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Lotte 家 brother I sindongju again reigns challenge

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Lotte Group chairman Shin Dongbin went to the other foot the enclosed gap type sindongju former Japanese Lotte Holdings Vice such a trial plan a counterattack.

Seen through the former vice president in the last 21 days the Japanese Nihon Keizai newspaper interview said, "I will propose my agenda moved back in late June shareholders' meeting scheduled for Japanese Lotte Holdings." Shin Shin is a former vice president of Park Geun-hye, choesunsil gate-related detention and prosecution related to "difficult to know the current situation and placed Lotte situation is significantly different from last year," added height.

Add a new chairman was indicted for allegedly offering a bribe in the last 17 days of former President Park Geun-hye dwaeteumyeo indicted without detention in October last year to embezzlement, breach of trust charges.

New is also the former vice-president indicted without detention on charges of embezzling state to receive a free benefit while only raised the Lotte major subsidiaries Name Registered office. But before new vice president. "The weight of the (new President and) convicted different content" is the position.

Former Vice Chairman Shin Shin sides are reported to be difficult to appeal for support directly to the shareholders as long as you need to spend more than half a week, the feet tied to the country in several cases in the trial court preparation and attendance.

Shin Shin is a former Vice President highlighted the fact that the detention of the accused, including the recent parliamentary choesunsil nongdan bribery investigation results to the fact that the prosecution alleged detention prior embezzlement and breach of trust in management corruption investigations and is expected to gain pyosim.

When put in the end of June, Lotte Holdings shareholders' meeting before a new Vice agenda for his return, which since the beginning of the 2015 takeover disputes this table showdown with fourth sibling.

In January 2005 former Vice Chairman Shin is a one-day dwaetgo released from the holding company, the Japanese Lotte Holdings Vice-digit Lotte followed the same year preceded the general meeting on July Shin Kyuk-ho did not succeed trying to dismiss the new president of the Directors Holdings bar.

God has defeated former Vice President Shin Dongbin in several shareholder meeting table showdown so far. Shin former vice president had lost both new president in a vote held June, 03 August, 2015, 2016, 2016.

Shin former vice president is currently the largest shareholder (28.1%) of the Japanese Lotte Holdings, in gwangyun's majority shareholder (50% plus one share), but the employees holding except for light Yunsi times (27.8%), affiliated (20.1%), executives holding times (6 percent) are sending their support for the new president.

Employees holding the casting vote of the shareholders' meeting once the role of the table showdown has a structure in which the voting rights entrusted to the landlord once represented. New vice president is a former employee holding a position once the representative (Chairman) Chairman Shin Dongbin dwaetdaneun replaced by deflecting figures.

Shin former vice president said that "it is not the will of the membership properly reflected Because came to delegate their voting rights to Lotte Holdings management-side attorney employees holding times President" last year, said said, "This decision structure judicial review also will be about whether reasonable," threatened the bar is released.

The business community is less likely to catch the former vice president Shin Gi to internal and external negative factors are the dominant opinion. God is also a former Vice-President observed that the results of the June general shareholders' meeting by the management of the detention accused of corruption before the state does not favor new vice president.

But corruption trial management, conflict management control choesunsil determined during the detention of the relevant new president and parliamentary nongdan related bribery suspicions are expected sensibly complex composition.

When the officers be charged with the management practices of corruption Japan should immediately rush to the dismissal procedures. In this case, the Japanese Lotte Holdings can not exclude the possibility to withdraw the new president of the Holding's representatives held a Board of Directors and the shareholders' meeting.

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KDB Life, non-refundable cancellation insurance online launch non-caustic, ensuring enhanced

[Gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter Korea] KDB Life was released (free) KDB new direct insurance Regular (non-refundable cancellation), applying the non-refundable termination of the first term insurance online life insurance.

(Free) KDB direct a new term insurance (non-termination refundable) 'consists of ensuring enhanced to ensure twice the basic to ensure the normal death (general proof) and disaster death general death benefit, including the Accidental Death and disease death gotta have.

Subscribers △ no cancellation refundable premiums paid minimal △ insured amount of one account based on the general death benefit 100 million, disasters killed the same cause of disability payment rate of 50% or more disability status than the disaster or disaster of claims 200 million guarantee △ premium payment period is selected there are exempted from the payment of insurance premiums paid after the after-party and enjoy the exemption, such as that continues to guarantee when.

The assessment of (non) KDB new direct insurance Regular (non-refundable cancellation) "Above all, price competitiveness is the biggest advantage.

Common in term insurance affordable term insurance products KDB direct than a step further non-termination product lowered to a more dramatic by the premiums paid customers step refundable based on the general proof △ men aged 40, 20 years of lead, and 80 years maturity, death benefits 100 million won standard, premium compared to pure non-refundable termination product is only about 27% lower 86,600 won.

KDB Life official said, after the "the Life Insurance Association insurance comparison site 'insurance damoah' already leading caustic rain drops proven in the provided (free) KDB direct cancer care (no termination refundable) '(no) KDB direct new Term insurance has been introduced to the (non-refundable cancellation) "and" he said he had made any effort to develop the most customer-friendly products which minimize the insurance products of the issues that customers may be liable burden. "

KDB is under the direct care leading to continued growth in the online life insurance market, while the 4th year in a row Online Life Insurance cumulative sales since the first launch.

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Korea Federation of Savings Banks, Savings Bank employee model selection 4 people

The [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Korea Federation of Savings Banks Savings Bank has selected four of the staff model. Savings Bank Federation has announced that starting the first phase of model employees to four people to hold a public contest conducted by internal and external public relations for the savings bank industry.

Targeting men and women employees 66 people supported by the recommendations, including through the camera, such as testing and evaluation of external experts Pepper Savings Bank Zhang Zun nine, OK Savings Bank sinyoungwoo double savings banks Kim Seon-Kyeong, IBK Savings Bank, Mr. Moon, Sun - Young has been selected as promotional models .

Staff act as models to represent the industry faces are a variety of promotional and advertising products image model for the savings bank image promotion.

Lee Sunwoo central president said, "policy as well as utilizing the model employees to strengthen the publicity for the industry's image promotion, to support the marketing activities of the lack of manpower and budgets lead to industry members and promote unity."

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4th industrial revolution to go with, 4.0 jobs'

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] tteoohreumyeo the fourth round of industrial revolution, the key to the election agenda and the government also announced various plans. Moon Jae In addition, Ahn Cheolsu, Ryu, Sim Sang-jung and other major presidential candidates is hot enough to announce the opening of the related commitments minor candidates.

But it is also challenging concern is efficiency and cost savings due to artificial intelligence, such as the 4th Industrial Revolution advanced technology is leading to job losses.

In addition to the Democratic Party candidate Moon Jae promised that electric cars, autonomous, renewable energy, government, etc. AI embark on aggressive investments. It established the Presidential Commission on Small and Medium Business Administration degree and said small ventures unit conversion policy. Ahn Cheolsu commitment of the candidate of the National Party is eye-catching turns would foster 100,000 people over five years to four primary industry professionals.

Last month, the fourth round of industrial revolution, the Basic Law Initiative is comprised of 18 provisions containing the promoted industrial promotion system, strategy committee, support programs from the definition.

Park Geun-hye change compared to what the policy was a new growth engine and seven times in three years, but the government closed late enacted the Basic Law is positive. With reference to the technical part of the fourth round of industrial revolution captured also talk about the real economy, such as job creation.

Jeong Segyun speakers are specific countermeasures though our country is widespread concern that the information despite the law number exists on the communications technology promotion, and it is poor emergence of specific new products and services "and" the fourth round of industrial revolution replaced human jobs there is no legal framework for a raise, "he said of the legislative background.

According to the McKinsey report, by 2030, due to the fourth round of industrial revolution it emerges that due to the fourth round of industrial revolution possible jobs of up to 460 trillion won economic effect occurs and a maximum of 800,000. The government is smart factories coming up in 2025 and expanded to 30,000, it has announced plans to nurture talent 40,000 people. Normal minister Ju Hyeonghwan industry, announced the "Smart Manufacturing Innovation Vision 2025" and pledged support for SMEs. In addition 4th Industrial Revolution, government policies are being poured into engagement with election issues.

In the case of South Korea, which is suffering a lack of jobs is only the 4th Industrial Revolution unwelcome. According to the employment impact studies in accordance with the technological changes, the report of the Korea Employment Information Service showed that people receive more than 18 million people in 10 years with the development of artificial intelligence, robot technology, threatening jobs.

This, while the case of the administrator group income job Moline numerically more than 70% of the 25.6 million people employed in the replacement rate of only 49% and 90% more than in the case of a simple nomujik group. In more than 370 cases of occupational replacement cleaners and kitchen assistants, while significantly affected accountants, corporate executives, etc. were less affected.

Rising wages in these high-skilled workers is less than the middle class polarization that wages are low, may be aggravated due to the quaternary industry. Experts point out that the problem is ambiguous and that private participation in the most important part of the key innovations is lacking in the Industrial Revolution. 4th Industrial Revolution is clearly different from conventional industrial revolution. To be settled because of the obvious technical transition point strange it may take some time.

In the industrial countries, which recorded the highest robot density is surprisingly Korea. 2015 based on the average density of the world's robots per 10,000 employees 69 manufacturing many-to-many. Next is Singapore, Japan, Germany and order. South Korea is estimated to be because workers are 531 robots per 10,000 gotta install, and industrial robots installed many electronic and automobile industry development.

Both government and the private sector should develop a preparedness for the job. The government's reform of 2015 had mandated curriculum for more than 34 hours coding education from 2018. With intent to correspond to the four primary industries can be considered not a bad response from the human resources side. Government and the private sector for jobs section must constantly communicate. A "second connection" and the fourth industrial revolution oriented to "fusion" can be reduced to a non-connection of the communication liable member.

Germany was ready to work with 4.0 and 4.0 the beginning of the Industrial Training 4.0. We not only discuss technology policies have to worry about "jobs 4.0.

We hope the fourth round of industrial revolution does not even alienated workers, not high-tech industry. Life is growing unabated timing of retirement is to bring hope to our fourth round of industrial revolution in this period are expected to be ahead of schedule is still unknown. The next government will have to say about the side effects as well as positive aspects regarding the fourth round of industrial revolution. I hope people look forward to the fourth round of industrial revolution is the center.

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[Financial walk seojiyong] price rigidities, inhibiting factors, the market benefits of the credit card market

[Korea Financial News] history of domestic credit kadeueop dates back to 1978.

At the time the credit card issuance for overseas travelers in Korea Exchange Bank was substantially departure kadeueop. Domestic credit is kadeueop try despite strength in the government policy of boosting domestic demand after the IMF financial crisis relatively short history, it has grown to represent a means of household consumption.

However, domestic credit kadeueop has the structure of a two-sided market (two-sided market) to co-manage the card company cardholders and merchant members, unlike the US and Europe. In other words, the card members an annual fee for the services provided by the card companies, merchants Member refers to a market structure that pays a fee to the card issuer.

In the case of the domestic credit card market growth rate of the annual fee of the card, registering a level of cut it is large in size than the growth rate of the franchisees to join the merchant fee rate cuts on the same level. This is because a certain size or more merchants mandatory provisions should operator is required to join the franchise in the domestic tax law.

Domestic Income Tax Act 162. Article 2 stipulates the de facto owners of merchant mandatory by specifying that led the credit card merchant sign up if deemed necessary by the Tax Administration as a provider of goods or services to consumers.

Thus franchise membership is a relationship, not a voluntary decision, merchant members decreased despite the increase in commission merchants and card companies are not significantly induced. Naturally card companies will have an incentive to cover the reduced revenue from lower annual fees of cardholders in merchant commissions increase. Typically the pricing of the market is determined by supply and demand. However, the domestic credit card market there are price rigidities (price rigidity) of these economic principles do not work.

By not revealing the price rigidities Iranian merchant members a preference for payment means that consumers are provided, it means the market mechanism does not allow you to adjust product prices in order to secure their interests. What is the reason for the price rigidities exist? If you recognize the current borders of the Income Tax Act, which recommends a franchise is mandatory to determine the main factors price discrimination prohibitions. There prices are shown in the non-discrimination provision is specialized credit geumyungeopbeop 19000000000001, wherein the information is that In other words, the merchant is limited to consumer prices adjusted to provide a non-cash means of payment card.

Stimulate domestic consumption and to increase the transparency of the three won the regulations designed to encourage consumer use of credit cards is actually became yumyeongmusil at this time. Offline unattended and store the Amazon (Amazon Go) via a smartphone app that payment by credit card, such as the opening in the US last year, and now because digital payment period without the possibility of cash settlement of large consumers.

As a matter of fact consumers are likely to prefer the ease of payment occur the effect of this provision, including increasing the non-cash payment rather than cash payments considerably lower.

Moreover, the price of the credit card market rigidities will lead to negative consequences worsen the welfare of consumers and small merchants. First, consumers will have the cash to pay the price difference for the same price as the annual fee cuts, hold the added benefit of receiving points from card companies offer cards consumers in the purchase process. In other words, the cash payment by the consumer do not receive the benefits to the institutional price, subject to price discrimination compared to cardholders. A way to cash subsidies to consumers to cardholders.

Second, as to raise the possibility of a commission merchant, if the merchant of small increases, profitability has become a possession. Because the possession of a member to be added to the cost benefits, companies will pay the transfer commission merchants in card members increased in size.

In particular, it thanks increase cardholders to actively marketing the card companies, payment number of the small screen the more increases naturally (additional service costs to provide for cardholders) and card voucher purchase costs (VAN fees) cardholders acquisition costs do. Increased cardholders acquisition costs and transaction costs are passed on to the merchant commission consequently acts as a commission merchant impression pressure.

Thus, a vicious cycle increased the likelihood commission merchants raise prices is repeated in the domestic credit card market structural rigidities that exist cardholders increased more.

In fact, members of the first half of 2016 companies recruiting costs appear to have risen by about 19% compared to the same period in 2011 with a kadeueop regulations in earnest. However, by making it impossible for the current franchise regulations discriminatory price adjustments themselves, rising merchant fees is to remain intact shares to be borne by the merchant, which will undermine the welfare of much of the merchant.

If the United States were allowed through the Durbin Amendment (Durbin Amendment) undertaken in 2011 so that the merchant can price discriminate against consumers, depending on the type, form of payment cards.

In particular, the amendment is estimated to have contributed to eliminating inefficient pricing of the credit card market rigidities, such as regulations allow you to set a minimum or a maximum payment cards in the amount of goodwill strengthened dimension of merchants.

In addition, the merchant was so over in Europe in the last 2015 Credit Card Fees Regulations (Regulation of the European Parliament and of the council of 29 April 2015) can be limited to discrimination against payment of the consumer.

This conclusion, improvement of price discrimination prohibitions to cause a price rigidity is urgent. This paragraph stipulates that in the specialized credit geumyungeopbeop does not even fit the contemporary atmosphere of the non-cash payment based mobile payment generalization. Moreover, it seems that these provisions need to improve in that it leads to inefficient price rigidities in the credit card market.

To allow a portion price discrimination in the sense of protecting the autonomy of the sales and franchise rights of consumers choose the means of payment seems baramjikhae. Judged by the merchant's revenue, industry, etc., the merchant himself is an urgent revision of current regulations to adjust the selling price in the range of commission merchant.

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[Meritz Asset Management jonri representatives] "did not change my long-term investment philosophy"

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporters - Falcon warriors who created the Fund 'Meritz Korea Fund. "Long-term investments" evangelist. If Meritz Asset Management representatives 'jonri' The modifiers that can easily recall. He was further led three years Meritz Asset Management's success in the second term last month after the shareholders' meeting.

With this evaluation went intersect in the industry. After he was in charge of the representative it is reduced, but also because it was flat could be established operational philosophy is firmly established in Meritz Asset Management, recently due to a significant reduction in the rate of return Meritz Korea fund AUM.

Last year, Meritz Asset Management recorded net income performance was 2.9 billion won. 6.6 billion won in 2015 net profit, the reduced figure prominently when compared to the 7.2 billion won in 2014. Cause of performance degradation is due to a decrease in AUM Meritz Korea Fund. This is the same time the management report after the announcement, the SEC often incorporated the fact Meritz Korea funds publish this history attracted the attention of investors. When the SEC's run growth can go, because he was sticking to the belief 'it should only invest in stocks for long term investment. " US sought what had happened Meritz Asset Management office in Samcheong-tip to listen to his soknae.

▲ I was recently incorporated into the Samsung Electronics in Korea Meritz Fund.

- after Samsung Electronics has incorporated fingering a frantic round I changed the investment philosophy in Korean, I do not ever say never a Samsung live.

I preferred neither Samsung Electronics shares. It is preferred that the Korea'll get better overall as corporate governance, then I preferred shares and no ordinary shares and why the gap is large. Bout is more preferred. Dividends lethality more. FIG ssajyo value. So we're thinking it would fund managers buy and mountains.

In fact, it is buying a Samsung ansago She's not at all important. But because Samsung changed the philosophy of thinking I'm too surprised (laughs). Protests also came a lot. "You can not change ... I thought 'this. I did not change. The real change that you're sure you can see it anbyeon turnover. We doegeodeun turnover is not even 15%. If you change to a turnover rate 100%, 200%, it did change (the investment philosophy).

▲ I was the last asset management industry profits ever recorded maximum value of about 700 billion won, Meritz fell.

- Our goal is I'm clear. But also to make money, and the Fund haenotgo lineup, I gotta Meritz certainly established itself as a reliable, long-term investments such images, retirement preparation. And Meritz are not interested in short-term yields rise, fall, and our advantage is that the CEO is gonna be a long time, not just to go and eat and sell me goodbye fund investors. The next five years, gotta keep more than 10 years, I do not take dementia. So our kids, by the time you dwaeseo now ten-year-old graduated from the University of the kids 'and I, jonri man believed to join the fund assets of 10 billion, a billion' UD For this story. That things are possible. It's something like the Million Dollar Mind. It's good 'cause that rich, why teach from it.

I loved holding the ▲ There is talk again dwaetdaneun terms.

- I do not have tenure. If financial institutions do not have tenure. Something's wrong with that term. Holding one day I did if I did not want getting out. Even tomorrow I can get it. That's going to fit. I'll be until I die. A lot I'd like to. If this helps you and I care retirement preparation. I want to inform a lot of people do not know the financial banking.

This may not return for a year like that will not have any meaning. It did better in big shop. What happens after 10 years. How do we prepare for old age kids. I'm ready for the most important retirement. The age reminiscing eat more money important. There you go. If this is now twenty lunch're my friend! Buy me some lunch, 'I know you can do this. But what about the old stepping do. Masked never flustered hospital. So it did not win the one who started early. I'll write ten thousand won wooseupjiman Now I can be difficult when you spend ten thousand won would have been 60. So, now, would it save ten thousand won. It's the money to make money. So would you risk investing in such stocks.

▲ investment philosophy as educational view also seems to be firm.

Most people I met in Korea had chosen a path that is poor. I have not studied capitalism since I was a kid. Who would not teach the investment. But hopefully Education Center studying all the wrong I would be released. Studying the rich haves are calling do not have a well is no relationship. I'm studying for a well educated and asked South Korea. That's what I'm curious too. Look, I have done well to study the people around the rich? Seoul National University, who'd almost never came. But I have a job poorly. SNU go out and large enterprises, executives and guess? But the fact is Shijo know. Whether the person is living in a certain lifestyle. I am very many chicken house operations.

So you do not have doubts about it? South Korea is the most nopahyo in the world. The poverty rate. 65 years or 70% of it's poor. Why would no doubt about it. I'm not going too understand that you do not know 'what's wrong guess. " Especially because I came from the outside.

▲ dropped out of Yonsei University Department of Economics and woke suddenly left the United States.

- gonna have expressed gun suddenly went too cool (laughs). Then I was young, I did not want something like that. My life is so predictable it possible. Beginning about going to take 30 years at the back of the desk. So I do not want to abandon my life, so it was nice to know I want to do. 'Cause I'm gone, not knowing what to listen solidarity economics went solidarity economics. "There you enter blooms ol 'so I went in. But almost all hadeorago rattling their predecessors. It's not the life I want. If you're here for a day, even more eopget I can not escape. Finish was a sister to the United States because it had an easy decision.

▲ Did not regret it.

- Now that's a good thing I'm most dropped out of solidarity. At that time I did regret it. Our sister gives them no help. What I do no not ever. Taxi drivers also, and working in Korea, dining room, working at a gas station. Gas station museounji know how? The intensity increases go to the gas station. So do not let your money over $ 20. 20 fire gotta always be. When the strength it gives $ 20. A life value. Then the strength of so many dead every day. In particular, Korea people. The Koreans. Now it jyeotji very good. There was a grocery store I worked, guest's 99.9% black. So I really was scared. Even when riding the subway. So I'll have no regrets? Why did I gwandwot school (laughs). Then I jyeotji very low. OO I know back to life.

▲ Why Are All investment philosophy geared to the old year. Byeonhaetna a lot of thought in the United States.

- Because the poor miserable in their 20s when the US. The first salary was 21,500 lights. Easy money, 23 million won in Korea. But this was ten million won monthly rent. My sister plotting American people. I do not understand why the limbs that should help meoljjeonghande. No arms or no legs then not help of course. Inde 30 years ago from now, the rent is now ttokgatahyo yirang Korea young people. But to me the difference between young people of Korea yirang then we'll unconditionally, release 10% of the government. So, you get ready for retirement now. Maximum of 10%, also give tax benefits. So it's 2,500,000 won. It will put 2.5 million won per year. But it's the last 30 years. The United States, which will force the old year. "If you do not retirement ready to fly in trouble ', so its going to break, even though underpaid unconditional 10%. Did that 100% of the stock from the 20s and 30s.

▲ 40 units, 50 not from one person should I do to prepare for retirement now.

- went the way poor so far, doejyo change the way that rich. Joe is talking about private education to change the stock. Then I'm in the car on the Palazzo. I'm living the wrong life far, far until I'm ready to live a life that is not outdated. From now on retirement life preparing to be salahyaji. After 55 years more late, ought to give up when the 60-year-old. This country elderly suicide rate're the best in the world. The reason for suicide Yes No in the retirement preparation. And kids come around.- look bad.

▲ I buy individual stocks dominatrix, dominatrix you to join funds.

- who this (pointing to the Fund) is annoying people. Do not know how to see the stock, 'Please take care of you, those people are gonna to. We do have lots of experience. So how do the stock, the stock is not just buying and selling, we're gonna collect. Rain or shine. With 10% self-pay. So I invested in a company that employees'll work hard. Preparing for my retirement. In the short term, stocks are in danger. But I went down to the 30 years went up now if you think you found a great Bout. South Korea iteunikka gotta extremely undervalued. Now dating thing (stock price) I think me no matter what.

Lotta also those who fear the ▲ equity investments.

- It's a fundamental lack of understanding of the shares. I'll need to keep studying placing of shares. Company puts a strong company is talking's belief that the company would be a much bigger company after 20 years, 30 years. As Samsung has small but bigger before. Such as the automotive industry difficult thing'd come. And now would you like to invest the Tesla. Tesla has finally won the GM. By market capitalization. Would you like that to invest. Amazon, Apple ... Korea's gotta come out even those companies. Now look small, but the competitive company. When choosing the first UD good pick. Samsung still got a lot that can be Naver shares.

< Education >

- Yeouido High School

- dropout Economics, Yonsei University

- Bachelor of Accounting, New York University (1985)

< career >

- KPMG Accountants

- The US hibiscus Stephens end Clarke portfolio

Managers (1991)

- Deutsche Investment Management Managing Director

- rajadeu Asset Management Managing Director (2006)

- Meritz Asset Management CEO (2014-present)

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Daelim and Samsung C & T, such as fine dust-free apartments penalty

[Korea financial newspaper reporter gimdohyeon Large builders have listened openly into the war against fine dust. As a place to introduce residents to patronize the health system increase is expected to be able to enjoy a smarter floor apartment living. The lakes and rivers or just grabbing situated close to 'be three' apartments there along the mountain or park counted as "three forest" as the background and context to attract popular.

Daelim Industrial has developed the "Clean Air ventilation system, which can remove fine dust in early February last year, an industry first.

◇ year after next year, tenants will just glance

My ventilation furniture adds an air cleaning function. Rough purification of air into the exhaust port is connected to the ceiling would blow the whole house. It is described that ultra-fine dust release indent the HEPA filters used on high-end air cleaner can remove up to 99.75%.

Daelim Industrial was first applied to the pre-sale one game last year, Guangzhou 'e comfortable world Va'a-o terrace, a ventilation system development. The apartment occupancy scheduled for June next year residents can easily set up three different driving modes, including ventilation through the ventilation switch and Smart Home applications installed on the indoor mode, cleaning mode, auto mode.

Hyundai has introduced a pre-sale 'Heel State Dongtan' high-ot "its own smart home platform developed hand in hand with SK Telecom in June last year. To the smartphone operating the air in your home cleaner and cleaner to prevent fine dust. GS E & C also has developed an air cleaning system to prevent the ultra-fine dust.

Samsung C & T is being constructed 'Raemian art rich' and 'Raemian sinbanpo Rio Centro "is a pilot introduction of IoT Home Cube system scheduled to February and June 2019 respectively, coming move. Samsung C & T is a direct development of a portable indoor particulate matter measurement device is key. Depending on the level of fine dust in the house to work with Raemian residential management system activates the indoor ventilation system.

Introducing Samsung Corporation is IoT groove with a cube system for sensing a fine dust, the dust sensing range hood, "" air shower room, "" play area fine dust alarm system "," cool mist spray machine, for removing contaminants such as sequentially it plans to showcase an apartment that fully care for fine dust.

◇ supse, it can wait three popular environmental concerns

The higher the interest in the fine dust of the consumer, as well as inside the apartment and pay attention to the external environment. Following is a yeoksegwon appeared to be three and three forest background. In a recent pre-sale market, there are many places to be built in front of the forest three and the number of three.

Last year, a pre-sale Lotte, Lotte Castle Gold Park Uijeongbu, and Daelim Industrial 'e comfortable world, Winter Park, and examples include "Hill State lioness" of modern engineering a pre-sale for two months highlighted three major forest. The only pre-sale on the construction of a modern Gwanggyo Lake Park Hill State Gwanggyo ', Hanwha Construction of "Green Gwanggyo Convention dream is to be emphasized three. Yang Jiyoung Real Today general manager of he "just 3-4 years ago, I did not seriously enough to fine dust, and domestic development and China to combine to a fine dust led to the current situation." "Lots of greenery, just a large park adjacent to consumers He explained that will increase your satisfaction. "

Fine dust problems are growing as expected be serious, smart air purification systems and forest, three can be expected to increase demand for the three constantly to.

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Kwon Ohjun President reappointed by performing responded

Kwon Ohjun took the POSCO chairman (pictured), while one quarter of the year [hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] record "performance hit" two feet "Flower street" march. The second quarter is also the dominant view that the robust performance such that the average selling price of steel products expected to continue rising.

◇ 1 youngeopik quarter, 1.365 trillion won

POSCO's 1Q11 operating profit this year (consolidated) reported a "earnings surprise" significantly exceeds industry expectations. 1Q11 operating profit of 1 trillion POSCO naetneunde that the 365 billion won a year earlier, which is a high-scale (659.8 billion won) against more than doubled (705.2 billion won).

In the industry to evaluate and improve value-added products and expand sales overseas subsidiaries, including non-steel construction division led to earnings 1Q11.

First, POSCO high value-added steel (hereinafter referred to as WP) 'share of sales grew by 8.9% points from 53.4% ​​the previous year represents the year (44.5%) in the first quarter. Exports also recorded a 47.5% rate. POSCO said, "was a surge in sales of raw materials rise in sales on the rise." Earnings of foreign steel corporation POSCO E & C, POSCO also has a wide smile. POSCO E & C, which recorded an operating loss of 359.5 billion won last year's fourth quarter was to achieve an operating profit in the first quarter of 1345 one hundred million won this year 'turnaround'.

International contributed to the leading steel corporation earnings also improved, operating profit increased substantially. Operating profit of the Chinese stainless steel production subsidiary Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel and POSCO Maharashtra, India Cold subsidiaries are recorded respectively 41.7% and 80% to 52 billion won and 38.7 billion won from the previous quarter.

Park Jongguk Kiwoom Researchers estimate as a "POSCO's 1Q11 earnings are much higher than've been whilst expected," said "Our upgraded to strong performance of the steel part of POSCO, International Steel Corporation to profitability enlarged according to the raw materials rise times (operating profit of 1.2 trillion won) recorded a 13.8% higher than the performance, "he explained.

Joe Morrison (Joe Morrison) Moody's vice president and analyzed that "the first quarter of higher earnings, POSCO has achieved a significant improvement thanks to the steel and non-steel businesses even performance."

◇ hosiljeok expectations throughout the year

Steel sector expansion and profitable turnaround of POSCO E & C, POSCO has proposed a 'rosy outlook. 1Q11 "earnings surprises" are expected effect will continue into the second quarter. In particular, it pointed to the steel raw material prices rise aftermath of the week the average selling price reasons.

Park Hyeonuk HMC Investment Securities researcher said, "Separate operating profit POSCO second quarter of the first quarter and estimated at 836.7 billion won, up 5 percent more (795.4 billion won)," said, "because the first quarter will increase the average selling price of the raw material prices" said. He added that "thanks to the strong first half performance is expected to increase by 22%, POSCO 3000000000000 note of the separate operating profit of 233 billion won this year from the previous year," said "the prospect of the first quarter figures reflected strong performance."

Also backed by earnings growth of POSCO. Construction of POSCO, considering the base effect of last year, operating losses 'turnaround' is an analysis would significantly contribute to the profitable expansion in the future, POSCO Group.

Joe Morrison (Joe Morrison) Moody's Vice President, said, "There is a possibility appears to have favorable for the steel parts to continue slowing performance based on internal and external requirements, first quarter earnings of POSCO E & C will become a major force in the future profits zoom", "POSCO Construction is expected to benefit from the low base effect of last year due to the massive loss, "he said.

On the other hand, the appearance turned the day in one breath prosecutors concluded the tipping Posco to 'victim' for the 'choesunsil Gate' which was pointed out cases of Achilles Chairman Kwon Ohjun 2 groups. Prosecutors Special Investigation Division is announcing the last 17 days' choesunsil gate "investigation results" Park Geun-hye President and choesunsil, anjongbeom former presidential adjustment policy chief to let POSCO established the fencing team to give the operating rights to The Blue Kay choesunsil operations was misconduct, "he stipulated that the President POSCO night before the abuse victims.

Volume president since late last year when a gate trigger choesunsil albeit nakma but possibly also mentioned it succeeded in March last reappointed in recognition of management skill that improves business performance.

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Our Home · CJ CJ 'China Post' attention in Vietnam

Let [sinmijin financial newspaper reporter Korea] Korean food industry is not struggling with Saad retaliatory measures China has noted that Vietnam 'China Post'.

Meanwhile, South Korea, companies should have the bitter taste of the shake according to the Chinese government policy. Lotte Saad site provides after sales dwaetgo interruption such as a total of 99 local Chinese Lotte Mart of 87 dogs Fire Inspection reason, the confectionery company Orion has reduced sales of local products such as Choco Pie was to shut down some of the factory production line.

In contrast, Vietnam and continues to expand foreign investment pyeonyira strong pro - (親) limiting the impact assessment of the crab industry. Vietnam has recorded annual economic growth of 5-6 percent units higher and is expected to reach 6% growth one year. Viscosity of the population that was about 90 million people strong internal market and rice, like South Korea and China stocks have been evaluated positively to domestic food companies.

The domestic feed Our Home was the first of the companies entering the Chinese announced to enter the Vietnamese feed market. Our Home is scrambling recently established a subsidiary in the city, Haiphong, Vietnam's third and a full-fledged business expansion.

After China both goals for you Our Home hagetdaneun achieve overseas sales of 150 billion won in the first foreign market entry Sanya foothold in Vietnam by 2020. Our Home parties are "significantly lower labor costs compared to China and attract sustainable foreign corporate policies were assessed positively," he explained the background to select Vietnam.

Our Home is scheduled to embark on building business through the localization strategy. Decided to establish a standard recipe with the operating manual for the development of the local menu Menu actively reflect the Vietnamese food culture. Each sector professionals such as cooking, hygiene, early seating menu for the project also plans to regularly dispatched to the site.

CJ CJ is conducting a fresh, local food vendors acquisition targets within the general food company in Vietnam. Last year was February 1st Vietnamese arguments kimchi makers 'kim & kim' 'kkawoo the' lead to one of the large food companies acquired. Vietnamese seafood, meatballs processing 1st company 'mindat food' than the state which is the end of this month and leave only the final deal closing. A total of 150 billion won, when the acquisition is complete, CJ CJ will have a stake of 64.9% of mindat food.

CJ CJ plans to embark on sale around the brand 'rub' in Vietnam. kim & kim is currently producing "rubbing kimchi, kkawoo In the distribution is expected to produce a" rub buns. Mindat food is focused on the short term and long term business piswibol meatballs and a strategy to expand into meat processing, fishery business.

If the domestic industry's second largest Ottogi and make plans to biksi (Big C), the largest retail chain in Vietnam as a bridgehead for the full-fledged expansion in Southeast Asia.

According to industry Ottogi has delivered in the past one month from the main product, such as ketchup, sauces, vinegar, Mayo Ness, if the biksi. Currently, 15 of the stores in the city of Hanoi, in northern Vietnam, reportedly products are distributed in 20 stores in southern Ho Chi Minh City. Biksi has become a subsidiary of French Casino Group, presence in Vietnam in 1990 as a local largest distributors. Last year being operational for 10 to 32 dogs and supermarkets Convenience stores in Vietnam.

In addition Mart Mart has opened the first store of "high bapjeom" in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2015. E-Mart itself (PB) products in "no brand has also achieved sales of 120% compared to plan obtains a great popularity. Mart is closely watching the Vietnamese market and plans to focus on the second store find.

Industry insiders the "Vietnam labor is cheaper and has to also robust domestic market, the recent food and increasing the overseas expansion of the retail industry," said "it has the appropriate geographic conditions, even to advance to the Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia continue expansion of domestic enterprises expected to increase, "he said.

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Convenience stores 30,000 times ... Heoyeonsu the GS25 'infinite transformation'

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] heoyeonsu repeatedly turns on the GS Retail's CEO-led transformation GS25 convenience store and has floated the seungbusu of the "Life hybrid convenience stores.

24-hour convenience store is not going to melt gotman move naturally in everyday life is simply selling products to widen the area from the electric vehicle charging station to banking services, same-day delivery.

GS25 is being transformed into the most active. Delivery of the last 11 days GS25 'post box' has launched a new concept of service delivery convenience, the same day delivery, with quick delivery company hotline. If you are registered on the day of delivery to the customer hotline GS25 is a quick visit to the store pick-up the product and proceed with the delivery within two hours. From the time it registered customers in all regions of Seoul it was built through the system to 4 ~ shipping is done between 7 hours.

The day of completion of the reception on weekdays at 4:00 pm GS25 courier arrived 7 hours and up to my (Seoul), 4:00 pm Since there are not shipped the next business day 11:00 am. Saturday is the only day courier delivery receipt before 12 pm and can only be accepted with no holidays or Sunday delivery or pick-up and delivery on the next business day. Prices are up to 30% cheaper up to 6,000 won from 9,000 won kkajida compared to conventional quick-service. GS25 and post boxes are introducing the same day courier services in 102 stores gu (RO · · Nonhyeon Shrine).

Another representative Huh plans to ensure that the national GS25 be offline banking platform. GS Retail cider partner and the main scan K Bank.

GS25 is also a shareholder of a bank, an Internet professional K Bank has also turned into a financial platform.

Nationwide 10000 provides benefits that are exempt from fees if the input and withdrawal and transfer from ATM (CD) of the GS25 to the card issued to customers opening bank accounts and debit cards Kay in 1,000 stores. Prior GS25 has also introduced a 'cash withdrawal services.

Now that GS25 is being tested, cash withdrawal service 'is the cash withdrawal function we check the mount (IC) card, the amount (1 day maximum 100,000 won too) customers want and buy from GS25 to a 10,000 won units It is to withdraw the service.

The service, together with our bank proceeds from the retail store 3 GS headquarters, Montparnasse Tower, Parque points or small that the system construction has been completed. GS25 is a plan to increase until June 29 to store the service test.

Another GS25 has completed construction of the facility first store in June last year, a convenience store electric charge. GS25 is planning to expand the plant to build electric car charging nationwide GS25 and GS Supermarket in line with the start of electric vehicle charging convenience store in one of seogwi cannon that island, as well as regional electric distribution trends. Rival CU, which had launched a "karaoke convenience store.

Also Dongsung CU Buckeye Park Branch will also support the street performers for amateur musicians. CU virtues University student union that was also provided dressing room and powder room in the store. If the CU Pyeongchang, Phoenix Plaza Center Point is a convenience store that sells scooping times.

Eleven compositions were able to listen to classical music to a convenience store laundry unattended operating system introduced jungyimyeo in Yongsan-gu, Seoul wideumi point of art in the space provided in the store with the theme of "classic flowing convenience store. Henan Star Field wideumi has also introduced a customer chooses to make a lunch dish directly to the service Bob convenience store building.

According to the Korea Association of Convenience Stores industry last year, the domestic convenience store market showed a rapid growth of 18.6% than the 17.2 trillion won in 2015 to 20.4 trillion won. It is estimated that nationwide convenience store can also topped more than 32,600. The industry is observed that 32,000 or more will in the context of the convenience store where sales more sales traction through the store can be extended through the evolution of the platform to enjoy sales growth effects. Further evaluation is holding his head it is time to get out of deseo deulmyeo convenience store market has entered the saturation focus on store openings enlarged.

The actual reason for convenience they provide an opportunity to experience a wide range of services and has only recently begun together according to the convenience store market is growing explosively.

This is the judgment was like growing and aging population of one-person households affected, the industry naturally to customers while creating an opportunity to experience a variety of layers leads to a purchase. Number of stores is only pushed the CU GS25 seemed to look with the results compared to profit last year introduced a sustainable living complex service improvement.

Was recorded last year, sales of 5.6027 trillion won, operating profit of 213.2 billion won in the GS25, which respectively increased 20.4% and 13.1% more than in 2015. 1st CU revenue 4000000009414 eokwa operating profit posted a 197 billion won. The GS25 performance, but the end of the lead companies in the last three numbers of the reference CU stores 11 273, GS25 has led a fierce struggle to put one convenience store industry top spot 11,223 pieces.

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Eland Kensington Hotel, room upgrades 'Golden Holiday'

It goes the 'Golden Holiday' promotion, which upgrades the [financial newspaper gimeunji Korea News] Eland's right on May Golden Week Kensington Hotel Yoido the upcoming operating room.

This promotion is coming applies only to customers who stay up to 30 days next month to schedule the 'Enjoy juveniles mill' package up, the customer can enjoy a room upgrade to the Executive lounge benefits. Price is 150,000 won (VAT excluded) are from.

Enjoy juveniles and wheat package provides a standard or deluxe room per night with breakfast for two configurations, Executive Room free upgrade service concept of modern luxury to every first-come, first-served basis Five guests booking a deluxe room on the Promotion Period to dwaeteumyeo.

(3:00 pm to 5) Afternoon tea yet is private to the available for breakfast and coffee and cookies in the lounge provided, and the happy hour where you can drink unlimited wine, beer and night (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) Service the can be used to add.

Besides the complimentary mini bar and pillow menu service is provided. The Kensington Hotel in Yeouido said, "can use all the luxury services in the normal package price", "do not leave a trip away in May Golden Week event customers are provided so that you can enjoy a relaxing break in the city," said he said.

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Hyundai Department Store, the store server 15 '1st Holiday Fair

The rush to the massive promotions [Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Hyundai Department Store has a variety of promotions for the client's right to a family Golden Week in May.

First, Mokdong will come and open the '1st Holiday Fair from the 24th to the 7th of next month. A total of 100 billion won in the travel-related goods such as shoes, outdoor, swimsuit, Rash Guards sell 10-60% discount. The event has involved more than 30 leisure sports brand such as Nike, Adidas, North Face, Arena.

The main event of the '1st Holiday Fair will be held from 24 days 30 days 1 day, outdoor windshield exhibition, "May open up' Shoes & Rash Guards halinjeon 'held up to 7 days from May 3 to 7 days' Kipling is a synthesis exhibition such as travel bags.

In Pangyo that opens the "Family Lifestyle Fair at the first basement acting president until next month 5 days from the 1st of next month. Tommy Hayden Hill event, speakers, kids, such as ro-ro Shah sells more than 30 brands in the children participating in the Feb. products from 20 to 40 percent discount.

The proceeds of "family gift sangpumjeon 'at the same place from the 6th until the 7th of next month. Event, sells more than 40 brands, including women's fashion, shoes, men's fashion, Accessories Feb. products involved 20% to 60% discount. Each store is also open event for the family unit customers. Trade Center that showcases the 3M scale model of the castle with the 5th of next month 'maekpo Chalmers' the children from the two-day 10th floor culture hall from the 6th toy brands. The presentation face painting, free popcorn in the same period of the 11th floor sky garden, and clown goes for events such as balloon art presented.

Pangyo point, we go as a character parade Abby Choo, Robocar polyester, golden mirror, the top ttobot Town Musicians of Bremen, parade, children's garden on the 5th floor of the family's favorite month from the 1st to the 5th order.

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Shinsegae Department Store, the family of customers for 'Mei device carnival'

Advances the [financial newspaper gimeunji Korea News] Shinsegae in May the various promotions ahead of the stepping stones holidays.

5 days, including the Children's Day is the 1st May Day, May Children's Day on the 9th of 19 statutory holidays a temporary presidential election sikindaneun holiday concentrate as much power as a destination for family planning clients, leading up to.

Last year, the New World Department Store on May 6 From this in five days as specified in the interim period up to 7 days holidays holiday sales have increased by 31.1% compared to the same period in 2015 bar. This year is expected to be able to enjoy the holidays more special as many more holidays than last year. Shinsegae will continue the theme events of "Mei devices Carnival" from 27 to 14 May welcomed the 'Golden Week' lead time of up to 9 days from the 29th day.

Various events and themes of this accompanied by a large event is planned to offer products that stall for customers to prepare for a fun vacation for families customers to visit a department store during the holiday season.

As soon as the holiday season than in previous years came rushing to the holiday arrangements Shinsegae Yeongdeungpo customers, it provides a "travel fair" in Building A 6th floor Events hall from 21 to 23 days. Fit flops, Birkenstock, Samsonite, Mandarina Duck, Tom Ford, this travel fair that the massive participation of Lanvin will showcase its customers to prepare for the upcoming holidays from travel bags, sunglasses, hat and sandals popular travel products at an affordable price.

Shinsegae Department Store, Shinsegae presents the carnival free pass as long as at least 100,000 won on the day of purchase during the event.

Character Parade, a mini theme park, VR experience zones, doll drawings, Pinwheel / beverage presentation, etc. to entertain the customers eyes and mouth the free pass is expected to be presented to the family unit customers to visit a department store during the holiday period, the 'pleasure' of the non-shopping to be.

The Shinsegae Main Store, Exit 1 in front of the face-painting event in Yeongdeungpo can see the world in a hot air balloon VR tours and tarot cards, caricatures. In Uijeongbu points to create a "new world land" for the bumper cars and air-express trains such as children laid joinable content with parents and children.

In incheonjeom you can use the play facilities for children, plus a play zone, VR experience zones.

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Duta duty-free shops, duty-free shopping 'advance' early bird event

And [South Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] The Early Bird Event catching the attention of tourists appeared one after another to the industry from 29 until Saturday, May 9 election As one of the longest possible the Golden Week 11.

Duta Internet Duty Free will continue the "Early Bird offers duty-free shopping" until March 31 for customers in ahead of departure between 7 May from the April 29 Golden Week period. Registering only departure information provides reserves 10,000 won and will automatically apply to the purchase of more than $ 1 after the departure date you can register to receive events Duta characters travel goods.

50 people through events draw those used to attach the carrier handles or group information to pink to help carry possible to find and reward the 'owl folding back', 30 people have tumbler, and 20 people for spillage prevention of luggage, as well as easy access owl gives the carrier belt.

As well as visit the Internet daily for ten days between Duta duty-free by the end of March was also established 'Duta Duty jeongbokgi events "that can collect chagok chagok additional reserves. 1 cheungssik whenever rise is provided a reserve, visiting all the layers up to 10 layers accumulate reserves of 100,000 won. In addition to this, including the reserve of one month up to 10 three-day May ten thousand won and got presented Weekly reserves of 10,000 won per week it can be prepared in advance as bargain shopping.

In addition to providing 30,000 won a special reserve for reserves of the Internet for the registered customers honeymoon wedding invitations to 31 of 2 by 1 each bride and groom ten thousand won ten thousand won, after 6 pm Customers visiting Duta Internet Duty Free.

In addition, you can also choose to receive cacao Friends luggage finished bingo to enjoy the fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. Three different shopping categories.

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Galleria Duty Free, domestic target "Share Yours Love '

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Galleria Duty Free will continue to target promotions to major domestic titled "Love Cher juveniles' right the Golden Week in May.

First presented in May tickets and bring your passport when issued gold membership and prepaid cards 10,000 won until May 7 to target the Golden Week outbound travelers.

Gratitude also goes redundant prepaid gift card promotion to receive a pre-paid cards gratitude of up to 33 million. Classified as a purchase price ranging from $ 200 to $ 2,000 an existing duty-free prepaid card issuers prepaid card and gratitude gratitude card, presented here, to duplicate department store gift card.

Promotional gifts with the proceeds, after the June 3 kinds of special benefits, until May 31. 18:00 After the presentation Isere Eric Kane to hold customer payment receipts coffee coupons, and presented the 'Yun godeo Gold Shampoo orders over $ 100, $ 200 or more purchase of prepaid cards 10,000 won Duty Free Galleria.

Preliminary newlyweds are subject to the 'Gold Card' at the wedding invitations or bring your marriage license until May 31, makes instant issuance.

Here the couple two combined orders over $ 2000 Incheon Hub lounge on two, 500 dollars and more than $ 1,000, the purchase of presents add 30,000 won and 50,000 won each prepaid card. The transportation supports promotion proceed gift vouchers at the amount to bring the taxi, limo, KTX receipts by May 31, the coupon amount is also presented in 5000 won orders over $ 500 with travel receipts over 5000 sources.

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HDC Shilla Duty Free, families, lovers and friends, accompanied by events leaving '

There stepping up marketing promotions in the [South Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] stride coming up in May, retail customers the right Golden Week.

The HDC Shilla Duty Free and to all domestic customers to leave until May 7, pay 10,000 won prepaid card. If the new subscription customers can receive an additional 10,000 won here. Including a 20% discount to visit after a pre-booked via the website that the VIP benefits, given the Prepaid Card instantly when purchasing new products from luxury brands available equivalent to 15%.

The purchases over $ and $, $ 60 400 200 with 2 manwon can each use, 4 million, 6 manwon amount saeungwon also presented.

Also it attracts attention, leaving accompany the event. Presents you more than 2 days Flight Departure families, couples, friends, people such as customers visit with the duty-free amounts saeungwon a total of 10 million won can be used depending on the purchase amount per one person.

In addition, the amount you offer prepaid cards of up to 300,000 won depending on the day of purchase, purchase from Silla I'Park Duty Free is to be able to enjoy the pleasure of shopping gotta raise an event that 100% pay back the Internet duty-free reserves ahead of the trip see. Hyundai I'Park Mall in Yongsan also expand the marketing to tourists. In cosmetics brand Celltrion "If you bring your own, such as air tickets or train ticket presents a cosmetic samples, including sunscreen.

'Samsonite' the carrier serves through the "Travel Goods sangpumjeon 'to 179,000 won, 698,000 won, American Tourist" is placed in a rucksack 69,000 won specials in limited quantities. In addition to selling 'coach' is off the tote bag and file bag over 50% halinjeon.

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CJ Olive Young, ahead of the holiday vacation products "reminds spark '

As expected go up to 100 million overseas ahead of the [financial newspaper gimeunji Korea News] May Golden Week of up to 11 days enjoying special early when the vacation items.

National representatives and the CJ Olive Networks operates health and beauty store olive spirit sunscreen, waterproof and hair removal products such as the summer focusing April rose as a result the previous year same period 40% greater width analysis of the revenue from the 1st to the 17th of goods He said.

This year, sales of items related to accelerated around a whopping two months than last point stands out. It is analyzed that the early heat, as well as going on holiday to a long weekend that "early Vacances Group, is the increased traction in early summer a special time. In detail, sunscreen sales were up 37% compared to the previous year.

Chaaenbak CNP toneop protection is gaining popularity in the 'good care' sector deohaejyeo money and Fiji skin care function and determine the makeup base toktokhi role since last year. Also this year increased the chadanryeok of the main causes of 'ultraviolet A' of skin aging trend to find a lot of the top-rated domestic notation PA ++++ sun care products.

Yubeuyi cut toneop base of PA ++++ ratings released earlier this month in the wake makeup is popular and soaring between exposure to the powerful ultraviolet-sensitive women. Sun care category sales are showing my No. 1 brand in the plant kingdom strong sales faster than the previous year's renewal also released a top-rated five species, including representatives sun care products Oxygen Light seonjel. The appearance of hair removal products also increased by 40% year-on-year and compared to a gold holidays ahead.

Particularly hair removal can remove up to my roots Given the popular Australian brand of professional self-epilation "Jimenez (Nad's) 'is fast gaining popularity over the ohreumyeo depilatory category sales in the second two weeks after the Olive Young ipjeom earlier this month.

Strong waterproof make-up water and sweat, product sales also increased almost two-fold. Typical products Clio Waterproof Waterproof Liner Pen Kill Black is quickly brought into close contact with the skin is popular're able to maintain a perfect eye makeup from morning until evening. Carly Multi 5in1 epilator is also gaining popularity in the face, arms, legs, hair removal, as well as cleansing the pores, to must-haves to get possible to exfoliate the packed holiday.

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Hyundai Capital, Corporate Finance strengthened to improve a constitution

Seeking a [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] Hyundai Kia Automotive Captive (Captive), Hyundai Capital has changed with high dominance in the captive auto finance market. In addition to strengthening the core business of automotive financial business finance, mortgage and iteoseoda scrambling to secure stable profitability.

According to Capital industry, Hyundai Capital has reinforced the company early last year, and finance personnel and the financial progress the company is actively operating.

According to Hyundai Capital Resources IR 2016, Hyundai Capital's asset portfolio in corporate banking was up 36.1 percent to 813 billion won more in 2015. Corporate finance strengthening movements can be seen in last year's reorganization.

2015: Hyundai Capital's corporate finance department of the rooms looks a corporate finance, corporate finance Operation Room two yeoteuna Corporate Finance Executive in charge responsible for the 2016 Corporate Finance Corporate Finance Operation room and the room was newly established Corporate Finance Siem true. December 1 last year, corporate finance audit mounting hired Mr. Nam Taehyeon who worked with Samsung Securities and Nice Holdings Management Support.

The domestic car market chiyeolhaejin As difficult to find money, Hyundai Capital has put forward a strategy for strengthening the corporate finance other hand, strengthening the automobile finance business through overseas subsidiaries. It is analyzed that to ensure stable profitability, reducing car dependence financial spiral profitable diversification.

There are strategies that complement the domestic demand as corporate finance and mortgage Jeong Taeyoung Meanwhile, Hyundai Capital Vice President to raise the international automobile market is concerned whether the collection through the year.

◇ car asset growth, reduce congestion

The industry HCS is kkopneunda longer growing challenge to car finance background to enhance the corporate finance and mortgages. New financial market is not big even less profitable interest rates low market growth. In addition, Hyundai Kia Automotive Group, Hyundai Capital has no choice but to sign captive Hyundai, Kia sales have an impact on company profits. In fact, while the decline in market share of Hyundai, Kia and deteriorating domestic sales last year, was also struggling captive sign HCS.

According to the Korea Automobile Industry Association, Hyundai and Kia last year, the domestic market share fell by 2.3% compared to 67.7% last year to 65.4% points. Hyundai-Kia is maintaining its market share more than 70% since 2009, for the first time since 2014 show a continuing decline below the 70% market share.

Hyundai and Kia's 2014 market share of 69.3%, 67.7% in 2015, 2016 was a record 67.7%. Last year, sales volume recorded a poor performance. Hyundai Motor fell 7.8 percent from a year earlier as domestic 658,642 last year. It is analyzed that the affected organs to Hyundai Motor strike in July last year. In fact, Hyundai Capital said last year the third quarter (July-September), operating profit decreased 43.78% year-on-year 92.5 billion won to 52 billion won was a strike. Last year, Hyundai Capital and operating profit rose 1.27% to 343.3 billion won. Net income increased by 8.67% than the end of 2015 276.7 billion won to 300.7 billion won.

According to Hyundai Capital Resources IR 2016, Hyundai Capital said dwaetdago Hyundai and Kia in 2015 as auto sales slowed asset growth, profitability, mainly handling congestion. Capital industry official said, "The automotive market as a red ocean market, competition has become fierce," and "Hyundai Capital by old car difficult to finance overwhelming," he said.

As more non-automotive financing and will continue to reduce the rate auto financing share of total assets. In 2014, Hyundai Capital asset ratio car finance accounts was reduced from 77.5% to 77.7% 2015 75.09% 2016 2.59% points higher than the previous year. While the car finance is not high even non-automotive financial growth is showing high growth rates.

According to Hyundai Capital Resources IR 2016, Hyundai Capital assets (assets under management standard) recording the non-automotive finance 562 billion won, while perching on a slight growth in auto financing, it showed high growth rates. New Hyundai Capital assets are a mere 0.1% increase over the previous year to 11,564 million. In the rental sector it has grown slightly by 1.1% to 404.2 billion won used car segment declined 3.8% year-on-year to 1.343 trillion won. Personal Finance 1.6% YoY to 2.095 trillion won, the mortgage was recorded 2.457 trillion won increased by 33.9%.

Hyundai Capital said it had conducted a strategic asset for the safety-oriented expansion of the mortgage in the IR data. Hyundai Capital depreciation risk that the technology made by LTV 70% or less, janga insurance, handling the mortgage, such as a priority share of 98%. Corporate Finance today announced the expansion of new stable handling through the blue chip companies targeted, collateral center assets such as corporate finance my weight limit.

◇ Hyundai-Kia Motors and synergies that corporate finance

Hyundai Capital has progressed equipment loans, equipment purchase loans, factoring, accounts receivable loans, inventory loans, real estate loans to corporate finance products. A mortgage loan types are secured to a facility loans, trade receivables, inventory, personal property loans to other reserves and retained scheduled personal property as collateral, land, buildings, plant, etc. as collateral for the facility and equipment scheduled to hold or held by customers Loja Real estate mortgage loan gajida 3.

The industry is much room for HCS can collaborate car finance its parent company Hyundai Kia Automotive collects your mouth is advantageous in corporate finance. Loans to the non-automotive sectors as automotive finance company that is focused more car parts makers such as running a company associated with auto loans subject sees in the industry. In particular, Hyundai and Kia says co tons eopcheeul have no leverage.

Officials in charge of corporate finance in the Capital Inc. "The automotive Attempting to blue chip companies and transactions of the companies in many cases are already Hyundai Capital and transactions" and "Hyundai Capital's parent company Hyundai-Kia Motors and associated subcontractors only dozens yeoseo modern it is easy to open positions in the capital, "he said.

The KDB Capital showed strengths in corporate finance are emerging pointed out that the gap can not sell to an aggressive marketing artifact fills the HCS. Since ahninya Hyundai Capital haneungeot monopoly even had corporate finance glass in car finance While some voices are emerging.

Loan regulations cited as factors enhancing the Ganghwa corporate finance and mortgages. The industry says the coming year, Hyundai Capital revenue traction in personal credit rather than new cars. Hyundai Capital has spread to cross three days (cross-sale) strategy for the automotive finance customers in the personal credit portion. To run the customer to buy a car loan for a car as collateral for the loan proceeds to the high quality customers.

But while the recent building regulations adding a provision to the high interest rate loan with lively household lending regulations prophet difficult for an individual credit aggressively turned his eyes to the corporate finance industry is up story.

◇ After standing car finance overseas subsidiaries

Vice President of Jeong Taeyoung under the 'One Global Company "stance, has its current offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, China and Canada. In January, it launched the European banking in Germany. Further, etc. India, Brazil and review the established Financial Code. While the domestic car market is difficult, overseas car market is large growth potential. Last year we received accreditation from established European Central Bank began operating in January this year. Hyundai Capital Hyundai Kia customers to purchase from target European financing and leasing, and provide loans.

Except Canada and overseas subsidiaries last year is not bad performance. Chinese corporate profits grew by about 2-fold compared to the previous year recorded a pre-tax profit of 120.4 billion won last year. British subsidiaries recorded 48.5 billion won. The first quarter of this year, the Hyundai-Kia sales rose by 9.7%, as 260,061 more than last year period.

Canada has failed to fulfill the current turnaround yet since December 2014 start of operations. Hyundai Capital in the last 18 days has also invested 34 billion won in direct Canadian corporation operating fund raising purposes.

Depending on the overseas subsidiaries have also continually expanding overseas recruitment business-related personnel from last year. Last October there were recruiting foreigners overseas business to General Executive Director, International HR Executive, United Kingdom overseas subsidiaries personnel were recruited foreign legal and compliance personnel.

But it is expected to expand market share in China, not intimidating Saad effect this year. According to industry sources, Hyundai-Kia has dropped 52% YoY to sell a total of 72,032 sales in China in March this year.

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NH NH lives, IFRS17 free in risk management Spurs

Life is in full swing to ensure the financial soundness of NH NH - Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Secretary Rod president. Geotinde spiral contrast to the LAT · Enhanced RBC regulation of financial authorities, NH NH Life Insurance Unlike other insurance companies which concerns the interest rate risk on debt duration expansion comes the assessment that the relative burden of the enemy. Recent years, insurers have been selling coupon savings-type insurance products thanks to a focus on what is the interest rate-linked products with different days of cooperative association banks. The clerk rods president took office earlier this year, is expected to try and further said Plug a priority to secure financial soundness through improved capital raising and management constitution, with sales goals in risk management.

FSS has recently Risk Management Division of Insurance to the new international accounting standards (IFRS17) soft landing measures planned 2021 introduction of the liability duration naegeolmyeo expanding regulatory strengthening of the insurance companies emerged as challenges. Financial authorities have improved the insurance liability adequacy test (LAT) and the insurance solvency system (RBC), and said prospects continue to carefully check the financial strength of insurance companies. LAT is the cash inflows and outflows in the future, according to the insurance contract and the system for calculating the change required reserves at the present value RBC system is to assess whether the degree of capital afford to pay the insurance payout to policyholders.

Financial authorities proceed with the insurance liability adequacy test (LAT) over three years, and this year decided to gradually market assessments of liabilities (insurance payable) of insurers. Thus the discount rate applied when evaluating the debt is expected to decrease by 80% compared to current levels. The financial authorities are under estimated to increase total liabilities of insurance companies up to 20 trillion won for three years.

Last month, the financial authorities have a final presentation to the insurer to determine the LAT revised plans for containing a soft landing IFRS17 such information. After the introduction IFRS17 insurers will evaluate changes in insurance market to give back to the Contractor at the current cost. The interest rate to reflect the time of registering to calculate liabilities under insurance and so increase the burden. Eventually losing the equity accounting results in the conclusion that debt is bound to increase significantly. The June revised insurance solvency system (RBC) Since the end comes into force. Accordingly, insurers are required to extend the duration of insurance liabilities (residual maturity) to 30 years by 2018. After only increased debt duration without a change in the duration of the asset situation, the insurer is exposed to interest rate risk on the defenseless. Eventually inevitably lead to an RBC ratio also increased sharply because jabonryang required by the insurance company rate risk amount neulmyeon.

Most insurance companies are situation, but the appearance has been confirmed massive selling interest type insurance liabilities, grab the ankles should be in a stable long-term investment assets in order to expand the asset duration. Because the world of low interest rates is a prolonged decline in the investment concerns caused the negative margin was unable to raise the rate of return on investment as promised grown with customers.

◇ rate determinate savings insurance ↓ negative margin was less concerned

NH NH reborn in the last cooperative association in 2012 as a privately held life insurance company has started a risk management system prior to upgrading other than insurance companies do not have much liability insurance rates determinate action.

Interest rate-linked savings insurance portion of the NH NH Life is 80%. Interest rate-linked products gotta adjust the interest rate paid to customers, depending on the outside margin and asset management market interest rates are less concerned about negative margin. In addition, RBC existing institutional rate-linked products are evaluated will be minimal impact on the liability duration expanded regulation of financial authorities because of the short duration debt.

NH NH lives officials because they have "recently because of liability duration enlarged strengthen regulatory insurance industry is trying to expand the asset duration" and "NH NH life linked to an asset or a liability duration at an appropriate level to the interest rate risk, even if the right regulations are enforced He said that the impact would not be at all. " Because risk management been keeping pace in the banking system from the deductible timing analysis is also dominant afford would be compared with other insurers.

NH NH Life has recently started building its own "risk and solvency assessment (Own Risk and Solvency Assessment, ORSA) system. ORSA is a system that calculates the internal capital requirements considering the insurers themselves qualitative risk assessment and crisis analysis and risk management, discovering vulnerabilities. It will spiral on one foot ahead of secured financial soundness, with guidelines of the financial authorities.

NH Agricultural finance is utilized, and also introduces the risk dashboard. Risk Dashboard is creating to allow fall into the piece all the details of risk management NH NH Life reports. NH NH Life official explained, "will focus on risk management by including indicators that may appear while expanding overseas investment this year, including foreign currency liquidity coverage and exchange rate fluctuations on the Dashboard checklist".

◇ 3000 billion subordinated debt issue

NH NH Life has posted recently had to issue 3,000 billion of subordinated debt. IPO issued in the currency subordinated unsecured debentures form and is representative of Sponsor SK Securities and HMC Investment Securities. 28 days are ahead of the bond issue.

NH NH Life reportedly to be issued in three types, depending on the maturity of this subordinated debt. △ 7-year 150 billion won 100 billion won △ 10 △ 10-year-year (5-year call options) and interest rates are respectively 50 billion won △ 3.15 ~ 3.65% △ 3.47 ~ 3.97% △ 3.17 ~ 3.57%. NH NH predicted that life could be issued in three types of subordinated bonds with pre Forecasting accommodate the diverse needs of investors.

Subordinated debt issued by the NH Agricultural Life is the first time. Officials "decided the issue in a pre-emptive recapitalization purposes against IFRS17 enforcement and RBC ratio dropped late last month in the Council," he said. The subordinated bonds issued by NH NH life being expected to be an RBC was only based on 207.7% level of the end of June last year to improve approximately 15.3% point to the 223%. RBC is the average life insurance industry position that the problem because of the recommended level of the initial FSS had recorded the second quarter of last year, based on 297% maintained a 150% line.

NH NH life, with banks also followed the risk management system to decide this issue subordinated debt are adequate assessment clinch the recapitalization result. NH NH lives officials "received the highest rating of insurance solvency assessment AAA rating of the year two Korea Ratings and NICE credit rating late February," said said received recognition of stable financial soundness. In particular it was highly regarded point that farmers, based on the Livestock channel has an extensive sales network across the country and has the fourth largest life insurance market position in the industry with total assets and premium income. In addition, the viscosity that laying the substantial strengthening of protection-type insurance sales life insurance was mainly a high score.

◇ senior year banks from head ... Poised to strengthen the financial capacity

Second inaugural year, the clerk rods NH NH President pointed Life aims to secure financial stability this year. AD rods, president of the "recent insurance industry is uncertainty increases and IFRS17 situation takes an emergency to ensure financial stability by introducing plans such as in financial markets," he said "The Agricultural Life also recapitalization and management constitution RBC ratio control of an appropriate level through improved Hannah said it would go. "

With respect to correspondence IFRS17 TF also it plans to expand the TF-scale to build a full-scale response system this year. AD rods president said that "in the beginning of the second half year according to the 2021 introduction period after completion of the construction by 2019 year 2020 will be operated as a period of stabilization." Also it said it would select a long term plan to channel △ Product △ △ △ Asset Management Customer Service, etc. Each of constitutional improvement projects across the business to strengthen the financial capacity independently of the system construction companies strive to improve health.

[Q & Clerk rod boss;

- the first year of business goals this year

2017 to achieve the sales target. The insurance company sees that the priority should be to achieve the sales target of the company as a sales basis. It is also expected to try to raise capital and improve management constitution for ensuring financial stability. The goal is to gihae fully prepared to RBC ratio to the appropriate level of management as much as possible the impact on the less IFRS17 introduced. In addition to spearheading aggressive plans to finance consumer protection activities in order to achieve the vision of "customer first love, such as life insurance companies, committed to perform social responsibilities.

- from the banks. How will demonstrate whether the NH Agricultural Life office experience, former General Manager Sales Promotion in all banks

Quaternary industrial revolution arrival can be explained by the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, AI and the like. Being paying a lot of attention and effort to the growth of the financial sector, digital NH NH life was somewhat slower than in banks. Based on the digital banking experience and know-how of the bank to strengthen NH NH vital non-face-to-face channels are gearing up for an online insurance market, signed an ICT association services joint research and development MOU with KT for product development and research and insulator-tech sector to pursue expansion plans.

- Life is a differentiator with the NH NH

We have done that to develop products only jeompomang ensure farmers across the country and reliable partner with the role of rural farmers.

This year is planned to further enhance specific dedicated products and insurance services in rural areas to develop services to farmers through jeongongryeon Japanese and foreign insurance companies benchmarking. With regard to the introduction IFRS17 is also a foot wide of the past under the circumstances, I deduct such other times because coupon savings-type insurance, rather than selling came with emphasis on interest rate-linked negative margin challenges insurers face.

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Daishin Securities, tonghalkka customers discrimination strategy

[Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Instead securities industry retail sales competition went to the customers the dual management to keep pace with the trend. For each asset and hefty mass customers (held small account customers) is a strategy that provides customized wealth management. On the other hand, doeja this regard, the overall incentive system changes linked opposition from branch staff showed intense.

24 days instead of the Securities presented the 'Asset Management (WM) sector strengthening, this year, retail strategic goals. As one axis hefty asset: the strengthening (HNW High Net Worth) sales. Changing the incentive system last year in order to attract customers, assets that are the basis of WM, said that the payments to the new 'HNW attract allowances.

Instead of the current securities and net worth big bucks to provide "financial doctor" service. Financial physician has chosen a lawyer, accountant professions, such as from a concept similar to a Private Banker (PB). Since last year, the financial team physician has to HNW clients, including providing the highest level of financial advice.

Also Daishin Securities said in NHW is also available separately from the various service strategy to target online customers and mass customers. This is largely divided into Wealth Advisors and Advisors Lobo.

For Wells, the advisor and the help of experts (Product Planning Product Specialist) upgraded the platform to the asset management online. Instead Wealth Advisors provides customized WM services to customers, such as retirement, in accordance with the investment objectives of investors, pension, housing, education, marriage, providing lump sum design. Substantially and the customer can present the investment of over 440 customer-specific personalized portfolio that reflects a tendency, investments, investment period to the customer.

Robo Advisory services are being prepared. Daishin Securities official said that "if it passes the test bed in May Robo Advisor will also provide a variety of services that take advantage of it." And continue to aim for roughly from July to August launch.

Meanwhile, as the assets and attract hefty payments over the introduction this year showed that the internal complaint after another doeja bonus system was reorganized. NHW bid strategy Daishin Securities is a format to provide a constant incentive to attract retail staff of more than 100 million won account. 100 million won or more accounts corresponds to the case previously in attracting new or other securities, if a customer account the existing 90 million won that was held in place with ten million won additional securities can not be provided with incentives.

Instead, four won on duty in the securities frontline point "was the last organization, incentive schemes far, then you could get a bonus in addition to the low, some personal performance salary because paying bonuses to the store unit" and "100 million won or more accounts this year there can only be a bonus to attract almost no successful people, "he said.

He added: "I thought it a pity that the company (which receives bonuses personnel) structure going on a gradual rather than a pyramid rhombus", "employees are not just trying not to give up under an atmosphere of an incentive to attract himdeuleoseo dominant reality," he said.

Current Daishin Securities branch also has a bonus incentives that provide for the fee income generated during transactions such as customer management equity incentive marketing in addition to offering a large sum when the asset accounts that attract and attract more than 40 million won assets in the account. All 7 Asset Management is based on customers since January is raised from 40 million won to 70 million won.

In another branch staff "7 will not be eligible for a bonus account and manage about 69 million won starting July" about and "do not talk about that redistributes the pressure of business account at a point prior to July sounds nothing yet, nothing fixed," he said.

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· NH future such securities 1Q good

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea] is expected to be good this year, one quarter of the securities. If we expect to very large effects IB starting the second quarter of the atmosphere of a large brokerage firms during the first half of this year is expected to not be too bad.

MAS 24 days treatment (choehyeonman jounggi CEO Senior Vice President & CEO), NH Investment & Securities in the first quarter earnings from major brokerage firms, etc. (gimwongyu CEO) According to the financial investment industry is jeomchyeo to rise YoY.

According to the financial information company epeuen guide last 20 days estimated this year's first quarter sales of the three institutions can Mirae treated more than forecast results are jeomchyeo place to 355.6 billion won. The same period, operating profit of 122.3 billion won and net profit is expected to 86.9 billion won. This preparation and the first quarter 2016 sales of 81.9% from 195.5 billion won, operating profit of 77.1% from the 69.1 billion won, a 62.6% increase in net profit was 53.4 billion won.

Korea Investment Holdings is also the first quarter sales of 260.7 billion won, up 44.6% compared to 180.3 billion won a year earlier this year, operating profit was 107.7 billion won increased by 20.1% compared to 89.7 billion won a year earlier. Net income is expected to 91.2 billion won, up 13.7% compared to 80.2 billion won a year earlier.

NH Investment & Securities also there is forecast earnings higher than the previous year first quarter sales of 262 billion won rose 4.1 percent from a year earlier 251.5 billion won, operating profit of 100.7 billion won, up 17.5 percent from a year earlier 85.7 billion won and net profit 26.6% 64 billion won over the same period last year this is expected to rise 81 billion won.

Samsung Securities is also the first quarter sales of 215.6 billion won rose 4.7 percent from a year earlier 205.9 billion won this year, operating profit of 75 billion won, up 20.5% compared to 62.2 billion won a year earlier, while net profit is estimated to have 57.3 billion won, up 23.6 percent from 46.4 billion won a year earlier. Meritz Securities Investment Bank is also expected a 30.5% increase in operating profit and net profit increased 35.6% YoY. However Kiwoom was expected to fall both sales and operating profit, and net profit against a year earlier.

The last week released results from KB Financial Group and Shinhan Investment securities also increased both operating profit.

KB Securities posted a 141.3 billion won this year's first quarter consolidated operating profit increased by 152.44% YoY. The same period, sales grew by 41.05 percent to 1.9316 trillion won in net profit surged 120.53% to 108.8 billion won.

1Q11 net profit of Shinhan Investment Corp. jumped 111% YoY 21.8 billion won to 46 billion won. During the same period, operating profit rose 121% yoy compared to 25.2 billion won to 55.8 billion won. Operating profit was 163.6 billion won a year earlier increase of 11.5% compared to 182.4 billion won.

According to the IBK Research Center is expected to Samsung Securities and Mirae Asset treated, NH Investment & Securities, Korea Investment Holdings, Meritz Investment Bank Securities, Kiwoom including six first quarter net profit increased by 94.2% QoQ to about 409.2 billion won this year from securities , a 23.4% increase is expected bihaeseodo the same period last year.

Equity-linked securities (ELS) including securitized derivatives Early repayments and sales revenue and operating profit compared to the previous quarter in fixed income trading revenue in the domestic market is expected to stabilize interest rates and dividends generated by new issuance increases are expected. In addition, the earnings improvement is expected in the IPO (IPO) and investment banking (IB) part.

Kim Jiyoung IBK Investment & Securities researcher "Capital is becoming the stamina crush invest to risk than ever as larger possible, and, with the growth of the business area expanded due to the easing of government regulations and new work permit is expected," said It issued a positive opinion about the profitability of large securities firms. Following was diagnosed as "What is the large securities firms are already making efforts to diversify the revenue it than revenue contribution also increased more parts IB is a positive point."

Kim Seo-yeon Korea Investment & Securities researcher also said that "the main cause of improving the performance of the sales force recovery IB division has been lowered from last year's merger with increased ELS-related gains in overseas markets thanks" for the MAS treatment. Following just explained that the SG & A efficiency expected to act as the main parameters of profitability, but added there is a possibility that the additional costs related to the merger will be reflected this year, the organization relocated cleanup is in progress, rather than focusing point reduced manpower and the fact that such considerations.

Kim researchers about the NH Investment Securities "of employees with promotion personnel after the merger in 2015 streamlining has reduced 400 people in 2820 to 3,218 people," said "seems to be a labor in 2017 as restructuring savings up to 19 billion won "he said. Thanks to the strong global stock markets in the first quarter earnings also fell because of synergies with the ELS early repayment enlarged scale cooperatives as a financial holding.

He NH NH Financial Group said how gathered funded affiliates in this process NH Investment & Securities Financial organizing fee and additional fee income if the 22 billion won revenue reflects Yeouido Park won project financing (PF) business in the fourth quarter of last year ( has secured the sale of advisory fees, underwriting fees, loan commitment fees, etc.) were diagnosed as boindago come steadily annual revenue of 10 billion won to the future in 2021.

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