Saturday, February 18, 2017

Agricultural Economics Group, Civilian Control Line Paju Unification Village and Sister

[Korea Financial News Lee, Dong - Kyu News] Agricultural Cooperative (Chairman gimbyeongwon) employees, including the economic prop gimwonseok Agricultural Economics, CEO of 17-day visit to Unification Village (Gyeonggi Paju) located in (my Civilian Control Line) Demilitarized Zone border and has an honorary chapter ⋅ residents wichoksik , has promised to continue to flow to the activation of town development and local agriculture it said Monday.

NACF ​​last four 1003 people to the town of specialization seonbongjang roles, from the promotion to the enterprise a nationwide movement of "making another town" May ※ appoint honorary chapter, and the farmers home repairs, village flower road extravaganza, nongbeongi help shorthanded, including rural spearheaded the town activated. (※ cooperatives 539 people, 75 government offices, businesses 234, 155 other)

After holding this year's economic inception, the foundation of the economy is continuing holding the edge of a rural town to the new organization system under the principle of Nongshim (農 心).

Gimwonseok Agricultural Economics CEO of "farmers are happy farmers to build our agricultural products are healthy and safe consumption if the cooperatives and towards the people's trust and love will follow the will," said "our farmers in the side Nongshim's chest to hold people and together sold If you make the cooperatives 'farmers' income ₩ 50,000,000 era "also believe that must be done," he said.

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