Saturday, March 18, 2017

The prosecution, summoning chairman Chey Tae-won ... SK Group tension involved in cases

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporters] are having a tense weekend, the Jongno, Seoul SK prosecution office and a special investigation headquarters has decided to summon SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won investigated (Photos) 2:00 pm 18 days.

Earlier, it flows out SK could last six days ago gimchanggeun three people, including former and current executives seeking Pécs council chairman gotta summoned to the Prosecutor received a research panic reactions workable did not expect to be called up to the day Chey.

SK Group is not in a position yen still continued the prosecution based the allegations and facts are different.

Prosecutors Special Investigation Division has received notification that the investigation to the prosecution during the afternoon to attend two to Chey.

Chey has been investigated in the capacity of special note in this bout mid-November.

The prosecution summoned former President Park ahead of the scheduled date of 21 is expected to focus on investigating the allegations of trade SK Cheong Wa Dae side and side surfaces of the surrounding such Chey.

The prosecution is expected to receive his release this past 2015 Liberation Day amnesty and rehabilitation Chey be questioned whether the proceeds of promotion. Park Geun-hye Choi got out before 20 days before the meeting by the President and gimchanggeun then be subjected Pécs Chairman and exclusive interviews and jeongjojun is the point.

Anjongbeom former presidential senior secretary for policy adjustment is the second half of last year, prosecutors amnesty plan was Chey gave a statement to inform gimchanggeun former chairman of the investigation when this act was to attend as a witness to testify that the Constitutional Court in accordance with the instructions of President Park.

In particular, prosecutors are reportedly looking into whether the SK-intensive look is viewed as a bribe in the proceeds of 11.1 billion won Mir appeared on the Sports Foundation · K.

In addition to the slopes of Chey SK it has continued to investigate haetneunjido going to receive benefits from the duty-free shop license, tax audit affiliates, spectrum auctions, the government on issues such as CJ Hello Vision arguments.

On the other hand, SK Group Chey is eopeotdago the night before probably only illegal illegal favors the president's decision to pardon and restoration of four years jail two years reviving the economy deda gileotdeon compared to the other chaebol was jailed for life for seven months dimensional center and clarification.

The description also not a big problem with affiliates such as duty-free licensing audits. Walkerhill Duty Free is a position that you can not understand it dropped to one supplier was eliminated in the licensing process, asking the lobby illegal situation.

SK Group is another thing that happens again this space management can not solve the tension in that they should not. Chey is a way prohibited state after the departure last year, K-toed sports events Mir Foundation.

Boao Forum opens 23rd in China and around the world come to exchange financial information, social networking is also opaque to attend. Also to perform the work group overseas it may bitgo a hitch.

Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Electronics vice chairman and spread're rhetoric aimed at the business community, including Chairman Chey Tae-won after having been detained suspect identification redeemed by growing tensions in the financial world.

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T maps, join the global campaign to reduce traffic accidents

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] accident damage to reduce global campaign for 'Action for Road Safety' is Korea's No.1 mobile navigation 'T map (Tmap)' based in Korea this year is starting.

'Action for Road Safety' is the UN and the International Automobile Federation (FIA) is to reduce the accident damage take away millions of lives in a campaign that is being conducted worldwide by 2020. In Korea, the FIA ​​affiliated organizations this year for auto racing begins with the association led.

South Korea is the damage caused by traffic accidents, compared to the International Transport Forum survey population 10 10 000 deaths per traffic fatalities over the world's five to 12 people, as human disaster, the accident No.1 is in a traffic accident economic level in Seoul is very large, and the campaign It has been pointed to where it is needed.

Accordingly, the Association for a race car is based on the platform of 'T map' access to the majority of citizens, it began the 'Action for Road Safety' campaign was decided to reduce the lead to damage to the domestic driver awareness and traffic accidents.

SK Telecom (g) for cars Racing Association, Transportation Safety Authority, BMW Group Korea, such as driving a car key cultural institutions and representatives together to improve global road safety campaign 'Action for Road Safety' participation in a key that says 18 days.

Day Seoul Hotel Traffic Safety Improvement jointly promote business signing ceremony held at the Shilla there, including the automotive world's best organization, the International Automobile Federation Chapter Todd (Jean Todt) Chairman SK Telecom (g) for cars Racing Association, Transportation Safety Authority, BMW Group Korea such as motoring culture, key representative institutions had participated en masse.

The campaign plans to begin a campaign in the first half of this year confirm the specific details of the program "Participation Program drivers learn safe driving techniques, like enjoying the game and reduce the accident damage based on this theme.

The month will be a campaign in a format utilizing 'T map' driving habits menus that use more than 1000 million, totaling the user's driving habits measurement and driving educational content, experience points, including covering the ranks as sporting events, and even participants learn safe driving directly in the field with their families and also reviewed off-line events to emulate them.

In addition, the Korea Transportation Safety Authority and domestic motor sport Organization (g) to take advantage of strong know-how in auto racing associations to emulate safe driving skills add interesting elements, such as the actual game, "Interestingly participate and learn the safety techniques' is a campaign purposes It plans to operate accordingly.

SK Telecom to understand thermal T-Map Business Division is a sense of responsibility gotta be a "role T Map is a leading this global road safety campaign, through the driving habits of T-Map raise awareness about safe driving Moreover, you have contributed in reducing traffic accidents should, "he said.

International Automobile Federation Chapter Todd said: "become Korea to participate in a very impressive program in the global campaign with the UN are very pleased," said "The policy not spare the attention of the International Automobile Federation level, the Korean campaign model for other countries Please JI GIL delivered in practice, "he said.

Action for Road Safety is the last in 2011 the UN accidents for pointing to the deaths of leading humanity to the victims of the global campaign Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile is leading the target to reduce the five million people, it is famous today, such as DOT representatives ministers and automotive companies in the country HR participated in the panel and are engaged in activities to reduce damage to a variety of traffic accidents.

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[Breaking News] Chairman Chey Tae-won, prosecutors attendance

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won him 18 days 57 1:00 PM attended the Seoul Seocho-dong, Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office Building. Prosecutors Special Investigation Division (Division of Seoul Central yiyoungryeol jigeomjang) will be examined by reference to an identification Chey.

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[Brief Hotel] Grand Ambassador Seoul, college Supporters 'aembeot' recruitment 外

Grand Ambassador Seoul, college Supporters 'aembeot' recruitment

Grand Ambassador Seoul is recruiting a group of supporters 'aembeot' 6 to 19 days. Am naked and actively utilize SNS, hotels and travel when your favorite college () is a life that everyone can support. Supporters are activities to 24th July this year to start the ceremony, and then do one or two at Mission given a month to review the activities through regular workshops once a month. Excellent actors who are given the opportunity to use a package room, then shut down activities best actors for the hotel suites voucher is presented. This provides benefits such ₩ 100,000 hotel vouchers, certificates, general manager of people, opportunities are provided for other hotels participating.

Kensington Jeju Hotel, part sludge Mr. Mo lunch course

The Kensington Jeju Hotel, ascending the sky 'unveiled lunch course menu in two styles. Lunch pasta course menu is homemade lobster ravioli, and can choose 1 of seafood marinara sauce with spaghetti, spinach fettuccine gorgonzola alfredo pasta and grilled crayfish to the main menu, the lunch steak course menu of Australian cattle sirloin steak with vegetables, home Maid Graham surprised crust can choose one kinds of the two main menus and salmon steak. Pasta course lunch menu is ₩ 25,000, part sludge Mr. Mo steak lunch course menu 10 003 5000.

Impil Real Palace Seoul Family Oh, Seven-stamped events

Imperial Palace Seoul Hotel continues to buffet the family ah In the three months from April sense of customer appreciation 'Seven stamp events. Buffet during one visit every time gives dip one stamp (payment based on more than 17 million) two visits, the red wine bottle, 4 visits during the buffet per person meals, buffet 2:00 visited six times meals, visit 7th City Nights Deluxe rooms are provided as a gift. Since the stamp is accumulated at each visit can enjoy the benefits when you visit a total of four times seven. Event period is from 1 April to 30 June.

The Westin Chosun Hotel, Wedding Promotions 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

The Westin Chosun Seoul proceeds from the July 1, comes forward for customers with more than 300 dinner guests Wedding Wedding 6 August Promotions' Summer Night's Dream "by the day. Drinking 500 $ 50, "Mid-Summer Forest 'worth of stage styling reminiscent of a cocktail or a cool summer forest has guests are able to meet the' Mid Summer Photo Zone 'use benefits that can take pictures for free. In addition, the "light gold cocktail reception, valued at about 4 million won is provided free of charge 'Mid Summer Wedding Dinner" was ready for this special prices.

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