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Agricultural Mutual Credit, "2017. Lucky Cow Appreciation deposits" exceeded 10 trillion won

[South Korea's Choice Financial News Reporter] mutual financial cooperatives surpassed 10 trillion won in sales, 2017 Lucky Cow Appreciation deposit 'of (CEO Lee Daehun).

The last two released May 24, 2017 Lucky Cow Appreciation deposit "has achieved a 5 trillion, registering four weeks 10,040 manjwa, 10 trillion won in sales amount introduced two weeks only. Lee Daehun, CEO attended the ceremony held in the last 24 days the game wabu cooperatives subscribe to a direct product and has encouraged its employees.

Lee Daehun representative said, "We will continue to develop financial instruments that 2017 Lucky Cow Thank you for your support of our customers who show gratitude to the deposits will continue to force farmers and customers."

"2017 Lucky Cow Appreciation deposit" is intended to join the customer provides goldeuba, electric massage chairs, prizes worth a total of 100 million won through a total of five event. Coming up April 21 is selling for promotion in the national agriculture and Livestock.

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Allianz Life, guaranteed minimum pension without penalty

[Gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter Korea - Allianz Life launched last days "(no) harmony variable annuity insurance, the minimum pension to the minimum guaranteed pension reserves and dividend earnings the industry's first without guarantee fee at the same time.

This product is even declining before investment earnings start of pension and select the "minimum pension guarantee fee 'it gives to the minimum guaranteed between 100 and 130% of the premiums you paid in accordance with the retention period in the pension inception, without pensions beginning on or after customer earnings dividend pension If you want to invest pension funds in the fund guarantees a minimum pension without imposing the performance dividend, dividend earnings pension guarantee fee. For third-party variable annuity insurance is keeping a certain level of guarantee fees to the contractor usually the minimum pension reserve reserve earnings dividend guarantees and warranties in pensions. Having a minimum pension reserves and earnings dividend pension to the minimum guaranteed without charge because being invested assets by the moment Growth assets and secure funds automatically reallocate system assets ratio is adjusted optimally according to daily market changes.

This product also introduces the 'jam-shaped "and" couples-type' pensions to the pension industry's first dividend earnings.

The same level until the you select 'jam-type' for you to 100 years of age, regardless of the minimum guaranteed return on investment pension levels to choose from, increased by 2% per year, "the couple type, even if one of them died during the couple remaining spouse alive the performance of dividend minimum pension guarantees. Through a selection of 17 riders of things are possible to ensure a variety of design for disaster killed guarantees, guarantees surgery, hospitalization guarantee, cancer surgery, ensuring children ensure customer needs. Islands Province rider is "(no) 6 Diseases pension conversion Rider" and "(No) LTC annuity conversion Rider" Selecting and pensions beginning on or after cancer, stroke, six disease or dementia, stroke, Parkinson's, such as acute myocardial infarction when the state long-term care (LTC) due to disease, such as occurs it can be doubled pensions for a fixed period of time.

In addition to flexibly operate the additional payment and it has a moderate withdraw funds function in accordance with the economic situation and how pension in addition to the dividend earnings yeongeumhyeong can choose freely from among tenured, inheritance, pension finalized.

For jeokriphyeong, the basic premium is paid one million won more than the contractor once a year for over 10 years maintained a long-term 15% of the prime contractor default insurance for long maintained a bonus. For the monthly basic premiums over 500,000 won large contracts to provide further insurance discounts.

The Finance Allianz Life product implementation that can harm "Allianz Life" (no) harmony variable annuity insurance "applies the minimum guarantee without charge the only guarantee fees in the industry at low interest rate situation persists reduce substantially benefit customers "adding" innovative products, Allianz life is the future we will continue to work on developing this unique product, "he said.

The Allianz Life will change its name to 'ABL life "in the" Allianz Life "during the third quarter of this year. Allianz Life offers a broad range of customer-focused product lines and are more committed to a customer-friendly product development.

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Galaxy rival S8 met G6 winner is ...

Concentrated in the Korea Financial News ohahreum reporters: "True innovation improves Sanya footing the G6 competitive philosophy that maximize customer value captured faithfully in the LG G6 Business constitutional improvement, quality reliability, and quality growth will leap again into a mobile powerhouse. "

LG Electronics MC Business Division president Cho Junho February, the aspirations balhyeotdeon at a press conference laid in Spain Barcelona Sarria hotels (Melia Barcelona Sarria Hotel).

Departure of LG G6 was neat. Atda pretty good it compared to its predecessor, such as the 30,000 sold in two days released. G6 is a first-mover advantage enjoyed toktokhi haetgie released one month earlier than the Galaxy S8. G6 is a key marketing point of consumers. Consumers would have chosen to stick to the beat changes you want. A new addition to the display of G6 attached monolithic name was "full vision" it is typical. Easy to use with one hand vertically and horizontally 18:09 mewotda best products at the front of the screen. It took over the 'Dual Camera' and 'quad DAC' audio capabilities received a favorable reception from the existing products, of course.

The early success of the G6 can say, as I said earlier triumph of marketing.

However, early Although relief was okay, the initial reaction. Initial reactions are hot when the G5, but did not deliver in a timely manner to the parts supply problems. So far success of G6 is an analysis of the predominant than the one that caused the smartphone market than pure thanks to its competitiveness.

S8 was released just as the Galaxy on July 30. Galaxy S8 coming enters the 21st official sales market landscape is what happens. Galaxy G6 and S8 are many similarities. Is oriented to the big screen "full vision" and "Infinity" by the way, AI voice assistant yes Google Assistant "and" Bixby.

As LG Electronics will want to beat the end of last month share price temporarily. But he wanted to abandon the concern that the SEC's new public posts can be a negative impact on the G6 sell off as soon as possible whether a property's market Bondi inexorable law.

Why the views to see the bright galaxy S8 sales prospects need to see to enjoy not achieve the mainstream. Kim Seonwoo Meritz Investment Bank Securities researcher estimated Despite the "Galaxy S8 is Samsung's high-end (the top level) smartphone released in a year," said "the Galaxy Note 7 events and the pent-up demand for the Samsung high-end smart phones sizable There are only saw the first half would be the 27 million shipments ".

A generous view would exceed the 25 million sales of its predecessor Galaxy S7 which was sold the same period last year. Market research firm Atlas Research has said that the opening of LG U + G6 model sales ranking of LG in smartphone sales trends report last month on the 28th March the third week (16 to 22) ranked third. This gives the impression released the first owner in March second week (9-15 days) LG U + opening G6 models Jin quite unlike domestic sales were ranked first. Now ahninya is open to throw soared in the early going cold comes even analysis.

Now, of course, who could accurately predict the direction of the sales curve G6. Samsung also true game is the timing to pay in the future.

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Highest interest rate decision, must be reasonably accessible

[Korea Financial News] rate cuts populist election promises botmul intellectual

Cause naemoneun 'balloon effect' illegally Private Financing

Upcoming May, ahead of the presidential election which pours the leading presidential candidates in the competitive jugetdaneun to ease the burden of household debt while ordinary cause 'highest court moneylender interest rates (the highest rate) cuts' commitments. In the Democratic primary candidate Moon Jae-camp, with the current run lead in various opinion polls it was announced some time ago the best motivation commitment term interest rates down step by step to 20% within a year.

It is continuously lowered with the highest domestic interest rates low interest rates reached 66% in 2002 to open and maintain an annual 27.9 percent in March 2016.

Nevertheless, the highest rate of current claims there is no reason 22 times higher than the basic annual interest rate of 1.25%, the Bank of Korea, and Japan have maintained the highest rate of 20 percent did not we make.

In addition to the maximum interest rate sensitive loan market continues to grow, there is still deotbutyigo also argued that the potential to make the highest interest rates.

But when viewed through such theoretical research and empirical examples excessive highest interest rate cuts overseas, rather than the effect of easing the burden of interest it makes it difficult for people to finance their approach.

Loan Finance Association, Korea was the so-called credit ratings than 7 customers after the actual sharply last year lowered the top rate to 27.9 percent, according to which a contrast to the period 4-6 User ratings for CITIC same increase. Meanwhile, it is best not to shrinking sales of large lenders cut interest rates analyzed because there was basically the funding of the interest rates being cut, the funding needs of the populace increased under economic long-term recession lenders will be lending selectively, do. Including lenders ordinary people are excluded from the institutional, financial institutions are faced with a situation not but immediate access to illicit markets of Private Financing of the ring.

However, these side claiming the highest interest rate target is considering a plan to expand the welfare and expand the junggeumri loans through the financial policy people.

However, long-term economic recession of the massive scale of the tax increases necessary to the welfare fund are expected to be formidable even tax resistance is not easy Welfare moral hazard by itself implies a problem in addition it is difficult to overcome. As well as junggeumri loan itself can be achieved primarily by CITIC Limited mainly because users have basically limits exist due to the guarantee insurance scale.

The role of the Internet in junggeumri loan of professional banking market to be created in infrastructure and institutional support is seen as a greater likelihood of international experience in the niche market limited. Because of the side effects of the highest interest rates and against the world's best unreasonable interest rates. Japan is an illegal issue of Private Financing punctuated with the highest interest rate cuts the mid-2000s, as financial deepening polarization and economic problems as well as increased political and even social unrest.

It has now been neutered voice that rather than raise interest rates again in the highest political circles. Such as the United States and Britain are reluctant to actively enforced for fear of side effects through a variety of theoretical analysis and global experience, including cases before the highest interest rate settings. While the highest rates in the World Bank under the CGAP (The Consultati ve Group to Assist the Poor) organizations rather adhere to the poor and adversely affects its stance communities oppose excessive highest rate setting.

Moreover, now is not to discuss the economic situation, the highest interest rate. While the end of 2016 as part of the base rate of the US exit strategy has started to raise key interest rates at home and abroad show a steep rise. Not long ago, the US Federal Reserve said it will raise interest rates three times in the coming year 2019 with a rate hike. Situation that may not raise domestic interest rate is then liable greater potential to rise to greater funding costs of financial institutions, ordinary width.

In this yard if the highest rates are lowered by adding significantly to the ordinary financial institutions When you receive a fatal impact on the sales seem to not deal with the fact, 7 credit rating below.

Therefore, the best method of determining the best interest rate cut in more cautious required bars, South Africa (South Africa), we have presented two implications. South Africa's government is known to be well-run and the problem is bigger party established (effective in 2007), the NCA (National Credit Act) to improve the interest rate ceiling system in the direction of increasing price transparency to the highest interest rate levels.

Specifically, the South African Department of Commerce (DTI) is a consultative body composed of various financial professionals and industry people; and configuring (NCR National Credit Regulators). NCR, has the ability to access credit on credit availability, price and market conditions, performance and trends, compete, SMEs and economically weak credit industry is also observed for the credit industry, including the investigation. Commerce has reasonably determined by taking into account the economic conditions and the market situation through consultations with the South Africa's best interest NCR.

Less than one year up to 2017 for the short-term nominal interest rate for the loan is the first loan for additional loans of less than one year 05%, has decided to 03%. Although the scheme is considered a distant country part to learn in our current situation.

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Revolt of mid-sized construction companies, net orders botmul

It holds [Korea gimdohyeon financial newspaper reporters - sized construction companies have successively won the Seoul maintenance work orders. The result midsize construction companies who have focused on residential districts were created to focus on pre-sale maintenance business to supplement the reduced quantities.

This is seen as a strategy to solve the land shortage. As a newly established specific growth strategies for the Urban Development and Urban Regeneration Project, it will increase the involvement of a wide market. Views that were recognized by the market as exclusive property of large builders will gradually reorganize emerged. Medium-sized companies took the place of business of targeting mid-size or less. In recent years, the movement to extend its business to a medium to large size is detected. Meanwhile, the proportion of large construction companies will participate in the width of the mid-sized construction companies and housing companies was high up on the market.

◇ followed by a large bullish medium-sized upset

Medium-sized construction companies have been exercising a certain influence on the market as part of the country for a long time as a competitive differentiator for mid-size class where we do business. The lakeside building, construction peninsula, Halla, Taeyoung E & C, etc. is a prime example. Large construction companies will be successful deuneunde Fargo customized orders of business strategy in more than 1,000 furniture and other cities, the level of 200-500 households break the sales force to focus on large markets where we do business maintenance.

Thanks to the success of small and medium-sized local place of business has hit the aggressive strategy daesihan in Seoul. Actual housing companies, some local materials have succeeded in one after the Seoul market. In the meantime it will demonstrate the experience that had purchased, growing a home business as a way to pre-sale of major public housing development residential district.

This year, a total of six locations to be selected by the contractor business in Seoul, half of the more than four medium-sized construction firms took places. Lakeside Construction was selected as the past 25 days held in Seoul Yangcheon theocratic 2-2 Redevelopment (bird's eye view) contractor. New Year's Day 2-2 District Redevelopment Project is a project of construction of three floors above ground basement layer 19 seven buildings with a total of 407 households (including 71 rental units) in Seoul Yangcheon New Year 3 1150-41 East Street area, construction amount is 78.7 billion won. 2018 This project is expected to take place in goal in the first half and the pre-sale starts.

Last year, give ear to Article 5 Seongbuk District can order the second in Seoul. Lakeside Construction has won a contract this year the first quarter only included the reconstruction of Anyang miryung apartments, War, Thomas, fluctuations of more than 11 sites in 2500 Redevelopment furniture.

◇ discerning utilized actively bidding fruition

Construction was selected as the peninsula in the last 11 days, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul Youngcheon Redevelopment Contractor. The project is to built a new 5 floors underground and 23 above ground floor apartment of 199 households and 172 room studio apartment in Seoul Seodaemun-gu one youngcheondong 69-20, Ltd. is the amount of 79 billion won. In June 2019 the construction plans and pre-sale.

Halla was selected as a contractor in the last 18 days held Dunchon-dong Samik Villa Reconstruction Contractor Selection Meeting. The project is to stretch the second basement above ground 10 floor buildings with four apartments the size of 201 households and Service Facilities in Seoul, Gangdong-gu one Dunchon-dong 85-2, Ltd. is the amount of 43.3 billion won. In May 2018 the construction plans and pre-sale.

Taeyoung E & C also won in January, Yongsan-gu, Seoul Hyochang 6 Redevelopment sigonggwon. The project is to built a new apartment 385 households (58 Furniture rental included) and Service Facilities in hyochang-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 3-250 one address, Ltd. is the amount of 75 billion won. Construction is expected in 2018. Furthermore, it also forms the competition with large construction companies to enter the market of Seoul Gangnam.

Such as competitive brands or marketing know-how is spreading to even look propaganda in the evaluation that somewhat lacking. He stipulate particularly rapid decision-making and competitive price than large companies, housing know-how as a weapon. Showed just placed in residential districts, Landscape, flat construction, community facilities and amenities such as a differentiated supply system is equipped to preside over competitive maintenance market in the city is a common vision of crab industry.

Urban Development and Urban Regeneration Project will continue to pour a steady business volume. Apgujeong, Seoul and Daechi is, of course, countervailing, shepherds areas expected sequential reconstruction project is lead. Gyeonggigwon should also have sizeable reconstruction projects, including Gwacheon area, as well as one new urban groups in earnest after 2020. Yigetjiman also competition between large companies interested, fielder's breakthrough is reached can not ignore level.

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Baseball paensim carriers holril technology daegyeokdol

Out [Korea ohahreum financial newspaper reporters - began in 2017, professional baseball regular season since July 31, carriers have to catch a baseball fan can capture plant to expand the marketing competition with a variety of skills.

◇ SKT, various application services Public Demonstration

SK Telecom has built a 5G large-scale test beds in the city of Incheon, Incheon SK Happy Dream Stadium (the stadium SK). Inside the stadium it is arranged every corner of the 5G application services. SK Telecom, Korea First BMW car is suited jointly developed the world's first '5G connector? T5 'the sun appeared on the ground is expected to attract the attention of visitors.

SK Telecom also operates "Live 360 ​​VR Zone to play one rucheuk oeyaseok. Visitors can watch the game in a special video camera that transmits the eight stadiums through virtual reality (VR) equipment installed here in real time.

Visitors can watch reminds provide a wide range of field, such as catcher, umpire, eungwonseok, dugout, VIP seats in the outfield seats feel the game. Scene missed over time revert function (time shift) may also be able to see you again. "Live 360 ​​VR 'is a broadcasting service applications to ultra-low latency characteristics of 5G.

The world's largest billboard 'Big Board' stadium of SK 'UHD MultiView (Multi View)' technology to simulcast the audience cheering appearance of multiple locations is also used as crowd events. Second it is due to the simultaneous transfer Advantages of 5G multiple high capacity data without interruption.

Visitors can experience the 'T Real' services Sport + Augmented Reality (AR) is combined with your smartphone. Pointing the SK Wyverns in the official app 'Play Weed (PLAY With)' AR information menu on the camera to the stadium after the click, you can see a variety of information, including detailed statistics, weather batters, pitchers in real time.

In addition, SK Telecom, SK outside the stadium plaza was the '5G adventure "super 5G operating experience space between the opening three days of 2800㎡ size (length 70m x vertical 40m) .'5G Adventure' is to make it easier for customers to understand the next generation of network technology 5G is configured, the first theme park world. It was composed by visiting the Treasure Island concept of riding a virtual hang gliding, boat, submarine, hot air ballooning, bungee jumping through the clouds and feet.

Abuts the Visitors 'time slice' △ futuristic display of 'interactive table' △ VR walkthrough as an application of 5G technologies in the process of visiting the Treasure Island △ 4D virtual reality (VR) △ movie special effects (Walk Through), etc., as if experienced a feeling level, go to the fairy-tale fantasy world.

SK Stadium all visitors can use the '5G Adventure' for free. '5G Adventure' is due to meet gotta go to install a variety of places throughout the year, starting with SK Stadium, and customers. SK Telecom official said, "through the" 5G adventure "beyond the limits of the area will enable customers to experience the 5G from all over the country."

◇ nation's top baseball apps enjoy in the room

LG U + is a new 'U + Pro Baseball app that contains all the information for the missing precious seeing again the scene, returning scorer moment View "and" real-time hitter 對 pitching power compared to "domestic top level of six core functions and baseball It was released.

LG U + △ watch by turning the main goal scenes in real-time, scoring moments Returns Show "△ real-time pitch tracking (PTS · Pitching Tracking System) display the 'View ball just threw' △ real-time batter VS pitching power analysis △ domestic own first cheer team △ custom screen introduces up to 5 simultaneous viewing △ innovative game features just six video playback, etc., only the newly changed U + pro baseball without ads, as the first domestic mobile.

U + Pro Baseball can see the main information relating to the game of real-time game viewing for the first time in Korea. Can also enjoy professional baseball without delay possible immediately play the video without ads.

Off game here or watch the real-time relay without the need to run new stadium you can see the score Other games with a single touch and opponents of the batsman VS entirely pitcher entered the current plate. I just wonder if the pitch or speed, trajectory of the pitcher threw the ball can be easily identified as 'just threw the ball Show' while viewing the game. Hall broke the game like any other game on the app and at the same time you can see the screen without the need to check. Helmet Tracking screen is raised to implement an intuitive understanding animation. Viscosities that provide domestic first five games of simultaneous viewing on mobile is the dominant feature of the U + Pro Baseball million.

Far beyond what was possible up to four games simultaneously to enable the viewer to simultaneously watch five games you can see the entire baseball game which proceeds on the day at a glance. In the second game it can be viewed on a single screen, depending on the number of games you want to see up to five games, seeing the progress of other economic grounds was minimal discomfort.

Together with the U + Pro Baseball it does not upset any more missed an important goal in the game scene. To "return scores moment 'views to watch the scenes you want to see can be a major goal scenes Cock take back view. U + Pro Baseball game screen and the app also provides information tailored to their team cheer. When you select a cheer team cheer team, the initial screen that reflects the customized logo and color when the app is running it is possible to directly watch the game play without ads.

You can also view the score placed it on top of the cheering team competition information immediately. U + Pro is also enriched Things baseball million. Baseball experts heoguyeon members can view and one 'gwanjeonpyeong of heoguyeon' summary of the three game series including results simply Sights variety of not only seeing the baseball video also provided with salpil everything related to baseball in the U + Pro baseball game of the week. U + Pro Baseball app is available for download from the source store and Google Play Store from April 29, and iPhone models support is expected to be completed in the first half.

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[Interview - Lee Gangsu severe primary representative] "kenbo 600, the domestic market expected a soft landing."

[Korea's financial standing hyomun newspaper reporter] Lee Gangsu serious car CEO (pictured) is mirrored in the confident one kenbo 600 released last January, saying munanhi down roots in the domestic market. This is because the possibility of soon to be followed next month wanpan incoming orders for the month is exhausted initial volume size.

◇ kenbo 600, price competitiveness led

The representative had thought that Lou had a soft landing difficult than I hit the wall of the vehicle at the time of China to introduce kenbo 600 in the domestic market. The talking knew the reaction to the image of "Made in China" slow. "The point that most concern when introducing kenbo 600 were directly concerned equals 'Made in China' to the wall extremely higher than think" and "I saw that because of the image, rather than the performance of the vehicle difficult domestic market soft landing." he said.

However, he argued that the price competitiveness of 600 kenbo figured washed concerns like this. Even equipped with the best option to talk about the price of only 20 million won led to its customers. It has been analyzed that the reasonable consumer groups to weigh the performance and pricing to purchase a vehicle even wider between the domestic automotive customers. The representative of "many plain is a test drive customers also do not mind the performance and comfort." "Having overcome the negative image of Chinese-made cars eventually cost competitive," said he said.

He added "we believe Korea is a reasonable consumer groups among automotive customers spread" and "kenbo 600, but set a target layer of 30 to 44 years old at the time of release and pyeolchyeot marketing, and a variety of age groups to buy the high price competitiveness," he added . Based on this, he says he found another advantage of kenbo 600. If existing vehicles are not sure how successful sales set a target audience according to the vehicle price, size, grade kenbo 600 is that it can be sold haejyeotdaneun against all ages not price competitive like. The representatives argued that "Morning, Santa Fe, Granger, etc. It is clear that the target layer" and "customer base in these non-target layer selling hard it is true."

He added that "kenbo 600 vehicle size and performance of Santa Fe, prices are competitive and Tivoli" and "this is the recent discovery of all ages that can be sold subject to the same benefits." In addition, it says neuleonatdago also kenbo 600 purchase of subsidiaries was deemed very poor sales. The representative is Toro has determined that a very insignificant proportion of the purchase at the time of release kenbo 600 corporations. Released last approximately three months is currently it kenbo 30% of customers buy the 600 corporation.

He said, "I believe the proportion of one corporate customer base is very small." "But see that the rear seat seat is the proportion of the total purchase the customer entity, such as mounting a reclining seat is reached 30% end price competitiveness through."

◇ 3 1 000 goals filling peeking compact SUV market

For this year's sales target, he said about 3,000. January sales target slightly lower than the 600 announced kenbo the time of release. At the time representative has said that "more than 3000 sales target this year."

The sales targets are falling as the cause of my production line in China. Kenbo 600 because China chungjing are produced in factories producing dwaetgi months recently to dam construction in the area has stopped. The talk got off the sales target is unavoidable to stop the production line due to external factors. The representative of "We're proud to present our customers are India late to stop the production line of the dam'm very sorry," he said, "gotta introduced next month, price 400 customers in India will be able to be solved somehow." Since kenbo 600 for the vehicle to be introduced into the domestic market, he replied that "small SUV '. Compact SUV is also planning to compete with competitive prices as well as kenbo 600.

He stressed that "kenbo 600 after the vehicle is introduced on the domestic compact SUV," said, "This vehicle will also be set up, national leader of a small SUV Tivoli and authentic competitive price competitiveness as a selling point."

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Doosan Infracore "Bobcat piggyback expected earnings."

It rose bulging with expectation expectations - standing financial newspaper hyomun Korea News] Son Dongyeon Doosan Infracore CEO (pictured), Doosan Infracore took office while the third year is the 80th anniversary of the founding of the right to reap massive profits again this year.

2014 - because after having established only ppajyeotji the deficit again in 2015 operating profit returned to the black in the swamp last year, will grow in the Chinese excavator market recovery and thanks subsidiary Doosan Bobcat business performance like infrastructure investments according to Trump nomikseu.

◇ prove worthiness to Son Dongyeon three-year performance

The president of Doosan Infracore Son Dongyeon busy in the last inaugurated in 2015 to tackle the transition to a shaded and sunny pungnyeonga a larger portion leadership is so noted.

2015 suffered hardships in the recession because of Doosan Infracore's major markets, China's excavator market. Hands boss can plug in to the top of the bar "and differentiated customer value creation is possible to secure the competitiveness for business turnaround, top priority is to improve the product and technological competitiveness in the global top level" in his inaugural address assignment.

Two years later this year, Doosan Infracore expects earnings after the president took office hand. 6.1 trillion won this year's sales and operating profit are expected to 504.6 billion won. It is a shame the increased revenue (370.4 billion won) 6.46%, and operating profit (138 million), compared to 2.81% last year, which was 4908 billion, respectively, and 5.7296 trillion won.

The positive point is that the Chinese excavator market is recovering. China's excavator market, Doosan Infracore is the main market. China's excavator market experienced the difficulty to sell 13,918 last month, close to the former peak and has been a noticeable recovery. The positive elements in the core business of excavators, wheel loaders, Doosan Infracore with the engine business. Doosan Infracore official said, "Recently, the example shows the major markets, China's excavator market recovery," said "Accordingly, the 80th anniversary of the founding of this year, high expectations," he said.

He added, "excavator, wheel loader production volume last year, Doosan Infracore escaped the slump is forecast to 12500 University" and "This is the value increased 5.62% (665) than the previous year, this year, according to a boom in the Chinese excavator market We expect a positive outlook, "he added.

◇ Doosan Bobcat, compact track loaders strong

In addition to the booming Chinese market, the main market for sustained profitability rise Doosan Bobcat has been acting as a boon for Doosan Infracore. Doosan Bobcat accounted for about 70% of sales last year, Doosan Infracore. Last year, Doosan Infracore's sales of 879.1 billion won 3000000000005 1 trillion 729.6 billion won 68% of the revenue was generated from Doosan Bobcat. Following heavy industry (23%, 1.3517 trillion won), the engine (9 percent, 498.8 billion won) was generated by net sales.

Operating margin may not be an exaggeration to say that this has led Doosan Bobcat. Last year, the total operating margin of 8.6%, Doosan Infracore. This engine business 11.8% By sector, 10.7 percent Bobcat Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has accounted for 1.3%, respectively. Numerically higher operating margin engine business is the best, the Doosan Bobcat with an operating profit of over 410 billion won to see that it in fact responsible for the profitability of Doosan Infracore.

Doosan Infracore official said, "For Doosan Bobcat last year, the United States, Donald Trump after the president's election has achieved a successful IPO Possession in the expectation that the economic construction in North America Survive" and "After the acquisition of Doosan Bobcat in July, 4.9 billion US dollars in 2007 the poor suffer the results began to emerge in the last little since 2011, "he said.

There is a strong like Doosan Bobcat this portion of 'the fact cam track loader (hereinafter referred to as CTL), decisive. Surpassing the "skid steer loader (hereinafter SSL) 'excavator operating with four wheels is the most selling products at Doosan Bobcat. CTL is the excavator to move to the one track.

In fact, over the past seven years jaepum by sales of Doosan Bobcat remarkable expansion of CTL. CTL was only 20,000 in 2011 soared more than doubled last year, 43,000 palrimyeo price. In contrast, SSL sold 33,000 last year, the same as in 2011.

Doosan Infracore official said, "CTL has recently while sales continued to increase in high-margin products led to margin expansion of Doosan Bobcat," he said, "while also expanding SSL, CTL and the sales contribution this year will accelerate the next generation of new products."

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Stout resembling "Nitrogen Coffee 'craze

[Sinmijin financial newspaper reporter Korea] it is offering a "nitrogen-coffee 'domestic coffee industry is a new trend in case of an iced coffee in summer season.

The new growth engine last year 'Cold Brew "after the show, plus the nitrogen in the year of the Cold Brew" Nitro (Nitrogen) coffee "in any coffee market entered a mature stage whether it is the focus of interest.

Nitrogen Coffee has gained a great response to the consumer because the price is more expensive than regular Americano exotic feel as if drinking stout "Guinness". When the nitrogen is mixed with the coffee due to bubble waterfall phenomenon of "surging (Surging) effect, rich foam on the coffee layer.

Large coffee franchise Starbucks star in Korea, and yidiya, A Twosome Place have launched a coffee product and nitrogen are going to keep pace with current trends.

Starbucks has started to "Cold Brew nitro" coffee sellers nitrogen from the past 29 days. Last year in June, starting with the United States through the Seattle area, including Canada, China, the UK landed in the country.

Starbucks currently sells in 20 stores Star plans to gradually expand sales stores. Price is sold in Toll size (355ml) based on a 5800 W, 1300 won a higher price than the same amount of cold Brew. Ediya Coffee is ttuiwotda seungbusu the price. Ediya Coffee earlier one day we will launch a 'real yidiya Nitro Coffee "in 2000, it serves more than 20 national merchants posted sales of manjan in 20 days. The popular factor in the average daily sold about 1 million copies, yidiya real Nitro "is a description of the company's other brands 30% to 40% compared to the low point.

Thus, despite the interest of consumers and it was due to the cost of entering the domestic side deodyeotdeon. Nitrogen was first introduced coffee to the coffee shop around the franchise is a "drop tower". Last July launched the "Nitro Cold Brew" and struggled to a nitrogen injection equipment can be up to one million won per one million swooped sales of 100,000 glasses for the first time in five months in each store.

The national franchise have started to solve the cost problem, roundabout way. Angel Lee Nuss presented the early 'Americana Chino' that is similar to the taste of coffee instead of nitrogen in April 2015. Three shots of espresso to blending with ice and use of existing machines instead of expensive equipment, has devised a way to create a bubble.

Said, "but the disadvantage coffee foam layer and a relatively faster separation taste and feel is similar to the nitrogen of coffee," officials said. Hyeotdeon hit the barriers prices drop top is also applied to the whipping machine instead of traditional nitrogen equipment had to come Cold Brew juice mixed with nitrogen. Yidiya could also be sold on the cheap price of nitrogen coffee itself costs to develop equipment to one level of 100 minutes, the current 3,900 won (420ml basis).

A Twosome Place of CJ Foodville is expected to increase in the meantime nitrogen Coffee sales were sold in retail 6 places such as POSCO intersection point "with 50 stores.

Cold Brew of the actual A Twosome Place is keeping firmly coffee top3 group sales to date since its launch in stores before April 6 last year. A Twosome Place is expected to continue to increase sales through the frenzy of the Cold Brew "Nitro Cold Brew.

In addition, the "Cold Brew tonic, tonic water and lemon put on the 'Nitro Cold Brew latte' and Cold Brew with milk for product differentiation was released together. Caffe Bene has been tested for sale in Cheongdam Branch, including five retail stores from October last year, Hollys Coffee is planned to focus on the strengthening of the existing Cold Brew "tiramisu cream latte" rather than new product launches.

Coffee Industry insiders forecast that "the nitrogen of coffee-based differentiation in premiums as a breakthrough of the early coffee market saturation could be the answer" and "last Cold Brew a hot air yieotdamyeon year will lead to a successful go of Nitrogen Coffee" .

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Lotte World Tower gaboni ... 'Feeling of walking above the clouds'

[Korea gimeunji financial newspaper reporters - gray glass floor, it became clear in an instant with a countdown sound. All things under the feet seems to be the size of a 'point'. The distance of the earth and glass deck was dizzy so difficult to 478m, it naedingi the pace.

The Lotte World Tower made of bonded glass of 45mm 'Sky Deck' is designed to withstand the weight of up to one ton. The weight that is acceptable for an adult elephant can hold 200 people at the same time, or olrawado.

In the past month, 21 days visit Observatory Lotte World Tower in Seoul, Korea maximum height of Skye could see a glowing thrill and a fantastic view of Seoul floating on the sky simultaneously. Holding only give hudeul When he looked up street legs were stretched out like a panoramic view of the city up to the river, and Namhansansung across the Olympic Park and Mongchontoseong, downtown. And showed me the sky is cloudy, the reporter visited a fine dust, are reportedly available to Songdo overlooks the West Sea and the weather is good.

Lotte official in charge of the guidance is "the observation deck of the world's third largest height Seoul Sky" was listed in the Guinness World Records, "he said. Double Sky Deck dwaeteumyeo Official Records certified as the highest 'glass floor observation deck, the world, the elevator Scarborough shuttle 400m more than a maximum transport distance and yet the fastest speed of the Devil Deck recorded as a lift to and from the 121 floor from the second floor underground He received the certification.

In order to climb to the observation deck to catch the Seoul skyline Sky Shuttle 'is one elevator in the basement floor. At first, I think two hours climbing up to the Seoul skyline, located in 118 layers would take quite a while, but concerns were dispelled in an instant. With the double-deck Sky Shuttle, which attaches two elevators at the same time driving down the expense could reach Seoul skyline in just one minute. Sky Shuttle flight segment has to meet the 'Origin of Korea' theme emphasizes the beauty of Korea tradition in many places.

In particular, the video is played on Sky Shuttle shows the history of Seoul from the Joseon Dynasty to the present, it gave the feeling of watching a movie on the other hand. Lotte official said, "the story of Sky Shuttle and leading up to the Seoul skyline, beauty and pride of Korea" had a difference with other places to put content while watching the show from entry to exit. "

3 days of admission Seoul skyline are open and operating at the same time the tower was priced at 27,000 won. Lotte will be to raise the 600 billion won revenue if the achieved and expected to be 2.3 million people visited the Seoul skyline this year, a target value.

Attractions Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky was compelling enough 'signatures Nile Seoul, the nation's only high-rise luxury hotel.

The top hotel brand of Lotte Hotel is also a signature Nile, including golden tone implemented a quaint feel, such as flower pattern. Premier rooms are spacious in size than the other hotel rooms feature a view of the Han River was visible, even in the bathroom overlooking the river and had a bath gotta possible.

Nile Signature Seoul Tower is located 76 floor to floor and a total of 101 rooms 235 rooms. In particular, one night in the 'Royal Suite' room is located on the 100 floor and 20 million won, which is the country best. The price of regular premium level rooms is 850,000 won per night.

Another signature Nile drew located within a Michelin three-star chef at the restaurant, a lot of attention "Stay Seoul. Restaurant 'Stay' of Yannick Alessio Bruno also eojineun ilkeot to the French Emperor is located on the 81 floor, like a golden color and high ceiling was impressive.

Lotte official "signature Nile is well suited to the prestige of the hotels as you can enjoy the cuisine of buildings and facilities in luxurious Michelin three-star chef," he said. Nile Special charge for customers to provide convenient services to where you want to use with the Rolls-Royce vehicles or helicopters.

Lotte World Tower proceeds to "Sweet Swan 'project in Seokchon Lake to celebrate the grand opening April 3rd until the 8th of next month. Giant Swan height of 16m is a sculpture by the appearance of five, including a baby swan swan Mom and Dad works of artists worldwide public Florentijn Hofman of Dutch Seokchon becomes afloat in a lake. Hoffman has also conducted a 'Rubber Duck' project three years ago.

Lotte said that "looking at the Swan family to spend a good time in the calm lake overcoming a harsh reality, and hopes to receive a delivery of a love that can find happiness in daily life energy," he said.

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We are all in substantial merchant, IB strengthen

[Korea financial newspapers around the lower cervical News] We are growing our merchant banking subsidiary role in bank privatization. Woori Bank ahninya to our Investment Bank acts as a brokerage accelerate the successful transition to privatization, the holding company has yeokhalron is under power.

To switch to a holding company must hold an insurance brokerage. Our bank does not have the securities, insurance and capital use. But securities is the predominant opinion that a large and increasing difficulties in the maegakga our bank's acquisition of existing securities. Our opinion shortly after the bank privatization success we ahninya Investment Bank to review the brokerage conversion was raised due. Listed in our merchant's about it. "Since our bank privatization during review of the long term development plan from various angles There are no current specific plans or determined" and "the future we will re-disclosure within specific locations are determined when or six months that," he said . Re-disclosure date is May 19th.

Kim Jaewon This year our Bank prior to the representative jeonggihwa buhaengjang successor has taken over our representatives Yang. As we configured the bank holding company switching TFT our Investment Bank is expected to meet this year's Junction. I say we bank expects even the full support of our banks to resolve the 'wibi crowd "of the operating sign our merchant banking and advertising agency business cooperation promotion of the cases (12 th and October) by the Council in October last year, our comprehensive financing This year is expected to achieve a quantum jump.

◇ increase in net profit doubled last year, strengthening corporate finance

Our Investment Bank profitability has shown an increase. Last year recorded the largest gains, including a doubling net sales linked to the strengthening of our bank. According to our merchant banking audit report, our Investment Bank recorded a profit growth rate of more than twice the record 23.9 billion won in net income last year, 10.4 billion won a year earlier. Which it was about 1.2 trillion won in assets, also grew 1.5 trillion won. Operating profit increased by 98.1% than the year before 10.8 billion won to 21.4 billion won.

Our merchant bank official explained that "dwaetgo and improved revenue growth in assets under management, including short-term and long-term loans increased the IB revenue through our banking operations such as links." Our merchant banking revenue was up 90.9% than a year before 2.2 billion won to 4.2 billion won. Interest income increased by 29% over the previous year 33.7 billion won to 43.5 billion won.

◇ it can compete with a large focus on groundwork laid IB

Kim Jaewon Our merchant bank representatives in a call with reporters, "to catch a large business direction, including seeking to grow are our current merchant new business has progressed to an external consultancy" and "focus on the substantial chopper including providing assets that can be competitive with large IB want to be, "he said. Kim Jaewon representative was elected last March 24 shareholder meeting our merchant banking, and new CEO by the Board of Directors. Kim emphasized that it is important that the foundation for our merchant can a competitive advantage.

He said, "The wish to lay the groundwork to NPL such that revenues in niche markets hand lay the asset growth, including substantial competition and IB" "Our merchant is the securities and work according to, but the only comprehensive financial group investment geumyungeopbeop almost the same," he said he said.

Kim Jaewon representative has said the aspirations that said "New customers will strive to create the company's continued growth through" "will secure the assets 3,000,000,000,000 won over, ROA 1%, ROE of 10% or more stable revenue base" in his inaugural address. Emphasized that efforts to crowdfunding venture business, M & A intermediaries, such as activating new businesses. He is going to continue to expand the "capital in his inaugural address, and write strength in risk management Meanwhile, NPL investment crowdfunding venture business, taken place a new business being recently promoted, such as M & A intermediary promptly and use the power to increase non-interest income will, "he said.

Our Investment Bank has opened a crowdfunding platform wibi crowd last September launched an online microfinance investment brokerage. February this year, the company launched the M & A brokerage platform, open the M & A markets, service since February 10 last year. Kim Jaewon representative added, "We will focus on the chopper substantial asset expansion to our Investment Bank acts as our banking subsidiaries in preparation for holding conversion", "comes word that our merchant banking role in our transition bank holding important in a corner," he said.

◇ M & A market to enable our banking association operating synergies

Our Investment Bank has over the past two corporate M & A brokerage online platform "M & A market, open from May 10, operations. M & A market is 'open market M & A' to register information about the company hopes to buy or sell online and share the corporate customers who wish to buy and sell through our website or in our Investment Bank 1,000 branch banks.

Our Investment Bank has signed the largest M & A information exchange agreement with South Korea M & A, which has a domestic market to enable M & A M & A sale, buying share company information. 'Industry', 'sales', the search companies can set up three "Sell Amount hope. It is currently sharing a share company information and M & A Korea Exchange. 3 There are 35 companies selling information and hope 50 Hope buying corporate information such as registered May 30, based on a food container manufacturing, healthcare and cosmetics franchise, LED packaging, broadcasting equipment installation, a coffee franchise business. Further strengthen the business links of our bank plans to expand its periphery.

Our merchant said, "He is currently registered to buy and sell on a year information sharing dimension in conjunction with South Korea M & A exchanges and intermediaries" and "our banking businesses of going to enable to strengthen towards the association operating under the argument for companies that want the M & A "he said. According to the Fair Trade Commission, 2016 business combination Trends "released last March 1 last year, the FTC will review a business combination is dwaeteumyeo counted 646 cases amounted to the total of 593.6 trillion won in size. The number has decreased by 3.4% compared to 2015, the amount increased by 55.4% (211.7 trillion won). Our Investment Bank has said it "maintains the IB in large brokerage firms and mutual complementary relationship, bond issues to a niche market targets, we plan to expand the IB commissions, including M & A" in the last audit report.

◇ wibi crowd · NPL investment focus

Last year we launched the merchant is wibi crowd and the NPL business. Wibi crowd finished the fundraising proceeds to the movie "ohnyuwol 'No. 1 Funding of 100 million won to 30 November from October, successfully. Wibi crowd is the only Venture Capital Association, member of the crowdfunding platform 13 companies registered in the crowd four, plans to future, we provide all hope investment based on the network and infrastructure of financial group companies and investors an investment opportunity to faith .

Our merchant bank official said, "will continue to crowdfunding as a center of cultural projects and to diversify such excavations excellent future start-up." Our Investment Bank has also promoted Rehoboth and comprehensive business alliance for crowdfunding activated. Actively excavated in the start-up and venture companies to cooperate with the Rehoboth hope to attract investment and plans to support a broad range of financial services companies an excellent target.

Currently wibi crowd and operates the wibi mentor group. Wibi Mentor Group is a start-up business models, timelines, etc. wibi reporting activities crowdfunding allows advice to start-ups to grow through online communication.

Our merchant bank official said the "wibi crowd that was to operate the training and mentoring group in terms of supporting funds to dopja the purpose so that the startup can grow a start-up" and "start-up advice online giving platform is much email receive can be, "he said.

Currently Korea Kim Jongjin founded the Association for the Promotion of Vice, choegangmo Rehoboth business incubator, munsubong East Dream sinopekseu Investment Director, Korea sinyuseop job creation Agency, Franchise Lee Changyong ERP Institute, hands jongseo Sookmyung Women's University professor has been registered as a mentor.

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Head change musicians, dream synthesis hopping Insurance

[Gimmingyeong financial newspaper reporter Korea] to simsangchan rebound of AXA Insurance. This year AXA Insurance has ridden out in the past three years in the swamp of deficits has achieved its first surplus. This is thanks to auto insurance loss ratio that was the main culprit of the profit structure deteriorated somewhat stabilized.

AXA Insurance will last one day be pro Majorca ago replaced by AXA Global Direct Treasurer General (CFO) and spur general, long-term market plans in the 'gongsin' Francois Le kkongdeu president and head by pulling the surplus management this year to be. In recent years, reportedly they're trying to become a comprehensive non-life insurers, such as receiving an investment of 25 billion won from the group writing the force in general, long-term portfolio diversification.

◇ auto loss ratio improved wind

A zero-sum game insurers entered the car insurance market this year, the band was brisk. I'm a successful braking ratio was rising steeply last year to the subsequent premium increases. According to a recent insurance industry in February the average loss ratio of the primary insurers 10 companies selling auto insurance was motivated falling 8.3% p compared to 88.3% last year to 80.0%.

Meritz recorded the largest year gaeseonpok plunged 14.7% p YoY to 74.3%. This only showed that the majority of the loss ratio, including 73.9% of Dongbu Insurance and Samsung Fire 75.3%, KB Insurance 76.4%, Hanwha General Insurance 76.7%, 77.9% Hyundai life insurers improved significantly. The center attracts professional car insurance insurers AXA Insurance in the eye Reap solid performance. AXA Insurance is recorded, but the loss ratio of 90.2% last year was improved about 12.7% p year off to 77.5%. AXA Insurance has embraced the infamy of a loss ratio of 97.7% recorded in 2015 in the automobile insurance market, the industry's largest ratio.

However, thanks to the 'good news', such as subsequent premium increases and financial authorities to car repair and rental practices improved, reduced accident rates have improved significantly thanks to the weather two seconds ratio this year. AXA Insurance is striving to risk management that provides a discount over the rider while some products over the years raise awareness of insurance loss ratio in several screening loyal customers.

Meanwhile, a year loss ratio improved significantly AXA Insurance were slightly lower auto insurance premiums norimyeo market share. From contract initiation 3 May responsibility is carried out by the vehicle, such as mortgage collateral 9.1% discount adjustments. AXA Direct said, "The average premium reduction rate is 1%, but car insurance of approximately 74% since the and have physical collateral joined the deviation mortgage down to the 64% share of the total premium premium cut haptic is greater that "he said.

◇ 'left when Park Suchil' president François Le kkongdeu

Le kkongdeu President drew the attention of the industry at a glance early 40s at the time appointed CEO in 2015. What naesewo the younger sense of communication and flexibility of the leadership conveyed to the people as possible, including the PR to appeal strongly to the headquarters of benefits and performance of corporate Korea.

François Le kkongdeu president was responsible for various M & A and capital markets transactions in the industry, London, IB and former Citigroup. He joined the AXA Group, headquartered in Paris in 2004 until 2009, he conducted a global M & A corporate finance business.

South Korea top of the insurance industry, 2007 Then, leading direct insurer in the acquisition of "Kyobo Auto Insurance 'didyeotda the first to the Korea market. According to the insurance industry Le kkongdeu elected president of Korea Governor of AXA Insurance is the price of one evaluation "reliever" that starts on Korea Corporation recorded a deficit for two consecutive years. Le kkongdeu president from 2010 to last led the direct insurers AXA Belgium until 2011. After 2015, served as CFO of AXA Asia Life, regional general manager for non-life insurance business in Hong Kong.

Le kkongdeu president "should promote innovates through innovative and creative thinking cost efficiency," inaugurated the first year "should pursue the same objective and systematic, and more will be required performance of a high level for profitability," he said he said.

The following year appointed under this management trend first half was three stable operation in the mid-80% of auto insurance loss ratio has recorded a net profit of 36 billion won eight times more than the same period last year.

Based on these results Le kkongdeu President succeeded to elicit an investment of 25 billion won from the last group. AXA Group has announced plans to increase the investment in the future, considering the degree to which the operations of AXA Insurance enlarged. There is profitability, quality indicators of AXA Insurance is improving is analyzed that this opened the wallet D investment group.

François Le kkongdeu president of South Korea recently left the firm. Industry insiders, "Le kkongdeu president did not want a long stay in the domestic entity" and "group seems I conclude my mergers and acquisitions and restructuring professional store recently AGD has promoted a new project schedule of AXA Belgium ahead As moves are due "I predicted.

1 The term of office ends in le Francois kkongdeu president will oversee a new project to promote the move to the retail business in Belgium AXA Executive Officer of AXA Belgium, including sales and compensation.

François Le vaginal pro Majorca new CEO took office as successor kkongdeu President has served for the past four years about the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Corporate Planning Division in Korea AXA Insurance in 2012. In particular, reportedly at the mercy of the current general manager AXA Global Direct that gained high confidence of the president Berry.

Mazu quality professional representatives, particularly Spain and Portugal in the last eight years and served as an officer (CFO) Financial Officer in various companies within the AXA Global Direct, including South Korea, founded the firm in financial management processes AXA Group. Accordingly, it is evaluated that contribute to establishing a long-term strategy of direct insurance for the group.

◇ If AXA Insurance Yen has grown 'woman power'

There are counted along with the protagonist François Le kkongdeu President geodun term in solid earnings rise to 'hidden gongsin. Just women of AXA Insurance.

AXA Insurance is the percentage of women in non-life insurance industry known as department head at the highest company. AXA Insurance officials said, "The whole of the department head about 30% of women, and meticulous work style assessment that a significant contribution to the company's development." The representative character of the river Accounts Sales Director from Hyundai. River Division accounts are joined AXA Insurance (at the time Kyobo Auto Insurance) after retirement Hyundai in marriage.

River Account Director will work through the chapter Team car △ start work teams deputy, △ Direct 8 Center since the incident, △ Operations Planning Team, etc. was promoted to general manager after a former bubonbujang operation since last year. River Account Director will leave the gender differential in education and provide AXA Insurance of the environment, equal opportunity does not put constraints are cited as an important factor to promote officers.

However, he added that "there is no individual skills or career, such specialization could not have come up in this place," he deotbutyimyeo competitive career is important to you. The fact that the river Accounts Director "We are grateful for the opportunity to break the gender of the glass ceiling gave the company" and "priority assessment of staff competence, not born, gender and part of an organization where everyone can have a chance has an infinite pride, "he said.

Immingyeong pateujang which spearheaded public relations team is also responsible for one of the axes 'woman power'. Immingyeong pateujang Ergo is a simultaneous interpreter enters the following direct and built a relationship with the first insurance. After being merged as the Ergo and musicians dedicated to internal communications and community outreach activities, media relations at AXA Insurance. Immingyeong pateujang said that the one of competence and cultural development of live musicians height of the potential damage insurance is not "the ability and willingness to be and what will be will be, if anything," said sex company that towed the axis of development.

AXA Insurance is to increase the competence and satisfaction of internal customers, such as field sales and field service are also considered as a top priority as well as external customers.

Accordingly, the atmosphere, try and improve the working environment of employees and industry-leading operating systems, processes and so on. Immingyeong pateujang said, "Well, if it is able to work happily, and hopefully my colleagues will be able to also be beneficial to the company," "The musicians will give many opportunities equally available to all employees," he said.

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Kim Hyeongjin, Lee Yongbae, jump from wall

Attracting [Korea Seo Hye Rin nine financial newspaper reporters - after the General Meeting of Shareholders of whether the securities reappointed CEO, replacing determined, they say they possess the independent careers and securities business elected as President's attention.

Shinhan Investment has appointed a former banker Kim Hyeongjin Shinhan Financial Group Vice President in the last 17 days as CEO. The President inaugurated the same day at HMC Investment Securities Lee Yongbae vice president in a long period of general financial services career in Hyundai Motor Group was decided. Currently home to 17 of the major brokerage firms with an independent career and CEO of Samsung Securities is the main business, Kiwoom Securities, Hanwha Securities, Eugene Investment & Securities 4 companies.

The Kim Hyeongjin, haejimyeon The president appointed the vice president Lee Yongbae will increase to a total of 6 properties.

◇ Securities career 無, light and shadow

Kim Hyeongjin boss 59 is Shinhan Man. After graduating from Yeungnam University Department of Economics in 1983 and iphaeng Shinhan Bank, Shinhan was under the roof of 33 years to become the president of Shinhan Investment.

Which this time was a member of Shinhan Bank longest. Osaka branch point (deputy), Dong, Seocho Branch (Branch Manager), has undergone a Pungnap-dong branch (branch manager), he has moved gotta appointed as personnel director in 2004, Shinhan Bank headquarters. Since corporate value through innovation Chapter naeteumyeo not buhaengjang Shinhan Bank in 2009, in 2013 he was elected as vice president SFG.

If President Kim Hyeongjin walked oegil as a banker boss Lee Yongbae (56) is greeted only matahon a dedicated group management tasks. The President has a modern bar matahon automotive management implementation, management planning through the Vice President of Finance and Planning, Hyundai Wia, procurement and management support staff. Since May last year, HMC Investment Securities served as Executive Vice President of Sales.

Two common greeting is that no securities-related careers. If the president Lee Yongbae 10,009 months jinaetji the HMC Investment Securities, Vice President, there is insufficient view as the main business career. Experts whether the core business career when appointed CEO says not a major consideration. Rather, such a deal makes business philosophy gravity is described.

Governance Institute official said, "Outside Directors guidelines while dealing heavily with core business career, President and CEO appointed is not picky this standard." But, he added, "the only part of the problem, because quite a few cases of Shinhan Investment Department personnel with financial career, HMC Investment Securities to be recognized as a revolving door personnel".

It does not have as much experience in core business banking comes Assessment that is controversial. Ganggyeonghun Dongguk University School of Management Professor "for the risk management philosophy and knowledge are needed," he said explained that "the financial sector is to the shareholder or officer picky eligibility screening because of a strong pageupryeok for consumers than other eopgwon".

He pointed out that "while it is the understanding of LG Card president of industry in the past was elected as a low-toed greeting card chaos typical teacher practices." On the other hand, there also comes a long period of observation expectation built up expertise in other eopgwon be a boon to fit into each of four.

Shinhan Investment Corp. official engagement as wearing a "Kim Hyeongjin, president of Shinhan data is known to the system, the president based on the former experience in high digital sector understanding," he said. "Currently Shinhan Investment nerve in the fourth round of industrial revolution Related Business Kim the President explained that the atmosphere that expects sewojul an appropriate strategy in the digital environment. "

The last 17 days in the inauguration President Kim Hyeongjin emphasized promoting 'localization text (Glocalization)'. This means suggesting to have a clear vision for the digital industry in the fourth round of revolution in words, synthetic localization and globalization expand the securities area. Kim said "should be assets to digital innovation across the business, including risk management, financial investment industry, we provide our customers with the best form of individuals," he said.

HMC Investment Securities has passed a proposal to change the mission president elected with eye HMC Investment Securities. The future is expected to be a gathering capability of putting them Lee Yongbae president of the body for a long period of time the group exhibited in the business sector with Hyundai Motor headquarters.

HMC Investment Securities official said, "Although the securities concerned lovely part about the industry that is not a relevant experienced, Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group, and many things like that which greeted the group seem to be able to buy daepyoyi synergies."

◇ 18 days after taking office, do we communicate and Management

Communication with employees is the key to pangareum the competence of the CEO. Two new president in relations with trade unions is envisaged that a seamless communication.

HMC Investment Securities trade union official "finished the labor negotiations in the last 23 days immediately after the President took office Lee Yongbae, will be 2 car on April 3," and added, "In the meantime I'm sorry dialogue itself, after turning into Lee Yongbae President systems have changed parts, "he said.

In the second negotiation, it will embark on negotiations with the president mainly salaries and welfare needs. Specifically, the main point to be taken as the point youngeopjik salary hike of 8.7%, 4.2%, Headquarters Salary increases, salary increases in benefit levels are the lowest office organization dedicated frozen for seven years.

This hike requires a level lower than the point youngeopjik In the case of 4.5% in 2013 and headquartered dwaetgi salary increase. Bonus payment scheme also plans to request changes to the existing fixed bonuses fluctuations bonuses. In addition, information is also included asking insago the guarantee benefits such as student loans, medical bills, employees received a D grade.

Shinhan Investment unions but President Kim Hyeongjin surrounding the inaugural set a scanning line and daeripgak current was concluded that welcomes the inauguration. At the time of the inauguration of President Kim decided Shinhan Investment Bank is a strong union struck receive doendamyeo the securities can not be president.

Union official said: "If the haengjang from taking the Shinhan Financial Group affiliates should go to the professional manager system," pointed out that "there is affiliates can be used to keep a place in the financial holding level."

Current official "dwaeteumyeo pierced the demands of the union, was finished by welcoming President Kim took office," he said. But watch how instructive discussion developed in the future status negotiations, labor negotiations since the inauguration of two new president seems to be proceeding smoothly.

◇ mountains to overcome last year's report card

It recovered last year, worsening the performance is the biggest homework given both before the new president. The securities industry last year received a negative report due to retail earnings and bond losses.

For Shinhan Investment Corp. last year, operating profit of 143.8 billion won, down 44.8% from the previous year, net profit was 115.4 billion won, sales decreased 46.4% reported a 668.1 billion won, down 23.2%. In addition, trading revenues were self-recorded 95.9 billion won to 70.5%, fee income also decreased 11.2% 399.7 billion won a plunge. SFG within the non-bank portion of profit contribution was reduced by half from 8% in 2015 to 4% last year.

If the HMC Investment Securities, last year, 52.8 billion won in operating profit, down 22.6% from the previous year, net profit was 39.8 billion won, sales decreased 21.0% reported a 563.4 billion won increased by 1.4%. Decline is small compared to Shinhan Investment Corp., has recently been again raised other issues. According to NICE credit rating, HMC Investment Securities was cited as one of six companies that have debt over equity ratio exceeds 500%. Because derivatives securities issuance size.

The concern is that while the upward pressure on market interest rates increased to US interest rate hikes, to bond losses when interest rates increase government bond was raised.

Even considering the base effect caused by the stock market boom in 2015 year performance record for each brokerage is tragic. Two new president is a passage to the expectations and concerns about how do I cross to overcome the current situation.

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'Abundance in poverty, crowdfunding, qualitative growth imperative

The higher the voice changes, etc. [Korea goyounghun financial newspaper reporter] is deregulated for wading crowdfunding introduced a year. External market scale is growing, but the industry is still far to collect and wear the way.

According to the 3rd financial investment industry, 'KRX start-up market (KSM) was jeonmaeje' success on the crowdfunding company from day be released. Crowdfunding shares dwaeteuna to protect him, and restrictions on reselling one year Depository Financial Services Commission will decide to allow resellers starting this month. Exchange side is due to the abolition of this one jeonmaeje expected to lead to an investment fund reinvestment becomes the middle of a small number of investors possible.

But the industry is offering an entirely different view. KSM opened the door to expanding investment opportunities in start-up companies in November last year is due to a flurry of Paris, just four months. Last month, four weeks based on trading volume, trading volume is poor grades of 1.08 million won.

Securities type crowdfunding was conducted in accordance with the Capital Market Law Decree from 25 January last year. Year 2016 261 suggested dwaetjiman funding the project proceeds successfully in more than 120 success rate is about 46%. Currently online microfinance investment intermediaries are only two investment companies in the Wadi's 14, the industry's top manufacturers such as open trade driven.

Last year, funding was obtained from one month to the last 15 days are about 20 billion won but the commission does not have a lot of money going to companies that earn a 5% level. Not quite a few vendors that sheds deficit This company is also considering the closure. Things yireotda I do not participate in the securities of IBK Investment & Securities and Korea Investment & Securities assets except yireotdahal players selected in the SME-specific investment bank.

The recent funding success rate for level also 50% of the two securities Kiwoom, Eugene Investment & Securities and KTB Investment & Securities, including actively do not dive in the business. The industry itself is growing pie is good, but you still need to discuss the commission. Top 1-2 is about 70% of the funding in the amount of flock provider of Wadi jeuwa open up trade. But this is not about financial authorities naenotji the specific measures.

Finance Committee that this side is forced out of the capital markets less competitive companies said that the logic of the market can not help the financial authorities.

In response, an industry official said, "The financial authorities are strongly suggested to protect investors and logical about the different interpretations of the penile vendors dual logic" tweaked.

Investment flocking to private investors are also subject matter. In January, the FSC said dalhandago private investor rate of one year crowdfunding investors is 93%. This did not change as much as a month basis. One month in March crowdfunding investors amounted to a total of 1,224 people to 1,160 people a dual retail investors. Crowdfunding participants consists of three classes of private investors and qualified investors and professional investors. This is the passage that shows the need for deregulation of qualified investors and professional investors.

Currently retail investors may invest up to 5 million won per year in the venture, the amount of eligible investment in the annual investment limit increased to yimajeodo February 2000 Yuan. Professional investors have no investment restrictions. Industry insiders said the purpose of the crowdfunding won first place due to a Seon Sunhwan of capital market investors but the market participation of private individuals should also be escalation in investments in eligible investors.

Crowdfunding industry has reported that a practical mitigation regulations require. Crowdfunding company official claimed that the need to improve the income and deductions received during reorganization of year-end tax settlement for advertising and promotional investments. Such officials "venture yet to widen the scope of tax deduction applied to the superior technology of entrepreneurship within three years," he said. Following "The funding measures that enable risk reduction or exemption from capital gains tax deal Sena such as investing in a larger target should also be reviewed," he said.

Other officials pointed out, "is a crowdfunding not only eroding the financial perspective and the perspective of investment" and "would be understood as a flow of capital markets is important for exchange of opinions between the current authorities should not the biggest problem." Also it found that the opinions and Industry, FSC, Small Business Administration, Depository, Korea Financial Investment Association and various organizations and relevant itgie seems urgent that these precise control tower that can be a brother.

In February, SMBA has a bar gives the benefit of foreign brokers in promising start-up funding to embellish the above financial companies and dissonance.

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Daewoo · NH, platforms, smash 'IFA countdown'

Introduction in the financial newspaper goyounghun Korea News] The independent investment advisors (IFA) introduction of financial authorities countdown this regard may become busy movement of securities. Asset Management (WM) a strong customer more or online brokers are waiting for the introduction of the government the situation has already completed a large part IFA year.

According to the 3rd financial investment industry gathered a lot of people than you expect, "investment advisory notice best practices presentations, held three days last month revealed an interest in IFA. Once the system is implemented if the IFA over 100 million won in capital and commercial law legal person business it can also be an investment advice. Related Capital Markets Act amendment is expected to soon be institutionalized into the Legislation Review.

IFA is available for free consultation platform for financial institutions, but it is possible to only receive fees from investors. Theory sangeuron one company is possible but must be accompanied by a report due to back-office business support services. Offline only S-Class is available it becomes more products can double the competitiveness of advisors.

IFA related to the first one of the brokerage firms began preparing NH Investment & Securities has formed a Task Force in January Related (TF). Currently six persons has a bunjuhi system response.

NH Investment & Securities envisions additional features to an existing IFA advisors dedicated Home Trading System (HTS) · Mobile platforms. Robo advisor discretionary, advisory platforms, today introduced the first half of last year.

Advisory platform that goes into the net, such as navigation advisors, advisory agreements, OK, rebalancing trade policy is to leverage the strengths of NH Investment and Securities. ELS private investment solutions, i-select, seems to be a smart investment strategy ETF Investors, fund PSR (Portfolio Strategy & Risk Analysis) is key to do the old program in conjunction with the new IFA and the like. Advisory Edition feature advisor contract management system and plans to add advisory fees settled by the customer such as customer-specific contract management, advisory, investment advisory bereavement tendencies management. As well as pre-emptive, huchwi performance fee is also available.

In addition it also has strategies to strengthen such ETF trading system divided according to the DIY platform, price fluctuations, which can be designed rongsyot portfolio strategy by selecting the item directly from your mobile plan to leverage automated online management program. And related presentations are also available on the 6th of this month.

NH Investment & Securities said, "Our sales possible IPO fund sales ratio is also the industry's highest level of dogs month based on a total of 2422," he said "self-fund analysis model utilized fund-star rating given and the various programs is also envisioned, such as asset management companies organizing fund Seminar" he said.

Daewoo Mirae Asset is a perspective hagetdaneun leverage its investment advisory services platform "through consultation". The industry's first comprehensive advisory system Mirae treatment is said to pack the latest relevant TF is working on a prickly response.

Mobile consultation through treatment of Mirae Asset Investment Advisors is an open market, add the Advisory Agreement and office management functions and various orders infrastructures. IFA as well as striving for wealth management encompassing even Robo Advisor. Through the establishment of natural services and the investment advisors who gotta existing connections it can continue to expand the customer base management.

Advisory barrel of Daewoo Mirae is equipped with a discretionary investment contract asset management scale corresponding to 1.4 trillion won in the last 2 99 Investment Advisory per month. It is possible to identify customer-specific investor information management certificate the investor tendencies. Daewoo Mirae Asset said, "investment advisory was only haejuneunde objective comparison of the goods to the customer and connects the agreement," he said. "When you add the IFA has introduced advisory services agreement relating to the various attempts to try him."

Online brokerages Kiwoom has also planned the IFA platform. Kiwoom is preparing an advisory platforms adviser Marketplace Weed (With) a plan to enter the market as having that system is implemented. There deulyigo considerable balls in robotic advisor you can also expect to see online content relating to this future association.

Samsung Securities has also established a month maintenance personnel TF. It plans to reflect a bit late but immediately as soon as the system was introduced, rather than treat or NH. Samsung Securities, which shows a variety of strategies related to investment recommendation Representatives (FA) is based business model that can help in the operating activities of the existing FA in mind.

Industry insiders said, "It seems you do not look to increase the initial new entity chosen because you have not yet tried Islands" and "seems to overcome the reluctance of customers to the advisory commission with enhanced qualities of advisors to be of the essence." he says.

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Article mercenaries, Yun Jonggyu leading financial ignition spark competition

[Korea sinyuncheol financial newspaper reporter] Joe mercenaries Shinhan Financial Group President and seems to be a full-fledged competition Yun Jonggyu KB Financial Group President and CEO. Two financial chief is a recent shareholder meeting showed their eye on the title, such as domestic financial group 1. President Joe was presented to solidify a long-term goal of domestic and other Asian leader Chairman Yun threw a message to one financial group in addition to house recovery phase.

KB Financial Group, the leading ginseng keep water and a place to recapture such higher olragaryeo Shinhan and the first goal is the structure that inevitably to work on.

◇ meet the first and second banks of

Industry first, the two financial groups vying for second place has attracted attention from the fact that determination of the Year group head is extraordinary. Article mercenaries President shall complete the term of the CEO and start Shinhan first phase, the new president will be elected this year. Cho is the joy of the back office and bring tension to the whole group. Especially I care about you shrinking the gap with KB. President-designate days even mentioned the possibility of reversing KB with a nationwide branch manager in the first half of 2017 Management Strategy Conference. Visit the main subsidiaries own and had to reporting.

As a result President Joe has instructed each subsidiary to file "2020 Project" containing a long-term business plans and performance targets by 2020, that finished 1st term. Cho has expressed a bar called 'great rival' for KB in the shareholders' meeting place.

Yun Jonggyu President is putting strong management drive right to take office for two years. Yun Jonggyu KB Financial Chairman in the last 24 days held shareholders' meeting following the year New Year message a leading bank to retake said, "I will overcome this year's difficulties also have internal and external circumstances, but nokrokji and advance to the Republic of Korea '1 and' banking group phase recovery" as a major goal put. Performance is the dream of recapturing background points, including one that continually getting better after taking office President Yoon. Especially succeeded acquisitions took two rabbits grow the top-line group at the same time as strengthening non-banking sector at the same time. The SFG has embellish more advanced it is revenue and Shinhan Bank in 2008 than KB Kookmin Bank KB for holding in the profitable since 2010. The President Will Yun chatgetda be the leading financial group to change the position of a title such as one second.

◇ growing competition that gap shrinking

Performance differences between the two banking groups Shinhan are superior to KB. Last year, revenue of Shinhan and KB Financial Group, Shinhan Financial Group is 2.7748 trillion won, KB Financial Group has recorded 2.1437 trillion won. Both groups raised the name of the 2 trillion won net profit clubs. Group revenue gap is 631.1 billion won. However, this performance is a massive downsizing of KB Kookmin Bank late last year and more than 2,800 will be paid to reflect the desired retirement of 500 billion won.

The Bank recorded a net profit of 1.461 trillion won when Despite a net profit of 964.3 billion won last year, except for the severance hope. Net income decreased from last difference is reduced to 784,500,002,014 years to 668,900,002,015 years, last year was a record 631.1 billion won last year, if not reflected hope retirement income difference between Shinhan and KB FG 130 billion won.

KB Financial Group will achieve a profit in 2012 after significantly below the 2 trillion won net profit fell back to 10,005 years two trillion won. And carried out a large-scale voluntary retirement heard a total of 844.7 billion won money banks 807.2 billion won, 37.5 billion won, including securities, were offset by a gain from a bargain purchase. A bargain purchase gain recognized in the fourth quarter, a total of 697.9 billion won to 622.8 billion won, Hyundai Securities Co., exchange relevant, KB Insurance claim arose a third party allocation capital increase related to participation 75.1 billion won. Bargain purchase gain points to revenue accounting for stock prices caused by cheaper to buy than the carrying value. KB Financial Group rallied a massive bargain purchase gain of last year, Hyundai Securities stake. KB Financial Group KB Insurance stake, but I have 39.8%, KB Capital 52% stake may further secure the additional shares.

KB is a reversal of Shinhan gasigwon When reflecting one-off factors this year. That is a subsidiary of KB Kookmin Bank reserves are looking to sell the timing for some of POSCO and SK Group shares worth 828 billion won. Shinhan Bank is much more than this amount, but has the size POSCO · SK Networks Co. (210 billion won worth).

◇ similarities and differences between the two heads

Article mercenaries Yun Jonggyu Chairman and President are common in that they played a role, committing finish past heritage. Cho became the final of the Shinhan crisis' in your hands.

Shinhan crisis "Shinhan crisis called the situation unprecedented in the bank sued the president of holding direct factions began to fight. This event generated by the management is ultimately subject to the evaluation to be left only scratches SFG morality. The case was on the conclusions in seven months legal battle at the end of six years, must decide whether or not to pay stock options to Shin Sanghun former President holding the last remaining challenges. If you finish a far better performance Shinhan Financial Group Shinhan crisis received only finish Achilles cases cited there's no noise to concentrate on at the same time receive lighting management leadership may be an opportunity in Cho positions.

Yun Jonggyu president and an adjunct to current National Bank. Inde unusual circumstances domestic holding jungeseon because of the aftermath of the 'KB crisis, the president and CEO Holding waged a struggle. At the time in 2014 before imyoungrok KB Kookmin Bank's former chairman and Lee Geonho his continuing conflicts due to differences of opinion on management greeted the results of the results accompanied by resignation. The organization that is the current Chairman Yun Jonggyu appearances as a reliever when I'm in confusion. Yoon was President rectify the organization quickly and focus on the management and evaluation that has been materialized since last year.

In common with the two presidents separately as it is often the difference from management style to the former. President Joe mercenaries have lived their lives in Hangwon from a Shinhan Man. Among the organizations supporting my nickname is high enough to spur that is also free and easy days "Uncle Joe." It iphaeng Shinhan Bank in 1984 underwent a personnel director, planning and the New York branch manager, Global Business Group Executive, Sales Promotion Group buhaengjang like. Shinhan BNP Paribas Asset Management CEO, after former Shinhan Bank Shinhan rose to president. "We work as a mercenary," said business momentum is strong enough to speak for yourself.

Yun Jonggyu president has a unique background of leave after the incident, double three times in KB. After graduating from Gwangju Appeal traveled KEB after the university had to pass the CPA exam and administrative notices (25 times). Three days after he spent 20 years working in accounting firms to Vice President (故) Kim Jeongtae haengjang This was promoted by the National Bank buhaengjang a blitz. KB also left Yun Kim stepped down as chairman haengjang the end of 2004 financial authorities and discord. He came to the first two cases KB Euh Yoon-dae is when you are hired as President in 2010 and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Imyoungrok Chairman Yun left the KB back when the president took office. The third incident immediately KB jarida current president in November 2014.

The nickname of President Yun 'ttokbu. "The days become articulate '' it is intelligent and diligent, and holds two meanings. Other difference is the age of two years old Hugo, Chairman Cho Yoon (born in 1955) than Cho (born 1957) is Korea, Yoon, President graduated from Sungkyunkwan University, respectively.

◇ Shinhan 'global', KB 'M & A' keyword

Article mercenaries chairman, said the reason for the inaugural press conference held in the last 27 days should focus on global said, "the future will be many opportunities to foreign than domestic." The day Joe said, "over the status of the domestic No. 1 financial group shall chair its commitments to the Asian leading financial group in the medium term orientation" and the final goal of the group said, as "World Class Financial Group.

Global expansion of Shinhan stands out among domestic financial institutions. A subsidiary of Shinhan Bank holds 150 global networks in 20 countries. , While KB is the most passive part in the global expansion of the commercial banks.

Last year, Shinhan Bank inde degree accounted for net income above one of the foreign banks in Vietnam Cho is the goal of expanding the Vietnam success stories. Shinhan Bank, there is a local contact type, such as sales based on the offline store mobile bank in Vietnam, car loans, the same way as plans to expand into Indonesia.

Cho is reason to accelerate the global expansion has also been no reason to expand in the country less because many eopgwon first place in the domestic market. So Cho is to strengthen the 'eopgwon 1' to keep the bank card, such as expanding the gap further, and the remaining group of companies is planning to strengthen its competitiveness as a business, ultimately fostering the market above 1.

After Yun Jonggyu president in charge of business because of KB Financial Group is sikyeotgi short-term performance is successful succession of large M & A (mergers and acquisitions) in the background could rise. While non-life insurance subsidiary, KB has stood the acquisition of LIG Insurance industry climbed up 4 KB Securities acquired Hyundai Securities took third place in the industry. The same trend is expected to continue persist. The KB Financial Group expects the market to the ref merger acquisition of life insurance because it came out.

This collection of eye-catching elements in the KB shareholders' meeting is that elected the former chairman Stuart Solomon Matt life Outside Director. Former Chairman Solomon is rated as South Korea's long life at the same time, the insurance experts also higher understanding of Korea's financial markets.

It turns out the analysis of pavement to strengthen the life insurance sector of the future, KB Financial Group subsidiaries. Furthermore, insurers are considering additional arguments that evaluate the possibility.

Total assets of KB Life Insurance last year's third quarter (July-September) by 8.8846 trillion won in 25 of the 17 domestic insurers ranks. No. 1 is only 3.7% of Samsung Life Insurance (242 trillion won). This is the size of place that is on the scale of KB Financial Group. Forward predicted that the International Accounting Standards insurance liabilities (IFRS17) that when introduced is to change the rating at cost to market the recapitalization hard insurers increased possibility come up for sale, KB Financial Group is a life insurance mergers and acquisitions has its own grounds of that will.

◇ rival everywhere from domestic and overseas

Competition began in Korea, reflecting the recent overseas expansion of financial institutions has been deployed globally. Yun Jonggyu president met recently Nguyen yenssu eonpuk Prime Minister to visit Vietnam KB Kookmin Bank had asked for such point conversion Hanoi office in Laos launched a joint leasing company KB collaborated Duck Singh who founded the local to the KB Capital · KB Kookmin Card co .

The mean presence in Vietnam with Shinhan Bank, foreign banks accounted for the first place we'll win. Shinhan Vietnam Bank has put profits over 40 billion won per year. But as Kookmin Bank, Shinhan Bank, which presence in Vietnam deulyigo the ball it is greater the likelihood suffer from early 1992.

Even as the buzzword of the banking sector is 'global' and 'digital' digital competition began. Division President, Digital Shinhan 'that they had set out to plant a keyword to an entire group chairman Yoon visited the Silicon Valley and New York last March. Advanced financial reporting in the world's financial center in New York would come to study how the financial and digital collaboration be made through a visit to Silicon Valley.

KB Financial Group official said, "Chairman Yoon global expansion and high-tech fusion of Finance will made a determination of" non-essential choice '. " Article chairman of that competition is intensifying is "tougher the KB is the retail sector" for KB Financial Group said while erecting splashed advantage of the relative "In the first quarter results expected to be able to see gauge the strength of this year's sales," he said. Yet he said "sales side thinks Shinhan two years" seemed confident about the competition in the future. April is the month comes the first quarter earnings report for each company. The President matdaegyeol first grade together will soon be able to compare.

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