Tuesday, April 4, 2017

MOE concluded, 'the Convention for the green financial products spread' - Shinhan Bank

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] Shinhan Bank that signed the 'Convention for the green financial products spread, the Ministry of Environment, Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute and for the financing of environmentally-friendly businesses and introduced the' Green Environment Management Good corporate loans, announced four days .

Support for 'Green Environmental Management Excellence Business Loans' target is available to receive environmental pollutant emission reduction, environmental accident prevention, environmental management systems, such as building a certain grade or higher in the environmental assessment of the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute to SMEs. Loan amount is the preferential interest rates are available up to a maximum of 1.3% p to your credit rating is up to one billion won due to funding applications and credit rating.

Shinhan Bank, said, "This launch a product meant greater in that they provide financial preferential benefit for green SMEs in the high interest in the natural environment, the situation," he said "We meet the green finance policies of the government and the social responsibility of financial institutions I will continue to support the expansion, "he said.

Meanwhile, Shinhan Bank is promoting sustainable environmental management, including June 2016 May won the Prime Minister Award in the 'Republic of Korea Green Management Award "and acquired in October 2016, the global environmental certification of ISO14001 (Environmental Management System).

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