Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Duta duty-free shops, Shinhan Bank and affiliate marketing business ... Foreign currency exchange Discount

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Duta Duty Free has signed a strategic business alliance to collaborate on content marketing efforts for our mutual customers said Shinhan Bank and 14 days.

Duta Duty Free is the headquarters while providing discount coupons and Internet duty-free reserves can be used immediately to purchase foreign exchange with us for the whole country, Shinhan Bank Branches Through this business agreement, it is more closely together on a variety of marketing activities that future progress.

Also share your online and offline marketing platform, both companies have and continue to go out to promote the discovery and co-marketing of new business models for domestic and international travelers.

Already Duta Duty Free last December over the past two end Shinhan Bank has presented the Duta Duty prepaid card voucher for foreign exchange services customers across the branch from, browse got a discount for it through more than 2,000 customers during the period Duta Duty .

Also if you change up Shinhan Bank debit card payments by more than $ 1 goes a promotion to present an additional ₩ 10,000 Prepaid Card and attract new customers.

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Bohae bohae plum orchards, open free until the end of the month

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] bohae opens a 'Haenam bohae plum orchards' for free until the end of the month according to the plum blossom season.

Bohae across the 39 anniversary of the opening of plum orchards has gotta have one of the plum trees planted over 4,000 trees, only 14 million pyeong of land in plum orchards largest.

Bohae plum orchards plans to exhibit and sell plum drinks and concentrates for such an outing to customers in anticipation of this year's Plum million times before and after December 20, and visit the plantations.

The Minister of plum and plum with a tunnel back here blossoming plum, blue plum, stay, baekga, and can meet various kinds of beautiful scenery made of plum aengsuk like. This is also where you can watch the wildflowers and more than a dozen paper camellia, etc. In addition to the unique fun.

Bohae plum orchards are located in Haenam, Jeonnam sanyimyeon yedeok street 125-89, operating time is not until 6:00 pm and from 9:00 am.

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Kkasamiah, Home Essentials brand 'Casa Daily' new open

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Home Essentials brand was opened in each of the Daily CASA (daily casa) 'The Incheon and Suwon operational point Yeongtong interior points of the total brand kkasamiah.

Casa daily life in a variety of props affordable and can meet in one place to furniture online-only brand on Casa "kkasamiah. This' making sweet home "with reasonable prices and stylish beautiful and practical home customers seeking styling will support.

Daily operations that CASA is planning to offer a stylish home furnishings styling to customers residing in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon Gyeyang District, Western Region. In particular, hold my spot hypermarkets increased shopping convenience. Consists of a small furniture store was John, bedding Zone, Kids Zone, including five zones.

Daily CASA's approximately 759㎡ Yeongtong point scale, bedding and accessories so that life can meet with a variety of furniture, as well as to match these with the existing differentiated and staged a home furnishing store. It is expected to give the home to meet the needs of local residents, including styling Suwon citizens.

Daily Casa operational life points and props open a memorial that Yeongtong target customers to visit first-come, first-served basis to 500 people, and 100 people Sooner or later ₩ 300,000 shoppers who present a gift box consisting Bath supplies. Depending on the number of simultaneous visits to Buy Home Plus also offers gift certificates.

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Government, strong response to the BBQ ... "AI excuse value up chicken"

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] ventured the government putting a brake on the franchise BBQ Chicken raised prices to excuse the AI ​​(avian influenza).

BBQ will raise the average price of chicken from 20 to 10%. Flagship product is the "golden olive chicken, the price is going up maridang 16 000 2000 ₩ 18,000 won from the impressive menu in addition to a 9-10% relief in such golden olive, roasted leg through Jamaica. BBQ cited the raw and auxiliary materials prices, labor costs, rent, delivery costs as a factor in price increases.

Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food (Agri-food unit) In this regard, the company had said it would crack down mountain chicken chicken raising the value as an excuse to raise prices, a position that it is possible to investigate unfair trade practices of the IRS tax audit uncovered during the Fair Trade Commission.

14 days agri-food unit said, "If you raise prices, even there is no reason to raise rates decided chicken commissioned audits on the basis of an unfair advantage," he said.

AI is going to spread a thousand last year poultry slaughter can lead to disposal restrictions setdeon move is not off in some areas this stocking chick was delayed. According to the Korea Association of broiler chickens producer prices surged by 62% compared to January last year, per 1㎏ 2590 won (standard 11 days).

But even chicken producer prices to climb agri-food section AI no price increase factor as determined in advance Supply Unit prices in 6-1 months, Chicken franchise companies have pointed out that the broilers fed in such a way 'pre-contract'. Chicken producers and chicken franchise is supplied chicken to the predetermined price based on prior agreement. That producer price byeonhaedo get the price of broiler feed is unchanged.

Naenotja the government tax investigation, including chogangsu BBQ catering industry has decided to boycott the meeting held by Chief Executive Officer today (15th) organized by the government. Yieoteuna originally scheduled to attend a business trip to the United States under yunhonggeun Genesis BBQ Group on behalf of the Vice President of the event, the government has refused to attend naenoteumyeo countermeasures in chicken prices.

According to the agri-food section broiler price rise phenomenon is the growth rate accelerated due to the unstable supply and demand is stable if three to six months. But once you see past the right precedent chicken prices it has not been lowered. The viscosity is that broiler proportion is only 10 ~ 20% in chicken prices is mentioned two euros difficult to understand the prices.

Meanwhile, I began to stockpile quantities of chicken government pulley top producer price of broiler chickens is down. According to the Korea Association of Broiler price Information 14 raw chickens worked day sales records for 2290-2490 won per kg.

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LGU +, broken helpful service stores nationwide expansion

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] LG U + is applied to expand the store thanks to the dedicated hot reaction 'U + breakage help services' customers in more than 200 stores nationwide.

Once the iPhone is now broken by the customer directly with Apple's A / S center and had to visit a retail store trying to rent imdaepon.

In addition, to apply for damage claims insurers reward centers, repair assistance benefits were not yimanjeoman discomfort contacted individually have to handle the damaged U + Care Center.

Identify the concerns of these customers, LG U + U + broken last October conducted a help service with the launch of iPhone 7 in more than 120 stores across the country and improve the A / S has focused handling process to increase customer convenience.

15 days LG U According to Plus, U + breakage help service your iPhone or Huawei, please visit smartphone with dedicated store customer damage, Fault U + broken helpful to use A / S headlight support from agencies (up to 5 million), premium imdaepon a service that quickly free up lending and insurance compensation process, customers can receive a breakdown for the final deductible without complicated settlement process.

Customer service can be entrusted to the premium imdaepon such as the iPhone 6 for free for 14 days. Once the repair is complete after a visit if you are in the store receipt and return the imdaepon the terminal.

Convenient no one to write Zuni handled as a one-stop on the 'iPhone failures continue to be repaired through the A / S center, and there was no need to hesitate can write to imdaepon the repair period, you can trust when you wake,' 'U + buried nerves it is "broken, such as U + services help customers with the hot reaction.

In particular, were also you have to do is check the invoice only the final generation amount without having to weigh individually the deductible to process and generate a repair support, mobile phone insurance through U + breakage help service feedback is convenient .LG U + U + damage assistance services the customers who use the service after one stop to visit the store introduced and steadily increasing number of targets increases the opinions of customers asking to increase the store to reflect that positively shops compared to existing 67% increase target terminal (Huawei models) expanding the blitz He said dwaetdago determined.

U + store locations nearby breakage dedicated help is available when connected to a 'Customer Center> Service helps break' from U + website. For more information about A / S progress and detailed benefits are lost, damaged U +, you can call the dedicated center.

Meanwhile, LG U + U + breakage help to introduce the service 'iPhone 7 will always, LG U +' video ads unveiled last eight days.

Ski resorts, water parks, etc. in a dynamic place to put your views to be provided with the customer's appearance yupeulreoseu buried comfortable and pleasant service from freely using the iPhone 7 U + customer if the message that you write to the fullest wherever iPhone 7 without worry and delivery.

That image can be checked on the official YouTube U +.

LG U + Choi Customer Marketing is "to steady the interest of customers for damage to help service because the advantage of being able to proceed as a one-stop through U + store convenient A / S received from a trusted" and "continue Customers First to expand the store also plans to offer differentiated services, "he said out of.

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P2P companies, struggling to secure customers before implementation guidelines

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] among financial authorities sent a memorandum last February 27 administrative guidance on the P2P P2P vendors to enforce guidelines, P2P companies are committed to ensuring customer chongryeok before implementation guidelines. Existing P2P application makers gotta have three months probation for redevelopment projects such as building computer systems practical application receives from May 29.

According to the 15th day P2P banking industry, Beyond The Fund provides an additional 4% rate of return on the entire investment products to launch in March. Products expected annual rate of return you can get a count of 16% plus a rate of return of 4% to 12% here. Investors power more than 10 million won gift certificates for ₩ 100,000 new world, more than 1 million won for investors New World Power has also presented vouchers ₩ 10,000.

Fund investors are scrambling to recruit people offline as well as online. PeopleSoft employee fund is a way of securing an investor to explain unfamiliar P2P financial investment products such as funds and people to the public.

Real estate goods are scrambling to launch. Ernest professional private credit fund launched the first P2P real estate financial products in the last 13 days. Add a yield of 1% up to 15 days been moving aggressively to provide investors with recruitment.

P2P banking industry official said, "Enforcement Guidelines are companies engaged in marketing to attract customers before the 'said' Guidelines until May not be enough to not be affected by possible investors is to engage in recruitment.

P2P guidelines contain the contents of such investment restrictions, banned capital loans. Financial authorities have set up a one P2P annual investment limit per company for the protection of investors. General individual investors to individual investors and investment P2P exceed the annual 10 million won, 20 million won and exceeding ‧ ‧ earned income or business income, dividends may invest 100 million won to 40 million won annual cumulative amount.

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NH cooperatives, local tax payment notices, the app "Smart NH bills' market

Said [Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol News] using the NH Agricultural Cooperative Bank (Bank yigyeongseop) and the Agricultural Mutual Finance (CEO Lee Dae-hoon), the nation's first smartphone 15 days that notice of local taxes and market the available app "NH smart bills' to pay .

The services that the local tax notices the first domestic launch 'NH smart bills' three cars, property tax, residence tax, including a PUSH notification on your smartphone in real time through a simple payment settlement.

Through this service, customers can easily check the history and local tax payments using a smartphone, municipalities can reduce the cost of issuing paper bills.

NH has a smart bill first use a simple registration payment account or certificate authentication through a simple carrier, and since there can be only a certificate or a simple six-digit PIN number without pay media security.

NH smart bill can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and now can only apply for Gyeonggi provincial tax.

In addition, "Catch the Spark" according to the app and launch events are conducted. Registered from 15 days until 30 September to provide prizes, such as "notice (PUSH) 'through a lottery in October to target the application clients, light vehicles (1), agricultural vouchers (5 manwongwon), age old chicken do.

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Hi Investment & Securities guseo Busan Branch, 15 days Demand Seminar

The [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Hi Investment & Securities guseo Busan branch (branch manager yijeongseon) will hold a seminar on demand pm and 4 pm to 15 days guseo point trading floor.

One designed to provide a variety of investment ideas to the individual investor demand seminar HI Investment & Securities guseo Branch Kim, Min - Seok exaggerated, then as a lecturer, major changes took place in 2017 KOSPI 'and' why chemistry that I buy mulrineunga? 'To every Wednesday under the theme It goes on.

Anyone can participate in a seminar on a first come, first served basis, and if contact details are as high investment securities guseo point.

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KB Kookmin Bank, Myanmar Microfinance Launched

[Korea financial newspaper sinyuncheol reporter] KB Kookmin Bank (Bank yunjonggyu) over the past eight days KB microfinance in Myanmar (hereinafter "KB Myanmar Business") to get the final local financial authorities applied for the establishment, and from 15, Myanmar Yangon 1st Shop It announced the sales start.

'KB Myanmar subsidiaries' plans to support local microfinance win for the first time to improve Myanmar seomincheung low-income and poor residential environment through collaboration between the Myanmar government and NGO homes, new construction financing and so on.

Prior yunjonggyu Bank is February, Myanmar visit, Myanmar Ministry of Construction, Housing Development Construction Bank (Construction and Housing Development Bank) and has entered into a tripartite MOU, in this place KB Kookmin Bank populace, a major policy challenge in Myanmar build wealth He has said he would cooperate with the housing supply expansion.

KB Kookmin Bank plans to expand its sales network to the end of the year the administrative capital of Naypyidaw and the second economic center of Mandalay, etc. Starting with one store in Yangon, through the establishment of a future nationwide sales network, become a foreign leading institutions in Myanmar microfinance market It is planning.

KB Kookmin Bank official is based on the ordinary finance and housing finance know-how "Myanmar is low income is approximately 90% to seomincheung target microfinance high demand market," said, "KB Kookmin Bank, the rapid growth of 'KB Myanmar Business" is expected "he said.

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Ferrari, started the project 70 founding anniversary

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] Ferrari started a project commemorating the 70th anniversary of launch of the brand. A public demonstration will be driving the first image of the founder, Enzo Ferrari.

Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari in March 1947 was completed the first 12 days and 125 S cars a day traveling to Italy Maranello pilot spiral distance. Ferrari after repeated high-growth reached today.

Ferrari has released the footage and the last 12 days the heritage and history of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the founding brands, announced the start of the first brand launched 70th anniversary project. This image has a historic moment that people pantte kkabal Reno (Cavallino Rampante, leaping say) the first 12-cylinder model, the Ferrari logo engraved on the bonnet of a Ferrari 125 S race the streets of Maranello Ferrari's departure plant contains. The first Ferrari 125 S in the image is replaced by a symbolic model called celebrates 70th anniversary of Ferrari Ferrari ahpereu other (LaFerrari Aperta) speaks after the receipt of the glorious heritage of Ferrari.

Ferrari 125 S was the first stage of the Ferrari emblem of a powerful 12-cylinder engine. Since March 12, 1947 started the test run will debut in 125 S ppiah chenjja (Piacenza) circuit with the same year, May 11 Cortez Franco (Franco Cortese). After 125 S posted a film on the great journey of Ferrari history while you reap the Rome Grand Prix (Rome Grand Prix), the Grand Prix Parma (Parma Grand Prix), including the year 1947 only six wins.

70th anniversary model of the Ferrari La Ferrari ahpereu other (LaFerrari Aperta) is a core value of 150 special limited series production excellence and packed performance, style and luxury Ferrari together. Powerful driving performance as well as a 120 kW electric motor coupled to a 6262cc 12-cylinder naturally aspirated engine in the enjoyment of open-top version called Ferrari can enjoy open-air ring at the same time amounted to a whopping 963 hp maximum output.

Meanwhile, Ferrari started the World Tour event to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the brand with the launch of this public image. 'Driven by Emotion' the new Ferrari 70th anniversary event will provide a unique experience for customers and fans of the Ferrari theme last 12 days and proceed to start the opening in New Zealand in more than 60 countries entered Ferrari, the national 9 It is scheduled to take place in January. While the event is in progress in different countries can meet the models symbolizing the 70th anniversary of the Ferrari brand La ahpereu other directly.

Ferrari, as well as plans continue to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the driving event when Carol Kane Cabal Medicaid (Cavalcade Classiche) and held the first special exhibition looking at various celebrations to revisit the 70-year history of the historic brand for classic Ferrari.

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Military Mutual Aid Association, the Korea Capital yisangchun intervention Mr. accredited representative

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporters - Military Mutual Aid Association said 15 days ago that yisangchun affairs of BNK Capital CEO in Korea Capital CEO.

The appointee is expected to be formally appointed as CEO early next month after the procedure and CEO, senior director elected by the general meeting of shareholders Capital Korea.

Yisangchun nominee after graduating from Dong-A University, Busan, and appeal, Pusan ​​National University graduate worked for 21 years in Busan He joined the Bank in October 1974. A later from December 1995 until July 2010 he worked at Lotte Capital for about 15 years served BNK Capital CEO had gained experience, from July 2010 to February 2016, including an executive Director and Executive Audit Capital Industry the origin of professional managers.

Military Mutual Aid Association has selected three candidates to start after the document review the CEO conspiracy Korea capital from the date of January 16, the competent departments have conducted interviews with the personnel verification and interviews, it recommended the seeds finally yisangchun in the Military Mutual Aid Association Council.

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Korea Investment & Securities Sillim-dong branch, 16 real estate funds seminars

That [financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] Korea Investment & Securities has come to hold "real estate fund seminars for investors Sillim-dong, Korea Investment & Securities Sillim-dong branch in 16 days from 4 pm said 15 days.

The seminar is scheduled to Yichang Sillim-dong branch manager and then directly to the instructor teaching strategies and investment know-how 'not to be missed this month's Real Estate Fund is subject.

Yichang Sillim-dong branch manager, said, "Through this presentation also learn real estate investing know-how, and I hope also recently resolved questions about the real estate market situation."

If 'real estate fund seminars for Sillim-dong investor investors interested in jaetekeu Anyone can attend free of charge, and if Registration is Korea Investment & Securities Sillim-dong branch.

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[Chicken franchise brand reputation March 2017], Kyochon mamseu touch gupne chicken, net

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] March chicken franchise consumer reputation survey Kyochon chicken No. 1, No. 2 mamseu touch, gupne chicken was analyzed to third.

Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation was last February 13th analyze big data 480 from the 6.91 million through March 14 for 15 chicken restaurant brand. Last December, the brand Big Data 639 10 000 8895 Compared to dogs has increased 7.99%.

3 2017 chicken restaurant brand reputation ranking Kyochon chicken, mamseu touch, gupne chicken, BHI's (BHC), Nene Chicken, hosik the two chicken, BBQ (BBQ), age old, not Cobar seasoned chicken, Pelicana Chicken, cheogatjip spice chicken, Mexicana, was poured into chicken, Mexican chicken, charcoal barbecue hulralra order.

How Much Lotte direct 'retirement worries tapas insurance' release

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] Lotte Insurance has launched the 'How Much Lotte direct insurance retirement worries tapas' that can be comprehensively as possible to ensure a variety of risks, including old age dementia occurs in 15 days.

This product accounts for 20% of geriatric patients with 40-50 patients the number of 22 million people receive treatment, such as Alzheimer disease, dementia, environment, such as an increase in young patients with dementia under the age of 50 caused more than 2,000 each year depending on the mortgage it is characterized by a focus on severe dementia jindanbi.

It also guarantees the death, injury sequela - related disability, as well as the risk of ICU hospitalization, which frequently occurs in old age (injury, illness), non-admitted emergency department (emergency, non-emergency) due to existing illnesses and injuries.

Lotte How Much Direct retirement worries tapas insurance 'is possible direct insurance only product subscription only online, offline the same collateral against 10-15% affordable premiums and a total of eight simple security configuration customers to easily and desired insurance easily via subscription can do.

Baekjinhyeon Lotte Insurance Direct Sales said, "With 100 years the prevalence longevity era is in need of insurance that can be compared to this, dementia early disease, age jimyeonseo low," he said "customers faster and more convenient to Lotte How Much Direct retirement worries tapas Insurance it was able to firmly guarantee the retirement, "he said.

In addition, Lotte How Much Direct insurance plan will go to celebrate the 100-year-old age, solidified its position as a leader in the direct insurance Mall as the launch Lotte How Much Direct retirement worries Fatah insurance 'to 40-50 as the primary target to be.

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Gimgyuok Kibo Chairman, bring young staff and town hall meetings

He had a [financial newspapers around the lower cervical Korea News] gimgyuok Technology Finance Director is a young staff and a town hall meeting spot.

Technology Finance announced 15 days had presided over the 'town hall meeting' in order to form a consensus freely listen to the opinions of young employees from the head office in Busan Auditorium last 14 days together.

Hasyeoteumyeo young staff in charge of the field work in the head office and branches nationwide 300 people attended, without limitation various opinions were divided on the topic for Kibo development plan.

The "town hall meeting" was conducted by way of torque concert discussion with a representative of the 8-phase panel names CEO.

Gimgyuok Chairman's specific business areas as "young and vibrant organization, creating a culture recognized as a national staff feel a sense of pride and rewarding Create a job want to work hard," said "Support origins founded to meet such age requirement youth unemployment troubleshooting Mecca and let's pioneering leadership in the business area saerong press to deal with new technologies, such as changes in the fourth industrial revolution, "he said.

Employees participated presenting new business areas, organizations think about innovation, concern about the increasing workload, HR relieve congestion measures, work life balance and a variety of opinions.

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NHN Entertainment, scheduled to launch two new expectations - the best securities

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] was going to keep saying 5000 won only five price target expected to be neutral recommendation on the launch of two new for the Best Investment Securities NHN Entertainment 15 days

Operating results for the first quarter of NHN Entertainment was expected to be somewhat sluggish sales of 216.1 billion won in the previous quarter (QoQ -7.9%), operating profit of 2.9 billion won (QoQ -35.4%).

The Best Investment seongjonghwa researchers, "the first quarter of the Fish Island 2 launched in the Japanese market has failed to great success in the box office" and "Line Disney Massachusetts Mutsu-free line Pop 2 Friends Pop, Crusaders quests, monsters watches, including flagship the sales of the game are maintained and was diagnosed with PC game sales will also be a slight increase in the previous quarter. "

Sex researcher explained, "For the quarter operating expenses, labor costs will be greatly reduced," he said "should be given the previous quarter and a one-time incentive payments impact, marketing costs will increase QoQ to consider, such as the nose, pay TV advertising."

He added, "should be approached as a payload nose business is a long-term project expected as a core element of a potential valuation," "but short-term response side, should take into account the fact that the second quarter Angry Bird Island, will be expecting a new two launch tunpap etc. The "predicts high.

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KT, 'company dedicated LTE' 10 subscribers exceeded 10 000

[Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] KT is laying the 10 million subscriber base in just "a private company LTE 'release 11 months to spur the enterprise communications market.

KT said that it has 15 days to achieve the 10 million subscribers 'private enterprise LTE' world first launched in April last year.

Company dedicated LTE is a new concept to solve the speed and safety is proven LTE based on the national network, depending on each company's environmental leased line in wireless [1]) to provide 'security' and 'cost' services such as two rabbits the mobile office services.

LTE is a company dedicated to the biggest feature that employees can now only through a gateway (Gateway) from a mobile to enjoy the highest levels of security effectiveness in such a way that access to internal networks separate from the state general wireless Internet network and completely.

Transfer to distinguish the data going to come to a commercial LTE network by Enterprises do not need to install extra security program can be anywhere in the country-house network access without hacking worries. In addition, you can easily block access management for applications such as enterprise environments, dedicated LTE access the site, tape recorders, cameras.

Further, WiFi, TRS otherwise than was used establishing an in-house radio network with (radio communication in a particular frequency band), Wibro, etc. now only LTE is up to 50 times faster pleasant mobile networks because it can use the enterprise as the national commercial LTE speed to an existing It provides an environment. Almost no initial investment and maintenance costs, because it is based on commercial LTE network deployed nationwide, it is also possible to continuously upgrade the speed without any investment.

In addition, the company is a corporation dedicated LTE smartphone terminal for personal needs can not be safely viewed in the company's business, is also available to employees who support reducing communication costs. Company dedicated LTE provides a Tera (Tera) level data in an up to 88% discount compared to normal data rates, employee data-written work is the enterprise to reasonably priced for communication expenses than as a reduction to the purchase data is.

Employees are now only available LTE applications access only the ON-OFF-house networks 'work mode', can easily take advantage of a "private mode" that can freely use the personal phone can not only improve the work efficiency dramatically, work mode using data from individual employees can reduce communication costs due to the burden borne by the company.

LTE is divided into private companies, etc., depending on the enterprise business environment △ constructed (Zone Type) △ type-of-service (national type). 'Constructed' is suitable for the company's employees in certain areas specified in the form of connecting to the corporate network company dedicated to LTE, the Institute needed a strong security policy, such as large industrial complexes and factories.

'Type-of-service' is a separate building process applications from anywhere without employees nationwide company dedicated to LTE through frequent form of police, fire department, sales group moved to connect to corporate networks, etc. were specialized insurers. KT LTE is a private company and has more than 100 enterprises, public institutions, municipalities, financial, Jeju, logistics, use, major customers include Hyundai Heavy Industries, Haryana, police Jung, Seoul, fire department, etc. Korea Electric Power.

The service type is constructed customers accounted for approximately 5% to 95% of a service that customers are KT foster care, and direct installation inside a company dedicated to customers around the sangmang LTE gateway.

Hyundai Heavy Industries, Information and Communication, which uses a company dedicated LTE Operations yigeolwoo Director of large businesses said, "The introduction of a mobile office, real-time business processes possible, but can not but be worried about the security and cost", through the "company dedicated LTE introduction has been improved as well as in high efficiency to utilize the pads and IoT to satisfy both security and data costs businesses and employees, "he said.

Company dedicated LTE is large as well as small businesses also can be easily introduced and it provides a plan, a total of eight kinds from 200 million (providing 300GB) May to 40 million won (50TB), is expected to accelerate in the future to secure a wide range of customers.

In addition, KT plans to introduce a variety of wired and wireless solutions, including enterprise data control, specialized devices through the convergence and in February launched a "mobile phone company.

KT wired Division Park Hyun-jin Division is "now only LTE, businesses and employees differentiated B2B solution only KT for both the business environment improvement and cost saving benefits," said "family and personal customers using wired and wireless services, as well as differentiated enterprise-specific the industrial revolution led to the fourth round with a communication service and I will take the lead in increasing the competitiveness of domestic companies, "he said.

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Korea-US FTA 5 years ... The maximum benefit car

[Financial newspaper stand hyomun Korea News] "Korea-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) 'due to the FTA celebrated the fifth anniversary of 15 days received the greatest benefit from the domestic industry was in a car. Accounted for more than 20% of the total exports to the United States is rated as exports led to.

The center has recently increased the possibility of renegotiating the FTA Donald Trump in the US administration's protectionism enhanced level. In the domestic automotive industry opinion on whether or not to renegotiate tariff has risen by eotgalrigo.

◇ cars, more than 20% of the total exports to the US

According to the Industry Ministry normal car exports last year accounted for 23.3% of total exports showed the largest share. Automobile exports were $ 15.49 billion in the US last year. Automobile Industry is analyzed that the FTA tariff last year, exports increased due to improved quality, along with the increase in US consumption apply.

Industry insiders, "dwaeteotda impose tariffs of up to 2.5% in the last 2015", "The KORUS FTA period is five years note that the Convention is applied to the duty-free cars the first year," said he said.

In fact, the domestic auto industry has drawn some extent the performance of last year in the US market. Last year, as an independent brand 'Genesis' appeared on the US market recorded 5000 sales of more than 2 million a year, subject to a successful evaluation of seating. Genesis 26 324 were sold last year in exchange for the United States, 3253 to return this year were sold in February.

Yihanggu Industrial Research Fellow, the "Performance Evaluation of Genesis in the United States is getting very popular," said "It was a record year with sales more than 25 000 G80, 2 models G90 must see that propaganda," he said.

◇ FTA implementation checks the arrival time ...車 customs enforcement needs assessment staggered

Kkophi such a car, but the maximum benefit to the FTA industry is emerging concern that even Donald Trump recently due to the US administration, strengthened trade protectionism, the same effect can be reduced. This year the FTA into force five years is a situation that is highly likely to require jeomchyeo renegotiate FTA with the United States through this "check FTA implementation period, which is carried out every agreement five years.

Yihanggu Industrial Research Fellow, has "very great possibility of discussing the US to renegotiate the FTA implementation period checks carried out this year," said "can be revived through the primary duty of 2.5% to renegotiate," he said.

He added, "Of course, tariffs of 2.5% is also present opinions that can not be a large amount," said "But 10,000 about tariff application of 2.5% (about ₩ 500,000 Hanwha) about 300 US dollars Given the charyanggaaek are priced $ 5000 level price increases, enemies of the view that it is difficult, "he said.

On the other hand, if the resurrection through the renegotiation of tariffs by 2.5% due to purchase benefits provided by the manufacturer also claims that the US consumer can not feel the price level rises. As with domestic promotional discount of 10% charyanggaaek extent because the manufacturer can be discounted.

The securities industry one official as "Donald Trump, the US administration is citing the FTA renegotiation sees no possibility of tariff resurrection keojyeotji only relevant impact significantly on the domestic automobile" and "duties of 2-3% moisture will expand purchases benefit the manufacturer can maintain a competitive price, "he predicted.

He also added: "However, the need for additional monitoring import policy to start renegotiating the FTA," said, "because there are other FTA with Donald Trump, the US administration variety of ways to improve the regulation."

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The Eland World, held 'stars Cherry Blossom Festival "from 25 days

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] gyeongsanggwon up to the theme park, which is operated by Eland hold a 'starlight Cherry Blossom Festival "from 25 days coming up next month, the World 9th.

This fits the 6th World Cherry Blossom Festival this year, the stars are represented in Daegu Spring Festival to enjoy the exotic landscape of harmony with the 8.3 million light bulbs illuminate the world with spring blossoms in full bloom right for each night.

The world and is expected to include the Landmark Tower 83 in Daegu waters a total of 12 across the pink square, photo zone is also provided a total of 100 yeogot.

Especially cherry blossom tunnel road leading to the moving lights and red London buses, and 83 towers became known as cherry blossoms each year through the SNS is gaining popularity among citizens.

This year's Night Market is' Food Truck Festival and the famous Busker who "Healing Concert" invited and 'Night Cherry Run' for solo and night DJ party of 'LETS Pink Party' and the entertainment variety of attractions for the 1020 generation It was prepared.

The official World "stars Cherry Blossom Festival is expected only young customers as the only cherry blossom festival where you can catch rides to not even be a fun family outing spring customers."

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[Obituary] bakyoungwan (formerly SK Securities Division IB) Mr. Bing injury

[Korea financial newspaper goyounghun reporter] ▲ yunseongnam's death, yunjaeseon (business), hyeongwon (Sung Ae Hospital) Mr. buchinsang, bakyoungwan (formerly SK Securities IB Division), gimyiseon (business), yangtaeyoung (Taeyoung 21 hospital) Bing injury = March 14:00 PM 7, Gwangju funeral Western world No. 202, 16 days hearse pulled 7am. 062-527-1000

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Samsung Electronics, the holding company transition coming in May forecast a positive conclusion - Daewoo Mirae

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] Daewoo Mirae Asset expects this coming May, a holding company for Samsung Electronics doendamyeo 15 days increased the need to secure dominance in perspective was expected to draw a positive conclusion.

Samsung day before the "holding company said it will announce the current review underway as scheduled, regardless of the group issues a commitment issue with shareholders'.

Last November 29, the SEC reviewed the company to a holding company structure to optimize the company's growth and shareholder value, and may bar the disclosure that is expected to take about six months review period.

Mirae Asset Daewoo upright as researchers "Samsung holding company will be on the review of communications for the real switch Whether in May, and we believe haejun confirmed that progress, considering the review period of the proposed six months comes without a hitch," said It diagnosed as "matters within the group may need to consider additional review period will not be easy, but negative answers or more than one year make a decision on the long-term review."

The reason was described as highly likely future increase in Samsung governance-related uncertainties based on the actual implementation of policy changes currently being implemented.

Jung Institute "Samsung's ownership of the Group is 18.1% (without voting rights Treasury shares 12.8% excluded) as high without conditions to strengthen control over the stake by funding constraints and cross-shareholding restrictions in fact difficult in," said, "Samsung Electronics shares 1% spent on purchase costs, he said because from the 2.9 trillion won. "

In addition, Samsung Life is also due to Samsung Electronics shares strengthen despite curbs one shareholder with 7.6% and shares market evaluation system is filled promoting the Insurance Business Act amendments, such as it is difficult to ensure the sustainability of dominance sell Samsung Electronics shares some groups retain ownership comments that are bound to fall.

He said, "under discussion in Congress Commercial Code amendments can have a significant burden to the Samsung Group, utilizing the treasury stock holding company is the best." Prior to the amendment to limit the spin when treasury shares utilized for the said "holding company legislation Samsung the possibility of conversion of electronic holding company judged fairly high, "he said.

This enables a secure grip for added Samsung to be diagnosed and solved the governance of uncertainty. It also predicts that Samsung Electronics is consistent with the direction of active shareholder policy as part of the ongoing share buyback and incineration, dividend plans, including expansion of long-term shareholder value.

Information Institute predicts that "just transition period is a matter of choice," said "Samsung is expected to draw a positive conclusion to communicate the results of the review and whether the market for the future holding company."

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That next month indemnity insurance reform ... Jeongjak insurance, subscribers 'lamenting'

[Korea gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter] next month indemnity health insurance system is changed with the launch of new products. The product structure reorganization gotta split into basic type, riders and two years immediately preceding uninsured medical expenses unclaimed egen gives customers a premium discount. As the premium hikes here five years but also reduced insurance loss ratio is also expected to grow keulji cuts jeongjak how consumers feel it is unknown.

◇ 新 released next month indemnity insurance ... Financial authorities premiums downward pressure

The recent financial authorities and the insurance industry is reportedly ahead of the indemnity insurance market to launch next month to discuss the final premium rates.

The financial authorities have rates in line lowered approximately premiums previous year by 25% approximately, manual therapy, extracorporeal shock wave and proliferation care, uninsured injections, uninsured may join both the three riders separated by MRI and 7% when you buy only the basic pushing to be determined. To this end, the financial authorities are being asked recommends applying a lower rate over last year's average of 20% in the insurance industry than it is now.

The insurance industry is a position that is difficult. Indemnity insurance in recent years in terms haewatdaneun launch a premium hikes inevitable loss ratio rising to these cuts is reportedly claiming that excessive.

In addition, according to insurance supervisory regulations enforcement regulations new insurance products can not adjust the premiums until the contract statistics have accumulated five years. After all, the first rate determined at this time is that Shem next five years 新 indemnity insurance prices.

◇ consumers pay premiums increased Inha dwaetjiman

Doedo thus lowering the premiums determined jeongjak consumer experience is less expected.

新 indemnity insurance products because the self-pay ratio of riders and riders, instead of being separated into basic type is to rise to 30% from the current 20%. If the consumer received an allotment for example, one hour of manual therapy ₩ 100,000 will increase from ₩ 20,000 to ₩ 30,000.

Guaranteed amount and the number of riders is also set to prevent excessive 'medical shopping'. Manual therapy △ ₩ 3,500,000 sets annual cumulative annual guarantee limit, △ ₩ 2,500,000 uninsured injections, △ uninsured MRI is limited to 300 million. Even if the frequency of treatment injections guaranteed to set the number of uninsured could receive support each year through the 50th. If there is a limited number of MRI.

Industry insiders, because the existing indemnity insurance excess treatment and excessive spending structure there was in it did not improve the problem did not improve at all the axis of the core, said "it is necessary reform of the healthcare industry as well as financial 'he said.

◇ indemnity insurance reform, "half a solution"

Indemnity health insurance loss ratio of insurance companies led the increase is actually due Hospital uninsured care "from a large proportion. According to data from the Insurance Institute uninsured medical expenses that are not actually applying the number of health insurance accounts for two-thirds of the insurance payments and its share continues to increase, which also reportedly at 67.2% in 2012 to 68.6% in 2014.

In addition, the same survey showed that organizations bottles and 100 bottles high uninsured rate, according to lawmakers, Rep payment performance concentrated in the Seoul area, hospital grade, spinal joint hospital this year. Attitudes vary from hospital clinics are uninsured for the same grade disease was prominent. When a herniated disc cases (other intervertebral disc disorder) accounted for approximately 87% of the uninsured percentage of indemnity insurance payments statistics yieoteuna total copay of Greater General Hospital ₩ 3,580,000 hospital grade was found to be the differences more than doubled to 8.46 million won.

In particular, uninsured medical expenses of senior hospital had occupied the room balance and selection fee is about 70% to about 3.05 million won, hospital grade is shown to account for uninsured procedures and material costs are more than 80 percent to about 8.42 million won uninsured medical portion of the indemnity subscriber large It turned out to be. In the consumer high "small hospital" access to a conclusion that "pain relief therapy (manual therapy), mainly carried out most of the uninsured health care such as spinal joints it is obtained.

However, the Ministry of Health and Welfare as medical indemnity insurance industry has consistently called problem of product structure.

Industry insiders of medical health insurance rate 'OECD countries falls short of ages than in developed countries about 9-15% by 6.1%. While the insurance penetration rate, meaning the private insurance spending is arguing the first, second among OECD countries, he said.

Following "The reason for the increase of the insurance loss ratio is the result of designing a product fault. Should the regulation of private insurance sold 'he claimed, and' the time is inconvenient to focus only on the uninsured "moral hazard" no choice but to expand without worrying about the environment, "it showed an attitude.

Financial authorities do not address the fundamental issue of indemnity insurance issues, only sets out the reasons why the insurance industry is coming out of prison jwaegi criticism.

Financial Consumer Federation of contrast is' far indemnity insurance monitoring strengthened and it is non-cooperation of the Ministry of the healthcare industry cause there was no appropriate restrictions on spending structure, saying "the government in welfare reform dimensional innovative spending structure due to excessive care improvement should be presented with a comprehensive plan for the normalization of indemnity insurance 'naenwatda the claims.

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Cacao "to meet the presidential pre-candidate katok"

It is possible [Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporter] coming to see meet the 19 pre-candidate presidential election on May 9 days chirwojil as KakaoTalk.

Cacao announced its support for 15 days KakaoTalk Plus Friend intended for pre-presidential candidate.

KakaoTalk KakaoTalk Plus Friend is based on a platform that can deliver a variety of content via KakaoTalk. Presidential candidates can spare to produce KakaoTalk Plus Friend outlining the policies and commitments, activities, schedules, and transferred to the mobile content KakaoTalk message.

Kakaohtok message within may have may include external links by utilizing the photo, video, etc. freely organize content, it is possible to relay the real-time image in conjunction with cocoa TV.

Plus friends and User 1 can also send and receive messages, plus one friend home advantage can be packed into a mobile home a variety of information such as profiles, major commitment on the part of candidates.

Agility also can be sent immediately to a candidate at any time, such as a specific issue or party position urgently inform the benefits of positive friends.

Plus, add the cocoa friend of a friend presidential pre-candidate Talk users can easily transfer them to your KakaoTalk friends as well as easily view the content of a candidate to take KakaoTalk message to share.

Mobilize supporters through mobile and spontaneous content is the part that can be expected to spread.

I am 15 days on the basis of the state opened the KakaoTalk Plus Friend 10 preliminary election candidates currently running for completing the declaration or preliminary candidate registration. In the case of a candidate who was using the traditional yellow KakaoTalk ID, the ID is automatically switched to the referee, plus friends.

To add a plus to a candidate's Friends KakaoTalk KakaoTalk first tab it is friends (friends list) top of "friend / friend Plus' search for candidate's name on the square. KakaoTalk message via share plus a friend is also possible to add a friend.

Cacao is planning to support the active use in conjunction Plus friend of preliminary presidential candidate and a variety of services.

He reflected on the plus friend Information Currently the following people results, the future candidate registration is complete and the official election when the exercise period begins following (Daum) more than 26 million people monthly in use and KakaoTalk Channel tab and the currently prepared in Elections: page candidates will be exposed to a friend Plus account and content.

Cacao officials transparent right to "KakaoTalk Plus Friend is an effective means to through Kakao Talk, which has more than 42 million people use at home to quickly inform communicate with voters of their policies, commitments, positions, etc.," said "the election contribute to create a culture of clean elections and said it would provide a variety of services that can be provided voters with accurate information. "

The cacao has entered a full-fledged election preparation services from last 10 days. Plans KakaoTalk, then, such as cacao cacao TV is leveraging the platform you have. Cacao, which had opened the previous elections in 2016 and 2012, when the presidential election and KakaoTalk Plus Friend aimed at election candidates yellow ID.

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BNK financial seongsehwan president, accused the prosecution plans to summon one trillion kinds of Cicero

The suspicion [Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] BNK Financial Holding chairman seongsehwan while the share capital increase that control the market price is expected to be summoned to the prosecutor.

Busan District Prosecutors' Office Special Forces (Director imgwanhyeok tests) were examined 13 to 14 subsidiary BNK Securities practice personnel summoned to hear charges of stock price quotes one trillion kinds of BNK Financial Group.

Prosecutors have presented such conversations between officials of Busan, where more than 10 mid-sized construction companies known to have engaged in price and the price that one trillion kinds of practices and employee transcript was focused on proving the relevant charges.

Highlights this investigation is to BNK Financial Group has deliberately raised the price to be attracted to purchase the shares of BNK financial holding some funds haejumyeonseo loans such as construction companies affiliated with the Bank of identifying the accused. Be the share price at the time of the rights issue of shares by which the final issue price artificially increased as a result jodalaek funds through rights issue comes out the suspicion. As a representative of El sihaengsa City City El officers and construction contractors also involved in the purchase BNK Financial Holding Co., prosecutors are looking at.

Prosecutors seongsehwan BNK Financial Group executives, including chairman will be the same or indicate the price reaches one trillion kinds of reports that are likely to have at least tolerated summoned to St. 16-17 ilkke president. "

BNK Financial Group officials said the position of "keep watch with respect to the gender perspective saying President summoned the prosecution is not appropriate to answer the survey as matters progress.

The prosecution reportedly secured the last 7 days BNK materials and Busan Bank Financial Group, BNK Securities, BNK Capital, including the four offices and seongsehwan BNK financial holding hoejangsil such officers have raided the main office.

FSS BNK Financial Group had requested the investigation last year's second capital increase at the time, saying the allegations raised by dragging the price per share in the period in which the issue price is determined prosecutors late last month BNK Financial Group

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BNK Financial Group, "real estate contract electronic system integration, services

[Korea financial newspaper Busan = bakminhyeon reporter] BNK Financial Group has signed a (Chairman seongsehwan) Busan Bank and Kyungnam Bank "business agreement for real estate transactions, electronic contracts and real estate finance integrated services' Land and Transportation in Busan Bank headquarters and 14 days .

"Real estate electronic contract system 'of the land of Transportation is paper documents and seal is not online electronically and certified as a system to proceed with the real estate contract with a certificate actual transaction or a firm compared to traditional real estate sales contract dated Auto Report, a 24-hour viewing and output, etc. further it increased the convenience and reliability.

Starting with Seoul last August is now possible to proceed with the real estate contract through this system in each City and Gyeonggi Province.

BNK Busan Bank is one of the first in connection with real estate electronic contract system banks in March, Pusan ​​Bank before conducting real estate contract inquiries and outputs available services through branches and financial services since year real estate contract in connection with a thumb banks future mobile professional bank to provide plans to launch a one-stop integrated services to proceed.

Along with Pusan ​​Bank and Kyungnam Bank is planning to apply for loan interest rate preferential treatment if you get a mortgage loan customers through the Ministry of Transportation electronic contract system (eg, Pusan ​​Bank BNK rate upper limit mortgage: up to 0.3% interest rate plus).

Future channels general manager of Busan Bank bedbugs in ceremony (buhaengjang) is "Homeland portion electronic contract system and loan association business BNK Financial is a flagship (Flagship) projects in the domestic financial sector and the real estate market," said a leader of the "East Areas develop a convenient and useful service nagagetda spur, "he said.

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Lotte Cinema, Gyeonggi diversity movie industries 'G Cinema' operations

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Lotte Cinema and economic Content Agency took two hands for the development of improved screening environmental diversity and diversity of South Korea movie industry.

'G Cinema (G CINEMA)' The business is named as is to be combined in Gyeonggi 'G' and 'Cinema' at Lotte Cinema, economic Content Agency and Lotte Cinema is based on fostering and promotion, and excellent audiovisual Diversity Film Industry Screening is intended for base expansion.

Directors, faculty and operational diversity film program consisting of film industry and Compensation Committee will select the films in accordance with the agreement, selected movies will be screened at 1 day 2 round of Gyeonggi material Lotte Cinema 3 Overview rapeseuta and Bucheon, Anyang ilbeonga.

'G Cinema operated for 1 year and 16 days to start the movie TOURS: The best 49 days of my life "and decided,' nunbal ',' attention 'as the first Film.

Specify the Lotte Cinema on Wednesdays for the activation of the 'G Cinema' to 'Diversity Day movie, and operating the works tour fee of 5000 won. Works also plans to conduct events where you can meet new release during actors, directors, and producers.

For more information concerning such 'G Cinema theaters and showtimes are available at Lotte Cinema website and mobile applications.

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Re-elect Fisheries Bank IPO rush to 24,

The [South Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters] are in progress IPO in December last year launched a new haengjang Appointment of Independent Fisheries Sh bank again.

According to the bank on the 15th of Fisheries, Fisheries Bank haengjang Nomination Committee (Acts cold) has decided to conduct a new CEO candidate re-contest through May 24. 31 ilkke through the interview will recommend one people haengjang final candidate.

Fisheries Bank Row cold proceed to interview the four candidates including the target gangmyeongseok standing auditor past eight days, to discuss the next nine days, but eventually failed nakjeom haengjang the final candidates decided to re-contest.

Internal audit reportedly greeted the Standing gangmyeongseok was unable to narrow the differences between the cold line olrateuna members floating in prospect.

Bank of the cutting edge in terms of procedures yiwontae haengjang current term until April 12 to come is expected to take place so fast-paced.

Cold line is comprised of two of five people, including three outside directors names the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives Like the government side. Final Nominations Committee shall have four people over the cold line (two-thirds) vote.

Fisheries in the context of this new departure last year, the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives Bank and neuro separated since independence bankers gathered edge is particularly interested in whether there is no official candidates who come from an internal haengjang.

Fisheries Bank shares are difficult to ignore the government is influenced by the Federation has committed to 100%, but more than 1 trillion won of public funds. Meanwhile, government officials who have risen mainly haengjang place. If yijuhyeong former CEO of Fisheries Ministry of Strategy and Finance (former Ministry of Finance) and former yiwontae current haengjang Deposit Insurance Corporation is also born.

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Samsung Card, a private business specializing card launched

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper News] Samsung Card will launch a private business specializing card.

Samsung Card has launched the 'Samsung Card BIZ DISCOUNT + (Samsung Card discounts plus beads) "to provide you with the necessary practical benefits to everyday life with benefits for private operators it announced 15 days.

The Samsung Card BIZ DISCOUNT + 'offers a 1% discount on all merchant payment when earnings over the previous month ₩ 500,000 limit without discounts.

4 premium is provided with an electrical charge, internet fees, damages, insurance, Costco, etc. 5 Industry 5% discount on the settlement date. If the previous month earnings more than 1 million won per month to receive benefits up to 2 won from five sectors and Costco can get a discount up to 1 million.

250 cases VAT refund amenities necessary support services to private operators and also provides electronic invoice month free offer.

It also provides valuable benefits to everyday life.

If the previous month earnings more than 1 million won SK gas stations, GS Caltex, and provides payment discount of 80 won per liter at three gas stations, etc. S-OIL.

The once per day, per tour amounts to ₩ 100,000 discounts apply and can get a discount up to ₩ 20,000 per month.

If Starbucks, A Twosome Place, Venetian cafes, etc. 10 coffee shops in the previous month earnings more than 1 million won could bars a 20% discount to the monthly payment million.

The card is available free of charge if combined overseas earnings last month more than 1 million won to the main hotel and Incheon International Airport valet parking free of charge once a month, Incheon airport lounge once a month, twice a year. The international combined annual fee is ₩ 99,000 domestic only is ₩ 97,000.

For customers looking for a private business has launched a corporate credit card issued with the "Samsung Card CORPORATE DISCOUNT + (Samsung Card Corporate discount plus).

Only corporate card, Samsung card CORPORATE DISCOUNT + 'used alone be issued if you can get all the benefits of merchant payment discount of 0.2%, VAT refund comfort support services, electronic tax invoice month 250 cases free of charge.

When used in conjunction with a personal card, Samsung card BIZ DISCOUNT + 'products are subject to the same benefits as individual cards. When used with the previous month using the two cards combined earnings are being used and the number of discount limit applies integration.

Samsung Card's officials to provide practical benefits to help in everyday consumer life, depending on the individual operators increase based on big data was the newly launched products identify the needs of its customers, "said" with benefits for individual businesses Features "said.

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'FOMC gwanmangse' won / dollar exchange rate fell 0.8 won departure

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters KRW / USD rate has dropped slightly departure.

Won / dollar exchange rate in the Seoul foreign exchange market, trading fell 15, 10:10 compared to the current 1.2 won per dollar in the previous trading 1149.30 won AM. The won / dollar exchange rate was down 0.8 won to 1148.0 won the opening than the previous trading day.

It can be interpreted as showing that the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) of the impending meeting with gwanmangse 14 to 15 (local time) of the Federal Reserve (Fed) to determine the US benchmark interest rates.

The dollar, the yen, seen among the major currencies strengthening against the euro, such as buying foreign stocks, negotiated exporters (USD selling) volume is likely to be a limiting factor in the exchange rate.

In March rate hike already in the foreign exchange market is paying attention to interest rates and the economic prospects of future Fed members in that diagnostic influential. International Finance Centre predicts that "this will be an interest rate hike this year point routes, such as the Trump yelreon economic policies affect the comments of the Fed chairman" in the "Weekly major international financial issues and outlook 'report.

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Geurupju Samsung, Samsung SDS, including the reorganization of the second day of strong corporate governance news

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper News] Samsung Group share price has shown a continuous upward trend in the two governance issues.

15 days 10 am, five minutes, Samsung Electronics is currently trading at 2.07 million won rose 2000 won (0.10%) higher than the previous day. Only yesterday the same time, Samsung SDS is also than ₩ 138,000, up 2.99%, 0.76% rose 13 Samsung C & T also has passed 3,000 won.

President Lee Sang-hoon, Samsung Electronics is reviewing the matter without a hitch as promised to our shareholders, regardless of the issue for the group holding company and review the previous day's Samsung Electronics announced that it will release as scheduled. This was the answer to what caused this setback recently Vice President Lee Jae-yong governance transition to the redemption of the future Strategy Department, including dismantling schedule. Securities Group as a going beneficiary proposed governance Samsung Electronics, Samsung C & T, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung SDS and so on.

Mirae Asset Daewoo upright as the researchers explained, "seems to be about the holding company leading the merger with Samsung SDS IT sector" and "coming in May holding company will transition expected and draw positive conclusions greater need in the grip securing perspective" did.

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The composition Amore Pacific, a large-scale 'beauty industrial complex' in Yongin

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporter] Amore Pacific has signed a 'Memorandum of Understanding Investment Industrial Park Yong Beauty' am 14 days 10 Gyeonggi Province Governor's office (MOU). The signing ceremony was Governor of Gyeonggi-do namgyeongpil day, jeongchanmin market acceptance attended seogyeongbae including Amore Pacific president.

Amore Pacific Beauty Industrial Complex is accepted to be erected on the moving plane giheung-gu, Yongin, Gyeonggi boradong Cheoin-gu, and one is expected to create a large-scale production facilities with complex cosmetic and cosmetic institute business only. It starts in 2018 and completed in 2020, and the aim is to promote total 520 000 Land area 4000㎡.

This time expenses of about 163 billion won will be added to the additional investment is planned to be there for future research and production facility constructed as infrastructure costs, site preparation.

Amore Pacific has completed the first-year driver sacred studies were completed in the tube (total floor area of ​​10,000 7200m²), the second study drivers' Clear US (total gross floor area of ​​20,000 6000m²) since 2010 to 1992 boradong giheung-gu, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. Beauty Industrial Park will be built to expand the existing research facilities.

Seogyeongbae Amore Pacific president, said that "We will strive to contribute to the local economy while improving the competitiveness of the domestic cosmetics industry based on continuous research and development."

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GS Caltex, South Jeolla Province in 2017 the eastern region juvenile mind toktok crisis' start dates

[Korea financial newspaper stand hyomun reporter] GS Caltex and Gwangju District Attorney Suncheon Branch Offices will last 14 days Yeosu GS Caltex yeul floor and the Korea Legal Protection Welfare Corporation 'in 2017, Chonnam eastern crisis Youth mind at Chonnam East Branch and Suncheon Culture Health Center the start dates toktok 'and a full-fledged operating naseotdago said 15 days.

Toktok mind is the last GS Caltex Korea's first child psychology emotional healing arts contributions conducted in 2013. GS Caltex and Suncheon Branch Offices, etc. has signed a years' youth crisis in eastern South Jeolla mind toktok support services Convention 2016. The first year of probation enforcement and prosecution leading conditional deferred disposition Juvenile crisis Yeosu 119 people receive the healing arts such as playing instruments, lyricist, composer and educational summer camp raised the strength to withstand the temptation of recidivism.

Depending on the results of this year is to expand our business in Suncheon area and perform the art of healing crisis, about 140 young people. Young people in once a total of 15 times a calendar week Yeosu GS Caltex yeul floor and the Korea Legal Protection Welfare Service experience the arts healing or concentrate the healing process, such as playing together instruments in Jeonnam East Branch and Suncheon Culture Health Centre All Day (All Day) participate in the music camp. There is also the end of the year maryeondwae yeul floor joint performances.

GS Caltex and Suncheon Branch Offices describes the objectives and detailed schedule, attendance management program in the healing arts of the day classes start dates and were subjected to target youth and caregivers counseling. The program is dedicated to healing music on the highest level of professional organization of Ewha Womans University School of Music Therapy.

The class start dates in Gwangju Suncheon District Attorney Crime Branch Offices boy • Dedicated test, love justice law committee of 20 people were attending Chonnam eastern members, such as Ewha Womans University School of Music Therapy and GS Caltex officials had encouraged the youth crisis.

GS Caltex official said that "building, through the art of healing crisis acid and youth together to promote science toktok mind power will continue to contribute to the crisis in eastern South Jeolla so young people can grow into a healthy member of society."

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Kia, Kia Red member's credit card market

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] Kia Motors will launch a "hunger Members Red card 'for Members of Red Kia customers 15 days.

Platinum credit card is a card with Red KIA member's credit card base by a total of two or more. Both cards can both earn a red card and points of M points of the modern Kia at the same time.

Jeokripyul point M of the main card is 0.5 to 2.0% and a red jeokripyul point is 15% of the M point. For Platinum Card M jeokripyul points is 20% of the same, and red points M jeokripyul two points. Kia is scheduled to launch in April a red Kia Members Platinum Plus credit card to earn points and earn 30% of the red M points.

Members of Red Kia new car purchase credit cards are also benefits significantly. For a period of five years with M deducting earn one point and up to 400 million points of Red Point (M + Red Point Point ₩ 2,000,000 ₩ 2,000,000) can be discounted. Is expected to be Auto (prepaid service points) is also possible using duplicate member's red Kia customers can receive a discount of greater width-to-point deduction will save between discounts and separately 20 10 000 ~ $ 500.

Members hunger and red credit card also provides various discounts when using the auto cue maintenance. Being able to pay 30% of the payment amount with point M can receive discounts of up to one year as well as maintenance amount up to 2 million yuan.

As well as the use M points and red points in jehyucheo can of course also get to enjoy a wide range of benefits such as coffee, movies, Platinum dedicated service outlets covering the benefits and discounts such as free parking on weekends case of Platinum card.

Members hunger red card application when a new car factory, it is possible to apply through the online application or operating bases in modern cards Main, red Kia Members site. Details annual fees, benefits, etc. are jehyucheo Referring website. However, the member's credit card is red Kia except the M points earned during the current month is less than the amount used ₩ 500,000 does not even earn a red point.

Kia Motors said, "Kia Since Membership released today introduced the '10 Kia Red member's credit card to convey our appreciation to our customers haejun continued support for a period of over," said Big City "M Point and Red Point Dual earn, car buying and maintenance to increase the customer satisfaction by providing enhanced benefits, the benefits will continue efforts, "he said.

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Den tium, 15th ceremony of newly listed securities market

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Korea Exchange Stock Market Division was held securities of 15 days from 9:00 AM 840 minutes of dental implants and related equipment manufacturers for the PR office in Seoul Den tium market IPO ceremony.

Day ceremony was attended by President of the Council, including Lee Ho-cheol South Korea IR, yieuntae Korea Exchange Stock Market Division, ganghuitaek Den tium CEO, Vice President jeongyoungchae NH Investment & Securities, Korea Listed Companies Association vice chairman Kim Jong Un.

Den tium's flagship product is the dental implants and related equipment, and the business of selling non-synthetic bone. Cumulative consolidated sales in the third quarter of 2016 has achieved 875 million yuan, net 17.3 billion won.

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Shinhan Bank, 'M-Folio Asset Management happiness' event

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] Shinhan Bank announced the implementation of "happiness Asset Management Event 'to customers who experience an asset designed using the M-Folio from the 15th to the end of April or the new fund targets.

M-Folio provides Robo advisors and experts tailored asset management services that accommodate your personal investment tendencies in asset management dedicated mobile app, Shinhan Bank launched the first banknote. A portfolio can be invested ₩ 100,000 from the fund and sign up through the M-Folio customers can continue to receive diagnosis and asset rebalancing proposed service.

This gives you the M-Folio During the event 'Robo smart suggestions, and experience design portfolio using the "meticulous expert suggestions" for 1,000 mobile customers through a convenience store lottery Gifticon 3 cheonwongwon.

In addition, Shinhan Bank Teller latest laptops (one) account and certified with a certificate through a lottery for customers new to after portfolio designed Fund, Polaroid camera (4), Dining Voucher 10 manwongwon (5) including a generous prize further it provides.

Winning Customers can check the contents by Shinhan Bank website May 12 and will be notified for its customers.

Shinhan Bank official said, "has gained a high Followers enough to Shinhan M-Folio, despite the high volatility of world markets reap a stable investment performance and experience of the customer portfolio in November last year after the enforcement Services 14 million people" and "the future effective I will continue working to make over the property management can be a force banks to their customers, "he said.

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One financial investment dogok station points, 18, Otto Stark utilizing overseas futures Seminar

[Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] financial investment dogok station one point held that the coming "International Seminar free gift 'headquarters in Yeouido, not 18 days from 10 am to 4 pm said 15 days.

The seminar is prepared in a single financial investment seminar relay point dogok station targeted at investors who are interested in Otto Stark system using ETF shares and domestic and foreign gifts.

Chief instructor is penalized for actions of Otto Stark, vice president and bakseongsun, yangsanggyu professionals who are active in one financial investment PB Team bakhyeonuk, broadcasting pre-cap securities of dogok station point to 'stick Cheongpung "experts. The seminar will describe the auto wrap and apply it to a system that automatically executes the auto Stark buy stocks that operate as one imhyeong.

In addition, a collection of key points such as signal in overseas futures market maker or a hands-free marketing techniques take advantage of the cap will be lectured for six consecutive hours. The seminar can participate to the first 100 people, participated in one application and contact us if you are a financial investment point dogok station.

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Tongyang securities, Early End ELS securitized derivatives, such as three kinds of conspiracy

[Korea financial newspaper nine hyerin News] tongyang securities secondary bond early even if it is not repaid unless fell by more than 35% during the year, including one year time annual 6.00% Early End ELS be repaid to the rate of return on that derivative securities 3 coming to 17 species and conspiracy on a scale of 70 billion.

ELS 3709 is a call to maturity index KOSPI200 three years early redemption period of six months non-principal-guaranteed products in the portfolio. 95% of the initial reference price (6, 12, 18 months), early maturity, or is a return of 4.20% a year if 90% or more (24, 30, 36 months). Also, if the basis for an investment period even though it is not a prepayment asset that has never fallen below 60% of the initial reference price will return to maturity of 12.60% (4.20% a year).

ELS 3710 is heading a three-year, HSI index, Eurostoxx50 index in the non-principal-guaranteed products of the early redemption period expires six months as underlying assets. 90% of the initial reference price (6, 12 months), 85% (18, 24 months), is greater than or equal to 80% (30, 36 months) is an early maturity or annual rate of return to 5.20%. Moreover, even if not early repay the investment period for any one of all the underlying asset it has never been this underlying assets fell to less than 45% of the initial reference price will return to maturity of 15.60% (5.20% a year).

ELS 3711 is heading a three-year, non-guaranteed products at an early principal repayment period of the HSI index structure Early End of 6 months, Eurostoxx50 maturity index as an underlying asset. 90% of the initial reference price (6, 12 months), 85% (18, 24 months), the repayment of 80% (30 months), 65% of the annual yield to maturity or earlier if there is more than 4.00% (36 months). If only secondary even though it is not early repayment has never fallen below 65% of all underlying assets any one of prepayments during the year is a return of 6.00% a year at the time the first year.

The minimum subscription amount may be subscribed in tongyang securities of 10 million won (₩ 100,000 units) nationwide branches and online tongyang securities homepage.

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Samsung Electronics, the Paris book 'QLED TV' global launch

[Korea financial newspaper ohahreum News] Samsung 14 (local time) the next generation of TV you apply the quantum dot technology at the Louvre exhibition in the city of Paris Light 'QLED' with the new concept lifestyle TV 'more frames (The Frame)', etc. 2017 Converse has released a large number of new products.

The event is more than 1,000, including the world's major media and business partners, including the Savior, the Americas, Southeast Asia attended proved to be highly interested in Samsung 'QLED TV'.

Samsung Electronics 'Visual Display Business Division Kim Hyun-seok, president of Samsung presents a future vision "Everywhere screen (Screen Everywhere)' This is where the attention of the TV.

Kim Hyun-seok, president of "TV in the past, put in a limited space has remained to provide the functionality of a TV or audiovisual viewing" and "the future will be installed without the constraints of space anywhere in the house and evolve as a platform that can hold any content you want "he said.

In addition, Kim Hyun-seok, president insisted that "everything must change, such as in the form of services and TV and be able to provide value to the time the TV is turned off to it."

Samsung 'QLED TV' is a starting point to implement the "Screen Everywhere 'SEC.

Samsung 'QLED TV' is a product that offers by implementing a quality as such and the realities that have quantum dot technology to express (100% color volume) to change in subtle colors of the light, the ideal viewing experience for consumers.

'QLED TV' is apart from applying a transparent optical cable eliminates shoot here the lines connecting the TV to the TV and peripherals and peripheral control enables up to 15 meters were minimized space constraints.

This TV can improve the interior effect 'wall-mount adhesion, apply a wall-mounted as well as selecting the stand design according to consumer tastes.

In addition, there can be Peripheral they take advantage of the "one remote control" technologies, conveniently TV than via the "Speech Recognition" function that can easily control the TV functions with only voice commands to automatically detect control apart from via the TV remote control .

Samsung has unveiled a new concept in lifestyle TV 'frame more' me.

'The Frame' has won the 'Best Innovation Award' at CES 2017, Operating the "Art Mode" is equipped with this feature user-selected artwork or photos that look like a picture frame on the screen.

This product gives a representation makes the world around 40 eminent art, collaborating with photographer's plans to offer a variety of works, automatically sensing in the environment such as lighting lively than the works had to be replaced by framed design.

In this event, 'The Frame' to the global industrial designer Yves beha (Yves Behar) gives an idea directly appeared in Development ", even if it looked Imagine a TV that you can be beautiful technology, Samsung has made my imagination into a reality," he said said a comment.

'The Frame' is the type 55 and type 65, and will be sequentially introduced to the world in the first half.

In addition, Samsung is building a stand, wall mount, High-speed, opening up the market consisting of TV accessories such as picture frames and accessories supplier to the ecosystem and lifestyle TV market, said it would continue to actively expand market.

Meanwhile, Samsung is planning to introduce continuously new concept of an entirely different lifestyle TV kkajiwaneun now successfully launched the end of 2017 and challenges on the global TV 12 consecutive years with the 'QLED TV'.

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Dow Kiwoom Group, Japan's SBI Holdings and MOU ... Securities joint projects

[Korea hyerin nine financial newspaper reporter] Dow Kiwoom Group should collaborate with the Japanese digital financial services leader SBI Holdings.

Dow Kiwoom Group (Chairman gimikrae) announced that it has signed a strategic business agreement (MOU) on the Internet throughout the last 14 days Japanese financial group SBI Holdings and finance.

The MOU includes a comprehensive business alliance partnership, as well as non-financial subsidiaries and between subsidiaries and joint investment between business partnership between Dow Kiwoom Group and SBI Group for the first half Kiwoom between retail and SBI Securities, asset management, IB such securities. It also plans to seek together a multifaceted business council plans to construct a regular basis for the successful implementation of the Convention.

SBI Holdings has established a range of financial businesses such as a digital pioneer of Japanese financial services securities, banking and insurance. In particular, a representative subsidiary SBI Securities and SBI bank Sumitomo sinnet such as SBI Holdings, which occupies a unique position in the Japanese financial industry has a reputation naetdaneun lead to success in the digital era banking in Japan.

Dow Kiwoom Group said, "This agreement is a positive development through mutual cooperation between the two exchanges combined with the financial business are strong expectations," he said, "to further strengthen partnerships in the future plans to expand its global business."

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Financial cooperatives, today held the first president-elect Im cold

[Korea Jeongseon financial newspaper reporters] to start the first two cooperatives financial officer Nomination Committee (which is cold) 15 days and rush to the president-elect edge.

Financial cooperatives being cold is composed of five directors, including corporate vice president of finance and cooperatives ohbyeonggwan yunamyoung non-executive directors, another outside director of Min Sang-gi · · jeonhongryeol jeongbyeonguk.

When you start a cold Lim should select the next president within 40 days. Gimyonghwan current term president of Jeddah on April 28 Is it coming. Given to the Board of Directors and the shareholders' meeting is schedules future events are observed to be tight to proceed. Finalists must receive four votes Out of five being cold source.

In the banking industry it has focused on whether the first ever re-elected chairman of gimyonghwan. Kim has shuffled the bar Big Bass (Big Bath) confided that the bad loans in accordance with the shipbuilding and shipping industry restructuring last year at a time and a successful turnaround after the end of the year recorded a half-year loss.

Going beyond political impeachment in the early presidential candidate hamapyeong that were named in the meantime, senior officials before being cold center is also silent atmosphere.

Just after the 2012 financial cooperatives launched reappointed case also raised the possibility in mind that the new candidate.

Internal sinchungsik first president born three months, nine from the Ministry of Finance resigned only a year sindonggyu president. Imjongryong former president was in financial affairs chairman before his term expired.

In the banking industry has been noticed also chairman of the Central gimbyeongwon NACF has a 100% equity interest in cooperatives Financial Group. Central Investment Holdings Related gimbyeongwon president and president-elect is elected in the recent one year anniversary conference "did not specifically reviewed to date" he has said.

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Yang Securities Meritz Dogok Center, 18, standing in Yeouido second quarter investment seminar

The [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] Dogok Yang Securities Meritz Financial Center is coming to hold seminar on investment during the afternoon 218 days 'is a remarkable talent with spring flowers blooming in the stock market, the second quarter?' Headquarters in Yeouido, 14th Floor Auditorium.

Yang Securities Meritz Financial Centre Dogok yigwonhui deputy, is scheduled two-hour TV as an instructor at the Korea Economic Committee jomingyu professional progress.

Anyone interested in investing Anyone can attend. The customers of scheduled attendees for coming and presented the "law to recover lost equity investments 532 account" the two deputy this writing 30 people with first-come, first-served basis.

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Financial authorities "Property P2P principal guaranteed note andoemeuro"

[Korea before lower cervical financial newspaper reporter] financial authorities to the real estate investor P2P P2P is urged andoemeuro principal guaranteed note.

The financial authorities announced a real estate investor notes on P2P loans 15 days.

Property P2P loans if the repayment arrears and defaults of borrowers, such as delays occur depending on the real estate market are likely loss of principal invested. In order to minimize the loss of principal amount due you should look closely at the subject collateral, bonds rank, LTV ratios, such as a lien auctions disposal practices.

Construction Loans (PF loans) is a set of construction plans of land as collateral because it should not be mistaken for the value of the collateral value determined after the completion of the proposed buildings in the business.

Some PF loans in existence so even if the lien or mortgage on the land without the subordinated should review the investment conditions in detail.

"Do not worry Invest mortgage loan am 'is advertised as investment losses should note that it is up to the investor.

The higher rate of return as high risk.

General mortgage loans in the P2P companies provide investment products that are mostly subordinated debt. Subordinated bonds are a special care is needed because the principal cause loss greatly depending on the disposal of equity prices during the defaulting borrowers

Construction loans are unsold after completion of the building is reflected in the value of construction will occur or risks that may be lower than expected.

Property P2P loans are short term loans within one year multiple investment products, unlike credit.

Although short-term loans so the game changes depending on the real estate market is likely to result in overdue debt situation, determine whether there should be investment carefully.

High-yield products should be carefully analyzed the risks.

Real estate PF loans should identify the business risks associated with the business plan the feasibility, implementation and construction company stability. Collateral valuation, public confidence in financial companies, including real estate collateral materials price valuation methods, lien priority, you should understand the risks associated with mortgage collateral value declines such possibility.

The visit confirmed the direct investment around the municipal bunyangryul such investment or questions should check the correct contact information for your business.

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