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Hite Jinro, Lotte Liquor, aim to reverse New Release

Release [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] 2 domestic beer industry, Hite Jinro Lotte Liquor and new product after another 3 great mood, and sets out to reverse. Here are the signs of the intensifying competition As an added offensive of imported beer grew 60% in four years last year.

19 days Hite Jinro factory has launched the country's first sparkling wine 'Phil Wright (Filite)' apseun the 'non-caustic, the 717 won (355ml). It is cheaper sparkling wine to beer to lowering the cost of raw materials such as malt, unlike a share in the beer manufacturing process, more than 40% compared to existing products. Alcohol is equal to 4.5% and 'Castilla' seems to expand to compete with traditional beer products.

Hite career official "launch was preceded to the lower prices of imported beers differentiation strategy" non-caustic, "" Phil Wright was the golden ratio to maintain the quality of the barley, malt and beer, "said he said.

Lotte Liquor has launched a new beer in 20 days 'Fitzgerald (Fitz)' the next day. Since 2014 launched a new cloud naenotneun in three years. Unburned water to the juice, while the differentiation in premium 'original gravity' method was implemented mild taste.

Pitts is a super clear targets, wheat (Suzhou + beers) 'culture of commercial beer market. Cloud of rich flavor of 100% malt content is the intellectual dwaeteotda points meantime, there is a limit for wheat. The Lotte Liquor is lower malt content of 80% has developed this new product suitable for wheat. Cass Hite is competing with 70% malt content.

Lotte Liquor is known to also target boosting beer market share of 4% of the Fitz released on the occasion of up to 15% built internally.

Liquor industry officials are "relatively stable Oriental Brewery is scrambling to maintain and strengthen the sales income of beer market share" and "2, 3rd Hite Jinro and Lotte Liquor has set up a strategy to attack the beer market as a price and premium differentiation." he said.

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Gimyonghwan NH NH Financial Group Chairman reappointed

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] gimyonghwan NH NH Financial Group President (picture) has been successful in terms.

Agricultural Investment Holdings announced on the 21st that opened in the last 20 days Executive Nominating Committee (which is cold) like the current president gimyonghwan as the sole candidate. The term of office is the first president reappointed one year after inauguration is holding.

Agricultural finance Im Cold 'gimyonghwan president has sought for new businesses excavation of Agricultural finance innovative maintenance in the risk management system since taking office, and pin-tech, advanced global business, "he said' particular management crisis despite the company's clear strategy to go forth and provide direction and excellent risk management skills and management skills demonstrated were highly appreciated 'he explained reappointed background.

Agricultural finance is being cold had recommended the President gimyonghwan time we verified mainly on the last March 15, the first being a cold start to the managerial skills of outside candidates put together last month, financial expertise, reputation viewed as the sole candidate. Financial cooperatives being cold, consists of three outside directors and one non-executive director of a total of five outside directors 1.

Gimyonghwan president has accomplished a bar last year shipbuilding, shipping non-performing loans chungdam earnings turnaround as Dothan drastic Big Bass (Big bath) in the management crisis caused by the aftermath of Friday, and proclaimed the second half of Emergency Management. Also present were the usual communication scene, trust and speed to 4 business compass.

Gimyonghwan Chairman Born in 1952, graduated from Boryeong, Chungnam and Seoul Stopover Sungkyunkwan University Department of Economics and obtain a Master of Business Administration degree in International Economics Master's degree in the United States for Vanderbilt, from Kyung Hee University.

Naeteumyeo whether the then new to the administrative examination 23 circuits office in 1979 the Ministry of Finance and Economy Director, Financial Supervisory Commission, Securities Regulatory Director, Securities Regulatory Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission standing committee members, FSS Senior Vice President, Export-Import Bank of Korea Bank, etc. April 2015 since cooperatives have served as financial Group President.

Agricultural Finance official said, will focus on profitability this year as a full-fledged chief executive also completed Senior procedures.

Agricultural Finance is planning to hold a shareholder meeting next week to finalize into the second term of President gimyonghwan.

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Again rising value of eggs ... Laying aftermath of the lack of AI

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] had a value of eggs while the upward trend slowed overlapping school meals and resumed laying hens shortage has soared again.

(Based on 30 dogs were teukran) 21 days Food Agriculture and Fisheries Trade Corporation (aT) eggs according to the average retail price rose to 19 days 7,696 won. Right up to 7,311 won 400 won more than a month ago, won surged 2300 than a year ago (5,350 won).

The industry is looking away while scattering rate in March increased demand and a surge in nogye proportion of hens that survived damage the AI ​​to resume school feeding eggs to the right value. Last year, AI is 25,180,000 corresponding to 36% of the total domestic hens were disposed of years old.

While here, AI occurs in the United States last February also affected the egg imports stopped. Promoting eggs imported from Australia and New Zealand, but it would be effective in stabilizing the value of eggs because the transport and quarantine procedures demanding limited industry is determined.

‧ large egg carrier hub at Seoul's metropolitan area has some stocks are reported to have fallen by one third of the usual.

Meanwhile, hypermarkets and three companies of Lotte Mart, E-Mart is selling a piece of egg (gangbang standard) Price from 23 days last month, up 3% on 6880 won. Lotte Mart also raised to 6,880 won to 200 won. Home Plus is sold at 7,900 won announced a price increase for the time being there is no doctor.

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Jin Ungseop Chapter FSS, Bank Meeting "to strengthen the internal control management."

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] were ordered to strengthen internal controls in place Jin Ungseop the Financial Supervisory Service (photo) met with the CEO.

21 days I am open Shinhan, Kookmin, one, etc. We in 15 breakfast meeting with bankers Jin Ungseop ledger "Each bank strengthened subcontractor management for accident prevention and customer damage prevention, or more transactions Detection System (FDS) operational improvements, He emphasized the will to pay special significance such as customer guidance.

It pointed out recently in connection with security is vulnerable to a subcontractor and theft, information leakage incidents in the target operating automation devices (ATM), caused a foreign deny withdrawals accidents due to negligence FDS operating practices.

Since the start of full-fledged Internet sales of specialized banks Kay bank hyeotda table also concerns regard the competition online banking overheating.

Jin Ungseop ledger that can lead to excessive promotions or incomplete sales related to as "online banking market share, etc. can cause excessive customer recruitment in a competitive process among banks act or incomplete sales, etc. unsound business practices for the 'said' customers recruited in each bank than short-term performance-oriented competition, such as allocation results in the desired direction, such as enhancing financial benefits users should be innovation, financial spread 'he said.

Another was also advised "indiscriminate recovery 'refrain of shipbuilding loans.

Jin Ungseop Director'd take a look to reclaim the overall operating conditions are difficult two euros and uniform, without sufficient consideration of the financial situation of the relevant partners and shipbuilders loans indiscriminately in the shipbuilding sector carefully in banks to avoid financial difficulties the company the thing 'was requested.

Household debt related to Jin Ungseop ledger "in April, seasonally adjusted, pre-sale orders increases such as household lending growth is a concern to grow again after" saying, "in the advanced enhancing bank soundness and goddesses examination dimensional depth of household debt management plan prepared himself Bank It should be a consistent risk management, implementation and smooth introduction of the DSR (total repayment capacity ratio), and urged.

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Shinhan Card, hold 'Connected Car Partner Conference

[Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Card has held the 'Connected Car Partner Conference, along with the 20th Hannam-dong, Seoul, LG U + Building refurbishment, GS Caltex, ohwin in.

4 including Shinhan Card Company, which had signed an MOU for March Connected Car Commerce Promotion.

This conference will explain the Connected Car Commerce to promote the Shinhan card Connected Car-commerce market to build market early and active jarida to attract large companies as partners.

The event was held as a program of the franchise, retail, automotive and so on more than 200 companies participated in the center Connected Car market outlook, business presentations, Q & A, including application partners.

Shinhan Card said, "drive-thru stores jyeotneunde known to be high around about 40% in sales compared to regular stores, merchants have joined the Connected Car Commerce is to get the effect is not as good as with a drive-through facility with a handy takeaway service It is expected to be "and" will be said to be in the country in close cooperation with the Connected car commerce as a partner to get started convenient for customers to provide a safe and secure payment services. "

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Korea Enterprise Data, and then take advantage of big data research company

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] Korea Enterprise Data sets out the corporate leverage big data research.

Korea enterprise data announced on the 21st that it has signed a business agreement in the last 18 days the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and enterprise big data for Hora yonghan industrial policy collaboration.

The agreement with South Korea enterprise data listed / oegam companies as well as venture company, based on big data covering up to start-up companies to industry researcher research areas of domestic and international industry and trade generally sector, small and medium venture companies grow growing and industrial policy ideas ecosystem plan of an active policy to support the discovery and system improvements, local industry and competitiveness of small and medium ventures.

Growing ecosystem support measures, including identifying and system improvement, a strong local industry and the competitiveness of small and medium ventures both institutions synergy of industrial policy ideas are likely greater.

Jeong Jaesik Korea Enterprise Data Financial Public Company CEO said, "This MOU will drive the country's economic development and this shall be expected role models (Role Model) that contribute to such advanced type industrial structure upgrading, innovation, and globalization of small and medium ventures."

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[Hotel 4 April 2017 Brand Reputation] Lotte, Shilla, Hilton Hotel net

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] In April 2017, the hotel brand reputation survey No. 1 has won the Lotte Hotel, it showed the Shilla Hotel and Hilton Hotel followed suit.

Korea Corporate Reputation Institute has analyzed 10 brands Hotels brand Lotte, Shilla Hotel, Grande Walkerhill Hotel, Hyatt Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Marriott, Intercontinental Hotel, Kensington Hotel, Ambassador Hotel, Westin Chosun Hotel, such as reputation.

It has since last March 19 analysis of Apr. hotel brand of big data 6610000 to 20, 9879, and 12.06% when compared to December fell flat dog hotel brands Big Data 7,527,484 last year.

In April 2017 the hotel brand reputation ranking was compiled by Lotte, Shilla, Hilton, Hyatt, Westin Chosun Hotel, A Marriott Hotel Kensington Hotel, Grande Walkerhill Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Ambassador Hotel the net.

[Obituary] bakseunggwon (KB pages per minute, PB Securities Center) Mr. buchinsang

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun reporter] ▲ Park Gwanho (former Kangwon Bank Managing Director), Mr. died, bakseunggwon (KB Securities Chapter PB centers per minute), huija, seoeun, mija, seoyeon Mr. buchinsang = 20 days 16:50 Chuncheon lakeside funeral 1 room, 7:00 a.m. balin 22 days. 033-252-0046

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Gimbyeongwon NACF Chairman encouraged the Central, NH after Agricultural Bank of new subscription sales

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] NH Agricultural Bank (Bank Lee Gyeongseop) 20 days for Agriculture and for Nongshim marketing practices for Rural Support Agricultural Economics business in connection with use performance and financial instruments preferential conditions' NH 農 心 - Heart acorns in the farmers, launched a Savings' announced on Tuesday.

'NH 農 心 - heart passbook, savings of the farmer' is NH NH fill one 農 心 results (Agricultural Economics workplace using performance) In this case, the teller type passbook subscribers during the monthly average more than 150,000 won various financial fees paid by credit, debit card, Savings for subscribers to provide preferential interest rates of up to 0.4% p.

Specific items recognized 農 心 earnings △ cooperatives created agricultural support center designation foster 强 小農 · Future agricultural management body Procurement △ cooperatives a market Procurement △ Agricultural one-Mart Procurement △ Agricultural Moguchon Procurement △ Agricultural ginseng Hansamin Procurement △ farmers It consists of information to inspire an interest in the promotion and sales of our agricultural produce excellent results in such newspapers.

NH Agricultural Bank is to earn public funding for product sales (annual cup) '强 小農 · Future agricultural management body upbringing (four) rural loved nationwide Headquarters for the business to support the 0.02% in cooperatives created Agricultural Center of Federation of Is expected.

Gimbyeongwon NH Central President also visited the branch on the product release date - subscribe to the 'NH 農 心 heart passbook, savings of farmers "and" heart passbook, savings of farmers sparked our interest in agriculture and agricultural customers simple financial transactions just "he said" products that can help farmers cooperatives will continue, said it would pay a company-wide effort to increase farmers' income and improve rural welfare. "

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Daewoo Shipbuilding CP creditors agree 100% ... Application court applied

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] DSME bonds were following the completion of the debt restructuring of commercial paper (CP). When applied to the court early next month to 2.9 trillion won in size achieved this new funding.

DSME has finished 18 to 20 in three days in April to change maturities of 200 billion won CP-scale investors and the debt restructuring agreement signed between the year progressed it said Tuesday.

Sachaegwonja rally five times for 17 to 18 days prior to the corporate bond investors was approved at a high donguiyul. In the case of corporate bonds there is sachaegwonja voted to accept more than two-thirds of the rally attended chaegwonaek, CP shall be in full agreement and meet the individual creditors signed an agreement to change.

This was finishing a 360-degree adjustments debt assumption agreement for Daewoo Shipbuilding additional support.

Two months on the 6th Daewoo Shipbuilding union agreed to such dispute-free, no-strike rule compliance, all employees pay an additional 10% return was completed agreements signed for such 14 one yen Industrial Bank, including commercial bank creditors to equity swap, the Export-Import Bank .

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering said it will not apply for accreditation corporate bond debt restructuring in the past 20 pm Changwon District Court Tongyeong support. After the court applied DSME receive additional new funding of 2.9 trillion won from the Korea Development Bank and Export-Import Bank.

Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank is planning to install a management committee members participate in external private pursue the DSME management normalization.

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Hyundai, "Good aengut child care, six months acquired the exclusive license

[Gimseunghan financial newspaper reporters South Korea - Hyundai has obtained the exclusive right to use the children's insurance is' Good aengut children INSURANCE.

By acquiring the exclusive license Hyundai other insurers have been unable to sell a similar product for six months.

Of Hyundai 'Good aengut children INSURANCE "Health care is a service that provides thermal management and prevention information for the child, was recognized for providing differentiated services" hurts our children. "

"It hurts our children 'will also open the real-time status information about the heating to the city and nine units, such as a program to provide customized management information in accordance with the heating condition and symptoms of the Spirit, infant, through big data analysis provided in the form.

Hyundai Baek Gyeongtae manager "Hyundai has been leading the children's insurance market, and continues to strive for enhanced product competitiveness and customer satisfaction," he said.

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Park Jinsu LG Chem Vice Chairman 520 shares of treasury purchases ... Add enhance responsible management moves

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] Park Jinsu LG Chemical and Vice President (picture) to purchase an additional 520 shares Treasury shares (143,260,000 won in size) in six months, enhanced responsible management. He carried a total of 11 times in the last share buyback in 2010.

LG Chem has posted the 20th Vice President said the foil purchase treasury shares 520 shares. Acquisition cost is 275,500 won per share, Pak Vice President to hold treasury shares 6,877 shares with this purchase was acquired a stake of 0.01%.

The business community sees the night exposed vice president responsible for the management commitment once again with this purchase. But the overall performance, including breakthrough LG Chem's 1Q12 quarter revenue 6 trillion won last cell business (10 billion won in 2016 operating losses) will have to slow to price declines this night vice is interpreted as a spiral in share prices defenses through the share buyback . Price LG Chem 27 9000 man source (20 days) with a decline of about 15% in the last situation 32 million.

In addition to the night and vice sonokdong LG Chem, based materials business, general manager (CEO) was also the 20th number of treasury shares 910 shares. Total cost of one hand the president is spending 250,750,000 won

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Oil hits, "Cacao previously be listed when incorporated KOSPI 200 Index"

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] showed that cacao is highly likely when the KOSPI 200 Index traded before transferring to the securities market. An explanation that 15 trading days, if you can maintain the current price level is satisfied with the KOSPI 200 Index transfer process is periodic change at any time and changing standards.

Oil hits Securities looked at the possibility of the KOSPI 200 Index inclusion of cacao 21 days. Cacao day is punctuated bar prophet's Kospi traded the previous theory showing the stock price appreciation in the KOSDAQ market. Intraday record of 90,000 was 52 weeks singoga in 1100 won closed at 90,800 won rose 4.13% (3,600 won).

The same day, the Korea Exchange has in fact confirmed the disclosure requirements relating to the installation previously listed, cacao was announced by solemn Disclosures There are no reviews for the securities market during the previous listed specifically confirmed until now. "

Lee Jungho Securities researcher Yu hits the current situation, given the fact that 'a market cap of 61,486 billion won the previous day's closing price cacao levels corresponding to common shares based on the KOSPI market cap of top 43' '50 great saying Hanwha Life Market cap 50,000 350.1 billion won If no one in the fall after the price previously KOSPI not occur for 15 trading days to maintain the current level of cocoa were also described as possible to the KOSPI 200 index inclusion.

The current KOSPI 200 Index transfer process can be divided into regular and frequent changes to change. Regular gotta change is referred to special standards for large-cap stocks' is an average market capitalization over the last 15 trading days trading can be selected as constituents if the above events within 50 of all stocks traded on the securities market.

In the case of frequent change 'it is within 50 of the 15 trading days up the entire market capitalization common stocks after the listing of Special transferable' exemption as for newly listed stocks has gotta mention.

However, the researchers added that 'no go hard to the actual KOSPI 200 Index inclusion period is not yet concrete cutting KOSPI previous schedule and procedures are to come will be the fact also noted.

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[Real Talk] grossing assurance yeoksegwon development, investment Growing

A [financial newspaper gimdohyeon Korea News] came yeoksegwon Development Zone plugged into box-office certified check expected to solidify its position as the market leader pre-sale.

Yeoksegwon development is not simply improved only traffic environment. Because it is located in a traffic-based Sanya housing, education, health, tourism, culture, commerce and leisure, such as multi-functional business complex is subjected, with expansion.

Including infrastructure such as roads and parks are being established throughout also equipped with various types of commercial and cultural facilities. Like residential district is transformed into a highly organized and planned luxury urban convenience, yet comfortable enough to be promoted. If the consumer to yeoksegwon development projects finish higher affinity than City.

Yeoksegwon development zone to improve traffic conditions, as well as convenience is increasing even deongdalah residential preferences. As the demand for housing in the district Molly ran aimlessly also apartments in this area.

One opening in 2016, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Suseo around the apartments was investigated by the surging price for a short period of time. According to KB Real Estate quotes Suseo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, one apartment prices are formed in April price of 29.14 million won per current 3.3㎡. It is two years ago, prices rose 33.8% more than 20,780,000 won.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Korea Rail Network Authority, etc. while chujinkiro search yeoksegwon development projects in the past 2015 flower color Susaek-dong in Seoul Eunpyeong one real estate market is in the air. Susaek-dong one apartment prices rose by 13.0% (12.18 million won → 1376 million) in two years.

Ownership also rose significantly. The land portion of the actual transaction, according to data Ownership Gyeonggi Province Gwangmyeong yeoksegwon light district in 'gwangmyeongyeok Park Jai' has been attached to the deal premium of about 1 billion. This past February, this apartment-type 84A (21 floors) was traded at 542.63 million won. Given that the sale price of 440 million won was jutaekhyeong the price level rose about 1 billion.

Where the development goes yeoksegwon pre-sale is a booming market. Last October, Daewoo E & C is a pre-sale 'second major regional town Prugio "Choji-dong in Ansan was recorded in the first rank of fierce competition offer an average of 19.5-to-1. The apartments are expected to directly benefit the gallery yeoksegwon development. Last year, Feb. Alumni construction recorded the highest competition of the 'new city of Ulsan KTX alumni gutmoninghil' 10.6-to-1 also supplied to Ulsan Ulsan KTX stations, and finished the offer accepted in the first rank.

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Our cards, five months of home May Progress 'exhibition, event'

[Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] We must proceed with the gift card sweepstakes and exhibitions in wibi market for parents and children of the right assumed the month of May.

Gifts Exhibition is open sequentially as a theme. The exhibition goes mobile coupons, including two months beginning on the 17th Children's Day gift for the 24th exhibition in the Mother's Day gift, 29 Coffee & Bakery.

Next month, 8 days leads food and kitchen supplies, 15th, summer shoes, 22 Summer appliances exhibitions, all exhibition will continue from the beginning until the end of the following month.

In particular, the May weekend, one month're ready also charged our card 7% discount events, using our card at checkout to enjoy a more affordable shopping.

There is also a variety of sweepstakes ready for market purchase. Through a lottery wibi target market customers who buy a product from more than 20,000 won △ LG refrigerator signatures (one) △ presents a stylus Tromso (2 patients).

Event presented the same period, new subscribers come △ LG Electronics Red TV (1 people) △ Market reserves 10,000 won (1,000 people) over the draw for customers also goes together.

For more info, including exhibitions and events can be found at wibi Market website.

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SK Lubricants, a 3% fuel economy improvement 'SK ZIC X9 FS' release

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] SK Lubricants has announced on the 20th that launched the fuel economy compared to a conventional 100% improvement over 3% synthetic advanced Yun Hwalyu products 'SK ZIC X9 FS'. SK ZIC 'FS' of the X9 FS means 'fuel consumption (Fuel Saving)'.

This product has met the latest standards of ACEA C2 and A5-related fuel efficiency of advanced European Yun Hwalyu market. A5 grade high fuel efficiency and engine protection, C2 grade means that the function equipped to extend the life of the apparatus after the reduce fuel usage.

ACEA ratings in Europe and the United States to apply a higher standard than API Test grading system known in the existing and proposed standards for engine oils objective assessment reflects the views of car manufacturers. SK ZIC X9 FS is giving by meeting two standards at the same time, reducing the burden on to consumers in the engine oil selection.

In terms of performance, price jinyeotda discriminatory competitive compared to existing products. Despite the high production of 100% synthetic Yun Hwalyu it was applied to the prices that are significantly different from conventional pure oil. SK Lubricants is a plan to increase customer satisfaction drivers for 'SK ZIC X9 FS' by allowing the use of high-performance products at prices not higher.

SK Lubricants official said, " 'ZIC X9 FS''re satisfied with the latest standards recommended by the domestic and foreign markets, domestic and imported essential products for both new and the driver," "future, SK Lubricants ahead of changes in market customers provide the required products before and said we will do our best to maximize customer satisfaction. "

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The highest honor Prudential Group 'Kiyo Sakaguchi Award 2017 "Awards

[Gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter Korea] Prudential Life Insurance has selected Kim Ilsu Executive Life Planner in 'Kiyo Sakaguchi Memorial Golden Heart Award "winners Korea awarded to those who practice the best life planner spirit in the world.

"Kiyo Sakaguchi Award 'beliefs about the value of life insurance was the chief said Kiyo Sakaguchi President (故) of Prudential International Insurance Group emphasizes to life planner in life, devotion and loyalty to the customers, and love for the profession and it is implemented enacted in 2002 in order to continue to inspire confidence.

This prize is awarded to the Prudential Life Life Planner planner who practices the best spirit of multidisciplinary and international insurance group, as well as to annual earnings in countries with advanced ethics, social contribution activities.

Selected as a 2017 winner Kim Ilsu life planner since its commission in 1999 Life Planner far PTC (Prudential Life year target) was 18 years standing at 'MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table: one million US dollars Roundtable), it has achieved steady . Also highly rated were problems that not only complies fully with the attitude of sales compliance thorough psychiatric professionals consider the customer's situation, getting the trust of customers to help ensure that claims are paid in a timely manner.

In addition Kim Ilsu Life Planner from 2011 until 2014 he served as Chairman of Prudential Social Responsibility Fund Foundation as a leader in many service organizations such as Junior Chamber, northern Seoul, Korea Association of loving service and to actively participate in social contribution activities. The last in 2013, has performed exemplary acts, such as the award of a beautiful greener Award.

Choegyusang Prudential Life Insurance Sales General Manager is "Kim Ilsu Life Planner has practiced the intrinsic value of life insurance a person such as a customer of an insurance contract maintenance, beyond the insurance payments support customer survivors child is the center," said "peer mentor within the agency the role and can contribute positively to the team and the agency is an inspiration to fellow planners life, "he said.

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Samsung Securities, its affiliates hedge fund assets invested 20 billion won

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] will invest 200 billion in hedge Samsung Asset Management hedge fund Samsung Securities subsidiary.

Samsung Securities has announced the investment of 10 billion won each of the last 20 days income securities trading disclosure of the hedge assets Samsung Samsung H Club of Private Equity Management Equity Hedge Fund No. 1 through No. 1 and hybrid funds with related parties.

Trading purposes are expected to conduct the 27th day funding comes from the board of directors by a simple investment. But the last 17 days Samsung H Club Equity Hedge after a private equity investment trust first and beginning of the arc yields and record -1.94%, other hedge funds is also not good recent returns.

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Shin Dongbin of 'transparent management ... Core subsidiaries, including Lotte Shopping imminent 'split ‧ merger'

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Lotte Group, the company embarked on a split core subsidiaries in the countdown, the holding company transition. Reducing the circular investment rings are expected to create a governance structure around the Lotte Hotel.

According to the 21st Lotte industry, there is a possibility that heat being considered the Board of Directors for Lotte Confectionery and Lotte Chilsung, as early as the food and distribution subsidiary of the Lotte Group, Lotte food indwelling division, to discuss the merger scheme.

Lotte Group plans to integrate sikindaneun Investment Company split one back through the divestiture of the four companies as an investment company and operating company launched the "intermediate holding company.

For the partitioning scheme has observed the industry eotgalrigo. The parent company has been discussed with the spin-off distribution of the spin-off and stock of the new corporation that owns 100% of the new entity in the same proportion to the parent company shareholders.

Last plan for the transition to a holding company system, including the split, merge, split, merge, etc. to the "cross-shareholding eliminated and Governance on March 19 Lotte Shopping, Lotte Confectionery and Lotte Chilsung, Lotte Food Financial Supervisory Service the review was to "have published the information at the same time.

Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dongbin has a bar promise to eliminate cross-shareholding and holding company regime change through reforms after the prosecution last October.

If the Lotte Holdings (tentative name), a merger launched an investment company Lotte Group governance becomes short as "Lotte Hotel → Lotte Holdings (tentative name) → affiliates' form. Lotte Hotel has a stake in the current Lotte Shopping (8.8%), Lotte Confectionery (3.2%), Lotte food (8.9%), Lotte Chilsung (5.9%).

Lotte Group currently has a domestic Most of the 67 cross-shareholding ring. Among Lotte Shopping and Lotte Confectionery is associated circular investment rings at the same time, about 50 fold. When the merged investment firm has launched cross-shareholding ring is reduced 17 dogs can be a "transparent management" power of Lotte Chairman Shin Dongbin.

Lotte Group said, "because they are not yet officially designated certain specific matters can not give confirmation," while "holding company operations, as announced earlier this year by the disclosure is continuing," he said.

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Kyobo Securities, short-term borrowings increased to 1 trillion 200 billion won

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea - Kyobo Securities has posted neuleonatdago 20 in short-term borrowings 800 billion won for the short-term funding to finance expansion of 1.2 trillion won.

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NH Investment & Securities, the 25th Emerging Investment Strategies Seminar

Hold the [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] presentation on the topic of NH Investment & Securities is coming from the 25th 16:30 6:00 headquarters in Yeouido, Seoul NH Investment & Securities' investment strategy in emerging golden age. "

Said Kang Hyeoncheol Strategy Director for lecturing the "theme of the advent of the emerging golden age" is "if the financial crisis, the rise of global stock markets has led the developed countries including the US, will lead in the coming financial markets are driven by the emerging markets." "The based on the country are found in a bullish factors such as the stock market and strong economic exporters profit, "he said.

This session will introduce researchers to analyze investment prospects in the professional explanations and foreign ETF, foreign companies investing in emerging as a promising area. It plans to present a good investment for investors in emerging methods.

If the session is customers interested in foreign stocks and are you able to attend all pre-apply at NH Investment & Securities website, HTS, MTS.

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Accompanied by strong Lotte geurupju, the holding company transition news

It is accompanied by strong expectations for the [South Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Lotte Group share governance reform.

21 days from 9:30 am Currently, Lotte Confectionery is working on a deal before the trading day compared to 4.31% (9000 won) rose 217,000 won.

Lotte Shopping is 11,000 won (4.69%) being the right record 245,500 won. In addition, there Lotte affiliates showing appreciation Lotte Chilsung (3.69%), Lotte food (2.36%), Lotte Chemical Company (2.32%), Hi-Mart (0.90%).

According to industry day held shortly Lotte Shopping, Lotte Confectionery and Lotte, Lotte Chilsung Food Council, reportedly to resolve the split and merge as part of governance reform. The securities foresee it to work for the holding company transition.

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Kia Motors, enhanced safety and convenience Carnival 2018

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - Kia Motors 'Carnival 2018' recently introduced has strengthened significantly the safety and convenience specifications. △ expensive trim enlarge the selected safety and convenience specifications that could only apply enhanced △ significant space utilization in the seven-seater "magic space" model to add a new operating △ 9 seater models 'Noblesse Special' which enhances your built luxury trim it is characterized by raised, including significant drag marketability.

The side Alarm System (BSD) after the first run and improved safety to apply to at least the basic Prestige trim 7 seater and 9 seater around the trim. Also extend the existing models while to allow the 'Drive Wise (DRIVE WISE)' could only be selected from the top trim to choose from the entire stream, Around View Monitor (AVM) is also 7-seater around the trim and 9 seater, 11-seater Prestige trim over did.

Here on a map, phone, text, music, and year of the smartphone Apple's Car Play 'and the mirror it can be conveniently utilized to various functions in conjunction with the vehicle systems of link-based enlarge Kia T-map' applies to phone connectivity ease increased.

For 2018 Carnival 7 seater model, greatly enhanced the utilization of space for customers to enjoy the leisure and operations to the new "Magic Space" model. 2018 Carnival Magic space model was applied to the 'magic seat space, with a stand-up (Stand up) features two columns. Through the stand-up function upright two-row seat forward, when receiving the third-row seat in the floor is widened considerably the storage space behind the driver's seat. Apply only the radiator grille of a differentiated image has also implemented a sporty image.

9 seater models, △ Nappa leather seats, door center trim △ △ wood grain leather + wood grain steering wheels, etc. apply the advanced internal design improvements that add a sense of luxury "Noblesse special 'Trim widened customer choice.

Price is the 35400000-3970 ten thousand won 7 seater diesel models (Limo), two petrol models 37,900,000 won. 10 009 Diesel passenger model 3045-3885 is won, gasoline model is 3580 Yuan, man ~ 3630 manwon 11 passenger model 2755.

Kia Motors said, "was born in the Republic of Korea represents a new family minivan carnival, plus numerous safety / typical 2018 model year," said "are expected to provide the best satisfaction to our customers with more diverse lineup made," he said.

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Granger · i30 · Genesis, Hyundai's design excellence proven

And [South Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun News] recently amid growing share of the design elements of the car buying Granger · i30 · K5 Wagon & Niro, Genesis G80 is a modern Kia designed demonstrated excellence. '2017 Red Dot Design Award (2017 Red Dot Design Award)' product design (product design) Design transport sector (transportation design) will have the award in each sector.

Kia K5 wagon received the Grand Prize (Best of Best), Hyundai's Grandeur and Genesis G80 Sport bonsang (Winner), Hyundai i30, Kia Niro, Rio Prize (Honourable Mention), respectively.

iF Design Award, IDEA Considered as the world's top three design with the design, the red dot design award and hosted by the German Noord Haim Westphalia Design Center (Design Zentrum Nordheim Westfalen), based on a variety of key criteria such as innovation and functional design to determine the winners in each field every year.

This year the product design department has gotta have submitted a total of 5,214 products from 57 countries played a fierce competition. Maintaining apmoseup of three and one must complete the sloping roof, windows, sporty shape with a superb gentle K5 Kia's European strategy cars Wagon won the Grand Prize and proved the superior design of the competitive midsize sedan K5. He was awarded the prize last K5 Korea's first car on the red dot design in 2011, won the grand prize is an all-new K5 in March last year.

The Kia Soul award after the 2009 occasion △ △ 2011 years K5 △ 2013 year pro seed △ Soul 2014 like winning the Red Dot Design Award for nine consecutive years and was recognized for superior design competition.

The Hyundai Grandeur has won bonsang (Winner) receives a high score point and finished a strong, magnificent design and at the same time inherited the luxury of an existing model.

Also i30 received the Encouragement Award (Honourable Mention) proved superior marketability receive the award after the third related to the design, iF Design Award, pinup design awards. Both models are inspired from the grand and elegant curves of the flow of molten Korea pottery melting in the furnace, the cascading grill that proposes a new direction for Hyundai's design is applied to the raised expectations for the future design direction.

Genesis G80 Sport has won the bonsang naeoegwan design emphasizes the dynamic sensibility unique sports model in perfect proportions and sense the existing G80 sedan with receive rave reviews. G80 Sport has inherited the superior design of the G80 competitiveness winning the red dot design last in 2014 and boasted a distinctive design point.

Hyundai Motor Group official said, "The Red Dot Award is an evolution of Hyundai Kia. Will once again proven the competitiveness of the Genesys design, "he said," the center said the new car design in the global market this year, including domestic, Europe will continue to inform the design of high competitiveness. "

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Kia, K5 earn fame by dragging rising stars 'K5 GT'

'K5 GT' Kia Motors has recently introduced [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - has been recognized as a new rising stars to raise significant drag the K5 series fame. Improve the driving performance dramatically back the market suffered second place overtaking the SM6 · chatgetda Malibu is a car that contained the will.

K5 GT released in the last 10 days is characterized by a mid-sized car with a domestic middle class-leading driving performance, including greatly improved acceleration and braking capabilities of the existing 2.0 turbo model and apply a new electronically controlled suspension. A high-performance model of securing the driving comfort is optimized for high-speed driving by a tinge different tuning equipped with a new specification. It has secured a unique driving performance among midsize class 'K5 GT' dedicated to the design and implementation as well as with dynamic sound engine provides enjoyable driving experience and is expected to deliver the ultimate pride and satisfaction to our customers.

K5 GT has also secured more playful improves acceleration performance and speed response in the area of ​​used and dynamic gasokgam. In addition to that due to the implementation of good braking by applying a "low-steel sport brake at the same time overheating is mainly applied to the high-performance sports model minimizes the 'fade phenomenon that increased braking performance to driving safety.

In addition, to enhance the rigidity of the suspension to a stable shock absorption On the other hand, it was to achieve the best driving force according to the running conditions and road surface by applying the new electronic controlled suspension domestic first class. K5 GT is operated with a single model is priced at 32.95 million won.

The simultaneous release with the K5 GT '2018 K5' exterior design was also △ △ advanced design specification is enhanced specialty trim △ launch a high-performance air-conditioning filters and air cleaning mode, such as applying new greatly enhance the marketability compared to the previous model. Existing Dual Design (MX / SX) of said base apply Dark chrome points to enhance the luxury of the SX models in the radiator grille, headlamps, air curtain parts. Leather quilted leather seats were also equipped with a newly directed handicraft image through the sewn in a diamond shape on.

Kia Motors said, "Republic of Korea representative sedan K5 were born newly as a massive reinforcement '2018 k5' marketability" and "particularly 'K5 GT', armed with the best driving performance in its class is the best choice for a high performance model at a reasonable price customers sure to be a "he said.

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NH Agricultural Insurance, the target year of 2016 awards ceremony held

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] NH Agricultural Insurance has held the "2016 Target Year Award 'at the 20th Seoul material Yangjaedong Seoul Education Culture Center. The grand prize winner is the Managing Director of the Agricultural bakhyeonhui game Anseong iljuk.

Ceremony there were 650 people including NH NH NH NH Financial Group gimyonghwan president and winner of the Insurance employees and 160 people, including the CEO Lee Yunbae attend.

Individual awards are iljuk bakhyeonhui Agricultural Business earned a name in honor of cooperatives should iljuk Ju Mihyeon dramatically with each gimwolrim FC Ulsan Agricultural Livestock sector employees and nongchukhyeop sector FC Gold Award winner of the ateumyeo. Office awards include seven offices including Beijing Nanyuan cooperatives, such as the 16 offices accounted comprehensive Prize limitless livestock cooperatives won the general insurance sector targets.

The grand prize winner of bakhyeonhui managing director won the Gold Award for three consecutive years in 2012 and a statue from 2013 to 2015 recorded a turnover of 2.3 billion won last year raised the name to the year 2016 Year of the Grand Prize winner. Business bakhyeonhui "This effort to divide the last hope through insurance with our customers since 2002, resulted in the now," he said award.

NH gimyonghwan president of the Agricultural Cooperative Financial Group through the barns, "Development of Agricultural Insurance results created with the active support of nongchukhyeop employee enthusiasm of the cooperative," said, "come hanhaedo together to Agricultural Insurance can become a first-class insurers efforts were advised that different. "

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KB Asset Management, Investment Division acquisition finance team career recruitment

The [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] KB Asset Management Division is recruiting investment acquisition finance team career employees.

Recruitment division is in charge of fund management and investment company with headquarters support acquisition finance team daerigeup 0 people. How to apply and the period we are receiving mail until next month to 7 days from the last 20 days. Required qualifications are at least 3 years relevant industry experience, including asset management, brokerage houses, banks, financial institutions and accounting firms, sinpyeongsa must be fluent in English. Investment and corporate finance related services experienced is preferred.

Acquisition finance team is a department that operates the PDF (Private Dept Fund) have a primarily financial institutions, the acquisition finance loans to invest in assets to investors, plans to establish a fund to target in the future various types of loans and investment .

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KEB, Hana Bank, held "real estate seminar tour '

It said it held the Third Estate Seminar Tour '[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] KEB, Hana Bank (Bank hamyoungju) for VIP guests Seongsu-dong in the last 20 days.

"Real Estate Seminar Tour" tour will be conducted in the field of more than 10 types of KEB and Hana Bank's PB real estate professionals to directly explore the investment interest in the pre-selection with 20 participants.

To the effect that he would explore the site with not just investment counseling office offers a realistic real estate investment advisory services, has been implemented to target the applicant of the VIP guests.

Day, participants were Seongsu-dong and walk to nearby attractions and commercial areas with real estate and financial experts analyze the investment point and location requirements and provide specific investment advice services, through a free real-time questions and answers.

Moreover, even were provided with advance information on various investment Notes and price analysis was based on direct analysis of the sale of the commercial district in KEB, Hana Bank Real Estate Agency WM Advisory Center.

Last Bukchon, followed by the Hongdae 'Third Estate Tour "held at the beginning of this year Seongsu-dong has recently been closed, thanks to the high level of satisfaction apply for an hour known only to the interests and whilst the results of the seminar on real estate income type.

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Shinhan Bank, a beautiful retirement Story Competition Events

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporters - Shinhan Bank (Bank wiseongho) that will proceed to a "beautiful story contest event retirement 'to share a story about aging and retirement ready by the end of June, said Tuesday.

Subject: △ retirement living preparing △ retirement (Health / Relationships / Hobby / volunteer) △ re-employment and entrepreneurship, including a total of three, Shinhan 'Shaping the Future mammals, the event involved the community corner retirement talk after application from the app's own If you register your retirement expertise is submitted.

The event has been prepared at the request of finding information on the lives of actual retirement it is difficult in a situation where customers are increasingly interested in the social preparation for retirement to retirement and aging of the baby boomer generation. A total of 33 winners will be announced through the screening 7 and May 14, △ offers gifts such as travel vouchers 2,000,000 won (1 person) △ Galaxy S8 (2 people) △ 100,000 won department store vouchers (30).

Bank official said, "The other customers through real stories will be a good opportunity to relate to retirement", "We will provide a variety of ways that we can experience solutions to customers to prepare for retirement," he said.

Meanwhile, the future design mammals, is a retired Portal app, Shinhan Bank, the release of the first banks in January, the financial information provided as well as the necessary specialization for senior customer service through partnerships with non-financial companies △ health examinations related to retirement △ Deals are getting response from customers with benefits such as discounts on travel products △ △ premature discounts care ∙ ash △ counseling companion animals provide information.

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Modern industrial development, social contributions trek up relay

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] Modern industrial development has had a rush on the 20th Seoul Itaewon mural painting and port areas '心 Pony small libraries' opening ceremony on the relay service activities across the country announced 21 days.

Until last year, only it pyeolchyeotji a community-oriented activities Yongsan headquarters widened in nationwide activities at Group level from this year.

Modern industrial plant business environment, developing infrastructure shed over the headquarters staff, 30 said guseulttam busy decorating a renovated 20 days yitaewondong Vietnam Qui nongil one alley to the mural.

Yongsan is a social contribution program for Office and volunteer organizations and put in hand to draw the Vietnamese culture is reflected in the mural alley fences and stairs town transformed into a friendly village.

Modern industrial development has also opened a '心 Pony small library, children's center in the port area. '心 Pony small library, donated books to the children's study room and open activities Management Innovation Office staff of 20 people involved to improve the learning environment, donated 600 books and books replacing the bookshelf and desk.

In addition, Hyundai Development has planned a nationwide relay of the year group-wide CSR activities. Kids In Sports Park and will proceed with a soccer clinic to target a youth correctional facility to expand the activities to build confidence and positive mindset, each one is going to participate in social contribution activities, utilizing the specific characteristics of each subsidiary.

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Hite Jinro, "accompanied by growth and win-win cooperation" commemorating the sixth anniversary ceremony

Opened [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] Hite Jinro mutual growth and mutual cooperation declared the sixth anniversary celebrations in Seocho building.

According to Hite Jinro it has 21 days last 20 days event, held more than 100 people attended, including Son Bongsu Hite Jinro production of the employees, including Executive Vice President and gangjaeyoung Shared Growth Committee director, partner employees.

Hite Jinro has conducted a lecture on the topic of "Understanding Shared Growth and the need" to promote lasting relationships with our suppliers in this day celebrations. Following partners share the difficulties and was also established place of communication to solve them.

From 2012, Hite Jinro has provided foreign language, management, and online job training targeted at employees of partner companies, such as financial, family events and support of our employees and benefits.

Son Bongsu Hite Jinro produces, Executive Vice President said, "We will go to win-win with partners to create a win-win together we can through good products, such as height."

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Iris authentication service provided by Samsung Securities, mobile apps empap

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea Samsung Securities has announced that it provides an iris authentication services that enable financial transactions for mobile apps "empap ​​(mPOP) 'iris authentication only from 21 days without a certificate or credential.

Iris authentication service of Samsung Securities are available through the SEC's Galaxy S8 is equipped with an iris authentication function. Iris authentication service provided by Samsung Securities is equipped with a secure system based on state-of-the-art biometric technology to Samsung Electronics Samsung pass.

The iris authentication services introducing Samsung Securities' customers can now more secure and convenient access to mobile banking in addition to the existing certificate, simple password authentication by the iris authentication. In particular, it is the biggest advantage made available to the customer One Stop frequently deal with only the iris authentication without security card transfer transactions, OTP used in mobile apps.

Samsung Securities officials is expected to dramatically increase in the "Mobile banking is convenient and it has all the security, customers of the high interest via a bio-certified, such as iris, fingerprint 'saying' satisfaction with mobile transactions clients in the iris authentication introduced "I explained.

Samsung Securities August last year, continue to the fingerprint authentication · Quick Start password services together after this time are leading biometrics services sector by introducing an iris authentication service of Samsung Pass, continue convenient and secure mobile assets in a variety of technology-based managed services with plans to expand.

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KT, LG Electronics and Intelligent 'GiGA IoT Home' implementation

[Ohahreum journalists Korea Financial News] KT is that strengthening the partnership for 'GiGA IoT Home Manager' service that serves the six kinds, '(Internet Of Things) Home IoT' spread that works with consumer electronics products with LG Electronics announced Tuesday.

This time, air conditioning, six species of appliances that work the air cleaner, robot vacuum cleaner, oven, refrigerator, in conjunction with the companies of the IoT platform with a washing machine, more convenient service through a wireless router (AP) connected to the home Wi-Fi (WiFi) It was able to provide to our customers.

In particular, one can use artificial intelligence to TV 'group Genie' works come from recently launched KT. For example, voice and work with the product "Ginny Hey, turn on air conditioning! ', ON / OFF function as well as it is possible to set and control details such as dehumidification mode.

KT and LG Electronics provides device status, remote control, status notifications, such as household appliances by six kinds of products.

Customers want this service is LG Electronics' best shops such as on-the after purchasing a Wi-Fi home appliances capable of communicating in-store customer with LG Electronics Smart Home service, smart ssingkyu '(SmartThinQ ™) account KT' If you are subscribed to GiGA IoT Home manager 'service.

By adding the Household six kinds of reserves that are LG Electronics, Household appliances are available 'GiGA IoT Home Manager', and in 1100 won charges that occur when adding devices to use LG appliances interworking services by the end of the year (including VAT ) provides for no additional fee is charged by default.

KT is also being provided to 'GiGA IoT Home Manager' to service the premises IoT devices to help enable automated control complex to fit your situation or lifestyle service, "Recipe" function. The user when it detects a certain level or more indoor fine dust levels in the air doctor GiGA IoT through the "Recipe" function can enjoy a variety of complex automatic control services, which can automatically operate the LG air purifier.

KT GiGA IoT Agency gimjungeun refurbished "KT and LG inter convenient home IoT business cooperation and differentiated consumer electronics - became visible ray communication convergence services," said, "LG Electronics and enables customers to enjoy a more prosperous one life in addition to the cooperative groups will showcase a variety of home IoT works and services Ginny, "he said.

Meanwhile, KT was that this works with LG Electronics and Home Appliances IoT business cooperation with local representatives signed LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics, a major home appliances.

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Binggrae, No. 2 Yellow Cafe in Jeju that the official opening

[Sinmijin financial newspaper reporter Korea] that Bingrae the official opening of the flagship store of banana-flavored milk Jeju point 2 Shop "yellow cafe" in the Jeju Jungmun Resort Complex said Tuesday.

Bingrae Yellow Cafe in Jeju that was composed of three zones, including a small store about 10 times as large as a cafe shop, MD (merchandise) compared to the former Dongdaemun points (66㎡, about 20 square meters), experience.

The Café Zone will offer a variety of drinks and desserts utilizing banana-flavored milk attracted great popularity in the Dongdaemun points. MD John to take advantage of the banana-flavored milk jug with design and banana-flavored milk 'keyring' showcase MD products. Experience Zone was composed customers who visited the store, such as the exhibition so that they can cheheong banana-flavored milk in various forms.

Bakyoungjun Bingrae CEO "yellow cafe Jeju that is expected to emerge as the new attractions of Jeju Island" and "I will take the lead in cultivating one Bingrae cherish the beautiful island," he said.

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Fund supermarkets, 7% annual return type, goal conversions Samsung fund

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Korea operating funds online fund supermarkets are beginning to sell that type of goal conversions funds automatically switch upon achieving target return of 7% within one year of the 21st Bond she said.

The fund is Samsung Republic of Korea elite corporate goals switchable No. 1 which invest mainly domestic large-cap stocks (equity) investment fund and type of Samsung Republic of Korea elite corporate objectives when switching to achieve a 10% return during the period since 17% during the period less than one year, years and automatically switch to the - (ingenuity foldable bond) funds No.1.

We can expect a relatively high return to the situation that the prolonged low interest rate environment, the point is that investment points are automatically converted into bond funds upon reaching the target rate of return less to worry about when fund buying and short covering.

Lee Byeongho funds online Korea representative said, "Not long ago recruited a goal conversion type No. 1 fund deadline has received a lot of love to the investors decided to sell No. 2 fund" and "particularly in fund supermarkets there is no sales commission sales fees also A because of the low class as compared to 50% can reduce the investment cost than buying from different vendors can earn higher returns, "he said.

The fund is available only to subscription comes 27 days, and you can meet a fund supermarket.

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Hotel Silla - Silla duty-free collaboration marketing ... Hotel gift voucher

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea] membership of Shilla 'sinrari Wars "today announced 21 days pyeolchindago Shilla Duty Free internet and new co-Up event.

If the Shilla membership 'sinrari Wars' new customers joined the Shilla Duty Free internet, or internet Shilla Duty Free customers sign up for a new' sinrari Wars presents a variety of prizes, including Seoul and Jeju Shilla Hotel voucher.

It offers its customers ongoing, and subscribe to our customers and the Internet Shilla Duty Free to join sinrari Wars through the Shilla Duty Free and Shilla internet websites until August 15 can apply for the prize receive a promotional code.

When Shilla Duty Free internet customers sign up for a new sinrari Wars through June and August, twice the lottery can receive a 100% premium. Prizes are to prepare gotta like 1000 sinrari Wars 50,000 bonus points (100), sinrari Wars Gold upgrade benefits, Shilla Duty Free internet voucher contains specific points, including Seoul, Cheju Shilla Stay and breakfast.

Sinrari Wars customer also presented Silla If you sign up for a new Internet Duty Free will be automatically entered to sinrari Wars Gold prizes, purchase more than $ 1 sinrari Wars 10000 points. Winner announcement will be posted on the website sinrari Wars June 21 and August 23.

"Sinrari Wars is an integrated free membership that can be freely anywhere in Seoul Shilla Jeju Shilla Hotel Shilla Stay here. Membership subscription is mailed to the address registered when possible, and membership cards to join the website and each of the hotel front desk.

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KGC Ginseng 'shared growth' Merchants Excellence Awards jeonggwanjang

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] KGC Ginseng has had a '2017 national outstanding jeonggwanjang merchant Awards' in KT & G Chuncheon Sangsangmadang said Tuesday.

Day ceremony included the 50 merchants carriers and accompanying family selected as the best merchant has a total of 100 people participated in the ceremony had time to share the know-how of merchants operating with each other.

KGC Ginseng has an excellent operating merchant rewards program, including selection to the 50 year franchise to raise self-esteem and sense of gratitude for the excellent franchise business benefits of awards and collective international travel.

Jeonggwanjang excellent merchant ceremony fit for the fifth year by inviting operators and merchants accompanying family proceeded to a garden party, award ceremony of the festival format, a unique combination of cultural performances.

KGC Ginseng Corp., said, "We will further strive for an environment that can grow into a true communication and trust associated with the franchise operators," he said.

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Finally officially launched the Galaxy S8 'record streak expectations

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] in two days booking sales from 500,000 to 260,000 topped the opening day domestic record. Day is every day from Samsung Galaxy S8 21 days in writing a record is being delivered to the domestic consumer goods.

Galaxy S8 has simultaneously released on Thursday the United States and Canada will be released sequentially in global markets such as Europe and China.

If you want to "Galaxy S8 is confident he opened a new dimension to smartphone design," he said "the latest technology innovations and customer-oriented philosophy of total gathering of a beautiful smartphone" yiradeon godongjin guarantee Samsung wireless division president is consistent with consumer behavior noted do.

Once you see the consumer response to high expectations on the new technology contained in the new phones. Among the scheduled sales exceeded one million naseoneun is indeed the official launch.

Galaxy S8 are smart phones and smart interface "Bixby, to offer the user of a new communication method, the voice, after receiving the information via a variety of input methods of image, text, touch, etc., to understand the user's situation and context the user customizable to provide services.

"Bixby" will allow you △ Voice (Voice) △ vision (Vision) △ Reminder (Reminder) △ Home (Home), including four functions through a consumer is much more intuitive smartphone easy to use.

Deep learning (Deep Learning) applying technology "Bixby" when used to study the communication system between various devices and more users to provide a more optimized experience for its users.

However, Samsung did not exactly explain the cause of the controversy about the red crystal Galaxy S8.

The controversy spread doeja Samsung naenwatda to explain the "color setting issues rather than let the quality."

Followed by "I know that if you appeal to the red liquid crystal displays in the default setting to warm the large family of products. If they say is adjusted to the desired display color ", but consumers are still questioned.

Galaxy S8 and S8 plus Galaxy price is 93 man 5000 manwon circles and 99, respectively, a Galaxy S8 plus equipped with 6GB RAM (memory 128GB) is 1.155 million won.

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1Q11 electronic short-term bonds issued 235 trillion won ... Qq 2.6% ↓

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] 1Q Electronic short-term bonds issued this year was 235.4 trillion won. It fell 6.4 trillion won (2.6%) QoQ to 241.8 trillion won.

21 days, according to the Korea Securities Depository securitization Electronic short-term debt is 30.4 trillion won, up 0.7% qoq, General Electric short-term bonds totaled 205 trillion won, down 3.1% as the cost of publication.

Overnight water by maturity (within 7 days) balhaengryang This accounted for 72.2%, securities issuers By the issued 126.6 trillion won, down 15.6% (53.8%) compared to the previous quarter.

Such decline has reduced the short-term bonds issued by General Electric QoQ to particular securities balhaengryang of General Electric four short of the 3.1% decrease sharply from the previous quarter.

Also became mostly 89.7% of the total amount issued sustained're flocking to the highest credit rating A1 preference for safe assets. Q1 A1 short-term debt ratings electronics balhaengryang fell by 3.3% the previous quarter to 211.1 trillion won.

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Daishin Securities, chat robot Benjamin - KakaoTalk associated services open

Can now meet in Kakao Talk chat robot of Benjamin [goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] Daishin Securities.

Instead, Benjamin securities available 21 days the financial investment industry's first chaetbot Benjamin in KakaoTalk - announced that it provides the linkage KakaoTalk service.

Benjamin has an artificial intelligence-based interactive chat robot instead of securities services, but instead were available at the MTS Securities sayiboseu Creon touch or mobile. If you linked to this service instead of adding securities and Creon using the Find Friends feature of KakaoTalk with your friends it can be all used.

Benjamin met on KakaoTalk provides services such as online account opening, questions and answers, and share information related stocks, financial products introduction, MTS download link. To install programs from account opening, simple questions related to securities business matters can be handled at a time. In addition, based on big data analysis of the equity and financial products in real time and provides a ranking for each issue stocks and commodities appropriate to the theme based on the statistics. However, questions relating to the securities business, including personal information, such as account information, do not reply.

Daishin Securities Benjamin also showcase itself as a character in conjunction with KakaoTalk. Benjamin dependable character lovely image was produced to reach for intimacy to its customers. Depending on the behavior patterns of customers in MTS or induce chat to customers through the floating button, propose such recommendations. A variety of emotions for the conversation even on the situation can be expressed as emoticons.

Inquiries about this service is when you check with your place of securities or Creon website, customer satisfaction center.

Gimsangwon Daishin Securities Smart Banking Director said: "This service is provided in conjunction with KakaoTalk close to daily life for the customers ease financial lives," he said, "We will serve our customers in a variety of easily and quickly through the continuous learning of Benjamin areas will, "he said.

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Amore Pacific 'backing' original intention remind ... Counselors Conference held

Held the 18th Conference AMORE Counselors' [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] AMOREPACIFIC the 20th at the Seoul Olympic Park SK Olympic Handball Stadium announced on Tuesday. The competition has been held annually since 2000 in order to foster a sense of belonging inspire AMOREPACIFIC door sales cause 'AMORE Counselors' and the professional pride as a sales woman.

This year competition was conducted among more than 3,600 people have about Amore Amore Pacific counselors and employees invited to attend from all over the country.

The subject of Amore Pacific this year's management policy is "like the first time", the return to the original intention of the time everyone Amore Pacific and AMORE Counselors start a door-to-door sales business in 1964 nagagetda create a beautiful tomorrow of mankind on the basis of sincerity towards customers and society shared aspirations.

The ceremony for the awards AMORE Counselors showed excellent performance during the year 2016 was held. Amore total of 57 counselors were awarded in recognition of the contribution and commitment during the year.

AMOREPACIFIC Make Up Your Life 'was also conducted special programs to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the campaign. Make Yours dwaetgo continue for the Achievement Awards to two people involved AMORE Counselors Life campaign, it was held together this year with Make Up Your Life Volunteers Ceremony 2017.

Make Up Your Life Campaign by Amore Pacific representative social contribution activities that teach the know-how that looks outdoors to women cancer patients suffering from appearance change in the treatment process, has been developed based on the sharing of talents AMORE Counselors.

Seo Gyeongbae President, the world of beauty and health if carved said, "fulfills the daehame a person a customer who sincerely" sincere "is the best value on-year terms the Amore Pacific and AMORE Counselors" "We all are a beginner in this day Opening sources believe that can be achieved with the dream of changing the "he said.

President Seo Gyeongbae also convey the hearts of affection and support for AMORE counselors, etc. directly receive a message containing a handwritten diary is representing three people Wednesday counselor.

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FSS, CMA unfair income securities sanctions ... Daewoo Mirae 'organizations warning'

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Financial Supervisory Service issued a warning to the disciplinary authority of Mirae Asset Investment treat customers with respect to discretionary wealth of misconduct. Also NH Investment & Securities has had hits with oil measures the agency attention.

The FSS said it decided thus in the sixth Sanctions Committee held in the last 20 days. Those relating to securities investments and client assets entrusted wrongful act of the day with a total of four companies FSS was hearing inside the division tests measures such as Daewoo, Mirae Asset, NH Investment & Securities, Yu hits Securities, Korea Investment and Securities.

Review the results of these four companies turned out to have been deposited in the customer's discretionary investment property (one imhyeong CMA funds) and the Korea Securities Finance provides the unfair property income (rebate). Securities finance, despite these securities pay a lot more interest in the last CMA deposit securities will not give back to the customer.

FSS for such misconduct Daewoo Mirae agencies warning, NH Investment & Securities has decided as oil hits for sanction of such care institutions.

Officers, seven received a rebate dwaeteumyeo attention pay cut measures in seven other employees thought was notified of the voluntary action. It also imposed fines about the four companies, including Daewoo, Mirae Asset, NH Investment & Securities, Yu hits Securities, Korea Investment and Securities.

The appeal decision of the FSS is not legally binding, the content is finalized soon sanctioned by the FSS Section payments.

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Hong Seongyeol Mario Outlet president, Park Geun-hye Samseong-home purchases to 6.7 billion

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea] reportedly bought the former President Park Geun-hye is charged with bribery while restraint 18 charges, including cane night before President Mario Hong Seongyeol outlets chairman Samsungdong stayed home.

Asian economies were the Samsungdong home was owned by the former president Wednesday night between 27 years Hong Seongyeol Rowlett President Mario ah purchase, the sale of the home of former President Park has reportedly established a new home in Naegok-dong, Seocho-gu.

According to reports, the purchase price of the home of former President Park is a 6.75 billion won, Pak President and Chairman Hong has signed a stock purchase agreement in the last 28 days. Hong, chairman is paid an acquisition of the home buying is already underway and the registration of ownership of the previous procedure.

President Park was located in Samseong-dong, sisters for about 23 years before going into February 25, 2013 presidential office since 1990. Night, former President dwaeteumyeo wavefront not fill the last term on March 10, after it is shut herself in the home is constrained the 31st state.

Currently, Samseong-dong, home to the redemption of the imprisoned former President Park is empty. Samsung-dong home is a land area 484㎡, first basement floor and the ground floor area of ​​the layer 1 and 2 detached house 317㎡.

Night before President handeda sister reportedly released the Samsung-dong There are old homes reflect the discomfort of neighbors, difficulties guard. Samseong-dong, near his home was often the fuss broke out with gathering of supporters of former President Park. In addition, to raise the cost, and the like surcharges be collected for future judgment result of the trial is also interpreted as intended.

Former chairman Park Hong, a president of a home purchase is conveyed through thick acquainted with his brother Park Ji-man EG President Park President. Hong President also buy the game Yeoncheon herb farm village hub of the last before the end of 2015 owned by President Jeon Duhwan's son jeonjaeguk 118 billion.

Hong President has put the body in the fashion industry through a 'carte knit' launched 1980 opened a retail store 'Mario Outlet' handling uiryueul the Geumcheon added in 2001 and was a success as a businessman. Mario outlets were starting to boss Mario was named in 1980 after growth of domestic largest outlets.

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Government Employees Pension Corporation, stock management practices employed professionals

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] employs the Government Employees Pension Corporation is professional stock management practices. Government Employees Pension Corporation has announced the hiring of one person professional stock management quaternary considerably in the last 19 days the profession. Application deadline for the contract period until Dec. 8 is three years. It can be renewed, depending on work performance evaluation.

Business management is the domestic equity long-short-term operational planning, listed equity, IPO, Derivatives · ETF such as management, stock management markets, company, industry analysis, voting shares. Jobs eligibility criteria are more than three years the stock career management holders.

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Damcheolgon Orion President, did you leave before prosecution abroad

The debate is expected gotta raise this [financial newspaper sinmijin Korea News] Orion damcheolgon up suspicions that the president traveling overseas on board investigation into alleged embezzlement of 200 billion won.

According to the President of the 21st business community damcheolgon couple Orion former officers in the last 13 days they became known as a departure after submitting a petition demanding an investigation is under suspicion to the ref who fled to avoid an investigation.

In this regard Orient Group creditors emergency committee, "The fact that former executives that the talks chairman couple after submitting a petition to the Prosecutor traveling overseas was announced," said "are questioning the amplification not this strategy right now I'll avoid showering" the position He said.

Chairman Dame is a situation that requires the prosecution to investigate specific economic crimes law violations (embezzlement, etc.). In February, former vice chairman Lee Hyegyeong Oriental Group accused the prosecution for packaging manufacturers iPAQ interest charges of embezzlement said intercepted by the president talks.

Following talks were accused of a president on charges of embezzlement through techniques such as forgery just to replace the expensive art collections from two points of the company Orient Group creditors emergency committee and civil society.

Orion side iPaq Stock inheritance or embezzlement cases are embarked on a strong legal response to said plans for a unilateral assertion saying false statements counterparts.

Some former executives are required to strict investigation and prosecution submitted a petition to the President Dame additional corruption allegations contained in the 13th and the prosecution has alleged that the amplified bar.

Orion officials could not confirm the 'personal is busy leaving for the fact whether the fact whether the departure of President damcheolgon "is naenwatda entry.

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Daegu Bank, iris authentication complex transfer service.

[Korea financial newspaper Daegu = bakminhyeon reporter] DGB Financial Group DGB DGB (CEO Park Ingyu) is the 'Bio Composite certified transfer service, the money transfer available to the fingerprint of the Samsung Pass, iris complex certification in partnership with Samsung Galaxy S8, it is performed in accordance with the release date of the Galaxy S8 + 21.

The "bio-hybrid variant authentication services" are services available to secure the money transfer card or OTP, without a password and certificate to submit fingerprints, iris authentication, one-time only 300,000 won, 1,000,000 won per day. When the log in fingerprint authentication may be transferred to the iris authentication, and vice versa.

DGB DGB is to authenticate a fingerprint and an iris hybrid without the certificate provides a differentiated service account transfer possible increased customer convenience. Bio-composite authentication of the DGB DGB has the advantage that excel in customer financial assets protected by biometric authentication, with strengths in security. DGB bank's plans to the bar and the launch of the services available in February login by fingerprint authentication, smart phone banking, internet banking expansion in the future bio-certified.

DGB DGB has a complex bio-certified transfer service experience zones to notify the convenience of a bio-based banking co-operation with Samsung. The Experience Zone where provided may be a bio-composite authentication experience all over the galaxy S8, S8 + Galaxy's offer my experience zones, including five branches within five DGB DGB point Dongseongno point in Daegu.

Of Samsung Electronics released today Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 + fingerprint, if the iris complex authentication as a possible smartphone with smart bank system of the DGB DGB can use the bio-composite authentication transfer service, iris hybrid authentication devices available DGB You can use the bio-hybrid variant authentication services Daegu bank.

DGB DGB officials "who take advantage of the bio-authentication login, the trend in the financial services, money transfer and generalization smartphone careful attention and management of users need security as an important medium for banking transactions. Bio-composite authentication much hope for support, "he saying," DGB bank's expanding electronic banking services through a future bio-certified and banking convenience and security of customers you on bio-composite authentication services of DGB DGB enhanced security and review a variety of authentication technologies that can improve, "he said.

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Daewoo Shipbuilding negotiations led pension bond trading Mount ''s sudden'

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and debt restructuring antaeil National Pension Fund, who led the negotiations operational headquarters mounting debt management had expressed appreciation.

According to the 21st day, the National Pension Fund commanded not mount has submitted his resignation. NPS officials said that "implementation is not found his resignation for health reasons."

The practical implementation is not responsible national debt management sector struggling to negotiate debt restructuring negotiations in Daewoo Shipbuilding and Industrial Bank to the last minute. This not this expressed according to the company responsible for seeing the loss of Daewoo Shipbuilding accept liability adjustments are coming out this observation.

Not mounted, take the bond management implementation from the last 2012 years was in charge of the domestic bond investment of 250 trillion pension. If this is not implemented resignation of repair fund headquarters, including foreign securities and foreign-mount alternative implementation is the three vacancies from a total of 8 people.

NPS side said it would appoint a successor as soon as possible. But last year and 30 people leaving the workforce en masse, are forecast in February that will not be easy even starting to add unyongyeok situation out additional personnel to escape after the previous week.

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Very Capital, used car finance, then strengthening direct

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] Very Capital sets out to strengthen the direct used car financing services.

Very Capital announced 21 days it has signed a financial partnership business agreement for the last 20 days nambusan car sales and used car deals only activated in Busan Nam.

Very Capital is a business agreement with this customer and marketing nambusan car dealership just to buy a used car as a captive financial institutions to provide superior financial products and services.

Very Capital plans out in the wake of this MOU to expand the direct financing focused on used cars last year.

Oh very scape Capital president said he will focus all the capabilities to provide financial services that can satisfy both the customers' and marketing firms to buy a used car. "

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S-OIL Ulsan factory explosion ... As cranes over fire

It said the explosion occurred 21 [South Korea stand hyomun financial newspaper reporters from the S-OIL Ulsan. S-OIL is said to cause the crane As has occurred over the fire.

S-OIL officials '21 Sun 24:01 Ulju onsaneup Ulsan plant stand was an explosion occurred, he said "Ulsan were two people in an accident in minor injury and S-Oil RUC project (residue upgrading facilities) refinery installation site crane explained that this is the cause 'as occurred over a refinery pipe (pipe rack) fire.

He added "For more information, and check the current 'said adding that" balhigetda a position on the future accidents.

S-OIL had taken security measures, including blocking fire immediately plumbing Ulsan Fire Department has evolved in 20 million extra fire. To this day the accident until now been investigated by two people suffered rib and leg fractures.

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Clearing S8 'Bixby' Apple 'Siri' Who smarter?

There [Korea ohahreum financial newspaper News] Samsung launched the Galaxy 21 days S8 is equipped with a series of up to beat rival Apple's AI secretary "Bixby" receives much attention has been recognized by domestic and foreign consumers.

Galaxy Series S8 is equipped or the like △ 18.5: 9 aspect ratio "infinity (Infinity) display '△ intelligent interface Bixby (Bixby) △ 10 applications processor produced by nano process (AP) △ fingerprint, iris or face recognition.

Voice Secretary "Bixby" is a polished stage to make a frontal fight the "Siri (Siri) 'iPhone.

◇ intelligent interface, Bixby power is

Bixby unveiled a new communication system between your smartphone and the user as an intelligent interface that Samsung has exclusively developed. Galaxy deohaejyeo S8 series is an intelligent interface via Bixby existing touch interface, users can more easily use smart phones.

Bixby accepts information through a variety of input methods, such as voice, touch, a camera, it is possible to understand the user's situation and context to provide a user customized service. Samsung Electronics plans to make almost every feature in an application that supports Bixby also be performed by voice.

In particular, the Galaxy S8 to mount the Bixby dedicated button on the left side, at any time, quickly and easily made available to Bixby.

Of course Bixby receives cadastral information with the expectation that the initial lack not give much help.

However, deep learning (Deep Learning) to apply the technology more you use to learn how to communicate between different devices and users will provide a more optimized interface, Samsung officials said.

First is planned to expand the phone, messages, settings, and applications that support starting from the Samsung support their applications. Furthermore, Samsung Electronics plans to disclose can help software development kit (SDK) to apply Bixby for a variety of applications.

In addition, Bixby first support things such recognition feature 'vision' with Galaxy S8 launch the voice recognition function is applicable from 1 May to come. The reason being the voice feature applies delayed explained that due to the final inspection of such language recognition accuracy and app functionality works.

Godongjin being improved, according to Samsung, including President dialect to be sufficiently understand the language in which the user individual differences.

Primarily is fully equipped with support from the Korean Overseas Service is planning to increase the level of service recognition, including English completed in one to two months.

◇ yet so far ahead of the series as a whole

Of course, the speech recognition field yet it is plain that the above could lead the series by Apple.

In the case of the most automated phone features used Siri to call you while only the other name, and automatic dialing, the Samsung S Voice is a mere function to find the name in the address book. Shem is that the hassle that you need to press the call button directly.

The same text message also. Siri, while naturally recognizing the "period (.) ', S Voice writes a message recognized as Hangul' points'. For example, say the user and "I want to eat a meal that" series creates a message as "I want to eat the food." Samsung is recognized as "I want to eat that rice."

But it is also challenging the view that Samsung Electronics jointly developed with US startup Viv Labs VIX ratio could change in panse.

Overseas professional media Phone Arena is analyzed and Galaxy S8 remarkable four benefits such releases before the 27th month VIX ratio △ △ app integration compared to Apple's Siri voice command recognition status determination △ △ IoT smart, integrated, cross a variety of electronic products.

According to von Arena, Bixby is a customized software that provides all the information. Will show a conversation like human beings, it had forecast that boasts a more flexible dialogue series.

In addition, the series but to integrate smart devices and IoT faster speed, there are still only provides limited functionality. Thus, while Samsung has recently invested heavily in smart home features, and because Bixby was diagnosed that can be used with all Samsung devices.

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