Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Chairman Chey Tae-won 'deep change' earnings hit full swing

"This year management policies [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] is: a 'SKMS practice new value creation through deep changes. The core competitiveness of enterprises can secure sustainable support to investment and employment. In particular, domestic business environment is uncertain, more top executives are creating more social divide and great happiness over this thing actively after securing a competitive edge instead of steady investment and hiring as well. "- SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won in this year's New Year message.

It weighed called Wings choesunsil gate "to the business community because the clock is stopped since the beginning of the year" Deep Change (Deep change) '' Performance Jackpot "SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won is engaged in the aggressive management of the main subsidiaries were shouting. SK Hynix is, SK Innovation's expected to receive an investment of attacking the president on the basis of the next highest resilience 'ever-class performance. "

◇ SK Hynix Q1 'Triple Crown' to achieve

SK Hynix Semiconductor in the first quarter thanks to super-boom hit the 'best ever performance. " All sales, operating profit, net income would have achieved the 'triple crown' establishing a new record.

SK Hynix said 25 days showed a first quarter sales 6.2895 trillion won, operating profit of 2.4676 trillion won. This surging 72.0%, 339.2%, respectively, compared to previous year (3.6557 trillion won, 5618 billion).

The operating margin was a record 39.2% nearly 40%. This is followed by a high level in the second quarter (40%) in 2004 as a former second.

SK Hynix said, "the first quarter is seasonally could, despite a weak period of the memory chip demand and achieve a continued favorable rise to Quarter largest sales and operating profit sharply prices in the market environment since the second half of last year." and "according to the favorable market conditions, high performance is expected this year," he said.

SK Innovation also continued the momentum of last year's record high earnings (operating profit of 3.2286 trillion won). SK Innovation said on the 25th that the first quarter of this year increased 1.0043 trillion won sales by 19% (159.5 billion won) recorded a yoy profit.

This is the power of hosiljeok operating profit growth of non-oil sectors such as chemicals and Yun Hwalyu. Non-oil sector in the first quarter of operating profit accounted for 10 percentage points higher than the 55 percent (549.6 billion won) oil business (45%, 453.9 billion won) to. SK Innovation said, "results from the past few years, increased investment and expansion of the production facilities of high-margin products such as paraxylene scale, profit of the Chemicals business has been upgraded" and "scheduled regional ethylene in the second quarter, the para-xylene this was expected to lead to hosiljeok Given such regular maintenance of the facility. "

SK Telecom announced 26 days ahead of the earnings also expected to record higher earnings. 25 days in the securities industry, we forecast the 1Q11 operating profit of 438.9 billion won from SK Telecom, 562.8 billion won net profit level. Due to the replacement terminal subscriber can reduce the cost and marketing (8% qq estimate).

Gimhongsik Hana Financial Securities Research Institute said, "is expected to lead to cost reductions in the first quarter earnings of SK Telecom in accordance with the management policy change in profitability mainly."

◇ deep change lasts for creating future food

SK flagship subsidiary of 1Q11 thanks to the hit "Deep Change" for creating future value of the chairman Chey Tae-won has been moves attention. Already LG Siltron last January to February (51%, 620 billion won acquisition) and US chemical companies 'Ek reel acrylic business (hereinafter EAA)' Chey successful acquisition of Dow Chemical's spearheaded the memory business part of Toshiba insujeon He commanded to go on the 24th went over to Japan. Indwelling has reportedly meet with relevant stakeholders in corporate America.

SK Group official said, "Over the past 18 days choesunsil, nor be able to solve the meantime misunderstanding due to ...... they drop disposition of gate-related prosecution, Choi was able president directly chaenggil global business," said "the future on the basis of deep change the spirit of Chey Tae-won President SK group will accelerate the pace for the future is not satisfied with the favorable market conditions, despite the current performance, "he said.

He also said, "nagagetda them to continue to companies that can achieve stability and growth in any market changes through."

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Yitong three four hosiljeok savings blame? ... LGU + profit growth dotboyeo

It pointed out that the [financial newspaper gimseunghan Korea News] Yitong but all three companies this year expected to lead to robust performance substantially increases the weigh thou return.

26 days, SK Telecom, KT, LG U + 3 Communications, Inc. Sales and operating profit, according to the communications industry observers foresee a slight rise compared to last year.

On the other hand, analysts and experts have pointed out that "recession-type surplus, with minimal spending without gaining the revenue hosiljeok of the carrier.

According to epeuaen guide, SK Telecom was the first quarter of estimated revenues rose 1.49% over the previous year 4.2285 trillion won to 4.2917 trillion won. Operating profit is 2.26% increase from last year to 402.1 billion won 411.2 billion won. Big gains, but increases sales and operating profit at SK Telecom is due to improved performance of the marketing costs and the subsidiary SK Planet.

On the other hand, SK Telecom official said, but 11 Avenue, SK Planet, "I think this year's operating results will appear somewhat high, the reason is because increase in operating income due to the reduction in marketing expenses" and "subsidiary recorded an annual deficit this year seems somewhat gotta performance improvement towed operating profit growth, "he said.

KT is 1.62% compared to last year, this year is 5,000,000,000,000 expected quarterly revenue 604.2 billion won, operating profit gotta be aggregated to a 401.7 billion won, a 4.31% increase with no aspect SK Telecom and big difference.

On the other hand, LG U + sales and operating profit of the three telecom company had expected an increase of greatest width. Last year's first quarter sales of 2 trillion 103.8 billion won increased 6.39% from 2.8682 trillion won, in the case of operating profit to 187.1 billion won from 170.6 billion won a 9.67% increase in the forecasted increase of close to 10%.

According to industry sources "LG U + the meantime, there is a good performance year to focus on sales strategy," he predicts that "through diversification, such as the IoT will continue to grow steadily."

Actual last year, LG U + has a bar geodun hosiljeok beyond expectations to grow even in wired and wireless applications.

Meanwhile, the three telecom company announced first quarter 2017 earnings will be released into all this week. △ SK Telecom, the 26th △ LG U Plus is the 27th △ KT 28 days net.

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Thai-scale imports surged ... January-February imports 156 manbon

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - has surged Thai imports sale.

According to the tire industry association for the 26th Thai-scale imports has increased by 21.6% compared to last 1-2 May motives record 1,561,000 this, last year. By use as a tire for passenger cars is 1,603,500 this truck tires are 123700 The two were imported.

By the proportion of Chinese-made Thai country it was close to 40%. The last 1-2 May was imported from China Thai-scale 60 manbon. It was followed by Germany (185,300 present), the US (18 manbon), Japan (11 manbon) order.

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KB Kookmin Bank, providing a stepping stone home loan internet application implementation

Today announced the implementation of [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] KB Kookmin Bank (Bank Yun Jonggyu) services to apply for the coming of Housing and Urban Fund provided a stepping stone home loans from 28 days to internet banking.

That person may apply to the Internet is that you can determine the annual income workers with earned income tax withholding receipts or Certificate of Income, including the self-employed.

How to apply for a loan, check eligibility, loan amounts, interest rate, etc. through internet banking and you will visit a branch to submit the relevant documents. If you have an existing visited several banks, but uncomfortable to talk for a long time, once visited the branch to the new service launched this convenience becomes possible loan

Higher. In addition spouse should visit the bank, but not to visit the separate needs becomes possible to confirm via a certificate.

Home loan is provided a stepping stone to a house purchase loans with low interest rates supported through funding from the Government for Housing and Urban stable housing for workers ∙ people, lending targets homeless three weeks, the loan limit is up to 200 million won.

Meanwhile, KB Kookmin Bank has a bar underwent an Internet service loans in the past year crutch charter capital of banks in July the first houses in the city charter fund loans.

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We carried out banks, adding more than 55 years focused voluntary retirement

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - our bank conducted two additional voluntary retirement and accelerate workforce restructuring.

According to the 26th financial institutions, Woori Bank is expected to receive an additional voluntary retirement application targeted at over 55 million employees subject to wage peak. The estimated size is observed by about 300 people.

Our banks have - gaming voluntary retirement under the name of "the former support system. Usually once proceeds through labor negotiations last year, more than 310 employees retirement application in December each year, leaving the bank next month.

Our bank is known to increase the added scale voluntary retirement business normalization implementing arrangements (MOU) severance payment of a termination of the level of the last 12 as Ta succeeded in privatizing January Deposit Insurance Corporation. Our bank has also secured a record first quarter (January-March) net income, earnings surprise, rising nearly 44% YoY to 637.5 billion won afford to pay.

Woori Bank official said, "did not regard the specific allowance determined yet specifically will be consultation between labor and management."

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KB Kookmin Bank, holding hands and toss simple exchange service launched

Announced [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] KB Kookmin Bank (Bank Yun Jonggyu) The 26th Karlovy Vary partnered Shinkawa leader of publicity Pins tech companies in the simple toss (Toss) app provides currency exchange services.

Easy Toss (Toss) apps members to provide a currency transfer services if you can apply for a mobile exchange service, KB network exchange services in all KB Kookmin Bank without installing any bank currency exchange app and receive foreign currency real in the KB Kookmin Bank, all branches is.

Certificates Login, omitting the secure media application for certification step was streamlined KB Kookmin Bank, as well as toss (Toss) may be 21 that are affiliated with remittance services financial transactions customers easy as all the high rates woodaeyul and easy to use currency exchange services. Applications can call can apply for 365 days a year at the maximum of 1,000,000 won a total of 20 calls, and one day, including the US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, Chinese yuan and may be subject to exchange preferential treatment to the introductory up to 80%.

On the other hand, Vary Republica is located in areas easy transfer leading such topped the pin-tech enterprises, the February cumulative remittances 3 trillion won last operating a toss (Toss) Apps services that can be easily account transfers without certificate and security card It was established.

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KSDC holds IR concert for successful crowdfunding company

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] Korea Securities Depository will last 25 PM Gangnam M Pot Korea's growth financing and co crowdfunding successful companies and venture capitalists in (VC), angel, etc. "Good crowd for supporting investment matching between investors Funding He said IR held a successful concert company.

The ceremony is about 150 people, including as to support the subsequent funding of the crowdfunding success growing financial company in Korea, Mirae treatment, Shinhan Investment Corp., Korea Investment Associations private institutions such collaboration is a group of investors were invited to participate.

The IR concert is significant that the securities are capital market investors to participate in their massive personal asset of the Wealth Management Group showed interest in the venture capital ecosystem. It provides a wide range of investment opportunities to investors in the capital market through the excellent crowdfunding successful companies, and ultimately is expected to get the Seon Sunhwan that can help anyone start-up SMEs.

Wednesday Lee Byeongrae Depository CEO, said, "This support will allow businesses to make better crowdfunding success can be a real help to businesses successfully crowd-funding through the collaboration of the players and the capital markets continue to grow constantly in the capital markets."

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1Q11 ABS release of W13.9trn ... 3.2% year-on-year increase

The total amount of ABS, Asset-Backed Securities issued in the first quarter of this year was KRW 13.9 trillion, up by KRW 500 billion from the same period last year. As a result of the increase in the issuance of Korea Housing Finance Corporation and card companies, the total amount of ABS issued in the first quarter was 171.3 trillion won.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) on March 26, the total amount of ABS issuance in the first quarter of 2017 increased by 50 billion won (3.2%) from 13.4 trillion won to 13.9 trillion won in the same period of last year. The Korea Housing Finance Corporation issued 9 trillion won (total 64.8%) of MBS based on mortgage loans. Mortgage backed securities (MBS) are ABSs issued by the Korea Housing Finance Corporation as mortgage-backed bonds.

Based on the NPL, installment finance, etc., the financial institutions are estimated to have 2.7 trillion won (19.4% of the total) and the general companies have 2.2 trillion won (15.8% of total) of ABS Issued.

ABS issuance by asset holders increased for public corporations and general companies, while financial companies decreased. The Korea Housing Finance Corporation (KBFG), which is a public corporation, issued KRW 9 trillion in MBS, an increase of KRW 300 billion, while ABS of banks, securities firms, and other companies decreased by KRW 100 billion. General companies issued ABS of KRW 2.2 trillion, an increase of KRW 300 billion based on terminal installment bonds and air freight bonds.

By asset securitization, the base of loans and receivables basis ABS increased, while the corporate bond primary-bond secured securities (P-CBO) decreased. The base ABS loans issued KRW 9.4 trillion, an increase of KRW 300 billion. The base of accounts receivable ABS increased by KRW 300 billion to KRW 4.3 trillion, while the P-CBO based on SME corporate bonds declined by KRW 100 billion.

The issuance of MBS on the basis of the housing mortgage loan of the Housing Finance Corporation increased by 300 billion won compared to the same period of the previous year because MBS issuance based on the increase of mortgage loan (bogeumjiri) sales in the second half of last year increased steadily since the third quarter of last year to be. The total ABS issued by women companies (credit card companies, installment companies) was 2.1 trillion won, similar to 2 trillion won in the same period of last year.

According to an official from the Financial Supervisory Service, "The card issuer increased its overseas ABS issuance to 1.60 trillion won due to the interest rate hike and improved overseas issuance conditions." On the other hand, installment financing increased due to issuance of installment financial bonds, "He said.

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"Galaxy S8" Galaxy S booked in the United States

The Samsung Galaxy S8 series, which is Samsung's premium phone, has the highest number of reservations in the US in the past.

According to the industry on the 26th, the Galaxy S8 series became popular and the number of pre-orders was the highest ever, compared to the Galaxy S7 series, which is 30% higher than the previous order.

As a result, the Galaxy S8 broke the previous record set by the Galaxy S7 and recorded the largest order ever recorded.

In response, Samsung Electronics did not disclose accurate pre-order figures, but Bloomberg said it ordered 550,000 orders in two days after receiving pre-orders.

"We are delighted to respond to the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus," said Tim Baxter, chief operating officer at Samsung Electronics America. "The sales boom suggests that consumers still prefer Samsung Electronics to the Galaxy Note 7" did.

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Dongwon, HMR 'more side dishes' open new factory ... Sales target of 200 billion

[The Korean financial newspaper Shin Mi-jin] Dongwon Home Food (HMR) special online mall 'The side dish' opens a large-scale cooking factory in Seoul city and opens a new horizon in domestic HMR market.

On the 26th, Dongwon Home Food announced that it opened the 'DSCK Center (Dongwon Standard Central Kitchen)' on the 2,200-pyong scale in Gasan-dong, Seoul. At the new plant, customers can order up to 10,000 customer orders, up to 6,000 per day.

Dongwon Home Food plans to expand its sales channels, R & D and marketing, and to grow to 200 billion won by 2021, starting with the opening of the DSCK center.

The 'side dish', which was first introduced in 2008, is a start-up that entered the HMR market with a groundbreaking concept of delivering side dishes through online ordering. Since then, it has grown into the top online HMR specialty mall in Korea, and was transferred to Dongwon Group last July.

Dongwon Group merged into Dongwon Home Food after acquiring more side dishes under the judgment that HMR is one of the strongest growing domestic foods.

At present, Dongwon Home Food is working synergistically with 'the side dish' which sells side dishes such as side dishes and soups, and 'dress' which provides a specialized hospital type through collaboration with Gangnam Severance Hospital. In fact, after the integration of the two brands, the sales of 'dress' increased by nearly three times.

The Seoul new factory introduced 'DMPS' for the first time as a domestic food company. DMPS is a logistics system that is optimized for small quantity production and delivery. It can automatically enter orders and keep the defect rate close to 0%. The side dishes that run 'Dawn Delivery' will provide accurate and fast delivery.

Shin Young-soo, president of Dongwon Home Food, said, "The more side dish of Dongwon Home Food will be a good example of a large company taking up start-up business and nurturing it well."

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Lotte Sonhae Insurance Charlotte Volunteer Group carries out blood donation campaign for love

Lotte Sonha Insurance recently announced that it has carried out a 'blood donation event' that was added to the 'Seoul Minhang' at the headquarters of Sowallo in Jung-gu, on the 25th.

Korean Red Cross Society The 61 people who participated in the charity volunteer group participated in the event, which was run through blood donation vehicles of the South Blood House in Seoul. Donated blood donations will be donated to children with childhood cancer.

"We have decided to donate blood because we are aware that the blood supply is continuously increasing, even though the blood donation population is increasing day by day," said Ms. Hong Seok, marketing director of the marketing strategy team at Lotte Sompo. I want to help make life come alive. "

Lotte Sonha Insurance participates in corporate social responsibility and realizes a world that lives together. In addition to the blood donation events, it sponsors 'Children with the Green Umbrella Foundation', 'One Company One Financial Education', 'Local Park Carver Event' We are actively developing various social contribution activities.

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KB Kookmin Card 'Family Month Wish Festival' Event

[Korea Financial Newspaper Hankyung Publishing Co.] KB Kookmin Card will hold a 'Wish Festival for Family' event.

KB Kookmin Card announced on the 26th that it will offer 'Wish Festival Festival' event for family month of May, offering benefits such as cash back, prizes, and interest-free installments that are useful for family outing, eating out, preparing gifts.

By May 31, we will use more than 30,000 won per card with KB National Card (KB National Business Card, KB National BC Card, KB National Pre-paid Card), and from May 2 to May 31, In the case of participating, △ 1 million won cash back (1) △ 100,000 won cash back (10) △ 50,000 won cash back (100) △ 3,000 won cash back (20 7666) △ vitamin drink mobile coupon (50,000) Provide prizes to the people.

G4 Rexton will be presented to one person who has participated in the game more than 10 times during the event.

After applying for the event until May 14, if you use more than 500,000 won for KB National Card (excluding KB National Business Card, KB National Pre-paid Card) from May 1 to 14, △ 500 won for family dining expenses (100 people), 20,000 won for GS Caltex / Home Plus mobile vouchers (300 people), and 5,000 won for GS25 gift certificates (5105 people).

It also provides benefits for department stores.

From April 28th to May 14th, we will apply for the event. During the ceremony, we will accept KB National Card (KB National Check Card, KB National Business Card, KB National BC Card, KB National Pre-paid Card) If you use 10,000 won, you will get 20,000 won when you use over 400,000 won.

Lotte Department Store and other major department stores will use the KB card from the 28th to present gift certificates up to 250,000 won depending on the payment amount.

Lotte Department Store from 28th to April 30th or from May 5th to May 7th △ 20,000 won gift certificate when using more than 300,000 won △ 40,000 won gift certificate when using more than 600,000 won △ 70,000 won when using more than 1 million won Present.

From Hyundai Department Store to 28th May to 7th May, △ 10,000 won gift certificate when using over 200,000 won. △ 20,000 won gift certificate when using over 400,000 won.

AK Plaza from April 28 to May 9 △ 15,000 won gift certificate when using over 300,000 won △ 30,000 won gift certificate when using over 600,000 won △ 50,000 won gift card when using over 1 million won △ 100,000 won when using over 2,000,000 won Gift certificate.

From the 28th to the 7th of May at the Galleria, a single brand will receive a gift certificate of 15,000 won when using over 300,000 won, a gift card of 30,000 won when using over 600,000 won, and a gift certificate of 50,000 won when using over 1 million won.

In the case of a luxury brand, a gift certificate of 30,000 won for a single brand △ 30,000 won for a use of over 1 million won, a gift certificate of 150,000 won for a use of over 3 million won, and a gift certificate of 250,000 won for a use of over 5 million won.

By the end of June, KB National Card (excluding KB National Check Card, KB National Business Card, KB National Card, and KB National Pre-paid Card) will be used for 6 industries including department store, large apparel shopping center, e-commerce, 6 months △ 2 to 5 months when using 36 industries such as airline, hotel, hospital, school, and cosmetics △ 14 to 14 months including supermarket, discount store, open market, beauty shop .

From 20th to May 31st, KB National Check Card (excluding KB National BC Plus Card, KB National Freepass Card, KB National Enterprise Check Card) will be applied during the event. △ Department store △ Large discount store △ Large-sized clothing shopping center △ Family restaurants, amusement parks, and other five industries will cost 7,000 won if they use over 200,000 won.

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Meritz Securities to acquire Meritz Capital for large IB ... Target Price ↑

IBK Investment & Securities has revised up its target price on the 26th by evaluating the adjusted balance sheet after Meritz Capital acquired Meritz Securities. We reiterate Buy with a target price of W5,300.

Meritz Securities recorded 1Q earnings surprise. Net income (consolidated basis) increased 40.7% QoQ and 61.0% QoQ to W80.9bn.

Kim Ji-young, a researcher at IBK Investment & Securities, said, 'Despite the slight increase in average daily trading value,

Net trading revenue rose 31.0% QoQ to W108.7bn, thanks to strong trading and wholesale sectors.

(NIM) due to investment review and business dealings (Sourcing) rose 14bp QoQ. "

In addition, we focused on three points as investment points for Meritz Securities.

Kim said, "The expansion of equity capital through the acquisition of capital by Meritz Securities in order to go to large IB from the perspective that the growth of the company leads the profit is positive because it is expected to grow in the future."

If the dividend payout ratio remains above 33% this year, as the company has already maintained high dividend payout ratio, as Meritz Securities is already diversifying its earnings with the "choice and focus" strategy of small and mid-sized brokerage firms, And 5.6% of dividend yield. "

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Launched NH Nonghyup Card 'NH SolSol' card

NH Korea Nonghyup Card releases 'NH SolSol (Solosol) Card'.

The NH Nonghyup Card announced that it will launch NH SolSol (SolSol) card, a new card product of 'NH SolSol (Solosol) package', which is one of the most rapidly growing financial products, .

'NH SolSol' is a convenience store / coffee / dining / bakery / online shopping / fitness / companion animal / movie / laundry / public transportation etc. , It offers discounts of 3% to 12% on monthly use, ranging from 10,000 won to 40,000 won per month, depending on the performance of the previous month.

If you are enrolled in the TwoPlus class, you will receive 3 hours free access to Incheon International Airport Capsule Hotel and airport valet parking, and you will receive a voucher service such as a free ticket for your domestic companion card, Can be selected.

The NH Nonghyup Card plans to use 0.01% of the SolSol credit card sales use as a Nong Shim fund to support agricultural and rural development and contribute to local communities by the end of the year.

Lee In-ki, president of NH Nonghyup Card, said, "It is a meaningful card that not only provides diverse benefits to the real life of the aloha family but also returns a portion of the usage fee to the local community." He said, "We will continue to show new products reflecting the consumption patterns of modern people in the future." .

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KT, Talk concert '# Youth sun' May I meet at Pusan ​​National University!

[KT] By the end of the college festival month, KT will hold KT Youth Talk UP Talk concert '# Youth Day' at Busan University '

KT said on the 26th that '#Chuncheonhae' is a talk concert to support the young generation and attracts young people's sympathy and communication through various events.

This '#Chunchunhae' is a concept that can be enjoyed in Busan University under the slogan 'All in PNU, All about KT' in cooperation with Busan University Student Council. In particular, KT 's "Mobile Futureist" (MF) program participated in the planning of this event, meeting with the youth.

Prior to the performance, Pusan ​​students will also have a heated debate in 'We the PNU', a discussion forum that discusses various issues of society such as current affairs and culture. From 7 pm, singer 'Jeong Jin-woon' and 'Ail Lee' perform a cheer for youth.

In addition, various events of KT Group companies are available. 'KT Skylife' opens a game battle using satellite Android TV 'sky UHD A +'. On May 16th and 17th, the first commercial show host 'Kangwon' of T Commerce Channel 'KTH' of 'KTH' participated as the host of the Youth Day and 'Genie Music' And Aly 's recommended songs as' Today 's selection'.

"I heard that people in their 20s are depressed in their fifties because of job and academic stress," said KJ Jong-jin, a spokesperson for KT. "I hope this event will be a way out of the stress of the past."

This concert can be enjoyed by anyone without a separate ticket purchase.

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Yuanta Securities, Taiwan Shares Index Assets, 3 kinds of ELS

[Korea Financial Newspaper, Hye Rin Reporter] Three types of derivative securities with various underlying assets and profitable conditions, such as Taiwan Index (TWSE) and Early End ELS using Eurostoxx50 as an underlying asset, The total amount is 9 billion won.

ELS 3731 is based on the Taiwan Securities Exchange Index (TWSE) and the Eurostoxx50 Index as non-guarantees of 3-year maturity and 6-month maturity early-term structure. If they are above 90% (6, 12 months), 85% (18, 24 months), 80% (30 months) and 65% (36 months) of the initial reference price, they will be repaid early or at maturity with an annual return of 3.50%. Even if not repaid in the second instance, if one of all the underlying assets has not fallen below 65% for one year, it will be repaid at an annual rate of 5.25% at the end of the first year.

The Taiwanese stock market, in which the TWSE is traded, is an emerging market with Korea. The stock market has developed significantly compared to the economic scale. In addition, the economic trends and structures of Korea and Taiwan are quite similar, and the TWSE has a very high correlation with the KOSPI. Based on this, the stock price volatility and the possibility of repayment of profits can be measured.

ELS 3729 is based on the KOSPI 200 index as a non-guaranteed guarantee with a maturity of three years and an early repayment cycle of six months. If the initial standard price is 95% (6, 12, 18 months) or 90% (24, 30, 36 months) or more, the rate will be 4.00% per annum or early repayment. Even if the early repayment does not occur, if the underlying asset has not fallen below 60% of the initial base price during the investment period, it will be repaid at a rate of 12.00% (4.00% per annum).

ELS 3730 is based on the HSI index and the Eurostoxx50 index as non-guarantees with a maturity of three years and an early repayment cycle of six months. If the initial price exceeds 90% (6, 12 months), 85% (18, 24 months) or 80% (30, 36 months), the rate will be 5.00% per annum or early repayment. Even if the early repayment does not occur, if any of the underlying assets during the investment period has not fallen below 50% of the initial base price, the repayment will be made at a rate of 15.00% (5.00% per annum).

The minimum subscription amount is 100,000 won (unit: 100,000 won), which can be subscribed from the websites of Yuanta Securities and the website of Yuanta Securities.

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Prosecutor, investigating as a reference person of the former president of Minyung Sung Industry

[The Financial Times, Jeongseon reporter] The head of the former Yi Min-sung industrial ministry, who is suspected of involvement in the Daewoo shipbuilding offense, was summoned to the prosecution and investigated.

Prosecutors The special deputy corruption crime investigator (Kim Gi-dong, the head of the investigation) called on former minister Yu Min-yung as a reference person, saying, "There is an additional part of the investigation."

In 2009, Park Yoo-hwan, a former head of News Communications, has received suspicions that former Daewoo Chosun president Nam Sang-tae has been given a replacement lobby.

Park Suk-hwan was indicted last year for allegedly receiving orders for public relations consulting from the former president of Nam Sang-tae for the second time in lieu of former minister Yoo Sung-tae.

The first trial court found innocence against former President Park Suk - hwan in February of this year, and the prosecution appealed against it and the appeal is ongoing.

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Netmarble Games, 1.62 vs 1. Competition Rate 430 billion won

[The Korean financial newspaper Koh Young-hoon] The competition on the first day of the contest of Net-Marble Games was 1.62-1.

According to the financial investment industry on February 26, NH Investment & Securities filed a subscription offer for general investors of Net Marble Games. As a result, it received 5,979,326 subscriptions for the 3,969,323 shares the previous day. Approximately 431.2 billion won was collected from the subscription margin.

NetMarble Games confirmed that the hopes of public offerings at the top of the band will be at the price of 157,000 won. However, the actual subscription was relatively calm. After completing the rest of the day, Net Marble Games will be listed on the KOSPI market on December 12.

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MG Saemaeul Safe and MG Easy Subscription Guarantee

[Korea Financial Newspaper Hagyeong reporter] MG Saemaeul Bank will release the MG simple membership guarantee deduction.

The new Saemaeul Safe Depository will reduce notices at the time of subscription starting from 26th, so that it will be able to sign up even if it is old or have a troubled new product "non-dividend MG simple membership guarantee deduction (renewal type) 'Announced on the 26th.

The non-dividend MG simple membership guarantee deduction (renewal type) guarantees not only death but also surgery, hospital day and three diseases diagnosis (cancer, cerebral hemorrhage, acute myocardial infarction).

It is characterized by easy admission without documentation or medical examination without doctor's admission, surgery and additional test findings within 3 months, admission or surgery experience within 2 years, and cancer or diagnosis within 5 years. If you do not qualify for the three notices, you can join a person with a history of cancer or diabetes, or an elderly person.

The product can be enrolled from 40 to 75 years old and can be guaranteed up to 100 years old (death toll is up to 85 years old) through 10 year renewal.

The main contract guarantees the death of the disaster, up to 3 million won depending on the type of surgery through special treatments, and up to 30,000 won per day (120 days limit) when admitted to the hospital.

Cancer diagnosis and special diagnosis of two diseases, cancer, cerebral hemorrhage and acute myocardial infarction in the case of up to 10 million won is paid.

Dividend is a comprehensive fire insurance that can secure fire, compensation liability, etc. that can occur in houses, factories, etc. with one security.

The company has increased the competitiveness of its products by adding 'Landlord's (fire) rent deduction rider', 'housing fire rider residence fee rider', and 'landlord liability rider'.

The Saemaeul Safe Bank will continue to launch various products to meet customer needs.

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LG Yuplus Launches 'Cloud Phone Service'

LG Yuplus has launched 'Cloud Phone Service', the world's first mobile phone storage space to 100GB.

LG Uplus said cloud phone service can store large amount of data regardless of memory capacity of mobile phone by storing files such as photos, videos and music on cloud server.

How to use the service will be automatically saved to the cloud server after the customer agrees to the terms and conditions and selects 'U + cloud storage' as the file storage location in the camera setup menu. Unlike the existing method of keeping the original file in the memory of the mobile phone and backing up the copy to the server, the original file is saved in real time. Files stored in the cloud via mobile phones can also be downloaded directly from a PC.

LG U + will prioritize the cloud phone service on the LG G6 and plan to apply it to various smartphones and tablets released by domestic and overseas makers in the future. In addition, customers purchasing the LG G6 can use 100 GB of storage space free of charge without a separate subscription procedure.

If you need more than 100GB of built-in storage space, you can add 100GB at a monthly W3,300.

Lee Sang-yeop, managing director of LG U + Media Development, said, "We have been focusing on developing services that can provide substantial value to customers ahead of the 5G era, when demand for large-volume content is expected to increase explosively. The goal is to apply this solution to manufacturers and provide them to various domestic and foreign companies. "

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Acquired international standard certification for Lotte Card, anti-corruption management system

[Korea Financial Newspaper Hajyeong reporter] Lotte Card acquired the international standard for anti-corruption management system certification.

Lotte Card acquired ISO 37001, the international standard for anti-corruption management system, and received a certificate ceremony at its headquarters in Seoul, Korea on May 25.

ISO 37001 is an international standard for the anti-bribery management system established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Lotte Card has proven that it acquired the ISO 37001 certification from Korea Management Certification Service, the first official certification body in Korea, and established and operated an international anti-corruption management system. ISO 37001 is awarded a certification by rigorously examining how well the accreditation body operates anti-corruption intention and leadership, anti-corruption risk identification and evaluation, risk monitoring and continuous improvement activities.

Lotte Card analyzes the bribery risk that can occur in the course of its business operations, and based on the results of the analysis, it plans to set up anti-corruption management targets, such as setting anti-corruption targets for each department, System 'from this year.

Lotte Card CEO Kim Chang-kwon said, "Lotte Card has established practical compliance and ethical management system through additional certification of anti-corruption management system." We will do our best to abide by corporate ethics and fulfill our social responsibilities. "

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Lee Joo-young "GDP can not capture 'quality of life'

The Bank of Korea Governor Lee Ju-yul of the Bank of Korea (KPNG) said on July 26, "Gross domestic product (GDP) measures the physical and quantitative growth, while the quality of life I'm at a point where I need to work harder. "

Lee Young-hee, who attended an international conference jointly held by the Bank of Korea and the International Association of Income and Non-Profit Research (IARIW) at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul, said in a statement.

Lee said, "There is criticism that GDP does not properly reflect newly emerging economic activities such as the digital economy or the shared economy." In relation to the rise of various new industries called the digital economy and the fourth industrial revolution, It is necessary to expand the research and strengthen the research on the measurement method. "

Lee also said that it is true that there is a limit to show the environmental damage, the distribution of income and wealth, and the change of the quality of life of the people, and the research for increasing the usefulness as a policy index of the wellbeing index should be continued "He said.

Lee also suggested that 'national account statistics need to be improved to show not only the average living standard of the general public but also their distribution.'

The theme of this conference, which will be held for two days until the 27th, is 'Beyond GDP: the experience of economic well-being measurement and future challenges'. Approximately 180 people, including more than 50 international participants, including experts from overseas institutions such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the US Economic Analysis Bureau (BEA)

IARIW President Albert Brockmann said in a welcoming remarks, "The conference will not only increase our knowledge of well-being measurement, but will also provide opportunities for new insights from Asian countries."

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LGD tops '1 trillion won'

LG Display's operating profit surpassed 1 trillion won in the first quarter despite operating in off-peak season.

According to K-IFRS, LG Display reported sales of KRW7.62 trillion and operating profit of KRW1.26 trillion in the first quarter of 2017, according to K-IFRS.

Sales decreased 11% QoQ to W93.6 trillion QoQ due to a decrease in shipment area due to fewer days of operation and new product R & D, and a decrease in mobile portion. However, sales increased 18% from W5.8982 trillion in the same period of last year.

Operating profit increased 14% QoQ to W90.4bn and 2498% QoQ to W39.5bn due to profitability centered product mix operations, including large UHD TVs and high-resolution and high-end IT products.

Net income decreased 18% QoQ to W679.5bn and EBITDA reached W1.474tr (EBITDA margin of 24.7%).

LG Display said, "Despite shipment and price declines stemming from seasonal weakness in mobile phones, we revised up our record operating profit by operating a mix of profitable products, including large-sized TVs based on large-area trends and differentiated IT products based on IPS and Oxide. "He said.

In addition, TV panel sales accounted for 43%, mobile panel for 26%, notebook and tablet for 16%, and monitor panel for 15%

LG Display maintained a stable financial structure in 1Q11 with debt ratio of 81%, liquidity ratio of 140% and net debt ratio of 17%.

Kim Sang Don, chief financial officer of LG Display, said, "The shipment area in Q2 2017 is expected to be similar to the previous quarter, but TV shipments will continue to decline QoQ due to continued majorization. Overall stability will continue. "

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KOSPI breaks 2200 line

The KOSPI index exceeded the 2,200 mark in six years.

The KOSPI index rose 8.11 points (0.37 percent) to 2204.74 as of 9:25 am on the 26th.

The KOSPI surpassed the 2200 mark for the past 6 years since May 4, 2011 (2201.69 in the session).

Currently, foreign investors are buying net worth of 82 billion won, leading the index to rise. This is the first time that the Nasdaq index surpassed the 6,000 mark in the past, suggesting that the investment sentiment was stimulated. The Dow Jones industrial average and the Standard & Poor's 500 index also rose.

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KOSDAQ CEO average model ... 55.2 years old major in science and engineering at Seoul National University

The CEOs of KOSDAQ listed companies have a large number of science and engineering graduates from Seoul National University who are 55.2 years old.

The KOSDAQ has announced the status of its CEOs on the KOSDAQ listed corporation that surveyed 1219 companies as of February 21,

The total number of executives on the KOSDAQ listed corporation is 1491 (average 1.2) CEOs, which is similar to 1383 (average 1.2) in 2016. The total number of executives was 17,971 (average 8.9), and the number of registered executives was 7028 (average 5.8).

The average CEO model is 55.2 years old, the college is Seoul National University, and the major is science and engineering. The age distribution is in the order of 50s (47.5%), 40s (22.1%), and 60s (20.5%).

In the order of science and technology (46.0%), Commerce (36.7%) and Humanities and Social Sciences (9.9%). The major subjects were business administration (25.8%), electronics (6.6%) and mechanical engineering (4.8%).

The final level of education was high school graduate (2.2%), college graduate (54.7%), master (21.9%) and doctor (15.3%). Seoul National University was the largest with 18.4 percent, followed by Yonsei University with 9.0 percent, Hanyang University with 8.6 percent, Korea University with 7.1 percent, Sungkyunkwan University with 3.7 percent and Yeungnam University with 3.6 percent.

The number of female CEOs also rose to 39, up 9 (30%) from 30 in 2016, while women accounted for 306 (4.4%) of all registered executives including CEOs.

(22.2%), legal profession (12.4%), financial institutions (10.6%), accounting and tax (10.0%), related institutions (2.7%), , And journalists (2.0%).

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If Pulmuone is 'Nature is delicious', it grows twice in one year

[Korea Financial Newspaper ShinMiJin reporter] Pulmuone's ramen product 'Nature is delicious' has more than double the year-on-year increase, and the ramen noodle market is driving a new wave.

According to Pulmuone Foods, the first quarter sales of 'Nature is delicious' grew 214% to 13 billion won, compared to 6 billion won last year. Pulmuone explained that 1Q08 sales rose by 14.5% year-on-year (Nielsen Korea) for the whole domestic bag this year.

This achievement of Pulmuone's popularity is the popularity of 'Yuk Jang-Kang Kuk-soo', which was released in February last year. 'Kokkal' is a traditional Korean noodle soup which is popular among Koreans as it opens new markets in the ramen noodle market.

Therefore, the company is showing new products such as 'Geomangguk' and 'Gomtang Kalguksu' following the yogurt, which is delicious, and is expanding its market share. Instead of caramel coloring, we used natural ingredients such as squid ink, and gomtanggukguksu can feel the texture of noodles by using 3mm knurled noodles.

Pulmuone Foods official said, "Last year Kangal was greatly loved by consumers, and interest in non-fried banged instant noodles is increasing together." "We plan to show a second Kangal that can enjoy a chewy texture like this year's noodles."

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Chartered Accounting Society - Korean Bar Association, Law and Accounting Transparency Enhancement Business Agreement

[Korea Financial Newspaper Koh Young-hoon] The Korea Chartered Accounting Society announced on the 24th that it has signed a business agreement with the Korean Bar Association to enhance the transparency of the law, accounting and taxation fields, protect the interests of the people, .

The meeting was held at the Korean Bar Association's conference room, attended by executives of the two organizations, including Choi Jong-kyung, chairman of the accounting society, and Kim Hyun, the bar association's president.

The two organizations will jointly promote various exchanges such as regular academic and social gatherings, joint research on related laws and revisions, mutual laws, accounting and tax education, and expanding exchanges between small and medium-sized corporations. In particular, we plan to conduct joint research on ways to improve the transparency of corporate audits, and actively cooperate with legislative activities.

The Chartered Accounts Society is planning to make legislative measures to secure transparency of accounting by the legal professional under this business agreement, and to strive for legislation to ensure transparency and fairness of society as a whole.

Choi Jong-kyong, chairman of the accounting society, said, "By establishing effective measures to enhance transparency in accounting with legal professionals, we expect that the national economy will stand up and the rule of law will be completed in accounting."

Kim Hyeon, chairman of the Bar Association, said, "If lawyers who are experts in the political and social fields and accountants who are experts in the economic field cooperate with each other, they will benefit both society and the public as well as lawyers and accountants."

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SK Hynix Strengthens Sustainability of 'Semiconductor Super Cycle'

SK Hynix is ​​expected to continue its booming semiconductor business.

As of 9:50 am on March 26, SK Hynix is ​​trading at 53,600 won, up 2.29% (1,200 won) from the previous trading day. HSBC Securities, UBS, and JP Morgan are among the top buyers.

NH Investment & Securities said it expects the semiconductor market to be prolonged for the long term, raising the target price of SK Hynix to KRW 71,000.

Lee Se-cheol, a researcher at the securities firm, said, "The market controversy over the semiconductor industry peak has been ongoing since February, but the boom in the semiconductor market will be prolonged unlike market concerns. Demand growth is expected due to the recent expansion of data center storage capacity due to machine learning, and memory demand is expected to increase with the introduction of the 5G communication network in 2020. "

In addition, a researcher at HMC Investment & Securities said, "Buy and hold strategy is still in place, as memory prices will continue to rise until 2Q, and mobile DRAM and server DRAM still have additional upside potential. .

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Establishment of foreign exchange investment course

[Korea Financial Newspaper, HyeRin Lee] The Korea Institute of Finance and Investment (KFIA) will hold a "foreign investment" course on June 12th to learn about the characteristics of foreign investment, major investment assets, And receive application for enrollment until May 22.

The "foreign substitutional investment" course is a short-term education that enables foreign investors to acquire the experience and know-how of investment strategies of major institutional investors. It features lectures on alternative investment strategies and portfolio composition for asset manager fund managers and marketing personnel.

This curriculum is designed to enable students to understand the characteristics of foreign investment, advantages and disadvantages, understanding of new trends, and analyze and forecast promising overseas stock market. Students learn practical knowledge through market analysis and case analysis, It is expected to contribute to the improvement of the management asset return.

The training period is 33 hours from June 12 to June 28, 8 days in total, and it takes place at Yeouido Finance Education Center for three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and night. Registration details and other details can be found on the website of Financial Investment Research Institute.

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KDB Life, carried hope imminent retirement in seven years

KDB Life is about to retire after seven years.

According to the insurance industry, KDB Life Insurance is currently considering a retirement plan based on a reduction in costs in advance of the sale. In the first half of this year, it plans to carry out the retirement procedure and manage the organization with the manpower reorganized from the second half.

This hopeful retirement is only seven years since Kumho Life Insurance was acquired by KDB Industrial Bank in 2010. In the long term, KDB Life is also considering restructuring plans to integrate stores.

In the background of such personnel changes, there is a burden on IFRS 17 (new international accounting standards) introduced in 2021. KDB Life recorded a net loss of KRW10.2 billion last year, and its RBC ratio fell 52.81% p year on year to 125.68%. The life insurance industry average RBC reached 297% in the second quarter of last year.

KDB veterinarians said, "It has been suggested that the slimming of the organization is needed before the introduction of IFRS 17," he said, adding that "it is calculating the appropriate number of branches and the number of employees."

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Hana Sharing Foundation, collusion 'ninth one multicultural family destination "

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] Hana Sharing Foundation (Chairman gimhanjo) is to greet foreigners residing 2,000,000 era ninth one multicultural family destination "from the recommended award candidates in the last April 17 to May 17 today announced the public offering.

One target multicultural families has been increasing steadily, and wishes to contribute to the implementation of a healthy open society by improving the social interest in multicultural families and social integration implemented for the first time in Korea since its establishment in 2009. year.

In particular, by a stable one exemplary migrant individuals and selected organizations nationally and awards to encourage provides practical help for women and multicultural families settled in South Korea has contributed to the increase, and welfare and social interest in multicultural families.

One ninth sponsored by the Ministry of Gender Equality and SBS multicultural family destination through the examination and inspection of the external jury of experts take △ haengbokga contest in three categories of normal △ huimangga normal △ happy help the (individuals and groups) each大 賞 sector and the final selection is the winner.

Honorable 大 賞 winners one person who is awarded the Gender Equality Award and the prize 10 million won, haengbokga normal / huimangga 8,000,000 won for bonsang winner two people in the top division, Excellence Winners 4 people for 5 million won, happy helpful Award winner two people and two groups this prize is awarded for 3 to 5,000,000 won.

Also, given in gift vouchers 50-1000000 won a separate agency that referred the injured 大 賞 and bonsang winners.

For further information, refer to finance a home or are sharing the Foundation, contact the Foundation.

Hana Sharing Foundation will continue to actively contribute to society by developing activities for marginalized people in our society as a public service corporation, founded in December 2005 the first banking sector, will continue through the systematic and continuous donations and volunteer activities.

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Hyundai Engineering, Hill State Gimhae successful subscription deadline

[Gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter Korea; closed modern engineering is committed to offer a huge success' Heel State Gimhae.

Hyundai Engineering & Engineering announced on the 26th that had just recorded the subscription deadline in all jutaekhyeong 1 ranking with an average competition rate of 5.22 subscription for one Located in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do 247-47 Street East Kanto area.

According to the KFTC gotta 402 people received in the 25th conducted Hill received first priority in the subscription state Gimhae results recruited 77 households showed the average competition rate of 5.22 to one. While the competition is up to 17 cases Molly 2 households to recruit only 59B㎡ type showed a 8.50-to-1.

Hyundai Engineering pre-sale official said, "The complex is a residential preferences to share the highest yulha earth life zone's convenient equipped living conditions in Gimhae," he said "a good result in the agreement as a highly competitive general pre-sale volume down is expected." It explained.

"State Hill Gimhae 'is composed of the second basement floor 23 above ground 10 East, only area 59 ~ 84㎡ Total 630 furniture, the furniture 80 is supplied double to the normal pre-sale. Can only Size furniture general pre-sale minutes is 59A㎡ △ 21 △ household furniture 59B㎡ 2 △ △ 84㎡ 50 59C㎡ 7 furniture furniture. Deda only made up of small and medium-sized high overall rating, the higher interest of the end users are expected to be well-equipped interior design.

Excellent complex located in the mountainous banryong trails and parks well-equipped to North residential comfort, and it is also expected to gulamsan also painted views toward the southwest. This rate of rivers in the Kanto Park, it is conveniently close to Gimhae Children using transportation etc. Park.

Lotte Premium Outlet Gimhae points around, Gimhae Lotte Water Park, it is just a distribution Gimhae Tourism Gimhae Bayfront include general agricultural products distribution center can also be conveniently used even closer.

Winners are announced next month and 4 days, the contract goes 15 to 17 for 3 days.

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Lotte Shopping, mutual growth funds increased support

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Lotte Home Shopping to expand mutual growth fund size for the partners and mutual support in the 200 billion won and 100 billion won interest-free loans.

Lotte Home Shopping announced on the 26th that held the Eastern Partners Growth Conference invited the representative of 85 people in Yeouido, Seoul, Korea Federation of Small Business.

Lotte Home Shopping announced a full range of support measures such as △ the East Growth Fund 100 billion enlarged in the circle with 200 billion won △ interest-free loans 10 billion won support △ new three broadcast ensure △ inventory depletion TV shows regular programming to promote a healthy distribution ecosystem .

Ceremony there were more than 100 people attended, including management transparency gangcheolgyu Chairman, employees and partners as well as representative of the new relaxation Lotte Home Shopping CEO.

Lotte Home Shopping Relaxation new CEO "partners will try our best to be focused on the business without the disadvantages," said said "nagagetda to run a breakthrough improvements to humbly accept the partners' opinions continue to arrange."

Meanwhile, Lotte Home Shopping has held for the past 25 days Yangpyeong-dong, Seoul Lotte shopping center of the headquarters staff of 200, including relaxation new CEO attended at the "2017 Fair Trade Compliance strengthening 'program.

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Korea Investment & Securities, May

Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Korea Financial Group, announced on June 26 that it will hold a 'Korea Investment Securities Agency solicitation briefing' for FC investment advisers (FC).

The briefing will be held on May 11 at the main branches of the nation in May, and will be held at the 4th floor of Yeouido's 5th floor 2nd training room in Seoul, Nov. 16, Busan Seomon branch, Daegu branch on October 17, and PB center in Seogwangju on October 18. In this briefing session, the lecture on 'Introduction of Korean investment FC system' and 'FC sales strategy' will be held.

All participants will receive a coffee voucher and the most recent edition of the guidebook for financial investment savings in 2017, and provide additional gifts when signing with Korea Investment & Securities FC. Also, if you register as a Korea Investment & Securities FC after passing the test, which is an investment solicitor within 6 months, you will pay the qualification examination fee, enrollment education fee, and guarantee premium.

Anyone interested in FC activities can attend this information session online. For further inquiries, please contact Korea Investment & Securities Prime Customer Department.

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Gangnam Kyobo Securities sales, domestic and overseas futures Investment Conference

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Kyobo Securities April 29 2:00 pm The sales come Gangnam foundation said on the 26th that held the domestic / overseas futures Investment Conference headquarters in Yeouido, 19-story vision hall.

Wednesday derivatives investment professionals Yang Sanggyu Mr. proceeds to the theme of "domestic / overseas futures chart hwalyongbeop and marketing techniques.

Participation is free, and if a detailed inquiry is Kangnam sales.

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Mirae Asset Daewoo Central Post Office WM, Gobong-dong WM, investment briefing

[Korea Financial Newspaper Koh Young-hun reporter] Mirae Asset Daewoo Central Post Office WM and Gabbong-dong WM each hold investment briefing sessions at their branches.

The Central Post Office, WM, will be a lecturer at Han Tae-Bong branch on the afternoon of the 26th, and the theme of '2017 Russian and Brazilian Treasury Bond Investment Strategy' I will give a lecture on the issue of economic forecasts and stock market forecasts.

You can inquire about this briefing session at the Central Post Office WM and Debong-dong WM.

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Our banks, fund houses in the city loans mubangmun charter services

[Sinyuncheol journalists Korea financial newspaper] announced on the 26th of Woori Bank (Bank yigwanggu) is performed, a crutch charter capital loans 'possible' mubangmun fund charter capital loans of new services, new via the Internet and smart phones the first handling bank Housing and Urban Fund .

Service target is a "crutch charter capital loans, loans to the Housing Charter by the Housing and Urban Fund for the purpose of housing stability of people in government support at low interest rates. Previously, in order to receive the 'offshoring charter capital loans, loan counseling / loan / but need to visit the branch at least 2-3 times to document the loan agreement after the preparation, loan counseling and loan in the banking or smart banking in this service performed Of course, all applications from the loan agreement became possible to mubangmun.

Woori Bank Internet Banking or Smart Banking, ▲ the customer after confirming the direct loan eligibility / limit / rate such loan, ▲ to visit customers receive the necessary documents in the bank documents to review and loan approval notice, ▲ customer loans online, proceeds in order to create the agreement.

In particular, the nature of the charter capital loans you need to check the lease transfer, whether past, but must submit a certificate of residence to visit a branch within one month of the new loan fund charter capital, it is also a customer certification scheme on the Internet or smartphone there is no need for any administrative information, visit the bank by the agreed view. As a result, our bank was to provide a complete service from mubangmun, including a new "charter fund loan period extended internet services, one year effective from March extended.

Our bankers are "implemented a variety of online financial products and our bank armed with a platform on which leading non-face-to-face channel financial markets, this time the first complete financial fund houses in the city loans mubangmun underpin charter services. Will continue to contribute to the Fund loan activation for stable housing for people with not only offer convenience for busy professionals and business owners with a more streamlined process, a Housing and Urban Fund leading banks and the Ministry of Transportation and Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation, "he said.

Meanwhile, our Bank in December 2015, 'Funds charter capital loans Internet / smart phone counseling service', 3 2016 May 'fund charter capital loans internet renewal service' August 'funds to buy loans internet counseling services' 2016 etc. has presented a variety of housing and urban development to fund non-face-to-face channel's first financial services.

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LG to launch three kinds of IoT smart home devices

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG Electronics serves the three kinds of home appliances and accelerate the IoT smart home market.

LG Electronics announced on the 26th that launched, including smart ssingkyu Hub 2.0 to help manage indoor air 'air station', 'Cell Humidity Sensor', respectively.

An elongated cylindrical shape of the speakers 'smart hub ssingkyu 2.0' (SmartThinQTM Hub 2.0, Model: AIHC71G) is equipped with artificial intelligence that can interact with the user. This product is the sum of the natural language processing functions through voice recognition to Smart Hub ssingkyu 'LG Electronics launched last year version.

"Ssingkyu Smart Hub 2.0 is easy to operate the appliances in the house with only voice and shows their status. For example, it says that a user can say "start wash" and immediately operate the washing machine, "washing time end?" Indicates that "20 minutes left".

The user can listen to the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), ZigBee Home appliances and devices in the IoT (Zigbee), etc. easily connect to the Smart Hub 2.0 ssingkyu.

Users can also easily check your voice through 'smart hub ssingkyu 2.0 variety of information such as weather, calendar.

It can also connect to a Bluetooth even while the smart phone 'smart hub ssingkyu 2.0' listening to music to adjust the wind strength and say, "Let me in the air-conditioned Mild Wind" to "Smart Hub ssingkyu 2.0 without using the remote control.

In addition, LG Electronics' air station 'that allows you to effectively manage indoor air quality has two species:: (AITC71W model) IoT devices such as the home market (model AIAC71W),' Cell Humidity Sensor.

These products monitor the indoor air quality in real time and helps to maintain a comfortable indoor environment such that it works as LG Electronics air conditioners, air purifiers like the product.

"Air station 'is to mount the four sensors to detect the particulate matter, temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, respectively to measure the room air. You can get suggestions for ways to simplify their smartphones to check air quality in your home in real time, and improve indoor air quality through ventilation 'smart ssingkyu (SmartThinQTM)' application.

It is a specialized product to manage temperature and humidity, solar cells Humidity sensor "and they suggest a suitable temperature and humidity levels in the five basic conditions. If the indoor temperature and humidity is outside the "comfort range" via a smartphone informs the user. Use the light of the sun light or room light, the energy does not need extra batteries or power connection.

IoT three kinds of home appliances, LG Electronics introduced this time are available from 3 stores LG Best Shop etc. Jiangnan headquarters, Jiangxi headquarters, Jiangbei headquarters. LG Electronics is planning to expand sales nationwide more than 100 LG Best Shop of next month. The price is based on shipping the smart ssingkyu hub man 2.0 39 9000 W, an air station 28 million, solar temperature and humidity sensor 9000 5 man source.

H & A Song Daehyeon LG Electronics Business Division president emphasized that "sustainable, differentiated only LG Home IoT devices that consumers can easily and conveniently use will showcase leading the smart home era."

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SK Telecom, the first quarter increased youngeopik 410500000000 ... Last year 比 2.1%

[Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] SK Telecom olryeotdago the consolidated financial statements in the first quarter of 2344 one hundred million won △ △ revenue 4,000,000,000,000 operating income 4,105 one hundred million won △ net earnings of 5,835 one hundred million won in 2017 revealed 26.

Sales of 0.1% YoY to improve performance, such as LTE subscription customers and increased data usage, subsidiaries, operating profit increased by 2.1% year-on-year to affect subsidiaries such as profitability, mutual interconnection rate prevailing litigation. SK net profit was increased by 2.0% compared to the same period last year, including Hynix equity earnings rise.

Mobile communication business (MNO), SK Telecom is despite the decline in sales of factors, including increased choice arrangements discounted subscription customers, lowering access charges and maintains solid earnings as LTE subscription growth and customer usage data.

The whole of the end of March, SK Telecom 317 years subscription customers increased by 910,000 people were recorded 2,983 ten thousand people compared to the same period last year, of which LTE customers reached 72.6% of the total subscription customers increased by 10.9% yoy to 2,165 million. On the other hand, also it increased by 29% yy to 5.4GB 17 1Q per data usage.

By SK Telecom △ 'T Signature', 'band play packs, and various terminals line-up, including custom specific plan △ private phones, including the' shoot-prime '' A5 ',' X300 'market enhancing services and benefits fit your needs You can go out.

Indicators of churn, which represents the results of these efforts are an existing customer satisfaction record 1.5%, and 8 branches and maintains a continuous 1%. In addition, SK Telecom has been recognized for outstanding quality and services, to achieve the 2017 National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) mobile phone services sector top 20 consecutive years.

SK Telecom has followed out the remarkable performance in new business areas outside the mobile communications business. SK Telecom's AI speech recognition platform "Who (NUGU) 'has been a steady increase in sales in the first quarter of this year. Recently added to your order, such as 11th Street, a professional baseball game notifications and expanding sustainable life based service.

A consolidated subsidiary of SK Telecom also achieved improved first quarter earnings. SK Broadband IPTV and subscription customers increased by 12.2% YoY to 4.07 million people, IPTV revenue also recorded a 21.7% yoy increase in 2356 one hundred million won. In addition, the improved deficit was transformed into a mob of SK Planet commerce platform, the company through the restructuring of the business year.

Yuyoungsang SK Telecom Strategy Planning Department statement "SK Telecom's mobile communications to maintain solid earnings from businesses other hand showed a year-on-year growth in the subsidiaries improved profitability," said, "It strengthened its leadership in the coming move only the telecommunications market as well as New ICT Sector also it said it will continue to generate results. "

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Kooksoondang, Kangwon National University signed MOU with the brewing industry

Announced on the 26th that they have entered into an [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Kooksoondang research and industry cooperation memorandum for Kangwon National University and Kangwon brewing industry.

An official signing ceremony of the 25th baejungho Kooksoondang attended, including President and General gimheonyoung Kangwon National University was held in Seoul, Samsung-dong, Seoul Kooksoondang office.

The two organizations signed a memorandum of understanding on the occasion agreed to promote the mutual development between increasing the competitiveness of Gangwon Province brewing industry, etc. We train human resources and product development, leveraging the infrastructure have such expertise and know-how.

Kooksoondang are supported, including the facilities and personnel for Gangwon brewing industry sets out the brewing industry personnel training to promote the Kangwon National University. Kangwon National University plans to cooperate in a way that supports the equipment needed for product development.

Kooksoondang is proceeding steadily cooperation to foster competitiveness of the local brewing industry and personnel, including signed an MOU for Gangwon Agricultural Research and Commercialization main regional specialties and research cooperation in the last month.

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Robo adviser adversely Oh, 400 million won investment from the Investment Fund

[Korea Financial News] Byung-hee Lee, the managing director of Robo Adviser Bullio, announced on February 26 that it has entered into an investment inducement contract worth a total of 400 million won from the investment partnership such as Turning Point Co., Ltd.

Doomari has launched 'Bullio', a fund-specific robot advisor, in January. Buuli is a service that allows the general public to receive wealth management services that are only available to high-income earners.

Buuli has also proved its stable profitability through the first LoB advisor testbed hosted by the Financial Services Commission recently, and was selected as the third Shinhan Future's Lab, a program to foster start-up of Shinhan Financial Group's pin tech.

In particular, Bullion is said to be superior in creating stable returns by controlling the risk of losses investors are most afraid of through its own risk lock-down system.

"There was no need to provide professional and objective investment advisory services to ordinary investors, but it was not possible to maintain independence from existing financial institutions and gain trust from the public investors. I will make a service that can do it. "

The company plans to expand its services to various areas such as retirement pension, personal pension, variable insurance, etc., which individual investors are worried about.

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[PHOTO] Galaxy S8, Mexico, landed ... Start Book Marketing

Hold [Korea financial newspaper ohahreum News] Samsung 24 (Reuters) - among the media event one of the Mexican capital, located in Mexico City, the National Theater (Auditorio Nacional) 'in the local media partner of more than 600, including attendance and Galaxy It introduced the S8 series formally.

S8 and S8 + Galaxy Galaxy is in Mexico from the 24th (local time), will be held two months prior reservation sales is expected to be officially released on the 5th of next month.

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Dongbu Securities holds a briefing session for successful investors

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Dongbu Securities emitter is 5:00 pm on the 10th of next month will hold a briefing aimed at investment recommendations behalf of exam passers and investment recommendations behalf of licensed holders in Yeouido Dongbu Securities Headquarters 7th floor seminar room.

In this presentation, operating know-how of the required information and excellent investment recommendation Representatives need to know in order to act as a proxy investment recommendations is introduced. The participants who provide a variety of benefits, including registration and preferential rate of return, professional training courses free of charge to Dongbu Securities investment recommendations and the agency pays the Han Gyeonghui smart port-site registration.

It will also also conducted a first-come, first-served basis with 100 people registered as Dongbu Securities Investment Agency invite the month of May events between providing Parker fountain pen.

Presentation of investment recommendations agency Registration and contact us if you are a retailer or a national Dongbu Securities investment recommendations agency dedicated call center.

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Last December, 642 companies requested settlement corporation shadow voting ... Yoy 40.5% ↑

I asked the [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] December vote surrogate activities (boating shadow) on the closing listed companies and 31.2% of the 642 companies in Korea Securities Depository 2,058 companies held a shareholders' meeting last year. This is a shame, up 40.5% from the previous year.

According to the 26th Depository For Securities Market voting shadow of the total 739 companies requesting entity was 193 companies (26.1%). In the case of KOSDAQ entire request entity voting shadow of the 1,185 companies were 448 companies (37.8%). Conex if the entire market of the top 134 corporations shadow voting requests are extremely low as 1 companies (0.7%).

Shadow voting requests corporation had significant changes in the fiscal year starting in December 2014 year, the number of requests legal settlement in 2016 has increased by 40.5 percent to 642 companies compared to 457 companies increased 185 companies last year.

Since closing the shareholders 'meeting in 2014 it adopted electronic voting, and only a solicitation of proxy voting rights to all shareholders in the event a listed company, the audit (audit committee), including elected' shadow voting was possible requests for the agenda.

Looking at the recent settlement traded corporation shadow voting requests Trend 3 years 12 February 2014 at 312 companies in 2015, 457 companies, in 2016 increased to 642 companies. Securities market for 47 companies (32.2%) of the 146 companies to 193 companies, KOSDAQ market has increased 139 companies (45.0%) of the 309 companies in 448 companies.

Last December, closing regular shareholders' shadow voting bill by the total number of requests in 1524 cases, including senior audit (693 cases, 45.5%), the most common cases. Next, executive remuneration, etc. (279 cases) and Directors (273 cases) were the order of such cases.

Last December, the shareholders' meeting scheduled closing of the top 642 corporations requesting shadow voting "senior auditor" bill requesting entity has 560 companies (87.2%), and other subsidiaries requested the shadow voting only for the bill were 82 companies (12.8%).

In the case of the securities market "auditor appointed" Request subsidiaries 181 companies (93.8%), other bills requesting subsidiary were 12 companies (6.2%) in the case of KOSDAQ 'auditor appointed "Request subsidiaries 378 companies (84.4% ), other bills requesting entity was 70 companies (15.6%).

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NH Agricultural Bank, the second half of the mobile service open WM

The [Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] NH Agricultural Bank starts as early as the non-face-to-face based Asset Management (WM) build service channel in September.

According to the 26th Agricultural Bank, Agricultural Bank is the ongoing development work for the coming September-October wealth management services' e-WM services "(tentative name) open.

Agricultural Bank of Internet banking Web (web) with smart mobile banking application (app) is the content of the new financial instruments market within the Asset Management "menu.

Agricultural Bank officials said, will build retirement assets, design, investment portfolio, suggesting a non-face-to-face marketing channel leading to the product subscription.

Agricultural Bank presented the 'NH All100 plan "designed to retire the brand focuses on the" retirement planning and asset management specialization, one of this year's focus on business. Agricultural Bank had built a 'All100 plan tablet system' for retirement planning to visit in January, the third wolen 'All100 Plan Lounge specializes in retirement planning consultation decided to expand the existing 202 to 870 nationwide branches.

Of non-face-to-face with banks Asset management services are the 'My Money KB, the KB Kookmin Bank. An app that shows you all the information scattered assets, including savings, insurance, stock screen. It is also associated, as well as financial information, real estate, automotive information.

Robo Advisors in 'em portfolio (M Folio)' App of Shinhan Bank recommended to receive the asset management portfolio, a number of products from the portfolio of a few clicks, you can sign up for one.

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KT-Ericsson to test 5G interoperability with Nokia and Pyeongchang 'first' success

[Gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter Korea] KT is Ericsson, has successfully linked the Nokia equipment and terminals 5G 5G trial for the 2018 Pyeongchang said Monday.

KT made a successful trial in February 5G line 616 for May 2018 show a global manufacturer and Pyeongchang Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 5G standards as official communications partner. After doing our best efforts to succeed in the 5G data transmission for the first time, and Samsung in October '16.

The 5G interoperability testing took place 24, 25 days at the Nokia headquarters in Finland and Ericsson's headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

KT and Ericsson, Nokia has succeeded in connecting the global manufacturers have developed new 5G terminals in such a test "Pyeongchang 5G standards, based on each company's 5G network equipment, Intel developed.

This is the first time succeeded to each other to transmit to other manufacturers made smooth data from 5G network of equipment and the terminal.

The advantage of this time that the terminal 5G 5G technologies for the final version (Version) as the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang for 5G trial demonstrate practically reached the final stage, KT said.

Oh Seongmok KT network division president "showcase in Pyungchang 5G trial stability and multiple services, system, device manufacturers between interworking is to be verified in advance" and, in the "Pyungchang 5G pilot through the cooperation of the Ericsson and Nokia Networks It said it would be out at the same time increasing the maturity leading the development of technology for the successful commercialization of 5G. "

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Korea Industrial Technology Association pin, pin-tech policy proposals on candidates 5 people

[All lower cervical financial newspaper reporters South Korea - South Korea Pin Tech Industry Association has proposed the pin-tech policies in the five presidential candidates.

Korea Pin Tech Industry Association proposed a policy of pin-tech industry to the major presidential candidates received five and delivered a stance on major policy direction from each of the presidential camp said Monday.

Korea Pin Tech Industry Association reflects the innovative service for pin-tech industry development and proposed a new regulatory framework for the introduction of the mobile era. The association was clear rules only matters that should be banned and Other acts are passed to allow such negative opinions (Negative) way of introducing regulations, provided the ecosystem that encourages the pin-tech start-up growth and substantial support measures established.

The main presidential candidates, but said the five are basically positive stance on the introduction of a regulatory scheme for start-up support and the negative pin-tech industrial development was the difference in the concrete realization ways and degrees.

Democratic Party candidate Moon Jae-in addition is the stance sets out to actively support the pin-tech industry to promote consumer benefits.

Candidate side door said, "of the transfer, seeking payment, P2P financial services platform, financial data analysis services and all the pins in the tech sector policies that expand support for start-up and ease the various costs."

For the restructuring of regulatory frameworks negative manner as the camp prior to the issue of deregulation necessary social consensus to be carried out simultaneously with enhanced post-regulation, saying junghi be taken to proceed with a cautious stance.

Hong Jun-pyo free hangukdang candidate has announced haejueoya improve the existing regulatory system and establish an aid package to enable the start-up based on new technologies.

Hong candidate has proposed a "country legal system that can not keep up with the changing technology to the market enable global trends and loopholes caused consumer protection" and "Step by Step Negative regulation will reform the system approach" and plan.

National Party candidate Ahn Cheolsu is a position that requires tech support related to various parts of the pin against a fourth round of industrial revolution era.

Not the candidate said, "will improve research and constitution of the 4th Industrial Revolution through a switch to regulate negative way about such convergence technology research."

BHS right party candidates were presented to the pin-tech start-up support department installed.

Yu candidate "pin-tech start-ups BHS candidate pledges at the heart of innovation seongjangron" and will switch to the center of industrial policy to start-ups and SMEs in the enterprise, "he said" conversion of the regulatory scheme preceding the president is directly responsible for the project, one shot resolved and emphasized that the pin will apply preferential a negative regulatory scheme to Tech start-up ".

Sim Sang-jung per definition the candidate plans hagetdaneun a market where start-up is able to compete fairly.

Sim candidate "chaebol reform through comprehensive measures create a fair competitive market, you can start up the entry into the market, and the organization, such as the creative economy to an innovation center consolidation and SME support governments in financial, tax and education for the start-up · I will conduct indirect support, "he said.

Just seam candidate has taken a negative stance on the negative regulatory scheme switching.

He said, "The regulation of the negative approach can serve as an unexpected financial consumer harm occurred or systemic risk increasing factors" and "pin-tech development and financial consumer protection, the biggest drawback regulations rather than comprehensively consider the advantage of the impact on financial system stability If there is a way to quickly improve it is desirable, "he said.

Yiseunggeon South Korea Pin Tech Industry Association president, "Understanding the various pin-tech sector and concrete and practical pity it is promoted measures such as insufficient" and "This candidate elected president has a strong commitment to drastic regulatory reform and a serious study and worry should be promoted through policies based on a clear roadmap for the various pin-tech industry development, "he said.

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Yuata Securities to hold 'Tire radar' investment seminar on Pyungchon branch

[KOREA FINANCE NEWSPAPER: HyeRin LEE] YUANTA Securities Pyeongchon branch will hold an investment briefing session for individual investors at branch office located at Exit #

Researcher Park Jong-il, an expert lecturer of T-radar, analyzed why stock investment is difficult through major investment failure cases, and the contents that are useful for the actual sale such as screening of the item through the artificial intelligence HTS 'T-radar' .

'T-radar' is a stock investment specialization service developed to target online (mobile) stock investors' stock selection and trading timing advice. Patent (Patent No. 10-1599576) is analyzed by big data algorithm analysis such as performance, It is Yuantan's artificial intelligence (AI) system.

Interested investors can apply on a first-come, first-served basis. For application and other details, please contact the Pyeongchon branch of Yuanta Securities.

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