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"韓 corporate culture change conference inefficient," the KCCI

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] 'unnecessary, Sangmyung issued, coercion, no conclusion'

Workers are words that are reminiscent of when meetings. According to the report on domestic corporate meeting culture Chamber of Commerce announced that 26 days 91% of the listed companies of more than 1,000 workers have cited these negatives. Meeting culture score while only 45 out of 100 points.

The meeting Efficiency By sector (the part that is operated by the meeting efficiently) 38 points, communication level (a part communicate free) 44 points (the side that conclusion is clear and connected with running) and score 51 points in both lower .

The "many-sided direction and implementation of checks formula meeting that was valid even though the industrialization era era of creativity and innovation," said "are pre-modern conferencing is dropped innovation and efficiency of the company acting as an obstacle for competitiveness," the KCCI pointed out.

Workers are on average 3.7 times, 1.8 times, and each time half of the average 51 minutes per meeting per week is found to be unnecessary meetings. In addition, approximately 31% of the 15.8 minutes of meetings're wasting a chat, smartphone view, bruising spanking, etc. showed a low overall efficiency of the meeting.

For over emphasized that objections must be addressed as a fundamental business process solutions unscientific △ △ △ boss gwinwi leadership staff Palo passive Worship discussion △ social culture of the unfamiliar.

KCCI has also naenwatda specific practice solutions. 10 meeting ground rules, meeting type. Also unveiled provided with role-specific rules. This "simple sharing of information is enough to email 'or' establish an end time just keep 'is embedded in the practices and so on.

Briefs on future production is a card containing a news conference Culture Improvement solutions, on the website for plans to promote Monday it on Facebook corporate culture.

Lee, Dong - Keun full-time vice chairman of the KCCI "positive features meetings with because of adverse meeting culture, ie to gather in one place the ideas and the various opinions of members derive innovation has not yet occurred well," said "effectively meeting the 4th Industrial Revolution and cultural and creative enterprises to create a meeting and then strongly urged the will. "

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Yibyeongrae president, "the fourth industrial revolution right electronic securities concentrate"

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] yibyeongrae Korea Securities Depository president will focus on promoting electronic securities for the year sinnyeonsa and press conferences, such as the "block chain itgie is the fourth industrial revolution with the same innovation and accelerate such innovation in financial markets through "he said.

This year KSD is a pin-tech technology projects, such as the right electronic securities Fourth Industrial Revolution, announced that this year's focus on planning. Last year, the end of the scheme assets has exceeded 3500 trillion. Crowdfunding open central records management, retirement support services expanded, Isa as stocks build four electronic registration law was enacted by the EPS-based.

The president "recently followed hugang through initiating a seongang through service and pay for performance in the global business to Indonesia export projects of the fund net" and "In KSD is promoting the strengthening and advancement, one of the IT competency of the year focused business objectives there, "it proposed a plan for this year's IT business.

KSD is scheduled to begin in earnest in the second half of the development of electronic securities system and to develop a master plan for and build the electronic securities system supports the maintenance of electronic securities laws Islands. Established policy commitment also analyzed the electronic securities system specifically induce cooperation policy, institutions and markets.

Strengthening R & D for the block chain, chain block global consortium of hyper retjeo (Hyperledger) Depository commitment corresponding to a 4 year study of the industrial revolution through IT innovations primary activities. July last year, Securities Depository has been participating in the hypertext retjeo chain block chain block Source project for skills development and prepare a business case related businesses.

I let hyper open source project of the Linux Foundation created the center to develop the block chain platform that allows companies to use universally. Hyper retjeo project is to discuss the block chain technology development direction promoting the development of technology platforms as a global company that narrow the most active areas in the block chain that runs through the committee as a member center.

Currently IBM, Accenture, such as advanced IT companies, as well as JP Morgan, the Moscow Stock Exchange, the American global financial institutions such as the Central Securities Depository and DTCC also participated in activities to its members.

Bitcoin block chain was considered only as a digital currency-based technologies, such as beyond the financial industry is spreading to all areas of society, including manufacturing, public sector. Block Chaining noted that writes data to share some kind of distributed database technology to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations (UN), the financial security agent (FSI), including changes in domestic and international organizations that are imported into the importance and future of society.

Block chain last June, was also included in the 10 selected emerging technologies WEF 2016. UN also cited as one of the chain block amazing technology change the future through the United Nations 2050 report future. According to the UN it forecasts that by 2050, as now, the government has to store and manage ohdeon block all records digitized contracts as well as various certificate chain technology to a new state administration structure emerged.

Depository plans to apply to measure the performance of the duties applied to the block chain technology through there and review the possibility of introducing a deposit payment chain block segment mainly POC (Proof of Concept) projects.

In addition there is also big data into profitable business promoting, developing artificial intelligence (AI) based ELS · DLS product return information. And enhance the mobile Web-based services and will promote the establishment of new technology-based IT infrastructure. Maintenance content to save valuable information also for promotion and vowed to promote the use of electronic voting Electronic voting convenience of mobile services introduced. The deployment of mobile systems is also part of the crowd four IT infrastructure business plans.

In addition to the IT business perspective this year commitment to build the Depository Clearing and settlement risk management system, improving the OTC derivatives market equity management services to minimize risk securities transactions. For the four funds and alternative investments to expand the range of services.

Prior to the Depository's management space occurs over a month due to the early resignation of the former president yujaehun bar has sent the untidy year. With regard to annual salary and also it had friction with trade unions. If we can do this newly appointed president of the closure of the conflict this year, Depository and the IT business performed well lead well the employees of capital market participants are focusing attention.

Lee was born in 1964 in Seosan, Chungnam graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in International Trade from government announced 32 times. The same president who complete the Graduate School of Public Administration has undergone the Treasury, Finance and Economy, Ministry of Finance, the Financial Supervisory Committee. Later he served as the Financial Services Commission insurance manager, spokesman, financial information analysis director, such as the Securities and Futures Commission Standing circle.

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Huh Chang-soo uncertain swaesinan

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] FKI is currently facing the biggest crisis since its foundation. Surfaced late last year, "choesungil gates' was taken to the maximum buyeokja stigma.

Samsung, also left the Federation of Korean Industries and Hyundai Automotive Group 4 · SK · LG Group. Chairman Huh Chang-soo rushes to the reappointment of a member to leave for the time being seems to come to a stop, the question is whether you can call themselves a "financial elder brother" as in the past. This led the head of a future reform of the FKI chairman Huh Chang-soo was elected again.

FKI chairman Huh was bolting through the last 24 days the General Meeting '36th President. The last one inaugurated in 2011 by the Federation of Korean Industries chairman, he will act as head of the Federation of Korean Industries eight years.

Her Chairman announced three innovative projects from his inauguration speech President announced the same day. The scene adhesion eradication and strengthening the role think tanks, operational transparency to it. It means that people are now sikigetda hwangoltaltae of disbelief that the FKI.

He said, "What is more important than in the Federation of Korean innovation," said "hwangoltaltae it will completely re-birth to a new institution," he said. The problem is that despite the willingness expressed renewal of such permit chairman wise uncertain part.

Although he announced eradicate the scene adhesions and strengthen the role of think tanks, several times already FKI naenwatda swaesinan of the same content.

In 1995, former President Roh Tae - woo slush fund case, "2002" Haitong Grand National Party presidential candidate chattegi case ', 2011' Employers lobby targets politicians allocation case 'main point of Dun answers FKI is naenwat whenever such a result is' canon adhesion eradication It was.

If you perform this step by step swaesinan FKI announced in this time 20 years ago declaring swaesinan of adhesion will eradicate the scene did not need to bother announced. Think Tank role Ganghwa Island is already a second swaesinan. Past chairman Huh Chang-soo in 2011 and is considering ways to strengthen the role of the 'private think tank,' 'he has said.

But now in the last six years. FKI has been proven to not only think tanks that focus on communication window serves to help the government and the defense of the two silse. As well as the expertise to maximize the economic situation, organizations are only two proven expertise in expanding government and defense silse.

Huh Chang-soo said: "When you stir a ship furnace, two of the team members breathe and orientation must match the fastest and most can be far out" and "I think it's time for everyone to look at the same place in order to overcome the crisis, Korea's economic and FKI is I lead a true and sincere attitude, "he said.

The right says. And that is what anyone should even practice. There is no person that does not have its circumstances suggesting join forces to overcome the economic crisis unparalleled.

But one swaesinan Chairman Huh Chang-soo recently presented the doubts that arise could be doing. Two years ago he submitted the same swaesinan, geuda difficult to answer has refused the request of the government.

In December open 'choesunsil gate' parliamentary investigation first hearing last year, he "received a report from Mir · K Sports Foundation Seung vice president in the last step learned about the Fund appeared way" and "If, however, at the request of Cheong Wa Dae to now rejected difficult, "he said. Another role of the Federation of Korean Industries said ppunyirago one messenger to convey the needs of the presidential office for businesses.

Chairman Huh Chang-soo finally had no choice but to see the scene adhesion aiding and connivance of the Federation of Korean Industries. But FKI chose him to head to lead reform. Accordingly, it doubts than hopes for the lifting of swaesinan Chairman Huh Chang-soo Is unfounded.

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[Desk Column] Industrial Revolution, still arrogant Korea

[Korea jeonghuiyun financial newspaper reporter] When the fourth industrial revolution and told me that this discourse will prove even replace the whole machine life completely dominated the South Korea will pull the cleaner you see Congressman Hall Events list.

2 sleep around three seminars or debates numbers topics related to open mid-May would already contains more than 10 cases.

The 28 days from the end of January until the end of this month let's talk came back only two pieces in the National Assembly of Science and Technology Policy Research Seminar Meeting Seminar on Tuesday to open five times.

◇ dominant win, but to be dependent ground

7 days opened the second bakhuijae Seoul National University professor at seminar "CES 2017 participating companies 30% look at Chinese companies inde eopryeok was 20% of the enterprise founded three years, US technology gap According to the Korea Industrial Technology Evaluation Management Service is a 13-year On the other hand, a narrowing of the technology gap was 1.1 years, "the fact was worried.

University professor Kang Tae Jin in the fourth seminar provided 21 days said, "one lawmaker future (Forward) is starting a new month personal physician was practically based mobile app that getting a $ 150 membership fee provides Ye Jin (Concierge Medicine)". These start-ups with an existing diagnosis of primary medical care will be stripped behavioral change.

These two do not mutilated therefore see significant content were many but specifically at the case of the first pieces, you can restore growth deviate from the follow-up model going catch up with the advanced technology who lived to eat going to export growth, said naseoneun on its own measures provided material the gap between the US and 2-3 years before turning discuss the treadmill with no apparent results that are not diagnosed yiraseo China has (have) suffer narrow pass situation.

In addition, because the second piece is a bar to indicate the size of our reasoning about the growth potential of the Health app.

When measuring your biometric information as the body scanners, blood oxygen concentration meter, blood glucose meter, blood pressure and to accumulate this data'm not an intelligent physician will be able to give offers to disease diagnosis and medical prescriptions, health promotion programs doctor landscaping .

◇ but why widespread sense of crisis

Fourth Industrial Revolution changed this year drove the overlapping multifaceted and ever, and it's not across the board then never do that thing that you can try to win the Sudan obsolete technology.

Not long ago, I visited the Chinese metropolis where Bonnie met at least acquaintances alleged high-level ICT has already surpassed the country. Credit cards are convenient payment "page, just write there is no inconvenience in life, especially 24 hours food stand dawn app to order and dawn late 'jipsul' who pay by wire mobile page (drinks chill sulsang at home eating) memories without cash It was also namgyeotdago.

We took the car of one European car company executive in charge of local tour guides produced in local factories were surprised there's gotta already implemented this feature private secretary.

It is not of course done a thorough contrast to the domestic situation. Acquaintances had to lament that the gun "completely old saying" our country was confident that an IT powerhouse to just go and experience the view. Actually. If you are conscious of this problem can be actively used for about three to economic growth, this is impossible without corresponding changes being dwaeseo organization ilssuda selection.

◇ seminars, symposia Republic inde Why?

But does so in a number of forums, seminars and symposiums are held and sometimes the country, besides leading media companies need to change public opinion why they come slow yeondaneun in the country dozens of times throughout the year only in large-scale forum in Seoul?

Even ordinary citizens to nonoe line-of-business professionals or researchers or experts, or to shock us the experience and the critical mind which are received fresh stimulus that society does not have much capacity?

While reminding packed only for reporting and investigating reports that one problem is that the severity papers presented nicely enough basic solution together lined situation is poor follow-up correspondence.

This learning may be due to neuropathy does not have enough executive powers in accordance with this nonsense deep well look good, but weigh the costs due to the strong suspicion that the ship is still called detractors would not even change a little delayed consciousness. What has been said gyobyeong pilpae gyeongjeokpilpae (驕兵必敗 輕敵 必敗). If you are still having only pride now that the world has only one product or technology, or the like have pilmang. To save the company went through all the successive governments have been dominated by the logic that deregulation is necessary to meet the familiar logic of deregulation in the fourth industrial revolution preparedness again.

◇ got the 'good company to country' + α

But it gave up the job, yet open to the deregulation of the story is completely blank so that it gets when it comes to how to adapt to the society and the state labor demand fluctuations. The Chinese garden eliminate the humanities education or qualification exam memorizing intuitive and difficult structural dream a reality with Samsung and LG smartphones have some shortcomings, IoT primary operating system independent and autonomous compared to Apple's creative exterior aeseo while. Stands not establish lines of a multiple-choice test scores began to decline bokgi the society even after debt-oriented employment opportunities for water SAT controversy specification children that Corning education.

Corresponding to the fourth industrial revolution is bound correctly points out, the idea is that you must start again from zero is really right.

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[IBK Investment & Securities Sin Seong-ho, president] "venture capital development 'niche' specific securities"

[Korea nine hyerin financial newspaper reporter: "Look at this graph. Investing in the bond remain more than 50% this year, Brazil than investing in domestic bonds. "

When we entered his office, the desk caught my eye first. Various economic publications were littered dizzy. Pointing to a monitor placed in the middle of the desk to hand Sin Seong-ho, president of the Brazilian debt was talking about. There was a monitor graph is drawn at the same time commodity prices and Brazil's current account trend since 1980. His confidence in the recommendation came from having a historical analysis of these economic indicators. Known as the "CEO of Learning 'IBK Investment & Securities Sin Seong-ho, president. 22 days seen handing out these and other stories to meet him at the head office in Yeouido.

◇ ventures, SMEs are our 'vocation'

"Venture Korea, SMEs are the economy and the direction to be pursued in the long term, we have a particular vocation awareness that IBK Industrial Bank should play a certain role as a subsidiary established in the light of the objective"

Eotneunde future water strategy as a leading securities firms in the financial sector policy, explained from the Sin Seong-ho, president of 'justification' for this. IBK Investment & Securities is a securities company entered the market last year, the financial investment industry's first crowdfunding. To perform well whether the call would have to ensure profitability. New president was to say that the progress of various projects in order to secure independence based on available revenue.

"I dont continue to strengthen the competitive advantages of the traditional strengths of P-CBO issued subjective, Conex designated consultation, specification, etc. In particular, by activating the KOSDAQ-listed securities market before the company Conex is kkoehal the pretext that support enterprise growth and securing our profitability. "

IBK Investment & Securities Conex cumulative total number of listed companies in the 29 fold. A company in which a former KOSDAQ are four children, including ThyssenKrupp, eksi cones, opto-pack, Salt Works. Performance specification is 6 cases, P-CBO issued last year was the participation scale 24 cases totaling 210.6 billion won.

This year, IBK Investment & Securities plans to pursue a KOSDAQ over the specification unearthing promising small / medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the new president, "I will try to Kibo, the main source of small business financing, organized by P-CBO Releases actively participated in maintaining financial sector policies issued in the beginning," says the goal.

If so, what concrete measures for achieving the objectives. Venture Capital (VC) sector development is one of the strategic tasks of this year IBK Investment & Securities.

Sin Seong-ho, president of "crowdfunding type and enable securities, and investments in new technologies, such as new business combinations sector plans," said ttuiwotda luck. Securities type crowdfunding is the initial enterprise support policies that require financing venture / start-up businesses to accelerate growth in the region.

"As well as collaborations with companies such as Bank promotes collaboration Industrial Park Management Corporation, Korea M & A Center for Emerging Companies excavation. In addition, we are also going to expand collaboration for investors to secure full and Korea angel investment association. "

Meanwhile, IBK Investment & Securities was established last August after registration technology financier in December of the first medium-term securities firms specializing in 'Value-up mid-specific technology solutions Investment Fund No. 1 "(90 million). With new technology project finance gyeomeop allowed securities firms formed the conditions that will be entering the work area through the traditional VC Investment integrity. New president said that the aspirations "combining scale plans to expand in the future," he said, "promising company plans to build a finding and investing, reinvesting the virtuous cycle as possible while increasing the return on your investment through a successful recovery."

◇ it should be avoided fee cut cycle bleeding competition

The securities industry recently spoken about the atmosphere. Recent trends for securities that are focused on the petite called Sin Seong-ho, president replied that "natural flow".

"Brokerage revenue structure is well known thing that changes in higher value-added businesses such as brokerage IB from one central point of retail. In addition, large capital expansion through the IB business nature of the risk appetite of the company to default hers is the inevitable choice. "

There are Eat fierce competition continues overlap, the solution had to answer the question Can yen resonate with its strategy.

"The idea that establish a growth strategy that matches your situation to concentrate this desirable. For example, if the Company has established its own purpose is focused on the financial sector as a policy-specific medium-term securities as of SMEs and that the real competitive advantage. Conversely, it seems to have chosen a strategy to strengthen the high-IB businesses large living overseas markets, with the risk of a certain size or more in capital. However, large companies will see that it is to be avoided, such as bleeding competition fee cut from the same period the market small and medium-sized Inc. "

I was wondering if the financial authorities have any idea when it comes to the number of hands you want to major in one color, an industry research report practices. New president been rated as one after another in our Securities Research Head, East Securities Inc. served as the industry heads into an excellent analyst.

He was "not mean that the report must necessarily sell a certain level, biased form looks like now that it is necessary to correct," said consent, that fundamental principles. But "approach to achieve this visibility through the institutional form should be avoided," he said lined. He was a page that you believe should change the default mindset of investors.

"First, investors may be acceptable to admit that the atmosphere has been created that is based on an opinion of the opinion that there should be an analyst on the share price may fall. Of course, the securities in order to obtain this confidence is equipped with a system capable of providing accurate information without discrimination as brokerages, analysts should strive to create accurate reports based on their own views. "

◇ analysis does not recommend buying customers also noticed chaenda

If you search for in a search engine Sin Seong-ho, president, analysts are to be studied, the content appears esteemed. Incidentally, the report came out talking about practice, seen handing out talking about the analyst that he thought ideal. New president "should have its own investment philosophy," he said. "All employees, as well as securities analysts is to default of the base to provide an optimized solution for the customer's situation on the basis of a clear logical thinking. To do this, understand the basic logic of the assets, you'll need to closely observe those mountains price fluctuations elements that are organically connected. Then surely gained the basics Based on this, it is important to establish the principle of their own. "

So what is Sin Seong-ho, president of investment philosophy. He said, "Based on a thorough study and analysis of investment does not fail even regret," said a sentence at once.

"The effort and process to close to its goal of 100% investment success than non uimip goal is more important than the result of success or loss. Branch Manager in the past days on the principles emphasized to employees from their own investment decisions as well as I can do the same applies to the salesperson and customer relationships. For example, it is natural that PB can see the damage that falling stock prices, unlike stocks forecast to recommend to our customers. But at least you've PB Customers are recommended to have a sufficient analysis and logic, or roughly words, when you have concerns about the possible decision. In the former case, the customer may also have a significant complaints, but in the latter case can I be a problem "

Sin Seong-ho, president of a new book being written now. A revised version of the book "Invest-to-wear (Where to invest?) ''ve Done in the past distributed to employees for educational purposes.

"This book is based on the premise that laid understand the situation and know the basic history of the market in order to predict the future. Based on the experience in the securities industry engaged in more than 30 years it had introduced various historical charts and graphs on six areas, including macro-economic, asset, interest rate, equity, currency, real estate. "

Still subject to revision did the new sweet. In the words of journalist private investors also I am going to help you book sold well to give the title Weigh ssambak meotjjeokge he laughed.

◇ year promising sector 'banking'

While an excellent analyst and interviews could not be asked this year market forecasts. Sin Seong-ho said the president is likely better than last year.

"Once the US economy is rising rapidly in the first quarter of last year, the floor. He recorded a growth rate of 3.5% in the third quarter, Ido looks passable mid-2% growth this year. Profit incorporated US S & P500 index stocks are also increasing. Last year's third-quarter profit increased 3.1% quarter to 10 000 6 11% in the first quarter of this year for the first time since turned bullish on, the prospect geolro increase profits by 9% in the second quarter. Compared with the rates were low PER of Korean stocks yeoseo still a lot of liquidity conditions are expected geolro price rises. "

Recommended for investors in stocks cited the 'banking'.

"I recommend banking sector started to increase profits for three years. Last year, the share price reflects the mid-section from being made, but I do not see yet geolro shares have risen enough. "

Getnya you like some recommendations from the banking stocks are questions that we want answered to note that the IBK Investment & Securities report. Investors bosira a look at the IBK Investment & Securities Banking Sector Report.

< Education >

- 1974 Chungnam National High School

- 1981 Bachelor of Statistics, Korea University

- 1984 Korea University Graduate Statistics

< career >

- 2000, Daewoo Securities investment manager jeonryakbu

- Chapter in our Securities Research Center in 2002, Managing Director

- 2005 Dongbu Securities Institutional Sales Division General Manager, Managing Director

- Chapter 2008 Dongbu Securities Research Center, Korea Securities Dealers Association Managing Director

- 2009 Woori Investment & Securities Division, Korea Financial Investment Association Management Strategies Division

- 2013 we present CEO

- August 2014 ~ IBK Investment & Securities CEO

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Samsung vs LG, 'TV war "spectacle

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, LG Electronics, among scheduled to come to market in March try to use the 'QLED TV' and 'OLED TV W' is the new flagship product, played a pre-emptive strike. The response from Samsung, LG and its stand against the unyielding seize early naenoteumyeo the "Super Ultra HD TV 'is expected to produce a large board game.

◇ LG, applying nano 3rd generation cell Ultra HD

LG Electronics recently nano-cells (nano cell) 3 naenwatda the three Super Ultra HD TV 'applied technology. The one month faster new product launches than in previous years. In this regard, LG Electronics has unveiled in the last 23 days the Seocho R & D Campus TV to launch this year.

The nano-cells are ultra premium TV family, the OLED (organic light emitting diode) than the cheapest premium family TV. Given you paid to buy the consumer OLED TV is expected to be the main target. Nano-cell is a technique utilizing a fine molecular structure of about 1 nanometer (㎚) size. Ultra-fine molecules are exquisitely tuned to the wavelength of the color has strengths that can more accurately represent more colors.

LG Electronics official said, "OLED TV price is 1.3 ~ 1.4 times the level of the premium LCD TV" said "will strengthen the LCD TV lines broaden consumer choice." The Super Ultra HD TV is chulgoga 2.4 million (55 inches) ~ 5.8 million won (65 inches).

The game's Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics is from April 3. Because Samsung QLED (quantum dot light-emitting diode) TV and LG's OLED TV W is being released alongside of. These products are a public gotta CES 2017 held in January in Las Vegas it was sikigido draw attention.

Samsung is already the appearance ginseng competition target with LG's OLED TV. It focused high QLED TV OLED TV price level. The punishment getdan the front to fight glimpse quality commitment. Samsung has devised QLED TV Premium TV prices than last year, the 'SUHD TV' high level of 20-30%. This is similar to the price of the same screen size OLED TV.

◇ Samsung, price, quality, confidence cheolcheol

With this, the industry is looking to Samsung, because even saw a chance that the price rather than quality and competitive price.

Samsung Electronics is the price of QLED TV lineup Q7, 8 have now been distributed to the public from up to $ 6000 (about 6.85 million won) (about 285 million) $ 2500 minimum. Q7 55-inch price was set at $ 2,500 versus $ 3,500 65 inches, 75 inches decided 6000 dollars. 55 inches for the price of one more step Q7 Q8 type of high-end 3500 to $ 4500 dollars, and the grade 65 inches.

According to Samsung QLED TV it has raised the quality level of the new technology applied to the metal quantum dot particles significantly compared to conventional. Expressing full color volume close to 100% and to maintain the brightness of up to 2000 knit (nits) in 1500. Gotta speech recognition is enhanced, the user can execute a function on behalf of the remote control, or audio only search for content. The design is also noticeable.

It is one of the features of the Samsung Enhanced Premium TV bezel-less (bezelles, borderless) screen and clean back design concept. Also peripherals Cable Transparent the 'invisible connection' to connect devices and connectors (Invisible Connection) that was tangled around the TV they were so noticeable.

◇ consumers do not choose formidable

'LG signature OLED TV W' against the QLED TV will be available in Korea in March. W amounts to $ 6.5-inch model with 8000 prices Product upgrade the existing OLED TV LG Electronics (about 9.14 million won).

The strength of W is thin. 65, the screen size is 77 inches serves as both a mere 2.57mm (65-inch standard) thick. Not even the 4mm thickness including the wall mount bracket. Rich sound is regarded as a strength. W is to separate all the components other than the screen in a separate sound system has to be installed at the bottom of the TV. Sound system was equipped with a three-dimensional implementation of the two "up-firing" (up-firing) of making a sound speaker in the ceiling direction of the speaker channel 4.2.

W particularly the United States supports the state-of-the-art Dolby surround sound system, Dolby-at Moss. You can hear the sound in accordance with the movement of the objects displayed on the TV screen in three dimensions in all directions. It did not miss a Smart TV features. LG Electronics can connect self-developed "Web OS 3.5 'to apply the right apps and channels specified by the user without the remote control to display an home screen. Also you can find a variety of viewing content, such as YouTube programs and figures related information or images.

◇ winner will demand only 3 years?

The two companies in the global market as long matsu even pyeolchyeotgo the myeongseungbu this is also one of the strengths each one blaming outgoing domestic as well as the overall market outlook Gonna dalgul. According to market research firm IHS sales in the global TV market this year is expected to be approximately 227.33 million. This is beyond the negative growth in only 1.4% increase compared to last year, three years. There comes also observed that comes the sales increase to 253.65 million in 2020.

Such analysis was the basis for the TV replacement cycle. TV sales are the most common explanation I in 2009 to the digital conversion of analog broadcasting, the replacement period is usually 8-10 years is about as long as that demand will be actively buying new products this year.

Electronics industry official said, "In the past, looking to achieve a 50 to 65 weeks as a sales-type trend, a large TV if the 32-40 type mainly sold," he said.

◇ LG, LCD TV panel supply for Samsung

Strategic cooperation of Samsung and LG have been strengthened. LG Display is supplying LCD (liquid crystal display) TV panels in the second half of this year from Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electronics is actively promoting the use of smartphones, LG Chem battery.

Samsung and LG have come to join the competition in the electronic center is unusually In light operated on the principle that came under the company does not share equipment or parts.

According to industry hansangbeom LG Display's vice president last 20 days Seocho-gu, Seoul Banpo-dong Sheraton Seoul Palace opened in Seoul Hotel '2017 1st Korea Display Industry Association, attended the Annual General Meeting, reporters and meet the "Samsung LCD TV-use in electronics (LCD has time to supply the display) panel may be early in the second half of the year, "he said.

One vice, "will discuss the size and product specifications supplied with Samsung Electronics." With regard to the first half of this year, he said the plan said, "There will be time early this year."

Samsung has requested the delivery to the bar last year, Sharp, LG Display balhija would stop the supply for LCD panel TV. Quantities are known as the 600 million level as Sharp to supply to Samsung Electronics. Samsung and LG are pushing for cooperation in other areas. According to industry sources, Samsung Electronics is reportedly reviewing the smartphone battery produced by LG Chem.

Samsung Electronics is considering the introduction last year, the Galaxy Note, LG Chem parts under the policy to promote the diversification strategy of the battery supplier and then suffered astronomical losses of 7 trillion won in the face of the seven kinds of situations.

In addition, Samsung Electronics receives from the second half of last year, the two metal parts chipon smartphone LG Innotek is producing the film, which is mounted on the product. Although there are small parts in the case of Samsung smartphone products produced by LG Electronics it is mounted. LG Electronics has been supplying the mobile DRAM, NAND Flash, and D produced by Samsung Electronics.

Electronics industry official said, "The Samsung and LG Electronics to help the shortcomings of each other," he said "If companies such as cooperation in the country than the contract with the foreign company would be better in the national interest dimension".

◇ Samsung Louvre standing 'TV unpack' progress

Samsung goes the 'TV unpack' in the Louvre. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy smartphones is to hold a ceremony to unpack constantly came proceed to unpack a new TV for the first time. Samsung Electronics has released a new TV launch event next month, 14 days in 2017 in the Louvre museum in Paris, France.

Samsung Electronics official said, "The progress is not a smart phone TV unpack this event for the first time," it said "consumers will not only QLED TV was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) released a new new TV."

The global release date even earlier than anticipated. Samsung is normal, but subsequently released products to overseas market after the event on March 20 this year, is expected to domestic ilkke domestic market and held a week after the unpacking ceremony.

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Interview with Chairman gimyonggeun] "Seoul Motor Show, the world's eight qualification Motor enough."

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] gimyonggeun 2017 Seoul Motor Show Organizing Committee (photo) is "the Seoul Motor Show overwhelming number of visitors compared to the Motor Show of the countries have similar domestic size (last year 1.8 million)" and "exhibition area in Geneva, Paris , said the level of "comparable to seven, including the Detroit Motor Show, the Tokyo Motor Show.

Because the country imports the producing countries while automakers supercar, which will hold a comparable scale to show the world Motor Show 7 was confident that "can dare to say 8 Motor Show." Unlike other auto show highlights viscosity that is growing in culture Motor Show. The talk that has established itself as a family outing experience space.

"The functional parts such as a new car introduction, technology presented is limited compared to other auto show," he acknowledges that. Still, he "has grown to over 2015 analysis of the spectators, soft cultural family Motor Show visitors have increased," he said.

In addition, also he said he would spread about efforts that various manufacturers are absent. Chrysler, Fiat, Volkswagen and Volvo, including a (the FCA), such as Ferrari does not attend the auto show. If the national level is related to Motor Vehicle preserved mijinhan situation in Oregon also hosts Ali automotive industry history. Kim had discussed the need for established auto industry history museum.

Kim "in order to deploy the Korean language history of the domestic car industry, viewing the Japanese occupation as a starting point, the marginal content itself," said "the future, such as automotive history museum preserving the real difference is not much construction is necessary," he said.

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Seoul Motor Show "Enjoy tea future with my family."

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] 'Seoul Motor Show 2017 (hereafter Motor Show)' opening two came forward about a month. The event will be held at KINTEX, Ilsan between ten days from 31 days next month to draw the future. The subject is currently enjoy. The auto show, which involved a total of 27 automobile manufacturers is an opportunity to enjoy a global industry trends with their families.

◇ the latest eco-friendly technologies, such as autonomous exhibition

As you can see from eco-friendly themes, such as autonomous driving technology in the future is a key trend this auto show. Following the car is already emerging as a core industry 'CES 2017' Following the trend goes like "2017 North American Auto Show.

This eco-friendly car exhibition and experience programs are expanded first. Electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, plug-in hybrid, hybrid, ultra-compact electric vehicle, electric cargo trucks are a number of environmentally friendly cars on display. This eco-friendly car ride events to experience some of the electric car is also in progress.

Related vehicles GM Korea Volt EV, Renault Samsung SM3 ZE watts Cha, modern kids ohnik, BMW i3, the Nissan Leaf, a power Plaza cargo truck, cam system compact cars such as electric vehicles (EV) and Kia Niro, BMW i8, such as plug-in hybrid the vehicle. However, you can test-drive the vehicle to ride instead of driving yourself.

Gimyonggeun Motor Show Organizing Committee for the "green car ride goes through the ride due to concerns about safety," said "Do you even know wihaeseoda to prevent accidents," he said.

Autonomous car exhibition and experience programs are also expanding. In the case of autonomous parts, automobile, ICT companies will showcase the technology divide. In addition to the autonomous car of car manufacturers will exhibit the technology in the car parts industry Hyundai Mobis, Mando, etc. Minebea mijjeumi. MOBIS highway autonomous systems, Mando and Minebea mijjeumi will showcase intelligent radar technology and safety braking system.

In particular, the ICT company Naver seems compelling to exhibit autonomous cars that are currently under development. Demonstrate the data collection process of the autonomous car video, and collaboration with Seoul National University's progressing autonomous car test drive event in general around the exhibition hall road (4km).

Automotive and industrial technology exhibition IT is also expanding. Location-based online services (Hanyang telecommunications, etc.), gyeongjeongbi Application (ME Deeds, etc.) auto-related IT skills' Alliance Automotive fusion "with the exhibits belong to IT companies, achieved by IT convergence technologies, devices, systems, display of, etc. auto parts makers . The car also installed Fusion Alliance teukbyeolgwan. Motor official said, "Korea Automotive Technology Institute, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Gwangju Green Car Institute, Gwangju Technopark automobile fusion-related institutions at this time for the first time participated in" and "Motor Show In addition to the exhibition period the collaboration with Korea Electronics Association 4 "I said it will hold a" seminar automotive and IT convergence 'corresponding to primary industrial revolution.

◇ pursue "Motor Show for the family"

The pursuit of the only identifier Motor Show di Ganghwa Island. Gimyonggeun organizing committee has announced that oriented the past 22 days' families can find Auto Show, held at the press conference. Conceived as last held in 2015 when the family of the visitor center have found a lot more development sikigetda it is the will.

In fact, if you compare the number of visitors Motor Show is staged in a similar domestic national scale Seoul Motor Show it has recorded an overwhelming scale. 2015 visitors last number is 61 10 000 5000 kills '2016 New Delhi, India (60 10 000 1914 people) ', Birmingham '2013 (10,000 8176 people)' '2013 Garda (2 10 000 753 persons), "'2016 Moscow, Russia show a significantly higher than the (50 10 000 3000 persons).

Kim thinks that "the Seoul Motor Show, as well as new models and technologies disclosure families directed to events that can be outing, holding hands," he said "In addition to new models and technologies introduced if planning Motor Show in family fun center attract consumer interest "he said.

Also "Motor Culture 'carried out an identity for an international conference to seek the Seoul Motor Show. The Motor Show, the David L. Strickland, the former US Highway Traffic Safety Director, Sven Baker, Stanford University professor, UCLA Dennis Hong, robotics and expand international conferences with six speakers, including Professor. It will form the subject of a lecture by storytelling paradigm future cars, car culture and design.

Kim explained that "the last international conference has been held since 2015" and "Motor Show next month from the opening 31, conducting international conferences, such as one of invited celebrities worldwide, also a great cultural stage."

He added, "While a lot of talk and American Automobile Association Design, IT, robotics, proceed with the planned lectures on cars," said added, "I hope mak customers are participating in this event after hours."

Motor Show Organizing Committee official said that "plans to emphasize an identity that of the family can join together and enjoy" "The Motor Show is our country and the domestic car other international brands, most participants in accordance with the import liberalization not only world's sixth largest car producer," said said.

◇ new cars, supercar, technology is also regret scattered

Motor-oriented family-oriented, but there is also regret. The Motor Show is limited, there supercar, new cars, new technologies than other exhibits such as the Motor Show. For the same part in the organizing committee it was recognized as areas for future improvement. Gimyonggeun stomach tissue "is limited compared to other auto show in a functional and technical level new car," he said. "Supercars including the other companies also did not confirm the circumstances involved."

He continued, "Volkswagen, Volvo, etc. This is due to the absence of diesel gate that occurred last year," he said, "is a passive form of participation in demand Fig supercar brand mimihae domestic car market, which will improve in the future," he added. Seoul Motor Show, another senior official said, "seems to be reluctant to participate in marketing and exhibition expenses, etc." "boycott of companies, including supercars are made no matter how troubled and difficult haebwado the discussion," said Lou said.

It could not be interpreted to be turning into a family of wealth and culture Motor dinchin to limit the participation of the relevant companies. However, it also increases the level of domestic consumers is that new companies have increased participation was emphasized that encouraging. Kim "While there are several factors limit the family was planning an outing to the Motor Show," said "looks to attract the attention of consumers through these parts," he said.

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Future car, put the winner-take-all supremacy 'deafening'

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] has become full-fledged competition for future car strengthening market dominance over the global globally. Was known to enter the domestic market, Tesla will come as early as May, the first half of pure electric cars unveiled "bolt EV (volts or less), nearly 400km in Korea GM. Toyota was also focused on the 'plug-in hybrid (PHEV)', which dominate the market, recently announced eco-friendly car of the future car strategy center.

Hyundai Motors also jumped into the future full-scale car race this year. This year the first international car show, a situation that "2017 North American Auto Show, Hyundai is basing on the results of such conduct kids ohnik autonomous urban driving car at night.

◇ Eui Sun Chung, preempt crying dispatched think tank

Eui Sun Chung of Hyundai Motor Group vice-lift as soon as 2017 announced a future car strategy to seek "freedom". Global car production last year, but maintains the fifth, Top5 the only manufacturer of iteoseoda exists and concerns facing the HMC, such as production is declining.

Vice Chairman Chung define the future strategy of Hyundai as' connected, environment friendly and autonomous. In January, at 'CES 2017' held in Las Vegas, he Connected Car, eco-friendly cars beyond hybrids extended to electric and hydrogen electric vehicles, said plug in an autonomous vehicles to pursue the freedom of prevention to be taken to advance thinking future cars It revealed once again the market leader in the will.

At the time he was a child ohnik direct drive electric and electric vehicle technology, demonstrating the Autonomous Hyundai. Chung Vice President "is equip most of the vehicle connectivity technology (Internet connection) in the near future" for the autonomous car said. "This simple means of transportation would not be a hub for connecting other vehicle home, office, etc." . Following adding that "there are car can imagine the future appearance of creating a single space, combined with a home docking mode" and "car would be more convenient lifestyle of the people, because it is connected to the external and organic".

Hyundai is focusing on Connected Car development since the end of last year in order to comply with the will of vice positive.

Come 2020, announced its own OS, Connected car 'ccOS' development, it will showcase the final concept car. Through strategic cooperation partnership with Cisco it has also underway. Eco-friendly car in the area was declared a developing electric vehicles that can run more than 320km on a single charge until next year.

Hyundai Motor said last month opened 25 days as from the "2016 Management's conference call. Cost reduction measures also struggled through a dedicated EV platform developed for this purpose and added that.

In recent years, in addition to vehicle development it has shown an aggressive look even established 'think tank'. Hyundai has already launched the Research Institute of the two places alone this month.

First launched in the last 13 days' Intelligent Safety Technology Center was incorporated within the Autonomous Development Organization Headquarters and R & D personnel together. View full power to act it is capable of developing autonomous car "door-to-door (Door to Door) 'from start to arrive destination after parking.

Since the foundation prior to the examination and assessment relating to autonomous, yangsancha applied research encompasses the whole process relating to the autonomous driving technology. Chandigarh Business Center Chapter elected to proceed with the personnel and the autonomous robot research projects in the United States Cornell University in 2001, and the last one expert responsible for the autonomous development of GM cars since 2006.

In addition to Intelligent Safety Technology Center Hyundai Automotive Group launched the "Strategic Technology Institute in the last 21 days. Strategic Research Institute will focus on artificial intelligence sharing, the economy, etc. · IT innovation, trend analysis and future research and development, unlike the Intelligent Safety Technology Center focused on autonomous driving. To verify from project planning and strategy development carried out at the Institute.

Hyundai Motor Group said that "being spread by objects convergence former industries such as IT skills Internet" and "Last providing the best value to consumers with unique products and services based on next-generation innovation through the think tanks of the two places was launched "Market Shapers' have doegetda," he said to.

Tesla ◇ · GM, the first half of the domestic electric vehicle market

Among the foreign manufacturers Hyundai Motor declared the Year 'future first year of the car "are knocking on the domestic EV market. The bolt and the 'Model S', 'Model X' plan will emerge in the domestic market.

First, GM Korea will launch in the first half of the bolts. Bolt can run up to 383.17km on a single charge. Currently the longest domestic long distance travel almost twice than "Electric Eye ohnik 'with mileage.

James Kim, president of GM Korea says 'game changer' bolt-rocking version of the future automotive market. He said, "GM Korea will be this year, further growth in the confidence gained from last spark," said, "especially upcoming in the first half volt domestic consumers as" game changer "to change the market will be able to enjoy the electric vehicle technology most efficient "I expressed confidence.

Tesla also recently completed a "registered producer" in the Ministry of Transportation had entered the final stage domestic market. Tesla had already declared this year will showcase the Model S is a domestic expansion has yet to put together the expectation that breathed new life into the nascent electric vehicle market. Tesla Model S that you can lean on mounting, about 400km more than the child, bolts ohnik run a battery of about one ton can come and pull the launch of a long-range electric vehicle production.

Future strategy of Mercedes-Benz cars and Toyota domestic market, but also stands out. Benz has announced that it will launch an electric vehicle mileage of 700km per charge come 2020.

This is about more than 200km and runs Tesla Model S. Toyota revealed confidence in the PHEV vehicles. Wu Takeshi Toyota President teeth mya recent "PHEV is getting faster and higher response than I thought Toyota," he said "PHEV sales of Toyota within the next 10 years will be surpassed 1 million." He continued, "seems to be the cost savings even with the development of PHEV technology," he added, "will showcase a Toyota Prius March 2nd generation model coming from Europe."

◇ kick Government, the future car support arm

Among global automakers, including Hyundai Motor manufacturers that are spurring the development of future autonomous cars, electric cars, etc. are also related to one after another declared support national governments.

2020 Land unit comes to promoting a 'level 3' level of autonomous cars commercialized. The contents of the last 13 days, including one released "Second Automotive Action Plan 'is exchanged, refunded for the commercialization of new cars, as well as autonomous driving car also damgyeotda.

Land unit official said, "The second trouble-free propulsion of cars Action Plan is to raise one level of advanced automotive technology such as autonomous driving car, with the reduction of traffic fatalities by improving the safety of the car." The future car control tower together public and private sector were also established. Last 7 days launched the "Automotive Industry Development Council, said that Hyundai Motor, South Korea GM, Renault Samsung Motors, Ssangyong Motors, including five carmakers involved with the Ministry of Industry generally.

The Commission announced the 'seven policy agenda' with the launch. Keyword through the seven policy is' electricity, autonomous car. The government-to-track strategy is the private automobile manufacturers scrambling to establish support measures for the relevant vehicles are spurring technology development. Industry official said, "Recently, the government in the future with the introduction of primary support measures can be found in Korea in that advent of 'electricity, autonomous car era" and "tax, regulatory support measures for the relevant vehicles are the future cars of advanced technology than the government, development explained that the form that manufacturers are performing. "

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Savings banks, non-face-to-face reinforced by receiving goods

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] Savings Bank Federation of non-face-to-face account opening service 'SB toktok' released in the beginning of this year, the savings bank industry is expected to focus on non-face-to-face than receiving goods. 'SB toktok' and savings banks, and the app is its non-adhesive face iteoseoda between customers. As a result, savings banks, it has developed from a mobile development platform hardening, non-face-to-face only by receiving products from the tablet points.

According to industry savings banks, SBI Savings Bank entered into a tech-related business alliance last 15 days the simple toss feeding services (TOSS) River running Vary published pins.

SBI Mutual Savings Bank is planning to push pin along the River Tech Vary publicity related to various financial platform and services development. There currently reviewing the toss my savings banks SBI Loans sold. Product development is that if visible is expected to decrease the cost to pin Tech interest rates. Savings Bank SBI official said, "such as pin-tech mobile is focusing on developing products that are as much related to the topic," he said, "will be performing mobile platform enhancements, product development, etc. with Publicis Vary River."

The non-face-to-face account opening services. It has attracted young people who are familiar with mobile banking. Watching for the products of the high interest rates savings bank that it also increased the savings bank customers expanded outer effects.

According to the Korea Federation of Savings Banks, the conditions outlined in the 5000 accounts are based on 16 days' SB toktok. Demand 2881 look much detail cases, 1852 cases are time deposits, savings 273 cases. Its savings bank is also excellent app performance. Welcome Savings Bank account opening services to operate its non-face-to-face account opening is on the rise. Welcome Savings Bank opened 20 days based on non face-to-face account it has exceeded 4000 cases.

Welcome Savings Bank official said, "Once you open a savings account and add items directly from the app so that you can subscribe to the combined Savings Account can sign up the actual accounts will be further increased."

Welcome Savings Bank is constantly working to improve ease of mobile apps.

Welcome Savings Bank may switch to another product that provides a higher savings account interest rate have only a mobile app. 'WELCOME PLUS Savings Account, which provides an annual 2.5% holders may change just as' WELCOME workers love Savings' to provide a 3% annual interest rate from the mobile app. Welcome Savings Bank is preparing a development, service launch, the tablet branches, you can do all the banking with the current tablet PC. Non-face-to-face account opening week available layers are young people who are familiar with mobile services. Shem is the State Savings Bank customers who are expanding the breadth and in that age was a.

Instead, savings banks were opened 20 days based on the 1850 cases account. Having said that, especially this year than last year, the number of flows. Instead, savings bank official said, "The average was opened up to the extent that non-face-to-face account opening flows up to 160 per day at about last year's average of 131 cases a lot," he said.

Instead, savings bank official said, "There is a certain tendency income is coming along well with all the trends use a lot of people who want to leave the lump sum is usually," "non-face-to-face counseling customer accounts opened during most of the many young people," he said.

Late last year the company launched a mobile app OK Saving Bank also increased compared to 2015 non-face-to-face receives two times. According to OK Savings Bank, which share two-day inflow to the OK Savings Bank is a non-face-to-face yeoteuna year 2015 by 9%, coming in 2016 increased by 2 times to 16%. In January, this was also a non-face-to-face account balance exceeded 10 billion.

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O2O stand up to augmented reality ... Platform expansion card companies

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] went on to hold membership card companies have expanded outer 'non-face-to-face platform. In O2O simple life insurance services, and further appearances by car finance non-face-to-face that the wider range of services. And launch the app to take coupons as augmented reality game based on Pokemon and sensational that is popular in order to prevent customer churn.

Payment is easy to use growing trend. According to Shinhan Card, Shinhan Card in the amount of payments in the last year of its payment app FAN is 5.6 trillion won, 7.3 million people are members. KB Kookmin Card Payment App gotta 'K- motion, join members of the end of December last year, 5.78 million people and was used in recording the amount of 4.267 trillion won a year 2016.

Beyond the 'first generation' approach was simple pursuit of existing payment card companies have been in non-face-to-face is the only platform to evolve into a form that brings together a wide range of services.

Using a variety of non-face-to-face services and platforms is a strategy that (Lock'in) to derive its customer lock-in card payments.

◇ reorganization for non-face-to-face expanded and cultural innovation

For non-face-to-face credit card companies are promoting digitization carried out a reorganization. Flexible thinking is dramatically remind idea naondaneun services.

Shinhan Card has announced a 'start-up type tissue culture innovations. Deputy manager, such as grade-oriented corporate title is simplified to "Manager (Manager) 'and' Pro (Pro) 'instead of disappearing. Shinhan Card is called "future Shinhan Card DT (Digital Tranformation) sector is to be reorganized into a digital standalone company in-house rather than a simple division will be transformed into a national and international ICT companies with the same organizational culture, start-up type organization with the working environment." He said.

KB Kookmin Card has rebuilt the organization's incorporation of digital business units related to digital headquarters group. In this regard it had to change the existing pin-tech businesses in the digital business. Establish a company-wide digital strategy and marketing plans, as well as promote the digitization process of systematically and effectively.

I've created a dedicated team within the Digital Marketing platform services for competitive advantage. Customer-friendly default for new digital channels, digital channels implemented by non-face-to-face oversees the recruitment, including through the channel.

◇ platform upgrades, augmented reality service launched

Credit card companies are basing app service that benefits beyond a simple card.

One card naenwatda the 'one 1Q pay' (hereinafter '1Q page') to see all the easy payment and point queries, transactions. '1Q page' is a simple existing mobile payment app 'Moby and pay with one card using the app alerts "box Moby' one card integration platform to integrate new releases.

1Q page 'get another' is a 'lottery' of one card. If the application provides a single number, like lotto money to the winners from such as 15 and so on. 1Q page Alliance members' 1Q PASS 'invitation is only for the necessary O2O services to customers based on big data, and can be easily payment by .'1Q PASS' In the 11th arrondissement, Wemakeprice (shopping), parking Night and service-oriented Everyday tips such as (Parking). There is also introducing a service that combines game principles and benefits. The '1Q page "can be used" one money GO' services. "One Money GO 'service is a service using the principle of augmented reality to get the benefits of real-time financial services and other affiliates of Bank KEB one person in the vicinity.

One card was equipped with a coupon service that returns money to the card issuance Annual fee for this service up to 3 million. Hyundai Card has introduced the 'Hyundai Card Joker (JOKER)' using augmented reality principle. Hyundai Card is a joker app to catch Pokemon and coupons related to merchant like.

KB Kookmin Card has expanded the offline uses. Last year signed a strategic alliance with Samsung Electronics launched the "App touch card payment" service apply the magnetic secure transmission (magnetic Secure Transmission, MST) technology, the industry's first app pages Samsung Card in September last year.

◇ car sales channel from personal consumption analysis

O2O services to the credit card companies have started introducing a range of platform services.

Shinhan Card has developed the 'FAN Pei bots' that analyzes the customer's personalized consumption. It seems that regardless of the product's sales page edition bots can be expanded as a marketing channel is the entry Shinhan Card.

Shinhan Card official said, "We expect this guidance to induce customers of a reasonable consumer consumption analysis reports on various aspects of big data is combined, as well as a comprehensive diagnosis of the overall consumption through FAN Pei bots, Shinhan Card has held" She told CNN that "the best products, services and sustainability will continue to develop into sophisticated marketing channel that featured merchants".

In addition to this, Shinhan Card has opened a used car marketing platform Shinhan Card tucha car. "Shinhan Card tucha car 'is a conjunction used cars online and offline (O2O) that runs a direct service. Shinhan Card's strengths through a variety of affiliate link is also provided haneunge features additional benefits.

Samsung Card has introduced a 'direct auto' auto financing platform last year. Several steps when buying a car without introducing financial instruments Options Compare Prices per vehicle, used car finance can limit the query, the query quote Vehicle various financial products and services for automotive customers selected at a time. Samsung Card is pursuing sell direct insurance.

O2O service franchise also continues to expand. Our card has been operating within the zone O2O smart app. When you log in to our app, select the smart card from the service O2O zone it is possible to immediately pay with our card. Discount coupons during checkout and may receive additional points, value-added services.

Our cards are expected to be effective in promoting and increasing sales of the promising startups that partner. Our cards are nagagetda strategy is to develop it as a win-win business model.

Lotte Card has been operating a distribution subsidiary benefit rich 'quick order' O2O platform. T map lives O2O variety of comforts such as taxi services, as well as the advantages it offered Lotte Duty Free Shop and the Internet dot-com, Interpark Tour, including Korea Bence additional benefits when using affiliate iPhone Apps in quick order. This year is a convenient service features available with no additional subscription and login using quick order service in conjunction with Lotte Members will also provided.

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Launched 'inbound reasons' representatives gimyoungung LKMS Q &

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Q. reason inbound service launch background

LKMS receives requests for financial and insurance consulting firm specializing in insurance to minimize the loss of principal amount invested from the company to be the one making the insurance is not in the country to negotiate directly with foreign insurers. Even through this process, but the company does have a collective buying power to gather personal paying attention to that it was possible that the same services create a crowd-insurance platform.

Q. advantage of Invar is why service in the current insurance market

LKMS the sale of excluded and devise an expensive unnecessary services because it directly distributed to consumers in company with the authority to mediate insurance contracts, to negotiate the guaranteed contents and prices directly to the insurance company without going through insurance agents or agents distribution fee It was omitted. Thus consumers can subscribe to the service at a lower price than before.

It is also possible to provide benefits through a special insurance or insurance that were not in the existing road insurance design does not generally treated as a basis for negotiating (bargaining power) which have upon to form a large number of people desired group insurance for the same risk.

Q. Do you have insurance services that are currently available are some

"3 relief services fraud 'is the assured services instead of highlighting the deception financial institutions in the form of a rider, is characterized by lower premiums, while ensuring accuracy in history is expanding existing services. The basic phishing, SMS phishing damage guarantee, of course, has expanded the industry's first service guarantee to ensure pharming scams annual limit was also extended to up to 500 won from existing $ 3,000.

"Inbound why Shanghai service guarantee 'is the default configuration to the contract goods only to 40% of insurance premiums is characterized by low compared to existing accident insurance for injuries to deaths, injuries mortgage sequela - related disability caused by unexpected accidents. In accordance with the terms of subscriber improve the inequities premiums and compensation limits that apply to differential age, 13 million a year, regardless of gender ₩ 2000 (₩ 11,000 May) in the same compensation limits can be applied.

Ropgo join the existing conditions of the driver's insurance difficult, that there is a refundable 'insurance inbound why the driver' who can improve the long-term contracts mainly subscription. It currently recruiting participants dictionary will be available soon.

Q. How will my subscription method

How to sign up is simple. When you click 'Buy' on any insurance product to connect to a website and then name, contact information, social security number, enter the premium payment and subscription right is possible, may receive information related to the character. Existing insurance when registering you can subscribe to just go through without a certificate program installation and registration, within the last five years of the disease, such as health information created, subscription confirmation documents, insurance payments, such as cumbersome procedures simple.

Q. What if the insurance renewal

All Insurance Services has a minimum number of conditions for insurance are activated. This is called activation buying achievement, which is the minimum number of participants for the insurance premium rate depends on negotiations with insurance services. When purchasing insurance service is activated achievement is met is enabled participants can benefit, if not met, Participants will not be able to join the insurance. Once the contract period is one year or insured physicians who exceed the purchase to enable achievement identified during negotiations and the original investigation will be launched this additional insurance discount rate applied.

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Join "Online Insurance" and consult "chaetbot 'and

It took place [South Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] possible period of insurance without the need to recruit from lightning-present channels in the insurance industry, consumers visiting the wind was introduced directly into the casino in the financial industry to join. In particular, non-face-to-face channel has to have a low-cost, high-efficiency multi-channel structure compared to face-to-face evaluation is mandatory not optional insurance to rise to the prolonged low interest rates these days gotta gotta make even "a penny". In recent years, also 'chaetbot' that consumers provide "joint purchase" the dwaeteumyeo 'crowd-insurance' services market to get affordable and diverse ensure more over, utilizing the knowledge-based services to computer customers insurance consultancy services It emerged.

◇ insurance "joint purchase" of the world

Crowd Crowd is it derived from the English word which means the crowd, collect funds from the public "has created a new vocabulary such as 'crowdfunding' containing the means. Thanks to the development of information and communication Crowdfunding is reborn in a new online "sipsiilban 'spirit.

The insurance industry in such crowd-insurance platform has emerged recently. Last month, four days Crowd insurance platform opened the door, why Inbound (inbyu) 'is an insurance and financial services consulting firm elkeyi LMS Limited (LKMS).

Elkeyi Limited predecessor of LMS-environment reasons (LKMS) has made a request to receive insurance products to minimize the loss of principal amount invested from the company since its establishment in 2014 the P2P direct negotiation without insurance to domestic and foreign insurers. Thus, even individuals who are not based on the know-how accumulated in the enterprise B2B market, focusing on the same point that the service is available, crowd-insurance platform inbound reason "was born. Inbound why officials said while opening the crowd insurance services "will continue to improve the existing problems of the insurance market and build a new ecosystem of consumer-oriented insurance."

By forming a large number of people want the group to ensure the same risk through the crowd why inbound platform is a way to provide insurance services to consumers in more favorable conditions to negotiate with the insurance premium and guarantee content based on it. A kind of insurance "joint purchase" approach in terms of purchasing power on the basis of population, in particular characterized by a reasonably capable of providing more personalized service improves the opacity of the intermediate sales channels and complex information.

Inbound reason naenwatda with the launch of the service △ 3 largest financial fraud relief services, △ Shanghai flagship product warranty services. In particular, financial services is a basic phishing scam assured, SMS phishing features as well as an enlarged dot damage guarantee to ensure the industry's first morale pharming service. If you wish to have more than 250 insurance ₩ 16,200 a year, it is possible to join a premium of up to ₩ 21,600, if less than 250 people.

Inbound reason has signed a strategic business agreement (MOU) for the latest Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co Buy and Internet-based platform enabled. As a result, inbound reason why dwaeteumyeo able to provide a customized insurance service for inbound customer needs based on the target customer expertise of Samsung Fire and Samsung Fire was to supply a wide range of customized insurance products for customers only inbound reasons. Gimyoungung elkeyi representatives LMS Limited said, "to build brand credibility through the co-marketing reasons inbound and Samsung Fire & Marine will continue to introduce new insurance products that are not in the domestic insurance market."

The financial authorities to supermarket online insurance prior to inbound reason emerged as "insurance platform 'also' insurance damoah. Damoah insurance services improve the complex intermediate distribution process by utilizing the online platform, just as Invar reason reduce premiums and improve coverage and opacity information asymmetry between insurance companies and consumers expand lowered the barriers. Inbound why officials "(inbound reason) insurance contracts as a company brokering the conclusion intermediate distribution stage is further reduced structure," said "affordable premium priced than the price offered by online direct platform on behalf of the information provided and agreement possible services, "he said.

◇ counselors without insurance consultancy services

Carolina Life Insurance has launched the 'chaetbot (Chatbot)' insurance-related business consulting service that over the last year, the industry's first Kakao Talk chat.

Customers can get the product information, frequently asked questions (FAQ), subscription information, product information, etc. provide the back, insert the keywords in the chat room, KakaoTalk category.

Carolina Life will provide a variety of services to increase the accuracy Korea signed a technology partnership with IBM Global Business Division sophisticated response algorithm.

Carolina Life official said, "Although there are many gaps in the market thanks to technological advances and innovative services" and "will continue to research and development to complement the gaps in 1-2 years in the future."

Dongbu services to customers and also to open the end of last year, the US professional chaetbot 'service.

US Businesses chaetbot Dongbu Insurance Services is a knowledge-based service implemented for the purpose of answering to analyze the data over knowledge claims 1000 △ △ documents how the loan agreement How to use the guide △ △ search network services, such as customer inquiries. In particular, it is possible feature more elaborate responses through feedback of knowledge-based systems running with the customer's questions and answers selected.

◇ 'Flower of insurance "float is artificial intelligence

It is still believed in the industry will be driven by further expansion in the future development trend of non-face-to-face 'tech insulator. The researchers had expected that insurance announced 14 days' Fourth Revolution and the future of the insurance industry, "it will be as early as artificial intelligence (AI) within five years dwibakkul sales channels featuring the landscape of the underwriting market."

Gimseokyoung Insurance Institute researcher, "and began to perform the main function of artificial intelligence insurance companies," he said, referring to artificial intelligence 'Eugene'. "Eugene" is AI passing the Turing Test for the first time in the world, the machine also proved that you can talk like people like.

Kim researcher naenwatda an accordingly predicted that "a robot or view the app to be would soon be possible to install an artificial intelligence specializing in insurance," he said "As a result, you can always kindly respond to customers 24 hours a day will disappear also incomplete sales." . In addition, a channel of the current actuary was expected to be converted into a highly efficient sales organization to provide differentiated services, such as financial planning, health care.

Such trend is expected to lead to greater repercussions in the insurance industry that heralded the end of the actuary channels spanning 'Mac' in the country insured since the 1960s. Planners are referred to collectively as the "Insurance aunt 'organizations and attract subscribers unprecedented number of days the phone or online insurance channel have led the insurance industry in Korea. The designers have also been causing a lot of incomplete sales falling to structure insurance fee per one hand is true.

Insurance industry officials naenwatda the "AI is incomplete, insurance agents, as well as face-to-face sales channels decreased solve the current problems caused by the lack of designers and will be able to solve the problems faced by such high costs emerge when" that rosy outlook.

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Daewoo Mirae 9 years free all-in-present attraction

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] was the last non-face-to-face account in securities trending. February this year after starting the securities are non-face-to-face account opening service costs one turn of the year. Mirae Asset has recently been treated or holding stock trading commission free unprecedented nine years as large companies, and Samsung Securities are also based on a non-face-to-face mobile technologies are scrambling to expand market share. Other brokerages also serves a more diverse strategy became non-face-to-face than before.

According to the financial investment industry 27 days Samsung Securities has shown a lively look, while opening an account in the past 22-day non-face-to-face since the beginning of the year 30 000.

Samsung Securities side "smart content and enhanced result of the global ETF thats focused on this area since last year to marketing factors seem to be bearing fruit this year," he said.

Daewoo Mirae also represents a rise of 128 000 to open an account by the end of last year, and occupancy fees 1st Kiwoom did not disclose the number of accounts. It started the non-face-to-face banking account first place, but hubalju design brokerages have showed an increase four times Spreading the bank actively marketing. This year, the non-face-to-face account strategy has simply been grafted gotta pin to combine tech and bio-technology Further information, such as iris, fingerprint benefit from such fees are more competitive outlook.

With this new regulation recommendation for the convenience of vulnerable groups, such as non-face-to-face blindness and verification measures for the disabled, elderly month corporate market it is expected to be worse in the future. Non-face-to-face with the real names when checking the ID card images taken with smartphones has improved hagekkeum possible to verify the authenticity. About one year after the enforcement scheme was set up in a total of 730,000 accounts 4,000. This was established in 578 000 cases of the securities industry.

Samsung Securities is ₩ 30,000 and paid to customers opening an account for the first time coming to 31 this month, mPOP, mPOP tablet, if you are giving the stock trading through a securities commission plus 3 years free mobile benefits. In addition, the scheme also provides credit, mortgage 5% benefit.

Samsung Securities also focusing MTS technology is an all-in-one integrated trading, asset management, foreign stocks of 'New mPOP' one. In open an account overseas equities, commodity trade finance as well as asset management can handle the wide ranging portfolio investment and retirement pensions. Menu operation minimizes input information and may proceed faster than the stock exchange when moving between screens, it also supports financial products and convenient trading environment, such as a shopping mall.

Daewoo Mirae Asset has engaged in aggressive marketing through an unprecedented 9 years, including online advertising, commissions and benefits as free large securities firms. Direct ongoing event until the end of next month, plus an equity transaction fee is free by 2025 through a direct opening comes when the customer plus the new account is unprecedented. 10,000 won to provide mobile payment vouchers and vouchers when transactions add more than 10 million. The first overseas equity trading customers and provide vouchers for customers to replace the wearing foreign stocks.

Daewoo Mirae Asset launched to celebrate the integrated support for foreign stocks trading more than 5 million won first one voucher ₩ 20,000 customers on a first come, first served basis 1000 people. Customers who dressed replace foreign stocks by a third party who pays the additional vouchers ₩ 30,000 net per deposit amount up to ₩ 600,000 to ₩ 10 million.

NH Investment securities 20,000 1,000 accounts opened since the beginning of the year based on the last 22 days has been operating two non-face-to-face account opening apps. Online and offline japgetda two rabbits are deep in the mountains. Branches Open Account tolerated QV branch is characterized by the motto that anytime, anywhere easy and convenient wealth management account (CMA), a comprehensive marketing, general management accounts, personal connection, etc. (ISA) and retirement accounts. It also provides human-based asset management services also select the desired point of allowing staff.

Internet account opening purposes of trees are advocating a life hyperlocal online brokerage services to the community rookie. You can use your mobile number and account number to deposit only, the first new and dormant customers are applied to 0.01% after one year and one years CO fees benefits. It is also possible to check the blind opened as a video call.

Korea Investment & Securities proceeds from the new non-face-to-face account opening event in June. ₩ 10,000 provides mobile vouchers at department stores, and customers trading more than 1 million won to account for non-face-to-face support two manwongwon.

◇ KB · Shinhan affiliate links Service

KB Securities will not receive commission for five years when the stock trades with non-face-to-face customer account opening online media. The customer trading more than 1 million won per month for support ₩ 40,000 per month for six months up to ₩ 240,000 smartphones allotment. The target device is the Galaxy S7 (Edge), iPhone 7+, V20, etc.

KB Kookmin Bank KB Star also introduced services to establish a possible 'KB plustar account "transactions in a non face-to-face banking app. When we collaborate with asset management transactions, ETF also provides mobile vouchers.

Non-face-to-face in the first half of this year, Shinhan Investment Corp. is focused on the mobile channel and enhance customer contacts expanded. The customer is the easy way to launch a new mobile app Investors can check the child alpha and non-face-to-face account opening sikigetda customers to easily proceed without face-to-face contact as well as identifying information and investment.

Policy that the Shinhan Financial Group corporate investment information my clients this series based on the available 'Exciting bout' services at a glance, for customers to use bank cards and Shinhan Investment Corp. in the account opening so that inflows can be activated to be. MTS fees are taking place until the end of March.

One also non-financial investment to enhance face-to-face collaboration among affiliates proposed a plan to become the winner of the competition.

One financial investment official "10 2015 situation which topped 700 million members in one member's release a year performed the first domestic financial sector, and now with the sight of 800 million members," said "Young customers range from up to senior customers considering the large Member layer does not separate advertising channels are focused on one member's partnership with the event, "he said.

Such Members associated with the first year of implementation of augmented reality services and financial progress the 'One Money GO' and 'non-face-to-face account opening event. "One Money GO 'when automatically presenting a variety of coupons on mobile screens of the member to provide an augmented reality based location search capabilities of smartphones, such as the Pokemon GO games for mobile phones and choose which is automatically issued one currency or in partnership coupons . 'Non-face-to-face account opening event, one financial investment 10,000 reward money to one customer who first opened the account in a non face-to-face, and supports additional 10,000 one money if the stock exchange more than 1 million won to 28 days.

One financial investment should instead provide advanced content Mentos into account deactivated facing room service, quant services, making signals, such as avoiding free 119 shares charge. Since the current is developing such content shall be open continuously associated with non-face-to-face account to provide a period of time free trial period.

It also provides an analysis of the media dominated the second half of 2016, analysts through its own research target messenger of the top candle. Provide information that customers should know in the flood information selectively, and to receive counseling to ease access to the account statement of the use and analysis of stocks Candle Man also offers real-time consultation.

Daishin Securities is giving a non-face-to-face account opening MTS transaction when a customer target one years subscription to new shares to customers keureon charge fees benefit the stock five years. Through a lottery conducted to target the customers instead of any securities keureon new customers once the financial transactions of the next month to be presented to foreign cars, such as the gold bull.

◇ industry jesal clipper "one customer acquisition '

Last year, average daily trading value of the total securities was 16% lower than the previous year 7.42 trillion won. The proportion of the total brokerage fee income reached 72% in the third quarter of 2002 was down 37.3% year basis. As such offline declining share of the online trend has turned that expansion can point securities in 2016 compared to 2013 decreased 408 dog also fell 27%. Online customer acquisition of securities due to reduced customer, with my room is becoming more intense.

However, the effect of non-face-to-face account opening is also to non-face-to-face connection with projects and initiatives that exist in the heated competition to attract customers is not easy to find an alternative. The appearance securities are paying attention to market fluctuations.

Industry insiders "non-customer-facing mosigi can be seen as a kind of bait brokerage sales strategy than strengthen," said "Once is attracting customers contains the intent suggesting a variety of marketing strategies utilize future," he said. If you want to induce customers through a non face-to-face recruitment offers the benefits of credit loans and derivatives sales, including whether the opinion that the current dietary eating cut jesal worth eonjeong investment.

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BNK · JB · DGB targeting mobile banking

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters] to the identified non-face-to-face blindness Service earnest In the end of 2015 the banking industry were mainly interested in local banks and foreign banks. Store-based points that can be relatively non-face-to-face weak points complementary to banking products and services through all came into opportunities.

According to the Financial Services Commission, last May, is actually based on non-financial firms in facing priced into account the priority issues outlined above, the number four was one of the regional banks BNK Busan Bank. BNK Busan Bank has introduced the "non-face-to-face can reposes the night customers in non-face-to-face consultation with blindness confirm the account opening and customer response good part."

Internet bank launched a year ahead of the professional-oriented banking '24 hours' local banks are scrambling actively targeting for mobile banking channel also strengthened its preemptive and non-face-to-face as much as a large commercial bank. According to the Korea Federation of Banks, the last six months of the 94 regional banks Bank of New five (BNK · DGB Busan, Daegu · JB · JB Gwangju Gyeongnam, Jeonbuk · BNK) released the 'non-face-to-face' related items totaled 12 pieces.

Non-local banks are facing is offering goods and services competitively. "Mr. Director came to Seoul A worried one branch of a local bank in his hometown Everton deal replace the Main Bank do around the house" would you want to jump to such practices.

Up to two financial instruments directly without having to visit the bank jimyeonseo sonswiwo transcend regional and sales network is becoming a wider choice for customers.

Financial Supervisory Service financial products integrate comparative disclosures site, according to the Financial Instruments at a glance ', the Guangzhou bank two months 22 days based on the bank term deposits Average interest rates 1' ssolssolhan My Cool deposits (annual 1.90%), time deposits (1 year maturity · isolation and earn semen) of the case 'ssolssolhan My Cool Savings' bank of Guangzhou (annual 2.0%) have totaled over one. Both products are applied to both gotta sign up via your smartphone if you want any customers in any region can join. While eliminating the time and space constraints, local banks are facing each one non-built channel scrambling to attract customers.

BNK Busan Bank presented a negative passbook loan 'My Pocket Ron uses a smartphone without the Bank Group's mobile bank visits in December last year, bank thumb. 'My Pocket Ron is a product that can easily get a loan to mubangmun, paperless way.

In particular BNK Busan Bank has applied the thumb banks 'My Pocket Ron' non-face-to-face way increase the limit mobile banking in the meantime, I did not try to. If your credit rating and loan customers want good trading performance can increase the limit by 20% every six months.

BNK out Busan Bank official said, "thumb banks' My Pocket Ron development began from the customer's idea of ​​a need for a mobile wallet-type loans that can be used anytime, anywhere," he said "we continue to release innovative products to enhance customer convenience plan, "he said. Smart automation equipment (ATM) a 'Self-BANK (Self-bank), it can also be based on the kkopeul. BNK Busan Bank is expanding after installing the trial last August, the smart ATM Head Office Sales Department. Most banks have a desk job can handle the product yourself.

BNK Busan Bank official said, "and one of my central commercial area stores yeoksegwon floating population many preferential installed to 20-40 customers account for a large" and "plans to continue to expand the self banks operating branches until the second half of the year." .

For the DGB DGB launched the 2.0 version of "Eye M Bank 'which operates the nation's first mobile branch December 20. "Eye M Bank" has put forward the strengths of the mobile platform by introducing community-based strategy of the DGB DGB operating the nation's first branch (branch) as a strength.

DGB Daegu Bank has expanded its child M Bank Mobile point 250 all branches for upgrading the platform right last year, New Year 'children M Bank "launched the first anniversary and we release a child M Bank 2.0 O2O (online and offline connection) Business .

The kids version 2.0 M Bank was extended to non-face-to-face service that could only be off-line area. Simple mobile phone number transfer money through banks DGB services, merchant bar code payment, is provided on page Dutch, gyeongjogeum features. Without a video chat with an agent of the branches it is possible to visit the subscription of financial products.

DGB Daegu Bank has also launched a 'DGB mubangmun mortgage "loans that could be later this month before proceeding with the process mubangmun.

JB Jeonbuk Bank Financial Group has been targeting the mobile banking app (app) is' smart banking news. Opening an account with non-face-to-face direct and JB capable of handling smart desk is a major banking and services.

In particular by introducing a pin-tech technology to increase the ease of enhanced security. In addition to the existing certificate-based login ID Log in added security-enhanced Block Chaining-based login, login touch-safe manner. Another news Quick Mart banking transfers can be quick and easy transfer transactions, such as large print variant, simple transfer toss. O2O (online and offline connection) services were grafted. When Jeonbuk Bank Beacon (Beacon) to visit the places where installed can receive a notification, such as financial products, useful events, and various coupons.

Also Jeonbuk Bank has launched a 'JB Smart-App account' non-face-to-face with the available mobile-only account opening bank deposit products go two months without any branches. In an ATM without a passbook or card through the news Jeonbuk Bank Mart Banking services may be provided with a smart withdrawal.

BNK Kyungnam bank sells the 'tuyu (ToU) loan immediately' non-face-to-face credit loans do not require proof of income and bank visits since last November. Tuyu loan application is immediately available through the junggeumri loans card loans as cash automation equipment (CD / ATM) without having to visit the bank BNK Gyeongnam Internet Banking and Smart Banking (Bank tuyu app, app tuyu financial center).

Smart Card security services' for the convenience and security of electronic banking customers can also use force. Come January BNK Kyungnam Bank provides each new authentication code via a smartphone app whenever a variety of electronic financial transactions such as smart banking, Internet banking, telephone banking. Card types previous security cards or one-time password generator (OTP) used when you need to carry inconvenience or loss risk, less may be another separate purchase and replacement costs.

BNK Kyungnam Bank official said, "we later expanded to include non-face-to-face real name authentication system plans to improve the usability," he said.

JB Kwangju Bank Financial Group has been a direct product of non-face-to-face 'ssolssolhan My Cool Savings deposits, "secondary selling more products to upgrade the primary selling a great success, and finish in April. Sign up products are smart if you join in Kwangju Bank banking app, 'My Cool banks (My CoolBank)'. New customers who do not deal at all with Kwangju Bank accounts can be opened easily with a simple authentication process without visiting the bank.

Kwangju Bank official said, "ssolssolhan My Cool deposits, savings will be many to join the new customers waited for one financial high interest rate products as a commodity that can be joined easily with smartphones," said "Kwangju Bank is a leading non-face-to-face pin through the channel strengthened Tech Bank will go further expand its position as a "he said.

January Kwangju Bank has launched a non-face-to-face 'smart banking private credit personal loan "products. Kwangju Bank official said that "it is possible to limit queries a minute, loan application to loan 5 minutes" and "will improve as a process that reflects the linkage (O2O) and non-face-to-face customer experience and dealer channel."

As such non-face-to-face approach is increasingly becoming the center of the financial transactions of the banking sector it highlighted the response efforts. According to the impact and implications on the banking spread Banking business performance 'Report of the publication "Analysis of Korea's economy, the Korea Institute of Finance (KIF), when the practices are accomplished in a non face-to-face from a bank perspective" cost reduction, real-time convenience of the deal "an advantage or a" fee cuts, benefit from preferential rates "are all negative factors. Reports have suggested that "in order to improve the existing banks to take advantage of innovative technologies, such as pin-tech business results will be utilized to develop highly differentiated services compete with other institutions."

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