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Open one financial investment, 4th Industrial Revolution '1 deungju' Investment Conference

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Augmented reality, one in the Investments 'shares 4th industrial revolution' in the wind blowing securities, including autonomous car and ended the financial investment. Yiminhwa KAIST Professor, Center for Cho Yongjun, aeneolriseuteuyi lecture on the key themes that will drive the fourth round of industrial revolution of each sector, and a chapter that presents a future market outlook is provided on the 21st of this month.

A financial investment that is held in a free Investment Conference in Seoul Yeouido headquarters in unison Hall with the theme of the 4th Industrial Revolution Strategy announced Monday.

4th Industrial Revolution, this briefing provided to meet the customers' attention is being paid to investment-related stocks are a total of three sessions.

In Part 1 yiminhwa and lectures KAIST professors '4th is our future to bring industrial revolution' as the subject. In chapter 2, section one after another, leading Cho Yongjun center of a financial investment guru then "4th industrial revolution, Invest in the Future!" Is scheduled for release for the detailed investment strategy on the subject. Following Headquarters Department Head Hwang Seungtaek a lecture about the AI ​​era, and the team leader Li Zhengji unfolds a lecture about the 4th key industry themes.

Finally Part 3 will continue the investment strategy of each sector-by-sector analysts have described the semiconductor, autonomous cars, 5G communications all three themes. Three themes have hot reaction from investors is expected as both are often mentioned as the 4th Industrial Revolution, a key theme.

This session will be conducted to 300 people restrictions. Investors who wish to participate in one of the financial investment website - can apply at the 'Support Events "page, and other questions are when one financial investment Customer Support Center.

Seminar participation is provided for the power customers into the "4th industrial one deungju briefing kit 'for free.

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Ginny Music, Jaguar Land Rover and the Connected Car market

[Ohahreum financial newspaper reporter Korea - Music Genie holding hands and Jaguar Land Rover Korea and to market the Connected Car (Connected Car).

According to the 6th KT, Ginny music and Jaguar Land Rover Korea vehicle infotainment (information ∙ Information and entertainment ∙ portmanteau of Entertainment) signed a strategic cooperation on research and development in order to implement a music service in the system, a joint project for the past 10 months It was the advances.

Accordingly, the companies of the project results 'Jaguar Land Rover Genie' was unveiled at the Seoul Motor Show Press Day last 30 days.

"Jaguar Land Rover Genie" is going to be applied first to the domestic public, the all-new Discovery (ALL-NEW DISCOVERY) 'is applied to the first, expanded after the Infotainment system is equipped with Jaguar Land Rover vehicles at the 2017 Seoul Motor Show.

The companies said that for this collaboration mean in terms of excavation of new services through the Connected Car market △ △ cross-industry convergence.

Jaguar Land Rover Infotainment System "controls (InControl) 'applied to the' Jaguar Land Rover Genie 'was designed with safety as a top priority of the driver. By applying a simple user experience (UI, User Interface) allows intuitively choose the music list during vehicle operation, the occupant is provided a drive recommended list to the music selection of music according to mood and weather.

Ginny paid subscribers can hear the songs from the 'Jaguar Land Rover Ginny. Connecting the "Jaguar Land Rover controls, after installing the application and the Genie app, vehicle USB cable is the" Jaguar Land Rover Genie 'on the front panel touch screen, the vehicle is running on a smart phone operator.

Ginny Music Platform Division Hong Sehui general manager said, "This partnership Ginny Music This is significant in that it advanced to the federated car industry future technology connectors" and "will continue to develop a variety of music services that can be applied to the Connected Car" He said.

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Cacao, the PC Home Search · Reorganization

It was transformed into a new form of PC services [Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter and then (Daum). The wider screen resolution abundantly filled with a variety of content.

Kakao said that the 6th overhaul of the PC service portal follows.

Given the trend of a high-resolution monitor, the user increases the broadening PC screen with 990 pixels in width, is characterized in providing a wide range of content including Rubik, cacao TV, next channel, the search results associated with the widened space. According to the first high-resolution PC display text in the search box and search results grew even became more abundant.

The following PC Home News section was applied to expand the cocoa personalized content recommendations AI 'Rubik'.

Rubik's (RUBICS) is an AI system to continue to Machine Learning (Machine Learning) content consumption patterns of users individual automatically recommend content that is optimized for individual interests cacao, which had introduced the Rubik last June 2015 following apps .

PC Home in applying the Rubik following news that are exposed to the PC first screen is exposed differently depending on the user's gender / age, the usual favorite news types of users are able to access a variety of news sources, optimized for their interests.

In fact, after applying the Rubik's next app, article number is 3.5 times, category, article exposures introduced in the app first screen is a bar rose up to 5.5 times.

The indicators showing that the users of the Rubik's Newsletter is contributing to diversification. Current cacao news and regions, as well as upgrading to the next channel, expanding our Rubik applied in various areas such as KakaoTalk channel taps at the same time algorithm.

The top of the first screen with the news section was arranged entertainment, sports, movies, cars, real estate section. To reflect the use patterns and needs of the users box office, and provide specialized content and useful information in each section, such as professional automotive column, part company Commercial information.

Who provide a variety of content services in mobile you can also meet the following PC Home. The first stop on your PC screen has a new cocoa TV and melon each section.

In the TV section of Cacao can be seen gathering content and broadcast highlights of cacao TV PD, Melon section can listen to music curation, and the latest music trends, melon Magazine, colorful premium music content such as music charts.

Thematic subscription content was provided by the app has become the first in the bottom of the PC screen. The following apps are provided by cacao is produced in a wide range of content curation platform owned by themes such as travel, restaurants, office workers, romance, humor, cooking.

Thematic subscription content currently following-run amounted to more than 150 species, including Hall △ selreop style restaurants rod △ all over domestic travel △ belly △ legend, through this reorganization following PC users can enjoy rich content to suit your taste so it was.

PC Discovery Service also gave a significant change to fit the wider screen. Search foster increased the size of the readability and usability of the window that was on the left side of the search results screen, such as 'integrated search', 'news', 'blog' Category Results were moved to the top of the screen. Category has jumped visibility as it moves to the top, it is exposed to a variety of search results wider area of ​​the right and left raised interoperability and ease of retrieval.

For example, if you search for movies that are currently opened Previously natjiman see a movie related searches rank in search results-right corner of your screen, the reorganization of the search results screen to view a variety of information such as the movie cast, content, movie box office, at a glance so it is exposed. It is true even easier to search for additional yield the desired information.

Cacao jeonjiseon portal project team leader "Through this reorganization the PC users were able to use the search service became rich and diverse content and more conveniently produced from cacao platform" and "continue to consistently strengthen the service connection between the mobile and PC will, "he said.

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Conspiracy to re-re-postponed debate ... Fisheries Bank selected claudication

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - and this again postponed the next Sh Fisheries Bank Selected finalists are having a hiatus.

According to the 6th financial Fisheries Bank haengjang Nomination Committee (Acts cold) is to re-discuss the 10th again haengjang senior issues come does not nakjeom final haengjang candidates to be recommended to the Board of Directors to lead again discussed last 5 days last month, 31 days did.

Fisheries bankers, but compressed to three of the candidates finalists in '11 did not elect 'he said.

Before last December Fisheries Bank has a new start are separated from the Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives. Fisheries Bank focuses on mid-sized bank Leap Capital Ltd. 2 trillion in the form of governance structure that National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives are owned 100%.

Before last month after nine days of Fisheries Bank separation nervous nakjeom tried to end the first haengjang candidate, he decided to re-contest unable to narrow the differences between a row won the cold. But it is a continuous selection until July 31, two months 5 days misfire state.

Fisheries Bank Row cold gotta have two masters government side is recommended by the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives three people outside directors recommended a total of five people. Final nominations shall be approved (two thirds) or more rows cold committee four.

Inside the former gangmyeongseok Fisheries Fisheries Bank audit side, the government side have reportedly pushed the former officials yiwontae haengjang not reach an agreement on the final nominations.

Article 1 observation also comes expectation won over the public funds injected La gangmyeongseok state audit is not being swipjin nakjeom. But there yiwontae current haengjang even if the decision remains with the final candidate of the opposition National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives and trade unions major shareholder.

The expiration of the current term of office yiwontae haengjang is the 12th of the month. If you re-discussed at the 10th again be the final candidate haengjang nakjeom is inevitable limping. In the financial sector Fisheries Bank will proceed to elect a new government emerges also observed.

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[Hypermarket four years 2017 brand reputation - 1st E-Mart, Lotte Mart, 2nd, 3rd Homeplus

[Korea yichangseon financial newspaper reporter] 4 May 2017 hypermarket brand reputation survey results were analyzed by 1st 2nd Lotte Mart, E-mart, Homeplus third place.

Korea Corporate Reputation Institute is the last one month Big Data Analytics reputation was analyzed brand big data 7285120 Dog from 4 March 2017 until 5 April 2017 by the brand habits of consumers and the reputation of the six hypermarkets brand It was analyzed. In February, compared Dog hypermarket brand Big Data 8425973 dropped 13.54%.

Reputation of the brand is to share big data work for consumers on the brand value of the participation, communication value, social value, market value, financial value. Hypermarket brand reputation index was analyzed with the participation index, traffic index, social index.

Brand Reputation Index is find it and geung negative assessment of the brand as an index created by the brand Big Data analytics, media attention, consumer traffic, measured in conversation amount in the social that the online habits of the consumer exerts a greater influence on brand consumption do.

President on Park Yongman, voice forwarding business community keen on presidential candidate

And the crisis that "economic growth [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] can sit hesitate to 0% assail the business community. Domestic economic recovery is slow .'- April 28 Sim Sang-jung per definition Park Yongman Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the election candidates invited lectures Unlike overseas markets.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI below) for Park Yongman President and preached to the political crisis means a fall upon dont dedicated to reviving the domestic economy. After having delivered a proposal from the door to visit the major political parties met late last month, the last direct election of the rear and delivering doctor.

According to the business community for over six days plans to appeal dont dedicated to reviving Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business, Korea International Trade Association, met with Democratic presidential candidate Moon Jae-side, along with the economy and the Korea Employers Association. In particular, one of the chaebol reform of the commitments has been known to be liable comments also suggested that the company could okjoel reigns. 4 Lee Donggeun economic organizations have full-time Vice-President, Federation of Small and Medium Business choesugyu full-time vice president, Rhee exports Korea International Trade Association Executive Director, Lee Dongeung Korea Employers Association Executive will attend the KCCI. Meeting is expected to be a place to listen to your enterprise's economic difficulties on-site to discuss the economic crisis solving measures.

Whilst on the saying about the crisis coming in the domestic business community and deliver the voice of the major presidential candidates and the business community. President former majority leader, inmyeongjin Party of the Democratic majority leader, juseungyong people along Woo Sangho 23 days last month on about Park Yongman Free hangukdang hypertrophy Chairman Ju Hoyoung right party representative acting, Sim Sang-jung met per definition represents "the 19 business sector proposal offering to candidates there hanba passed the door. The time Chairman Park but continues the "recent international market I better domestic economic recovery deodyeo seems, saying," Now dont 2% growth, and now threatened that if the sit hesitate to 0% growth unchanged assail the business community there, he was saying appealed expanded efforts to revive the economy in the political arena.

Last month, 28, was invited to mention, 0% per definition Sim Sang-jung threatened the presidential candidate. Chairman Park and concern for domestic economic growth rate of 0% for entry, even tried saying 'era of the need to "Noh force' embargo cost no 'non' of vested wall and resource allocation distortions, because the resulting goal conflicts which ' when you tryin 'he said, when you need to restore hope to the official of the Korea economic receive fair treatment.

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Shilla Stay Seocho, kideolteu group aimed at 'kideolteu Paradise Package' launch

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Shilla Stay Seocho showcase the emotional package for kideolteu family. Shilla Stay Seocho is by incorporating cultural and artistic content and showcase the cultural kideolteu 'kideolteu Paradise (Kidult Paradise)' packages for adult children said Monday.

Kideolteu Paradise package is a package of emotional cartoon movie character, Shilla Stay Seocho that 30-40 workers enjoy, such as drones can have a good time, like childhood with after work, relax in the hotel only.

"Kideolteu Paradise package includes a ticket and play mobile figures Hangaram Museum Galaxy Express 999 exhibits of art.

Galaxy Express 999 exhibition in dwaeteumyeo prepare to celebrate the release 40th anniversary of the Japanese animation "Galaxy Express 999" aired in the early 1980s popularity, young workers can be appreciated with the living legend of the SF comic Matsumoto Reiji collections and various figures now gaining popularity.

Shilla Stay Seocho 'kideolteu Paradise "package snack with yogurt flavored jelly for Galaxy Express 999 exhibition ticket Chapters 2 and Play Mobile Potter and the cart figures, including one standard room per night, modern and casual buffet restaurant, cafe 2 of breakfast, adults It was composed one. The package is available from 1 April until 30 April.

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Targeting overseas markets in earnest with LG G6, North America begins

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG Electronics premium smartphone LG G6 strategy sets out a full-scale overseas markets, starting with North America.

LG Electronics has launched the LG G6 in 7 days, Verizon, Sprint, AT & T, T Mobile, US Cellular US 5, including 11 carriers in North America carriers. The same day starting sales in Canada.

LG Electronics will provide a space where you can experience the LG G6 at 25,000 yeogot US carrier stores, electronics stores since the end of last month and are scrambling to popularity. Since mid-March, and he proceeded to sell LG G6 reservations.

LG Electronics plans to offer a sequentially followed by North America and Europe, CIS, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America such as LG G6 in major global markets over 200 mobile operators.

Earlier this year, LG Electronics finished parts supply scheduling, inventory management, supply chain, including diversification resilient to the global market ready to reinforce the supply chain that can respond to the finished product sales from components.

LG LG Electronics G6 are favored from a firsthand a variety of convenience features such as surface non-tight filling pool (FullVision) parts of the front and of front and rear wide-angle camera, Google assistant customers.

Another year passed the test of 14 items among the most smartphones in the military standards (MIL-STD 810G) certification from the US Department of Defense has awarded recognition to outstanding durability.

LG G6 is awarded in February the world's largest mobile exhibition in Barcelona MWC (Mobile World Congress) All Time Most of the top 36 in the smart ponsang and has received rave reviews from all over the world since it was first published. Recent IT professional media GSM arena is a result of the LG G6 ranked in progress, and the bar was 78% responded that "cool (Hot)" during the 10,000 participants.

LG Electronics MC Business Division president Cho Junho stressed that "will continue to lead the global smartphone market, LG G6 with the ease of use and quality, beyond the expectations of consumers."

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SPC shake swek 3 Shop 'two RBIs, open ... The first store in Jiangbei

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] SPC group has opened a premium burger brand shakes swek 'third domestic stores of' two RBI 'Dongdaemun in Seoul Duta first floor.

Shake swek two RBIs, it has become a typical fashion, shopping centers and tourist attractions of the annual 700 million 348㎡ Dongdaemun which people visit, and 116 seats. In the Gangbuk area is home debut.

It was decorated with configured overlooking the vibrant Dongdaemun street outdoor terraces and canopies, flower pots, etc. 'downtown in a seating area, and external space, strings install the bistro one trillion people shake swek first store in New York City Madison Square so you can make the atmosphere of the Park Branch did.

Shake swek two RBI will introduce a special dessert menu of three kinds of sales representatives in addition to the menu, including burgers swek, swek Stack, Smoke swek, Burger syurum only two such Dongdaemun rainbow, green light, swek carriage sat RBIs.

Edit to celebrate the store opening is a 10-year collaboration with the Como CORPS small tumbler Limited is also planning to introduce. Tumbler purchase will be available for the Americano or custard ice cream voucher. Also provided Eco peach carved a first-come, first-served basis every purchase of 150 for 3 days, shake swek Duta logo after opening.

Shake swek is a premium burger brand that began in New York in 2001 being operated stores in 13 major countries including the UK, Japan, UAE. Korea, and the SPC Group operate stores signed an exclusive operating agreement. In particular, the highest sales of the world's shake swek store if the first store and Gangnam is a craze continues.

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NH Investment & Securities, wadi's, we produce crowdfunding jeonyonggwan open

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] NH Investment & Securities, said that the 'healthy food crowdfunding jeonyonggwan' open six days on Irrawaddy's Inn crowdfunding intermediaries to support agricultural cooperatives created and co-hosted.

Crowdfunding is divided into a mean moeundaneun funds from the public investment when after receiving a reward, such as product prototypes and equity-type securities received as such. Now Crowdfunding is a NH Investment & Securities is organized by participating in the funding and then you can receive a processed food made to the agricultural production in rural direct funding round.

NH Investment & Securities are the best placed to focus this time is that we deal directly, without intermediate complex distribution process agricultural producers and buyers to increase farm income and farmers' planting new sales channels through crowdfunding.

The Healthy Food crowdfunding jeonyonggwan 'in order to receive funding in processing must be purchased directly produce a farmer directly, without the intermediate process of distribution. After you pass the intermediate distribution process, no primary screening for such support in the agricultural cooperatives created for this purpose has selected 12 best teams on the basis of product value, marketable securities and investments, including in NH's Wadi. Since from the wadi's receive training regarding crowdfunding Aspects of promoting content creation, photography was ready for funding.

NH Investment & Securities gimwongyu president "Agricultural cooperatives vision is a nation of farmers are happy. The public value that contributes to raising the income of the objectives of the Corporation of profits and farmers need to achieve harmony and "said" The crowdfunding is hoping to play a major role in achieving 50 million won Period farm income, future combine ideas and technologies plans to expand the scope to securities type for the agri-food companies digging, "he said.

It is also scheduled to participate in a working agricultural funding in the 12 team directly, Kim. The food crowdfunding is open to all through my NH Investment & Securities jeonyonggwan day after the wadi's website.

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Oil hits Securities Trading System seminar held

[Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] Oil hits Securities coming 15 days from 16 days two days 1:00 pm in the cloth until the optic hits Securities customer support center first floor training room (Route 6 Gwangheungchang Station Exit 4 Darling Middle opposite ) it will be held at the smart systems Trading School season 2 (8th), who gave a lecture on system trading techniques.

The lecture then the financial center of Bucheon branch Park Junyeol chief instructor for the "system trading strategies using the" Presentation of Financial Statements Analysis of companies and oil hits Securities HTS 'Tea Radar 2.0, lecture, followed by a' GIFT ∙ option only HTS 'adherence Plus It will give a lecture on "hedging techniques in the pursuit of profits and bear markets in one region take advantage of the trend.

Customers are more available first-come, first-served basis (20) Join for free and join other interest received and will contact you as oil hits Securities Financial Center Bucheon branch phone.

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Hi Investment & Securities, Korean TDF series introduced for sale

Announced that the 6th [Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] HI Investment & Securities (President of the wing can) the introduction of new selling Samsung Korean TDF Series "and" Korea Investment TDF care series, which is an issue in the recent retirement asset market.

Target date funds (TDF: Target Date Fund) retirement funds as a fund that automatically adjusts the proportion of investment assets such as stocks and bonds in the fund in accordance with the investment proportion path 'glide paths (Glide Path)' is set to specify a particular point in time to have been mainly used.

Life cycle normally without any conversion process, unlike traditional lifecycle funds that advocate an asset management initially higher proportion of risky assets, retirement time the target date (Target Date) closer to the auto-risk assets within the Fund ( reducing the proportion of the shares) and increase the share of safe assets.

TDF in the United States has exceeded US $ 800 billion are operating scale is emerging as a product that plays an important role in the retirement asset management by rapidly growing eight times for 10 years by the end of 2016.

Our country is going to form the TDF is one of the markets in the retirement asset management industry as a steady inflow after financing debuted on the market in April last year.

Hi Investment & Securities The biggest difference between the operations of Samsung and Korea Investment TDF series introduced this time to sell is the existence of domestic equities and investment deflection (Home Bias).

First equities, we maintain the Korea Investment TDF TDF slightly higher than Samsung's operations. Samsung TDF is little, if Korea Investment TDF Given the rapid aging and longevity risk investment with high equity weighting yields, while reporting that a conservative glide path suitable given the country's tour, risk tolerance also, the social security system it is determined that it is appropriate to increase.

The second is the presence of its deflection investment (Home Bias). Samsung is reported to operate a national investment deflected easy psychological errors of a certain level or more domestic investments fall of investors rather halve global diversification effects. But Korea Investment Trust Management has determined that the retirement assets in its deflection of a certain level of investment is reported to be necessary, it is proper to invest retirement assets in retirement considering its asset value fluctuations of ground of life.

And each being operated seven series, considering the variety of retirement age, both Samsung and Korea Investment TDF, if you are considering to join the investors their retirement age and investment propensity.

Sinhyeongseung product support manager said, "the basic retirement investment because it is long-term investment through its global asset allocation is automatically made to TDF is a global rebalancing and asset allocation within the fund may be noted steady retirement market in the future."

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A financial investment, Better Choice ELS, total 3 kinds of recruitment

[Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] one financial investor to derive combined product of three species, such as Better Choice ELS to pay more coupons for higher interest rates as compared to two coupons for early repayment time on April 6 April 7 that recruitment for two days at 1 pm to 30 minutes said Monday.

First, Hong Kong Index (HSCEI), the European Index (EuroSTOXX50), South Korea Index (KOSPI200) for a prepayment at time of the year 5.00% and the three underlying assets meet early redemption conditions in the underlying asset high in performance of 50% of the low index increasing rate recruit a 'one financial investment ELS 7032 times' to pay the coupon. Maturity redemption is given the opportunity of a total of six times every three years and six months. Redemption condition is 90% or more (primary) / 85% (2-4 phase) / more than 80% (5th) / 75% (maturity) of the first reference value is 50% is dissolved.

In addition, the recruitment of 'one financial investment DLS 1853 times' to pursue two kinds of crude oil (WTI / BRENT) annual 5.80% in the underlying asset. Maturity redemption is given the opportunity of a total of three times every 1.5 years and six months. Repayment terms is at least 85% of the first reference value (primary) / 80% or more (the second-expiration) is dissolved in 55%.

Finally, it also offers South Korea Index (KOSPI200) 100% of the principal amount retaining an underlying asset, a financial investment ELB 616 times. Maturity is 18 months and the pursuit of profit with a 75% participation rate at between 90% and 115% of the principal maximum yield of 11.25% (7.5% annual).

Recruitment is a limit of 3 billion won each, product subscriptions can be at least 100 million yuan, subscribed to 1,000,000 won units. This offer is not finalized earnings of each commodity derivatives, upon prepayment of the operating results or at the request of investors can cause a loss of principal.

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Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation, a group of 20 foreign exchange Scholarship

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation has announced that the 6th to the 20th MAS recruiting foreign exchange scholarship.

Scholarship support is carried out online at Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation website until April 11 candidates are to be announced in mid-June. Through this we offer a selection Fall International Exchange Scholarship total 250 people in 2017 to support tuition and living expenses.

Mirae foreign exchange scholarship program is conducted twice a year, starting with the first group starting in December 2007 is the inclusion of persons geumbeon scholarships to a total of 4,267 students. Selection of candidates will be sent to foreign exchange proceeds on the basis of a personal statement that contains, global competitiveness and academic planning.

Mirae Asset has conducted a wide range of human resource development programs under the Foundation after establishment in 2000, the hopes of the young highs' is the banner. Including foreign exchange scholarships domestic scholars 2,522 people, global investment professionals, including a scholarship 122 people had supported the 6661 scholars during the economic and Career Education, Shanghai global cultural experiences, such as 17 years more than 190,000 people (193,328 people) participants Mirae It was with the human resources development program.

In particular, Mirae scholars engaged in various social contribution activities with Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation and has spread to the community and again I have been a culture of sharing.

The last 18 groups Pusan ​​National University Department of Business Administration jeongjinju students who participated also serves as a global correspondent for the International Exchange Scholars said "was able to study in Germany over the last year, Mirae International Exchange Scholarship program and see the world just over a wider perspective, as well as help in learning ' 'many students wish samat as an opportunity to grow into global talents "he said.

For more information on foreign exchange scholarship can be found at Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation website.

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Hanwha Galleria Suwon Gwanggyo premium department store shops ... Completed in 2019

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] will open a department store Galleria point Gwanggyo aiming for completion in 2019 in Suwon Gwanggyo Convention Complex. Hanwha Galleria has announced plans to develop six days, from the design stage painstakingly created a new landmark of the total floor area of ​​150,000 ㎡ Gyeonggi-scale department stores.

2019 Galleria Gwanggyo point opening is scheduled for this year is the 40th anniversary of whether Hanwha Galleria department store is promoting business. The Galleria is planning to chongjipgyeol 40 years expertise in the sales department Gwanggyo samneunda a solid long-term growth momentum.

Galleria Gwanggyo that is expected to be another growth engine for the new symbolic year of the 40th anniversary of Hanwha Galleria Department Store.

Gwanggyo Convention Complex project local government cooperation with Hanwha Group's total area of ​​80,000 1000㎡ (2 10 000 4500 pyeong) scale ground in the international conference is available convention center, 47-storey luxury residential office building, owned by more than 270 rooms large that the total cost as well as 2 trillion by the hotel, the Galleria department Store Aquarium building complex is just put MICE development.

Galleria Gwanggyo that are expected to be born "in the city promenade, which connects the space complex and central business district and Lake Park consists of exhibition and cultural, shopping and entertainment facilities are located in the new center of Suwon.

Galleria side Gwanggyo beyond a self-contained new towns are creating a reservoir cities Suwon based Agency, Gyeonggi Province in 2020 is reported to be injured at the center of Gyeonggi Province. Gwanggyo one is in Gyeonggi political and administrative center of "economic convergence Town and neck Court Complex and is subjected to the Suwon District Attorney's Office, including four 'legal Town, high-rise buildings will lead the business, residential, commercial, culture, it consists of a dense, Town Convention.

Match nambugwon including Suwon, Osan, Yongin, Mars is expected to have achieved a growth rate of population increase in the size currently in Busan (350 million), the highest region in the country in 2019. According to the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs statistics, in 2015 the retail market is expected to grow to 12.73 trillion won the equivalent of Busan.

Also Gwanggyo Lake Park is an area that has received attention turns more than doubled in the Lake Park in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-contractor has invested 25 billion won Gwanggyo multimedia fountain installed in the lake as well as the development of the citizens of the seating area. The expectation is expected to have the effect of pulling in customers Ilsan Lake Park more than two visitors per year five million people in size occurs.

Galleria Gwanggyo that is expected to also attract the world's attention to architectural design. Galleria proceeds CCTV building in Beijing, Taipei Performing Arts Center, Italy architect designed a number of buildings that geonchukgye global attention such as Prada Foundation raemkul Haas and collaboration.

In addition, utilizing the expertise of a strong premium image as a leading trend in the luxury Galleria, a major global luxury brands ipjeom is, of course, plans to introduce family-friendly elements tailored to the characteristics of the local customers.

Galleria sides will build a shopping experience that can not be experienced live in the most of the environmental benefits associated with competing facilities around the lake, where the first area subjected to this aquarium and the associated facilities is also reported to be astute special times of the Galleria Gwanggyo.

Galleria officials customers with differentiated spaces and "Galleria Gwanggyo that is contained in a monumental symbolism of the birth chongjipgyeol the competence of the department store business 40 years, as well as long-term department will be a powerful driving force for business growth," said "every country's first concept now through the Galleria Gwanggyo points containing the identity of a given brand 'Galleria' enjoyment plans to present a new paradigm in the department, "he said.

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Shinhan Investment, early repayment chance twice ... Lizard ELS and ELB contest

Lizard can get up to 7.00% profit if [South Korea financial newspaper old Seo Hye Rin News] Shinhan Investment Corp. (CEO Kim Hyeongjin) does not fall to any underlying assets exceeds 30% for one year (12 months) after signing up (Lizard) they sell, such as ELS (equity-linked securities) of all five kinds of goods, including a step-down type ELS on Fri., April 7 announced Monday.

'ELS 13651 Arc this release is the NIKKEI225, HSCEI, EUROSTOXX50 a three-year product of the step-down structure Lizard underlying asset. 90% of the prepayment will be evaluated based on the closing price of each asset based on the price (6,12 months), 85% (18 months), 80% (24 months), 75% (30 months), 60% (36 months) If the goods are the proceeds and the maximum principal amount of 10.50% (3.50% a year) than repaid.

In addition, the product is also 12-month point, the second early 70% of the initial reference price of any underlying asset is based on the closing price Repayment to evaluate one (Lizard barrier) After registering you did not meet the above conditions, it is characterized by a 'lizard' If it has not fallen to less than is paid an annual 7.00% with principal repayments and automatic early. In other words, the product can pursue a higher return than the annual rate of return of 7.00% during early redemption by the Lizard barrier in one year after joining.

In addition, a 'ELB 1776 Arc is 1.5 years 101% of principal payments due to the type of product KOSPI200 the underlying asset products. Pay the maximum profit of 6.25% year that the underlying asset price is applied for participation in 35% of the index performance (or exponential decline) if you have not fallen to less than 85%, have never risen more than 115% of the initial reference price until maturity Rating Date do. Even if you have never risen by more than 115% of the initial reference price it is a low-risk product that is 101% of the principal amount payable at maturity.

The minimum subscription amount of the above product is 1 million. Through online channels (HTS, MTS, Main) Customers with more than 10 million won ELS cumulative subscription amount can participate in the 'taste sniper Event "(until April 28) to provide such Banyan Tree Hotels getaways.

For more information on events and products are available at check points and Shinhan Investment website. The goods are not received and the contract revenue when the underlying asset does not meet the price conditions because the rate of return on investments decisions linked to the price of the underlying asset or to cause loss of principal is pre-tax return on all returns indicated.

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SKB, Namyang and cloud services Cams 'cam Nanyang Bebe' release

[Korea financial newspaper ohahreum reporter] SK Broadband has announced the 6th has partnered with Namyang released a cloud cam service, "Nanyang Bebe cam 'service that you can see your baby's nursery with a smartphone in order to lead a new birth culture .

The service can see the baby picture of the nursery in real time, Nanyang Bebe Cam 'is newborn parents and family members to mount the cloud-cam service and SK Broadband service to the two Namyang development applications are using a smartphone from anywhere.

"Nanyang Bebe cam, maternal and family use postpartum care that is provided to request the postpartum care after installing the Nanyang Bebe cam application on the smartphone to register the digit number of neonatal baby can see a picture of the baby.

The snout is also available separately for each check and register up to five smartphones. Installation related questions or inquiries, Nanyang Bebe Cam 'is done by calling the call center Nanyang Bebe cam.

Namyang official said that "the spread of this 'Nanyang Bebe Cam' plans to expand the Nanyang Bebe application services to the game, community, child care information, including shopping malls portal services that offer a variety of benefits for pregnant women and infants."

Anisotropic thermal SK Broadband Enterprises division sentence for child care. "Through this partnership led to a new birth culture delighted to be able to provide a variety of benefits to the mother," and "future SK Broadband will help create a culture that can encourage childbirth I will strive for further content and product development, "he said.

Recently, Nanyang Bebe Cam 'postpartum care to introduce the service per minute Best Women's Hospital, Songpa mammals door gynecology, Incheon, Seoul Women's Hospital, Daegu, women's Medicaid Park Hospital, Wonju future of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pyeongtaek Jian gynecology, Gwangju Culture and Women's Hospital and other large postpartum care start by being quickly spread throughout the country.

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Daewoo Shipbuilding Orders Warranty national first ... Banks Blessed Assurance

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] were treated as secretary for financial guarantee for new orders in Naval Architecture and Ocean dual national bank and commercial banks.

Six days the banking industry, according to the creditor, and Daewoo Shipbuilding shareholder stood for and main creditor bank, Industrial Bank of advance refund Guarantee (RG) issued the first guarantee, then the banks two car when an accident to bridge the detriment of the Industrial Bank It agreed on a suit assurance (second guarantee) structure.

RG will have the assurance that the shipbuilders have already received advance payments from the Client if the Bank not later than the times to ask instead.

According to the 23rd month in additional support announced by the government and creditors of Daewoo Shipbuilding restructuring, commercial banks were required $ 500 million to Daewoo Shipbuilding and new RG issued. Industrial Bank (600 million US dollars), the Export-Import Bank (14 billion dollars), including but less than the Reserve Bank issued RG with whether or not to issue a bank contribution rates and RG which is the first "ping pong game" The great quality going communist.

The agreement with Korea Development Bank for the Client and RG issue is the contracting entity, the other banks were to stand as a guarantee for a percentage share amount. When forward Daewoo Shipbuilding orders ship Industrial Bank first issued the RG and banks takes on a secondary limit guaranteed by 500 million US dollars for it.

Meanwhile, the Industrial Bank is expected within yirwoji difficult long overdue, but needs to submit a Letter of Commitment hagetdaneun join like-equity swap of unsecured debt in banks, RG support from this week.

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Tuhyeop Friday, "when all US only looking at now, Korea Stock Exchange notable change"

Conduct [Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Korea Financial Investment Association (Chairman hwangyounggi) The Busan branch on April 13 4:00 am coming "financial investment products All Guide Lecture" for Busan citizens emitter for 2 hours.

The lecture is scheduled to lecture about the points of investment assets, plus the Korea Asset Management gimhyeongwoo Deputy markets under the theme of "It is time to pay attention to all the changes now, just look at the United States market Korea," 2017.

Kim Deputy "The United States Trump administration has concerns about trade protectionism has emerged in, amid continued Saad Revenge of China's situation is not good to the domestic the domestic economy, saying," But meantime that the support of restructuring and strong foreign exporters who have conducted and do not give up their investment in Korea market, given the changes that rebeol up in the middle of corporate earnings expectations should enjoy the fruit of the rose 'he said.

Place the Busan International Financial Center (BIFC) 5 floor and Korea Securities Depository KSD hall, bring your identification is possible for anyone to take.

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Samsung Securities, Vietnam and Global ... 'bagel' event

Proceed to "Bagel Event" to pay the tourist voucher, Gifticon for customers trading stocks and the Vietnam Global ETF [Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter Samsung Securities (President Yun Yongam) until the end of April.

Samsung securities, POP HTS, and mobile apps (mPOP), such as the Vietnamese and the first global ETF trading customers through first-come, first-served basis 200 people will be provided with a Paris Baguette Gifticon of 1 million won.

April and paid KRW cumulative transaction volume of 100 million won national tourist voucher for two people to more than 100 million won for customers through a lottery for a month. To participate in the event will have the participation of Samsung Securities Global ETF club application in advance.

Samsung Securities is also in progress for customers to trade Vietnamese stocks, 10 million won Vietnam Dong (VND) is the rain that provides a rebate of 50,000 won during exchange (VietNam) event. Also, just apply by the end of April you can see a real-time quotes for free.

Meanwhile, Samsung Securities is providing the real-time marketing services offline on to open the Vietnamese stock exchange intermediary since March 20 last, partnered with one of Ho Chi Minh Securities during the Vietnam max securities speedy Vietnam stock market and sports-related research information the offers.

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Woori Bank, "wibi SUPER House package Ⅱ 'release

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] our bank (Bank yigwanggu) The existing 'wibi SUPER House package' 'wibi SUPER House package Ⅱ' to offer more favorable preferential conditions and higher interest rates to the House customers As early sales completed 7 The one released.

Was last customer response was higher in the market interest rate-linked products suitable for high-rate preferential benefit and interest rate upturn reflects the 'wibi SUPER House package (Ⅰ)' are bank earnings released on February, the real March 21 standards deposit limit has been sold 2 trillion won both early wanpan bar.

"Wibi SUPER House package Ⅱ 'to this release is the high interest rates courtesy of the House Activities Benefits Benefits are going to import intact, fixed rate / floating rate type, cum installment / free installment, such as diversified customer capital goods conditions with the situation, the market it is characteristic that one can choose for your savings interest rate trends.

"SUPER House wibi deposits Ⅱ 'subscription amount is more than 100 million yuan, subscription period is 1 year for more than six months. Interest rate conditions selected during the "coupon-type" and "variable interest rate type, consisting of koribo (KORIBOR) that market interest rates reflect immediately every three months is possible and yields product release date currently the highest annual 2.0% (fixed rate type / 1 year standards, including the prime rate). Preferential interest rates, including both salary transfer / bills / credit card accounts, etc. House needs such as 'House preferential interest rates, annual 0.4% and product launches Memorial' event preferential interest rates, annual 0.2% provided by the end of June, which provides meet a total of up to 0.6% a year are provided.

"Savings House wibi SUPER Ⅱ 'is less than 500,000 won per month subscription price, subscription period is 1 year / 2 years / 3 years, it can choose the seminal installment installment and freedom. Interest rate product launch date is now up to 2.2% a year (cum installment / 1-year basis, including the prime rate) and 1.1% p up to a year, depending on performance, such as House payroll transfer. In particular, preferential conditions to relieve the contract period required period of more than a million (-6 months, 1 year, 2 months -12 years, 3 months -18 years) kept the House performance is the prime rate applies during the entire subscription period.

On the other hand, it comes to the end of June also performed 'product launches commemorative events. Joins the "SUPER wibi House deposit Ⅱ 'and provide account debit (utilities / Jiro, etc.) change when registering more preferred 0.2% annual interest rate on the branch.

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NH Agricultural Bank, 'NH-pin Tech Alliance' ceremony

He said hold [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] NH Agricultural Bank (Bank Lee Gyeongseop) five days 'NH-pin Tech Alliance' ceremony at the NH Pin Tech Innovation Center, located in Seodaemun Chungjeongro with pin-tech enterprises.

NH Pin Tech Alliance will leverage the pin-tech infrastructure, NH Pin Tech open only for Agricultural Bank of platforms, NH Pin-tech innovation center, NH Pin Tech Cloud, including by supporting the mentoring company's business and win-win cooperation between the pin-tech enterprise, a synergy a total of eight companies participated in council to plan.

Various information such as participating companies have △ provides a new business presentation opportunities for the cooperatives affiliated △ regularly provided networking between members via conference △ hands Enlarge utilizing Brownback meeting △ pins tech technology sharing and knowledge upgrading to new technology seminar It provides.

Agricultural Bank officials "NH pins tech innovation center locations after the progress Services Consulting 320 more than corporate counsel and 60 conditions of, and has grown accompanied with pin-tech enterprise" and "through a new win-win model of pan-NH-dimensional banking and fin-Tech he said the company will try to communicate with and strengthen the synergies. "

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Increased demand for school meals shakes again resumed Egg values

Showing the [financial newspaper sinmijin Korea News] rising value of the egg while looking for a place again. It is a description of the industry's demand for eggs increases as the value jumped last month to resume school feeding.

(By 30 to teukran) 6 The Korea Food and Agriculture and Fisheries Trade Corporation (aT) According to the New Year holidays since the average retail price is on his way after a decline eggs then he started to climb again from last month jumped to the 5th 7509 won.

It soared to more than 2000 vs. same period last year (5,202 won) as close to 200 won 7,314 won more months right before the price is growing cart price paid by consumers.

Last November, one egg AI values ​​soaring spread is the Lunar New Year holiday that seemed to fall over let AI occurs in the United States early last month gotta have banned imports of US egg prices rebounded again.

The government announced last month on the 10th sinseonran imports from Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere to stabilize the value of eggs. However, it believes the industry it takes time to transport and quarantine procedures are tricky because the effects will be limited to the value of egg stable now.

The three major hypermarkets in the state of E-Mart and Lotte Mart posted last month, egg prices. Mart sells one egg plate (gangbang standard) Price from 23 days last month, up 3% on 6880 won. Lotte Mart also raised to 6,880 won to 200 won. Home Plus is sold at 7,900 won announced a price increase for the time being there is no doctor.

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Mirae treatment, overseas stock funds exceeded 900 billion won ... ↑ 40% in 3 months

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] Daewoo Mirae Asset said that overseas stock funds topped the 6th 9000, respectively.

Late last year increased by more than 40% 10003-679800000000 months has achieved 930.7 billion won. If you wait to invest money in the nature of foreign currency deposits also increased combined 252.2 billion won to 315.5 billion won amounted to 1.2462 trillion won.

Daewoo Mirae Asset has established the end of last year, GBK Promotion Headquarters to increase customer profitability. GBK promotion office has focused on improving yields through diversification for various investments and other developed countries, the emerging markets stocks and bonds. Here is deohaejyeo foster international research capabilities, like return on equity, expertise in global brokerage Mirae Asset treatment, differentiated customer services such as the recent surge in overseas equity funds.

Daewoo Mirae Asset has organized a global enterprise lab consisting of 21 researchers within the Research Center in December last year to provide high-quality research materials to the customer. Global corporate labs were introduced to the unearthing of the leading companies in Southeast Asia, including the United States, China, Japan and other developed countries as well as Vietnam and Indonesia. In particular, AI (artificial intelligence), and intensive publishing a global leading company report related to the fourth round of industrial robots, such as biotechnology. In fact, this year's International Research Center published 845 full company reports the number of cases won, or 22.4% of 190 cases.

This new Overseas Equity consulting team in GBK Promotion Headquarters separately to take the task of selecting a new growth industries and picks from around the world in many countries, including the United States, China, Hong Kong Global Top Picks 8 Line, Global Great Companies 10 lines, China Great Companies 8 a comprehensive portfolio of wire and provided to the WM jeonjijeom staff. Through events like this, the 31 is utilized to share information on customer investment advice. The average yield of these stocks year-to-date amounted to 14%. Recommended stocks Top 10 average yield is 30.4% and the bottom 10 stocks rose an average yield of -0.83%.

Mirae treated twenty won International Equity consulting team leader "in foreign stocks are also important, but more important than what the risk management for the decline rate of return, given that the investment information is limited as compared to domestic stocks," said "We focused monitoring of the recommended stocks future market fluctuations will do our best to manage the risk, "he said on.

Daewoo Mirae Asset has fostered a global brokerage professionals through a variety of staff training. First Quarter perform GBK Forum presents to employees, including global investment strategies, investment picks each. Anywhere in the country should also ask if there is a seminar conducted lectures to employees or customers target. It also conducted market analysis lectures and explained the researchers created the report through the house broadcasting targeted to all employees on a daily basis.

In addition, Daewoo, Mirae Asset also offers a variety of services to its customers to trade foreign stocks. Trading time is a 24-hour trading in foreign stocks counseling centers to minimize the inconvenience suffered due to the difference with the domestic market, and have the financial department itself by lowering the exchange fee until 5 won greatly reduces the expense of investors.

Mirae treat civil neck WM sector representative "for the peaceful old customers domestic shares and overseas stocks, bonds and is looking for opportunities in the world's various investments," said "to invest dispersed customers valuable assets based on various investment we will do our best to earn a stable income, "he said.

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A financial investment point Family, the 10th international economic outlook emerging countries Free Seminar

In the Korea Financial News goyounghun News] One Financial Investment Family branches are coming 10 days Monday 4:00 pm Garak Market Station of the overseas emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, aimed at investors with an interest in the global market in the Family Branch Economic Trend and Market Forecast said that for a seminar.

Instructors steel products is a positive one Chief Financial Investment Bonds, will take place also view and post management of investments in foreign bonds targeted customers with global economic diagnosis.

Participate in this session is not limited, Registration and inquiry is when a financial investment Family One point.

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K Bank, 100,000 people in three days ... Opened 21 people per account

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] surpassed the 100,000 people the country's first Internet bank Cay specialized banking subscribers to the launch of the third day.

Kay said the bank exceeded six days the number of subscribers to 100,000 people 8am standards, services, opened in the last three days and an average of 21 people per minute opened the account after 0:00.

Yes, savings accounts, etc. can receive the 106 379 cases, loan approval is a 8021 thing, debit cards are issued 91,130 cases.

The total amount received about 730 billion loans also reached 410 million.

Looking at the subscriber to age 30 costs 39.8%, 40s and was a full 70% to 30.4%. Following 20 (16.9%), 50 (10.9%), it was 60 or more was 2.0%.

When the time to join the 6 pm time off work after the site was the most common with 31.9% until midnight. Noon to 6:00 pm (31.7%) and 6:00 pm to 12:00 pm (31.1%) were also similar.

K. Sim Seonghun bank is haengjang 'will concentrate all efforts on the operating and reliable service to increase by about 200 people, including more than doubled to us than the peacetime size consultants strengthening the computerized system monitoring and management, he said.

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More than 90% of GDP while household ... As long as "potential consumption constraints."

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] it suggests that concerns about the accumulation of household debt to increase the likelihood of spending constraints.

The Bank of Korea on the 6th and submit a 'household checks without conditions' document in Parliament livelihood Special Economic Committee, pharmaceutical, household financial welfare research, domestic and foreign related research such as the household debt has already spent in the country in light of the country household debt levels the possibility of there "he said.

As long as this, according to data compiled for 25 countries, disposable income than household debt ratio of 2015 horse Flow of funds statistics based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development rider (OECD) countries (35 countries), South Korea than the average (129.2%) to 169.0% 39.8% points or higher.

2010-2015 household debt compared to disposable income ratio is the OECD average, but fell 0.5 percent, South Korea surged 21.4%, or rather points.

In household debt ratio in 2015 of the end of the nominal gross domestic product (GDP) and South Korea was 91.0%. Than the OECD average (70.4%) and 20.6% higher points.

Last year, the National Statistical Office, as long as households feel the burden of repayment in the 'household financial welfare 2016 Survey of Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) amounted to 70% of the total. Dual approximately 75% was estimated to actually reduce consumer spending and savings. Household debt is written beyond a certain level, the greater likelihood constrain consumption and growth.

However, the Bank of Korea said "the possibility that household debt problems will spread to the risk of the overall financial system is not high, financial instability looked less likely.

Nevertheless, the jipeot household income and assets both sides that repayment capacity is greatly increased compared to 2015. Vulnerable to 62 trillion won last year, the debt of the 'high-risk households' years (46.4 trillion won) in. High-risk households repayment rate (DSR) is more than 40% of all households have a debt exceeds the asset valuation.

The Bank of Korea ''s recent interest rate rise shows the movement there is a concern about the financial stability risk (risk) increases, said said, "We expect this increase is vulnerable to additional challenges and burdens.

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Galaxy S8 yepan D-1, competing to attract customers rush

Came to [Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] noses Samsung Galaxy Note overcoming the failure of seven, scheduled for Galaxy S8 naeseun regain the pride of one such global sales.

Thus while introducing a variety of benefits as a bonus when Samsung and carriers are selling the Galaxy S8 Series has entered a full-fledged competitor to attract customers.

Galaxy S8 promotion is divided into large, including Samsung Electronics is supporting benefits of common carriers, regardless of the Yitong three companies provided their own benefit.

7 and Galaxy S8 · Plus the price is 935,000 won and 990,000 won to start booking sales from day one with the Galaxy S8 plus 6GB RAM (memory, 128GB) is 1,155,000 won.

Galaxy S8 is in Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Arctic Silver 3 colors, plus the Galaxy S8 is released Coral Blue, Gray Orchid in two colors. Galaxy S8 plus equipped with 6GB RAM is released Midnight Black.

◇ SEC and generous benefits

Samsung when it comes to opening up to 24 days to purchase the Galaxy booking S8 participate in the event to provide 99,000 won Bluetooth speakers 'level box slim' worth.

In particular, you can choose from the 159,000 'Dex' (Dex) and the speaker of the circle that corresponds to the purchase of high-end Galaxy models S8 plus to be able to use your smartphone as a PC.

Samsung Electronics also gives consumers the power to opening the Galaxy S8 until the 31st of next month, Samsung Mobile Care, one year using original accessories or benefits 50,000 won discount coupons, replacing broken LCD Multimedia ticket costs 50% and more. Samsung Mobile Care, which provides only 50,000 people scheduled arrival buyer is a new program that helps you use your smartphone to an optimal state, including a free replacement battery.

◇ 'T Galaxy Club Zero' programs

SK Telecom has teamed up with Samsung Electronics, Samsung Card representing each industry, receives a card discounts up to Galaxy S8 'equipment allotment is that $ 0' T Galaxy Club Zero 'program and the' T Samsung Card (Galaxy S8 showcasing Edition).

T Galaxy club is zero benefit "T Galaxy club S8 'to join the' T Samsung Card 'installment payment is essential. 'T Galaxy club S8' customers to choose arrangements discounts (20% discounts) with the opening of 'S8' and to exempt the remaining equipment allotment to the condition that replaced 'S9' 1 year later, 50 percent of chulgoga the program. Monthly fee is 5,500 won, and can also be used in accordance with the plan being used as much as possible take off a T-point membership free.

'T Samsung Card' is 'Galaxy S8' and the same gray △ △ Orchid Midnight Black △ △ Arctic Silver Coral Blue is released in four colors.

Provides a two-year discount of up to 516,000 won depending on the card when using 'T Galaxy Club Zero' performance.

SK Telecom has more than three times as reinforcements for seamless service 'T World Direct' counselor than usual. Considering the current situation Reservations driven more than ever, it is expected to be a valuable benefit to our customers are concerned about the opening delay. SK Telecom plans to customers who sign up online reservation presents a variety of free gifts in addition to Samsung's gift.

◇ 'Galaxy S8 changeup' showcase

KT has announced the purchase of the Galaxy and S8, S8 Galaxy changeup, you can buy the latest new Galaxy S and Note series does not bear up to 50% of the remaining installments if you return the device after one year. A condition that a fee of 3,300 won per month.

When you buy a Galaxy S8 super premium installment modern cards in KT could save up to 520,000 won charged with discounted way for two years. If you use a card with more than 1.2 million won monthly earnings 'KT-K Bank Check Card ", if more than 1 million won monthly can get a discount up to 720,000 won as' CEO Ole our cards."

Additionally, KT is invited to the launch event on the 18th held in Seoul Gwanghwamun Square KT comes to the selection of 88 people of the Galaxy S8 scheduled buyers and give an opportunity to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic torch relay directly.

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Imjongryong "seeking a financial center, cross-border trade activation"

[South Korea's Choice Financial newspaper reporter] The government has turned to the financial center policy towards creating an environment so that you can actively trade foreign investors in the domestic financial market.

Imjongryong finance chairman was redefined to 'seek a financial transaction enabled cross-border 6 at the 29th financial center promotion committee held at the government in Seoul Government, and thus naturally build a virtuous cycle that is attracting global financial firms to new policy goals "he said.

Prior financial center policy has focused to attract international financial institutions such as Seoul, Busan.

Imjongryong Chairman predicted that "if the capital of the world than many transactions in our financial markets, financial institutions and expanding business opportunities for enterprises, in the meantime will be achieved naturally domestic integration of foreign financial companies've pursued.

Imjongryong chair so that 'financial institutions' funding and operational capabilities internationalization will increase the domestic market access of foreign investors in', can compete in the same regulatory environment and from abroad in the country to meet the Korean financial system to global standards He emphasized the like to improve. "

Further progress was also discussion of the relevant Busan financial professionals training course established the basic plan, manpower and finance.

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SK Networks, BMW · Benz, Audi, Volkswagen maintained up to 60% discount

Run [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] SK Networks has extensive year-round maintenance of imported cars discounts and promotional sets out a full-fledged mall customers. To keep pace with the explosive increase in demand for imported cars maintenance will put the power in the business.

Comprehensive fleet management brand Speedmate "SK Networks announced that the 6th year running a special promotion in four German car brands (BMW · Benz, Audi, Volkswagen) Customer target.

Speedmate currently being operated 'BMW customers Special Exhibition of Speed ​​Mate proposals.

Month 7 BMW car driving customers to visit the event store during the period leading up to the day they can get a discount up to ZIC TOP, Castrol, etc. up to 60%, including the advanced Yun Hwalyu formula for global top brand components such as TRW brake pads, discs Center.

Along with Speedmate it is hosting the annual promotion in the country more than 200 imported car maintenance shop for the rest of the car brands such as Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen. Also it serves, along with a specialized maintenance services tailored to individual brand characteristics optimized plans to maximize customer satisfaction.

Through the website and Speedmate us to check the import car repair shop nearby, and get a service without waiting at the scene when booked in advance.

SK Networks official professional import car repair area in Speedmate unique value only for our customers, "Through this event, imported vehicles related maintenance unconditional expensive, I think I want to help reduce our customers' misunderstanding was" said to keep pace with the expansion of "imported car market I will bring a "he said.

The Speedmate proceeds also targets customers of imported cars Mobile Card Spring discount promotion until the end of the month. Spring plus the severity of fine dust and dust in accordance with the sense of the speed formate provides an additional discount for a filter, wiper and so on related to the corresponding product.

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Pension "whether DSME structural adjustments did not accept the conclusion down."

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] pension fund management division, he said did six days to present conclusions regarding the DSME restructuring plan.

Fund Management Division has reviewed the meantime, based on the verified information regarding the 'DSME restructuring plan "was announced in the last 23 days the financial authorities through the Investment Management Committee and Investment Committee.

Fund Management Center official said, "There are doubts about the financial state enterprises such as continuity facing the investment firm to its present state can not decide whether to accept," he said.

NPS is planning to make a final decision on whether to accept through the Investment Committee for Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering in debt restructuring by the end of next week.

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Citibank Korea, youth job training, classroom Actinidia 'support

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] South Korea YWCA of Korea (CEO bakjinhoe) Citibank Korea (President Lee Myeonghye) and - hold 'Actinidia the classroom for the future of the multicultural society youth' ceremony on April 5, Myeong materials in Korea YWCA Union Hall and it has passed the US $ 200,000 (USD 232 million won worth) received sponsorship from Citi Foundation (Citi Foundation).

Actinidia classes are funded by the Citi Foundation supports the training needed to develop the vision and work for the future of the program Citibank Korea came sihaenghae with the YWCA in 2012, low-income multicultural families and underprivileged youth. Actinidia classroom to greet the sixth year to year, through this, we support 1,000 or more non-educational, vocational and technical education, work experience activities for multicultural and low-income youth across the country so far participating students embody the future vision and professional competence It helped to improve the.

2017 Actinidia classes are held in 13 local small and medium cities, including Chungju, Uijeongbu, pearls, Paju, Incheon, Nonsan, Sokcho, War, Henan Province, Anshan targeting a total of 260 students. High school students participating in the program will enhance skills through work experience activities, Activities of eight hours of the 16 hours of vision training, 48 hours of technical and vocational education, and 16 hours. In addition, starting in 2017 expand the range of subjects and conducting entrepreneurship training also university students. Entrepreneurship curriculum includes market research and customer understanding of 20 hours, the business plan, start-up related to government policy understanding, entrepreneurship, and includes the education, training, online simulations and collaboration with local communities have their own business ideas after completion of start-up opportunity to will be provided.

Actinidia class is in progress as part of the "pass-to-progress Airways (Pathways to Progress)" is being promoted worldwide for the purpose of providing jobs for youth employment seekers Citigroup for future generations. Citigroup has also received the support of the Citi Foundation and proceeds to pass Airways pitcher Progress' program, from 2017 million to support $ 100 million over the next three years and the job training for 500,000 aged 16 to 24 young people job opportunities to provide.

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CJ Presidio Parkway, the hotel interiors such as a cafeteria ... 'Differentiated attempt'

Changing sheets [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] space was catering for the killing baphan meals in a short time. Recently cafeteria has been designed to experience the "pleasure of a meal, as a meal in a fine restaurant. Because it can bother taking the time to solve the great meals you need to find a nice restaurant.

Jeonghayoung CJ Freshway FS design team leader is "age take advantage of the high quality ingredients preceded an extensive menu batdeon evaluated catering only to the taste went," he said "Customers using the cafeteria are stuffing a meal in a more comfortable and relaxing space because it wants to 'enjoy' rather than to be quick to respond to this trend, "he said.

Recently increased hotel or luxury family restaurant and cafeteria gyeonjueo gorgeous and so there is no comparable.

CJ Freshway the consignment active 'Yeongjongdo Paradise City' cafeteria took the ball on the interior concept of 'casual dining'. It combines four different keyword and modern luxury, Natural, healing to the interior of the cafeteria, as well as the interior dining table and chairs were also configured to blend harmoniously to the concept.

In addition also allows you to select the side menu according to your preference through the salad bar or buffet meals as well as configuration was designed for each customer in addition to copper eco-friendly elements.

It broadened the use of space width to paying attention to the end of the meal to find a dessert café arrange the outlet side of the cafeteria to take advantage of the space communicating with dessert, coffee and ice cream.

Yeongjongdo Paradise City official said, "The greater employee satisfaction and pride of on-site dining," he "dropped the catering of the cafeteria after upgrading staff significantly," he said. Another said, "We are maximizing the use of space used as a cafe, a conference room for business meetings ox."

Jeonghayoung team leader "has proved that the catering chapter Another competitive edge comes from directly interior," said "CJ Presidio Way 14 design and space design experts Foodservice chapter kitchen design and interior space for them the concept, design, planning, as well as a Grab it carefully to the right post construction and management, "he said.

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The SGI Seoul Guarantee, promising ICT SMEs 'tailored warranty support'

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong reporter] SGI Seoul Guarantee is the 5th Jongno future creation from our Science and promising a special line of credit granted to support the development of ICT businesses, delegating jeongyeol fluid expansion, such as preferential treatment, promising that the guarantee to build support systems to content ICT SME Guarantee signed a support services agreement.

Through this agreement, SGI Seoul warranty information and communication technology (ICT) sector enterprise characteristics distinguish the companies participating in the K-Global project organized by the Future Part in entrepreneurship, jaedojeon companies, certified companies in order to identify and foster entrepreneurship, venture conduct specific customized warranty support.

First, given the 'start-up companies, jaedojeon' special credit line of 500 million won to help a variety of contracts and implementation necessary for the licensing, permitting guarantee insurance is available as a separate credit without collateral for.

The selection of the 'K-Global 300 certified companies, the SGI Seoul Guarantee Company will receive support performance guarantee insurance premiums 10% discounts, points delegate jeongyeol amount up to 3,000,000,000 won enlarged.

In addition to supporting the companies who will support SME credit management services at no charge.

Accordingly, the assessment that expected to be a big help in business activities gotta be able to take advantage of the guarantee insurance unsecured Unexamined with warranty insurance premium burden is reduced additional delegation jeongyeol solution for future expansion unit nurture promising ICT SMEs.

Gimsangtaek SGI Seoul Guarantee managing director "was the fourth round of the Industrial Revolution era of artificial intelligence, big data, such as information and communication technology and manufacturing convergence expanded warranty support for ICT companies right" and "the future SGI Seoul warranty support SMEs specialized in a certificate authority said it will make continuous efforts for ICT entrepreneurship and venture ecosystem composition. "

SGI Seoul warranty yinobijeu company, best one trillion months corporations, global Jiangsu companies, for small businesses to focus on fostering the government established a preferential warranty support system, such as insurance discounts, delegates jeongyeol liquid zoom governments to guarantee the annual 14.5364 trillion won in 2016 through ongoing warranty support in connection with the policy it is leading the excavation and support promising small businesses.

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[Jaetekeu Q & A] changed indemnity insurance

[Heogwahyeon financial newspaper reporter Korea] 1. How are we going to change and the indemnity health insurance premiums bakkwimyeonseo also lowered this month?

We have indemnity insurance puts your product bundle the basic guarantees and riders so far. So actually I haetguyo likely also guaranteed bit lower premiums to pay, or there was a problem that the premiums paid by causing the hospitalization in place is not enough, as in the case of MRI scan costs. So this time only ensure basic medical care and other uninsured injections or MRI, etc. it will lower the costs separately to join a rider.

2. Is not The thing that's guaranteed to be a disadvantage instead of a cheap insurance?

Even if the structure is not changed and it will not change the past. Just because the availability of basic medical reckless guaranteed because the riders are separated by eopguyo difference. Even if you sign up to join the two together as before. Instead, premiums have generally lowered to. For example, it was as viewed by the age of 40 men previously, the level of 17,000 won it when you sign up, only basic 11,000 won, 10,000 up to 35% of 4,000 won level, because 16% rather than the past when all up to the rider is It will ssajin.

3. This time, without ever changing the medical billing system gives it two years I heard a discount?

That is correct. The new health insurance coverage If you have not charged the last two years gives a discount on insurance premiums for one year following the year of 10%. So if you sign up this month it will be a premium discount applies to one year in April 2019. However, doeguyo not qualify for this discount is signed up in the past. If you sign up this month in April only will. Therefore, those who have already signed up can switch to this new plan. And receive discounts on insurance premiums can be discounted separately for basic and riders.

4. So how do I sign up to the existing insurance?

When the existing subscriber to change to a new insurance indemnity can directly change without examination. However, when you switch if you have any additional guarantee entry compared to existing products must obtain a separate review for that part. So for example, you need a separate screening for mental disorders such as panic disorder or 2009 before the disk, and congenital disorders subscribe to.

5. To join a new insurance from time Viscosity several noted iteultendeyo.

That is correct. Now insurers 14 places, neundeyo naenwat a new non-life insurance products in 10 locations. Product structure and guarantee the same as, the premium will be a maximum of 40% difference by insurers. Therefore, we recommend'm premiums can see from the comparison site that damoah insurance, health status when you sign up or switch once again ttajyeoseo determine the potential medical use in the future. So the more necessary to me than traditional indemnity guarantee insurance'm Compare what you see. Laid existing transition who do not have insurance are not guaranteed to duplicate if you sign up for insurance benefits, please no mistake.

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Insurance Institute, Insurance Insights seonbwae services for consumers

The [Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Insurance Institute will gradually begin to 'actuarial lookup services for insurance consumers, insurance consumers so that the growing demand for actuarial convenient access.

"Actuarial lookup services for insurance consumers' are separated by life insurance, term life insurance, auto insurance, general liability insurance provides coverage for each event for each major insurance statistics.

In particular, the evaluation that the user can download it on the website directly to the actuarial expected to be useful information to stakeholders, including the insurance industry practitioners as well as policy makers and academics.

In particular, Korea Insurance Development Institute was to provide a user-specific search keywords statistics table and query results in graph form provides a service to help you quickly and easily search, use any of the statistics table.

In addition, through the user's entry by statistical analysis of the amount of queries to be helped by a ranking of the most popular queries statistics, it was also equipped with download features allow users to easily use the statistical tables found.

Insurance Institute officials' Insurance Development Institute is offering a variety of statistical services, such as integration, providing analysis of the actuarial make available to the insurance industry as an actuarial professional bodies, it said "Through this service release to be even easier to use general users It said it will provide high utilization major actuarial.

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Lotte World Tower found dead standing service staff ... "Possibility karōshi"

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] was found dead while two employees of contractors Lotte World Tower Lookout Seoul Sky police investigation went on.

Lotte Bussan was found six days, etc. According to the contractors without collapsing hyukop Department Mr. Kim all day from 8 am to 15 minutes, Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky observatory second basement locker room for employees. Staff found Mr. Kim, but Kim CPR was back already died.

Kim's death was reportedly were in the locker room to take a break from the staff in the building management company, 3 shift.

Kim stood the day before the night watch duty.

Police are investigating the exact cause of death, Kim reportedly committed suicide and not murder trail to Kim's. Police plans to leave the possibility for Mr. Kim sumjyeot in mind from overwork survey of bereaved and Lotte employees.

Lotte said, "Kim's death is a gazebo contractors workers," said "wait and see what the current issues that illness is a little more aware of sudden death due to overwork were under investigation as a sign from the police," he said.

The police autopsy is planned to determine whether Mr. Kim died consult with the bereaved.

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Kibo "high technology companies to create jobs, the financial support received stationary phase"

Showed that a lot of job creation is good [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] stationary phase, the gazelle companies received financial support technology.

Technology Guarantee Fund commissioned the Korea Productivity Center's analysis of 5602 compared to the high-growth companies in high-growth companies who provide the technical support received 1414 2013 Financial dog Korea Enterprise Data, it said six days appeared to be high job creation.

High-growth firms say sales of the last three years the number of employees or the commercial enterprises increased by over 20%. High-growth companies with the support of technical financial analysis was significantly higher than that in the company of about 13.9%, 22.6% did not support it and continue to support growth after two years.

Sustainability factors of technical financial assistance received high-growth companies was analyzed that due to the approximately 70.7% △ sales increased by approximately 69.1% △ increasing employment. On the other hand, factors in sustainable growth companies that receive financial support for technology appeared to be mainly due to sales rather than job creation.

Kibo officials to overcome the "technology finance and policy financial support for the corporate attributes growth, has contributed highly to the economic activation generate continuous growth and employment gazelle companies" and "Kibo 3 that era (The New Normal) 4 car industry plans to continue to expand its technology-based support for these companies to respond revolution, "he said.

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In the second quarter a perfect world, get a bank loan

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] it seems to be higher threshold when receiving bank loans in the second quarter of this year.

According to the Bank of Korea, financial institutions lending behavior survey results, released on the 6th, domestic banks are expected by the second quarter of this year a comprehensive lending attitude of banks index was -7.

Loan Behavior Survey is a value range between -100 and 100 to 199 survey of the domestic financial institutions loan business representatives. The mean response was more frequent screening if hagetdaneun strengthen lending - lending attitude index is negative ().

Bank lending attitude index has recorded a seventh quarter of negative since the fourth quarter of last year 2015. However, compared to the fourth quarter of last year (-26) and the first quarter of this year (19) showed that the degree of relaxation.

The Bank of Korea (BOK) 'lending attitude to households increased credit risk of weakening repayment ability of vulnerable groups, and is expected to be enhanced by including additional government household debt management measures implemented' saying 'just strengthen the case of mortgages degree It was expected to be lower than the previous quarter 'he said.

2Q12 credit risk that banks had expected 26 rise compared to the first quarter (24). Enterprises and households is rising dwaetjiman slowing SMEs increased significantly qoq (27) 33.

Loan demand was expected to decline For large companies, small businesses, for general household loans dwaetjiman expected to increase, household mortgage loans (-10).

The Bank of Korea (BOK) 'mortgage demand is expected to be converted into a reduction in housing transactions and increase the possibility slowing, interest repayment burden due to the rise in interest rates, he said.

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Agricultural Bank delivered Gangwon Sales Division, Gangwon SME love card funds

[Korea financial newspaper Chuncheon = Lee Donggyu Reporter] NH Agricultural Bank of Gangwon Sales Division (Division Jeong Byeonghun, right photo) last 5 days hayeotdago deliver Gangwon SME love card fund 20 million won to the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business Gangwon Regional Headquarters (Gangwon Province President choedonjin) 6 days He said.

The total amount delivered since 2007 is 171 million won.

Gangwon SME love card bearing the economic agents between organic cooperation, such as the recognition I need, and to provide quality higher credit card services for members, Kangwon National Agricultural Cooperative Federation and the Federation of Small and Medium Business Gangwon Regional Office in 2006, the Convention for the local economy each year and it provides a certain amount of funds to SMEs love card yiyongaek.

Currently issued cards are issued to all staff working within the 40 cooperatives in 1550, Gangwon yeojwa personal credit cards and debit cards, and credit cards are being issued by the company and check cards with respect to the business.

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Prosecutors, 7 am to summon the Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dongbin Note

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters] to summon the former Park Geunhye see the President of the alleged bribery prosecution 7 am Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dongbin're investigating identity.

Prosecutors 9 am and 7 days when investigating whether funds appeared in Mir Foundation · K Sports Foundation Lotte Group corresponds to the "bribery sin to God was chairman informed me to attend 30 minutes chamgoin.

Lotte has been shrouded in doubt received the additional preferences in our selection process.

The prosecution plans to run down to focus on the new president if there was fraud related solicitation and duty-free and adding new patent licensing etc issues. Last year was the new President in February dokdae the night President, since there is circumstantial been returned and added support for 70 million to K Sports Foundation in May.

Lotte Duty Free World Tower point in November 2015, but the loss of duty-free licenses offered the government announced additional duty-free patent on May 3 last year, where large corporations. In December, Lotte Duty Free World Tower as that has acquired the licenses with the New World Duty Free Central City Point, Hyundai Department Store Duty Free points Trade Center.

Prosecutors are being put weight on the K Sports Foundation added contribution of Lotte bribery is whether the investigation unfolds.

The defense pointed to Mr. choesunsil silse Park Geunhye of the former regime have established "The Blue Kay 'to intervene in two related business personnel and K Sports Foundation took control of the operating authority. Since the bar has built a large complex sports facilities supports the construction, facilities management and related plans are taking on more profitable businesses take the blue Kay's.

The prosecution also plans to focus on in the investigation of the inspector who handed Lotte returned 7 billion directly to K Sports Foundation in early May last year. Time is the time since the takeover disputes Lotte corruption investigation into the prosecution of the total family Lotte earnest.

Prosecutors are examining the Bar summon chamgoin relevant month on the 19th Jang Seonuk Lotte Duty Free Shop and the representatives alleged the same. The past two days, was called to investigate sojinse chairman of Lotte Social Responsibility (CEO) to chamgoin.

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