Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Prosecutor, investigating as a reference person of the former president of Minyung Sung Industry

[The Financial Times, Jeongseon reporter] The head of the former Yi Min-sung industrial ministry, who is suspected of involvement in the Daewoo shipbuilding offense, was summoned to the prosecution and investigated.

Prosecutors The special deputy corruption crime investigator (Kim Gi-dong, the head of the investigation) called on former minister Yu Min-yung as a reference person, saying, "There is an additional part of the investigation."

In 2009, Park Yoo-hwan, a former head of News Communications, has received suspicions that former Daewoo Chosun president Nam Sang-tae has been given a replacement lobby.

Park Suk-hwan was indicted last year for allegedly receiving orders for public relations consulting from the former president of Nam Sang-tae for the second time in lieu of former minister Yoo Sung-tae.

The first trial court found innocence against former President Park Suk - hwan in February of this year, and the prosecution appealed against it and the appeal is ongoing.

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