Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sorento, the first quarter of midsize SUV sales No. 1

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in South Korea - Kia Sorento cars accounted for the above example showed steady sales over the first quarter of 5000 midsize SUV sales one year.

According to the 4th industry Sorento has sold 16,574 pay the first quarter of this year. Monthly sales were to return in January 5191 △ △ △ February 5055, March 6328. The average monthly sales were 5,525.

Kia explained, "Sorento is the first quarter after the best-selling Kia models in the Morning · Carnival".

Hyundai Santa Fe cars recorded sales second only to return Sorento 14641 palrimyeo in the first quarter. By month: △ △ 2 January 3185 and January 5997 △ sales price in March 5459, the average monthly sales for 4880 are shown.

On the other hand, last year's gotta launch in September midsize SUV, Renault Samsung Motors was formed QM6 of the "Three Kingdoms" in the market has slowed example showed a single mid-January 2000 sales year. Accordingly, the cumulative sales for the first quarter QM6 is a mere 7,300. Monthly sales: △ △ January 2439 February 2439 March △ average sales for January 2422 was recorded as the 2433.

Renault Samsung official said, "QM6 vehicle focused more on exports than domestic demand," said said, "would fit more focus on exporting in the future."

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