Monday, April 24, 2017

KDB Life, non-refundable cancellation insurance online launch non-caustic, ensuring enhanced

[Gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter Korea] KDB Life was released (free) KDB new direct insurance Regular (non-refundable cancellation), applying the non-refundable termination of the first term insurance online life insurance.

(Free) KDB direct a new term insurance (non-termination refundable) 'consists of ensuring enhanced to ensure twice the basic to ensure the normal death (general proof) and disaster death general death benefit, including the Accidental Death and disease death gotta have.

Subscribers △ no cancellation refundable premiums paid minimal △ insured amount of one account based on the general death benefit 100 million, disasters killed the same cause of disability payment rate of 50% or more disability status than the disaster or disaster of claims 200 million guarantee △ premium payment period is selected there are exempted from the payment of insurance premiums paid after the after-party and enjoy the exemption, such as that continues to guarantee when.

The assessment of (non) KDB new direct insurance Regular (non-refundable cancellation) "Above all, price competitiveness is the biggest advantage.

Common in term insurance affordable term insurance products KDB direct than a step further non-termination product lowered to a more dramatic by the premiums paid customers step refundable based on the general proof △ men aged 40, 20 years of lead, and 80 years maturity, death benefits 100 million won standard, premium compared to pure non-refundable termination product is only about 27% lower 86,600 won.

KDB Life official said, after the "the Life Insurance Association insurance comparison site 'insurance damoah' already leading caustic rain drops proven in the provided (free) KDB direct cancer care (no termination refundable) '(no) KDB direct new Term insurance has been introduced to the (non-refundable cancellation) "and" he said he had made any effort to develop the most customer-friendly products which minimize the insurance products of the issues that customers may be liable burden. "

KDB is under the direct care leading to continued growth in the online life insurance market, while the 4th year in a row Online Life Insurance cumulative sales since the first launch.

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