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Mirae Asset Global Investments, a variety of alternative investment products supply

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] said it would expand this alternative investment strategy this year, Mirae Asset Global Investments.

13 days, according to Mirae Asset Financial investment industry launched last six days as a real estate investment fund IPO in Canberra, Australia Australian Government Department of Education building materials and construction are taking the lead in popularizing alternative investment. Scale recruitment fund is 141 billion won maturity is 5 years and 6 months from inception. Investment is a 12-storey building, completed in 2010 size.

Mirae Asset Global Investments showed a positive move, even while foreign real estate investment in the domestic investment-led real estate funds sector. Mirae Asset Tower in Shanghai, China Eastern acquired in 2006 is the only building purchased by investing in key areas of domestic capital Pudong economic center of China representative Pearl, Citigroup Tower, World Finance Center, including standing alongside iconic buildings in China. The present value has risen more than four times compared to the purchase price of at least 1 trillion.

It also continues to offer a top global hotel brand Four Seasons (Sydney, Korea) and peoh Fairmont Orchid's argument (Hawaii, San Francisco) Superior overseas property investment opportunities to domestic institutional investors. Mirae center circle building was also established landmark that connects Jongno and Myeong-dong, Euljiro.

Mirae Asset Global Investments are diversified by domestic and foreign hotels, logistics centers, office buildings from precipitation also in investments. It has successfully closed a public offering last year to offer 300 billion won fund Mirae Asset Maps US real estate fund invests in prime office building material Dallas, Texas 4 buildings. The yield of 4-6% is expected through a steady cash flow to the state it signed the largest US insurers State Farm more than 20 years long term lease.

Mirae Asset Global Investments has expanded to a property fund with public offering was targeted mainly to institutional investors investment alternatives era of low interest rates, the argument that the Office 950 billion won, and. Individual investors may also offer investment alternatives to be replaced and take advantage of the investment portfolio.

Mirae Asset has put the PEF (private equity), real estate, SOC (social overhead capital), tangible results in various fields.

2011 Mirae Asset is the world's best sporting goods acquired Aqua City Net (Acushnet) that holds such a person 'Titleist (Titleist)', 'Foot Joy (FootJoy)' of the brand and acquired the world's No. 1 brand first domestic financial institutions He left a monumental case. Article 1 This time more than 200 billion won in giant Mirae Asset M & A (mergers and acquisitions) derives the investments of many domestic financial institutions had won a deal ahead of eminent competitors such as Nike, Callaway. As last year, also during Aqua Net it was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the first case and left the company to collect funds from the public (IPO) after a domestic argument PEF foreign enterprises. 2009 global financial crisis selectively invest in blue chip companies such as Doosan Group 4 in Samhwa Crown, Doosan DST, and after corporate value enhancement through management participation can bar the sale of the co-management rights.

MAS officials as "low interest rates, a useful investment vehicle that can increase the risk compared to income from alternative investments portfolio diversification in low-growth era," said "We Mirae Asset will endeavor to provide to investors by constantly dig into global blue-chip assets." said.

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Citibank, and earn unlimited cash back silsokpa popular

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] products are constantly being released for silsokpa customers. Especially as the atmosphere continued to prefer cash returned directly to the banks and strengthen the cash back benefits.

◇ me unlimited cash back goods without performance relationship

NEW Citi cash back cards released in July last year, Citibank Korea is a product and earn unlimited cash back is ideal for customers without silsokpa month performance relationship. 0.7% of the amount of use and deal with no limits or restrictions on the number of lump sum and installment Interest-bearing amounts are used in domestic and foreign merchants to earn cash back (less intensity appreciation). And earned cash rebate is credited to a separate application process without the customer's payment account through an automatic refund services. 1 cash back earned is converted to one source, accumulate more than 50 000 cash back without application is automatically refunded to ₩ 10,000 units. For example, if 61 000 customers earn cash back, and ₩ 60,000 is credited to the card account and payment settlement date in the following month.

◇ provide additional benefits linked to the event

NEW doeja the popularity of cash back cards, Citi Citibank Korea persists proceed to earn 3% cash back special event until 31 March 2017. When using more than ₩ 500,000 during the previous month billing period, catering sector / public transport and refueling (including LPG filling) / Save Mart (Mart / Home Plus / Lotte Mart - its super and includes online mall) up to 10 000 May by each 5,000 cash back on the the 5000 special cash back is earned. Also after the card was issued one month and earn benefits are provided regardless of the amount used in the previous month.

In addition, it proceeds with an annual fee of 12 cash back credit card that offers the first new issue until May 31, returning 100% of target customers coming. For event participation is by using a total of ₩ 100,000 more than before through Citibank Korea homepage or mobile Citi Cards new application after including April issue to issue a card the following month end, the annual fee and only pay on year terms meet first with your billing account It allows full rebate. The event target is a total of six kinds of cards to 'NEW Citi cash back card,' 'Citi Cards Mega Mile (Korean Air / Asiana),' Citi Rewards card ',' New World Citi Rewards card ',' New World Citi Card Quattro.

◇ card-specific benefits vary compared to the required

Mega miles Citi Cards has reduced unnecessary additional benefits in addition to products that earn airline miles and miles in accordance with the Merchant Citibank Korea to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the founding of Citigroup. Citibank Rewards Card, Citi is characterized by a high level of earning points. Entertainment, cell phone charges, and transportation / Boating, shopping, 4% of the cards in the amount of five items, such as special education and 20% to earn points. Any increase in the domestic and foreign merchants to 0.5% ~ 1.5% depending on the month to use solution has a basic Accumulation rate (limit and earn unlimited) and Citigroup earned points have no expiration date.

The New World Citi Rewards card provides specialized services in the New World affiliate. Shinsegae Department Store, Shinsegae provides market-style 3-5% discount e-coupon. However, quantities, excluding discounted items and goods at a discount electronic coupon is paid each month depends on the policy of the New World ㈜. Shinsegae Department Store, Shinsegae Mall, the New World restaurants, and earn 5% points when using Citibank Citibank New World Duty Free and earn up to 30,000 points, depending on the use of the previous month's performance.

The Shinsegae Department Store, Shinsegae Citi Card Quattro offers, new world style market double benefit (charge 5% discount off the scene of the 3-5% MoM, + spinning solution). Outback, Starbucks, CGV, there is a mega-boxes, family restaurant charges a 20% discount and Shinsegae Mall, Mall E-Mart, G Market, Auction, Interpark charged 7% discount. Also available all gas stations across the country and there is a 4% charge off any hospital, clinic, pharmacy charges a 5% discount and 5% of mobile billing discounts nationwide benefits.

Citibank Korea official said, "Even after this and earn 3% cash back special occasion to give more benefits to clients, being a season by planning special events to earn cash back as a major industry."

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"Until three diseases for life" AIA life insurance guarantee Cancer

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper News] Asia-Pacific region's largest multinational life insurer AIA Group Limited of South Korea has launched a new branch recently amended the (non) AIA life insurance guarantee cancer.

(Free) AIA life insurance guarantee Cancer 'is a product of the same name that was released in November last year, AIA Group Limited is dedicated telemarketing channels. Neolhimyeonseo the right sales channels to confront the new year guarantee enhanced and premium burden is minimized.

The biggest change is the permanent guarantee of the three diseases such as cancer, as well as stroke, acute myocardial infarction. Jimyeonseo a longer retirement by increasing the average life span was 80 years old only hard goods guarantee to cover all medical expenses year. To avoid 'cliff ensure' that occurs after the age of 80, guarantees "(free) AIA life insurance guarantee Cancer" is the industry's first three major jindanbi diseases such as cancer, stroke, acute myocardial infarction to life.

In addition, reflecting the growing trend of critical illness treatment guaranteed amount also increased significantly. 20 years after the cancer insurance increased by selecting a city insurance "type jam 'by 10% per year (only the host contract) can be guaranteed up to 300%. When subscribers up to 9000 yuan, stroke and acute myocardial infarction diagnosis General diagnosis of cancer can be guaranteed respectively up to 4000 yuan.

This guarantee period, ranges, amounts, etc. natjiman stretched such, a subscriber can minimize the premium paid via the non-refundable termination design. Non-refundable cancellation insurance against a common standard of about 26% (40-year-old male with type 2 300 prime contractor accounts basis) is selected can be saved.

However, non-refundable cancellation insurance will refund if the cancellation is not a relative of the contract delivery period as unbeatable termination, the Contractor If you keep the contract until after the premium payment period, these two species are the same as the standard cancellation refunds. In addition, this product is no viscosity at all attractive premium hikes this period is designed as a non-renewal subscription type. This feature was also added during cancer premiums paid are exempt. The payment obligation is waived if a subscriber receives a cancer diagnosis for a premium payment period, the guarantee rider lasts for life. These features are losing their jobs because of the cancer disease's half, which soon was designed to break the vicious cycle leading to treatment abandonment.

Gangsinung AIA Group Limited Products Division is "to right the New Year actively reflect customer needs and socio-economic trends (free) AIA Lifetime guarantee Cancer Insurance" was the next level, "said" insurance one enough for the three diseases in Korean can be expected to be guaranteed and the number of types of designs are possible in the interest of all ages and backgrounds in accordance with the situation of the subscriber, "he introduced.

(Free) AIA life insurance guarantee cancer 'can join from 15 years to 60 years. Types of products are type 1 Class 1 (Jam-type, no cancellation refundable), one type of two species (congestion type, standard), type II Class 1 (horizontal Jun-hyoung, no cancellation refundable), Type 2 two species (horizontal Jun-hyoung, standard ), including a total of four gajida.

Monthly premium is 40 years of age based on Men ₩ 20,300 women ₩ 15,590 (flat Jun-hyoung no cancellation refundable, 80 senap, monthly payments, the host contract 100 account (free) AIA Lifetime guarantee small arms Rider 10 account (free) lifetime guarantee stroke diagnosis Rider 10 account (free) guaranteed lifetime diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction 10 riders accounts basis).

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[Financial Supervisory Service Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo] "Internet specialized bank focused risk management oversight."

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters: "There is concern insolvency case to expand lending recklessly handled while lending operation experience or insufficient information on the Zhongxin user market."

Kim, Young - Kee FSS banking sector buwonjangbo (photo) this year, ahead of the business starting with the premise that the hope of successful early stabilization of the Internet specialized bank "junggeumri market is not simply a reaction to the interest rate is lower only" and "Big Data based on new rating risk management, such as the use of the model emphasized the will should exercise fully prepared. "

FSS Savings Bank Supervision, through the cross still Supervision, etc. in charge of the banking sector since October last year, Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo director of achieving multiple eopgwon household debt on the basis of supervisory experience, industry structure new pin Tech (FinTech) financial stability to the sector from adjustments She poured on the power.

◇ Digital Financial Times ... "Assured pin Tech 'director

Financial authorities are reported to be accelerated than the "digitization of finance confirmed non-face-to-face blindness introduction of biometric applications, mobile business expansion, leveraging Big Data" Internet bank launched a professional occasion. Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo said, "will come up with new product launches supervision measures against irregular heart of the current supervisory regulations of the offline criteria to check that does not become an obstacle to growth and improved pin-tech internet banking professional."

The "Customer information disclosure, including computerized accident potential risks proactively manage" policy to. Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo explained that "to provide a smartphone, tablet, such as the branch channel internal control guidelines will focus to build the foundation for financial services consumers fins tech safe to use."

If the conditions of professional Internet banking "before coming to a number of existing financial institutions operating in the Internet considerable skill level is quite long already competitive," he said diagnosis. Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo predicts that "innovative financial services that come will be able to settle successfully."

Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo relatively adverse selection react jeosinyongja only if "the microfinance market lending traders are also studies that rather more sensitive to the limit rather than the interest rate", "three loan rates in the high-yield market to competition means (adverse selection ) may also cause problems. "he also mentioned the point.

Of course, the financial authorities are expecting the possibility of internet banking professional in the "CITIC difficult to get loans from commercial banks smoothly users, junggeumri credit for small business." Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo said, "to think that traditional banks are not utilizing the data source will also require verification period for new credit rating model."

◇ 'strict' restructuring emphasize ... "Provision faithfully"

"The credit quality classifications do not think it goes through a compromise with the bank."

That shipbuilding, among Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo that the shipping industry restructuring progresses, look at the "In the past financial crisis cases risk management issues for individual banks may only have a profound effect on the stability of the entire financial system, rather than affecting only the soundness of the bank the experienced, "said" there is a need to recognize that the bank is properly credited to the bad early to assess the credit risk provisions and faithful of their assets to prepare for the next future risks, "he said.

In the corporate restructuring process credit quality classification is a "sensitive issue affecting income and loan loss provisions" of the bank. Quality classification is divided into normal, precautionary, fixed steps, doubtful and estimated loss based on criteria such as ability to repay debt and overdue period. But need to gain the top credit losses, for example, one must build an additional allowance in preparation for when the 'precautionary' ratings downgraded by losses in 'normal'. The financial authorities "do not clean up after a rainy day Umbrella" is samgo that in principle, but "The recession should be rigorously evaluated repayment ability in situations that can be protracted," is the explanation.

Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo is "difficult when only the boulders properly garyeoya no allocation of resources is not distorted" and "concentrated the funding on which a viable competitive corporate economic responsiveness also occurs corporate restructuring, depending on the industry situation to ever properly classified soundness as corporate I think that emphasized a more strictly pursue. "

◇ household debt, bank asset quality, protect vulnerable borrowers to-track

The household debt bishop "to strengthen the banking sector, as well as growth through a comprehensive response to the management of household loans outstanding second financial plan." Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo is "lots of while dealing with the bank at the same time if you are dealing with non-bank, or banks, shall be made a loan in the non-bank or repayment ability range" and "non-banking sector is the Banking Regulation and by the terms and conditions that are more burden to consumers does not only consider the dozens of household debt should be approached to see the whole picture until the balloon part effects, "he explained.

Build a mainly microeconomic database (DB) in the direction gotta limited to business loans to cover in conjunction with the self-employed loan is also "Credit rating agencies (CB) that determine the status and even household loans are self-employed sector, eopryeok stars, in various forms, such as by borrower age I decided to analyze ".

Regulators are looking at the impact and response capability based on the scenario will have on household debt, including interest rates, real estate prices in stress tests. In particular, low-income jeosinyong are concerned, the household debt of the borrower vulnerable to multiple debts. "To expand the '119 credit program" Applies running for the banking credit to the mortgage and the second financial "plans.

Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo is "If the loan interest rate hike of vulnerable borrowers delinquent or bad is bound to be increased of course," she diagnostics, "The effects of these shocks are the responsiveness of the bank's asset quality side and vulnerable households borrower protection issues will be at the same time issue because you must go to the track corresponding to the projection, "he said.

Spreads on loans rise in interest rates keynote buwonjangbo Kim, Young - Kee said, "may be involved in protecting consumer rights dimension." Buwonjangbo Kim explained that "always concerned about what will make sense to operate in the interest rate system" "It's inde premise that principle does not intervene individually in the financial institution market price reasonably be operating loan rates system," he said.

◇ uncertainties monitoring ... "Stress tests elaborate"

Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo this year, the financial supervisory environment "there are uncertainties, such as interest rates rise, soybean growing trade protectionism," he summarized. Kim buwonjangbo said, "internal and external uncertain environment is supervised directly risk-based that can enhance the proactive ability to change," said "will be monitored constantly in quality inspection center in a line that does not add burden to the bank."

FSS is the main goal this year the level of advanced countries, "sangsihwa stress tests and plans to refine the model." In fact, the United States, European Union (EU) If results are insufficient to conduct a stress test may take supervisory measures such as dividend restrictions.

Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo is "stress test a number of assumptions intervention reliability of the test results in terms of analytical techniques, objectivity is not easy to obtain," said "the industry, the Task Force with experts (TF) reliability, objectivity, through the operation, sophistication will continue to continued efforts to secure outgoing, "he said.

The financial authorities are determined to be one, "the current level of capital adequacy of domestic banks is a good level." Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo said, "through a stress test for potential internal and external risks will check the loss absorption capacity of domestic banks."

Strengthen global capital standards should also actively respond. Basel Ⅲ regulation is being applied last gotta introduced in December 2013 in Korea 2016-2 1 raised the minimum capital ratio by 4 minutes per year over four years during 2019.

Kim, Young - Kee buwonjangbo is "one regulatory standards agreed in the Basel Committee plans to pursue a domestic adoption as scheduled," he said, "but the regulatory standards designed mainly developed in collaboration with the banking industry to prevent problems unforeseen occur in the process of applying to the country and configure the working group seeking to influence future analysis and response measures, including the introduction of the regulation in various angles, "he said.

< Education >

- In February 1981, Anton graduated from Central High School

- In February 1988, Yeungnam University Department of Business Administration graduate

- August 1999, Sungkyunkwan University Master of Business Administration

- In February 2004, Sungkyunkwan University Ph.D.

< career >

- From 1981 to 1998, the Bank of Korea, Financial Planning Bureau Director Bureau improvement

- May 7, 1999, the FSS non-banking Supervision

- In January 2005, the Financial Supervisory Service Inspection Team sponsors

- In April 2007, the Financial Supervisory Service director still room Team

- May 2011, the Financial Supervisory Service Savings Bank Supervision Bureau Deputy Director

- May 2012, the Financial Supervisory Service Mutual still Supervision Bureau

- 4 May 2014, the FSS director regional center director

- February '10 March 2015-2016, the Financial Supervisory Service buwonjangbo (business general manager)

- 10 May 2016 - Today, the Financial Supervisory Service buwonjangbo (bank charge)

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"Yolo tribe catch 'spiral of food

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] 'Yolo (YOLO) phenomenon only enjoy spending for personal satisfaction is also spreading to the overall retail industry.

What Yolo You Only Live Once, the abbreviation of life is only one means a lifestyle-oriented now, the happiness of the moment. To sacrifice for the community belongs, depending on the period of uncertainty lasted more attention has been focused on the value in their lives consumed.

But Yolo phenomenon a few years ago the first topic that which was focused on the luxury consumption of costly even take to their satisfaction In recent years, the concept of Yolo direction that also prioritize personal satisfaction without being conscious of other people's eyes, small would expanded, it has been reproduced.

Pyeonin sensitive liquor industry trends change Yolo tribe attack is in full swing in a hurry to find a "choose your own sake. ' Food and beverage industry also showcase products that reflect the trends Yolo eye-catching.

Brother # bohae of soda hands is considered the mainstream of this early insight into the psychology of Yolo tribe. From the planning phase out of existing collective and coercive mainstream culture and analyzed the needs of the consumer need 'surgery for me. " Where and when to lower the alcohol content to create a lightweight, fun to drink alcohol that can dramatically with three road anywhere, and added a sweet soda to taste. Put here carbonate implemented a refreshing taste of alcohol that does mokneomgim hardly felt. Design was also the tastes of consumers in the sniper PET (PET) coated with a refreshing mint color.

Brother # soda react as soon as the hot release aimed at the needs of consumers want to feel the pleasant odor regardless of location and time. TV ads were directed to a variety of situations that can be sent alone entertained. Whatever comes out of the Moment 'happens when I Brother # Soda "When they do with' Brother # Soda" is the message that we captured more special.

Get in the popularity of Brother # soda liquor companies also led the growth of the carbon market shares as bring the following year after another similar product, established itself as a leading brand-led honsul the current culture. Beer market is able to purchase the homemade beer was treated as deregulation only shop in supermarkets or convenience stores. The actual distribution problems for small companies, but remains a challenge for consumers in the mood to welcome even though the price is a little expensive it easier to buy a handmade beer to suit your taste.

Which was recognized as a fine drink whiskey also went on according to the transformed Yolo trends. Lower capacity alone be able to enjoy a fair amount or looking for a way out by selling exclusive products. Ed Barrington of Korea is a single malt whiskey 'Mac kelran 12 Year Old' by reducing approximately 40% compared to existing capacity and distribution in major convenience store 500ml. Pernod Ricard Korea also rivet Glenn 15 Year Old, showcasing the Chivas Regal 12 Year Old, 17 Year Old Valentine, Royal Charlotte root configured for each of the 21 Year Old miniature 50ml 'International Collection of Scotch whiskey' in the convenience store CU.

Seltzer makers also won the right to start marketing activities such as TV ads released in the spring to stimulate the emotions of Yolo family and differentiation to competitors. Coca-Cola's brand sparkling "Mr. grams (Seagram's) 'has captured the message of life Yolo era of' Seize the day 'at the actor Cha Seung-won new advertising model. It turns into a tight moment, a motorcycle rider, Mr. Cha to drink out of the daily traffic jams clogged in g expressed the heart of the city, want to enjoy the freedom.

Home seltzer maker market where you can enjoy your own seltzer carbonated strength for your personal taste are also going to expand its base. Seltzer makers world's No. 1 brand 'SodaStream, thanks to increasing brand presence in the domestic market, and Delight soda, soda, etc. Bono has appeared in a variety of seltzer maker. Yolo is popular among families who want to replace with a new large home seltzer maker of premium small household purchases than to increase the effectiveness interior.

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EV battery Samsung LG · · SK 'Three Kingdoms' Gonna

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] SK Innovation has recently significantly while increasing the electric car battery production line, LG Chem and Samsung SDI · SK Innovation between "Three Kingdoms" has been fighting in earnest. With this battery production capacity expansion, SK Innovation is the look that LG Chem chase through the same secure a level above the two fierce battle with Samsung SDI equipped to supply 140 000 annual electric power.

◇ SK Innovation, expanding operations 140 000

SK Innovation determines the electric vehicle battery production equipment 5, 6 the last seven days aerobic capacity, it said it launched a full-scale construction. And to expand the scale to which a total of 3.9GWh new production equipment more than doubled production capacity than the existing (1.9GWh), which is a level that can supply the battery to the electric vehicle 140 000 per year.

SK Innovation, explained that the batteries produced in new production equipment product supply amount in recent weeks continue to add a number of global projects. SK Innovation is the current situation, which had been secured orders to supply 100% of production in the next seven years (with new equipment).

SK Innovation said, "This time the production facility started the expansion is part of investing 3 trillion won announced earlier this year," he said, "5, No. 6 produced when the plant is completed, SK Innovation's existing (annual electric supply 70 000) than two-fold increase in 140 000 will equip the supply capacity, "he explained. He added, "If you went up to a higher production capacity combined with a small battery, Samsung SDI large battery capacity represented by the EV battery is the same level as SK Innovation's new investments." "This is the same level as Samsung SDI," said he said.

In addition to electric vehicle battery production capacity expansion, SK Innovation is pursuing partnerships with various other foreign automakers Hyundai Kia brand. SK Innovation is currently being supplied to the battery electric vehicle Hyundai Motor · PHEV (plug-in hybrid). Especially in the case of Kia Soul it offers a battery alone.

SK Innovation official explained, "it is a strategic supplier to the expanding" and "Hyundai Motor plans as well as the battery supply early next year to Daimler, which operates like Mercedes-Benz."

◇ Samsung SDI, 600km driving battery development

Samsung SDI is promoting the next generation of battery technology leading through the 600km mileage battery development this year. Samsung SDI unveiled in January, held "2017 North American Auto Show that combines the fast charge technology, 20 minutes' drive 600km high energy density battery cells. The battery is the product obtained through a public fast charge technology, with 600km mileage. This product aims to production coming years 2021 can secure a 80% charge of 500km distance mileage through a rapid charging 20 minutes.

Samsung SDI said, "was built in August last year construction of the electric vehicle battery plant in Hungary, Korea, China, Europe, the global production system" and "600km an electric car fast through mileage and product development secured to the rapid charging technology seals in so that it can be said that the popularization will lead the next generation of battery technology. " A source of foreign automakers also plans to expand the brand center. Samsung SDI is supplying batteries to Audi, Volkswagen · BMW · · Jaguar Land Rover and so on. Hyundai Motor is not supplied.

Samsung SDI official explained that "the electric car battery supplies to international brand-oriented" and "the main supply vehicle is BMW i3, i8, supplier plans to expand in the future." He also added, "except for the small supply large batteries battery capacity is 140 000 annual level," he said, "will embark on the battery capacity is also important, leading-related markets through the development of next-generation batteries."

◇ establish LG Chem, 4 each production system

LG Chem's battery industry, which accounts for over one year are floating-Global 4 sets out to build each production system. Korea, China, the United States, plans to ensure production capacity of approximately 300 000 European centers.

LG Chem has secured more than 100,000 units in Korea, China, 50 000, 30 000 of the US electric vehicle battery supply power. Add to secure the current supply of Wroclaw near Kobe Puerto delay if the European factory building completed this year from 100,000 units in capacity, will have a total annual production capacity of 280 000. LG Chem said, "to enforce the 2.76 trillion won investment to grow by LG Chem is coming in 2025" Global Top5 'Chemical, "" plant in Poland is pure and can supply the electric car more than 100 000 in the European market, "he said explained did. In addition to building production systems and expand the third-generation electric vehicle project for the battery industry for aqueous first place. LG Chem has established the order for the supply of battery electric vehicle mileage management planning cell division this year more than 500km.

LG Chem said, "In the case of cell division proactive research will be developed to secure a price, sustainable performance and competitive advantage in the safety aspects," he said "lead markets and third-generation electric vehicle large project for expansion of 500km or more travel distance for this product by ESS (energy storage System: an energy storage device) will actively target the cell market, "he said.

This month in the domestic auto market Chevrolet "Volt EV 'prior agreement is also expected to rush to act as a positive for EV battery business of LG Chem. LG Chem is supplying the battery in the Volt EV, EV Volt is expected to be sold this year up to 80 000. The securities industry officials predicted would "occupy up to 40% of the sales of the Volt achieved if, as predicted, as well as LG Chem, LG Electronics sales business battlefield."

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H & B Shop War ... 4 boots in addition also take

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] naesewo domestic H & B (Health & Beauty) Shinsegae E-Mart to shop UK market No. 1 drugstore brand "Boots" was challenged. CJ Olive Young and GS Retail Networks olive Watsons, Lotte Super in three river systems ropseu deulmyeo jumped to the New World "Boots" fierce war of H & B Shop is inevitable.

Walgreens Boots Alliance (Walgreen Boots Allian ce, WBA) is H & B-related products to distributors in annual sales 145 trillion won in size to sell reserves to 10 000 more than 3100 stores in 11 countries, including the 'Boots' UK number one drugstore brands is. E-Mart has been ready to proceed to showcase the 'boots' in Korea market and WBA Over the two years, it has entered into a franchise partnership between the two companies last year.

Began in the construction field for the star point and the Henan neighbor of Myeong-dong headquarters of the New World "Boots" star field that Henan is the first half, myeongdongjeom plans to open in the third quarter. The star field that Henan and Myeong-dong headquarters consists of a 'total solution' to healthcare and beauty stores with food. Boots is a strategy that operates "pikokeu 'counted as a strength of E-Mart Sen Martens' including those equipped with its own plan (PL) Unlike existing products H & B shops.

Health & Beauty stores in bunseu (Boons) was operated by the existing E-Mart also plans to integrate into the boot gotta maximize business efficiency. Shinsegae apsewotda the 'bunseu' boots', which gained popularity in the international fold was sluggish in order to strengthen its competitiveness in the market, H & B Shop. Before the New World was only sexually sintongchi threw Chu Shi Biao in the market over the years, H & B Shop 'bunseu, 2012.

H & B domestic market is unparalleled record of top olive spirit, olive spirit of last year based on the number of 790 stores, 128 are Watsons, Rob seuneun recorded a number of 90 stores. While the opening of bunseu until 2015 was only about 7 over the New World after the close of the bid bunseu Boots stores it was also tread the closing process.

There is a new world, because the domestic market was only 300 billion won in 2011 and grow sharply, including record 2000 billion won last year, trillion embellish the gauntlet back to H & B market. In Korea, H & B has two stores in only 300 new stores last year.

"Drugstore" is the retailers that sell cosmetics including commercially available over-the-counter drugs without doctor's prescription. Now, beyond the cosmetic and continues to grow to meet the trend in the total lifestyle shop can buy all the supplies needed for women in the area, ranging from such fashion and food. Recently drugstores will enhance the health and beauty sector, also referred to as H & B shop, and palmyeo ganpyeonsik to pray crossing the territory of a convenience store.

Sales, last year, the industry's number one olive Spirit was only last year opened a shop of about 200 years ₩ 760,000,002,015 has been observed that the revenues of one trillion. Olive Spirit are plans to further spread the gap with this year's high-end, mini-stores, such as expanding the openings in a variety of strategies, latecomers. Watsons to chase back the spirit of the olive industry has 2 but can store 128 pieces that gap is a big situation.

Watsons has been pushed to the No. 1 industry whilst CJ Olive Young. Watsons sales of 91.1 billion won from 108.5 billion won in 2013, 2015, 2015 increased to 127.4 billion won, but this time, each lost 9.9 billion won and 69 billion won amounted to 6.1 billion won. Petite is also one-sixth of olive spirit. Number of Watsons stores are a mere 128 in 2016 based on number of branches of the olive Spirit 790 6 1/2 level.

The Watsons had notice of the recent incorporation of H & B Shop, Watsons Korea's Watsons Holdings held by a subsidiary and fully devote chongryeok the drugstore business. GS Retail has secured an exclusive management rights to acquire 50% stake in Watsons Korea 119 billion won this year, it plans to expand aggressively opening 50.

GS Retail operates through the existing distribution know-how and synergies, including GS25 nagamyeo raised by the Watsons Watsons new growth engine to transform the brand into the reader. When it shuffled through aggressive store openings it is expected to continue to grow my expectation could soon share. Offensive 'ropseu' Lotte Shopping is also expected to Mae Seoul.

Rob seuneun the opening 90 stores last year and sued to have the chin to above the two industries that are 128 Watsons stores. Rob has seuneun through its own product development and reconstruction, enlargement of the department store brands hold the feet of the consumer. Rob seuneun dwotgo has achieved this in mind, the open-close 90 shops in the last 100 Shop. Rob seuneun open 33 more stores this year, holding aims to build 123 stores.

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Who smartphone OLED vs LCD yigilkka

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporters - the first half of this year, the new premium smartphone that it is divided among a flagship product display is OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) and LCD (liquid crystal display) has attracted attention pouring want to be biased towards any additional penalty.

◇ LG · Huawei, Sony chose LCD

According to the industry, even as the supply of the smartphone's small and medium-sized OLED panels globally limited, it released this year's flagship smartphone product known to be limited to the proportion that OLED is mounted. Accordingly, Samsung, Apple, etc. In high share of manufacturers employing OLED, but LG, Huawei, Sony and Agencies trend is the flagship LCD.

The new products unveiled at the open 'Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017' in Barcelona, ​​Spain from 27 days last month, March 2 were applied to the whole flagship smartphone LCD panel. Samsung and Apple are the result of not participating vying for the top global market share 1,2. This is attributable to the OLED, but there are panels that will supply the increasing demand for OLED smartphone manufacturers, Samsung still gotta limited to display up. This is applied to OLED manufacturers are wise and wants to explain this volume do not apply scarce.

◇ Samsung and Apple, OLED

On the other hand, Samsung and Apple is expected to introduce a flagship model is applied to the OLED year. Samsung Galaxy S8 are known and apply to be 5.8 inch AMOLED Apple is also the dominant opinion doeriraneun to employ OLED panels on the new iPhone.

This differentiation of the OLED display ssolrinda interested not affect this year, smartphone sales. However LCD products if they can give a competitive price compared to a premium suite OLED think we reap positive results are analyzed. Industry insiders not affect the "LG Display is entering etc., depending on the imbalance in the current aftermarket galril this year landscape of the smart phone market investment small and medium-sized OLED panels," said "sales as many as Samsung and Apple, except so far LCD products is watching, "he said. Depending on the OLED panel supply trends emerged is neither expected nor hariraneun more companies have applied to OLED panels at a later date.

◇ OLED, rich color expression strengths

OLED is a low power consumption, rich colors represent strengths. Also remarkable viscosity of materials that can implement the three-dimensional design. The flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 series scheduled to debut two months actually reported to be equipped with a 5.8 inches Super AMOLED QHD class (AMOLED · active matrix organic light emitting diode) display. This opinion Apple would employ OLED panels on the new iPhone to be released this fall, is dominant.

◇ LCD, the price fight

On the other hand, compared to the two market share is falling LG, Huawei and Sony's flagship smartphone trend Agencies to apply the LCD panel.

LG Electronics 'MWC 2017' opening a day ahead of last month 26 (Reuters) - Barcelona, ​​Spain from the public the next generation smartphone strategy 'G6' in Quad HD (QHD) LCD display panel was mounted.

QHD refers to four times WQHD (1440 × 2560) the resolution of the normal HD (1280 × 720), 1 pixel per inch also leads to 538ppi by 5.5 inch panels. As a smart phone QHD + LCD display that evolved in the LCD, there are opinions that point largely lacking. Besides the many expressive colors to consider, such as touch this part. Industry insiders stressed that homework "It's no use, but in fact does not commercialize the OLED has many advantages," he said the supply problem is still solved. In addition, "If a smartphone equipped with a LCD panel is compared to the price premium of OLED with competitive odds are enough," he said.

◇ look OLED market dominance

But OLED is up the majority in the LCD display market in that it shows the explosive growth indeda expensive than LCD, but the supply and demand situation is relatively good. Since suffers from homework to continue to reduce prices through technology development and cost reduction. Such differences are still evident in the market. Global display market (IHS Criteria) has been expected CAGR of 2.8% from $ 127.4 billion in 2015 to $ 146.3 billion in 2020. This is the assessment of the OLED growth expectation to be the driving force.

Indeed LCD market over the same period, while slightly increasing from $ 31.1 billion to $ 33.1 billion annual OLED will increase 20% to $ 32.4 billion from $ 12.8 billion. In the case of small and medium-sized OLED display of greater than doubled from $ 11.8 billion to $ 25.1 billion. In a market share of Samsung display the highest. Market research agency Ubi Industrial Research forecasts that Samsung will occupy 72% of the smartphones OLED display market in 2020.

However, it is focused gotta such as Samsung smartphone display manufacturers supply small and medium-sized OLED panel OLED growth in popularity In the consumer perspective is likely to take time. This is because it is the supply beyond demand looked likely to be the first to adopt the smartphone of Samsung Electronics and Apple and some state companies. Industry insiders "in LCD and OLED smartphone consumers as long as two distinct advantages both know the characteristics, advantages of both good idea to select a device," he said.

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Capital OK, start-up for the first year of a leap second

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter - 2016 Capital OK is sent eventful year, including Citi Capital acquisition and large-scale recruitment executives.

Since June last year, it launched the OK Capital acquired the old Capital City May 24, approximately eight months after the current assets had increased compared to about 430 000 000 002 pre-merger to about 1 trillion won, number of employees has also increased to 116 people.

12 2016 Management's end was posted 1.18 trillion won, operating profit of 25.1 billion loans and net profit 20.9 billion won.

2017 is now to finance and lease installments division thorough credit risk management covering a boulder with vigorous sales posted a single balance basis 1.4 trillion won single loans and 2% ROA situated newly general corporate Series Capital's strong encryption do. It will also proceed in parallel is also building an IT infrastructure project management infrastructure work through gyejeonggye and sophisticated intelligence system.

Capital OK was conducted large-scale recruitment officers working to strengthen internal management and sales force management system. HFG CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) and the gimuieon directors and management sector through internal mobility IB experts in one life CEO, including giminhwan CEO (now Afro-Service Group Vice President) served as be dedicated to corporate finance securities from is the managing director of Samsung card simwoo river from the signing of Commerce was chaewooseok be responsible for the lease installment sales headquarters in early March this year to join the management team had finished cutting edge work. Based on the continued growth and profitability kkoehanda vision to transform the capture superior capital through improved credit rating it is planning the next three years.

Capital OK is providing a customer-oriented management, human dignity and ethical management, financial services customers want, based on value creation business management principles of the Group since the last Afro-service family group. Based on the substantial and steady business that pursues sustainable growth. In particular, a policy that provides a quick and swift financial services to promote customers' convenience banking a priority.

OK Capital provides a wide range of automotive financial services including financing, leasing general, financing, corporate finance and consumer credit. Personal credit to the profession, civil servants, low interest rates, customized products for blue chip companies Employees' OK PAY Ron, workers, self-employed, there is an 'OK APRO Ron mubangmun, unsecured loans for freelance own' OK APT theory, '' there is OK LADY Ron.

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JT Capital, established stable business foundation

[Korea financial newspaper around the lower cervical reporter] JT Capital is actively respond and to provide a stable business based △ change of company / a business center of the business model from the business model of family centered △ organizational competitiveness to changes in financial market conditions in 2017 It took years to management objectives.

2016 JT Capital of the year (2015) achieved a revenue growth of more than 200% compared to. 2017 will also seek to further strengthen organizational capacity of the sales and support departments as well as continued sales growth.

By 2015, the portfolio of mainly credit has released the operators mortgage after ranking lending, commercial banking products and general corporate financing products in the second half of 2016, in the first quarter of 2017, such as title loans, regular installments, new cars grace Finance through which the products already available or will be available and ready to leap into a comprehensive capital firm.

In terms of organization, it has established a new organization aimed at strengthening competitiveness and human tissue stabilization in the organization's operations that are based on the existing credit.

The second half of last year, we established the New Business Sales Division automotive finance, organizational foundation for the non-operated household products, such as mortgage collateral products, financing products was established. In addition, the Group is promoting your affiliate Dear JT savings banks, savings banks and JT products and services, enhance the competitiveness of organizations active in human exchange.

In addition, through the company JT Members services, mobile services loans, JT wangwang contests for brands such as enhanced customer service and aggressive corporate image is also planning to strengthen

2017 JT Capital is pursuing expansion into various business areas, such as through links with a variety of management know-how and foreign financial affiliates of the J Trust Group.

This is a year to grow, as well as South Korea plans to build the foundation for a global company.

The JT Capital, founded in 2007, was launched in March 2015 as part of a new global financial group J Trust Group Asia. And strive to provide differentiated financial services for the financing, corporate lending for businesses, including personal credit loans to people flagship financial activated.

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NH Agricultural Capital, farmers seek happiness digital Finance

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] NH Agricultural Capital Asset sales in 2016 exceeded 3 trillion won and 30 billion won or loss, and other overseas business expansion in China through equity financing leasing company won a lot of achievements. In recognition of his merits he was promoted to vice president gotaesun CEO in January of this year.

High Representative and the 40 years he worked in the Agricultural Cooperative "Always think of the economically weak farmers have sold and the value of the cooperative, rather than sell the product in all sales," said confident. High Representative has been encouraged from the beginning of the year all employees, emphasizing the business philosophy, stick to the basics, spontaneous and creative organizational culture, Speed ​​'is to practice the management policy of "sales-oriented, field-oriented, performance-driven.

Agricultural Capital NH opted in 2017 the main business income of 34 billion won operating assets target to achieve 3.7 trillion won, increasing farmers' income, finance digital development, Southeast Asia market, organization, personnel systems, including maintenance.

In particular, farmers' income ₩ 50,000,000 era and the anticipated launch in March, farmers groups for specific products, and constantly looking for ways to give practical help to farmers to purchase promotional materials such as agricultural products.

In the presence of internal and external economic environment in 2017 it is more difficult, and representatives are confident that the Digital Dining future financial and international business risking life and death makin it the cornerstone of this year. Expansion of partnership and leveraging Big Data, Internet companies and new digital finance department during the first half of the year, and plans to try in connection with enhanced mobile products olwon bank. International business is under review by China's small business loans based on the Internet last year, China's leasing businesses, and this year is targeting the Southeast Asian markets such as Indonesia, Cambodia.

High Representative on the competitiveness of the company's financial report as outstanding personnel and computer systems.

In establishing a long-term organizational strategy and promote jungyimyeo staff restructuring the organization and personnel systems with external experts to make a performance evaluation system that could relate to, and strengthened capacity of educational staff. It also plans to increase business efficiency by developing a new generation of computer systems to the end of 2018 to the advancement of digital-based finance upgrading of IT infrastructure dramatically.

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Shinhan Capital, a market leader through innovation and creation

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Capital has set the year 2017 as a strategic goal, and creation and innovation leader "and the discriminatory kkoehanda growth. To this end, seeks out based on the direction of 'Speed', 'expertise', 'creativity' pursue the following key challenges:

First, to ensure faster decision making and rapid execution. And building Web-based apps channel, and we will continue to provide a competitive service from the customer's perspective, a process that unnecessary or duplicated anywhere in the work area are going to build a fast decision-making process by improving the plunge. It will strengthen the proactive capabilities in specialty areas.

Promoting a stable quantitative growth, mainly blue-chip assets, based on this project funds, CB, etc. mezzanine investments, Pre-IPO investment, overseas alternative investments, aircraft leasing, including foreign investment, VC perform roles that utilized Shinhan Financial Group Network and it will continue to pursue new investment areas that can ensure profitability through differentiated.

Through a creative and open mind is a policy that will lead to innovation.

In sales terms in addition to products and sales methods was treated to an existing excavation market with access to new product areas and strategic and organizational management aspects in increase the community spirit of resilience and proactive management framework and One Shinhan focused on strategic direction which plans to establish a collaborative system.

Seolyoungoh CEO "2016 was inaugurated the first year, but increased the operating assets with differentiated strategies of Shinhan Capital just over 4,600 billion yoy leap second to upgrade the risk management operating system for various operating systems maintenance, asset quality improving it was chopped a foothold for.

Year 2017 will also promote the full-scale sales for the industry seondugwon leap forward on the basis of specific sales strategy, but expect a tough financial environment, both internally and externally, "he said.

Shinhan Capital and promptly respond to changes in the financial environment at home and abroad since the establishment in April 1991 the company has expanded steadily facility rentals business areas. The result has grown into a facility rental (lease), financing, technology financing business, corporate restructuring division times, real estate project financing, factoring, specialized domestic goddess highest level of comprehensive handling and general loan finance company.

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KB Capital, discrimination based build full-fledged growth

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] KB Capital assets were increased 1.8651 trillion won to 7.4528 trillion won last year at 1 trillion in total assets of 5 billion 5876 2015. 127.4 billion won operating profit of 82.3 billion won increased by 54.8% compared to year 15, NP 15 year achieved 63 billion won compared to 53.3% YoY and 96.7 billion won recorded a strong growth.

There KB Capital This accounts for a car finance There could be a rapid growth in loans to financial institutions specializing in this flagship car finance 80% of total assets, operating assets, because the growth of car financing jyeotgi noticeable. KB Capital has established a domestic bank-based financial institution's first car maker Ssangyong Motors joint venture with Capital COD SY Auto Capital in September Year 2015 and began full-scale sales from last year, Ssangyong Tivoli sales of dragging KB Capital popular among consumers performance is greatly increased. An ongoing partnership, financial institutions exclusive Jaguar Land Rover Korea with South Korea GM was able to secure a business advantage in the new car and imported car finance.

KB Capital, which accounts for seondugwon strong in the used car sector is consumer confidence was opened last May 6 trading platform for used cars KB Cha Cha to trade by providing affordable used car quotes, used car trading in a short period of time has emerged as a leading brand in Korea. KB Capital expects a big effect on the qualitative improvement, as well as with future business expansion seunginryul gun to apply sophisticated rating system for sophisticated screening strategy last year.

KB Capital is planning to build a long-term growth, the earnest 2017. The expansion of online and offline channels in the core business areas of automotive finance companies and further strengthen the existing partnership of automotive manufacturers Sawa. Sales Support for capacity building and for the early completion of the building the next generation system, also goes out to strengthen risk management capabilities is the plan.

KB bakjiwoo Capital CEO, said, "Capital KB future we will do our best to prepare for the fourth round of industrial revolution yirwonaego through the Digitalization efforts to upgrade our pin-tech technology."

KB Capital realized a sophisticated sales capabilities through a strategic partnership based on the online channel to strengthen and prepare for the future, KB Financial Group subsidiaries operating in conjunction with dajimyeo strengthen the relationship between each jehyucheo, nestled into a market leader in the industry.

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Hyundai Capital, limit jump over global growth

[Korea financial newspaper reporter before lower cervical Hyundai Capital plans to further enhance the sales starting in earnest earlier this year kkoehaneun settlement of Hyundai Capital Europe "On the other hand, growing at a faster rate Hyundai Capital in China.

Hyundai Capital Europe has conducted a final test after receiving the final approval from the establishment last September, the European Central Bank earlier this year embarked on a full-fledged business. Localization by more than 16 million are sold annually in the European Bar has brought a recruit about 100 local employees ball.

HCS China has exceeded the pre-tax profit 100 billion won (in 2016 third quarter) in just four years since its establishment in September 2012. Product assets also grew to 1.92 trillion won from 3.8 trillion won in 2014 (by the third quarter of 2016). HCS China has recently completed a move to a new office in Beijing to meet this growth, and is considering to expand into retail banking as well as future automotive leasing, wholesale, commercial and new business areas

While the domestic market is already saturated spiral in global targeting to generate new revenue. Hyundai Capital Auto Finance is the core is paying a high income country, as well as in Europe and China. Jeongtaeyoung vice is not only unconditional global shout for a successful global markets, he stressed the "globalization internally (internal Globalization) 'that correctly.

For example, Hyundai Capital has operated that the 'Global Risk Band'. The index, which can be seen in a unified portfolio of overseas subsidiaries perspective. Monitoring changes in the portfolio of each overseas subsidiary and it is possible to predict delinquency and loss rates. The index has reflected all the elements of each region, such as the financial and environmental policies, and culture. The index has also organized all of the country's credit rating score that corresponds to its own internal ratings.

In addition, Hyundai Capital has made even rank system to cover all employees at home and abroad. If you do not have a unified rank remind idea that work is of course difficult to even basic communication. Hyundai Capital has also worked to help create an environment to work in an environment similar to all employees worldwide. Cooperation with global business partners is also a Policy to act as a key element of this year, Hyundai Capital's expansion overseas markets.

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BC Card, O2O specialized services EN card

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] BC Card is strengthening the O2O services. BC Card was launched in the "en Cards' O2O service-specific cards. "EN-card 'is △ delivery sector (Yogi yo, food fly) △ vehicle-related industries (Green Car, Papa section, child parking) △ industries Everyday tips (jimka, Hello Nature, Beauty of Now) △ Have Fun (accommodation), etc. pay O2O representatives from nine companies, providing claims a 10% discount. Up to twice a month by company, it is discounted up to 4 million. It offers discounts to convenience stores and coffee movies. Details and save the △ GS25, GS Super (Mon up to five times, 5000, won by) △ Starbucks 10% of claims discount in (month up to 2 times, up to 3000 W) is provided, the online home of CGV and Lotte Cinema / 2000 won claims discount when you book a movie ticket through the app (up to 1 month time) benefits are also provided.

"EN-Card can be issued in the current IBK IBK and Woori Card, which will be expanded to be issued in other financial institutions. Kim Jin Chul BC Card Head of Marketing Strategy Having said that the "card to give substantial benefits to members in 2030 O2O using the familiar" "to expand in the future issuer will reach more customers."

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NH cooperatives cards, platform hardening olwon page

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] NH cooperatives to strengthen the new card, digital card digital finance my business card and Planning team in January this year. Cards Digital Business Cards Digital team is responsible for strategic planning and new business and management. Step-by-step plans to expand in business as a corporation. In particular, it plans to pursue the NH app card, the card cooperatives olwon-platform page. Olwon and pay will be applied to biometric authentication, block chain security technologies such as fingerprint and iris. Build accident prevention systems utilizing artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques to build the financial accident prevention safety systems. Financial crash prevention safety systems when leaving a certain distance between the cards and smartphones recognition street sounds the alarm. Fill the transition point Bitcoin and consultation system and automatically introduced a "chat robot, improve ease of review the only biometric information card payment possible introduction of 'Bio pages" without real cards.

NH cooperatives cards launched a dedicated online personalized card "NH olwon π (pi) cards.

This card customers were mostly issued the card through big data analysis is mainly used for online shopping, online card payments, reflecting the greater needs of the direct benefits that you want to select. Card issuers can easily apply online without visiting branches (NH cooperatives Card website, mobile web, easy to apply).

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Lotte Card, and distribution strengths O2O Quick Order

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] Lotte Card is pushing the the "pin-tech strategy that combines retail and" core competencies that differentiate Lotte Group and third parties.

The Lotte Card provides potential competitors and differentiated over the course of the Omni channel Lotte Group is also promoting the new Payment Services through active cooperation.

The Lotte Card Direct Services are the first members of the service associated with the PC or the Internet when you apply for a card with a smartphone mobile channel next day nationwide Lotte group of services that can be a real department store cards directly from Omni channel. Also being introduced is also operating the next day received a pin-tech model that can be used immediately in full online and offline App Store Card Station with the industry's first mobile card, depending on customer's choice. By establishing a management system based on the pin-tech technologies for future product and service development, customer management, business activities, including all areas of vision FDS plans to reduce costs and increase revenue.

In July last year opened a contact type living O2O (online and offline connection) platform service, quick order (Quick Order). Service is to the advantage of being quick-service, flower delivery, in addition to driving the industry's first deputy ticket payment, shopping rewards, T map, such as new taxi services were not provided in the existing credit card companies to O2O services are provided for the first time. Lotte Card App is available only to subscription members after Lotte Card, and can also receive a variety of value-added services and benefits such as discount coupons at checkout to earn extra points.

Lotte Department Store, Lotte Card as long as you have the strength distribution is rich in shopping benefits. The Lotte Department Store, Lotte Card provides discounts to 5% e- coupon site in Lotte Department Store, add a 15% discount on charges for up to ₩ 100,000. 5% discount e- coupons are paid every two month, 15% discount charges last month, the amount used is 30 Yuan / ₩ 500,000 / 100 won / If more than 2 million won each 2 Yuan / ₩ 30,000 / ₩ 50,000 / 10 to $ 20 off the limit is provided. If ₩ 300,000 over the previous month earnings are exempt from the fee monthly installments.

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One card, one integrated platform 1Q page

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporters - one card has been strengthening its mobile business around the importance of the mobile platform, "one 1Q and pay increases as in the card industry.

"One 1Q pay '(hereinafter' 1Q pay ') is a newly launched card integration platform to integrate with existing mobile payment app simple' Moby and pay with one card use notification service App" Moby box.

1Q page was expanded to offline payment services, including bar code in the existing settlement areas previously available only online payment, NFC payment will be expanded to the future. Be released 1Q only on application and enabled 'one member's point alone mobile card' pay to shop online with a money held as "one money dedicated prepaid card" concept and will offer to offline payment service next bar codes.

Payment function provided as well as the card utilization notifications for free PUSH messages and use notifications one per 'get' 1 each provided by one each time a customer find the money, OK cash back points earned or '' get another 'auto-apply for services do.

"Also get 'the page during 1Q members' lotto' 'get' to get another check only provides a one game (six random numbers). The actual winning numbers are announced every Saturday narum Lotto 6/45 lottery numbers are 1 and 100, only one Money, Money 2 and 50, only one, three, etc., etc. 100 004 300 Money, Money is provided with five, including one 30.

There are also coupons must pay 1Q and event area, and all offers from a single card can be checked and issued in 1Q page, ensure that the event goes from one card can be of course to apply. Alliance members pay only for 1Q '1Q PASS' invitation is an essential O2O services to customers based on Big Data, and the guests personalized service that allows you to easily pay up.

'1Q PASS' The 11th Street (shopping), Wemakeprice (shopping), coffee shops (real estate), grapefruit (oiling), which provides a service-oriented Everyday tips to use much in the real biochemical activity, such as parking Park (Park), Guest through the analysis of the needs of merchants it plans to gradually increase further in the future a wide variety of industries.

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Our cards, 100 million subscribers wibi Market

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] our card was launched in October the same year, mobile-only app open market 'wibi Market' 8 January 2016 serves. In January of this year, the mall was open for B2B "business wibi Market 'is cruising in the market and new challenges, such as beyond the 100 million subscribers.

It SMEs currently outstanding, including the 500 and the neighbor is more than 1,600 companies and 60 million kinds of products are being sold.

If financial institutions are operating in an existing mall also increased customer convenience to allow payment to the mall with open-party cards to their shopping cards, while it was closed wibi Market billing is available only access for everyone. Another was through a competitive sales commission policy makers to help lead the response from my neighbor Customers can enjoy shopping at great prices, coupons, can enjoy additional benefits, such as various reserves, claims discount. In wibi market it has provided support to a wide range of products such as deposits, savings, loans, foreign exchange, insurance, banking card into the mall, the mall so that customers can easily lead to financial life without bank visit.

Our card said, "wibi bank, wibi Tok, wibi we finance a comprehensive financial platform was completed through the wibi market open after the Members" and "wibi Market, showcasing become customers experience new services are introduced into the voluntary platform ecosystem expect, "he said.

Wibi market can be accessed on your mobile browser, type the address or the Play Store, it is available only by downloading the application via the App Store, bank, wibi wibi Tok, including through the wibi Members wibi platform dedicated app.

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Hyundai Card, digital paradigm corporate culture

[Korea financial newspaper reporter before lower cervical Hyundai Card has changed the way we work in order to advance to the digital fee-based financial services across the board.

Modern cards are hard and fast changing corporate culture as autonomous and efficient work atmosphere in a conservative financial institutions. Hyundai Card will ban its use PPT, casual work attire allowed.

Hyundai Card is aware of the importance of the digital future food and has opened an office in Silicon Valley during the first years of domestic financial institutions in 2015. Silicon Valley office in Camp Digital has a role to explore the world and combines the latest technology in a leading financial services technology and techniques. This year is the establishment of a second digital camp in Beijing. It strives to build a new digital ecosystem. PG sign "Blue Walnut, create your own digital ecosystem in various subsidiaries, also conducted a more organically out of work and the digital camp in Silicon Valley and Beijing (to be established 2017).

Here's to attract co-working space studio black and more than 100 digital start-up the pin Beta plans to build a new digital ecosystem.

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Samsung Card, DirectX based Digital Auto

[Korea financial newspaper reporter before lower cervical Samsung Card's launch last July auto industry's first online-based direct digital-based car financing was secured business competitiveness. Through a dedicated direct auto finance site enables the industry's first vehicle-specific options Price comparison, product selection, and auto finance application at a time can easily direct customers to compare quotes and affordable cars is the appropriate instrument to use.

In particular, it features enhanced paperless, mubangmun, more automated processes to review and improve significantly larger rebate installment Interest rate cuts and customer benefits.

Another advantage of "Direct Auto" is that it Mobile online 24 hours a day, 365 days a query is possible without limit submission. After the limit, the query can also apply for financial instantly. By using the 'Direct Auto' In Mobile · PC certificate is within 5 minutes Arrangement is completed, the card is simply accepted by the car dealership.

Samsung Card will get a response of customers based on digital innovation throughout the business process, and since last year has led the digitalization of the industry. Samsung Card has introduced the industry's first systematic assessment issued in April signaled the digital business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Night / weekend regardless card application and at the same time allowing the examination to apply for a card in the morning, and shortened the process so you can get a card in the afternoon. The industry's first card in April last year, Samsung introduced the Tablet PC is built to attract members to supply 100% perfect mobile office environment, the tablet PC to target recruiters from October and increased ease of business.

In addition 24 hours a day, 365 days a year introduced a real-time 'Talk counseling' to build a capable digital consultation system card applications and inquiries to build a counseling system anytime, anywhere, enabling customers to receive when getting anywhere issuance easy, fast and convenient card counseling did.

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KB Kookmin Card, a single card to enjoy the benefits

Through the [lower cervical Korea before the financial newspaper reporter] KB Kookmin Card Pin-Tech technology has attracted attention by introducing successively combining a variety of customer-oriented products and services.

KB Kookmin Card was launched in the "KB Kookmin Card Alpha One 'won a new concept card that can capture all the benefits of multiple KB Kookmin Card Industry's first year on a single card.

'KB Kookmin Alpha One Card "pin-tech technology-intensive highest and the first card that means' alpha 'and all cards with a variety of services for a single card to packed all-in-one (All in One) cards that the meaning of' one ( One) ', contains two meanings. Only one copy card if the customer can choose to use a card that provides the desired benefits anytime, anywhere even carry the multiple KB Kookmin card issued on the wallet. Using the app, KB Kookmin Card multiple cards after setting the best card that offers benefits to 'Alpha One payment card' real plastic card, the "Alpha One KB Kookmin Card 'to the point of use registered in the K- motion set the benefits of the card is applied. It also provides' Good Touch (Good Touch) service.

When utilizing near field communication (NFC) feature, touch the card on your smartphone can be a variety of personalized information such as confirmation △ KB Kookmin Card Mobile Home Easy sign the application and automatically run Registration △ △ easy to use card benefits.

KB Kookmin Card is expected to continue to actively respond to the changed pin focused paradigm shift in the tech center platform competition and ensure non-discriminatory competitiveness in face-to-face channel in connection with digitization.

In this regard △ payment transfer for future competitiveness, such as to promote innovation-driven and competitive pin-tech platform services deployment △ innovation and the convergence of the non-face-to-face channels such as Digital Competitiveness △ Mobile / TM with the next generation of IT systems, propulsion that for payment sector the dimensions of the plan to systematically expand the digitalization of business and processes.

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Shinhan Card, a digital transformation-based innovation

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Card is a compound eye that through the acceleration enterprise digital Tranformation create new customer value and business.

Strengthen the digital infrastructure, and continued upgrading of mobile platforms and on competitiveness and innovation should lead the paradigm embraces an offline payment.

Data Technology to settle through Key-Player of the times and expand future growth of Shinhan Card. Expanded support for enterprise big data and machine learning to promote and strengthen technology competence fusion of deep learning and discovering additional new businesses such as Big utilizing Data. In the underlying core business card to advance beyond the existing boundaries and limits new business kkajiwaneun now take the lead in innovation through new challenges and ideas with other differentiation.

Organizational culture is promoting the start-up type innovations, including the destruction of the financial sector first title. Shinhan Card has simplified the in-house designation as a manager, not a pro ranks. Deputy manager, such as grade-oriented corporate title is going to disappear instead of simplifying Manager (Manager) and professional (Pro). Shinhan Card DT next sector will be restructured into an independent company in-house rather than just a digital division (Company in Company).

It seeks to start up type organization with the same organizational culture, work environment, both domestic and foreign ICT companies.

Shinhan Card is offering the card to fit your specific consumption patterns based on big data. Recently launched three customized 3050 Credit Card, Shinhan Card Edu (Edu) 'discount to that education.

"Shinhan Card Edu 'hakwonbi the child, as well as management fees apartments, supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies benefit from the resolved single card. Education sector payment is 5% to 10% cash back benefits are provided in accordance with the previous month's performance.

Less than 50 ~ 100 million won a month using geumaekbyeol is the limit 15 000 in-hospital cash back of 5%, from 100 to less than 1.5 million won is a limit of ₩ 30,000 from my rebate of 7%, more than 1.5 million won is a limit of 40,000 given in 5000 hospital cash back of 10% .

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SBI savings bank cider (junggeumri loans) is an inflection point this year

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] SBI savings bank last year launched the first 'cider' has topped 300 billion won ahead. Cider success in customer acquisition, but revenue is reportedly rarely born. In the industry there are various opinions with the coming and going of cider profitability. The cider was evaluated cumulative loans the interest rate is increased even if the occupancy of user feedback and savings banks, CITIC profit structure is not the day lower. The success of this year's cider is the dominant perspective of the inflection point.

This year is due to enter into household loans from savings banks tighten lending financial authorities do nokrokji business environment. OK Savings Bank, savings bank that already welcome treat a lot of household credit is being investigated by the Financial Supervisory Service. There is also growing doubts about whether the cider in this situation can and delinquency busilyul managed effectively. Since becoming interested in collecting what paved the way to catch this year, SBI savings bank soundness and profitability.

◇ industry, "added Anna existing customer lending revenue anhamyeon"

According to SBI savings banks, nine-day cumulative loans cider has surpassed 300 billion won to 290 billion won ahead. Considering the fact that cider dwaetdaneun released December 21, 2015 can be viewed as achieved explosive growth in the short term. Quality is also high. Last year he was awarded the industry's attention note 7 to 0% delinquency rate until March. A year past now overdue, insolvency occurs but known to very low levels.

Savings Bank SBI official said, "Although we do not disclose the delinquency and busilryul a very low level."

The industry is expected to cider is unlikely to succeed. Remind why the interest rate, which is the strength of cider low. One savings bank industry official said, "Although advocates the junggeumri in the savings bank actually have a lot of customers who run a loan with a maximum interest rate offered by the product" and "substantial revenue situation coming from customers who applied the maximum rate." said.

According to the Korea Federation of Savings Banks lending disclosure, the highest rate in February was 13.5% of the reference rate applied to said Cider 6.9% minimum interest rates.

Cider current loans rose to junggeumri disclosure is a very low level of interest rates as compared to third-party savings bank loans junggeumri. Savings Bank junggeumri look at the product application rate rose to loan disclosures BNK Savings Bank Mai chief Ron rate is 7.16 ~ 14%, Shinhan Savings Bank hug Ron 6.2 ~ 17.3%, IBK savings banks indeed - good loans 6.15 ~ 16.64%, so the savings banks vitamin H 15.9 ~ 18.9%, Wellcome savings banks welcome ten loans 8.9 ~ 19.9% ​​Pepper savings bank Pepper tapeop 8.9 ~ 27.9%, Cheongju savings bank transfer theory 17.5 ~ 19% cider minimum interest rate lower than the savings bank product is applicable interest rate 6.2% is the lowest Shinhan savings bank hug Ron.

KDIC as According to the Savings Bank personal credit loan interest calculation systems and Implications', loan rates best practices on the interest rate decision details are lending rate = lending costs (financing, credit, services, capital) + goals margin + adjusts interest rates It is calculated. One trillion months costs are deposits, loans, bonds, etc. refers to the cost of financing the credit costs of the borrower's credit rating, the type of loan product, the expected loss linking can occur, on average, according to the loan maturity, etc., business costs are personnel costs, expenses, legal for that the costs calculated by applying the cost allocation methods, capital costs, says the opportunity cost of capital required to be held against unexpected losses. The cider industry in the current interest rate can not be left staring into a lot of advertising and labor costs and the profit margins come in. Cider has conducted a 'cider' TV ad from the year before last July in September.

Another savings banking industry official said, "Advertising is a cost-effective 2-3 years appears Cheers.Bask away," he said "it takes a long time until filling into the already advertising again," he said.

If SBI savings banks that use a lot of marketing costs traditional cider as the customer does not run his mouth to collect an additional loan difficult to obtain high profits.

Financial industry officials are even more "cider itself just by looking at revenue this day can not structure being product sales that continued cases will have in mind the possibility of additional loans," said "go piled million additional loans that are less than the cumulative loans yirwojiji sales revenue is not born, "he says. Quality management is also regarded as a challenge to be solved cider. Even if the delinquency rate is low because the individual regeneration is difficult to manage. In addition, at the time of the recent high and increasing number of users it has yeoteumedo If you apply for a personal loan term regeneration of the savings bank industry is trying to prevent personal regeneration. Because it is difficult to prevent the insolvency industry perspective.

Savings bank industry official said, "The only full credit personal loans SBI savings banks is very large as 2 trillion total revenues from corporate finance big part," he said, "will not be easy bet cider revenues."

Another official said the financial sector was also analyzed that cider is a secure database (DB) for junggeumri loan market, rather than a strategic product for this purpose on the profitability level. Even Ron background light running, but the margin continues to remain in the savings bank loan secured jeosinyongja customer base. Financial officials "should go junggeumri build up information about their customer base in the lending market was not long after this gestation" and "analyze the customer segments based on the data obtained can be utilized to create a new product," he said.

Savings Bank SBI official said, "The larger the market itself junggeumri revenue expected me," "Cider was the purpose of the product, rather than blue-chip customer base junggeumri loan market occupation and intended to profitability," he said.

◇ advanced key credit rating system

SBI savings banks are struggling to turn around cider. Constitute a 'pin-tech TF' team for a personal credit rating system last July (CSS) advanced for this and hired a private company CB Nice staff assessment information from a leader.

Savings Bank SBI official said, "The Cider has advanced CSS factors were so successful so far," said "are more sophisticated than it is now servicing the system," he said. Gimchanyoung Deposit Insurance Corporation Savings Bank management deputy's' Savings Bank personal credit loan interest calculation systems and implications "from the" Savings Bank loans in excess of such lending costs and produce detailed loan costs, depending on Product and customer characteristics of individual credit should apply the interest rate can be posted to profit on the loan deal, "he said.

However, there are difficulties to overcome visual sophistication to the personal regeneration with CSS. This is because credit rating one grade even though the savings bank customers is difficult to determine the nature that loyal customers

CB company official said, "even one grade varies depending on the individual's debt situation that it is difficult to determine the credit rating excellent customer" and "at least one grade lending is difficult to say that they will be built neat the low interest rates," he said. In fact, though one grade of savings bank customers there are cases where the loan is running at a high rate.

According to the Korea Federation of Savings Banks interest rates an Account Status, KB good loan interest rate applicable to the Class 1 share deal gone up to 1.368% in February junggeumri loans were disclosed to 17.7%. 3 star rating rather than handling accounted for 5.062% yeoteuna appeared to have been applied to the lower interest rate than the interest rate applicable as holder of a Class 1 6.5 ~ 17.7%. Shinhan Savings Bank hug Ron also holds a first-class credit rating was treated as a percentage 3.16% rate is applied yeoteuna 10.5 ~ 16.6% 2 rating applies to interest rate is 6.2 ~ 15.1% ~ 16.6 6.2 3 ratings apply interest rates%. Ron Hug 4,5 rating applied to each interest rate 6.2 ~ 16.6%, the lowest rate applicable was lower than 1 star performer loans to 6.2 ~ 17.1%. This means greater is the interest rate spectrum.

Cider is also 2-5 big interest rate spectrum of grades holders. Grade 1 applies interest rate is 6.9%, second grade 6.9 ~ 12%, Class III 6.9 to 10%, fourth grade 6.9 ~ 13.5% and 5 stars 6.9 ~ 13.5% and 6 grade 8 ~ 13.5% 7 Class 12 ~ 13.5% .

Household loans in the savings bank industry, internal and external economic uncertainty has increased, including advanced screening system. In addition, this year is a situation where the business environment is difficult okjoegi enters the savings bank household loans from financial authorities. OK household loans surged savings banks, savings banks welcome reportedly out an investigation at the Financial Supervisory Service. When powered by a standard bank provisioning levels from next year, the cider is great a chance to be an inflection point. But it is still early to evaluate the cadastral cider.

One savings bank industry officials "personal credit loans are loans extended periods, unlike business loans Now the deficit situation continues, I do not," he said. "This will be achieved successfully pass the assessment years."

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KB Life, competitiveness project start-up

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] this year, KB Financial Group has elected Stuart Solomon, known as MetLife chairman and former 'insurance through "outside directors. The industry predicts that this getdaneun intended for KB Financial sit the non-banking sector, especially in the power group located within a narrow KB Life Insurance. However, true unknowns have much effect as from various regulatory authorities of prolonged low interest rates and financial recession life insurance industry.

In recent years, financial institutions have devoted its attention to non-bank consolidation. This is because the interest rate uncertainty becomes larger and expected profitability of banks will be higher than thought. KB Financial Group also actively raised comes damages insurance and securities has been called the petite. This year's analysis of why the 'KB life time "comes.

◇ non-life insurance, securities and extend petite bulryeoon KB Financial

KB Financial Group was officially launched in 2008 to hold the National Bank. In 2009, KB Life Insurance, while the opening of a branch cloth hung ribbons of the first non-bank affiliate branches. In 2014 he signed a contract of sale for the shares of LIG Insurance acquired the domestic second-tier insurers incorporated and received approval from the Finance Committee later that year. The following year, 2015 KB life insurance, while the official launch to the twelfth subsidiary of KB Financial Group emerged as the Insurance Industry 'tycoon'.

In addition, assets of 5 trillion won in the large brokerage Hyundai Securities insujeon changed my dominion affiliates to win the group. Previously, in terms of volume and profit contribution, banks, KB Card, KB Investment & Securities' net, but was recently reorganized into 'Bank, KB Securities, KB Insurance, KB Card, KB Life' net.

After the official launch of the Year in 2014, KB Financial Group KB Capital affiliates gaebeom eleventh after another, including the non-life insurance 2015 KB, 2017 KB integrated securities have been called the body size of the non-bank affiliates.

Through subsequent acquisitions of non-bank affiliates of KB Financial Group scored a good performance. KB Financial Group was propaganda and record annual net profit last year 1400 Check-out: 1200 2 1 trillion billion won. Following the acquisition by Hyundai Securities LIG Insurance and French were also the group with total assets 375 trillion won level. As a result, even a non-bank affiliate revenue share was only 25% in 2015 increased to 32%.

This non-bank affiliate earnings ratio of KB Financial Group showed nearly 55 percent (1.1794 trillion won) of the total. According to Shinhan Investment Corp. estimates the contribution from the non-banking sector profit of KB Financial Group is expected to increase this year by 37-31% in 2016. Shinhan Investment Corp. predicts that "KB equity securities if given the (ROE) 6.5% contribution in 2017 is expected to be extended to non-banking sector to 38%."

◇ insurance through recruiting outside directors ... Stewart, former chairman Solomon

KB Financial Group thus been focused on the non-banking sector has recently diversified portfolio Solomon Stuart (Stuart B. Solomon) elected former president of MetLife Insurance as the new outside directors. Meanwhile, the life insurance subsidiary of KB Life Insurance two influential groups within the industry and within this phase is relatively low is interpreted as a willingness to strengthen the capacity in terms of life insurance. Stuart Solomon, former president of figures, yet the insurance industry professional managers who indeda through foreign representatives 'jihanpa' of the financial industry. Degree in physiology from the University of Syracuse, New York and South Korea signed a bond with the first Peace Corps in 1971 was being prepared to attend medical school. Solomon is a former president at the time had passed two years volunteering yeogan traveled all over the country in the health center.

Since the former chairman Solomon has worked 16 years in Korea Exchange Bank New York Branch have joined the predecessor of Cologne meth lives of MetLife in 1995 ended in January 2011 retirement. MetLife bought the stake through both Kolon Group Managing Director, Executive Vice President since changed its name to Korea MetLife CEO took office in 2001 and rose to chairman in 2009. Former Chairman Solomon is fluent Korean skills with considerable affection for Korea Culture. Enjoy miso soup that is said kongbiji and eat foods such as South Korea. Industry insiders predicted that "South Korea and the kite deep person," said "As will be pouring new strength to the insurer and management strategies, many foreign shareholders of KB Financial jegyeok" for the former chairman Solomon.

KB Financial Group, cited the advantage of being appointed as a director Stuart Solomon, former president be susceptible to foreign investors. KB Financial Group is a part of foreign shares as high as about 63%. Official "Foreign investors are what you think about the KB Financial Group, the image or reputation, such as it could be a channel of communication," said a positive opinion.

◇ KB Life, Can wings months

The industry predicts that among my choice of these two affiliates of KB Financial Group is located getdaneun intended to sit on a narrow KB life force. Unlike the four largest non-life insurance industry in KB Life Insurance KB because the assets in life insurance industry to rank in the top 17 of the Low of 25 companies. Total assets of 8 trillion in total assets accounted for 887.4 billion won share in KB Life Group is reportedly not less than 2%.

In total assets of the subsidiary and the other was going to be different. The 2.6% level of the main subsidiary of KB Kookmin Bank (307,000,000,000,000), KB Insurance (24) has excessively large gap. The same banking Shinhan Life insurers are even considering a point total assets ratio of 5% share in SFG group is located within the narrow side. Group net profit contribution is insignificant to about 0.6%, but performance has been steadily increasing. KB Life yieoganeun showed growth despite the prolonged slump in the life insurance industry in 65 billion won, 10.6 billion won in 2015, 12.7 billion won in 2016, 2014.

The securities expects to additional methods for M & A in KB Life Insurance industry in an attempt to increase phase. Daishin Securities "KB Financial Group is noted that recommend a life insurance professional outside directors," he said "there is a new International Accounting Standards (IFRS17) Recapitalization is difficult to insurance companies when introduced are expected to come up for sale, first in all sectors in the meantime the move toward a subsidiary of KB financial Group, we believe even communist actively engage in life insurance M & a "and predicted.

In the case of Shinhan Financial Group, which compete for the top spot Shinhan Financial Group Life was the industry's seventh record by the end of December, assets 27.4998 trillion won. The net profit also accounts for 5.43% of the total net SFG to about 150.6 billion won. The industry is looking forward to the opportunity to say 'reversed' to raise KB Financial Group is dragging the Securities and Insurance, including the non-banking sector to enhance life by narrowing the gap with SFG rapidly insurance.

However, KB Financial Group lined the side against these expectations. Naenwatda the official description of "because it was much less interest income of the bank will be strengthened by bringing in non-interest income side," he said "to strengthen the insurance and securities will showcase a variety of financial products." More simply, it is difficult to say, life insurers strengthened 'by the tag of' life insurance from.

In fact strengthen non-interest income is a 'key challenge' of the entire financial sector. And because we have significantly reduced revenues by prolonged low interest rate environment worldwide. KB Financial Group Inc. said it has appointed to judge, that outside directors on its strengths in these sectors as well as non-interest versed in the insurance industry Stewart, former chairman Solomon.

The life insurance industry is also expected to be increasingly difficult to strike a difficult reason that the future of KB Life. IFRS17 recapitalization because of the introduction of olratgi emerged as an urgent task. KB Financial Group was diagnosed as "IFRS17 after the introduction of a policy to see the situation the industry will be able to discuss whether or not to promote M & A" said "Today is a difficult argument to proceed with the merger seotbureuge state."

In fact, last year, KDB Life, ING Life, and the like to the bar came out for sale the temperature difference is appreciated in the market failed to sell. Allianz Life, Tong Yang Life Insurance, PCA Life, etc. were sold at a lower price than the market estimated prices.

KB Life with expanded for only several said it plans Django. Because other affiliates gotta ranked in the top life insurance business there is not only small-scale and fully recognized by the group. Insurance industry officials have predicted that "there is desire to raise her tejiman life in the KB Group level will be difficult to grow in the short-term nature of the insurance industry." Eventually KB loss how to mergers and acquisitions of insurance companies come up for sale on the market, as in the case of insurance, the description would be easier to have two choices in the hands of KB Life.

Compared with non-life insurance industry is also the time scale that is sufficient growth potential because it is a big market. Financial industry officials were diagnosed as "yeogan the past three years, KB Financial Group has raised the non-bank affiliates, Capital, Insurance, Securities turn" and "turn to turn to the life insurance industry."

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