Friday, April 21, 2017

Gimyonghwan NH NH Financial Group Chairman reappointed

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] gimyonghwan NH NH Financial Group President (picture) has been successful in terms.

Agricultural Investment Holdings announced on the 21st that opened in the last 20 days Executive Nominating Committee (which is cold) like the current president gimyonghwan as the sole candidate. The term of office is the first president reappointed one year after inauguration is holding.

Agricultural finance Im Cold 'gimyonghwan president has sought for new businesses excavation of Agricultural finance innovative maintenance in the risk management system since taking office, and pin-tech, advanced global business, "he said' particular management crisis despite the company's clear strategy to go forth and provide direction and excellent risk management skills and management skills demonstrated were highly appreciated 'he explained reappointed background.

Agricultural finance is being cold had recommended the President gimyonghwan time we verified mainly on the last March 15, the first being a cold start to the managerial skills of outside candidates put together last month, financial expertise, reputation viewed as the sole candidate. Financial cooperatives being cold, consists of three outside directors and one non-executive director of a total of five outside directors 1.

Gimyonghwan president has accomplished a bar last year shipbuilding, shipping non-performing loans chungdam earnings turnaround as Dothan drastic Big Bass (Big bath) in the management crisis caused by the aftermath of Friday, and proclaimed the second half of Emergency Management. Also present were the usual communication scene, trust and speed to 4 business compass.

Gimyonghwan Chairman Born in 1952, graduated from Boryeong, Chungnam and Seoul Stopover Sungkyunkwan University Department of Economics and obtain a Master of Business Administration degree in International Economics Master's degree in the United States for Vanderbilt, from Kyung Hee University.

Naeteumyeo whether the then new to the administrative examination 23 circuits office in 1979 the Ministry of Finance and Economy Director, Financial Supervisory Commission, Securities Regulatory Director, Securities Regulatory Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission standing committee members, FSS Senior Vice President, Export-Import Bank of Korea Bank, etc. April 2015 since cooperatives have served as financial Group President.

Agricultural Finance official said, will focus on profitability this year as a full-fledged chief executive also completed Senior procedures.

Agricultural Finance is planning to hold a shareholder meeting next week to finalize into the second term of President gimyonghwan.

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