Friday, February 24, 2017

Korea Investment & Securities 2017 Investment Agency invite the awards ceremony held

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Korea Investment jeunggwonneun that the last 21 days, Samseong-dong, Seoul Intercontinental invited the affiliated investment recommendations Agencies (hereafter FC) held in COEX, Korea Investment 2017 FC Awards' ceremony said Monday.

Last year, classical performances FC target recorded a good performance, in the event proceed with dinner three fifth consecutive shining yeongyu the prize committee, hongseongjae committee awarded the first prize and 200 billion in assets exceeded the, corporate hwangwoocheol Committee introduced the essence of the sales such as a certificate awarded to a total of 13 people and praised the hard work.

Korea Investment & Securities has greatly expanded this year and the award of pension assets through a variety of promotions, will provide a variety of educational content for quick settlement of the new FC. In addition, "Mani Mani Season 2 Promo FC excellent performance and plans for overseas training awards.

WM Division bakwonok strategy is "to continue expanding the range of goods sold of investment recommendations and the agency will strengthen the product-related training and support role by becoming more important," he said.

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We greet Bank solicitation workshop truth ... Interview candidates "have no enemies."

[South Korea's Choice Financial newspaper reporter] woobyeongwoo there are workshops taking place've been greeted solicitation list of targets we have discussed with bankers who solicited those related to the former presidential civil affairs passed to the chief.

Five candidates 23 days Statement, including last January we banker selection process in climbed to interview candidates with yigwanggu haengjang gimbyeonghyo before our Private Equity president, Kim Seung-gyu former Woori Financial Group Vice President, gimyangjin former chief buhaengjang, yunsanggu ago buhaengjang, Lee before buhaengjang out the said 'never attempted to greet solicited through the defense line to become a banker at all. "

Latest Park Young - Soo special inspection team reportedly choesunsil Mr. woobyeongwoo former civil affairs chief at the time of Civil Affairs suseoksil was being served Commissioner, available to our bankers, the filled document file context suspected of the three personnel favors such as KT & G CEO.

In this regard, our Bank is the banker to become a press clarification materials 20 days' woobyeongwoo ago last July dwaetdaneun personnel favors files of civil affairs chief has been created through the our defense line some candidates situation yieoteumedo though that CEO tenure remains more than six months it is estimated personnel attempted solicitation in the context of 'high has said.

In particular, our banks 'current yigwanggu haengjang is independent of the personnel attempted solicitation and was appointed as CEO by the Board of Directors elected first phase dominated by private shareholders' and referred to yigwanggu haengjang made it clear that the allegations personnel not subject solicitation.

Five former candidates this regard, we have the bank in a press clarification materials incumbent CEO has ssolrigo to the other candidates found that the regardless naturally shame seureopgo infamous suspicion 'said' our bank is circumstantial, some candidates tried to greet solicitation saying the evidence was estimated to be, independent counsel will vary reveal the identity of the personnel solicited for the honor of our CEO candidates not associated with unsolicited 'he asked.

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Shilla Duty Free, Watch Edit Shop at Incheon International Airport 'Maison de Kronos' Grand Opening

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] The Shilla Duty Free 'Maison de Kronos' professional watch which operates its own editing shop was open 24 days in Grand Incheon International Airport duty-free shops.

'Maison de Kronos' is configured buried itself watches Editing Shop brand Shilla Duty Free, gathered in one place, the Shilla Duty Free specializes MD carefully selected popular watch brands and products so that customers can easily shop according to your own taste.

'Maison de Chronos' has soft-opened in November 2015, it could meet a total of 18 brands, a place of 1,600 watches.

In particular, the Maison de Kronos 'Incheon International Airport was the only watches editing shop in the duty-free Italian luxury watch brand Panerai, a neighbor first Asian airports,' Longines ',' Tag Heuer, '' Jaeger-LeCoultre ',' IWC '' there's bra two famous watch brands within a single neighbor Incheon International Airport, such as ring.

Shilla Duty Free is open operating a 'Maison de Kronos' is thanks to the first open one after the popular, Singapore Changi International Airport in 2014 expanded the store into two, and then to Thailand Phuket downtown duty-free shops and Incheon International Airport and the global clock Shilla Duty Free Shop brand has grown to be a professional editing.

Shilla Duty Free watch professional editing shop "Maison de Kronos 'TAG Heuer' to celebrate the grand opening of up to 31 March, 'Braga two rings,' 'Seiko' limited popular watch brands such as" TISSOT "weekend 20% the proceeds of the special offer.

According to the Shilla Duty Free, the share occupied by nationals of the luxury watch sales in Incheon International Airport that make up a large proportion compared with 30% duty-free shops in the city. In addition, the fine clock and the male-to-customer to buy from 3 to 40 account for about 40% of the total, in the case of a domestic account for about 50%.

Shilla Duty Free, reflecting the high proportion client configuration features locals 'TAG Heuer', 'two rings Bra' and neighbor's screening was a very popular brand in South Korea men.

Shilla Duty Free official "major purchases layer of 3-40 male customers of the IIA points are many shops oozing show the characteristics you prefer a comfortable shopping rather than shopping comparison meticulously professional watch you can see the various brands at a glance Editing shop the line was visible, "said" to expand our differentiated products and services that meet customer attributes for each store nagagetda, "he said.

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Gimgeonyoung Gangwon Province Agricultural Division, "a cup of coffee vending machines should not even Bob value hangonggi"

[= Chuncheon, Korea Lee, Dong - Kyu financial newspaper reporter] can find no Spring is coming again this year. But in rural areas, but it seems like a spring that is nice to have. Of the farmers who grow rice for spring farming it should've been prepared heart is just heavy. How do we understand this phenomenon as a nation devoted to the Jubilee aerak no harm came when the rice is precious cheondeok from Naughty owe you? Rice knows the story we do not have the life of the nation and the crops that are necessarily explain all the security value.

Korea Rural Economic Institute announced the 2016 agricultural output value above 1 is a pig. Meanwhile, one who rice dropped to keep the above two. Why? The reason is simple. Inventory increased due to reduced consumption of rice because the rice price had plummeted. Agricultural products per capita meat consumption is 63.5kg, rice 61.9kg, wheat 32.2kg, sugar 28.3kg. Rice is pressed and the consumption of meat, rice, wheat consumption, including close to 52% of rice consumption is constantly decreasing. In the year 2016, grain consumption survey of Statistics rice consumption per person per day is reduced by 2.8g 169.6g than in 2015. This is Shem eat half a day about the air when the rice 103g hangonggi home (20kg 1 194 podang air basis). If last year per capita rice consumption of 61.9kg is a trend to half the level of 30 years ago has 127.7kg in 2027 it may fall to 47.5kg.

In the meantime, our cooperatives are making various efforts to promote rice consumption.

Is an 'eat breakfast Movement "targeting one of its students. It was an amazing school last year, eating breakfast while checking the status of events that divided the rice cakes made with milk from the mother Bonnie Middle filtering for more than 90% of the breakfast. So it is heartbreaking. But also because early school will be one of the reasons for the incorrect perception rice.

Called excessive intake of carbohydrates to obesity diet craze that is a factor that is also recognized outside the rice is spread. Is it really rice is the main culprit of obesity and illnesses? Not like that. It is a misconception to eat rice steaming flesh. Rice contains complex carbohydrates that give some protection from sudden rise in blood glucose levels by fiber-lasting feeling of fullness as the nutrient that contains about 30-90% and slowly absorbed by the body. Thus, obesity and high blood pressure, is effective in preventing diabetes. Especially brown rice not white rice is milled to increase the GABA (GABA) and has excellent antioxidant activity gamma oryzanol (γ-orysanol) content to control blood sugar in the diet should be helpful.

In addition, the force occurring in the energy supplement that was depleted during sleep and eat breakfast can not work, it is helpful to study the necessary nutrients to the brain is evenly applied. As such, we are good to our body goes away from the rice from our table one day. It is experiencing excessive inventory and price collapse of yijunggo. Slump in the price of rice plummeted and continues to farm debt increased the income of farmers. In addition, it results in a severe effect on the increase of the fiscal jikbulgeum budget. Therefore, it is imperative that the consumption of rice nationwide level.

The government for the supply of rice adjustment can expand the Public bichukmi purchase, market, isolated, different policies abroad. Recently, the R & D project is also in full swing for the industries and promote consumption, such as rice project, the development of rice and processed foods. In response to Gangwon NACF coming 3 for Pan Gangwon Agricultural Employees Gangwon rice purchase exercise the Metropolitan large retailers, including the Center sales event, Tokyo Hanaro Mart Gangwon rice before using sports, vacation, Gangwon rice sharing event such as rice sales and promote consumption from January It plans to develop a variety of projects.

Most of the expansion in rice consumption nationwide dimension and jyeoteumyeon favorite rice is done actively. To produce a grain of rice farmers and devotion to touch cared or 80 eight times. We got to the production of this rice is treated properly. For the cooperatives of farmers happy people! Farmers' income to achieve 50 million won! NACF ​​is committed to Gangwon, while also containing the Nongshim (農 心) Chest Protectors sold out for the life of farmers of the national rice this year we look forward to the day loved by the people.

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Uncertainty decreases as Hanwha, Hanwha International eliminate risk - Shinhan geumtu

Kept the [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] Shinhan Investment Corp. Hanwha Hanwha elimination of risk due to foreign price target to reduce uncertainty BUY saying is ₩ 47,000 for 24 days.

Hanwha surplus transition to the fourth quarter of last year, the operating profit of 155.8 billion won, but fell short of consensus of 287.7 billion won.

Shinhan Financial Investment imhuiyeon researchers "Hanwha solar and other sectors operating losses and Hanwha Life of variable life insurance guarantee reserves 178 billion won additional accrual, scale 70 billion won of Hanwha one-time costs associated with conservative accounting treatment for such a poor performance factors "and" While manufacturing and trading business were in line with estimates of sales 1.4 trillion won, operating profit of 50.9 billion won, "he said.

Im researchers "Hanwha has three years but also positive to overseas risks relieve overseas plant delay compensation reduction phase a successful turnaround in," said "the second half of the year reflect the Mara Hanwha is expected the peak and Yanbu 2 Completion delay compensation is estimated at about 72 billion won, "he said.

This was also diagnosed dwaetdago ensure revenue recognition visibility of nearly 12 trillion won to collect the new town construction in Iraq Mayan service payments $ 560 million (approximately 680 billion won) by 2020.

He added, "The stable sales in Saudi Arabia related to delayed compensation for reduction of the Hanwha and Iraq bis Mayan New City Corporation payment collection, etc. is expected" and "earnings of major subsidiaries such as record-high profits of Hanwha Chemical in accordance with the flagship product prices are forecast "he said.

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Shinhan Card, card spending last year 比 31.9% increase in foreign

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] last year, foreign card spending showed a 31.9% YoY. Consumption growth was particularly noticeable in the center of Southeast Asia.

Shinhan Card and Korea Culture and Tourism Institute and the '2016 foreign credit card domestic spending, the analysis result, last year foreign credit card spending grew by 31.9% than the 13.74 trillion won a year earlier (412.5 billion won) to diversify the consumption pattern said that 24 days.

July is the month with the most common one trillion 248.3 billion won in the year increases were also very high as 168.3% the previous year. This contraction in consumption in July 2015 because the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Homers) was analyzed as shown by the low base effect.

The growth eased last year's fourth quarter, while decreasing the number of tourists arrivals decreased as a group also changes in shopping behavior using industries.

By consuming countries, mainly Southeast Asian countries have been rising significantly.

Credit card spending Chinese tourists accounted for 60.6% of total foreign spending to 8.3232 trillion won growth was also higher than the previous year by 46.2% 5.6929 trillion won.

Increase the number of arrivals in Southeast Asia increased noticeably.

Total number of foreign arrivals in Asia, arrivals accounted for a high proportion accounted for 23.8% in the second. Growth expenditures increased year-on-year to 37.75 was the highest growth rate. In particular, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines showed a higher growth rate than the overall average was towing the total foreign spending growth.

Looking at the total foreign spending in this sector were most frequent Shopping Accommodation 52.6% (22.2%), catering (9.1%), transport (3.9 percent) was followed

Shopping Detail usage patterns have changed and that the reduction is to increase the duty-free convenience using.

Groups of tourists using duty-free shops, tourist goods sector share of the share of discount stores / convenience store, while utilizing mainly individual tourists, down from 52% in 2012 to 40.0% in 2016 appeared to have increased last year by 11.2% from 5.8% in 2012.

These individual tourism growth is analyzed that led to the diversification and expansion of the use of available local industries.

The use pattern that is concentrated in the traditional catering sectors shopping, transportation, experiences, continued expansion in the sports sector / changes can be used also showed that merchants are gradually expanding.

Wiseongho Shinhan Card, president of "International tourists are domestic Because a significant contribution to domestic demand enabled, foreign card use consumption analysis utilizing Big Data has become a good source of information for the relevant sector workers" and "the next international tourism trends continuously identify, and said it would provide more sophisticated information in Big data analytics "for the presence tourism policy support.

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[Jaetekeu Q & A] foreign private equity investment fund

[Korea heogwahyeon financial newspaper reporter] 1. Nowadays there are domestic and foreign markets, especially the US stock market has seen the rise Which is a way of investing in the foreign country I heard this year rose more than 5%?

First itguyo may buy shares directly. Another is how to invest in foreign equity funds that invest in foreign stocks. But not directly invest in overseas stocks in the country I know it is not easy and the management information of the company tax rate or another need to have expertise in such investment. So if you're a private investor to have this lucrative way to invest in the fund, or the like ELS primarily utilized overseas private equity investment funds.

2. Is there any advantage of private equity investment funds abroad?

First, the fund is tax-exempt funds. So selling shares or gains and currency gains derived from these funds are not taxes. And subject to the same tax-free benefits since 10 years from when you sign up before the end of the year. However, you can limit the limit of 30 million won. And these funds are funds which invest more than 60% inde abroad, some countries itguyo fund that invests only in one country. There are certain industry or sector funds that invest in the sector, and the Global Fund to diversify the overseas countries and so on. So the investment can be varied.

3. would have invested in the fund during the past year, the result What?

The fund haetneundeyo start selling from 29 days in February last year. Meanwhile, this was 1.0824 trillion won sales. And it increased 80 billion won in January. But the fund is primarily to sell securities that much, the bank sold in insurers. So far I saw the sales'm a fund investing in Vietnam sold 1700 billion, then China with 166 billion won and 157 billion won has also sold two global equity funds. By country, and I have invested funds in the United States sold 290 million yuan, the return of the funds came out last year, 10% return on investment is relatively satisfactory.

4. What is now important is inde issues to do with the future investments, investment strategies should I do?

We hope to increase foreign investment. Usually when you divide frills investments invested in equity funds. The first is how to share the investment, followed gonna divide this area, because yes in order to reduce the risk. But investing only in the Korean market, but stocks are distributed, there is a risk that focus only invest in certain areas. Because the size of our market in the global market are the result of investing I focused on only a 2% 2% do not. So that investment in that country, rather than global, you can also get the opportunity to distribute and invest in growth companies in overseas risks.

5. International private equity funds have also made significant investments during iteultendeyo.

First, the charm of this fund is tax-exempt fund tax guides. But that's not what it is unconditionally exempt overseas funds. Only international private equity investment fund that is tax-free. So if you already have revealed other overseas funds are required to replace funds. And the revenue generated by dividends or interest that is not tax-exempt and hwanheji all, even exemption should remember it gets taxed even these differences.

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Hanwha life, far from the only way to go negative margin risk mitigation expectations - Shinhan geumtu

It was [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Investment far only way to go for 24 days Hanwha Life negative margin is expected doendamyeo risk mitigation target price of short-term BUY recommendation is to keep 7300 won.

4Q11 Earnings Hanwha individual life lasted a deficit pretax profit -403 million. Net income was also lower than both our estimate and the consensus -303 million.

Shinhan Investment hands unknown researcher "Suicide claims paid one-off costs of dwaeteumyeo additional variable insurance guarantee reserves that are commonly reflected in the end the industry annually earn reflects 178 billion won bonus payment of about 350 billion and approximately 20 billion won was also there," said "Last year 10 risk of negative margin thanks to a life insurance company to a global rebound since March has entered the interest rate easing trend, "said diagnosis.

If interest rates are kept at the current level it is expected later this year will reduce variable insurance guarantee reserves earn additional burden.

Was hand-researcher "negative margin risks of October last year after thanks to global interest rates rebound life insurer has entered the easing trend" and "solvency ratio (RBC) regime headwinds last year, the third quarter of 289.8% of the enhanced interest rates and a rebound RBC He explained that the review of the rate hybrid capital securities of the scale corresponding to 500 billion won to 200.4 percent plunge into the end of the year. "

He continued to consider including "The recent trend increases the possibility the United States in March rate hike are mitigated negative margin risk as interest rates rebound is positive," said "negative spread burden is still serious, but two shareholder stake possibility of a Deposit Insurance Corporation were reiterate, "he said.

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K Cube Ventures, Managing Director sinmingyun new elected representatives

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] Cube K Ventures sinmingyun should appoint a new managing director to represent.

Mobile, technology-based, professional game cube K Ventures venture that switch sinmingyun ago as a senior executive, yuseungun sinmingyun, co-head system as the new Co-President announced the 24th.

K Cube Ventures said that the decision to expand this edge fast aggressive investments in a rapidly changing market environment, recently focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The existing partners, including prospective sinmingyun mobile ecosystem consisting of experts plan to excavate the initial start-up team with innovative technology, more investment in the start-up and focus on the proven capabilities to accelerate growth.

Sinmingyun nominee is "business report or even a business model with a weight of investment direction that brought each field the best talent with the skills" and "further developed by the investment philosophy of K Cube Ventures to invest in human potential, early stage we will contribute to make the start-up ecosystem to grow together, "he said.

Sinmingyun-designate graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering, KAIST Graduate School and holds a master's degree East. Since NCsoft Planning and Coordination, to join the business unit general manager Managing Director, it oversees development of the game through the immediate past Executive March 2015 Cube K Ventures establish a new investment strategy, and strive to have the rising value of the investment company.

K Cube Ventures expects to become a venture capital (VC) through a synergy of experience and sinmingyun nominees with industry representatives and co yuseungun accumulated insights and network nohawooeul attract major domestic IT investment start-up phase of the professional sector.

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[FKI Makeover seungbusu ①] 'empty phrases, the scenes coalesce three Makeover

[Reporter Korea hyomun financial newspaper stand] was the National Association of Businesswomen (hereafter FKI), the 24 days proceeding the Annual General Meeting by bolting the chairman Huh Chang-soo as the next president. The day regular meeting attendance targets yeogot 600 members. Note that this is a situation you want to elect the head of the Federation of Korean Industries seungbusu makeover is determined through the middle.

FKI announced three apples and swaesinan regard to adhesion scene since 1995. "Former President Roh Tae-woo slush fund case (1995), '' campaign funds chattegi case (2002), 'Employers lobby politicians target allocation case (2011), occurred after the FKI proposed a swaesinan. Nevertheless swaesinan the Federation of Korean Industries announced until the last 20 years, now it became the "empty phrases".

First time was in November 1995, the former president of the Federation of Korean Industries Group Chairman Chey Jong Hyon fairyland "I will not have negative political funds to," he launched a "management culture Makeover Special Committee (December 1995). The following year in February 1996, the official proclamation of the "Ethics Charter", was presented the first FKI swaesinan.

Nevertheless, canon adhesion of the Federation of Korean Industries and the business community led for more than 20 years of time. In 2002 occurs the famous' chattegi events. The incident at the time of the Grand National Party presidential candidate Lee Hoi-chang was a candidate received a total of 82.3 billion won in bribes from big business. Corporate events are bribing candidate Lee Hoi-chang camp in a manner that comes with the vehicle that transported them with money.

After the incident at the time songilseung FKI Chairman (SK Group Chairman Adjunct) has resigned as chairman and general public apology published. In September 2003 a resolution was hand-president of the 'anti-corruption pledge of businessmen for my company, and retired in October of that year the president. Since December 2003 resignation of president hand. FKI Presidency has conducted the 'apple related illegal political funds.

Chattegi firestorm of events led to 2004. Gangsinho time FKI Chairman (Chairman Dong Adjunct) announced the "corporate social responsibility action plan" announced and four economic groups and with 'illegal political funds general public apology statement.

In the current chairman Huh Chang-soo of the system 'choesunsil gate "outside the canon adhesion has occurred. Employers that 2011 will lobby politicians target allocation case. FKI is the case tried to focus the lobby politicians to assign a contact to major conglomerates such as Samsung, Hyundai, Lotte · SK · LG ·.

It is that the plan of the Federation of Korean Industries, which corresponds to the case is the same as the issues currently being discussed noteworthy. Chairman Huh Chang-soo at the time, "We will review the private think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation transforming" incident response with high balhimyeo, and the general public apology. In addition, two years later, on April 2013 there was a balchok 'Federation of Korean Industries and Development Council' to the academic community, the media, civil society organizations and participation for innovation.

Citizens' Coalition for Economic Justice official said, "The FKI has been condemned by the people in the scene whilst providing illegal political funds and adhesion," "the general public apology and promised renewed each time, there was no change," he said.

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Four months after a slight rebound in consumer confidence

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters - the lowest level since the global financial crisis, the consumer sentiment index which was down a slight rebound in just four months until.

According to the Bank of Korea 'February 2017 consumer survey results, it released 24 days in February Consumer Sentiment Index (CCSI) rose 1.1 points from the transmission (93.3) to 94.4.

The consumer sentiment index rose more than it delivered only four months since October last year (102.0).

Consumer sentiment index in June last year, 10 000 seotji up from 98.8 in July to 101.0 over the baseline of 100, fell three consecutive months since dropped to under 100 in November (95.7).

In particular, in January it totaled index to its lowest level since March 2009 (75.0), right after the global financial crisis.

The psychology of the consumer exceeds a reference value of 100 CCSI (2003-2016 long-term average), meaning that they are more optimistic about the long-term average. The survey of 2,200 households conducted by dwaetgo cities across the country in the last 10-17 days double the 2039 replied furniture.

Deda but less than 100 below the overall index is still poor levels were analyzed.

February current economic judgment CSI climbed four points from January 51 to 55. Other economic CSI was 3 points higher than in passing 70. CSI also passed the current living conditions than the right one 88 points, prospect CSI living conditions were also counted as 2 points, up more than 93 passes.

But consumer spending is expected CSI seemed to January 104, in the case of household income fell 1 point expected CSI than January 97.

CSI interest rate outlook fell more than 3 points to 123 passes.

Inflation expectations for one year represents the expected inflation rate fell 0.1 percentage points compared to 2.7% in January.

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Huh Chang-soo, president of the Federation of Korean Industries jingirok four consecutive reappointment

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] Huh Chang-soo President of the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI below), turn over the existing entry, go after the next head straight. 2011 The last elected president of the Federation of Korean Industries Chairman Huh was 8 years performed by this elected president.

The FKI said that the Presidency has 24 days to 36 km FKI chairman Huh Chang-soo bolting the current president.

Presidency announced that the Presidency and the honor to have won several times discussed, such as financial chairman for bolting the president-elect. The course aware of the many wonderful minutes only gyesiji FKI situation than any other minute, opinions were collected as chairman Huh Chang-soo minutes to rectify the situation best, chairman Huh Chang-soo said hayeotdago accepted at the end of struggle.

Huh said: "The FKI knock apologize, once again gave the worry and inconvenience to members simryeo you and the people in many ways," said in his inaugural address said: "I will be reborn as a completely new institution to hwangoltaltae the future."

To this end, he suggested ▲ ▲ canon adhesion eradicate daehyeoksin three directions, including strengthening the Federation of Korean Industries Transparency ▲ Enhanced think tank. Huh president said, "We will disclose in more detail all the activities of the Federation of Korean Industries such as business, accounting for transparency, strengthen," "future combat decisively to the influence of external and Economics will provide a system for adhesion to prevent recurrence," said .

Followed by "I will strengthen the think tank function, to propose a variety of measures for the development of our economy," he emphasized it.

FKI official said, "The diverse and objective perspective is needed to promote the FKI innovation" and "innovation configure the Commission as soon as possible will make inside concrete innovation".

FKI Innovation Council chaired by the Chairman Huh Chang-soo, bakyoungju it was known to be composed of industrial facilities, gimyun external personnel 3 with internal personnel, including three prestigious causal Samyang Holdings Chairman, President yiungyeol Cologne.

On the other hand, the day the Assembly elected gwontaesin Korea Economic Research Institute as a full-time vice president of the Federation of Korean Industries.

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[HR] IBK Investment & Securities

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter]

◇ show

War Rock hospitality manager △

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[Inaugural Address] FKI chairman Huh Chang-soo "canon adhesion eradicate"

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] Chairman Huh Chang-soo was in fact in charge of the probationary Federation of Korean Industries (FKI below) placed in the air decompose crisis. Miserable only one month vowed to depose the end of this month, the FKI chairmanship term to the end, explained dwaetdago go after the president of the Presidency because of the appeal. The following is a specialized inaugural address.

Welcome your members. As you know this year I've FKI apologize to you and the members concerned and simryeo Dear citizens in many ways. Once again, I sincerely apologize.

I gave the letter I mentioned through to the end of last year, your membership, I would retire from this Conference. Minutes is a great bolting the new president felt that the FKI create reborn. However, the process is somewhat mothayeo otherwise have been a situation where I need to rectify the current situation. FKI is now very difficult. FKI day soon stabilize and the new look is gatchura were many opinions. In the meantime, wash the mistake of having a significant burden on the transitional period for the birth of the new FKI chairman wants to perform.

Most importantly, innovation in the Federation of Korean Industries. Hwangoltaltae to hope to completely reborn with new institutions. This will contribute to activating the national economy and to restore the public's trust and support of its members. I would like to present three innovative directions for future reform of the Federation of Korean Industries.

First, we eliminate adhesions scene. We will respond firmly to the outside of undue pressure to restore confidence. Not to harm the 'canon coalescence' of unsavory thing simryeo will provide a system to prevent recurrence. We will abolish the social partnership accounting meantime, there was a lot of criticism in the beginning.

Next, we will change the FKI operating transparently. And more particularly to the public all the activities of the Federation of Korean Industries such as business and accounting rid of it was a possession of a deviant and misleading.

Finally, we will be leading the economy is think tank. It will maximize the expertise as economic organizations gather together the people and ideas of your membership. Based on this, we will present a variety of ways for the development of our economy.

When you stir a ship furnace, it must match the direction of the team and breathing fastest and farthest you can go. I think it is time to look at all the same place in order to overcome the economic crisis in South Korea. FKI this will lead to a true and sincere attitude. Giving a boost to your company, I'll reborn as helpful, and economic organization for economic development on people's lives.

I also look forward to the FKI soon be overcome confusion and difficulties of today and push for the new leadership of steady work. Thank you.

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Sigh turned sinchangjae Kyobo Life President ... Samsung, Hanwha life difficult for reappointment

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Financial Supervisory Service issued a warning about the censure of President chanamgyu 23 days of the sanctions Committee Kim, Chang - Su Samsung Life Insurance to commit suicide does not pay on time and in agreement with the president of Hanwha life. Finance company CEO received a warning censure is impossible to fill the remaining term of office after two terms.

Simwi the first few hours ahead of the announced paid in full the accrued suicide sinchangjae chairman of Kyobo Life Insurance has issued a warning liberal measures for the gyeongjinggye.

FSS is discussed at the end of the day more than 8 hours Samsung, Hanwha, Kyobo voted for sanctions on such life-CEO of three. Warning Warning liberal censure and a decision is likely to change because jinungseop confirmed by the Financial Supervisory Service jeongyeol is less that the industry is still believed.

FSS so that you can also sell products guaranteed to ensure the disaster killed these three companies during 1-3 months suspension made some sales.

FSS for sanctions reasons if the insured committed suicide in the last 2 years later from liability date the Terms although described as being the Accidental Death Benefit Payments did not pay the insurance money intentionally, the insured beneficiary to disaster death benefit claim for insurance payments were also did not explain, "she explained reasons.

If Samsung Life Insurance and Hanwha boss Kim, Chang - Soo life chanamgyu censure of the president warning that confirmed their reappointment becomes impossible. Samsung Life is opening the same day, the Board determines the reappointment of President Kim, Chang - Soo, but the next term of office in accordance with the 'mouth' of the day, the FSS is made opaque.

The term of office of the president of Hanwha Life chanamgyu kkajida March next year. In the meantime, however, the financial company's CEO received a warning censure is reportedly less if I retreated to fill even the term.

Hastily given the 'risk owners' decision to commit suicide Kyobo Life insurance pays a mere gyeongjinggye. Insurance industry officials have predicted that "would have influenced the decision to lower the water level to sanction suicides insurance payment day for the reappointment of the chairman sinchangjae owner managers. Kyobo Life sinchangjae not be re-elected as president if the owner CEO who served almost 20 years has gotta expected to be a major blow to management stability.

Samsung Life Insurance and Hanwha life insurance suicide over the statute of limitations according to the Supreme Court, which has reportedly taken a position that you do not have to pay. The industry also expects these insurers to review such complaints.

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Corporate banking, equity amount Mart block deal success

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters] IBK Industrial Bank 3.4% stake in the block Mart Deal succeeded in selling holdings amount to (overtime block trades).

According to investment bank (IB) industry, 24 days now bank has sold all of the previous day closing price of E-Mart E-Mart shares in (₩ 215,000), compared to 4.2% discount rate was applied ₩ 206,000 per share.

The day before the Industrial Bank has selected Samsung Securities and HSBC Securities as co-organizers and embark on a block deal on institutional demand for E-Mart shares 939.48 thousand shares (3.4%) being held forecasts.

Reportedly succeeded in block deals with the participation of global institutional investors, including sovereign wealth funds abroad. The proportion of foreign institutions and domestic institutions reported approximately six four.

Government has handed while receiving in-kind contributions to E-Mart shares, including shares his father in 2007, Shinsegae Vice Chairman Jeong, Yong - Jin figured as a gift tax on corporate banking. The price received at the time of investment banks was now only 7250 won per share, 24.

IBK is known to secure a 190 billion won in cash and out of this stake. The analysis is expected that the improvement in financial soundness indicators.

Jeffrey Choi, Daishin Securities Research Institute predicted that "The sale profit will serve as a one-off, but deda other reserve capital ratio improved 0.02% (2bp) shares of KT & G 950 shares (6.9%) investment sentiment factors are disposal expectations increased ' .

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SKT, showcase small and cute Hello Kitty phone '

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] SK Telecom's dedicated showcase character feature phones "Hello Kitty (Hello Kitty) phones.

SK Telecom plans to start selling a limited Mall official online reservations sales from 24 days 'T World Direct' and proceed with the subsequent, in-store sales since the beginning of March the official launch 27 days.

Hello Kitty Phone "feature phone is a form of figures to reflect the needs of a specific customer project.

△ △ Second characters who prefer to phone parents concerned about children △ child's smartphone addiction to prefer such products kideolteu family is the main customer.

Hello Kitty Phone "was applied to exterior design and UX popular character" Hello Kitty "batahon love from around the world for more than 40 years. Landscape is a child in the cold light weight of 74g and hand enough to carry around his neck is the usual advantages of small size 58mm, vertical 77mm.

In addition, in its own laboratory environment 14.9 Latency days of continuous talk time 5.4 hours to write down the existing kids related products compared to battery life is superior, and neckband (necklace designed taking into account a child's safety is the power of 2kg to be applied automatically pulley ground ) provides an in-box.

SK Telecom has conducted an antenna redesign for based on the released terminal △, press and hold 0 pad to 6 people a pre-defined implemented a feature that automatically sends the phones location and △ Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) 1 grade approved last year in Japan It paid the additional development efforts to apply the △ UX, familiar keypad design domestic feature phone users.

SK Telecom's mobile phone usage is relatively low and the customer under the age of 13 was planning to launch this product grades based on the results the more feature phone usage is high internal analysis. Also, the future section 2016 based on feature phones into wireless subscriber density was determined that the potential demand is sufficient to be about 15%. Feature phones launched in the domestic market is only about two years.

Chulgoga of Hello Kitty Phone "receives a disclosure ₩ 130,000 to ₩ 185,900 grant, you can purchase a two-year contract installments of principal ₩ 2,329 per month. Less than 12 years, customers can affordably take advantage of the 'floating Junior Standard Plus subscription plan October 1 1000 million won (including VAT).

In addition, the plan is to feature phone can also sign up 'free speech' plan.

Kim Sung Soo SK Telecom's Smart Devices Division, said that "this year will explore and showcase sustainable niche products that reflect the hidden needs of customers."

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NH "Go find insurance asleep" Agricultural Life

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] NH Agricultural life for the protection of the rights of policyholders to conduct a "customer property find the campaign period. "Customers find property cycle campaign is a campaign to encourage the payment notices and information to customers who apply for and hold the Sleep misuryeong insurance and pensions.

Sleep insurance is that the insurance contract after the expiration or effective (termination) of the statute of limitations under the insurance contract has been completed with the relevant law refers to the Unclaimed refunds or insurance, annuities misuryeong means the pension is not received after the commencement of the pension.

Applications are available through the website, phone or visit.

NH Agricultural life is going to give to find the dormant insurance and customer assets asleep in a variety of ways misuryeong △ invitations sent to pension customer retention △ telephone directory △ customer transactions during guidance system utilizing △ small dormant insurance auto payments, etc. positively.

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Samsung, more than one billion US donation Council undergoing premature dissolution rooms

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper News] Samsung has launched a management swaesinan provided to minimize the space management due to the redemption Vice President Lee Jae-yong.

According to the business world 24, Samsung will discuss ways to lower the standards for Council decisions on the various contributions and donations from the day the Council of 10 million.

SEC regulations Board of Directors has gotta to go through the Council decision within a management committee only for more than 50 billion won donation.

The Samsung is greatly reduced the amount of donations 11-2 is interpreted as a measure to prevent the crisis in the second choesunsil.

Samsung Electronics official said, "not been finalized jungyijiman discuss the various swaesinan," he said.

In addition, the company reaches reportedly considering dismantling the three groups woljung control tower of the future strategy room (not all rooms).

Park Young - Soo sp Prime Minister hwanggyoan acting President is authorized to terminate the activities coming 28 days if you do not accept the extended investigation period.

If so, Samsung is put in prison, even if the US vice president is busy dismantling all rooms in March. However, if the independent counsel investigation is extended one months in all rooms dismantling the US is much sunyeon.

If the US has achieved three rooms dismantling woljung seems to be much faster speed of the Samsung also announced swaesinan.

All rooms now have a situation that requires the US to return to the HR including affiliates, because 50,000 more than the boss class. Once the presidents discussed the HR HR width may be greater than expected. All rooms are non-employees to return to their original affiliated companies.

They will strengthen the US Samsung affiliates rooms voluntary activities by management and the Board of Directors after the demolition plans. All rooms have features such as the US which is responsible for coordination between affiliates reportedly be shared etc., Samsung C & T, life.

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Providing automatic connection to Wi-Fi KT, MWC venue

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] in handy if KT customers can enjoy Wi-Fi MWC this.

KT announced the coming 27 days provide automatic Wi-Fi connection service in 4 days from March 2, Spain, the world's largest mobile telecommunications fair in Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2017 (the MWC 2017) '.

Accordingly, if KT customer ID and password input, etc., reliable Wi-Fi service without interruption in a separate certification process MWC exhibition of Fira Gran Via (Fira Gran Via) and start-up related to other events in 4FYN is open Fira Montjuic (Fira Montjuic) without enjoy.

Wi-Fi roaming technology, next-generation hotspots (Next Generation Hotspot: less NGH) 'is a technology that can automatically authenticate with existing global idealistic card when international roaming is only possible to use the Wi-Fi functionality automatically connect kyeodumyeon cellular level of roaming services.

Since 2012, KT is leading the development of a partnership with AT & T, NTT DoCoMo, China Mobile, Orange Telecom, Cisco, including major global operators, manufacturers.

MWC 2013 succeeded in demonstrating to the NGH technology with NTT DoCoMo, China Mobile led by KT, and after providing NGH trial at MWC this year in five consecutive years.

This year 'Wireless Broadband Alliance (hereafter WBA)' activities that go 45 carriers worldwide customers at all widened the coverage and access to services to take advantage of NGH MWC exhibition venues, as well as in the bag.

Customers who since September 2012 (iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 release) launched terminals are available directly from MWC event if the terminal user that is not the NGH service support to the wireless network (SSID) for free at MWC manual If the connection can be used.

KT is the alone NGH service through the 2013 MWC Shanghai official Wi-Fi in later recognized that technology has signed a long-term contract GSMA and five years, especially in 2015 MWC Shanghai in GB Wi-Fi and smart Wi-Fi controller (WiMS) selected as the provider It has presented the technology as providing one global operators such as Wi-Fi.

KT Convergence Technology Access Network Technology Officer gimhyeonpyo Managing Director "at MWC that world attention is pleased gotta look KT Line the world's leading WiFi technology and innovative services" and "continue to strengthen cooperation with overseas carriers leading the global market with excellent domestic technology and we will continue to work to provide faster and more reliable Wi-Fi service to our customers, "he said.

Meanwhile, KT is involved in is the only world WBA super-fast wireless business council board a domestic carrier in 2010.

KT Convergence Technology Access Network Technology Officer Managing Director gimhyeonpyo are participating as a board member since 2014. Gimhyeonpyo managing director of NGH, including recognition of the ball contributed to the development of next generation Wi-Fi technology received late last year, was re-elected as Board members WBA.

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Kiwoom, until the end of March the US equity open information events

It said [Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Kiwoom (CEO gwonyongwon) on March 31 to enforce that "new information the US equity open 'event 24th.

Kiwoom the last two days of the US stock investment information service open has upgraded the quality of the US stock investment information by providing expansion of new content, including traditional and are differentiated US Equity News, published, economic indicators, research reports, events analysis.

Geumbeon one event commemorating the US equity open new information goes to a total of two. First, the first US equity trading events' is presented the vouchers to the first two manwongwon trade customers within the United States shares the duration of the event to target 300 people first come, first served basis. Second, the US stock investment information sharing event "but as a share Kiwoom Securities USA Inc. Investor Relations website address on their blog or SNS if the lottery every week presents a Starbucks Gifticon 20 people.

Kiwoom Hoon Global Sales Team has held a variety of events in order to actively support the 'upgraded US stocks investment information content provider is the customer who was hesitant to US equity investments have to be a golden opportunity' saying, 'new US equity investors it was' he said.

US stocks through a possible sale price youngungmun W, youngungmun SN App and this event is Kiwoom website, HTS others it is possible to simply apply through the youngungmun SN App.

For more information about the event is referring to Kiwoom website or check with your Kiwoom financial center.

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Beyond equity, annual yield 12% NPL P2P alternative investment products market

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] Beyond the fund will launch the annual yield 12%, non-performing loans (NPL) P2P alternative investment products.

Beyond the fund said that the 24 released 10 a.m. recruit six months amounts 300 million won annual rate of return of 11% maturity 'BEYOND NPL No. 1. NPL 1 call released to commemorate the goods shall be paid a bonus of 1% rate of return.

No. 1 products being released today runs on multiple loans 47% level suggesting Apartments NPL portfolio receivables constitute a mortgage to value (LTV 47%). And set the geunjeodanggwon vain geunjeodanggwon rights to the apartment, it is a feature that can aim a portfolio diversification effect. NPL investment corporation specialized in borrower plans to repay the loan through the proceeds of the auction re-aged loans or financial institutions.

This product helps preserve the balance in the reserve range if the product is applied to the loss of conservation insurance 'safeguard 90' Beyond the Fund, the repayment after the disposal of collateral less than the 270 million won 90% of the principal amount.

Distressed debt funds are P2P goods Beyond this seojunseop jeongwonseok representative and head of the audit team, two accountants who were in Samil directly responsible for valuation screening NPL.

Some villas and apartments hwangeumseong such as high LTV was the day it is the principle that we select only the superior product compared budongsanga Win secured mortgage collateral. In addition, even when a third of the NPL arrears and non-performing investment corporation specialized in borrower with the terms of the result of institutional asset management has laid a safety device to be payback.

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Korea Investment & Securities assets, KAI-KSM real crowd-seeding fund investments

Operating the [South Korea nine hyerin financial newspaper reporter] Korea Investment & Securities Assets (CEO gidongho) The 'KAI-KSM crowd seeding fund "and said naseotdago 24th full-fledged investment.

Korea Financial Investment Management growth (growth than financial) are selected by the company in December last year, the Korea Exchange (KRX), etc., growth financing, IBK Industrial Bank of 8 billion won investment scale 'KSM- crowd seeding (Seeding) fund management company commissioned (GP) there bars.

The fund seeding investments in companies that continue funding through crowdfunding platform (integrity capitalization of 60%) and KSM (KRX Start-up Market) the crowdfunding success of subsequent investments (organized capitalization of the company 15 registered in the and the%) as a primary object investment. For seeding investments can invest in the 50% range of the total offer amount crowdfunding.

The Fund for (Chapter medium-sized venture companies Financial Center) Korea Asset Investment wonyoungdeok Commerce in operation is "possible many promising small and medium venture companies are planning to invest configure the investment portfolio so that you can see the benefits evenly, to participate in crowdfunding by the same role as the leading investor funds for the private investors will be expected to contribute to enable crowdfunding, "he said.

'KAI-KSM crowd seeding fund selection is the first investment company to seeding NFC solution development company sisol (NYSE yiwoogyu), and was executed the investment of 50 million won last 21 days. Sisol the NFC Chip, SW, to manufacture Module payment terminals, POS terminal manufacturers and certification and security as a service venture company that supplies the company, 2 forward three Crowdfunding 1 billion for the period 03 days from 15 May and.

Korea Investment & Securities expects the asset sales and increased sales in various areas, such as through reduced development time and cost savings by utilizing a variety of possible benefits Application development without Module, SW changes. And are typically easy to supply parts to the payment terminal device of the Payco NHN Entertainment, it is expanding its foray into various business areas such as access security services and product sales using NFC gateway to the Security sector.

Korea Investment & Securities Asset gidongho president is getting a lot of attention and expectations from the beginning of the crowdfunding industry and enterprise, "first seeding investment. Through the fund management actively supports the growth of promising companies dig difficulty in financing said it, of course, will play a leading role in the ecosystem, enable small and medium venture companies through venture capital supplied as a mid-specific securities. "

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Humax byeondaegyu Chairman, Board of Directors joined Naver

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] Naver said that 24 days is recommended to byeondaegyu Humax Holdings Chairman (photo) and other non-emergency director candidates by the Council.

Mui place to buy other emergency involving matters stand, the Council decided you do not normally engage in in-house operations (managing director), similar to the Outside Directors and the kind of work.

Chairman sides are representative of the first generation venture in Korea achieved a global success story runners through the Control and Instrumentation Engineering Seoul National University and Ph.D. from the digital set-top boxes, such as IT (information technology) equipment business.

Naver has changed Chairman explained that the university, ssatatgo a lot of experience in the venture industry's got an insight into the technology and overseas markets, will help the company's strategy-oriented technology platform (Service space).

The final change is the president elected as directors in other non-emergency shareholders' meeting next month 17 days.

The Board of Directors hanseongsuk Naver representative appointee was also recommended as a new corporate director candidates. One inside director nominees also get a place next month via the General Meeting of Shareholders approved.

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ELS, Samsung Securities lowered recruitment, melted barrier 35%

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper News] Samsung Securities (President yunyongam) reducing the repayment periods as short as four months, and recruit the dissolved barrier ELS 15561 times Product lowered by 35% to 15 billion won limit to 27 days.

Japan (NIKKEI225), the US (S & P500), Europe (EuroStoxx50) 3 dogs index the underlying asset that 3-year product with an investment period of three indices all base price of 35% under a fallen enemy if pre-tax total of 16.11% for payment do.

In addition, jimyeo reimbursement opportunities given by the step-down structure every four months, three indices are both 95% (4, 8 months), 92.5% (12, 16 months), 90% (20, 24 months), 85% (28 months), if the 80% (32 months), 75% (36 months) is more than 5.37% a year before tax to the early repayment.

Meanwhile, Samsung Securities will proceed with the 'Superstar ELS' event prizes paid in accordance with ELS as a hotel restaurant voucher and subscription price for customers sign up online to recruit up to 27 days.

10 million won or more paid subscription W Hotels pizza heel pass through a lottery customers 12 people for and 10 million won - less than 30 million won ₩ 10,000, depending on the subscription amount, 30 million won ~ 100 million won less than 3 million won, 100 million won more than worth ₩ 100,000 the payment of the mobile department store gift certificates on a first come, first served basis.

Samsung Securities yunyongam president and goods are to be released with the stability and profitability to customers in the low interest rate era emphasized the strengthening of merchantability ELS from the second half of last year.

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NH Agricultural Insurance held together Jung (情) employees damhoe

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] NH Agricultural Insurance has opened 23 days 'in 2017 numbered information (情) damhoe' had time to communication between CEO and employees.

Also known as "positive (情) deputy! This is referred to as a breakfast meeting made not to eat? "Shall breakfast together material from Seodaemun-gu, Seoul Agricultural Insurance headquarters nearby restaurants were targeting employees involved hope chapters to share ideas with each other.

"Jeongdam times' is part of the enhanced communication that is conducted periodically since taking office yiyunbae CEO. In this jeongdam once staff had time to talk openly share such a variety of opinions on the 'support measures for the professional qualifications', 'Reading installed in-house' life and work and work.

This year jeongdam once was planned as chief of communication where you can enjoy a variety of themes throughout the year, such as sports or cultural activities in addition to breakfast. In addition, "opened with the future of the Agricultural Insurance 'is presented directly to the CEO yiyunbae autograph book containing the phrase to obtain a high response from employees.

Jeongdam times a yiyunbae NH Agricultural Insurance CEO hosting "The communication among employees within the company will be the basis for growth sustained Agricultural Insurance" said "the business development of the company through the competitiveness and further agriculture and development of rural areas Let's contribute, "he urged.

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LG Electronics, MWC standing batteries do not worry 'X Power 2 "released

[Korea financial newspaper ohahreum reporter] LG Electronics 27 in Barcelona at the opening of 'MWC 2017 (Mobile World Congress 2017)' from a single charge of about two days for writing numbers in large-capacity battery to mount a Home Essentials smartphone 'X Power 2 unveils'.

'X Power 2 "has received rave reviews predecessor inherited the strong performance of the batteries' X power' of LG Electronics smartphone equipped with a 4500mAh capacity battery is past its maximum capacity.

This is a level that exceeds the battery capacity of the Smartphone premium, high capacity that can be a smartphone over the weekend without the charger. Continuous to play video on a single charge for about 15 hours and about 18 hours in the case of Internet search and navigation can be used continuously for about 14 hours.

Support two times faster than the normal fast charge charging, the battery can be charged up to 50% in about one hour.

'X Power 2 "was equipped with a 5.5 inches large screen displays that can take full advantage of the strengths of a large capacity battery. You can adjust the blue light blocking rate of the screen support, easy-to-view mode ', e-book, Real Madrid for a long time, such as when using the content and reduces eye fatigue.

In the "Quick share" such as cameras recorded pictures can be uploaded directly to the SNS have applied a variety of convenience features of a premium smartphone level.

The rear camera 13 million pixel high-definition touch of a button, and became a 'zero shutter lag' The shot goes applied simultaneously.

In addition, 'X Power 2 "is to adopt a wide-angle front camera 5 million pixels can shoot a group photo without Gonzo rods. Front LED flash was also equipped with a bright and clear selpi to shoot in the dark.

Automatically grasped the "Auto shot" to take pictures to detect a face, fist tilt stand is also equipped with convenient features selpi million, including LG 'gesture Shot' to take a photo after 3 seconds.

LG Electronics MC Business Division jojunho president "for consumers who want to enjoy long been a variety of content on a smartphone without battery worries' X Power 2" will be the best choice, "said" We differentiated features to reflect the voices of a wide range of consumer and he said it would strengthen its lineup of affordable Home Essentials ".

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Humidifiers fungicide ingredient standing 'Valley can' hair mist detection products

The humidifier disinfectant ingredients were detected from the financial newspaper gimeunji Korea News] Hair Mist product.

Korea Consumer Agency is a sheath hair are ODM (manufacturer's design production) manufactured and sold a "valley could Protein Therapy Perfect Mist" humidifier disinfectant ingredient, chloro- methyl-isothiazolone / methyl isothiazolone 'in (CMIT / MIT) in such a way that the detection gotta have stopped the sale announced 24 days refund the products sold.

July 2015 regulations on cosmetics safety, etc. The revised criteria and rules used to allow only CMIT / MIT products rinsing with water.

Perfect Protein Therapy Mist Valley Pro, but you can do is to wash hair mist products being CMIT / MIT have each been detected 5.1㎍ / g, 1.6㎍ / g.

Consumer Agency's recommendations have visibility to the retailer decided to refund the hair sheath 2400 is already sold.

This product is not distributed since 2016.

Consumer Agency has investigated the CMIT / MIT mixture used for any other product, whether or not the detection of the Piel cosmetics business by manufacturing and supplying those products are based on reported violations eopeotdago products.

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Community Credit, a little exercise Dori fundraising deadline of love

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] Korea Federation of Community Credit was closed for '2016 MG sports Dori little hope of sharing love fundraising.

Korea Federation of Community Credit 1 November last year from January, 31 to 3 months progressed a little exercise Dori closed little activity of Love, raising the target price geodwotdago earnings of more than 5.5 billion won 1.1 billion won 6.6 billion won many said Tuesday.

Community Credit is due to two passes and support to local residents and underprivileged mogeumaek contained a warm affection for the members of the neighborhood children, the elderly muuitak, broken families, neighbors in need, such as a soup kitchen, disabled facilities until March.

"Dori little love movement" has revived the original spirit of mutual aid community credit cooperatives to help those less fortunate in facing the financial crisis and economic crisis began in 1998 with the heart of sipsiilban.

The last 19 years by about 2.19 million people participated in the raising of rice of 49.3 billion won in cash and approximately 13.9 thousand tons, and established itself as a leading brand of CSR community credit.

In 2016 in cooperation with the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs and the local government was promoting the business of home repair MG Hope Sharing love. Home repair project was supported by the love of approximately 300 million won some of Dori mogeumaek to the low-income and warm in winter business for smoking, 100 Community Credit councils across the country participate in the next higher tier.

Community Credit sinjongbaek central president said, "Thank you for that love to share with many of you to join me in Dori movement of love for our neighbors around the cold winter kicks in economic difficulties."

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"China's blood transfusion 'doorstep insurance ... Allianz Life Chinese greeting Dagger Sudan

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Most of the registered office of Allianz Life Insurance acquired the Chinese master bedroom was replaced with a Chinese greeting. The master bedroom and ahead of Tong Yang Life Insurance in a similar move to the spiral 'Chinese blood transfusion.

In 23 days the insurance industry showed that the newly elected officers registered Chinese Allianz Life won a majority in the Council, except for the Executive Committee Subcommittee. The subcommittee consists of three people, two people consists in the registration of Chinese executives gotta let people be less than a majority voting against the rest of the event became a de facto Shem 'monopoly'.

Council officers are placed under the umbrella of the Nominating Committee and the Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee, Risk Management Committee, the highest decision-making bodies such as the Executive Committee of Allianz Life.

Such move is seen as part of the blood transfusion China 'doorstep in Tong Yang Life Insurance boyeoon last year. Insurance industry officials have predicted that "will be reorganized to rapidly advance to the master bedroom also group of companies Allianz Life, as did East life.

Master bedroom has shuffled the executive insurance personnel to replace eight of nine people registered office immediately after the acquisition of Tong Yang Life Insurance in 2015. Even a year later that five of the nine people mideunggi officer for two months was replaced by the Chinese.

Industry insiders said, "other foreign insurers only cease to dominate the executive board certified master bedroom including insurance of a person seated in relation to China, nearly half mideunggi officers also take on the practice.

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Samsung Pei, Malaysia 11th standing territorial expansion

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] today announced Samsung Electronics has 24 days from the simple mobile payment services in Malaysia 'Samsung pay.

Samsung Electronics was the day KL Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) major local banks, partners, media, etc. Samsung official launch event page among the approximately 300 people in attendance.

In particular, Samsung Electronics Malaysia is the 11th in the Samsung Helix market service pay territorial expansion in the world, Southeast Asia, the country is entered followed by Singapore, Australia, Thailand in fourth.

Samsung Malaysia △ Maybank (MayBank) △ Citibank (Citibank) △ Malaysia International Commercial Bank (Commerce International Merchant Bank) △ Standard Chartered Bank (Standard Chartered Bank), including four major banks and cooperation credit cards, prepaid cards etc. provides a convenient mobile payment services.

As well as three hand royalty Infinite card company B (B Infinite), a bonus link (Bonuslink), Sunway paljeu (Sunway Pals) is most commonly used in Malaysia and local value added services Loyalty cards are also supported.

The card offers royalty payments and benefits, including points in the merchant alliance membership as a kind of reward card that is accepted in some countries overseas.

Samsung is currently in Singapore (transportation card), Australia (membership card), Thailand (gift card), etc., and to consider the respective market conditions tailored additional support services, Mobile Wallet beyond the mobile Easy payment to replace the wallet (Mobile Wallet) It plans to raise its competitiveness as a service.

Rijyuyi Xiang (Lee Jui Siang), Samsung Electronics Malaysia Corporate IM Division Vice President is "Samsung Fei Digital Economy (Digital Economy) to change the support of powerful mobile payment platform, secure e-Payment Environment of Malaysia's national agenda to meet and "said" to introduce the Samsung pay as a mobile payment service that can be used most commonly in Malaysia very pleased, "he said.

Michael Wind (Michael Foong) Maybank Group Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) "We are pleased through this Samsung payload launch to be able to introduce a global advanced mobile payment services in Malaysia," said "the future needs for digital banking customers I will try to satisfy, "he said.

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Dongbu Securities Incheon Branch, 25th International Investment Conference held Gift

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] and Dongbu Securities Investment Conference to be held in Incheon branch in Incheon Branch 2:00 pm 25 days.

This presentation is an expert gimminseop proceed with the theme of "overseas futures investment strategy. Investment Seminar Registration and contact us if you are in Incheon point.

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Shinyoung Securities, founded 61 anniversary of the 'Proud Shin impression' Awards

Said [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] 24 Shinyoung Securities Held to 'Shinyoung proud impressive' ceremony with the 61 anniversary of the founding headquarters in Yeouido, Seoul.

Day event was awarded with commendation goes to "Proud Shin impression 'net awards for long service employees. There were a total of 32, including long-service awards were awarded IB hwangseongyeop sector vice president, was given a sabbatical and reward according to seniority.

"Proud Shin impression 'is an award given to employees and departments, expand dominating over the past year, the awards across six categories, including revenue, innovation, corporate image, organizational culture, ethics, Rising Star. Commercial Paper (CP) maintained a high share of the market and the credit market additional 'revenue Award claimed to have increased the steady revenue each year, specializing in private equity collective investment up expansion and Family Heritage established a financial solution based on differentiation as a service release assets frozen in Locations Headquarters won the "innovation award".

In addition, the selection of human resources as' 2016 Best Human Resource Development Authority, was like "the corporate image.

Right Shinyoung Securities founding 61 years has kept the 'basis of the customer's trust shortly prosperity "of" sinjeuk geunyoung (信 則 根 榮)' management philosophy under stable revenue and trust with our customers based on superior financial strength . And record the current management in 1971 after the company acquired in '45 consecutive surplus so far.

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Makeover re-emphasize Huh Chang-soo, this time surprisingly

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] Chairman Huh Chang-soo finally the next two years was once again led the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI below). FKI is bolting the current chairman Huh Chang-soo scheduled to be held in 24 days from 9:00 AM to 11:30 Conference "36th President". He announced a commitment aspirations perform a makeover, including scenes coalesce eradicated.

◇ chairman Huh Chang-soo, three innovative projects announced

Her Chairman announced three innovative projects announced the reappointment. ▲ ▲ strengthened through the scene adhesion eradicate the Federation of Korean Industries Transparency ▲ think tank, he said he would strengthen reform the Federation of Korean Industries.

Huh said: "I will disclose in detail all the activities of the Federation of Korean business and accounting in order to strengthen transparency," "prepared to fight and the scene will provide a system for preventing recurrence of adhesions unfair apryeop future outside," said he said.

He following added, "I will ever presented various measures to strengthen the think-tank capabilities, the development of Korea's economy."

FKI as a partner for innovation elected as full-time Vice chapter gwontaesin Korea Economic Research. Issues new Vice President for the time being, and the Adjunct Director hangyeongyeon seems to be responsible for the provision FKI swaesinan. Have passed the administrative examination in 1976, he served as President Finance Executive Finance Secretary, Ministry of Finance Economic Cooperation Division, International Organizations, Foreign Investment Division, Ministry of Finance and Economy Vice Prime Minister mounting, etc. Hangyeongyeon director is under served since March 2014.

◇ NGOs "The trick Makeover"

Etc. NGO says that this reform will of the president permit 'tricks'. But the practice was not already presented several swaesinan past the talking. Such criticism is not departing president also allowed.

He let occurs last in 2011 Employers lobby targets politicians assigned event (FKI this case tried to focus Lobby assign a contact politicians to major conglomerates such as Samsung and Hyundai · SK · LG · Lotte) allowed President jeonggyeonggyu mounting eradication and sink It has said that it is reviewing the transforming tanks. Late last year, due to 'choesunsil gate' which could not be proved that practice.

Citizens' Coalition for Economic Justice said, "the past, but in 2011 even Huh Chang-soo President directly talk to the transition to a private think tank was eventually yirwojiji" and "FKI and intervention in politics by the conservative support parental United sins that divide gukron It retained the resignation hagetdadeon Chairman Huh Chang-soo with, and now he said would not believe what people are naenwado makeover book ".

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Samsung Life Insurance, Financial Supervisory Service 'cold' embarrassment to the announced re-elected President Kim, Chang - Soo

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] 23 days in sanctions Committee of the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) was voted the warning censure of President Kim, Chang - Su Samsung Life Insurance. Samsung Life Insurance is only 9 hours after opening the board of directors announced 'president reappointed.

Samsung Life will open the morning said that the resolution the Council 23 days to raise the shareholders' meeting agenda to be reelected president next month that Kim, Chang - Soo.

President Kim, Chang - Su January dwaeteuna was a three-year term exit without saying jimyeonseo delayed Samsung Group personnel involved in the pledge choesunsil gate jikideon place until the next shareholders' meeting status.

If the warning is confirmed reappointed censure of President Kim, Chang - Soo is expected to be virtually impossible. When you receive the warning censure of course, because they can not be re-elected for the next three years, financial executives.

Unlike some censure sales suspension will require approval of the finance committee warnings that are likely to be confirmed by the Financial Supervisory Service gotta jeongyeol The decision is a significant change industry is predicted.

Samsung Life has not conceal his embarrassment.

Samsung Life official said, "The decision was unexpected jungjinggye came even tried yesterday to resolve a gentle 'he said.

About the president re-elected Kim, Chang - Su Gun released the same day, said, "The Board opened the day was a planned schedule in place from the beginning of the year shareholders' meeting next month to determine the agenda took place the same day as the inevitable simwi of the FSS jimyeonseo keep putting off.

If Samsung Life jeongyeol falls jinungseop of the Financial Supervisory Service for censure warning against former President Kim, Chang - Soo shareholders' meeting scheduled for that day will be 24 next month, now we have to find a successor to President Kim.

Samsung Life is the position because not announced a definitive disciplinary level from financial authorities sets out to deal with future decisions when the final proposal.

However, these procedures are in fact expected to take considerable time.

The decision to suspend some operations on a day with jesim is confirmed by the decision of the Finance Committee. However, this financial crisis is said about "nothing yet received any proposal from the FSS also passed.

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[Photo News] again bolting the President of the Federation of Korean Industries Chairman Huh Chang-soo

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] The Federation of Korean Industries (hereinafter FKI) is the middle of the member representatives attended, including Huh Chang-soo President, bakyoungju President, gimyun President, yiungyeol president of the FKI Conference Center 24 Days '56th Annual General Meeting' bolting and decided to hold the GS Chairman Huh Chang-soo in the 36 FKI chairman. From the left yiungyeol Kolon chairman, president bakyoungju this industry, FKI chairman Huh Chang-soo, chairman gimyun Samyang Holdings

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Last year, the National Pension responsible investment rating of 50 point-to-stay

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporters - NPS responsible investment assessment scores last year showed that 50 remained in point.

According to 24 days for Responsible Investment advisors ESG Moneta said domestic stocks Responsible Investment evaluation indicators of environmental and social responsibility, corporate governance massive holdings of pension funds (Environmental, Social Governance, ESG) integration Score is staying in 50 point 2016 . In the third quarter of 2014 was the mid-point 60.

ESG side Moneta explained jyeotdago for the long-term, stable revenue growth of pension funds to account for responsible investment elements of the environment, society and governance, including with respect to investments made this amendment in January 2015.

But last year's corporate governance score remained without a 30-point improvement in the social responsibility rating was also pointed out that it was difficult to keep the point-to-50.

Responsible Investment is summarized by the non-financial rating ESG risks in addition to the financial risks and pursue a long-term and stable profit-oriented to a long-term investment through the exercise of shareholder rights vigorously.

ESG Moneta has analyzed the data of pension fund holdings of the top 20 domestic equity holdings and mass market capitalization of pension funds to complement the Financial Supervisory Disclosure. South Korea in terms of corporate governance were won out of 100 points based on use of the original data (Corporate Governance Service, CGS).

ESG Moneta side showed an ESG rating the companies of the B + rating or more ESG rating company points similar trend of CGS since the third quarter of 2012 to the second quarter of 2014, after the third quarter of 2014 jyeotdago reduced to a similar distribution and Class B score of CGS It explained. In the case of pension it was also flat with that recorded in the mid-50 point score increase of the corporate social responsibility (S). ESG is a point-to-side score 50 Moneta said the figures need to be improved.

ESG Moneta said, "why ESG scores of domestic stocks massive holdings of pension funds lowered is because the bulk holdings could increase in accordance with enlargement of change and funding of the ESG evaluation method of the August period dominated by nine trillion won through 2015," said "In addition has the possibility of changing investment approach and include issues such as the transition from institutions such as the exercise of voting rights, "he said.

In April 2010, it launched Moneta is responsible for ESG investment advisory, consultancy and the like, and has signed since last September 2013 and CGS business and business cooperation contracts. This year in January, announced the responsible investment index by Weiss and co epeuen.

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SK Planet, multilateral foreign investment promotion

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] had agreed to promote multilateral SK Planet is more than 1 trillion won investment for large-scale e-commerce platform business expansion.

SK Planet can not conceal his recent China's largest privately held investment company, China Minsheng Investment Co., Ltd. (jungmin investment) investment of embarrassment as 'investment Musan' report is being reviewed for the.

SK Planet has been a positive review of the investment-to-jungmin to raise the necessary funds on the international markets of key projects such as 11th Street and syrup, OK cashback.

However, SK Planet is conveyed through the news of the securities that are publicly disclosed with respect to the review of cases jungmin-to-investment. Following some media have reported that a large share of the investment plan for the SK Planet jungmin-to unilateral withdrawal.

Last year, the Korean government in July altitude missile defense system (THADD · high-altitude missile defense system) will be announced after the talks dwaetdaneun rapidly cooled.

Press the dwaeteumyeo investment negotiations with SK Planet is canceled jungmin-to-late last year, the investment jungmin left the negotiating table suddenly without revealing no entry contains information that lovable SK Group jeokjanyi panic.

In response jungmin said investment does not hold out the two large-scale equity investment position data 23 days to interpret dwaetdaneun collapsed on SK Planet.

SK Group is maintaining a friendly relationship and not the fact that you have submitted letters of intent for acquisition of facts and SK Planet is difficult to explain to the Musan interpretation dwaetdago argument because the facts submitted a letter of intent itself.

In addition, investment jungmin said, "has maintained friendly relations with the SK Group, a long time" and "SK geurupwa haetdeut maintained friendly relations for a long time will continue to be a good partner to maintain a working relationship."

SK Planet said officials "have-to-jungmin eoteumyeo was being reviewed as one of the target future investment will continue to multilateral efforts to attract investment."

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Jinungseop "big bio-hazard spill certification ... To improve the problem. "

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] jinungseop Financial Supervisory Director "We need to improve and verify the safety problems because it is difficult to modify the risk of bio-source information if authentication is leaked," he said.

Jinungseop Director at the Financial Supervisory Service held financial services sector IT investment banking 24 days in one session, "Financial firms are scrambling to actively introduce certification means utilizing the biometric data such as fingerprints, iris," he told reporters.

Jean ledger "FSS is intended to prepare for the new risks to prescribe a time of revolution represented a 2017-pin Tech and threaten the financial system" and "seated in financial IT environments supervision and inspection methods of risk-based I will focus on the ability to coach, "emphasized he says.

This is a policy response to the FSS hagetdan preemptive security threats that can occur when introducing new electronic financial services.

He said, "through encryption or separate storage, such as bio information will map to help financial companies can themselves have the responsibility manages the biometric data" and "over deals detection system for cyber attacks that cause consumer harm malicious code spreading, etc. (FDS ) will expand the sharing between the detected information from financial institutions, "he said mentioning.

FSS is also promoting IT risk-based supervision, inspection, and then he said he would pin the tech support.

Jean Director "This year's ahead of the first voyage to launch an Internet specialized bank there is a possibility that the stability of the financial system inhibition" and "this director, a finance company-specific risk levels to effectively utilize the inspection resources on the IT system stability measure, we will conduct a differentiated inspection supervision, "he said.

UK Financial Services Authority Act (FCA) has secured new market entrants in the ecosystem custom regulations and policies for the pin-tech companies. As a result, pin-tech market in the UK sales of 6.6 billion lbs (worth about 9.4 trillion won), employment has reached 10 000 1000 Sleeps 6 guests.

Jean ledger "and innovative plans to lower the pin Tech Technique financial barriers to entry of new companies armed with innovative ideas and finance companies will enable an open platform for resources between synergy," said "financial companies and take responsibility Pin tech companies should do the ceremony, "he said.

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Hotel Pan 'Michelin' Forbes Travel Guide, South Korea Hotels eight first selection

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter - Hotel Pan Korea raised the Michelin guide called eight hotels and spas where one first name in the Forbes Travel Guide.

Forbes Travel Guide has released a list of 24 days Hotel Awards 59th Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, Park Hyatt Seoul, The Shilla Seoul has received a 4 star rating.

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul, Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, the InterContinental Seoul COEX, Lotte Hotel Seoul Millennium Seoul Hilton has acquired a recommended grade (Recommended Rating Awards).

Hotel for the top rating of five-star hotels of the country has not been selected, in the case of Spa Four Seasons Hotel Seoul spa sector has acquired a four-star hotel.

Sister medium of the US economy magazine Forbes Travel Forbes Travel Guide has become a professional evaluation that provides information on global hotel and restaurant and spa.

Forbes Travel Guide has a high reputation that has been initially developed to provide the most comprehensive list covering all rated hotels and restaurants, a spa since 1958, evaluated according to the world's best hotel and service with strict standards for five-star rating system.

Forbes Travel Guide has currently includes hotels in 42 countries, including the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific countries to be evaluated. This year, two new 20 including Kyoto, Osaka, Bali, Manila and Sydney went to the new evaluation.

A new five-star rating and the hotel received a four star rating is 75 dogs and 38 respectively, where the dog is also the first award to a recommended 85 hotels this year. In addition, the nine five-star and 35 four-star spa Spa also honored the new prime minister.

Gerard Inje Lilo Forbes Travel Guide CEO, "this year's selection of facilities are great enough to meet all the selection criteria as ever largest" and "Forbes Travel Guide will be the most reliable source of information in the online environment, information full," he said .

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