Tuesday, April 4, 2017

KT M. Mobile launches relief plan living

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] KT M. Mobile announced the 4th announced the release of the 'life assured Plan "which provides accident insurance free of charge upon subscription plan through a partnership with Dongbu Insurance.

Provided free of charge for "Household confidence plan 'is May 1 to 20,000 won for a bargain phone plan, registering a collateral benefit of an accident, such as injury deaths in the eastern fire, fractures, burns, poisoning Plan period. It is possible to join without age restrictions.

'Relief plan living' is a LTE and 3G 2 species, may accede to the terminal, combined with idealistic alone two. "Life assured altteulhyeong LTE 'provides the voice 40 minutes, LTE data 300MB, character 40 cases with free insurance on January 16,500 won. When applied to additional branded card discounts are available on monthly charge 6,500 won.

"Life assured altteulhyeong 3G 'is available for voice 50 minutes, 100MB data, in January 22,000 won, can be used in January 4300 won a terminal coupled Apply promotion and affiliate Card discounts.

Include "life plan with confidence 'that has five million won in Shanghai Fuyu disability insurance coverage information Dongbu provided free of charge, the image jindanbi 1,000,000 won, 5,000,000 won in Shanghai died. The outside also provides insurance benefits for seven points.

Meanwhile, KT Em Mobile is a lottery Body friends massager, LG Electronics 40 inches TV, Cuckoo Rice Cooker, Honors cleaner, jeonggwanjang Every time, etc. for customers who sign up for life reassurance plan through direct online shopping mall by the end of this month to launch commemorative It provides over.

KT M. jeonyongtae mobile business operations general manager said, "will reach a very practical sense to plan the communication costs and premiums for life reassurance plan, pay monthly paid customers."

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