Friday, April 21, 2017

Again rising value of eggs ... Laying aftermath of the lack of AI

[Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] had a value of eggs while the upward trend slowed overlapping school meals and resumed laying hens shortage has soared again.

(Based on 30 dogs were teukran) 21 days Food Agriculture and Fisheries Trade Corporation (aT) eggs according to the average retail price rose to 19 days 7,696 won. Right up to 7,311 won 400 won more than a month ago, won surged 2300 than a year ago (5,350 won).

The industry is looking away while scattering rate in March increased demand and a surge in nogye proportion of hens that survived damage the AI ​​to resume school feeding eggs to the right value. Last year, AI is 25,180,000 corresponding to 36% of the total domestic hens were disposed of years old.

While here, AI occurs in the United States last February also affected the egg imports stopped. Promoting eggs imported from Australia and New Zealand, but it would be effective in stabilizing the value of eggs because the transport and quarantine procedures demanding limited industry is determined.

‧ large egg carrier hub at Seoul's metropolitan area has some stocks are reported to have fallen by one third of the usual.

Meanwhile, hypermarkets and three companies of Lotte Mart, E-Mart is selling a piece of egg (gangbang standard) Price from 23 days last month, up 3% on 6880 won. Lotte Mart also raised to 6,880 won to 200 won. Home Plus is sold at 7,900 won announced a price increase for the time being there is no doctor.

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