Saturday, March 25, 2017

'Cherry flavor mulssin "Walker Spring Flower Festival 2017 opening

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters - you can experience the feeling of Spring Walker, Walker 2017 Spring Flower Festival will be held from April 1 to April 23. The festival unfolds within the Walker Road Selected as 'lovers and families galmanhan beautiful Seoul beotkkotgil' Pizza Junction Hill.

25 days before the containerized eco cafe open 'Tay Walker Stevenage box' can taste Limited, Walker Spring Flower Bento 'and the motif spring flowers.

Pink has to be configured as a California roll and flower-shaped salmon salad, abalone vegetables boiled and groups skewers, sweets and fruit dessert enjoy hwasaham spring to the eyes and mouth are just drinks and sausages of coffee, juice, tea, etc., chicken the desserts are sold, such as chicken skewers, such as snacks, gelato and soft ice cream.

April 1st and 2nd, 8th and 9th will be held the 'art market'. This year unique experience to create a space (vinkan) met 'White Cherry blow thumb, visitors to the Experience Zone, a wall of 2m to see made cherry aroma are directly stamped on Spring Flower Shape Art Month DIY a perfume artist duraep and art, flower Pony mascot 'silk' feeding experiences of Korea Racing Association is also in progress.

April 15 and 16, 22 and 23 days of the signature events of Walker 'walk above the clouds - Beer & Wine Fair will be open for tasting and purchase of the world's 300 kinds of wines and more than 100 premium beer.

In addition maryeondwae etc. and sell 'Walker bakery products, such as its own booth operated Walker Walker Walker Character Dolls and handmade chocolates, wines and signature Walker diffuser such as "Walker Signature Product" and macaroons, doll drawings adds a rich enjoyment.

At night, spring flowers Walker Road and the LED lights rose romantic stretches along the director, during the night so that he can enjoy the quaint picnic.

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Replace half the credit card company CEO ... Should this year's breakthrough Card Industry Crisis

With this decision [South Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] yuguhyeon our card was reappointed President of finishing all eight credit card company CEO edge. This year the card industry is expected to be a difficult year in fees rose presidential downward pressure on card loans regulatory consolidation, interest rate hikes, such as identity card market. Half of the second term, half of which is the collection of interest if the issuer, each representative of the head is replaced this year to overcome the crisis and make a profit.

According to the 25th card industry, Samsung Card, Woori card, one card existing wongichan, yuguhyeon, dwaeteumyeo Jeong Sujin president of Shinhan Card was reappointed to head the imyoungjin president and sworn in as president before the wiseongho Bank. BC Card has climbed the Chae Jongjin vice president reappointed as a representative of my Seo Junhui the resignation default realization dwaeteuna two euros intimate as the new representative. Chaejeongbyeong representatives yeoteuna original term is the term to March 2018 came as a successor to the person gimchanggwon accredited representative, displaying the company. Samsung Card President wongichan term is until March 2020 yuguhyeon, Jeong Sujin President was decided one year terms. Yun Ungwon KB Kookmin Card, president of tenure becomes the end of this year, Hyundai Card Jeong Taeyoung vice Delgada fourteen weeks.

Everything merchant fee cuts, which closely watching in the card industry. Moon Jae, one after another, including two presidential candidates Lee Jaemyeong is offering merchant card fee reduction to ordinary policy. Candidate Moon Jae-in is a small merchant based on 200 million won to 300 million won, and small merchants are more than 500 million won from 300 million won and 500 million won annual sales by expanding merchant has pledged to progressively lowered to 1% of the preferential commission rate at 1.3%.

Card industry officials said, the gun sounds Eliminate credit card companies asked to cut an additional merchant fees or similar.

According to the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), 8 credit card companies profit last year showed an increase of 9.9%. But look at the detailed industry by credit card companies to collect credit card payment fee revenue decreased wear and profit decreased to lower merchant fees aftermath.

In fact, the Financial Supervisory Service standards 1.7% Shinhan Card, while Samsung Card only benefit of eight credit card companies have increased Angular 12.5 percent to 322.7 billion won, KB Kookmin Card 11.8 percent, Hyundai Card 19% of our cards 21.9%, 99.2% One Card, Lotte Card 34 % BC card declined 30.1%. Samsung Card's assessment that the profit contribution to earnings growth as reflected in the four PG olaet disposal gains. All eight credit card companies will have a difficult bet money properly.

In particular it seems to be the shoulders of the newly inaugurated a new heavy representatives in a difficult situation.

The first is where the crisis on the BC card. As the Chinese tourists reduced by Saad retaliation UnionPay slips revenue that was purchased two weeks of BC Card is the right outlook will be affected. Chae Jongjin BC Card, president of the Union must be prepared, pay slips purchase fee reduction to be affected by Saad retaliation.

Shinhan Card imyoungjin lead the industry's No. 1 President shall provide the commission with the No. 1 defense cuts maintenance book. Last year, Shinhan Card pumped card loans grew by 11.1% over the previous year to 8 billion. But with the new building regulations for additional provisions for multi-use card loans borrower recklessly difficult to increase this year, card loans. In addition to new sources of revenue part of BC Card was selected as the exclusive dwaetjiman Union Pay journal buyer was BC card monopoly as prolonged Saad retaliation in China is urgently needed in the future revenue streams.

Lotte Card gimchanggwon president also provide by breakthrough to lead Lotte Card profits fell 34%. Gimchanggwon President, I will try to establish a unique identity Lotte Card "in his inaugural address, he said.

Reappointment is determined wongichan, yuguhyeon, seems to be a difficult year, let Jeong Sujin President.

Wongichan Samsung Card President shall uniquely yirwotjiman profit rose tow group negatives in Samsung Card and Samsung profits Future Strategy Department dissolution of the issuer. Samsung Card has tried a variety of new businesses such as Direct Insurance, Direct Auto. Should ensure new businesses can lead to profits.

Yuguhyeon, Jeong Sujin, president are all expected to focus on securing membership. One card Despite the benefit of the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) based on 900 million won including tax profit growth was high. But the point is small compared to other credit card companies are members regarded as a weakness. KEB plans to secure the lead hagetdaneun Members to collaborate with one bank. Yuguhyeon president is also the position hagetdaneun focused on ensuring valid membership achieved last year.

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Shinhan Card board pay bots sseoboni

As [former lower cervical Korea financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Card will showcase the 'FAN Pei bots (bot pay edition), artificial intelligence (AI) Consumption Management service first in the industry has attracted the attention of Artificial Intelligence service. Shinhan Card bot pay edition analyzes the consumption of customers with personalized butler service is based on artificial intelligence to help customers reasonable consumer life. It makes the first choice, depending on the item you want to manage a customer's card details. If you set a budget for each item check card usage alert you to spend much from your money you can also look at expenditures.

The reporter was then registered the usual House Shinhan Card Shinhan Card check S20 FAN Edition page using bots agreed and executed. Do you run to the data generated by the AI ​​service is a guide that can be floated from the next day.

Do you rerun the next day, March consumer price ',' three months compared to the average consumption ',' My loyal merchants'. Showed the 'most merchants wrote,' 'I enjoy writing cards,' 'writes most days of the week,' 'rankings consumed the last three months.

Board pay bots set a budget for each entry allows the reporter to write the most common items in that view was a 'priority spending the last three months' details.

Shows the most bitter sector rankings showed in detail whether in the field myeotgeon in detail. Pressing the 'food' shows to distinguish even in the food industry such as "cafe", "General Restaurant," "delivery / snack", "bakery", "Chicken" dot was convenient.

Board pay Bot said building board pay bots utilizing the Google algorithm that rated advanced in artificial intelligence.

But I press each detail had inaccuracies.

This history was in the movies Booking online shopping category was entered into "home / internet shopping. In the field of film it is classified as a 'culture' details.

Shinhan Card official said, "If you have a reservation on the Internet Movie has no choice but to distinguish online shopping when the board pay bots are classified as PG four payments recognized 'he said.

Inaccurate classification in categories of food other than shopping part was found. One payment history at drugstore 'ropseu' were classified in the 'food' as 'other food'. Letters indicating the payment occurred, floated Lotte Shopping Co. ropseu OO point. The same letters in front of Lotte Department Store, Lotte Shopping to payments (shares), was classified as a department store.

In addition there was some cases, even a different category, such as merchants. Located in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Dunkin 'Donuts' Payment history 'Dunkin Donuts' it is located in, while classified as a bakery, Nam-gu, Incheon, was classified as 'other food'.

"Delivery / snack" Japanese ramen house payment instead of delivery of restaurants in the history were classified as 'delivery / DI'.

If customers wish to set up the administrative budget for each category in the 'Budget Management' page within the board bots it should be noted that there may occur if the classification does not match 100%.

Shinhan Card official 'version, pay bots to the classification IRS industry classification criteria when classifying the consumption history, do not change after the Internal Revenue Service Sector classification was created a long time ago can cause confusion, saying, "AI is still a deep learning approach since learning may just catch the error accumulates the consumption history 'he said.

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[Weekly market funds - index funds, Mirae Asset, Hanwha yields rise

Let's Kospi rose 0.20% to [Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] Fourth week increase in foreign net buying in March posted an excellent return on their index funds. In particular, the high proportion invested large caps such as Samsung Electronics and Hyundai showed strong fund returns were higher.

According to the rating agency funds epeuaen guide domestic equity returns on the 24th day basis is ranked one below the 0.81% rate of return of 0.24 points in the BM (KOSPI TR, 1.05%) and kept for two consecutive weeks plus a rate of return.

Active fund returns (0.74%) fell short against index funds (0.93%). More types as had all types of active shares recorded a positive return on themes other than the most active small and medium-sized stocks rose sharply to 1.03% was active stock dividends (1.02%) are followed. Among the active stocks deviation between small type large, small and medium-sized active stocks showed a larger decline to -0.17%.

Of AUM 10 billion won more than domestic stock funds (excluding ETF) 'Mirae Asset Green Index Equity Trust (CO) A' is the index stocks other week type yield (0.94%) posted a return of 3.23% a point higher than 4.17%. Followed by 'Korea Value 10 years invested 100 Three happy Securities Investment Trust (CO) (A)', 'Hanwha 2.2 times leverage index securities investment trust (equity-derivative ingenuity foldable) Category A', respectively 2.57%, the performance of 2.27% the recorded.

LG Electronics and Samsung's vision for the new smartphone 'V20' and higher share prices to Galaxy S8 'effect drove the yield of active equity theme type.

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[Weekly fund market] price of gold rises ... "BlackRock World Gold 'return 8%

It went to [Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporter] the fourth week of March, the rise in the dollar price of gold let the big "gold fund" return wide. In addition, the Russian RTS index showed a rise, the relevant funds are an excellent yield, depending on the last weekend Minister of Energy Alexander Novak, Russian balhim would implement the cuts promised in Russia.

According to the fund rating agency epeuaen Guide 24 days overseas equity weekly yields a one week -0.31%, BM return (World-MSCI-AC WORLD INDEX FREE (KRW Unhedged), -0.34%), but higher than the 0.03% points in one week only It was converted to the negative returns.

More By region, Russian regions recorded a 3.45% rise and portrays the most. Russian Energy Minister let announce specific timing and production cuts for the duty amount to achieve the Russian RTS index rose 2.56 percent the previous week, and have contributed to the local fund returns.

2.30% followed by emerging Europe, EMEA region, respectively, showed excellent flow at return of 2.03%.

On the other hand, Brazil, Japan, and North America showed a decline of respectively -3.13%, -2.37%, -1.76%.

Overseas Equity Fund Individual-record "BlackRock World Gold Fund securities (stocks ingenuity foldable) (H) (Ce) 'The return of 7.66% and showed good flow. Following the recording of 'KB Russian representatives Growth Equity Investment Trust (CO) A', return of "Russian Equity Trust (CO) Type C-e with Mirae Asset Index, respectively 4.57%, 4.36%, and won the top.

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New World Duty Free Myeong 'spring thumb blow' event

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper News] New World Duty Free myeongdongjeom proceeds to "spring thumb blow 'event, which in May to culture, dining, outdoor outing three directions up to 10 days for nationals purchasing benefits to the target customers.

American benefits and provides the finest hotels in the JW Marriott Hotel in Seoul 'Cafe' Buffet 1 ticket every 1 sheet with 20% discount to 1700 US dollars on the day of purchase.

Outdoor outing benefit is $ 200 for March 16 days from the day of Everland BC Card free pass two pieces, one card purchase of $ 400 on the day of purchase and provides the Henan Aqua Water Park passes two fields.

3 'Don Quixote' of the Universal Ballet, May 20, purchase from more than $ 2,000 for from 30 days for more than $ 200 purchase of Hannam di Museum - provides a "youth fever of youth, the motda story 'exhibition free admission ticket.

From April 10 to 30, for more than $ 700 purchase offers Mega Box package includes two movie tickets and popcorn and soft drinks. From time to time, such as the National Theater drama "Romeo and Juliet", musical "Chef" also it provides tickets for cultural performances.

Purchase does not have a customer only benefit. New World Duty Free to offer membership to all Members 'Don Quixote' tickets 20% discount on the 'love potion', Universal Ballet in Seoul Opera Company.

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Shilla Duty Free I'Park first anniversary ... "Highly satisfactory transport facilities and shopping benefits."

[Gimeunji financial newspaper reporter Korea] HDC Shilla Duty Free (Shilla Duty Free Kids Park) The magazine said that the Grand Opening convenient transportation facilities and rich shopping first anniversary benefit the customer satisfaction survey was conducted to celebrate the results of the most satisfying when duty-free shopping.

Shilla Duty Free Kids Park conducted a customer satisfaction survey over the last two weeks of the day. The target is 100 people domestic customers with a shopping experience at The Shilla Duty Free Kids Park last year.

Duty point of the city, located in a traffic matter of the 'convenient' in this study were mentioned to the maximum advantage. That 51% of domestic customers are satisfied with the convenient transportation facilities daphaetgo, of which half were found to visit the duty free facilities including use of the railway and subway trains.

Shopping items are purchased mainly said they had to give more than the benefits of buying cosmetics and fashion accessories that were ranked first by 83% of the response provided by the Shilla Duty Free Kids parks and reserves such as discounts, prepaid cards meet expectations.

There is also a glimpse tend to prefer 'one-stop shopping and cultural activities. To neighboring facilities they wish to use during duty-free shopping with the kids as high a response rate of 70% ranked first Park Mall. Shilla Duty Free Kids Park can be located in only one of the new duty-free shopping complex enjoy the leisure and recreation, eating out.

In particular, the parent company of Hyundai I-Park Mall is scrambling to massive expansion to the entire screen tourist town shopping for duty-free key support. Construction of "Multiple Wave Town" with CJ CGV, and the beginning of May has come to enjoy a variety of indoor sports, including futsal, indoor futsal field 'is a policy that supports the duty-free with new content and hardware, such as opening the door.

The Shilla Duty Free Kids Park offers special benefits for domestic customers to go ahead with the pre-wedding couples and May Golden Week travel abroad.

First, a pilot pre-purchase reservation service, luxury brand "Private Sale" first duty-free industry, applied online and offline (O2O) shopping until the end of May. After visiting the reservation total of more than 30 luxury brands online gives a discount for each brand new 15 to 40%.

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