Thursday, March 9, 2017

Beyond the banks 'balloon effect' ... Savings bank household loans surged Article 1

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters - showed occurs 'balloon effect' Bank did not exceed the threshold reached in January this savings bank household loans Increase 1 trillion won this year.

The balance of household loans in the last nine days in late January Savings Bank according to the Bank of Korea jumped more than 977.5 billion won transferred to 19.2624 trillion won. Such was the aggregate Monthly Increase Since October 2003, the maximum ever started as long as the betting statistics.

2 trillion, while Bank deposit balances decreased 88.8 billion won, savings banks, in the case of non-banking institutions handling deposits and credit unions, mutual credit, community credit cooperatives, trusts, post office deposits was increased compared to 2.9412 trillion won. Non-bank lending is a passage that security concerns and expensive deda find a lot of low-income, vulnerable borrowers jeosinyong.

In January, the increase in size has been expanded in February also banks household debt growth rate was reduced by factors of reduced lending regulations, trading houses, financial institutions.

According to the BOK announcement a "financial market trends in February 2017 ', February household loan balances of the end of the bank's 710.9 trillion won (Housing Finance Corporation including mortgage loans transferred in minutes) a monthly new 2.9 trillion won It increased. Mortgage of household loans increased by 2.1 trillion won to 535.9 trillion won.

The Bank of Korea analyzed the 'handled a lot of home jariron impact of relatively low interest rates in the Housing Finance Corporation.

Minus passbook loan, for the same period, mortgage loans and other loans with savings balances also grew 174.3 trillion won 800 billion won. The Bank of Korea explained, "setting greater the impact of increased demand for credit card payments on holidays.

Corporate loans were reduced in size to increase. 2 companies for late May bank loan balance grew 4.4 trillion won new one months to 758.3 trillion won. This added value is half that of January (9 billion). Enterprise loans increased 900 billion won, SME loans grew 3 trillion 500 billion won. Private providers of SME loans (self-employed) loan balances increased 1.7 trillion won to 264 trillion won was greater than the delivery is relatively growth rate.

February banks receiving funds jumped 13.9 trillion won in 1465 compared to deliver one trillion 7000 billion. Occasional increased and the payment to the corporate gender expression teller deposit inflows 8.5 trillion won, term deposits increased by 7.5 trillion won in capital inflows in local government. Money market fund (MMF) increased by 8.2 trillion won more than delivered.

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