Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fixing caught six such EU 'Volkswagen, Renault, Nissan'

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] The European Union (the EU) 8 (Reuters) automotive air conditioning and engine cooling system by fixing the charges from 2004 to 2009, about where component manufacturers € 6.155 billion (1885 imposed fines of one hundred million won worth).

EU Commission announced that Bear, six companies including Japan's Panasonic knife, Denso and Panasonic, ballet saendon Germany and France have both admitted that five of collusion involved and impose fines.

According to the Commission which the Volkswagen Group, DaimlerChrysler, Suzuki, Renault had four cases of collusion on the part of the delivery vehicle manufacturers such as Nissan. Adjust product prices by email or phone, or to exchange sensitive information in this report has caught the public offering various actions in Europe and Japan.

Margrethe Vesta ger EU Competition Commissioner said "The collusion collusion took place in Europe and Asia," said research also haewatdago authorities of Japan and the United States Department of Justice on this one.

Meanwhile, Japan's Denso was exempted from fines paid as voluntary reporting year for the three-fixing, collusion Panasonic is one.

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Shinsegae Department Store, 0 won rooftop restaurant homu ditch 'open

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Shinsegae Department Store rooftop park and transformed once again.

Shinsegae department store opens its doors this month having 10 days a new domestic department store, Shinsegae Main Store Trinity 0 won first rooftop garden is a casual restaurant homu ditch 'he said yesterday. This is a revealing look back 10 001 years according to the headquarters renovation progressed together for the New World Duty Free opened last year myeongdongjeom.

Trinity Gardens is like a new world headquarters in New York contemporary art decorate the sculpture park of the museum sculpture park like've moved to the heart of downtown Seoul, it has been a landmark place in the main office.

And the master of modernist art, Henry Moore, Joan Miro, Jeff Koons, such as a natural, seasonal factors the collected works over the years to take into account offers the best scenery no department store customers, as well as gained popularity among domestic and foreign tourists.

Here's a visual and taste in works of art outside the window in a beautiful casual dining room with natural light plus a 'homu ditch' of the latest trends and enjoy the food looked and harmony reborn into a new space.

Homu ditch will introduce a variety of barrel was the menu as 'coffee bar' in 1970 and 1980. Representative menu of the coffee bar toothy steak and non Fukatsu, omurice as well as marbled beef, curry, bukkake udon, salmon, tuna rice, various rolls and the salads were prepared using the finest ingredients are the latest menu trends.

Another variety is also never easy to find in the domestic Japanese Ebisu beer and homemade ice cream at the store, parfait, coffee, fruit jellies such as dessert.

Homu ditch is a captivate the taste buds of both Shinsegae Department Store, Shinsegae customers operate direct services from cooking to the chef comes from the Chosun Hotel is the plan.

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SK Planet syrup Pei, the cumulative trade exceeded 1.2 trillion

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] SK Planet is a simple payment service that 'pay syrup' is released one years cumulative payment turnover broke through the 1.2 trillion won in 10 months it said yesterday.

Syrup pay is a registered beforehand to put the the in a credit card-based separate app conveniently just a password, a six-digit or fingerprint authentication without the need to install payment services available, the last 15 years, the cumulative payment cases in future joint service was introduced on May 11th Street 4000 500 million, exceeded the number of registered members of 4 million people and established itself as one of Korea's representative convenient payment services.

Occupy a mobile account for 75% of analyzing the results of the entire purchasing a syrup pay user patterns, the maximum amount of a single thing you've paid through the syrup page has recorded 19 million won, re gumaeyul that the customers using the service again using again a variety of products, including single amount in excess of 57% was found being used to conveniently purchase anywhere.

In addition, the main customer base of syrup page were men and women account for each of 52%, was recorded for 48%, 30 By using age, 40s, 50s, many with 20 net, analyzed by five years Unit 36 3-40 years were analyzed to customers, the largest customer for easier payment services accounted for 21% of the total.

Syrups page is ever going to proceed with the restructuring and possible payment orders this year as more convenient procedure. Reorganized the order page so that you can take advantage of the major payment methods in the online store page through the syrup and syrup, etc. to the customers who pay a promotional offer to purchase affordable products is expected to enhance customer convenience.

SK Planet Kim, Hyun - Jin platform refurbished "syrup page is pursuing innovation in the payments process to improve the overall ordering and payment experience," said "who has continually expanding the Station through partnerships such as credit card companies, PG four and offline sikigetda maximize the ease of upgrading to a settlement functions to encompass "he said.

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Hotel 'Create a delicious Jeju' Silla 17 refurbished shop

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Shilla Hotel has 17 chapters Branch of win-win project, "Making delicious Jeju, Jeju together with community resumes.

Hotel Silla was selected by 17 Shop 'swimpang Hamdeok, Jeju-si making jocheoneup material under the menu recipes, kitchen equipment consulting and support services for the guests answering said dwaetdago open the door again.

"Hamdeok swimpang" If you are seafood, roasted meat stew, it was such a small flat of 20 restaurants in scale to raise the daily average turnover of approximately ₩ 150,000 bibimbap to the main menu.

Business Week, Kim had buried the real commitment of working experience in hotels and restaurants based. However, it is operating in the state has not received systematic education and professional cook Bonnie did not know the business, and as a result suffer from this situation lasted saenghwalgo.

Hotel Shilla has also greatly improved dining experience by expanding the front and replace aging facilities, a restaurant and conference operators around the commercial area developed a distinctive menu of food shop 10 017 transfer of know-how and kitchen area bijop went over to investigate.

In addition, Hamdeok swimpang 'is only close to the tourist attractions such as Hamdeok Beach and Ole way to visit more than 19 courses to 900 002 people in summer was to revive the geographical point advantage. Most octopuses decided to survey the surrounding commercial bath surface that tourists are a familiar menu of pizzas and upgrade the existing menu on young adults consider 2-30.

Pizza menu had a direct hand to provide the dough, handmade pizza dough pizza differentiate. The BBQ pizza and blueberries two delicious pizzas and also provides packaging sales. Octopus bath surface is a representative side dish of 'swimpang Hamdeok, Jeju raised the bow octopus, octopus if you upgrade to the menu ohdeon sold before.

Octopus unique japnae is characterized with cotton wool naeteumyeo smoother, more chewy texture eliminate. Taste is offering two spicy flavor and taste was plain for all ages to enjoy.

The Hotel Shilla Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, the local broadcasters 'Create a delicious Jeju' in pursuing with (JIBS) project is a win-win program to the effect that strengthening food culture competitiveness of tourism in Jeju, and small business owners to have provided the foundation for resurgence.

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Grande Walkerhill Seoul Spring Spring "package launched

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Grande Walkerhill in Seoul "Spring Spring" package 2 species for the spring outing and unveiled "The Warped Day. "Spring Spring" package is available from 25 days coming by May 31, and the type is two-fold.

"Spring Ⅰ 'cases by type and" Douglas room, per night, called cottage in the woods breads and cereals and juices, coffee, etc. ready' light Breakfast 'use, table Stevenage box ₩ 30,000 ticket and drink 2 glasses is provided and the price is from ₩ 149,000.

'Spring Ⅱ' provided by the main 'deluxe' night table and Stevenage box ₩ 30,000 ticket and drink two cups of cases, and prices are from 5000 won only 19.

Containerized Eco Cafe Tay Stevenage box "can be installed in various ways to enjoy the well-known" Street Walker "Spring Festival space, such as sausages, pizza oven, soft drinks and ice cream for dessert.

"The Warped Day" package and enjoy a takeaway pizza in 'Pizza Hill "will be conducted from March 1 to May 31.

Warped type of package three, 'Warped Ⅰ' is 'Douglas Room "one night and" Light Breakfast' offers pizza Hill Combination Pizza Takeout and Douglas North Lounge benefits and is priced from ₩ 152,000.

"Warped Ⅱ 'comprises a main building' deluxe 'one night with breakfast, pizza take-out pizza combinations Hill can see from ₩ 235,000.

"Warped Ⅲ 'is the main night club suites with breakfast and happy hour, pizza combinations are included Hill Pizza take-out price is 305 000 from the source. For warp Ⅲ it is sold only until March 31.

All taxes and service charges are additional packages are based on 2 adults.

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[Department store brand reputation 3 May 2017] Lotte, Shinsegae and Hyundai department store net

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Korean department store brand reputation survey in March Lotte Department Store No. 1, No. 2, Shinsegae Department Store, Hyundai Department Store was analyzed to third.

Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation February, 7 days a national department store brand 6 581 10 000 1133 Big dogs up to March 8 analyzing data to measure brand engagement and traffic, the amount of social consumer. Compared with February, the department store brand Big Data 429 10 000 7218 grew 35.23 percent.

March department store brand reputation ranking scores of Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae Department Store, Hyundai Department Store, Galleria Department Store, NC Department, AK Plaza order.

1st Lotte Department Store is participating as an index 404 272, 305 199 Media Index, Index 363 096 Communication, Community Index 329 465, 700 605 Social Index was 26.37 million brand reputation analysis 210 Index. In February, the brand reputation index rose 35.33% 10 000 155 3738.

Second place, the New World baekhwajeomneun participate Index 393 184, 326 722 Media Index, Index 502 605 Communication, Community Index 145 169, 390 000 Social Index 5099 showed the brand reputation index totaled 1.76 million in 2779. Compared with February 5332 10 000 149 brand reputation index rose 17.89%.

Third, Hyundai Department Store Index Participation 277 112, 185 377 Media index, Communication Index 283 088, 350 000 as a Community Index 8087, 181 703 Social Index Brand Reputation Index was 1.28 million in 5366. Compared with February, brand reputation index climbed 63.17% 787 755.

Korea Investment, "Saad issues need Lotte Confectionery negative or reasonable access to the share price."

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Lotte shares may be negatively affected by Saad issues, this analysis suggests that the rational approach is required because the state is already greatly reduced capital business in China. Lotte shares yesterday fell -4.20% to 2.06% is traded (4000 won) only rose in 8000 won 19 10:50 Currently, the securities market yesterday.

PM seven days Lotte Shanghai Foods production facility has received one months suspension produced two euros a 'lack of fire safety facilities. Lotte Shanghai Foods was founded in 2007 as a joint venture between Inc. and Hershey. Lotte Confectionery has two subsidiaries through (LH food and Lotte China Investment) held a 50% stake in the two production facilities.

Korea Investment & Securities 20000000000000000 shares researchers' If this action is long-term sustainability as well as a short-term loss of the company's China-related business can get experience better "it said," but 20 of the already poor performance of capital is consolidated operating profit of the business in China % and a reduced level of fixed costs in the ongoing restructuring reduced the intensity of negative impacts liable as a shareholder because that is considered to be limited, he said.

The book value of the eight Chinese subsidiaries including Lotte Shanghai Foods is estimated as 30 billion won last year. The most large-scale net worth companies, and Lotte Shanghai food, then this is Lotte China Foods manufacturing subsidiary in Beijing. China's corporate earnings depend connection is similar to the previous year, as last year's 78 billion won and operating loss is estimated to have recorded a decrease of more than 10 billion won to 12.1 billion won a year earlier.

The researchers' Lotte Confectionery will be a negative influence share prices indirectly by Saad China issues more business exposure is greater, such as 7.9% stake in Lotte Shopping Co. subsidiary seems to be "he said.

In addition, he said, the future price is expected to be affected in addition to Saad issues such as whether the IPO growth continued in Kazakhstan and Pakistan, the holding company transition, unlisted subsidiaries.

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Sh Fisheries Bank recommended broke down ... Add the cold line held

[South Korea's Choice Financial News News] is scheduled to be launched in December last year the newly independent Bank Sh Fisheries appointed haengjang procedure is the opinion among the nominations committee staggered gotta hold an additional row of cold, it broke down.

According to the Fisheries Bank 9, Fisheries Bank haengjang final candidates were elected to open the day before the collapse eoteuna CEO Nomination Committee (Acts cold). While the last three days have ended five of gangsinsuk executive director of the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives support to the Fisheries Bank IPO withdraw support was the candidate haengjang state is compressed to four people.

The opinion of the committee recommend the government side and among the members recommended by the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives staggered reportedly not selected the finalists. Cold source line is composed of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, the Financial Services Commission, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries personnel three people, including government personnel federation recommend two people.

Fisheries haengjang recommendations should have more than four members in favor of the cold line.

Fisheries officials said the banks' back line cold will be held in private, and not to the future schedule is finalized.

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"The health and fun at the same time ... AIA Tower in Namdaemun open Vitality Zone

The place for us [South Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] AIA experience fun and innovative wellness program 'AIA Vitality (AIA Vitality)' of life entered the South Gate neighborhood.

AIA Group Limited has opened a 'AIA Vitality Zone (AIA Vitality Zone)' in 10 days Jung sunhwadong AIA Tower basement floor and is expected to go into full-scale operation.

51.5㎡ subjected to scale Vitality gotta John is composed of three themes. The 'understanding of health (Know your health)' John can see check the physical condition of the person's body type and age. By weight, height, etc., as well as body composition meter can determine the body fat, muscle and direct dose.

"Health Promotion (Improve your health) 'Zone is the place to relax your body to create a healthy body. The actual experience various trekking courses, including Ole way to experience the view treadmills and basketball games and game programs, such as gesture recognition mechanism that combines the fun and health, which can be seen to be.

The 'compensation benefits (Enjoy the reward)' zone and providing a simple exercise to check the physical condition of the customer, such as vitamin drinks, will be offered a variety of benefits to help the next day.

Such programs as well as AIA Group Limited employees, AIA Tower Tenant employees, and was decorated so that you can enjoy together all citizens to visit the AIA tower.

Chataejin AIA Group Limited representative "place to work happily AIA Tower through the Vitality John, I want to create a place you want to visit" and "AIA is a solid image and fresh out of the recognition routine and provide a fun space and a healthy life while their insurance he said the gift will be. "

AIA Vitality customers is the longer, customer participation in wellness programs to help AIA life more healthy, so that you can live a better life through their behavior changes. Check and simplify personal behavior patterns and support to improve the lifestyle of the customer lack of exercise itself.

AIA Group Limited is imported Vitality employee target pre-launch event with last month employees 400 people, gesture recognition and augmented reality technology to check their physical condition in the implementation of the fitness center, smoking, diet, and your New Year health goals Exercise It may decide to open the event bar.

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KEB, Hana Bank, affordable "family care trusts' product launch

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] KEB, Hana Bank (Bank hamyoungju) a person died when the family funeral, tax, entry-level inheritance trust products' KEB single family care trust "that can handle rapid debt repayment etc. 9 days without pay It announces.

Flow with the times that aging is intensifying, it is characterized primarily designed to help high net worth individuals can feel free to everyone, unlike the low-end market with products tailored inherit trust that subscribe to solve their problems with the existing post.

When KEB one makes through banks Family Care Trust Trust the cash assets, including your own post-funeral expenses to the bank in advance specifying the attribution owners, the bank trusts to quickly attributed the owner, without going through a separate inheritance division agreement upon your death the money can be paid to the property.

If you order a financial asset processing of my post need consultation with the visit of the heir to power Funeral, struggling to rush the cost treatment of taxes, debt, etc. are but common, if you take advantage of the KEB single family care trusts can avoid them in advance .

This not only reduces the financial burden of families can be expected to reduce the conflict between the children post-processing cost sharing. Attributable owners are the heirs receive the trust funds, as well as post-subscriber may set up individual or organization you can trust.

KEB single family care trusts can be selected during the deposit type and a monthly payment type, in the case of a deposit type can sign up from 1 gyejwadang minimum 5 million won of up to 50 million won and monthly payment type, and available from the lowest ₩ 10,000 were less burden on subscribers . Payment period of monthly payment type is given the person's age, it is possible to freely set.

Also, in addition to simply paying the basic trust assets attributable to the owners can choose to add funeral service that can handle the funeral arrangements through a funeral company affiliated with banks and post your increased convenience.

In addition to the funeral service it will offer a variety of services, such as inheritance and tax consulting services to support the process of inheritance heir and the deceased leaves a legacy cleanup service maintenance of law, inheritance, property division.

KEB, Hana Bank gimgwangsik trust manager is "time released a mainstream family care trust of the existing living trust, dementia assured trusts, adult and juvenile guardianship support trusts such as inheritance worry resolution of seniors with personalized trust, as well as a relatively young generations sudden Yugoslavia the issue is also expected to be thin due to the conversion of recognition in case, "said the background of the product launch.

In 2010, the financial sector first will substitute trusts and 2016 Alzheimer's relieved, KEB, Hana Bank who has launched the adult guardianship support trust is through this entry-level trust products continue the partnership role to resolve the various forms of family problems and concerns of the social hierarchy Is expected.

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SK Seoul campus, the start-up exchanges 'hub'

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] SK Telecom start-up incubator space, situated in the 'SK Seoul Campus' start-up of exchanges of information and personnel will be transformed into a 'hub'.

SK Telecom will hold a networking event 'T Lounge's core business promising start-ups, and that opened the "SK Seoul campus' space for the free exchange and collaboration of start-up announced Tuesday.

T Lounge with SK Telecom first nine evening and AI Artificial Intelligence Technology Speaker 'will hold a briefing for anyone, and related services.

Start-up companies are attending the ceremony, enhance the understanding of artificial intelligence and the latest technological trends in the business direction of SK Telecom and SK Telecom can be a free social networking and the exchange of information and experts.

In addition, SK Telecom 'Bravo until now! Lee will open the conference room of the "'ve gotta take advantage of the support space for tenants such as" Start SK Seoul Campus' for external ventures.

Start-up are President of related events and seminars, when the conferences 'SK Seoul Campus' My Capacity 40 people the size of conference room space and superintendent, collaboration Lounge (Collabo Lounge ∙ collaborative spaces) that can accommodate up to 30 people, including · application can be used to connect to the system.

Another start-up team entrepreneurship development institutes and universities can use the campus for visiting my prototype Plant 3D printers and laser cutting machines, UV printers. In addition to VR content creators utilize the related equipment and open the Media Room to the podcasts and recordings.

In addition to the plans 'SK Seoul Campus' is even introduced, one person or a small start-up founders do not have a membership system office all 'collaboration Lounge' to utilize as a work space.

Membership applicants can receive as well as the start-up news message that utilize 'SK Seoul campus' space to start eopgan of information exchange and can be guided like SK Telecom Business Unit representatives and meetings.

The external opening of SK Telecom, Jae - Ho CEI project team, said, "There is a lot of effort for entrepreneurship ecosystem revitalization and New ICT ecosystem development, SK Telecom," he said "The 'T Lounge enforcement and SK Seoul campus is considered to contribute to activating entrepreneurship ecosystem "he said.

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Woori Bank, ㈜ M. circles and doctors and pharmacists asset management agreement

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] that our bank (Bank yigwanggu) over the past eight days ㈜ signed an asset management agreement with M. Circle in Jung-gu, Seoul material we sogongro Bank headquarters said yesterday.

㈜ M. Circle is an IT-based healthcare services company, and the doctor and pharmacist million members hold about two people operating under a doctor only online community, 'Dr Bill' and pharmacists purchase medicines only site "deosyap.

We combine our bank branch Bank of offline and online in the online community platform wibi ㈜ M. circles, doctors, will provide asset management services to specialized pharmacists.

The △ Nearby asset management PB / FA of our Bank in accordance with the MOU 1: 1 matching by giving "Getting asset management consulting services, establishment, △ addition to the existing medical information, asset management extended to the financial / asset management of our bank / tax / real estate and promoting the Live seminar "implementation, △ Dr. Bill / deosyap members only 'asset management wibi Talk About" free offer.

Woori Bank official said, "We expect to get a bank visit during business hours is difficult to physicians, pharmacists are more convenient asset management counseling," he said. "We plan to expand the asset management area through business partnerships with various institutions "he said.

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Fully automated - intelligent remote control has a washing machine placed on the drum body

Smart Washing Machine [South Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] dugoseo an automatic washing machine and a washing machine in one body, remote diagnostics and remote action is possible is launched in earnest. Samsung All-in-One Washer 3 door armed with innovative features 9 days 'flex-wash' Open Media Day announced intimately.

Samsung VP seobyeongsam (Household Division) was confident that "Samsung Flex Wash innovative products to the understanding and consideration for consumers figured accomplished the evolution of the washing machine to break the existing stereotypes."

Standing in the media data provided by Samsung Electronics Seocho building a multi-purpose hall, vice president argued that after changing the flow of the washing machine market in 2015 'Active Wash', 2016 'add wash.

Samsung Flex Wash resolved fully in January worry about separate laundry started in the process of the world's largest electronics exhibition is at '2017 CES' first public 'Innovation Award' products avalanche hand washing is possible 'Active Wash "off-winning development It is a "three-in-one door, washing machine.

And also selected as "Best product, unplug the reporter's professional media reviews Reviews US dot-com de Bar has received rave called" innovative game-changer. "

◇ also bent back barely OK

Plex Wash Systems has completed a three-door designed a large 3.5kg automatic washing machine drum washing machines' compact wash 'and lower' add wash "of the upper integral, proposed a new category in the market, the existing automatic washing machine and Dunn split drums .

This product has been ergonomically designed to be easy to take out the laundry is put into a small volume users' compact wash "on the top without a lot of back bending both upper and lower body when using it allows to minimize the burden of housework.

In addition, Samsung 'flex-wash' is the integral structure, with the lower one and the same power cord cooling and hot water hoses and one each by one of the existing products, it is convenient to install. It gotta washing machine control panel also configured as one can operate the washing process more easily.

◇ variety of laundry, easy

Flex Wash was also significantly reduce the hassle that you only have to divide many times to wash the clothes detailed management of the various materials and colors as clean energy and time required for washing.

"Compact wash" of the upper can be found rapid, sameum, wool, there are various washing courses in lingerie and leisure wear, can often wash a small amount of DROPPING YOUR LAUNDRY such as baby clothes, underwear, wash the entire process directly into the eye.

It can also be collected to clean dust that occurs when you apply a separate laundry diamond dust and lint filter.

The lower drum washing machine 'add-wash "is released all possible, and the largest one with capacity of 23kg washing machine to dry laundry from the laundry can be washed thick winter quilt also a leisurely.

In addition, this product can be additionally added to stop the operation during the washing process through the "Ad Window" at any time, and the laundry detergent, fabric softener, etc., located on top of the door.

In addition, removing △ detergent contamination of laundry tub with just water and without 'non-detergent bottle washing, sterilizing 99% of the P. aeruginosa △ fine soap bubble, which called enough when ridden pre-absorption between fabrics "bubble and the bubble called" △ powerful rapids the main function of that corner to corner without leaving wash on existing receiving rave reviews from consumers, such as "water super shots '' add wash" that was applied most.

◇ 'Intelligent Remote Service "

Plex Wash added to the existing one based on artificial intelligence 'Smart Controls' ability to control the washing process, including any start-stop monitoring, smartphone remote intelligent services.

Applying the 'Intelligent Remote Service "gives the set is available and seasonal products themselves, using simple measures environmental information and analysis, remote sensing and diagnostic optimal washing options remotely.

Samsung will provide 'intelligent remote service, Wi-Fi in the entire family of appliances it has been applied since 3 May 2017.

Samsung Flex Wash is a total of five species 17 · 19 · 21 · 23kg 4 models, 17kg 1 model white color, black color, chulgoga is ₩ 19,000 9000 10 000 229 ~ 269.

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"Saad retaliation" after the corresponding diversification of tourist Galleria Duty Free, the Middle East and Southeast Asia

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters] China Saad placed retaliation 'command as much as' in accordance with the center that is growing, sets out to find 'euchre post' for 63 tourists Hanwha Galleria Duty Free diversification.

Galleria duty-free sales are riding the updrafts, such as recording a 21.2 billion won in the last days of the month and the average revenue achieved sales of 1.9 billion won to be the best. But from the 15th earnest as prohibited by selling tourism products in China, South Korea is a situation that is expected to inevitably direct hit in the duty-free industry.

This is a Duty Free Galleria plan gamyeo continued to explore, upbeat sales to individual tourists and visitors diversification and expanding out to improve profitability.

Duty Free Galleria has expanded beyond the Middle East, Southeast Asia mogaek tourists, in April is expected to continue to contract with local travel agents to participate in the local Fair Middle East, it has already completed a contract with the Muslim Middle East, where two inbound travel agents and songgaek.

In addition, these 63 buildings in the upper part of the Middle East customer to target upscale restaurant four are certified halal restaurant Korea Tourism Organization Certification 'Muslim-friendly' rating, it won the second half of last year, and even halal food supply, only cookware Beach, only menu ∙ configuration, chef training are also introducing services such as detailed operational guidelines.

Duty Free Galleria, with plans to provide the highest level of medical care and tourism following the agreement with Yeouido St. Mary's Hospital, Soon Chun Hyang University and the Central University Hospital and also conducted a medical convention, personalized health care services to the Middle East tourists.

Galleria Duty Free official "in the Middle East customer purchasing power is 30% higher, is spotlighted as a" post Euchre, such as visiting Korea for the purpose of medical tourism than the Chinese, "said quarterly targets" workers and Muslim students who live in Korea local 63 said it planned to proceed by building a familiarization tours ".

In November last year pushed the grasp market participation and local agents in Taiwan International Travel Expo also for actively attract tourists in Southeast Asia, has signed a contract with the current Southeast Asian inbound travel agents also songgaek 79 companies. It will also focus on individual tourists from the existing collective tourist center in Yoido tourism program activation.

Hanwha Galleria Time World hanseongho duty-free business division is saying that "the current uncertainty in the tax-exempt market, tourist diversification promotion, overcome by individual tourists based on attracting foreign VIP marketing strengthening, and will have three to opportunities feasibility improve" "Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 He said tender passenger terminal Duty Free is also planning to gain momentum in revenue growth by actively reviewing ".

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Shinhan Investment Corp., FAN Club Points offer customers targeted events

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Investment 'M Folio providing a target point in my Shinhan Shinhan FAN Club customers using the' M Folio '! It said that nine days to conduct a very praise ~ 'event.

'M Folio' is a robotic advisor services to present a portfolio to fit your investment objectives and propensity to mobile asset management services Shinhan Investment.

That progress comes through April 28, 'M Folio! Very praise it ~ "event" is an event that provides the My Shinhan points to 5000 points by 500 people Shinhan FAN Club customers first-come, first-served basis through the purchase of financial products M Folio '.

Additionally March 31 branch of Shinhan Investment Shinhan Smart Desk or Shinhan Financial Group Shinhan without visiting S to the bank, Sunny Bank, exciting bout menu Shinhan Investment Account a first-come, first-served basis 3000 people to open an account through the Shinhan FAN app 'event-based benefits' payments to the opening ₩ 10,000 Money of celebration are progressing together.

For more information regarding the event can be found at my website events page and Shinhan Investment Shinhan FAN Club.

Shinhan Investment Director of Marketing Kim, Sung - Jin said, "Shinhan FAN to provide a convenience to customers who join the club Mobile asset management services and benefits."

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Sintaksa real estate, net 400 billion won last year ... 77% surge 'largest ever'

Net profit of the [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] real estate sintaksa last year was a record maximum 4000 million.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) 8 Net income of the entire real estate sintaksa 11 companies in 2016 it has totaled 393.3 billion won to 222.2 billion won last year against 171.1 billion won (77.0 percent) increased. This is because the operating profit (1741 million) and non-operating income (358 million) had both increased.

Korea Land Trust's 85.9 billion won, the Korea Asset Trust 17 billion won increase from the previous year to achieve a 26.2 billion won profit both increased the 62.4 billion won, one may note the trust assets is 50.9 billion won to 61.4 billion won increased by 11 companies. This was one of the trust assets, including non-operating revenue for the sale of a 100% stake in asset management.

Operating revenue of the real estate sintaksa the previous year increased 227.1 billion won (40.6%) due to low interest rates continued to maintain a robust housing market, pre-sale 786.2 billion won.

Last year, land trust AUM was 800 billion won (23.1%) increased 8 YoY to 47.1 trillion won. This is because the trust maintenance 132.7 billion won (38.8%) and ancillary services revenue 73.5 billion won (68.6%) was significantly neuleonatgi.

Operating expenses were blowing YoY to 316 billion won 53 billion won (20.2%). This is because the 56.6 billion won (27.2%) neuleonatgi selling and administrative expenses as salaries and rent increases, etc., etc. according to number of employees increased. Employees of real estate sintaksa number was 172 people reinforcements from the end of 2015 1367 people to 1539 people in late 2016.

Non-operating profit increased by 2.6 billion won to 35.8 billion won. One asset is the trust's operating income increased sale of shares in a subsidiary in May last year was one major shareholder asset management to HFG. Without the sale of non-operating profit it was almost reduced to 4.4 billion won the same period last year.

Last year, the total assets of 2 trillion sintaksa year earlier to 2.0259 trillion won compared to 773.8 billion won increased 747.9 billion won (36.9%). By issuing new shares, including equity capital grew 412.3 billion won (27.3%), the debt has increased 335.6 billion won (65.3%) in bonds and an increase in bank loans and so on.

Net capital ratio (NCR) fell year-end total risk amount is increased 1075.2% compared to 205.5% points due to dividend stocks and corporate bonds, including securities and conduct investment increased an average of 869.7%. The reason was the large increase in investment securities 500 billion in dividends conduct of KB Real Estate Trust.

All real estate trusts have to meet the capital adequacy was maintained in 7 billion won was timely corrective action based on the requirements is also much higher than 150%. Prompt corrective action to life insurance Real Estate Trust peak is 2043%, the lowest was counted as a 458% trust assets koram nose.

Last year the total AUM of the real estate trust company late last year to 155.9 trillion won increased 139 trillion 400 billion won compared to 16.4 trillion won (11.8%). This is because the managed land trusts 7.2 trillion won, 5.6 trillion won trust collateral, loan type, such as a land trust neuleonatgi 1.6 trillion won.

FSS ryugukhyeon asset management director "is continuing last year's low interest rates, housing pre-sale market robust is jimyeonseo followed was to improve the profitability and growth of the real estate trust company," said the "but the proportion of borrowing-type land trust-paid share of operating revenue rise it can be seen in the increased risk falling real estate market fluctuations during future profitability ratios and the NCR "said diagnosis.

In FSS it plans to strengthen the monitoring of debt-type land trust housing pre-sale trend and increased risks of market trends real estate trust company.

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Modern City Dongdaemun outlet points, opened the first anniversary Festival "in progress ... Up to 80% Discount

The [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Modern City Dongdaemun outlet point forward, opened the first anniversary Festival.

Modern City Dongdaemun outlet point first, and come forward for customers who shop at Dongdaemun Fashion Town "100% winning lottery scratch 'presentation ceremony to 19 days. Hand out the items purchased and the modern city targeting first-come, first-served basis Dongdaemun commercial district of customers presenting a payment receipt from one 3000 people, regardless of the amount of that voucher outlets Dongdaemun 3 manwongwon, secondary battery, such as vouchers Americano.

In the basement floor with Square also presented to the first-come, first-served basis 1000 people, regardless of whether the purchase cupcakes voucher.

The contest is also intended to proceed with the visit Dongdaemun commercial customers. Eungmogwon accepted through the lottery and presents a furniture purchase rights, Golden Key 18.75g, wireless vacuum cleaner valued at five million won, and where and how to apply can be found at Hyundai Department Store homepage.

Also open yibenteueul limited free parking on weekends exercise period, coming 11 to 12 days 18 to 19 in the vehicle number between 0 and 1, 3, 6, whose only contains one of the vehicles to anyone free parking benefits 5 hours to provide.

In addition, it sells 270 brands around the 80% maximum discount. In time, Handsome major fashion brands such as Main · SJSJ open 'exclusive exhibition "The Special 40% discount on sale items. Time is a major item in the women's coat ₩ 387,000, ₩ 337,000 Maine dress, SJSJ blouse ₩ 137,500 and more.

In modern shop shopping plus proceeds on the 'overseas fashion brands scratches on Books "in the first basement stores and venues. Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, including parallel and up to 50% off the scratch of luxury goods imported brands. Is a major item such as Gucci chain clutch 1.499 million won, the New Saint Laurent seek back cover 1.579 million won.

Other events also open 'Hot 100 price "to sell the best selling brands in pagyeokga. Selected goods sold 100 Liege men and women clothing, jewelry, handbags and popular throughout the product line to sell up to 80% off. Main items are as jiyikeu ₩ 50,000 men's suits, Reebok Insta Fury sneakers ₩ 99,000, ₩ 35,000 onaenon spring jacket and so on.

Progress should also exercise period Surprise Lucky Box "event. If anyone can apply over one million clients and presents a daily total of 1,100 kills and 100 customers through a lottery De'Longhi Kettle, men's suits, modern city Dongdaemun outlet manwongwon two points vouchers and more.

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Samsung Securities, the non-face-to-face account opening break 10 million in one year

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] Samsung Securities is a non-face-to-face topped the 100,000 to open an account for only 1 year. In addition, progress on the 'early investment management closely together and So Hyun KIM' So Hyun KIM campaign as a model to learn from 9th.

So Hyun KIM will introduce and close early at Samsung Securities provides investment management services through a three-part video and digital customer management, account opening convenience, mobile fee event, the images and detailed benefits can be found on the event page.

Samsung securities are paid up to three such non-upon face-to-face account opening to new customers who open an account with 1 million yuan, domestic and foreign stocks and other financial instruments trading when added to ₩ 20,000 million won until the end of May, for a new establishment non-face-to-face account mobile stock trading commissions also offer 3 years free benefits.

Last year, on February 22, Samsung Securities' non-face-to-face account opening number began, only 10 had surpassed the 10 million in eight-day, it recorded 1,000 cases a year.

Samsung Securities results of surveys for customers who open an account in a non face-to-face, customers are Samsung Securities brand reputation (39.5%), free charge benefits (25.4%), non-face-to-face account opening event (20.7%) of the reasons such as It said they chose.

Samsung Securities yunyongam president said, "Recent should rapidly provide customized asset management services to a new customer inflow channels of non-face-to-face account opening customers who are actively investing in mobile app (mPOP), Samsung Securities LaCie i and infrastructure." he said.

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Lee Jae-yong first trial today ... Preferred Hotel Shilla again ttwine

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Preferred Hotel Shilla trial begins News of Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee Jae-yong is showing strength in ohjeonjang. In the securities industry expectations that may increase your influence in the group's president Lee Boo-Jin Hotel Shilla has reported that the traction price.

9 days 11:20 a.m. Hotel Shilla shares are currently being traded in the previous trading compared to 5.62% (3100 won) ₩ 58,300 right. Hotel Silla is also currently trading at ₩ 45,200 rose 3.08% (1350 won) compared to the previous day.

Hotel Shilla shares fell whilst climbing and redemption, as the ark of related news and Vice President Lee Jae-yong. January 16 Bar has special counsel is also surged Hotel Shilla shares are billed at the time of an arrest warrant for vice president. However, in the last 19 days it had plunged 19.66% the day after this court dismissed the warrant for Vice President.

Last month, 17 days to Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Silla shares are redeemed news hoteol plummeted 21.54 percent surge in the sale occurred, but 30%, 20 profit-taking.

Meanwhile, the afternoon, the Seoul Central District Court Criminal agreed upon 233 parts vice president and Choi Gee-sung former Samsung Group Future strategy implementation (Vice President), jangchunggi around the future Strategy Department deputy (president), Samsung officials for five people in daebeopjeong 417 Lake Complex Court in Seoul It announced that the first trial proceeds ready on time. The vice president is not yet known to be directly present in court.

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Daebeop, "Shinhan crisis' former SFG President Shin, Sang - Hoon confirmed fined 20 million won

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters] are passed to the Supreme Court trial in the so-called Shinhan crisis' former Shin, Sang - Hoon confirmed the fines to Shinhan Financial Group President (69, photo).

Part 1 Supreme Court (justices referee gimyongdeok) today announced the final centrifugal sentenced to a fine of 20 million won in the final appellate God passed former president on trial on charges of embezzlement, etc. once the satdon 9th. New pre-charged with former President yibaeksun Shinhan Bank was also sentenced to two years probation for one year and six months in prison, such as centrifugation.

Shinhan Financial Group internal corruption allegations were known so-called Shinhan crisis, the world was started by the former president accused the new Shinhan Bank in September 2010. Raeungchan former Shinhan Financial Group president and new, including the former president led the legal battle for years pokrojeon Spreading the other.

Shin former president was charged with a high (故) yihuigeon Shinhan Bank Management jamunryo nominal honorary president of embezzling and 1.566 billion won in loans to total 43.8 billion won unfairly accused victimize the companies.

The former haengjang was handed over to trial on charges of personal use of a 261 million won to 546 million won received funds management with the new notional jamunryo former president and received 500 million won from the Korean-Japanese shareholders.

God had planted one former president to recognize the management jamunryo nominal 2 million to 61 million won chaenggin alleged violation of the Financial Holding Company Act and only 200 million won found guilty and sentenced to two years probation 6 months 1 year in prison. The former haengjang is accused of receiving 500 million won to the Korean-Japanese shareholders gotta admit guilty were sentenced to jail terms as president before God.

But God planted two former Financial Holding Company Act was commuted by the president of violating the innocence judge also fined 20 million won that year, but this time the Supreme Court upheld the centrifugal reported that the second trial judge was right.

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Kia 'Sorento 2.0 turbo petrol' release

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter - Kia Motors announced the 9th released a gasoline model and the Sorento that went on sale authentic.

"Sorento 2.0 gasoline Turbo 'models has implemented a robust power capabilities of Theta Ⅱ 2.0 T-GDi 36.0kgf maximum torque output up to 240 horsepower to the engine mount, · m. ▲ advantage of the benefits of an SUV high space utilization ▲ ▲ quiet petrol engine equipped Saints best-in-class products including reasonable price.

In particular, at the same time as pursuing a large space and practicality own SUV, it is expected to get a big noise and vibration response for customers who prefer a small car.

Sorento 2.0 turbo petrol models are operating a total of two kinds of trim such as targeting customers silsokpa based on the fundamentals of the 'all-new Sorento' budget trim 'Prestige' and high-end trim 'Noblesse'. Turbo only emblem is attached.

Dwaeteumyeo Prestige trim ▲ driver's seat power-ventilated seat ▲ high-pass mirror ▲ button start with smart key, such as a driver centric essential typical of ▲ East seungseok ventilated seat ▲ 2 thermal heating coil sheet, etc. Specifications minded passengers are primary apply price 2.0 diesel model is the same trim low compared to 28.25 million won 1.6 million won.

Noblesse trim ▲ smart tailgate ▲ electronic parking brake (with auto-hold) ▲ front parking aid system ▲ 19-inch luxury alloy wheels, etc. Customer preferences are highly advanced features are massive applied dwaeteumyeo price 2.0 Diesel model identical trim than 1.05 million won lower 3060 It is won.

Kia Motors said, "Sorento has continued to midsize SUV market No. 1 receives the customers in the ongoing love based on high marketability," he said, "it is through a strong power performance as gasoline turbo model with quietness strengthen the position of the Kia" .

Meanwhile, the Sorento is currently a record sales month this year, more than 5000 costs. In January 5191, 2 February 5055, the sold price.

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Rolls-Lloyd, Geneva syoseo 'ghost Elegance' public

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] Rolls-Royce motor car is bespoke in '2017 Geneva Motor Show': mobilization of (Bespoke customization) capabilities, Bespoke models show the true face as a premier luxury houses the world 'Rolls Royce Ghost Elegance (Elegance)' said that the nine days the public.

Elegance is simply a ghost skilled artisans as models of Rolls-Royce containing a vision for the elegance of its customers money alone can not buy their vehicles painted with paint made of crushed diamonds to 1,000 in powdered form. It boasts that 'Stardust Diamond (Diamond Stardust)' La naming the colors are gorgeous and the best ever line did not look elegant in any car that is the most expensive Rolls-Royce materials applied to the body.

Painting the Rolls Royce headquarters professional team spent two months only validated for making the perfect diamond powder. Tested through high-magnification microscope diamonds are a fine diamond powder extremely dwaeteumyeo added to the paint, the two days were spent only in the course of seven mobilized a special paint scheme covering the additional lacquer layer to the diamond particles protected from the process of gloss.

However handaeman crafted elegance, the ghost squirrel fur with red paint brush with mujel (Mugello Red) and draw and put the 'twin coach line "with black color directly to the artisans. Dwaetneunde this mujel red color is applied across the ghost of elegance, as well mujel hubcap part of 21-inch wheels Central applying red color, it added the unity of the exterior design. Another animated black leather seats with red colored stitching points to the top of the dashboard in leather material flowing along mujel.

The back seat is the seat of the lounge seat stitching and piping as well as mujel red color with soft leather color gray Selby (Selby Grey). Rear seat pocket area got a tartan plaid material to complete the customer's favorite with a combination of black and gray, red. US cozy interior is decorated Starlight headliner of the ceiling like a figured embroidered Shining Stars in the night sky.

As well as Rolls-Royce through its paces art program and a Coke Belgian artist Charles Cai cup height 3.1m, width 2m, depth through the Geneva Motor Show, the showcase installation art works ranging from 2017 to 2.1m. After entering the square paper size of 25cmx25cm piece is individually hand-made Statue of them is connected to the ceiling, symbol of Rolls-Royce is a work that seems to delight in the elegance and mystique as if floating in the air.

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MINI 'New MINI Country Man "Pre-Reservation

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] MINI ahead of the official launch April 2nd generation New MINI Country Man starts to advance.

MINI Country Man is a successful model achieved more than 540 000 sales in the past years since debuted in 2011, as the world's first four-door MINI Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). Especially when and where either point features that bring the pleasure of driving a MINI-specific application of the 'ALL4' four-wheel drive system.

The new second-generation MINI Country Man has utilized a variety of powerful, larger than the body, such as the maximum user convenience as well as sufficient to satisfy the lifestyle of the family unit customers. The body has increased the size of full-length 4299mm, width 1822mm, respectively, 199mm, 33mm, 13mm in height than the existing 1,557mm. It can be adjusted forward or backward based on the larger space can be up to 13cm wide use of space. Trunk capacity is 450 liters in 40: 20: 40 ratio can fold into the loading space and is expandable up to 1390 liters.

MINI four-wheel drive system, 'ALL4' has been changed to the electro-hydraulic clutch four-wheel drive mode in an existing electro-mechanical manner by offering enhanced driving achieve a faster reaction speed. When here on the MINI's first camera based on the "active guard, forward collision warning device is applied to the entire lineup has detected the front of the body and the risk of collision, the speed of 10 ~ 60km / h announcing the crash risk for drivers with a beep and the display shows the safety were strengthened, including through the brakes.

This time, the new technologies applied to 'MINI country timer (MINI Country Timer)' function provides the data to the driver, such as visual off-road driving time and frequency automatically recorded to the degree of difficulty of containing the written driving the vehicle for demanding terrain. New MINI Cooper D ALL4 MINI Cooper SD ALL4 New high trim and may be manipulated, such as navigation gotta be equipped with 8.8 inches color monitor is also applied to the touch screen convenience. Comfort access and trunk "Easy Opener 'is equipped with the ability to open and easy to open and close the trunk door only to put a motion under the trunk space, it is also possible to adjust the angle opens depending on the setting.

MINI TwinPower Turbo technology, the new MINI Cooper D diesel four-cylinder engine is equipped with top country will unleash the power of previous-generation, high-performance top model Cooper SD Country powerful than the peak output of 150 horsepower and maximum torque of 33.7kg · m. New high-performance model, the MINI Cooper SD models are equipped country top the maximum output power of 190 horsepower and maximum torque of 40.8kg · m.

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The Shilla Seoul, Wando mountains' natural three bream "aphrodisiac cuisine advantage

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] The Shilla Seoul has selected one months in March Wando mountains' natural sea bream "and showcase the aphrodisiac dishes with seasonal ingredients.

Domina counted in the early spring is the best seasonal fish are highest in March scattering before rising moderately fat, the taste and quality.

The Shilla Seoul is used to airlift the finest natural red sea bream in Wando gyeongmaesa direct transactions with non-market distribution products. Since less than one day after the auction in the mountain dressed as a direct, Snapper used in cooking maintains the highest freshness.

Japanese Restaurant Aria Hotel Shilla showcase the magnificence of March, bream carpaccio "with such" sotbap bream "," bream cabbage dumplings pot.

'Bream carpaccio, thinly raised the young sprout salad served with a lemon sauce made with fresh snapper sun once in olive oil and lemon juice, garlic, pepper. "Domina sotbap 'is finished cooking boyangshik place to live bream and eggs baked in sotbap Zidane, plus a special sauce of soy sauce as a base.

'Bream cabbage dumplings pot' is a delicacy to the Aryan plus a clean taste and rich nutrition, adding made a live bream, leeks, cabbage and dumpling balls made of ground to dry between a poached in broth.

The Shilla Seoul has been widely inform the excellence of the national party seasonal ingredients chosen the best seasonal ingredients from across the country every month and continue the promotional use them. Yeosu sea urchin there last August, were selected earlier in July baekbong silkie with seasonal ingredients.

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Kyobo Life, 2017 Gwanghwamun geulpan college essay contest held

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Kyobo Life Insurance, said that nine days interact with the youth held a "college essay competition 2017 Gwanghwamun geulpan 'to be listened to their stories.

Students Essay Competition was established to raise the power to college students through the writing reasons to raise interest in the humanities.

Recently geulpan Gwanghwamun is the right time of year, the 100th anniversary of national poet Yun Dong-ju

Wear spring clothes to put on the 'new way'. Live every day with a new heart toward overcoming the difficulties of life, let's hope the captured messages.

Students want to participate in the competition is to select one of the inner spring Gwanghwamun geulpan amenities theme "Road" or "Start" to release the personal experiences and thoughts in writing short.

If anyone can participate and overseas undergraduate and graduate students, and applicants can come from Kyobo Life website until March 31.

The winners will be announced in the April 28 home comes through the examination of Gwanghwamun geulpan editorial selection committee of the poet, novelist, editor, etc.

The grand prize winner will be given eligible to serve for one year honors Gwanghwamun geulpan scholarship selection committee with $ 3,000.

Kyobo Life Insurance said, "Suffering and City of Yun Dong-ju who even sang the hope of adversity is giving a large echo among young people," he said. "Right to Yun Dong-ju 100th anniversary of ruminant life of the poet and good to go write down their thoughts will be an opportunity, "he said.

Last name first began participating in 2015 'Gwanghwamun geulpan college essay Contest 2700 is open for college students and those attracted sympathy from the young generation.

Gwanghwamun geulpan Kyobo large geulpan of horizontal 20m, 8m vertical take my life to building facades, has been delivered a message of hope and love to the public since 1991.

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LG G6, tomorrow sorties ... The factory ₩ 899,800

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] will launch a premium smartphone from LG Electronics LG G6 10 days all three major domestic Yitong once. LG is the first time that consumers spend G6 receives Korean people and the chulgoga is ₩ 899,800.

◇ hands comfortably incoming full vision, LG G6

This time the launch of LG G6 18:09 Vision Full (Full Vision) display and equipped with a Quad DAC in Hi-Fi sound quality and intensity were the IP68 waterproof and dustproof LG's efforts, including adding features and technologies.

In addition, LG G6 shoppers can use mobile payment services' LG and pay through a software update in June. 'LG page' is also possible to pay by simply contacting groups General smartphones magnetic credit card.

In addition, LG Electronics, LG G6 shoppers to △ 24-bit HD audio codec is applied to high-end 't plus (HBS-1100)' △ folding Bluetooth keyboard, Raleigh keyboard 2, and convenient wireless mouse 'Beetle Mouse' △ Nescafe Dolce Gusto including up to ₩ 200,000 select one of the three kinds of free gifts worth can purchase 5000 won. In the 'gift pack' app with the LG G6 it is easy when you pay with a mobile payment service "Shinhan Card FAN '.

◇ SKT, Premium Club benefits ssolssol

SK Telecom is the first payment to 'LG G6' payments to unit 'iKB National Card customers can get cash back ₩ 60,000. 'IKB national card "is used when performing ₩ 300,000 more than the previous month card, ₩ 700,000 or more, gives a discount on each month ₩ 15,000, 21,000 won card charges. You can receive a discount of up to ₩ 504,000 over 24 months.

You can also join the 'LG G6' purchase of SK Telecom smartphone Replacement Program 'Premium Club'. If the premium club is used to return the phone after the payment of insurance premiums (May 5000 won) and equipment installments for 18 months in installments conditions 30 months, it is replaced by a new program that allows smartphone devices without the remaining installments.

◇ KT, colorful additional discount

KT offers a wide range of additional discounts for purchases of its customers economically. When you buy a branded card terminal using a 'super premium card' can be up to two years of ₩ 500,000 communication fee discounts depending on the use of performance. Customers using the card performance than February 1 million won is also available as a $ 20 off up to 72 'olleh CEO our cards. "

With this may be through (5%, up to 5 million won installment of principal) and Point Park Point KT membership more affordable to buy a LG G6 can receive an additional discount points collected various partners.

Data used by many customers can be provided with select 'Choose Data 76.8' plan of KT unlimited data can be used to (after exhausting the primary Serving unlimited 2GB + up to 3Mbps speed daily), to premium terminal Insurance and Membership VIP upgrades is. Smart devices is also provided a 50% discount rate, such as Tablet PC, smart watches.

In addition, if only under the age of 24 customers' Y24 'available at (unlimited up to 3Mbps speed 2GB + daily) consecutive unlimited data for three hours every day to plan, and only you can effectively doubling the data given rise to more than 18 years of youth' teen Y 'plan, including a variety of plans are available only KT.

◇ LGU + 'R Club 2' salty holding surface

LG U + is the purchase of a G6 can subscribe to the 'R 2 Clubs' mobile phone purchase support program.

R Club 2 is a program that supports up to 30%, up to 5 million won repairs during guarantee haejugo phones damaged up to 40% of the installments of principal if you return the phone, who after 18 months Customers who have purchased the G6 in 30 monthly installments.

As well as affiliate discount card when you buy the G6 in 'LGU + Highlights KB Kookmin Card' or 'LGU + High -Light Shinhan Card' can also receive benefits card fee discounts on the monthly maximum of ₩ 25,000 depending on the month card performance.

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FSS this year, complaints handling professionals employed 40 people

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Financial Supervisory Service employs 40 people this year, complaints handling expertise.

The FSS said that nine days shorter processing times, such as civil conflict, plans to hire additional professional staff have many years of experience in the field 2017 financial complaints handling for improved civil service. Last year, the bar has adopted 78 kills and professional staff handles complaints.

This year it adopted a total of around 40 people and supports 11 major local areas such as Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon, Incheon and Changwon, Jeju, Jeonju, Chuncheon Chungju, Gangneung.

Eligibility is in charge of complaint handling more than 10 years of experience or a finance company working more than 15 years of experience as civil progress and guidance counseling, simple dispute resolution, such as in finance. Employment policy is a form of commitment is long-term employment contract to work performance Possess a good command within two years. Maintenance is an annual level of 30 million won. Employment application form accepting the second half of this month 17 jimyeo wonder, the successful candidate will be announced April 28 through documents, Interview.

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Beyond the banks 'balloon effect' ... Savings bank household loans surged Article 1

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters - showed occurs 'balloon effect' Bank did not exceed the threshold reached in January this savings bank household loans Increase 1 trillion won this year.

The balance of household loans in the last nine days in late January Savings Bank according to the Bank of Korea jumped more than 977.5 billion won transferred to 19.2624 trillion won. Such was the aggregate Monthly Increase Since October 2003, the maximum ever started as long as the betting statistics.

2 trillion, while Bank deposit balances decreased 88.8 billion won, savings banks, in the case of non-banking institutions handling deposits and credit unions, mutual credit, community credit cooperatives, trusts, post office deposits was increased compared to 2.9412 trillion won. Non-bank lending is a passage that security concerns and expensive deda find a lot of low-income, vulnerable borrowers jeosinyong.

In January, the increase in size has been expanded in February also banks household debt growth rate was reduced by factors of reduced lending regulations, trading houses, financial institutions.

According to the BOK announcement a "financial market trends in February 2017 ', February household loan balances of the end of the bank's 710.9 trillion won (Housing Finance Corporation including mortgage loans transferred in minutes) a monthly new 2.9 trillion won It increased. Mortgage of household loans increased by 2.1 trillion won to 535.9 trillion won.

The Bank of Korea analyzed the 'handled a lot of home jariron impact of relatively low interest rates in the Housing Finance Corporation.

Minus passbook loan, for the same period, mortgage loans and other loans with savings balances also grew 174.3 trillion won 800 billion won. The Bank of Korea explained, "setting greater the impact of increased demand for credit card payments on holidays.

Corporate loans were reduced in size to increase. 2 companies for late May bank loan balance grew 4.4 trillion won new one months to 758.3 trillion won. This added value is half that of January (9 billion). Enterprise loans increased 900 billion won, SME loans grew 3 trillion 500 billion won. Private providers of SME loans (self-employed) loan balances increased 1.7 trillion won to 264 trillion won was greater than the delivery is relatively growth rate.

February banks receiving funds jumped 13.9 trillion won in 1465 compared to deliver one trillion 7000 billion. Occasional increased and the payment to the corporate gender expression teller deposit inflows 8.5 trillion won, term deposits increased by 7.5 trillion won in capital inflows in local government. Money market fund (MMF) increased by 8.2 trillion won more than delivered.

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Hyundai Heavy Industries, the United States up 61% anti-dumping duty imposed accept

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] had imposed a high rate of Hyundai Heavy Industries transformer anti-dumping duties in the United States. As Hyundai Heavy duty side difficult to understand reportedly being considered for a future appeal.

Hyundai Heavy Industries has received the anti-dumping duty of 61% of the final judgment for a large transformer is being exported from the local to the recent US Commerce Department said yesterday. Last September, the US Department of Commerce anti-dumping duty of 3.09% priced in at the time of the preliminary determination of Hyundai Heavy Industries transformer. This will be a whopping 20-fold increase in tariffs at the final judgment.

Hyundai Heavy said it might be able to appeal and CIT filing said action can not understand about this tariff.

HHI official said, "There were three decision process until recently, the final decision since last September, preliminary judgment" and "is also available as a 3.09% is imposed in September can not understand prepare preliminary determination result of Appeal and CIT filing." said.

For the tariff impact of the protectionist measures the US government explained further strengthening of the local transformer manufacturing subsidiary would be minimal retention, impact. Hyundai Heavy Industries was the last place a local factory in 2011 in the US State of Alabama. The plant can produce annually 200 Womans up to 500kV class transformers.

HHI official said, "In the case of this anti-dumping duties will continue to respond to such objections situation," he said "policy to minimize related impacts to future US tariffs, etc., utilize it holds the transformer production subsidiaries in the United States of America Local" .

Meanwhile, the US Department of Commerce has determined the final antidumping duties of 2.99% even Hyosung addition to HHI. Hyosung has been imposed antidumping duties of 1.76 percent in September, the preliminary determination.

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Hanwha Group sponsored "Symphony Festival April 1 opening

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Hanwha Group and the 18th year sponsoring the '2017 Symphony Festival together with Hanwha' the largest classical music festival.

In the Concert Hall of the Arts' 2017 Symphony Festival together with Hanwha, April 1 imheonjeong starting with the opening play of the Korean Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Mr. led four plans is May 23, 20 orchestra until the closing performance of the Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra to participate .

In particular, April 16 is provided also in the stage of Dutchman Jaap board's scheduled inauguration beden led by Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in 2018 the world's three major New York Philharmonic music director of the Philharmonic.

And "Hanwha and together Symphony Festival is a representative cultural ∙ Art social contribution activities sponsored since 2000 the Hanwha Group in the last 18 years, the Hall this case successful cooperation organized by businesses and arts organizations in the arts and hand-Korean representatives mecenat program It has considered.

Hanwha Group has organized or sponsored by a variety of performances from classical to pop concert programs in addition to symphonic festival. Cities in the province in the process of "Hanwha Pop & Classic Tour 'performances allow access to classical performances are struggling to expand the cultural base in the long term perspective, such as running a youth orchestra.

The target in 2006, the year Korea Mecenat Conference 2011 in this effort in 2007, has won the cultural dividing the on-sponsored culture of Seoul, the year 'Hall Arts Awards in Arts "Award newly established in 2014 was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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"Look octopus bath surface taste" [photo] Shilla Hotel, Jeju delicious' 17 Shop

[Korea financial newspaper gimeunji News] Hotel Shilla Jeju is "making good Jeju win-win project with selected" Hamdeok swipang 'resume Decorative nine days open among the fifth from the left in the 17 shop gimeungseon Hamdeok swimpang President, Jeju Provincial Government ohjongsu Health risks exaggerated, Eun - Jung Hamdeok swimpang President, Hotel Shilla shipper call can take group photos, including executive officials attended.

Jocheoneup material in Jeju was selected as "Hamdeok swimpang 'is' making good Jeju' menu under the Shop 17 recipes, kitchen equipment consulting and support services for customers facing the door was open again. Hamdeok swikpang erected within the octopus bath surface, blueberry handmade pizza raised the bow Jeju written to the main menu.

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Exchange, voluntary disclosure system introduced corporate governance structure ... Unknown effectiveness

The [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] Korea Exchange is expanding to provide investment information, and through this 'Comply or Explain' to strengthen corporate management transparency (principle comply or explain exceptions) introduced a scheme of corporate governance disclosure.

Exchange announced the implementation of corporate governance disclosure in the same way from 10th. This system is significant for the company ever explain the reasons for its failure to adhere to when and whether the investor for the selection of core principles refer to the exchange and corporate governance best practices. Since February of projects submitted within the legal deadline and the report, first reported in 2017 shall apply within six months after the legal deadline to submit.

Corporate governance disclosure has not introduced a new separate sanctions in accordance with the executory by a company that wants to corporate reputation management and transparency disclosures voluntarily.

As recently raised from foreign investors such as Korea discount phenomenon is due to governance problems that trend awareness of the importance of ESG (Environment, Social Responsibility, Governance) spread.

Exchange is predicted to be raising the corporate value and return on investment gotta enhanced market reputation for governance of the investors with the introduction of corporate governance disclosure. Institutional market conditions, when introduced can be flexibly adjusted in accordance with the disclosure obligations and corporate environment.

But now with the introduction gotta pay, without considering the adaptation period and enforceable sanctions for breach of environmental disclosures new voluntary disclosure scheme effective, there is the question going out opinion.

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The ildanrak guilty Shinhan crisis, officials are huibi

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] key stakeholders crisis came Shinhan Shinhan Financial Group president and a former Shin, Sang - Hoon yibaeksun former convict both Shinhan Bank. Shin former president was fined 20 million won has been confirmed previous haengjang was sentenced to two years probation and six months in prison one year.

◇ 6 years and seven months, until the legal battle between the Supreme Court

To come out the verdict took six years and seven months. This period Shinhan Financial Group and its subsidiaries have been embroiled in an ethics controversy triggered by "Shinhan crisis.

Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Bank is the background of the crisis began with the accused at the time of SFG President Shin, Sang - Hoon charges of embezzlement. Shin former president of Shinhan Bank served at the time and yihuigeon honor jamunryo 1.500006 billion million won to the embezzlement and bad company, 22.8 billion won, including both loans unfairly 438 billion to 430 billion won, Mt. land ㈜ the group TomorrowNow damages on the banks of the Chairman kkichin the accused was charged with. 2008-2010 allegedly received 860 million won to 3 people Korean-Japanese shareholders (the Financial Holding Company Act violations) were also applied.

One judge allegedly planted the most innocent of God and former president embezzled 200 006 000 million won of them pleaded guilty and received only part of the 200 million won to the Japan national stakeholders. However, it not unlike the first trial for the accused received 200 million won as evidence at the appellate judge accepted the guilty was reduced to a fine.

Yibaeksun ago haengjang the 2008 New former President jamunryo nominal joseonghan slush writing ppaedolryeo the 300 million won from 15 billion won was accused received the year 500 million won to the Korean-Japanese shareholders 1, 2009 · 2 judges ₩ 300 million embezzlement charges innocence at the seam She received.

But one has to admit to a violation of national stakeholders to keep the Financial Holding Company Act, including charges of receiving 500 million won donation guilty and was sentenced to two years probation 1 years' imprisonment 6 months.

◇ Where the aftermath guilty

The person collecting the most attention to the conviction Shin, Sang - Hun is a former president. Recent incidents involved because of our bank it is the only incumbent to start the activities of outside directors. However, due to this conviction it has attracted the attention I want to be a treatment option, stop exercising their rights to receive as Shinhan Financial Group, along with whether to perform outside directorships.

Once we are done outside directorships bank has forecast no problem. It ruled that the current syntax is apparently possible to perform a director position of our bank. According to the Financial Relations Act he was sentenced to a fine or more type who has not finished its enforcement or enforcement is only a five-year exemption from day can not be performed outside directorships. But God is the interpretation that the former president to keep outside directorships since the specific economic crime punishment law fines. Shin former president to return in six years after leaving the financial crisis in 2010, Shinhan.

God is the former head of state for a total of 23 events are held 10 000 shares in the 7678 stock options granted from 2005 to 2008. If this exercise is all about the pending amounts to 2 billion won if I can fully address them.

Financial officials do not want him to be as loud as soon as possible whether or not to exercise stock options in issue "resolved Shinhan position. However, if convicted approved by the listed company from the state because there is a possibility to receive such protests and accusations from minority shareholders. Because of my subcommittee of the Board Compensation Committee determines whether the strike is difficult considering it, "he said. Ten thousand and one compensation committee is also likely to move on does not approve them later in Shinhan Financial Group and the new civil lawsuit between the former president.

◇ incumbent executives relevance

Shinhan ildanrak the situation is going to the Supreme Court at the end of the workshop natjiman remnants of the incident remain. At the time this process jimyeonseo long legal battle raeungchan Shinhan Financial Group, the former chairman was given to politicians accused of illegal temples and NGOs account Lee slush fund allegations provided to the government. Most of these allegations received are referred to for reasons such as lack of evidence acquitted former president was withdraw from the president.

Since handongwoo president, Joe Joe mercenaries, mercenary wiseongho President of Shinhan Financial Group took over the haengjang haengjang this year through the system, but it is a factor to be borne pointed out that wiseongho haengjang Shinhan crisis punctuated officials.

Haengjang is actually wiseongho were criminal charges from consumer finance organizations in this regard. Define solidarity finance has received a complaint in February wiseongho Shinhan Card at the time of the President and perjury perjury allegations teachers Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office in charge. The group "wiseongho crimes of president raeungchan former Shinhan Financial Group Chairman of the attorneys' fees provided instructions and related perjury allegations and referred to the former chairman of power silse was delivered to the 'Namsan Freedom Center 300 million won' perjury relating to conceal the truth about including allegations of perjury and teachers "he said.

President above is classified as a personnel raeungchan line. Shinhan Shinhan Financial crisis in the branch vice president of the company was cited as raeungchan SFG president, a key figure in the crisis with Shinhan Bank and Shinhan yibaeksun.

Shin, Sang - Hoon is former president of Shinhan Bank, breach of trust embezzlement case against the accused after the Supreme Court ruling "last September 02, 2010 I was terminated by the Supreme Court ruling of March 09, 2017. We will keep hard difficult past six years grace to help withstand without losing the vessel while, deep inside, "it is left to say.

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4 banks bad loan ratio to below 1%

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters - corporate restructuring, commercial banks strengthen risk management in preparation for a rate hike, while non-performing loans (NPL) ratio fell significantly.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) in September announced the bad debt situation of domestic banks (preliminary), the end of December last year, banks bad loan size was reduced to 24.6 trillion won more than 5.4 trillion won in 2015.

Percentage of total loans non-performing loans dropped 0.38% YoY point to 1.42%. FSS is analyzed as "positive affect NPL cleanup of banks'.

In four banks weigh each bank's NPL ratio both fell by 1%. Shinhan 0.65%, 0.98%, we, one 0.84%, and 0.74% national.

On the other hand, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, shipbuilding, shipping-related loans Moline national banks are non-performing loans ratio is relatively high. Export-Import Bank of the highest with 4.52%, 3.56% is an industrial-level banks.

Last year, corporate loans non-performing loan ratio dropped 0.50% 2.06% points higher than the previous year. However, when compared with the end of 2012 (1.6%) it is still high. In particular, the ratio of non-performing loans in some industries such as shipbuilding (11.20%), shipping (5.77%), manufacture of steel (4.09%) were counted very high.

Corporate non-performing loans accounted for 92.7% of total non-performing loans to 22.8 trillion won.

Last year Consumer loans non-performing loan ratio fell 0.07 percentage points to 0.28% compared to the previous year. FSS explained that 'repayment burden on households due to the continued low interest rate easing pas'.

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Kyobo Securities, the industry's first overseas investment in order to monitor customer service

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] Kyobo Securities signed the last eight days in LA Baton Shah Low Limited Liability Company (LABATON SUCHAROW LLP) and portfolio monitoring service contract Yeouido Headquarters 15th floor conference room industry's first investment portfolio monitoring firms (law firm) in hayeotdago said yesterday.

LA Baton low Shah responsibility Co., Ltd. is headquartered in New York and a law firm that specializes in a wide range of overseas investment property portfolio monitoring service provider, investor protection and class action lawsuits.

The investment portfolio monitoring service for overseas investment enterprises is monitoring and reporting measures to protect investors in an illegal activity. This US Securities and Exchange Commission Securities and Exchange Law 10B-5 promulgated based on the provision of 'insider trading and securities fraud, but also investors from investment losses due to illegal activities of corporate insiders protection "laws.

Forward foreign investment Kyobo Securities customers can use for free all the time of application monitoring service.

Kyobo Securities gimhaejun CEO said "The recent domestic investment trend that foreign investment is surging overseas bonds and stocks in an uncertain situation" through "The monitoring agreement Kyobo investors utilizing securities will be able to greatly reduce the risks caused by lack of foreign intelligence will, "he said.

LA Baton low Shah limited liability company general counsel Eric J. belpi (Eric J. Belfi) "has recently been increased interest in global institutional investors, investment of Korea" and "legal advisory services to minimize the loss of global investment risk I'm glad I can offer, "said a comment.

For more information related to overseas investment monitoring service is when you call the Customer Support Center Kyobo Securities.

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Pyeongchang Winter Olympic commemorative coins issued November 2 difference

[South Korea's Choice Financial newspaper reporter] had come to the Bank of Korea on November 1 to issuing the '2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games commemorative coins, said second difference 9th.

Another key issue was also '2018 Pyeongchang Winter Paralympic Games commemorative coins.

Pyeongchang Winter Olympic commemorative coins are all 10 kinds, such as two species, seven kinds of silver, gold hwangdonghwa one kinds.

Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics are two kinds of commemorative coins, including silver one type hwangdonghwa one kinds.

Max the dog balhaengryang the Winter Olympic commemorative coins 264 500, 95 000, including the Paralympic 359 500 fold.

In this figure, such as commemorative coins damginda jwibulnori, gyeongpoho, figure skating, ski jumping, snowboarding, biathlon disabilities.

Booking ahead of commemorative coins, including details on the sale price is expected to be announced by the Organizing Committee.

The Bank of Korea said earlier last month issued a commemorative coin one difference Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games 11.

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Shinhan event flow situation looks back

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] was finishing element was the ongoing burden, Shinhan Financial crisis' is rigmarole million legal battle at the end of six years six months of the Shinhan Financial Group. Shinhan crisis situation at the time called the colostrum bank that is directly accused the president of holding began to factional fighting. The events generated by the management team is rated as only wounds left by the end SFG morality. 2010 at the time of publication of apology from the accused to the general public Shinhan had arranged the flow of events over 15 days.

◇ The infighting in the bank is accused of holding the president

September 2, Shinhan Bank Shinhan Financial Group president Shin, Sang - Hoon accused by prosecutors embezzlement, breach of trust charges,

3 days Departure / prosecutors to yibaeksun sinhaeng Bank Osaka, Japan, New president accused of embezzlement, breach of trust investigation launched

Haengjang six days, leaving Tokyo / Shinhan Bank, Union Chairman, President raeungchan meeting / union statement released

7 days ago haengnam Korean-Japanese outside directors visit to interview the president raeungchan

The president called nine days, new president, the situation described in Nagoya, Japan haengjang departure / Korean-Japanese shareholders meeting sociable

10 days wiseongho Vice President (now Shinhan Bank) leave Hong Kong / Outside Director Philip your baby BNP Paribas Head of Asia Retail Sector in interviews

13 days civil society, as alleged in the car name accounts referred to accuse President / Korean-Japanese shareholders 'meetings' Million Club "affiliated shareholders four people dismissed the lawsuit filed haengjang / Tomorrow Co., Ltd., is accused of defamation haengjang

Shinhan Financial Board of Directors held 14 days / new president stopped job

15 days Frequency finance chairman, chaekimron comment on Shinhan crisis

16 days to appear crisis situation described in the article description / LA president of corporate boards through haengjang, internal broadcasting

Posted on 17th Shinhan general public newspaper apology

◇ raeungchan, Shin, Sang - Hun, yibaeksun problem elements

Shin, Sang - Hoon was accused former president of the bank employees to jamunryo 1.566 billion won on charges of embezzlement of yihuigeon honorary chairman of Shinhan Bank. But that involved in a job stops by the Council vote Shin, Sang - Hoon is 1.566 billion won a 711 million won instead was paid to the honorary chairman gomunryo, 855 million won is referred to the president as the honorary chairman of banking costs under the agreement through the interview It claimed to use with it. CEO tenure era were raised suspicions that unfair to put pressure on non-performing loans companies.

Raeungchan former president SFG Shinhan due to the crisis it was once again mentioned the issue car name accounts for 5 billion won in March 2007 delivered to President bakyeoncha TK unemployment as a result, received a judgment muhyeomui punctuated a morality issue. After Solidarity for Participatory Democracy filed a complaint for six people, including former Shin, Sang - Hoon 2014 Shinhan Financial Group Shinhan Bank, claiming illegal to display the customer's account to oust former president and the former president of La haengjang the prosecution.

Yibaeksun former Shinhan Bank is accused to have that four people were Korean-Japanese shareholders in the company dropped the credibility of the prosecution accused the president Shin, Sang - Hoon without internal procedures at the time he overlaid the economic loss to shareholders.

This crisis was started Shinhan legal battles endlessly for 6 years and 6 months recently finished with Shin, Sang - Hun former president and former yibaeksun results haengjang all convicted.

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