year of the 40th anniversary of Hanwha Galleria Department Store.

Gwanggyo is open enough to be called a 'new heart of Gyeonggi Province. Here is the idea of ​​doing something motivation landmarks that can solve business and residential, cultural, shopping together Hanwha.

Galleria Department Store has been rejected since the opening embellish Cheonan City Center 2010 points. This is because you have expensive area in the sales and be able to maintain the image of luxury department stores mainly lack access. But Hanwha side reportedly deemed Gwanggyo area is sufficient to meet these conditions. Suwon and Yongin, Gyeonggi southern population that Mars is expected to increase in 2019 to 3.5 million people equivalent to Busan.

Galleria Gwanggyo that is expected to also attract the world's attention to architectural design. Galleria "to proceed with the CCTV building in Beijing, Taipei Performing Arts Center, Italy architect designed a number of buildings that geonchukgye global attention such as Prada Foundation raemkul Haas and collaboration," officials said.

Hanwha Galleria Gwanggyo that in addition to the recent opening of Incheon Airport Terminal 2 (T2) has supported the DF1 (perfumes and cosmetics), DF2 (alcohol, tobacco and food) of duty-free zones tender. Hotels will be the Shilla and Lotte Duty Free Shop, New World Dieppe operators and end late April after an open competition nakjeom.

The reason for companies to increase the number of duty-free because that would secure the 'Buying Power' more important than anything. Increasing circulation to enhance price competitiveness and bargaining power in attracting luxury brands is imperative.

Hanwha has even entered the bar prior to the start of operations in 2014 that Jeju International Airport duty-free up to the opening of the Galleria Duty 63. Hanwha has currently two duty-free stores.

Prior Hanwha until the early 2000s played a hypermarket and supermarket, convenience store business, including Hanwha Mart and ssiseu face, but in 2004 start-Mart Hanwha Mart, sold a 24-hour convenience store ssiseu pace in 2016 and the retail sector is stiffened by my non-mainstream industry group lost.

However, the Chairman Kim Seungyeon 2015 "must challenge towards higher goals overcoming the difficult market environment in the distribution and other services businesses," it was later emphasized the changes. July, Hanwha Galleria has succeeded in obtaining such a duty-free shop in the patent gakchukjeon with HDC Silla, Shinsegae and Hyundai department stores Dieppe · SK Networks, E-Land, Lotte.

Meanwhile, Hanwha duty-free shops, department stores operating subsidiary, Hanwha Galleria-time world record last year, revenue was 284.8 billion and 69% increase compared to year immediately preceding. Double Duty is 149,176,100,000 won, was compiled by the department store division recorded 135,604,890,000 won.

However, operating loss showed a 12,297,960,000 won department store Despite an operating profit of 31,554,410,000 won, it showed that Duty Free is to embellish the 43,852,380,000 won deficit.

In this regard Hwang Yongdeuk Hanwha Galleria Time World representatives from the shareholders' meeting held July 31, "leading duty-free sales rising trend in positive response this year, I made a turnaround targets based on robust earnings growth in the department store business," he said.

He added that "we will lead a duty-free sales rising trend positively respond more diversified and individual tourists, including tourists, foreign VIP marketing to enhance wisely overcome the uncertainty of the duty-free business."

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Granger, Sonata, K7, K5, 17 manyeodae recall embodiment

The [financial newspaper stand hyomun Korea News] Grandeur (HG) · Sonata (YF) · K7 (VG) · K5 (TF), including Hyundai, Kia manyeodae 17 was recalled.

Ministry of Transportation has announced a recall conducted for seven days by five cars 171,348 cars produced by Hyundai-Kia. Recalled vehicles are equipped with the Theta 2 engine was produced before August 2013. Recalls on this Theta 2 engine to the recall voluntarily performed in a non-HMC command of the government, Hyundai has submitted a recall plan to the Ministry unit in the last six days.

Engine Further, the other rod is connected through bearings called rods and crank shafts of the connecting rod in order to convert linear motion into rotary motion, sets make the oil supply hole (holes) on the crankshaft for smooth friction of the bearings and crankshaft. The Theta 2 engine production last August 2013, according to the previous recall of the Hyundai Motor plans to submit to the Ministry unit has a problem in this area. The metal impurities by mechanical defects in the process of making the oil feed hole in the crankshaft occurs, it causes these metal impurities occurs seizure phenomenon prevents smooth the friction of the crankshaft and bearings confirming that could lead to one run starting off that.

According to the municipal submitting the land portion at Hyundai, first inspected if there is a problem for the entire affected vehicles and for vehicles identified as an issue the recall in a way that replacing the existing engine with a new and improved engine this is progress. The recall is expected in view of the period, the engine supply and demand situation and recall preparation time needed for improved engine production to commence from May 22 this year. That car owners can receive a free full service (checking after the problems found during engine replacement, etc.), or in modern KIA Service Center in accordance with the model next month 22.

Ministry of Transportation has implemented the josok verification of the recall plan submitted by the Hyundai Motor Company in accordance with the judgment that a vehicle defect is immediate corrective desirable for the user's safety after the first approval in seven day recall method and the appropriateness of the target vehicle or the like. If the recall plan is not appropriate, it plans to order a complement to it.

Whilst land portion reported as related in the same filed in Theta 2 engine raises the problem of domestic some media that are experiencing the symptoms off the boot while driving due to engine seizure in some models of Hyundai Motor mounting and manufacturing defects call center information, theta 2 transportation safety Authority was instructed (October, 4 days) produced a defect investigation on vehicle safety researchers to determine whether production defects in the engine, car safety researcher has conducted a survey recently. Check that the Motor Vehicle Safety Institute in the seizure occurs in fieldwork, the Theta 2 engine production, including through the driver's meeting before the August 2013 issue of the Report on the Production Vehicle Defect Report Center, and the seizure phenomenon Safe Driving the production defective one possibility is high that the reported trouble (last month), the Ministry section.

Land unit was scheduled to assume the 20th comes to manufacturing defects consisting of the screening survey to determine whether a recall is necessary for the Theta 2 engine with the car professional professor and representative consumer organizations Commission. However, land unit, as recognized manufacturing defects from Hyundai before assuming the findings of the Theta 2 engine of the car safety researcher in making defect screening evaluation committee and submit a voluntary recall plan to shut down the manufacturing defect investigation into the Theta 2 engine and said it will evaluate only the adequacy of the corrective plan.

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Commercial banks, the strategy backfired Internet bank

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporters] are feeling a sense of crisis banks appeared on the Internet bank started to change in business strategy. No. 1 in the domestic K Bank Internet banking has surpassed 100,000 subscribers to launch four days jjaein last six am. Because it is more than 73 000 cases in December last year the sum of one month 21 domestic financial ventures and non-face-to-face account opening number of 16 banks deserve to have a sense of crisis in the traditional banking positions.

◇ Internet bank 2% exclusives deposits, banks also naenwatda

According to the financial sector in the last six days panmaebun 20 billion won was wanpan first round, deposit code K 'of K Bank. This product has a high interest rate from 0.4 to 0.7% points to 2.0% a year than commercial banks. One of the early box office gust factor. K Bank, thanks to the popularity went straight to the second round sales. That these rates are possible reasons for this, such as branch operating costs and labor costs can be lower priced it to the customer rate K Bank said.

For example, the number of savings bank accounts opened in K. So far, more than 8,000 cases occurred also approved loans more than 100,000 cases. Check card issuers are also more than 90,000 cases. To 6 days checking account balance is about 730 billion yuan, loans could reach 410 billion. Also possible is 365 days, 24 hours viscosity of financial services is an attractive factor to customers.

Also to commercial banks started to respond quickly. In our case the bank has launched a 'super wibi House package 2' consisting of time deposits and savings of 2.2%, the highest annual rate of 2.0% interest rate. Other banks also reportedly planning a similar product.

◇ begin competition in loan market

Kay bank lending rate products have competitive interest rates than commercial banks decreased 1% to 2%. Junggeumri loan product is "Slim K junggeumri loans' is the lowest interest rate 4.19% annually. Compared with Shinhan Bank and lending products we junggeumri the lowest rate (5.65% annual loan easy Sunny mobile, mobile wibi loans 5.58%) of the bank lower interest rate is 1% to 2% or more. This product is a good way just to pay off the debt this month, next month lending rate down to 1% point a year. "Workers K of credit, also the lowest annual interest rate is 2.73%.

Just come out consistently pointed out the structure of the loan is not a large commercial bank K and a direct competitor banks. Rather, it is more of a direct competitor Savings Bank in lending and interest rate configuration. Indeed gimdojin IBK corporate bankers are in the midst exhibit said urgency "scared rattle flies to emerge Internet Bank" also called "six months to a year or so would pass before cleanup phase of the internet bank, not interest rate competition is needed now." It showed the position.

In fact, it is unknown whether inde by the end of 2016, household loans in the national currency Banks 616 trillion won, the domestic total household credit scale 1340000000000000 won the Internet bank can grow enough to respond to such a scale. In the case of foreign Internet bank only has a comparative advantage in some areas of the banking business, such as loans junggeumri did not have the big banks and direct matsangdae.

◇ of the banks strengthen non-face-to-face

While also relax the existing banks are ongoing to strengthen the non-face-to-face mobile services. Last year the major banks were competing mobile platform war. Rib (national), Sunny (Shinhan), wibi (us), wonkyu (one), olwon (NACF), such as commercial banks have built a mobile banking platform started to expand product sales through this. Yes, simply savings products as well as detailed and extended to credit, mortgages, loans jeonwolse.

In the case of Shinhan Bank launched the 'Sunny jeonwolse loans "to support the former (Monday) or half-year-old money to charter charter customers. 'Sunny jeonwolse loans' are applying after consultation with the smartphone without the need apartments visited the lease agreement, security deposit subject to the payment by the customer to deposit more than 5%, and banks are difficult to Bank of visits workers to visit customers directly to the necessary bank customers also it made available. After signing a lease agreement with a real estate agent at Shinhan Bank mobile banking platform, "Sunny Bank 'app (App) through the' Sunny jeonwolse loans, it is possible to apply.

Local banks are participating in this movement. DGB has strengthened the bank's pin-tech services such as non-face-to-face since the beginning of the year deposit funds' open centers, child-bank M version 2.0 released, introducing hybrid biometric authentication. Inde strengthen the core personalized banking system directly set up primarily to write-banking services by customers' personal thereafter placed fixed on personalized area and sign after assets, card payments will amount, for example, `to see the savings and loan maturity, including fund returns at a glance We can help. Another non-face-to-face 'deposits to fund the newly opened center can consult a variety of financial products and non-subscription customers without having to visit a bank branch, such as face-to-face with the image of the agents' chat. Equipped with a system to implement the first images and chat at the same time, the financial sector added convenience. Even if you are a new customer non-face-to-face with the real name system it is possible to verify financial products such as savings Up 'loans' credit card. Without visiting the bank through the smartphone 2, 3 ten thousand mortgage loans and the transportation card it is possible to `smartphone charging.

◇ economically active population is interested in using the Internet bank

Current Internet users bank layer is most common in the 30s 39.8% interest in jaetekeu no difficulty in using the Internet. Following 40 30.4% 20 16.9% 50 10.9%, and 2.0% over 60 sequence. If you get a good Internet Bank In that place it is ingucheung that the active economic activity is expected to have an interest in the long-term growth.

Also join zone is analyzed by using a lot of time off work in the afternoon from 6:00 to 12 o'clock at night after the emitter (31.9%) are the most difficult to visit many banks in the daytime customers.

Another factor is to raise the viscosity customers enhanced banking convenience to use. Typically there is a "smartphone OTP 'eliminates the real-time password generator (OTP) at all. Commercial banks can transfer go through a 'certificate password account password → input → → real OTP authentication certificate password. ? When K. In the bank enter the account password, enter your password and fingerprint behind OTP 6 he established position in the smart phone is a variant. Frequent password requirements in an electronic transaction is the financing that consumers who wish to improve Internet bank representative was given to meet these needs.

◇ issue yieojilkka security, the initial frenzy

In January 2015 at the time of Choi Gyeonghwan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance "will promote it enters a light and fast players on the financial market, industry competition and innovation" in the financial sector penalized the New Year greetings once he said. Released the 'Catfish' interest to promote a change in the banking sector was notgetda the spirit which meant the Internet bank. Peace in the bank since its establishment in 1992 the emergence of private commercial banks yirwojin in 25 years, but how galrinda comments that lead to a frenzy of Internet banking.

K. Banks and cacao banks had also supported many existing commercial bankers established at the time of preparation. The motion was leaving work, etc. gwajanggeup wanted to grow more stable. I had expected the market expectation ssolril initiative forward over the Internet bank. Moreover, there are many opinions when the customer base to more familiar cacao bank in the Internet environment launched in June rea place great cataclysm than today.

But this expectation comes cadastral current operating mode is shown by the internet bank is proceeding as expected, the impact is less than expected. The non-face-to-face financial transactions without a significant difference to the mobile service currently provided by commercial banks, the opinion does not see the factors that might effect opening win whilst such sales network and security with their existing bank. Another major customer is an early viscosity ranges as focused largely does not overlap the Internet bank here in a less intimidating factor in junggeumri loan market.

Commercial bank official said, "Now the Internet bank olrindago interest rates, but not large in size, it was not even settled properly, the business model you want when revenues me," said, "If the future problems caused cherry picker (audience takes only interest left) and security the castle is such influential "showed the position. When the current view that one of the complaints about K. Banks error rate is expected to be the future challenges building confidence to our customers.

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