Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Restructuring FKI ... 20-30 people apply for voluntary retirement

Reportedly announced [Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] innovation, and the eyes of the end of last month 20 people on the voluntary retirement stones from the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI below) is currently being carried apply to restructuring. FKI agreed to a voluntary retirement to employees who pay three months' seniority levels one month per year of additional bonus to the main base wolbong wolbong

24 days, was estimated to have a total of about 20-30 people hope the results by the end of the FKI retirement received under the Korea Economic Research Institute Staff Application "FKI official said he said.

FKI has received a voluntary retirement to the general staff from the last 13 days inside the Innovation announce that cuts more than 40% of the organization's budget and the 24th month. We have four groups, including Samsung, Hyundai Motor, SK, LG leave the second this year, the Federation of Korean Industries aftermath of a budget has plummeted.

Financial officials "scrambling FKI has recently reduced the size of the organization, including voluntary retirement, said he said 'organization after downsizing will proceed, including the integration of the Korea Economic Research Institute.

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Cosmetics brand reputation shop in April], Etude House Innisfree Olive Young, net

Accounted for [financial newspaper sinmijin Korea News] April cosmetics shop brand reputation above findings Olive Spirit 1 year 2017 showed that the Innisfree and Etude House followed suit.

Korea Corporate Reputation Institute has analyzed the brand Missha cosmetics shop, Innisfree, Aritaum, The Face Shop, Etude House, T. Mori, Skin Food, deosaem, Nature Republic, it 's skin, a flat 11 brands such as olive spirit.

He analyzes the cosmetics specialty store brands Big Data 21570874 until last March 23 on April 24, decreased 13.45% when compared to last January, only dogs and cosmetics shop brand Big Data 2492 3177.

4 years 2017 cosmetics shop brand reputation ranking was analyzed Olive Young, Innisfree, Etude House, The Face Shop, Aritaum, Missha, Skin Food, T. Mori, Nature Republic, deosaem, it 's skin in order.

[HR] for Construction Association

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] ◇ Construction of Association

△ cultural promotion mounting Jeong Geunyoung

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China abroad for Eui Sun Chung, Saad overcome headwinds

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - Hyundai Motor Vice Chairman Eui Sun Chung (photo) is "high altitude missile defense systems (THAAD, less Sadd) 'departure had 24 days to explore the Chinese market fell into a slump placement.

Information about vice-president is scheduled to return home on weekends and then look around the Chinese production and sales subsidiaries in Beijing and Hebei Cangzhou modern factories and production facilities, check the field conditions.

Currently in China, Hyundai Kia struck a direct hit headwinds Saad. China accounted for 23% of global sales of Hyundai, Kia, one of the most important markets with the US, but the damage resulted due to the boycott Korea Product mood spread according to Saad placement. In fact, last month, China's sales of Hyundai Kia Motors has decreased 52.2% year over year sales by selling 72,032. Crisis broke through on plans to raise the Chinese market Eui Sun Chung Vice President to visit the site for.

In addition to the visit of Vice President Chung Hyundai Kia it is scrambling to overcome headwinds recently Sade as "new car effect". In the coming open at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center from the 28th, 2017 Shanghai Motor Show unveiled a new model four kinds of local strategies. A new compact SUV ix35, K2 Cross and three small waste gas, Sonata New Rise (local name all-new Sonata) being submitted to the exhibition and the like.

Industry insiders - 'and pyeolchimyeonseo to attract Chinese consumers,' 'Unlike traditional sales slump current situation in the middle of a nerve Saad placement can take a long-term "said Saad marketing' in competition 'she said.

He also said, "Hyundai's global flagship model, through a variety of new model effects, including the Sonata will embark on China's poor sales break 'plug-in hybrid (PHEV)' later this year and is expected in April next year in the Chinese market of the Sonata 'models the success is also cutting 'he said.

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Jeong Yongjin, the only smart business 中 enter '20 'front withdrawal'

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea] decided to withdraw the local market to 11,997 years Mart 20 years opened the first store in Shanghai QuYang and entered the Chinese market. Local stores have continued rising out of Anti-Korean sentiment due to a problem with the deficit is also placed Saad judgment of management that is difficult to do business.

According to industry sources, the 25th Mart had entered the Chinese business restructuring since 2011 and is currently only operating only seven local stores. Also reportedly it decided not to extend the contract on the Shanghai Lao Seaman point later this month rental agreement ends.

Besides Rao Seaman Louis hongjeom points, unauthorized benefits, I plan to also closed six stores this year, including the Chao points, windows advantages acids that, lorries blot. The store is scheduled to close the door as soon as the agreement of settlement, such as rent and employment ends.

Mart store in 1000 aiming to open the Chinese market has jumped once China has expanded to 27 stores. However, due to China's economic slowdown and localized failures, higher store rents, etc. it was struggling.

Also in site selection fails, Vanguard and price competition from local Chinese suppliers of stores that do not have a competitive point affected. Chinese culture, such as exclusive does bear close relationships with local wholesalers also act as an intermediate difficulty.

Mart has shuffled prior to 2011 restructuring, which once sold for 11 local stores. 2011 China E-Mart has found an operating loss of more than 100 billion only one year. The cumulative deficit of the last four years also Mart deficit of almost 44 billion years won Although reduced to 2014, 35,100,002,015 years, 216 one hundred million won in 2016 to reduce the number of stores has recorded more than 150 billion won.

This is not limited to E-Mart. Lotte Mart had established a plan for streamlining business in China earlier this year accordingly entered a closed shop and reorganization of the fallen profitable stores. It overlaps here on business interruption due to retaliate Saad is currently the state of the local stores to stop sales of up to 90%.

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ING Life Insurance, IPO confirmed 33,000 won ... 27-28 days See details

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] gongmoga of ING Life being promoted its IPO (IPO) has been confirmed as 33,000 won. ING Life after receiving the offer retail investors across the 27 and 28th days will arrive in the next month KOSPI market.

ING Life announced on the 24th that confirmed the results last 6 to 21 gongmoga a forward demand forecast target for domestic and foreign institutional investors from the day Tuesday.

ING gongmoga of life that slightly exceeds the initial desires gongmoga ING Life is the life insurance industry is expected to be unusually high among cheongyakryul based on a solid financial strength and performance.

Life Insurance listed companies were unable myeonchi sluggish in the meantime gongmoga. It is regulated by the financial authorities are in deep contrast with prolonged low interest rates and IFRS17 (New International Financial Reporting Standards), which introduced because the judge is less growth.

The statement Hanwha Life and Mirae Asset Life hopes IPO band bottom of the mitdolat and Samsung Life IPO only hope is in for such investors gongmoga decided at the top level of life insurance has gotta rating less attractive stocks.

In relation to the industry as the IPO of ING Life beyond this 31,500 won on hopes gongmoga predicted that "broke the listed risk '.

Meanwhile, ING Life has gotta rated 'big fish' in the IPO market. ING ING belongs to the group life is being evaluated is equipped with world-class financial soundness. Late last year amounted to 319% was recorded based on the life insurance industry's highest lead of both the Samsung Life (304%), Hanwha Life (200%).

In particular, ING Life is reportedly also a mere 10.2% of the end of last year, profitability is the main culprit rate determinate insurance liabilities of life insurers. The four levels lower than half of the listed companies is 23.1% on average. As the prolonged low interest rate environment that life insurers have been selling rate determinate insurance liabilities grabbed my ankle. This negative margin is a possibility one can not earn enough return on investment to customers as promised return on investment dropped because grown with. The coupon-type insurance liabilities is low it means it will have no visible damage other insurers less than a guaranteed product and sell high fixed interest rate decreases.

Jeongmunguk ING Life President "decided to gongmoga a market-friendly way on the basis of demand forecasts," said "in the wake of the KOSPI traded more management policy to pursue profitable growth, efficiency, capital and risk-optimal balance between management and strengthen, ING will show the look out after the differentiated value of life only, "he said aspirations.

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Jin Air, traded hands rush ... "2018 sales of 1 trillion won goals."

The selection of the MAS treated with [financial newspaper gimeunji Korea News] Jin Air is listed Sponsor and promote a full-scale public.

Jin Air for securities traded in markets with MAS treatment deuleogatdago the practical arrangements for the detailed schedule of due diligence and IPO preliminary examination revealed charged 24 days. This Jin Air plans to start full-scale operations to complete the IPO to go public this year.

Jin Air is an investment funding plan △ △ transparent management and ethical management companies embark on awareness and enhance brand value for △ △ strengthening financial stability continued growth through the IPO. Them the 2018 being the 10th anniversary of the founding of the first year make it a leap second through domestic as well as Northeast Asia is a blueprint that emerge as a leading and LCC.

Jin Air plans to use to build new businesses based on funding obtained through the IPO. It introduced eight aircraft by 2018, increasing to 30 (B737-800 24 vs., B777-200ER 6 units), the route is planned to be expanded by increasing the market share of 55 pieces. Sales plans that it has surpassed one trillion won 880 billion won in 2017, 2018 become a leading industry.

Han Jin Air was established in January 2008 to expand its domestic and international routes to Gimpo-Jeju route after first flying to Japan, China and Southeast Asia, such as continued high growth. Only the introduction of the B777-200ER aircraft, medium-to-high LCC's first long-haul LCC opened the era's flying like Incheon to Honolulu and Incheon to Cairns.

Jin Air last year, sales of 719.7 billion won, operating profit of 52.3 billion won in net profit was achieved with past earnings to 39.3 billion won. Yy are each increased in size 56%, 76%, 73%. In particular, revenues recorded the highest sales growth rate of domestic LCC's increased by 56% compared to the previous year. This is the seventh consecutive surplus after surplus achieved in 2010 first.

Jin Air's "requirement for listed already gatchwotjiman both from 2014, during decided to promote the IPO this year for complaining Results 10th anniversary review of several internal and external matters the momentum" and "successful completion of the IPO It said it would increase the corporate value and gain a foothold to become a global company. "

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Eugene Investment & Securities initiating, SMART champions 'iris authentication services'

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] Eugene Investment & Securities has announced that the 25th start of the iris authentication service in its MTS 'SMART champions' through technology agreements with Samsung Electronics from the last 24 days.

The iris registration function is in possession of a mounted Galaxy S8, S8 + customers to register an iris information on Samsung passes through the mobile app 'SMART champions, convenient MTS login, query, and marketing instead of the existing complex certification process with only the iris authentication It was made available. The iris authentication services are provided based on the Samsung Pass biometric authentication technology of Samsung.

Eugene Investment & Securities official said, "has introduced a financial investment industry's first fingerprint recognition technology in March SMART champions last year to increase the convenience of customers," he said "We nagagetda provide a convenient and secure service than continuously introduced into the pin-tech technologies" said.

Details of the iris certificate issuance process and use instructions are available at Eugene Investment & Securities website.

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Gwonohhun counselor one day experience a life-president, Customer Service

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] gwonohhun find a customer support center is located in one of the war 21 days of life the president went on "daily customer experience consultant. Gwonohhun president after last May with a daily customer experience as second counselor is once again communicate directly with customers and listening to the voices of the party went to the field staff to visit the customer support center.

Day ticket president had time to listen directly to the complaints of the customers respond. After this experience over wearing an apron it was also carried out surprise event to share the good Bellflower tea and snacks to those counselors who use a lot of the usual neck. Chayumi counselors' seems to have more power to serve, I get surprised, saying, "It seems to be passed even guests who have good energy received today requested consultations" said a comment.

Gwonohhun president 'out in the field were the guests of the precious time you can hear the voices of counselors who who are suffering in the opinion forefront, saying, "We reflect the voice of the customer complaints and field staff more, and all customers and employees happy, Ltd. he said the move will further strengthen the communication of that. "

One in Daejeon Life Support Center has been selected as Best Call Center in a variety of call center service quality survey by introducing counselors knowledge retrieval system, strengthen friendly response training.

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Shinsegae Food, HMR 1-quarter revenue 4,000,000,000 won ... Shopping strategy led

[Sinmijin financial newspaper reporter Korea - Shinsegae Food is scrambling to strengthen brand awareness and sales capacity through a home shopping sales olban ganpyeonsik (HMR).

According to the 25th Shinsegae Food ganpyeonsik the first quarter, the home sales sold at GS · · NS Hyundai Home Shopping is 40 billion. This figure is up to 10 percent of the 39.2 billion won sales increased last year over the new world food.

I raise brand awareness, sales of home olban ganpyeonsik through home shopping could enhance revenues by securing a fixed customer base, including housewives, soul bapjok a description of the New World food.

The second half of the last real "olban cow roasted meat" launched by the GS Home Shopping recorded the good stuff and re-obtain a favorable reception to the synagogue more than 40%, and reasonable price, etc. gumaeyul 10 wanpan. In addition, olban Devils Chicken "series debuted last month at Hyundai Home Shopping is posted sales of 3,500 set for 1 hour. The Shinsegae Food plans to expand the volume 5000 pieces ready to embark on shopping sale on the 26th once again.

Shinsegae Food is dedicated to developing exclusive products for each specific shopping store shopping sales continued to grow in the home olban ganpyeonsik. GS Home Shopping ohdeon selling to existing, and followed by Hyundai Home Shopping NS Home Shopping also plans to develop a single product.

Shinsegae Food said, "Take off the sales of instant images through a home shopping sikineunde recognize the kkiro home ganpyeonsik properly was a big help," he "will go forward to expand sales channels and created a brand that leads the market ganpyeonsik home," he said.

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Shinhan Investment Corp., launched Shinhan global luxury 4th Industrial Revolution Rap '

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Investment Corp., said on the 25th that launched the Shinhan global luxury 4th Industrial Revolution Labs' to invest in the fourth round of industrial revolution-related companies that received attention in recent years.

Shinhan global luxury 4th Industrial Revolution Rap 'is a wrap service that invests in domestic and foreign companies related to the four primary industries of the future such as new growth engine, Internet of Things, autonomous, electric, semiconductor, and life sciences. Wraps management unit to identify four primary industry related ideas through collaboration and management of investment assets jeonryakbu Shinhan global luxury 4th Industrial Revolution Labs' portfolio.

Shinhan Investment sides said the investments strategy unit Shinhan Investment WM group of domestic and international financial market experts belonging to the IPS headquarters organization.

Shinhan global luxury 4th Industrial Revolution Rap 'is based on valuation and investment in high growth potential companies in the long term. In terms of risk management, to secure the flexible portion of cash compared to short-term volatility is, in principle, to conduct a flexible portfolio rebalancing occurs market issues.

Shinhan global luxury 4th Industrial Revolution Labs' can be joined at Shinhan Investment nationwide branches and PWM center. The minimum subscription amount is 30 million won, lab fees are type A lien 1.0% (the first one), huchwi annual 1.0%, C-type huchwi annual 1.4% (annual subscription after 3 years huchwi 1.2%). The Lab domestic stocks is the tax effect when the general income tax investments tax-free subjects (excluding securities transaction tax), foreign stocks are selling so classified taxed at the capital gains tax (22%). To 100% depending on the commodity exchange exposure value and exchange rate fluctuations in investments which have the potential loss of principal.

Shinhan Investment IPS headquarters Jeong Donyoung general manager said, "Shinhan Luxury Global 4th Industrial Revolution Rap" 4 car industry lab services that investment by configuring the domestic and foreign companies to get a positive benefit to the portfolio of the revolution "," Shinhan Investment IPS Headquarters based on the progress of the know-how accumulated over 2-3 years and long-term investment is suitable for investors seeking to outperform the market over this, "he said.

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SK Innovation, the first quarter youngeopik 1004300000000 ... Yy 比 19% increase

It said 25 days had increased [Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun reporter] SK Innovation is 1.0043 trillion won in the first quarter sales of 19% (159.5 billion won) recorded a yoy profit. Operating profit exceeded 1 trillion won is ever third.

This is the power surpassed one trillion won operating profit growth of non-oil sectors such as chemicals and Yun Hwalyu. Non-oil sector in the first quarter of operating profit accounted for 10 percentage points higher than the 55 percent (549.6 billion won) oil business (45%, 453.9 billion won) to.

Among the chemical business is a major part of the process By entering a full restart after a regular maintenance on the previous quarter is ethylene, the main products such as paraxylene spreads show appreciation recorded an operating profit of 454.7 billion won. The petrochemical business was to renewal at the same time as the largest ever quarterly earnings surpassed operating profits (453.9 billion won) in the oil business.

Yun Hwalyu business 10% (85 million) QoQ due to such lubricant bullish spread due to supply shortage has posted an operating profit increase of 94.9 billion won. 2Q is expected to improve the profitability by increasing volume of the coming peak season.

SK Innovation said, "results from the past few years, increased investment and expansion of the production facilities of high-margin products such as paraxylene scale, profit of the Chemicals business has been upgraded" and "scheduled regional ethylene in the second quarter, the para-xylene this was expected to lead to hosiljeok Given such regular maintenance of the facility. "

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SK Hynix 1Q11 youngeopik 2.4676 trillion won ... Largest

Thanks [Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] SK Hynix Semiconductor super power in the booming recorded an operating profit of unprecedented scale.

SK Hynix has achieved over the last sales 6.2895 trillion won, operating profit of 2.4676 trillion won from January to March, it posted 25 days.

Sales had surged 72.0%, while operating profit is 339.2% YoY, also sales compared with the previous quarter's 17.4%, while operating profit rose 60.6%.

In particular, operating profit this quarter is about 800 billion won a lot more than the fourth quarter of 2014 was 1.6671 trillion won recorded the previous maximum.

In addition, sales Operating margin amounted to a whopping 39.2%. It will sell for 100 won worth leaving a profit of 39 circles. Following the second quarter of 2004, which recorded an operating margin of 40% to as high as second thoughts. Sales were also chiwot change the history of the past were many fourth quarter of last year (5.3577 trillion won) and net income also hit a record high to 1.8987 trillion won.

This SK Hynix sales, operating profit, net income were all achieved the "Triple Crown" establish a new record.

SK Hynix said, "the first quarter is seasonally could, despite a weak period of the memory chip demand and achieve a continued favorable rise to Quarter largest sales and operating profit sharply prices in the market environment since the second half of last year." he said.

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Shinyoung Securities launched, and additional early redemption opportunities to more ELS

[Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] Shinyoung this year include an ELS that the additional prepayments chance is 27 days to 1 pm from 25 days 'plan up exponential ELS' 3 species and equity-linked derivative-linked bonds (ELB) and other derived sell a combined four (DLB).

'The flange-up 6422 times securitized derivatives (principal non-guaranteed) is a three-year "early exit step-down (EarlyExit StepDown) ELS-type" to the S & P500 index, HSCEI index, NIKKEI225 index as of the preparation date. By providing additional revenue opportunities for me in step-down type ELS has an advantage that reduces the burden on investors.

Every six months the price of any underlying assets 90% (6, 12 months), 85% of the initial reference price is higher (18 and 24 months), 65% (30 months) will be paid in a year 3.0% (before tax) . However, without an early repayment it occurred on 12 Month underlying asset, even if any one had dropped to less than 65% of the initial reference price may be a return of 6.0% (before tax). However, even if the maturity assessment price one underlying asset is less than 65% of the initial reference price could result in the loss.

'The flange-up 6423 times securitized derivatives (principal non-guaranteed) is a 3-year-type step-down to the ELS KOSPI200 index, HSCEI index, EuroStoxx50 index as of the preparation date. Three closing price of the underlying asset to the early redemption assessment return every six months, one 95% (six months) of the initial reference price for 90% (12 months), 85% (18, 24 months), 80% (30 months) or more When should a payment of 6.0% a year (before tax). However, due to the decline and never less than 53% of the initial assessment based on an underlying asset prices anywhere from one, a maturity assessment price, even one of the underlying asset it can cause a loss of less than 80% of the initial reference price.

"The 6424 business plan, once securitized derivatives (non-proof of principal) is a step-down type ELS 3-year maturity as KOSPI200 index, LG Chem underlying asset of the common stock. Every six months back from early repayment evaluate one two closing price of the underlying assets 85% (6, 12, 18 months) of the initial reference price, the 80% is higher (24, 30 months) in revenues a year of 6.0% (before tax) give. However, maturity and never fell below 50% in the evaluation of the initial reference price, even one of the underlying assets to work, there is a maturity assessment price, even one of the underlying asset can cause a loss of less than 80% of the initial reference price.

Along with DLB ∙ to sell ELB. "Up Plan 52nd four other derivatives" is 91 days, which expired products to the Korea Financial Investment Association has published CD (certificate of deposit) 91 days of water end the call based on the return on assets to. Rating Rating Price expiration day expiration revenue of 3.5% over a year is 1.34% (before tax) annual 1.35% (before tax) revenue, less than 3.5% of the payment will be.

"The plan, up 158 per equity-linked derivative-linked bonds' maturity is one year for the products KOSPI200 index as an underlying asset. It is characterized by the return of up to 3.60% open (EBT) capable. However, it is never the underlying asset price until maturity assessment work exceeding 115% of the initial reference price, if you have less than 85% will be paid only the principal.

Shinyoung Securities official said, "Now sell products that are seeking to profit from one or more interest rates low interest rate environment, annual 1%" and "made with various structures and the underlying asset would meet the diverse needs of customers."

Up is available in minimum units over one million won and 100,000 won, more consultation is when you contact Shinyoung all branches or customer support center. The securitized derivatives are the principal loss may occur depending on the operating results or moderate redemption.

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KB Asset Management, the US long-term government bond futures ETF 24 days 400,000 shares trading

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] KB Asset Management, it said on the 25th that the nation's first exchange-traded fund (ETF) to consider the direction of US interest rates in the US long-term government bond futures ETF KBSTAR cruise.

KB Asset Management's side in the last 20 days S & P US Treasury futures index to follow that KBSTAR US long-term government bond futures (267,440) and daily returns of twice the follow-up to KBSTAR US long-term government bond futures leverage (267,490), daily returns of each -1 times He explained that, KBSTAR US long-term government bond futures inverse (267,450) to follow the -2 times, KBSTAR US long-term government bond futures inverse 2X (267500) rising steadily since the transaction has a total of 4 listed ETF.

24-one days trading volume since the IPO last week, the US long-term government bond futures were each recorded Inverse ETF is approximately 140,000 shares, long-term US government bond futures ETF is approximately 400,000 shares.

Thanks to the long-term US interest rates rise KBSTAR US long-term government bond futures Inverse ETF is 1.6%, inverse 2X ETF launched three days posted a profit of 3.0%. KBSTAR US long-term government bond futures ETF invests in US Treasury futures (US Treasury Bond Futures) that the 30-year US Treasury bond prices traded destination.

When interest rates are expected to invest in long-term US government bond futures KBSTAR inverse or inverse 2X ETF US long-term government bond futures and interest rate haraksi KBSTAR shall be invested in long-term US government bond futures and US long-term government bond futures KBSTAR leveraged ETF.

Red bumps KB Asset Management Multi Solutions Division Managing Director said, "to inflation due to the expectations and economic improvement of the fiscal policy of playing the US long-term interest rates is expected to maintain an upward trend volatility of interest rates in the policy implementation process can grow," said and he explained that "groups interest rate fluctuations investments utilizing the long-term US Treasury ETF 4 species would be a good investment alternative."

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LG Electronics launches the world's largest 32-horsepower gas Cooling & Heating

The [Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG Electronics, the world's largest gas Cooling & Heating Capacity: launch (GHP Gas engine driven Heat Pump), and the new leading global B2B HVAC market.

LG Electronics is the 25th of 32 horsepower efficiency: unveiled (HP Horse Power) Gas Cooling & Heating 'GHP Super 3 "new. With 32 horsepower corresponds to 90kW cooling capacity (kW), heating capacity of 100kW, stand-alone gas Cooling & Heating is the world's largest capacity.

The product provides an indoor unit to one outdoor unit can connect up to 58 it is ideal for medium and large buildings. For example, if installed in big hospitals, commercial buildings can be air-conditioned more than 50 individual space at the same time.

Among domestic manufacturers LG Electronics has developed the only gas Cooling & Heating with its own technology, and production. The 32-horsepower products are meant to go beyond that LG Electronics is leading the global market in just six years the foreign companies operating in the gas market, Cooling & Heating.

LG Electronics application smart refrigerant control, smart oil control, innovative technologies, such as four-sided heat exchanger increase the heat exchange area than the previous, which detects the oil level in real time and automatic fuel supply to real-time control the amount of refrigerant in this new product in optimal conditions.

In particular, four side heat exchanger Cooling & Heating is contributed to the area of ​​heat transfer area to transfer heat to raise more than 4% made wider than 20% at the same time increasing the energy efficiency, product performance. In addition to the increased production capacity natjiman upgrade the reader algorithm maintains the industry's lowest noise was 60 decibels (dB).

LG Electronics is also considering that it came up with gas Cooling & Heating products to customers long-term use lowers the pressure maintenance products. The price of the engine oil is regularly required to replace the oil filter, spark plugs, etc. supplies to reduce 70% of imported goods were differentiated management costs by period using the product.

LG Electronics is now planning to sell gas Cooling & Heating in Latin America and the Middle East and, and expanded to Europe and Asia by 2020.

LG Electronics Air Solutions Business Division yigamgyu Vice President stressed that "through the air conditioning system know-how and continuous technological development will continue to lead the global air conditioning market."

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Kiwoom, 11.6% of pre-tax annual pursuing Facebook & Apple released ELS

The complicity of [Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Kiwoom Overseas Company type ELS (equity-linked securities) to seek a return of 11.6% a year before tax.

The underlying assets of the '78th Global 100 trillion club ELS' this release are two categories Facebook and Apple. Seeking yield annual pretax 11.6% and maturity is 3 years. Every six months from the date of issue of early repayment opportunities given becomes both the underlying assets in the early repayment evaluate all be 90% of the initial reference price (6 months, 12 months, 18 months), 85% (24 months, 30 months, 36 months) If there is more than up to 34.8% (annual rate of return of 11.6% before tax) is repaid by revenue. Stigma barrier is 60%.

Kiwoom official said that "investors recently determined that the proposed rate of return on index-type ELS does not reach the expectations that are seeking higher returns abroad Company type ELS".

Subscription deadline is 13 o'clock on April 28. For more information, contact us if you are a website or Kiwoom Kiwoom financial center.

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GS Home Shopping, then small suppliers accompanied Win

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] GS Home Shopping Payout Date sets out the delivery speed for SMEs and accompanied coexistence.

GS Home Shopping has announced 25 days to pay within 6 business days of payment of the fee buying goods next month on the 1st to assist the smooth operation of the money medium-sized suppliers.

Jikmaeip product was significantly reduced by 03 times in the future, but paid the price once a month following the end of the existing month, payable within 6 business days.

In addition, GS Home Shopping has helped the financing and want to create a 'win-win fund' 400 billion per year for SME partners and operates a 'family Ron, "" network theory ".

GS Home Shopping officials "felt the need to increase support for partners to grow with small businesses," said "to reduce the price adjustment based on plans to boost friendly relations," he said.

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Metlife Life, Earth Day commemoration social contribution activities conducted

[Gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter Korea] Life MetLife said it carried out social contribution activities to employees and financial planners family's right to participate in Earth Day.

Meth was involved in the life and family life, employees and financial advisors, including 65 patients 22 days Nanji Hangang Park Sunset Park MetLife Korea Foundation and Korea partner agency volunteer culture by organizing volunteer programs.

Participants planted potatoes, flower seedlings, so that the paper mulberry kkuji Nanjido reborn as a park in landfills can restore the ecosystems on her own and reborn as eco-friendly park. In addition to contributing to the production of a dead tree directly Trivet Coasters and recycling participating employees and their families, and environmental conservation had time to study the soil ecosystem cycles.

Before 14th was held a volunteer with lunch. This activity was pleasant to vulnerable children in the fine dust and provide a healthy learning environment and prepare to form a healthy lifestyle themselves raising plants.

Metlife Life staff, 43 said made the air purifying plants Mini potted plant 80 for removing fine dust through the 'private areas Children's Center "was passed on to children from low-income families. In particular, this event is in progress to evaluate gotta 'up cycling' activities, making the pot to direct employees to recycle disposable plastic cups under the theme 'Environment Love' to think 'Love the Earth' was more meaningful.

Huang Ae meth "was conducted a variety of volunteer programs that contribute to environmental preservation as Earth Day theme of April, right 'Environment Love' with the" Life Korea Foundation Director General said, "We continue to participate in social contribution activities We are encouraged to allow employees and said it will not be supportive. "

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Consumer sentiment index 101.2 ... 100 million over the six months,

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] showed that consumer sentiment has improved considerably compared to the previous month in width.

According to the Bank of Korea '4 May 2017 Consumer Trends survey, released on the 25th April Consumer Sentiment Index (CCSI) rose 4.5 points from the previous month to 101.2.

This beating the best in six months or after October (102.0) last year, the rise was the largest in three years and six months after 10 months (4.9 points) in 2013.

Consumer sentiment was carried over a baseline of 100 million in the year to bullish rebound this year from January, but fell to the lowest level since the global financial crisis to 93.3 in February half year.

CCSI will be called the reference value is more optimistic consumer sentiment higher than the long term average of 100 (2003-2016 long term average), meaning that less than 100 pessimistic.

The survey was conducted among 2200 households in cities across the country from 11 to 18 days, the response was 2,031 households.

But it considered that point, lower than in April last year (101.6), despite two months CCSI rise.

Consumer Sentiment Index (CSI) was found to have recognized greatly jotahjin game. Current economic judgment CSI climbed 10 points to 69 than the transfer. Future economic prospects as CSI 89 or 12 points played.

View CSI price level fell 1 point to 141 more passes.

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KT M. Mobile launches 'M Life Plan'

[Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] KT for M 'M Life Plan "that mobile companies such goods may be premature for the' good life 'off a three-year full value communication costs 990,000 won will be released 28 days.

M Life provides 250 minutes KT Networks Unlimited calls, calls only mangoe January 27,500 won fee, unlimited text, LTE data 2.5GB.

Here chose this plan presents a way to make a free effect. When you sign up for consumers' Good Plus 525 "Life is good discount Giving a full communication costs 990,000 won for three years.

If you do not fill the three years of the termination of the plan, communication costs as much as the rest period may be in cash from a good life.

Good Life Good Plus 525 'is a product that paid 37,500 KRW 140 per month. It can be supported to wear one occasion Progress funeral, wedding, seventieth, birthday party. It not only can be a family occasion cost savings benefits even acquaintances.

Jeonyongtae KT M. mobile business operations general manager "allows customers to stall from the communication costs by Life Care was planning this product to receive benefits in life" and "We will showcase the products of differentiated M. Mobile only," he said.

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NH Agricultural Insurance, 2017 "Paddy" started selling crop disaster insurance

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] NH Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock and Food and Agricultural Insurance has launched the sale of 24 days 'rice' crop disaster insurance. Join period Jeddah June 09 Watch.

'Paddy' insurance is a product that compensate the damage caused by (the damage from birds and beasts), assistant to the fire and natural disasters, including hurricanes, hail, heavy rain, etc. When riders sign up pests it may also be compensated for the damage caused by huinip blight, leaf blight stripes, BPH, blast.

NH Agricultural Insurance will be impossible if the normal shipments due to natural disasters, we established the inability to ensure the harvest this year, the prime contractor pays the insurance, broadened the scope of economic damages farmhouse.

Sign up yields range was also expanded. It was normal to join based on the yields from this year to last year, it was possible to guarantee 110% of normal yields. NH said Agricultural Insurance is a 'normal yields positive results that reflect the needs of the farmers who had ever actually yields more' about it.

This "rice" 50% of premiums the government, about 30 percent of local governments to support farmers contribution is about 20%.

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Mirae treatment, 90% partial payment of principal jogisang annular ELS Competition

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea - Daewoo Mirae Asset said that selling equity-linked securities (ELS) to the underlying asset, and Tencent Holdings Apple stock from 25 days.

This time selling "The 20,842 times Tencent Holdings - Apple principal 90% partial payment jogisang annular ELS 'is all the underlying asset price prepayment evaluation days (3, 6, 9 months) with maturity of one year Item 104% of the initial reference price If more than it provides a return of 13.0% a year. If the maturity rating Price of Failure to meet the early repayment terms expired evaluation days (12 months), the two underlying assets (Tencent Holdings, Apple) to both higher than the initial reference price, as revenue as growth in lower underlying asset growth stocks give.

One of the two underlying assets at maturity rating, even one due Reporting the assessment price lower than the initial reference price may be up to 10% of principal loss.

The products are in a foreign based assets, the shares traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange and Hong Kong offer, but in won, and need not, because Dollar Exchange receive reimbursement due to the local currency. The subscription period is possible in units from 1,000,000 won to 1,000,000 won at least 28 days 1:30 PM.

For more information about the product is treated by contacting with MAS national branches and customer service center.

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NH NH life, progress, ensuring asset diagnostic experience event "

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] NH NH's right to life of the home goes for the month of May, ensuring asset diagnostic experience events. When customers apply for the guaranteed asset diagnostic events that have a direct visit of the NH NH lives FC analyze guaranteed, health, retirement assets haejugo proposed a rational design.

The event is one of five core services of 'NH customer satisfaction service' NH NH lives of integrated customer service brand launches mark the fifth anniversary of the launch. 5 key services: △ Visiting services △ just right for the services △ Smart Call Services △ payment satisfactory service △ consists of financial education services This "guaranteed asset diagnostic experience events' is part of 'Visiting Services' to visit customers directly to provide services to be.

Agricultural life is going to present the Mobile Voucher 10,000 won to 1,000 people during the customer to apply for a guaranteed asset diagnosis. LG Styler also provides Tromso, LG Whisen dehumidifiers, home digital blood pressure monitor, such as the family eating out generous prizes integrated ticket, CGV movie ticket through the lottery after the end of the event.

Kim Giju NH NH Life Product Sales Vice President has a lot through the "guaranteed asset is one of the financial planning components necessary for both young and old, to prepare for the emergency accident and sickness, saying 'this' guarantee assets diagnostic experience events' customers there are winds that are dwaeteumyeon me an opportunity to design a reliable health guarantees realization of love for my family, "he said.

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SK Telecom, the Galaxy S8 popular Opie 'right Pickup Group

Announced on the 25th that [South Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] SK Telecom is not 'just pick up' service users increased 5-fold compared to the first week of release existing premium smartphone.

'Just pick up' service is of the (Online To Offline) O2O approach combines the advantages of a smartphone plan, the advantages of online comparison service station and fast offline services received without regard to time and location of the customer.

According to SK Telecom, the main use of customers 'just pick up' service were as many 'Office 3040' families spending time in the office than at home. It is characterized by having the 'Office 3040' tribe courier, etc. difficult to spend time separately in order to receive the shipment lifestyle.

The phone in the store "just pick up 'customers with the most is the office a lot of Yeouido, Gwanghwamun, Gangnam order appeared in (at ~ 13 12 o'clock) 80% of the lunch guests and leave work hours (18:00 to 20:00) He had received. The bangjeung that valuable services to busy professionals in business hours.

SK Telecom has expanded immediately pick up "significantly more than 3,300 stores in more than 1,800 existing pieces, according to the release Galaxy S8. Also it has consistently improve service quality on and offline, including adding the official online shopping mall of 'T World Direct' In My recommendation plan △ △ △ area around friendly stores like hanjulpyeong Reviews capabilities.

Gimunggi SK Telecom Distribution Innovation Headquarters is just pick up "SK Telecom is considering the customer's lifestyle that combines online and offline 'and providing services, it said" SK Telecom has the advantages of online and offline, according to the smartphone demand of various customers taking exercised a mutual synergistic said it will strive to provide a greater utility to our customers. "

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Held in the Bank of Korea, this week's annual enlargement Caucus

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] this weekend in the Bank of Korea governor Lee Ju-yeol including (photo) executives will gather to discuss current issues in domestic and other issues.

25 days, according to the Bank of Korea, Bank of Korea has come to hold a 28 to 29 enlarged caucus in Incheon Training Center to schedule two days. Of the enlarged Caucus held two times a year in spring and autumn as an annual event.

The meeting reportedly attend the governor Lee Ju-yeol, vice angry soldiers including the domestic regional headquarters, overseas offices gukjanggeup executives over 70 people.

The Bank of Korea official said, as annual events such as the planned Dwarf foreign affairs and international financial market situation presented questions and answers of the small intestine.

In this meeting it seems to be discussing the various international issues including the expected rate hike in the US Federal Reserve (Fed).

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Jeongeunbo vice chairman, "Conex market opportunities will be greatly expanded."

Lowers the threshold so that [South Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Finance Committee to the initial companies to easily enter the market than now to Conex. Listed companies are successful in crowdfunding to reliably settled in Conex market, such as early settlement Disclosure Advisory services will be provided.

FSC held a conference targeted at market participants Conex AM on the 25th in the Korea Exchange announced a "system improvement for the sustainable growth of the market, Conex.

This is where jeongeunbo (photo) FSC vice "should be activated incubating function of Conex market can generate new growth engine of the KOSDAQ market development and our economy" saying, "I will greatly expand the Conex market opportunities, and He said.

First, the FSC has decided to ease the crowd funding successful companies, including companies in the early Conex for expanding market opportunities and expand the designated institution investors special technical requirements listed in the previous half level.

Accordingly designated institutional ownership requirement is mitigated in one year more than the current 20% to more than 10%, and 6 months. SME investment securities balance requirement is also lower in the current 300 billion to 150 billion.

In addition, the policy also provides advisory specify the target service by introducing a selective agent Conex to companies related organizations such as exchanges lowered the cost of configuring jiwonban public services such as disclosure counsel.

Small cap IPO market liquidity for the expansion also increases from 10 billion to 2 billion won. Another start-up, so planners can easily participate in the market, Conex now decided to waive the deposit base (1 million).

The crowd-funding Conex → → KOSDAQ reduced the growth of specified retention period, a senior advisor with the public prior to listing requirements in order to enhance the ladder system Forwarder protect him from each obligation period leading up to one year to six months.

In addition, consider the characteristics of each company and to increase the demand for tailor-made corporate presentations (IR) agreed to expand opportunities it was also supported publishing company business analysis reports.

FSC is first available promotion projects, including revised exchange rules are necessary, including the amendments promoting capital market law is so fast-paced and consultations will be submitted to the National Assembly through such convergence stakeholders.

Chung vice 'now Conex market as incubating the market for higher market should promote qualitative growth so that more can be more mature, "it said" this system improvement will be an opportunity for a new leap forward in this respect Conex market expects' he said.

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Korea Investment & Securities, Apple, Microsoft's underlying asset ELS Competition

To [South Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] Korea Investment Holdings (071050) subsidiary Korea Investment & Securities has come a total of 3 billion won extent the 'TRUE equity-linked securities (ELS) 8636 times rising participation' as an underlying asset for Apple and Microsoft to 27 that recruitment announced Thursday.

1-year repayment type is TRUE ELS 8636 times the maximum rise participatory structure that revenue is limited, but the maximum loss is limited to 20% of commodity revenues, depending on the underlying asset price determined in due time.

The first criterion is based on the percentage of the low base price of the asset price at maturity maturity assessment evaluation days maturity assessment price by more than 100% of the initial reference price is 1.2 times the revenue achieved in the underlying asset inflation. If more than 80% of the initial reference price of less than 100% is caused by the loss harakyul underlying asset. Maturity assessment price is less than 80% of the initial reference price, even if the maximum loss is limited to the loss of 20%. The loss of principal up to the fire conditions are 20% satisfied.

Two won DS Division Manager, said, "by investing in foreign stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange blue-chip losses with leverage of 1.2 times the rise is a smart product to avoid risk of exchange fluctuations, and limited to 20%."

ELB 1 species of the same period, ELS 8 species, recruiting a total of 10 kinds of products, including the DLS 1 species, the minimum subscription limit is $ 500. For further information, contact us if you are to Korea Investment & Securities website or customer service center.

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Last year, companies raised credit ratings increased 77% ... Outlook is more negative

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] last year, while the company's credit rating has risen significantly increased compared to the previous year, the credit rating is downgraded company was found to significantly reduce. However, the company received a negative rating outlook downgrade increases in the future are expected.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) companies rose last year 25 days credit ratings showed that 46 companies have increased by 76.9% compared to 26 companies last year. The company declined grade has declined 42.8% YoY to more than 159 companies in 91 companies.

Grade credit rating was graded according to the retention downstream enterprises can reduce the rise. If the AAA rating rose by 4.1% points from 90.4% to 94.5% in 2015. Grade AA and A ratings respectively also rise 2.5 percent, 12.9 percentage points. BB grade points also rose 17.2%. But it declined 3.4% points if the BBB rating.

But the possibility of a positive rating outlook company increased threefold compared to negative 87 supplier companies to 29 companies downgrade is high.

In addition, last year, credit rating revenue share NICE credit rating was the most common 34.8% Korea 32.4% rating, Korea Ratings was 32.4% pure.

In this regard, the FSS said it plans to test a theme for vulnerable sectors of the credit rating agencies every year.

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EBay Korea, summer internship and Experienced Web Developer Jobs

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] eBay Korea will work in G Market, Auction, G9 until the 14th of next month to recruit summer interns 00 people. This internship was introduced in the de-specification detailing examination covered the information, including documents from the typical city school. Along with eBay Korea is also in progress as part of a software engineer Experienced recruitment of a large IT staff recruitment this year.

EBay Korea interns will work as CM, marketing, software engineers, PM, Information Security, eight weeks internship in various sectors such as O2O business planning, UI designers, communication, HR from July 3rd to August 25th. High interest in e-commerce by occupational group, now have a progressive and creative ideas and plans to the talent selection of innovative thinking.

The selection shall be selected for the final selection coming through the end of June Interview after the May 26 release documents applicants can apply for is four years 1-4 grade material, hyuhaksaeng University. Intern graduates who gives a future interview opportunities when hiring new employee (one time).

Presentation of the internship also goes online. 29 days 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., and proceed through the Facebook page, anyone can participate without prior request.

Experienced software engineers should adopt a sector web developers (Web Developer). The duties of such big data platform, a large platform designed and developed by a large amount of data processing is responsible. The preferential treatment for large service development and e-commerce, portal experience. It plans to hire personnel to have a challenging spirit and craftsmanship with the technical ability to build a best-commerce services.

Eligibility and is intended for a four-year university bachelor degree or above, more than three years of experience, employs a total of 00. Through the documents be announced within six months and the group and Interview of May, it announced the final selection.

More Summer Internship Experienced engineers and support methods can be found through eBay Korea Jobs website.

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BBQ, raise prices again propelled ... 10% climb out

A [South Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] will likely push the value of impression of BBQ chicken which was re-collapsed early last month the government re-zero.

BBQ plans to soon raise the price based on the menu every chicken that merchants are the main difficulties in labor costs, rising rents and delivery fees. Markup is unlikely to deviate significantly from the 9-10 percent level was announced last month.

Last month, BBQ is an Avian Influenza (AI) to the price of dalgap the "Golden Olive Chicken 'which contains representatives menu why dwaetdaneun hike to raise 2,000 won 18,000 won, the Golden Olive in confidence' and 'Jamaica through leg roast' When is each has said he would raise the 1,000 won and 1,500 won. the decision to raise the price BBQ chicken raising is Shem value in eight years since 2009.

It spurred the advance of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry and Food Ministry is avian influenza intense pressure hagetdaneun (AI), such as the progress of the IRS tax audit during raise chicken prices as an excuse. The BBQ, which had planned to withdraw the price increase announced only five days.

But for the price increase claimed for this BBQ "There is no reason to object if the reason for such labor costs and rent increases," said naenwatda flexible stance.

Chicken franchise industry to raise prices above the pace of BBQ 1 · 2 (based on sales) of Kyochon chicken and bhc regard to the current price hikes, said that no consideration.

Prior Kyochon Chicken is a raise the bar in 2012 and twice in 2013 chicken prices rise in rents and labor costs two euros approximately 7-8%. bhc has been sold since 2009, the fried chicken prices to 15,000 won.

Chicken Industry insiders said that the "delivery fee app than a main cause of the delivery personnel directly employed labor costs rising chicken prices in the franchisees," said "concrete plan, but the bar is determined that the prices discussed internally, in fact."

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North Korea risks, the won / dollar exchange rate trading power line 1130

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] to NK founding days 25 days the won / dollar rate is starting elevation is trading at 1,130 won line.

The 25th Seoul foreign exchange market 11:23 a.m. today won / dollar exchange rate on the dollar is trading at 1132.10 won rose 2.6 won from the previous trading day. The won / dollar rate was 5.1 won the right to open 1135.0 won per dollar than the previous day closing price.

NK founding day falls on the foreign exchange market has been observed to be affected by whether the possibility of North Korea's ballistic missile and nuclear tests.

Weak dollar according to the French presidential election results were reflected in the previous day. 23 (local time) built the Mark Long confirmed candidate and the candidate Le Pen of the far-right National Front party, is a finalist in the French presidential election next month, the 7th primary vote centrist Party of Mar en crochet.

Kim Yumi Kiwoom Economist predicts a 'when considering the negotiated volume - taking in exporters due to the weakening of preference for safe assets and the end of the day showed a weaker dollar as a strong euro will continue the downward pressure on the US dollar / won exchange rate.

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Daewoo Nancy potential bad off, turn around Raised

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper News] Daewoo Construction year embellish off potential insolvency was successful turnaround.

Daewoo has posted 25 days has recorded an operating profit of 221.1 billion won in the first quarter. This is increase of 171% yoy recorded an operating profit of 81.6 billion won. Net income is sensational results in comparison to the loss of 7.5 billion won to 191.9 billion won a year earlier earnings.

The surprising when compared to the fourth quarter of last year and earnings. Tipping off potential bad look that recorded a net loss of 767.8 billion won and 869.2 billion won operating loss has succeeded in drawing a huge upward curve.

The performance of the Daewoo is literally "earnings surprises" to a level exceeding the market consensus score. Before the financial information company epeuen guide was expected 1Q12 operating profit of 132.4 billion won in Daewoo E & C. Dwaetjiman the construction industry most of the first quarter hoseongjeok expectations, propaganda Daewoo should have been expected or later.

Factors heukjeo switch is that it has grown even in civil, housing, building, plant, etc. jeonbumun. Especially active were achieving good profitability in the housing and construction sector who has developed a pre-sale business was the main point is the international division turned to black. This led to a 3.2% increase from the previous year (2.5589 trillion won).

Daewoo official said, "the housing sector is strong it continues to trend earnings outlook is good this year," said "overseas embellish out any potential toxic and no additional loss of room to accelerate sales of a good site profitable, Vietnam Star Lake New Town will, "he says.

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Modern construction, first quarter operating profit of 240 billion won over watch for

[Gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporters South Korea - Hyundai Engineering & Construction is expected to continue to lead the grandeur of the 10th year for builders operating profit.

Hyundai has announced that the first quarter results come on the 27th of this year posted 24 days. Following last year's operating profit to embellish 1.0527 trillion won is expected to reproduce the strong gains this year changchulryeok. It heralded the first quarter hosiljeok according to show a boom in the domestic housing market and overseas orders.

In the pre-sale market, while successful completion of the pre-sale, such as Hill State Artie Umm City, State Hill State Hill taejeon secondary proved brand. We scheduled two housing projects to proceed, etc. Songdo, 8 Gaepo just waiting for the Hyundai profit growth factors.

Overseas orders segment of the modern construction is secluded compared to earnings. Currently two months Overseas Construction Association report based on overseas orders were 50 million US dollars to 600 million. Kuwait Jaber Causeway Marine Bridge, United Arab Emirates, etc., and continue to expand the sales of nuclear power plants, but is short of the level expected of a modern building.

According to MAS treatment in the second half than the first half of overseas orders it is expected. Hyundai is pursuing a project orders in emerging markets, including 12.9 billion dollars worth 23.7 billion US dollars MENA region, US $ 11.9 billion in Asia and Latin America. 1Q11 overseas overseas order target originally built modern building in order slump 13.4 trillion won was expected to have achieved.

Mirae treatment side Hyundai 2017 was expected 1Q12 operating profit to 247.7 billion won. Last year, the first quarter showed a record rise for about 207 billion won, up 19.6% year on year. Mirae Lee Gwangsu treated researcher explained that "this year's first quarter earnings of Hyundai will increase naturally blends minimal loss of profit growth in the housing sector and the overseas sector."

Baekgwangje Kyobo Securities analyst has analyzed that "housing mood was offset by growth in the domestic sector foreign sales decreased due to the increase in food sales," he said "for the time being will be a force overseas business since the domestic sector led to earnings growth, the second half."

The Hyundai official said, "just give us a good look at the outside, internally, can not jump to be expected," he did not put the strap tension.

April is the last in a row this week announced first quarter earnings this year of large construction companies. The construction industry is also expected to Hyundai Engineering and Construction, as well as Samsung Corporation, Daewoo Engineering & Construction, GS E & C come out positive results.

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Lakeside Construction, seongnamseo lakeside bereudium the end of May, pre-sale

There [Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporters - Lakeside Construction is ahead of the pre-sale, Sungnam High lakeside bereudium.

Lakeside Construction announced on the 25th that the pre-sale only end in May, Seongnam, Gyeonggi High School District S2 block.

Seongnam higher lakeside bereudium is 3 underground floor - ground floor 14, 19 buildings, a total of 768 household size. Fed only silsuyojayi prefer only to 84㎡, you can type per household was composed of △ 84㎡A 685 households, △ 84㎡B 83 households.

Seongnam Seongnam Crystal Ball High School District is a public land that the composition godeungdong siheung-dong and Gangnam three one 560000 9201㎡, • naegok Seocho district as well as close to the Pangyo called mini wirye City.

That just is regarded as the net position in Sungnam High School District. Wangnam elementary schools and the media is located next to the complex, and such a pleasant environment also supplies the adjacent parkland and ideal cloth.

Lakeside Construction pre-sale official explained that "Gangnam Seongnam High School District has good accessibility, has attracted attention called metropolitan residential district where the sale price ceilings apply," he said "inquiries such as the district as the first pre-sale pre-sale events, ending sale price does."

Bereudium samples in Seongnam higher lakeside homes dwaetgo provided in Gangnam-gu, Seoul jagokdong 660 Street, occupancy date is September 2019.

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Gimdeoksu "will endeavor Foundation funds transparently enforce" the Credit Finance Association

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] gimdeoksu Credit Finance Association's "Foundation Fund will strive to transparently enforce" and "by the future sustainable and promote authentic social contribution activities that the Foundation launched a start card eopgwon love and trust from the people will do my best to get to, "he said.

Gimdeoksu Credit Finance Association has told reporters at the 25th Credit cards Social Responsibility Foundation chulbeomsik held at the Credit Finance Association.

Chulbeomsik was attended invited Chairman of gimdeoksu Credit Finance Association, gimyongbeom Finance Committee secretary general, Ryu Chanwoo FSS buwonjangbo, Kim Yunyoung people Finance Agency director, imyoungjin Shinhan Card, President, wongichan Samsung Card President, Jeong Sujin Hana Card, President, yuguhyeon our cards, president, etc.

Future credit card Social Responsibility Foundation will support the microfinance on debt restructuring of credit cards recovered Committee members in good faith on the patient through the populace Financial Agency. Vulnerable financial aid and support social enterprise also plans to continue in the second half.

Of the ordinary Financial Agency microfinance users by applying a small merchant credit card targeted social contribution prime rate 0.5 percentage points is expected to support the financial people.

Gimyongbeom FSC Secretary General through the barn, "Feel free to drop me a hope to the people and the people in the difficult economic situation deundeunhage support the vulnerable" and "Through the Foundation's activities, enhance the brand value of the card eopgwon also be expected," he said.

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KB Kookmin Bank, 'KB rock star youth Maru construction

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] KB Kookmin Bank (Bank Yun Jonggyu) goes into the performances, lectures, exhibits, cafes multipurpose complex cultural space in May starts coming 'KB rock star youth Maru for Youth customers in Hongdae entrance to the nearby 12 May said it plans to open.

KB is going to be a rock star youth flooring in Hongdae Street is the center of the financial sector in the first membership complex cultural space to support the dreams and passions of our customers Youth, Republic of Korea supports the popular culture Youth culture and customer management ∙ arts.

In particular, KB rock star youth floor will be open to all citizens of New York Times Square "ticket office", Rome is built into the staircase shape design as 'Spanish Steps', a building first floor staircase 'meeting place'.

KB all the amenities of a rock star youth flooring can participate in online communication channels such as "blog rock star" variety of performances, lectures and exhibitions that can be used if all full members and held in place via my blog and earn mileage.

KB rock star design of youth flooring alive the tradition of building facades (Fasade, front part) operated by KB Kookmin Bank branch for 40 years, still maintains a 'historic' and at the same time, this out for future construction through urban regeneration, sustainability captured a possible design philosophy. This design concept and the architectural design

Deep versed Lee Youngsu, Lee Hyeonho, yigyeongseon, Jang Yongsun, participated gimsuran such as Hongik University architecture professors invited 19 people added to the Cooperation its meaning.

In addition, Hongik University faculty members participated in the KB Kookmin Bank and the construction process is planned to publish a White Paper containing the results and educational value, such as the completion of the process of a rock star youth KB floors.

KB Kookmin Bank last 2010 Youth customer-specific after launched the brand 'rock stars' blogs, college students through promoting metabolism has to communicate with youth clients and constantly, for a differentiated Youth customer management activities' rock star blog "the membership and mileage a system has been operating.

The rock star blog continues the cycle of events for members to target. In April, Kim Jisu bolppalgan puberty and got a mini-concert roulette games inviting comments and events and moods such as Ryan, presented a green tea latte, etc. If you are a rock star can support ongoing blog membership.

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Online 車 insurance market expanded ... KB maengchugyeok shakes the Insurance industry landscape

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] showed that online non-life insurance market grew closer last two nyeonsae 200%. The appearances are also reshaping the industry landscape in accordance with the Insurance rapid growth.

According to the announcement of the 25th General Insurance Association of CM channels premiums insurers of last year showed that nearly 1,951,700,000,000. 2014 is more than double in size when compared to the geodun 912.7 billion. Subscription rate over the same period, planners, GA, such as face-to-face channels has increased slightly to 10.6%.

Such growth is attributable to an online insurance, car insurance, especially life insurers in the market known as 'direct' enlarged. Car insurance is a compulsory insurance products and receive a rating that product structure is suitable for an online subscription to the formal characteristics dwaetdaneun.

Commonly known as car insurance premiums low cut increases the capacity of the insurance market ratio. As an example, especially auto insurance standard terms are changed larger burden of insurance is insurance that must be paid to increasing customer situation this year.

However, many life insurers are shuffled aggressive marketing and premium cut and started to share water. In particular, while Samsung had a fire reduced the personal auto insurance premiums by 2.7% from the end of last year, even after another Meritz, AXA Direct, joining more K Insurance premium reduction matrix.

Insurance premiums are not reduced margin are strengthened through our riders started to attract customers. In particular, it introduced a discount for children riders followed the KB fiddling Hyundai recorded the subscription amount close to two months based on 10 million. Also it introduced the rider products available for various applications depending on the circumstances of subscribers, such as discounts on public transport, the black box discount.

Thanks to these efforts CM channel share of KB's non-life insurance climbed up two non-life insurance industry in March, 9.1% cumulative year 2017. Hyundai 6.9%, the numerical score to beat Dongbu 6.2%. KB Insurance officials said that the "result of years continue to invest in customer-focused services to enhance the website and mobile website revamp the 'Innovation' will continue to strive to improve customer convenience worthy of the meaning of direct services.

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Samsung Electronics, one quarter of the US appliance market share "# 1"

It also won the brand market share [Korea ohahreum financial newspaper News] Samsung has followed in the past year in the United States the world's largest consumer electronics market, the first quarter of this year.

Market research firms track line (Traqline) announced that Samsung Electronics ranked first in major American electronics market with a market share of 19.2 percent, the first quarter 2017. This is 4.5 percent point increase in value compared to the first quarter last year.

Samsung Electronics was crowned number one with 17.3% in has achieved after four consecutive quarters of market share deunggeukhan over 1 to 16.7%, the second quarter of 2016 (16.7% → 18.8% → 18.7% → 19.2%), the annual market share last year, .

Samsung Electronics to strengthen the aqueous item was No. 1 last year, followed by a washing machine, refrigerator.

Samsung washing machine was a big success stand out, such as the 1st with 19.7% share in the first quarter of this year.

Last year, thanks to the popularity of the ad launch Wash Line Samsung Electronics ranks for the first three quarters of 2016 has continued and sales of flex-wash such innovative products and established itself as a powerhouse in the third quarter recorded a consecutive US market.

In particular, the drum washing machine sector has achieved three consecutive quarters of market share first place with 27.1% growth and 5.9% points YoY.

Samsung refrigerators are ranked first in both the first quarter of this year, French doors and a side-by-side segment and continued the first place with a market share of 23%.

In particular, French-door refrigerator is continues the unprecedented record of 32 consecutive quarter with a market share of 34.0%.

After achieving daegirok of last year to 30.8 percent ranking for the eighth consecutive year, the first quarter of this year is also a year-on-year market share increase of 7.7% points, more beolryeotda the gap in second place. Side-By-Side Refrigerator has also continued the fourth consecutive quarter first place with 22.3 percent share.

In addition, Samsung has scored a better performance in the premium refrigerator. The 2500 fire than French Door Refrigerator with $ 2,000 or more side-by-side refrigerators ranked first in market share of 37.0%, respectively, 36.4% and was recognized both design innovation and performance.

To 18.2% this year grew quarter also by 4.6% points yoy oven year of cooking appliances sector, the oven is 4.9% recorded a point of 13.5% growth, and rapidly growing in second place for occupies the tower, behind the refrigerator and washing machine brand is.

Samsung home appliances business strategy, marketing team choeiksu managing director, "continued sales growth in the fridge apseun premium and innovative new products in the washing machine to receive a lot of love to the consumer after the last

Was able to achieve a market share from the first quarter of this year "and" products for consumers as much as the popularity of this year launched the Flex Wash Washing Machine, Flex dry dryer family hub refrigerator, innovative products that were not in old it continues to be more reliable I will try to be a showcase, "he said.

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NH NH Life, 5000 billion subordinated debt issue

Issue a [South Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] NH NH life is subordinated. The initial 500 billion won big in size than the known size.

NH NH Life announced through the 24th disclosures issued 5000 billion of subordinated debt. Depending on the maturity and the issue △ 7-year 170 billion won 280 billion won △ 10 △ 10-year-year (5-year call option) 500 billion, respectively, yields △ 3.15 △ 3.58 △ 3.35 to about three types.

As a result of March geuchideon NH RBC ratio of 183.2 percent year on Agricultural Life (solvency ratio) is expected to be as high as 206.6 percent. RBC ratio is an important indicator to determine the financial health of insurance companies. FSS has to insurers advised to keep the RBC ratio of 150%.

Subordinated debt issued by the NH Agricultural Life is the first time. In the last month the Council held NH NH Life has decided to issue subordinated bonds with a pre-emptive recapitalization purposes against IFRS17 enforcement and RBC ratio decline.

Officials said, the demand forecasts were greater than expected, said 'results recognized a stable financial structure, including under the insurance solvency assessment highest rating of AAA of Korea Ratings and NICE credit rating in late February this year.

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Provides LG U +, the first domestic 'IoT Experience Room' opportunities

It provides an opportunity for customers to experience the IoT services directly through the 'IoT Experience Room' [Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] LG U + is from May Gonjiam resort.

IoT Experience rooms available, customers can try to use the product to set the various modes in real house, such as a robotic vacuum cleaner is turned off and the lights work automatically when you go out. In addition to check the real-time footage of the rooms inside the home through the CCTV you enjoy walking in the smartphone and can also experience a variety of services, such as dividing families and video conversations.

LG U + if they believe high customer satisfaction Konjiam Resort in IoT experience that greatly expanded the room while installing additional current consumer electronics products of the company services 36 kinds of launch customer needs are such high commodity and IoT bidet, safe wide experience It explained that it plans to offer the opportunity.

Goseongpil LG U + IoT marketing is "IoT experience or John operational experience and penetration in the results our customers have used the service directly to much higher customer than not" and "IoT Experience rooms to try the customer service directly from the real-life environment products It said it will be an opportunity to determine whether you need ".

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KEB Hana Bank, Global Wealth Management Seminar in Shanghai, China

He said [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] KEB, Hana Bank (Bank hamyoungju) that hold the joint in the last 21 days one Bank of China Co., Ltd. and Global Asset Management Seminar "in Shanghai, China.

The seminar was to Chinese immigrants established to provide professional investment advisory services and asset management know-how that can be managed with the domestic and overseas assets.

Wednesday KEB, Hana Bank WM corporation inheritance donation centers and real estate advisory center affiliated experts and a Bank of China Co., Ltd. asset management were offered a variety of solutions including tax method according sex domestic and foreign resident, real estate investing information and specific investment strategies .

In addition, after a seminar lecture substantially through the indirect question and answer session and is also in progress immediate personalized asset management consultancy, more than 120 attended the seminar received rave reviews from local resident sanggongin, expatriates and immigrants.

KEB, Hana Bank gimseongyeop WM Agency said, "The seminar was designed to provide no domestic and foreign separates the property management professional services of KEB, Hana Bank through a global network of Hana Financial Group" and "the future based on the expertise of the existing asset management Myeongga we will continue to expand, providing a local service tailored immigrants in foreign countries, "he said.

Meanwhile, Hana Bank and KEB to commemorate the Euromoney (Euromoney) 誌 selection 'Republic of Korea PB Choi Woosu Bank "award on 10th offers a differentiated financial services and various events for both domestic and foreign VIP guests.

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[Liquor alone], Hite Jinro Lotte Liquor, horizon, casting more booths

Open the Korea Financial newspaper reporter sinmijin] △ Hite Jinro sparkling wine factory "Fill Light" ceremony went to the first shipment. There are gimingyu ceremony, President and Executive Vice President Son Bongsu produce such officials attended. Initial shipments are shipped in 60,000 boxes this week is expected to be sold in supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. Phil Wright, the first sparkling wine featuring a new concept in the country was 4.5 degrees and alcohol can also have use 100% domestic barley and hops aroma. 344ml cans reference chulgoga is 717 won.

Showcase △ Lotte Liquor denim brand server keoru, and collaboration to "cloud x servers keoru local grabber Bag". Lotte Liquor is to provide a bag that can hold a right of iron outing with beer and snacks were planning the event. Local Labyrinth bags have been designed to place a distinctive decor and servers keoru logo. Lotte Liquor is expected to proceed to an event targeted at consumers who purchase a Cloud 355ml cans 24 (1 box) in the country, Lotte Mart and E-Mart presented the local Labyrinth bag.

△ the horizon casting right spring will launch the 'Horizon uncooked rice wine "Special Edition. This product can be purchased only in the spring season and 10,030 bottles are sold as limited. Clothed pink background old 'horizons uncooked rice wine, the bottle label design was designed to recall the spring. The size can be bought in supermarkets and retail stores in metropolitan 750ml.

△ domestic craft empty cubicle showcase the company more "national IPA 'special package. The package was made up with four glass bottles only with a single national IPA beer. National IPA is characterized by a thick badigam homemade beers such as pineapple and papaya flavors, grapefruit blend. Since the end of the month, and sales at E-Mart's main branch and SSG price is 22,800 won. The National IPA will be sold through the convenience CU from the last 20 days is expected to gradually expand its distribution network.

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SPC Group, yeast bread 120 million sales in just one year

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] SPC Group is a native yeast bread market cumulative sales in just one year has exceeded 1 billion 20 million announced Thursday.

SPC Group, Seoul National University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, over the 11 years and the Joint Research Excavation Bakery indigenous yeast (SPC-SNU 70-1) for the yeast in the tradition, and released in April last year and 29 kinds of products related to Korea's first commercialized Bakery was a success.

Since the launch one year 57 kinds Paris Baguette, SPC Samlip 45 kinds of products, such as yeast 167 species recorded sales of 20 million cumulative sales of 270 billion won, 100 million. Shem is eating the country's population was 2.4 per one yeast bread.

Yeast SPC-SNU 70-1 is characterized when making bread fermentation takes a little plain flavor gives utilizing the taste of other ingredients that a chewy texture. Yeast dig a popular new product launch since the dog was sold in Paris Baguette 'chewy yeast bread', respectively 3,500,000, such as "whole grain wheat bread made with only natural yeast" of the SPC Samlip 500 million.

Last July in one of the burgers, shakes swek 'was introduced in the country was covered by natural yeast. The taste and quality created by one SPC Group is a natural yeast to recognize the United States shakes swek directly produce only one of the swek Sheikh International jinchulguk. Shake swek Gangnam is being recorded the highest sales of the world's shake swek stores.

It introduced a native yeast bread abroad. Paris Baguette in China more than 190 stores to launch the 16 species, including yeast bread, baguettes were sold more than one million. Each year sales in Paris Croissant, SPC Samlip thanks to the popularity of these natural yeast bread 3% compared to the previous year, rose by 7%.

SPC Group said, "We implemented a unique bread flavored with indigenous yeast found in traditional koji received a lot of love from consumers," it "will conduct ongoing research and funding for improvements and expansion yeast Products of natural yeast" he said.

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Jonggajip target, marginalized as "Spring Kimchi Sharing 'event support

Proceed to the "2017 Spring jonggajip Kimchi Sharing 'event [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporters from the Seoul Namsan Hanok Village jonggajip food brand in the target announced on the 25th.

"Jonggajip spring Kimchi Sharing 'event dwaeteumyeo prepared to support the improvement of the nutritional diet to help the underprivileged through jonggajip kimchi side dishes and sharing proceeds with Good Neighbors, Seoul Metropolitan Council of Social Welfare.

Day event, including target imjeongbae CEO joined about 200 people including employees, housewives Chungjungwon corps and foreign students. Participants proceed with activities that directly paved the sharing box consisting of kimchi and Side Dishes products.

Target plans to deliver a total of 2,017 boxes for sharing national children's group homes belonging to low-income children and Seoul.

Target officials said, "a lot of sympathy citizens interested in the future than sharing activities and plans to provide a wide range of social contribution events to participate together."

The target has been steadily sponsoring a food bank since 1998, it has been proceeding a variety of service activities such as dividing annual 'Love Sharing dishes' events and 'The Tasty happy to share' event.

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Investment Advisory Center established Shinhan Bank, Real Estate

That conduct [Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] Shinhan various areas of real estate investment advisory services that it established a "Real Estate Investment Advisory Center, based on the know-authorized investment advisory first financial institutions to give practical help and benefits to customers 25 days said.

Shinhan Bank Real Estate Investment Advisory Center is considered that it is difficult to respond to customer demand for professional channels, existing real estate investment advice is limited to simple consultation and advice objectively and expansion of the real estate investment advisory markets, reliable, sales support form Shinhan bank expanded the role of real estate professionals that were kept and was established to meet the needs of active real estate asset management customers.

Real estate investment advisory centers, experts and customers interactive educational community, "real estate asset management Mentor Schools 'non-face-to-face through channels auctions and investment advisory services' E- auctions, investment advisory, financing and real estate financing that combines the flow of private customers showcase new services such as' securitization trusts purchase price.

"Real Estate Asset Management Mentor School" is to acquaint you with realism as to share the know-how of rich practical experience as a learning community experts to present the criteria that customers can themselves determine the future value of real estate as well to visit a real estate site directly The Academy also operates the field together.

'E- auctions, investment advisor, is a nationwide auction information and recommended items videos and quality of information and Real Estate Investment and online consulting services in Q & A format for such value analysis in a non face-to-face real estate investment professional platform offered by Shinhan Bank Real Estate Professionals It will be provided. This eliminated a vague uneasiness of customers for the real estate and investment through the auction, and plans to present a comprehensive real estate investment solutions.

Finally, the trading value securitization trusts, structured products are supplied to procure the necessary funds in real estate acquisition and retention process liquid funds of private investors, rather than loans. Connect the Real Estate Investment Advisory Center real estate owners and deposit payout steady flow of customers seeking type of financing in connection with an alternative product that can match both the needs for low-cost funding and a stable interest income.

Shinhan Bank said, "Shinhan Bank presented a new model of investment advisory so that we can more benefits to our customers to lower the barriers to entry in the real estate investment market through this real estate investment advisory centers established" and "investment advisory as an early adopter banks best to fulfill the role of market leader in the market will do my, "he said.

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