Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Samsung QLED TV "Find your own colors in"

The [financial newspaper ohahreum Korea News] Samsung starts a second premium TV QLED 'Find your own colors (Find Your Color)' new social media campaign to inform the superiority of the TV.

The global launch of Samsung QLED TV in March, will provide the best picture quality, etc. that uniquely expresses the color volume 100% and 10 million colors in the world.

The Samsung is delivering the true value of QLED TV through your own to find a representative color "Find your own colors (Find Your Color) 'The campaign of 10 million colors which express QLED TV.

The campaign is to give the participants when you log in to their SNS channels such as Facebook and Instagram on the official website recommended the most suitable color immediately analyze the color of the photos Contributors have posted in the past.

Participants can watch the results can direct your own color from the SNS channels clothed in pictures, photos of other people through hashtags like #FindYourColor #QLEDTV the representative color.

Samsung QLED TV is the latest display technology based on quantum dots offer the highest quality and beauty, as well as the TV itself to consideration of the design space, it laid a TV lifestyle products.

"Transparent fiber optic cable, one connected to both the TV peripherals and 'close May Maun blah tree" designs by TV and can be installed almost clean, easy to get rid of the gap between the walls, in either direction in a beautiful 360 ° design and easel-style Samsung form the studio, including stand space and harmony provided by a variety of stands, without the constraints of space.

Samsung Electronics' Visual Display Division Han Seunghui managing director, "I hope haebogil an enjoyable experience browsing with your own favorite colors and innovative Samsung products QLED TV through this campaign," he said.

"Find your own color of (Find Your Color) 'campaign goes on Samsung official website until June.

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GS Engineering & Construction, Anshan City Grand Jai secondary pre-sale next month

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] GS Construction is driving the momentum of the primary wanpan showcase the 'Grand City Zai secondary' to the next month.

GS E & C will supply that comes from the Grand City Zai 2nd May Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi Sadong one announced four days.

2 car Grand City Zai residential, commercial, culture is a combined total of 7,653 household size in step 2 of grade mini new town development projects Sadong Sangnok-gu, Ansan Gojan New Town 90-block area businesses. This is just 2 underground floors above ground up to the 49th floor, 14 buildings, a total of 3,370 apartments with a double household size was 2872 households, 498 office building is achieved indeed.

Its complex located in the center of Gozan, situated in Anshan emerging affluent New Town, is a rare large scale single-brand complex in the metropolitan scale and symbolism.

Since GS E & C to make the largest (7,653 households) on the top floor (49th floor) Completed Entry to the composition of the first brands Town Anshan Xi is expected to take place local landmark.

As recently just sinansan line Hanyang University Station, situated in the nearby (planning, tentatively named) and the World Garden Garden games (planning, tentatively) the visualization development project Grand City Zai secondary value is even greater prospects. Sinansan line is a possible 30 teams (20 teams express train) when approaching Ansan ~ 2023 opening a double-track train linking Yeouido year (planned) to Yeouido.

Jeongmyeonggi GS E Grand City Zai pre-sale warden "before the Grand City Zai one car was wanpan contract five days," said "Gran City, Chiayi two cars in the Completed Entry of developing complex city of 7,653 households was possible to secure a wide range of jomanggwon such as Sihwa Lake and Park He explained that this referred only interested in a higher situation. "

Grand City Zai second sample house is located in Ansan Gojan New Town Sangnok-gu Sadong 90 blocks in the composite paper (Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi Sadong 1639-7 Street), occupancy is expected the second half of 2020.

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Franchise Industry 協, held "22th Global Franchise Leaders Forum '

[Sinmijin financial newspaper reporters South Korea - South Korea announced on the 4th that the Franchise Industry Association held a '22th Global Franchise Leaders Forum.

The event will join the more than 150 people, including the 6th Korea Economic Daily headquartered in fertility Hall will be held jointly with the Korea Economic Daily franchise industry, the legal profession, including the CEO, academia, media personnel.

The forum was to discuss the policy and legal issues in the franchise industry faces the theme is' desirable future direction of the franchise Act "together, and prepare to seek win-win development for excessive government regulation.

Expand the "future direction of the franchise Act 'is subject sinyoungseon fair trade and vice-chairman of the lecture, participating Act Amendments of problems and challenges, the punitive damages provisions mainly choeyounghong KU Law School Professor to lecture on.

It is also planned to discuss in depth about such a 'punitive damages claim, the franchise industry standards applicable measures laid toxins and some provision for the National Assembly to pass the April 30 date.

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Mirae treatment, Tencent Holdings, ELS sell the underlying asset at Amazon

[Goyounghun financial newspaper reporter Korea - Daewoo, Mirae Asset is a price that comes from the five days Tencent Holdings and Amazon shares underlying asset sell-linked securities (ELS) announced four days.

This time, the 20 495 times Tencent Holdings (Tencent Holdings) · Amazon (Amazon.com) 90% partial payment of principal jogisang annular ELS 'is a possible early redemption every three months to one year maturity products, the maximum loss of sales -10% as limited as provided for prepayment conditions 6.50% annual earnings meet.

3, 6, 9 months if all the underlying asset price prepayment evaluate one or more of the initial reference price is 101% prepayment with annual revenues 6.50%. Even if does not meet the prepayment conditions both based on the maturity assessment days (12 months) Asset (Tencent Holdings, Amazon) If the maturity rating the price of stocks in one disadvantage when higher than the initial reference price return 100% of the underlying asset growth The paid. Even if both the underlying assets due at any one maturity assessment price of the assessment day fell below the initial reference price of the maximum loss is limited to 10%.

This product is not a hassle because of the dollar exchange receive reimbursement due to the Overseas shares traded on the NASDAQ and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as the underlying asset, but offer the won, and won.

This item comes from units can be subscribed to 1,000,000 won to 1,000,000 won at least seven days at 1:30 pm, and if contact details are treated with MAS national branches and customer service center.

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Traders unprecedented financial marketing in banking, Guatemala, Central America

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - the Export-Import Bank of Korea announced that the 4th Squadron held a one-to-one marketing and finance conference in Guatemala.

The Export-Import Bank of 3 (Reuters) - Guatemala up to explain the commercial bank Banco Industrial (Banco Industrial) at headquarters intended to 70 use, such as local importers and Korean companies to import Korea goods unprecedented financial institutions and loan application process did.

Squadron is a financial instrument that the Export-Import Bank loans of foreign banks and local credit limit when you signed a donor agreement, such as local businesses and local businesses that Korea Bank of Korea imported products with funding from the Mercury subsidiary.

Meanwhile, the Export-Import Bank has set the bar a 30 million-dollar purse finance limits in December Banco Industrial.

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Ottogi, 21th Ottogi Foundation scholarships presentation ceremony held

It held a '21th Ottogi Foundation scholarships ceremony' in the financial newspaper sinmijin Korea News] Ottogi Center Foundation Ottogi three days in Seoul, Gangnam-gu, and has delivered scholarships to 36 scholars.

Wednesday Ham Youngjun Ottogi the Foundation has delivered the scholarships to students, scholars will receive a full tuition scholarship assistance for two years from Ottogi Foundation.

The Ottogi Foundation has developed a founder and Ham Taeho various projects Research Foundation to honor President Established in 1996, scholarships Ottogi. Starting with 14 five years 1,997 college scholarship who had passed the scholarship of currently about 5 billion won to 800 to.

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Shipbuilding orders ... three months consecutive negative growth outlook is still

But ships orders in the domestic shipbuilding industry [Korea hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing - For the third consecutive month year-on-year increase this year, the prospects are coming out negative. Shaken Business iteoseoda reliability due to a reduction in the order backlog decreased dramatically compared to new orders.

4 days, according to the Korean shipping market analysts Clarkson Research in the UK in March ship orders in one month domestic shipbuilding industry is 140,000 CGT (standard freight tonnage), increased 27.3% compared to record year earlier 110,000 CGT (6 units) to 7 did.

In the last January and February it increased 330,000 CGT (7 units), 420,000 CGT each period to 1550% from the order of (8), such as year, 667%. Thanks to the first quarter of the domestic shipbuilding industry orders were up 345% compared to 890 000 CGT 20 tons (9) the previous year (22).

However, despite an increase in new orders and still negative outlook it continues. This is because the business stability shaken by size in order to plunge the weak performance of the global market recovery.

Clarkson Research in March to contain significant reduction in orders ship worldwide market recovery is not analyzed as sluggish 0.3 May one month ship orders worldwide is 850,000 CGT · 53 chuck March last year 1.52 million CGT · 55 compared to 44.1 the chuck % it declined. 1 increased by 27.7%, 216.9% respectively compared to the same month last year and February, but it is bent upward.

Ilgam of a clear signal of improved market conditions continue to decline also does not appear to. Backlog of domestic shipbuilding industry (the remaining ilgam) posted a 17.67 million, down 720,000 CGT CGT compared to the previous month. After showing the last March 2003, 17.34 million CGT hit lowest level in 13 years. In the country than the order backlog dwijyeotda (CGT 12,723), China, Japan (only the CGT 1858).

Kim Gwangsu Korea Valuation Valuation expert members companies and 'major Korean shipbuilders were last year, operating profit was successful but the turnaround, which the aftermath of the structural adjustment' was largely business stability decreases due to rapid reduction of the backlog of the orders cliff 'said It explained.

Korea Ratings has downgraded the credit ratings of Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries and Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in the last three days. In particular, Samsung Heavy Industries and Hyundai Mipo Dockyard has fallen to 'BBB + / Negative "investment rating.

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Bank currency loan delinquencies two months rose to 0.57%

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - domestic banking sector loan delinquency rate is ohreumyeo both households and businesses was the second month in a row increases.

According to the 4th currency loan delinquency status of domestic banks (provisional) of the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), two or more principal delinquencies one month of the end of February rose 0.04% 0.57% points compared to the end of January.

The delinquency rate fell in November (0.64%) and December (0.47%) 0.81% in October last year and January this year rose switched to three months to 0.53%.

FSS explained that "it according to the overdue premium receivables clean scale (900 billion won), this new delinquency accruals 1.5 trillion won.

Overdue receivables balance is the end of February, the current 8.1 trillion won.

2 Loans delinquency end of February rose 0.06% points compared to the end of January to 0.79%. Particularly large loan delinquency million (0.73%) 0.01% is olratji points, SME loan delinquency (0.81 percent) points or 0.07% higher than the delivery.

Household loan delinquency rate rose to 0.28 percent, 0.01 percent points higher than in January.

Mortgage loan delinquency rate (0.21%) were maintaining delivery levels. Dual collective loan delinquency rate also had a 0.30% similar to the transfer, the delinquency rate of the mortgage loans is also lower than the population as 0.17%.

The delinquency rate of household loans, excluding mortgage loans was 0.51% to 0.04% points higher than the end of January.

The FSS said it "will have the possibility of future domestic and external economic uncertainty cyclical insolvency and default rate rose mainly due to the sector strengthen its monitoring.

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KOSDAQ IPO compared to IPO price ... Top mobile appliance '307.1%'

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] 1Q KOSDAQ shares of newly listed companies this year showed that IPO rose 44.1% compared to the average. The highest contrast IPO companies were mobile appliances, and the lowest was the oil company Bio-Logics.

4 days, according to a new public company shares of Korea Exchange deungrakryul third quarter end of the first quarter of 14 new listed companies, 10 companies in 2017 January 31, the average closing price rose 44.1% compared to the IPO.

Whereas the relevant Saad cosmetics industries and biotechnology industries experiencing uncertainty weak IT, semiconductor, and display-related industries rose.

This is because the performance improvement of the IT and semiconductor industries to ai, autonomous running vehicle, such as information and communication technology that combines a quaternary increasing interest in the industry. Competition is also analyzed that listed companies have helped reduced atmosphere.

The highest growth of a whopping 307.1 percent were ranked as the mobile appliance, the highest decline was recorded -31.7% in oil Bio Logics.

Also Date of listing based on the closing price the day rose to a 33.6%. One industry contest against the price rise in quarterly listed companies were net IT 167.6%, 124.4% pharmaceutical, semiconductors 12.8%.

In the IT sector as a growing interest in the convergence of manufacturing and IT technologies, including two stocks is a mobile appliance, automotive companies that recorded the highest yield (307.1%) were all elevated compared to more than 28.0% IPO.

In anticipation of the large semiconductor investment facilities such as 3D NAND semiconductor equipment maker komiko (40.4 percent) and it showed a rising trend, and books plus a global distributor for semiconductors used equipment (-14.9%) were down.

Due to the uncertainty of the market, expanding bio (-6.1%), chemicals (-15.4%) sectors, while yields have shown a weakness, pharmaceutical manufacturer, pharmaceutical Shinshin (124.4%) reported a higher rate of return.

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Jeonbuk Bank, 'happy memories, family photos, disability assumes recruitment

That [South Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] JB Financial Group Jeonbuk Bank (Bank imyongtaek) and Jeonbuk Disabled Welfare (curator Jang Hyeonok) is looking for "2nd happy memories, family photos, home disabilities to participate in 85 households together and Jeonbuk Bank on the 4th He said.

Jeonbuk Bank will strengthen the well-being and relationships of many people with disabilities, including in-home offers geographic and economic difficulties the opportunity for a family photo shoot, increase the accessibility of cultural and social disadvantaged party through a mobile studio for this project was provided.

Family photo shoot is in progress according to the eye-level of each family to visit the studio that is open to people with disabilities in the region Disabled Welfare Center, pictures of happy memories will not be forgotten for a long time is planned to be delivered is made with frames.

Application period is until April 21, the target is assumed announced on April 26. If you are receiving visits, mail, online Jeonbuk Disabled Welfare Integrated Resource Center. If more information is found in Jeonbuk Bank and Jeonbuk Disabled Welfare Home.

As Jeonbuk Bank shi society contributed Director of "families with disabled persons as members lack amenities, many of the movements of children with disabilities in regular studio because shooting is difficult, this is going on over the talent base of Chonbuk National Photographers Association Oh Jungyu photographer I hope the interest and participation of people with disabilities in Tokyo home to work, "he said.

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DGB Financial, Group internal credit risk rating method applied promotion

[Korea Daegu = bakminhyeon financial newspaper reporter] DGB Financial Group has announced four days to build that risk-weighted assets, calculated and verified system and complete risk control structure and bylaws maintenance.

This jochida for the introduction of an advanced risk calculation methods Basel Ⅱ primary internal credit risk rating process.

DGB Financial Group is expected to be further enhanced the Group capital adequacy management and portfolio strategy functions.

Park Ingyu DGB Financial President said, "I will become a comprehensive financial group to enhance the external credibility to the introduction internal rating methods increase capital efficiency, such as improving the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) capital adequacy ratio and advanced risk management system introduced.

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SC First Bank, "premium customers' services performed

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] SC First Bank has announced that it has begun four days a premium customer service that provide enhanced benefits to target customers from the House this month.

SC First private individuals to select customers who meet certain conditions of the customers various fees of banks and exchange fees by up to 70% preferential credit loans when interest rates and limit preferential, home providing mortgage loans during the annual maximum of 240,000 won cash back into the set, etc. the benefits are that service.

Selection criteria when mom receives flat balance if you have more than one million won investment products, yet more or month end received funds more than 30 million won 30 million won, last month saying the standard mortgage loan balance of more than 100 million won have, over the past three months salary transfers If this amount is met in such a thing as a monthly average of more than 400 million yuan.

SC First Bank advances premium events coming up on the 28th to celebrate the start of premium customer service. SC First Bank and gives a first transaction total annual interest rate of 1.8% in 2017, had first come, first served basis one-year time deposits to private clients.

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IPhone 8, but with the display surface?

[Ohahreum financial newspaper reporter Korea] Apple has emerged speculation that the curved display on the iPhone OLDE 8 Model released the iPhone 10th anniversary of the model can be adopted.

Japan's Nikkei Asian Review reported that 4 (Reuters) - Apple has ordered to be released this fall 8 OLED display surfaces for iPhone 7000 million units of Samsung Electronics.

This is similar to the one estimated in the City of David-market research firm IHS.

He will be followed by Samsung is the only supplier of OLED Apple. Samsung is the most superior in OLED technology.

When there added, "There are some 70 million of the factory in time, depending on demand, you can move on to the next year rather than this year."

Apple is expected to have a screen size of the iPhone this year, the 10th anniversary of the launch of the iPhone 8 other three models.

Premium iPhone 8 $ 1,000 more than there seems to be a little warped OLED screen mounted. The other two species have will be used a conventional LCD (liquid crystal display) panel.

Expectations for the iPhone has increased eight utmost. While Jeff solve Apple's oil hits Investment Consulting estimates that the iPhone can be sold this year up to 100 million of the 55 million or more OLED is seen as one model.

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Kang Dong-Sung Dong, Mapo apartment, Gangnam maengchugyeok

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter] got good news and various development overlap, Gangdong-gu, Mapo-gu is maengchugyeok the apartment of eye-catching.

Real Estate Research TODAY analysis, Gangnam-gu, the average apartment transaction value of KB Kookmin Bank House Price Trend data from the past 27 days, said four days had recorded 37.48 million won per 3.3㎡.

Gaepo (54.41 million won), Apgujeong (47.2 million won), replace (37.35 million won), including the score exceeds 30 million won, but did not in Dogok (29.78 million won), shrines (27.37 million won), Nonhyun (26.57 million won).

On the other hand sangil-dong, Gangdong-gu has surpassed the 30 million won to 30.41 million won per 3.3㎡. Last year, it rose by 20% over the first quarter at 25.25 million won. Sung Dong, Mapo-gu, and etc. have not yet exceed 3000 per 3.3㎡ yuan, gu Oksu-dong (23.6 million won), being maengchugyeok Ahyeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Gangnam in (24.39 million won), and the like.

Take just as resilient and reconstruction projects By simply appeared one after another they passed the 40 million won per 3.3㎡. Dunchon only one critical path whopping 45.78 million won per 3.3㎡ · 42,040,000 won just two Godeok critical path, critical path dunchon second only surpassed Gangnam reconstruction just price 41.62 million won.

Faure Gallery of Seongdong - gu is known for already more expensive apartments in the Gangnam 45.78 million won per 3.3㎡. Other Oksu-dong gu 'Raemian agate ribeojen "has nearly 30 million won to 28.03 million won now, Mapo Seogyo Mesa Police and 28.16 million won.

Kang Dong-Sung Dong, Mapo-gu, is getting even elasticity, as well as reconstruction redevelopment of large-scale development. Gangdong are they going sizeable development projects scheduled for opening in 2022, including the Metro Line 8 Subway Line 5 and Line 9 extension projects and Godeok tech business complex, etc.

Mapo-gu, and they are prime redevelopment projects. Among gu is the Han River Apartments stories limiting debate hot Seongsu-dong Han River're able to build a 50-story apartment high interest of investors. Mapo is active in gongwonhwa in Sangam Digital Media Center-enabled Gyeongui-scale projects such as Newtown.

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Park Jaegu BGF retail representatives 'Jingshan CU worker death' apple

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] naenwatda an official position regarding the death of the BGF Retail operating a convenience store (CU) happened in the last year, Gyeongbuk Gyeongsan local merchants.

BGF Retail day Park Jaegu CEO had to pay an entrance door, "I apologize for that gave apologize to all those who simryeo giving conserve the deceased's family members and CU have different famous death of workers took place in a merchant's Jingshan area" he told that "the degrading thing's neck lovely tilt chongryeok to prevent recurrence of creating a safe working environment burial."

BGF Retail "Nationwide conducted on a regular basis" accident prevention "checks on all merchants and incomplete information are constantly improving nagagetda in consultation with the merchant week," said "outside agencies, professionals and merchants State Council and cooperation for this purpose and I will try to "prevent accidents stores' development," he said.

Another "rest and shelter, etc. to facilitate in consultation with the merchant week will introduce a 'confidence counter', such as working stages friendly facility" and "effective support with merchants State Council in preparation for the accident of the store workers ever iteuljido know plans I will prepare, "he said.

Two days ahead of getting the 30 raw bytes, Mr. A was working the night shift at a CU merchants in the year December 14, stabbed to death at dawn Jingshan guests weapon wielded occurred.

Alba has since accused the union, such as the "100 days did not take any action at headquarters," said BGF Retail Head Office in front of one the protesters and the status of the convenience store part-time life exposure to violence and crime, such as opening the press conference.

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US-summit ahead of the won / dollar exchange rate rose from closing

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters] ended the won / dollar exchange rate until 1120 ohreumyeo line up.

4 days the won / dollar rate on the Seoul Foreign Exchange Market finished the chapter 6.6 won from the previous trading day rose 1121.9 won. The won / dollar rate grew to rise to 1.7 won the right to open 1117.0 won from the previous trading day.

The foreign exchange market In the US, during the summit in April and US Treasury Currency Report has been mentioned as a key issue. Come 6-7 days after the first encounter with US President Xi Jinping, China Trump National Trump comment administration launched.

International Finance Center is the 3rd announcement Weekly International Finance Key Issues and Prospects "in the report," Trump, Xi Jinping first summit is noteworthy not be an opportunity to reduce the conflict between the two countries, saying, "The exchange rate and trade interests problems such as an imbalance of trade with North Korea, were analyzed as Saad will include geopolitical issues, such as (THAAD) '.

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N Seoul Tower, the place to start dining, brunch, afternoon tea "

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] CJ Foodville the N Seoul Tower Place operates more casual dining Italian restaurant to showcase the 'all-day dining. 'All Day Dining' concept is prepared to make a variety of taste brunch, afternoon tea menu, in addition to the traditional paper menu from 11 am to 2 pm foundation, from 2 pm to 5 pm.

11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. plenty of shrimp and mushrooms, lettuce between The Place menu in the dining brunch time that progress has raised the sauce and vegetables, salmon on a baguette, salmon bruschetta and caper dressing ', squid ink bread insert the "sandwich ink" is prepared.

Besides this showcase it is also a prosciutto pizza topping rukolra and Cheese on a homemade dough. Both are available for the 10,000 won.

From 2 pm to 5 pm where afternoon tea is a progress. Set menu, such as a cream pudding panna cotta and Italian donuts with tea in the Opole may also choose to enjoy. Dinner from 9:00 to 11 pm which is operating bar & wine.

N Seoul Tower, The Place Dining, All Day Dining 'is expected to be continued in operation since April, advance reservations are taking advantage of the phone reservation or Naver.

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As a beneficiary of the Internet banking · ATM blasts Call tteuna

Subscribers exceeded 40,000 people in just [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] launched two days and has already gathered from the interest of the beneficiary in the k-bank continues a blast. A day before the first Internet provider specializing in bank K Bank has started operating.

According to the 4th day, the financial investment industry in the KOSDAQ market beurijitek finished the chapter in 8500 won rose 9.68 percent from the previous trading day. There was once a bar intraday soaring so far this year singoga of 14,050 won. Hyosung ITX was also recorded gains. Both companies are pointing to the Securities go to Internet Banking beneficiary financial call centers and IT services specialist. Korea Electronic Banking became as important as the kiosk is judged that the competitive advantage.

Kim Suhyeon Shinhan Investment Corp. researchers diagnosed as saying "junggeumri lending market because the target lending competition with commercial banks will not" "just seems to receive high competitiveness and high deposit interest rates above the maximum 50bp".

Kim researchers presented the call center, ATM machine, collecting, credit rating, and security industries expect a trickle-down effect. This increases the importance of the collection of the non-face-to-face channel-related due to the expanded call center can wear beneficiaries and the ATM industry, junggeumri loan expansion, credit rating companies, security companies, etc. explained that expect to see a trickle-down effect.

Also it expected to receive competition from commercial banks to ease somewhat and the preferential interest rates of the underlying mobile platform. The ease with △ △ 5000 for up to 10 thousand won credibility for companies targeting the participation of young people presented △ △ higher deposit rates leading heard the depositor protection, including possible reasons.

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IBK Industrial Bank, 'i-ONE Both the exchange' service

That [South Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] IBK Industrial Bank (Bank gimdojin) without the need of a company bank account, if you do not have a membership application to exchange in mobile banking in 'i-ONE Bank' apps can receive a 90% exchange flyer " all i-ONE launched the exchange 'service announced on 4th.

If the currency exchange application to the Bank services in i-ONE app receives a virtual account number in a text message. If currency exchange deposit amount within 30 minutes on a virtual account and visit the Industrial Bank branches nationwide can receive foreign currency from the day of application.

US Dollar (USD), euro (EUR), Japanese yen (JPY), the renminbi (CNY), and currency exchange is available, USD, EUR, JPY is 90%, CNY provide preferential rates of 50%.

Available for anyone, including the Industrial Bank of the US trade customers, foreign and private customers can exchange up to 1,000,000 won per day. (Once a minimum from 100 US Dollar equivalent)

Industrial Bank will proceed with the event presented a Starbucks Americano Gifticon (500) through a lottery for customers using i-ONE is all Exchange services to commemorate the launch by the end of May. In addition to providing customers first-come, first-served basis using 300 people with free access to Wi-Fi lunches one day international data.

IBK In addition to the exchange and the customer provides a variety of benefits such as SM Duty Free VIP benefits, WiFi Packed wide mobile data charges abroad a 15% discount, a travel goods shop up to 30% discounts, discounts Airport Railway.

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Woori Bank, "wibi pin Tech Lab 2 group 'launched

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] We had a bank (Bank yigwanggu) has been completed in the past three days Pin-tech start-up incubator centers 'wibi pin Tech Lab' 2 groups selected and announced officially inaugurated four days.

February recruiting receipt received, on March 1st document review and secondary presentations and around 13 judges are final selection through interviews, multi-layered inspection of the business value that participation targets pre-founder and one-person businesses did.

2 starter with start-up companies △ ㈜ more coders (Digital Image Coding) group, △ ㈜ M. Lobo (IR curation), △ ㈜ ELFIN (location-based authentication), △ turns on (direct debit platform), △ ㈜ tri World a total of five such holdings (vehicle repair warranty platform). Use of office space and related facilities free of charge in the future provide up to one year and will receive a variety of support programs and financial / IT education, patent / legal advice and consulting, IT systems, both domestic and foreign investors association.

Woori Bank official said, "the general case of small ventures Founder other companies and technology partnerships and work even sleeping partnership as well as be easy to meet collide with the various institutional / financial constraints founder difficult it is realistic to concentrate on development", "made hard it will helped idea will provide a wide range of collaboration and support through pin-Tech Lab wibi aims to succeed in attracting investment and entrepreneurship in the year, further development of the mutually beneficial relationship between the pin-tech and financial sector, "he said.

On the other hand, 'wibi pin Tech Lab' was last August was established in Seoul Yeongdeungpo material to about 100 pyeong, venture capital / 15 dogs mentor institution, attracting the government's one-person enterprises business center business' corporate / domestic Accelerator since the open-equipped to specify such a systematic start-up support environmental groups have welcomed two this year.

Last year, the selection pin Tech Lab 1 group companies have big data, Robo adviser, artificial intelligence, such as a total of seven companies in the sector, through the development process of moving in time-to-market by six cases of commercial service today, the external investment of approximately 2.5 billion won to attract and which signed a cooperation agreement, including 21 cases of services to achieve business success and high earnings mean that. In particular, substantially such that we promote our banking and card association as a platform to develop business partnerships and product offerings, global marketing plan and it continues the specific partnership.

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Shinsegae, Lotte, Shilla, Hanwha, T2 Incheon Airport Duty Free Tender 'four pancake'

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 (T2) Duty operator selection process that began in earnest hope of auction operators such as Shilla, Lotte, Shinsegae, Galleria, Hanwha have submitted letters of intent to bid. On the other hand Doosan earlier attended a business presentation did not submit a letter of intent balhimyeo the view that focusing on the stabilization of the city duty-free shops.

Incheon International Airport Corporation had submitted a bid Duty ipjeom application from the company not four days from 10 am to 4 pm. Companies are beginning to submit a letter of intent day, five days to submit a project proposal and price bid on the construction side, and shall submit the relevant documents to the Customs Service, the 6th.

Successful bid is impossible to duplicate one tender is not limited. Shilla and Lotte, Shinsegae dwaeteumyeo confirmed to bid on three areas is not known yet which one is Hanwha Galleria bid several areas.

The companies selected for the final operator is to operate from 10 to come in duty-free shops can sell perfume, cosmetics, liquor, tobacco, food, fashion, Grocery month.

A large share of the DF2, Fashion, Grocery store 14 that sells DF1, liquor, tobacco, food for six stores to sell perfumes and cosmetics (2105㎡) 8 stores (1407㎡) (4489㎡) It consists DF3. In particular, T2 half the size of the tax-free workplaces and DF3 luxury goods sales possible, seems to challenge for all four companies.

The selection of duty-free operators T2 proceeds Unlike traditional co gongsagwa review of Incheon Airport Customs.

The primary endpoint is the procedure for selection to the first, second corpus licenses by 60% over the IIA review items of business evaluation of proposals, Ltd., 40% of the rent assessment notice to Customs. After the departure area T2 duty free end operator is selected based on the second evaluation reference of KCS.

Customs such as management ability (500 points), patented Bonded management capability (220 points), social Reduction and win-win cooperative effort level (120 points) and social contribution (120 points), tourism infrastructure, including environmental factors (40 points) 1000 points the selection of the participants winning by scores.

If the rent is changed to throw down all the way, unlike traditional five-year value less costs that only rent the first year of operating points. The duty-free rental is increased or decreased in conjunction to depart gaeksu later.

Incheon International Airport Corporation seems to have the 6th Patent Publication deadline was in mid-April after the briefing proposal. PT and the final selection of operators of Customs is expected to be made around the end of April.

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Land, wealth, invest 313.3 billion won in the space business information

[Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper News] Ministry of Transportation (the land portion) was to invest 313.3 billion won for spatial information activated businesses.

Land unit said that the 4th finalized a total of 722 spaces Business 3133 conducted billion years '17 national space policy stating that the original investment plan, through the National Spatial Intelligence Committee hearing.

Spatial information is used in various fields such as directions, taxis, railway transportation, virtual reality games. Location, route, as the information regarding the last time as a key base that supports the fourth new industrial development of the industrial revolution times such autonomous running vehicle, UAV (drone) has been in the spotlight.

It was gradually built a three-dimensional (3D) spatial information and spatial information about indoor multi-use facility utilization high of 84 urban centers and airports, subways, etc.

The final implementation plan, as well as projects (5.485 billion won) to build lasting three-dimensional spatial information to take advantage of high-quality spatial information services, building a portal to take advantage of the demographic information based on the spatial information and public civilian this was to include such projects (5.096 billion won) to build a statistical geographic information services (SGIS) database to provide the service.

Following the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and support to hold a 'K-ICT (Information Communication Technology) Olympics building interior space information on relevant facilities, including the Olympic Stadium, Olympic Village, and provide start-up funding and office space for youth entrepreneurship support range the policy is to expand significantly.

Land unit could further contribute to and within the "leading participation and the use of civilian while" 4 car industry by the government to lead the global economic system changed spatial information industry development in such revolution will play a leading role in "value-added and job creation will, "he says.

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Shinhan Bank, Myanmar Overseas Medical Volunteer Fund Ceremony

Had a [South Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Bank donations for the Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul National University Hospital Seo Changseok wiseongho Bank and attended one of Myanmar International medical work and volunteer in clinics located in Jongno ceremony for said four days.

Shinhan Bank is constantly conducted in volunteering with medical assistance for developing countries marginalized in cooperation with Seoul National University Hospital since 2008, it operates with a staff invited Myanmar to South Korea training program this year.

This year it plans to send foreign medical corps consisting of both companies employee more than 30 people in the Yangon Children's Hospital Medical School and Children's Hospital yankin of October-November to support a child patient care activities, such as heart disease, facial deformities, burns surgery.

In addition, volunteers are expected through hygiene education to visit the school with whom kkeoyang Shinhan Bank branch in Yangon and twinning botael emphasis on disease prevention.

Seoul National University Hospital Seo Changseok hospital is "is considered a medical volunteer Korea advanced medical technology, the higher the Myanmar Medical independence and the transfer to Myanmar through it," he said. "We together support and medical capabilities of the Seoul National University Hospital by Shinhan Bank Global I hope to continue this partnership yieojigil, "he said.

Shinhan Bank said, "10 years was able to warm Sharing of Shinhan Bank, spread more widely in the international medical outreach hamkkehan and Seoul National University Hospital," he said. "We will continue to warm Social Responsibility sharing the hopes and dreams as ongoing support." he said.

Shinhan Bank has a representative office in Myanmar was established in 2013 it operates by opening a branch office in Yangon, Myanmar, the first among domestic financial institutions in 2016. In addition, Shinhan Bank has conducted a school building every 1 building new and old facilities more ∙ Maintenance in conjunction with KOICA where elementary 2, which supports educational materials continue to expand the social contribution activities through the 'Myanmar tread District Rural Development Project' is.

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Sorento, the first quarter of midsize SUV sales No. 1

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - Kia Sorento cars accounted for the above example showed steady sales over the first quarter of 5000 midsize SUV sales one year.

According to the 4th industry Sorento has sold 16,574 pay the first quarter of this year. Monthly sales were to return in January 5191 △ △ △ February 5055, March 6328. The average monthly sales were 5,525.

Kia explained, "Sorento is the first quarter after the best-selling Kia models in the Morning · Carnival".

Hyundai Santa Fe cars recorded sales second only to return Sorento 14641 palrimyeo in the first quarter. By month: △ △ 2 January 3185 and January 5997 △ sales price in March 5459, the average monthly sales for 4880 are shown.

On the other hand, last year's gotta launch in September midsize SUV, Renault Samsung Motors was formed QM6 of the "Three Kingdoms" in the market has slowed example showed a single mid-January 2000 sales year. Accordingly, the cumulative sales for the first quarter QM6 is a mere 7,300. Monthly sales: △ △ January 2439 February 2439 March △ average sales for January 2422 was recorded as the 2433.

Renault Samsung official said, "QM6 vehicle focused more on exports than domestic demand," said said, "would fit more focus on exporting in the future."

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MOE concluded, 'the Convention for the green financial products spread' - Shinhan Bank

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] Shinhan Bank that signed the 'Convention for the green financial products spread, the Ministry of Environment, Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute and for the financing of environmentally-friendly businesses and introduced the' Green Environment Management Good corporate loans, announced four days .

Support for 'Green Environmental Management Excellence Business Loans' target is available to receive environmental pollutant emission reduction, environmental accident prevention, environmental management systems, such as building a certain grade or higher in the environmental assessment of the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute to SMEs. Loan amount is the preferential interest rates are available up to a maximum of 1.3% p to your credit rating is up to one billion won due to funding applications and credit rating.

Shinhan Bank, said, "This launch a product meant greater in that they provide financial preferential benefit for green SMEs in the high interest in the natural environment, the situation," he said "We meet the green finance policies of the government and the social responsibility of financial institutions I will continue to support the expansion, "he said.

Meanwhile, Shinhan Bank is promoting sustainable environmental management, including June 2016 May won the Prime Minister Award in the 'Republic of Korea Green Management Award "and acquired in October 2016, the global environmental certification of ISO14001 (Environmental Management System).

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KT M. Mobile launches relief plan living

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] KT M. Mobile announced the 4th announced the release of the 'life assured Plan "which provides accident insurance free of charge upon subscription plan through a partnership with Dongbu Insurance.

Provided free of charge for "Household confidence plan 'is May 1 to 20,000 won for a bargain phone plan, registering a collateral benefit of an accident, such as injury deaths in the eastern fire, fractures, burns, poisoning Plan period. It is possible to join without age restrictions.

'Relief plan living' is a LTE and 3G 2 species, may accede to the terminal, combined with idealistic alone two. "Life assured altteulhyeong LTE 'provides the voice 40 minutes, LTE data 300MB, character 40 cases with free insurance on January 16,500 won. When applied to additional branded card discounts are available on monthly charge 6,500 won.

"Life assured altteulhyeong 3G 'is available for voice 50 minutes, 100MB data, in January 22,000 won, can be used in January 4300 won a terminal coupled Apply promotion and affiliate Card discounts.

Include "life plan with confidence 'that has five million won in Shanghai Fuyu disability insurance coverage information Dongbu provided free of charge, the image jindanbi 1,000,000 won, 5,000,000 won in Shanghai died. The outside also provides insurance benefits for seven points.

Meanwhile, KT Em Mobile is a lottery Body friends massager, LG Electronics 40 inches TV, Cuckoo Rice Cooker, Honors cleaner, jeonggwanjang Every time, etc. for customers who sign up for life reassurance plan through direct online shopping mall by the end of this month to launch commemorative It provides over.

KT M. jeonyongtae mobile business operations general manager said, "will reach a very practical sense to plan the communication costs and premiums for life reassurance plan, pay monthly paid customers."

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Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, orders three super tankers

And Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering - South Korea hyomun reporters standing financial newspaper] is awarded the super tanker 3, confirmed the confidence of the owners once again.

DSME Greece up to shipping companies Angeli Pico System Group subsidiary Maran Tankers's (Maran Tankers Management) 31 10 000 super tanker of 8,000 tonnes from capture (VLCC: Very Large Crude-oil Carrier) with three approximately 250 million US dollars orders (approximately 280 billion won) announced on 4th.

This time, one ship orders in length 336m, width and 60m in size and highly efficient engine and advanced fuel-saving technologies such as Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering of the latest technology is applied to the next generation of environmentally friendly vessels meet environmental regulatory standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). 3 2018 is scheduled to be delivered to the owner's side by one.

Treat loyal customers, Angeli Pico System of Shipbuilding Group has a white knight role that the ongoing orders every time DSME fall in a crisis situation. He also ordered the two chuck VLCC 2 the chuck LNG carrier at the time to be announced in June last year treat additional Shipbuilding & Marine Let's proposal, companies such as orders for LNG-FSRU 1 the chuck, even in December, the release order of drought persist reveals a deep trust relationship giving.

In particular, this order last month on the 14th the two companies negotiated for a VLCC orders, but has already finished, the situation was that agreement into force is determined by the liquidity support measures of the creditors. Angeli Ku systems group was treated carefully review the support measures for the Shipbuilding, especially the final decision to ship this order according to the judgment that the company can be sufficiently regenerated even get into the P- plan.

Angeli Pico System Group has ordered a total of 92 ships Daewoo Shipbuilding Marine, including the first deal made this agreement in 1994, the current total of 18 ships Angeli Pico System Group ships are being dried at DSME Okpo Shipyard and Romanian shipyards.

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering jeongseongrip said "Greece up to the shipping seonsain Angeli Pico System group shows the unlimited confidence in our recovery," and "thus believe that the non supportive public, government, creditors, rewarded the faith of ship owners for us All employees will do my effort to shave the bone even for the company management to normalize, "he said.

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"MICE Industry Mecca 'pre-sale Centum Hotel

[Korea yichangseon financial newspaper reporter] Korea Land Trust said the success of the pre-sale 'Centum Premier Hotel "is within monetize Hotel Centum Hotel earlier this year sets out pre-sale shops in my neighborhood.

Centum Premier hotel is the last pre-sale of 5 basement floors above ground layer 22, only area 17 ~ 80㎡ 21 gae type, Centum central location to a landmark hotel that the composition as the total large chamber 603.

Commercial facilities are expected gotta devise a reasonable sale price of 3,000 won per Front criteria 3.3㎡ 1 layer continue to open pre-sale of the property.

Busan Centum Premier Hotel additive is one layer or three layers, the composition in a total of 19 real scale. Hotel room 603 room fixed customers and business, sightseeing, shopping, culture, infrastructure, one of the Centum City as a commercial secure behind the demands of the Centum City is the assessment of exclusive commercial area in Busan.

Centum Premier Hotel is located in the commercial active 365 days Nest is located a 3-minute walk from BEXCO, Shinsegae Department Store is a 5-minute walk away. Line 2 Centum City Station is a 5-minute walk away and has also provided transportation infrastructure, such as Gwangan Bridge, KTX Busan Station.

Centum Premier Hotel mall has increased business stability Korea Land Trust to take effect. Korea Land Trust is a publicly traded received a credit rating based on A2 rating sintaksa, supplying more than 15 million households across the country and is well known as a high business confidence for consumers.

Pre-sale official "hotel within a mall also has a location and product mix attracted the attention of consumers" and "hotel rooms secured with customers behind demand, deohaejyeo to the future value of Centum its value leads an even greater prospect then already inquiries from from consumers there, "he said.

Centum Premier Advertisements sale in lots of hotels operating in the Paragon shopping center are further Udon 1129-7 Street is scheduled in February 2018 ipjeom.

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Seoul apartment transaction price exceeded the average first 600 million won

[Gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporter Korea] surpassed the 600 million won for the first time, the average sale price of apartments in Seoul.

4 days, according to the house price trend of KB Kookmin Bank, three of the end of the Seoul average sale price of apartments is aggregated 600.17 million won rose 1.56 to 598.61 million won in February, the National Bank since December 2008 started the investigation for the first time it surpassed the 6 billion.

Seoul apartment prices fell from 2008 to last until the second half of the average sale price 400 million in 2013 while maintaining the 5 billion won in 2010. The sale price to rebound in the wake of the real estate market, the government announced easing of August 2014 and in May 2015 continued the upward trend since the restoration of the 500 million won for a recently surpassed 600 million won.

Apartment gap between Seoul and the provinces are getting going. The average sale price of apartments nationwide totaled 319.49 million won by a half of the city. The average sale price of apartments 6 metropolitan cities except Seoul was counted as 200 million won.

Real estate experts are looking forward to the possibility that interest rates will rise, and the only possibility of house prices to rise even more lower total supply area of ​​Seoul and supply is limited, it is rebuilt apartments in Gangnam area issues rise somewhat compared to other regions.

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SK Securities Ansan Branch, 8th Composite Stock Price Investment Seminar held

[Goyounghun Korea financial newspaper reporter] SK Securities Anshan point that comes Investment Conference held at 10 am on the 8th point in the pit when said Saturday the 4th.

This briefing is gimdongyeop Ansan branch manager and then as a lecturer and a lecture on the topic of "New Composite Stock Price Index, second quarter investment strategy and portfolio wise, 'Investment Conference is June will take place twice a month. If you are attending contact with SK Securities Ansan branch.

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Meritz Fire 'continue to receive monthly insurance arm' release

The [Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong News] Meritz the nation's first cancer occurs when a tumor that can not continue paying for cancer treatment in the monthly 1 million won, or 2,000,000 won until the (free) Meritz month to continue receiving cancer treatment insurance "was recently released .

Meritz of this product may extend the insurance to pay if cancer cells are left annually after one year and pay a monthly insurance in case of cancer. You can also receive a monthly payout on an annual basis for up to 100 years, until a new cancer occurring or added, even if recurrence or metastasis of cancer treatment ends.

Insurance of this product are available from age 0 up to 65 years of age and can choose the type of registration renewal and non-renewal type. Update type is automatically renewed annually up to 20 100 years. In addition, you can also add a variety of guarantees associated with cancer, surgery, radiation cancer treatment drugs, cancer therapy directly to cancer treatment, such as hospitalization day.

The premiums paid during sequela - related disability caused by injury or illness is more than 50 percent receive exemptions diagnosed with cancer.

Insurance premiums are based on a 40-year-old man 20 years due jeonginap renewal of registration-type primary plan January 20,000 won level.

Meritz officials to pay for insurance as a condition for continued treatment of saying, "This product is not a point differentiated from existing products to pay the insurance until the treatment end up even occur several cancers up to 100 years old," "real cancer because of the product rational structure that can substantially reduce the burden of cancer treatment costs, "he said.

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Dongbu Insurance, Property Management acquired the exclusive license insurance costs

[Korea gimseunghan financial newspaper reporter] Dongbu launched one month 'rent administrative expenses insurance' had acquired an exclusive license for three months.

In particular, this product has been evaluated Dongbu sikyeotdaneun enhance the benefits of creativity, and consumers by introducing a guaranteed rental losses that may occur to the landlord for the first time in Korea.

This Dongbu was to obtain a second exclusive license following the "pro US Nonpar life a good comprehensive insurance, acquired in February.

Property Management expenses insurance is characterized by ensuring the various risks of rental housing projects that may arise because of the death of such solitude that Sawa Suicide recent buzzword. In addition, if the vacancy caused by the four tenants of solitude, suicide, murder occurred in a given house room to renting lease it gives operators compensate the loss of rent for up to 12 months.

In addition to the rent loss △ through a special agreement, such as the landlord's rent losses Special Conditions, △ keepsake cleanup costs Special Conditions, △ restitution costs it can prepare a variety of risks.

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Kyobo Life Planet, "Parents love e term insurance 'released May to ensure the cost of living

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Internet life insurer Kyobo Life Planet Life insurance is a (free) e Regular parental love insurance "to guarantee a stable monthly living expenses, even during sudden Yugoslavia's most recently released.

(Free), parents love e term insurance "is characterized by partial payments in the form of monthly living expenses Unlike traditional term insurance that pays a death benefit at a time to maturity. August death benefit payments can be designed from a minimum of 300,000 won for up to 500 million yuan, the minimum payment period is assured for five years (60). Join age is only possible to join from 19 years up to 500,000,070 years kkajimyeo guaranteed amount based.

This product provides a specialized range of services and yujanyeo riders. Typically, fund raising services Rider 'is a system that protects riders Castle avoid legal representative until the age of majority if the child is a minor one when you sign up the customer dies can receive a lump sum death benefit paid divided by annual fund raising.

In particular, it is characterized by providing a 'service support my child's dream, "a personalized care service for the growing yujanyeo require mental and physical care after the parents are gone. Consultation only to customers yujanyeo under 19 years of age psychological services, health check services, and the impact on that insurance to cover a part of the Life Planet expense to provide select one of the new term support services provided to yujanyeo designated as the beneficiary of the customer It does not have. If the 100 million won or more subscribers in the four years since the May 3, 2017 Planet Life term insurance and whole life insurance death two kinds of coverage may apply for everyone.

The (free), parents love e term insurance 'provides pyojunche (smokers), Non-smoking object, geongangche, super geongangche share premium discounts of up to 40%, depending on the health status of the subscriber in the same way as the existing e regular insurance. For example pyojunche (smokers) the three men one million won monthly death benefit 40 insurance money when you sign up 100 million won (20 years maturity, 10 years monthly payment) monthly premium is 37,600 won. Based on such a non-smoker it is lowered to 03 million, if you meet the criteria for geongangche Super geongangche monthly premiums, respectively 28,500 won and 23,700 won.

Yihaksang differentiated products Life Planet CEO, "Parents love e Term insurance is' said 'goods were put parents minds want to keep the child until the end even when the Yugoslav characterize the yujanyeo care last year launched a" super geongangche' regular insurance continue to showcase said to increase the choice for consumers plan to lead the domestic regular insurance market "for.

Life Planet goes to 'save Dream Event "presented to the customer for the power to celebrate the new release to join over $ 25 monthly premium of term insurance new subscribers by the end of the month the library Kyobo voucher of Dream card. Monthly premiums 10,000 won, 20,000 won, one to over three million subscribers, each won, 20,000 won, 30,000 won for the card presents a dream ticket.

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Hyundai held to help low-income youth studying "Dream On High School 'ceremony

[Gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporters South Korea - Hyundai has held the new social contribution activities, "Dream On High School (Dream on Hi-school) 'ceremony at Gwanghwamun, Seoul headquarters recently.

"Dream on High School" Hyundai plans to assist social enterprises can be a learning support program that starts with 'God of Study' to low-income youth dedicated to the study without giving up the dream, even in difficult environments. This year, reportedly embark on targeted assistance to high school students ∙ 100 people in Kangwon Province.

Students participating in the program is free to take the 'God of Study' is 'gongsin com' learning how to operate the site, learning motivation, career exploration courses and is the creation of a 100 days to study diary.

In addition, college students volunteer mentor with many years of teaching experience to the comments and questions and answer bulletin gives the students the difficulties and questions to give support learning, and will also give emotional help such as encouraging message.

A sindaesun Hyundai CCO Executive attended the Wednesday ceremony is hope 'God of Study' are young people who have difficulty studying because to college mentor "environment eotgil the confidence to through this program, please me to tell you a mentor to a good assistant role "he said.

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Hold AIA Group Limited, soccer player David Beckham hands take the lead, creating a healthy society. "

[Gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter Korea] AIA Group took the hands of England football star Deyibideu Bekeom (David beckham).

AIA Group said it has signed a multi-year contract for a global Goodwill Ambassador Deyibideu Bekeom and activities. Deyibideu Bekeom is expected to support a variety of activities, such as AIA Vitality program 'healthy longer, better, happier life (Live longer, healthier, better lives)' AIA Group is engaged in targeting the Asia-Pacific nation seek.

Successful football player Deyibideu Bekeom who is also the current nine weeks of the Major League Soccer team in Miami, as well as active duty retirement age after 2013 which was engaged in various social contribution activities. In particular, since 2005, he served as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF and the sponsors atom roles of children placed in harsh environment, leading strongly in the protection of human rights.

Mark Tucker (Mark Tucker) AIA Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the saying, "Beckham UNICEF for the past 12 years 'gotta to welcome the faithful the most, Deyibideu Bekeom, even while leading sports icons assume a global ambassador of AIA very happy' continued community and charity activities served as a goodwill ambassador and said to people around the world, which has been a respected AIA and the best match figures.

Beckham also wellness and a healthy lifestyle to pursue their own tendencies and his health on the course, the idea of ​​AIA gatdamyeo dreaming healthy growth with social will fit AIA said the ambassador accept greetings.

David Beckham 'as a professional athlete, as a father of a family, has always been the best, has been trying to become an example to the people around, saying, "For by encouraging his health allows chaenggil itself improve the quality of the region lives and fully supports the activities of the AIA trying "he said.

He added that "we will strive to make future work closely with AIA can improve the quality of life of people in Asia Pacific."

Deyibideu Bekeom is a global ambassador of AIA, customers as well as participate in various activities with agents and partners, and for employees, it will show how direct that enriches our lives to live a healthy life.

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Internet banking Wind ... K Bank, nearly 60,000 subscribers

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - the number of subscribers for the first time in Korea specializing in Internet banking Kay bank launched last three days were nearly 60,000 people in two days.

K Bank today announced that current subscribers at 3:00 pm the last three days since midnight on the 4th record 59,002 people.

This non-face-to-face blindness check is initiated will greatly exceeds from December 2015 to 12,000 cases in 16 cases the average monthly sum of non-face-to-face account opening bank until December 2016 increased speed also faster.

K Bank officials explained that "a simple app (app) downloading or registering your bank account, real freedom can establish new customers, not '

You can receive full, including deposits and savings accounts are more 61,501, the number of debit cards issued is 53,960 pages.

Loan number is 4123 cases.

K Bank is suggesting strategies offer higher deposit rates, lower loan interest rates by reducing fixed costs faced by non-banks without branches. In the case of 'Slim K junggeumri loans, the main product of the month lending rate surface well repay the principal and interest rate of one percentage point cut this month, which is four days minimum annual interest rate of 4.17%.

The real-time password generator (OTP) capability to mount in the smartphone was also focusing on mobile banking implementation. In various big data of the main scan, such as KT (communication), GS retailers (distribution), it is utilized to establish a credit rating models.

In the financial industry naohjiman nonsense of 'opening effect' it has also appeared tense. Before commercial banks has been strengthened after the digital finance by launching its own brand of mobile platforms on the Internet specialized bank launched prior notice.

K Bank is one the 3rd wiseongho Shinhan Bank is "a Shinhan competitors in the future as long as changes in the paradigm of the collapsing competing boundaries of finance essentially will be the information and communication technology (ICT) companies, in this day inaugural ceremony of inauguration emphasized that is.

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Metlife Financial Services, MDRT assist planners competitiveness

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] insurance sales professional corporation of Metlife Financial Services Metlife Life has decided to introduce a policy that pays a monthly bonus based on the achievement recovering to promote MDRT qualifications acquired first GA industry.

MDRT organization of financial planners around the world High efficiency is given by the need to achieve the Million Dollar Round Table annual 100 million more than 80 million won earnings stands (one million US dollars Roundtable) membership.

MetLife Financial Services is to improve the economic stability of the financial planners laid MDRT this rewards program for long-term career development support. The MDRT membership two years, shall be paid a monthly bonus when you want to achieve in three years, five years in a row. Twice when achieving continuous next year, one year and is a monthly one million won bonus three times achieved during two years monthly 1.5 million won five times in succession, the next five years, monthly 2,000,000 won awards with Money of celebration 20 million won will be paid upon achieving . Thus, agents that maintain the MDRT 5 years will receive a bonus of up to eight years a total of 188 million won.

Gohak kick MetLife Financial Services Representative "MDRT is jeongchakryul of financial planners ever experienced it as a 'Hall of Fame' of life insurance can be a stimulus for a successful career greatly exceed the industry average," and "the professional development in addition to the reward system in the industry to differentiate the educational system of 'mentoring systems, financial planners for their will lend its full support to help the long-term success be achieved in a more stable, "he said.

Last June, life MetLife MetLife Financial Services was established by the bars are owned 100% of the Power Financial Planner 70 people gathered at the time of launch of the topics to MDRT members.

In addition, experienced for the growth of new planner planner is a Mentor 1: puked a giyeom which only launched with the introduction of "mentoring system" to transfer the business know-how as one the industry's first six months financial advisors increased by about three times. Currently about 30% of the life of the mat financial services planner maintains the industry's highest levels of per capita productivity enough to achieve the MDRT and are gaining market competitiveness.

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Fisheries CEO finalists selected again postponed ... 5 days re-discuss

[Korea Selected financial newspaper reporters - the next Sh Fisheries Bank selected finalists were again postponed.

Fisheries banks, but compressed in three of the four days '11 candidates finalists did not elect 'said' three candidates are private matters, he said.

Fisheries Bank haengjang Nomination Committee (Acts cold) were coming to re-discuss the next 5 days haengjang finalists senior issues.

Tried to advance on the 9th month of Fisheries Bank haengjang final nakjeom the next candidate, I decided to re-contest unable to narrow the differences between the cold source line. But it did not determine the final candidate to recommend to the Council to end July 31.

Fisheries Bank Row cold gotta have two masters government side is recommended by the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives three people outside directors recommended a total of five people. Final nominations shall be approved (two thirds) or more rows cold committee four.

According to the financial industry yiwontae current CEO of Fisheries and Fisheries framing gangmyeongseok known bank executive audit two pancake race.

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