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Hi Investment & Securities, a holding company focused investment fund popularity

Korea Investment & Securities [Korea financial newspaper nine hyerin News] High (President of the wing can) recent governance issues are No. 1 "high holding company plus a securities investment trust to meet investor interest in the center, holding company, an industry buzzword [stocks ] it announced that "funds recommended.

The fund is a fund that invested heavily in the core group of affiliates on the stock can drastically affect substantially higher holding company (holding company given), Group earnings potential holding company and holding company that holds a healthy subsidiaries.

This product is focused to achieve a holding company and associate holding company and its affiliates to maintain the proportion of core 7 and 3, but with long-term stable investment ratio adjusted for each phase depending on the economic conditions specific scenarios. Slowing the assets are Incidence period has increased the investment portion of the relatively high stability holding companies and quasi holding companies hold profit, strengthening by increasing the investment in the game heading Electric, the Group key subsidiaries are corporate earnings that are emerging profitability to strive.

Lee, Dae - Hee Product Strategy Department Director of "holding company is a shareholder perspective, which will lead to expectations of improving corporate fundamentals and dividend capacity expansion, positive for each of the market participants in terms of that, the corporate stance can expect reigns stability and business growth will have an impact, "said," Hi holding company plus funds because has excellent stability and gave possibility of holding companies grow, group profitability of the core subsidiaries of the holding company assets blue chips as well as can be expected investments in growth stocks at the same time there, "he said.

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Kiwoom 18% Global Asset Allocation Fund Lab Revenue

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] There are products that difficult these days to find a low interest rate era dokyacheongcheong alone worthy investment. The 'Global Asset Allocation Fund Lab's Kiwoom. This product is the last year the rate of return has exceeded 21 days last month, 18.6% of pre-tax basis. Sitting with the bank deposit interest rates down to 1% for a score to compare itself to be colorless.

Global Asset Allocation Fund Wrap "is a global asset allocation algorithms and fund investors contact a professional flooring excellent fund selection expertise of the Kiwoom were combined. The wrap account products that specialize in products that operate with unyongyeok involved with the fund advisor composed of experts the best global asset allocation portfolio.

This is an investment adviser robotic algorithms take advantage of the latest financial engineering models for sophisticated asset allocation applies to both developed and emerging market equity and bond funds, real estate, commodities, etc. Choose the appropriate product from the funds of many investors, and not easy to respond to market fluctuations. If the fund wrap products because there is no need to choose your own investment funds is possible only join a global diversification and rebalancing that is the biggest advantage of this product

Kiwoom Minseok main investment solutions team leader should look for future investment solutions in the global asset allocation because it is difficult to obtain a "low interest rates in the financial markets, slow growth and 3 used (3 重 苦) focused not satisfactory and only domestic assets by aging "and" this product increases the expected return to expand its investments globally, can reduce the risk by diversification, particularly the minimum subscription amount is one million won and lab management fees also cheap pyeonyira even small investors easy access to asset management to open 1% can receive the service, "he explained.

Global Asset Allocation Fund Wrap "Return aerial Kiwoom background is applied to the asset allocation algorithm in the same manner that the march ISA 'primary investment type (Ultra High Risk), has recently published a KOFIA full 201 one end of the reference in the ISA interoperability and presentation one of the products has won the bar two months consecutive. The accumulated know-how of Kiwoom was focused on building a corporate-wide competency asset allocation algorithm over the past few years has put the tangible results. This product can cause a loss of principal according to management.

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Dongbu Securities, Bio Health Care Fund thanks

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] had recommended the Dongbu Securities (CEO gowonjong) is the nation's first bio-healthcare sector funds that invested in industry, bio-East Health Care Fund.

Bio domestic healthcare industry is likely to further grow the business, given the aging population, increasing medical costs, the government of the bio-industry development will, compared to developed countries such as low market capitalization. Recently accelerate the expansion of large companies such as Samsung, SK interest in the industry has been heightened.

In particular, Samsung may reap the sinsujong five bio-pharmaceutical business as one of Samsung Cheil Industries' performance in such a meaningful advance in the biosimilar projects through a subsidiary, while the selection of.

The reason is that both the government and companies focused on biotechnology and healthcare industry because it recognizes as a new growth engine to lead the future economy. In the global bio-pharmaceutical market in 2013, according to IMS Health in 2006 and billion is expected CAGR of 11.5% to US $ 3867 billion in 2019 year in dollars, the domestic bio-pharmaceutical market is also at about 12 one trillion 3000 billion in 2013 year 22,000,000,002,017 8000 billion, is expected to grow 15% per year.

Depending on the aging population, the eastern Bio Health Care Fund to continue growing investment in biotechnology and healthcare industries are expected specializes in pharmaceuticals, drug discovery, diagnostics, medical devices, cell therapy and various biotechnology, healthcare than 50% invested in stocks that the basic strategy, and depending on market conditions appropriately adjust the proportion of equity and non-bio-bio-healthcare and healthcare stocks manage volatility risk.

In addition, it is likely to be exported technology to multinationals, and is a fund that holds a solid cash flow while seeking to actively incorporated into the company, including continued investments in drug development portfolio growth as well as stability.

Companies in the biotechnology industry will usually takes 20-10 to develop new drugs and new drug does not take a long time when you successfully secured a return on investment, the development period. Most biotechnology companies are but a negligible performance before the development of new drugs often switch to a huge surplus now after the successful development of new drugs.

Dongbu Securities said, "there are cases Bio Health growth of the care industry has agreed, but the judgment about whether to buy some shares when reluctant to invest very difficult" and "private investors is to choose to invest directly events may be higher investment risk because professional investors, it is desirable to sign up to distribute the funds to invest in low-priced stocks, "he said.

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SGI Seoul Guarantee 'jeonsegeum guaranteed credit insurance' danda wings

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter - it has attracted the interest financial instruments that can guarantee a return jeonsegeum grows a difficult concern "Tin charter" Getting back to the recent jeonsegeum. SGI, Seoul Guarantee 'jeonsegeum credit guarantee insurance "if the landlord does not return after the lease has expired, the charter gives the deposit to compensate the charter deposit.

If this product is the sum of the deposit and senior chartered charter set maximum amount, regardless of the scale deposits exceed the estimated market standing, it is possible to simultaneously join the senior set maximums surface is less than 60% of the estimated market value. The subscription is subject apartment houses, office building, as well as exclusive, multi-family, multi-family, detached, urban life, such as housing. The apartment is fully chartered deposit, other housing can be guaranteed to be returned in a maximum limit of 1 billion won.

However, the leased object to the garnishment, seizure, etc. If you set so impossible argument should contact the Seoul Guarantee SGI in advance. Premium rate of this product is that the annual base rate apartments 0.192%, 0.218% and other homes are open. Here it is possible to reduce much of the premium depending on the variety, such as the discount rate discount rate discount rate and bond transfer agreement in accordance with LTV ratios.

For example, apartment jeonsegeum and senior AUM totals less than 50% of the estimated market apartments and tenants will you pay the premium rates of 0.10752% in a year to meet the commitments accounts receivable discount rate applicable requirements. To receive the discount rate applied to the debt transfer agreement Report deukhago tenants moved into the final date of the lease must be entered into a receivables assignment agreement jeonsegeum return. In addition to accounts receivable also notice should reach the landlord. Bond proceeds are transferred notify SGI Seoul Guarantee specialized and affiliated agencies, so there is an additional cost burden.

In particular, the Financial Services Commission recently come through the first half Insurance Business Act notice is found jeonsegeum legislation would ensure credit insured to join the landlord in jeonsegeum ensure product subscription without credit insurance agreement is expected to significantly increase.

Jeonsegeum credit guarantee insurance can join the SGI Seoul Guarantee charter agreement during the same products available in branches or through counsel at the dealership, and 35 this year, especially since the second half of 2016 registered a real estate agent Insurance Agents discontinued.

Jeonsegeum guaranteed tenant signed up for credit insurance may be entitled to jeonsegeum not be returned if you do not receive a rent deposit returned despite no later than 30 days after termination of the lease agreement or termination. In this case, the tenant should be entitled to insurance brightness of rental housing landlord.

In addition, the lease agreement must notify the landlord refused to renew until the lease expires one months implied not renewed in accordance with the Tenancy Act. You can not receive updates that occurred after the implied with respect to renewal of the lease the landlord unreturned deposit compensation before the lease agreement to ensure jeonsegeum credit insurance issued by a prime contractor, because it should be entitled to join a separate insurance for renewal agreement.

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Having drawn Morning 'new model' spark 'race

[Hyomun financial newspaper reporters standing in Korea] is running CHORUS beyond January first introduced the all-new morning cruise, including all-new style and new Korando C Morning of only passing lanes.

The all-new cruise (the cruise) is a mere quality defects in this punctuated jimyeo into the opening closed style New Korando C is also competing vehicles sold half.

◇ New Morning, February sales up 3 sinbaram

Last January 17, Kia Motors has unveiled morning towards the 'top selling compact cars' recapture naejun in nine years embarked on rapid gallop. In particular, last month was followed by Granger (10 913), Elantra (7353) records the current top three cars sold in the market in the country. According to Kia Morning month 6156 sales price and increased sales last month (5523) compared to 11.46% (633). Kia sold most of the commercially available 14 kinds.

Kia officials "took the morning Kia's monthly best-selling model in just preceded a new car two months released if the" "last month, domestic sales have had record 9158 10 003 in January had sales of launched new morning the sunshine," said he explained.

Last year, while light vehicle sales climbed over one Chevrolet Spark represents sales of more than 4000 last month showed sales declines this year. Chevrolet dropped 8.73 percent in February 3950 than the previous month price palrimyeo (4328) (378). GM Bureau official said, "The last spark achieved first place in the domestic light vehicle sales last month, the market price is 3950 has maintained a monthly average sales of the 4000 Women's University," he said.

◇ all-new Korando C · cruise, car chase competition fails

Unlike Morning Elantra and Tucson, the Sportage declared the pursuit Cruz and Korando C is a look at some Butch force. Ssangyong Korando C is a chanted the slogan 'first SUV of my family' cause a blast from the C-segment (mid-size, junjunghyeong) with Tivoli getdamyeo launched this year the first car.

First Korando C will cost 801 were sold last month. MoM (669) compared to 19.73% (132) had an increase in sales figures, a comparison with competing models of Tucson (3156), Sportage (2923), only a third of sales.

For cruise (February 6 sales) was a factory smoke takes a brake on quality issues. This was not at all helpful in increasing domestic sales in Korea GM.

Cruise dwaeteumyeo quality issues raised such as production stopped last month by the airbag component problems, GM Korea had stopped the production of the front and India, and embark on exhaustive quality tests. As a result, GM Korea is the situation of the Indian customers postpone the cruise this month.

Dale Sullivan (Dale Sullivan) maintain South Korea, GM sales · A / S · marketing vice president, "despite the customer, India postponed the cruise, sparks, Malibu, Trax sold such positive results and to achieve a solid performance last month in the domestic market could be, "said" South Korea this year, GM expects to set a new milestone in this yieoganeun the positive momentum the other hand, the domestic market based on the new car, and an aggressive marketing campaign and excellent customer service at competitive, "he said.

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G6 turns out to increase overseas' earnings rebound, Cho Sung-jin

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] can bring success to the experience of LG Electronics Vice Chairman Cho Sung-jin in the mobile business consumer. LG's mobile business is a challenge because of Vice President Joe comes to regain the initiative in the market with a new premium smartphone 'G6'.

◇ G6, a new leap forward for LG Mobile

"To provide customers the best product that contains the desired value with the highest quality will allow LG to grow the best companies. 'G6' will lead a new leap forward for LG Mobile. "

LG Electronics has unveiled a smartphone G6 in San Jorge de Barcelona, ​​the club held an open MWC last month from 26 to 2 days. Cho Sung-jin LG Electronics representative emphasized the G6 would be a rebound in the wake of LG Electronics smartphone business. Vice President Joe CEO walked in the way of ipjijeon home appliances business in a meeting with reporters, said spot like a mobile innovation compared to the consumer.

He "has produced several platforms a whole lot of the more well platform continues to come up a little bit, and consider how to share and modular components" and "Steps to mainly check if I can try combine to phone a strategy that in consumer electronics," said said. Following changes in the innovation strategy was also discussed.

Article vice "neoteumyeonseo put something tremendous effort trying to innovate, or to force it to seek a universal thing innovation rather than a cause for concern" and "manufacturer in the refrigerator business people was punished competition to increase the capacity of the refrigerator larger the refrigerator last Thanksgiving would be eaten to be kept, "he said. Avoid talking about the commitment to meaningful innovation. "We try to approach to safety and quality, such as smartphones inherent value." "Now the smart phone industry is quite mature it difficult to come out yireotda innovation," said altitude. Vice President Joe expects quality ratio as the width of the mobile business innovation and caustic be significantly reduced seungbucheo.

"The expansion to find a part in unspecified everybody can appreciate and right about going to caustic ratio moved higher product" and "see the G6 find the direction of innovation inherent feature smartphones that this is the case," he said. Vice President Joe was about G6 "(in competition) have multiplied enough," he evaluated. He said, "whilst the LG smartphone looked at was the center niche G6 changed the direction you'll love these people in the middle rather than at each end products, '' said direction costs a thought that seems well balanced," he said.

◇ comfortably in one hand, G6 charm

G6 was equipped with a 5.7 inches ultra-high definition (QHD +, 1440 * 2880) display. It supports ultra-high definition (UHD) HDR (High Dynamic Range) into the TV. Dolby Vision (Dolby Vision) and was equipped with HDR 10 standard. HDR is a technique that details from the light and dark. Front and rear camera 1300 cartoon soda. The front has a wide-angle rear employs a wide and general each camera. Gonzo without rods can take pictures with several people. Recently taken photo taken at the same time as the film on the screen which displays hand. If you press the record button and hold up to 100 sheets of photo shoots continuously. From Chapter 2 gather 100 photos, you can create a video GIF.

In addition, it adopted the integrated battery design. The minimalist design does not protrude. Camera △ △ △ speakers lined up to place the sensor on the front top. LG Electronics' unique rear power button is also captured fingerprint recognition. It also provides waterproof and dustproof (IP68). Astro Black is the color △ △ △ Mystique Platinum Ice White 3 species.

Also it has a built-in artificial intelligence (AI) Google Assistant. It can be operated in both English and German. Korean is planning further support. In June it plans to upgrade the simple payment 'LG pay. The sound quality is equipped quad DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). DAC is a feature that reduces the noise pull to give a balanced sound. Product stability, even wrote a nerve. If the battery were conducted for 20 kinds of tests. In order to suppress the heat generation spent heat pipe utilizing a PC. Tteuryeodo dropped wrapped around the side of the liquid metal was so easily broken.

◇ Tennessee washing machine factory Americas Volume amplification

As well as Vice President Joe MC Business Division, which also grabs H & A division. LG Electronics builds a washing machine factory in Tennessee. Note for the middle of LG Electronics and Tennessee to April 28 Nashville, Tennessee materials slam the governor's bill in the provincial offices, LG Electronics songdaehyeon H & A Project Director (CEO), juhyeonghwan industry generally and Energy Minister attended to build a washing machine factory in Clarksville It signed a memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

LG Electronics has completed the land contract, design the production line until the first half of this year, plans to construction year. The total investment is 250 million US dollars (about 282.5 billion won), until the first half of 2019 after the plant construction plans will soon go into production and sales. This plant in the washing machine, washing machine Bin.Hello to create more than one million per year, LG Electronics is expecting. From 2010 to review the candidates on LG Electronics plant workforce, infrastructure, cost competitiveness, such as tax benefits and decided to make a plant in Clarksville consider various incentives.

LG Electronics is 7000㎡ factory to build scale, only seven total floor area of ​​buildings on a land area of ​​1.25 million ㎡. The new plant will contribute to local economic development through labor employment, local parts industry associations spread through the procurement, tax payments, etc. If after completion of the course, creating jobs in the construction period operations.

LG Electronics factories in the United States because jieumyeon ease the local burden tariffs to reduce logistics costs and transportation time even considering investment costs, including labor costs are expected to maintain the current level of cost competitiveness. Further research and development, design, sales, production localization services gotta until after the entire business sector expects to raise consumer business capabilities in the United States.

So far, South Korea, LG Electronics on selling a washing machine in the United States produced in Asia is seen expects to strengthen the initiative of the US premium washing machine market through local production "major strategic markets of the US infrastructure, including local production for sustainable growth in I investment, as well as differentiated products and marketing investments create one such brand that customers envy, "said.

Meanwhile, Korean companies after it has entered the new government of the United States entered the process to build a factory in the US This is the first time. Samsung Electronics reported a situation that build electronics factory in the United States have already shown subsequently noted that the US investment company itttareul of Korea.

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Nolan Beauty in China, the Middle East and Europe

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters] are cosmetic industry is scrambling to actively expand into new markets while visualizing economic retaliation the Chinese authorities, according to Saad placement decisions.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services Cosmetics exports in 2016 it will reach 4.1 billion to $ 83.3 million. Among the Chinese market accounted for 37.5% of total exports 1.5 billion to $ 70,270,000. So China is the most important market in the cosmetics industry.

Since last July determined the layout of the Korean Peninsula, China has shown Saad Wave movement ban. This year from January to February, China has refused to charter flights to South Korea South Korea ahead of November, brands, celebrities South Korea banned models with a spiral products, Korea landmark buildings including the ad also aired the front.

Cosmetics industry has also failed to escape the revenge Saad. In December last year, a list of rejected imported cosmetics and food, China Quality Supervision Inspection Quarantine Administration (DG jilgeom) 19 of 68 cosmetic items not received the import license dog was found to be of Korean cosmetics.

The reason superficial is authorized its cosmetic quality is inadequate or sanitary registration certificate Not submitted, including China Cosmetic Regulations (cosmetics safety technology standards) to yeoteuna measures according to the violation, the industry has recently associated with income disallowance of Korean cosmetics in China, "Saad Deployment Issues the quarantine procedures on the Korean cosmetics became more stringent after the surfaced "is a admission.

Actual January 7th China to see state media environment Old Town "Korea government has underestimated Saad public opinion in China Chinese tourists looking for a department store in Seoul, has an identity" and "Chinese citizens have a clear stance on the Korean Peninsula situation, they Korea seondamyeon said that the US side would not want to sacrifice the national interest because Korea cosmetics. "

No. 1 industry Amore Pacific Group is promoting new growth in the 'Middle East' markets to overcome the displacement phenomenon for China (對). Amore Pacific has entered into a partnership with the Middle East in January largest distribution company Al syaya group shot a flare in the Middle East market. China's aspirations as well as a commitment to connect Asian Beauty Road leading to Southeast Asia and India, the Middle East and Europe.

Amore Pacific for many years in order to review the feasibility study for the Middle East market together with local experts has been dispatched 'Hyecho' major cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Tehran, Istanbul Middle East. Especially the Middle East is to develop the field of fragrances and shades, Amore Pacific has determined that the strength of color cosmetics Etude House is ideal to visit the Middle East captivate consumers.

Middle Eastern women spend a cloak of headscarf that covers the whole body. Demand for eyeliner body parts exposed only to create an intense and brilliant eyes because the eye and eye shadow, mascara product is the description of the industry is very high.

Etude House AMOREPACIFIC launched the first store in Dubai in the second half of 2017, and the next weights, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, just five plans to expand the store.

In the case of LG Household & Health Care naedineotda earlier than a foot in the Middle East. LG H & H started the 'The Face Shop' to enter Jordan in 2006 and currently operates 64 stores in six Middle Eastern countries. LG H & H plans to accelerate store openings this year's market diversification TheFaceShop in Qatar and Kuwait and elsewhere.

In addition to Amore Pacific and LG Household & Health Care Skin Heights, a Tony Mori is busy finding the 'China Post'.

TONY MOLY is caught momentum in Europe, called the attack the home of the world cosmetics market. TONY MOLY last May has won a European neighbor South Korea's first cosmetics brand Sephora stores around. This is a very unusual expansion will add a "Hue lines' in this year's Tony Mori Sephora.

TONY MOLY products have gained popularity in Europe, plus affordable skincare and fun elements. "Dream of Panda boasts a cute package with excellent balsaekryeok, the mini-size fits in your pocket and make-up line" Hello Bunny Perfume Bar "in the domestic product gained high popularity was neighbor to Sephora.

Hue products are new additions this year will be on display alongside gotta make a hue-store sales and Forever, and global beauty brand Bobbi Brown.

It 's skins pour a force to attack Japan. It 's skin was opened last month, 18 days' Shin-Okubo first store, exclusive rodeusyop the Shinjuku neighborhood of Tokyo Shin-Okubo Korean streets. This is a result of the Japanese cosmetics market 10 years, it 's skin after the United States that China is planning its position as chopped in advance of Japan's global brand. " Sesame products are sold line wedding dress line, such as 450 kinds of 10 power, including the Prestige line.

After placing Saad announced the 'small beauty companies, also deulyigo the ball on market diversification.

Spa care brand Clinique, Max will enter the Japanese market with anti-aging products, lifting Thermage stick. Max Clinic proceeded to launch broadcasting in October last year, Japan's largest home shopping channel in the sign shop products. Record sales of more than 220% compared to the target was first broadcast in Korea product is exceptionally proceed to 4-5 cars encore broadcasts. Endo also Derma naesewo the 'Endo Micro Skin patch' and complete the official registration cosmetics approval from the Japanese government jumps into the Japanese market.

Beauty cosmetics industry in the global market entry regulations are demanding that Japan sees the 'benefits'. Japan explained that the approval is also favorable marketing authorization in other countries.

Industry insiders, "is expected to be negotiated, contract also resilient for approval in other countries, with the permission of Japan", "Japan's cosmetics screening and registration process is a difficult country ropgo very difficult," said he said.

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What laptop should I new school year?

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] the right of the major domestic competition back-to-school laptop and eternal rivals such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics matsu has fled rising hot.

Although the portability and design trends led to last year, this year is the battery issue in the market. Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics today introduced a family of side-by-side in January without a battery charge lasts all day.

◇ Who lighter and fierce competition

This figure is unchanged in the last few years, according to market research firm IDC. However, ultra-slim notebook market is currently growing by 20-30% annually. 2013 670 000, increased by 850 000 in the years 2014 to 2015, 1.06 million years. Last year it is estimated that beyond the traditional notebook sales. June 10 is the laptop stand ultra slim laptops for sale in the country until the third quarter of last year.

Until 2013 Ultra-Slim Notebook domestic market was Samsung under heaven. " The degree Here Apple has formed a maniahcheung through the MacBook Air. In 2014 it caused a significant change in the domestic notebook market. LG Electronics will launch a new brand 'g'. G also caught eyes (exactly 980g) 'ultra-light notebook' as a marketing point is that 1㎏ produced a new wind in the notebook market. LG Electronics gained confidence since launched a new program. I've put the product 980g for 13 inch 1 inch per year based on 2014 nyeonen while increasing the weight was maintained. 14 nyeonen 2015 inches 980g, 15 nyeonen 2016 inches notebook also succeeded in making the weight below 1㎏.

On the other hand, Samsung did not put great importance on the relatively laptops. This is because you have poor profitability compared to smartphones. IT Solutions division was last responsible for the end of 2012, such as a laptop PC business disappears and related personnel were absorbed into the integrated wireless division IM (internet and mobile) sector. 12 May 2015 there was established the PC business team gathered together my PC development, design and marketing staff Wireless Division.

Samsung's PC business will have a status as a 'project team' in the 'Business Unit' in three years relegated. It was also significantly reduced global business. Samsung is in the process of PC-related sales only 4 such as South Korea and the United States, China and Brazil countries. Once turned the 'PC business maegakseol. Recently, however, it dismissed the meantime, as the maegakseol ventured into full-fledged recovery in such pride showcasing new products aimed at the 'g'.

◇ charge free 'Samsung'

Samsung has launched last January, the Samsung Notebook 9 Always'. Samsung Notebook 9 Always' is a minimalist, neutral (neutral) the design, practicality, etc. were not only reflect the recent design trends of IT products intact intensive innovative technology of Samsung notebooks.

Ultra-light, ultra-thin, stronger endurance is characterized by innovative features such as default, output 10 watts (W) or more smart phones using the secondary battery charging it is available anytime, anywhere and fingerprint recognition. In addition, the support C-type USB (USB Type-C) in the spotlight as the next-generation high-speed data transmission in a single integrated port port, can also be connected to an external device, charging device. Charging the built-in 20-minute mini adapter output 45 watts (W), which due to proprietary "Quick Charge" technology from Samsung only used three times, and can be fully charged within 80 minutes.

The light weight of the Samsung Notebook 9 Always 'appearance of due to "single shell body (Single Shell Body)' designed to produce carved from a single metal lumps seamless metal body being 799g (13.3-type) and 980g (15 types) It boasts.

◇ lighter, LG Electronics 'all-day program'

LG Electronics has introduced a notebook, all-day program "that can be used all day, significantly increasing the battery capacity in January this year. All day program "can be used up to 24 hours on a single charge. LG Electronics to replicate the program by reducing the weight of innovation starts with 'expanded use of time' suggested the criteria for premium notebooks once again.

LG Electronics will focus on why the use neulrineunde time, self-conducted consumer research, it is lightweight notebook that needs to be written long appeared to be large. LG Electronics LG Chem is equipped with a battery of new materials applied to "all-day program. This battery is about 1.7 to conceive compared to traditional city (Wh) capacity is 60 watts. Battery life is 13.3 inches, 14 inches and 15.6 inches respectively, the product is up to 24, 23 and 22 hours. User no longer needs to carry a heavy charger. Coffee shops, libraries, etc. are also without wandering to find a place in the outlet.

This product is also faster charge rate. Even in the charge-discharge status 20 minutes can be used for about 3 hours to go to the KTX train from Seoul to Busan. Charging for one hour can be used for about 10 hours. Unlike the rapid charge battery giving a bunch to pour out the excess current, no damage to the battery.

"All day grams, the battery capacity is weighing in neuleonateum rather a mere line or slightly neuleonaneunde. The product is 13.3 inches 40g to 940g juleotgo than the existing 14-inch models fell into the 10g 970g. This product has increased by 15.6 inches 110g 1,090g. LG Electronics has applied the white light from the backlight that uses the keyboard to the keyboard in the dark side. You can adjust the brightness or turn off. Some top models were applied to a touch screen that can be operated by hand like a screen feature and smartphones that can disable the password by fingerprint.

LG Electronics will continue to go after even more lowering of Representative images 'lightweight g' series to launch with 'light notebooks = g' weight. 'Lightweight g' is significantly less weight in the existing 980g, 13 inches is a 830g, 14 inch 860g.

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[Reportage] Bale naked "Myeong-dong Nine Tree Premier Ⅱ ', spacious rooms strength, impact-free Saad

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] premium hotel with 408 rooms in the heart of Myeong-dong area tourist entered the "Nine Tree Hotel Myeongdong Premier Ⅱ '.

And "Nine Tree Hotel Myeongdong Premier Ⅱ 'firm has subsidiaries and hotel business hotel brand Parnas Hotel GS Retail, Parnas Hotel Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas and InterContinental Seoul COEX, owns and operates.

"Nine Tree Hotel Myeongdong Premier Ⅱ 'plans occupancy rate of" Nine Tree Hotel Myeongdong Ⅰ' go grab a spot in Southeast Asia Business travelers hold the target occupancy rate of 80% according to maintain the 90% target for the primary.

As the recent batch of China's retaliation Saad nogolhwa "was a great help to cope with the changing market conditions existing operational know-how of Myeong-dong Nine Tree, previous attempts at" the number of Chinese tourists are feared to decline, but the hotel side is explained.

Hotel official "Chinese tourist groups and individual tourists Euchre is open from ssankeo instead took steps to tourists in Southeast Asia in Hong Kong and Indonesia as the main target," he was concerned about the damage caused to dispel Saad. It also plans to increase the proportion of domestic customers also going to start opening the package, colorful benefits.

Main target floor of the hotel is a middle-aged 30 to 50 units. Hotels across as targeting middle-aged, there can find a profound sense of signature light gold in color black. The hotel lobby was like 'Smart Kiosks where you can be in full swing GS25 convenience store and self-check-in, check-out ready to open.

The hotel lobby floor neighbor is common practice to include a coffee lounge and luxury stores. However, the "Nine Tree Hotel Myeongdong Premier Ⅱ 'has an unusual attempt to increase consumer convenience, the bar received attention ahead of the Intercontinental Parnas, the first five-star hotel located in Gangnam deuleoseomyeo convenience store.

Smart Kiosk check-in and check-out via the touch screen, and can use booking system gotta provide four languages, English in South Korea, China and Japan were helping ease. In the future, the surrounding restaurants and tourist information is also information will be provided through the smart kiosk, the kiosk is also available through the current day of booking.

The rooms are captivated by the sight panoramic views and large.

Most hotels around the building is no more than two floors. Because you can enjoy panoramic views of Seoul at a glance, and it is possible to confirm with the naked eye and Myeong-dong Namsan Tower, Bukhansan. In particular, Sky double rooms on the upper floors more than 10 floors had to make a bed on the beach front windows to enjoy the night view.

According to hotel "Nine Tree Hotel Myeongdong Premier Ⅱ 'has spacious rooms is the difference compared to conventional business hotel. For a basic room with a standard double standard twin rooms are each 26.9㎡, the extent of 29㎡. Hotel rooms are the size of an existing business 19.8㎡ inside and out.

Hotel officials explained that "In the case of Standard Double Room Premier Nine Tree Hotel Myeongdong Ⅰ equal to the width of the room suites, room size does not even keep up with the other dogs have given four or five star hotel."

In addition to the size that was designed to be more than triple the approximately 30% of the total room charge is three benefits that you can conveniently use among family and friends. In addition to ice water purifier and microwave, steam iron is a beach 'refresh Zone "layer located in each room also features a unique Nine Tree Hotel Myeongdong Premier Ⅱ.

The amenities in the room as well as the beach is pursuing a chic urban style to the famous "Kobe Glow 'Product American cosmetic brand was first created in 1838 in the United States and Italy.

In addition to all-day dining restaurant 'The Cactus' rooftop garden 'Lounge Nine' to share and chat rooms for business meetings and three, it was also provided facilities such as a fitness room.

For the price of a Cactus serves a lunch menu is about 50-60 ₩ 18,000, the price of dinner is not in conflict with the law gimyoungran price of ₩ 25,000. Cactus main customers are expected to be near the workers.

"Nine Tree Hotel Myeongdong Premier Ⅱ 'is ahead of the official opening 6. This is the Lotte City Hotel, L7, Shilla Stay Another likely not be able to avoid business hotels, such as Myeong compete with loft recently opened Al nearby. Also gakchukjeon of business as hotel ahead of the opening in the city where more than 10 hotels this year, including the Myeong-dong, Seoul is likely to be more hot.

Kim, Ho - Kyung Nine Tree Premier Hotel Myeong-Ⅱ general manager is "bigger is Nine Tree Premier Hotel Myeongdong Ⅱ significance in that it is the first premium brand of Nine Tree Hotel is initiated based on years of knowledge and experience from 2012." In this regard, he stressed, and "Latest based on the skilled services and facilities will enable you to establish itself as a business hotel that represents Korea, "he called.

Nine Tree Hotel Myeongdong Premier is a showcase Ⅱ '9 Delight "package, which provides weekday rooms to book one months the first customers to celebrate the new opening from June to April 5 days 9 million (excluding tax).

The Nine Tree Hotel Myeongdong Premier Ⅱ expects to receive the end of the year, 4-star hotel rating upcoming Korea Tourism Organization.

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KB · IBK · laughing one NH cooperatives breakthrough Shinhan congestion

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] KB · a · NH · IBK Capital cooperatives, except for the center, Shinhan Capital, both published last year showed that the performance of a financial holding is increased profits. KB and IBK Capital Capital Capital One showed a higher net profit growth of over 20% YoY recorded both record-high earnings.

NH Agricultural Capital achieved an increase in profits as a springboard for growth assets. Shinhan Capital, while profits fell by Meat mortgage loans (US Tron) provisions provisions. Starting this year, it plans that the economic uncertainties at home and abroad increased, focusing on risk management and portfolio diversification.

◇ Shinhan Capital, net income decreased 26.5%, 26.5% · IBK Capital Increase

IBK Capital and Shinhan Capital, which bought both the capital and the focus on corporate finance. In the last part of Shinhan Capital gains declined by 26.5% than the year before, net profit recorded 33.9 billion won.

Shinhan Capital has generated losses in the US hwimalrimyeonseo Tron fraud. According to the 2016 Shinhan Financial Group Business Performance ', Shinhan Capital profit before provisions fell by 116.8 billion won and 76 billion won in the double loan loss provisions to profits generated 33.9 billion won. Shinhan Capital US Tron handling balance is 15.3 billion won and 24.2 billion won a distressed loan association. Yiettara allowances were reduced while the profits generated.

Shinhan Capital, said, "This allowance provisions have fallen this year while generating profits," said "seems to pay off their bad driving the profit starting this year," he said. NICE credit rating from 'finance company credit impact analysis in accordance with meat mortgage insolvency' "stale scale of Shinhan Capital is determined to be capable of corresponding levels when considering such capital buffer capacity" and "bad debt burden expanded dwaeteuna bad loans loss provision rapid decrease levels and the possibility of handling the remaining balance when considering the scale of meat, such as mortgage-related profitability forecasts would be limited. "

It has increased, while IBK Capital recorded a net profit of 68.2 billion won and 26.5% (consolidated basis) yoy. Based on a separate net profit of 72.1 billion won. IBK Capital has am not occurred thing bad loans could pull a profit. IBK Capital is not a huge amount of non-performing loans ship financing, maritime loan origination.

IBK Capital official said, "2016 has not generated profits were increasing bad loans." It grew evenly in corporate finance and investment banking profit growth is the cause. IBK Capital, said, "now with the Bank has focused on cultural content, SME loans" and "The gains were evenly across the combined investment in new technologies," he said.

IBK IBK Capital investment banking group KONEX combination, combination game IBKC-STI job creation, investment, and cultural content IP Investment Fund, IP Value-up investment partnerships, mutual growth investment partnership, investment partnership medium-term win-win No. 2, IBKC-STI Pre- IPO investment Fund holds a stake, such as No. 1. Based on last year's third quarter, IBK Capital Funds will invest 581.5 billion won ventures, corporate finance 2.0932 trillion won, 621.9 billion won regular mortgage, leasing 338 billion won, the 3084 financial factoring billion, financing 145.4 billion won, 10.7 billion won on personal credit.

◇ asset growth scaffold net income increased NH Agricultural Capital

NH Agricultural Capital posted a net profit of 30 billion won last year, based on assets 3 trillion. NH 2015 Agricultural Capital assets yieoteuna 2.4387 trillion won last year increased 3.1497 trillion won and was captured leap 'Article 3 assets' capital.

Operating profit was 40.5 billion won last year with a 35% increase compared to 2015 (300 million). ROA increased slightly 1.06%, ROE was 0.01% points, respectively, 0.45 percentage points to 9.94 percent compared to the previous year. Quality is also improved. Last year, the NPL ratio was improved 0.91% 2.67% points YoY to 1.76%. Capital has increased 30.72% than the 250.3 billion won in 2015 to 327.2 billion won. NH Agricultural Capital official said, "to give the effect of increasing profits while increasing asset".

NH cooperatives starting capital last year has set the goal of achieving 5.5 trillion won operating assets, net 70 billion won by 2020. NH Agricultural Capital is planning this year to strengthen the automobile finance. Last June by the "Sales activated TF 'for auto financing and lease financing enabled started operating, such as" price used to improve DB TF', 'bank association advancement TF' and spurred a car finance foundation. In particular, strengthen the business links, will embark on expanding automotive financial assets. 3 will be linked to the relevant domestic new car sales merchandise is released in January.

The last overseas performance also considerably. NH Agricultural Capital began investing 150 billion won in the joint venture, lease financing cooperation "with China statute Group, lease sales in October last year. There is also pursuing entry into the Chinese market, small loan internet. NH Agricultural Capital official said that "this year, with an additional overseas markets such as Indonesia in mind."

◇ Tivoli popular used-car market, the occupation KB Capital

KB Capital is expanding thanks to the used car market, Ssangyong Motor Co. sales rose 24.77 percent to 96.7 billion won net profit recorded the previous year. Of five companies recorded the highest net income. KB Capital toktokhi saw the 'Tivoli effect' dragging the Ssangyong Tivoli popular. KB Capital was the exclusive Ssangyong installment, lease sign SY 2015 Auto Capital, founded in '10.

According to Ssangyong, last year's Tivoli brand has led the sales growth recorded for the previous year 5821, only 34.7 percent increase in August sales. It introduced the industry's first mobile platform used car 'KB Cha Cha "was acting as the used car market occupancy factors. The 'KB Cha Cha' is provided and used car price which is operating zero members of a used car sale firm of over 1,000, the trading platform. Last December, the reference 'KB Cha Cha "Visitors are popular neomgimyeo 1.5 million people a month. KB Capital last year's total sales rose 27.15 percent to 473.4 billion won.

◇ recapitalization, portfolio diversification by Capital One

Capital One received the bad news that in 2011 the future savings bank financial sanctions authorities (now JT Dear Savings Bank) relating to illegal loan 'organizations warning. Overcome these negatives and Capital One posted a net profit last year, maximum.

Reumyeon band in the 'Hana Financial Group 2016 Business Results, "Capital One grew 23.7% gain recorded net income of 80.6 billion won, 65.1 billion won compared to a year earlier. Operating profit recorded 104.4 billion won a year earlier and increased 26.39% (826 million) year.

Capital One continued to raise capital to improve capital quality. Issued in early 2015 and had 150 billion won durable while running in August 2015 to 100 billion capital increase. Capital One said it leveraged recapitalization of the warrior drainage regulations for the purpose of publication. According to Article 48 Specialized Credit Financial Business Act, it is a warrior and I do not have total assets in excess of 10 times or more of the equity-oriented management has limited top-line growth. Based on last year's third quarter, Capital One Capital is a 624 billion won.

Capital is one thing, thanks to portfolio diversification could lead the performance. According to one Capital last year, the third quarter of quarterly reports, one Capital is a retail center, but a business loan bad due to the global financial crisis 2009, caused the loss of a large-scale provisioning through a stable business portfolio, building personal finance and installment, leasing sector business He said that the transition to overcome the crisis. Based on last year's third quarter, total loans are financing 4.9687 trillion won by 2321 billion yuan, 3.1112 trillion won loan. 2015 is 4.3726 trillion won total loans was 242.3 billion won financing, leasing 1.5032 trillion won, was 2.627 trillion won loan.

NH overseas has also promoted cooperatives as capital. Capital is one scenario in Indonesia two years ago formed a Sina Le Mas, PT KEB Hana Bank has established a joint venture with Le Mas finance one.

Capital risk management focused industry this year ◇

Capital yieotdamyeon until last year the industry boom is expected to be difficult starting this year. The financial authorities decided to strengthen prudential regulation as part of the warrior cards, such as credit-specialized financial companies Capital Inc. arrears based on the bank level. In addition, there also seems to be rising funding costs as much as US rate hike expected this year. Capital industry official said, "it shows that the funding rise from the fourth quarter of last year," he said. It is also expected to damage caused by last year's US Patron Capital fraud. Hyosung Capital, Capital Korea, Shinhan Capital is a situation accumulated losses.

Thus, in the position that capital industry is focused on risk management. Hyosung Capital said, "is the most rigorous examination since the establishment" and "Because of the risks, such as household debt and strengthen the examination," he said. NH Agricultural Capital said, "automobile finance profit is classified as low, but safe assets," he said, "would be a safe haven neulrineunde focused than increase the risk assets such as an increase in the risk of household debt this year."

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MG Insurance 'YOLO LIFE' '2030 Insurance' support

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] MG Insurance has launched an online-only '2030 Insurance' that address the needs and concerns at a time of 2030's first three recent industry. This product guarantees a comprehensive risk their lives arrange the seven themes of the 2030 three-optimized lifestyle.

MG fiddling 2030 target to derive the properties of the concerns and worries of the three into seven themes, academic, JOB, marriage, Beauty, Leisure, health and driving ', and it applies to the' 2030 Insurance '. It was housed ensure the necessary means for each theme to address all the concerns with the 2030 as one of three products were able to sign up quickly and easily streamline the process.

'2030 Insurance' is a flagship product of MG Insurance CM channel (#JOY direct), was also prepared a variety of customer convenience. When you add in the KakaoTalk 'Joey Tok (AI-based) "to a friend premiums it can be calculated and counseling, and can be easily payment by premium cacao page. Also anytime and anywhere, shopping as a PC or a mobile can easily sign up.

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AIG Insurance, like cancer jindanbi boheomga 50% deposit guarantees

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong reporter] AIG General Insurance is a wide range of cancers guarantees, as well as similar cancer 'Non - par reputable AIG cancer insurance "enhanced jindanbi ensure the industry's highest levels are similar, such as thyroid cancer and other cancer, borderline tumor, place cancers jindanbi 50% of the industry's highest level of insured amount, is characterized by ensuring maximum up to 1500 yuan.

When various general cancer diagnosis, 100% of the insured amount, the insured up to a maximum of 3000 million.

For similar cancer screening and surgery, and despite continued treatment and the cost is high, arising therefrom incidental expenses, such as due to illness leave for managing common cancer insurance products are 10-20% of the subscription price of the similar cancer but are paid. In "Non - par reputable AIG insurance arm, has enabled customers to a higher guarantee for cancer are similar enough to be prepared like cancer, as well as regular cancer.

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Hungkuk fire, guaranteed broadly, being good prices

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Hungkuk fire recently launched a new product instead of lowering your premium rebate reducing the revocation '(no) good price health insurance. Even termination of the payment period by selecting the revocation unpaid refunds type is no refunds can be ensured by the same affordable insurance than if you join up to 32.8% in normal type.

New for this particular Hungkuk fire included the new 'disease sequela - related disability 3-79% "guaranteed mortgage eye-catching. The mortgage insurance is up to 3-79%, depending on the disability gotta pay the higher needs of consumers.

In June (except Similar cancer) for a cancer disease, stroke, acute myocardial infarction, end-stage lung disease, end-stage cirrhosis, ensuring end-stage renal failure diagnosis by default and pay later when subjected to diagnose any of the six diseases the premium payment period after-party there is an advantage that premiums are waived.

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Hanwha General Insurance, strengthened risk guarantees competitive everyday

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong News] Hanwha Insurance's recent life as well as ensuring the various risks that might occur during social activities and risks of housing hazard, leisure activities, as needed, Shanghai intensive care association possible life hyperlocal guarantee products of up to naenwatda the 'Safe Non - par My Life Together coverage.

This product is configured to fracture jindanbi (excluding tooth fracture) fracture Gibbs treatment, fracture splint treatment of primary mortgage was to be guaranteed both recently when the damage Internet direct transaction fraud incidents beak more rampant families, when the vehicle is a total loss due to an automobile accident also it is characterized by expanding coverage, etc. to compensate for the difference at the time of subscription and charyanggaaek.

Especially the increased maturity of the guaranteed compensation if the fracture treatment by treatment of fracture, unlike previous products to ensure the industry's first fracture splint treatment.

Also improves ensure competitiveness in a variety of everyday hazards grade to compensate when leaks due to a family medical malpractice legal costs and the aging pipes in case you need a lawsuit to medical emergencies in the family drainage leak damages to other insurance products and Discrimination added to.

Also easy to join the ability to select a fit symbol of you and your family "lifestyle tailored packages" to have life risk guarantee introduction, injury guarantees, leisure activities and risks of the operation guaranteed, our house fire or natural disaster risk guarantees, etc. customers were also equipped to further strengthen the guarantees.

Customers premium refunds and can also benefit from utilizing a support rider more powerful paid exempt effects traditionally paid exemption occurs when the residual premium exemption only me throw that this product contains residual premium to be paid to give it pause for a refund of paid premium It was further strengthened by ensuring an advance payment for the haetaek. Sign up and age of the item can be insured up to the age of 70 years from the lowest in 15 years, it paid jeonginap period, the period of insurance can be designed as 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 years.

Hanwha Non-Life Insurance said, "This product helps protect the economic losses from damage costs increasing life risk and result that occurs during everyday life," he said. "Furthermore, living hyperlocal coverage made for the perfect guarantee of our family."

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Lotte Insurance, one of the securities stand systematically comprehensive guarantee

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong News] Lotte Insurance Insurance Health General to receive systematic guaranteed by one of the securities to long-term care (LTC) from a variety of risks that can occur in everyday life at risk '(no) Lotte Healing Care Health Insurance' to It has been sold.

This item is to prepare for death, more than 80% sequela - related disability, more than 50% sequela - related disability, as well as Korean deaths No. 1 cancer, the cancer is ready, but jeongjak otherwise miss cerebrovascular disease and ischemic heart disease due to the existing death or illness the message claims that the accident is characterized by a differential design allows optimum design is possible with a minimum guaranteed assets of the insurance premium.

In addition to the death or temporary loss of income in case of payment failure occurs when relievedly as well as monthly insurance payments with pension formula was composed 10 years to minimize the economic loss of homes due to fire accidents and disease.

Lotte Healing Health Care Insurance "was greatly expanded geriatric coverage in addition to this leading cause of death in Korea. To cancer, as well as stroke, acute myocardial infarction and stroke can be ensured through the special agreement. Also pay diabetes, heart disease, ulcers, etc. Due to the major 20 diseases guaranteed million won during surgery, and regular kidney dialysis therapy dialysis costs per month ₩ 200,000 10 years If you receive (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis), and end-stage liver cirrhosis , end-stage lung disease, ensuring more than 15 CI (critical illness), the industry's most levels, including rheumatoid arthritis.

Admission to cancer in view of the adult high country real cancer risk with differentiated guarantee for the cancer type the actual cost of treatment, surgery, and each paid an additional insurance even when chemotherapy, also with respect to the second round carcinogenesis, metastasis 100 years of insurance to guarantee a high and was configured to allow a thorough preparation of the risk from cancer.

Especially due to injury or disease is difficult to receive long-term care daily grading of the National Health Insurance Corporation guarantees the long-term care costs. Depending on the grade differential determination and payment of insurance money may be paid out for insurance each month five years when selecting contractors to the pension formula. Even after the first grading status is worse ratings revised to ensure further claims of difference portions helped to minimize the economic losses caused by long-term care.

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Meritz, non-life insurance industry's first 'low-termination non-refundable cancellation'

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Meritz existing health insurance more affordable premiums by up to 20% today introduced the (non) Meritz The Frugal Health Insurance 1607 ".

But it will pay a lot less leverage to terminate refunds in life insurance premiums restricted to traditionally lower guaranteed death as "low-termination non-refundable termination 'structure of the introduction of the first period, Meritz Fire Insurance Health insurance industry. It applies both to lower premiums for the various mortgage guarantee survival, particularly consumer needs with high jindanbi Up, treatment, hospitalization, this product is the first day.

This product is guaranteed for three and diseases such as cancer, stroke, acute myocardial infarction in the basic agreement, may choose only guarantee required by the customer among the basic agreement. In addition, operating the industry's highest level of premiums paid-off system, which receive three diseases diagnosed as exempt from premium payments to the future when more than 50% sequela - related disability caused by injury or disease. Join age is from 0 to 65 years maturity kkajida 100 years old.

Of the premium payment period cancellation refund of 50% payment type, termination of rebates accrued type, you can select the standard, the standard against cancellation refund of 50% payment type is 8-10%, cancellation refunds payable-type is affordable is 19 ~ 20% premium . After the completion of premium payment period you may receive the same refund and revoke the existing products.

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KB Insurance 'non-caustic, ensuring excellent comprehensive health insurance

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong reporter] KB casualty insurance this year, the first new product showcase geodumyeo the 'KB The Dream 365 health insurance' initial premium of 11.4 billion won and insurance contracts 18 000 condition of horses based on 1 become sensational popularity is.

'KB The Dream 365 health insurance' is differentiated from other products in the first period guarantee. It can be up to 20 years without maintenance contract for 20 years to raise premiums due to update-type products, and after 20 years it is possible to ensure through the renewal for up to 110 years old.

Existing health insurance was a burden to have to pay more premiums early to get guaranteed up to 110 years old. On the other hand, this product can be utilized also as a guarantee premium is preserved while significantly reducing the burden of payment on the initial 110 years old due course, if the product against affordable premiums paid to the insurance goal and earn money funds, such as contrast or renewal. This product is equipped to provide a wide variety of collateral like a product guarantee comprehensive health insurance. In particular, depending on the severity of the disease is characterized by a customer to take advantage of ganbyeongbi and income replacement funds. Equipped with the industry's first mortgage, such as surgery and step-by-step disease jindanbi reflects the depth of the disease, depending on the disease level to ensure that it was properly and reasonably possible. The newly developed surgery mortgage collateral was composed of three phases of life from disease, renal surgery specific disease surgery, surgery five institutions.

Jindanbi stage disease have also reflect the depth is guaranteed to come true, depending on the state of the disease.

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Hyundai, reasonable premium, guaranteed death twice

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter - Hyundai This olrimyeo sales of approximately 89 000 cases and 93 billion won over four months last year launched the "Perfect class comprehensive insurance" January this year has gained a great response.

"Perfect class comprehensive insurance 'has to be set higher insurance you want, when you want to match a 10-year death benefit twice that paid to newly established' disease deaths concentrated ensure riders ', customers' age risk and consumption patterns while you select when registering .

Also, in addition to cancer collateral continues to pay a re-diagnosis insurance Add to risk guarantees for cerebrovascular and heart disease, the 'specific cerebrovascular disease diagnosis and specific ischemic heart disease diagnosis "and" second stroke diagnosis and acute myocardial infarction diagnostic feature and it was further strengthened.

In the case of Hyundai If you use a "paid-supported riders' introduced the industry's first three at diagnosis to disease, non-renewal type, based on the premiums you paid since the amount equivalent to the development of paid insurance premiums if, 'update type' contractually Sign up to the agreed amount based on the grant date and be entitled to payment of the grant renewal premiums.

On the other hand, high 'long-term care grade collateral', was expanded the width of the guarantee to mount such as "surgical inpatient per diem ', providing' Medicare Services" reflects the recent trend hospital appointments agency, specialized medical consultations, dedicated to customer needs nurses visit was to receive the total health care services, including health screenings preferential benefit.

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Dongbu, 3 months exclusive license acquisition

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] has obtained an exclusive license from January it launched Dongbu 'Pro American Life a good comprehensive insurance, three months of this year. It is 'a good comprehensive insurance' This is going one months after the release of goods 17 000 palryeona conditions off the sensational popular with customers.

Dongbu a good comprehensive insurance reasons has been granted an exclusive license is △ point higher rating that provides the utility of existing non-renewal-type extended to cover the entire period of paid-off system had been confined to the renewal type Contract to actual delivery to consumers exemptions the reportedly received. Dongbu Insurance is nice overall "-100 1 kinds of semantic anomaly ',' 2 species (10/15/20 years) yeonman anomaly ',' 3 species (15 years) type automatic updates' and all three products and operating the structure at a product provides various options depending on the economic conditions and the preferences of the customer.

"Sized Danam jindanbi" for key to guarantee to guarantee the three diseases that are secured to stepwise guaranteed through jindanbi with surgery since the early days of the disease until the end, and the first disease as well as recurrent for ischemic heart disease and cerebrovascular disease by operating a "second stroke / myocardial infarction jindanbi" expanded the guarantee.

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Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, guarantees history re-examine every refund '15

[Korea financial newspaper gimmingyeong News] 'healthy gathered all' flagship product of Samsung fire deaths, disability, jindanbi, surgery, reimbursement expenses such as health insurance one to Insurance-specific collateral of driver costs, risk of fire, liability in addition to to ensure that all possible integration of insurance products is under constant love Sign up since the last release. This product is characterized in particular be able to receive reimbursement, as well as customer-specific design of flexible financial situation ensured through history re-checked every 15 years.

Samsung Fire & Integrated Insurance "all together healthy 'is basically a death, disability, jindanbi etc., customers want an intensive guarantee of hearty guarantee is possible and economically active time once up to the age of 100 is 60 and 65 years maturity mortgage you can sign up to add.

In addition, it is possible to maintain the contract without premium hikes for 15 years. After 15 years, it is possible to rejoin financial plans tailored to the life cycle ensuring through history re consulting to meet customers' economic situation or that can receive a refund. Injury or disease sequela - related disability over 80% highly disability (grade 1 and 2) functions that occurs when the premium payment exemption was also added.

If one of the insurance period is 2 years after the initial cancer diagnosis from a new scheduling verifications of cancer or cancer metastasis, recurrence of the existing and remaining there was further expanded with cancer, such as ensuring that the payment of re-diagnosed every jindanbi up to 2000 yuan. If surgery to injury or illness, surgery ₩ 200,000 during hospitalization, and outpatient surgery compensated 100,000 won.

There are features and benefits of unified million Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. When customers reserve the expiration or termination of the contract by switching to the accumulated savings insurance received during the payment period it can be divided annually or monthly.

In addition, if the goods Funeral services, home care services and care services, including car a certain condition is met, add an additional service benefits to customers increased convenience.

Samsung fire official said, "It's all collected in health 'is package the various guarantees and benefits as the flagship product of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance launched the industry's first integrated for optimum custom consulting the customer wants."

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Leading to Kiwoom, Robo advisor asset management industry through

Funds to develop relevant products [Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Patent Kiwoom Asset Management Advisors is through robotic systems, and leading the asset management industry. In terms of the interoperability test bed was recorded unparalleled performance. Kiwoom has filed a patent last September 2015, the industry's first 'load advisors and asset management system using the same method. In November last year, even "quantitative view of market access (View) Robo advisor algorithm provides a system and method" to upgrade existing models bar once again by the patent. Upgraded model is a system designed to take advantage of more sophisticated quantitative model than the traditional asset allocation ratio is derived.

In the Financial Services Commission and Koscom jointly for even domestic type (active-invested) Yield No. 1 last October 24 December 91 months return in one Robo advisor test bed Proceed seven weeks until (Nov. 24 standard) It was recorded and consolidate its position in the market Robo adviser.

In addition, the high hand and the asset management also launched the first domestic brokerage IPO advisory Robo Advisors fund "high ROKI1 Global Fund Advisors Robot". The domestic securities firms and asset management companies is the only robotic advisor to venture funds released. In addition, Kiwoom plans to expand its product lineup, including this year's Robo Robo Advisor Lab Advisor (Wrap) products.

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Tongyang securities' Tea radar "beyond spur released 'funds radar'

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] tongyang securities are focused to settle successfully the timing of the sale advisory services, based on big data analysis algorithm "radar fund. Equity visor de Lobo service 'Tea radar (tRadar)' accreditation to spread technology to customers is expected to accelerate the differentiation trading system based on the experience.

Tongyang securities has been developed to provide customers with equity visor Lobo de service 'Tea radar (tRadar)' developed aiming to stock selection and timing trading advice intended for private equity investors online (Mobile) itself.

Now the tea radar technology is extended to a fund. To expand its sales target for acquisition timing services as well as individual stock fund plans to offer a service called "radar fund. Tongyang securities officials expect to launch into " 'fund Raider is abroad under development aims to target an equity fund that presents the selection criteria for fund selection and marketing timing fund investment solutions," he said, "in March and customers I will be more convenient to use website and mobile apps, "he said.

Meanwhile, this year plans to business strategies led by Tung sales seongang strengthen its position as the "pan-Greater China specializing in securities.

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Kyobo Securities, High Yield Structured Finance Advisory Services industry attention

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Kyobo Securities has become the industry's attention to the new financial advisory services. Part 4 of this year's newly structured finance and project finance unit plans to promote three major revenue sources enabled real estate financing business.

Last year, among the securities industry, including bond yields soared by meeting the negatives such as early retirement, loss of overseas subsidiaries recorded losses transition, Kyobo Securities reported a cumulative operating profit of 72.2 billion won, 62.3 billion won net profit. In addition, sales of 1 trillion has increased by 7.7% year-on-year to 110.8 billion won, fell by about 9% when converted into the ROE (return on equity) in the industry top. To spur to improve performance Kyobo Securities has improved the IB division's operating strategy focuses this year. Recruit top talent, as well as pre-determine the needs of customers, and plans to unearthing new customers provide a new financial advisory services.

In particular, the refinancing issue is an ongoing hosting and high-yield structured finance advisory deal in order to activate the stagnant real estate market. For the deal is completed through the issuance and expiration status information gathering, such as pre-emptive response plans to maximize the revenue gain.

As well as provide a new business-related stocks, futures and bonds enable investors overseas sales center of financial services for, and will identify profitable investment opportunities to secure competitive overseas alternative investments such as aircraft, new energy. In addition, the sales division plans to continue to improve through the constitution of financial products sales network expansion. Through the competitiveness of the financial products sales staff is expected to try to maximize revenue and enhance brand with excellent staff expertise increases.

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IBK Investment & Securities, VC foster new technologies, crowding Investment Fund

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] IBK Investment & Securities Division cited venture capital (VC) this year to develop strategic tasks. As part of a plan to promote the expansion, including new business and new technology enable crowdfunding type securities investment partnerships to strengthen SMEs role.

Securities type Crowdfunding is one of the earliest enterprises support policies that require financing in venture, growth accelerated period of start-up companies. IBK Investment & Securities plans to focus on securing and expanding demand and supply based crowdfunding to respond to promising companies rely enable excavation of the financial authorities and investors.

As a method for discovering promising companies is pursuing collaborations as industrial parks Management Corporation, Korea M & A and business center as well as the collaboration of the banks. In addition, IBK Investment & Securities also said that expanding collaboration for investors to secure full and Korea angel investment association.

And focusing on SME support through a combination of new technology investments. With the new technology brokerage business conditions in the banking gyeomeop allowed to enter the traditional VC business area it was formed through the combination of investment form. IBK Investment & Securities has established a Bar last August technologies financiers December after registration of the first medium-term securities firms specializing in 'Value-up mid-specific technology solutions Investment Fund No. 1 "(90 million).

Sin Seong-ho, president of IBK Investment & Securities said, "expand the scale and promising future combined company will build excavation, investment and reinvestment virtuous cycle as possible while increasing the return on your investment through a number of successful" in an interview with the Chosun Ilbo.

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KTB Investment & Securities, Alternative Investments specializes in renewable energy, real estate

[Korea nine hyerin financial newspaper reporter] KTB Investment & Securities sitneunda force this year IB sector development. Last year, KTB Investment & Securities posted a profit in the alternative investment sector ssolssolhan is pushing the department personnel reinforcement and new markets strategically.

Last year, KTB Investment & Securities had won a total of $ 172 million in size in just over six months in the aircraft financing deal. In addition, the Group was active in the overall market in alternative investment assets of the various renewable energy overseas, overseas real estate. For the renewable energy sector has a bar, increase the revenue of the new IB sector by 15% over existing deals revenue solar power projects, biomass projects in Europe.

This year we chose to focus on business development division IB. KTB Investment & Securities said, "this year plans to IB sector workforce increased by about 20% from the current 91 people," said, "strengthening the alternative investment sector and foreign bank-backed ABCP, local special projects, real estate NPL new markets, etc. and by seeking to expand the customer base, "he said.

In the retail sector it has focused for online customer acquisition and consolidation. Through a targeted advertisement via social network services (SNS) it has focused on improving the level of customer exposure KTB Investment & Securities. In addition, it provides exceptional benefits to the people who first commission. Non-face-to-face account opening to spur non-face-to-face on the belief that the account until the end of the year 10 000 (MS 1%) increase in goal.

Last February 9 KTB Investment & Securities unveiled a renewed MTS 'Bingo Plus. That improve the design and user interface (UI) · User Experience (UX) in the existing MTS, it took a lot of balls to increase customer satisfaction to receive external consulting is the back door.

Meanwhile, KTB Investment & Securities makes its synergy among affiliates with the securities business as a management priority. The KTB Asset Management was reinforced the attraction of alternative investments in overseas real estate and infrastructure. Bars are showing tangible results, such as that already invest in the New York Marriott invest 1,090 billion in November. KTB Asset Management plans to continue to expand the size of overseas property investment fund to start this thing.

In addition, KTB Venture Capital financial group in the new KTB Network has successfully organized last December by the scale of 154.2 billion KTBN 11 call-China Fund and Synergy has demonstrated its presence in the venture market.

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Korea Investment & Securities, Woori Bank building, cacao bank cooperation

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter - year strategy of IB Korea Investment & Securities (CEO yusangho) The key is to establish new business models. If this year's mega IB plans to run all this talk hagetdan respond preemptively to be added to the work of such draft. Prior yusangho said "I will build a new organic cooperative system to better utilize the network of jeompomang or cocoa in our bank bank" in preparation for IB giant he said.

Korea Investment & Securities recently showed the highest competence in corporate finance, derivatives such as IB business. IB IB division is leading the market in many ways significantly to corporate finance and project finance division headquarters.

Last month, Korea Investment & Securities was selected as selected by the Korea Exchange 2016 KOSPI IPO (IPO) securities outstanding. Have signed a hosting agreement with a large corporation IPO last year, Samsung Bio-Logics, Bobcat, Doosan has successfully traded in the IPO sector. Samsung Engineering was organized after the capital increase, Hanwha exchangeable bonds (EB) issued Doosan BWs (BW) services such as the date of publication.

Results came out of the domestic IB market trying to find new sources of revenue actively participated in a number of overseas companies IPO. In addition, a large brokerage transactions, and is connected with investors and high profitability going getdan policy shifted quickly to other large transactions. In addition to plans to enhance interoperability and to provide the best competitive products to share with customers such as interoperability.

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Samsung Securities, Alternative Investments expanded to increase capital

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] super IB first year of this year, Samsung Securities (CEO yunyongam) said the challenge hagetdan aspirations, even after investment bank leader in the identification of asset management Myeongga. Soon carry out capital increase of 350 billion won in scale, Samsung Securities' equity 4.1 trillion won to become one large securities firms are expected to maintain a very large scale capital above the industry 3. It has put more speed in the last 23 days extra large IB plans to participate in the rights issue size of 98 billion won of Samsung Life Insurance.

It may issue notes to the extent of 200% if the capital can speak more than 4 trillion won various business strategies. There are needs of the international market for alternative investment is increasing in accordance with the slowdown in domestic economic growth and prolonged low interest rate environment.

This Samsung Securities is hagetdan maximize leadership in new areas connecting the various global markets with attractive growth potential in new product development plan. Proclaimed the asset management business in the early 2000s and is the result of Samsung Securities brokerage and wealth management consulting company, the top 30% of net operating revenue, financial product sales revenue is about to take a major asset management sector. But last year's performance was lackluster side.

Samsung Securities is planning hagetdan more competitive this year, foreign investment in alternative assets. Real estate, as well as reports that there is a superior investment opportunity in real assets aircraft, infrastructure and energy supply are equipped with preparations in a timely manner. IPO has also strengthened the organization to reinforce the workforce. We supply products to expand its retail customers based organizations (WM) synergy with the customer as well as the measures that pulled up one step to pursue customer satisfaction and increase company competitiveness.

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NH Investment & Securities, the industry-leading capital market leader in goals

Has selected the [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] Last month, 24 days Exchange, Korea's Kospi 2016 IPO subjective outstanding securities NH Investment & Securities in (CEO gimwongyu). Following are the 2015 award for two consecutive years. IB sintobulyi market in one of the houses that compete with foreign securities firms such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs.

NH Investment & Securities Division of the IB so flat that is listening to the pride of the company as equity capital markets (ECM), integration of acquisitions, securities NH cooperatives that have strong strength in our investment securities and real estate financing out of the merger synergies.

This year's IB business strategy, the goal is to position as a 'leader in capital markets, which pioneered the market' firmly. △ a detailed strategy for achieving this may be a revenue-based maintenance and expansion △ efficient risk considering Book (Book) Use △ and alternative assets abroad dill performance enhancing △ In-House Product supply expansion.

New Year 's president gimwongyu model is strengthened based on the IB reliable wealth management (WM) revenues.

In order for the capital market this year is expected to increase the competitiveness of the uncertainty of Korea said that the global economy is strengthening IB necessary choice. Retail is an important source of revenue, but the change in trading profit big, the online marketplace is the view that the fee has been reorganized mainly low-end channels have almost no need to strengthen the business portfolio of global and overseas division.

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KB securities, banking, securities finance companies advanced collaboration

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] KB Securities (President and CEO, yungyeongeun jeonbyeongjo) this year, investment banking (IB) is a core business strategy corporate finance consolidation.

To this end, KB IB Securities Division has established a blueprint that growth in IB-invested enterprises to provide the best solutions for large and small businesses such as customer service by sophisticated models.

KB First Securities is planning to offer the best advice and financial solutions through collaboration on a variety of banks, securities financing and investment needs caused by the growth phase of the company and financial situation. Corporate bonds, structured securities, real estate finance further consolidate the industry through the personnel reinforcement phase, and the equity capital markets (ECM) division to strengthen the capacity to organize and order a large IPO (IPO). Expand sales targets and institutional asset management and acquisition finance division also plans to focus on the competitive culture to order and organize a landmark deal with Big deal.

Strengthening collaboration with affiliates in earnest this year to take advantage of the general corporate network, including KB Kookmin Bank, KB Investment Co., Ltd. held by aggressively expanding the IB business for growth companies and innovative companies, and the expansion of growth potential.

KB Securities said, "the current KB Kookmin Bank in collaboration with SME targets corporate and investment banking (CIB) business to promote SME (Small & Medium Sized Enterprises) financial headquarters to new year nationwide five CIB composite stores through sales to deployment and also," he explained did.

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Daewoo Mirae Asset, Asia No. 1 global investment bank jump

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun News] Equity total 6.7 trillion won by MAS treated brilliantly launched a mega securities of (CEO choehyeonman, senior vice president, jounggi president, madeukrak president) this year, the goal of the global IB and Asia, one for competition this place will be investment banks.

In the capital of existing domestic brokerages it has been limited hagien compete with the global IB. However, domestic capital markets through the merger of this Daewoo Securities and Mirae Asset Securities has provided an opportunity to leap forward again. In the case of international innovation growth industries such as Silicon Valley it has grown by venture capital to bear the risks. Daewoo Mirae support selected innovative companies in terms of know-how and investment to join the IB accumulated capacity of Daewoo Securities, Mirae Asset Securities as an investment expert in restoring the dynamism of the economy and South Korea announced a commitment to build a new hagetdan growth.

Daewoo Mirae was flat that it has a competitive edge in each differentiated between the two companies integrate all areas expected to be a short-term profitability and sales growth within the city integration. Equity capital markets (ECM), Mirae Asset treated in debt capital markets (DCM) division is targeting large companies customers, Mirae Asset Securities has been engaged in the IB business targets small and medium-sized Inc. and medium-sized enterprises. The project financing (PF) sector Daewoo Mirae mezzanine and senior business, Mirae Asset has focused on equity and subordinated financing (Equity Financing). Overseas expansion is the starting point for the IB global competitiveness.

In addition, Mirae Asset Daewoo Singapore fund, United States, Cupertino (Cupertino) real estate, was to enforce a global investment in various fields, such as international bond management, Mirae Asset Securities in Shanghai Pudong Tower, Chicago, Office Building, San Francisco Fairmont Hotel in Washington, Hawaii It holds deep expertise on foreign real estate investments Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort. Daewoo Mirae position is commitment to leveraging both companies held overseas investment experience and a global workforce when possible integration capabilities focused on overseas investment in overseas IB deals with venture capital.

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He laughed alone at Mirae Asset Life Insurance, RBC stricter regulations

The [financial newspaper gimmingyeong Korea News] introduced ahead of the 2021 IFRS17 (new international accounting standards) insurance industry is an emergency. Jyeotgi established in recent years because the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) to IFRS meeting finalized the first half of this year.

According to the Korea Accounting Standards The IASB has won the last two tasks for the current season IFRS17 draft. We've completed the practical application tests with a major insurer of last year reportedly being address the issues identified in detail at this stage.

The accounting of the insurance capital and reduced debt significantly increased when IFRS17 introduced. Market evaluation methods of debt, ie claims payable is due to change in market at current cost. Insurers have to join at the time interest rates as granular as a kind of contract service margin, risk-adjusted discount rate taking into account the time value of money, predict future cash flow expected cash flow of future cash flows, including four classifications of calculating the liabilities Future income we have to reflect the liability calculations and so can only increase the insurance burden.

Also accelerated pace of monetary authorities. FSS naenwatda Enforcement Regulations for the Supervision of Insurance Business amendments to strengthen the RBC (solvency ratio) of Regulation phased implementation insurers to keep pace with IFRS17. The gist of it is that stricter regulations that extend the debt ceiling limit as far as 20 to 30 years to reflect the real value of insurance liabilities.

As a result, the insurance industry expects to fall about 100% p RBC ratio of most insurers. The first half of last year based on the average RBC ratio is expected to be close to 269.1% Non-life insurers, life insurers based on 150% of FSS cases Recommendation 100% p decline to 297.1% as expected. Some insurance companies are short of the average RBC ratio is a situation that can even be targeted corrective action.

RBC Insurance ◇ crash crisis strengthened prudential regulation

As one by one the original notice Regulatory Strengthening the reality which was expected to grow even further recapitalization burden on insurers.

First, the recapitalization bigger burden on insurance contracts (insurance payable). The duration longest maturity of insurance liabilities will increase to 30 years from 20 years. Finally to avoid interest rate risk insurers must go to investing in long-term assets to match liabilities and assets than the previous duration.

Risk is also strengthening the regulation of variable life insurance. In the case of variable life insurance with a guaranteed minimum amount calculated risk guarantee scheme should be calculated to reflect different scenarios.

Risk measurement range of special retirement accounts are also some adjustments, such as adding a calculated amount of credit and market risks in addition to current operational risk solution. Insurers are also vital to the look and feel everything recapitalization against them. This year recapitalization fund size of domestic insurance companies, according to the insurance industry was found to be 1.4 trillion billion won scale.

Hanwha Life plans to raise the ratio of RBC issued 5000 billion of hybrid capital securities in the first quarter of this year. Agricultural Life also considering the issuance of subordinated bonds early this year, about 300 billion won.

Modern life and the life KDB Life issued a 20 billion won, respectively, the size of subordinated debt 50 billion won. Hungkuk Life is a 80 billion won of subordinated debt, Hungkuk fire filled the treasuries issued hybrid capital securities of the scale 92 billion won.

Tong Yang finished a three-party allocation capital increase of the scale end of last year, 624.6 billion won. Allianz Life Insurance doorstep of the family, such as China also conducted a capital increase of 500 million.

The insurance industry while considering the impact on the industry to take advantage of these cards recapitalization and restructuring scheme applies to argue that the smoke is needed. Supervisory authority is planning to restructure its oversight to cover the RBC and LAT (liability adequacy test) based on the standards IFRS17 be announced in the first half of this year.

◇ Mirae Asset Life, not "institutional change risks'

Such 'wigiseol' Mirae Asset Life in only smiled wide. Because it is surpassed last year's asset liability duration significantly expand the duration. Last month, 24 days Mirae Asset Life Insurance, open the year-end closing 2016 earnings conference "widened 1.2 years compared to 5.6 years in 2015 to 6.8 years duration assets last year," he said. RBC ratio of MAS to a successful asset life prolonged duration is expected to be able to maintain the stability.

Asset and liability duration is an indicator of how much change in the value of the company's assets and liabilities to changes in market interest rates are 1% p. Asset liability duration is shorter than the duration of RBC (solvency ratio) is approximately inevitably have an adverse effect on financial stability.

According to Mirae Asset Life Insurance industry secrets to successful asset duration is actively expanding foreign currency seems to be a large spiral effect on long-term bonds investments. Mirae Asset Life Insurance has invested a total of 5.4 trillion won last year's overseas assets. 4.9 trillion won a year earlier compared to 10.2% in the enlarged figures. In particular, it showed that the share of US Treasuries rose 3% p and can reliably long-term investment in foreign assets. I'm also a hwanheji with maturities of less than six months for the overseas assets is one advantage that is easy to expand the duration assets without long-term bonds incorporated. In addition, variable life sales account for less burdensome risk amount is limited warranties, held-to-maturity securities accounted for 37.4%, as was expected a lot less sensitive to rising interest rates.

Mirae Asset Life Insurance said, "This year in June the liability duration expand, but from Mirae Asset Life drought seems minimal impact because previously had expanded asset duration in overseas bonds," said "that recently against stricter regulations for 3-4 years figures It will appear as "that betrayed her confidence.

Thanks to these securities in the asset management divined the growth of Mirae Asset Life. Oil hits Securities, said that "this year will record a net 69.3 billion won (separate) basis (+ 86.3% yoy), Mirae Asset Life" would "be overcome by a special asset liability duration duration expand efforts without expanding" looking out. Meritz Investment Bank Securities also for Mirae Asset Life "debt relief is the most favorable of the life insurance company's future new insurance IFRS (IFRS17) and new solvency ratio system relatively little impact on the introduction of the synergies is expected to PCA Life acquisitions," said investment He urged to BUY.

Mirae Asset Life Insurance has also announced that it would 'substantial business' standing in the apsewoomyeon' worth of new contracts, evaluating the exclusive sales organization and designers from around the year. Wateuna to assess the operating performance mainly initial premium of new contracts so far in the future intends to assess whether to focus on how much profit the company in the future. This alchage a substantial long-term management to encourage product sales that will benefit the company through getdaneun seems to rely kkuryeoga.

Mirae Asset Life Insurance is expected to have a major role in the past, early settlers were also substantial fee-based business structure chaenggigi. As a balance is maintained to maximize fee income holds many product groups ensured a favorable fees system, when a sudden rise in interest rates at low interest rates has the advantage of not incur costs for secondary operations.

Most life insurance companies in terms of high interest rates have been determinate products are sold to large dwaetdaneun the City of Mirae Asset Life Insurance debt burden now is ropda relatively free from negative margin due to the low interest rate concerns. Hamandeok Mirae Asset Life Vice "was the key to the growth of value-driven, depending on internal and external environmental changes and customer happiness insurers survive" such a boudoir for the management and "Mirae Asset Life Insurance is going after the business boudoir out of the insurance operations of scale-oriented retirement planning insurers will do my role as a professional, "he also said convey.

◇ New Year 'PCA Life' retirement planning harboring strong leap forward

Last November, Mirae Asset Life Insurance acquired the PCA Life is waiting for shareholder eligibility screening assessment results for the current financial authorities. According to the insurance industry's gotta merger is expected to be finished until the end of the year no later than September Mirae Asset Life Insurance, Kyobo is expected to enter without difficulty followed by life insurance companies ranked in the top five cooperatives lives. Asset management and investment capabilities to focus on Mirae Asset Life naeseun flagship products such as variable annuity and variable life industry's highest level of PCA Life boasts the annexation of return on pension industry was assessed that the expected synergies.

PCA Life is equipped with a solid financial strength proportion of variable life insurance industry's highest level of up to 77%. Accordingly, the IFRS17 doedo introduced PCA Life Insurance is expected to pay a small additional recapitalization.

Especially the end of last month, according to the Life Insurance Association was disclosed that the PCA Life and Mirae Asset Life Insurance won first place in the variable insurance funds, the rate of return for all sectors. Just before 3 years of Mirae Asset Life of the "India shares the stability baebunhyeong assets" and "Emerging Markets Bond" fund returns are accounted for each one in the stocks mixed, bond funds sector with 29.7%, 22.9%, respectively.

"Chindiah Equity ',' Multi Global Income Fund of PCA Life has recorded each one in the equity and bond yields mixed. In particular, the type of the top five fund half of the total 20 were occupied by Mirae Asset Life Insurance Fund. PCA 13 of 20 fold to combined life fund. Shem is virtually a monopoly Mirae Asset Life Insurance is the top chart.

Mirae Asset Financial Group Chairman Park Hyeon Joo two days were presented send an email to its employees 'future financial' blueprint. Chairman Park Hyeon Joo Asset Management, referring to the strength of the Mirae Asset Financial Group "Mirae Asset Life Insurance becomes a family with the good old PCA Life staff this year," said also say "Mirae Asset Life Insurance companies and pension will be reborn as a professional one."

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