Friday, April 21, 2017

Hite Jinro, Lotte Liquor, aim to reverse New Release

Release [Korea sinmijin financial newspaper reporter] 2 domestic beer industry, Hite Jinro Lotte Liquor and new product after another 3 great mood, and sets out to reverse. Here are the signs of the intensifying competition As an added offensive of imported beer grew 60% in four years last year.

19 days Hite Jinro factory has launched the country's first sparkling wine 'Phil Wright (Filite)' apseun the 'non-caustic, the 717 won (355ml). It is cheaper sparkling wine to beer to lowering the cost of raw materials such as malt, unlike a share in the beer manufacturing process, more than 40% compared to existing products. Alcohol is equal to 4.5% and 'Castilla' seems to expand to compete with traditional beer products.

Hite career official "launch was preceded to the lower prices of imported beers differentiation strategy" non-caustic, "" Phil Wright was the golden ratio to maintain the quality of the barley, malt and beer, "said he said.

Lotte Liquor has launched a new beer in 20 days 'Fitzgerald (Fitz)' the next day. Since 2014 launched a new cloud naenotneun in three years. Unburned water to the juice, while the differentiation in premium 'original gravity' method was implemented mild taste.

Pitts is a super clear targets, wheat (Suzhou + beers) 'culture of commercial beer market. Cloud of rich flavor of 100% malt content is the intellectual dwaeteotda points meantime, there is a limit for wheat. The Lotte Liquor is lower malt content of 80% has developed this new product suitable for wheat. Cass Hite is competing with 70% malt content.

Lotte Liquor is known to also target boosting beer market share of 4% of the Fitz released on the occasion of up to 15% built internally.

Liquor industry officials are "relatively stable Oriental Brewery is scrambling to maintain and strengthen the sales income of beer market share" and "2, 3rd Hite Jinro and Lotte Liquor has set up a strategy to attack the beer market as a price and premium differentiation." he said.

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