Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Held in the Bank of Korea, this week's annual enlargement Caucus

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] this weekend in the Bank of Korea governor Lee Ju-yeol including (photo) executives will gather to discuss current issues in domestic and other issues.

25 days, according to the Bank of Korea, Bank of Korea has come to hold a 28 to 29 enlarged caucus in Incheon Training Center to schedule two days. Of the enlarged Caucus held two times a year in spring and autumn as an annual event.

The meeting reportedly attend the governor Lee Ju-yeol, vice angry soldiers including the domestic regional headquarters, overseas offices gukjanggeup executives over 70 people.

The Bank of Korea official said, as annual events such as the planned Dwarf foreign affairs and international financial market situation presented questions and answers of the small intestine.

In this meeting it seems to be discussing the various international issues including the expected rate hike in the US Federal Reserve (Fed).

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